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Author Topic: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 2: The Confused Man [20.03.2017  (Read 8285 times)

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Hey, folks~

This story is requested by MatsuiLee~

Lee-chan, I hope you like this!  :shy1:

One Step Behind

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Shop

"Excuse me, Sir?" I heard a voice called from behind me. I slowly turned to face the person only to see a teenage boy smiling at me.

"Could you possibly be needing any help?" He asked me with a smile. I heard cars screeching over a distance and that's when I realized that the light has turned red already, giving us the signal that it is now safe to cross the streets. I smiled back at him, showing the lines which clearly define my age.

He held my arm as he assisted me in crossing the street. The small distance covering up hardly 20 meters took me a shorter time before we crossed it. I thanked the good samaritan before heading towards the way.

I passed by a couple of high school students walking on their way to their homes. It is somewhat a hot afternoon but it isn't too sunny. The problem is that the breeze felt a bit warm. I felt the small drops of sweat flowing on my temples but I ignored it and went to walk further. At last, I managed to get to my destination.

The security guard opened the door to me with much courtesy and also topped with a bright smile. The cool breeze from the air conditioning unit didn't feel too good especially when I was previously subjected to some hot temperature. I wiped off the sweat with my handkerchief before going into the counter.

The cheerful pharmacist greeted me with a smile before asking me the items I was supposed to buy. I showed her the prescription from the doctor and she read it carefully, putting the medicines into a small basket.

"Do you have a membership card, Sir?" She politely asked.

I showed her my membership card and the senior citizens ID to avail a discount for the medicines. She punched the items into the cash register before showing me the bill. I paid her and after that got off the building with the paper bag in hand.

I started to walk back into the same way back to my house. The sky was getting a bit darker already but the good thing is that the artificial lights have been brighter nowadays. Streetlights have illuminated the streets good enough. The wind started to get a bit cooler and it somewhat added ease to my short journey. The shops on the sides of the streets started to get busier at the moment. It was when my eyes roamed to the fancy lights when it passed by into a not-so-well-lighted establishment. It is a small building with plenty of wood figurines displayed on the show window.

The show window was lighted by a dimmed blue lamp which added up to the nostalgic feeling I feel. I had the urge to enter it to have a look inside but somewhat hesitated. I was about to continue on my way when I saw something on display which caught my eye.

That made me enter the shop. I pushed the wooden door and it creaked heavily. Inside the room, it gave off an eerie feeling especially because of the rhythm of the music playing inside. It was like a strange folk song, I went into the counter where a strange girl sat by, reading a thick book on her hands.

"E--Excuse me?" I asked her. She didn't expect me and got shocked when our eyes met.

"A customer?! Y--Yes. A c--customer!" She smiled slightly before setting the book aside. "Irrashaimase! Welcome to my antique shop!"

She greeted awkwardly which made me chuckle a bit. She sounded pretty much nervous which gives off the vibe that people seldomly enters here.

"I came by to take a look around, Miss. Would you mind if I ask a few questions?" I asked her.

"Sure, gramps!" The girl said with a smile.


Yes. Gramps. It has been quite a while when someone called me that. Maybe out of courtesy that I was usually called Sir but the fact that these wrinkles on my face showed my age obviously, being called Gramps somewhat made me laugh. Sometimes, you just forget about how fast time flies!

There were plenty of pottery items and wooden sculptures inside. But the thing which caught my eye a while ago is the enormous dream catcher hanging by a corner.

I went closer, like a force was taking me steps closer into the object. "I'm interested with this item."

The girl looked at the direction I pointed. "Ah, that dream catcher came from a voodoo shop overseas I went to some years ago. The thing is it got soaked into an olibanum incense when I was travelling back here. You know, getting mixed up inside my suitcase. Even my clothes got soaked with the incense! I can't remove the smell no matter how much I washed my clothes so that dream catcher probably smells like the incense too." Explained the girl.

"Oh, interesting. I'll get this, Miss."



She walked towards me and reached for the item with her gloved hands. She put it inside a paper bag before handing it to me and the bill also. It didn't cost much but it was really beautiful. I can put it somewhere inside my room.

"Thank you, Gramps! You are my first ever customer!" She said with so much happiness.

"Well, I hope I bring some fortune on your business." I said with a smile. "I'll get going then."

The girl waved her hand goodbye before I closed the door. I started walking on my way, somehow reminiscing my past with every step I take...

When I was younger, I used to like antique shops. The history lying on each item made my heart pound so much before. I didn't collect any item before because I have been afraid of the probably curse that it might bestow upon me. But I decided to collect something now. Even just a sole item...

Because if I'll be undergoing a lifetime curse, that would cost me probably not more than ten years. I'm already seventy. The average lifespan of people is around seventy that's why I may die at any moment soon.

When I was younger, I didn't get to experience the thing I ever dreamed of. Having a first true love. The pure love which cannot be sullied by anything. A love so pure that it always calms and brings happiness to a solemn heart... I wonder, in my afterlife... Can I feel that, too?

I was daydreaming too much not to realize that I was at home already. I walked into the green lawn before pushing the door open. I entered the quite home and put the things on the table.

I took a quick dinner of fried fish, a bowl of rice and some steamed vegetables and drank two cups of warm green tea. I did my usual routine before heading into my room. I pulled the item out of its bag and take a good look on it. It has a diameter of about five to six centimeters and it really looks antique. I touched it carefully, feeling the texture of it and it made me think about of the dream I dreamed always...

Just how time flew away without me noticing how fast it is. It is inescapable... The flow of time.

I looked closer on the dream catcher, like my eyes were getting pulled in like a vacuum. I heard a bell ringing in my ears and my visions went blank.


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Re: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 1: A Mysterious Shop [29.08.2016]
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2016, 08:00:21 AM »
WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :mon lovelaff:
I reaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy like it Ame-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mon inluv:
Please update soooonnnnnn~!  :mon pray2:
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Re: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 1: A Mysterious Shop [29.08.2016]
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2016, 02:09:55 PM »
Nice going..
Can't wait to see the rest.
Thank you for the chapter~ :thumbsup

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Re: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 1: A Mysterious Shop [29.08.2016]
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2016, 04:59:22 AM »
Ooooh, sounds interesting... Update soon! :thumbsup
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Re: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 1: A Mysterious Shop [29.08.2016]
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2016, 11:03:58 AM »
Please update this fic author-san :)

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Re: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 1: A Mysterious Shop [29.08.2016]
« Reply #5 on: December 06, 2016, 01:27:34 AM »
Time travel? I will wait for next chapter :on drink:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 2: The Confused Man [20.03.2017]
« Reply #6 on: March 20, 2017, 11:25:54 AM »
Chapter 2: The Confused Man

I opened my eyes and the dazzling sun rays greeted me from my slumber. The white curtains are being blown by the wind. It seems like I forgot to close the windows last night.

It was weird but I suddenly felt very much energetic. Why? Why does my heart beats so fast today? Am I just imagining it?

I took my time lying on my bed. It was a rare morning waking up past 8am. It has been years since I woke up that late.

I got up and sat on my bed. Why does my body feel weird? Am I gonna die?...



A certain girl was walking down the road up to her new apartment. She lived in a distant rural town before with her family but a year ago, both of her parents died in an accident. She survived through her daily life struggles with the small money she gets from work and the remaining money that her parents saved at a bank.

She decided to apply for a job in an urban place and as soon as she got hired, she looked for a nearby apartment where she can reside for the time being.

She continued walking with her luggages and saw the small apartment in a distance. She smiled and thought to herself, "I'm starting anew today."

But then when she was passing by an old-looking house, she heard a terrified scream. Her adrenaline was triggered and ran to where the sound was coming. It may be an emergency!


I looked around the house. It all looked the same as yesterday. It was then that I noticed... when did my wrinkled hands became this smooth?!

I stood up quickly and ran to look at the mirror. And when I saw my reflection, I was in awe. Just what is happening?! Am I imagining things?! My mind cannot process the whole thought and all I've done was to scream.


I closed my eyes and pinched myself but to no avail. It's still the same. What could be happeni--


The door banged opened and someone came rushing inside. "What happened?!" The unfamiliar girl asked.

I looked at her with my mouth gaped open. Just what is... happening?!

My heartbeat was racing fast and all I can ever do was stare at the girl. Are my eyes deceiving me?

"Hey!? What's happening?! Why did you scream?!" She asked with concerned eyes.

I cannot bring myself to speak. Why...?

Why does she look familiar?

Why does she look like someone I know?

Why does she look like my...

...first love?


Sorry for the short update. Anyways thanks to those who read and commented :D

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Re: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 2: The Confused Man [20.03.2017
« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2017, 11:41:24 AM »
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 2: The Confused Man [20.03.2017
« Reply #8 on: January 08, 2018, 05:49:52 AM »
Looks like the old man either went back in time or his body regressed back in time. I am leaning towards the latter based on the old house description. :?

My guess is that the girl is Jurina and the old man is Rena. 8)

Would love to see a continuation of this. :)

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Re: One Step Behind (WMatsui) - Chapter 2: The Confused Man [20.03.2017
« Reply #9 on: January 08, 2018, 03:44:36 PM »
Woah! Ame, it's been a while! ^_^)/

So this is WMatsui... who is the old-now-young man and who is the girl? x3

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