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Author Topic: unmeiboy's oneshots/drabbles; Sayonara crawl - SayaMilky  (Read 5213 times)

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unmeiboy's oneshots/drabbles; Sayonara crawl - SayaMilky
« on: April 24, 2015, 02:37:15 PM »
I write oneshots and drabbles rather than chaptered fics, so decided to keep them in one thread~
I tend to write pairings that aren't really shipped by anyone else because I think people that are pretty should make out. So prepare for crack pairings.
Aaaand my drabbles are exactly 100 words. So they're short. lol

Hope someone might enjoy it!

And a little mini directory~
Sunset romance, Sayanee/Ricchan (oneshot)
No winner in a war, Antonio/Coby, Sakura (3 drabbles)
Halloween night, Sayanee/Sakura (oneshot)
Sayonara crawl, SayaMilky


Sunset romance
Fluff, G

The sun is only starting to disappear behind the horizon when Sayaka pops a bottle, smiles as she pretends to ignore the giggles from the door at how long it took for her to actually get the cork to part from glass. She lets her eyes rest on the landscape before her, soaking in evening sun while the sky is darkening, like a gradient of orange to blue to black. Then she tears her eyes from the scenery, turns around and steps back into the hotel room, but leaves the door open. It's summer, nice and sunny but not yet hot and humid, especially outside the metropolitan city, where the hotel they are at is located. The evening breeze up here is still somewhat cool against her skin, right against her shorts-clad legs, and easily passing through the thin t-shirt she's wearing. It's a feeling she tells herself to etch into her mind because when summer comes for real, she will want to be able to recall it.

She finds Kawaei already sitting on the couch, tall glasses placed on the low table in front of her, and she's looking expectantly at Sayaka. Her long curls are slightly damp from the shower she took earlier, but they still fall beautifully down the one shoulder she has laid them over; the other shoulder is bare except for the straps of her bra and a loose, long tunic. She looks good in white, Sayaka always realizes when she sees her in it, and with that smile on her face she sits down next to her, without a word pours champagne into both of their glasses. It sparkles and bubbles, the remaining sunlight reflecting in the one of the glasses as she lifts it and sets it in Kawaei's hand. After picking up her own glass she turns towards her, and honestly, Kawaei's eyes might be sparkling more than the champagne in that moment,
“Cheers,” she says, puts her lips to the cool glass and sips on the alcohol. It bubbles in her mouth, a little dry to the taste, exactly the way it should be. And it's not like she's watching Kawaei intently, just sees in the corner of her eye how she does the same, how her eyelids close for a second as she enjoys the taste as well.

They fall silent for barely a minute and the room is filled by the sound of evening cicadas, until there's a cold touch to Sayaka's thigh, right where her shorts no longer cover her skin. She yelps, then laughs and tries not spill any of the content as she pushes Kawaei's glass away from her skin.
“Is there any reason for this?” Kawaei nods towards the bottle once she stops giggling, casually lets her own bare leg brush Sayaka's, then lets it stay there. Even though it's warm and will only get warmer as long as they touch.
“Not really?” she teases, pushes her leg a little closer with a smile, “I just thought it'd be nice to have some champagne.”

It's not all true. There's nothing random about it, because there's no one else she wants to go to a classy hotel with, no one else she wants to share champagne with while watching the sun set. And she knows Kawaei knows. The weight of her head on Sayaka's shoulder confirms it, and then there's a hand searching for hers. Their fingers tangle automatically and Sayaka squeezes that hand as puts her glass back on the table after taking another sip.

“I really like it here,” Kawaei mumbles, and Sayaka hums in agreement. “It's a pity we can't be here and do this forever.”
Sayaka laughs, then. “Of course we can't do this forever. You're a lightweight.” Kawaei straightens up and pouts, but falls into laughter as well, because really, she is. “But I agree. I'm glad we came here.”

Kawaei also sets her glass aside, pulls her legs up on the couch and the tunic rides up enough to reveal her jeans shorts.
“Let's go again some day?”
“Hey.” Sayaka mirrors her, turns to face her, then puts both of her hands on Kawaei's knees, leans a little towards her. “You make it sound like we already left. We still have all night.”

She had intended to lean in all the way and kiss her, but Kawaei is faster, presses their lips together before she even manages to stop smiling like that. Not that it matters, because the way something inside her bubbles much less calm and a lot hotter than the champagne at the soft touch of Kawaei's mouth against her own makes her forget everything except the fact that they're there, together, and that  they're alone with their feelings.

The kiss doesn't last for very long, and when they do break apart, Kawaei can't seem to hold back the smile that's forming on her lips.
“Mm. We'll definitely come here again.” Sayaka smirks as she dodges a second kiss, smoothly leans away to pick her glass up instead; when she finds Kawaei pouting she puts a finger to her lower lip, forces her to stop pushing it out. She gives up and reaches for her champagne as well, and they clink their glasses together again as the last rays of sunlight join the rest in hiding behind the mountain tops.
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Re: Sunset romance (oneshot, fluff, Sayanee/Ricchan)
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2015, 09:11:24 PM »
That was good! I like it  :thumbup :)

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Re: Sunset romance (oneshot, fluff, Sayanee/Ricchan)
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2015, 02:25:38 PM »
Thank you, makes me happy to hear!

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Re: Sunset romance (oneshot, fluff, Sayanee/Ricchan)
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2015, 04:13:15 PM »
Crack pair~
So fluffy~ So cute~
Nice fic, author-san^^
Keep going!
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Re: Sunset romance (oneshot, fluff, Sayanee/Ricchan)
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2015, 04:24:16 PM »
Finally. . . . .

I really love crack pairings. . . . . .
Thank you!

:bow: :bow: :bow:

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: Sunset romance (oneshot, fluff, Sayanee/Ricchan)
« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2015, 04:27:26 PM »
muahahaha~ I read their smut beforehand, so I feel like eating soup after I already ate the dessert, but it's very nice and sweet~
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No winner in a war - Majisuka Gakuen 5 (Antonio/Coby, Majijo characters)
« Reply #6 on: October 26, 2015, 09:25:35 PM »
Super late, but thank you for reading!!! :wub:

This time I wrote a few Majisuka gakuen 5 drabbles~
Set in ep03, ep09 and ep11. Spoiler alert!

No winner in a war

When she looks at Coby's still, pale face, something twists painfully inside of Antonio. She knows why she did it, still hears the words in her head.

“You've fallen for her, haven't you.”

In one way, yes. No one has ever fascinated Antonio the way Salt did. But not enough for her to wish for Coby to end her own life to stop Antonio from doing the same thing. Coby might not have been as much of a fascination, but she had been a comrade, a comfort, a loved one.

The single tear on her cheek burns like fire.


“You were all shining brightly.” - “You were my pride.” - “You have the ability to pass on the spirit of Majisuka Academy.”

That's what the principal had told them as he left, when they what they were supposed to do when being left behind. His pride. They. Fighting schoolgirls now involved in something much larger, carrying guns under their skirts. That he considers them his pride is somewhat comforting to hear; it would have been more so if Sakura, Otabe and Magic weren't the only ones alive. If it wasn't a Rappapa torn to pieces that he was talking to.


Sakura fires the first shots; stiffens when she realizes that she hit, that the man whose chest she planted a bullet in slumps onto the floor because he's no longer alive, making her a murderer. The next shot is aimed at Otabe, Sakura sees red, fires what is the beginning to their final battle.

Her body acts on its own as she jumps onto a table, doesn't hear her comrades over her gunshots and loudly beating pulse; all she sees is life running out of the men she hits, and she knows that she isn't a murderer. She's a killer.
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unmeiboy's oneshots/drabbles; Halloween night - Sayaka/Sakura etc
« Reply #7 on: October 31, 2015, 12:38:45 PM »
Halloween night
Yamamoto Sayaka/Miyawaki Sakura, Watanabe Mayu, Muto Tomu, Yokoyama Yui, Matsui Jurina, Sashihara Rino, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kitahara Rie
Crack, G
A/N: Very based on the Halloween night PV!

“Hi, my little clown,” a familiar voice speaks against Sakura's ear, purposefully in a deeper tone and she has an idea who it is even before she turns around. Despite the pale foundation and the large amount of black around her eyes, the blue on her cheeks, Sayaka is still recognizable and looks very much alive.
“Hello sir,” she replies with a giggle – Sayaka is dressed up as an undead knight. She perfects the flirty smirk as she joins Sakura by the bar, then looks up at their surroundings, as if suspicious of everyone around them.
“No gentlemen that I need to take care of?” She exaggerates the movement of her hand as she places it on the handle of her fake sword, pulls it out of the hilt just a few centimetres.
“If they were gentlemen, I wouldn't mind.” Sakura feels a hand on her waist, pulling her closer towards Sayaka as if protecting her.
“Maybe I would mind,” and the words are spoken next to her ear again; Sakura swears she feels the light brush of lips against her earlobe. “You shouldn't even be at a club, should you?”

It is true. Sakura isn't even 18 yet, and to be honest, she wouldn't have come unless Sayaka had suggested that she come with her and a couple of their friends. But she's there, she's having fun, and Sayaka of all people shouldn't be asking her that.
“You're drunk,” she decides to answer, which is at least half true. “You're drunk and they're not going to check me anyway.”
“Hmm, yeah, you're right about that.” Sayaka accepts the answer easily, before she leans away and over the bar counter, calling for the bartender's attention. “A beer for me and a...” she glances at Sakura, “a Shirley Temple for the lady.”

Sakura can't help but laugh, because Sayaka is so obviously playing it up some extra, finishing her order with an almost arrogant nod towards the bartender before she leans back, a satisfied smile on her pale face.
“Don't worry, the drink's on me.” She's kind of close, and holds the eye-contact for so long that Sakura nearly thinks she might actually kiss her. Of course she doesn't, instead laughs and turns away just in time to receive their beverages, and for some reason, Sakura finds that she's a little disappointed. Sayaka is pretty, she's fierce on stage, full of confidence, but also gentle and fun, easy to be with. A great friend, yes, but there's also a curiosity inside of Sakura. Maybe it's the warmth of the hand on her waist, squeezing a little once in a while, maybe it's how the dark make-up makes her eyes look darker than usual, or maybe it's just a Sayaka thing.

But she waves those thoughts away, instead reaches for her drink after a second of hesitation. It's bright red, lighter than her tulle skirt but still kind of matching. A colorful cocktail.
“It's non-alcoholic,” Sayaka tells her, probably noticing the hesitation, and Sakura nods thankfully. Just being at the club could get her in enough trouble - she doesn't want to drink on top of that. Drinking can wait. Watching Sayaka part her lips against her glass and let the beer flow into her mouth is definitely good enough; the way her eyes close as she relishes the taste is something she almost wants to take a picture of because really, she's sure her fans would love to see it.

By the time the clock is about to hit midnight they have had another drink while chatting about this and that, danced with friends (carefully avoiding Sashihara's quite huge wings), and when Sakura heads for the bathroom Sayaka is following her closely, glaring at everyone who lays an eye on Sakura's stay-ups, hand again on the handle of her sword.
“You're giving off a pirate-vibe rather than a knight, you know,” Sakura points out as they pass through the door, is a little startled as she catches her own face in the mirror, remembers what she's looking like. From nose and up she's painted whiter than Sayaka is, dark dip-liner in precise lines around her eyes, streaks of it coming down from her left eye and two drop shapes above and below the other. The black on her lips is a little smudged from drinking, but she'll touch it up in a minute.
“A pirate, aye?” Sayaka speaks louder, pretends to be drunker than she is. “Careful, lass, or I might ravage you in one of them stalls!” Again, Sakura laughs at her, leaves Sayaka to her own, and when she comes back, she has pulled her sword and is posing playfully before the full-body mirrors.
“You're so handsome,” she jokes as she washes her hands, leans closer to the mirror to check on her make-up. It's odd, though, because what had been smudged when she entered the restroom is now perfect and in place. When she tries to smudge it with a fingertip, it won't work, either. It's stuck. In slight shock she turns around to look at Sayaka, who seems to have been watching her through the mirror. She looks even paler than before, or perhaps more... blue-ish, and her sword shinier.
“Sayaka, is that...” Sakura points to the sword, watches as Sayaka lifts it, feels the sharp side of it with one finger; her breath hitches and when she lowers the weapon again, there's a thin, red line on her skin. She stares at it for a second, then slowly, slowly puts her sword back into its hilt before she takes a couple of hurried steps over to the mirrors, desperately tries to wipe away the make-up from her face, but like Sakura's it won't budge.
“What happened?” Sakura whispers as Sayaka pulls on her wrist, makes her turn to face her, then lifts a cold hand to try and smudge the black drop shape from Sakura's cheek. When it doesn't work she tries with her lower lip, rubs it softly, but just like the rest of her make-up it stays the way it is, as though it's under her skin.
“I don't know,” she mumbles back, with a strange smirk, “but I'm a female undead knight and it's super cool.”

Sakura wants to roll her eyes and shove her away, but the next thing she feels is cool lips on her own, and although Sayaka's low body temperature makes it odd, she gives in immediately, kisses her back while trying not to seem too eager. It's difficult though, when Sayaka is all up against her, one hand firm on her waist again, taking control but staying gentle, and all only reason they break apart so quickly is because they hear a high-pitched scream from outside the restroom before Mayu comes rushing in, clearly panicking.
“She cracked me, she cracked my head,” she cries, tearless, and when she manages to stand still for long enough Sakura sees the crack in her forehead. Her skin has turned into porcelain and someone has broken it. “Does any of you have glue?”
“Mayuyu,” Sayaka speaks up, “I know literally no one who would walk around with glue in their pockets. Who cracked you?”
“Sasshi, with her stupid wings!” Mayu keeps a hand on the crack as she speaks, as if afraid her head is going to fall apart.
“Come, let's go out and ask the staff for glue?” Sayaka tries, pats her carefully on the shoulder.
“I'm not going out there again, no way. They'll break my entire body. Go see it for yourself.”

They promise Mayu to come back with something to help her, even if Sakura suspects duct tape is the only thing close to useful they'll find, and when they exit the restroom, they instantly understand what she had meant when she refused to go back out. It's a mild chaos; looks like they aren't the only ones stuck in their costumes, and Sakura suddenly feels like this isn't such a good idea at all.
“Maybe I should keep Mayuyu company?” she tries, but Sayaka insists that it's dangerous to go alone. “But Tomu is a wolf, what if she comes after me?”
“I'll protect you,” and even though the chivalrous tone in Sayaka's voice is mostly for fun, it feels strangely comforting to hear.

They're barely halfway across the dance floor when someone knocks on Sakura's shoulder; she flinches, jumps into Sayaka's back, but whoever it is has a strong hold on her arm and pulls her around, places a hand on the side of her head, baring her neck. It all happens so quick that Sakura doesn't catch the face of the woman, but she recognizes the steampunk wings she does see. It has to be Yui, in her modernized Dracula costume.
“Yuihan,” Sayaka growls, sword drawn, frighteningly close to Sakura's face, “back off.”
“Will you duel with me?” Yui suggests, like she's actually being serious about drinking her blood. “The winner gets the pretty clown.”
“I'm on,” Sayaka retorts, and they both shove Sakura aside to stare at each other, sword and teeth bared as if ready to strike.

Luckily they're interrupted, from above. Jurina comes down from the roof, hanging by a thin, strong thread; she shoots another one out towards Yui, wraps it around her once she's down on the floor, then disappears into a corner with Yui close behind.
“What. Was that?”
“I have no idea, but I think Yuihan got stuck in a spider web.”
Sayaka shrugs. “Less work for us, I guess.”

In search of club staff they finally arrive at the bar, but the bartender is nowhere to be seen. The bar counter is occupied by Sashihara, sat on top of it looking out at the chaos like she's the queen of the world; very realistic wings flapping fiercely whenever someone approaches her. She wears a satisfied smirk on her face when she catches the two of them looking at her, as if they're peasants unworthy of her attention.
“Damn it,” someone swears to Sakura's left, and she's not entirely surprised when she sees that it's Yuki (and that she's not very happy about the situation). “Sasshi, turn everything back already, Tomu looks like she's about to eat Takamina any minute and we at least have to let her graduate properly!”

Sashihara seems to be ignoring her, instead sends a flash of light from her fingertip into the crowd – the sound of a whimpering animal hints that she might have hit Tomu. The next thing to rush by is Miyuki, a lot fluffier than usual, bunny ears attached to her actual head, and yes, Tomu is now hunting her instead of Takamina.
“Rabbits are quick,” Sashihara sing-songs before Yuki has even voiced her new complaint. “You should know, huntress.”
“I don't hunt,” she retorts, because she's a tamer, nothing else, but Sashihara has already turned her eyes away.
“Uhm, Yukirin...” Sakura tries carefully, as Yuki seems quite irritated. “Is it Sasshi that did all this?”
“She's the witch, of course she did. She decides everything now that she's the center!”
“Okay,” Sayaka cuts in, “we kind of don't want to stay clowns and undead knights forever. I mean I could be an undead knight for a little while longer but,” Sakura glares at her, “but we would prefer to be normal. I mean I can't possibly be an undead knight singer-songwriter, you know?”
Yuki seems to not know whether to laugh or judge, but she is listening. “And you want me to do what?”
“You don't think you could... convince Sasshi to lift the spell?” Sayaka whispers the last part, like Sakura isn't supposed to hear, but it's fully audible and Sakura rolls her eyes because she knows exactly what she's talking about. “I mean, you have the assets...”

That's a challenge Yuki won't turn down. She asks Sayaka to tighten her corset, pulls it down just a little to reveal more of her cleavage, before she heads over to the bar counter, sits on top of it next to Sashihara; skillfully ducks when she beats her wings, and as she leans in to whisper into her ear she seems to have her attention immediately.
“Let's search for glue,” Sayaka hisses, and they cross the bar counter while Sashihara isn't looking. From there it's easy to go behind the scenes of the club, to the supplies, where they find one scared bartender that refuses to communicate with them, so they rummage through the cupboards on their own instead.
“Found something!” Sakura triumphantly holds up a yellow tube, Sayaka cheers as she waves her sword around (and puts it back in its hilt when she almost gets it stuck in an open cupboard door).

As they head back into the club it's slightly calmer; Tomu, for example, is no longer chasing Miyuki, but the only reason is because she's gnawing on one of Haruka's skeleton arms instead. Sashihara has a hand in Yuki's hair, her lips moving in what must be low words while Yuki's face is hid against her neck, most likely nipping on it with her teeth, if judging by how Sashihara's eyes keep fluttering shut in a way that has nothing to do with her heavy lashes. It's easy to sneak past them, and as Yui is nowhere to be seen they're back in the restroom within a matter of minutes.
“Mayuyu, we got the glue!” Sakura shouts happily, but what greets her is not Mayu's face, but that of Rie, who comes out of an open stall.
“The lass is fine,” she speaks slyly, “I barely touched 'er, mark my words.” Rie stumbles out of there, hand on her pirate sword as she passes Sayaka, but they say nothing more. Sakura hurries over to the stall, finds Mayu sitting inside, staring up at her with glassy eyes, but she seems strangely in order.
“She tried to take my money,” she explains, “but I didn't bring any. I don't buy me drinks, others do. Now give me that glue.” She takes the tube out of Sakura's hand, steps out of the stall to one of the mirrors by the make-up tables and once she starts her task, there seems to be nothing else on her mind.

“This is crazy,” Sakura mumbles, more to herself than to anyone else, but there's an agreeing hum against her cheek as Sayaka wraps arms around her from behind; she can't be bothered to try to deny that she enjoys the closeness, instead just leans back into the embrace because really, this isn't going to make anything any crazier. Not even Sayaka finding her lips again, pressing against them in a soft kiss that she gladly responds to. She's still cold, undead, but it changes the longer they stay connected, and when they break apart, she is back at her usual body temperature. Sakura laughs when she sees her own black lipstick smeared on Sayaka's lips, receives the same treatment since she can't be looking much better.
“I think Yukirin succeeded,” Sayaka whispers with a curious smile, and her theory is confirmed as Mayu swears over the super glue stuck to her uncracked human forehead.

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Re: unmeiboy's oneshots/drabbles; Halloween night - Y.Sayaka/M.Sakura etc
« Reply #8 on: October 31, 2015, 05:27:45 PM »
That was an interesting one shot.  Kinda cool on Sayanee's part to play it off :lol:
Random Thought:


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Re: unmeiboy's oneshots/drabbles; Halloween night - Y.Sayaka/M.Sakura etc
« Reply #9 on: October 31, 2015, 06:42:14 PM »
Nice OS I imagined everything and it made me laugh
Love the crack pairings.....
Good job

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: unmeiboy's oneshots/drabbles; Halloween night - Y.Sayaka/M.Sakura etc
« Reply #10 on: November 02, 2015, 08:34:57 AM »
LOL. This is epic! :thumbsup
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Re: unmeiboy's oneshots/drabbles; Halloween night - Y.Sayaka/M.Sakura etc
« Reply #11 on: November 14, 2015, 12:27:08 AM »
Thanks guys! I'm glad you liked it - I had a lot of fun writing it :D

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unmeiboy's oneshots/drabbles; Sayonara crawl - SayaMilky
« Reply #12 on: February 24, 2016, 08:41:53 PM »
Sayonara crawl
Watanabe Miyuki/Yamamoto Sayaka
A/N: Heavily based on the song, heh.

Sayaka is unreachable. Miyuki knows it, sees it as she watches her swim in the ocean, out where the water is deep, where Miyuki would never go; seems to glitter as the water drops fly around her. So she just watches, stays on the warm sand until Sayaka leaves the water. Then she tries to make her understand, in the most subtle ways, that Miyuki wants to be with her.

But the warm sand is a lonely place, and Sayaka never notices how Miyuki watches her, doesn't know in what way she sees her. That she wishes she could bring her out into the water, teach her to swim (to love), even when her feet can't reach the bottom of the sea, when she's not sure what's up and what's down. Teach her to breathe all the way to her heart, because with how her head spins around Sayaka, her body must be lacking oxygen.

Miyuki dreams about too much, wishes for too much. For soft black hair between her fingers, for a strong, lean but soft body against her own, for deep brown eyes opening to meet hers after a broken kiss. For sunsets in the water and lips that are hers, Sayaka's, for everything that is her.

It's something she'll never have, no matter how she tries (and she doesn't try hard enough). Because when Sayaka is so unbelievably perfected, how can Miyuki even hope to be with her? It's impossible, and Sayaka is unreachable.

She's aware of that, and that's why sometimes, it's with blurred sight behind sunglasses that she watches Sayaka approaching, impeccable skin glittering with sea water and smile brighter than the sun. And there is Miyuki, with tears being squeezed right out of her heart. Tears that dry quickly in the heat and the soft sea breeze; even the wind seems to be sighing with her.

And once fall starts threatening to take over they inevitably split, choose different paths; while Miyuki is sad to see Sayaka leave, she treasures the memories of her, of this summer. She will keep those memories with her forever, but as the suntan lines on her skin fade, so does her feelings.

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