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The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Perfume
« Last post by AzDePe on Today at 06:17:24 PM »
Cover of Perfume Clips 2

"My Two Cents"
(Takayama Kazumi x Nishino Nanase)

Once upon a time, there was an adventurous dorky little boy. His mother was always mad at him if he came back home with scratches on his body or his clothes are all dirty, but his father is on his side and always saying “Let him do want he wants. Let him see and experience the world on his own”. As his father say those words, the boy drew a smile.

One day, as he explores the garden of his grandfather, he saw an old wishing well. He was so afraid to get near that well. He thought to himself that who’s in the right mind to get near that freakin’ wishing well after that movie came out? He just stood there, far away from the well.


The boy screamed as a little girl with her hair on her face pops out from behind. He somewhat passed out for awhile.

The boy regained his consciousness and heard a girl laughing her heart out.

“Hey! You scared me, you meanie!” He stood up and dust off his pants.

“Who are you?? This is a private property! How do you get in here?”

The girl didn’t say anything and just continues to laugh.

“Hey! Stop it!” The boy crossed his arms and pouts.

“Sorry, your face looks so funny and you passed out. What a wimp!” the girl wipes her happy tears away.

“You didn’t answer my question, who are you and how do get in here?” asked the boy.

“First off, my name is a secret and my father works for your grandfather.” Said the girl.

“Okay, I won’t bother asking your name again, but what are you doing here alone? Aren’t you afraid?”

“No! I’m just wandering here, finding something interesting, then I saw you staring at that well.” The girl points out the well, while the boy is still pouting.

“Do you know that Germanic and Celtic people believes that wells are sacred places?” the girl asked and walks near the well.

The boy just shakes his head while following the girl.

 “They believe that, if you wish and toss a coin, that wish will be granted by guardians of the well. Here, take this.” The girl gave the boy a coin.

“Let’s make a wish!” the girl said enthusiastically.


The two clasped their hands and closed their eyes as they wish.

“Are you done wishing?” the girl asked.

“Yup!” said the boy.

“Let’s toss the coin”

“What did you wish for?” asked the boy.

“Secret” the girl winked.

From that day on, the girl and the boy was always together and the guardians of that well granted their wish.

The end.

“Papa, what did the boy and the girl wished for?” asked by the little boy.

“Well, they wished for a great adventure!” the man said smiled at his son.

“Papa! When I grow up I want to experience that!”

“I’m pretty sure that you will, my son. But for now, sleep.” The man kissed his son and walks out to his room.

“Is Ikuo sleeping?” the woman asked.

“Yup” the man smiled and walks to his wife.

“Have I told you that falling in love with you is an adventure?” the man asked as he hugged his wife.

“A million times now, Kazuya.” The woman hugs back.

“Let me tell you again. Falling in love with you is an AMAZING! WONDERFUL Adventure that I have experienced and you, Nanase will always be my greatest adventure” Kazuya kisses his wife, Nanase.

Thanks for reading.  :theking
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) SUPER☆GiRLS
« Last post by irwinner on Today at 03:41:14 PM »
【Young Gangan】2017 No.21

a few more
That history is so angsty. It's really hard to find someone who understands your feelings and for Fuyu to find someone both as a father figure and also as someone he could trust just to die after the promise is just so... Sad.

This is a nice chapter. Also that yaoi talk between yuma and maki is so funny. Why is natsu asleep there anyway? AkiMiyu couple is really cute and I hope Cut-san will enter a new tag under fake/pretend relationship between my fave couple :3 (crosses fingers)

And I agree with Fumie's dad that Fumie shouldn't be an idol but for her dreams to be so short sighted that she rarely thinks of other choices, will leave her confused as what Fuyu had said, "why did she have to answer it that way". But since Fumie-chan is young, she could be someone who doesn't have dating restrictions on her future careers. Breaking Fuyu is enough. He had enough of angsts in his life lol.

So those are just my wishful thinking. But sometimes my own feelings reflect on this fic's title, I really do think that my wishes are a waste here lol xD joking aside... I'm really curious to the video Fumie was watching. Was is Red Velvet? Is she secretly doing SeulGi's moves when she's alone? Hahaha. I bet she really REALLY REALLY wants to be an idol. :<

So many questions but I am looking forward to an update. I wish it's Friday already >///<
Thumbs up to you! ;)
woaahh this chapter is pretty cute, that akimiyu moments  :nervous

something will happen to fufu couple and i feel it's not good one, (i hope i was wrong)

kai....what a great father figure, i should take note from him

and yepp, my favourite pairing sayamilky/akimiyu is cute, i understand about aki's often tongue slip since i experienced it when i'm talking to my crush haha

will wait for the next chapter, i wonder what will happen to akimiyu haha
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Just one kiss (MaYuki) (OneShot)
« Last post by yurin23mayuki on Today at 11:15:43 AM »
 :wub: i like it so much :) it's been awhile since I have read a fanfic. hoping for more  :wub: :twothumbs
Graduated Members / Re: [TEAM E] AYA ~ The Shibata Aya Thread
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 09:35:51 AM »
【Weekly Playboy】2017 No.45 ~ Not the same color version

Graduate Plaza / Re: The Kusumi Koharu Thread (久住小春)
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 09:29:38 AM »
【Weekly Playboy】2017 No.45 ~ Not the same color version

Sports / Re: Offical MLB Thread!
« Last post by Saburo on Today at 09:08:19 AM »
A high-ranking member of the Houston Astros org actually responded to my congratulatory shoutout on twitter:

He's the best. All tbe best to the 'Stros in this year's World Serious!
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Linkstar's
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 08:46:56 AM »
【Weekly Big Comic Spirits】2017 No.47 ~ Not the same color version

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