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The Beat of Her Heart
~ Part 1 ~

“You see over there? The one that is wearing blue,” she pointed to the escalator down the hill, exactly where a person with a thick blue jacket is slowly going up. “That is my goal.”

“I should have known that there’s no way you’d be interested in this without no ulterior motive,” the person beside her shook her head in annoyance, lifting the snow google to see the person that her friend is pointing at. “Looks like a total catch, where did you meet her again?”

“Networking gala, she is the heir of Wakatsuki & Co. Chatty enough and so well mannered that it would put royalty heir to shame. You are right about her being a total catch.”

“Hold on, are you talking about the Wakatsuki & Co: the publishing company?”

“Is there any other company with that name?”

“That’s crazy, she’s basically your business rival!” The girl shook her head for the second time, causing some strands of her shoulder length hair to stray. Thinking that whatever it is that her friend has in mind will soon get really out of hand.

“Nanamin, surely you are familiar with the sentence, ‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’,” she smirked, turning her head another way so the person that they are talking about wouldn’t recognize her face as she is getting closer to where they are.

Hashimoto Nanami scratched her head, which looks weirdly funny since she’s in a ski gear, “that doesn’t mean that you should lure your enemy’s daughter into your bed! That’s like the first step of demise!”

“Well, you know how I love a good challenge. Besides, even you agreed that she is totally a good catch for snowy mountain holiday fling.”

“Mai! Seriously? That kind of girl is totally not someone that would go for a holiday fling. And after what happened with that Nishino girl you surely have learnt something. Please just think rationally for once and let this girl go. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other spoiled girls around that would hook up with you, the one that wouldn’t be a threat to your business.”

She chuckled upon hearing that. If anything, her friend’s warning just strengthens her decision even more. “Well, she is a different case. I also need to enlighten you about this concerning past, I totally had no idea that Nishino is already promised to marry a mafia’s daughter. Besides, I already done my homework on Yumi-chan there, she’s totally not related to anything dangerous.”

Shiraishi Mai slide her snow google back to cover her eyes, intently observing the girl who by now has reached the level where she is standing, getting the snowboard ready in just a matter of seconds before swiftly sliding down the slope.

That’s her cue. It’s now or never.

“Can you please book us a table of four for dinner? We are so going on a double date tonight.” Shiraishi announced with a wink and started to move her ski poles, “see you later!”

Just like that, the girl left her at an increasing pace, trying to catch up with her crush at a high speed.

“You are ridiculous!” Hashimoto shouted at the top of her lungs so that it will totally reach the girl’s ear. She sighed, reminding herself that doing such thing is totally normal for Shiraishi. Hoping that the worst outcome for her best friend plan is just a slap in that beautiful face to serves her right.

“Where is Maiyan?” a question suddenly came from her left side.

Averting her view from Shiraishi who is smoothly sliding down the slope, she found Fukagawa Mai- who has been her girlfriend for two years by now. The young woman with her snowboard on her left hand is standing in confusion, eyes looking at her for an answer.

“Off on another girl conquest. This time is a ski-resort themed adventure,” she answered in annoyance, earning a little smile from the short-haired next to her.

“I know that you are worried about her but Maiyan is not a kid anymore. I believe she understands the consequences of her action. Besides, there is a chance the girl that she’s chasing now turns out to be the one for her.”

“I’m just concerned, she has never been careful when it comes to this kind of matter. I understand if she’s still hurting even though it’s been years, but still- being reckless should have a limit,” she muttered. “You’re right, I should just let her be. Do you want to find another slope? I think I will just ruin everything for both you and her if we stay here now.”

“Worrying about your best friend is not going to ruin anything for me. I can understand where your concern came. Well, that’s one of many things that I love about you, you’re really caring.”

Suddenly the weather feels a lot warmer for Hashimoto, she even had to avert her eyes from her girlfriend for a second to collect her thoughts. Then, she smiled, “how about we skip any kind of outdoor activity for the day and spend it in the warmth of our room? Let me show you my kindness, over and over and over.”

She closes her distance to the other girl to give her a kiss on the lips repeatedly, mumbling the words "and over" in between their kisses.

“That offer sounds really tempting,” the short-haired said as she pulled back, giggled a little when their nose bumped awkwardly. Yet that doesn’t stop the other girl from showering her lips with gentle kisses.

“I love you so much. Let’s go,” she said, sliding her hand down to take her girlfriend’s hand with hers. She had turned her back away from the slope when her girlfriend stopped her.

“Nanamin, wait! Maiyan just slipped.”

Hashimoto raised her eyebrows, turning her body to look at her best friend in the distance. Shiraishi had totally slipped, which is a bit strange considering how good the girl is when it comes to board-related sports.

She observed as another person in blue jacket offers her hand to help the girl standing up. Which Shiraishi took without any hesitation.

Another off-character thing from a girl that is supposed to be independent with the ‘I don’t need your help’ attitude.

“Tch- there’s no need to worry, that’s just her resorting to lowly pitiful tricks. Let’s go, Maimai, I don’t think I will be able to stand to look at her purposely falling and slipping just so she could have the heir of Wakatsuki & Co warm her bed for the night.”

But Fukagawa doesn’t budge, eyes still focused on Shiraishi and the other girl. “Wakatsuki & Co? Is that girl Wakatsuki Yumi?”

Hashimoto raised her eyebrows, “I think so. What’s the matter?”
Fukagawa gives her a look, the one that she always did whenever Hashimoto failed to realise something, but then as if realising her own mistake her expression soften.

“Wakatsuki Yumi is the one who received Reika’s heart.”

~ To Be Continued~

Author notes:
Hello there~
With this the end of the year holiday project is officially started  :cow:

A little bit of this story:

The main pairing will be WakaMai (Wakatsuki Yumi X Shiraishi Mai), as it heavily suggested at this chapter. Hashimoto Nanami X Fukagawa Mai (HashiGawa) is going to be the side pairing. Reika also has an important role, but I can't disclose much for now, it's going to be explained in the next part though  :cathappy:

This story will consist of 5 parts + 1 epilogue and the chapters are going to be much shorter than my usual story, each of it will have about 1k-1.5k words.

Since I'm going to finish writing the last part of the story soon, I have decided on the update time. Which is going to be twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday. Please do look forward to it  :hip smile:

I want to hear what you guys think about it, so please don't hesitate to leave your thoughts  :)
Chuuch of Charmy / Re: Rika engaged to be MARRIED to Baseball Player!
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^ we need that video :lol:
Music / Re: What are you listening to right now?
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Day 13! Nozomi Sasaki and Pentaphonic Jin Jin Jingle Bell!
Christmas so sweet.......

Nozomi Sasaki ☆ Jin Jin Jingle Bell feat. Pentaphonic
AKB48 Fanfics / Ajisai no Himitsu ~NMB48~ [Chapter 1: An Invitation] (12.12.2017)
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Ajisai no Himitsu

CHAPTER 1: An Invitation


Yamamoto Sayaka was spacing out that she didn't hear the speaker. She was so concentrated on the files that she was reading.


Sayaka snapped back to reality and looked at the speaker -- it was her secretary. "Yes, Jonishi-san?"

"Watanabe-sama's daughter has arrived. She said she has something to tell you."

"But Watanabe didn't even made an appointment! That annoying man, tss. Let her in and please prepare us tea, Jonishi-san.. Thank you." Sayaka said and gave a subtle smile to her secretary. Jonishi Kei left the room and after a minute or two, someone knocked.

"Come in." said Sayaka.
Anywaaays, Yamamoto Sayaka is the daughter of the CEO of a car company, Yama Motors, Inc. She was an acting officer now that her father went into a business trip on the west.

Soft footsteps chimed in the room as the girl walked by. With her elegant aura and pretty face, she seemed like an angel sent by the heavens. When Sayaka's eyes met hers, she felt something warm stirring her heart inside. She was looking at her in awe as she walked across the room--
"Will you not offer me a seat, Yamamoto-san?" asked Watanabe's daughter.

"O--Of course, please have a seat. You are Watanabe-sama's daughter, right? I am the CEO's daughter, Yamamoto Sayaka." Sayaka extended her hand and offered a handshake. The girl reached for it and shook it lightly.

"Yes I am. My name is Watanabe Miyuki."

The hands separated and there was silence...

Until someone knocked again. Sayaka knew that it was her secretary and told her to enter. Kei served the tea and bowed to both of them before leaving.

"Now, what is it that brought you here, Watanabe-san?"

"Well, let me go straight to the point. About your proposal to buy shares from our company... My father said he would want to personally talk to you about this that's why he would want to invite you to a dinner next week."

Sayaka almost spit the tea out after hearing that. "Well, maybe he could have just sent me an email. He even brought you the trouble just to say that to me."

"My father wants things to be properly executed and he thinks this is the best action. Uh, sorry for coming over without an appointment. Maybe I should go now that I've told you that."

"I guess it would be proper if you finish your tea first." Sayaka said.
Their eyes met again and Miyuki smiled at her.

She looked at Miyuki as she sipped the tea. Sayaka does not drink tea at work, usually she would prefer coffee. But having known the backgrounds of the Watanabe family, she assumed that Miyuki will prefer tea over coffee. Noticing Sayaka's gaze, Miyuki felt awkward and diverted her eyes across the room.

Embarassed, Sayaka stopped from staring and looked down.
And then there was an awkward atmosphere...

"By the way, Watanabe-san... You're the only child of the Watanabe family, right? So, that basically means you're the heiress of your family's company?" asked Sayaka.

"Basically, yes. But I am not really interested in business." Miyuki briefly replied. "That goes the same to you, right?"

"Uhm, I have a sister. But since she's younger than me... I guess, I will be taking over someday."

"But, do you like it? Business, I mean?" asked Miyuki.

"I don't know. I got used to doing these things."

"Maybe you should do the things you love to do too, other than business." suggested Miyuki as she finished her cup.

Sayaka then realized that she haven't done anything aside from school and business related matters ever since before. "Yes, maybe I should." She finished her cup too.

"Uh, I haven't told you the details. I will personally come here on the day of the meeting and will accompany you to our house. That would be, friday next week?"

Sayaka nodded.

"I think I'll be going now, Yamamoto-san. Thank you for the tea... and see you next week." She smiled before leaving the room--leaving Sayaka alone again.

Sitting by the couch, she contacted her father to tell him the details. After the call, she sighed and just sat there, staring at the empty space.

"Yamamoto-san..." Jonishi said as she knocked on the door.

"Come in."

"Are you alright?" asked her secretary.

"Mmm yeah. Just a bit tired." Sayaka then stood up and went back to her table again.

"Kei, do you have anything important to do tonight?" asked Sayaka.

"I don't have any, Yamamoto-san." Jonishi answered.

"Wanna go out for a drink?" Sayaka suggested out of the blue.


"Mi. Yu. Ki." Akari called out to her best friend because her mind was all over the place.

She sighed and sipped the strawberry frappe she ordered. After her visit at Yama Motors, Inc., she decided to go meet with her best friend Yoshida Akari.

"What's the matter with you?" asked Akari. "Oh no! Don't tell me you cancelled another marriage interview?"

Miyuki nodded. "It was Kinoshita. I don't like him cause you know how much of a playboy he is."

Akari just laughed it off. "You never changed Milky~ Even if it wasn't Kinoshita-san, I know you still wouldn't attend anymore marriage interviews."

"Yes, it was really hard turning them down." She sipped more on her frappe. "My father has been more persistent in finding me a fiance."

"Well, you should just tell him that you don't like this."

"I did. And you know what he said? 'It was just an interview. Doesn't mean that he'll be your fiance right away. Of course, you'll still be the one to chose.' or something like that."

Akari nodded. "But still, expect another sermon from him tonight."


Later that night...

"Kei, let's go eat first. I'm starving." Sayaka said.

"Okay, Yamamoto-san."

"We're not in work now Kei, you can call me by my first name."

"Okay, S-Sayaka..."

They hopped into Sayaka's car and drove into the nearest restaurant. Soon after eating dinner, they went on a ride again and headed to a bar.

It was good timing that the place wasn't full of people. There was a subtle ambiance in the air. The two of them went to the counter and the bartender welcomed them.

Kei wasn't used to these kind of places meanwhile Sayaka sometimes drink.

She roamed her eyes over the place -- dim lights, soft music playing. She was relieved that they didn't go into a disco bar.
Sayaka ordered tequila while Kei had an apple martini.

Both of them quietly sipped their drink, but then an awkward silence was built between them. Kei broke the ice and started to speak.

"Yamam-- I mean, Sayaka. May I ask why did you suddenly wanted us to go for a drink?"

"Well, I just felt very very tired..." She had another shot of tequila. "Besides, there's something that Miyuki told me that hit me."

"Watanabe-sama's daughter?"

Sayaka nodded. "Yes. She suggested that I do what I love to do, other that business stuffs."

"So... you like to drink?"

Sayaka laughed at Kei's remark. "Not really. I just want my mind to rest. We don't need to worry. It's your rest day tomorrow right?"

Kei nodded and finished her glass pf martini. Sayaka ordered more drinks and their conversation continued.

"Go, drink and don't hold back! We can rest for the whole day tomorrow. I'll text my sister to head to the company tomorrow. I'll take the day off too." said Sayaka as she typed something on her phone.

Kei smiled and drink the contents of the glass. The alcohol had a bitter taste but it felt warm inside.

Sayaka gulped down her drink and smiled at Kei. They chatted for more and drank more.


"One... More... *hik* plea--"

"No. No. No. We need to go." Kei paid for the bill then she helped Sayaka to stand up. She can hardly walk because she was too drunk that's why Kei supported her as they walked to the parking lot.

She doesn't know where Sayaka's house is, thus she drove to her apartment.

It was hard going up the stairs while supporting Sayaka. But she managed, and reach her doorstep.

"Where are... *hik* we?"

"My house." She briefly said before turning in the key.
Kei didn't bother turning on the lights and headed to her bedroom. She assisted Sayaka and laid her on the bed.
Kei closed the doors and opened the lamp beside the bed. Sayaka hazily opened her eyes and looked at Kei who was staring at her.

"Beautiful..." Kei whispered as she caressed Sayaka's face.
Sayaka blinked her eyes and pulled Kei closer until their lips met. It shocked Kei so much but she didn't break the kiss but rather kissed her back.

Sayaka stopped to breathe and uttered a name.

"Mi... Yu... Ki."





I know I haven't updated my older fics but here I am with a new one. (๑و•̀ω•́)

Anywaaaays I'm loving Sayanee these days thus an NMB ff for ya guys. Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more updates~ (●´з')♡

P.S. Thanks for reading~ Comments are deeply appreciated <3
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Yanagawa Nanami Thread (梁川奈々美)
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Her Juice=Juice senpais were overwhelmed at chibi Yana-chan doing her audition at 12 years old:
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Juice=Juice Thread
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On this week's girls live, the girls seem to be having a rather serious talk or conference on the future of their group. I wish someone would sub this cos I really wanna know what they are talking about:  :(
AKB48 News & Releases / Re: [2017.12.27] NMB48- 17th Single [Warota People]
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I read all the fic.
It really is a very beautiful story.
I love the relationship of Atsuko and Minami.
The story of Rena's past is really very sad.
Thank you very much for updating.
AKB48 News & Releases / Re: [News] Watanabe Mayu Graduation
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