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Author Topic: A twisted love and fate?!(chapter4 update)  (Read 2710 times)

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A twisted love and fate?!(chapter4 update)
« on: October 17, 2008, 06:24:16 PM »
A Twisted Love………and Fate?!”

Working in a 24hour convenience store made me think I going to work here forever or just quit this damn boring job......? But hey, don’t get me wrong, I love this job. Because I met a lot of people everyday, some were polite, others were rude and worst, bitches who doesn’t care whether they hurt you or not, physically or emotionally. But the best thing that ever happened to me working here was that, I met her, my bestfriend.........


I was jolted out in my thoughts when my co-worker slams her palm purposely in a tiny bell situated just at my right side, startling me. When I looked at her, I wish I could smack her head and in that way she would stop smirking at me.

"You were spacing out again" she said, still smirking at me.

I chuckled and looked away from her, standing from where i was sitting and pretending to arrange the objects scattered in the counter table.

"I am not spacing out" i replied, facing her and at the same time glare at her.

"Aw, you know I’m already immune to that glare of yours, so come clean already and tell me what’s bothering you"

She smiles cutely at me as her eyes piercing right through my being.
I hate to admit this but this girl has an effect to me when she smiles and looks at me like that, like what she's doing right now. I like her smiling face especially her smiling eyes...

"What? You’re a psychic now that you can tell something’s bothering me?” I folded my arms in front of my chest, waiting for her to retaliate.

"I don’t need to be a psychic to know something’s up with you, y'know?"

I know what she means, i could hardly conceal it. The feeling inside me. She looked at me with her worrying expression.

"Brat!" I said smiling, turning to leave her and do my job.


The clock strikes 12pm; the school bell rang, signaling for lunch time. Oh, how glad i am to be finally out from that suffocating room. I hurried out but not forgetting to take my bento with me but suddenly someone grab my wrist. I looked at the offending hand grabbing me, then sl0wly to the owner’s hand. She was looking at me with her sad face, for a moment i want to give in. Smile at her, telling her its fine, that everything’s alright between us but i cant, i just cant. Yanking her hand away tore my heart, i don’t want to hurt her anymore but my mind was shouting to distance myself from her. Seeing the hurt expression in her pretty face tightened the grip i had with my bento and with heavy steps i turned around, walking as fast as i could...  Just a little more time, just a little more and i guess i wont hurt you anymore.

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!
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I love this place, it gives off a comfortable aura, my home....nope, my sister and I, our home. Our second home actually, it was just last year when my sister decided for the both of us to move here from..... Ah, I can't say it. The place where we came from. That very place where I was born and love but now hate. I don’t want to think about that place or ever mentioned it. It just.....


I blinked, is someone calling me? It can’t be, onee-chan is still at work.

-Miyabi frowned, ignoring what she thought just hearing things out of boredom. It was Sunday after all and she already finished doing her house chores and homework.


I thought I was only imagining that someone was calling my name.


There it was again. I get up from my bed, heading towards my door when suddenly it swung open to my surprised. My heart leapt and beat as twice as faster than the normal. Someone is here with me and its not onee-chan, are they going to kill me? My heart was about to explode when the intruder emerges from the door and it was........


"Oh, Miya. There yo-, hey you look pale."

I sighed. Hell, I sure do look pale. What would you feel if you were in my situation?

-Saki walked towards Miyabi who was standing at the center of her room.

"Geez, Saki-chan, if I had heart problems, I’m surely dead by now."

"Eh? What did I do? It’s not like i frightened you or something, right?"

"Well, Shimizu-san, you just did."

Again, i let out an exasperated sighed. Walking back to my bed and sitting on it.

"You just get inside my house and to my room so suddenly. I was so nervous i thought someone broke into our house."

"It’s not my fault and besides you’re the one who forgot to lock your front door."

Saki-chan....mou, when will I get to win in an argument with her?
I scratched my cheek in attempt to hide my embarrassment. It’s not the first time this thing happened. I was scolded by nee-chan before because i forgot to lock the goddam door.

"Fine, my fault it is." i said which made Saki-chan grin.

"I know that already but Miya...don’t be so careless next time, okay?"

There it is again, her concerned voice, making me feel guilty. But hey, i am very lucky Saki-chan is my friend. My very first friend here in Tokyo.

"Of course, i will but please don’t ever mention it to nee-chan, not a single word, ne Saki-chan?

I asked her pleadingly. Even though my sister can be the most sweet, kind, caring and responsible sister in the world, she can be also mean, cold and scary when angry. Even just staring at me with a blank expression made me cower under the table. Really, im not exaggerating things.

"Oh my. Almost forgot, Airi-chan's downstairs."

I stand up, frowning at Saki-chan. walking past at her. I turned around to regard her, she was looking at me. And she was.........smiling? No, erase that one, more like grinning and somewhat it irked me.

"She insists in coming here. She was worried about you and-"

"Airi-chan,.... lets not make her wait any longer." I said, smiling at my friend before going out my room.

Its not I don’t want to hear her name. Just, not right now when I’m at the comforts of my home. Saki-chan knows what i feel towards that person, and she thinks i should acknowledge it rather than refusing or denying it.

-Airi was fidgeting at her seat. She was really worried about Miyabi. What happened yesterday, and the day after that day. It was always like that when that girl tried to talk to her friend. It would end up making Miya agitated, cold, snappy and quiet. Because of that girl.

Airi stood up upon seeing me. Like Saki-chan, she was looking at me with a worried expression written in her cute face. I can’t help but feel happy  inside knowing that this girl really cares about me.


I smiled while approaching her with Saki behind me. Airi, such a kind girl. I motioned for her to sit down and she did. While I also uncharacteristically plumped beside her. I can sense she was nervous for the reason that I exactly know. Saki chuckled and sat opposite from us.

“Are you that concerned to me, Airi-chan?”

I looked at her, my voice teasing which made Airi avoid my gaze.

“Of-of course I am, Miya because I care for you…….deeply.”

Airi said seriously, looking directly to my eyes upon saying those last words. Oh my god! My teasing backfired and now I’m the one avoiding her gaze. And I’m surely sure that my cheeks are tinted now with a red hue……………then came a flying pillow and score, straight to my face. I looked at Saki who was looking at the other way, pretending she did nothing at all. I picked up the pillow and throw it back to a now laughing Saki. Tsk….being keen and fast she was her natural reflexes kicks in and avoided it.

“Mou. Miya…. I didn’t know you’re capable of blushing cutely like that. I thought it was Natsuyaki-sama’s job, guess I’m wrong.”

Saki laughed again, teasing me mercilessly. She just loves to mock and make fool out of me in situations like this, especially when Airi was around. But I’m glad Saki did that, she really knows when to interrupt and save my butt from awkward situations like that. It just somewhat my mind went blank at that moment and I’m unable to respond to that almost confession, whew! Standing up and glaring at Saki again……..

“Nah! Whatever you say, Shimizu-san.”

After Saki-chan and Airi-chan talked their way out of me, I found myself being dragged by them out of the house and towards the ice cream shop near at the park.

“Here, My treat.”

Airi handed me a cone of ice cream, she was smiling at me. Though I’m not fond of eating ice cream, I can’t afford to refuse her. Who dare to refuse a cute girl who was offering you an ice cream? Well, for sure not me.


“Eh? Wasn’t it Momo-chan over there?”

Saki said, pointing at the small girl who was sitting at one of the benches. It seems like she was waiting for someone. Her boyfriend maybe….oh, I can’t wait to tease her.

-Miyabi, upon seeing the girl named Momoko walked towards her direction. Saki and Airi looked at each other, rolled their eyes and followed their friend……… If Saki is fond of teasing Miya, Miya in return is fond of teasing Momo. That is why seeing the girl alone gives opportunity for Miya-sama’s antics.


I jumped at my unsuspected friend carefully since I was still holding the ice cream with my right hand. She let out a squeaked, kawaii…. Momo-chan really entertains me that’s why teasing her become a hobby of mine.


She frowned. Looking at me then to the persons behind me.

“So, Momo-chan, what brings you here? Waiting for your boyfriend?”

I asked as I started to tease her, my smile turned into grin. Crap! the ice cream was melting…..

“I’m not waiting for my boyfriend.”

She pouted cutely. I know she doesn’t have a boyfriend because the one she likes is no other than…………geez! I have to finish eating this ice cream.


Both Saki and Airi greeted, they sat beside Momo. Airi to her left and Saki to her right while I remain standing in front of them and finishing my ice cream……but I did catch Momo’s blushing a little when Saki sat beside her.

“Hmm….does it makes your Sunday complete now, Momo-chan?”

I asked, grinning at her again. She was now blushing fully. I know that she knows that she has a thing for my friend but Saki was so dense to notice it. Maybe I should help Momo….or rather continue my hobby….oh, glad I got rid of the ice cream, well its yummy, fine!

“Silly Miya, why are you asking Momo-chan like that?”

Airi asked, poking me in my arm playfully while Saki just stared at me, her brows furrowed. Is she suspecting now, noticing the odd behavior of Momo-chan when she was around or near her.

“Just ignored her, ne Momo-chan?”

Momoko just nodded, not looking at Saki. Airi now was suspecting a little, the way she looks at Momo now.

“Ne Momo, are you alright?”

-Saki asked, touching the girl at her shoulder to get her attention. But Momo, being Momo who was nervous and anxious being around with Saki stood up. Not expecting a touch from her crush.

“Ye-yes, I’m fine.”

She smiled awkwardly. Sitting beside Saki again, this scene brought smile to my face. Momo’s really cute when she’s acting so girly in front of Saki.

“Okay….so, why are you here alone in the park?”

“Well, I was waiting for Maimi-chan and…. Rii-chan”

That washed away the smile on my face. Saki and Airi looked at me worriedly as well as Momo, and the reply that I came up was just…..

“Oh? Well, I guess its better for us to leave now. We don’t want to intrude with your business”

I managed to give a polite smile, indicating that I was not mad, that I was fine, before turning my back and go home immediately. Hearing her name and knowing she was coming made me want to leave this place as fast as I can. To escape from her and avoid confrontations but I was wrong and I think the gods were against to me this day. Because the moment I turned my back, I was face to face with the person I was avoiding.


I whispered but I know she heard it because she smiled at me. It was the first time I called her name from the day I ended up our rel- friendship.


I looked at her sharply and her smile fading slowly. It was like I was crashing my own heart into pieces by doing this to her. God knows I don’t want to hurt her, I- I love this girl standing in front of me but I just can’t accept the fact that…….

“Miya, talked to me and please stop avoiding me already.”

She pleaded; a single tear begins to form at the corner of her eye. Saki, Momo and Airi were now standing, listening to our conversation if you can call it one. I was rooted to where I was standing, the look she was giving me, and if I stare at her much longer I’ll probably…, stop. I looked at her companion, Maimi. She was standing behind Risako, she was glaring at me. By hurting her, I made Yajima Maimi my enemy. I snorted and looked back at her….

“I think I made myself clear that time that I don’t want to talk to you anymore, didn’t I?”

She flinched; I know my words stung like hell to her. If she was hurting right now, I am too. To end this agonizing feeling, I made my great escape again but this time she did not attempt to grab my wrist to stop me. She did nothing like that at all, except this time she grabbed me. Pulling me towards her, embracing me from behind, her arms around my waist as she leaned her head at my back. I stood there stiffly.

“Let go of-”

I didn’t finished what was I’m going to say for she start sobbing. She was trembling a little as she tightened her hold of me.

“Miya….please forgive me. I- I just did it because I love you so much I do-don’t want to lose you”
My resolved crumbled a little upon hearing those words. If I don’t leave now, I know my façade will break into pieces and I don’t want that to happen. I touch her hand at my waist; her skin is so smooth as I last remembered. I smiled sourly at myself as I pulled away from her. Not looking at her I braced myself for what I was going to say…..

“You just did, Sugaya! The time you lied to me.”

Again, with heavy footsteps I left her. I dare not to look back because if I did, I’ll just walk back at her and embraced her myself. To ease the pain she felt I cause and the pain I also felt but this is not a fairy tale and there’s no happy ending in it. And It just dawned to me that tears were slowly falling from my already teary eyes when I reached the front door of my house and I decided……… to just stay at home during Sundays.

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!
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Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh...rabu-rabu torai-anguru? :O

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!
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EH??? Miya hates Rii-chan.....nande nande nande????? :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:

i want rabu-rabu not hate-hate......

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!
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Re: A twisted love and fate?!
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Really good job!

Cant wait for what's gonna happen next,

MiyaxRisa,,, muehehee,,,

Keep it up ^^

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!
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Chapter II


Yesterday was supposed to be my day off but due to some unfortunate events our manager called, telling me to relieve one of my co-workers for she got injured. For Christ sake, its Sunday, my rest day, my day off, the time where I could just leisurely roll off in my bed for the whole day or......spend the day with her. Argh! To look at the brighter side, I've got extra cash.

While I have this 'thing' with my bestfriend which I really don’t quite know....hmm, maybe I should ask my sister later, it runs in the family..... My bestfriend, I lover her more than a bestfriend should do. I know its wrong, my feelings towards her kind of in a twisted way. She trust me so much and I wont betray that trust she have to me....Oh God, its Monday and I'm going to be late for work, crap!

When I arrived at the convenience store, there she was again, grinning at me, Risa.

“Your late, Fujimoto-san….that’s new.”

Instead of greeting me, here’s the great Niigaki, taunting me for being late. If she was not a good friend of mine, I already kick her in the gut. I rolled my eyes at her comment…er taunting.

“Yeah, I know! You don’t have to remind me mame-chan.”

-Bullseye! A great retort from the almighty Fujimoto Miki. Risa was now blushing….

mame-chan, its the nickname she used when she was younger, and she hates it when someone was calling her in that name except for a certain someone who happens to be one of my friends too….Takahashi Ai. The waitress working at the eatery across this convenience store…its quite popular to students though, for having cheap prizes of their food.


She rubs the back of her head. She does it always when she was embarrassed.

“So, I was wondering why the great Fujimoto-san was here working…you didn’t take the day off yesterday, right?

Though her voiced was somewhat intriguing while asking me, I know she was just worried of me, working overtime and not having a rest day.

“Oh, now mame-chan was worried of me?”

I teased her. She easily gets blushed when being teased, especially when that magic name was added…Risa, so gullible, that’s why I love the way our friendship goes….we never had a fight, were always on the same side…it’s a different kind of friendship we shared compared with my bestfriend….argh! Maybe because I was in love with her?

“Argh! Stop calling me that…its kind of creepy the way you say it.”

“Eh? And Ai-chan does not creeping you out and I am?”

I feigned a hurt tone in my voice. I know it doesn’t fool her but it does not hurt trying, right?

“Oh, give it up Mikitty…it gives me ghost bumps when you’re acting like that.”

She smiled at me, her eyes also smiling. I never get tired looking at those sunny sunshine eyes that were brightly shinning when she smiles. It made me smile too….it’s kind of contagious, I guess.

“Alright, I get it.”

When noon time comes, lunch break time, I was searching the obento prepared by my sister early this morning on my bag……and I found nothing. And Risa was already ready to devour her food while I still sat at the chair with my empty bag at my lap.

“Hey, you’re not eating yet?” she asked, putting her obento at the table.

“I wish I could but I think I forgot to bring the food Miya prepared for me.”

“Wow! That’s new again! Fujimoto, forgetting her food.” She said in a mocking voice which made me little irritated. Smirking at me again!

I don’t know but…a smirking Risa was plastered on my mind everytime I think about her. It irked me somehow. Well, a hungry Fujimoto is not nice to mess with. So, not noticing I picked up the rug small matt, I threw it in her face. Bullseye again! Ha! I made her ate some dust….and when she looked at me, she looked terrified or disbelieving that I threw a dirty rug at her face. Her reaction was priceless, it so hard to contain it now so I let it out. I laugh loudly that our other co-workers peered to whatever I was laughing about.

“Mou, Mikitty….your so mean.” She said, wiping her mouth with her hand.

I wiped the tears on my eyes, can’t help it, laughing so hard makes me cry. But I felt guilty somehow; well that rug was really dirty. I saw Tanaka used it to wipe some dog shit in her shoes…ew! I’ll not mention that to her if I still value my life. So, to ease up this guilty feeling, I handed her my hanky.

“Why Mikitty? Feel guilty already?” she asked smugly.

Er…I was about to say that the rug has some dog shit in it to wiped the smugness off in her cute face but….the sudden growling of my stomach made me stopped.

“Your tummy was having a strike like, feed us now Mikitty.” She joked while playfully patting my stomach. I snorted at her joked.

“Let’s go to the eatery since you haven’t brought your obento, I’ll accompany you there.” She stood up, wrapping her lunchbox.

“Ha! If I know you just what to eat there so you could see Ai-chan, ne Gaki-chan?”

As expected, Risa’s cheeks turned red.

“Well, suit yourself eating alone there.” She sat at her chair and unwrapping her obento again. Her brows knitted in annoyance for being tease yet again. Well, I should probably stop now….for this day.

“Mou, I was only joking Gaki-chan….common, let’s go now.”

I grabbed her free hand and pulled her up. Her eyebrow rose at what I had done. She let out a sighed…this just meant I already convinced her and out we are, heading to the eatery.
When we arrived at the eatery, it was full with students. And I recognized someone; she waved at me and smiled. That girl is really beautiful, no wonder my sister fell in love with her…Risako. I waved and smiled back at her before settling myself at one of the tables Tanaka occupying.

“Yoh!” she greeted both of us.

“Hey, Tanakacchi.” Risa greeted back.

I nodded. Tanaka always eats here every lunch break. I don’t know why this girl is depicting an aura of a yankii person. She’s smaller than Risa though but still possesses a great atmosphere of confidence. Something like….I mean, someone like me, I guess. Well, my bestfriend told me once I have this yankii persona in me but I just laugh it off.

“Mikitty, you’re here! That’s new.” Risa chuckled.

I rolled my eyes at her remarks. Do bestfriends have the same mind wavelengths? Or maybe she just got it with Risa.

“Ai-chan, that outfit suits you quite fine.”

I teased her though unlike her bestfriend Risa, she didn’t easily got embarrassed, instead she…..

“Thanks, glad you like it.” She winked at me.

Gawd! That was so sexy…I felt like blushing but no…..the almighty Fujimoto didn’t blushed.

“Yeah, so just get me the usual…”

“Coming right up!”

She winked at me again…. I smiled and I was so tempted to touch her cute butt when she turned her back to me if it wasn’t someone was boring holes in my head. Risa, she was glaring at me…it was a cute site too…the jealous part when Ai-chan starts flirting with me.

“Why don’t you just tell Ai-chan you like her, Gaki-san.” That stopped the glaring of Risa to me and she was blushing again. Her head snapped to the side where Tanaka was sitting.

I smirked. Reina was absolutely, well….not absolutely….but has similarities with me, in terms of saying what’s inside her head. That’s what I like about this kid.

“Yeah right! And ruined our friendship.”

In that sense, I can relate with Risa. It’s the same for me too. I’d rather keep it secret until I was dead than tell her about my feelings and ruined our friendship and worse never got to talk to her again.

“But it’s the risk you have to take… what I did.” Reina continued while dreamily staring at someone.

I followed where she was staring. Now I get it what she meant…… Kamei Eri.

“USO! Since when?” Risa blurted out, some students where now looking at her sudden outburst. I laugh lightly.

“Like a week ago.” Tanaka admitted shyly.

Now, where that confidence gone? A minute she was acting so yankii and now she was acting kind of girly?…..but it still amazed me, that big ball confidence of her, for telling her feelings to her friend. I wished I have that kind of confidence……

“Here you go, the usual for Mikitty.” Ai-chan said, interrupting my train of thought.

“Thanks Ai-chan.”

“No problem if its you….” She winked at me again but seeing her bestfriend frowned at her gesture towards me, she smiled at her. Softly pinching Risa’s cheek before she leave to tend the other customers but of course….not without saying…

“mame-chan, let’s go home together, okay?”

Risa only nodded. Er.. as if they’re not going home together everyday. Give me a break, this two was inseparable, they act like a couple but always denies it.


Well, the foods great but I bet Miya will feel bad about me forgetting her obento prepared for me.

Whew! I kind of tired already. Glad my shift was over now. A nice warm bath would do good for me when I get home….As I got out from the back door of the convenience store, there she was, so pretty beautiful, leaning at her car, waiting for me, my bestfriend.

“Tan..!” she smiled upon seeing me approaching her.

That’s what she’s calling me, ‘Tan’ derived from Miki-tan. But she said, she likes calling me Tan than Miki-tan….well who cares, as long as she’s happy I’m happy.

“Aya…what are you doing here?” I smiled at her while she pouted from what I’ve asked.

“Why, because I miss you…you canceled our date yesterday that’s why were having it today.” She responded while opening the door of her car for me like a gentleman would do. This was so silly, because we’re acting like a couple….but of course were not. It’s just kind of a play to us, and when someone asked us about it, both of us would claimed were together and dating. How I wish its true….

I slipped in easily inside her car and I smelled her perfume and car freshener mixed together. When she was settled in the driver’s seat….

“Ne Tan? Yakiniku time?” I smiled; she knows yakiniku was my favorite.

“Of course….thanks for the treat Ayaya.”

I replied, hugging and giving her a peck at her cheeks. For the moment, I thought I saw her blushed but then it was gone and she turned to face me…

“Well, I guess that kiss is worth for treating you to a Yakiniku restaurant.”

God! I, the almighty Fujimoto blushed at that comment though I composed myself right away. Glad she didn’t noticed for she was busy starting the engine and off we go to the Yakiniku land…

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!
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Multiple rabu-rabu torai-anguru! :o

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!
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Re: A twisted love and fate?! (chapter3-update)
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Chapter III


I know....everyday felt like hell. Like yesterday, it feels like the day she broke up with me. I'm not a masochist, I'm just doing I think what’s right for me though it hurts like I was dying over and over again. The everyday rejections stung in my very being but I'll injure it because it’s the only way I can made her talk to me. I can't help it; I really love Miya very much....

"Hey, Rii-chan....look"

Momoko, my petite kawaii friend interrupted me in my thoughts.


I looked to where she's looking and I saw her...I waved and smiled at her and she did the same....Fujimoto Miki. The older sister of Miya...., my...

"Fujimoto-san, she's really cool ne?"

Koharu said, smiling at me, I smiled back. Well, I'm not surprised if Koharu-chan admires Miki-nee, she is really cool and pretty.

"I agree unlike her sister" Maimi said or more likely spat. She really doesn't like Miya.

"Maimi-chan, please...."

I pleaded. I don't want to argue with her again about this thing with Miya. Especially when were eating....

"Alright, I'm sorry!"

She looked at me softly then go back in eating silently. I smiled sadly, if it wasn't for me, our group didn't split up like this. Airi-chan, captain and the others, especially Miya.

"Hey, eat up Rii-chan or else I'll eat your food for you."

I laughed. Momo will always be Momo, genki and always happy.


Did I mention how great the food was in the eatery? I guess not. Well, Miya and I always eats there. Sometimes with Miki-nee and with her bestfriend. I really miss those times... Ouch! It's hurting again, my heart. Everytime I remembered those happy memories, something's crippling in my heart, squishing it until I felt numb for feeling the unbearable pain that surged through me…

We were walking in the hallways, towards our classroom and when I passed hers, I stopped, our eyes met briefly and she looks away. With that simple act, it made my heart crushing down.

"Common, we're going to be late"

Maimi said, half-dragging me towards our classroom. I sometimes thought that I fell in love with the wrong person, not that I didn't know in the first place. Like what they said, you can't choose the person whom you fell in love with.


Boy I'm glad the class was over. It's killing me. Time for another heartbreaking time, I guess. Picking up my books and putting it inside my bag, I jumped into my feet, ready for another yet dramatic scene with Miya again. I'm not a masochist, I told you, didn't I? I was about to leave the room when Maimi and Momo blocked my way. Momo looked at me apologetically....

"Rii-chan....please, stop already."

My petite friend pleaded; clutching her chest as if by saying those words hurts her.... I shook my head and smiled at them sadly.

"Risako...stop hurting yourself, that stu- that Natsuyaki doesn’t deserve you"

I know Maimi was about to say stupid girl but restrain herself. Because she knows saying things like that to Miya also hurts me.

"Guys, please! I have to do this. I have to...."

I looked at them time's running out. I know by this time Miya is already outside the school grounds.


I pleaded. Maimi shrugged her shoulders off while Momo sighed. I know they can't say no when I'm pleading like this to them. They step aside and then without any further a do, I sprinted as fast as I could but not without saying my thanks to them....

"Argh! Sometimes I was really tempted to bring a rope and tie Rii-chan up."
Momo said exasperatedly while Maimi just rolled her eyes.

"I know what you mean....common, let’s just follow her." Maimi said as she slung her bag at her shoulders.

Just as I thought, Miya already left the school grounds....I have to hurry, I have to find her. When I was already outside the school, I run faster towards the street going to her house. When I turn to the corner...there she was, leaning to the wall, looking down at her shoes. She seems to be waiting for someone.....


I thought I opened my mouth to call her, but it wasn't me....its Airi-chan. She was skipping happily towards Miya...

"Mou, you shouldn't made Natsuyaki-sama wait that long."

Miya joked while smiling at Airi...and there is it again, that familiar pain. I just wish that Miya would smile at me like that, like before….

"Hai, hai, Natsuyaki-sama." Airi replied, hooking her right arm to Miya's left.

The two unnoticed of my presence turned their backs from me...I know from the beginning that Airi-chan likes Miya; that is why I can't stand the site the two of them walking too closely. I'm so jealous....can't stand it anymore....

"Miyabi....." I yelled.

Both of them snapped their heads back at me with Airi still clinging with her and Miya......looking at me sharply. I inched forward until I'm just a meter away from them and I saw Airi tightened her grip from Miya's arm.

"Sugaya....just give me a break, stop pestering me already." Miya spat, looking directly at me.

"Rii-chan....just stop." Airi said softly but I ignored her.

"Miya.....please, forgive me. This is too much, I can't handle it anymore."

I said, my voice shaking...

"Then give up." she replied though her voice faltered when she said those words.

"You know I won't....ever give up Miya."

I hate this; I'm going to cry again....

"Miya...I lo-"

"Stop, just stop Risako..." she interrupted before I can say how I felt for her.

"I can't love you anymore Risako, like how I used to."

Is it a good sign that she was calling me again in my first name? But she said she can't love me anymore.....NO!

"Why Miya? Tell me...." I pleaded as the first tears in my eyes slowly falling in my face.

She inched forward making Airi let her arm go. Miya just so near from me that I could touch her but....


But she beat me to it as she wipes the tears from my face using her thumb. It felt so great that my hearts thrums wildly in my chest. Her touch brought smile in my face.

"I can't.....because you're my....little sister." she whispered in my ear as she closed the gap between us and before she moves away and leave me, Miya kissed my left cheek.

Even before I asked the question, I already know her answer....because its the reason we broke up, the sole reason I lied to her.....the reason we can't be together…Miya, my older sister, my half-sister…...

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!(chapter3 update)
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:mon spit: :mon spit: :mon spit:

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!(chapter4 update)
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Chapter IV


This is really harder than I thought. Last Monday was the last day Risako bothered me. I should be happy, right? To get rid of her finally…but why I felt so empty? Alright, because I still love her and I want to be with her but I can’t….she’s my sister, my half-sister. For all the people in Japan, why did Risako and I share the same bastard father….. but stupid me for not realizing her surname in the first place…Sugaya. Sugaya was supposed to be my surname, and also Miki-nee…Natsuyaki was my mother’s maiden name while Fujimoto was her middle name. I know, kind of confusing that my sister and I have different surnames but I kind of like it, it’s unique.

Oh, today’s Saturday and I’m all alone in our house, waiting for my sister. She got Futsal practice and any minute she’ll arrive now…better to prepare a warm bath for her.


Er…as I’ve said, speaking of the devil, Miki-nee already arrived before I prepared her bath.

“Welcome home!” I shouted back while going to the bathroom to warm the water.

“Miya….we’ve got guest so bring your little butt down here and entertain them.” My sister yelled back.

Guest? Maybe Aya-chan decided to come over this time since she didn’t come last weekend. I groaned. Why is it I have to entertain her always when she comes over? I’m not a clown or something….

“Coming…” I countered while trudging down the stairs to become Aya-chan’s entertainer for a while…Argh!

What I saw in the living room made me stop at the last steps of the stairs. It made me feel irritated and….. happy? Oh, well……guess she just take her rest for a couple of days to recover then back again in pes-

“Miya-chan…genki as ever?” Aya-chan asked, smiling at me. She’s really cute and pretty…no wonder Miki-nee’s head over heels to her. I smirked.

“Yeah…genki as ever.” I replied and eyed the person sitting beside my sister’s bestfriend.

“Oi, don’t glare at her.” Miki-nee said her voice scolding and blocking my view of her.

“I am not glaring at her.” I defended myself.

“And what do you call you’re doing? Gawking at Rii-chan?”  My mouth fell open in disbelief.

“I am not and besides….what are you doing here?” I side step to regard the question to my little sister…er.

Miki-nee put her hands in her hips and glares at me.

“You’re being rude Miya; she’s our sister so she’s welcome here anytime she wants to come.”  Miki-nee said in a serious tone but smiled when she looks at Risako. I rolled my eyes.

Why are they doing this to me? Especially Miki-nee, she knows that Risako was my girlfriend and now that I figure out that we’re siblings, it’d be so awkward to face each other, knowing we still love one another….argh! such a twisted love shared by siblings.

“Right! So, I’ll just prepare the foods from the kitchen.” I said, leaving the trio.

“Great! Rii-chan, why don’t you help your sister prepare the food while I’ll go and freshen up for a while.” I heard Miki-nee said while Aya giggled and I almost trip myself. Damned Miki-nee, she’s making it more complicated.

“Of course, Miki-nee.” Risako said enthusiastically.

Great! This is just so great. I can’t be mean with Risako when Miki-nee was around. She would strangle me to death. She said, to better take care of Rii-chan since she’s the youngest sibling rather than giving her the cold shoulders for lying to me. Argh! Can you believe this? Miki-nee already knows that Rii-chan is our half-sister even before she was still my girlfriend. She could have told me but instead keep it a secret from me, both of my older and younger sister collaborated in lying to me. But the worst thing is that, Miki-nee just let us continue our forbidden relationship, as if it’s not already forbidden in the first place but it became worse since she’s my sister, my own blood.

I heard Rii-chan’s foot steps coming to the kitchen where I’m preparing some already cooked food.

“Ne, Miya, anything I can help with?” she asked, she was standing behind me.

“I already finished cooking the food, why don’t you help me prepare them and put them in the table.” I replied without looking at her.

“Alright.” She said, bouncing happily.
This is bad. We were acting like we didn’t have a fight, like a happy couple just like before.

“Ne, Miya…you cooked your specialty today, what’s the occasion?” Rii-chan asked while preparing, trying to start a conversation with me.

“Nothing special…just felt like cooking it.” I turned to face her to put the other foods in the table and er….she was smiling at me, which made my eyebrows rose then she pouted cutely….

Kami-sama, why are you doing this to me? How can I resist and forget about her if she keeps coming to me like this. And I can’t stop myself from saying…

“I know you’re cute so stop pouting already.” She smiled at me again, that smile that can weaken my resolve. Stupid mouth for saying anything like that.

“I know I am cute that’s why I’m using my charm against you, Miya.” Risako said while stepping closer to me, glad I already put the plates in the table.
I held my breathe because the moment I breathe in, I’ll definitely inhale her scent which will made me let go of my sanity and do something that I’ll regret later.

“Sorry to disappoint you but its not working, little sister.” I said and smirking at her while taking a step back. Well, I was just bluffing because in reality, I was in the verged in kissing her right there on the spot…and I saw her flinched when she heard I called her ‘little sister’. I mentally kicked myself for that…eh…what was that?

I sat down at the chair while propping my elbows in the table. “So, why are you here?”

“Are you really asking me that question, Miyabi?” she asked, her eyes went wide a little then sat beside me. So, much for my personal space….

“I guess I am. I made myself clear to you last Monday and the days before that, didn’t I?” I playfully nudged her. God, why am I being so friendly with her? This is against my…

“Yeah, I know that we can’t be together like before, so….. I’m giving up, Miya.” She looked at me with those sad eyes of her…

Give up? So that’s it? She’s giving up; she’s finally letting me go….This is so gre- , I can’t say it because it’s not really what I want. I want to be with her.

“Ah….well. I think it’s…..well…do good for the both of us.” I stuttered. My head gone hiatus.

“Yeah….and for our friends. It’s not good we became a separate group. I miss Airi as well as captain.” She said smiling though her eyes says differently.

“And of course for the both us….your my sister, my older sister. I’ll try my very best to see you as one and not as my girlfriend.” she continued while pinching my cheek teasingly.

“So, what do you want me to call you? Onee-chan? Onee-sama? Miya-nee?” Risako said and stood up, turning her back from me.
I snorted at the idea though something inside me wants to come out, wants to yell at her, make her snapped out and take back all the things she said to me.

“Just Miya…I’m not that older from you to call me onee-chan or something.” I laugh softly though it sounded hollow.

Rii-chan faces me, her features become serious again.

“It’s Miya then….though I have one last favor before we became officially sisters.” She walks back at her chair and sat beside me again.

“Silly, Rii-chan….were sisters officially since the beginning.” I smiled from her used of words, kind of silly.

But I know what she meant of course. Before we finally cut our ties as lovers…..I waited for her response but none came so…

“Shoot, what is it?” I asked, facing her too.

“I want you to…. kiss me for the last time, Miya.” She said unfazed, blushing a little for the bold request she made.

I blinked once; twice…I was flabbergasted for that unexpected request. I kept silent for the moment, pondering whether to grant her request or not but my body says differently as I was moving closer to her, leaning closer to her. Rii-chan’s face just an inched away from mine, I can already smell her breathe which tingles my face. And without any warning I captured those luscious lips of my girlfriend soon to be my sister officially. Sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth that’s why I’ll kiss her until she tells me to stop or pulled away…… Her lips so soft, it fits against mine, like we were made for each other. We continue to kiss and I felt she pull me closer to her, encircling her arms in my neck while I cup her face…I wont let go of her, Risako, because if I did, she’ll become my sister officially, that silly word again.

Just like the others said, happy times end so fast…. We pulled away at the same time as the need of air kicks in. Stupid air, if it’s not for it I’ll never let go of Risako. We looked at each others eyes, both flushing for that heated and passionate kissed we’ve shared…then she let go of me and stood, composing herself, fixing her slight ruffled hair.

“Well, that’s it…thanks Miya, I’ll never forget it.” She smiled at me and I smiled backed. Truthfully, I just forced myself to smile and not to break down in front of her…

“Me too…..”

“So, dinner’s ready?” Miki-nee asked, suddenly emerging to the dining area with Aya-chan in tow, startling the both of us.

“Hai,!” Both Rii-chan and I responded at the same time which made Miki-nee grinned.

“Let’s dig in then.” Aya-chan said while snipping the foods in the table then she smiled.

Well, that’s it…… my one and only love Risako became my official sister from now on……….

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Re: A twisted love and fate?!(chapter4 update)
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Well then...oooooookay.
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