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Author Topic: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.  (Read 3280 times)

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.::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
« on: April 24, 2009, 02:57:34 PM »

For those who follow Honey on Hello!Online. You'd know this whole pairing etc.

But those who are new *waves*

Sayaka is bascially a girl I made up. But she reflects, acts and is written based on me.

There are however other characters mentioned.

Miyuki = Ruru
Yumi= Ima
Hammy= (no duh) Hammy
Nozomi= Kawaii-chan (I call her bunny bun bun)

For those wondering, yes I allow anyone to join in this fic~! After all it is my story so anything goes.

But there is a minor thing.

Gender swapping and peronality changing!

Risa is now a guy called Gaki.
Ai-chan is now a guy called Taka.
Sayumi is called Shige-san or Shige Hime-san and is a spoilt brat who doesnt' care about others.

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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Chapter 1: Believe Me

Sitting on my bed crying, I heard the door creak open with a gush of light. My eyes felt blind as I looked up at the stranger, young, tall and handsome...

"Gaki Oujisama..." I whispered underneath my breath
"Yes, and may I ask why you are crying young maiden?" He asked ever so caring stepping closer to me.

I jumped up from the bed to excuse myself and RUN! But his hand grabbed a hold of mine, his hands felt ever so soft as he tightened his grip on me. My weight shifted and I was turned in towards the prince. I felt a sudden rush of excitement but embarrassment as I felt something under my foot; causing me to lose balance. I fell on the hard wooden floor with a thud! Gaki Oujisama wasn't far behind me falling directly on top of me. Opening my eyes from my fall I saw his brown eyes looking into mine, I felt a shiver down my back as he had a small smile. His smile made my body feel hotter than it ever was; his touch made my body shiver as he kissed my neck, collarbone. Ah my body was getting hotter and hotter AND HOT!!!!

I opened my eyes up sitting up in our bathtub realizing the hot water become a little to hot... Sighing I sat up in the tub as I heard the princess wonder in.

"ooooOOh Sayaka how do I look?" She asked me nearly every 5 seconds of my life..
"You look beautiful as always Shige Hime-san," I replied back acting if nothing was wrong.
"Oh! You!" She's say looking in the mirror, her hands covering her face blushing her pretty head off.
"So what has gotten you worked up this late Princess?" I asked laying myself back down in the tub.
"The thought of meeting the Prince! Prince Gaki!" she exclaimed sighing with what seemed a rather sexual enjoyment tone..
"I know, I've met a lot of your candidates shige hime-san but I really...can't wait to met Prince Gaki.. his looks, kindness oh it just goes on.." I sighed to myself going into a dazzled state.

The princess however, was in a state of giggles on the bathroom floor.

"Oh SAYAKA!" She exclaimed leaning on the bathtub's edge, "Not because of that! But because I'm young beautiful and he'll want to marry me...THEN I can have all his legecy!" she went on falling down into fits of giggles once again..

This girl..It’s hard to believe I was adopted into the Shige family to serve as her maid when originally I was supposed to be her younger adoptive sister... Standing up I turned the hot water off and allowed the cold water to run before I complete shut it off. I took a deep breath as the princess was still lying on the floor and went out.

"Here!" she said chucking my green towel at me. She was 20 years old this year and still acted like she was 5! Gosh I feel more like a BABYSITTER! it was impossible, I couldn't yell at her without being kicked out. So I gulped and bit down hard on my frustration; I wrapped the towel around my body and proceed to my room. Shige hime-san however followed me and pried her eyes on my body.

"NANDE!!??" She screamed out loud it gave me a startle that I knocked my shin on the hard wooden frame of the bed.
"Sayu! Err.. Hime!" I said correcting myself straight away, "What was that about..your highness?"
"You're body is just perfect Sayaka!" she wailed like a spoilt brat "I want your breasts! Your Curves!" At that time I felt like saying "Wah Wah!" But I knew my place and kept biting my tongue even more.
"But Hime-san, you're body is even better, you have a cute face and much more than me." I tried to reassure the ever distraught Princess..
"I-I guess so" She said standing up as if it were all play act "After all I am the one who will be Gaki Oujisama's wife not YOU!" giving me a slight little glare and flipped her jet black hair onto her shoulders..I sighed this wasn't fair in many ways. But then again really, Life just isn't fair.

We were requested by our parents at the time; Shige hime-san was complaining how bland the mansion was.. Well I liked it here, sparkling chandeliers, wide pale white walls, beautiful garden and much more. Everything fit for an ordinary princess that lives with the royal Shige Family. Sighing I thought there was no use in making her try see things this way. It would only cause her to believe I was trying to take her place.


I looked at my young friend Taka, he stood by my side as I sat in the chair. It was boring, being a prince would mean having girls pretending to be all chipper and love you for something you're not.. Gosh I hated when my mother decides to take up these kinds of things! I was to hold a ball for my 20th birthday and compression for returning home. Grr if there was only a way out of this stupid mess! I thought to myself as Taka shifted his eyes onto me.

"Young Master; I beg your pardon. But is something bothering you?" he asked being formal as always.

I put my hand up to my face and shook my head. I didn't want to talk to anyone let alone what was bothering me.. For one I want to get rid of this poor girl we have here. Eririn they call her, she is pretty but... has a scatterbrain that I could not put up with. Another reason I was sitting here was to tell her my decision. My most hated part as each girl has left heart broken in tears...What kind of prince am I?

"Oujisama!~" came Eririn's high pitched voice as she kneeled down in front of me.
"Ah the young princess Eri," I said being a gentlemen and lifting her up from the bow. "Please this way," I lead her out to the garden that was flowering at the current moment.
"Oujisama! It's so beautiful!" She'd exclaim to me swinging my hand back and forth in hers.. I didn't know how to put it to her.. "Oh please enough Gaki my prince! I say yes!" she said jumping the gun and hugging me.

I was startled, I let her down off my shoulders and told her no easier way. "Eririn, I'm sorry but I really just not worth your beauty and strong mind" I said flinching at my last words. Tears dwelled in her eyes as she pouted at me. I felt horrible as always. She was haste with her reactions; she slapped me across the cheek calling me a low life and picked up her pink floral dress and stormed out of the mansion.. For crying out lo--..

I came back and sat in the chair. It seemed to make me think about a dream I had while taking a short nap the other day. A young woman with black hair, a young maiden I believe she was. She was crying in the guest room of my mansion, upon asking her what was wrong she's try to run away. But my body in that dream had taken control of its self. Like I met her before... I sighed and looked up at the roof trying to visualize of her and remember if she said her name..

Nothing came and I rested my head in my palm as Taka gave a little smirk and coughed when I gave him a rather serious glare.

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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Chapter 2: Moving In With A Prince.

"Hime-san! Please!" I shrieked out as the princess threw her belongings on the floor looking for a certain dress of hers.
"No no no NO! I need to find that dress before I met the prince today!" Shige Hime-san replied back pacing back and forth from her drawers...

I sighed to myself and thought 'We're not meeting him we're moving in with him.' But there is not point in telling her that; it is possible it would make her fret even more. I shrugged and stood up from the pile of clothes that was thrown on top of me. Pulling a long cream pink dress that frilled at the bottom with a small little white bow around the bust line.

"Would this be it?" I asked handing it over the princess.
"Yes YES!" She yelled snatching it without a thanks and threw off her old clothes that landed in my arms.

This routine as become regular for me since I was 16 years of age...So that would be two years now. Turning my back around and heading for the laundry I admired the beauty of the house for one final time. It was kinda sad I didn't get to become use to this house within the two years I've had. But there is always another chance later; for now I had to arrange our plans.

Placing the princess night gown on a basket and stepping out to re-read our schedule for the day. It was rather full; with a little time as it would be rude to keep a prince waiting for you. I had a little smile at the thought of Prince Gaki but immediately shook it off as I grabbed the nearest hair tie and pulled my hair up into it's usual pony tail.

It was a weird rule we had; but then again we have many weird rules that only apply I ruffled the back of the pony tail sighed and proceeded to check on the princess.

She ran out of the room prancing around and twirling in her dress. I bit my bottom lip hard it almost bleed; she looked so elegant and beautiful and here I was just an ordinary "maid". I was distracted for a split moment before I felt a small tap on my shoulder. The princess had done a full circle around me and picked up the most ridiculous outfit I was to wear in front of the Prince! I went red in the face and wanted to say "No way! I'm not wearing that!" But stopped myself as the princess orders are final. I picked up the clothes from her stretched out arms and walked into the room.

I sat down on the bed as I carefully pulled the thigh high stocking over my feet and legs; this was bothersome I thought. Who these days wears a maid costume unless it is for...I got more embarrassed. A sexual act of some sort. laid on the bed looking at the cream fan with a serious look; I had a feeling of some sort...that I-I-I ahhchuu~ I covered my nose. Who is thinking about me at this time and hour? I said jokingly as I slipped on the baby doll Lolita shoes and walked out to the princess.


Sighing to myself I paced the grand hall awaiting the arrival of Princess Shige-san. I however kept thinking of that dream; I couldn't put my finger on the girl. Had I seen her before? Or was it just my mind wondering off with the little fairies?

Whatever it was; I admitted I wish it was a dream that would end up being true. The young maiden to be honest, was rather cute and sweet. I had a small grin to myself and told myself I was being a fool.

It wasn't long before the door creaked open and I heard a few squabbles.

"Sayaka! Pull the dress down more! Fix up my hair! Gosh hurry UP! He'll see me any second now!"

I raised my eyebrow as two figures entered the hall. One was a rather average height girl with long silky black hair who wore a rather creamy pink dress. I shifted my eyes to the young woman beside her who looked to be about...18? She was wearing black thigh high stockings; Lolita baby doll shoes and what seemed a maid costume. I wanted to say something to her as it was rather absurd to be wearing something like that but I bit my tongue and walked over to the girl.

"Prince Gaki; You must be the beautiful Princess Shige." I said bowing and giving her a gentle smile
"Yes; I am" she said back rather fast and proud. I was surprised how she seemed similar to the girl in my dreams...but she now seemed rude as she barged past me and order Taka to take her suitcases to the room. I frowned at her bossy attitude as I payed my respect to I guess her maid.

"I'm sorry about her behaviour;" the maiden said before I could slip in a word. I just looked at her astonished as she blushed and apologised "Sorry! My name is Sayaka; I was adopted by the Shige family to be assistance to Princess Shige...even though I was supposed to her sister.." 

I looked at her for a second missing her last words underneath her breath. But I think; I caught the gist of it. My attention was caught by Taka running down the stairs in great haste breathing hard, The maiden...Sayaka seemed taken in by him.

"She is troublesome huh?" she said smiling gently that gave off a warmth to it.
"Uh-huh!" Taka agreed kneeling on his knees with a slight laugh
"I'm Sayaka by the way," She replied back helping Taka to his normal height.
"Taka; nice to meet you." he said smiling at her as if he were already fond of the maiden. "Young Master Gaki, it's a shame you're parents told you it has to be royal blood. Because this girl, is just what you'd want!"

I smiled at Taka as I focused on Sayaka as she pulled the dress down with her arms tucking inwards blushing. I couldn't help but feel a bit drawn to her in a way. But I knew it would be wrong to get close with I shook it off and decided that I'd try to get to know her better instead.

I suddenly heard a familiar noise ring throughout my ear; my cousin Nozomi had come to stay with me for awhile. Her long light brown hair shone in the light as her brown eyes fixed upon Sayaka.

"Ohya!" Nozomi said glomping Sayaka. I felt my arms go to pull her off but stopped.
"Ohya to you to, Nozomi!" She said rubbing Nozomi's head; scuffing her hair. I stopped for a did she know Nozomi?!
"Kyaa Saya onee-chan you're back!" Nozomi said digging her head into Sayaka's chest. If this were on tv...I'm sure I'd have about a billion zillion question marks around my head! It hit me when Nozomi suddenly pounced on me.
"Grr, you don't remember Saya onee!??! GAKII!!" she wailed at me as her brown eyes had tears in them. Had I met this Sayaka before? I mean if I did how old were we?!

Nozomi frowned at me with a playful pinch to my cheeks. I rubbed them while giving her a glare as she poked her tongue out.

"Just cause you're a prince doesn't mean you forget people!" and with that she ran off but came back playfully dragging Taka away from us. I shook my head at her; she was a lot older then what she acted. Reaction Princess much? I said out aloud and got a response from maiden Sayaka.

She gave a small laugh and smiled at me.

"She is a real cutie!" She said pretending to pinch Nozomi's cheeks if she were there. She stopped and looked at me with a rather wide grin. I couldn't help but smile back at her; I offered to show her to her room. She gladly agreed and linked arms with me. I gave her a surprised look and she let go of my arm in an instant. She was rather thoughtful; but I didn't care and instead re-linked our arms. I couldn't help though, but notice the aroma. She smelt nice; like newly fallen or blooming Cherry Blossoms and her skin was smooth like silk. It actually gave me shivers down my back.

Opening the door she sat her belongings down and gave a small sigh to herself. I stood back admiring her for a few more seconds; I'm sure she was the one in my dream now...but why would I act so irresponsible on a girl who is so well mannered and isn't interested in me? I shook it off and closed her door telling we'd met later.

Later of course, try like 5 seconds! Her door flew open as she jumped back to find me still there. She looked into my eyes for a bit, biting her lower lip I knew at that moment she wanted to tell me something but couldn't...


I stared into the Prince's brown eyes; I wanted to tell him then and there "I Love You! Make me Your Princess!" But I couldn't do it, I wouldn't also put my feelings before Shige Hime-san...I timed it right though as she wailed out my name that echoed in the halls from her room.

I bit harder on my bottom lip harder than I did before; I took one more glimpse of the Prince. His brown hair with majority of it pulled back in a crimson, gold bow..His memorizing brown eyes, the way his suit glittered in the light; the light eliminated the red crimson and gold on his top. I couldn't take it; every part of me was screaming "Do it Do it Do it!" I wanted to tell him, kiss him! But I just couldn't...Shige hime-san yelled once again this time her wail echoing louder than last..

I sighed and apologized to Prince Gaki shifting past him as I felt his hand brushed against mine it gave me butterflies. But I couldn't think about that now; the princess is wailing like a baby and if her call is not answered I'm punished harder.. The thought of her punishment if I was any later...made a few of scratch marks and cuts tingle with pain. I shook my head and told myself I deserved that pain but really... I don't want to face the same sharp but blunt instrument again. It made me wonder if she did even bring the stained knife in case I "played up" on her and ruined her chances of getting married to the prince.

I opened the door to find Shige hime-san sitting there rather annoyed at me, I flinched at her glare. I was in trouble now; no doubt about it...

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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Chapter 3: The Ball

I ruffled at the long dress I had on; today was the day in commemoration of Prince Gaki turning 20 and coming home.

I was rather embarrassed as Taka helped me get ready, he was such a sweetie at times. I could see why the Reaction Princess Nozomi was head over heels for him.

Standing in front of the mirror I lifted up the green dress I was wearing and observed the scratch marks from Shige Hime-sans nails.

Sighing I let the dress fall down as I sat in front of the duchess's mirror fixing up my hair and makeup. I always thought of myself as a normal looking girl, but I was always complimented on how I was much cuter then the princess...which wasn't wise to say. Tucking my hair behind my ears wasn't a nice looking way.

Hmph! I said pulling it out from behind them and adjusting the pink bow hairband sitting in my hair. I screwed my hair up a bit so it wasn't so flat and straight. Preparing myself for the night ahead I took a few deep breathes and proceeded to the hall.

Names were called out one by one as princes, princess and guests were walking down the grand stair case and onto the ball room floor. My heart rushed I was still alone! I panicked and went behind several people. One young lady poked her head out at looked at me.

Leaving her partner there she came over to me with a giant warm welcome hug. I felt squashed as her breasts squished me. Finally catching my breath she looked at me with a wide smile.

"Sayaka! Long Time No See Hunny~!" She said rather enthusiastic. I admired her beauty for a second before dropping my jaw
"Mi-Miyuki!?" I asked seeing how she has changed over the last two years; she surely has grown up a fair amount now. She was now even taller than me, I did feel somewhat self conscious about that...

I coughed when she mentioned it laughing how I still was a child at 18 years of age.

I however peered over her shoulder to see a rather good-looking taller young man as her date for the night. I teased her about it; she went completely red in the face and dragged me over to meet him.

I observed the young man closely; his semi-long semi-short brown hair was pulled back in a small ponytail as part of his fringe stuck out to the side.

It was rather breathe taking the way he looked; Miyuki sure had grown up alright...with good tastes! I couldn't however but give him a rather drool worthy look at his attire. If only all guys dressed this decent these days.

Sighing to myself I walked back into my miserable place, Shige hime-san had Taka...which was weird since should be with Prince Gaki. I took another glance at Miyuki who started walking down the stairs with erm...what was it... Hii-sama? yes that was it. I stood there pouting as it came closer to my turn, I felt like just saying "Anyone take me!" but I kept my mouth shut.

I felt a warmth link into my arm when my name was called out; I think...I almost died on the spot!

"Lastly Miss Sayaka and Prince Gaki!"

I stood there for a second frozen stiff; Me me me!?! with the prince? I looked at the corner of my eye before stepping down the stair case and it was right. There stood the Prince Gaki white a gleaming white attire and a warm welcoming smile as he walked me down the stairs.

Maybe he felt bad for me? I thought biting my upper lip to stop from screaming.

We reached the ball room floor where everyone took their dance positions. I felt a trickle of sweat run down my neck; Shige hime-san always said I was a horrible dancer... The prince looked at me with concern then smiled taking me into a dance position.


I could see Sayaka was getting nervous about the dancing, I didn't notice I had a concern look on my face till I felt a smile creep on my face as I held her in the starting dance position.

As the music started her body followed naturally; her steps in sync as her green dress flowed out and back in. I didn't see what she was worried about. She is a perfect natural dancer!

Halting to the end we had a few people stare us down, I focused on Sayaka as she went a lovely shade of crimson red so I decided to take her out into the garden.

She seemed to be taken in my the blooming and aroma of the roses; she stood there looking at them, possibly they were reflecting in her eyes. I smiled and pulled on off its branch; being careful not to pinch or tear my skin on the thorns.

I wasn't that lucky and had a small cut. Sayaka looked at the cut and placed her rose on the gardens cement surroundings as she took my finger and placed it in her mouth to stop the bleeding.

Taken by I felt a little embarrassed more than anything, not many would do that. Sayaka had seemed to answer my question by the expression on her face.

"I was taught when I was a little girl; one way to help cuts like those is to put it in your mouth~" Her smile seemed to ache in my heart as I felt it skip a bet  from her bewildered words.

If this was going to be it; I wanted her night to end nicely. I gave her back her rose as I led her to the little outdoor area.

It had an over view of the whole garden with a glittering water fountain in the middle. Sayaka seemed taken in by it all as her eyes observed her surroundings. I looked at her my eyes observing her.

Back when I first met her; her hair was about the colour of mine and much longer then hers is now. I had a little sigh to myself thinking it must be because of her parents...they are way to harsh on her!

I put my hand out and held hers in mine as I spoke to her,

"It's been awhile huh? Saya, I completely forget the day I met you..." I looked at her as her face seemed to change from her normal beautiful smile to a gloom as I saw a grey drop mark the balcony railing.
"I...I'm sorry Prince Gaki," She said as her tears seemed to fall a bit faster. "I told you that night, to forget me after you opened up to me.." She looked at me in the eyes; her were filled with melancholy as tears prickled more in them.

Sighing out loud I wiped her tears away from her eyes.

"I know, but you were only 16 then; things change." I said to her pulling her in closer.
"I guess so but, I felt bad...that everyone said you mean...not remembering me..when I told you to forget me!" Sayaka seemed a little distraught. I couldn't help but feel sucked in my her; I lifted up her chin and told her.

"Sayaka, the young maiden who caught my eye when she walked in with a rather absurd maid outfit on..." she looked at me her eyes seemed to soaking up my words "I want to try just one thing. One thing that I've wanted to do for some time now..."

I leant in, not much however as she seemed just the right height. I went closer to met her lips that I longed to touch and feel the warmth to.

"GAKI!!" Nozomi called wailed out! I sighed biting my lips hard and turning to my little cousin.
"WHAT!?" I said a little to annoyed as she yelped a little.
"That shige! SHE'S MEANNN!! She stole my TAKA!!" Nozomi went on sitting un lady like on the ground bawling her eyes out. I felt Sayaka brush past me, the same aroma came off her from before.

She picked up Nozomi and lead her back inside, she gave me a short look. Her eyes said it all to me; I smiled and waved to her as she left off with the Reaction Princess...

I stared at the stars that were ever so bright that night; You want to be my princess...Sayaka ? I said under my breath with a smile. No need to want it, I'll make you my princess!

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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Chapter 4: Two Loves Blooming, One Developing

When I lead Nozomi back into the ball; I felt a little flustered.

If she didn't erm be so reaction princess, I would of...shared my first kiss with the prince! I blushes just thinking about it, Nono pinched my cheeks and told me to go talk to Shige Hime-san. I sighed, she wasn't going to like this.

I walked casually up to the princess as Taka immediately lost grip on her and swopped me up in his arms. I jokingly played along waltzing with him; I felt two cold hard glares on me. Nono's and Shige hime-san.. I stopped dancing and yanked at Taka's arm pushing him forward to Nozomi.

"There you go Miss Reaction Princess~" I said being cheeky
"Oh Thank you...Miss Gaki's Love Intrest~!" Nono replied back poking her tongue at me. I blushed and refused to accept that name, no way was I his love intrest!

Tuffling at my dress I sighed, tonight was great but man...I wish Nozomi didn't interupt TAT!

- Next Morning -

"GOOD MORNING~!!!" Nono called jumping onto of me
"Ow...good morning hyper reaction princess!" I replied back scuffing her hair up. She suddenly changed her mood and spoke
"Guess WHAT!?" She said getting excited. I had no clue what so I said that infamous word
"Taka...and I...KISSED LAST NIGHT!! I MEAN OMG OMG!! IT WAS SO SUDDEN! AND AND.." I sighed at Nozomi who started to become her reaction princess again ^^;

I smiled though, it was good Nozomi finally got Taka and their relationship will start blooming.

Getting changed and fixing up my hair, I proceed down the hall way to the breakfast room.


I wacked my head into something...wait someone!

Apologizing quickly I found out it was Miyuki. I laughed as she helped me up from the floor.

"Silly!" she only said in fits of laughter.
"Yup that's me!" I replied back laughing as we started walking.
"Umm you know Saya~" Miyuki started saying "Hii-sama and I...well...last night he kinda...kissed me and all and...well...asked me to marry him!"

My eyes felt like they were going to pop out! I was happy for her as out of Nozomi, Miyuki and myself everyone thought I'd be the first to marry! I hugged her squealing with joy as everyone in the breakfast room came running out to see the big commotion.

"Looks like she knows now," Hii-sama said shrugging as Prince Gaki and Taka stood there smirking at the two girls.
"Girls will be girls" Taka said heading back for some food.
"Yeah.." Gaki said observing the one he wanted, Sayaka.


If only I could just take her in my arms! I said to myself in frustration. Nozomi isn't in my good books as for the current moment; she's written down as "Do not speak to!"

I growled to myself as I kept seeing Sayaka's beautiful smile light up the room and make me feel like I wasn't even a prince. That I could be normal for once.

- Proceeding to a garden reception-

To be honest...why do we have these? Not many of including myself don't pay attention. But I guess when you're parents are just weird, you can't help it.

But really, Sayaka looked stunning; her hair neatly pulled back with the rose I picked her the other night sitting on top. I sighed, I'll make you my princess soon. I just have to know the right signs first.

Maybe me prays were answered that day

I was left alone with Sayaka who fancied the view from last night. She beauty I thought gazing at her as her eyes wondered the fields of flowers. I stood beside her joining in the viewing, I felt her eyes focus on me as a smile crept on her face. I felt a little frozen soild at that moment; she snuggled her head into my shoulder as we watched the sunset.

"It's beautiful..." She said sighing from the beauty of the sunset
"It sure reminds me of things," I replied back to her
"Really what?" Sayaka asked me curiously moving her stance to face me. I sighed this was it, time to be the prince you are Gaki.
"It reminds me of you Sayaka," I replied running my hand over her smooth cheek. She blushed a little as I soaked in the moment I took a chance.

I ran my hand once more over her cheek and then my thumb over her soft lips. This...was it. I leaned in towards her, the sun shining on our faces the essence of her drove me crazy with each little step I took closer to her lips.

Then, they met. Our lips locked with each other as I felt Sayaka's hands slowly gather around my neck. I couldn't help but to think how sweet, soft and tender her lips felt against mine. How my heart was beating so fast; How I couldn't stand not looking at her for one second. While pressing my lips against hers once again I wanted to tell her so bad so much but I couldn't. I was too lost in her kiss to think about telling her those words.

"I'm In Love With You..."

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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Chapter 5: Nothing to Believe in But Sorrow

Looking at a gaze I saw the princess Shige frowning and pacing the halls. I raised my eyebrow at her and approached her with caution.

"Um, Shige-san is something that matter?" I asked casually

"Yes there is Taka! Sayaka isn't out of bed!" She fumed crossing her arms and pouting. I seriously was intrigued this girl was seriously selfish

"You DO know she was up all night preparing everything for you? She also has a job to go pay for YOUR needs and you're what angry she is sleeping in because she is tired?" I started to get frustrated with her, she was so me me me she doesn't notice Sayaka's hard efforts! Gosh! I couldn't take it anymore; I was going to burst out in an argument with her.

"Just be grateful! You know she does only well NOTHING and runs after you 24/7! Just think about it Shige-san!" and with that I left her standing there pouting at me even more.

Trying to calm myself down I headed down the hall and took the long way to the kitchen. Opening the door; I saw a staggering figure in there. Kneeling over the bench spreading butter on the toast. I looked at the wild tangled hair and laughed. It was sure messy! At first I thought it would of been Nozomi as she isn't a morning person. But approaching her closer it was actually Sayaka. I frowned; she must of gotten out of bed for Shige-san! Walking over to her I decided to ask her.

"Morning!" I said casually as her eyes wondered on me

"Good Morning to you Taka," Sayaka said bowing and leaving the kitchen to Shige-san's room. When she came back I pounced and asked her.

"Erm, how are you this morning?" I felt awkward asking such silly questions. Her weary eyes looked at me then replied with a simple

"Lethargic," her voice seemed off, maybe that is just because she was still half asleep? I shook my head as I went to tell her.

"You know, you shouldn't do so much for Shige-san. She is way to spoiled!" I told her slamming my fist on the kitchen bench.

"I know...But no one knows the truth..." Sayaka said softly; I could feel this was going to be water works...

"About what?" I asked her hoping not to trigger tears. She looked at me dead in the eyes; I felt her eyes were more piercing then Nozomi's...

"My birth, my legacy, my sister.." She went on with a serious look on her face, but showed sorrow and pain. I felt myself biting my bottom all of a sudden.

"What does the exactly mean?" I asked her to stop my lips bleeding. She sighed and slapped me on the forehead.

"I'm the rightful princess of the Shige family..Shige hime-san is actually my sister. Our parents are so absorbed in activities or so much depressed when I was born and disowned me...My father however fretted as my mother began to need a child. As she couldn't remember me; he found Shige hime-san..Took her in and since then, I've been the "adoptive legacy" When really I'm the real princess..." Sayaka's voiced grew strong then weakened gradually. She excused herself and walked out of the kitchen.

I was shocked; Sayaka..was the true princess to the throne. Not Shige-san, maybe that's why she is so selfish? No I doubt it, Shige-san is not even aware of her surroundings...What a friggin' idiot, too selfish to notice anything now!


I wondered down the halls looking for Sayaka; she just handed me my toast. Yummy as usual. But I needed to ask her something; something that she HAS to obey as MY order as princess~! Keke.

I finally caught her emergeing from the kitchen, stupid girl was crying again! GOSH!! I rolled my eyes and sceamed out her name throwing myself on the floor.

She ran over to me in great haste to care by my side. I smiled and grabbed her arm tight,

"Sayaka~" I said soo cute she wouldn't say no

"Yes princess?" She replied back smiling.

"I know I'm selfish like really, buuuttt could you do me a favour?" I went on trying to be more cuter.

"What is it?" Sayaka asked waiting for my response.

"Welll I want Prince Gaki! please please please please please pelase!!!! I swear I won't ask for anything else~!!!" I pouted and tugged at her.

Her small smile faded...faded well into a sad face. I poked her as to say either way he is mine~ Cause well he is~! Mama would make sure of that!! I saw her bite her lip as she replied with.


I smiled as I ran down the stairs and twirled to find a place to sit and relax~ Hoping Prince Gaki to find me.


My heart was torn out in a second. I was told whatever Shige hime-san wants...she has. I had to forget everything! My first and now last kiss with the prince...something that kept me going all the time despite the way I was treated by Shige Hime-san...

I felt tears prickle but I fought them back and proceed to leave and head for the horses.

Upon approaching them I felt a warm touch on my shoulder. I closed my eyes and bit hard on my lip it almost bleed. Prince Gaki...Forgive me...the princess orders are final...

Tears fell down hard and fast.

"I can't...I can't..." I went to say as I felt his warmth grow on my body.

"You can't what?" he asked so sweetly I felt my body shiver with pleasure at his words.

"I'm not allowed to be with you! Shige Hime-san said so! If I don't obey...There will be things far worse than death by my parents..." I proceed on telling him.

I felt his arms wrap around my waist as his head was against mine.

"I don't care; we'll run if we have to! No one can stop us from being like this." He told me his breath blew on my neck; my body felt woozy just being with him let alone his touch and breath...

I went to talk but he moved his finger from my waist and placed it on my lips.

"Shhhh! No more Saya...Now, let's go for that horseback ride. Just the two of us and the one horse." He told me so tender and sweet I wanted to melt in his arms.

I felt my body turn in towards his returning the embrace and simply told him


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Chapter 6: Simple English, I Love You

Thump Thump Thump Thump

Was all I could hear ring in my ears. My heart was beating in sync with the horses gallops; how unsual.

I felt my grip tighten around the prince's waist each time I heard the thumping grow. He didn't mind but smiled as his brown hair shone early with the sunset. I felt my stomach turn for the good; he was beautiful so beautiful. To think; a girl like me is lucky to be with him and share these moments? Am I sure, this isn't some wild fantasy of mine? I didn't knock my head? It was certain I was awake when the horse jumped over a log and landed with a louder THUMP! Then my heart beated. I was started and closed my eyes feeling my hands around the prince's waist tighten together. He laughed as the horse started to slow down to a trot then a full hault.

Prince Gaki jumped off the horse after I had let go of him. He looked up at me still on the horse; smiling he put his arm out. A real gentlemen. I placed my hand into his as I felt his other hand swoop around my waist and pull me off the horse. It happened all so fast; my heart thumped fast and felt like it was in my throat. I was an inch away again from his kiss; I felt the normal recurring feeling of my teeth biting on my lips. Just; just maybe this would be okay? I mean Shige-san isn't around and after all...I had this silly thing called 'love' in my heart for the prince. Had he heart my heart thump hard? Had he seen me bite the bottom of my lips? Whatever it was it only made my heart relapse into it's normal thump thump.

I felt his smile across his face before it changed into a kiss that just felt like the first. Bliss. I couldn't control myself much longer. I felt my hands around his neck as he gentley pulled me in to his hips; our kiss breaking I felt his breath on my face, his hair brush across my fore head. Woah! I thought I was going to die on the spot.

The sunset was warming and calming as we embraced each other in the afternoon with each others kisses. I couldn't stop; I loved every moment of it that I wanted him more with each kiss he gave me. A gust of wind breezed through for majority of the time. I felt myself shiver as I remember; I'm not the well dressed still. Even in this late afternoon sun; you can't deny that winter is coming which means time to be freezing cold and hope to snuggle up on a snowy night with a prince! I felt a smile creep on my face as well as Prince Gaki's.

He ran his hands up my arms to my shoulder fast to warm me up. I was used to this climate but I'd soon get used to it, possibly even love it. He gave a small sigh to me as he let go; I felt my face going to pout but stopped myself from being so selfish. I watched as he slipped off his golden redish brown over jacket and placed it around me. My body got warmer, I also felt it tingle with pleasure and sighed falling to the ground. Admiring the beauty around me I found the rivers glittering surface infront of me. I felt his hand on my shoulder before sitting beside me. I moved closer to him; snuggling my head in his chest. The scenery was beautiful but I couldn't help that a horse ride, my heart thumping, more kissing, jacket giving and not to mention lack of sleep was weighing on me. I felt my eyes fall slower each time; before finally fall asleep in the prince's arm.


Her body became light as she collapsed into my arms. Silly girl was asleep; I felt a wide smile grow across my face. She's beautiful very beautiful, I just want to or I could stare at her all day. I felt my hands ran through her silky black hair; rolling it around my finger occasionally to find it falling back straight. I sighed; it would be night soon and she has Miyuki's Hen's party to attend. I guess I should get her back. I lifted her up in my arms and headed for the horse. God knows how I did it, but I got her own with her still asleep. I yanked the reins for him to start trotting then galloping; I could feel Sayaka's deep sleep come up as we headed for the same log. The thump of the horse didn't seem to bother her this time around. Smiling as I pulled into the stable I leaned over to kiss her on the head. I wished as much as she did not to let this end.

Lifting her off the horse and onto my back; I climbed the stairs carefully not to wake her up. I opened her door and observed her room. Techinally my room but the way she has given it her touch. Just seemed to make me smile more than anything. I placed her on the bed observing her for a few more seconds. I felt the words wanting to come out but again they didn't. I could easily say it, they are only three words. But still; the did not leave my mouth so I shut her door and let her rest for the Hen's Party..


"She's asleep again!" one voice called
"Ara Ara, poor girl is working over time" another one said
"Mouu~! She's lazy to be sleeping!" the final one said before my eyes opened. I felt her hands pinch my cheeks tightly.

Throwing myself forward I looked around. Huh? Was all I could possibly say to them. Then by the looks, the date. Damnit! With Shige-san and the Prince I totally forgot Miyuki's hen's party. Man!! I'm awful! I rubbed my cheeks and started to talk.

"Mouu Yumi, still mean I see!" I joked as I saw her open her mouth
"I'm not mean! You're just a sleepy head!" she poked her tongue out at me as I felt laughter begin to roar up.
"Tired?" I heard a voice say, I felt actually a little flutter. I hadn't heard this voice in ages; I felt myself sit up and pounce on the person.
"HAMMY!" I cried hugging her tight she had to give me a little hit to let go. I couldn't help but beam; everyone was together for Miyuki but more so for each other.
"Soo what is it with royalty and wearing bizzare pj's?" Yumi asked poking me in the stomach, I flinched as I exchanged looks with Miyuki and Nozomi.
"What do you mean?" all three of us said in unsion it cracked up Yumi and Hammy.
"You's....are just so! hahaha!!" Yumi tried to say, gosh I never got over the fact how just soo wah! she was. I always hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. Kuku I'm just a girl though.

It did feel out of place as all of us were grown up now. To re-join each other for a wedding; seeing everyone together brought tears in my eyes. I tried not to cry, but I couldn't seeing them all was just overwhelming. I felt Yumi pick me up in her lap and sooth me; mou she was a teaser and everything but her heart always was in the right place when I need it.

"Say, I forgot." Nozomi said pointing to Yumi and Hammy "You two aren't from royal blood are you?" I felt the uneasiness in Hammy and especially Yumi. I poped my head up and answered.
"MOU! Nono!! Don't you know?!" I told her as she looked at me dumbly
"No." she replied with
"Yumi for one is in love with some one with royal blood, surely they will hook up and Hammy will as well~" I lied for them as it always made them uncomfortable being with royal bloods as they were not.

I walked out and observed something in the kitchen. I had a tiring day today and I wanted to sleep; observing it. It looked like ordinary beverage; so I went heck with it! Let's have a sip. Bad idea...turns out it was sake. Urgh and I drank way to much of it! I felt woozy as I walked down back to my room. I felt the giggles come as my cheeks felt hot. I was drunk wasn't I? I missed the railing and slipped down the stairs. Erm..a fair amount of stairs they were. Thump Donk Thump Blomp! I reached the bottom and despite I was in pain I laughed. The sake was making me laugh? When I have excrusating pain?!! Oh god help me! God...wait no! Wahh! Gaki no no no! Put my down. My intial thoughts were as he picked me up in his arms. My heart beated faster then today as he made haste. Oh gosh here we go! Another visit to the hospital..I said to myself it's the once place I hate.

I eased down as Gaki laid me on his lap in the car and stroked my hair. It felt calming and slightly enjoyable; he leaned over me as I felt his breath run on across my cheek. He kissed me on the cheek then lips as I tried to figure out the words he told me. Blurry I just closed my eyes and tried to forget this pain.

'It's simple and pure; easy to say. easy to know. I love you.'

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Chapter 7: Breaking The Rules

Buzzing....Buzzing...Echoes in my head. Where am I exactly? What happened? I don't know, someone just tell me.

"You awake?"

"Yes" I found myself saying as my eyes opened  revealing a white room that blurred with my vision. "Argh, what is this?"

"You're in hospital Saya," The voice said approaching my face closer. I felt my cheeks flush red as my vision become into focus. That's right; I got drunk and fell down a flight of stairs..

"Such an idiot I am." I said looking up at the concered prince. He gave a small smile at me and leaned back.

"You gave me a fright, I thought you were badly hurt." Gaki said sternly with a caring voice. I found myself smiling; was he that worried or just wanted an excuse to be with me?

"Oh, okay." Is all i said starting to giggle then laugh at him as he gave a small grin back.

"But you did hurt yourself badly, they said you've sprained your ankle." He told me handing me a cup of water. I thought on his words. If I did that; it doesn't hurt. I can't feel the pain not one bit. I looked up at the prince with a confused look until his expression dropped and aimed for my alarm tag. I was still confu....OH MY GOD!! The pain shot through my entire leg were I sprained by ankle. It was utterly painful! I felt myself screaming mumbled in my mouth as the prince held me in an embrace.

The doctors came in with an injection of morphine to stop the pain. It eventually eased down as I become more relaxed. I found my eyes staring into the cup of water; if it held my future and I could see it in the cup. It was rather amusing to watch for the prince. He took it off me and asked me why the heck I drank so much sake.

I felt my cheeks goes red; I couldn't tell him I wanted to get sleep and thought beverage would do it...but mistakened sake for it. He clued on to my thoughts wondering my mind as he pet my head.

"You're one hard cookie you know," he told me laughing.

"Haha, yeah I am." I replied back becoming woozy and falling back asleep. However, next time I woke up. I wouldn't be in the hospital.


Whence she was all good to go. I picked her up in my arms and took her back to the house.

I went to put her in her room; but no idea what ran through my head I opened my bedroom door and placed her on the bed.

Admiring her utter beauty; I felt my heart beat fast. I wish she was royal blood but royal or not I'm going to marry this girl someday! I gave a small sigh as I walked back to her side and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

'Sleep Well,'

I thought to myself as I finally left her side and joined up with Taka.


Seeing the young master in a good mood had made me in a better mood. I couldn't help but tell him; the things Sayaka had told me.

"Gaki," I said stopping to face him.

"Yeah?" he said turning around to me.

" know she is the rightful princess to the throne of the Shige family?" I asked him.

He obviously didn't know by the look on his face.

"Wait WHAT?! Are you joking Taka? If you are, I won't forgive you.." the master replied back hoping it was the truth.

"It's the truth Gaki! She is a princess, the rightful one!" I kinda yelled at him as his eyes lightened up even more.

"I guess, that means I don't have to hold back anymore." He replied to me smiling wide that I couldn't help but think. What is he going to do with Sayaka?


Opening my eyes, I saw Prince Gaki sitting beside me asleep.

I bit my lips, he's always staying by my side like this. What is Shige Hime-san going to think? Argh my body fumed thinking about her but also panicked as I shot up feeling a restraint on my right hand.

Shifting my eyes down I saw the princes hand intertwined with mine. It almost, well possibly brought me to tears.


Is the only thing I could think as I looked at the prince's sleeping face.

He doesn't know, I'm of royal blood the true heir. But..after 18 years of my life being a nobody. I can't simply go bang! and start living my legacy..

I felt my hand get heavier then lighter. The prince woke up and was now up to my level.

"I know." Is all he said to me, his eyes filled with the love and care I always wanted.

"Know what?" I asked dumbly as I should put two and two together.

"You're the heir to the throne of the Shige family. Everything. I know it all Sayaka." His voice ringed in my ears and repeated before his next sentence. "That's why, I don't care anymore! I want to be with you so much I'm willing to escape this reality with you Sayaka!"

I felt my heart beat faster; once he said those words. You can never take them back. Never. I stared into his honey brown eyes as we both felt like we were being sucked in by each other.

My lips soon locked his as I threw my arms around his neck. The kiss, wasn't right in a way. Not like our first one or down by the river. This time it was more intense; the sexual chemistry was emerging from us wasn't it? I felt his lips press more on mine as he leaned forward sending me down the fall on the bed. Our lips never left though. His hands run slowly up my thighs. It was slow but had all the intentions in it of. I want you, But I'm going to be gentle with you. My body shook with pleasure as I found my hands slipping down his back, trying to put them back up I couldn't. I was lost in his kiss, his touch. I wanted it just as much as he did. Maybe that is why, my hands felt like they were touching a slippery surface on his back? My body was going into an overdrive mood with his touch before anything happened.

Before he procceded in offically stripping me of my clothes. He looked at me in the eyes, concered for me. I bit my lip and told him.

"We're breaking all the rules now."

"Yeah, but at feels right for us right?" He asked me observing me carefully. I nodded to him as I pulled him down feeling his lips touch my neck and hands wonder my body. Take me now Gaki! Was all I could scream in my head with his touch and kisses getting more intense on my body.

Offically...that night was well as...offically...

I was now his and he was mine. We are in love.

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You forgot Yossie Sweet!  :(
Oops..I meant Hii-sama. XD

And yay you're posting this here!  :cow:

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I just noticed that..opps~! XD

I'll add it now~  :sweatdrop:

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Chapter 8: I'm Sorry. I Can't Stay Away

[Sayumi Michishige]

Huh? Where is Saya? She isn't in her room, nor the kitchen, stable, garden or bathroom!..Where excatly is she? Ara! There is Taka-sama; he'll be sure to know where she is!

"Taka-sama~!" I called in my loudest voice

"Yeah?" Taka-sama replied back looking at me.

"Say umm..Do you know where Saya is?" I asked a little embarrassed

" ah! No I don't sorry..~!" He said going a shade of red and walking off..What the heck?

He avoided my question and ran off~! WHYY!!!! That's mean~! I'll get him back soon. Hmph! Maybe the prince will know~?

Ehehe I'll just go knock on his dooooorrrr ahhh!!! Taka-sama's hands swooped me up and put me over his shoulder. Huh!?

No no the prince's room is this wayy!! Not that way! TAKA!!


You owe me big BIG time Master..You know I don't like Shige-san and yet I'm doing this so she doesn't catch you and Saya in the same bed!

Shaking my head I put Shige-san down and apologized for my rudeness.

"That wasn't nice Taka-sama!" She pouted at me furious why do they always pout?

"Haha I'm sorry okay?!" Was all I replied to her rubbing my neck.

"Ahh like really it's just not nice to do those kinds of things. I mean I wanted to see the prince and all to find Saya and and..." Shige-san kept going on and on..Oh please just shut up~! But i know..she wouldn't unless I did something hasty and totally..mean towards Nono. But hey! she was the one who rejected me last night..

I found my hands holding shige-san's arms as she looked at me startled more then anything. Her eyes never left me and her lips mouthed.


Why I did it? I do not know why. Was it because I was angry with Nono? Or Because I wanted Shige-san to shut up? Heck was it even both!?! But whatever it was I did it. The unforgiveable act. I pulled her close and kissed her soft lips very lightly. When I pulled back; her face was confused as she blinked at me several times. My heart beated a little fast..whoa no way! I saw her arms fall behind my neck as her lips came onto mine. This actually..didn't feel so bad to me now..heck her soft lips were to be honest..a lot more like heaven then Nono's..


Creeping my hands up to my princess waist I kissed her softly on her neck. Her pure body was warm; I couldn't help but think..last night and the two of us. Her touch and kisses, I only want her to give me these feelings. Her body stirred towards me; Whoa she's already waking up? Haha..she's beautiful as always, I just want to..

"Good Morning Oujisama.." Came her voice as she snuggled into my chest

"Good Morning my princess," I replied back kissing her on the forehead. She turned a little and asked me.

"The time?"

"It's about..10am." I replied back with a small laugh, her eyes shot open as she raced for her clothes. "Shige keeping you from me?"

"No..well yes. I promsied her I'd stay away from you..but last night I gave you my body, my love..So now I can't stay away from you." Saya replied pulling up her skirt and turning to look at me. I smiled at her and slid out of the bed. "Wh..what is it oujisama?"

I kept smiling at her as I pulled her close to me. "I Love You." Was what I said into her ear; I felt her body tremble in my arms as she layed her head into my chest and whispered back.

"I Love You too..for awhile now I have" I think I felt myself tremble a bit too. Most of the princess I've know only "love" me as soon as they know of legacy..But Saya her words are true. I can tell by the way she trembles at my words, my touch, my voice. How she tells me to forget her and allow Shige-san to have me. Even though really she wants me. How elgant you are Saya. I love you even more with how you are caring for others. A smile washed across my face even more as I leaned down to her ear once again.

"Let's ditch today. No work, cooking, worrying..spend this day with me Saya" I whispered into her ear feeling her body shiver and her warmth  wrap around my waist where her hands sat.

"I.." She spoke but then stopped gripping me tighter as I run my hand down her thigh and swooped her up in my arms.

"You're light at as feather my princess," I smiled at her as she blushed and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Proceeding to where princess? Bed, Shower?" She could only smile at me

"Shower please," was her only reply as I gentled kicked the door open with my foot and turned on the shower.

"Happy showering," I spoke giving a small laugh. I felt myself stop as her hand sat firmly on my arm. Looking at her expression I thought I knew..what was next.

"Please stay my prince..and share this lovely shower with me. You will stay won't you?" Was her words soothing as ever I couldn't say no to her. Smiling I nodded to her making her smile..even brighter.

[Sayaka Michishige]

The warm sensation that pealted on my bare back. My heart beating faster when or lips locked. I couldn't catch my breath for a second. His lips were just heaven, with this hot water as well; I felt like I would have died right then and there! Remembering the trailing of his lips on my neck, his hands comfortably around my waist it sent me into a daze when I ducked out to grab something to eat.

He was amazing..simply amazing. I couldn't just stop loving him, my heart beats faster each time I think of him let alone remember his kisses and touches it is so A~ah! WAH!

I nearly or possibly jumped ten feet in the air feeling a tingle of soft hair fall on my shoulder.


"Hime-san!!!" Shouting I dropped the plate of sandwiches I worked make for me and the prince. Tears dwelled in my eyes as the princess looked at me.

"The prince is ignoring me Saya...and Taka-sama kissed me..I'm confused what I want!" pouting as was about her. My tears fell off my cheek; standing up I looked at the mess of cermic and food..I'm a failure..

"I'm sorry Hime-san.." was all I could say before more tears escaped from my eyes.

"HA? For what?!" she asked me leaning over to comfort me. Why is she..being nice? Shaking my head I found myself yelling it out.

"I'm sorry I can't stay away from Gaki! I love him Hime! I love him more than anything! I can't deny it! I can't deny I'm the heir not you! I'm sorry so sorry!! They only thing you can do is.. HATE ME FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!" I wasn't thinking straight when I yelled it out.

Brushing past her and running my fastest to escape recall everything..

..Who excatly am I again?..

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Chapter 9: I've Hated You All My Life. You're Nothing But A Piece To My Story

..My Whole Life Is A Complete Lie..



"It's your turn to go into Miss Natsumi's office~!"

"Really? I wonder what the parents are like? If I'm the one they want?"

I remember that day still. When I was adopted at 16 years of age. By the same people who gave birth to me..and sent me up for adoption. Mama and Papa? No, they aren't. Any sane King and Queen would not put up their child for adoption and take another girl 2 years older then their real daughter! I don't really WANT to call them Mama and Papa. sister I wanted. Why I'm treated like your maid..I don't know. But 2 years have come now I know. I really..hate you and YOUR parents.

I was never good enough for either of you. Just a little maid at your service 24/7. I'm sorry I can't do this. My love is just bursting out for the prince you want. But, I love him truly not for his looks or money. Can't I just have him? I mean..I've already..given him my body, my soul and my heart. I can't I just can't step back now! I was treated like nothing from you. But he..he makes me feel like I'm something. For who I really am. A princess Sayumi! THE TRUE HEIR!

I felt my heat beating fast when I got furious. Calm down was all I could tell myself as I took deep breaths.

"Saya-chan, this is Mr. and Mrs. Shige."

" meet you."

"What a beautiful girl Takoro~! She looks like Sayumi!"

" She looks excatly like you.."

"Nonsense~! Only my Sayumi looks excatly like me!"

"But..she's 2 years older..Sayaka is the right be.."


"Um..Sir? Can you please make a choice? Saya doesn't have all day..I'm afraid."

"Sorry Abe-san, we'll adopt her."

"Right, just sign these papers..Saya-chan, you can go get packing..I'll miss you"

Miss Natsumi, always treated me like I was still 5 years of age. It kinda made me smile each time. JunJun was the one out of my small friends I made who was upset the most. She cried for hours; or what had seemed hours but more so a few bare minutes before I whisked away to become nothing but a slave. I still remember arriving at the place, the well lighten room with it's glittering lights, the grand stair case with the smell of recent cleaning. But I more so remember being told by the King. I was their true daughter. Out of all three of them; he seemed to care for me the most. But I'm guessing it was becausing of his guilt. Also that night..I met Sayu. I observed her when I first met her, I couldn't help but feel the tingle of jealousy as she wore the long pretty dresses, expensive accessories. By the time I full met her, I knew then really. We're not going to get along at all!

Two years passed, and I was right. She is selfish and rude! I can't stand her. She'll never become nice NEVER! All this time I told her lies; "The prince will love you." "You look stunning!" But they were pretty much my orders to suck up to her BIG time. I hated it; I was treated back everytime as worthless, just a toy she gets bored of. But one that can move and talk and take her orders whenever she pleases. Well tonight was the end of an era. I was not taking it anymore. I'm the heir, I'm in love I'm NOT going to take her order anymore! She'll be sitting in her room, complaining I ran off in such and outburst of anger. That I'm telling her lies about being the heir. What an idiot..makes me wonder did they drop her on her head when she was born? Or is she..just naturally..stupid?

I shake my head to rid of the horrible things that emerge from my brain.

This will be it. I'm going to go back to her, and tell her the whole story! She has to get this straight..she can no longer boss me around. No matter what Sayu..I'm sorry really. But to be honest, I've hated you all my life..I'm going to be selfish for once..and really your just a minor pawn in my story.. The tiny piece to it that linked me up with my prince..once and for all. That I must thank you for. The rest..I'm terribly sorry.

But please understand me!

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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Chapter 10: The Bitten Cherry; Lying & The Cold Hard Truth
Make Me Your Princess Final1/5

I wanted to be some where; where it's dark. My head is spinning; a terrible headache. I just want to sleep more then anything.

"You ok?" Gaki asks me leaning over my slumbed body on the bed.

"I'll be fine. Just another headache." I bit my lip telling my prince such a lie. He uhm'd and ah'd at me then gave a small sigh leaving me alone.

To think of it; it was around 6 weeks ago Gaki and I and this bed become more connected with each other. I gave a small grin before I let my mind wonder.

His bare body touching mine; the intense moment; the sweat; the noise; the ending. I felt myself smiling at over before I turned my attention.

I was staring at the pale cream ceiling; something about it. Well it probably had nothing to do with it. But it set off a trigger in my brain till I felt myself laying on the bed saying the same words to myself over and over.

"It isn't!"


"Is Sayaka ok?" Taka came up to ask me a little concerned as I saw her dart from the bedroom down the flight of stairs and run like a grey hound down the street.

"I don't know. Not unless her headache is gone..or she is trying for the 4km sprint this year.."

I was worried; a moment before her cheeks were a deep crimson but the rest of her body was pale snow. Her headaches were constant for a couple of days now too. It had me worried; if she was still ill tomorrow I'd call in the doctor to come visit her. Tapping the back of my boots I looked out the arch windows once more to see her sprinting off.

What has gotten you so worried you're out and running when you're sick?

"Damn! She'd beat me any day! Good catch Gaki" Taka said smoothly patting my shoulder and walking off down the corridor.

"Hey! That isn't the way to Nono's room!" I felt I should call out to him. Putting a hand up he waved behind his back still going the same direction.


Coming back I found myself short of breath. I walked into Gaki's room; which had now become our room. Slamming the door behind me I  fell to the floor with a loud THUD!

Turning my head to the bag I observed the items I bought. Picking it up I read the label. 'Jasmine Scented' The room seriously was roomy, nice and beautiful. But I wanted to add a touch of me to it. I gave a small sigh and placed it on the bed side table.

"That ought to do it~"

"You okay Saya?" Gaki's voice emerged from the knocks on the door.

"Just fine~! I went out to buy some Jasmine Candles! So our play nights can be more fun~!" I called back to him; I could tell in his voice he was embarrassed as he just gave a small Uh..Ok and left.

I stripped off to my bra and underwear and pulled out a summer dress. I hadn't worn it for years. I wonder if it still fitted me? Taking my curiosity to the step I slipped it on. Still it sat perfectly around my breasts and fell past my flat stomach.

Walking into the bathroom I took the candles packages in with me. Biting a my lips a little as a habit I begun to read the back of it. I threw the package in the bin once I was finished in the toilet.

Ok. So now I was bored! bored bored bored!!! I laid on the bed and shut my eyes as I felt my headache return a lot worse.


I felt my eyes shut tighter. Not now...!! Before I said anything to the person they came barging in and begun talking a thousand miles an hour.

Looking up at the figure I saw it was Sayumi. My eyes nearly fell out of the sockets!



I gulped very hard; I knew she saw it..I was busted oh no..Oh no..

"I..I need help." She said looking a little scared. I was scared to you know Sayu..She held up a stick; well really it looked like a thermometer.

I felt my jaw drop.

"What have you done Sayu?" I asked her my eyes not leaving the sign. She casually walked over and sat next to me placing it next to the..erm..'candle' of mine.

"I can ask you the same." she replied as we both bit our bottom lips and observed what we got ourselves into.

We both looked up at each other again and said.

"It's Taka's" "It's Gaki's"

Our eyes laid back down onto the two pregnacy tests that sat before us. Both reading the green positive sign. We had both lied about buying candles. Jasmine was actually..something our mother taught us to use as a decoy for trouble. Now..We're in trouble.

..We're both going to be mothers..

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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Oh I remember reading this before! :w00t: Can't wait to know what both girls are going to do about their pregnancy. Does this mean Taka & Sayu are together? Please continue the story :heart:

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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You continued posting here too~!  :heart:

I don't go much here anymore so I didn't know. Sorry.   :sweatdrop:

Keep it up Honey-san. ^^

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Re: .::. Make Me Your Princess .::.
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Oohhh!!! New fic!!! and new pairings...ahahhaa... I like how you put some pics at the start of each chapter... I saw this once on Hello!Online when I was lurking once upon a time... but I didn't have time to read it.... please do continue posting the next chapter here..XD

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