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Author Topic: my fanfics (MASK-MJGK world) TomoTomo + others - Side Story  (Read 78074 times)

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MG world - Tomotomo) Chapter 3 added
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edited: proof-read and beta-ed by love-wars-elizabeth


Chapter 4

*Shibuya`s POV

Yuko-san was right. Life is too short. Yuko-san’s hospitalized because of her illness now. And I’m not a chicken. I have to talk to her. And the timing’s perfect too, since both of us are not in school. I get off from my bed, grab my jacket (my white trainer jacket, not my Rappapa jacket) and head to her room.

I knock the door twice. I hear a soft “come in”. And come face to face with…


She looked surprised; a little scared, even. Hum… it seemed like I still have my reputation as a Queen of Rappapa. She didn’t look like she’ll move soon, or even let me in. My trade-mark smirk came back to my face. “Where’s your aneki?” I asked her.

She is still too stunned to say anything. I am about to push her off to the side and walk myself in when a gentle voice came from the room. “Kokabuki, who is that?” This put her out of her stupor and opened the door wider for her Aneki to see. She’s shocked seeing me outside their room. But I don’t know why. Is it because a Queen visiting her or because it is me.

Since the door has been opened for me, I walk inside the room, my eyes only on her and sitting in one of the chair beside her bed. She was sitting on her bed, wrapped with bandages on her head and on her arms. I know there are more bandages on her but it was covered by her clothes and blanket. “You alright?” I asked her. She doesn’t look as bad as I thought she would, but seeing her like this pains me.

Instead of her, Kokabuki answers me back. “What do you think? Your friend beat us to a pulp yesterday!” She feels threatened by a Queen’s presence in the same room with her; I can see that in her stance, and yet she’s able to hold herself and speak back at me. With biting words, even. I smirk at Kokabuki while thinking to myself, ‘Nice sister you’ve got here. She has some guts.’

My smirk seems to irritate her more. “What do you want? Do you want to finish what your friend has done? I may be weaker than you but I won’t let you harm Aneki.”

“Bring it, Kokabuki. I’ll show you why you should never mess around with a Rappapa`s Queen.” I stand up and prepare myself for the fight. ‘And I really want to kick you out for being with her all the time, when I can’t even talk to her.’ I added in my head. And why the hell does she seems better than her Aneki? She can walk around and has fewer bandages on. I have come here with the intention to talk to her. But this sister of hers really irritates me.

“Stop it, you two! We’re in the hospital!” Ookabuki words end our fight before it has even began.

Kokabuki turns to her. “But, Aneki…”

“Can you leave us for a moment, Kokabuki? I want to talk to her alone.”  Her request shocks me and Kokabuki.

They have a moment of silent communication, which I don’t like, and then Kokabuki said, “Alright, I’ll be waiting outside.” She then walks out to the door.

Ookabuki’s voice then stops her. “Kokabuki,” she turned to face her Aneki, “please don’t say anything to anyone about her ever being here.” She gestures towards me; Kokabuki replies with a nod and walks out of the room.


Does she actually remember me? Is what Yuko-san said actually right? I try to look at her, but I was too afraid to do so. Nah, it’s impossible. There’s lot of other reasons for her to make her want to talk to me alone. My insecurities were grabbing ahold of me again.


Her voice pulls me out from my mind. And when I look at her she gave me this million watt smile that I so fondly remembered. Wait- she called me Tomo, and her smile… My heart pounding like crazy inside my ribcage and my head spinning, I put my left hand in front of my heart and my right one massaging my head. Hemm… strange… maybe I did get brain damage from the head-butt that damn Maeda gave me.

She laughs. The sound of her laugh sounds so good. It’s like music to my ears. And then I realized she was laughing at me. It occurs to me that my pose surely looks weird. I sit back and put my hand on my lap. God… I want to bury myself. Or… perhaps it’ll be better if the floor opened and the earth swallowed me. Less dirt I had to face. Wait, what the hell am I thinking about? I mentally face-palmed inside my mind for letting my thoughts wander while I’m with other people.

She’s still laughing. At me. I try my best not to blush from embarrassment and suppress my rage from being laughed at. I don’t know which is worse, too be laughed at or to snap at her.

“Don’t you have something to say? You’re visiting me after all.” She said with a smile. Without her Kabuki makeup, she looks cuter, if that’s even possible. My heart’s pounding faster inside my ribcage. I hope I won’t get a heart attack after this.

Her smile widens upon seeing me still unable to speak. “And to answer your question, I am alright.”

I can’t stop myself from giving a stupid response. “Huh?”

She laughs at me again. I can’t even get angry at her for laughing at me this time. I’m acting like a total idiot. People wouldn’t believe that I am Shibuya of the Rappapa when they see me like this. I am so embarrassed with myself right now.

“Earlier you asked me if I’m alright. Remember?” Thankfully, she stopped laughing at me.  “I was surprised to see you here though, Tomo.” She locks her gaze at me while she said that.

She called me Tomo. No one called me that now. So that meant… “What did you call me?” I have to make myself sure; she looks disappointed and turns her gaze towards the window. And for a moment, a heavy, silent atmosphere filled the room. It made me frown. ‘Did I say the wrong thing?’ Remembering my words, I really want to slap myself. ‘Baka, if she really remembers me, she must have thought I don’t remember her because of the way my question sounded.’

“Nothing. I guess I’m not as fine as I think I am. Can you leave now, Shibuya-san? I need to rest.” She said in a hushed voice.

Her words pain my heart. I actually want to leave. But I brace myself. I can’t leave. Not now when we’re finally alone. I have to clear out the misunderstanding between us. And it looks like she actually knows me. The real me. Not just as Shibuya.  Only members of the Rappapa know my real name. And the Headmaster of course.  So for her to call me Tomo, it’s only means one thing. She must have remembered me.

“Do you remember me?” I still have to make sure of it and to clear up the misunderstanding, so I asked her. “Tomo?” We used to call each other that. Tomo. Our names are the same; only the Kanji are different. It was confusing to others but we liked it that way.

She keeps silent and sits still; like she was in a daze or something. Oh, God. Is she alright? I stand up and shake her a bit. “Tomo? Oy, are you alright? Answer me.” Gently, I shake her a bit more. She’s injured after all, and I don’t want to hurt her.

She smiles at me and pulls me close, giving me a tight hug. “I was always hoping you’d remember me.” Her voice is a bit muffled since it’s buried in my shoulder. “I even dreamed about it.”

I smile at that, and hug her back carefully. I don’t want to injure her more than she already was. “I do too. But, lately I’ve been trying not to hope for it.”
She pushes me back and frowns at me as a response, waiting for me to explain it. She looks really cute, “Brfftt…. Ahahaha…” Seeing her face makes me laugh and I have to put my hand to my mouth to stop it.

Her frown turns into a glare and a pout. “Nice, really nice. So you’re here only to laugh at me, huh?” She’s glaring and pouting at me at the same time, trying to threaten me, only to fail at it. This makes me laugh even harder. Even the bed started to shake because of it.

“I need to know something. Do you use that expression you have now to threaten your opponents? Because it doesn’t look deathly. At all. If else it makes you look even cuter.” I can’t help but tease her.

She looks surprised because of what I said, but then she smiled mischievously at me. “Oh, I didn’t know you think I’m cute.”

Her words give me the shock. Oh, crap, what the hell did I do? Why I let my feeling out in the open like that. She was my friend back then. But, now she’s a stranger. I just barely talked to her again. People change. What if she wasn’t the same person as she was back then? She doesn’t look different much, but what if I’m wrong? What if she’s using it to pin me down? And she’s on Maeda`s side after all. Damn… I was careless. I have to go before I dig myself a deeper hole. I try my best to compose myself and stand up. The sudden change in me seems to confuse her.

“Sorry, but I have to go now.”

“Oh, okay. You shouldn’t be out of your room for too long, anyway.” She said to me. How does she know I’m being hospitalized here too? “Can you visit me again tomorrow?” She smiled at me; I can see the gleam of hope in her eyes. “Since, well, you know I’m still glued to the bed, literally. I can’t go to your room for now.”

For some unknown reason, my temper rising. “I don’t know. We’ll see about that.” I said in a cold tone of voice and walk out of the room. Before I was out I can hear her calling me with a pained voice.



@blackstar: No, she doesn't forget. She just pretend that she was. :bigdeal:
@XxRoByNxX78 : Glad you like it. Hemmm... I don't know yet. Should I put another pairing?
@sakura_drop_ : good for you... I haven't eat homemade food for quite a while now :badluck:
                       yeah... somehow I have this perception of Yuko in MG, a kind yet strict leader
@kahem: ah... kahem-san... thanks for coming here. Your fic is actually one of the fics that pulled me here XD
               wtomo needs more love here :luvluv2:

So, that's was chapter 4. Comments and reviews are highly appreciated. I want to know what you think, guys. :)  :byebye:
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MG world - Tomotomo) Chapter 4 added
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Oh, Tomochin, you Tsundere Queen...  :smhid :smhid :smhid You should be more open to Tomo~mi, you made her sad..

Thanks for this update  :bow:

EDIT: yes, i have the same view of Yuko-sama in MG, and she's so lovable, isn't she?  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MG world - Tomotomo) Chapter 4 added
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Tomochin why are you so mean to Tomomi she was happy that you remember her then you make her sad just because shes on Maeda's how could you do that to her.
Thanks You For the Update.

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MG world - Tomotomo) Chapter 4 added
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Oh I'm honoured ^^
And yes we need more Tomotomo!!!!
They hugged each other!!!! YAY!!!! Kiss now!!!

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MG world - Tomotomo) Chapter 4 added
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she remebers her yay please please let tomochin vist her again update soon !!

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 5 added
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Chapter 5

*Ookabuki`s POV
*Later at night after Shibuya`s visit.

When I woke up yesterday, the first thing I saw was Kokabuki’s worried face. She said that we were in the hospital- the same hospital where ‘that damn Shibuya and Black’ were. I was surprised, though I tried my best not to show other expressions beside annoyance. Of course I know we’re at the hospital. It’s not a surprise for me. What surprised me was the fact that we’re put in the same hospital, much to my delight and to my sister`s annoyance. She kept on rambling about the way she hated being put in the same building, same floor, only three rooms away from ‘that Shibuya’.

When my mind registered what she had said about you being only three rooms away, I felt like I was flying from happiness. It’s probably as close as I could get to you right now. Usually, I could only look at you from afar.  And since you’re always surrounded by your underlings or other Queens, I can’t even approach you. If I came to you, others might think that I challenged you and it’ll lead to fights and more fights. It’s not that I’m afraid of Rappapa- I know how strong Rappapa is, but my true reason is… I don’t want to fight you.

That’s also the reason why I never challenge the Rappapa. The first time I saw Rappapa was when I was a freshman during my first week in school. ‘The strongest group in school’, ‘cleaning up the school’, people said. And at that time stupid Yankees tried to challenge Rappapa`s Shitennou only to be beaten up, while the weaker or smarter ones ran away. At that time I hadn’t even met Kokabuki yet. When I saw Rappapa, I was tempted to challenge them. And then you turned around and I saw your face. You had changed a lot, but I could recognize you instantly. At that time I was so shocked, I never had thought we’ll meet again. Flashbacks instantly ran through my head.

Our first meeting, fighting together, playing together, teaching you how to fight so you won’t get bullied anymore, sharing dreams and secrets, become best friends….and then suddenly you’d gone. I was waiting for you every day, at the same time, in the same park, near the slides, for weeks- and yet you never came. After a couple of weeks, I was finally accepted that you had gone away. My best friend. And also… my first love. Yes, you’re my first love. I don’t understand why other kids said I was a good person from saving you from those bullies. The truth was, if it was any other kid getting bullied I wouldn’t even have cared. But it was you… so, what else can I do? Before that, I had always watched you playing at the park on your own. And I didn’t know how to approach you. So I thank those bullies for giving me the chance to approach you.

Now nine years have been passed, I guess you can say that history has repeated itself. I didn’t know how to approach you….again. Before today, I was afraid that you had forgotten me. You had changed a lot during seven years. You’re cuter, stronger… a lot stronger, and it also seems like during these years apart your temper has worsened. I had seen you walking around while kicking and punching whoever got in your way.

Shibuya, the hot-headed Queen of Rappapa.

When I heard about your title, I was wondering why you had been called that. Since, well, as a kid you weren’t like that. Sure, your fuse was a little shorter than most people, but not as short as it is now. You’ve changed… a lot… I thought you surely had forgotten me too.

That’s basically the reasons why I acted like I didn’t know you, aside from knowing you as one of the Queen of Rappapa. I thought you wouldn’t want me back in your life. Not to mention that you’re my senpai and also Rappapa`s Shitennou. Surely you wouldn’t want to be seeing with me.

Nevertheless, I was happy that you came to visit me today. When I saw you behind the door, I was dazed when I saw you from up close. Much closer than I have ever been for almost two years now. And when I found out that you actually remember meed, I felt like flying from happiness. For a moment it seems like those nine years apart didn’t exist at all. We teased each other just like we used to do. For a time it seemed like you haven’t changed at all.  And then… you started to change, or rather, went back to being Shibuya again. I don’t know where I went wrong or if I had said the wrong thing, all I know is now you’re drifting away from me again.

“Sigh… I miss you…,” I can’t stop myself to not say it out, because it’s true. Then, I hear the sound of bed sheets and Kokabuki voice calling me.

“Aneki? You haven’t slept yet?”

“Did I wake you up?” She shakes her hand, signaling a ‘no’.  “I was just thinking a bit. I’ll go to sleep soon.”

“Is it about Shibuya? What does she want anyway?” She growled.

‘Me, hopefully.’ But instead of answering that I say, “I don’t know. Perhaps she wanted to talk about how we can defeat Black.”

“Tch… Rappapa and their pride.”

I only giggled at that. Her annoyance is very obvious. “Why don’t you like them, anyway? Sure, they’re a bit cocky at times, but as long as we don’t challenge them they won’t disturb us either.”

“Isn’t my reason obvious enough?” She grunted. “They defeated me in less than a minute.”

Ah, yes it is. During our freshmen year, before we’d become the Kabuki Sisters, Kokabuki had challenged the Rappapa twice. The first time Black had beaten her, and the second time it was you. You managed to break a few of her ribs actually. At that time, she didn’t even relate to me. But now, I wonder why you still want to beat her up considering she is my sister. The fire in your eyes during your staring contest with Kokabuki back then made me afraid of her safety. You looked ready to break more than just her ribs this time. I wonder why.

“Ah, yes, I was quite surprised that they can do it actually. Since, you’re quite strong too.” I can’t help but smile. My Shibuya’s really strong, even though Rappapa`s leader and Maeda stronger than her. Wait- MY Shibuya??

Kokabuki’s voice cuts my thought. “And we’re also here because of Gekikara. Gakuran’s here too from what I’ve heard. Gekikara smacked her head to the concrete at the pool side.”

My eyebrows twitch in response. Damn, Gekikara sure is crazy. I don’t know how the other Rappapa could befriend her.

“What happened before, Aneki? Shibuya looked really pissed when she walked out of here.”

‘I have no idea.’ I shrugged. “You know how she is…. actually… can you help me visit her room tomorrow? I have some unfinished business with her.” It was partially true after all.

She frowns at me. “The doctor said you can’t walk around yet. Why don’t you finish your business with her later? We’ll see her in school anyway.”

I know she’ll refuse. “No. It has to be tomorrow,” I said in a commanding voice. I don’t like to command her, really, but she has to help me on this. ‘Before the doctors release you from the hospital. It’ll be too late afterwards. And besides, with the way things are right now, it might be my only chance. I guess within the next few months, I have to prepare myself for the upcoming fight with Rappapa. They consider me as Maeda`s friend, after all. Gekikara`s attack against my sister and I was the proof of that. So, it will be impossible to approach you in school.’

“Why?” She turns around to face me. “What happened between the two of you?”

“Now is not the time for that.” It’s true, I’m not ready to share our memories together. Not when I don’t know what you want from me, from us. “And, Kokabuki, please keep this as a secret. I don’t want anybody to know about it.”

“… As you wish.”

‘Ah…, I’m sorry Kokabuki. I can’t tell you anything for now. I know you don’t like anyone within the Rappapa Gang. I know you won’t approve my actions if you know what had happened between me and her. That’s why I can’t tell you.’


So, that's was Chapter 5. Hope you like this chapter. Thanks for reading :bow:

@XxRoByNxX78: they'll meet again in the next chapter. (I hope)  :grin:

@kahem: LOL it's too fast for that, though I'll like if it's happening soon. XD

@blackstar: i don't even know why I wrote it that way. :nervous

@sakura_drop_:Shibuya`s action.... well I don't even know why she did that actually. Somehow i wrote it like that
                        Yuko is adorable, though she's not my oshi :wub:
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 5 added
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ahhh u have to get them to meet again i love how she calls her my shibuya aww so cute update soon i love ur fic

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 5 added
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Chiyuu make your move already! lol

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 5 added
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*Proof-read and beta-ed by love-wars-elizabeth


Chapter 6

*From this Chapter on, it’ll be Shibuya`s POV unless stated otherwise.

The doctors had just looked me over for the last time. Finally, I can go home today! I have been packing my stuff since I woke up this morning. I just need to wait for Dance to come and pick me up, and help me carry my stuff. Hmm… perhaps I should visit Black before going home to make sure she and the little one inside her are alright.  Rappapa is her only family after all, since, well, her family has already disowned her.

It’s ironic, really. Rappapa, the strongest group in school…most of the member come from a broken family or have already been disowned by their family. If it weren’t for Yuko-san… we wouldn’t be the top of Majijo. Hell, we would’ve been as good as dead if not for her. And now, she’s ill and there’s nothing we can do about it. Sigh… and people said we’re the Rappapa`s Shitennou. I said we’re a bunch of useless girls. Our graduation will be held in less than two months. I just hope Yuko-san will be better by then.

And… to complicate my life, there’s… her… siding with Maeda. Argh… damn that Maeda! Why did she have to transfer to Majijo? Why didn’t she choose Yabakune? She’s just adding more problems to my already complicated life.

Gah… I hate her! I hate Maeda! I hate Yuko-san`s illness! I hate my family! I hate my life, and the future job my mom has planned for me!

I walked to the window to open it up. Somehow I feel suffocated in this room. I need some fresh air.

The only good things that have ever happened in my life are just Yuko-san and Rappapa, and my childhood with Tomo. And right now, all I have is just Rappapa, while Tomo…. Heh…, with our situation now, it has been impossible for me to get her back in to my life. At least for now.


My thoughts were interrupted by the knocking on the door. It must be Dance. “Come in.” But, the person behind the door was someone I didn’t expect to visit me, ever.

“Kokabuki? What do you want?”

We glared at each other for a moment, and then without a word she walks out of my view and pushes her Aneki, in a wheelchair, inside my room.

I held back a sigh, instead saying: “What do you want?” I have to be careful this time. ‘Do not… Do not let yourself loose around her like yesterday, Shibuya!!’ After yesterday`s event, I felt like hitting myself for being careless. I still do now. After all, I have to protect what’s left og my pride and Rappapa`s honor. It’s all I have now.

She frowned at my choice of words. She gave a look to her sister, and without a word again, Kokabuki walked to my room`s door. And before Kokabuki walks out of the room, she called her, “Kokabuki.” And when Kokabuki turned to look at her, she said, “don’t let anyone in.”

After Kokabuki left of the room, she rolled herself to the door to locks it. I raised my eyebrow at that. She smiled at me. “I don’t need any disturbances.”

This time I can stop the sigh. “Sigh…, for the last time, what the hell do you want?”

This time she pouted at me. I can’t help but face-palm myself. ‘Dear, God… my patience is running out here.’ She has to go before I do something that I’ll regret later.  I turned to look outside the window; I can’t look at her or else my resolution will falter. “Make it fast, Dance’ll come to pick me up soon.”

“Hhh…, since when did you start behaving this way?” She rolled to my side. “Or perhaps, my question should be, since when did your fuse became this… short?”

I only smirked at that. After a moment, she holds my hand and pulls me to her eye level. Damn, I was unprepared for that. She may be injured but she still has her strength. I look at the hospital`s bed. Refusing to look at her. She then put both of her hands on my cheeks, and effectively locks her eyes to mine (which scares me, because I can feel my mask slipping away). If she keeps pestering me anymore, I know my temper will rise. I try to move away in vain. Her holds are too strong. ‘Damn, is she really injured or are those bandages only for show?’

She was trying to read me…. Oh, God, I had never been good at hiding things from her before. I just hope that after nine years her ability to read me lessened.

“Why are you here?” I asked her again.

“You don’t like me being here?”

“What do you think?”

“Why don’t you just answering me here?”

“Why do you even care?”

“Sigh…, don’t answer my questions with questions.”

“Who started it?” I snarled at her. Grrr… my patience is running out, my mask will crack soon, I can feel it.

She smiled at me and she said, “your fuse is really short now,” and her finger flicked my forehead at the same time.

I was about to snap at her but she puts her finger on my lips before I was even able to open my mouth. Surprised, I can only look at her. She still has this smile on her face. “Don’t…,” she says, “Control yourself…your temper….”

I can feel my anger slowly slipping away. The hell?!? How can she do this so easily?? I try my best to keep the surprise off my face, attempting to keep my poker face intact. Her face’s still inches away from mine after all.

“What do you want from me?” I ask her again.

She sighed. “I’m the one who should be asking that.”

I frowned at that. “You’re in my hospital room.”

Both of her thumbs started massaging the line of my eyebrows. “Don’t frown.” I gave her an even stare. “Are you forgetting something here?” she then asked me.

My frown came back again.

“I said don’t frown. Jeezz….” She’s pouting now. “Yesterday you were in my room. Were you having some short period of amnesia?”

She’s right. Damn, what answer can I give for that? I can’t tell her my true reason now. Not when we’re standing on different side like this. What if she’s just using me? What if she’s taking advantage of my weakness? She wasn’t that type of person before. But that was nine years ago. We were still kids. And now, she’s… not… a… kid… anymore. My gaze instantly goes down to her lips. And seeing it slowly curved into a smirk. Damn, she caught me gazing at her lips. I snap my gaze to her eyes again. Determined, to not let my poker face ruined. But, damn, she’s so… kissable.

She’s trying her best not to laugh out loud. ‘Damn, Ookabuki 1 – Shibuya 0.’ Well, she does actually have 2 points now. Yesterday, she got me too. 

“You’re blushing.”

Huh? Really? Damn, it’s true. I can feel my cheeks warming.

“You’re so cute.”  Finally she can’t control her laughter anymore. Argh… damn it all!

“Ah… itai…,”she says while holding her stomach.

“Hope you don’t rip off you muscle from all of the exercise you give it.” I said in an even tone.

She’s instantly pouting at me after I said it. ‘Heh… she’s so cute when she’s pouting like that.’

“You don’t have to say that. My body still sore all over you know. Thanks to your insane friend.”

“Geki is not insane.” Well, most of the time she is…, but…, “Don’t talk about her like you know her.” With all the things she had been trough… it’s a wonder she’s still alive. Even though that ‘experiences’ of her made a few screws in her head a bit loose.

The venom in my voice seems to surprise her. Her hold on me weakened, and then I force myself to stand up again. The silence in the room somehow raises my rage meter. This is bad, my patience started to slip away. I have to get her to leave before I hurt her. But, how can I do it? Argh… just say anything…

“You better leave now. Dance’ll come soon.” She looks disappointed. Alright, perhaps not ‘say anything’.

She is tugging at my hand again. “Sigh….” Dear God, what now? “What do you want?”

“Sit down.” I raise my eyebrow in response.

“That’s an order, Shibuya. Sit down.” She’s glaring at me now. Who the hell does she think she is, to order me like that? “I want to see your eyes properly. Please? Tomo….” She adds in a softer tone. Looks like she knows what I’m thinking.

“Tch… fine…”

I can’t refuse when she asks me so nicely like that. I drag the nearest chair and sit in front of her. She smiles and put both of her hand on my face, again. ‘Oh, God, not again…’ I know I should’ve kicked her out. Unlike before, now she keeps pulling my head until our forehead meet with a small ‘thunk’ sound. She closed her eyes while she pulled me, but I kept mine open. Her face is really close. I can feel my heart beat faster with each seconds passed. I just hope I won’t blush in front of her. My eyes travel down to her lips again. ‘Hmm…, I want to taste those lips…’ I lick my own lips in reflect. Thank God she still closes her eyes.

“Tomo….” She suddenly calls me, my eyes instantly goes to hers again. Her eyes are still closed though. “Why don’t we make some ground rules?”

“What rules?”

She opens her eyes, “First of all, visit me again tomorrow.”

“Sigh…, do I even have a choice?”

“No.” Her smile widens. “The main rule is… no talking about our side in school. Let’s just agree to disagree about the fact that we are on different sides.”

“… Fine…” It’s a pretty good rule after all.

“And, the second rule is…,” a loud voice from outside the room interrupt her.

“Shibuya-san… Are you inside?” It’s sounds like Dance`s voice. I can hear Kokabuki tell her not to interrupt us or she’ll kicks her out.

“Sigh… looks like we have to stop now.” I was about to stand up when she grab my collar and pulls me towards her again.

“The second rule is… whenever we’re in front of others, I’ll pretend that we don’t know each other. I guess you prefer me to not approach you in school, don’t you?”

I give her a nod. “It’ll be best if we put on a mask and act in front of others.”

"I know it. Don’t worry too much." She gives a quick kiss on my cheek and lets me go. “You better open the door before they get kicked out of the hospital from being loud.”

She’s right about that. “Gah, they are so loud. It’s a wonder the nurse hasn’t done it already.”

I stand up and walk to open the door, my heart beating fast all the while. I wasn’t anticipating that kiss. At all. I still can feel her lips on my cheek. I compose myself before opening the door.

The moment I saw Dance and Kokabuki cat-fighting each other with the other people, patients and hospital`s staffs watching them, I was torn between two choices. To slam the door and back alone with Tomo, or punch them out myself. Hopefully, I can do both. Instead, I walk to the narrow space between them and separate them by force. “Stop it you two!” My hands are on their shoulders. Kokabuki is trying to escape from my grip to attack Dance again. I let go of Dance and tighten my grip on Kokabuki.

“Stop that. Do you want me to break your bones again?”

During this Tomo has come near me. I can feel her touching my back for just a second, discreetly. “Shibuya-san, let her go.”

“Tch…, come on, Dance. Take my stuffs, I want to go home ASAP.” I walk back inside the room, leaving them outside. I sit on the chair near the window and face the scenery outside again. Then Dance hurriedly comes inside and closes the door. I can feel her walking towards me.

“What is it?” I asked her since it seems she won’t open her mouth.

“Umm… Shibuya-san, why were the Kabuki Sisters here?”

“Didn’t you say to me a few days back that they were also hospitalized here?”

“Umm…, I mean why was Kokabuki-san standing outside of your room and Ookabuki-san even inside here?”

Damn! Why don’t you come a little late like you used to. “You don’t need to know that. Just pack my things and we’ll leave this hospital.”

“Hai!” Dance did a double check to the room to make sure I didn’t leave something behind and picks up my bag. “Shibuya-san, are you ready?”

Instead of answering her, I walk to the door and leave her inside.

“Shibuya-san, wait for me…”

She come next to me when I already waiting for the elevator. “Tch… what took you so long?”

“Ehehe… gomen…”

“You go to my house first, I want to visit Black.”


I turn to look at her and give her a threatening glare. “And, don’t you dare tell the others about Ookabuki being inside my room just now.”

“Ha… hai…, Shibuya-san. I won’t.”


That's Chapter 6. Hope it's to your liking.

@XxRoByNxX78: here's another update :)

@kahem: well, their relationship is trully in Chiyuu`s hand since Tomochin won't make the move first.
               perhaps it'll change later. I haven't got any idea for the next chap lol
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 6 added
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Chiyuu is so brave~
Shibuya is so tsundere ^^

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 6 added
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GAH, THESE TWO CHAPTERS ARE JUST  :wub: :wub: :wub: TomoTomo is so cute, sweet and just  :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: I was anticipating for a real kiss, but I think it's still too early, nee.. Ah tsundere Shibuya and the brave Ookabuki.. It fits them both, the personalities..  :deco: :deco:

Thank you for this update!  :bow:

EDIT: And I'm your favorite writer... When I read that, my eart went *doki* *doki* and my eyes were like  :mon ko: And then I was all  :mon lovelaff:

So yeah, thank you for liking my crappy writings  :bow: :bow: :bow: I'll be sure to update something tonight  :mon determined:
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 6 added
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Stv_wong? hmmm.. sounds familiar.. XD

oh, and i will read it tomorrow! XD

too sleepy today..
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 6 added
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Chapter 7

*On the way to the hospital, three days after the last chapter.

The sky today is really bright, looks like the spring season finally started. I can’t wait for the summer to start. Too bad I can enjoy it anymore after my graduation since my mother insisted for me to work in IT Company. Argh…, I don’t want to work there. Life after high school seems bleak. But, before that I have to enjoy my vacation first. There’s no way in hell I go straight to work after graduation. And Tomo~mi will be on her spring vacation also. Hmm…, should we go on a vacation together? It’ll be horrid if others know about it though. I don’t even want to imagine that. Nah, it’s too soon for us to go on a vacation together anyway and we still can’t define what our relation actually is. If we go on a vacation together, it will be… very… awkward. And not to mention, there’s also Yuko-san illness. I can’t go away from town before she’s healthy. Just a few weeks before graduation now. And there is also the problem with Maeda. I hope Geki can give her a lesson or two.

It’s been three days since I was released from the hospital, from our agreement. Well, it seems like I can get both of the best things that ever happen to me, Tomo and Rappapa. If I erase Maeda from my mind, my life seems quite good now. I’ve visited Tomo this past two days, as I promised. Dance had been tailing me, though. During my absence from school, Dance had come to visit me every day. The last two days were not an exception. It was very hard to order her to go home, because she insisted to be my assistance. Gah…, she might be a quite decent underling. But, sometimes she’s really annoying. Thankfully she’s afraid of Gekikara. When I said I’ll go to Geki`s place she would ran away instantly. Because of that, I could go and visit Tomo without anyone knowing.

There’s Kokabuki of course. But, Tomo seems to believe in her, and she said her sister won’t tell anyone about me visiting her. So, I guess it was safe for now. I wonder though, what she had said to Kokabuki about us. She said she hadn’t told her anything, but I think it won’t be long before Kokabuki starts questioning her again about our relation with each other. I hope she’ll filter some of our stories. There are some things from my past that I really don’t want people to know.

The first time I visited her, her sister seemed too shocked when she saw me there. Two days ago and also yesterday, she seemed like she already know I would come. After she opened the door for me, she just said to her aneki that she would go to the recreational room though that room is more like ‘bored as hell’ room for me. I truly wonder how our genki leader can spend her days lock up in a hospital. It’s no wonder she keeps running away from it every time it was possible. I would too if I was in her position.

How will she react seeing me today? Ah… it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow they can go home after all, and I don’t have to deal with her anymore. Actually Kokabuki has been allowed to leave yesterday but she doesn’t want to leave her aneki alone. Gah, ‘doesn’t want to leave her aneki alone’ my ass. She’s just trying to keep me away from her aneki. What’s with her? These two days, after about 2 hours had passed she would come back to the room and turned on the TV quite loud. I didn’t have any other option but to leave. We couldn’t do anything with her in the room without blowing our cover off after all. At least when she’s bedridden at home, I can visit her without Kokabuki disturbs us. Ah… that’s reminding me. I have to go help Black today. She’s leaving the hospital later in the afternoon. The others are in the school right now. I take a quick look at my watch. Ah, well I still have almost two hours left and I almost arrive at the hospital. There’s still plenty of time.

During these past two days, we had been rebuilding our connection. Good to know that she hasn’t change that much aside from the fact that she’s not a kid anymore. We mostly talked about what’s on our mind at the moment. She had not asked about why I became a yankee yet, or when and why I came back to Tokyo. I hope she won’t ask that. I’m not sure I was ready for sharing that with her.


After I arrived in the hospital, I head straight to her room. I knock on the door, and Tomo opens the door for me. Strange, where’s that sister of her?

“Are you allowed to walk around yet?”

“I can go home tomorrow.”

“It doesn’t mean you can walk around yet.” I roll my eyes at her answer. “By the way, where’s your underling? It’s very rare to see you apart from each other.”

“She is my sister not my underling.” She said while she walked to her bed. “And, I don’t know where she goes. While we’re rarely apart from each other, it doesn’t mean that we have to be together all the time, right?” She raised her eyebrow in an asking manner. “And I don’t see Dance around this past two days too. She’s not following you around lately?”

“Ah… I always said that I was about to meet Geki. She ran away after I said that, literally.”

“Well, she is scary. It isn’t a wonder that people rather run away than to meet her.”

Though it’s true, I don’t like it. I truly don’t like it when people bad mouthing my fellow Queens. My rage meter starts to increase now. And she seems to know it.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. We have our rules, right?” She smiles and signaling me to come nearer. “Don’t just standing around there. Come here.” She pats the space on the bed on her side.

“I rather sit here.” I sit on the chair near her bed. She’s pouting on me in response. “Your sister has a habit of opening the door before knocking. What explanation we’ll give to her when she sees me and you on the same bed?” I have to give some explanation to her to stop her from pouting or it’ll worsen. “And we’re supposed to put on a ‘mask’ and act in front of other, remember?” She’s still pouting. Sigh… how could I forget how spoiled she were back then. Just because she is the Kabuki Sister right now, it doesn’t mean that part of her change. I wonder if Kokabuki ever saw this part of her. It doesn’t seem so. I smiled at that.

“What’s the matter? Why are you smiling like that?”

“Hem? Ah, nothing, really.” She is eyeing me, suspiciously. “Er…,” damn, what should I tell her, “I’ve just remembered that Black can go home today.” She’s still unconvinced. “And that’s a good news, well for me and other Rappapa`s members.”

“Well, I guess it is.”

‘Phew…, safe.’ “Err…, by the way what did you said to Kokabuki about us?”

“I haven’t said anything yet.”

I raise my eyebrow at that. “That’s impossible.”

“Well, it’s the truth. She’d asked…, but, I said I will explain later.”

“I think she’ll ask you about it again soon. Since she had and will be seeing me around you more.”

She frowns cutely. “I know. What about you?”

“What about me?” My defense automatically turned on. I’m not used to being questioned and I don’t like being questioned. From her expression I know she can feels the sudden change in me.

“I mean, what will you say to Dance and your fellow Rappapa if they ask you about us?”

“I’ll try to keep them off from knowing as soon as possible. If our act good enough I don’t think they’ll notice.”

“I think it’ll be hard for you to keep Dance from knowing, since she always following you around.” Well, that’s what Yuko-san had said too.

“She’s not here now, isn’t she?” Talk about the obvious.

“She’ll know sooner or later, considering how close she is to you.”

“Then it’s my problem not yours.”

She rolled her eyes at my remark. “Can you cool your temper down? It’s hard to keep a conversation when you’re like this.”

“I am cool.” I folded my hand in front of my chest.

She frowns at me and then suddenly she smiled mischievously at me. “I just remember something…”

“What?” I automatically move away from her, as if sensing danger. Damn, she looks hot when she’s like this.

“Well… when I visited you before you went home, your temper got you again right? And then…,” she stand up and put her hand on my face, caressing my cheek. She then slides her finger from my nose to my cheek and then caressing my jaw line, smiling evilly, seductively all the while.

‘Gulp…, what the…, hell…,’ my heart beats faster and faster. And when I feel like I’m about to faint… she pulled her hand and laughing. At me. Damn, she got me again.

“Ahahaha…, you should’ve seen your face.”

Grrrr… I’ve had enough of her messing around with me. Now that I know that she’s definitely wants more from me than a mere friend, she won’t be messing around with me this much if she only considers me as a friend, I do know what to do. It’s time for some revenge.  I stand up in front of her. Her laughter has finally dies down. Now, it’s my turn. I pushed her towards the bed, make her lays on her back and grab both of her hands and put it above her head. Successfully pinning her on the bed. She’s giving me her best ‘fish out of water’ expression. Heh, who’s laughing now?

I move myself closer to her, trying to keep our eye contact as long as possible while trying to keep myself from laugh out loud. I move my head closer to the side of her head. Hmm…, she smells nice. My nose touch her ear unintentionally, I can feel and hear her sharp intake of breath. God, it’s really hard to keep my laughter from coming out. Instead I whispered in her ear, “Don’t messing around with me.” And to complete the effect of my prank, I bite her ear a little and stand up again while trying my best to not laugh.

She still too shocked to move, while her face is really red. ‘Heh, gotcha….’ Well, actually my action also affects me. My heart still beats faster than normal. For a moment, a tense silence filled the room.

“What?” she breathlessly said.

I frown innocently at her. “What’s what?”

She sits up on the bed and shaking her head. “Nothing.”

“Snrk… heheh….” I can barely control myself anymore. She’s glaring at me now.

“That wasn’t fair you know.”

“So does your way to cool me down.” Actually she’s rising me up, but on an entirely different matter.

“But it did work.” She smirks. “Right?”

There it goes again. The more I spent time with her the more I think that she’s riling me up on purpose. And I’m more than ready to start our ‘actually playful, but sometimes often riling me up’ banter again. I was just about to talk when my phone beeping. Hm… an email from Sado it’s seems. It’s quite unusual for her to message me. Since, she’s the type who’s calling more than texting.

“Who’s that?”

“Sado-san. I wonder wha….” I stoped talking as soon as I finished reading the email.

From: Sado
To: Shibuya
Subject: -

Geki’s down. Hasn’t told Black yet. You’ll help her later, right? Do tell her at that time. Make sure your words won’t shock her much. I don’t think I can tell her from a mere phone call and I can't go and tell her myself. Have other things to do.


No, it can’t be. It’s impossible. But, Sado won’t make a joke on thing like this. But… Oh, God, not her too. There’s no way it could…, I mean…, she… is crazy… right?

“Tomo?” My gaze finds her again at her calls but my head is still in a state of chaos. In between rage, confuse, sad, mad, angry, worry, anxious. “Tomo, are you okay?” Her hand reaches for my face.

“… Er… Okay, I guess…”

I avert my gaze away from her. Not sure whether I should tell her or not. Both of her hands cup my face, makes me unable to avert my gaze from her anymore.

“What is it?” Her voice helps me to tone my thought down. “Talk to me. I don’t like seeing you like this.”

And I don’t like making you worry over me. Perhaps I should just tell her. She’ll know sooner or later.

“Geki’s down.” She looks as shocked as I was. “I have to go. Sado asked me to tell Black.”

She gives me a sad smile and nods. “I understand. You’ll come help me move out of the hospital tomorrow?”

“I better not. Seems like your friends will come. I’ll just go to your place instead. Call me after you kick them out of your home, and I’ll be there.”

“Alright. See you tomorrow.”

I stand up and start out of the room when something clicked in my head. I walk back to her and give a chaste kiss on her forehead, “bye.”

She looks surprised at my action, and yet she’s giving me her mega-watts smile, “bye.”


*Black`s room in the hospital.

I was intended to knock the door twice but the door already opened for me after one knock. Thankfully I was able to stop my hand from knocking again, because if I’m not, I’ll be knocking at her boobs.

“You’re as fast as usual.” I said with a smirk on my face. I and Black are not as close as i was to the other. Even though I closer to other Queens, it doesn’t mean that we’re on bad terms. It’s not that I hate her or something; it’s just that… we have almost nothing in common. But, nevertheless as a fellow Rappapa we still have our bond. If we’re not it’ll be impossible for me to be here.

“And you’re really slow.” She said in her usual expressionless voice. “Considering that I saw you entering the hospital more than an hour ago. I don’t think the walk from the gate to here taking that long.”

I raise my eyebrow at her with my mask intact, hopefully. Damn, I forgot her window facing the hospital`s front gate. I hope she won’t ask where I was.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask anything.” This time I can’t stop my surprise from coming out in my face. “Since, I too, have things that I won’t tell others too.”

“Yeah, there are things that better kept secret from others.” I look around, the room looks free from personal belonging already. “You’ve finished packing already?”

She nods.

“Well then, let’s go. The administrative has been cleared out to right?”

She nods again. God, she needs a proper talking technique course. She’s too... silent.


*Black’s apartment.

We’ve already arrived for ten minutes or so. Black had serve me my favorite strawberry milk tea because ‘you’re my guest and you had helped me with my bags before’ she said. During the way from the hospital to here, I was thinking how the hell am I suppose to tell her about Geki. Black has been analyzing me all the while because she’s damn well known that I’m not usually that silent. Ah, well… since being blunt is my forte perhaps I should just tell her like I would usually do. Hope it won’t upset her much since... well, she’s pregnant now. Er…, yes she is in her first semester of pregnancy. The only people who know about it are only Rappapa`s Shitennou and our leader though.

“Er…, Sado sent me an email before I visit you.” Her gaze somehow makes me feel anxious. “She said in her email that Geki’s down.”

She has this surprised expression in her face, and the shock and worry. “How is she?” She averts her gaze to her lap, her hair blocking me from seeing her face.

“I don’t know yet.” I pat her shoulder. “Hey, this is Geki we’re talking about. She’s strong. Don’t worry too much.”

She gives me a slight smile and a hushed, “I know.”

I don’t know what I should say anymore. She and Geki are quite close. Sometimes it seems like that there’s more to them than just friends. Even though they never said anything about it, it’s just that…, there are some things about them… Hm…. Argh. I don’t know. I better go before I make a fool of myself and before my rage meter start to rise because of this tense silence.

“It’s late. Perhaps I should go home now.”

“… Yes, you should…” She then walks me out to the door. “Be careful from the bad guys.”

I raise my eyebrow. “You think I can’t handle them?”

“No. I don’t want another Rappapa`s Shitennou being send into a reform school because she beats the hell out of some guys who’s trying to seduce her.” She said with an evil smirk.

“Suuuurreeee…” I smirk back at her. Sometimes she can be pretty amusing. “G’ night then.” And, to home I go.


Here is chapter 7. I can finished it quite fast since my country are having a looooong weekend this week. So I have lots of spare time :lol:
Hope you guys like it.

@kahem: well... Tomochin is tsundere (I think), maybe that's the reason why she get the Tsundere song in A4.  XD
@sakura_drop_: i'm glad you find their personalities fitting.
                         well, I already told you that I like your fics, right?
@bochang: Hem? Familiar? Really? Perhaps we know each other in real life XD   
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 7 added
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*saves spot for the comment*
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 7 added
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uwahhhhh!!! your fic really makes me want to watch MG again! damn, this is awesome! :mon thumb: i like when you're potraying Tomochin being kinda a tsundere with Tomomi. :mon star: as always, they're so cute together! thanks, and please update soon! (though you've just updated it today) hehe  :mon yeah: ganbatte kudasai!!
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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 7 added
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WOW!!!!! I thought Shibuyawill do more but it's good that way hehe

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 7 added
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ugh yeah...more TomoTomo screen time on fanfic section...

it always refreshing to read a fanfic with rare-exposed pair like this one...

with MJGK background like this,will we get more fighting scenes :dunno:

anyway,keep on writing... :on GJ:

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Re: my attempt at fanfics' world (MASK - Tomotomo) Chapter 8 added
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Chapter 8

*Shibuya`s apartment.

I was cleaning around my apartment right now, since it was getting dirty because I had not been able to do so during my hospital time. And, I was busy doing other stuff yesterday. Sure, Dance helped me out to clean it when I was hospitalized, but I rather do it myself, I feel it was cleaner when I did it myself. And it’s still noon after all. So, before Tomo calls me, I better do some house-chores.

During the road to my home yesterday, I sent an email to Sado to tell her that Black has been informed and that she was fine. I also asked her about Geki`s condition. I actually wanted to contact Geki myself, but I was afraid that she’s not fine enough to pick her phone. Thankfully Sado said she’s okay. The ‘after fight condition okay’, like she usually is, only slightly worse than usual. Heh, she truly is crazy. During the time when I called her this morning, she was complained non-stop about how bored she was and how the doctor was wasting her time by locked her up in the hospital. It made me regret to call her, I should’ve send her an email instead. I couldn’t even said more than a ‘how are you’ and an ‘I’ll call you again later.’ And when I kept my silence during her non-stop complain she would giggle and said her trade-mark ‘ne, okotteiru?’ Gah… why there isn’t one normal person in Rappapa? … Wait, normal person wouldn’t be able to join in.

I shake my head at my own thoughts. “Stupid, I better start vacuuming while waiting for the washing machine rather than talking in my head.” And, I also better finished it fast while Dance is still in school. Because when she goes back from school she’ll coming straight here and she’ll insists to help me, which is not helping, at all. She might be a good decent underling but she’s not good with house-chores. Heh… good for me she has to go to school, that’s why at least I can be alone for now. And, I’m still allowed to not go to school yet since the doctor said I have to rest for at least a few more days, which is the reason why Dance comes to visit me every day. Sigh… usually it’s a good thing for me, because of that I can have someone that I can order around. But, now that I have some secret that I don’t want anyone to know, her tailing me has become a hassle. Not that I don’t like her, it’s just… gah….

The sound of the door bell disrupted my thought. It must be Dance. I take a quick look to my watch. Yep, ’15:34’ it must be her. Thank God, I had finished cleaning. I just need to wait for the washing machine to finish dry-clean my clothes. I walked to my front door to open the door for her. Yep, Dance it is.

“Shibuya-san, how are you today?”

I walked back inside my apartment, left her outside. “The usual.” She’ll follow soon after all.

“I had asked Torigoya-san to lend me her notebook so you can copy it. You have been absent for a while after all.” She said while she fussing with her bag. I just stared at her dumbfounded. ‘The hell do I need Torigoya`s notebook.  I don’t even care about my score in the last exam.’ After all, I bet Torigoya wasn’t listening to the teacher either. We have been in the same class for almost three years now. And I never saw her giving attention to class. Mostly, she’s just spacing out, or hangs out with me, or whenever Yuko-san decided to crash in our class, became the victim of Yuko-san`s skin-ship.

She gave me the notebook with chicken sticker on it. Heh, it’s truly Torigoya`s. I opened the notebook and do a fast reading. As I expected, there’s not much in it beside some doodles, a little bit of notes from lesson, and… holy… shit… did what I saw’s true?? I rubbed my eyes and take a look again. Gosh, it’s true. In some of the last page written ‘Yuu-chan’, ‘Yuu-chan daisuki’ and ‘  :heart: Yuu-chan’. Just who’s this ‘Yuu-chan’. I kept on looking for each page, seems like this ‘Yuu-chan’ only appears in some of her doodles. But, at the very last page there is a doodle of what looks like a sleeping squirrel with writing below ‘get well soon Yuu-chan’. Well… that’s surely left me aghast. I know now for sure that the ‘Yuu-chan’ is no other than our leader, she does looks like a squirrel, and she is ill right now. But, that doodles truly surprised me. I mean, we, the Rappapa, always know about Yuko-san tendencies to skin-shipped Torigoya when other’s not around. But, what I didn’t know is how close they are. I mean would you write down ‘love someone’ if you’re only friend with that person. Seems like all that skin-ships Yuko-san did finally get Torigoya`s heart. I hope Yuko-san get well soon, it’ll crush Torigoya if she’s… No, she’ll be fine, Yuko-san is strong. Yeah… she’ll be okay.

Dance has gone to make a drink for us when I read, thankfully. So she didn’t see what I saw, I hope. But, seriously, how could Torigoya be so careless to write this down and just gave her notebook to Dance? What if she saw this? I shook my head, “Gosh, she truly is our Airhead Queen.”

“Aihead Queen? Isn’t it Torigoya-san? What’s with her?” Dance asking voice came from behind me. I instantly closed the book and turned to look at her. It looked like she had come back from the kitchen with tea for us in her hand.

“Nothing. By the way, have you opened the book before you gave it to me?” I glared at her.

“N-no, Shibuya-san.”

“Good.” I sat on my couch, put the notebook beside me and grabbed some of my nail-care stuffs in the coffee table. I could do some manicure while waiting for the washer. Dance kept standing for a while, and then she put the tea in the table and sat in front of me.  I glanced at her. She was fidgeting in her seat. Clearly not liking all the silence and to not be in motion. “You can put your headphones on and listen to music if you want.” I said to her.

She beamed at me instantly. “Hai!! Arigatou, Shibuya-san.”

“Tch…, just don’t disturb me.” I said without looking at her.

After a few minutes or so, I can hear the washer stopped. She got off the couch and said, “I’ll get it, Shibuya-san. You haven’t done treating your hand yet, right.”

“Just don’t mess it up.”

“I won’t.” She beamed at me again. She truly is like a little puppy. Though I won’t said that to her. I looked at the window, it’s the sun was almost set in the horizon. Hmm…, I wonder why Tomo hasn’t called me yet. She supposedly has arrived at home now. Worried for her well-being, I decided to send her an email. I went back to treat my nails while waiting for her reply.

Dance came back shortly and sat in the same couch again. “I had put your clothes in your bedroom, Shibuya-san.”

“Mmm… thanks.”

My phone beeped shortly. I instantly snatched it and saw a reply from Tomo.

   From         : Tomo
   To             : Tomo
   Subject      : -

I’ve just arrived at home. Kokabuki and Daruma are here. They insisted to come to my place first and then goes to Kokabuki`s. They’ll leave shortly. Come here, you. And fast, before my parents come home. You still remember where I live, right? I’ll be waiting.

I grinned at that. ‘Before her parents come home, huh?’ I have to ask her later why she wrote that.

“Shibuya-san? Why are you smiling like that?” Damn, I forgot Dance was still here.

I glared at her. “Nothing, by the way, I have to go somewhere.” I stood up and went to my room to change into more suitable clothes. “You better go now.”

She stood up too, “where do you wanna go? I can accompany you.”

I stopped my walk to my room to glare at her. “No, go home.” I tried to find reasons of why she shouldn’t come with me. “I’ll go see my mom. She said she want us to have dinner together.”

She seemed disappointed, “okay, I’ll go home.” She put her belonging into her bag again. “Have you finished with the notebook? I’ll return it to Torigoya-san.”

What? It’ll be bad if she see ‘that’. “No, just leave it there, I’ll return it to her later.” I answered immediately.
“Okay. See you tomorrow, Shibuya-san.” With that she walked outside my apartment.


*In the front gate of Kokabuki`s house.

Ah, I haven’t been here for a while. It doesn’t change much though. Only the wall seemed to be freshly painted and some of the plants are taller. And she asked me if I still remember her house. Ah, the irony. How could i forget. I've came here again, after 7 years, more than 4 years ago when I just arrived back at Tokyo, though I didn’t rang the bell. And for more than 4 years has passed, I had come here for countless of time. Sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes in early morning, sometimes during the day. Whenever I stressed out, or extremely mad or sad, somehow my legs would brought me here. I never rang the bell, or even tried to ring it, or even shown myself. No, whenever I came, I would hide in the shadow and gazed at her bedroom’s window, tried to calming myself and reminding myself of her presence just a few meters away from me. Sometimes, the window opened, shown her inside her room, or even sometimes she would lean outside the window to looked outside or to stargazing, which always scared me out because I would think she saw me whenever she did that.

But, now it’ll change. I don’t have to hide in shadows anymore. I pushed the bell and the door has opened even before the bell`s song finished playing.

“Are you turning into Black or something? That was fast.” I said when I saw her opened the door for me.

She let me in and gave me in-home slippers and said, “I was sat there and waiting for you,” she pointed the steps in her house entrance, “since I know how impatience you are,” she added with a smug smile.

Well, I can’t counter that since it was true, but…. “Wait, you sat there? You still haven’t fully recovered yet. What if you get sick or something?”

She flicked my forehead, “don’t worry too much,” and grabbed my hand, “come on lets go to my room.”

She pulled me to walk with her to her room on the second floor. Somehow it made me nervous. ‘Geez…, calm down, Shibuya. You had been inside others` room before it wouldn’t be too much difference..., right?’ Before I had been inside Torigoya`s and it is a complete mess, and then I had took a glance at Geki`s room which is surprisingly neat and tidy. Hm…, I wonder what’s her room looks like. We walked towards the door on the farthest side from the stairs. In the door there’s a small pink signboard with the word ‘TOMO`s Room’ written in it if purple color. I raised my eyebrow and throw her some asking glance.

“Tomo`s? Not Ookabuki`s? And it was pink and purple??” I pointed at the sign, “did anyone from school ever see that?”

  She blushed at my question. “Quiet. You use pink jacket and pink gloves too. Why can’t I?”   

“Well, it was my trade-mark. As for you… I would’ve expected you put something more… er… Kabuki like?” I said, unsure of what to say.

“Emm…, my parents don’t know yet…,” she said while she opened the door, “come in.” She pulled me inside her room. “Sit anywhere you like.” And she went to sit on the bed.

I looked around the room. The single-sized bed near the window, one coffee table in the middle of the room with three comfortable-look plush cushions surrounding it, the closet and book shelf across the bed. The room`s color consist of mostly the same pink and purple. I sat in one of the cushion.

“What do you mean your parents don’t know yet?”

She was looking at her lap. “Well, they know Majijo is a school for delinquents, but they don’t know I’m also one. Whenever I got into fights they always thought I got bullied and it was inevitable since I’m in Majijo.”

For a moment silence filled the room while I stared with mouth open wide at her. ‘How in the hell she’s able to cover it up for almost two years?’

“And, to answering your question from before…, no, no one has ever been in my bedroom before beside my family. Even Kokabuki rarely came to my house, and I always make sure my family wasn’t around. Because if my parents see her and know that she calls me ‘Aneki’, it’ll blow up my cover.”

Wait, what? Is that the reason…. “Is that also the reason why you want me to come here before your parents come home?” She doesn’t want her parents to see me with her. That thought hurts more than Maeda’s head butt. “You don’t want your parents to know about me too?”

She instantly went into my side, holding my hand. “No, it’s not because of that.” She guided my hand to her face to caress her face. “I just want to spend more time with you. It’ll be hard to do so after we get back into school.”

I retracted my hand from her hold. ‘Stupid, most people wouldn’t even want to come near you, Shibuya.’ I was feeling hurt and rejected, and most of all, angry. The damage has already spread all over me. “It’s okay if you don’t want to. I’m a yankee, and a Rappapa`s Queen on top of that. I have ‘bad news’ plastered all over me, right?” I asked her sarcastically.

This time she held my face and looked at me pleadingly. “Believe me, please….”

Sigh…, I couldn’t refuse her, not when she’s like this. But, the damage has been done, the wounds are already opened know. I know there’ll come a time when she’ll throw me out in front of her parents, before they started to become suspicious of us. “Alright, fine…, I believe you.”

She kept looking at me for a while and then she knocked her forehead to mine. “No, you don’t.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, not really understanding what she means.

“You don’t believe me.”

I was surprised. So she’s able to see trough my lies, huh? She moved closer to me. Closer, and closer. And now she’s sitting on my lap. I know my face is getting red from embarrassment now.

“What are you doing?? Move out!” I hissed at her angrily.

“Well, looks like you don’t give me any choice…” she whispered in my ear, made goosebumps all over my body. “I truly want to spend more time with you, you know.”


Gah.... I can't write more...  :banghead: Should i write more of the hot stuff or just put some disturbance to stop them from going too far?? Hmm....

Btw, that's chapter 8. Thanks for reading, guys...

@lolita90: here's the update...  :)
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                     *begging to other writers to write more tomotomo
                     errr.. action isn't my forte :nervous, but yeah with MJGK storyline it was inevitable. So when the time comes, i'll try my best :nervous
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