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Author Topic: It started in a wedding. (MariMii+Everyone) Ch 13 [06/06/12] MariMii + KojiYuu  (Read 41094 times)

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 2
« Reply #20 on: September 14, 2012, 07:28:26 PM »
YAY! New characters!!!
Yuko pervert as usual ahahah!!!

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 2
« Reply #21 on: September 15, 2012, 04:31:25 AM »
This is getting better and better!

Oh my, I love Jurina so much xDD she's cute even in fanfics (?

I really like your fic, continue it soon! :3
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 2
« Reply #22 on: September 15, 2012, 04:35:08 AM » crowded here  :lol:

you put in almost every character,, that's a long way to go
Ganbatte  :D

It's more interesting if you can put different and unique pairing.. I like unique pairing..
MariMii..yeahh.. eventhough I prefer MariHaru, but MariMii is ok too..
AtsuHaru in the first, that's more than interesting too..

Just let your imagination free..
I'll wait for your next update  :thumbsup

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 2
« Reply #23 on: September 15, 2012, 05:01:14 AM »
rena so cute LOL even jurina
and yuko still a pervert LOL
poor micchan
update soon
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 3
« Reply #24 on: September 20, 2012, 01:14:36 AM »
Hallo guys! Sorry for the late updete  :cry:

ChuuuPuffss-san: Yeah! Who I would be without them *.* Have a bit patiance for MaYuki o/

Yuukimoko-san: I hope I don't disapoint with MaYuki >< Persona? Well, what they best o/

Yvet_951-san: Yes, MariMii*.* Wait a little and you will have all of them o/ Thanks for thinking my story is exciting *.*

M00nchild-san: Thanks o/ I'm glad you think that about Persona, that's my opinion too o/

Lolita90-san: You're welcome o/ I like these two too o/ And you're right, there's always the perverted forum ;p I like the idea of the two of them supportinh each other too. Well I have a image of the two in my mind for this story, and I think is for good^~ Well, everyone is going to have fun o/ and don't wory, I'll play a lot with the girls =p

Mo-chan-san: I like the teasing Mariko too o/ Well, I felt the lack of MariMii fics, so I started my own =p Be a good little girl and I promise not disapoint ^~

sakura_drop_-san: Yeey! heuheu I like Yuko-sama, I think she is great o/

ScarletWings-san: Lets just say  it's going to have MaYuki, but I hadn't decided yet^^

Kahem-san: Yes! Yuko is not Yuko if she is not a perverted =p

Suicchin-san: Glad to know you think it's getting better o/  hauah Jurina is cute even if she doesn't want to =p

Masokun-san: Yeah it's a long way, but it's funny^^ My plan is play with the girls until I decide the final pairing \o/ (excep for MariMii ^~)

Yourockme-san: Yeah thay are cute o/ I guess Yuko is just being the way she likes to be =p AtsuMina? Yeah, there will be bit of them^^


First, thanks Calyrica for doing the QC! It helped me a lot *.*
Second, the chapter! My comments will be at the end^^

Chapter 3

Was that an illusion? The girls couldn’t believe that the three famous ikemen were in front of them. Even with that recent scandal about the tallest member, the boys were still popular among the girls. They were about to squeal, when…
“Calm down, girls…” Yuuhi’s voice echoed from behind them. “It was supposed to be a surprise.” Then, two women appeared from behind the boys: a woman in black with a weird haircut, and a woman with short frizzy hair.
“Good morning, Mister…” started the woman in black.
“Please, call me Yuuhi.”
“Mister Yuuhi. I’m Saeko Kamonohatsu, President of Kamonohatsu Agency,” said the woman in black. “And this is my secretary.”
“I’m Marilyn,” the other woman said with a bright smile, waving.
“Nice to meet you in person.”
“Well, let’s go inside to talk about today’s show. Come on, boys!” said the president. The boys passed between the girls, smiling and bowing their heads. The girls just stared at them incredulously.
“Oh! I almost forgot. You girls seem to already be friends with each other, so I wanted to ask you to share your rooms with the girls who just arrived. Ask me or Kayo if you want sheets, a coverlet, or a spare mattress.” After saying this, Yuuhi entered the house right after the three idols.
The twelve girls blinked. But that entire Persona thing was a dream before the nightmare. Silently, they put the newcomers' luggage back in the trunk and decided to go to the veranda, where there was a large space occupied by a couple of wooden benches and chairs. There were also large pads spread on the floor. Minami sat on a bench followed by Mayu, Sayaka, Yuko (who was being held by the taller girl beside her), and Takamina. Mariko sat on a one-seat chair. Sae sat on another chair with Yuki on her lap. Jurina, Rena, Atsuko, and Haruna sat together on a pad.
“So, we have to decide who is gonna sleep with whom,” Jurina said with a tiny smile looking at Rena.
“I’ll ignore your commentary, fail Don Juan.” Mariko took a deep breath. “We have four rooms for the twelve of us. Any suggestions?” she asked, taking the lead.
“If we divide equally, it's going to be three per room,” Mayu said impartially.
“Are we going to keep the original pairs?” Yuki wanted to know.
“It’s a possibility,” Mariko nodded.
“No! I want to sleep with Rena-chan again tonight!” protested Jurina. Rena blushed. Minami glanced at her. “I.. I mean, if she wants to…”
“Not fair! I wanna sleep with Nyannyan too!” Yuko struggled in Sayaka’s arms.
“I don’t want to sleep with you, thank you. And it’s Haruna!” Haruna said, hiding behind Atsuko.   
“Don’t worry, Haruna. I’ll protect you.” Atsuko said, patting the girl, who grinned.
“Right. So Yuko won’t stay in Haruna and Acchan’s room.” Mariko was mediating the discussion.
“Ano… I don’t mind sleeping in the same room as Jurina. I just want her to sleep well tonight..” said Rena shyly.
“But I slept very well last night, thanks.” Jurina protested. The others were looking at her curiously.
“You know, Jurina. Sleeping tied up by bed sheet doesn’t seem very comfortable to me.” Minami teased. And then, she started laughing. Sae, Yuki, Yuko, Haruna, and Atsuko laughed as well. Mayu grinned. Sayaka face-palmed. Takamina frowned, trying not to imagine what had happened. Mariko took a deep breath.
“I think she wouldn’t have had to sleep like that if Miichan weren’t locked up in her room with Mariko, since Miichan is Jurina’s roommate,” said Atsuko, most likely thinking.
“And they seemed they were having fun,”  Haruna added.
“Yeah! And they had a busy morning,” Yuki said with a creepy smile. Mariko and Minami blushed furiously. The girls who had been friends with Mariko for a long time thought it was a really interesting and rare scene. Minami’s friends got a bit surprised, since they didn’t know their lively friend was like that.
“How do you know about that?” Mariko asked, leaning back in her chair while crossing her legs and arms. She didn’t seem pleased.
“Well, me, Yuki, Acchan, and Haruna were heading back to our rooms last night, and we heard noises coming from behind a door.” Sae started hugging Yuki and leaning her cheek on Yuki’s arm. “We got closer and listened carefully. We recognized Mariko’s voice, and then Miichan’s. There were loud laughs and strange noises. I thought you two were having that kind of fun and dragged the other girls away. The next door was open, and we saw Jurina asking Rena to sleep there and explaining the reasons why. We headed to our room before two noticed us.” Sae finished with a smile.
“And also in the morning,” Yuki continued, “when the four of us met for the breakfast, the hallway was filled with your voices.” Mariko was becoming red in a mix of rage and shame. Minami had passed the point of blushing red, and turned purple.
What had happened was a very personal thing to be shared like that. Mariko started to doubt the veracity of her memory. Was there anything she could remember? She started panicking. She had nothing against Minami, but the girl wasn’t exactly her type. All that clumsiness and dumbness was irritating, but she was somewhat cute. That attracted Mariko somehow, although she hated to admit it. And on top of that, they had, in fact, had only first interacted the day before. Finally, there was the fact she was still in love with Kayo.
Minami wanted to find a hole on the floor and hide herself there. Since she couldn't, she just hid her face behind her hands. Minami couldn’t remember anything. She couldn't come up with arguments to contest what had been said. She started to wonder if the entire house heard all the noise from earlier. Having that kind of relationship with a woman had never really crossed her mind, even though she used to play along with Yuko and the others. All her romantic thoughts were turned towards Yuuhi. And now, she was dragged into that whole situation with someone she barely knew. One person realized that if the discussion kept going in that direction, they would spend the entire day talking about it.
“So girls, can we please back to the subject here?” Takamina intervened, standing up. Everyone looked at her, a bit surprised. “Who wants to sleep with whom? And please don’t misunderstand my question.”
“I want to stay in Rena-chan’s room!” Jurina raised her hand.
“I want to stay in Nyannyan’s room!” Yuko raised her two hands.
“I don’t want that!” Haruna protested.
“We would be glad to share our room with you, midget girl,” Sae said with a bright smile.
“Who you’re calling a midget?!” Takamina angrily asked. Then, she took a deep breath, because someone had to lead the discussion. And with Mariko still furious from others girls' teasing, she sensed she had to do it.
“Okay, I know. It’s Takamina. Sorry,” Sae said, not exactly feeling sorry.
“I don’t mind the room I’ll spend the night in, but someone has to look after Yuko and Jurina.” Mayu said in a toneless voice. She just wanted to enjoy the party. Where she was going to spend the night didn’t really bother her.
“Mou, Mayuyu! I can take care of myself!” Jurina blushed.
“You’re right, Mayuyu,” Sayaka started. “I’ll take care of Yuko, since she's the one who needs brute force to handle.” She sighed.
“Hey! Stop talking about me like I’m an indomitable animal!” Yuko protested, making a lost puppy face.
“You are an indomitable animal!” Takamina, Mayuyu, and Sayaka said at the same time. Yuko made another face, but was totally ignored.
“So, Jurina, Rena, and Mayuyu in the same room?” asked Takamina. The three nodded. “Right, room one decided. Sae, Yuki, and me in another room?”
“If you don’t mind, then it’s all right.” Yuki answered, and Sae confirmed with a bow of her head.
“Right. Room two decided. Atsuko, Haruna, Yuko, and Sayaka in a room?” Takamina kept going.
“I don’t want that!” Haruna had a strong opinion about the idea. Yuko was about to cry.
“It’s okay, Haruna. Let it be. With Sayaka there, I’m sure she won’t try anything.” Haruna nodded in acceptance, knowing her friend was going to protect her. Atsuko then looked at Takamina. “You can call me Acchan. I’m pretty sure that after today, we're all going to be good friends.”
“All right, ahm.. Acchan.” Takamina blushed a little. Calling someone by a nickname for the first time always made her feel a little shy. “So, you four in a room. Third room decided. Then…” She looked at the two who were left: Miichan and Mariko.
“No, no, no…” the two started.
“Sorry girls. But you’re the only ones left. You’re going to share a room. You have to.” Takamina was tired of the subject. Also, it was just a little payback for all the pranks Miichan played on her.

Mariko sighed deeply. “Right. I guess just one more night with the Gachapin girl wouldn’t do any harm,” she sighed, standing up. “Let´s go. I don’t want to lose any more of my precious time with this stupid discussion.” And then, she walked into the house.
The other girls looked at each other, a bit confused. They stood up as well. On the way back to Sayaka’s car in order to get the luggage again, Yuko tried to grope Haruna, but Sayaka held her back. She struggled, but after a few moments, she gave up. Yuko realized that she might have other chances during the day. Jurina also tried to hang on Rena, but Mayu passed behind them, glaring menacingly at Jurina. The younger girl shivered and decided just to walk close to Rena.
Takamina took her bag and followed Sae and Yuki. Sayaka and Yuko followed Atsuko and Haruna. Mayu did the same with Jurina and Rena. Miichan went straight back to her room, hoping to find Mariko on her way to discuss who was going to move her belongings. They were basically on the same floor; the rooms were just in different hallways. Minami found Mariko placing her bag on a couch in the room they shared.
“I don’t want to discuss this anymore. Since we’ve already used this room, it makes sense I move in,” Mariko said, looking bit tired. Minami just stared the taller woman. After a few moments, she turned and left the room. That was it; she was getting hungry. Luckily, a maid announced the lunch was ready.
Miichan was the first one to take her plate. She filled it with every choice of food on the table. Then, she sat at the same table they used for breakfast. Five minutes later, the other girls appeared. Mariko, Atsuko, Haruna, Sae, Yuki, and Rena were startled by the amount of food. The others knew that when Miichan eats a lot, it means that she's upset with something. The girls ignored Minami and focused on their own meal. Then, they heard a voice.
“Excuse me. Can we sit with you girls?” the taller member of Persona asked. On either side of him were the other two. The three of them were also holding plates of food to eat.



Sorry for the late update again :bow:

I had to take a rest because I wrote the two firsts chapters in four days in a row >< As you can see I'm a slow writer   :P
My classes are going to start next week, so my prodution is going to decrease a little   :cry:

There will be two or three  more chapters about the wedding party, after that I'll alternete the appearances of the girls.

That it! I hope you enjoy *.*

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 3
« Reply #25 on: September 20, 2012, 02:56:26 AM »

this is short! but it's ok..

miichan and mariko in the same room again?? yeeeehaaa!!!!!  :mon santa2: :mon santa2: :wigglypanda:

but why is miichan angry?  :mon dunno:
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 3
« Reply #26 on: September 20, 2012, 03:07:35 AM »
wmatsui cute as usual  :heart:

marimii sharing room again. That's good  :twothumbs

i really like your fic!  :thumbup
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 3
« Reply #27 on: September 20, 2012, 04:43:09 AM »

I cant wait for Mayuki! seeing Mayu so emotionless makes me want to throw Yuki on her!!!!!

Still dont get what persona wants.....

please update soon!
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 3
« Reply #28 on: September 20, 2012, 03:25:28 PM »
I though will have 3 people in 1 room~
Why Marimii shared a room? and not 3 people?
Due i like that just wondering why?

looking forward of the new update~

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 3
« Reply #29 on: September 21, 2012, 02:38:41 AM »
Hum interesting room sharing~
So something really happened between Marimii?

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + mixed up pairings) Ch. 4
« Reply #30 on: September 28, 2012, 11:06:39 PM »
Hey! How are you?  :D

Lollota90-san: This one is not short =D Yes! hauhau Wouldn't you be angry if you start a day with wrong feet? ^~

Matsuru-san: Glad you like me fic *.*

Yuukimoko-san: uheueh yes! WMatsui are! o/ Maybe you will like this one... well you'll see why. Persona wants to... it will be answered in this chap =p

M00nchild-san: huhaua maybe you'll get your answers when they interact inside the rooms =p

Kahem-san: Maybe? One thing is for sure: don't trust your memory after you get drunk xp


Thanks Calyrica again o/

In this chapter, I go for the usual pairing, I guess....

Hope you like o/

Chapter 4

Everyone looked at the boys at the same time. Even Minami, who was so distracted with eating. The three boys smiled, waiting for an answer. Each girl was lost in her own thoughts.
"Sure! Feel free to sit wherever you want," Takamina answered politely. She was the first one who escaped her delusions.
"Thanks!" the tallest member lightly bowed his head. "By the way, I'm Riku!" The table was round, with two empty seats, and a space to pull up another one. He sat on an empty chair beside Yuko. On the other side of the squirrel girl was Sayaka, who sat next to Haruna to protect the girl from her perverted friend. Beside Haruna was Atsuko.
"I'm Kai. Osu!" the smaller member said. He couldn't do his cool hand movement because he was busy holding the plate. He put the plate down on the table, grabbed a nearby chair, and pulled it up to the empty space between Atsuko and Mayu.
"Kuu~su! Osu!" said the middle member. He sat on an empty chair between Minami and Takamina. On the other side of Minami was Sae, followed by Yuki and Mariko. Jurina and Rena were between Mariko and Riku. To close the circle, Takamina was beside Mayu. After a few seconds, Takamina noticed something that startled her even more. Miichan’s and Kuu’s plate held basically the same amount of food.
“Woah! Kuu! You eat as much as Miichan!” she said, amazed, making a funny face.
“What?! Something wrong with that? The food looks good, and Kuu is hungry,” Kuu said, tilting his head. He had a strange third person way of talking. Then, he started to eat happily.
“Nothing. Eat as much as you want. Kayo-chan is going to be happy to see you enjoying her party,” Mariko said with a gentle smile. Her friends knew the reason for her sudden behavior change. Kuu was Mariko’s favorite.
“Yes! Yuuhi said we can freely enjoy the food!” Miichan said with her mouth half-filled with food. Kuu was also her favorite, but now she was worried about the food.
“Miichan! Watch your manners!” Sayaka scolded. "You know, it's rude to talk with your mouth full."
“It’s okay. Let her be. We’re all having fun here,” Riku said with a smile. Sayaka blushed. It was obvious that he was her favorite.
“Yeah, yeah! Kuu here does that very often,” Kai said with a teasing smile.
“Mou! What a lie!” Kuu protested with his mouth full of food. Everyone laughed, except Minami, who blushed together with the boy. Kuu finished chewing the food and swallowed it before speaking again. “So girls, Kuu wants to know which Persona member is your favorite.” He shoveled another portion of food onto his fork while waiting an answer.
“Me! Me!” Yuko raised her hand energetically. She really resembled a squirrel when she was acting like that.  “I like all the three of you, but Riku is my favorite!” Riku smiled and thanked her.
“Eh! That perverted girl likes Riku, too?” Haruna kind of complained.
“UN! He's tall, kind, and a gentleman! And he is handsome! He is the only guy I would ever date!” Yuko finished her speech, giving Riku a winning smile. The boy blushed and responded with a shining smile.
“Yuko! Stop embarrassing the boy!” Sayaka scolded. Yuko looked at her enraged.
“Shut up, gorilla! I can’t believe you don’t have courage to say that to him, yourself!” Yuko replied in a squeaky voice. Riku became even more red than he already was. Sayaka blushed as well, and then made a scary face to her friend. Yuko put on her lost puppy face, and Sayaka took a deep breath.
“My favorite is Kai.” Atsuko said calmly. Kai smiled and made a cool hand movement. Then, he shook hands with the girl, who was beside him.
“Mine is Kai, too!” Takamina said, blushing a bit. The boy, who was only separated from Takamina by Mayu's seat, gave her a hand for a compliment. The girl shook it shyly.
“I go for Riku!” Sae said with her usual bright smile. Kuu was about to cry. Was there anyone in that table who liked him? “Don’t worry, Kuu. Mariko here likes you a lot!” Sae said, tapping Mariko’s shoulder from behind Yuki. Mariko blushed. Kuu gave her an scrutinous look.
“Thanks!” he said, smiling. Then, he turned to Sae. “Hmm. She is kind of scary, and so tall...” That commentary reminded Mariko of someone she knew.
“Oh! I understand what you’re trying to say! She's a tall, scary, skinny old mummy!” Minami said excitedly. Then, she gazed Mariko with a grim look on her face. That made Minami feel better after such a stressful morning. She got to eat tons of tasty food, and now tease Mariko, both of which helped her surpass the stress.
"Shut up, Gachapin!" Mariko shouted. Anger was visible in her face.
“Forget about these two, Kuu. They've been like this all morning,” interrupted Yuki. "I like Kuu! I love your cheerful and playful side." Yuki said it in a dramatic way.
"I like Kuu, too." Mayu gave him a lovely smile. It was little bit strange to see her smiling like that in front of a lot of people. "I think you provide a lot of entertainment."

"Yay! Kuu is happy now!" Kuu extended a open hand to Mayu and they hi-fived. "And you, the monkey girl who is hanging on the princess-like girl?" Kuu asked Jurina, making everyone laugh.

"Hey! That was my kind of line!" Minami complained.
"You lost your chance!" Kuu answered sticking his tongue out at Miichan. Minami replied the same way. Jurina stared at the two. She was a bit upset about the nickname the boy gave her.
"Too bad for you! I like Kai. I'm sure he would never call me a monkey. He's too cool for that!" Jurina said childishly.
"I like Kai, too. I like the way he's honest with his feelings," Rena said, blushing. Riku and Kuu laughed. Kai blushed furiously. The girls got quite confused.
"You know, Kai can be a lot of things. Like when he speaks his mind without thinking first and getting us three in big trouble. But honesty with his feelings is something he doesn't have," Riku explained while Kuu kept laughing. The girls looked at the smaller member of Persona, trying to figure out what Riku meant. Kai stood up fast.
"Thanks for the meal! I'm full! Excuse me!" he walked away from the table with his half-filled plate. Everyone looked at each other, confused.
"Mou, what a waste of food..." Minami and Kuu sighed at the same time. Another wave of laughter invaded the table.

After everyone finish their meals, each of them decided what they wanted to do. Sayaka, Yuko, Takamina, and Mayu went upstairs to change into swimsuits. The boys went to change as well. The suits they had been wearing were hot, and they had to save it for the show. Minami wanted to eat her dessert. The rest of the girls wanted to rest after lunch. All of them agreed to meet in the living room to decide what to do.
Fifteen minutes later, everyone was there. Sayaka was the first one to walk downstairs. She was dragging Yuko with her, in case the girl wants to comb through Haruna's belongings. The taller girl was wearing a white, large and long sleeveless shirt with flower stamp. The squirrel girl was just wearing jeans short and her pastel colored bikini top. It was a very funny scene: Sayaka with an angry face dragging Yuko, who was complaining that she just wanted to check up on Nyannyan's things. When Yuko realized she was already at the living room, she blushed furiously at everyone's confused gaze. Mayuyu appeared out of nowhere asking what had happened. She was wearing a cobalt blue one piece with a heart-shaped line in a faded shade of white. Over the swimsuit, she was wearing a cruised dress. After the shock, Sayaka answered.
"Yuko doing what she always does." Mayuyu just gave an 'OH' as feedback and went to the nearest empty seat. Takamina was the last girl missing. She walked downstairs, apologizing for her lateness. She was wearing a light pink skirt and a sleeveless shirt with bow design. Now, they had to wait for the boys.
The girls didn't wait long. The three idols walked downstairs together. In the girls’ eyes, they were walking in slow-motion, showing off all their charm in casual clothes. Kai was wearing dark green boxer shorts with an orange t-shirt over a white light long sleeved shirt. Riku was wearing a black gym pants with a light red 'v' collar shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Kuu was wearing marine blue gym pants with a sailor-style long sleeve shirt. When they finally reached the main floor, a cheerful voice said.
"Cool! You guys look like a sentai group!" It was Mayuyu. Takamina smiled at the thought of her friend getting used to all the new faces.
"Thanks!" Kuu said. "So, what we're going to do now?"
"Kuu! I'm going to eat waffles. Want to join me?" Minami asked him. The boy opened a large smile.
"But you just had lunch, glutton Gachapin!" Mariko teased. Minami just stuck out her tongue. Mariko rolled her eyes.
"Not fair! I want to spend time with Kuu, too!" Mayuyu and Yuki said at the same time. They looked at each other, blushing slightly.
"Why don't we all five go eat waffles?" Kuu suggested.
"Agreed!" Minami, Mayuyu, and Yuki said together. Mariko just wondered if she was included, since he said five.
"Good! Let’s go! Hey, you, tall woman. Aren't you coming too?" Kuu asked Mariko. She sighed and stood up thinking that 'tall woman' is nicer than 'old mummy'. Kuu, Mayuyu, Yuki, and Mariko went to the veranda and sat at a table while Minami went to the kitchen to ask a maid to bring them the waffles.
"I want to walk around the beach," Kai said.
"I wanted to do that, too! I saw rocks far away. There might have a cave," Takamina said cheerfully.
"That sounds fun. I'm in!" Atsuko thought it was better than laying on a mat to sunbathe and wait someone to throw sand on her again.
"Let’s go, too, Rena! And there's a nice view from the rocks!" Jurina said frantically. Rena realized that Jurina was entering hyper speed mode. She knew what she had to do to slow down the girl, but she didn't want to do that. So, she just nodded in acceptance. The five of them walked out of the house straight to the beach.
"I want to play in the beach..." Riku said shyly.
"Yay! Come on!" Yuko grabbed Riku's arm and they started to run towards the beach. She wanted to play on the beach, too, and the faster they get there, the more fun they would have. Sae laughed at the scene; Sayaka shook her head negatively; Haruna felt a bit strange, though she didn't know why. They ended up following the two.
Yuko dragged Riku past Kai's group and headed straight to where she found Minami earlier that morning. Everything was still there: the ball, the mats, and the umbrella. The girl turned to the boy, waiting for the next step. Riku released his arm from Yuko's grasp and walked slowly to the ocean. With his feet, he felt the temperature of the water. It wasn't cold; it wasn't warm; it was the perfect temperature.
"Geez, Yuko! You run too fast!" Sayaka said, approaching with Haruna and Sae.
"It's because the fun isn't gonna wait for us!" Yuko squeaked. 
"Great! What we are going to do now?" Sae asked.
"Let’s get into the water!" Yuko said, waving her two arms. Sae, Haruna, and Sayaka agreed, but Riku flinched.
"Hmm... You girls go. I'll stay here just getting my feet wet..." Riku said, hesitantly.   
"Why? You have to get in, too! It'll be more fun with everyone!" Yuko complained. Then something crossed her mind. "Don't tell me you don't know how to swim?"
"Ummm..." Riku panicked. "Yes! That's it! I can't swim!" It wasn't that he couldn't swim. He could, actually. It was just that if he got wet, they would see that...
"No way!" Yuko squeaked again. "We can teach you! We can teach you!"
"It's okay. You don't have to," Riku insisted.
"Let him be, Yuko. Come on. Let me splash you!" Sayaka said carrying Yuko under an arm. She walked in the water, and then threw Yuko in deep. The squirrel girl screamed and struggled in the air. She hit the water with a huge splash. Haruna, Riku, and Sae were getting worried because Yuko was taking too long to get back to the surface. But Sayaka knew that with the strength she used, her friend might be down pretty deep. To everyone's relief, Yuko's head appeared on the surface, and she started to scream unintelligible words. As she swum towards the group, they started to understand.
"Sayaka! You crazy gorilla! Wait until I get you! I'm gonna kill you!"
By the time Yuko arrived, everyone was laughing. She sat down to recover her energy. As soon she got better, she stood up and started to chase after Sayaka. Yuko chased Sayaka into the water and pushed her down. Sayaka felt the not-so-cold water over her body and relaxed. She softly hit the sandy ground and automatically stood up. Her hair was all over her face, so she tilted her head backwards and her hair swung around, splashing water until it heavily hit her back.
Sae saw the scene in a different way. With mouth slightly open, she watched Sayaka stand up slowly. Her shirt was thoroughly wet and attached to her body. It revealed a well-toned  body with nice curves. When Sayaka tilted her head, the time slowed down even more. All the water drops around her sparked with the sunlight. Sayaka put a hand on her hip.
"Mou! Yuko, you could have at least waited me to take off the shirt. Now it's completely wet," Sayaka said, not exactly angry. 
"It's your own fault. You could have taken it off while I was taking a breath. You knew I would chase after you." Yuko just shrugged her shoulders. Sayaka sighed and started to take her shirt off.
Once again, Sae saw that in a different way. Sae watched every inch of Sayaka's skin being uncovered with a grin. There was nothing missing. The drops of water sparkled. Sae thought Sayaka was an extremely sexy woman. And that that black bikini with delicate daisy design was really hot on her. Haruna and Riku watched Sae's reaction with some kind of amusement. Haruna knew that few women could put that stupid expression on her friend's face. Sayaka walked out the water and put her shirt on the umbrella's top to dry it. Then, she noticed Sae.
"Are you ok, Sae?"
"Fine..." she answered with a thick voice.
"So come on! The water is nice!" Sayaka said, gently pushing her friend.
"Come on, Nyannyan!" Yuko walked towards Haruna and grabbed her hand, pulling the girl into the water. Haruna let the squirrel girl be, since she wasn't being groped.
They all started to splash water into each other. With everyone running around in the water and laughing, Riku was convinced to join the fun. As long as he stayed in the sun, he would dry fast. So there were more laughs and splashing. Then they started to play with the ball. It was being thrown randomly, but most of the time, Sae or Yuko got hit by it.
"Mou! Watching Yuko get hit isn't fun anymore," Haruna complained.
"Hey, why don't we bury someone in the sand?" Riku suggested.
"That sounds fun!" Sae said cheerfully.
"Yeah! But who?" Yuko asked. The four looked at her. "NO! Why me?" She squeaked.
"Because you are the smallest here," Sayaka answered.
"NO!" Yuko insisted.
"If you let us bury you, Haruna will give you a kiss!" Sae suggested. Yuko's eyes went wide and she smiled.
"What?! N.." Haruna started to protest, but Sae gave her an pleading look. "Ok."
"Horaaay! You can bury me!"
They started to dig a hole in the sand. Even Yuko helped. Then, Yuko laid on the hole, and Riku, Haruna, Sae, and Sayaka started to cover her body with sand. When they finished, it was so tight that Yuko couldn't move.
"My kiss now, Nyannyan!" Yuko asked happily. Haruna knelt down, holding her own hair to prevent it from falling on Yuko's face, and kissed Yuko's nose. "Mou!  It had to be on my lips!" Yuko complained.
"Hmm." Haruna pretended to think about it. "Not today! But here is a consolation gift." Then, she kissed Yuko's cheek. Haruna stood up and walked away. Yuko was happy because she won two kisses in a row from Nyannyan .
"Man! I'm dead!" Riku said, dropping himself onto the mat Mariko used that morning. Soon, he was fast asleep. Haruna laid down on the mat beside Riku, wondering why she had kissed that perverted squirrel twice. Sayaka went to swim all her energy out. Sae sat on the last mat and watched Sayaka.
Meanwhile, on the veranda: Minami brought a maid with her. She sat between Kuu and Mariko. The maid was pushing one of the meal carts filled with warm waffles, different kinds of syrups, honey, plates, cutlery, and napkins. She placed a plate in front of everyone at the table, followed by the cutlery and the napkins. She beautifully arranged the waffles, the syrups and the honey on the table. There was one bottle per flavor.
"It looks delicious!" Kuu said, smelling the nice aroma.
"It is! I tasted one with blueberry syrup back in the kitchen!" Minami said with a smile. 'What a kid!' was the only thing Mariko could think. Kuu, Mayuyu, and Yuki smiled as well.
They started to help themselves. Before leaving, the maid said if they wanted more, they should ring a tiny bell she left on the table. As soon they started to eat, their favorites were decided. Mariko liked the apple syrup, Mayuyu liked strawberry syrup, Yuki liked grape syrup, and Minami and Kuu, despite the fact they both ate some of every syrup on the table, preferred honey. Once in a while their hands, met on the way of the honey bottle. Minami was trying to be kind to her favorite idol, but that was becoming an annoyance. And all of the waffles available on the table had been eaten.
"Let’s order more!" Kuu said with mouth full of partially-chewed waffles. Then, Mayuyu rang the bell. Mariko saw a middle aged man, Yuuhi's father, walking onto the veranda beforee he laid down on a divan, near their table. Yuki looked at Mayuyu and saw her face was dirty with syrup. She grinned.
"Mayuyu, you look like a child with your face full of syrup." Yuki said while grinning, wiping Mayuyu's face with a napkin. She grabbed the girl's face with a hand and stared really close. "That's so cute!"
"You don't need to do that, Yuki," Mayuyu said, blushing.
"Hey, you can call me Yukirin." She leaned even closer. "Only cute people can call me Yukirin," She whispered. Mayuyu blushed even more.
"So... Yukirin... Can you stop doing that?"
"Doing what? Oh! Is that grape syrup?" Yuki asked smelling a purple spot on Mayuyu's cheek. "Yes, it is!" Then, she licked the dry syrup on the other girl face. Mayuyu shivered. She wasn't used to these kind of things.
"This!" She turned to face to Yuki and their noses met. Their lips were just few inches apart. Yuki was considering a lot of things in her mind when the maid arrived with her cart full of waffles and refills of syrup. They turned their faces towards the table, trying not to show how affected they were by that awkward position. 
And then, the five started to eat again. For every waffle Mariko, Mayuyu, or Yuki ate, Minami and Kuu atethree. Again, the silent battle between Kuu and Minami for the bottle of honey began. Each time Kuu reached the bottle, Minami was placing it at her side of the table, and vice versa. But there was one time that when Minami touched the bottle, she felt a different hand. It was a slim and thin hand. Minami looked up the owner of the hand: Mariko.
"I want to use that!" Minami said.
"I want to, too. And my hand reached the bottle first. I'll only be a minute. Be patient," Mariko said raising the hand which held the bottle of honey.
"No! Knowing how evil you are, you might use all of the honey!" Minami replied, trying to reach Mariko's hand.
"Don't be stupid! I'm not a glutton like you!" Mariko was making things difficult for Minami. Miichan leaned over Mariko, shortening the distance between them.
"Old woman! Please! Gimme the honey!" They were so close now, that they could feel each other's breathing. Mariko was teasing Minami with her eyes.
“It’s so good to see that you two are getting along so well!” said female a voice behind Minami and Mariko. The two turned their heads before quickly returning to their normal position.
“Kayo-chan!” Mariko was startled. In front of them was couple hosting the weekend.
“Yuuhi!” Minami couldn’t think of anything else to say.
“Going nuts about honey? That’s so like you!” Yuuhi said, laughing. “Mariko, don’t mind this girl; she's just a kid.” He said, patting Minami’s head.
“I’m not a kid! I have a job! Did you know that?!” Minami replied, a bit upset.
“Good for you, Minami!” He said, smiling.
“Here is your honey, Minegishi-san,” Mariko said while giving Minami the bottle, pretending to be nice.
“Thank you, Shinoda-san!” Minami took the bottle and served herself. They looked as if they wanted to tear each other's throats apart.
“By the way, I wanted to introduce the boys to Kayo-chan. I can see Kuu is here, but where are the other two?” Yuuhi asked, changing the subject.
“Kuu don’t know where Riku and Kai are. We came here before they decided what they wanted to do.” Kuu answered after swallowing a big piece of waffle.
“Ok, Kuu. This is my wife, Kayo. Darling, this Kuu from Persona.” Yuuhi introduced the two to each other.
“Kuu~su! Osu!” This was his signature greeting. He smiled at the woman.
“I'm Kayo. Nice to meet you.” She bowed her head in a respectful way.
“Well, we’ll meet the others later at the party,” Yuuhi said. Then he noticed something. “Oh! Otou-san is sleeping here! Please, don’t mind it when he starts snoring. Excuse us,” He said with a smile. And then, the couple was gone again. The five looked each other, wondering why that would matter.
For the third time, they asked for more waffles. Luckily, the maid brought a refill for the honey. With the bottle filled, there were no worries of it running out, and the battle started again. Mayuyu, Yuki, and Mariko were amazed by the amount of food the two could still eat. In this third round, the three girls just eat two waffles each. But Kuu and Minami were still going at full speed.
The competition reached the climax when both of them grabbed the bottle ate the same time. They looked like they wanted to kill each other. Yuuhi’s father snored a bit loudly behind them. Kuu and Minami both tightened their grip. They stood up, struggling for the possession of the honey.
“I grabbed it first!” Kuu said.
“I grabbed it first!” Minami said. ‘It was a draw.” Yuki, Mariko, and Mayuyu thought, watching the scene in amusement.
The two kept arguing back and forth, their responses shooting faster towards each other. They tightened even more grip on the bottle. Then, they heard a ‘pop’ and the bottle's cover went flying across the veranda together with its sticky content. The cover hit the floor with a tiny noise, but the honey was spread all over Yuuhi’s father's left leg. He snored louder again. Kuu and Minami froze. Mariko, Mayuyu, and Yuki’s eyes went wide. They just stood there, speechless.

After a few seconds, Mayuyu asked, “What you guys are going to do now?”
Minami looked at her friend, and then at the man’s leg. A grim look appeared on her face. She looked at Kuu and he seemed to understand the girl. They placed the bottle on the table, forgetting the competition. Kuu licked his finger which had honey spilled on it.
“What?” Mariko asked. She either didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand.
“Does someone have a handkerchief?” Minami asked out of nowhere.
“Here.” Kuu put his clean hand in his pocket and handed Minami his handkerchief.
“This is going to be funny, but I think it’s better if we stay away,” Mayuyu said to Yuki. Yuki grabbed Mayuyu’s hand. ‘It’s going to be funny just for you, but maybe not for those two…’ Yuki thought.
Mariko settled in her chair. Minami and Kuu approached the sleeping man. The girl unfolded  the handkerchief. Then, she carefully placed it on the man’s leg and waited the honey be absorbed the cloth. The man muttered something. Kuu and Minami looked at each other and silently counted to three. Each one gripped one end of the handkerchief and pulled at once. The honey on the leg stuck his leg hair, so when they pulled the handkerchief, the hairs were plucked.
“MINAMI!!!” The man woke up in a mixture of pain, fright, and anger. He stood up in one movement with an indescribable expression. Minami and Kuu ran away, laughing loudly. Mariko gave a tiny smile. She had to admit that it was a bit funny. Yuki’s eyes widened. She tightened her grip on Mayuyu’s hand, but when she saw the girl laughing, she lowered her head and laughed covertly. The man, still confused, ran after Minami and Kuu.
Meanwhile, Kai’s group headed to the beach. They saw as Yuko dragged Riku past them. It was a rather funny scene. Riku wore a desperate expression. Moments later, Haruna, Sayaka, and Sae reached the group. They greeted each other and laughed, talking about Yuko’s earlier behavior. Then, the three went ahead, and Kai’s group turned to the west. They walked alongside the seashore.
They talked about their likes and dislikes, the weather, and tons of other things. Everyone talked, even Rena, who was the shyest in the group. Atsuko noticed Takamina's height was almost the same as Kai's, maybe one or two centimeters shorter. She smiled at that thought. Jurina was constantly looking at the shells on the shore and showing them to Rena.
“Rena! Look!” Jurina ran happily towards the girl, holding something. “It’s a heart-shaped twin shell! Isn’t it cute?” Rena agreed, smiling. Jurina was holding a light pink heart-shaped bivalve shell with random brown streaks. It was probably only two centimeters long. Jurina put the shell in her pocket and kept walking.
“Hey, Kai!” the boy looked up at Atsuko. “How tall are you?” he was puzzled by the question.
“I'm exactly one meter and a half tall. Why?” Atsuko smiled. “What? Don’t tell me I’m short for a boy, because I know I am!” He said, blushing.
“It’s nothing. I think it’s cute! I was just wondering if you and Takamina were about the same height,” Acchan explained.
“What?!” Takamina looked at Kai. She hadn’t realized that she was just bit shorter than the idol. “I'm one meter, forty-eight and a half centimeters…” she mumbled. Then, she blushed.
“Don’t worry, Takamina. I think it’s really lovely,” Atsuko said, hugging the short girl from behind. The girl blushed even more. She was silently thankful that it was a short hug.
They noticed that the beach was really private. The more they walked away from the house, more it was becoming a wildness area. There was a field with dense undergrowth and spaced out trees. Soon, they reached the rocks that they saw not so far away from the house. Takamina and Jurina happily ran to the rocks. Kai wanted to run, too, but he thought that as the guy, he had to keep his composure. Atsuko and Rena watched the exited girls with a smile.
The five climbed the rocks and found a wonderful view. Not far from the sea was a wall of coral. That might be a great diving spot. Acorn shaped barnacles grew through the rocks to where the waves could constantly pass over them. Small sea animals ran from one side to another, hiding under tiny holes. Clouds could also be seen in the sky. They crossed over the rocks, and after climbing down to the other side, Jurina saw a cave.
“A cave! Let’s explore it!” Jurina shouted. She climbed down faster and stopped in front of the cave entrance. A short way in could be seen, but it turned to the right at the end. After a few moments, the others were beside her.
“Come on! I don’t think there might be a dangerous animal inside.” Kai said, walking in. The girls couldn’t help but follow.
Rena grabbed Jurina’s arm. She was a bit afraid of dark places like that. Atsuko walked closer to Takamina. It’s not that she was afraid; she just wanted to have someone to grab if something were to happen. After the right corner, the path sloped downwards and the floor started to get bit wet, as well as the walls. After a few minutes of walking, they arrived in an large cavern, with a lake and walls full of minerals that sparked with the light that shone through the lake. The sunlight was entering through an opening that they couldn’t see. It was an astonishing view.
Outside, a heavy cloud covered the sun. Inside, the hidden room went black. Kai was still too surprised to react. Rena grabbed Jurina from the front. So did Atsuko with Takamina. Jurina’s heart was beating fast. She didn’t think. They were almost the same height, but Rena was bit taller. It wasn’t hard for Jurina to find Rena’s lips. An electrifying sensation caressed her body as she gently hugged the girl. Rena was startled by the sudden kiss. Her mind went all blank. Her heart skipped faster than she could ever have thought it could. She completely relaxed. What could that sensation could be?
Atsuko held Takamina so tight that the shorter girl could barely breathe. Acchan was much  taller than Takamina. After a few seconds of struggling, the shorter girl was able to make the taller girl loosen her grip. Now, she could think about the situation she was in. First thing she noticed was that her head was between two soft spots. She found that they was smooth and soft. It was a nice feeling. Was that the reason Yuko liked this so much? A shiver went down her spine. Her head was between Acchan’s breathes! She froze. Atsuko felt the urge to squeeze the girl in her arms. She just wanted to steal the girl away and turn her into a pillow so that she could hug her every day.
The cloud covered the sun for a few seconds, but to the girls, it seemed like forever. As soon as the light returned to the room, Rena turned purple and ran out of the cave. Atsuko released Takamina, but the girl didn’t seem to be awake, despite the fact her eyes were wide open. Jurina ran after Rena. Kai walked out calmly. Atsuko grabbed Takamina by her arm and dragged her out. Jurina found Rena quietly sitting on a rock, looking at the sea. She felt bit guilty about the kiss. How would the other girl act towards her after that? Not long after, the other three joined the two girls, and they walked back to the house. It was a silent journey.
After what seemed a long walk, they arrived to where Riku’s group was. Riku was sleeping on the mat. Haruna was sunbathing, lying on her stomach. Yuko was buried in the sand with a stupid expression on her face. Sae was looking at the sea, not blinking. Sayaka was swimming, but it looked like she was finishing her exercise. The group decided to head back to their respective rooms to rest. They were next the house when Kai felt a wicked shiver on his body. He stopped to rub his arms.
“Are you okay?” Atsuko asked. The boy had seemed fine during their walk.
“Yeah! This just happens when…” Kai stopped. Was it true? No way!
“Kaaaaaiiiiiiii!” shouted a tall woman in white with long silkly black hair as she jumped onto the shortest member of Persona.



And that's for chap 4^^ next one will be the end of wedding party...

See you there o/ (probably next week ><)

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + just this time usual pairings =p) Ch. 4
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RAYYYYY??? hahahaha this is getting more interesting!! thanks for the update, bbsis-san! can't wait for more!! XD
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + just this time usual pairings =p) Ch. 4
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Oh couples start to develop~
I don't know why but I want to see a jealous Kojiharu lol
Glutton Kuu and Miichan FTW!!!

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + just this time usual pairings =p) Ch. 4
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wait, is the reason riku couldnt get wet bc they're cross dressing or are they actually guys in this fic?
really good story btw, i'm a big marimii shipper :deco: :deco:

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + just this time usual pairings =p) Ch. 4
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Mayu and Yukirin were sooooo cute~! :wub:

I think one of them have a crush on the other........
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + just this time usual pairings =p) Ch. 4
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the Update so nice,
Hoping for more...
So the last girl appeal is Ray??
Seem Kai have a problem to handle~!!

Looking forward for it.

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + just this time usual pairings =p) Ch. 4
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I love MariMii in your fic, their so cute!
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Wow BbSis-San!
This fanfic is amazing ~
I just love how it all begins and flows~
The MariMii interaction is so adorable ~
And when Yuko first arrived! Hilarious!

I just love this fic ~
Cant wait for the next chapter :D

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Lollita90: huehuehue hope you still find it intersting ^^

Kahem: finally, isn't it? Huehue thanks to you, I put a jealous Kojiharu in this chap, even having planned it for the next one o/

Yuuzu05: find out in this chapter o/ thanks for liking my story^^ I'm a marimii shipper too o/

Yuukimoko: I think they are cute too, but they are kind of slow here ^^" and i think that too o/

M00nchild: thanks o/ yes, she is the last one >< about Kai having a trouble.... Sorry if I dispoint you ;.;

Pdpond: thank you for liking them in my fic ^^~

Takanyan: thanks! Your comentary lifted up my will for keep writing o/ I think ebery scene with Yuko should be hilarious o/


Thanks Calyrica for proofreading o/

Here is a new chapter o/

Sorry for the chap lengt instability  :cry:

I had problems for writing this, so sorry if it's kinda lame :banghead:

Chapter 5

The girls looked at the scene incredulously. That was unbelievable! They didn’t know what surprised them more: Persona or that woman.
“Ra… Ray!” Kai said, astonished, pulling away from the girl. Now, they had their assurance: that woman was the top-selling charismatic diva, Ray. “What are you doing here? Where is Sarukawa-sachou?” he was using a harsh tone of voice. The boy who had been kind all day was now crusty. That meant something was wrong.
“I looked at your schedule. It was written that you had a private show today, and also showed the address. I came here without him. He must be crazy, looking for me now,” she answered like it was nothing, and she completely ignored the girls. Atsuko, Takamina, Jurina, and Rena turned incredulity into confusion. One thing they could sense was that an awkward atmosphere was starting to surround the couple. The boy rolled his eyes.
“Why did you come? You know I don’t want to…” he started, but the diva stopped him.
“I know… But I really needed to talk to you,” Ray said with a sad face that Kai simply couldn’t resist. He sighed. It was obvious that he was giving the diva a chance to explain herself. Atsuko cleared her throat.
“Excuse us. We’ll back to our rooms,” Atsuko said, pushing the other three girls into the house. The couple was left alone.
As soon as the girls walked into the living room, they found another strange situation. A middle aged man was scolding Minami and Kuu, who were sitting on a couch. Both were holding a fake guilty expression. From the large window behind the couch, Mariko was watching the scene, trying to hide a satisfactory smile. Yuki and Mayuyu were beside Mariko. Yuki was feeling sorry for the two, but she knew it was their own fault. Mayuyu was just having fun with that whole situation. Atsuko, Takamina, Jurina, and Rena were stunned, not knowing what to do.
"How many times do I have to tell you to stop playing these kind of pranks, Minami?!" he shouted with a bright red face. Jurina had never seen her uncle so angry. Except, perhaps, when Minami plays a weird prank on him, and that seemed to be the case.
"But, uncle, your leg looks way better now. I think you'd have more charm if you have your leg shaved," Minami said with an innocent smile. He was about to scream at Minami when a woman's voice echoed through the living room.
"What is happening here?" Saeko asked, walking downstairs with Marilyn hanging on her arm. Kuu widened his eyes. He could already hear the sound of the whip. Yuuhi's father noticed the desperate look on the boy's face.
"I'm just reprehending my niece here," he said, pointing at Minami. "She has to learn to stop playing pranks on her elders." Kuu sighed in relief.
"Pretty wise of you. So, that boy over there has nothing to do with it? Because if he does, I'm afraid we are going to have a little talk later," Saeko said with a sadistic smile. Kuu shivered.
"Well, he was there.  But I guess Minami did everything alone," he said, placing the entire blame on Minami's shoulders. In the end, he was nice. He noticed the boy would be troubled if that woman discovered the truth.
"Good to know," Saeko said, looking suspiciously at the boy. She walked out of the house with Marilyn. Kuu sighed deeply in relief.
"Minami, find someone else to give you a ride tomorrow. This is your punishment," he said, finishing the matter. Then, he turned around and walked upstairs to his room. No one wanted to say a word.
"Don't worry, Miichan. I'm sure Sayaka will be glad to give you a ride," Takamina said, breaking the silence.
"Sure! I'll ask her later," Minami said, leaning back in the couch.
"And what did you find on your walk?" Yuki asked, leaning over the window. Rena, Jurina, and Takamina blushed. Then, the four started to talk about the things they saw along the beach.
Meanwhile, Sayaka saw Kai's group approaching from the water. She swam back to the coast, but the group didn't wait for her. She knew she had to get out of the water, because her fingers were getting wrinkled.  Sayaka walked towards Sae, who was looking at her.
"Sae, why are you staring at me?" Sayaka had noticed the other girl's gaze since they were playing with the ball earlier.
"Ahm..." 'It's because I'm all messed up because of you!?' Sae thought, but couldn't say that out loud. "You're in great physical shape." That was all she could say.
"Thanks. I work out and practice sports every day." Then Sayaka noticed that the sun was already going down. "Come on. We have to unbury Yuko."
"Yeah! That's true! Haruna, wake up Riku and let's go!" Sae said cheerfully and stood up.
Haruna sighed, turned around, and sat up. She looked at Riku, who was beautifully sleeping. She smiled at him, and then touched his shoulder to wake him up.
"Hey, let's go unbury that perverted squirrel," Haruna said with a soft tone of voice. Riku slowly opened his eyes. He yawned while stretching. Then, he sat up, looked at Haruna, and nodded.
The four walked to Yuko's sleeping head. Without anyone asking, Haruna kneelt down and poked Yuko's forehead. Yuko tilted her head to both sides, then opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Haruna's face.
"Hm... I died and I'm in heaven now," she said sleepily, widening her smile. Haruna's head was close to her's. Haruna stood up fast to hide her blush.
They dug until Yuko could move again. Yuko moved her legs and arms with certain difficulty. She sighed in relief because she was starting to lose senses in her extremities. She stood up with Sae's help. Yuko shook the sand off of her body.
The five walked back to the house just to find everyone chatting in the living room, except Kai, who was nowhere to be seen. Sayaka was still wet, and Yuko was still dropping sand everywhere. Together, they left a dirty trail around the house. Sayaka excused herself, placed Yuko over her shoulders, and walked upstairs. The squirrel girl complained, squeaking and struggling, dropping more sand along the way. After a few moments, Yuko's voice could still be heard from upstairs. And of course, everyone laughed.
"Does anyone know where Kai is?" Riku wanted to know, because it was getting late and they had to dress up for the show.
"When we were at the door, Ray appeared out of nowhere and jumped into him," Takamina answered.
"We left before they actually started a conversation. They might have gone to a private place," Atsuko added. Riku and Kuu looked at each other with a worried expression.
"Come on, Kuu! Let's find him!" Riku said, urging on his team mate. Kuu quickly stood up and they walked out the living room in a hurry. The girls got quite confused. And finally, something clicked.
"Oh, my god! Ray?! The top-selling charismatic diva, Ray?!" Haruna amazed herself. She couldn't believe in her ears. She was a great fan of Ray.
"Yeah. Herself in flash and bones," Atsuko said, seeing her friend's eyes sparkle. She sighed. "Oh, dear, maybe another time. I don't know where her head was, but she ignored us all." Atsuko knew what her friend was thinking, but tried to not upset her.
"Maybe when she's finished with Kai!" Yuki said, trying to put a smile on Haruna's face.
"Okay. For now, I'll go to my room." Haruna was still a bit sad. She slowly walked upstairs. Atsuko bowed her head in an apologetic gesture and followed Haruna.
"Well, since the fun is over, I'll go swim before the sun goes completely down," Mayuyu said, standing up.
"I'll go with you, Mayuyu!" Yuki said energetically. Mayuyu started to walk towards the beach.
"So don't fall behind, Yukirin." Mayuyu said with a tiny smile without turning her head. Yuki followed her. Sae didn't like to hear the young girl call Yuki by that nickname. How come the girl got the permission to use it if Sae herself didn't?
"Ano... I'll go to my room too. I'm tired from the walk," Rena said, heading to her room. The truth is that she wanted to think about everything that happened. Jurina waited a few moments and followed the girl.
"Well, I think I'll take a bath. Sae, can you show me where I can get a towel?" Takamina said, looking at the tall girl.
"Sure! Come on!" Sae said with her usual bright smile, and they started to walk towards the room. Miichan blinked, looked around the empty living room, and stopped her gaze at Mariko.
"What's up, Gachapin?"
"Why are the two of us always left alone?" Minami asked, almost suffering.
"I don't know. Maybe it's fate," Mariko answered the girl with bored eyes.
Somewhere in the house's huge yard, Kai took Ray to a place where he knew they would be alone. At least, he thought they would. He avoided every place he had passed through with the girls and where he could see people. They ended up in a beautiful garden with a wooden bench in the center.
"So, what do you want?" Kai roughly asked. Ray just stood there with her head down, her heir falling over covering her face. That was atypical behavior. Kai was becoming stressed; he didn't want to be in diva's presence. "You know I don't want to talk to you. You hurt Riku's feelings."
"Kai..." Ray started.
"If you don't have anything useful to say, please go away," Kai said with a surly demeanor, placing a hand on diva's shoulders. He could feel her trembling. Ray sat down on the bench gracefully and covered her face with both hands.
"Sorry..." She was crying. That melted Kai's heart. "I... I don't understand... I've always been the most famous girl in Japan... Everybody loves me..." she sobbed. Kai sat down next to Ray and listened to her carefully.
"Don't cry..." he said, softly wiping her tears with his fingers.
"But I never fallen in love with anyone..." She sobbed again. "That's why, since I fell for you, I don't know what to do... I don't know... I don't know how to act. I'm feeling like an idiot..." She was expressing her feelings. Kai cupped her cheeks with both hands and raised her head. He couldn't name the feeling that was making his heart beat so hard. It was aching. He preferred to see her smiling.
"Ray... Don't cry anymore..." Kai used his thumbs to wipe the tears that kept rolling out of her eyes.
"Sorry... I was being so selfish... I'm just lost..." she said, looking him into his eyes. He kept the eye contact.
"Just don't cry anymore. You just have to be yourself and respect others personal space." He could see the despair in her gradually vanish. How could he still be angry at her when she showed such deeply regret? That side of Ray was so cute. They were just locked into each other’s gaze. The sun setting was surrounding them with a golden aura. Their heads were slowly leaning towards each other.
"Kai! We finally found you!" Riku said, approaching. Kai jumped off the bench.
"What?! I wasn't thinking that she's pretty!" Kai said without thinking. As soon as he realized what he said, he blushed furiously.
"Hurry up! We have to get dressed for the show!" Kuu said. The two boys looked puzzled at the couple.
"Stay and watch the show if you want. Just be nice to the girls." Kai joined the boys. He looked back just to see Ray's red face.

"He said I'm pretty..." Ray whispered, blushing. She leaned back on the bench, still thinking about how awesome Kai was. The guys walked back to the house.
"What did she want with you?" Riku asked along the walk.
"She wanted to apologize. I think she was just lost..."
"Gosh! You are just too soft on her," Riku sighed.
"I'll make sure she apologizes to both of you."
"Great!" Kuu said, making a face. And the silence reigned over the final steps to their room.
Sayaka opened the door to the room with one hand, trying to balance Yuko over her shoulders. The squirrel girl was still struggling. Sayaka walked into the room with large steps, going straight to the bathroom. She placed the small girl into the empty bathtub. 
"Mou, Sayaka! Why you did that?" Yuko squeaked.
"Calm down, Yuko. I know you wanted to stay downstairs, but you're full of sand. You would leave the living room dirtier than you already did." Sayaka explained.
"And you're all wet. What's the point?" Yuko asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
"Just clean yourself up for your Nyannyan. Come on. I'll help." Sayaka sighed. Yuko gave a huge smile. The taller one went to the room and got two towels from a drawer. When she went back to the bathroom, Yuko was already naked. She locked the door behind her.
Haruna entered the room like a hurricane. She didn't notice the door was already open. What was wrong with her? She knew that not being able to see the charismatic diva Ray wasn't the reason for her spoiled behavior. What was it, then?
"Mou, Yuko! Calm down! I already told you that if you rub it with too much strength it's gonna hurt!" Haruna heard Sayaka's voice from the bathroom door.
"Sorry. I prefer when you do it to me," Yuko lamented. Atsuko walked in the room to see Haruna really close to the bathroom door. She shut the door and walked towards her friend.
"Let's change positions again." Sayaka sighed. Atsuko looked confused at Haruna, who returned the gaze. "And try to copy my movements later." Haruna and Atsuko heard the sound of water.
"Uaaah... Sayaka... You have a goddess's fingers..." Yuko moaned. "How come you are so good at it when you're the strongest among us?"
"It's practice! I've been practicing it for a long time now," Sayaka said in a firm tone. The two girls overhearing behind the door raised their eyebrows.
"Okay! So, let me do it to you again!" Yuko asked cheerfully. Atsuko and Haruna blushed. What the heck they were doing in that bathroom? Haruna didn't want to know. It was outrageous to hear all of. She walked away from the door, puzzled by her own feelings. Why? Why she couldn't stand to hear that? They could be doing anything. Anything! Yes! Urgh! No! Atsuko thought Haruna's reaction so funny that she wanted to laugh. But she also wanted to hear where that conversation would go.
"Yuko! Don't scratch! Watch out for your nails! Softer!" Sayaka said between tiny moans. "Yes! That’s it!" She left out a loud moan. "Perfect! You're getting it! That's the way you do it!" At that point, Haruna couldn't stand anymore. She walked out the room, stomping hard. She sat on the first chair she found on the hallway, catching a few of her friends' attention. Atsuko almost laughed loudly.
"Ah! I wish I could do this to Nyannyan..." Yuko sighed. Atsuko smirked. She had enough. She walked out the door, satisfied. She liked the squirrel girl from the beginning, and now she knew the reason. That girl was funny for sure. Atsuko sat on a chair in the room with a smile and waited.
When Sayaka and Yuko stepped out the bathroom, tangled in their towels, they found Atsuko lost in thoughts with a grin on her face. Yuko brought her back to reality. Sayaka informed her the bathroom was ready to be used again. When Atsuko walked in the bathroom, she found it looking like it had been tidied by a professional. She was amazed.
Sayaka dressed a tight black paints, a large dark green blouse with a large belt on her waist, and high heels. Yuko put on a skirt with flower pattern and a pink sleeveless shirt with high heels as well. They walked out the room and found Haruna sleeping in a weird position in a chair. Sayaka whispered to Yuko to leave the girl alone. Yuko smiled and stopped while the taller kept walking. She looked at Haruna's sleeping face and thought it was cute. She leaned closer and kissed Haruna's cheek. Then, she ran towards Sayaka, grinning. Haruna woke up feeling good and having a nice smell of soap.
At the beach, Mayuyu took off her cruise dress and walked in the water. It was warmer than probably was earlier. That was Mayu’s favorite time to enter in the water. She looked at Yuki, who was behind her, and give her a tiny smile.
“Yukirin, isn’t it a great sunset?” She asked calmly. Yuki nodded in agreement, giving the younger a graceful smile. “The water got warmer in the sunset. I wonder if it’s because it touches the sea when it’s falling down,” Mayu said dreamily. Yuki knew that wasn’t the correct answer, but nodded again.
‘Oh, lord, this girl is way cuter than I thought.’ Yuki thought, smiling. “Let’s dive!” Yuki offered a hand, which Mayuyu grabbed. They counted to three and dived into the water.
“I want to go deeper.” Mayu released Yuki’s hand and swim to the deep sea.
“Mayuyu, wait!” Yuki swam after Mayuyu. When she finally reached the younger girl, they couldn’t touch the ground with their feet. “It’s too deep.” Yuki said with salt water entering her mouth.
Mayuyu smiled. Then, a cold water current passed through Mayu’s back. The girl shivered and unconsciously wrapped herself around Yuki with her arms and legs. Yuki shivered, but for another reason. Their faces were really close again. And this time, Yuki knew nothing could interrupt them.
“What happened?” Yuki asked looking into Mayu’s eyes. Mayuyu could feel the other girl’s breath. Her heart skipped a beat.
“Cold water…” Mayuyu was locked into Yuki’s gaze. The distance between their faces was shortening. But they didn’t see the huge wave behind them. The wave hit the two strongly. The strength pulled Mayu over Yuki and their lips met for a second. The two were dragged back to the sand. Coughing, they walked out if the water with their minds spinning in full speed. They lay on the sand to think and breathe.
“It’s going to rain later…” was all Yuki could say while looking at the sky. Their fun in the ocean was over.
Jurina knocked twice before entering the room. She found Rena looking out the window. Jurina silently closed the door behind her and stood in the middle of the room.
"Ano... Rena-chan..." she called towards the other girl, who turned. "Sorry about the kiss," Jurina said, bowing. Then, she rose again and looked Rena into her eyes. "But I really mean it."
Rena didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t expecting that. She looked out the window again and now she could see a couple in the garden outside. She recognized them as Kai and Ray. She watched the scene, although she didn’t know what they were talking about. Rena saw Kai’s reaction to whatever Ray said and she understood what Riku said at lunch. She smiled sadly and realized that she, herself, needed to be honest with her feelings as well. That silence was increasing Jurina’s anxiety.
“I know we just met yesterday, but I've come to like you a lot. And I don’t want to see you with a sad face. You’re much prettier when you smile.” Jurina blushed furiously. She ran out of the room without noticing Rena’s reaction. Rena blushed as well and kept looking at the scene in the garden. Jurina vanished again until Persona’s show.
Sae and Takamina walked in the room, having a friendly chat. While Sae got the towels, Takamina got her change of clothes.
“Hey, Takamina. Let’s get in together,” Sae suggested, handing over a towel to the smaller girl. The girl flinched and widened her eyes.
“No!” Takamina said, blushing and running to the bathroom. Sae tried to run after her, but Takamina was faster and locked the door before Sae got to her.
“Come on! We're both girls; there's nothing different in our bodies,” Sae insisted.
“Okay. I got it. You're too shy to show me your body.” Sae sighed and walked away, looking for another place to take a bath.
Mariko and Minami stayed in the living room for a couple of minutes. Silently, the two decided to head back to their room. It was obvious to them that they would take a bath and change clothes. Why they wanted to do it at the same time is a mystery, even to themselves. Minami closed the door behind her and Mariko closed the window.
“Why are you closing the window? Do you think anyone is going to want to look at your skinny body?” Minami asked, teasing.
“Well, you looked at it,” Mariko countered.
“I had no choice!” Minami slightly blushed.
“You could have turned around, Gachapin,” Mariko said in a bored tone. Then, she started to undress herself. Minami was completely blushing by now. ‘Her reactions are so funny,’ Mariko thought.
“Are you going to harass me again?” Minami asked, widening her eyes.
“Who harassed you? It was consensual, and you liked it,” Mariko teased. “Besides, I’ll just take a bath. Wouldn’t you do that, too?”
“I can’t remember! So it was harassment! And I won’t get naked in front of you!” Minami protested. Mariko sighed.
“Whatever. And if you think that bed sheet hid something, you are completely wrong.” Mariko said with a dirty smile. Minami turned purple.
“Right!” Miichan shouted making a face. “You go first. I’ll wait here.” She sat on a nearby chair and crossed her arms. Mariko grinned. Naked, she walked to the bathroom and closed the door.
The sound of water and the sweet scent of the soap were making Minami dizzy. She stood up and started to arrange her things that she'd need for her turn in the bathroom. Mariko was fast and walked out the bathroom, humming a song. She was dripping water while Minami watched her walk towards the drawer and get a towel.
“What?” Mariko asked.
“Nothing! My turn!” Then Minami got in the bathroom with her towel and her clothes. Mariko dressed and waited for Minami for no logical reason.
Minami couldn’t finish zipping her dress, so she went to check if Mariko was still in the room. Minami was holding her strapless dress tight to prevent it from falling. She found Mariko sitting on the bed, looking into a small bag, choosing jewelry.
“Hey, old mummy! Help me, please,” Minami asked. Mariko looked up and felt that she wanted to smile. Minami was quite impressed by the taller woman clothes. She has good taste for fashionable clothes. She was wearing a stylish skirt and a blouse that fell from one shoulder.
“Just zip the dress?” Mariko asked. Minami nodded. With one hand, Mariko pulled Minami’s wet hair out the way, revealing the smaller bare back. ‘She has a beautiful back…’ Mariko thought. Minami felt a delicate touch on her back and shivered. Mariko noticed that tiny reaction. She used her two hands: one to support and other to pull the zipper up. Mariko purposely caressed Minami’s back in the process; just to make the girl shiver more. When Mariko was done, Minami felt an indescribable feeling.   
Kai dressed up fast so that he could check up Ray was still there. He found her at the same spot he had left her at several minutes ago. Kai called Ray and they walked back to the house. A few girls were already there, like Sayaka, Yuko, Takamina, Atsuko, and Rena. Kai was introducing the diva to the girls when Haruna walked down the stairs. Her eyes sparkled and she ran towards the idol. Ray greeted all the girls reluctantly. What if one of those girls wanted to steal her Kai away? No. She knew Kai only had eyes for her.
The group had a glimpse of Mayu and Yuki running towards their own rooms. The two were in a hurry because they knew they were already late. They met Sae on their way. A few moments later, Minami and Mariko appeared downstairs. Only Jurina hadn’t been seen for a while. Minami knew Jurina must be hidden some place, that she wanted some privacy. So, she told everyone to go ahead, because Jurina would catch them up later.
The idol group had to meet their sachou for last-minute instructions. The group went outside, where a small stage was set up. It was like the night before; with a dance floor and a couple of tables around it. Ray sat on a table near the stage. The girls sat around the diva still talking about all that they had done during the day. Ray was still thinking about Kai’s reaction and the cute way he said that she's beautiful. She was holding a disdainful expression.
Moments later, Persona was announced at the stage. The girls stood up and neared the stage. The other guests did the same. Ray kept where she was, just looking at the stage. Jurina arrived at the same time the boys stepped in the stage. They sang their own music, few covers and finally their debut song: 3 Seconds. Some girls squealed, others just stood there watching and other ones were dancing. Kai always looked at Ray and when their eyes met, he gave her a smile. In the middle of the show, Ray silently stood up and walked away. She left the house without a word.
Kai found this kind behavior strange coming from the diva. She used to be all smiles and possessive. But he had to concentrate on the show. As soon as the show was over, Saeko allowed the boys to stay at the party, since they got along so well with the girls. A DJ assumed the duty to entertain the guests with dancing music.
The group danced in all kind of possible ways. Disco music was sure the best! Everyone danced their own way and it was fun like that. Sae was making weird movements with her arms. Soon, everyone was following her. The group danced together like that for an entire song.
Sae's gaze was glued on Yuki just to make sure the other girl didn’t hang on Mayu too much. But she also kept an eye on Sayaka. Rena hung around Atsuko and Haruna, but it wasn’t like she was avoiding Jurina. Yuko was trying everything she could to be near Haruna, but she was being ignored. Atsuko danced with Takamina sometimes, but the short girl seemed to be too shy around Atsuko. Sayaka was looking after Yuko, just to make sure the squirrel girl didn’t do anything perverted; and danced with most of the girls and boys. Minami found Kuu to be an unexpectedly great dance partner. Jurina was dancing around Mayu and Minami, but sometimes she tried to dance with Rena. Mariko was dancing with everyone and taking tons of pictures with her camera.
When Haruna finally gave up on ignoring Yuko and accepted her invite to dance, the DJ played a slow music. Atsuko was trying to dance with Takamina. Jurina was finally pairing up with Rena. Sae was with Yuki, like the entire night, but still kept an eye on Sayaka, who was dancing with Riku. Yuki was quietly looking at Mayu, who was having fun with Kuu. Minami and Mariko looked at each other silently saying: I’m not gonna dance to slow music with you! So they walked away to that same path they used the night before. Kai took a break to send a message to Ray.
This time, Mariko and Minami were in silence. When the two reached the beach, they looked up to the sky. It wasn’t a starry sky like the other night. The sky was cloudy. The two stood there, wondering if it was going to rain.

Yuko had a satisfied smile, but she didn’t try anything perverted because she knew she would lose that moment. Sae and Yuki were lost in their own thoughts. Rena faced her feelings and whispered on Jurina’s ear.
“I don’t know if my kind of like is the same as yours, but I like you. So let’s be friends until I discover what kind of feelings I have for you.” Hearing this, Jurina gave her best smile.
“Un!” Jurina whispered back cheerfully, and then she gently embraced Rena, who blushed.
Minami and Mariko got startled by a lightning. They walked back to the group and found them crazily dancing to disco music. Moments later, a light rain started to fall. The light drops turned into a pouring rain, and everyone started to run towards the house.
“I never fail!” Yuki said with a winning smile. The group looked at her, not knowing what she was talking about, except for Mayuyu, who had heard the girl saying it was going to rain later earlier.
The first ones to go change clothes was the Persona group. Jurina, Minami, Yuko, and Sae looked at each other and grinned. They knew what they wanted to do and excused themselves. Mayuyu understood as well and followed, because she knew it was going to be fun. The others took a while to understand, but when they did, they hurriedly tried to reach the first group.
“What are you think you're doing?” Sayaka asked to the four who were trying to sneak a peek through a door. She was the first one who got there. Mayu was standing behind the four.
“We just want to look at their bare skin,” Jurina said.
“Yeah! They never appeared without their shirts!” Yuko added. “We want to see their flat male chests.” A latecomer was running towards them, but she couldn’t stop in time. The others didn’t notice her.
Everyone was pushed into the room, falling over each other. The owners of the room looked at them, frightened. The girls hoped to find three boys changing. Instead, they found three girls.
The taller girl rushed and pulled the twelve girls inside, locking the door behind her. The three strange girls looked at each other and sighed. Someone was going to ask who they were, but they saw three suits and three wigs on the bed. It clicked, but they didn’t want to believe it.
“Oh, my god! Two Nyannyans! I’m in heaven!” Yuko squealed, looking at the taller strange girl. The girl blushed and Haruna straightened her eyes. Sayaka messed up her hair in confusion.
“What’s the meaning of this?” Sayaka asked. The others were still stunned. The three girls sighed again.
“The Persona guys are actually fictional characters,” the tallet started.
“They're the three of us disguised as men,” the smallest one continued.
“We’re sorry to deceive you girls!” the middle one said, bowing.
“Honto ni gomennasai!” The three of them bowed in unison. There was a moment of silence.
“Yay! I knew I wouldn’t like a guy that much! Girls are the best!” Yuko said like she had won the lottery.
“No wonder Riku blushed that hard when you said that about him at lunch time,” Atsuko commented. That broke the awkward atmosphere that was growing around them. Everybody laughed, except the tallest girl, who blushed.
“So, what’s your name?” Takamina asked.
“I’m Wakamatsu Asahi. Bice to meet you! As you can see, I’m Riku,” said the tallest girl.
“I’m Kawachi Nami. I’m Kai,” said the smallest girl, raising her fist at shoulder height.
“I’m Otawa Hinata. Nice to meet you! I’m Kuu,” said the middle girl making a ‘v’ with her fingers. The group analyzed the three and thought that they didn’t seem much different from the boys they spent the day with. Maybe it was okay.
They started a conversatoin to try to see if they would get along with those girls like they did with the boys. They got their assurance that there was no difference. The three girls asked the others to keep it as a secret so that their sachou wouldn’t find out that the girls had discovered their secret. The chat was going smoothly until someone remembered they were still wet and had to change or else they could get a cold. So the group split and headed back to their rooms. It was late, so they decided to go to bed already.
Jurina, Rena, and Mayu dried themselves and changed into sleeping clothes. Rena wore the same nightgown she used the night before. This time, Jurina was with light blue pajamas. And Mayu was wearing a frilly long camisole. Jurina and Rena sat on the bed and realized that Mayu was going to spend the night on the couch. The two looked at each other and came to a silent understanding.
“Mayuyu, come in the bed with us,” Jurina offered.
“Yes. It’s a big bed. We three can easily fit in,” Rena added. Mayu looked at them and smiled. Then, the three lay on the bed, with Mayu between the WMatsui. The smaller one grabbed their hands and soon she was asleep. During the night, the WMatsui leaned closer to Mayu. They woke up with their friendship warm.
Sae, Yuki, and Takamina also dried themselves and changed into sleeping clothes. Takamina was going to spend the night in a spare mattress. She was so tired that as soon as she placed her head on the pillow, she blacked out. Yuki was sharing the bed with Sae, who  was frustrated and wanted some fun. She started to caress Yuki.
“Mou, Sae, stop with that,” Yuki said, moaning.
“Just a bit, please?” Sae insisted.
“I’m tired. Maybe another time,” Yuki said, but she remembered the other girl wasn’t going to give up so easily. “If I give you a kiss, will you be satisfied?”
“I can live with that.” Then Yuki leaned over to Sae and kissed her. She remembered then why she liked doing this with Sae. Oh, lord, that was so complicated! They kept kissing until they fall asleep from exhaustion.
Atsuko and Haruna wanted to take a bath before sleeping. Sayaka and Yuko just dried themselves and put on their nightgowns. Atsuko felt like she wanted to play a trick on the squirrel. While they were in the bath, she looked at Haruna with a grim smile.
“Mou, Acchan! Don’t do that!” Haruna moaned from the bathroom. Yuko sharpened her hearing.
“Why not? I like when you moan like that!” Atsuko's voice said.
“Nyaa! Acchan!” Haruna moaned again. Yuko was now right by the door. “Oh! Don’t touch me there!” She moaned really hard.
“NOOO! NYANNYAN!” Yuko screamed, pounding on the door. Haruna kept moaning. “Nooo! Let me in!” she squealed. Sayaka sighed. She grabbed the smaller girl and ordered her to be quiet. The squirrel girl struggled, so Sayaka had no choice. She had to use her secret weapon. She hit a certain point on Yuko’s neck and the girl passed out. Then, she dragged her unconscious friend to their spare mattress and laid down with her. She grabbed Yuko in a way that even if the girl woke up, she wouldn’t be able to move. In Yuko’s dream, she was between two fluffy spots, but they weren’t as perfect as Nyannyan’s. For now, she could live with that. Atsuko wanted to laugh at the scene. Haruna just rolled her eyes. Sayaka woke up early and went to do her morning practice.
Minami and Mariko turned their backs to each other while they dried themselves and changed their clothes. When she turned again, Mariko found Minami in plain light pink pajamas and Minami found Mariko in a black strapped silky nightgown with roses  embroidered on it. They just stared at each other.
“So, that’s what you wear to sleep when you a not naked?” Mariko asked.
“Yeah!” Was all Minami could say. They kept looking into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, Minami started to cry. Mariko was surprised and speechless. She approached the shorter girl. “It’s really over now!” the girl sobbed hugging the taller one. Mariko was helpless. She slowly embraced the crying girl. She understood what Minami was feeling.
“I understand…” She tightened her grip. Mariko’s arm could be thin, but they were strong. Minami felt so safe within them. “Come on. You should sleep now,” Mariko said leading the girl to the bed. She laid Minami down and went turn off the light.
“Can you leave the lamp turned on?” Minami asked between sobs.
“Okay.” Mariko was being so indulgent. What was wrong with her? She walked to her side of the bed and laid down. She turned to Minami, who was crying silently. Mariko touched the girl's shoulder and pulled her closer. She held Minami tight and they ended up intertwining their bodies. “You can cry as much as you want,” she whispered.
“Thanks. Mariko...” Her voice was muffled because of Mariko’s body. Minami sighed in relief. Finally hearing her name in Minami’s voice made Mariko shiver more she had ever shivered before.  She noticed the girl was already asleep.
“You're welcome, Minami…” And she let herself stare at Minami until she fell asleep. Minami woke up feeling renewed. Still with her eyes closed, she could feel arms holding her firmly, but gently. It felt safe. The scent of the embrace was intoxicating and pleasant. She smiled and wiggled a little. An arm moved and a hand was placed on her hip. She opened her eyes and looked up. Her heart skipped fast. Why? Why did Mariko make her feel that way? Mariko hummed something with a smile on her face. Why is she so thin, but her skin is so smooth and feels so nice? Minami didn’t want to know the answer. Not now. She leaned even closer to Mariko and tried to sleep again. She didn’t want to know why, but she liked it.
It was about ten when everybody was ready to leave. The girls exchanged phone numbers and emails. The Persona guys invited the girls to a show they were holding in a shopping mall the middle of the next week, even thought it struck them that the girls might have work or school at the time of the show. Minami and Mariko decided to ignore what happened that night. This time, no one knew, only the two of them. It was their secret. They had met for such short time, but they already held too many secrets together.
The party was over. The next day was Monday. They had to go back to their routine, their normal life. 


This was the final part of the party o/

Hope you enjoyed^^

Next: we will know what some of the girls do for living o/

One more thing: Miichan has a sister, but I don't know who should I make her sister. Any suggestion? Please ><
AND: who of the girls in this fic have the biggest boobs? I can't hardly say it myself, even thought I search for and see tons of pics of the girls ;.; I'm useless, sorry :cry:

See ya next chapter o/

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + I don't know anymore ;.;) Ch. 5
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Hahaha!!!! It's so funny!!!! Especially the bathroom scenes ^^
Jealous Kojiharu is touching. But I don't know why I think that way xD
Persona are girls, I knew it! Lol
Hum Miichan's sister? I don't know why not Tomochin or Chiyuu?

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