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Author Topic: -Mean Girls- [UPDATE 11 Feb, Chapter 4]  (Read 4102 times)

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Re: -Mean Girls- [UPDATE 11 Feb, Chapter 4]
« Reply #20 on: February 12, 2013, 01:07:33 PM »
since it seems that Miki is not over the thing yet (because of the photo being still on her nightstand), I think she will declares a war to anyone who tries to approach Aichan.
Hmmm... ;D I love reading all these suppositions from you guys XD Keep them coming  :twothumbs that doesn't mean I'll reveal stuff or anything haha

I bet there will be something more than just playing  :roll:
I have a lot of TakaGaki goodies in store for you guys ;D

I like how it differs from the original by some details, because if it weren't Risa's only words to Ai in the first few chapters would be "Hi" and "It's raining"...
Yes, I decided to speed it up a bit to the same pace with the main plot because we would have been waiting a LOOONG time for them two to hook up if I followed the movie.  :smhid

Sayu: Fujimoto Miki... How do I begin to explain Fujimoto Miki?
Okai Chisato: Fujimoto Miki is flawless.
Tokunaga Chinami: I hear her hair's insured for $10,000.
Linlin: I hear she does car commercials... in Korea.
Suzuki Kanon: Her favorite movie is Sukeban Deka.
Hagiwara Mai: One time she met Tsunku on a plane...
Sudou Maasa: - And he told her she was pretty.
Kusumi Koharu: One time she punched me in the face... it was awesome.
CLASSIC  :rofl: My favourite part of the movie  :lol:

Another thing I wanted to mention... I hope you guys aren't THAT surprised with Aichan playing volleyball in this fic XD She was quite good in the Allo Hello 3 DVD  :wub:
Edit: Page 2 GETS <3

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Re: -Mean Girls- [UPDATE 11 Feb, Chapter 4]
« Reply #21 on: February 12, 2013, 01:40:56 PM »
Lol at poor, nervous Gaki-san, but in the end, she did get closer to Ai-chan!

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Re: -Mean Girls- [UPDATE 11 Feb, Chapter 4]
« Reply #22 on: February 12, 2013, 10:49:54 PM »
Gaki-San realizes her feelings! Omg! And Ai-chan is so totally interested in her! Can't wait to see what happens when Miki finds out! Risa is going to have to disappoint both of the gangs if she wants to be happy together with Ai, can't wait to see how you write this, great job :) 

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Re: -Mean Girls- [UPDATE 11 Feb, Chapter 4]
« Reply #23 on: February 13, 2013, 04:44:28 PM »
“Oh… well that’s both unexpected AND interesting.” The bunny said more to herself “I had no idea Fujimoto was so weak as to-”
had a feeling that sayu is up to something..

seem like Aichan is still in Miki's heart?? will Sayu and JunJUn use Aichan as a weakpoint for Miki??
And now it seem like gakisan had fall for Aichan too, things will get so much interesting now..Gaki vs Miki..i doubt Miki will just let Gakisan win Aichan over so easily, since she still having the <3 pic on her nightstand..
Great..Now, lets see what they will do to win the battle.hahahahhaha  :lol:

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