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Author Topic: RenshuChan no Useless Story - Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot) - COMPLETED  (Read 1852 times)

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Everyone .... RenshuChan here  :welcome I'm a new writer, a useless and lame one. This is my first post. I hope there will be someone who has a big heart to read my lame oneshot. English is not my language, so forgive me if there are some mistakes. Hope you guys like it  :)

Just Arrived

"Attention please to all of the passangers. Please entighten your seatbelt, we're going to land in Tokyo International Airport"

Aaah ... Finally, I'm coming back to Tokyo. My lovely country. I hope 3 years won't change too many things here. I can't wait to meet my family. Even we communicate everyweek through Skype, meeting them in person will never be the same. They said they would pick me up at the airport. I'm looking through the crowd, trying to find them. But there were too many people and really hard to find them.

I almost gave up untill...
"Jurina-chaaaan ... !!!" I looked through people and found my parents and my old friend ran towards my direction.

"Mom ..." I came to her and hugged her. It was really my "most waited" moment, feeling my mom's warm embrace after such a super long time. I was really emotional that I shed tears in her shoulder. God, I really really miss her.

"Hey, what about us ? You don't miss us ? What a shame ..." I heard someone said in an annoying tone. I left my mom and and hug the certain person.

"Mari-nee chan~ of course I miss you. Why shouldn't I ?"

I also see Mayuyu, Yukirin, Yuko-san and Kojiharu-san there. They looked really well. I thanked them who gave their little time just to welcomed me in the Airport, because they were super busy that barely have time to do other things. But, I didn't see Rena-chan there. I didn'y bother to asked them too, maybe Rena-chan was busy. Being a manager of Bakery shop was surely took almost of her time. I tried to be tough, but I miss her so badly.

Then we headed home. My father and my little sister Kanon-chan, already wait at the parking lot. Kanon came to me and hugged me. what a cute little sister I have. She helped me to put my belongings inside the car.


"Tadaima ~"

I came into my house and found nothing much difference since the last time I left. All memories I experienced here coming through my brain and played like a flash movie. 3 years of missing this environment from abroad had vanished by the time I step my feet here.

"Honey, you better take some rest. NY-Tokyo flight is surely long and tiring, right?" My mom suggested.

Then I headed to my old room. It was never change even a bit. I'm sure mom always cleaned it everyday. there was no any such a little dirt spot in my room.

I didn't mind to put my belongings to the wardrobe since my muscle felt really sore. It was indeed a tiring flight. SO, I just went to the bathroom and washed my face and then go to sleep. My bed was thousands time more comfortable than in the dorm back then. In a few minutes, I fell asleep.


I never thought that my pillow became warmer and ... heavier. I hugged the pillow again, but it made sounds like "thump...thump" in rhytm. Wait! What? Isn't it sound of heartbeat ?I rubbed my eyes. It was blurry, but I'm sure I was hugging someone.

"Ohayou Jurina ~" the voice greeted me.

"Oha- kyaaaa ...!!!" I was shocked. it was darkand I couldn't make sure who it was. But I guess ...

"Hey, it's me ! What is wrong with you ?" was her voice. But I couldn't see her clearly. I needed my glasses and better lightning here. She jumped out from the bed and open the curtain. Now, it's too bright ! And I found ...

"Rena-chan ... !!!" I ran to her and hugged her really tight. She was laughing at me. Maybe O looked stupid. But I miss her a lot that I couldn't help. She didn't came to the airport when the others did. She's the one I loved all this time. We never see each other since I went to NY to study and her time cut too much time of hers. She called me just once in two week and in a really tiny time. And sometimes she just called me once in a month. I miss her so badly.

"When did you come, Rena-chan?"

"Last night. Your mom said you already sleep so I asked her permission to stay over here, thus she let me. You looked tired, so I just accompany you here all night long," she smiled.

"You didn't-"

"Yea, sorry. I couldn't pick you up with others. My job really can't wair. I'm so sorry... forgive me okay ?" There she was begging for apologize. I couldn't stand to not to tease her.

"No ! I won't!" I puffed my cheeks and avoid her gaze. Tried to look more assuring.

"Eh, why ? I slept with you. is it not enough?" I shook my head "Come on Jurina, forgive me. I'll do anything, just forgive me, okay?" She shook my body to and fro. I was slightly dizzy of her action. Well, let's see how I attacked her.


"Yea, really ..."



I crossed my hand," Well, if you want me to forgive you, you have to make a breakfast for me. Special without my mom's help. Can you ?"

"Right away miss! What do you want for breakfast?"

"Anything from you will be alright. DOn't forget the milk, okay?"

"Okay..." She smiled and act like a maid. My kawaii maid.

She was about to left my room, then she turned to me. "Ihave a day off today, let's go somewhere. You can prepare yourself while I make you a breakfast."

I walked to her direction and hugged her then I kissed her cheek. "No,"

"Eh? Why?" She looked confused but still cute.

"Let's just spend our time on my bed" I teased her. She was shocked and her eyes grew wider. So, I continued my sentence," I want us to share our own story," I saw her let out a big sigh like she hold her breathe all those time. "What's wrong? You don't want it?"

"A...ano... N-No, o-of course. Let me g-" She was stuttering when trying to loose my hug. I won't let her and selaed her lips with mine. 3 years didn't change the taste of her lips. It was still smooth and felt like cherry. She kissed me back then we parted.

"Such a naughty. New York change you after all." She said the kissed me again. After some seconds fighting our lips and tongue I decided to stop.

"Rena-chan, I want to eat, I'm really hungry. But if I only eat your lips I won't be full ever. Your lips are really tasty, but I need real food. please~" I begged her. She laughed again. Her laugh were so melodic.

"Okay, after that you can eat my lips again as the dessert," she winked at me as we both laughed. She then go downstairs and prepared me my breakfast.

How I love my Rena ...


How? I'm bad at romantic scene.   :banghead:
Give me some reply please  :bow:
Thanks for the kind-hearted people who read this lame story  :otomerika:

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