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Author Topic: Cometerz48 OS Stash: Kyou made no Melody - Chapter 10  (Read 18248 times)

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Cometerz48 OS Stash: Kyou made no Melody - Chapter 10
« on: January 03, 2014, 02:57:23 PM »

I, Cometerz48 has decided that she wil now start a thread of her own OS in this fanfic forum. *yeay* :fap :fap

And now, since it's my dearest, flawless Umeda Ayaka's birthday, my first OS will be about her mostly and her way of celebrating her birthday. This is not real, but I'm imagining if this actually happened for real it would be quite interesting.



Thank You

Umeda Ayaka sighed as she slid her train card on the sensor and walked out from the station. It was her daily routine since for seven years now if she counted it correctly, seven years since she would come nearly everyday to the suburb of Akihabara. Her mind was taken by memories that flowed in by it self as she walked towards her destination, only stopped to see the big billboard displayed on one of the buildings.

AKB48's 5th Album - Tsugi no Ashiato

She managed to curved a thin smile to the billboard before starting to walk again. It was unusual for her manager to tell her that there's a team B show today at the theater urgently just less than 24 hours before the actual show. Even if she was quite tired out already after an interview for a magazine last night, she still have a responsibility to be there as the captain of possibly 48 Group's Cutest Team. She told her manager later on that she'll manage to perform and look at her now, she's walking towards the theater for the show's preparation. Her decision was made up after she remembered something that is quite important for her.

Today is her 25th Birthday after all.

It was wonderful to receive text messages from her family and friends back in Fukuoka. Not only that, her twitter was overflowed with many birthday greetings from her fans worldwide. Looking at those, she couldn't help not to tear up a bit seeing how much love people has give to her on this special day. Realizing that she's now officially the oldest one in the whole AKB48 after Shinoda Mariko graduated from the group, and also the fact that she'll be the only captain to stay in the group after the 2012 Shuffle Announcement since Yuko just announced her Graduation just a few moments before New Year's eve.

Graduations of course have popped out into her brain for a few times already. As a second generation member from the biggest idol group in the world, she wasn't really put on the front line like Yuko and Sae. Although she managed to feel the sensation of the spot light, she was quickly forced to come out of it after she broke her leg bone badly. She really felt the desperation of staying in crutches for more than a year, forced to leave and unable to perform on the stage. If it weren't for her parent's support and her fans shaking her hands on the hand shakes events that she's allowed to participate on, she would probably graduate for real.

It was true that once she came back with her leg in fine condition, she wasn't put on the spot light anymore. But she remembered how much effort she put for the next years of her membership in AKB48, so much determined to get back on the spot light that she thought everyone as rivals instead of friends. But one person in the same generation managed to change her view of rivalry until now, she made her realized that in AKB everyone work hard towards their dreams together. She's also the first to save her from the despair she experienced when she was forced to leave the stage and the first to welcome her back into the team after her leave. The person was none other than Miyazawa Sae.

Sae was younger than her and yet she would led her towards the other member of the team and opened up a conversation for them to get her started interacting with each other. And as the times flowed, the cold Umeda Ayaka started to melt away and her view about rivalry changed. She started to get more active and blend well with others. Pretty much without Sae's action towards her, she wouldn't be a captain now. A captain must have good communication skills to others so they can lead and guide their members forward.

Speaking about Sae however, reminded her that the tomboy unusually didn't text her at all today despite it's he birthday. In fact, none of the second generation member gave her birthday greetings. She found it quite odd for them not to give one since AKB48's second generation was known for their solidarity and friendship in the whole 48 group. But then she reminded herself that everyone might be too busy to remember her birthday, Sae's activity in China, Sayaka and Yuko's project and much more.

The short captain turned right to a shortcut that would take her faster to the theater, the road was empty accept for a white van parked nearby. The van's front window was suspiciously darkened, making her unable to see if there's anyone in there. She gripped her bag straps, it's too late to turned back and she'll be running late to the theater if she didn't take the shortcut. She walked quickly and passed the van with fastest steps her boots allowed her. After she walked passed, she heard the van's car slid open and the next thing she knew someone covered her mouth with a handkerchief.

"HEL-" she tried to yell but the fabric has muffled her voice. She struggled, feeling arms wrapping on her body trying to pulled her back into the van. She turned her head frantically but all she saw was some figures with black mask that only has three holes for eyes and mouth.She tried to scream even with her mouth muffled, she breathe in some air. The air smelled like chemical and all the sudden she felt hazy and her body becomes so light that she couldn't even lift her eyelids.

Getting kidnapped on my birthday... What a great day.. she thought before she slumped into unconsciousness.


Umechan opened her eyes hazily, her head hurts like she just banged it a couple of times to the wall. She tried to move her arms and found it freely in front of her, she scrunched her eyebrows it was unusual for kidnappers not to tie her hands. She sat up and groaned when she felt how sore her neck is, she glanced around the room. The room was colorless of paint and it's walls are still rough of cement, the only window in the room was covered with wood pieces nailed to it. She got up and approached the window, she leaned her head forward to peek but all she saw was vague scenes of a forest.

Wait.. I'm not in Tokyo?? she asked herself. The kidnappers must have took her out of Tokyo and placed her here, far away from the crowds. The sky looked dark as if it's night already, Umechan cursed. She's meant to be in the theater and performing now! She looked around bag, her manager must have been calling her for hundreds of time. She couldn't see her bag anywhere which has her cellphone, wallet and other important things. They must have taken it... she thought again.

She approached the door and turned the knob, her eyes widened in amazement that it wasn't locked at all. She opened it slightly and peeked out side, coast clear. She walked out carefully without any noise, it seems like the building is still under construction since it's walls are rough and there are some signs that says "UNDER CONSTRUCION, CAUTION" as she walked around. Her eyes and ears are open for any signs of life in the building, the kidnappers might have been still in the building.

I need to get out of here... thought Umechan. She looked around through some hallways, she stopped her footsteps when she heard a bellowed voice far away behind her.


Yabai... thought Ume in panic. So panic that she started to run through the hallway, making noises as her heels touched the floor. Her heart beats faster than ever hearing footsteps coming behind her, chasing the frightened her. She was scared out of her life on that moment, so scared that she started to run in tears. She came to a stair flight, either up or down she have to choose. The footsteps getting closer and she heard more footsteps coming to from the stair that leads down, leaving her no choice but to go up. Poor captain, she was running in tears on the stairs. Each time she met a door, the door would be locked, making her forcefully to go further up the stairs. The footsteps getting closer now and she's closing in to the rooftop door.

Is this the end of me..? she asked herself in tears. The kidnapped idol that possibly could be dead being killed by her kidnappers, leaving family, friends, fans, and team members, grieving in despair for the idol who just turned 25 years old. Someone, please save me... she choke in tears and still running on the stairs.

Sae... she thought about the genki girl whom acted so much in her life for the last seven years. Wishing that she could tell her how much she's thankful she saved her from despair, how much friendship she has taught her... Sae, thank you for everything.. she cried and turned the rooftop door. As soon as she opened it, a blinding light came out and forcefully making her close her eyes.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" she heard the crowds yelled and party poppers popped around her. Umechan opened her bluffed eyes and saw people surrounding her, party poppers ribbons swirled in the air, and AKB48's Namida Surprise played loudly. She blinked in awe, trying to process what's going on in her head, she looked around and saw her team members were smiling to her.

"Did you just cried?" asked a familiar voice behind her. Umechan turned and saw the figures of the kidnapper behind her still in their mask. She yelped in surprised and fright seeing the eight figures that kidnapped her earlier. The one closest to her which spoke opened the mask, revealing the grinning face of Miyazawa Sae. "Surpise~" she cooed as she frantically shaking her hands. Umechan's jaw just dropped as the others start to open their own mask. Yuko, Sayaka, Kana, Yuka, Natsumi, Tomo~mi, Nonti, and even Meetan, was laughing as soon as they opened their mask.

"You should've seen your face!!" laughed Yuko as she gave a high five to Sae. "I never thought that you could cry like that, you know?"

"Best moment ever." grinned Yuka and Tomo~mi. Umechan was lifeless for a moment before someone tapped her from behind. She turned and saw Nakamura Mariko holding out a birthday cake with candles lit on. She signaled everyone and soon the birthday song was sung by everyone.

"Come on captain, blow the candles~" said Komariko with a grin. Umechan smiled and her tears flowed again without her allowing it to stop.

"Hey, don't cry again!" exclaimed Sae, giving a round hug to her. "It's alright now. Sorry for the frightening experience, but really you're 25 now so don't cry."

"You..." growled Umechan giving a light punch to the tomboy's chest. "And you all.." she growled to the other second generation members. they all have the same apologetic grin on their face. "YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!!" she yelled with happy tears and hugged Sae back tightly.

"Oww.." pouted Meetan seeing such a touching scene. "Let's give her hug too shall we, minna?" she said embracing the two girls. Before Umechan knew it, she was in the middle of a group hug. She couldn't help not to cry in happiness having such friends like them for all these years.

"Ehem, Sachou.." cut Komariko while she's enjoying the group hug. "The candle please?"

"Oh, right.." said Umechan. She let go off Sae and blew the twenty five candle lights on the birthday cake softly, as the crowd's cheer went out loud which then continued to a big party with barbecues and pool party . It was the best birthday night ever in her life.

Everything turns out to be false about the urgent theater show, it was a plan organized by the second generation with the help of her manager and the whole members of Team B. The building they're partying on was actually Meetan and her husband's new house that's still under maintenance accept for the rooftop which has a swimming pool and big space large enough for such a party. It was amazing as the night continues and the underage were to go home early, leaving the adults choices whether to go home or continuing the party. Umechan of course as the birthday girl, stayed until late night partying under the star lights.

"You're enjoying it?" asked a voice came behind her, the shorter girl turned and found Sae standing behind her with a drink in her hand.

"Thanks for the party." said Umechan. "You all did a really good job freaking me out down there."

"I hope that's fine with you." smiled Sae. "Sorry for the fright."

"No, really thank you." said Umechan gazing at the tomboy's irises. "Thank you for the things you've done for me all these years, Sae-chan.. Without you I might be somewhere else instead of here and enjoying my 25th birthday." said Umechan starting to get tear up again. Sae laughed and brushed her tears away with her finger and returned her smile.

"It's alright." said Sae before leaning in closer towards Umechan's face. Before she knew it, Sae kissed her right cheek and whispered to her ear. "Happy Birthday, my best friend.."

Comments are very welcomed :D

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Re: Cometerz's OS Stash: (SaeUme) Thank You - 1/3/2014
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2014, 03:49:30 PM »

 thanks for the update author san  :D

 i like your stories  :twothumbs

 i will wait for the next....



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Re: Cometerz's OS Stash: (SaeUme) Thank You - 1/3/2014
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2014, 04:14:43 PM »

It's meccha kawaii~
Grinning Sae... Genking is always Genking!

Yabai... Yuko's graduation... Kanashii~ Uwaaa~ She is also my kami-oshi...
When I read about her graduation, I cried very hard...

Kidnapping Ume-chan... Sae couldn't live without a sudden surprises..

Thank you for that cuteness!
And Happy Birthday, Ume-chan!

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Re: Cometerz's OS Stash: (SaeUme) Thank You - 1/3/2014
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2014, 04:17:25 PM »
Hope to see more from you soon~ :heart:

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Re: Cometerz's OS Stash: (SaeUme) Thank You - 1/3/2014
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2014, 04:25:48 AM »
Awesome OS and Sae creating the chaos made this even better.

Good job!!!
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Re: Cometerz's OS Stash: (SaeUme) Thank You - 1/3/2014
« Reply #5 on: January 18, 2014, 05:48:45 PM »
@love angel-san: You're welcome and Thank you! Well here it is my next one!!  :)

@Lost Heaven-san: Yes, I also cried on Yuko's announcement. Now there's only three second generations left whom one of them in China..
For me, Sae is one the person whom I would definite as the "surprise" itself, Heaven-san.
You're welcome and thank you for the compliment!

@Ruka Kikuchi-san: Well here is more from me~

@kuro_88-san: Thank you for the compliment, Kuro-san. Will be waiting for your update on the Guardians by the way.. I missed the actions badly ;(

Okay people, yes my feelings collapsed when I heard that AKB's cake queen is graduating. I'll tell you a bit of story that I first saw Amina in the kimi no suki dakara PV and then I didn't get much impression on her that time until one day I started taking intrest in her a year later because well... I felt we both possesses the same type of body and then I learned her stories fromhere. Which then made me inspire to do the same as her which so far I failed but I still not giving up yet!

Then when she announced her graduation, my heart just fell. Another of my AKB inspirators, graduate. She's not my Oshi like Ume is but she's also one the inspiring ones to me. A fan whom then become what they fanned before.. I respect all her efforts in AKB48 and now this is my tribute for her. The one and only Sato Amina, I present you my last tribute.

(PS: Credits goes to Mochichan's tumblr and sorry for the bad English!!)

The capacity of 250 was empty that time at the AKB48 Theater, no spectators or fans that were watching. The reasons was simple of course; there's five more hours before the actual show starts. Amina sighed and took a seat on one of the wooden benches, she was the first one to arrive than any other members of Team K. She took a sip of her ice chocolate and leaned back as her eyes scanned the stage in front of her, the stage that has once been her greatest dream.

She remembered how she used to come here ages ago, not as a member but a fan instead. The first time she heard the name of "AKB48" was from the rumors that came out of some popular girls that mocks about how miserable that newly made idol group was, not knowing that one day the same idol group whom inherit the name will be the million selling single idols.

But Amina was different, sneakily she bought a ticket for herself for the show. Not knowing the fans around her which mostly consist of males, Amina sat down on one of the benches and watched the show. Instantly, she just found herself in love with the idol group called "AKB48". Her favorite first was Watanabe Mayu , the front ace of Team B from the third generation. Amina would buy the handshake tickets and shake with her idols, without anyone at school knows. Every time she has a chance, she would get herself a ticket and sat on the bench as she watched her idols performed. Her hearts grew with loves towards AKB48, until one day she decided her future path. The same day when she saw her hope to make her dream comes true.

The AKB48's Fourth Generation Audition.

She took the audition form and fill it in her room at night, there were lot’s of things filling up in her mind. First; whether anyone would bother to read about her form, second; whether she’s pretty enough to be selected, third; whether she could keep her handwriting neat enough to finish filling up the form because of her excitement. But all her worries was gone when she was called to audition. A new thing bothered her now; whether she’s good enough to be among her idols.

Short stories, she made it through the audition which then she became officially the member of Fourth Generation and also marking as the first Kenkyusei of the world’s biggest idol group. In the audition she met a lot of girls and made it through with some of them. Among those girls were Kuramochi Asuka, Fujie Reina, Nakata Chisato, Oya Shizuka, Nakanishi Yuka, and Deguchi Aki. Both of them went through the tough training days of Kenyusei, until a few months later Aki decided to graduate with nearly a year later, Yuka was transferred to SKE48 and surprising Aki also joined it. With the distance of Tokyo to Nagoya, these girls still managed to be good friends until now.

But Amina’s days was tough as a Kenkyusei, not only her physical body that was tested with all the dance routines. Her heart was also tested when her generation peers started getting media exposures while she was left out, her handshake line would end faster and her fan letter weren’t as much as the others. But she casted all aside because she was happy that there are fans who cheers for her, making performance in the theater much enjoyable for her. But again, her heart was tested when she wasn’t selected for senbatsu members while her newly juniors were selected for it. She had a night where she cried her heart out before bracing herself to sit on the bed and started to figure out another way to get more appeal for herself. She decided do the impossible. She borrowed the stages DVD and when her friends were busy with their media exposures, she would come and borrow the lesson place and practice the stages by herself.

“…… I wanted to stay on the stage as long as I can…”

She memorized it all desperately in order to get herself more exposures in her own way, the impossible way.

After she was promoted to Team A later then, she still works hard as a member to gain more fans. All those hard works then pays off when the first Election took place. At the Early-result, she was happy that her name was just bellow Asuka on the, 15th. Both of them were happy to each other and willed to be in Senbatsu together. She decided not to see the Mid-result  she decided not to see it  because she knew that if she didn’t see her name there she would be down. And so on the day of the Final result, Amina waits until her name was called out. Asuka was called out as the 21st place and worries struck Amina instantly, she was meant to be bellow Asuka and yet she wasn’t called for Undergirls whom were already announced. She kept her head down as the names were called out,  20th, 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th, 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th…

Then the name of Kashiwagi Yuki was called out as the 9th, Amina knew she was done for it deep in her heart. Tears started to rolled out and she bit her lips, her effort was useless after all..

“8th place… Sato Amina.”

She really did spilled all her tears when her name was called out, crying her heart out in relieve and happiness. She climbed the stairs towards the stage and held the microphone, telling everyone her piece of mind about all the things she felt that time. Thanking them nonstop and her happiness that she finally joined the senbatsu..

“You’re early.” said a voice behind her. Amina turned and saw Asuka standing just by the door, with a thin smile. “Still the same stage after more than six years we saw this for the first time, eh?”

“Still as beautiful as always.” sighed Amina before turning her sight back to the stage, she felt the little vibration caused by Asuka slumped next o her. “Remember our first debut?”

“The Himawari-gumi Stage? How can I forget that?” asked Asuka.

“That’s where we were ALL debuted.” said another voice beside them. Amina and Asuka turned and saw Chisato sitting behind them both with a grim smile and sad eyes. “Are you ready for today?” she asked.

“Have to.” answered Amina. “We’ve watched a lot graduation on this stage. All that goes will perform here for the last time.” Asuka and Chisato nodded and the trio continues to gaze at the stage.

“You know, I wish I could stop the time now and just look at this stage for as long as I can.” said Amina.

“I know you do.” Said Asuka. “I would do the same if it’s my graduation day.”

“So do I.” added Chisato. The trio sighed and continues to stare at the stage.


Amina wiped off her sweats and lied on the stage, she just took the break after the stage practice. Everyone else went to grab drinks and sat on the benches then start talking to each other. Amina was alone lying on the stage and looked up on the lights above. How she used to adore those beautiful lights of the AKB48 Theater, how much she desperately wanted to shine brighter…

“You’ll shine, Amina.” said a voice. Amina sat up and looked behind, the captain of Team K was standing behind her and decided to take a seat beside her. “In fact you always are.”

“Yuko-san..” said Amina. “Not as much as you though..” she said lowly.

Yuko smiled weakly, “Everyone shines in their own way, Amina. And you know that I wouldn’t always shine in this place. That’s why I decided to graduate, also to chase my dream just like yours.”

“Wouldn’t you be afraid that AKB48 would crumble if you leave?”asked Amina hugging her knees. “I mean, you’re the center and everyone looks up at you and ever definite you as the AKB itself. On the other hand, I’m not really have that much impact on AKB.”

“That’s why everyone should stop looking up on me and carry AKB on with their strength not just me or the other well known members. Everyone that comes will leave one day. Acchan left, Mariko left, and Tomochin left too, they all chasing their dreams out there. Just like them, my dream is not just AKB. If I were in AKB forever, then I wouldn’t be able to chase my own dream.” explained Yuko hugging her knees too. “You have a dream, I also have a dream. And I knew we would reach them and so does everyone else that one day will leave this place and leaving it to younger ones to carry on this group.”

AKB48’s Team K Show: Sato Amina’s graduation (15 January 2014)

Amina performed her all out that day. Her feelings, her smiles, her strength, she gets it all out on that show. One by one group songs was sung as the setlist continues. Then on her final gekijoukai she was wearing her sparkling silver two piece and spoke with all her feelings, she smiled to the audience and said it all. A word from Miyazawa Sae really gets into her now,

“Perform like it’s the last time you’re performing on the stage!”

Now she knew what it really means. Means that she’ll give everything she has, every single things that she has for this show.

Her heart thumps just before she finally performs her new unit song, Yuuwaku no Garter. Center position.

She showed everything she has, her auras, her trained expression on the erotic song. Never once she thought she would do a performance involving Garter after the musical show she did with Asuka, but there it is she’s doing it with the same person on her left. Asuka was there beside her on the same song, a friend who has been with her for more than six years. An ear fetish whom once shocked her and everyone else with her Kobayashi Anecdotes and her earlobe obsessions.

Amina smiled when she returned back after the song, changing for the next song and MC. Chisato who was waiting for her unit song, Candy, was just there.

“Never thought you would be quite erotic for that song.” praised Chisato. “The Sato Amina I knew years ago would be performing young girl feelings like Tsundere and Candy.”

“Take care of the Candy performance.” said Amina. She smiled when she looked at Chisato’s clothes for Candy, she knew on the back it would say Amina’s name. It was her costume after all. Which reminded her that she’s the last of the original members for the unit song Candy. Kasai Tomomi has left and so is Masuda Yuka before that. And after tonight, the whole unit will be gone.

MCs, songs, blabbers, have Amina went through. Finally when the encore songs were done, she was given a big flower bunch by the incoming Nozawa Rena. She started her graduate speech then, speaking all her heart out with her eyes were all on the audience, her fans mostly. What surprised her later then was when the rest of her generation peers came, including Aki and Yuka whom travelled all the way from Nagoya to Akihabara.

A photo album was given to her and Asuka made her opened it without looking and showed it to the audience whom then laughed. Amina then saw what made the audience laughed and blushed hard before yelling how that is so a “no”. It was her audition picture, she was so different than she is now. Then she listened to her generation peers’s words for her, her tears rolled hearing them all out. Then Yuko also delivered a few words for her and even she sang a song that Amina requested for her graduation before. Then times rolled fast and it was time for the curtains to shut, she hold hands with Asuka and the others before taking steps to the group bow then proceeding to the her last high touch.

Now the theater was empty again for once again. Amina whom finished up clearing her locker and changing sat on the benches waiting for the others. She sat again as her eyes gazed at the stage, memories flashes of her six years in this giant ship that has made her set foot on another dream she has to be a Seiyuu. The AKB0048 she participated has made her realized what she really wanted to do now, to be a Seiyuu. Nakaya and Shawako whom also was in AKB0048 have left the 48 group and chase their dream also to be a Seiyuu, and Amina knew it’s time for hers too. Let the new generations to carry on this ship while today is her time for her to step out of the ship and head the rest of the road towards her dream. Tears rolled off again with a smile on her face, thanking deeply to this place for making her experienced all the wonderful things for the last six years of her life.

She opened her phone and took the final snap of picture of the stage. Then she saw the message from Asuka that everyone was already down stairs. Amina sighed and put the phone back then stood up between the benches. She take a look around the audience seat where she started her curiosity over AKB48, she was glad that she did it. I f she didn’t, she wouldn’t know what she’d be doing then. She walked out of the seat and head towards the door, she turned back once more to see the stage she loved for the last six years and managed to make her rolled a tear again.

“Time to move on..” she whispered before going out of the theater as the door closed behind the one and only Sato Amina.

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Touching... that's all I can say right now.

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It is very sweet of a OS.  Great job!  Amina will be missed dearly
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Amina chaan... I can not even believe she has graduated.
Really is one of the girls who got my attention from the beginning. Her gradiatopm ... for me it is something very important.
Thank you very much for this fanfic.

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Hey, kinda an idea went across me when I was on my hiatus. I wanna make something for Yuko's graduation and I'm planning this to be a five shot story, which hopefully I'll get it done before she graduates since I'm pretty much free now from stupid projects.

Now, I think it's quite ironic to see the remaining of Yuko's second generation peers were separated from each other. Kana in AKB, Sae in SNH and SKE, and Umechan in NMB. So in order to honor Yuko and the other second generation, I, Cometerz48 will make a new five shot for it.

Now I'm posting a pretty much a prologue. Please do give some reviews about it.. Sorry for the English mistakes.


Kyou made no Melody

“I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.”
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I remembered being very annoying to some people. Grooping boobs, hugging them, yelling like maniacs as I drive my jeep on the field..

"Hang on, please hang on!!!" pleaded a voice. I can't see who it was anymore, my visions has gone blurry already. But I might knew who it was..

"The bullet was too deep. We have operate her here if we're going to safe her!!" said another voice urgently.

"THEN DO IT!" yelled another voice. "SAVE HER, UMECHAN!!"

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

Mark Twain

I can't feel anything anymore, but I could feel a new set of liquid oozing out as a new sharp sensation pierced my chest. I didn't scream, it doesn't hurt that much anymore anyway.

"Oh God.. Don't tell me.." said the first voice. "It's just inches from her heart.."

"I know but it's-"



“What a short time I had been given to experience love. I felt as my life had only recently begun and now it would surely end at sunrise.”

Meredith T. Taylor

"Is she coming..?" I croaked. "Is Nyan-nyan coming..?"

A silence was heard and only raindrops was heard.

"Yes, she's coming.." said the first voice. I could feel a caress on my head. "Please stay alive for her.."

"I'll give my best shot.." I whispered. My chest started to feel light somehow, "Don't fight, Sae-chan, Ume-chan.."

"Shut up, you need to give your final words for Nyan-nyan soon.." said the third voice close to tears. "Don't waste it yet.."

"Listen, Genking. It's my last words for all of you now.." I said. "You are the best friend I have now for the past eight years of my life. Sae, Umechan, Kana.."

"Thank you so much for every memories we shared together.." I whispered. I could tell some sobbing beside me, Sae's sniff, Umechan's low cry and Kana's caress on my head.

"We're always comrades right..?"I asked.

"Always, no matter what."answered Umechan. "I'm so sorry.."

"It's alright, it's not your fault.." I comforted her. "It's my time to go anyway..."

"Don't say that.. Please don't.." pleaded Sae. I smiled thinly to the gray sky.

"Sayaka, Natsumi, Yuka, Natsuki, Nonti, Meetan, Maachan, Erena.." I whispered. "Can you see me? I'll be joining you guys soon.."

Sae sobbed harder, Kana sniffed and place her forehead on mine, Umechan gripped my hand tightly.

"If you're wondering where I kept my will, it's under my pillow in my room.." I said. "Tell Jurina and Mayu that I'm sorry for not keeping my promise..."

"Matta nee, minna..."

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
Thomas Campbell

Should I made further continual?

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I think you should go ahead and develop the story for this one :thumbup
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OMG Is Yuko dying? :cry:

Did someone shoot her?! I'll kill that person! :angry:

Please Umechan, Sae, save Yuko! Nyan-nyan, hurry!!! ARGH!!! :panic:

Please continue. Don't let Yuko die~ :bleed eyes:

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Uwaa~~~ Kanashii~ *cry*
Sadness overwhelmed...
Are all graduated members dead? And Yuko joining them???
Don't! Don't!
Don't leave your friends now!

Onegai, continue *beg*

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This story definitely must be continue till the end!!
OMG my Yuko-sama is dying (-̩̩-̩̩͡_-̩̩-̩̩͡) :'(

Are they a soldier or something??
And yuko got shoot??

Woooaaahhh nyannyan hurry up!! But it'll be so sad if nyannyan arrive just at the right time just to held yuko in her arms and watch yuko die (۳º̩̩́___º̩̩̀)۳

Thankyou for making this as tribute to Yuko's graduation..
Waiting for the next :)

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@Kuro-san: Yes Sir! Right away~

@Ruka-san: I have this image of Yuko dying in my little wonderful imagination corner on my mind when she announced her graduation.. Well, here's the continuation to that~

@Lost Heaven-san: Yes. The graduated members were dead in this fic, I set the plot on a an Intelligence Company. I hope you like it.

@atsukojiyuu-san: yes I shall continue this story till the end!! Well, you can say they're some kind of agents and yes Yuko got shot. Thank you for waiting,it's here~

Minna-san gomenne I haven't posted anything yet. I was busy my project with Ruka-san on the Samurai Princess which I recommend you so badly since many characters will popped out in unique ways as the story goes on~

So here it is the first chapter~ Sorry for the bad English, comments, critics, suggestions, reviews, all welcome!!

Kyou made no Melody: Chapter one

A few days before..

A girl, lied on the wet grass on that stormy night. I can see the wound where the sword punctured clearly on her stomach, dark red liquid pours over it mixed with the rain water fallen from the dark sky above..

“I guess I’ll take my leave now, guys..” cough the girl. Blood was spilling from the side of her mouth, her sharp eyes were glassy as it stares up to us; her friends.

She knew that she’s not gonna make it..

“Don’t you dare said a word, Gorilla!!” yelled a girl with short cropped hair. She was on the verge of crying now, but I knew she’s trying to stay cool for the sake of her dying friend and her boyish image.

But then she can’t hold it anymore, tears spilled on the side of her cheek as she gripped the dying girl’s hand tightly.

“Umechan, Kana.. Please…” pleaded the boyish girl to another two girls that’s attending the wound.

One was clearly exhausted with a cut on her shoulder, but she ignored it and kept attending the wound on the dying girl. I could see the stress she gained after she was just assigned as a captain of the medic team a year ago. So much different than the confident side of her that I used to see long ago..

“Umechan, your shoulder…” I tried to do my best to hold her down so that it doesn’t worsened up. But she slapped my hands away without looking.

“I’m fine. We need to operate her immediately..” said the one I called Umechan.

“Yuko grabbed the anesthetic injection from my bag and also a small red bag too.” instructed the other girl. She suffered a few bruises on her face, from the ambush. But she seemed to be ignoring it as well.

I nodded and rummaged through a tossed canvas backpack behind her. I managed to find a few shots of clear looking liquid and a small red bag. I handed it to her the anesthetic.

“Open up the bag and take out the wires, they all should have some kind of sticky tapes on the end of it. Attached one above her heart, one in the middle of her chest and the other one on her right chest.”

I did what she told me too. I ripped open the tattered shirt and stuck the wires. The dying girl didn’t complain at all, she just looked at us weakly as we tried to save her life.

“You guys…”

“You are not gonna die like this, Sayaka.” warned the boyish girl. “When this is over, I swear I’ll take you to that yummy nabe pot restaurant that you like.” She promised.

“Oi, Sae. Take us too~” said the girl that’s holding the injection, earning all of us thin smiles in this condition. “Sayaka, please hang on..”

Then she jammed the injection to Sayaka’s arm. The dying girl’s eyes fluttered a bit before eventually closed down.

“I believe in you guys…” she whispered lastly before she blacked out.

“Kana!! She’s not breathing!!” I yelled after an hour since Sayaka blacked out.

Umechan pushed off Sae who was shaking Sayaka’s body hard. The girl stuck her mouth to Sayaka’s and pushing some air in before pumping the dying girl’s chest.

“Please…” pleaded Umechan. “Please, Sayaka…”

Kana clipped out the last bit of string used for the emergency surgery that sealed the skin’s surface, leaving neatly sewn wound. Her eyes started to get glassy now as she watched her fellow medics trying to give mouth to mouth breathing.

Sae roared in fury and she tried to shake off Umechan from Sayaka. I pulled her back and pinned her to a tree.

“Stop it Sae! She’s trying to save Sayaka!! Can’t you see it?!!” I yelled to the girl’s face.

“SHE KILLED HER DAMN IT!!” yelled Sae back as she struggled. “SHE FUCKING KILLEDMY GIRLFRIEND!!”

Then just in time Sayaka coughed up after a few mouth to mouth procedures from Umechan. Umechan collapsed herself on Sayaka and hugged her.

“Thank God, you’re alive!!!” she exclaimed close to tears.

Confused on what’s going on, Sayaka looked around confusedly. I smiled and run up and hugged her.

“You owe me an apology, Sae.” Glowered Umechan with such a creepy aura, looking intensely at Sae.

“I-I..” blabbered Sae. “Sa-Say-“

Sae ran up to her girlfriend and kissed her. Sayaka, despite being weak, still kissed Sae back gently.

“OVER THERE!!!” yelled a voice sounded far away from us.

“Shit, they found us!” exclaimed Umechan. She immediately packed her equipments back in.

“We need to leave, NOW.” I agreed. “Can you walk?” I asked Sayaka.

Sae looked at me as if I was insane asking that to someone that just had her chest opened. But Sayaka nodded weakly and tried to stand up, Sae held into her shoulder.

“I think I can drag myself a bit.” Said Sayaka weakly.

“I’ll help you, Sayaka.” Said Sae holding her partner’s shoulder. “Let’s go… Tell me if it hurts the I’ll stop.”

“Let’s go.” I said as I lead the way down to the forest. I guided our team deep into the forest with Kana as the navigator, I listened to her as we kept our voices down from the enemies.


I heard a gunshot from behind. I turned and saw Sae kneeling as she clutched tightly into her own shoulder, even in the evening lights I could see dark liquids seeping to her clothes.


Sae roared in pain as Umechan grab a hold of the injured shoulder. I pulled out my handheld gun and fired at the first person coming from the forest. I got him right on the forehead but then two more came in to replace him.

“Kana, a little help here..” I gritted my teeth as I fired my bullets. I could feel Kana ‘s back on mine as we fired bullets to various directions.

“Sa-Sae…” grasped Sayaka kneeling on the ground beside Sae. “Don’t di-“

The next thing I saw was Sayaka’s chest bursting bloods, spraying part of Sae’s face and Umechan’s..

“SAYAKA!!!” roared the four of us. I looked at the directions where the bullets fired and pulled the trigger, I got the guy right in the middle of his eyes.

Sae, gritting the pain, caught Sayaka in an embrace. The Genking couldn’t help to burst into tears seeing her lover getting shot for the second time.

“Sa-Sae…” grasped Sayaka with a mouthful of blood. “G-Gu-Guys.. T-Ta-Takke… C-Care…”

And the Gorilla pulled her last breath under the rain that night.



I sat on my bed straight away as I gasped for air.  The room’s light was dimmed and I could feel a certain movement next to me.

“Sorry I made you awake..” I apologized to the girl sleeping next to me.

“Did you have a bad dream, Yuu-chan?” asked Haruna softly next to me. I could tell she was still sleepy after getting back from the missions yesterday.

I nodded, “Never mind, Nyan.. It’s just a bad dream..”

“You don’t get bad dreams for the last three days straight, Yuu-chan..” said Haruna sitting up next to me. I could see how her hair gotten a bit messy from sleeping.

“How did yo-“
“I kept my eyes on you, even if I’m away for a few days.” Said Haruna. “What was it..? The dream..”

“Sayaka’s death… It came to me for the last three days..” I spoke.


“I’m losing them Nyan… I’m losing my friends..”


In the morning then, I quickly finished my breakfast at the café nearby with Nyan before I drove the car to the HQ.

“See you later~” she said before bending to give me a light kiss on the lips. Then she headed down to the Health Department where she’s assigned.

I headed to the lift and pushed the button on the top, heading to the boss’s office. I got a message for her that she has something for me, something special.

She knew I’m about to resign soon from the company.

It’s a agreement I made with Haruna after five years we moved in together. We want to settle down and live a new life as a normal person, not like now where worked for the government as agents. We loved each other and so we agreed to do so.

I knocked at the door and opened it. I saw the boss with her familiar bow on her hair as she sat down behind her desk, my other surprises were the appearance of my friends sitting on the chairs in front of her.

“Yuko..” said Umechan. Her hair ws tied back in a ponytail and she was wearing a white coat, after all she’s the new head of the Health Department.

“Yo~” greeted Kana with a light smile. She just wore her usual attire today, jerking her thumb to the other girl sitting next to her.

“Sae..” I approached the table as I kept my eyes to the Genking. She looked different now with a rough hair cut and brown highlights on her hair.

“Hey..” she said with also a light smile. So different than he usually wide smile.

“I have a mission for all of you.” Said the boss after I settled down. She handed us a folder each, “I want you to go to infiltrate this place.” She pressed a button on the table and the projectile showed an image of a castle.

“This is the HQ of a certain company that calls themselves as “NAMBA” and their boss is-“ she clicked again and showed an image of a brutal looking girl with a pair of thin eyes and short brutish haircut. She looked more like Yankee high scholars than a boss. “Yamamoto Sayaka. She’s the daughter of the first Generation leader of the NAMBA Company.”
“Now our biggest concern is the fact that we received an information that the company is now working with this person..”

“Sashihara Rino..” I glowered looking at the new image that popped out into the screen. “I thought she escaped to Jakarta since that day..”

“She did, but then the local intelligence managed to cornered her a few weeks ago thanks to Nakagawa Haruka. But then she managed to escape again and seeks for aid to the HAKATA Company.” Answered the boss.

“Sashihara is playing a dangerous game of companies here…” said Sae with a serious tone. “What should we do?”

“You know that Sashihara is on our black list.” Said boss. “She has informations about us, and it’s no wonder that the companies interested to take her in. We need to eliminate her.”

“Gather informations from the NAMBA HQ without being discovered, then look for Sashihara. That is your missions..” said the boss. “Dismissed.”

My friends nodded and left, before I could head for the door though, the boss stopped me.

“Yuko..” she began. “Take care.. I received yours and Haruna’s resignation already, but I swear this will be your last mission.. This is no ordinary ones..”

“I know that Takamina.” I said with a smile. “Thank you for letting me and Nyan to resign..”

“Yuko..” said Takamina carefully. “Truthfully, this mission is the one that killed Acchan..”

My eyes widened in shock, I never heard Takamina talking about her ex since the day she died. “Takamina,I-“

“That’s why we need you Yuko..” said Takamina. “We need you for the last time until Sashihara is terminated, for the sake of this country..”

I nodded, ”I’ll do it. You promised it’s the last? Then I can live my life?”

Takamina nodded, “I swear, Squirel.”

“Thanks Midget.” I smiled to the boss and left the office.

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Oh God.... Oh, God, oh God, oh God... :cry:

My baby... She's DEAD?!?!?! :bleed eyes:

Why?! How could this happen?


......crap *hides in a corner and cries*

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Damn... It's so freaking sad *cry*
Sayaka's death... I'm crying my eyes out...
Poor Sae... She can't be the same Genking as early...
I want to beat the crap out of the Sayaka's murderer and Sasshi...

Please, update soon :-)

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I have th feeling it might be deeper than expected as they only found the tip of the iceberg :nervous
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OMG what I just have read???!!!!! Sayaka's death oh my (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩__-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)
And to know Yuko received the mission just to got killed, it's killing me..!
Her last mission where she'll die...NO!!! Not before she will just live her normal life happily with her beloved Nyannyan.. This is too much (۳º̩̩́___º̩̩̀)۳

My dear squirrel...
My lovely KojiYuu...
Woah I'm drowned in my own tears already just to imagine what'll happen further :'(

Too much sorrow to handle, but I like this!
How you write everything is just too great, right through my feeling :)
Goodluck for the next, I'm waiting~ thankyou :D

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i have the feeling than.. haruna or yuko gonna die in the end.. and never gonna haver their "normal live"...
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