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Author Topic: Nyaro [Mariharu] ft. Kojiyuu ラブ Triangle  (Read 832 times)

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Nyaro [Mariharu] ft. Kojiyuu ラブ Triangle
« on: March 28, 2014, 03:19:01 PM »
"Do you not think this is getting a little overboard, Yuko?"

"It was a prank, i never thought she would act like that."

"Like what?"

"Like overreact."

"You need to grow up, Yuko. I hope you take responsibility to what you did."

"Yeah right, you just like her, right? You want to steal her from me. When we're not together. You're taking advantage. Mariko, tell me. Had you ever seen me as a friend or a rival? Stop acting all high and stuff. What are you trying to do now, huh? Impress yourself to her?!"

"I do like her, but what you're saying.. its impossible." The other girl is just about to get out of the practice hall just when she was about to leave "Also, she isnt yours."

And those words left the small girl stunned.


What happened earlier was, Yuko was all clinging to Haruna when suddenly an immature idea popped into her head.
As the AKB were doing gravure wearing only swimsuits, Yuko pulled off Haruna's bra and it fell, fell right infront of the staff and members. But the thing was, they didnt see her oppais cause Yuko hugged her fast while saying "nyan nyan!" it indeed was a childish act, but enough to make Haruna cry herself to shame. She quickly shoved Yuko away and turned around so no one will see her naked and she hid her body with only her arms. She then, went inside the restroom and cried there all along.


"Nyaro?" As soon as she heard this voice, she felt relieved. It was no other than the one who understood her the most. Even though all she did was to take her for granted, the tall girl still comes back on every hardships that happens to her.

"Nyaro, open this?" She was knocking at the cubicle again and again, hearing the girl at the opposite side sobbing.

There was no choice but to open, She was the only one she could tell her feelings right now. Haruna opened the cubicle as when Mariko saw her puffy red eyes and tears she wiped it with her fingers "Nyaro, dont cry. Ive got something for you~" Mariko handed her an icecream. "They say, stressed spelled backwards is desserts. So i bought you these. It might make you feel better though. " She handed her but Haruna wasnt taking it. "Whats the prob– Ah! I know what you want." Mariko smirked at the girl, but the girl gave her only a puzzled look. "Say uuuun~" Mariko aimed a spoon on Haruna's lips, though the girls lips wasnt moving at all. Mariko did everything to make her eat the icecream. She did the airplane, she even pretended to make her envious "Mm, this tastes so good! Mm. the strawberry! mmm~" While feeling her icy treat then she took a glance on Haruna who's pokerface "I give up. You, Kojima Haruna, is the very definition of a tsundere." Suddenly, the girl laughed at her comment. "Baka! All i want was this." Nyaro took the spoon with icecream but, instead of eating the icecream, she just put it all over her lips. Mariko was abit puzzled by the other girl's action but to her surprise, the other girl closed the gap between their lips. Tasting the sweetness of their lips, aswell as the strawberry. If air wasnt necessary, the both would took forever. Unfortunately they had to breath so both of them pulled off. "Mariko, i'm sorry for always taking  you for granted. I was blinded, of everything. I'm no good."

"Nyaro, to me, you're perfect. but-"
Haruna put her index finger to Mariko's lips.

"Then let's be together."


Their relationship was a secret, but there were times that Yuko would be all lovey-dovey to Haruna. It made Mariko jealous, but she kept on enduring it. She will always take note to herself that first, theyre nothing but business partners ONLY (Even though Yuko has a real thing for Haruna.) She shouldnt be bothered cause she, herself, knows who her girlfriend loves, and it was Mariko herself.

But there are also times that Mariko couldnt get enough. When 'Kojiyuu' would sit next to each other, she would sit at the middle of them, which always makes Haruna laugh for the childish act. Also, when 'Kojiyuu' would go lovey-dovey to each other, Mariko would either interrupt, or give Haruna a punishment later tonight.

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Re: Nyaro [Mariharu] ft. Kojiyuu ラブ Triangle
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2014, 04:39:05 PM »
I love MariHaru... and KojiYuu ... But MariHaru more. Thank you for your fanfic. :)

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