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[COMPLETED] Fruits of a Rose - Chapter 0 (170806)
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Team A (Iwata Karen, Oshima Ryoka, Takahashi Juri, Tano Yuka), Team K (Muto Tomu), Team B (Kojima Natsuki), AKB48 Kenkyuusei (Okada Nana, Kojima Mako, Sasaki Yukari)
Team KII (Mukaida Manatsu), Team E (Furuhata Nao)
Team N (Yoshida Akari), Team M (Yogi Keira)
Team H (Matsuoka Natsumi, Moriyasu Madoka), HKT48 Kenkyuusei (Tani Marika)

Kojima Natsuki - A 300 year old vampire(appearance of 19) and leader of the Sanctum. She is Mako’s older sister and is protective of her, especially when Nana comes. Although she is the oldest, she’s still experiencing symptoms of the *Cocoon Period; i.e., emotional instability.

Kojima Mako - A 200 year old vampire(appearance of 16). She is Natsuki’s younger sister, and also has a strange attraction towards Nana. She hates drinking human blood and only drinks animal blood. Has heightened senses compared to the others. Is struggling with her Cocoon Period; has frequent hallucinations and nightmares.

Okada Nana - An over 1000 year old vampire(appearance of 16). After losing her lover and almost being killed by vampire hunters, she fell into a deep sleep. Very powerful and smart. Shows deep affection towards Mako.

Tano Yuka - An 17 year old girl, bitten and turned into vampire. Former friends with Karen, but then became a vampire and was forced to leave her. Being the youngest, she is the most emotionally unstable.

Iwata Karen - A 16 year old vampire hunter and leader of A Team. Former friends with Yuka, but felt betrayed after she became a vampire and began hating her.

Oshima Ryoka - A 16 year old vampire hunter and member of A Team. Often lazy and doesn’t care much for her job, which angers Karen.

Takahashi Juri - An 17 year old vampire hunter and member of A Team. She has a short temper, which she lets out in fighting. Is incredibly smart with computers and technology.

Muto Tomu - A 100 year old vampire(appearance of 19). She bit Yuka and turned her into vampire. While she at first hated her, she began seeking Tomu’s comfort after being separated from Karen. She secretly has feelings for Yuka, which she at first believed was due to her Cocoon Period.

Sasaki Yukari - A 19 year old vampire hunter. Tries to keep things positive with the A Team, especially with Karen.

Yogi Keira - A half-human, half-vampire who died of a mysterious disease.

Mukaida Manatsu - A 100 year old half-human, half-vampire(appearance of 18). Has similar symptoms to the disease that killed Keira.

Furuhata Nao - A 200 year old vampire(appearance of 18) and friend of Manatsu. She plays the saxaphone to pass time or calm herself.

Yoshida Akari - A 100 year old vampire(appearance of 18) and old friend of Keira. Was heartbroken after her death; becomes easily angered if someone talks bad about Keira, which is also a result of her Cocoon Period.

Matsuoka Natsumi - A 100 year old vampire(appearance of 18) and lover of Madoka. Often silent and a loner. Loves the sky. Is in the early stages of the Cocoon Period, making her spacy and out of touch with reality.

Moriyasu Madoka - A 17 year old high school student and lover of Natsumi. Talented on piano and loves classical music.

Tani Marika - An 18 year old vampire hunter and high school student. She is friends with Madoka and is overprotective of her. Does not know Madoka is secretly dating Natsumi.

*1. - The members in this fic are the selected senbatsu for "Bara no Kajitsu", which is why their previous teams/kenkyuusei were entered in with their names.

*2. - The "Cocoon Period" is a reference to the vampire stage play Trump and its sequel LILIUM. It is a stage in vampire adolescence where a young vampire will become emotionally unstable, and may experience hallucinations or memory loss.

Fruits of a Rose


In the darkness of the woods, a beast prowls for its prey. Its eyes locked on its target, glowing under the moonlight. It waits for the right moment, then it pounces, its teeth digging into the animal’s neck. It tears off the meat and starts eating the corpse, until it hears a rustling from the distance. Before it can react, the creature speeds up to it, its glowing red eyes watching it, and bites its neck, drinking the beasts blood and draining it dry. The beast collapsed as the vampire girl wiped the blood from her mouth. She looked over and saw her sister standing behind a tree.

“It’s okay, Mako,” she said. “It’s dead.”

The younger sister walked towards the two animals, distancing herself from the monster, as she was sensitive to the smell of its ichor blood and slowly rotting flesh.

“Don’t worry, it won’t bite. Not anymore.” Her elder sister chuckled. She then wrapped the deer in a cloth and slung it over her shoulder. “Fresh meat for the girls back at the Sanctum. Let’s go.”

Before Mako could follow her sister, a new scent caught her nose. This one was sweet and smelled like roses. She followed it, straying off from her sister’s path and was lead to a large tree somewhere deep in the forest. Something told her what she was looking for, what she was unconsciously seeking, was under there.

She started digging through the ground, until she hit hard wood. She dug more and more and revealed an old coffin. When she opened it up, there was a young girl. However, she wasn’t dead. She was merely fast asleep. Seeing how this girl was in danger of being found by one of the Lycans or any other monsters roaming the forest, she decided to take the girl back to the Sanctum, where she would be safe. She took the girl out of the wooden box and held her in her arms. She heard a small voice come from the sleeping girl.



Mako suddenly felt a small tinge of pain in her head. She rubbed her temple until it slowly faded away. She readjusted the sleeping girl and flew up into the trees, leaping from branch to branch as she headed back to her only home, the Sanctum.

To Be Continued
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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Prologue) + (Character Bios)
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Freshhhhhhie..!!!!! whahaha  Ψ(☼Д☼)Ψ

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Prologue) + (Character Bios)
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Ohhhh... Nice update...

Ruka-senpai~!!!!  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Waiting for your next update..  :) :) :)
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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Prologue) + (Character Bios)
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Yay, NatsuMado, love it  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Please update soon  :P :P :P

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Prologue) + (Character Bios)
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Poster by MYJR

Chapter 1

The Sanctum. It was the only place left that Mako had. When she was just a baby, vampire hunters came and killed her parents, burning down the house. Her older sister, Natsuki, was her only family left, and took her far off into the woods where they could hide. There, they found the Sanctum. That’s what all vampires who lived there call it. It was an abandoned school, now frozen in time as the vampire girls could live in peace, never seen by humans, animals, or monsters. As if an invisible barrier hung over it, they remained safe.

Mako finally returned to the Sanctum, still carrying the unconscious girl in her arms. She walked into the main room and immediately, all eyes were on her.

“Mako. Where were you?” Natsuki came up to her younger sister, seeing the girl in her arms. “And who is this?”

“A human?” One of the girls spoke up.

“No, Yuka...” Mako walked over to the couch and set the sleeping girl down. “She’s not human.”


“She’s one of us.”


One of the other girls, Tomu, went closer and smelt of the girl’s neck.

“She does have a strange scent around her...” she said as she stood back up. “But how do we know she’s really one of us?”

“I could just… feel it.”

The girls heard the sound of a saxophone. On another couch was Furuhata Nao, playing a sweet tune on her brass instrument. Beside her was Mukaida Manatsu, eating a bowl of her favorite strawberries.

“Where exactly did you find that girl?” Manatsu said as she brought her feet up and sat cross-legged on the couch cushion.

“She was buried under a tree… in a coffin. But she’s alive!”

“So she is a vampire?”


“Ya must be goin’ crazy, girl,” the Osaka vampire, Akari, spoke as she poked the younger girl’s cheek. “Are ya sure it’s not ‘cause of your Cocoon Period?”

“No! It’s not that.”

“She’s right, though, Mako. Since you’ve started your adolescent period, you’re bound to start hallucinating...”

“It’s not my Cocoon Period!”

A sigh was heard by the girls. Natsumi stared up at the ceiling, seeming out of touch with reality.


“How did you… find her, Mako-chan?”

“I… I just felt it… Someone calling to me… And her scent… It’s not like everyone else’s...”

Natsumi sniffed the air and sighed.


“Mako, are you sure this girl can be trusted?” Natsuki asked her sister. “What if she wakes up and tries to kill us?”


“I know that you’re trying to help this girl, but still...”

Just then, the sleeping girl slowly rose up, her head hung low. All the girls backed away a bit, watching her. Her eyes slowly opened as she looked around at her surroundings.

“Where… am I..?”

Mako walked over to the girl, ignoring Natsuki’s pleas, and held the girl’s hand.

“Are you okay?”

Once their eyes met, time seemed to stop. Something in the girl’s eyes was beautiful. Her dark orbs seemed to show sadness, but they were so deep, like she could get lost in them forever.

“It’s you...”

“****!” Again, Mako felt something, a slight pain, but only for a few seconds. She never heard the name, but she felt like it was something she was supposed to remember.

“Mako!” Natsuki walked up to her side. “What’s wrong?”

“I… My head...”

The two looked back at the mysterious girl as she slowly got up from the couch.

“This place is… Akiba Academy.”


“This school’s been run down for hundreds of years. No one uses it anymore.”

“Wait, so...” Yuka walked towards the girl. “When were you born?”

“November… 1207...”


“That’s over a thousand years!”

“She’s older than all of us.”

“A thousand years...” The girl repeated. “I’ve been asleep for one thousand years?”

Mako walked back up to the girl and held her hands, looking in her eyes.

“I understand if this is hard to understand… but don’t worry. You’re safe here, so you won’t have to--”

Suddenly, Mako was hugged by the vampire girl and felt her lay her head on her shoulder, burying her face into her neck. She felt her breathing against her neck, sending slight chills down her spine.

“Finally...” the girl spoke, in a soft voice. “I found you.”

Before she could say anything, the older vampire’s knees buckled and she fell in Mako’s arms, her breathing becoming heavier and shaky. Mako looked and saw there was blood seeping through the girl’s back, staining her clothes and painted on Mako’s hand.

“You’re hurt...” Mako tried her best to stay calm, holding the vampire in her arms as her consciousness slowly faded.

“The hunters… Th-they’re after us...”

“I see,” Natsuki spoke up. “You were nearly killed by human hunters.”

“That’s why she was in a coffin...” Yuka said to herself, Tomu nodding in agreement.

“Help me...” The girl was just barely clutching onto Mako’s shirt, staring deep into her eyes. “Mako...”

“H-how do you know my..?”

The vampire girl slowly closed her eyes and lost consciousness, her hand dropping to her side.

“We need to give her time to heal, or else she’ll bleed out and die.” Natsuki said. “Girls, take her to the spare room, start bandaging her up.”

“Yes, ma’am.” They all said at the same time. Yuka and Tomu helped Mako carry the girl into a spare room, bathed in moonlight from the eternal night sky.

“Here’s the first aid kit.”

“Thanks, Nao.”

Mako slowly unbuttoned the girl’s shirt, blushing as she saw her silk lace bra. She quickly looked away and turned her over to see her bare back. There, at the very arch, was a deep puncture wound, most likely from a stake.

“Where’s the medicine?”

“Here,” Manatsu applied some of the medicine to her hands and rubbed it on the girl’s back, feeling her jump slightly and hiss in pain as cold sweat ran on her forehead.

“Just a little more...” Mako caressed the girl’s head, trying to calm her while in her current state. “You’ll be okay...”

After they got her bandaged up, they left the girl to rest so the moonlight would heal her wound. Mako leaned up against the door, still thinking about her first encounter with the mysterious vampire.


“How did she know my name..?”


“Natsuki...” Yuka walked over to the edge of the roof, sitting down beside the older vampire girl. “You okay?”


“You’re worried about Mako-chan, aren’t you? I understand. This Cocoon Period thing really is doing a number on all of us, huh?”


The Cocoon Period, the adolescent period of a young vampire. When vampires are in this stage of growth, they become emotionally unstable. They act out on their instincts and reflexes, letting their emotions run wild. They also become mentally unstable. They start losing touch with reality, having hallucinations, and experience confusion, memory loss, and frequent and recurring nightmares. Mako, who is still in the middle of her Cocoon Period, has also developed hyper-sensitive hearing and smell, making her unable to stand human blood or demon ichor.

“I hate that she has to fight through this… I get that it’s natural to us, but still...”

“I get it, Natsuki. I’m still in the early stages, so I know how it feels. Plus, you’ve already matured fully, yourself.”

“Uh, yeah...”

“She’ll be fine. Mako’s a strong girl,” Yuka patted Natsuki’s back. “Just wait and see. Once she’s out of this stage, I’m sure she’s going to have a great future ahead.”

“Thanks, Yuka… But, still… will we really have a future after this?”


Mako always walked passed that door, she always took a peek inside and saw the vampire resting peacefully in the pure white bed. She’d often go in and change the gauze, re-bandage her, and would talk to her, even without an answer.

While she was checking up on the girl, she slowly woke up from her sleep, startling Mako a bit.

“Mako… don’t leave me.”

“Eh...” Mako saw those eyes again, the ones that were filled with such sadness. Just how tortured was she? What happened to her so many years ago? She didn’t know, but she knew if being by her side would make her feel better, she’d do it. “Okay. I’ll stay.”

The vampire gave a soft smile, taking Mako’s hand. Then, she suddenly pulled her down and pinned her wrists to the bed, staring intensely at her.


Mako struggled to break free, but her grip was strong. She couldn’t do anything, and she did kept staring at the older vampire’s eyes, which had been drained of all its sadness, and now was filled with something new. What it was, she knew not, but those dark eyes were piercing through her very being.

She came closer, making the young vampire shut her eyes in fear. She then felt something soft pressing against her lips. She was kissing her, she realized. Her eyes shot open from the shock, her body frozen as she met the pitch black eyes of the girl on top of her. Just then, she felt herself go numb, like some poison entered her body. She couldn’t think straight and her surroundings became blurry until she eventually lost herself and fell into a deep sleep.

The latter released the kiss and her eyes instantly landed on Mako’s neck. Her soft, delicious looking neck. Her eyes turned red with bloodlust as she slowly leaned down and went in for a bite. She was ready for her fangs to sink into the girl’s skin, tasting her blood for the first time, when...

“Hey!” She suddenly heard a voice and released herself from Mako’s neck. There was Natsuki, standing at the door. “What do you think you’re doing?!”


“Why are you biting my sister?! Are you trying to kill her?!”

“Sister? Mako is your--?”

“Quit the act! Who are you, really?! I demand an explanation!!!”

She was suddenly stopped when the older vampire speeded towards her and pinned her against the wall.

“Let me go!” Natsuki tried to released herself, but the vampire’s grip only became stronger, as if she was possessed. “Let me go!! I don’t care how old you are, I DEMAND you let me go, right now!!!”

Just then, a small voice rose…


Nana’s ears twitched as she heard Mako talking in her sleep. Her grip on Natsuki loosened.

“Don’t… hurt Nana...”

“Nana...” Natsuki looked as the vampire restraining her was staring at her younger sister, a gleam of sadness in her eyes. “Is that your name?”


“Wait, do you know who she is? Have you met her before?”

Nana let the taller vampire go, backing away from her.

“I’m very sorry, onee-chan.”


“Thank you, for taking care of Mako for so long. You’re a good sister.”

Natsuki just stared shocked as the girl bowed to her and handed her back the younger vampire.

“When she wakes up, don’t tell her about anything that happened tonight.” She set Mako down in her sister’s arms, smiling at her. “When the time comes, I’ll explain everything. Thank you for healing my wound, Natsuki onee-chan.”

Natsuki didn’t know what to say. She simply dismissed the girl and left her room. She went upstairs to her and Mako’s room and sat her younger sister down on the bed. By now, she was expecting Mako to be screaming and panicking in her sleep, as she was prone to frequent nightmares due to the Cocoon Period. But, none of that happened. Mako just slept peacefully, no screaming, no kicking, no panics or fits. Her breathing was calm and slow, not changing. Natsuki checked her neck for bite marks, but found no blood or scars. Her skin was still pure and untouched.

“Mako...” She laid her head against her arms, staring at her little sister’s sleeping face. “That girl, Nana… have you met her before?”

To Be Continued
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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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i barely have know the pairings in this fic but just by reading it... :w00t:

i know i want to read more! its so good!! :drool: :drool:

cant wait for the next chapter! update soon!!! :bow: :deco:

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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More posters!!! :cathappy:

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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Oh yes, I forgot to mention another note.

The Sanctum is another reference to TRUMP/LILIUM. It is a "safehouse" hidden deep within the forest and cut off from the human world. The vampires here live in peace and go through studies on vampire life throughout the centuries. The Sanctum used to be an old school, until something happened...


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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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Oooooohhhhhh...  :O :O :O

This is very interesting.. Really really interesting...

Waiting for your next update....  :) :) :)
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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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More posters~

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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Why i can't open all the poster ....

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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hmmm ... interesting~ +u+)

can't wait for more~ +3+)
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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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Mako and Nana and vampires! TanoTomu! nuff said!! :twothumbs

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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I hope you haven't forgotten about this fic~ ;u;
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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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I didn't forget. Here it is. :3


Chapter 2

Centuries ago, when the Sanctum was still a private academy, Nana was sitting alone in the courtyard, where she could read by herself. She was sitting under her favorite tree, where it wasn’t too shady, but had enough light so she could see clearly.

Suddenly, a ripe red apple fell at her side. She looked up and saw a young girl, wearing the same uniform as her. She had a bright smile on her face as her feet dangled from the branch. Nana closed her book, leaving a bookmark.

“What are you doing up there?” she asked the smiling girl.

“It’s nice up here.”

“If Sensei saw you up there, you’d be in trouble.”

“Don’t worry,” the cheery girl said as she jumped down and landed on her feet. “See? I’m not hurt or anything.”

Nana simply nodded her head and went back to her novel.

“What’s your name?”

“Nana… And you are?”

“Mako. Kojima Mako.”


“Mako...” Nana held the pocketwatch in her hands, seeing it rusted and the gold tarnished. A tear fell onto the broken glass as the clock needle remained stuck, frozen in time.

She remembers that day. That was the day that changed her life. If she had not met Mako, she wouldn’t be here today. She wouldn’t feel what she was feeling right now. Sometimes, she wanted it that way, for the pain to be gone.

But then, she had realized, she was already in too deep, and she couldn’t escape and deny it any longer. She had already fallen for Kojima Mako.

“Why? Why did things have to change?”


“Nana..! Nana!”

Mako shot up from her bed, holding her chest as she was breathing rapidly. She looked and saw her older sister, fast asleep and kneeling against her bedside.

“What was I...” As she tried to think, another sharp pain hit her head, this one longer than normal. “N-Nana...”


“Yes, that girl… Nana...”

Just then, her older sister stirred and saw Mako was awake.


“Natsuki, that girl… Her name is Nana.”

“Ah, is that so..?”

“I don’t know how I know… Something told me. I’m sure of it. She is.. Nana.”

Natsuki was still thinking about the previous night. There’s something suspicious about her. Nana seems to know who Mako is, furthermore, she tried to bite her. But did she know, what consequences it could have?

“Mako… do you remember your studies from yesterday?”

Mako simply nodded.

“Do you know what ‘taking the Initiative’ means?”

Mako tried to think, but it can up a bit fuzzy. She couldn’t remember exactly.

“Initiative… That is...”

“That is what happens when a vampire bites someone and enslaves their will.”

“Y-yes… It is forbidden for vampires to bite their own kind.”


Mako always had to be reminded of certain things. Once a day, Natsuki would always help with her independent study, to make sure she was okay. It was natural for her to forget things. She only did so to make sure nothing bad happened to her or anyone else because she had forgotten something important.

“We vampires have been able to suppress our thirst for blood and not lash out. But we must only feed on animal blood and our tablets until we are matured enough to withstand human blood.”


Mako gulped a bit. She always hated the thought of drinking actual blood. The smell was too strong for her, and it felt so weird going down her throat. No matter how much she tried, she always ended up vomiting it back up.

“You gonna be okay?”

She nodded her head.

“Don’t worry. You just have to wait to get used to it. You’re still sensitive because you’ve never drank human blood before.”


“Speaking of...” Natsuki took out a small packet. Mako gulped when she saw her take out a small pill. “It’s about time. You need to take it.”

“I-I know...”

Mako took the pill and held it in her fingers. She stared at it for a few seconds before she popped the tablet in her mouth. Natsuki handed her the water and let her drink. She gulped the pill down and coughed a bit before taking the glass in her hands and taking a few more sips.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.”

Mako simply nodded as her sister started to get up.

“I’m going to check on the others. You get some rest. A lot happened yesterday, so don’t force yourself.”


After Natsuki left, Mako laid down in her bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“Nana...” she repeated the girl’s name. “Who is she?”


“I found them...” A voice spoke up in the small room. The girl fixed her glasses glared down at the screen, a small red dot appearing on the radar.

“You did?!”


“Yup. After all this time… we’ve got their location.”

A short haired girl got up, a dark look in her eyes.

“Finally… I’ll get my revenge.”

To Be Continued


*Another note; the "Initiative" is also a LILIUM reference. It's when a vampire bites another vampire and enslaves their soul. However, it is forbidden.

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
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Mako be a vampire ??  :?
Hmm, interesting  :w00t:
Another great Fic  :w00t:

Can't wait for update  :hee:
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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 2)
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Mako and Yuka vampires finally I love the two of them they have to be my new favourites in AKB looking forward to future updates

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 2)
« Reply #17 on: February 27, 2015, 11:07:08 PM »
whoaaaa....thanks for the update ruka san
 :gyaaah: perfecttt  :hee:
waiting for next chap~yatta~  :on drink:
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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 2)
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much love to your update XD  :sashiko:
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: Fruits of a Rose (Chapter 1)
« Reply #19 on: February 28, 2015, 08:35:08 PM »
thanks for your update Ruka-san!
so it's vampire and the vampire hunters...
aaah i like it because there are naachan and bara no kajitsu senbatsu
what's goin' on there? hem nanamako
 radar? are those the vampire hunters? radar on nana body?
ah please update more soon ruka-san! onegai~
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