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Author Topic: Untitled fanfic (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki) - COMPLETED  (Read 30852 times)

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So... I don't know what to title this.
This is the first time actually writing a fic in chapters or parts so I can't promise updates will be every week but I will try my best!
I tend to not write sometimes and when I force myself to do so I'm not satisfied with it so I will try to make it good.
Most likely I will fuck up the story(I most likely already did Fuck it up!), so remind me to go back and read what I've written and posted lol!

It was the best view Yui could ever ask for. To lay beside the love of her life and be able to trace her fingers along her naked back, trailing down to her hip and placing her palm on it, feeling the soft warm skin.
"I'm awake you know." the girl croaked.
Yui laughed. "Are you okay? Your voice is..."
Haruka, the girl laying beside her, naked, turned around plopping on her side to face Yui.
"My voice is hoarse because of you."
"I know, all that shouting of my name last night means I did a good job." that smug look appeared on Yui's face.
"Stop!" Haruka slapped Yui's bare arm and giggled. Yui just laughed it off and leaned in for a kiss, wanting to feel her soft lips. Haruka gladly accepted the kiss, she loved how gentle Yui kissed her.
When Yui broke the kiss she asked, "would you like breakfast in bed or breakfast out in the world?"
Realization hit Haruka, hearing 'the real world.'
"Oh my, what time is it?" She shot up out of the bed, grabbing her phone which was thrown on the ground last night.
"You look sexy, standing there... Naked." Yui bit her bottom lip as she eyed her up and down.
Haruka scolded at her, "Yui, no." She looked back down at her phone to check the time. She sighed, "good, I still have time."
"Time for what?" Yui asked. Haruka placed her phone on the nightstand and plopped back into bed. Yui draped her arm over Haruka's hip, waiting for an answer.
"I'm having brunch." Haruka answered.
"With?" Yui raised an eyebrow. Haruka looked up at the ceiling, avoiding eye contact. Yui then signed, "oh."
Removing her arm from Haruka, she was about to roll out of bed. "Yui, please-"
"Please, what? I asked one thing from you last night and it was not to mention him." Now out of bed, she grabbed a robe to cover herself. "I wanted this to be you and me, each time we are together it's us and no one else."
Haruka watched and angry Yui walking out of the bedroom. Haruka grabbed the bed sheets covering herself as she got out of bed following Yui.
"I didn't even mention him!" Haruka yelled, pulling the sheets that dragged behind her.
Yui stood in the living room looking out her window her back turned to Haruka. 'She is beautiful' Haruka thought, even though they were getting into an argument. Haruka slowly approached Yui and hugged her from behind, taking a whiff of her lovers scent.
"Haruka," Yui spoke, "why don't we run away? Why haven't we run away?"
Haruka didn't respond.
"You don't love him, you love me." Yui loosened Haruka's hold and turned to face her. "Leave him and run away with me."
Haruka saw the seriousness in Yui's eyes. She wanted to scream out, yes, let's run away! Far far away!, but it wasn't coming out.
"Don't tell me you can't." Now Yui had a tear roll down her cheek. Haruka never liked seeing Yui cry. She reached up and caressed her cheek, "don't cry..."
"Run away with me." Yui whispered.
Haruka pulled Yui's face closer to hers, their foreheads touching. "Yui, I promise you, that I will divorce him and run away with you."
Yui pulled away, astonished. "Really?" Yui took Haruka's hand, which was still on her cheek.
Haruka nodded. "Yes, I will divorce him and run away with you."
Yui smiled and pulled Haruka into a hug, lifting her off her feet and spinning her around.
"You don't know how happy this makes me!" Yui exclaimed. Haruka laughed. "Okay put me down, put me down!"
Yui did as Haruka said and put her down placing her lips onto hers.

While Yui, waited for Haruka, she decided to do some cleaning. In the middle of washing the dishes, her doorbell rang. Turning the water off and wiping her hands dry, she ran to the door looking through the small hole only to see her friend making silly faces. Yui laughed and opened the door. "Sayanee, come in."
Sayaka stared at her friend, surprised to see her cheerful. "You are awfully cheery today. Where is Yui? Are you an alien? Possessed? Or the good twin?"
Yui laughed, "it is I, Yui. I'm just happy."
Yui turned to go into the kitchen to finish off the dishes. Sayaka followed.
"What caused this happiness?" Sayaka asked.
"I'm not telling you. If I do, you will ruin my happiness and I don't want it to end." Yui began to wash the last of the dishes, while Sayaka jumped on the counter to sit. "Tell me, I want to know."
Yui shook her head. "Nope. Now be a good friend and grab the dishes I left in my bedroom." Yui ordered.
Sayaka stuck her bottom lip out, "pfft, fine." She jumped off the counter making her way to the bedroom. Sayaka walked in and went straight for the tray of plates and cups on the bed. Grabbing the tray, something caught her eye.
"You had sex!" She came out the bedroom yelling. Yui turned to her friend and tried to stay calm, "what are you talking about, Sayanee?"
Sayaka smirked and held up a piece of paper, "this proves it! Also the disheveled bed and the dishes and the fact that you are happy. So, who is it?"
Yui snatched the paper from Sayaka, though Sayaka didn't care she already read it.
"You know it's rude to go through people's things." Yui frowned. Sayaka crossed her arms. "Who did you sleep with?"
"That's none of your business." Yui said as she placed the paper in her pocket. Sayaka saw her do it.
"You're not going to read it?" She asked. Yui shook her head. "Later." Then left to grab the tray of dishes Sayaka never brought out.
Sayaka followed behind.
Once Yui was in the bedroom, Sayaka leaned against the door frame. "So, is it someone I know?" Sayaka asked, examining Yui's behavior. She knew when Yui would lie. "You don't know this person." Yui said calmly, but Sayaka saw how she bit the bottom of her lip.
"You lie, I do know this person."
Yui sighed. "See you've ruined my happiness!"
"Is it Haruka?" Sayaka became serious. She had guessed her from the beginning, but hoped she would be wrong. Yui didn't say anything, she just stared at Sayaka. Sayaka let out a long sigh. Yui grabbed the tray and tried to leave the bedroom but Sayaka crossed her arms and blocked Yui's way.
"Haruka is just going to break your heart."
Yui glared at Sayaka. "This is why I didn't tell you."
Sayaka moved and let Yui through.

It was night time and Yui sat on the couch watching TV, while Sayaka sat next to her playing with her phone.
"When are you leaving?" Yui broke the silence.
"I don't know." Sayaka said, not looking up from her phone. Yui crossed her arms and slouched on the couch. She wanted her out since Haruka was coming over soon.
"Leave." Yui said.
Sayaka shook her head.
Yui sighed.
Then she remembered the note. She took it out of her pocket and read it. 'Last night was fun'. at the end of it was a winky face. Yui smiled.
Sayaka saw her out of the corner of her eye. She was going to say something but there was a knock at the door. Both girls looked at each other for a few seconds and at the same time they ran for the door.
Opening the door, Haruka was greeted by Sayaka.
"Haruka, come in."
Haruka came in looking at both Yui and Sayaka. "What's going on?" She asked, concerned.
Sayaka closed the door behind Haruka, "Nothing, just want to have a chat." 
 The three girls were in the living room. Yui and Haruka next to each other while Sayaka sat on the coffee table right in front of the couple.
"So, Haruka, are you still with your husband?" Sayaka began her interrogation.
Haruka looked at Yui then back at Sayaka.
"Sayanee, stop-"
"No, it's okay Yui." Haruka interrupted, "Sayaka, is your friend and she's looking out for you." She turned to Sayaka, "I'm not with him anymore, as of today. I told him I wanted a divorce."
Yui stared at Haruka with her mouth hanging open.
"Really?" She said in a low voice.
Haruka turned to Yui. "Of course. I told you I would do it." She smiled. Yui smiled back. Sayaka watched them in silence.
"So... You really love Yui?" Sayaka asked. Haruka turn to Sayaka again. "I do."
Sayaka sighed. "Well, I guess I'll leave you two. I just... I needed to make sure, I don't want you hurting Yui."
Haruka gave her a slight nod. " I understand."
With that, Sayaka stood up ready to leave. "Wait, I'll walk you out." Yui said as she stood up.
Sayaka stopped her, "stay, I know where the door is."
Yui did stay and watched her friend go.

As Sayaka walked home in the cold night, she kept losing herself in her thoughts until she heard something behind her. She stopped walking and let out her breath. "I know it's you." She turned to find Haruka standing with her hands behind her back.
"Sorry, I wanted to talk to you, but I didn't have the courage."
Sayaka scoffed, "of course you didn't." She turned back to continue her walk home. Haruka quickened her pace to catch up to her. "Sayanee, please stop, I want to talk to you now."
"Now you want to talk to me?" Sayaka continued walking, stuffing her hands into her pockets.
"I've been wanting to but-"
"But you were busy with Yui."
Haruka grabbed her by the coat she was wearing. "Listen! I'm sorry. I didn't know I would fall in love with Yui. I didn't know that I could fall in love with two people, but I did." Haruka placed her palm on Sayaka's cheek. "I love you..."
Sayaka stared into her eyes and her tears were building up. She wanted to kiss her, even after seeing her with Yui, even after seeing that she could leave her husband for Yui. But she couldn't kiss her. Instead Sayaka pulled away from her hold.
"You hurt me, Haruka." Her voice cracked. "You don't love me... If you did you would have left him for me."
Haruka's eyes were the ones starting to form tears now.
"I do love you, Sayaka!" She yelled. "I love you! I want to hold you, I want to kiss you, I want to lay in bed with you..."
"But you love Yui." Sayaka said as let her head drop.
Looking down she stared at Haruka's pale hands.
"You're shaking." Sayaka whispered. She took her coat off and wrapped the coat around Haruka's shoulders.
"Now you're cold." Haruka whispered back. The distance between them had shortened that they could feel each other's cold breaths. "I'm fine." Sayaka said.
Haruka slowly wrapped her arms around Sayaka's waist.
"I'm sorry." Haruka said, laying her head against Sayaka's shoulder. Sayaka wasn't sure if she should hug her.
"Haruka, go home. I don't want to talk to you."
She felt Haruka shake her head.
"Leave me alone."
Again she shook her head. Sayaka sighed, she knew she wasn't going to leave. She wrapped her arm around Haruka's shoulder. "Let's go." She said and they walked to Sayaka's house.

The two arrived at Sayaka's. "Here put this on." Sayaka handed Haruka some pajamas. Haruka stripped to her underwear and Sayaka stared. She had seen her completely naked before but it's been awhile.
She shook her thoughts away and decided to change into some warm PJ's also. Now Haruka was the one staring at Sayaka stripping, but she actually walked up behind Sayaka and wrapped her arms around her bare stomach.
"Have you been working out?" Haruka asked running her hands on her abdomen.
Sayaka chuckled. "Yeah, every morning."
"That's good." Haruka replied.
Sayaka could feel her breath against her back, it gave her goosebumps. "Paru, stop." Sayaka called her by her nickname. Haruka then placed her lips on Sayaka's shoulder. Leaving a kiss that lingered.
"Sayanee," Haruka stood on her tiptoe to reach the taller girls neck, leaving another kiss. Sayaka tilted her head.
"I missed leaving you kisses."  Haruka whispered into her ear.
Haruka moved her hands up from the girls abs to her breast. Sayaka let out a gasp. And Haruka left more kisses on Sayaka's neck.
Sayaka couldn't stand it, she wanted to taste the girls lips. Sayaka turned around to face Haruka, wrapping her arm around her waist and aggressively pulling her in for a devouring kiss.
Haruka felt how tightly Sayaka held her and how her lips moved as if wanting to taste every bit of it. Haruka liked it and wrapped her arms around her neck and returned the kiss as strongly and as devouring as Sayaka's.
Sayaka lifted Haruka off the ground and Haruka wrapped her legs around the girls waist. Without breaking their kissing, Sayaka carried Haruka to bed and they dropped on it. Finally when they broke the kiss, each took a deep breath and exhaled.
"Wow..." Haruka said.
Sayaka agreed.
They went back to making out, until Haruka's phone rang. "Ignore it." Sayaka said as she began making her way down to Haruka's neck, sucking, biting, and licking. Haruka moaned. But again the phone rang and she knew it wasn't going to stop. "Sayanee, stop. Let me check it okay. Really quick, promise." Haruka tried stopping and wiggled away from her bit by bit. Sayaka groaned, upset that their moment was interrupted. She got off the girl and Haruka kissed her before getting up to grab her phone.
She stood by the drawer and Sayaka watched her. "It's Yui, shhhh..." Haruka picked up. "Hello?"
With that she walked to the living room leaving Sayaka in the bedroom.

When Haruka returned, she went and sat on top of Sayaka's lap. "What Did Yui say?" Sayaka asked looking up at the girl. "It was Nothing." Haruka replied. She swooped down to catch Sayaka's lips.
"Your avoiding something." Sayaka said after the kiss.
Haruka shook her head. "No I'm not. Don't worry about it." Again she went for another kiss but Sayaka moved away. "I'm not in the mood."
"Fine." Haruka frowned and got off her lap. She pulled the covers off the bed and laid down pulling the covers over herself. "Goodnight."
Sayaka crossed her arms, "Why are you mad at me? I'm suppose to be mad at you." Sayaka said as she leaned over to Haruka, who was facing away from her. Haruka didn't respond so Sayaka sighed. "Whatever." She crawled under the covers, facing Haruka's back.
After a long moment in silence.
"I love you and I love Yui." Haruka said, turning over to face Sayaka. "Im sorry for the pain I caused you today, but I don't know what to do..."
"You have to pick, Paru." Sayaka stuck her arm out of the bed sheets and reached to remove a strand of hair from Haruka's face. "Know that I love you, Haruka. I will always be there for you no matter what happens." Sayaka leaned to Haruka and kissed her forehead. Haruka snuggled closer to Sayaka and closed her eyes. Sayaka hugged Haruka and wished her a goodnight.

This look like more in my phone lol! Well let me know did you guys like it? Or was it weird for you to read SayaParu? lol I don't
know why I like that pair... I guess I just see them pretty cute together lol! But who do you want me to end it with
YuiParu or SayaParu? cuz im still not sure who I'm ending it with...
Miyuki will be written in later :thumbup
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its look like interesting hehe.. keep it up! :thumb:

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  • Aigoo! Hwaiting!
Im wondering how Milky would show up in this fic.
Knowing Sayanee, she's really a loyal and devoted lover.

Keep it up.  :thumbsup
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that's one pairing I din't see coming.

Let's see how Milky can change everything..

Lame Story ahead!

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Mmm i hate cheaters so I really hope that in the end both leave paru,, they doesnt deserve this... or maybe yuiparu in the end and sayaka could findanother people.. like milky ~
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Ships that make me weabo

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Not used to seeing a SayaParu pairing, but excited to see what this long triangle with Yui can bring. Or maybe even a love square with Milky. =D

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Hey you guys.... :nervous
I haven't updated... two reasons!
1. I didn't like the way I wrote the second part.. So I kept trying to fix it.. :sweatdrop:
2.I decided to let my niece play with my phone today... and it got deleted...  :(
So im trying to write the second part .. Hopefully I get it done this weekend.
If not I'll leave you guys a short fic! Yes?

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Okay, here is part 2... I myself don't like how I wrote it and I kept trying to write it better but I failed  :thumbdown: Im not going to write anymore long ass stories lmao! I'll stick with the short ones  :nervous I'll complete this one though so yeah... enjoy...? :( Oh yeah... It's all fucked up, the writing so... :thumbsup

Haruka woke up the next morning to find Sayaka staring down at her with a goofy smile plastered on her face. Haruka yawned and stretched her arms out wrapping them around Sayaka's neck.
"What are you doing?" Haruka asked, a smile appearing on her face.
"Im observing you. Did you know you snore? It's not loud, but a cute low snore." Sayaka laughed.
Haruka laughed along with her, giving her a playful slap on her back. "Stop, that's embarrassing! Not true."
"It's true!" Sayaka exclaimed.
Haruka's laughing died down as soon as she saw Sayaka was wearing her work out clothes.
"You're going for a run?" She asked, examining Sayaka's clothes, how it fit her perfectly, showing off her curves. Haruka drooled.
Sayaka stopped laughing hearing the question and looked at where Haruka's eyes were fixed on. "Stop looking at me like I'm a piece of meat." Sayaka leaned down closer to Haruka's face.
Haruka's cheeks turned a shade of pink, noticing she was caught staring at the girls breast.
Sayaka smirked, glad to make her lover blush in embarrassment.
Sayaka tried to kiss Haruka, but Haruka played with her, moving away from her each time she moved closer to kiss her. Sayaka chuckled, trying again and again only being able to kiss her cheek or nose, but unable to catch her target, her lips. Being stronger than the girl underneath her, she grabbed Haruka's arms off of her and pinned them onto the bed over Haruka's head. Haruka tried to fight back, but failed. Sayaka was able to swoop down to finally get that kiss she wanted. The kiss deepened and in just seconds she had the girl beneath her asking for more.
Either Haruka or Sayaka had the worst of luck because they heard Sayaka's phone ringing.
"Shit!" Sayaka cursed as she broke the kiss.
Sayaka let the girl go, ready to get out of bed to pick up her phone, but Haruka pulled Sayaka back into bed landing on top her. Sayaka laughed. "That's the first time you've taken me down."
Haruka smiled proud of herself. "Well, you haven't finished what you started."
The phone had stopped ringing and Haruka leaned down to kiss Sayaka and again the phone rang again.
"It's probably work." Sayaka said.
"That's fine, call them back later. You're with the boss daughter." Haruka kissed Sayaka and that was Haruka's weakest moment. Sayaka rolled over pinning her back on the bed.
Getting out of bed, leaving an upset Haruka, she grabbed her phone answering it.
"Yeah, I'll be there in a bit." Haruka heard Sayaka say. "I have to go now, Paru."
Haruka sat up, a frown appearing on her face. "Why?" She crossed her arms.
"I'm going for a run with, Yui."
"Why?" this time Haruka furrowed.
"Guess, she wants to talk about yesterday." Sayaka said, "Don't worry I won't tell her you spent the night with me." Sayaka sat on the bed beside Haruka.
Haruka's face softened. "I know you won't."
Sayaka smiled. "Okay, I have to go now, she's waiting for me. Lock the door when you leave or if you leave."
Haruka gave her a smile and a nod, plucking her lips for a kiss.
"Love you." Sayaka said.
"Love you, too!" Haruka smiled waving goodbye as her lover left.
Once Sayaka left, Haruka thought about going back to sleep. As soon as she was falling back into slumber, her phone rang. She seriously has bad luck, she thought. Getting cranky, she still got up to pick up her phone. It was her father.
"Hey, dad." She answered.
"Meet me at the cafe for breakfast. I'll see you there." With that he hung up. Haruka sighed, knowing why he called for breakfast, and it wasn't for a happy family get together.

Sayaka was jogging to the park to meet Yui. As she was getting there, she saw Yui warming up, doing some stretches. Approaching her, she greeted her, "Good Morning." Sayaka felt an awkward tension between them.
Yui greeted her back, "Good Morning. What took you so long?"
Sayaka felt her face warming up, she swears her face became red just thinking about what kept her. Haruka.
"Sorry I was... talking to someone..." Sayaka thought it was a good excuse.
"With who, a girl?" Yui joked.
Sayaka chuckled. "Uh... Yeah."
"Really? What girl?" Yui asked, curious to see if Sayaka has found a girlfriend. She thought her friend needed one.
Sayaka was starting to feel that awkward tension going away. Like yesterday didn't happen.
"What girl? Well... Ah, how about we start our run." Sayaka changed the topic, hoping her friend wouldn't ask her more questions.
Yui laughed, "All right, but I will find out who this girl you are talking to is."
They began their run.
After half a mile, Yui spoke up. "I realized yesterday, you were looking out for me. I realize that now. I know you don't trust Haruka."
Sayaka stopped, she felt bad. To hear her friend say this to her, knowing that the girl they both love had spent the night at her place. Yui stopped along with her.
"It isn't that I don't trust her...I just want to make sure she... doesn't hurt you. She cheated once, won't she do it again?"
Yui hated that her friend asked her such a question, but she believed Haruka really loved her. "That sounds like you don't trust her." Yui muttered, "But, I believe she won't cheat again."
"But if she does?" Sayaka asked.
"Then I'm willing to fight for her." Yui spoke seriously, It worried Sayaka.
"You really love her?" she asked, Yui.
"I do, so much." Yui looked directly at her as she said that. Sayaka saw, her love for Haruka was real.
"I want you to come for lunch with us, Haruka and I. I want my friend and girlfriend to get along." Yui invited.
Sayaka faked a smile and accepted the invite to lunch. They began running again, but after a couple minutes out of the corner of her eye, Sayaka found Yui smiling. "Why are you smiling?" Sayaka asked.
"Can you keep a secret?"
Sayaka gave her a nod.
"Last night I called, Paru. We were talking about running away to some different country."
"Running away?"
"Yeah, once her divorce is settled, we are leaving Japan."
That pulled a nerve in Sayaka, she was mad. Why hadn't Haruka told her about this.
"You're secret is safe with me." Sayaka gritted through her teeth as they continued running.

Haruka arrived to the cafe to meet her father. When she walked in she found him chatting up with the waitress.
"Good Morning, dad." Haruka interrupted, not caring if both were in the middle of a conversation.
Her father stood up to greet his daughter. "Haruka, good morning. Sit down." He gestured for her to sit. "Bring her some orange juice and-"
"Coffee and bagel." Haruka ordered.
Her father sighed and the waitress left to get the order.
"Your husband called me."
Haruka was right, she knew he would call her father. Most likely to complain.
"And?" Haruka asked.
Her father took a sip of his coffee, "I want to know why."
Haruka sat back on her chair. "I don't love him. I never have."
"Arlight." Was all her father said.
"That's it, you're not upset?" Haruka was confused, she thought her father would be angry at her. He was the one who wanted her to get married with the guy.
"Im not, I just wanted you to be happy. I thought you would be happy with him. Guess, I was wrong." He took another sip of his coffee. "So, who is this lucky guy you've fallen in love with?"
Haruka choked, "What?"
"That mark on your neck." He pointed at the hickey on the nape of her neck. "Your husband didn't do that if you asked for a divorce." He gave a light laugh.
Haruka reached up placing her hand over the mark, embarrassed by it. "I can't tell you who..."
The waitress returned leaving Haruka's coffee and bagel.
"That's fine, we all have our secrets." He said as he looked at the waitress up and down, checking her out. "It runs in the family." He finished saying, watching the young lady walking away. Haruka saw her father's action and rolled her eyes.
"Im not like you." Haruka argued.
Her father turned his attention to her, "Oh, really? You asked for a divorce from your husband yesterday and last night you were with someone." Again he pointed at the hickey on her neck. "And, I can probably bet, you have been cheating on him for awhile."
Haruka stayed quiet.
"You are my daughter." He smiled.
Haruka held her breath. To hear him say that, to say she is his daughter in that way, like it's a proud thing. She wanted to argue back, but he was right, she was his daughter, a cheater. The only difference, she believed, was she is actually in love with two people, while he had cheated for pleasure.
Instead of arguing back, she looked down at her bagel, while her father smiled like he'd won.
"Are you going you see the lawyer?" He asked.
Haruka looked up. "I'm going after this."
Her father, waved his hand saying, "No, no, no, I'll go talk to him. I don't want your husband after my company." He sat back fixing his thousand dollar suit.
"I can do it myself." Haruka protested.
"No. I will speak to the lawyer." He stood up, taking his wallet out. "I'm going to work. I'll see you there?" He asked as her took cash out.
Haruka gave him a nod, "I'll stop by."
He smiled, "Alright, I'll see you there." He threw the cash on the table, leaving more than he needed to. Haruka saw him leave and pushed her bagel away, losing her appetite.

After her run with Yui, Sayaka made her way home, more like sprinted, hoping Haruka would still be there. She was angry at her for never mentioning she was leaving the country with Yui after her divorce.
Calling out her name the minute she opened the door, she headed straight to her bedroom only to find her bed made. She walked over to it, taking out her phone dialing Haruka's number. The phone rang and rang, but Haruka wasn't picking up. Sayaka tired calling her a couple times. In the end, she threw her phone on her bed letting some rage out. She sighed and dropped on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She tried to relax herself, but couldn't. Haruka kept this from her and she wanted to know why. The minute her phone rang, she grabbed it and answered it.
"This isn't Haruka, Sayaka."
"Ah, Shimazaki, sir." It was Haruka's father, her boss. "I apologize."
"That's okay. Listen, I'm calling to inform you we have a meeting. If you can come in, that would be great."
Sayaka told him, she will head over as soon as and hung up.

Haruka was lost in her thoughts while she sat in her office. After her father left the cafe she left right after wanting to go home to change or at least shower.But she didn't want to bump into her soon to be ex-husband. Instead she headed to her office to finish any work she had left. However she wasn't getting anything done, she kept thinking about Sayaka, Yui, and her talk with her father. She was so immersed into her own little problematic world, she didn't notice someone had come into her office until they slammed their hands on her desk. Haruka jolted, looking up to find Sayaka.
"It's over!" Sayaka yelled at Haruka.
Haruka stared at her, her mouth slightly ajar. "What?" She asked, her voice barely heard.
"Whatever, you and I are it's over." Sayaka snarled.
Sayaka turned, ready to leave and Haruka quickly stood, making her way to her, pulling her by her arm to get her to face her again.
"Why?" Haruka asked. She saw how Sayaka avoided looking at her. Haruka took a hold of her cheeks and forced her to face her, asking again. "Why, Sayanee?"
Sayaka took a hold of Haruka's wrist, gripping it and removing it from her face. "You're leaving, running away."
"Yui, told you?" Haruka was surprised.
"You weren't going to tell me, were you? You were just going to run away with her without telling me!" She tightened her grip on Haruka's wrist.
"Sayaka, you're hurting me." Haruka tried to pull her wrist away from Sayaka's hold.
Sayaka didn't notice she had tightened her hold on the girls wrist, quickly letting her go. "I'm sorry." Sayaka whispered. She saw how Haruka rubbed her wrist to get rid of the pain.
"Sayaka, please don't leave me." Haruka pleaded, moving closer to Sayaka again.
"Every time, I am with you, I end up hurt. I love you, but... I don't think you love me the same way."
"I do!" Haruka took her lovers hand.
"You don't love me the way you think." Sayaka took a step back, retracting her hand.
"Please, Sayanee..." Haruka took a step toward her trying to get close to her again. She began to feel the tears forming in her eyes. Sayaka saw this  and before she could take a step back, Haruka wrapped her arms around her. "Sayanee, I swear to you, I love you."
"Pick. I need you to pick. I need to hear you say who you want."
 Hearing someone else, both Sayaka and Haruka turned to find Yui standing at the door, confused.
"What's going on, Paru?"

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Re: Untitled Pt.II (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #9 on: February 03, 2015, 06:56:55 AM »
The story is not that confusing.
Im just waiting for Milky's part.

Paru should just choose between the two of them.
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Re: Untitled Pt.II (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #10 on: February 03, 2015, 07:32:36 AM »
chose yui..
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Re: Untitled Pt.II (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #11 on: February 03, 2015, 10:22:22 AM »

Ships that make me weabo

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Re: Untitled Pt.II (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #12 on: February 04, 2015, 01:11:04 AM »
I wanna read the next chappy~ XD
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: Untitled Pt.II (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #13 on: February 07, 2015, 04:06:13 AM »
i know its evil but for some reason, i wish Paru won't choose Yui, or she did choose Yui but their relationship broke  :twisted: (don't kill me for saying it!) :cathappy:

but if it actually did happen... :bleed eyes:


was thinking the same thing but maybe she'll appear on the latter chapter? :roll:

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Re: Untitled Pt.II (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #14 on: February 07, 2015, 12:24:49 PM »
 Paru Chose Yuihan  :banghead: :banghead: Instead Of Sayanee or
Maybe a plot twist  :drool:
and of course....  :deejay

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Re: Untitled Pt.III (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #15 on: February 11, 2015, 05:33:21 AM »
If I were Sayaka, I would choose Miyuki. Just leave Paru already.
Thanks to this chapter. Miyuki is already in the picture.  :D
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Re: Untitled Pt.III (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #16 on: February 11, 2015, 05:34:03 AM »
WDF, PARU! You are playing with fire!! I really hope yui notices your betrayed.. because yui deserve a better person...#likeme jajaja ok no...
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Re: Untitled Pt.III (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #17 on: February 13, 2015, 02:13:12 AM »
It looks like it will end up YuiParu and Sayamilky, but it still looks a little tricky getting to that. Really enjoying the fic and can't wait for the next update.

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Re: Untitled Pt.III (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #18 on: February 17, 2015, 01:03:39 PM »
Uh.... wow. That made me hate Paru a little more her in the story.

”Miyuki, welcome back!” the man up front smiled at the girl in the back of the meeting room.
”I’m glad to be back.” The girl smiled.


”Are you two finally together or is she still married?”
Sayaka shook her head and looked down on the ground, picking at whatever lint was there, “She is getting a divorce, but we aren’t together… We were just… sleeping together.” It hurt Sayaka, saying those words made her realize her and Haruka were just sleeping together, she never really had her.
”Like us?” Miyuki let out a small laugh.

OHHHHHHH so SayaMilky did have a past before SayaParu.. I had a feeling.

”I didn’t think I left you a mark before.” Yui said in a ragged breath.
Haruka gasped. Sayaka left her the hickey. Yui continued, but Haruka started to feel uncomfortable.

I'm going to give Paru the finger her cause she's being a bitch. ..|.. f you Paru for breaking both girl's hearts.

”I’m sorry.” Haruka apologized. “I never meant to hurt you… I don’t want you to leave me, I love you Sayaka… How many times do I have to say it?”
Sayaka kept looking into her glistening eyes. “You could say it as much as you want, but it won’t be enough for me.”

THEN WHAT IS IT THAT YOU FEEL WITH YUI. I'll say it time and time again. You can't sit on two chairs without falling in between. You'll just break the chairs and hurt yourself.

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Re: Untitled Pt.III (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #19 on: May 15, 2015, 09:17:31 AM »
update.! update! update! soon!
keep it up!!

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