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Author Topic: Untitled fanfic (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki) - COMPLETED  (Read 31324 times)

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Re: Untitled Pt.III (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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I forgot why I deleted Part 3 but here it is again. Also I finished part four, I'll post it tomorrow, later cuz I am tired... Also I was not expecting to continue this story but I did.. here is part 3 again sorry for deleting it before.

The meeting was about to start when Sayaka and Haruka burst in through the door, apologizing for being late. Haruka’s father just shook his head and waved his hand telling them to come in. Both girls made their way to the front, taking the only empty seats. Haruka’s father began the meeting.
The company he ran and owned was Men’s wear, anything from tuxedos to t-shirts to shorts, jeans, pants, anything to do with mens clothing. Though their best selling clothing items were their formal clothes. Her father being a fashion designer was one of the many traits Haruka inherited from him. Haruka and Sayaka both worked as designers as well which is how both of them met, though they argued a lot when they started working together. If Haruka liked one of the designs, Sayaka hated it. But Haruka still remembers, how just one night changed their relationship from hate to love.
Haruka sat in her seat, stiff, not even paying any attention to her father. She kept wondering if Yui knew or had an idea of what was happening when she came into her office. Haruka had left Yui in her office, unable to explain what was happening between her and Sayaka. They were called to the meeting before Haruka could even say a word to Yui.
Haruka began picking her cuticles, she wanted this meeting to end and talk to Yui. She moved her fingers up to her lips about to bite her nail, but Sayaka stopped her, taking her hand into hers. Sayaka had been watching her out of the corner of her eye the whole time. She worried she had been putting too much pressure on Haruka to choose between her and Yui. Maybe if she just has the chance to actually talk to her with no interruptions.
Haruka quickly pulled her hand away, not even bothering to look at Sayaka. Sayaka bit her lip, wanting to say sorry.
”Haruka,” Sayaka turned whispering into her ear. “I’ll talk to Yui, if you want me to.”
Haruka still didn’t look at her
”Haruka.” She tried getting her attention. “look at me.”
Haruka turned, “I’ll talk to her!” she harshly whispered.
The two began to argue quietly, they didn’t even realize someone came into the meeting room until Haruka’s father said the girls name.
”Miyuki, welcome back!” the man up front smiled at the girl in the back of the meeting room.
”I’m glad to be back.” The girl smiled.
The two girls arguing, went quiet looking back at the newly arrived girl. Sayaka gulped, she caught the girls eye and Miyuki mouthed, ‘Hello’ as she stood in the back.
”Now, the company’s anniversary is coming up, I hope to see you all at the venue. That’s it, let’s get back to work.” Haruka’s father ended the meeting, dismissing everyone. As everyone exited the room, Haruka’s father grabbed Haruka’s attention.
”Haruka, I’ll see you before you leave today.” He told his daughter. She just responded with a nod and he left the room.
Haruka, wanting to leave quickly to speak with Yui, got off her chair ready to bolt out. Sayaka was about to follow behind her hoping she could have a chance to help her, but the girl in the back of the room had made her way to greet her friends. “Hi, nice to see the both of you again.” Miyuki greeted, cheerfully.
Both girls stopped in their tracks as the girl blocked their way.
”Miyuki.” Sayaka said.
Haruka heard the way she said the girls name, as if she missed the girl. Sayaka didn’t mean it that way though, she was just surprised Miyuki is back. Haruka turned, taking a quick peek at Sayaka and turning back to Miyuki, “You’ve returned.” Haruka forced a smile.
Miyuki nodded saying, “I have, I missed Japan, so much! I asked your father if I could come home.” She looked at Sayaka. “Aren’t you happy to see me, Sayanee?”
Sayaka had been staring at her, her mouth slightly opened. “Uh… Yeah.” She let out a faint chuckle, “When did you get back?”
”Yesterday. I was going to call you two, but something came up.” Miyuki said, that smile still on her face.
”Well, I’m glad you’re back.” Haruka opened her arms to hug her.
Haruka does like Miyuki, she does, but she knew Sayaka and her slept together back when Miyuki was still working in the company with them. Her and Sayaka hadn’t been together, yet, but the feelings were starting to grow between them during that time.
Haruka broke the hug, “I have to go back to my office, but, I’ll see you later, right?”
Miyuki gave her a nod her smile turning into a grin. “Of course.”
With that Haruka left to her office. Sayaka had snapped out of her thoughts as she stared at Miyuki the whole time and ran after Haruka, “Paru, wait! Ah, Milky,” She turned back to Miyuki, “Let’s talk later!”
Sayaka left, following Haruka down the hall of the building, she didn't give Miyuki a chance to respond to her.
”Paru, stop!” Sayaka ran after the girl, calling out for her to stop. Haruka did stop, turning to face her, finding Sayaka closer than she expected. “S-stop, leave me alone, Sayaka.”
”No!” Sayaka glared.
”Excuse me, Shimazaki, I need to talk to you about the material of these designs.” An employee interrupted the two girls.
Haruka averted her eyes to the man beside Sayaka, “Alright. Sayaka, If you’ll excuse me.” Haruka excused herself, leaving with the man holding a couple of papers.
Sayaka, balled her fists, she wanted to yank her by the arm and drag her anywhere but here. She wanted to sort things out, but each time she had the chance to talk to Haruka they were always interrupted. For now she had a better idea.
Sayaka, made her way to Haruka’s office. knocking on the door, she walked in and found Yui standing up from Haruka’s chair.
”Sayanee.” Yui was surprised to see her friend instead of her girlfriend. “Where’s, Paru?” She asked making her way around the desk.
”She is attending some work. Listen, I’m sorry, Haruka and I…”
”Whats going on, Sayanee?” Yui frowned. “Why was she crying? Why was she hugging you?”
”I care a lot about, Haruka.”

When Haruka arrived in front of her office, she saw Sayaka walking out.
”What the hell are you doing, here?” Haruka scowled.
”Don’t worry, your relationship with Yui, will be fine.” Sayaka was about to push by Haruka, but she blocked her. “We aren't over.”
”Says, you.” Sayaka pushed by her and left.
Haruka watched her walking away, she wanted to run after her, continue arguing with her, that they aren’t over, she doesn’t want to end things with her. Her legs weren't moving, she wanted to go after her, but nothing was happening.
She heard that soft voice and turned to find Yui with those sweet loving eyes staring at her. Whatever Sayaka told her, she knew it wasn't about both of them seeing each other behind Yui’s back.
Haruka walked up to Yui, placing her palm on Yui’s cheek. “Hi, Yui.”
”Are you feeling better?” Yui asked, concerned.
Haruka was confused. “What do you mean?”
”Sayanee said you two were arguing about the designs you two want to display at the party, then you felt sick. Are you feeling any better?” Yui asked again, wanting to make sure her girl was alright.
Haruka was amazed by the lie that she told Yui. “I’m fine, I just need to eat.” Haruka weakly smiled at Yui, going along with the lie.
Yui smiled.”Alright, come into your office, I brought you lunch.” Yui took Haruka’s hand leading her in the room.
Closing the door behind her, Haruka walked over to her desk behind Yui and she smiled upon seeing the flowers.
”You didn’t have to…” Haruka muttered.
Yui heard her. “I wanted to. Come, sit. I want you to relax and eat up.” Yui took the chair out and helped Haruka sit. “Now, eat up.” Yui took out some bento boxes and opened them in front of Haruka. Seeing the food, her stomach growled, she hadn’t eaten anything, the bagel from this morning was left untouched.
But after Yui mentioned Sayaka, her hunger disappeared. She thought of the moment Sayaka walked out of her office, she had seen the expression on her face, the reason she wanted to run after her. She broke the girls heart.

Sayaka got to her office slamming the door and threw whatever was closest to her to the ground letting out her frustration. Breathing heavily, she fell to her knees clutching onto her chest. “Don’t cry, Sayaka.” she told herself.
She jolted at the sound of a knock at the door, causing Sayaka to panic. Standing back up, she shouted, “Don’t come in!” Crouching back down to pick up whatever she had thrown to the ground.
Holding onto whatever she was able to pick up, she looked up to find whoever knocked had knocked at her door walk in closing the door behind her.
”Are you, okay?”
”Miyuki…” Again, Sayaka was only able to say her name.
”I asked you a question.” Miyuki approached Sayaka, helping her with the mess.
Sayaka said nothing and only watched her picking up the papers that were left.
”I’m alright.” Sayaka lied. Both girls stood up back up and Miyuki made her way to Sayaka’s desk, placing what she had in hand on the table.
”You don’t seem alright.” She turned back to Sayaka, who stood in the same spot holding onto some papers she picked up.
”Are you scared of me, Sayanee?” Miyuki asked.
Sayaka sighed, “Im not, I am a bit shocked you've returned.”
”Is that why you’re upset?” Miyuki thought maybe Sayaka was acting the way she was because she had returned.
”No, no! I…” She stopped, taking a deep breath, “I Had to do the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” Sayaka slowly walked to her desk, placing everything on it. She turned to see Miyuki watching her, her eyes only focused on her. It was something she hasn't experienced in awhile.
”Sayaka, if you want to talk about it, I’m here for you.” Miyuki smiled.
Sayaka saw and heard the sincerity in Miyuki, it made her feel a little better. “Thanks… I’m glad you’re back.” She smiled at the girl beside her.

Haruka was barely eating her lunch, occasionally stuffing some food into her mouth. She was busy, lost in her thoughts and of course Yui noticed this.
”Is my cooking that bad?” Yui broke her thoughts, smiling at her.
Haruka glanced up from her food, stuffing a gyoza into her mouth and answered Yui, “Is goo.”
Yui laughed, “Sorry?”
Haruka let out a small laugh, just hearing Yui laugh made her a bit better. “Sorry, It is good. Your cooking is good!”
”Do you still feel sick?” Yui asked, reaching to feel her forehead.
”I’m fine, Yui. Just thinking about work.” Haruka lied. She was thinking about Sayaka the whole time.
”Stop, you’re suppose to be relaxing.” Yui stood up from her chair, making her way behind Haruka’s chair.
Placing her hands on Haruka’s shoulders, she began to massage her.
”mmm… that feels good.” Haruka moaned.
She began to relax with Yui’s touch, her hands relieving her from her thoughts.
”Better?” Yui asked.
Haruka nodded, closing her eyes. She quickly opened them when she felt Yui’s lips on her cheek, but closed them again once she felt Yui move down to her neck. Yui’s lips were soft against her neck, but she felt at Yui roughly sucked and nipped at her neck, making Haruka dig her hand into Yui’s black hair, keeping her in place.
Haruka’s breathing became heavy the longer Yui kept kissing her, but Haruka wanted to taste her lips.
”Yui.” she gasped.
”Yes, Paru?” Yui whispered into her ear.
Haruka turned and captured Yui’s lips. Yui took her by her waist, picking her off the chair and slamming her against the desk. Haruka let out a loud groan, it embarrassed her, she thought someone outside her office had heard her. That didn't stop her though.
Yui, lifted her off the floor and sat her on the desk. Haruka wrapped her legs around Yui’s waist and wrapped her arms around her neck.
”Is this relaxing?” Yui asked between Haruka’s lips.
Haruka let out a moan and Yui took that as a yes.
Yui returned to kissing Haruka, leaving a trail of kisses as she moved back down to her neck. All Haruka could do was let out these satisfied sounds from the back of her throat and held Yui close, wanting more from her. Yui began to unbutton Haruka’s blouse and Haruka wanted her to get it off of her quick.
Success, it was off and Yui continued tasting every bit of Haruka, until…
”I didn't think I left you a mark before.” Yui said in a ragged breath.
Haruka gasped. Sayaka left her the hickey. Yui continued, but Haruka started to feel uncomfortable. Luckily, the phone to her office rang. Yui stopped, “I forgot we were in your office.” Yui chuckled.
Haruka smiled and took a deep breath, before answering the phone.
”I’ll be on my way.” Haruka hung up and looked at Yui.
”You have to go?” Yui asked, disappointed she couldn’t spend more time with Haruka.
”My dad needs to see me.” Haruka said.
”About the divorce?” Yui asked.
Haruka shook her head, “We talked about that this morning.”
”How did he take it?”
”He was fine with it.”
”That is shocking.”
Haruka nodded agreeing with her.
”Well, I will let you go to work now.” Yui helped her off the desk and helped her get dressed.
”I’ll call you later.” Yui said as she grabbed her backpack. “Finish your lunch, please?” Yui kissed Haruka “I love you.”
”I love you too.” Haruka watched Yui walk out the door then she sighed dropping onto her chair, she was really starting to feel dizzy from everything in her head.

Sayaka and Miyuki were sitting on the floor of the office reminiscing about the old times. They were having a good laugh, Sayaka had forgotten about what had happened with Haruka, It was just a good time with a friend.
As the laughing died down, silence engulfed them. Miyuki decided to break that silence though, “I saw you and Paru, last night.”
Sayaka’s eyes widened as she turn to look at her.
”Are you two finally together or is she still married?”
Sayaka shook her head and looked down on the ground, picking at whatever lint was there, “She is getting a divorce, but we aren’t together… We were just… sleeping together.” It hurt Sayaka, saying those words made her realize her and Haruka were just sleeping together, she never really had her.
”Like us?” Miyuki let out a small laugh.
Sayaka didn’t laugh. “I’m sorry, if I hurt you, back then. I didn’t think you would talk to me ever again.”
”I don’t want to hold grudges, we are friends anyways.” Miyuki smiled.
’This girl never stops smiling’ Sayaka thought.
”Is that why you barely spoke to me before? You thought I was still mad at you?” Miyuki asked.
Sayaka nodded. “I thought you were going to slap me if I said anything other than your name.”
Miyuki laughed, “I asked you on a date and you answered. I’m not going to hate you for it. I wasn’t heartbroken, I figured I could have at least tried-“
”Why don’t we try it then, You and me?” Sayaka interrupted.
”What? I thought you and Haruka…” Miyuki was shocked to hear what Sayaka asked.
Miyuki still remembers the days they spent together, mostly having sex, but whenever she was with Sayaka it was nice, easy going, it was a good friendship. One day Miyuki, thought, why not try asking Sayaka out, nothing to lose. But when she did, Sayaka rejected her, Miyuki understood though, she always knew Sayaka was in love with Haruka, for her asking her out wasn’t a big thing. She was offered a job in Paris for Shimazaki’s company, so she thought she would try and if not she would end up leaving anyways. Still a tiny hope was there, she hoped the day she would return to Japan, Sayaka and Haruka were over, however… They were still “together”.
”Let’s give it a try.” Sayaka said, looking at Miyuki. But Miyuki saw the sadness in her eyes.
Miyuki placed her palm on her cheek, “Sayaka, I don’t think now is the right time.”
Their moment was interrupted by a knock and someone coming in to the office.
”Saya-Oh, Im sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt.”
Miyuki felt the cheek she had in her hand leave. Sayaka quickly got to her feet at the sight of Haruka. “You weren’t, I mean… What do you want, Paru?”
”My father needs us in his office, the three of us.” she replied coldly.
”Okay, we’ll be right behind.” Sayaka said, watching Haruka walk out closing the door behind her. Keeping her eyes on the door, Miyuki noticed she was deep in thought.
”You two should talk.” Miyuki tried to get her attention.
Sayaka slightly nodded, then looked down at Miyuki, “Oh, Im sorry, let me help you up!” Sayaka had forgotten about Miyuki, but stuck her hand out to her helping her to her feet.
”Thanks.” Miyuki smiled for the hundredth time.
”Let’s go?” Sayaka asked.
Miyuki nodded. She realized Sayaka never let go of her hand, maybe she did have a chance.

The three girls were in Shimazaki’s office, going over the tuxedos and suits Haruka’s father wanted to display at the anniversary party. It also included Sayaka and Haruka’s work, which both were happy about. They had to actually work to get them out in the publics eye. Miyuki was happy for her friends, though she wasn’t sure why she was there until Shimazaki asked her to wear the suits both girls designed. All she had to do was wear them around the party.
After their small meeting, they were excused, only Haruka stayed though.
”Did you want to speak with me?” She asked her father who had his eyes on the paperwork in front of him.
He looked up, “Oh, yeah. I have the divorce papers.” He informed her. He opened his drawer and took out an envelope.
”That fast?” Haruka’s eyes widened.
He nodded, “Of course. Sign it, then I’ll give it to your husband to sign.”
”I’ll take it to him.” She grabbed the envelope and sat on the chair in front of his desk.
Her father stared at her. “Alright, get him to sign it and bring it back to me understand?”
Haruka nodded, taking out the papers and quickly signing them.
”Okay, signed. I’ll see you.” Haruka was ready to run out of the office.
”Haruka, bring the papers back once they are signed.” Her father said, going back to work like all this was nothing. She didn’t respond to him, rather just left.
Walking back to her office Haruka passed by Sayaka’s office, the door was wide open. she peeked in, finding Sayaka going over some of her designs. Haruka decided to keep on walking by, but next thing she knew she was already closing the door to Sayaka’s office, approaching her. Pulling her chair away from the desk and landing on her lap, straddling her. Without a word being said, she took Sayaka’s face into her hands and angrily kissed her. Sayaka tried to fight away, but the kiss weakened her. Haruka was her kryptonite.
She kissed the girl back, letting herself fall into love with Haruka again.
They pulled away gasping for air.
”I’m sorry.” Haruka apologized. “I never meant to hurt you… I don’t want you to leave me, I love you Sayaka… How many times do I have to say it?”
Sayaka kept looking into her glistening eyes. “You could say it as much as you want, but it won’t be enough for me.”

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Re: Untitled Pt.4(S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Ha! Here's 4! ...  lack of sleep -_-

Once Haruka's, now ex-husband, signed the divorce papers he moved out of the house and to a different city. Haruka's father had assigned him to manage one of her father's company in exchange to not take his daughter to court for money. Haruka's father believed her ex-husband would try and take a good sum of money from him or Haruka and of course he wasn't going to let that happen. So he made him a deal, sign the papers, manage a company and never speak of it again, but her father always had a different method if something as simple as that didn't work.
Haruka knew her father knew certain guys who would find out the bad in people that work close to him, he doesn't want someone to stab him in the back and take his company from beneath him. For now, Haruka is the only one who can pull the rug from his feet and watch him fall. Of course Haruka would never do that to her father, even if she was angry at him for cheating on her mother. She could stay angry at him, but at least he was there to raise her. After Haruka's mother left, she wished her mother would have at least taken her with her, but she left her and hasn't come back since.
Once the divorce was set, Haruka felt relieved, but the thought of Yui and Sayaka still haunted her. She had to pick, but it was driving her crazy, especially keeping it in from everyone she knew, the two people she opened up to the most are the ones she's ignoring now. She kept herself away from the two girls until she could clear her head and hopefully decide. Of course after a couple of days, one of the girls would worry.
Haruka heard a loud banging from her door, scaring her from her own world she gets into when she starts to draw. Haruka got up from her couch, placing her sketch pad and pencil down, rushing to the door and peeking through the peephole to find Yui, waiting for her. Haruka took a step back from the door, contemplating whether to open or not. She hadn't seen the girl for a couple of days now and of course she would be angry at her, now that the divorce was settled and Haruka promised to get away from the city with her.
Again, Yui banged at the door and Haruka sighed. If she let her in, she would have to explain everything to her, confess the relationship with her best friend. Haruka wasn't ready to let either girl go.
"Haruka, open the door! I know you are there!" Yui shouted.
Haruka, couldnt open the door, she couldn't face her yet. Instead of replying or opening the door, Haruka leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor, hugging her knees, waiting for Yui to leave. A moment later, she could faintly hear a sigh coming from Yui, then her steps fading away as she left.
Haruka hugged her legs tighter, trying to hold off from opening the door and running after her. She really needed her now, she needed someone to be there for her.
The next day Haruka needed to stop by the office and pick up a couple of things to take home, when she bumped into Sayaka.
"Oh, Im sorry." Haruka softly spoke, keeping her head down.
"Are you alright?" Sayaka tried catching a glimpse of her face and caught her pale skin with dark circles around her eyes. "Haruka," she called out for her to look up.
Haruka tried to pass her and get into her office, she didn't want to see her either. "I'm fine." Haruka brushed passed, but Sayaka caught her arm.
"Let me go." Haruka said coldly. It caught Sayaka by surprise that she slowly let her arm go. Haruka quickly rushed into her office and closed the door behind her.
Sayaka watched her disappear, everything in her telling her to run after and check on her, but she told herself not to chase after her, not anymore, once she picks.
It took a lot for Sayaka to stay away from Haruka the past couple of days, the only thing keeping her from thinking about her was Miyuki. The two had spent more and more time together, that whenever Miyuki appeared, every thought of Haruka was gone. As Sayaka turned to head back to her office, Miyuki appeared with a bright smile, "Hey, Sayanee, do you want to go for some drinks later?" She asked as she approached her.
"Uh..." Sayaka replied.
Miyuki tilted her head, seeing as Sayaka was clearly bothered by something. "What's wrong?"
Sayaka turned to look at Haruka's office door and turned back to Miyuki. "I don't think Haruka is doing very well. She has dark circles, like she hasn't slept."
Miyuki looked at the same direction Sayaka just turned to, "Do you want me to talk to her?"
"No, let her be." Sayaka sighed as she shook her head. "I'll talk to you later, I'm going to finish up my work." Sayaka left, giving her friend a weak smile.
Miyuki watched her go and turned back to Haruka's office door.
Haruka was in her office holding her tears in, she was trying to figure out why her stomach was in knots and why her heart ached, as if someone had broken up with her when it no one has broken up with anyone.
She held the tears in and grabbed what she needed, but before she headed out the door, Miyuki came in.
"Haruka," she closed the door behind her, "Sayaka told me you were here. How are you?" She asked. Miyuki could clearly see the dark circles Sayaka had mentioned to her.
"Im fine," Haruka smiled. "Why wouldn't I be? I just came to pick up some things to take home."
Miyuki smiled back, "Well, do you need some help?"
Haruka shook her head, "That's alright, I got it. I have to go and finish a couple of things, excuse me."
Miyuki opened the door for her and Haruka left, saying goodbye.
Miyuki could clearly see the girl wasn't doing well at all.


Two days before the anniversary party, Haruka headed back to the office to show her father the suit in display. While she worked on setting it up on the mannequin in one of the studios, Miyuki had come in.
"Hey." Miyuki greeted.
Haruka looked up surprised to see her. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm here to try the suit on, remember?" She giggled.
Haruka sighed, remembering Miyuki was going to be the model of the night. "That's right, I am sorry. It's been busy, with demands of more styles and the anniversary party."
"That's alright." Miyuki replied.
"I'll finish the adjustments, then you can try it on." Haruka said as she returned to working on the suit.
"Take your time." Miyuki watched the girl work. Intently watching her every move, but apart from that, the way she looked. Haruka looked a tad thinner, also like she barely sleeps. She wondered if the divorce was hard on her or if Sayaka broke it off with her. Sayaka hadn't told her much of what's been happening with her and Haruka, she kind of guessed the two may have been arguing or broken up, with Sayaka hanging out with her a lot more and Haruka ignoring her and everyone else.
"Are you hungry?" Miyuki suddenly asked. Haruka shook her head, "No, I'm alright." She gave a quick smile turning back into a frown as she concentrated on the suit.
"Come on, don't leave me to eat alone. I'll buy!" Miyuki exclaimed, offering free food.
Haruka let out a deep sigh, "First try the suit on, I don't want you bloated when you try it on."
Miyuki laughed, "Alright."
After trying the suit on the two headed out for lunch. Haruka, seemed fine being with Miyuki, even though she had been with Sayaka more and more. Miyuki and her use to be friends, just not close enough, since she left to Paris. Maybe, now she could catch up with her or finally have a close friend to talk to.
"Are you excited about your suit getting on display?" Miyuki asked taking a bite from her waffles.
"Yeah, I worked hard for it. Next will be runways." Haruka crossed her fingers.
"That would be awesome. And what are you taking to the party? A gown or suit?"
Haruka took her fork and stabbed a piece of waffle, popping it into her mouth. Miyuki waited for her to finish the waffle, watching her clearly enjoy the food. "A good friend of my father wants me to wear her design, its a simple gown."
"I can't wait to see it!" Miyuki grinned, knowing well it would be a gown from some high fashion designer. "Do you have a date for the party?" Miyuki asked, in the midst of her excitement to finally get Haruka talking and eating.
Haruka choked on her water she had been taking a sip from.
"Oh, I'm sorry." Miyuki reached over trying to pat Haruka's back to help her.
"It's okay, it's just water. And no I don't have a date." Haruka wiped herself with her napkin. "What about you? Are you going with Sayaka?"
Miyuki shook her head. "No. Why would you ask?"
"Well the two of you seem to be... catching up." Haruka hinted, knowing about their past relationship.
Miyuki laughed, "Oh no, we are just friends."
"Really?" Haruka asked.
Miyuki nodded, taking another bite of her waffles. 
Haruka just nodded, her appetite going away. She thought, maybe Sayaka and her should just end things giving her a chance to be with Miyuki, since the last time she saw them close together was in Sayaka's office.
"Finish your waffles and we'll head back to the studio." Miyuki said finishing up her lunch. Haruka played with her food telling her she would just take the rest home, since she wasn't hungry now.
At the studio, Miyuki stayed with Haruka keeping her company while she finished the last of her suit. She had to fix up the bust for Miyuki to fit more comfortably in. It wasn't something hard for her, so she decided to work on it now. Having Miyuki there was comforting, after being on her own for a couple days, company was good to have around. Miyuki made everything feel at ease, she thought maybe this was why Sayaka looked cozy with the girl.
While finishing up, they heard someone coming into the studio, Haruka called out saying the studio was closed, she was the only with access for the day.
"It's me," Yui appeared, "Sayaka told me you would be here."
Haruka froze in place, surprised to hear a voice she missed. Miyuki quietly observed the two as they each stared at each other not saying a word. After a moment of silence Miyuki spoke up, "I will leave the two of you." Grabbing her bag, she got off the chair she had been sitting in and stood up and left. Miyuki hadn't met Yui before, but she guessed she and Haruka had something going on, thinking this was the reason Sayaka and Haruka weren't together.
Once Haruka waved goodbye to Miyuki and saw her walk out, closing the door behind, she looked back at Yui.
"Who was that?" Yui asked.
Haruka turned her attention back to her design, finishing what she needed. "Miyuki, she works here."
Yui nodded, as she slowly made her way to the same chair Miyuki had been sitting on.
"Yui, I need to finish this, if you need something-"
"I want to talk, I haven't seen you in days and I want to see how you are doing?" Yui sat on the chair.
"Can we talk tomorrow, Im busy." Haruka finally looked at the girl.
"I can wait 'til you finish." Yui said, crossing her legs, showing she was willing to wait for her. Haruka wanted to protest, tell her to leave, but she knew she would have to face her at some point. She quietly sighed, and went back to her suit. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Yui watching her intently. Loosing her concentration, she pricked her finger with the needle she had in hand. "Ow!"
Yui quickly stood up, making her way to her and taking her hand, "Let me see." Yui spoke softly, examining the blood ooze out. "You got yourself good." Yui took out a napkin she had in the pocket of her pants. Haruka watched her, realizing she was in some black suit.
"Did you come from work?" Haruka asked.
"Yeah, I had to interview Sayaka for her latest design that will be dispalyed. I came to interview you too, but I asked someone else to do it tomorrow." Yui explained.
"Why?" Haruka looked back down at her covered finger.
"I wanted to talk to you and the interview would have gone...awkward." Yui removed the napkin from her finger checking if it will keep bleeding out. Her blood did ooze out. "Is there a first aid kit in here?" Yui asked, looking up at the girl.
Haruka nodded towards a small office behind her. Yui glanced back spotting the room, then dragged Haruka with her. She thought this will be the perfect opportunity to talk with her.
Yui sat Haruka on the desk once she grabbed the kit, taking out a small packet and a band aid. "Why have you been ignoring me?" Yui asked as soon as she had the chance.
Haruka watched Yui open the square packet taking a small nappy out with the smell of alcohol. Not answering, Yui wiped her small cut and Haruka hissed. "That hurt." She tried pulling her hand away, but Yui gripped it, keeping it in place. Haruka frowned at the girl.
"Answer me." Yui simply said.
"I've been busy with work." Haruka quietly answered her, slightly shifting her head up to look at Yui through her bangs, slightly covering her eyes.
Yui let go Haruka's hand, grabbing the band aid, opening it up and taking her hand into her's again. "It doesn't look like work is whats keeping you busy." Yui caught her staring at her and Haruka averted her eyes away. Placing the band aid on her finger, Haruka quickly jumped off the desk, but Yui trapped her in place.
"Stop running from me. I want to know what's wrong, Did he say something to you after the divorce?" Haruka clearly knew she was talking about her ex-husband.
"Then what's wrong?"
She began to panic, feeling cold sweat drops forming on her forehead, her hands slightly trembling, and her heart racing rapidly. "I'm sorry, I was worried," Haruka spilled, coming up with a lie as she spoke.
"worried?" Yui curiously asked, her head tilting as she watched Haruka.
"About us. We are finally going to be together, everyone will know. What will they say, What will my father say? I'll be dating a reporter." Haruka lied, she didn't care if Yui was a reporter, she just didn't want to confess about her and Sayaka.
"That's it? Then we could have discussed about it, easily. I would have given you time if you asked me to. I don't want you to worry about that." Yui placed her warm hand on Haruka's cheek, and Haruka was enjoying it. Yui here with her, touching her, caring for her. She missed her so much.
"I'm sorry..." Haruka whispered.
Yu sighed, taking the girl into an embrace, which Haruka rapidly wrapped her arms around Yui's neck, stuffing her face onto the crook of her neck. "I've missed you."
"Same. I've missed you." Yui, pulled away and took Haruka's face into her hand's. "Look at you, you look tired."
Haruka slightly smiled, "I think, I need some rest."
Yui nodded, "I'll take you home. Can you finish your suit tomorrow?" She asked.
"It's already done."
Yui chuckled, "you lied, earlier?"
Haruka gave her a nod and quickly wrapped her arms around Yui's neck again, wanting her to hold her for awhile longer.


Miyuki met with Sayaka after she left the studio. Sayaka called her the moment she walked out of the door wanting to hang out. The two met up at the movie theater, wanting to watch a movie after the longest time, but the movie Sayaka picked was a horror flick and now Miyuki gripped onto Sayaka's arm. "Why did you pick this movie!?" Miyuki harshly whispered as she coward.
Sayaka laughed at Miyuki. "These kind of movies are fun, because it's scary."
"How is this fun? ahh!" another scream came from the girl when she looked back at the screen.
"Stop hiding this is a good part." Sayaka said as she watched intently.
Miyuki shook her head, terrified to glance up catch a gruesome scene. Sayaka kept her eyes on the screen enjoying the movie, jumping slightly in some parts. towards the end of the film, Sayaka began to feel her arm getting numb from Miyuki's deathly grip, she shook it off and Miyuki pouted, thinking the girl got annoyed, but Sayaka,keeping her eyes on the screen, lifted the arm rest between them and put and put her arm around Miyuki.
"Better?" Sayaka asked, quickly glancing to see Miyuki give a nod and she turned her attention back to the film.
Miyuki couldn't help but smile at her,but as soon as she heard a loud shriek from the movie, she turned finding to the screen watching a girl being killed. Quickly she coward closer to Sayaka.
When the film was over the two walked down the busy streets of the city, just chatting away like they always do.
"That wasn't funny!" Miyuki complained. Sayaka was making fun of the way Miyuki cried while watching the film, earning her a couple of good smacks from the pouting girl. But Sayaka kept laughing and  Miyuki was starting to get mad at her for laughing that she picked up her waling pace trying to leave her friend behind. Sayaka kept her pace apologizing to her, "I'm sorry," Sayaka placed an arm around Miyuki, "I'll buy you ice cream as an apology, how does that sound?"
Miyuki squinted her eyes, should she accept the apology or keep acting mad at her, she thought. "Okay, two scoops!"
Sayaka grinned, "Alright! I know, this place nearby."
As they walked over, Miyuki asked Sayaka about the anniversary party and how she felt having her design displayed. "Excited or nervous?" Miyuki stuck her hand to her as if she held a microphone.
"Excited!" Sayaka exclaimed speaking into the imaginary mic. "I'm more excited to see the lovely model walk around with my design showing it off."
Miyuki slightly blushed, "Well, I'll try my best."
"And how has it been to be back from Paris?" Sayaka asked.
Miyuki's hand dropped back to her side and answered, "Good. I like Paris but this is home." she looked around the city she missed so much.
Sayaka couldnt help but watch the girl, a smile plasterd on her face. The time she had spent with Miyuki had been pleasant, relaxing, even fun. She thought, if she had the chance to date her then, maybe, she wouldn't have to sneak around or act as if they hate each other. Just maybe, she thought.
Still watching the girl, her eyes automatically averted away from her and towards the distance in front of her, she found the girl she hadn't seen in awhile. Haruka. Sayaka's smile slowly faded once she saw the person opening the taxi door for her. She halted, her heart ached knowing Haruka hasn't spoken to her or Yui, and now seeing them together she assumed Haruka has chosen.
"I saw her at the studio." Miyuki commented.
"hmm?" Sayaka rapidly turned to her.
"Her, with Haruka. She came into the studio saying you told her Haruka would be there." Miyuki explained.
Sayaka shook her head, 'Stupid' She told herself, remembering informing Yui of Haruka's whereabouts after her interview. However Yui said she would interview Haruka, so where are they going?
"Who is she?" Miyuki asked, gaining Sayaka's attention again.
"It's... She is a friend of mine and Haruka's... other lover." The word 'lover' came out bitterly from her lips.
"So... Haruka is with her and you?" Miyuki kept on questioning Sayaka.
Sayaka looked back at the cab Yui was hopping in along with Haruka, closing the door and the taxi drove off.
"No, she is with her." Sayaka shook off her anger, turning back to Miyuki with a smile. "It's nothing, let's go get that ice cream."
Miyuki gave her a nod with a half smile. She was worried for her friend, she saw a bit of anger or sadness shift in her eyes when she looked at her. Sayaka placed her hand on Miyuki's back giving her a slight push as they began to walk again.


"You didn't have to walk me up." Haruka said. Yui and her arrived to Haruka's apartment. Wanting to make sure Haruka was safe in her apartment, Yui accompanied her up and now the two stood at her door. The two were talking in the taxi on the way over, settling things.
"I wanted to." Yui smiled.
"Thanks." Haruka took her key out, unlocking her door, then opening it. "Did you want to come in?" She asked.
Yui shook her head, "No, it's alright, I have to get home."
"Okay." Silence overtook. But just as fast Haruka spoke up, "Will you be attending the party?" Hope in her eyes as she asked.
Yui nodded this time. "Yes, I was invited by your father."
"Will you be working throughout the night?"
"I'm going for the party, no work." Yui chuckled.
"Good," Haruka grinned, "I'll see you there."
"You will," Yui felt a blush, seeing the girl flash her pearly whites at her, "Goodnight, Paru."
Haruka felt her heart race with her nickname being said after a long time. "Goodnight, Yui."
Haruka went into her apartment and Yui waited 'til her door shut, glad to have spent time with Haruka again.

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Re: Untitled Pt.4 (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Haruka gonna get into trouble
If she didnt tell yui soon...='(....yui gonna be heartbroken~
sayaka..stop looking at paru...
Seriously, u only making urself hurt more..=='

Thanks for the update author san~
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Re: Untitled Pt.4 (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Ok.. Im gonna say it!! I just HATE PARU!! WDF Are you toying with two amazing girls?!? .. I reaally hope you dont regreat this
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Re: Untitled Pt.4 (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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I hate to see Sayanee getting hurt. I just wish Milky would do something about it.
Haruka needs to be clear on her decision.

Thank you for the uodate.
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Re: Untitled Pt.4 (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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good update author-san  :-D
paru still stuck at Triangle Love. .
some time i think its good if ParuMiyuki. hehehe XD

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Re: Untitled Pt.5 (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
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Most likeley I messed up somewhere  :cow:
Part 5

The venue for the anniversary party was packed with special invited guests, such as celebrities, designers, all around the world photographers; this was a huge party for Haruka's father having all these special guests just for an anniversary party. It meant a lot of pressure on Haruka since everyone knew she was the next to take the business. She was a prodigy in many peoples eyes, especially fashion designers. And of course being a big deal, Haruka had to dress to impress, which clearly she did.
Yui arrived to the venue in a black suit with black tie and button up shirt that showed off her curves and bust. It was a design by Haruka, which she received from her just yesterday after complaining to her that she had nothing to wear for the extravagant party.
Being a special guest, she walked up the red carpet mobbed on each side by the media and the paparazzi trying to get the best shots of the evening. Yui kept her head down walking past the big celebs and designers.
Not even half way there she began to hear the voices scream and shout way more, knowing someone big had arrived. Yui was about to ignore it, when she heard the name, "Shimazaki Haruka!" Someone in the crowed shouted.
Yui turned around to catch a young woman stepping out a limousine, wearing a long all black suit coat styled as a dress, with black high heels that showed off her soft white legs. Yui was caught in a trance, eyeing her from head to toe, watching how she tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. She was beautiful, Yui thought to herself.
behind her, not far from she stood was her best friend, Sayaka. Sayaka was eyeing the same girl, up and down, taken back by how breathtaking she looked.
Sayaka wore a black and white suit, same fit as Yui's, and she had long black pants where she dug her fists into the pockets once she saw Haruka gazing at Yui, smiling at her.
Haruka smiled at everyone around her as she began making her way up the red carpet on her own. When she looked ahead of her she caught Yui smiling wide at her, mouthing to her, 'beautiful.'
Haruka couldn't help but to hide her face by looking down so she wouldn't catch her blushing. However, as soon as she looked back up, behind Yui she found Sayaka glaring at her before turning around and walking back in the venue.
Haruka's smile disappeared for a couple of seconds until the people around her called out to her.
Yui waited for Haruka to finish with the interviews and constant pictures. Watching her, wondering how she hasn't gone blind by the flash going off every second. Once Haruka reached to her, the two of them smiled and said hello. The people watching them began to take shot right away curious as to who Yui was and why the two looked at each other the way they did. Ignoring everyone, Yui stuck her arm out to escort her into the venue.
The party was kicking up, everyone was already chatting around with either a group of people or meeting someone for the first time, each having a glass of champagne in hand from the waiters walking around with trays of them. One waiter walked by with glasses of water and Haruka took one before looking aroun the filled venue to find Miyuki who was presenting her design. Haruka walked away for one second and Miyuki was already on the run. When she caught a glimpse of her walking through a crowd, she ran over to her. "I've been looking for you everywhere!" Haruka clutched onto Miyuki's arm.
Miyuki smiled at her, "I was presenting your design to people. They say you are definitely taking over your father's company."
Haruka was glad to hear the positive comments, she knew that people knew of her being the daughter of this successful designer in, Japan, but when it came to her work it was never spoken about, only if she showed it off, and tonight was that night. They returned to their route in presenting the design, and with the help of Miyuki's charmed smile, she had plenty of people's attention.
While the two were off and around, Yui stood afar watching Haruka. If she lost sight of the girl for a second, Yui would scan the room and find her so fast, it was as if she had eyes of a sniper. Finding her was easy though, she was the only beautiful young lady in the whole venue, at least for her.
"Hey, want some champagne?"
Yui turned around to find her friend with two glasses of champagne in each hand and a quirky smile.
Yui smiled gladly accepting the drink, "Thanks."
Before taking a sip Yui raised her glass to her friend, "Cheers, on you're big night!"
Sayaka thanked her and they clinked glasses before taking a sip of the cool drink.
"So," Yui lowered her glass, "Are you nervous? I can't wait to see your design."
Sayaka gave her a half smile now, "Sort of, but I don't know what to say to people, I think I'm going to open my mouth and random words will fall out."
Yui laughed, "Hey, you'll be alright." turning and pointing at Miyuki, Yui mentioned, "She will help you out. She has been doing it for Haruka."
Sayaka watched Miyuki smiling brightly while she conversed with the men around her knowing very well they were captured by her charm. Who wouldn't?
"You like her?" Yui suddenly asked.
Sayaka turned to her, surprised by the question. "W-what?"
"You were smiling like a fool. Wait, is she the one from way back, the one you told me you had sex with?"
Sayaka wasn't sure how to answer. ""
Yui raised a brow, "Yes?"
"It didn't last." Sayaka shook her head.
"Why?" Yui asked.
Sayaka took another sip of her champagne, trying to hold back from chugging it down. "She left to, Paris."
"Well, your chance is here! Ask her out." Yui encouraged her.
"I don't know..." Sayaka looked down at her glass. "I did ask her-"
"And what did she say?"Yui interrupted.
"Ahh-It was nothing, leave it." Sayaka didn't want to continue talking about it, instead she changed the subject to Haruka. "How is she?" Sayaka nodded towards Haruka. Watching her was like watching the brightest star out in the middle of nowhere.
"She seems better than a two days ago." Yui turned to Haruka.
"Was something wrong?" Sayaka was concerned.
"She looked like she hadn't been sleeping, but when I saw her get out the car she looked... Radiant."
Sayaka then chugged the rest of the champagne, remembering two days ago when she saw Yui and Haruka together. If Haruka had picked, why didn't she tell her?
"Listen, Im going to get my design ready for, Miyuki to wear." Sayaka informed Yui.
"Ah, that's right, Miyuki is her name! Well, have fun helping Miyuki in the suit." Yui smirked.
Sayaka half heartedly smiled at her and left. Yui laughed, turning back to see Haruka. This time she was gone.
Sayaka was in the dressing room fidgeting with her suit on display, thinking why she was acting the way she was, why she felt anger towards Haruka after seeing her with Yui. After all, she was the one who told her to pick, she was also the one staying away from her. But she did try talking to her.
She sighed, frustrated with her thoughts. Sayaka sat on the stool beside her, dropping her head into her hands when she heard someone coming in. Shooting her head up to find Haruka, she got off her seat quickly making her way to her.
"We need to talk." Sayaka caught the girl by surprise.
Haruka opened her mouth to reply, however Miyuki came in behind her interrupting.
"That was fun," she commented. "Now, time to change." Miyuki saw the two girls as soon as she walked in. "Hey, Sayaka." She smiled, not noticing the two had some sort of moment.
"Hey." Sayaka weakly smiled.
"Go get changed Miyuki, I have to go back to the party." Haruka said, never shifting her eyes away from Sayaka.
Sayaka could clearly see Haruka wasn't angry at her, but sad. Miyuki made her way pass the two, watching attentively. She felt the tension now.
"I'll see you two out there." Haruka said before leaving the two.
Sayaka watched her walk out and for a moment she didn't stop staring at the door.
"Sayanee." Miyuki grabbed the girls attention. Sayaka had turned to Miyuki giving her smile. "Let's get you changed."
Returning to the party, Haruka made her way to the bar for a drink, ordering a cocktail. "Make it strong." She ordered. The man gave her a nod and prepared her drink. While she waited, Yui walked over with her champagne glass. "Hey." Haruka watched her glide to her.
"Hello." Haruka raised a brow giving her a smirk.
"What are you doing here by yourself, did your date leave you?" Yui began to role-play and Haruka caught on.
"I left my date." Haruka leaned on the bar as Yui did the same.
"Why is that?" Yui asked.
"Because my eye caught someone," Haruka eyed her up and down, "more handsome."
"I see." Yui straighten her back, her hands smoothing down her suit.
Haruka laughed at the cool look Yui tried to give but it only came out weird. "Why are you laughing?" Yui began to laugh, loving that adorable laugh of Haruka's.
"You're drink ma'am." The bartender served her drink.
Haruka thanked the man and took her glass off the bar to take a sip. The drink was indeed strong it caused to cough from the irritation as it wen down her throat.
"You alright?" Yui asked, placing her finished champagne on the bar and threw a finger up to order another.
"Yeah." Haruka responded.
While Yui grabbed her drink, Haruka scanned the room looking for her father. When she found him he was with Sayaka and Miyuki, along with a group of people. Looking at Sayaka, she remembered their moment in the back room. She did want to speak with her but tonight won't be any good, since the two are running around trying to get as many people to know them for future work.
"Let's go walk around?" Yui spoke.
Haruka gave a nod and to her surprise, Yui took Haruka's hand to drag her along.
And of course, in that moment, Sayaka had to turn and spot the two walk off.
"Sayanee, lets go." Miyuki tugged on Sayaka's suit and trailed along Miyuki.
"Are you doing okay?" She asked. Miyuki was worried for her friend now, well it isn't the first time. Miyuki was beginning to become concerned over Sayaka and Haruak, the two should just get it over with and talk. But the days she's been spending with Sayaka, she's been having to bite her tongue from telling her she's falling for her. From the way she speaks her to the way she looks at her. Miyuki was starting to believe that the two do have a future together, but as long as Sayaka is still hung up on Haruka, it won't happen. She should've said yes to her the day she returned to work and they spoke in Sayaka's office. It was what played in her head each time, if only...
"I'm okay." Sayaka and her walked arm and arm passing people, greeting them with a smile.
"You seem lost in your thoughts. We are here to enjoy and celebrate, tonight is a big deal for you." Miyuki spoke as the two continued to walk along.
"I know. Im sorry." Sayaka frowned at her.
"Do you want to tell me what's wrong?" She asked, clearly knowing the reason.
"It's nothing." Sayaka straighten up and cleared her throat.
"Tell me." Miyuki halted as did Sayaka. Sayaka just looked around not wanting anyone to hear. "It's about Haruka."
Miyuki gave a slight nod for her to continue and Sayaka did, "Remember how two days ago I said Haruka was with, Yui, the other girl."
"Yes, I remember." Miyuki thought on that night.
"I still like Haruka and now, whenever I see her and Yui, I get jealous." Sayaka dropped her head.
Miyuki gulped,quite sad to hear those words, but she pushed that feeling away to help her friend. "Tell her."
"If I do, I'll lose my best friend."
"Yui?" Miyuki asked.
Sayaka nodded. After a moment Sayaka apologized for speaking about what's going on with her. "I'm sorry, I probably bummed you out."
"No, no!" Miyuki quickly stopped her from feeling bad, "I told you to tell me what's wrong and I gladly listened. Im here for you."
Sayaka smiled, glad to have her as a friend.
"Now, tonight, you will enjoy your chance to display this," She ran her hand down her side to her hip, "amazing, one of a kind design. So, if you aren't having a good time, I will make you." She threatened.
Sayaka let out a small laugh, quickly forgetting her problems. "Alright, alright. I'm enjoying myself, see!" Sayaka showed off her pearly whites to her. Miyuki did the same, continuing to walk along the crowd of people.
Late into the evening, everyone was already drunk and dancing. The party was beginning to turn into a club, which always happens in Haruka's fathers anniversaries, it made it more enjoyable. Miyuki had finished her round of displaying the designs and dressed into a short navy blue dress that poof'd at the bottom showing off her legs. Through out the night Miyuki spent time with Sayaka and Haruka spent her time with Yui, though Sayaka kept eyeing the girl and Haruka caught her, each time.
At one point in the night, while Yui and Haruka danced the floor, having the time of their lives, Sayaka interrupted asking Yui if she can dance with Haruka as a congratulations on tonight's success. Of course Yui handed her to Sayaka. "I'll go get us some drinks!" She shouted over the music. Leaving the two Yui made her way to the bar asking for three glasses and a champagne bottle.
"Celebrating something?"
Yui looked over at the girl questioning her loudly over the music.
"Miyuki, right?" She moved closer for her to hear her.
"Correct! And you are Yui? Sayaka's told me about you."
"Good things, I hope." Yui laughed. Right then the bartender handed her the glasses and bottle of champagne. "Can I get another glass!" She shouted over the music. The young lady handed her the extra glass and Yui thanked her.
Holding the glasses in one hand and the bottle left on the bar, she stuck her hand out. "I never had a chance to properly introduce myself. I am Yokoyama Yui."
Miyuki took the girls hand and shook it. "Watanabe Miyuki. Ah, I know you. You wrote the report on the Paris fashion show. I enjoyed it because I was there."
"Well, we must have bumped into each other and not noticed. Also thanks." She slightly tilted her head, glad to hear someone reads her columns in the magazine or paper. The two continued talking at the bar while on the dance floor Sayaka and Haruka stood on the floor yelling over the music.
"Can we talk somewhere private?" Sayaka asked over the music.
"Not now!" Haruka shouted.
"Then when!?" Sayaka was becoming irritated.
At that moment, Haruka felt saved by Yui.
"Hey, look who I met." Yui stepped aside and Miyuki popped up.
"Hi, Is it alright if I join you guys?" She asked.
Yui handed the girl's their glasses and poured the cold champagne. "A toast to the two of you on tonight. I think people will remember the two of you after tonight." Yui said and raised her glass as the three did as well, their glasses clinking.
As Sayaka took a gulp of hers, her eyes never left Haruka, who chugged her's down asking for more.
The rest of the night the four danced and talked, the champagne and whatever alcoholic drink loosening them up. Most of the time Haruka would only speak to Yui or Miyuki and the same went to Sayaka. Towards the ending of the party, everyone was leaving. Haruka walked through the crowd to get to the back room to grab her things, stumbling on the way over. Before even stepping through the door, she was pulled in.
"What are you doing?" She somewhat slurred, but kept her balance.
"Are you drunk?" Sayaka asked.
"No, I'm sober." Haruka tried to joke.
"I'm taking you home." Sayaka sat her down grabbing her things and Haruka's.
Haruka stood back up, "Hey! No, I am getting a ride with Yui."
Sayaka made her way back to her. "No, I need you to come with me."
"Why, so we can talk? We have nothing to talk about." Haruka crossed her arms.
"So, what, you've picked? Is Yui the one you want?" Sayaka glared at Haruka, waiting for an answer.
"I haven't chosen..." Haruka answered.
"Decide. Right now, I want to hear you say who you want to be with, Is it me or Yui?"
Haruka felt like she had sobered up, staring into Sayaka's glossy eyes. It was a difficult decision. She only thought as to why she couldn't just have both of them, why couldn't everything be different in that moment.
"Decide, Haruka!" Sayaka raised her voice, placing her hands on her arms, tired of waiting.
"Yui." Haruka muttered.
Even if she knew, Haruka had chosen long ago, it was still a surprise. She had very little hope it would be he, but it wasn't. Sayaka sighed, "Good..." Was all she said.
"Im sorry, Sayaka." Haruka apologized, her tears beginning to pour out her eyes. "I wish-
"Stop, I understand." Sayaka cupped Haruka's cheek, wiping away the tears. Her free arm wrapped around Haruka's waist pulling her closer to calm her the way she use to. When she pressed her forehead against hers, she whispred to her, "It's okay, I asked for you to choose and you did."
Haruka couldn't stop crying, but when she looked into Sayaka's eyes, she couldn't help but lean in and kiss her.
"Are you sure you choose me?"
The two broke the kiss when they heard Yui's voice, both looking over the door they had walked through. Yui stood tall, the two knew she was fuming inside, but she kept her cool.
"Yui," Haruka pushed away from Sayaka, "let, me explain." Haruka tried to approach her, but Yui raised a hand and she halted. "Don't, I don't want to hear it." With that said, Yui turned and left the room.
Haruka ran after her, she could not believe this was happening to her. She had finally realized Yui was the one she wanted to be with and this happened, if only she had realized it sooner.
Sayaka ran after them as well, she wanted to explain to Yui, everything. She didn't want to lose a friend, but she knew it would have happened either way.
"Wait, Yui!" Haruka called out. Yui made it out to the pool deck, stopping in her tracks when she heard Haruka call out.
"When did the two of you- How did-" Yui let out a frustrated sound. "You two were together, behind my back!" Yui yelled.
"I'm sorry, Yui. Please listen to me." Haruka cried her eyes out, reaching to take Yui's hand.
Yui retracted her hand away, "No, I don't want to! Not now..."
"Yui." Sayaka came out, runnig towards the two, but before she could finish sayin, 'I'm sorry.' Yui pushed by Haruka and took Sayaka by the collar of her suit.
"Yui, calm down, let's talk-"
"Why!?" Yui snarled in her face.
Suddenly, Miyuki appeared, she had been watching everything happen from the end of the pool. She had been waiting on Yui to get Haruka and Sayaka to hang out together, she never expected this to happen.
"Stop, let go of her." Miyuki tried pushing them apart, but it wasn't working.
"I'm sorry, Yui, I love her but-"
"But what, she chose me? It didn't look like that to me." Yui tightened her grip as Miyuki kept trying to pry them apart.
Haruka watched this unfold in front of her, she never wanted this to happen, she never expected for Yui to find out. She began to feel her breathing be come short and her chest tightening, but what hit her hard was the searing pain in her stomach. Feeling light headed, she gripped onto the railing of the pool to hold her up. She tried calling out to Miyuki to help her but she wasn't loud enough.
As the girls argued with each other they heard a splash, turning to see Haruka had fallen into the pool.

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Re: Untitled Pt.5NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #27 on: June 15, 2015, 02:39:25 AM »
O H   M Y   G O D!

Finally Yui found out all of this mess! Lol.
What a perfect timing Haruka *evil laugh*

Keep the good job and update soon author-san!

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Re: Untitled Pt.5NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #28 on: June 15, 2015, 06:32:38 AM »
I dont know if I feel happy about haruka´s incident o.o
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Re: Untitled Pt.5NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #29 on: June 15, 2015, 01:09:01 PM »
Finally Haruka chose Yui.
SayaMilky soon should be together. Please.
I cant bear Sayanee's pain here.
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Re: Untitled Pt.5NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #30 on: June 17, 2015, 07:44:01 AM »
Interesting to see where this goes now with Paru and Sayaka's old relationship out in the open in front of Yui now.

Still hoping it ends up Yuiparu and Sayamilky at the finish. Can't wait for the next update.

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Re: Untitled Pt.6 (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #31 on: June 29, 2015, 01:11:01 AM »
Mistakes! Poorly written!   :thumbdown:

The waiting room was quiet. Haruka's father walked back and forth waiting for a doctor to come out and speak to him about his daughters condition. Yui watched the man from her seat, growing annoyed by his constant pacing. But she'd rather watch him than Sayaka sitting across from her, she couldn't help catch a quick glimpse at her though, sitting up straight, her left leg shaking, her hands clasped together, and her eyes filled with worry. Yui had to look away from her just to control the urge of jumping at her friend.
Sayaka was doing the same, quickly looking at Yui when she wasn't staring at her anymore. She was curious as to how she kept calm, well she looked calm, but her friend was always like that she never seemed worried about anything. She wanted to get up off her seat and go to her friend and ask if she was okay, but she knew that wouldn't turn out so well. With her leg shaking faster and her hands clutching tighter, Miyuki reached beside her placing her hand over Sayaka's. The girl looked over at her. Miyuki didn't speak but her eyes told her she was there if she needed her. Sayaka loosened her grip and took Miyuki's hand into hers, feeling comfort.
Yui saw this and clicked her tongue. "You say you love Haruka and you're sitting here with her, holding hands."
Sayaka looked at Yui, she didn't think she would speak to her ever again. "I do love her."
"Doesn't look like it." Yui said.
Sayaka let go of Miyuki's hand. Miyuki felt a little piece of her heartbreak, but she watched Sayaka get up and walk to the nearest exit. Miyuki looked at Yui the back at Sayaka walking out the hospital. "She does love her. I know for a fact she didn't do this just to hurt you." Miyuki told Yui.
Yui looked at her, then sat back on her seat crossing her arms. Miyuki stood up and followed the same steps Sayaka took to get outside.
"What was that about?" Haruka's father asked. He had stopped pacing and watched the two interact.
"It was nothing." Yui tried lying.
"I was standing right here, I just want to clarify this: You love Haruka, and Sayaka loves Haruka?"
Yui looked up at him. He wasn't suppose to know about their relationship, not until Haruka was ready to tell him. "Yeah..." Yui answered, her voice barely heard.
Haruka's father sighed, understanding that his daughter was following his footsteps, even though he never wanted her to do what he had done. "I should have stopped this before..." He whispered to himself. When he looked up to say something else to Yui, he saw a man in scrubs walking toward him.
Him and Yui stood up quickly, however the doctor only spoke to Haruka's father, tugging him far from Yui. Yui watched the two intently, wanting to know what the doctor was saying. Once she saw Haruka's father stopped nodding at every word the doctor said and placed his hand over his mouth, like he was shocked to hear something the doctor said. Yui grew worried and walked up to them. "What's going on?" She asked.
"You can go in and see her." The doctor said before turning to walk back down the hallway.
"What happened?" Sayaka appeared with Miyuki.
Haruka's father looked at all three girls, not sure whether or not to break the news. "Did she tell any of you?" He decided to ask and make sure.
"Tell us what?" Yui asked.
He looked at Sayaka and Miyuki, both nodding their heads unsure of what he was talking about.
He took a deep breath and exhaled sharply. "Then I'm in no position to say." He became serious and stood up straight fixing his suit, "now, I'm going to go see my daughter. I suggest all of you go home and rest, I doubt she will want to see any of you."
Sayaka could see the change in her boss, she saw him worry for a that while, then he changed back to his old ways, like it didn't bother him and he was still a boss of a million dollar company.
"I want to stay." Sayaka spoke up.
"I'll stay." Yui said, turning to Sayaka glaring at her.
"How about the both of you go home and rest. Please." Haruka's father intervened before one lunges at the other. Turning around he headed down the hall into his daughters room.
"He is right." Miyuki spoke, "the two of you should go home and get some rest. Being here all night isn't going to do much."
"I'm going to stay." Yui said, turning back to her seat.
"Yui." Miyuki walked towards her, but Sayaka quickly stopped her. "Leave her. We'll go home." Miyuki looked at both girls and left with Sayaka.
Outside, Sayaka called for a taxi. Waiting, a cold breeze kicked up and Sayaka turned to find Miyuki shivering. Sayaka began to take off her suit jacket, "here." She threw it over Miyuki's shoulders, placing her arm around her shoulder. "Better?" She asked.
Miyuki nodded, feeling warmth from the suit jacket and Sayaka. Such a perfect moment on such a bad night, Miyuki thought.
"Where is that taxi?" Sayaka, looked around.
"Sayanee." Miyuki said.
"Yeah?" Sayaka turned to her again.
"How are you feeling?" Miyuki asked.
Sayaka weakly smiled at her, "I'm fine."
"I don't believe you." Miyuki stared into Sayaka's eyes, wanting her to answer honestly.
Sayaka could only stare back, swallowing the lump in her throat, it didn't work though. Sayaka's tears formed and rolled down her cheek, "I'm worried." She cried. Miyuki couldn't stand watching her like this, so she wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her in for a hug, her hand running up her neck, digging her hand into the girls short hair and pushing her into the crook of her neck to cry.

Yui sat in the waiting room, expecting for Haruka's father to leave soon, she wanted to see the girl even after tonight's event. Even if she was angry at her, that didn't mean she didn't worry about her, especially if something was seriously wrong with her. Yui kept peeking down the hallway, waiting to catch any sign of Haruka's father, but when she saw the doctor walk in with a couple of nurses in scrubs, she stood up from her seat, worried.
She slowly made her way down the hallway, but halted at the sight of the nurses pulling out a bed with Haruka. She quickly began making her way to her, stopped by Haruka's father who came out the room.
"Yui, I thought I told you to go home." He said, once he saw her.
"I want to know what's wrong with Haruka. Where are they taking her?" Yui asked, trying to peek over the taller man. They rolled Haruka down the hallway and turned the corner, out of sight.
Haruka's father sighed, "Yui, go home. I'll tell Haruka to call you tomorrow."
Yui ignored him and pushed him aside taking the same direction they took Haruka.
"Yui!" He called out, following behind and grabbing her by the arm before making the corner. "Go, home." He said in a strict voice.
Yui turned to glare at him for him to let go. But he glared back, warning her. She pulled her arm away, clicking her tongue and turning back to the waiting room. Instead of leaving she sat back in her previous seating in the waiting room, deciding to wait however long she had to, just to see if Haruka was okay.

Sayaka and Miyuki made it back to Sayaka's apartment. She had asked Miyuki if she wanted to come in. Miyuki declined at the door, however Sayaka reached out to take her hand, stopping her from leaving. "Wait." Sayaka gripped onto Miyuki's hand. Miyuki turned finding her puffy red eyes from crying earlier, giving her attention to her. "Stay, I don't want to be alone..." Sayaka looked down, ashamed of the words she said. From the moment she began crying to now, she has felt weak. She wasn't a weak girl, she thought of herself as being strong, but since being with Haruka, she's shown a side she never liked and recently it's been in front of Miyuki.
"I'll stay." Miyuki lifted Sayaka's chin with a finger, smiling when she met eyes with her. Sayaka weakly smiled, relieved to hear those words.
The two walked in the apartment, Sayaka closed the door behind her, taking her shoes off and dropping her wet suit jacket. Miyuki had already made her way into the apartment going straight to Sayaka's room. "Sayaka, come here." Miyuki called out. Sayaka quickly made her way in with heavy steps, finding Miyuki grabbing some pj pants and a large black shirt. "Let's get your damp clothes off and run a hot bath." She said, placing the clothes on the bed.
"It's late Miyuki, I want to sleep." Sayaka said.
"No, you'll get sick like this. Please." Miyuki pleaded with her eyes.
Sayaka couldn't say no when Miyuki gave her puppy dog eyes. She sighed and began unbuttoning her shirt while Miyuki watched quietly.
Miyuki blushed at the sight of Sayaka's cleavage appearing, but the second Sayaka had her whole shirt open and began to unbutton her pants, Miyuki became flustered a weird sound coming from the back of her throat. It was probably the alcohol making her think the way she was. She gulped back any other sound. "I'm going to run the bath." Miyuki quickly said before leaving to the bathroom. Miyuki shook her head once she entered, thinking she shouldn't be thinking the way she is with everything that's happened tonight.
"Are you okay?" Sayaka asked once she came in wearing a towel around her. Miyuki turned, giving her a nod, "yeah. I was just wondering..." She gulped, turning to the tub finding the knobs, "which is the hot and which is cold." She said instead of telling her what's really on her mind.
Sayaka passed by her and pointed at the knobs "This one is hot and the other cold."
"Ah, right!" Miyuki smiled moving beside Sayaka, turning the knobs. She could feel Sayaka inches from her as she felt the water turn cold to hot. When she turned to inform Sayaka to sit in the tub, she found her face to face with her, feeling her warm breath.
"Miyuki." Sayaka muttered.
"Y-yes, Sayanee." Miyuki stuttered, her eyes shifting from her eyes down to her lips and back up.
Sayaka on the other hand, never broke her gaze from Miyuki's eyes. "Can I kiss you?"
The sudden question, surprised the girl, her eyes widening and feeling cold sweat forming on her forehead. Miyuki couldn't say a word, instead she saw how Sayaka moved closer to her lips, her head slightly tilting to the right as her lips were inches away from hers. She couldn't believe what was happening.
On Sayaka side, she closed her eyes once her lips gently landed on Miyuki's plump lips, her mind going blank. As she pulled away slightly to see the girls reaction, she found Miyuki with eyes half closed, but opening now that she was not kissing her. They stared at each other for awhile each trying to read each other's minds, however both weren't thinking, they just kissed again, this time their lips overlapping one another, Sayaka's hands landing on Miyuki's hips, traveling behind her back and holding her closer, Miyuki's hands traveled from Sayaka arms, up around her neck and digging her hands in the girls hair. It was getting out of control, but none of them cared. They let themselves go, as Sayaka guided them back to the bedroom falling madly into bed.

Miyuki couldn't sleep the rest of the night after their escapade, her mind lost in thought of what the two had done. It wasn't how she wanted to be with Sayaka, she wanted to be her girlfriend before any of this happened. She was suppose to be the one to push away and stop herself and Sayaka from doing exactly this until the day Sayaka could clear things with Haruka, and finally want to be with her.
Miyuki sighed, turning to face Sayaka sleeping. She wanted to leave and get out of bed without waking her, but Sayaka had her arms wrapped around Miyuki's naked body with the white sheets covering only half of their bodies. Miyuki tried shifting away, testing to see if she would wake up. She only stirred in her sleep. Moving a bit more, Sayaka finally shifted turning around in bed completely, trying to get in a more comfortable position. Miyuki froze in place waiting to see if she did in fact fall right back to sleep. After a couple of seconds, she got out of bed, grabbing her clothes and changing. While she grabbed her high heels from last night, she could see light coming through the window, not even realizing what time it was. Quickly she tip toed out the room and out of the apartment.
Miyuki decided to head home shower then head to visit Haruka, and see how she was doing and wanting to forget what happened between her and Sayaka.
When she arrived at the hospital, she walked up to the counter and asked for Haruka's room number. The nurse asked her to wait while she called for Haruka's father. He had asked the nurse to inform her of anyone coming to visit Haruka before letting them through. While Miyuki waited she looked around the hospitals hallways, turning to the waiting area finding Yui sleeping on the chairs.
Walking over to her, she shook her slightly, "Yui?"
Yui woke up and jumped out of the chairs she was laying on asking, "what, is Haruka alright?"
Miyuki was surprised by her sudden action. "Uh... I just got here." She answered.
Yui rubbed her face, not caring if she smeared her make up. She realized Miyuki was there and asked her if Sayaka was with her. Miyuki shook her head, "I left her to sleep."
Yui nodded.
"Watanabe." The nurse called to her.
Miyuki walked back to the counter and the nurse handed her a paper, "it's the room number, but she isn't allowed in." The nurse pointed at Yui.
Miyuki looked at Yui and back at the nurse, confused. "Why?"
"Mr. Shimazaki, informed me not to let her in."
"Oh." Was all Miyuki said before turning to make her way down the hallway.
Yui sighed, sitting back down, willing to wait.
Entering the room, Miyuki found Haruka's father sitting beside his daughter who was resting in bed, a heart monitor beside her and she was hooked on an IV.
"Mr. Shimazaki." She softly called out. The man broke from his trance and looked up at Miyuki.
"Oh, good you're here." He stood up.
"How is she?" Miyuki asked.
"She will be fine." He said walking towards her. She'd never seen her boss with just his white button up, unbuttoned from the top, and his sleeves rolled up, the man always wore his suit ina perfect state, clean and sharp, like those men in Hollywood movies. "Listen, I need to get to the office, I need you to stay with her. Don't let anyone else in, I need her to rest." He explained.
Miyuki was a little surprised. "I don't need to go to work?"
"Your off today. Also, I may need you to go back to, Paris, something went wrong with the management there. I'll have you handle it and come back." He told this to her as if they weren't in the room with Haruka laying in a hospital bed. It was always work with the man.
"When and for how long?" Miyuki asked. This couldn't have come in a better time, after her and Sayaka...
"About three days from now and I'm not sure how long yet. Until I find someone capable." He began to fix his suit back up to before, grabbing his suit jacket, ready to leave. "I'll come back later." He said before walking out the door.
Miyuki watched the door close before turning around to find Haruka was awake.
"His company is still more important." Haruka said in a groggy voice.
It took a couple of seconds for Miyuki to respond. "How are you feeling?" She asked.
"Thirsty." Haruka answered.
Miyuki, quickly grabbed the empty cup and jug of water pouring some of it in the cup. She was about to give it to Haruka and realized she was laying all the way down, "I'll help you up." Miyuki placed the cup down, trying to fix the bed and help Haruka up, but it just caused Haruka pain.
She yelped, scaring Miyuki. "A-are you okay?"
Once Haruka fixed herself on the bed, Miyuki handed her the water. She chugged down the water, finishing it in one gulp almost.
"What happened, Haruka?" Miyuki asked sitting on the chair Haruka's father had previously sat on. Haruka handed her the empty cup asking for more and Miyuki complied. Handing her the cup, Haruka only took a good gulp of water then left it to rest in her hand.
"My father, didn't tell you?" Haruka asked, her head hanging low.
"He just told me to stay with you." Miyuki replied.
Haruka stayed quiet for a minute, trying to stay composed, just like her father and Miyuki could see it. "Haruka." Miyuki tried to get her to look at her.
"I," Haruka paused, debating on whether to say anything at all. Suddenly she felt Miyuki take her hand into hers and grip tightly. Haruka looked up at her, surprised at her action. Usually this kind of treatment she got from Yui and Sayaka, but to have a friend like Miyuki was rare for her. Haruka swallowed back the lump in her throat, instead of telling her what was really wrong she asked, "Sayaka and Yui, aren't here right?" She spoke in a soft voice.
Miyuki could only think back at what happened a couple of hours ago with Sayaka. She loosened her grip on Haruka's hand, "I took Sayaka home to sleep and Yui is out in the waiting room."
Haruka shifted her eyes away from Miyuki and stared at the cup she held. "Why is she here, isn't she mad at me?"
"I think she loves you." Miyuki responded.
"She shouldn't. Go out and tell her to leave, I don't deserve her after what I put her through. And Sayaka, the pain in her eyes after I told her I wanted to be with Yui. All of it was a mess, I should have just picked from the beginning. No, I should have stay with my husband and maybe I wouldn't be here."
Miyuki felt Haruka's grip tighten around her hand, seeing the girl tearing up. Miyuki sat beside the girl in the bed and Haruka dug her face on Miyuki's stomach, balling her eyes out. It was a bit of a surprise from Haruka but it made sense once Haruka told her why she was crying. "Miyuki," Haruka sniffled.
"I was pregnant..."

Outside Yui waited and waited. She did try to sneak in before but, it didn't happen, the nurses caught her in time and told her to leave, but Yui sat in her new designated chair. Finally after hours, Miyuki came out.
"Yui." She walked up to the girl. "She wants to see you."
Yui, didn't hesitate and pushed past her, heading to the room. Before walking in she took a deep breath, opening the door, and walking in.
"Yui." Haruka waited for her.
"How are you?" She asked, closing the door behind her.
"I'm fine." Haruka lied.
Yui made her way to her, still upset after last night, but mostly worried. "Why did you do it?"
"Do what?" Haruka asked.
Haruka flinched at the word, but it was what she did. "Because, I fell in love with two people and I didn't want to let either of you go."
"You can't just be in love with two people, Haruka." Yui raised her voice. "It doesn't just happen."
"It happened to me." her voice turning timid. "I'm sorry. Don't be mad at Sayaka, it wasn't her fault, all of this was my fault."
Yui made her way to the window, looking out at the view. "She lured you." She said.
"She didn't lure me, Yui, I fell in love with her and you. I'm not the first case of someone falling in love with two people at the same time." Haruka argued.
Yui sighed, looking down at the floor then back up at Haruka. "How could you choose then?"
"The time I spent with you. I realized you were the one I really wanted to be with, since I met you." Haruka explained.
"And now, you still think we have a chance?" Yui asked.
Haruka shook her head. "No."
"Why?" Yui crossed her arms.
"Because, I want you to be happy and I'm not the person to do that. I don't want you to be with me and I don't want Sayaka to be with me either. Both of you deserve better."

In the waiting room, Miyuki sat with a magazine, waiting for Yui to come out so she can return to Haruka, before her boss came back finding her in the waiting room instead of Haruka's room.
"Hey." She heard from beside her. Finding Sayaka sitting beside her made her jump back a little. "What are you doing here?" Miyuki asked.
"You left, I was worried." Sayaka explained. "Why did you leave?" Sayaka moved closer, her arm stretched behind Miyuki resting on top of the backrest. "I know we took things fast last night, but-"
"Sayaka."Miyuki interrupted. "Not here. We can talk about this later." Miyuki didn't want to hear last nights events, though it was a great pleasure, it still didn't feel right for her.
Sayaka understood and shut her mouth, sitting back on the chair. She was a little upset at Miyuki for just leaving. Maybe, she scared her off. "How's Haruka?" She asked, the awkward tension was beginning to build up.
"She's fine. She is inside with Yui." Miyuki said.
Sayaka just nodded as silent grew between them again. Just then, Yui came out of the room walking towards the two, her eye catching Sayaka. Sayaka stood up as Yui stopped before her. "Don't bother going in to see her." She spoke softly, no anger in her tone, surprising Sayaka. "She doesn't want anything to do with us." The two could see the sadness in this eyes.
Miyuki reached to her placing her hand on her arm, but Yui just inhaled slowly. "Take care of her Miyuki." Yui said leaving the two standing there. Sayaka wasn't sure if she should follow her or stay, but after hearing Haruka didn't want anything to do with her, she followed Yui. Miyuki saw her leave and turned to head back to Haruka's room, looking back to find Sayaka looking back at her as well.

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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #32 on: June 29, 2015, 02:01:54 AM »
YuiParu ...  :banghead:

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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #33 on: June 29, 2015, 03:42:27 AM »
Whats going to happen now? !

Will yui move on? :banghead:

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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #34 on: June 29, 2015, 05:51:50 AM »
Noooooooooooooo! 😭

this is the first time I'm commenting here
since I love your fics 😁

*HEARTBREAKS* 💔 my yuiparu and sayamilky

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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #35 on: June 29, 2015, 02:42:59 PM »
This is such a heartbreaking moment.
Please just give them a happy moment.
Can't wait for the next update.
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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #36 on: June 29, 2015, 06:56:06 PM »
Drama T0T
No Yui, don't leave Haruka! Please T.T
And Miyuki is more than enough for you, Sayaka^^

Amazing, author-san. Even sometimes I hate fics with drama, but I do love your fics.
Thanks for the update and can't wait for the next one~
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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #37 on: July 03, 2015, 07:23:11 PM »
 !One word for you!!!!!

Wow,,, I like the way you make the story,,,
And I like drama,  :thumbsup

''Fyyuuuuh'' I can't say anything,,  not now,,,
I just still can't find the right word to comments your fic,,,

I just can say,,,,

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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #38 on: July 05, 2015, 07:15:28 PM »
Hope Sayaka realized who is the one she truly needs...
It's MIYUKI, you know.
Sadly, she's leaving in 3 days...

Paru, u don't need to push Yui away.
u can raise the child along wit Yui.

I just want happy ending for everyone. No more heartbreaks.

And thank you for the good work, author-san.
Keep it up!! Ganbattttttttteeeeeeee.....!!!! :P

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Re: Untitled Pt.6NEW (S. Haruka, Y. Yui, Y. Sayaka, W. Miyuki)
« Reply #39 on: July 05, 2015, 11:42:57 PM »
I just caught up and let me just say my only regret is reading this on my phone cause the second things started going down I dropped it on my face!

I was starting to think Yui was never going to find out about Haruka and Sayaka. What a way to find out too. I hope Yui and Sayaka take the time to talk everything out after leaving the hospital, about Sayaka's relationship with Haruka, about their own friendship, about how they didn't want to hurt Yui, about what Haruka said in the hospital (falling in love with two people at the same time, her decision).

"You're off today. Also, I may need you to go back to Paris, something went wrong with the management there. I'll have you handle it and come back." He told this to her as if they weren't in the room with Haruka laying in a hospital bed. It was always work with the man.
"When and for how long?" Miyuki asked. This couldn't have come in a better time, after her and Sayaka...
"About three days from now and I'm not sure how long yet. Until I find someone capable."
Miyuki's being sent back to Paris? Part of me wants to say it has to do with what Haruka's father has found out about Haruka's love life, but she has nothing to do with that. Haruka and Miyuki were once close friends though, so it could be possible that Haruka's father is trying to keep the three away from her to protect himself (I highly doubt he's doing this for Haruka's well-being).
On another note, things are slightly different compared to the last time Miyuki left. Miyuki's relationship with Sayaka is going better than before (more of a friendship than it was when they were friends-with-benefits), but what happened between them after returning from the hospital definitely puts Miyuki in a more complicated position than the last time. Though it seems it's not as one-sided as before, judging by how Sayaka felt about Miyuki's leaving the apartment... When they do talk about what happened, I wonder if Miyuki will tell her about how she's leaving in three days to Paris or if Sayaka will just find out in the office day of.

"Miyuki," Haruka sniffled.
"I was pregnant..."

Wait, "was"? Oh god, all that stress on her body... the physical stress from not eating or sleeping properly and not to mention her heavy drinking at the party... the emotional stress from having to choose between Yui and Sayaka, preparing for such an important event, and additionally Yui finding out about her and Sayaka...
She began to feel her breathing be come short and her chest tightening, but what hit her hard was the searing pain in her stomach. Feeling light headed, she gripped onto the railing of the pool to hold her up.
Oh my god, did she have a miscarriage?

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