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Author Topic: Dance : Rewrite by Jyurination48 (Jurisaku) and Sayamilky FanFicVid(?)  (Read 22147 times)

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Re: dance : dance with me (Jurina x sakuratan ft. akb group)
« Reply #20 on: February 07, 2016, 02:01:44 PM »
------ Dance With Me---------

Another day in the akb practice room with the two youngest senbatsu member,who practice until no one else left in the room except them.

Its already dark outside.. but still... two young member believe that hard work would always be paid.

*music playing from sakura's phone*

Sakura : *dancing*

Jurina : "ah... this is the soundtrack for majisuka gakuen 5 isn't it? the one you 'centering'

Sakura : "yes.. I just feel like practicing this song *dance*"

Jurina : "hee.. majisuka gakuen .. I wish they make season 6,, made the two of us as the double center ... and add a lot of kissing scene *grin grin*"

Sakura : "W-what are you talking about !?"

Jurina : well.. i was 'centering' majisuka gakuen 2 .. you were majisuka 4 and 5 ...don't you think it'll be interesting to make the two of us centering the next one... of course.. with a lot of kissing scene *evil grin*

Sakura : "....why with that kissing scene (-_-)... its a drama about yankee remember? "

Jurina : " and it'll be awesome if we could have a bed scene also"

Sakura : "B-BED SCENE ??!"

Jurina : "yeah you know.. the one when you injured and laying in the bed... and ill visit you .. then swear to take revenge (majisuka gakuen references)"

Sakura : *cough* "o-oh.. that bed scene" *sweating*

Jurina : "what?"

Sakura : "N-nothing" *dancing vigorously*

Jurina : "you doing good btw .. on majisuka gakuen.. you look cool"

Sakura : "not as cool as You 'center'"

Jurina : "hehe.. yeah.. Nezumi really cute back then"

Sakura : "??!" *pinching Jurina*

Jurina : "ouchh! im kidding ! im just kidding !!"

Sakura : *glare*

Jurina : "...." *actually wanna said that Sakura's angry face is so cute.. but able to restrain herself

The song change into the next one in Sakura's playlist, sakura try to change it back, but Jurina stops her

Jurina : "hee.. you have this song in your playlist"

Sakura : "un.. i like it"

Jurina : "....could you leave it to play this song? "

Sakura : "hmm .. ok.. but .. this is not even akb song.. it just an old song..and we suppose to practice our danc-- "

Before sakura even finish her word, Jurina pulled the younger hakata girl towards her, Jurina gently put one of her arm surrounding sakura wrist, and pull her even closer

"Lets dance Sakura" Jurina smile, and just like every time she did, Sakura's brain lost half of its cells. Sakura put one of her hand on Jurina shoulder, and let the other one stay in Jurina's warm hand. She then following Jurina step

"hoo.. you are good at this..haha.. I'm kinda not expecting it " Sakura could feel Jurina breath in every word she said, and she can smell her perfume.. it smells like summer.. mint.. and lemon put in together.. she like it.

"you also not too bad Jurina" the practice room light a bit dim than usual that night...or so it feels...Sakura gently lean her head on Jurina shoulder as they slowly dancing.

"... shall I stay.. would it be... a sin.." Jurina whispering the song to sakura's ear "take my hand.. take my whole life too" the haley Reinhart cover of the old song filled the room with it sweet melody and Jurina slightly shivering voice filled sakura's heart.

Sakura could hear Jurina heart beat fast as they dancing "for i can't help.. falling in love ...with" Sakura lift her head, so she able to see the Nagoya ace beautiful eyes. the glisten on her eyes, she could see her own reflection...

"i love you" Jurina said to her, almost whispering, before she went and gently kiss her.

This moment....this dance....this person who share a kiss with her.....Sakura know, they would lasting in her memory... forever.

----------------------to be continue-----------------------
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Re: dance (Jurina x sakuratan ft. akb group) part 4
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Sakura sure is the jealous type

Hoping there is another series of majisuka gakuen. But there is only center remaining as the strong character. The others were killed at the yakuza party

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Re: dance (Jurina x sakuratan ft. akb group) part 4
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I don't usually like a fic where jurina is paired with another member aside from Rena and Annin,but because of ur fic...,I'll add sakura into that list :wub: ,
update soon~  :deco:  :cathappy:
I'm 100% Human,loves 48 group,especially NMB ^^
My Fic:

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Re: dance (Jurina x sakuratan ft. akb group) part 4
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i am also curious what will they do for MJ6 after killing everyone in mj5..probably change the setting like mj3(?), but whatever it would be.. i am looking forward to it.

thank you very much .. ill write again.

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Re: dance : hakata girls (Jurina x sakuratan ft. akb group)
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--Hakata Girls---

its cold that morning, Sakura still half awake in her warm bed " cold", she rolled to the side, unmotivated to be fully awaken at all. but then, she could feel a warm breeze blowing  her face.

sakura : "....?" Sakura slowly open her eyes

Jurina : "good morning beautiful"

Sakura : "!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!"

sakura automatically fully awake as she saw an angel.. i mean ... Jurina.. laying so casually beside her.. on HER bed.. under HER blanket.. in HER apartment


Jurina : "visiting my girl friend" *smile*

Sakura : "B-but How?when? h-how you can get in !?"

Jurina : "hmm.. i ask your key from your manager..but you were sleeping when i come..and its cold .. so.."

Sakura : "why didn't you Just WAKE me rather than give me a heart attack?!"

Jurina : "like hell i would... your sleeping face... i like it"

sakura : *blush*

Jurina : *grin**grin*"so.. sakura chuaaaan.. where is my morning kiss??"*leaning towards sakura with arm wide open*

sakura : "n-not in the mood!" *throw a pillow to Jurina kissing face* *walks away to the bathroom*

Jurina : "ahh sakura chaannn " *cry*


Sakura can smell something delicious in the air when she get out of the bathroom, she walks around..  and find Jurina skillfully using her kitchen utilities.

Jurina : "ah..i hope you don't mind I'm using your kitchen"

Sakura : "not at all.. what are you doing?"

Jurina : "making you a breakfast princess... just sit.. it'll be ready in no time"

sakura take a seat.. and watch Jurina cutting crushing and frying things in a quick elegant move .. she tied her hair.. and sakura could clearly see her white long neck...connected to her slim figure..her long arm flipping the frying pan...  and she smile when succeed  on it

sakura : "... beautiful"

Jurina : "eh? you say something?"

Sakura :"N-NO not at all"

Jurina "hmm? btw its done.. there you go"

sakura look at  beautifully arranged restaurant look-alike chicken sandwich in front of her.. she take a bite.. and the taste don't altered the looks at all

Jurina : " it good?"

Sakura : "its Reallly good !"

Jurina " ehehehe" *happy*

Jurina watch Sakura eat her breakfast happily, just then... the door bell stand up.. but Jurina stop her ... ask her to just enjoy her breakfast.. and open the door instead.. its probably just a milk man.

"saachaan good morn--- wait... JURINA SAN?? what are you doing here??"

"ehhh Jurina san???"


Jurina : "eh erm...good morning everyone"


a bunch of HTK48 member-sakura's team mate- just happen to had a  very early morning shooting for Hakata odakkake (hkt48 show that worth watching) nearby.. and these bunch of kid teenager (plus one Russian monkey)  decide to stop at sakura's place after.

murashige : "jurina san ! Jurina san!" *poking jurina*

Jurina : "yes murashige?"

Murashige : "MENTAIKO"

Jurina : "ha..haha.." *forced laugh*

Moriyashu & Jinna : *fawning over Jurina*

Kodama : "so..jwurina san..wattcha doing in here diz early?"

Natsu : *gasp* "it can't be.. you.. sleep with sakura here last night ??!!"

Jurina : "hmm.. what do you think?" *wink**smile*

HKT48 kids : "kyaaaaaa no wayyyyyyyy kyaaaaaaaa"

Sakura : *wave her hand vigorously * "NO! NO! you guys wrong!! " *glare at Jurina*

Jurina : "hahha no .. I just stop by.. and *checking her phone* i think i should go now"

Sakura : "eh? you leaving already?"

Jurina : "yeah i had a job .. so i have to go now.. "

Sakura : "ohh.. hmm.. ok.. take care"

Jurina stand from her chair.. lean to sakura.. and kiss her in the forehead "i'm glad i can see you today... finish your breakfast ok..take care"

Sakura : *blush* "o-ok"

HKT members : "kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" *jumping around excitedly**tension level max*

in the middle of mini hurricane her team mate's create, Sakura finishing her chicken sandwich.. as she slowly biting the moist bread and the delicious juicy meat inside.. she wish she gave Jurina a morning kiss earlier.

---------------to be continue ------------------

btw.. theres a youtube channel called " Good enough ENG subs " who uploaded a very update akb highlight  videos.. you may already know it but..just in case someone .. want to watch anything

i save the rest in a blog  :
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Re: dance (Jurina x sakura ft. akb group) part 5
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Murashige with her mentaiko :banghead:

If Sakura forgot to give Ju a good morning kiss, can I give Ju one instead??? 😘

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Re: dance (Jurina x sakura ft. akb group) part 5
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---valentine SP---

Nothing going right for Miyawaki Sakura today.

Start on the day just begun, her alarm run out of battery and she late  for her morning TV shoot, makes the producer mad at her.

On her next job; a photo shoot for magazine, the make up artist accidentally spilled a face powder on her important dress for the shooting.

No its still not over, next on her lunch break,  when she want to pour a bit soy sauce on her bento, the soy sauce bottle lid suddenly fully open and that salty liquid flooded in her bento, she asked for another bento, guess what, nothing left, and she is in a hurry for her next job.

After that her clothes being snapped by elevator door, she trip and fall on the stair, she bumped into Shimada Haruka who are eating ice cream, make the ice cream smeared all over her face. That AKB48 team K vice captain face is so pissed-she made the Hakata young girl almost die scared when help cleaning her face.

When the night finally came, sakura is tired, beaten, hungry and unmotivated.

She check her phone, just one last job left, an interview for a magazine. sakura drag her leg to the interview place, hope the day just over as quickly as possible.

She arrive at a cozy looking restaurant

A waiter in suit come and greet her

"Ms. Miyawaki.. we've been waiting for you.. this way please"

Sakura following the waiter inside. Despite the place looks  well prepared, no other costumer could be seen around.

She followed the waiter to the corner of the room, and there... standing so casually... with a smile that lighten up the whole place

SKE48 ace,team S...Matsui Jurina.

"Jurina ?! what are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you"

"B-but the interview??"

"Yeah.. that fake interview... I owe your manager a lot for that.. so um.." From behind her, Jurina then take out a cute fluffy teddy bear that holding  a beautiful bouquet of red roses

"Sakura... will you be my valentine?"

"!?" Sakura stares the cute teddy with beautiful banquet that Jurina holding, she totally forgot, this crapy day, today is 14th February.

She look at Jurina face, which beaming with her dazzling puppy smile, so hard to decide which one is cuter between puppy Jurina, or the teddy bear

" you say?.. I already reserved this whole restaurant for tonight but.. if you don't really want to--"

But Jurina never able to finish her words as Sakura throw herself onto her arm, and hold her tight "happy valentine Jurina"

"ehehe happy valentine sakura" Jurina hold her back "so... are you hungry? they have an amazing roast duck here "

".. Im starving"

Jurina order the food for them both and they have a fun dinner.

As she look how fast sakura emptying her plate, Jurina ordered second chocolate dessert for sakura; who refusing saying she is on diet,  but Jurina not listening "its valentine Sakura, theres always a room for more chocolate!" she said while pout cutely.

Sakura finish it all after all, she really was starving.

Its already late when Jurina help call a taxi for sakura, and open the door for her

"Thank you Jurina, I had a great night, and thank you for the teddy and roses.. I love it" said sakura from inside the taxi to Jurina who hang on her door.

As Sakura look at the roses bucket Jurina gave closer, she notice theres a card attached on it

'ill love you until the last of this roses withered' written on it

"ahaha and when is that silly? next week?" she look at Jurina

But rather than answering, Jurina stole a kiss from sakura soft lips, she pulled back her lips quickly, but when she do, Jurina could see a disappointment in sakura eyes.

So Jurina kiss her again, this time more passionately,  Jurina put one of her hand on sakura's head, pulling her, not long before sakura felt jurina licking her lips, and she open her mouth so their tongue could explain them self  to each other

Not one of them would ever let the other go if the taxi driver did not clear his throat shyly . Jurina pulled her self from sakura,  who now blushing hard.

"Happy valentine sakura... good night" said Jurina finally before closed the door for Sakura

Even after the taxi go away,  Sakura keep looking at Jurina who just still standing in where she is before, looking at Sakura's taxi goes away.

Even after the Taxi takes a turn and Sakura  not able to see Jurina any more, that SKE48 young ace face still glued on her mind.

Sakura looked at the teddy, and the roses banquet Jurina gave her. she take it and smell it, smells good

But then Sakura realize that one of the roses looks a bit different, she pulled it out,  and find that one of the rose is made from plastic.

'ill love you until the last of this roses withered' 

Sakura remembered how bad the day was, and how one special person, change it to be one of the best day on her life...and she smile.

------------------to be continue------------------------

just a perfect day to listen akb48 sweet and bitter or watarirouka hashiritai-valentine kiss

or both ... happy valentine

btw.. i am a better editor on blog .. so please also check the blog version on

i also will update this series once a week rather than twice like before. I' like to know what you think so please share it..  thank you for reading it !

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Re: dance (Jurina x sakura ft. akb group) valentine SP
« Reply #27 on: February 15, 2016, 04:16:28 PM »
Wow kiss in public wow :yep:

I like this fic so much. The unpredictable Jurina with the somehow shy Sakura are vey interesting  :twothumbs

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Re: dance (Jurina x sakura ft. akb group) valentine SP
« Reply #28 on: February 16, 2016, 03:35:48 PM »
Wow kiss in public wow :yep:

I like this fic so much. The unpredictable Jurina with the somehow shy Sakura are vey interesting  :twothumbs

Thank you genki kid! i like writing this pair too.. since both are my oshi .. and they look cute together :wub:

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Re: dance : kimi wa melody (Jurina x sakura ft. akb group)
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----- Kimi wa melody -----------------------

Senbatsu member of the greatest idol group in japan, akibahara 48, are practicing for their newest single "kimi wa melody" in akb practice room

Sakura : *dancing* "kimi wa melody .. melody " *sing*

Yuuko & achan :*dancing beside sakura* "melody..melody" *stares at sakura**getting closer*

Sakura : *sing*"harmony harmo --"

Yuuko & acchan :"ahhhh so cuteeee!" that two akb former center just abruptly stop their dance and throw their self to the new center who stuttered in the middle of her two legendary senpai

sakura : "ehh? ehhh? ehh ?"

Acchan : "ahh.. so cute! so cute" Atsuko Maeda molding sakura face again

Yuko : " grow well" *grabbing sakura oppai*

Sakura : "!!!? kyaaa!!"

Jurina came to the rescue : "yow ! back off !! stay away from my sakura !!" Jurina then pulled Sakura, secure her in her arms

Annin : "...."*look at the floor**sad*

Sashi : "yow Jurina! you get hold yourself ! sakura is HKT precious member !" sashihara Rino join the scene, and try to pulling sakura from jurina, who of course don't let her lovely younger kouhai go

Acchan : "ahhh cute !" akb first ace rejoin the scene

Yuko : "why can't i have a kissing scene with you too on the MV ? I've kissed acchan before (in heavy rotation)!" yuko joining as well.. heated the scene as she do.

Jurina : "thats my line Yuko ! now get back ! syuhh! syuh!"

sakura : "eh? jurina?! you've kissed acchan before???!"

Jurina : "wait what?! n-no thats not-- "

Yuihan : "yes.. and Ju.. you are too close with Paru on the MV" the new badass soukantoku butting in the conversation.. glaring at Jurina

Jurina : "huh?! but that j---"

Sakura : "Jurina... why..why can't i be enough to you" *sad*

Acchan, Yuko & Sashi :"Look Jurina ! you make sakura sad !!" three of four member that ever rank #1 in senbatsu now cornering the Sakae Ace

Mayuyu : "tsk tsk tsk.. yea Jurina.. you have to treat Sakura better" Mayu joining the ruckus, yup.. thats makes all four of the SSK ranked 1 members now "you shouldn't cheating around you now"

Yukirin : "and you are the one who talks mayu" *roll her eyes* "oi Jurina! take a better care of my kagoshima Imouto!!"

Jurina : "whoa ! everyone back off!! sa-sakura I--"

The hurdle in the front row just became louder and louder, its finally get on the nerve of the smallest person in the room.. smallest.. but with a shadow bigger than anyone else


the first soukantoku voice stop everyone immediately "get back to your position! acchan you too! and Yuko stop harassing sakura!"

Acchan & yukoo : "ehehe" giggling and back to their position, its been a while since they got scolded by the soukantoku.. its feels nostalgic


The practice after went nice and clear so the coach gave them an early break.

While the others fooling around, sakura takes the change to sitting alone in the back of the room, wiping her sweat, then as she lift her head, she could see Jurina slowly walking towards her

Sakura : "what?" *glare**still angry*

Jurina just look at sakura.. then she start to dance "kimi wa melody.. melody.." and then.. she gently point her finger towards sakura in the end of her dance "there would be no other melody for me without you sakura, don't listen to others ok. I love you"

Jurina threw her hand towards Sakura "now.. lets get back to practice" and she smile

Sakura look at Jurina face.. and her smile *sigh* how can you still be angry when she gave you that smile. Jurina could blew up the entire building and still be forgiven just by smilling, so Sakura take Jurina hand, stand up, and go with her.

Jurina : "ehehehe"

Sakura : "w-what"

Jurina : "I love you" she kiss Sakura in the cheek before letting her hand go and slowly push her back, send her to her position. The Zero position, Center.


I .. know i said ill update this once a week
I just watched kimi wa melody MV.. and everyone just so cute GOSH
so I.. just  happen to write this one fic .. ill update the next one week  (hopefully)

check my blog .. you may find something you like.. or just something you hate

have a good day sailing !
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Re: dance 6 : kimi wa melody (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. akb group)
« Reply #30 on: February 17, 2016, 04:26:50 AM »
Sweet Ju sweet

Really can't wait for the new mv

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dance 7 : Nogizaka AKB (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. 46/48 group)
« Reply #31 on: February 22, 2016, 05:10:42 PM »

----Nogizaka AKB----

Sakura look at her reflection in the mirror, as excepted from uniform with Nogizaka46 that has the most well sheltered image from all of the 48/46 group;the uniform looks classic, and neat, and she like it.

She is in the middle of making Music video for Kimi wa melody coupling song "Mazariau Mono" that will be sung by a mix of Nogizaka and AKB members.

Sakura fixing her hair when she heard someone voice that she dear, speak softly to her. Sakura shifting her eyes, to found Jurina reflection in the mirror, stands behind her wearing her usual bright smile

"you look beautiful sakura"

Sakura turn her body around and look at Jurina more closely... gosh.. she looks like a prince, a princess, a queen and a king all at once with that uniform

" too" Sakura said shyly, averting her eyes from Jurina

"Really? thanks !" Jurina said brightly "but I'm not sure with this ribbon tie.. i can't make it right" Jurina then try to fix her tie.. but its seems like she really can't do it right

"Let me" sakura reach out her arms to Jurina, and help her fixing her tie, she do it casually, until she realize that she is now stands really close to Jurina, face to face... and Jurina eyes that feels piercing on her not helping at all.

Seems like Jurina realize how fast the younger girl heart beat right now.. Sakura could see a wide grin on Jurina face, never failed make the Hakata girl blushing.

"You know what sakura" Jurina whisper slowly to sakura

"W-what" sakura tried her best to focusing on Jurina tie, and not her soft voice.. or her dazzling eyes..or her perfume.. or worst.. her glistening lips that just few inches away from kissable.

"You are so cute.. and when this job better kiss me... or ill kiss you"

Sakura blushing too hard, she quickly finishing Jurina tie and push that gorgeous Nagoya devil away from her... how can she read her mind?


Jurina has to take the restroom.. she ask Sakura to go first, so she is. Sakura and the other AKB members entering the studio, the Nogizaka members has waiting .

Sakurai Reika, their captain (that no member depends on), lead the other member to greet their rival slash senpai

Reika : "we are Nogizaka46, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" followed by the other Nogizaka members, akb members replying the greet.

Sakura sit in the corner with the others, she look at Maiyan and Kojiharu, who are the center for this single together with Nishino Nanase, practicing their part, the two extremely beautiful girl looks like two goddess teasing each other on a weird ritual somewhere in out of this world.

The young AKB next generation ace from Hakata did not realize that her mouth has been half open while she watching them, not until someone come and greet her, and she spontaneously close it.

"Miyawaki san.. good morning" a cute girl with over whelming ojou sama aura come greet her politely, and sit beside her

"ah Ikudon..I mean Ikuta san.. good morning" sakura greet her back.

"miyawaki san.. I heard you are really good at cooking"

"I don't know if I am good, but I like cooking"

"hmm.. I learn to make deshimaki tamago lately..because they always make fun of my cooking skill.. but i can't seems to make it right.. I don't know what is wrong"

Sakura minds wondering to Nogizakatte doko episode 12 " yeah.. about that.."


"Eh??" the two cute girls surprised by the AKB third generation queen who suddenly butting on their conversation from out of nowhere

"Kashiwagi san?! you can help me??" *glittering eyes*

"yes ! since my beloved Mayu really like Nogizaka, how can I left you puzzled like that! worried not Ikuchan! just follow my lead,you'll find no fail!" yukirin then take Ikuta hand and drag her with her

Its all happen so fast- sakura hand only hang in the air, unable to stop her beloved kagoshima senpai take one of that Nogizaka Hachi fukujin away 'b-but.. kashiwagi san.. you can't even crack an egg yourself don't you' (-_-")


The recording almost start when Jurina finally shown up..and when she come in, Sakura could not help but notice that the Nogi members are flocking over Jurina

What is that all about !

Before the video making

After the video making

On the break time

Even when the producer directing .. Sakura eyes keep following the Nogi members that really are keep flocking over Jurina...chatting and laughing so happily around her, she can't even get close to her.

finally, its time to take Sakura and Jurina part on the MV.. Sakura so glad that the scene don't require her to smile.. she really don't feel like smiling right now.

"Sakura chaann.. lets work hard together!"


Sakura stand beside Jurina "ACTION!" the director shout

Sakura don't know why Jurina could always steer her emotion so easily, even for the most simple things.

 Sakura knows she is not the first for Jurina. She is not her first kiss,  she is not her first love, not her first date. While Jurina is her first everything. She never fall in love before, not like this . And with love comes a pain... a kind of pain only love can bring.

"And cut ! yes thats good, very well--" the director said .. and Sakura left the scene before the director even finish his sentence.


Jurina still surrounded by Nogi members until the very end, so when the job over, and the AKB members heading back with their special Van.

sakura go in first, sitting in the back corner.. and pretend sleeping when the Nagoya ace come and sit beside her.

The ride feels slower than usual, or at least thats what sakura feels, because even with her eyes closed, she can feel Jurina eyes on her

"Sakura.. I know you are not sleeping"


"Your face not that cute when you are sleeping"

sakura open her eyes with a glare to Jurina, but Jurina only laugh at her. Jurina then gently take some of Sakura stranded hair, and put it behind her ears

"You really are the jealous type"

"So it is my fault that you are so POPULAR" Sakura stressed the last word

"hmm.. yeah those nogizaka member... really are... curious.." Jurina drag her words, really enjoy teasing sakura "about.. hows Rena chan doing"


"well.. you know.. Rena chan is their ex member.. and they really getting along.. and since they are still a very young group.. when Rena chan joining they even considered Rena as their mentor"

"hmm" now Jurina mentioning Rena name.. A different kind of feeling emerge from sakura

Jurina look at sakura, she probably really know how to read sakura mind

"I am really close with Rena chan" Jurina said "she is closer to me than even my own family..and if that make you jealous.. so be it.. but i would not lie to you about that"

Jurina words are straight and sure. Sakura only look at her unwavering eyes; that look straight into her own eyes. But that gaze then slowly shifting, down.. down to Sakura cherry pink lips, and stay there for a while.

Jurina then leaning closer.. and closer.. and finally their lips meet with each other, they let their lips speak all the words they unable to speak. They kiss until all the doubt in their heart ceased.  after a long long while.. Jurina finally parted her lips away

".. told better kiss me or Ill I kiss you"

Sakura look at Jurina, feel so helplessly in love with her lips, and everything that attach to it. So she lean forward, and re catch Jurina lips.

Felt it with all her heart, the wonder to be young and to be in love..and all the feeling that comes with it.

------------to be continue---------------

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Re: dance 7 : Nogizaka AKB (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. 46/48 group)
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Sakura and  jurina so cuteeee ~

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Re: dance 7 : Nogizaka AKB (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. 46/48 group)
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Ne ne, can you make Rena come as cameo to make sakura jealous by making puppyJu follow Rena everywhere??

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Re: dance 7 : Nogizaka AKB (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. 46/48 group)
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Ne ne, can you make Rena come as cameo to make sakura jealous by making puppyJu follow Rena everywhere??

I want this! >w<

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Re: dance 7 : Nogizaka AKB (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. 46/48 group)
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Ne ne, can you make Rena come as cameo to make sakura jealous by making puppyJu follow Rena everywhere??

I want this! >w<

ahhh..hmmm..but..hmm.. i don't know if my wmatsui hearth could handle the after effect, but its interesting.. maybe not for the next one, but ill think bout it. thanks!

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dance : Neo Kami 7 (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. AKB group)
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====Neo Kami 7 ===================

--- Neo Kami7----

Idol life is hard, especially if you are a part of the biggest idol group in the world, the AKB group.

The competition within the 400 members could not be more harsh than its already are, but amazingly, two teenage girl able to scrap their way and breaking the wall of the most elite circle in the group known as kami 7.

One of them is the SKE absolute ace since she is 11 years old : Matsui Jurina, and the other is Miyawaki Sakura, the youngest senbatsu member.

 Together with them, Yamamoto Sayaka : NMB leader and ace, Shimazaki Haruka : the salty face of japan fashion, Watanabe mayu: the ultimate grace ( least when her legal wife yukirin not around..where she'll turn into ultimate brat------still cute thou--*sigh*), Kashiwagi Yuki: the black queen of gravure world, and Sashihara Rino : the woman who change the idol world.

 Each of them has trough unimaginable hard path to be where they are now, and today, all of the so called neo kami 7 are practicing in the AKB practice room.

Sakura wearing her girly pinky outfit, and Jurina on her usual punk sporty get up, they on a same song, but as you can almost see a cherry tree petals flying around sakura when she dance, Jurina dance will bring you storm, before calm you down with a warm breeze, just to storming you again, both interpret the song so differently, as so all the rest of the 7 kami.

 But not one of them mind it, how each of their personality resembling on their dance is what made the AKB what it is now, isn't having seven different color is what makes rainbow so beautiful?

After a while, Sakura decide to take a break, so is the others, left only Jurina and Sayanee on the dance floor

Jurina eyes following that Namba ace, and when the two eyes met, the SKE ace smirk, and dance more intensely, burning Sayanee with the heat.. Sayanee also smirk, and dance more fiercely.

 Sakura looks at those two most respective member on their group, who happen to be two best dancer in the whole AKB, dancing ridiculously intense to each other.

She let out a sigh, never really understand the rivalry between Nagoya and Namba. But as Sakura looking at those two ace, she could not help but notice the glisten in their eyes, and as stupid as they look, they look..kinda somehow.. happy..

Maybe having a rival isn't that bad


After a long silly dance battle session -that end up with both Sayenee and Jurina fall on the floor, catching out their breath, and laugh so loud to each other. Jurina finally take a break.

Purina sit on the floor beside Sakura, run out of breath and soaked with sweat, but grinning happily. Sakura take a towel from her bag, and gently wiping Jurina sweat from her face. Jurina peek Sakura cheek as a thank you, and then lean closer, rest her head on Sakura. Sakura then start checking her phone,

Jurina : "sakura chan who do you think better? me or sayanee?"

Sakura : "..." *focus on her phone*

Jurina : " smell it your shampoo?"

Sakura :"..."

Jurina : *playing with sakura hair* "sakura..i love youuu"

Sakura : *no effect*

After a while, sakura finally finish with her phone "ah..are you said something ?" Sakura take a glance at Jurina face, she has to batting her eyes a few times to make sure its Jurina and not a little lost puppy there

Its too cute..Sakura try her best to not smile to it "sorry..sorry..what was that Jurina?"

"*cry* dont ignored me!"

"Sorry ..sorry.." Jurina only getting cuter .. huwaaaah.. just a while ago she dance like a lion..what with this over whelmed cuteness ??! sakura battling herself on her head

"I love you! its hurt when you ignored me"

"Um.." sakura gently calming puppy Jurina by playing with her silky straight hair that falls perfectly on her shoulder

"I love you you love me?"

"I-I do"

"Tell me you love me"

Sakura could feel her face getting hotter, no way she could say it ! she can't even face Jurina, she shifting her eyes away, but Jurina catch her chin with her finger, and lightly move sakura head back towards her, lock her eyes on sakura's

"Sakura... what can I do to make you say you love me?" Jurina then lean closer.. and closer.. and closer

But then she stop, as she could feel a strong gaze. Sakura and Jurina then slowly shifting their eyes from each other, to find Paruru crouching just in front of them, staring at them from like 50cm away since who knows when


"...sorry..try to talk before.. but can't find a right timing.. sashi ask me to call you two back to practice " the salty queen said flatly

Jurina and sakura only nodded and following Paruru back in startled, being stared by Paruru expressionless beautiful pale face from that distance would send shivers to anyone.. no wonder she's been staring so many horror movie.


The practice has over.

Jurina massaging her shoulder ' guess.. I push my self too hard earlier with sayanee' Jurina thought to her self.

She had a job after and a bit in hurry, but the car that supposed to pick her a bit late. she just stood there in the basement parking lot, waiting for the car when suddenly someone poking her from behind, she then turn around and find sakura there

"Sakura? aren't you supposed to having an interview now?"

But sakura not answering, she just fidgeting in her spot, looks somehow.. nervous


Sakura then take a deep breath.. before leaning to Jurina and kiss her cheek.. then in a shivering voice..whisper to Jurina ears..."i..i do love you"

Jurina touch her cheek in disbelief as she look at the young hakata girl, who is now put her hand on her burning red face, before run away so fast back to the building, leaving Jurina startled there.

--- ----

Sakura lean on the door as it closed, try to settled her poor heart that feels like it try to jump out off her chest

She don't know what gotten into her

it just that... Jurina words keep ringing on her head... and that she really wanna tell Jurina how she feels

Because really...Sakura never know what its like to fall in love.. but she is sure

overtime she look at Jurina eyes, every time her lips automatically smile, and how the world lit a bit  whenever she see the sakae ace

she know... she love her... she is in love with Matsui Jurina

So there she is, dragging all her guts and her trembling feet, to tell Jurina... that she loves her

Sakura still try to calming her self when the door behind her opened, and a hand gently pull her over


"And you do know that I love you too right?" said Jurina, before passionately plant a kiss on sakura pink lips. can be its so bothering.. yet.. so addicting

------------------to be continue----------------

ill try to update it next week

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Re: dance : Neo Kami 7 (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. AKB group)
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Ju and Sayanee sure are dancing monsters. Maybe that's why their concurrent position is in team K since K's image is more energetic than A or B.

That love struck when Sakura kiss Ju  :inlove:

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Re: dance : Neo Kami 7 (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. AKB group)
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Ju and Sayanee sure are dancing monsters. Maybe that's why their concurrent position is in team K since K's image is more energetic than A or B.

That love struck when Sakura kiss Ju  :inlove:

they sure are, its probably scary for the other member to joint team K ..since its full of likes like these two..

Sayanee Vs Jurina.. this year sousenkyo would be fun
NMB really rocketing lately, since sayanee centering the 356..but just like request hour.. SKE fan would go all out for Jurina this year   

just why its so fun following this group :jphip:
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Re: dance : Neo Kami 7 (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. AKB group)
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Can you make a chapter revolving around Sakura getting the flu?

Cuz she actually has it right now m8


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