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Author Topic: THROUGH TIME (WMATSUI) UPDATE CHAPTER 33/?  (Read 14890 times)

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Thanks so much for the update

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Great fiction I have red so far! 😍😍😍
Normal female fangirl. I always read wmatsui fanfic the whole day.

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Rena stood up as fast as she could from the comfortable bed when she heard voices coming from the first floor, getting away at the same time from the warm embrace of her prince, who couldn’t do more than look at the other girl with a puzzle expression as Rena approached her ear to the door focusing for a moment in that single sense, to then opened her eyes widely and began to put back again her clothes.

“My mom just arrive” Explain Rena handing Jurina her clothes, and even if she didn’t understand the reason for Rena’s rush, she just dressed herself back as fast as Rena was doing.

Once she did it, Jurina follow Rena downstairs, where she found a women of about 48 years old, maybe more but her pale skin and without almost any wrinkles made harder the task of guessing, her eyes irradiate kindness while she talked with the maid in front of her, her hair was gracefully tied in a ponytail and yet it still seemed really long, and when her curious glare lay on Jurina, she couldn’t think of anything else than Rena was the living image of the women.

“Rena, you came back early from collage” Said the woman after she embrace the mention one, but at any moment she moved her glare from the younger girl that came from behind.

“Mom I have to introduce you someone” Rena spoke a little bit insecure while she took Jurina’s hand, Rena had never bring someone to the house and much less introduce someone to her mother, reason why she could almost touch the intense intrigue of her mother as she scanned Jurina from head to toe shamelessly

The tallest took a step to the front, her strong presence and aura wasn’t disregards for the elegant woman, whom astonishment grow more because of the great distinguished that the young lady beside her daughter emitted despite being so young.

“Nice to meet you, Matsui Jurina” The prince made the best of her reverence, she wanted to leave the best impression on Rena’s mother, reason why she took the hand of the woman and lay a soft kiss on the back of her hand, surprising even Rena, who couldn’t believe her mother was blushing, so she quickly took Jurina by the shoulders.

“Don’t do that again with anyone else” Rena whispered at Jurina’s ear, it looks like Jurina’s manners can get to be a problem at these days.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Matsui Nozomi, Rena’s mother” She smiled warmly to her daughter’s companion.               

Despite Rena wanted to continue with the conversation, she had another plans in her mind for the evening, mainly for the clothes her prince was wearing, and of course, to show her a little bit more of the city and enjoy their time together, and now that Rena thought about it, they’ve never had a proper date.

“We were just leaving, I’ll call you later” Said Rena to her mother and slowly dragging Jurina to the exit.

“Rena, your father is coming tonight” The sudden news stopped her tracks, her father had been outside the country for one of his many business trip “It would be nice if we could have a dinner tonight… the four of us, so you can introduce Jurina-san better”

“Sure, it would be a pleasure” Rena’s head turned almost by its own to look at the one who responded completely astonish, because it was Jurina the one who was nodding with big smile.

“It’s decided then, we’ll be waiting here at 8:00” Rena didn’t have time not even for blink, as it looks like she was the only one struggling with the idea, her father can get to be a little bit strict and overprotective regarding to the people who surround his daughter.

Without waiting any longer they went out of the house, and still Rena could feel her mother’s glare on their backs, Rena could already see her calling the best chefs on the city to make the most extravagant dinner for just four people, she could just pray that her mother didn’t embarrassed her in front of Jurina (or maybe the other way).

“Where are we going?” Had to ask Jurina once they were out, she didn’t knew that they were going out just a minutes ago.

Rena smirked mischievously while she called the family’s driver with her cellphone, a smirk that manage to worry Jurina, she didn’t know what kind of plans Rena had for her, and her first impression of the future hadn’t be so fun, it was most likely to be terrifying.

“Prepare yourself my prince, we are going to walk a lot today” Saying this Jurina swallow all her protest and questions as she saw Rena’s determination, who at the same time couldn’t seem more excited, Jurina could only hope that she didn’t had to risk her life again.

The next thing she saw was this big black the same as its windows car parking in front of them, and if Jurina was a little bit suspicious about the thing’s safety, she couldn’t do more than follow Rena to the back seat of the car, later Jurina would realized that the main problem reside on the person who is driving.

On their way to wherever they were going, with the sight lost on the high buildings that conforms the cement jungle, Jurina couldn’t help but attach her attention and interest on the people who stack on the streets, but what really catch her curiosity was the fact that those people hadn’t their eyes on the world they had in front, but in this little box between their hands, similar to the one Rena had before the car arrived and had seen on various occasions.

“What are those?” Jurina finally asked pointing out of the window “That little things to which those people smile” She had to be more specific as she saw the Rena’s confused expression, who then could understand quickly what Jurina was referring.

To can explain it better the long haired one took out from her pocket the same thing on which Jurina was asking for, and then gave it to her.

“This is a cellphone, you can do several things with it, such as communicate with people who are far away in matter of a second” During all the trip Rena explained in detail and at the same time as simple as possible what a cellphone is, she taught Jurina how to make a call, write a text, and take photos, and of course games with which she could spend the time, Rena just skipped all the social networks, it can be kind of dangerous for someone from the XV century.

Once they had arrived to their destiny, which was the biggest and fancier shopping center that can be found in Nagoya, Rena had to drag Jurina out from the car, because this one was way too immerse and busy playing with the cellphone, now that they would had the dinner with her parents, Rena would have to work harder on the wardrobe that she will get for Jurina, she wanted her prince to look perfect.

The two young girls walked hand to hand through the hallways that were flooded with people, whom couldn’t helped but to move a side to give way to the couple that seemed to shine, there was something on the way they smile at each other, that made people stopped and stare at them completely amaze, and why not a little bit jealous, maybe it was the fact that both of them were more than beautiful, but those who manage to see beyond appearance knew that the real reason for their brightness, was the fact that in the way they looked at each other was the way true love looks like.

“Let’s go here” Rena suggested, the store was one of her favorites as she used to be really strict with the clothes she wear, and this store in special had never disappoint her, reason why she became a frequent customer.

“It’s good to see you again Matsui-san” The seller greeted her, who immediately asked to the other workers to close the store so they could give an exclusive attention to the daughter of one of the most important business owner from Nagoya.

“Today I have a special request” Said Rena taking every single garment she liked, meanwhile Jurina just follow her with her eyes and sat down on the first sofa she found “I need a whole wardrobe for her” Rena concluded with a playful smile, fashion was one of her favorite hobbies, and Jurina will be her perfect model for that day.

The last thing Jurina knew was that Rena began to push her to what she describe as the dressing room, and clothes after clothes kept coming non stopping.

Rena went out from the place with a smile from ear to ear along with a bunch of bags full with clothes, the shopping couldn’t had gone any better, she could saw Jurina on any kind of clothes, and even blushing when Rena flatter her once she came out, and even if she strongly refuse to wear a dress (and Rena couldn’t blame her), she found out Jurina can look amazing on plain black skinny jeans with a white shirt, it gave a kind of wild and mysterious aura.

Behind the raven haired beauty walked the younger prince, who was clearly not as happy as Rena was, walk with those tight pants was beyond uncomfortable and the shirt wasn’t appropriate for a prince to wear. She felt all gazes on her, Jurina could only thought she looked completely ridiculous, even if Rena insisted on otherwise.

“Can we please go back to your house?” Jurina begged, she couldn’t understand why she just couldn’t use her usual clothes.

“The bell saved you, it’s almost time for the dinner” Said Rena looking at the watch, even if she wanted to continue with the shopping. She enjoyed it maybe a little bit too much, she understood it as she saw the amount of bags.

When they arrived, Rena confirmed her suspects, there were left around 20 minutes to 8 and she could listen, even from the principal door the coming and going from the kitchen. Rena didn’t saw her father yet, but probably her mother already told him about Jurina.

After a short bath and change clothes to some elegant ones, both went down stairs to the dining room which was decorate with flower arrangement. When the couple was already on the room, Jurina found a man standing beside Rena’s mother, she knew intuitively who was.

The man was tall and dressed elegant, his hair wear a German cut perfectly tidy, some grey hairs stand out, but it only made him look wiser. His gaze was firmly lock on Jurina, who felt like shiver under it, feeling like if she was in the middle of a storm.

Yet she managed to remain composure and walked gracefully until she was in front of them, where Ms. Matsui greeted her warm and kindly, meanwhile the man beside her greeted his daughter in a tight hug, but always glaring at Jurina with fire throwing out of his eyes, and not a single word was said from him.

Once the greet with Ms. Matsui was over, the uncomfortable moment in which Jurina would have to introduce herself to the man came, and of course she had to be the first one on stretching her hand in front of the older, needless to say she was beyond nervous. 

“It’s a pleasure Sir I’m Matsui Jurina” The one with fierce gaze didn’t seem to had the intention on return the gesture, it was just when Rena’s mother slightly tap him on the side, he starched his hand to take Jurina’s.

“Matsui Fuji, Rena’s father” Said sharply shaking hands maybe a little more strong he should had, he definitely doesn’t likes me, concluded easily Jurina.

Rena was watching from behind the intense moment, she knew this was going to happened, it surprised her how much she knew her father, which was very overprotective, and beyond the fact he maybe doesn’t likes Jurina, he just refuse to give his daughter to anyone no matter how perfect the person was, just like a boy who doesn’t wants his mother to pamper any other kid.

On the other side of the man’s mood, her mother couldn’t seem happier with Jurina, thanks to her, the dinner didn’t end up being a completely mess with awkward silence as Rena thought it would be, as Ms. Matsui was in charge to keep up with the conversation naturally, talking with the prince about all kind of topics, in which Rena commented some times.

It was already time for the desert and Rena’s father remind with his mouth sealed, it doesn’t matter how many times his wife and even Rena tried to included him on the conversation, he simply replied nodding or denying with his head, but obviously, at any point his gaze stopped following Jurina’s movements, from the way she used the cutlery to the slightly and covertly way in which the prince grazed Rena’s hand.   

Everything seemed to indicate the dinner will end up that way, and even if her father hadn’t had the best of his performances, Rena felt satisfied with the fact anything really bad had happened, she knew that at some point, his father would have to quit to his childishness, and he would end up accepting Jurina.

But for everyone’s surprise, a deep and some hoarse voice resound when the dinner was over, making the three women felt glue to their chairs.

“So, Jurina-san” He began to say laying both of his elbows over the table “How is that I’ve never heard about you before”

“Father sh-“

“Rena, let Jurina-san talk please” What she feared the most was already happening, and there wasn’t anything she could do, just wait for Jurina to answer cleverly.

“I guess she didn’t talked about me a lot  and I understand why” Jurina talked smoothly “You’ll see Sir, in the past year I was on trip, reason why I could only made my relationship with Rena official once I came back, we agree we wouldn’t thrill with each other until we finally met, I think that’s the reason you didn’t knew anything about me” Answer Jurina remembering some of the ideas Paruru suggested for Rena’s introduction in the ball “We talked a lot through text and video calls, those things are amazing” She added.

“Mmmm it’s that so” Mr Matsui half close his eyes, maybe he wouldn’t believe such lame excuse. The tension grew bigger and bigger. Rena gaze at her mother asking her with the eyes to do something, but this one just shrink her shoulders as she was under the same situation as her daughter “And what had you so busy on that trip?”

Jurina’s mind went blank, she hadn’t prepare anything for that kind of conversation and she felt like panicking, she rummaged between her thoughts for a reasonable answer, and of course it had to be according to the year, because in her own era she would easily say it was because of her duties as prince, with that idea Jurina managed to came up with something.

“Politic, I’m studying politic and I was on an investigation in other country”

“Politic eh, that sounds interesting” It seemed like Jurina managed to convinced him “I’ll get to the point Jurina-san” Finally the man would stop the boring protocol talk and go to what really matters and worried everyone on the table, they all knew his intentions wasn’t to have a warm talk “What are your intentions with my daughter? A lot of people approached her by simple and physical interest, so tell me, what is the thing you want?” His voice became darker the as his gaze.

Anyone who were on Jurina’s place would froze of fear, as the man seemed to be ready to do whatever takes to keep away every single person who would try to hurt, or even just approach to his daughter.

But the young girl had a completely different react, her eyes were on ease and his body seemed to get relaxed, because what Rena’s father didn’t knew, is the fact that Jurina went through the same (and maybe worst), and there wasn’t any easier question, as the prince knew perfectly what Rena meant to her.

“She is everything to me” Jurina’s lips curved in a delicate smile “I lost my parents and a really important person on an accident, you can’t imagine how empty and lost I was until I met Rena, she’s everything I have and everything I want” Answered Jurina naturally and without diverge her gaze at any point, in her eyes could be seen perfectly her thoughts and feelings, and it was so overwhelming to see how much love can someone so young have.

Mr. Matsui didn’t say anything despite his expression had completely changed, Rena and her mother were on the same situation, the only difference was the fact that the first one couldn’t hold the flush of her cheeks, she wasn’t expecting that kind of answer.

No one knew what was going through the man’s mind, but from his dumbfounded state, one could guessed he didn’t had any more questions, and maybe that he found himself embarrass of his own skepticism.

“You two can already go” He finally said after some eternal seconds.

Without saying anything else Jurina and Rena stood up from their chairs, and after a bow coming from the tallest, both went up to Rena’s room, they still had some things to pack, because when the dawn comes, both would be up in a plain.

The marriage remained on the table, Ms. Matsui looked at her husband expectant, she couldn’t be more satisfied with her daughter’s partner, and she hopped the same from her husband, but he’s used to be beyond stubborn, and by the way his jaw tightened, she knew he was still struggling with his thoughts.

“I don’t completely like her” He said on a low voice.

“She’s a really nice girl dear, and I’m sure she loves Rena a lot” Ms. Matsui couldn’t believe his husband was so persistent with the idea, even after he just heard and saw, he kept on doubting Jurina.

“I know that, and I know she’s perfect for Rena too but…” The man finally talked with sincerity, he didn’t had any more excuses to not accept the girl, but the real problem was “I didn’t thought it could really exist someone who loves her more than I do”                 


The next day both went on a trip that will remain in their memories, they wanted to make every single second worth. From Rena’s side, she wanted Jurina to know her own world, so without even think about it twice, she made up a trip in which they would go to the most important cities and countries which Jurina could only hear about on XV century.

Somehow both wanted to keep their minds busy in other thing besides time, living a dreamy week, but at some point that day had to come and both knew it. They wanted to be by their own without any other distraction, reason why instead of going back to the Matsui mansion, both went to a cabin at the edge of the city.

Since the impossible happened a week had already past, and the fateful day in which everything would be over was already in front of their eyes, both knew it, it looked like even the air around them and the grey sky knew it too, but none of them say anything, like if they just refuse to accept it, whishing they could keep on waking up beside the other one.

Both decided that they wouldn’t go out anywhere that day, the only thing both wanted to have on their field of view was each other, each second was worth more than gold, the executioner that in some hours would separate them was making its way closer and closer, it was the most tortuously thing both had lived.

Jurina stepped forward to let the smooth drops of water wrapped her whole body, the same as a couple of small and delicate hands that travel through her hair that was now full with shampoo, Rena soaped subtly the younger’s hair, who seemed to had grown a little bit more, since without realized it, Rena found herself on the tip of her feet to complete the task.

“I think hot water in the shower is the invent I love the most” Commented Jurina enjoying the pleasant massage in her scalp.

Rena smiled to her comment, it was just in the last week that Rena could witness the most childish, loving and probably the most natural part of Jurina, she guessed that the fact she doesn’t has to deal with the pressure and responsibilities as a prince, was the main reason Jurina could be her fully self at every moment.

The room was flooded with silence, the only thing that could be hear was the drops of water hitting the ground, even if they didn’t say it, the thought that this was the last time they would share their morning together was always present, and without her permission tears began to rolled down on Jurina’s cheek, she tried it, she really did try to ignore it all this time, but the sorrow surpassed every single barer.

Rena stopped her hands as she saw the sadness that was peeking in Jurina’s yes, but there weren’t any words she could say, since herself felt like dying with every second that was burned, she couldn’t do anything else than bring Jurina closer running her hands to the back of the prince nape, giving freedom to her own tears to express that heaviness in her chest.

“Which movie do you wanna see?” Asked Rena exploring Netflix catalogue

“Mmmm, what are zombies?” Wondered Jurina after reading the description of a movie that called her attention.

Rena thought for a second which would be the best answer, say that they were undeds seemed like something really ambiguous.

“And think it’s better if you see it by yourself” Was the best conclusion she got.

She then gave play to the movie that has the title of Resident Evil, and getting comfortable on the bed with a huge bowl of popcorn, both got ready to watch the first movie from a huge saga, which by the end of the evening would end up seeing. Jurina had liked maybe a little bit more that Rena though the zombie thingy.

“Do you want some pizza?” Rena asked to a Jurina that kept on looking which movie they should watch now, it looks like spend their time in nothing more than being with each other watching movies all day, was the most fun thing they did the whole week.

“Ask for the biggest they have” Was the prince’s answer.

The sun kept on falling, dying the sky of orange to give it way to the night, allowing all the stars and the full moon in charge of illuminating the sky, that night the stars were shinning more than Rena has ever see them.

Jurina lay her chin on Rena’s shoulder embracing her from behind, it was a wonderful night and both were appreciating it from the balcony, to Rena it was so unusual that starry sky, when the city light shouldn’t allow it, even through her mind cross the idea that maybe, the sky and the stars agree to make this final night magic, almost like if them were saying good bye with the best gift they could give.

“Let’s go inside, it’s getting cold” Jurina suggested once her chin began to shiver.

Rena stayed still for a minute staring at that painting of a night, she wanted to record it in her memory, as it was probably the last sky she would share with Jurina.

The rest of the young night both spend it in random talks, drinking hot chocolate lay on the coach, soft giggles filled the place from time to time, there were present too those moment in which comfortable silence ruled and caress and kisses were the only language both needed.

The anxiety and fear to the inevitable began to feel more real, when the clock hands indicated there were left only a couple of hours for the end of the day, each second and minute that passed by felt like a stab right in the heart, which made them thought about how much longer would they be able to remain sanity and serenity.

The first one on showing the first signals that she was getting to her limits, was surpassingly Rena, who despite she had Jurina lying just in front of her, she seemed to have her gaze glue to her wrist watch. Seeing this Jurina took Rena’s hand and took off her watch and throw it to some place in the bedroom.

“I’m still here”

Rena took a deep breath to calm down her emotions, she had hold on so much, but it was getting harder to breath with the heaviness in her chest.

“What are you going to do once you came back?” Even if both agree to not talk about it, for Rena it was already time to do it, there were some things they had to talk about “How are you going to explain your disappearance”

“I’ll say that I went by my own on your search, which in fact isn’t a lie”

“Even though Shinoda and the rest of them would know the truth” Added Rena

“Probably, and probably they’re going to bombard me with questions”

“Surely Yui would be the most curious”

“She won’t leave me alone until I describe her perfectly how the future is” Jurina added between giggles as she could already see the girl chasing her through the whole castle.

“Paruru would hate for taking Yui’s whole attention”

“Is funny when she get mad so I will be ok” For a minute only laughs filled the room, but unfortunately, these began to fade, given place to a kind of melancholy and nostalgia which invaded the air, at this point it was impossible to ignore the fact that when the suns goes up, they wouldn’t be under the same sky and that idea was terrifying, they got so used to each other’s company, that it was impossible to imagine a life without the other.

“Please be careful with Honoka and Ryuu, I think they are planning something”

“I will”

“Do not argue a lot with Yuki for nonsense things ok?”

“If you say so, I think I don’t have another option than follow your orders my princess” Jurina pulled Rena closer as she could already saw tears peeking in the corner of her eyes, but herself felt the worst of the pains on her chest.

“Don’t over work yourself too much, Aiko gets really worry for that”

“I won’t” Both seemed to be heading at the very edge when their bodies began to trembler and tears didn’t find any barer anymore.

“Please take care of yourself, you have to eat better Jurina” The younger couldn’t even answer, her voice seemed to drawn and couldn’t do more than nod “I – I won’t be there, so please just just” Finally both couldn’t handle it any more, the agony was overwhelming and it hurt, it hurts like the worst of the pains both could had ever imagined.

There was so much they wanted to do and say, a lot of caress, interminable hug and kisses were left, so much I love you to be say, Jurina always thought that not even the worst of the hurricanes could separate her from Rena, she was ready to go against the same gods for her, but she was a simply girl, Jurina never thought that her worst enemy would be the one she can’t see nor fight.

“Please don’t leave me Jurina, please” Rena was holding with all her might to Jurina’s shirt, leaving that those words see had been containing all this time get to her voice.

It was heartbreaking and beyond frustrating, every part of Jurina’s being was in pain, the perfection she had between her hands was about to disappear along with her whole life.

“Listen to me Rena” Jurina moved a little to take Rena’s face between her hands “It doesn’t matter how many years apart we are, I’ll always be with you and you’ll always be with me, it doesn’t matter how long I have to wait for you”

Both knew that day will come, they always did, but that didn’t made it any easier, both were just waiting for the last minute in which one will exist beside the other one, there was an only word that could gather everything they were, ever memory and even those which they couldn’t create, because at the same time it could gave the biggest happiness, both already understood it could gave the worst of the agonies.

Between the uncontrollably sobbing Rena could only managed to say one single thing, the one she was firmly sure she won’t be able to say ever again “I love you”

“I love you too, so don’t cry anymore, smile for me one last time my love” Between the most intense of the torments Jurina smiled, she wanted her last image of Rena was the most beautiful, because it would be the one will keep her alive and recalling her that true love and happiness does exist.

Rena closed the space between them, granting everything on a last kiss, one that would be burn in her soul the love she once had, the fact of love and be love, and everything she once was craving for; a kiss that confirms it doesn’t exist anyone else in this world who can make her feel alive again, a last dance between their passions, proving that words are not necessary to understand a million of feelings which were gathering in that instant.

None of them asked for more than be eternally at each other’s side, why if they love so much destiny insist on separate them. If only they had met on a different situation, if only she hadn’t be so ingenious, a bunch of “if just” cross Rena’s thoughts, the life she had picture beside the love of her life became a simple and vague wish.

Jurina would never be able to wake up with Rena’s breath over the skin of her nape when she cuddle under her arms, nor the way she light up her world each time she smiles but then make a mess of it again with a simple kiss.

Everything came down to that instant, because after their last I love you, one of them wasn’t any longer under the same sky.

When she opened her eyes, Rena found herself alone in her room, there was still the burning feeling in the tip of her lips and her heart was still racing, she was gone, Jurina wasn’t any longer by her side to comfort her, everything was over once the bells indicate the begin of a new day, at the same time of the end of the brief but intense love she had with Sakae’s prince.

The sorrow was beyond the tears which seemed unable to heal or at least ease the hell that her heart was going through. It hurts, all her being is in pain like if she was about to disappear. What can someone do with a broken heart that has no one to blame besides sinking on total melancholy.

Her mind went blank, Rena was on the state in which her emotions were on its limit, she had already cry all the agony a human can harbor, in so few time she could feel to raw flesh all the ups and down of a whole life. Her heart kept on beating, but it were just fulfilling its duty of pumping blood, her brain kept on working allowing her lungs to breath perfectly, but one thing is sure, there wasn’t left a single drop of life on her.

She heard her phone ringing along with the vibrating under the pillow, it was an alarm. Rena tried to ignore the irritating sound, she didn’t had the will to move a single finger. It ringed one, two and even a third time, what kind of alarm was that, she didn’t even remember had setting it. At the end of the third one, Rena thought it would stopped there and she could finally have some rest, she just wanted sleep so she could go to the place Jurina would always be by her side.

But after feeling again the vibration under the pillow Rena cursed technology. Rena took the cellphone with the intention to throw it as far as she could, but a voice coming from the device made her whole body paralyzed and her heart went crazy.

“You better take the cellphone and go to the videos” Ordered a short record of the voice which changed her whole life.

Her hands were shaking as she rummage between the applications on the cellphone until she found the gallery videos, in which was a single record, which had the date from yesterday, Rena quickly pressed the play button.


It was the third time she try it, she would have to hurry up because Rena will arrive soon, but it just didn’t feel normal talking to a camera when she was alone in the room. Jurina took a deep breath and looked at the camera in silence some seconds, she didn’t even knew from where start.

“I guess you will be seeing this once I’m gone. I’m sorry I can’t be there to wipe your tears and I can already picture you under your sheets, believe me when I tell you I won’t be different.

I get to know you so much that I even know you won’t have the wish to take the cellphone, I’ll have to think on something to make you do it. I know to you will not want to go out of your room and you probably won’t feed you well, and you can’t imagine how much I wish I could be there and make you sure everything will be ok, hold you close so you don’t have to suffer ever again”

Jurina had to stopped her speech as the not in her throat became unbearable, she ran her hands over her face and had to swallow the last drops of will she had left to continue with the video.

“When I think about it, I can’t help but feel a little bit ungrateful, I should be happy just by the miracle of meeting you, by your side I had everything, I couldn’t ask for more just that I had last forever.

The thing is, at this moment I probably am in the castle wondering how am I going to continue living without you, I just know I’ll be missing you for the rest of my life, I take you under my skin and I’ll remember you with every single beat… but I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life consume by the sorrow, and I know it won’t sound logic what I’m about to ask because I myself can’t even think about that possibility, but as long as it hurts to just think about it, Rena I want you to forget about me.

You deserve to be love with every fiber and every beating, I’m sure you’ll find someone who can gave you the future I couldn’t, someone who reminds you how perfect and beautiful you are every single day.

Although I can assure you I won’t be able to hold anyone else hand ever again, you took everything from me, and I don’t even have the wish to get it back, now that I once had your warm under my body I don’t want anyone else’s.

I will love you my whole life and even beyond, so please be happy Rena, but I wish that even if your heart forgets about me, at some place of your memories, you remember that once in a lifetime Matsui Jurina, Sakae’s prince loved you with everything of her weak being allowed her.

I love you Rena”


If at some point Rena though the pain would have a limit, it had just remind her how wrong she was. It was necessary just look at her face again to feel full of solitude once again, each word brake her soul, why does she always has to take the pain by her own, how can she even think I would be able to love some else, all her being was made a mess, Rena had so much emotions she couldn’t gather on words, but do in a single wish.

Rena wanted to be beside Jurina, she didn’t know how, but she would figure out a way to do it, it doesn’t matter what nor how long it takes, she would be beside Jurina once again even if it’s the last thing she does. Her mind began to work on all the possibilities, maybe find someone like Yui, but the chances to do it were negligible, and think about a time machine was not even a possibility. All the roads seemed impossible, until a small but obvious fact finally reached her mind.

Her birthday, everything started there, and Jurina too travel through time because a birthday wish, how didn’t she think about it before, Rena would just have to wait a year until her birthday and wish to go back with Jurina.

Things seemed to find light at the end of the tunnel, there were a minimum possibility to see Jurina again, but it doesn’t matter how small it is, Rena would hold on to it.

She kept on watching over and over again the small fragment on time that froze in a video, Jurina’s voice was everything she needed to gather the strength necessary to have hope, just a year… just one more year.

The video got interrupted for an incoming call which took Rena by surprise, but as she read the name it didn’t seemed strange the late call. Rena already could figure out why was she calling, but now it wasn’t necessary since she already knew what happened with Jurina the time she disappeared, even though and for courtesy, and having on mind how much she helped Rena, she took the call.

“Good night Fukushi-san” Said Rena

“Rena-san, I’m sorry to call this late but I just talked with the history teacher…” Rena thought the girl sound a little bit downcast compared to how she was when they talked, but Rena wasn’t so close to the girl so she just ignored it “… I already know what happened with Jurina-san once she appeared again” 

“And that is…” It sounds like a good idea to know with the situation she’ll find once she came back.

“….” At the other side of the line was only silence


“Sakae’s prince Matsui Jurina, was found dead at her office a week after she disappear, cause… someone poison the glass of wine she had beside her body, in conclusion, someone murder the prince”     


First of all, I’m sorry for the late update   :kneelbow: :kneelbow:  but I had some trouble to put on words what was on my mind and i wasnt satisfied with the result once I manage to do it :depressed:  :on cloudeye:. The other thing is, I thought it would be better to write what Jurina and Rena did on that week in a OS, since if I put it here it would not help to the develop of the main story, so let me know if you like the idea

And a last thing, is that I suggest to hear Daylight of  Maroon 5, I just think it really suits this chapter :on GJ: :on GJ: 

There is one last chapter for the end   :hee: :hee:

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That is horrible news.


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