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Author Topic: Love is Serious, When War is Involved | Ch.14 + Poster (12/3/17)  (Read 6629 times)

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Hello!  :kekeke:

This time Me (Tama), Michael (@MayukiIsLife) and Ruka (@Ruka Kikuchi) decided to collaborate.  :whistle: :whistle:
We are really excited with this theme, we hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we do  XD XD  :byebye: :byebye:

I'll use this first post as an index making it easier to locate the next update
Ps. Since now, I'm working on this fic alone.
Cause my friend get busy, and I'd love to finish what i've started.
I'll try my best to write and develop this story. :)

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Deep within our world, is a secret one, one filled with various supernatural creatures. However, when the rivalry between the werewolves and vampires gets out of hand, it’s the royal’s job to sort it right..?

Deep within werewolf territory, there were three boys. One of the was hidden in the background, whilst the other two were talking to each other.   

“Jurina, come on, be reasonable here,” one of the two boys said, “It’s vampire territory, if you get spotted, you’ll be killed for sure!”

“Meh, he’s been there many times,” the hidden boy said, “You know I can sense it… Sae.”

“Airin’s right,” the second boy, named Jurina, excitedly said, “I’m sure my cloaking ability will work!”

“But, Jurina, Airi…” the first boy, Sae said, timidly, “I-I’m just worried…”

“You know, Sae… I never really understood why people say I’m the competent leader…” Airi said, “But… Let Jurina be, he’s young, bold… he’s still in the common phases…. I’ll look after him for a little while.”


Airi was the first to sense something strange.


“What is it?”

“There’s a happy atmosphere over there, for some odd reason…”  Airi said as he was pointing at a particular direction

Jurina didn’t hear his brothers talking and continued forward.

“I guess, we have to gatecrash this little fiasco, huh, Airin…?” Sae asked.


Deep inside vampire territory, there was a girl in the orchard. She was looking not at the flowers and the greenery but at the birds that were perched on the flowers.

“Why… Why are my sisters not looking at the bigger picture…?”

“Chu-chan~” A gentle voice chimed in.


The girl looked at the source of voice and found a familiar face smiling at her.

It was one of her older sisters. She has two older sisters, they are twins. They kinda have same vibe, cliche type of princesses in fairy tale. The three of them is the princesses from Kashiwagi clan, one of the high-class vampires clan. The shorter girl was the youngest one, her name is Kashiwagi Akane. But both of her sisters call her Churi/Chu-chan. The one who stood behind her is the one of the older ones, Kashiwagi Rena.


“What are you doing? You had that distant look like something’s on your mind,” Rena said as she walked over to her dear sister.

“N-Nothing, I’m fine…”

“It’s not another one of your phases, is it? Have you been taking the medicine?”

“I have, Rena-nee” She stopped for a while, trying to pick the right word before continuing, “and you know what,  it’s not a phase.”

“Then, what is it?”

Churi forgot Rena is the type who can see through her lies. She could lie to the others, but not with Rena.

“It’s really nothing… I was just overthinking...” As her eyes were roaming all over the place but Rena

“Oh… Are you sure…?”

Here it goes, Rena’s smirk. Churi need to think fast, how to escape from this topic

“Yeah. Don’t worry, though,” she said with convince-able tone as possible, reassuring the latter.

Rena was still worried for the younger sister, however, as she saw worry still clouding her eyes.

“Ah, I know,” Rena then smiled when an idea crossed her mind. “Me and Yuki-chan are going out for a special banquet tonight.”

Akane’s eyes widened a bit. “..Banquet, as in..?” Akane emphasized the last part, as if indicating something

“Would you like to come with us? Leaving the mansion may clear your head. Besides, you’ve never been to one, right? A real banquet.”

Rena eyes beamed in excitement, imagine how fun the banquet will. The banquet was referring to a private party for high-class vampire clans. Tonight the host of banquet will be the Kashiwagis. There will be feast, sometimes vampires use this chance to get to know other family. Choosing your future partner, it will determine how strong and wealthy your family is. Akane is the only one who haven’t join the banquet yet, because she just turned 18 last week. While her twins sisters already had their first last year.


“Then join us..! You might be able to find a mate, too.”

Akane felt her heart skip a beat at the word “mate”. Being the youngest, she had yet to experience such events. Thoughts of actually doing such things made her all nervous and fidgety.

“Have you met one, Rena-nee?”

“Hmm… No one catch my eyes” She shook her head in disagree.

Akane haven’t thinking about find a mate, yet. However, Akane did agree on the notion that getting out may clear her mind. She took in a deep breath and sighed.

“S-Sign me up.”

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Oh! Werewolf and vampire?! :ding:
Looking forward for the next chapter! :byebye:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Imma all in tho it kinda sad cause i
smell my brother pairing..=='
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

            (っ´▽`)っWmatsui~Mayuki ♡ (。’∀’。)

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Oh! Werewolf and vampire?! :ding:
Looking forward for the next chapter! :byebye:
Yap, this time i take this as a challenge for me to write Dark theme  :kekeke: :kekeke:
and michael suggest to do Vampires and Werewolves one!  :onionwhip: :onionwhip:

You dont have to wait that long! The chapter 1 is here  :on gay: :on gay:

Imma all in tho it kinda sad cause i
smell my brother pairing..=='

Lol :3

You know me so well sis~  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
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Chapter 1

“You know what to do, right, Chu-chan?”

There were two girls talked while facing the big mirror. The taller one is standing up, while other was sat on a stools. There were plenty of make-up kits on the dresser, such as make-up powder, blush on, lipstick, keep in mind though I mentioned it as types. There were at least 20 colors of lipstick, 30 blush ones and many more.They were getting ready for the banquet.

“I think so…” Akane thought about it as Rena brushed out her hair. “First.. I’ve got to act courteous and polite towards the guests.”

“Right.”  She nodded in agreeing

“Second of all, I have to talk with my suitors… Third, I.. erm….” She tried to remember, but she couldn’t

“You must make sure you have your corners checked.” Rena finally help her sister completing the sentence for her.

“H-Huh…?” Akane tilted her, bit lost about the things Rena just said

“We’ve had instances where werewolves have attacked us in past banquets. You must always be very cautious of your surroundings, got it?” She held Akane’s shoulder from behind, she trying to express her seriousness, especially this particular topic..

“Okay.” Akane understood, and put one of her hand over Rena’s. Stroke it a bit, trying to ease her older sister.


“Next.. I do not partake in food until given permission.”

Rena smiling in satisfaction, because of she’s happy with Akane’s answer and seeing her work on Akane’s hair, it looks good.

“Right, now go put your dress on.” Rena handed her younger sister the folded dress. “You’ll look absolutely gorgeous.”

“Thank you…” Akane took the dress handed to her.   

She headed into the other room to change. While Rena waited outside, a knock was heard at the door.

“Come in.”

“Ah, Rena,” another girl walked in, “Has Akane gotten ready yet?”

Yap, finally. She is Yuki, the eldest of the three princesses. The next heir in vampire clan. She just showing up now, because she was busy doing protocol for banquets, trying to help the servants, reminding them of what they have to do.

As the heir, her job was tough. She didn’t have time to play when she was younger, because when her sister busy playing, she was taught by their father, how to become a great leader for their clan.

“Almost. She’s changing now.” Rena said, “Also, Yuki-chan, you look beautiful.”

“Why thank you, Rena-chan,” Yuki smiled at her sister. She looked at her reflection in Rena’s mirror. “Black has always been my color, don’t you think?” She did a turn, want to look a whole angle her dress.

“That’s always been true, my dearest sister.”

“On other hand, red really suits you, as well, Rena-chan,” Yuki said as she turned to admire her little sister. “You look like a living doll.”

“Well,” Rena started blushing, “If you say so, Yuki-chan…”

They started let out a giggled together, they had always love playing in role, and when Yuki did that, Rena always played along with Yuki as she knew what is on Yuki’s mind. Afterall, they are twins for a reason. Before their laugh become louder, just then, the door opened and Akane stepped out in the purple dress Rena had given her.


The youngest look happy meet Yuki. she ran into Yuki’s side, gave her a warm hug. Yuki didn’t utter a single word, she just patted Akane’s back in soothing. She always love spoiling her youngest sister, it also gave her happiness, how to feel like home. Akane always succeed in making her remember, how it was like to be just Yuki as older sister not Yuki as the heiress. As they thought enough, Akane was the first one broke the hug.

“H-How do I look?” Akane asked spinning her body,

“Hmm… you look……” Yuki furrowed her eyebrows, looking somewhat dissatisfied, when Akane looked down, then Yuki continued “..Lovely!!” As Yuki once again pulled her into hug. For a second Akane really thought that her dress look awful, she did have doubt actually, not forget her sister’s reaction was so REAL.

“Absolutely gorgeous.”  Rena added the compliment

“Do you think.. they’ll like it? I mean.. They’re some of the most highest ranking vampires.”

“Yuki-sama, Rena-sama, Akane-sama” A voice called out from outside.

“Come in, Rion.” The middle child answered

The door opened and a young girl with short black hair stepped in. Her eyes widened when she saw how elegantly dressed they were.

“Oh, my.. How beautiful. I forgot, there was a banquet tonight, correct? Forgive me for intruding.” Rion’s jaw dropped, looking the three princess look fabulous. But soon turned into deep bowed for her intrusion

“It’s okay, Rion-chan,” Rena said. “Is something the matter?”

“I was given word that guests were starting to come, if you are all ready.”

“Right,” Yuki said. “Let’s go then.”

Meanwhile, Jurina was trekking whilst Sae and Airi were following behind him.. Jurina’s stomach was growling and Airi rolled his eyes as he took out his backpack to see if he had anything for him.

“Mou, Jurina, you have to be more prepared,” Sae complained.

“Luckily I’ve got some spare bread in my backpack,” Airi said, whilst giving some of his bread to Jurina.

“I don’t need that,” Jurina said. “I’ll have plenty to eat soon.”

The boy sniffed the air and caught a whiff of something delicious. The smell of meat, fresh in the air.

“There’s a feast tonight. Oh, how I’d love to partake.”

“Jurina, you know that if someone else is having a feast, we can’t interfere with their meal,” Sae informed.


“I’m going to have to agree with Jurina on this one,” Airi then spoke, “Let’s be honest, they’re most likely going to vampires and we all hate vampires… So come on, it seems like it’s worth it.”

“The fact that they are vampires is what makes it dangerous,” Sae retorted.

“So…? It’s our chance to get revenge!” Airi exclaimed.

Sae became startled, as Airi wasn’t normally like this, but he just shrugged it off.

“Jurina, keep sniffing out for the location,” Airi ordered, giving a stern look on his face, “I want some bloodshed tonight.”

“But, be reasonable, Airi…!” Sae tried to counteract Airi’s reasoning, “You could die, for crying out loud!”

“I don’t care...”

Airi kept walking with Jurina whilst Sae just stood there.

“I think I see it,” Jurina said. “Up ahead.”

In the distance, the boys could see some lights coming from a huge mansion. Jurina licked his lips in anticipation.

“Time to have my feast…” Jurina said before running and turning into a wolf.

“Might as well follow him,” Airi said, following Jurina’s lead.

Sae sighed. “You know what, I’m staying here.”

“Tsk.. Chicken.” Jurina stick out his tongue out, mocking the middle one.

“I’m NOT. I just don’t want get into trouble. Father will get mad for sure.” As he said this, Sae tried to convince his brothers.

Sae look at Jurina who didn’t move, then he move his eyes to Airi’s, his last chance to prevent this prank that went too far.

“Let’s go Jurina..”

Sae knew he failed, there was no point to argue with those two. He just keep his fingers cross, that his brother won’t do something bad.

To Be Continue
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Ohhoo! Vampire and werewolf always hate each other
I wonder what will happen in next chapter..
Thanks for updating!!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Ohhoo! Vampire and werewolf always hate each other
I wonder what will happen in next chapter..
Thanks for updating!!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

Yap like in every vampire stories there will always werewolves  :kekeke:
Soon you'll find out

Thank you for kind enough to left comment, I noticed that you read most of my fic :3
Mybe its not the right place to say this, I'll write brave enough after this  :whistle: :whistle:

Thank you for silentreader, yap this is the next chapter, enjoy~  :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip:
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Chapter 2

Back at the vampire’s mansion, the party was just starting. Akane looked around her and there was so many people. A lot of them belonged to the most prestigious vampire clans. She was alone at the corner, she didn’t know any of them.

She wanted to be her sisters, but she couldn’t. As Yuki was busy talking with each leader of other clan, while Rena trying to be nice to the younger one. Now she cursed herself for agreeing to join them in the banquet.

Just then, the doors opened and two young men she had never seen before walked into the mansion. The guests were staring at them as they walked around like they were the main event, eyeing some of the guests.

“My, my, this is quite the get together,” Jurina smirked. Then he saw the food, being lined row by row, and his stomach started growling more. Drool started forming in his mouth as he licked his lips. “What a spread…”

“Go indulge yourself, little brother,” Airi said, “I’m going to scour around.”

“Right,” Jurina said, whilst still glancing at the food, “Be safe out there.”

He quickly went over and started eyeing every treat that was set out. He found rows of meat, and all sorts of other food. He hovered over the meat and when no one was looking, started munching on all of it. It was so delicious in his mouth, he never tasted such high quality, tender meat.

“Hey, what are you doing?” A voice rose as he saw a young woman in a red dress walking towards him. This, of course, was Rena. “Why are you eating all the meat?”

Jurina didn’t answer as he found himself entranced by the girl in front of him.

“Answer me,” Rena said.

Jurina gulped down all the meat and kept staring. “My… you’re one foxy lady.”

Rena felt her cheeks blush a bit. “E-excuse me?!”

“Of course, someone who is as beautiful as you, has such a personality~”

Jurina walked closer towards the girl, causing Rena to step back. But he kept pressing forward, smirking whilst eyeing her body once more.

“You look so lovely in that dress… but I’d bet you’d look better out of it,” Jurina grinned.

“H-how vulgar!” Rena said, covering her chest as the boy was staring.

“Do you have sisters,” Jurina winked at her, whilst asking, “I have brothers. I bet if you had sisters, they’d love to hook up.”

“N-No…! I’m not letting you t-touch them…!”

“Then, does that mean~...” Rena was pushed against a wall and Jurina’s hands started to roam the girl’s body, “I can have you all to myself?”

“N-no.. please…”

“I’m gonna have so much fun with you tonight, princess,” Jurina leaned in closer, about to kiss the vampire girl.

Rena gathered up her courage, raising her hand slapped the rude werewolf “Stay a-away…!”

“My, my, I like you even more~” Jurina said before making a bold move and swiftly stealing a kiss from Rena’s cheek.

Rena blushed a bright red. That was her first, she always been taught that girls shouldn’t be careless, which she was. Jurina gave her one more wink before walking away.

“Akane… I hope you’re okay…” Rena thought.

Meanwhile, Akane was confused on what was happening. She thought that this is what Rena meant by ‘checking her corners’.

“Tsk, you seem cute. But too bad you’re a vampire,” a young boy said, as he looked towards her.

“W-what do you want?”

She looked him in the eyes, very suspiciously, before widening them in pain.

“N-Not n-now…!” She thought.

Soon her surrounding became blurry and she started seeing things she might’ve not have in reality. Finally losing her consciousness, her body started falling forward, but not completely, if it wasn’t for Airi being there.

“Oy- wake up!” Airi tried to wake her up by shaking her shoulder before analysing the situation, “This vampire must be like Jurina… Still in her adolescence.”

“Now what am I going to do with her..”

Outside Kashiwagi’s mansion

“Where are they?”

Sae walked back and forth, while waiting his brothers, now he regretted his decision not going. He knew that something happened, but not sure what was it. He really was torn in whether he should come to them, or wait a little while longer. Then he sensed someone’s coming, strange. It was not the sound of two people, just one.


He saw a girl with black dress, her fair skin and the color black really suit each other. Then he began to see her, moving her neck in right and left, or stretching other part of her body.

“How cute.” Sae thought

The girl stared up at the moon and wondered about something.

“What is in her head? She look so sad”

She gave out a soft sigh and finally speak out her mind
“I wonder, what really is the meaning behind this rivalry…? Why can’t we live without fighting with werewolves..?” She stopped for a while.

“I WANT TO BE A NORMAL VAMPIRE” She screamed out of  her lungs.

No one knew, but Yuki longed for a normal life. Like ever since she could remember, she was always studying about her heritage, history, how to be a great heir someday, just because she is the eldest daughter. When she was younger, she used to envy how her sisters could play in backyard while she had to read a dozen books. It was easier for Rena instead, her twin sister is somewhat suited to be the heiress instead of her. Rena has always loved learning, great at everything, and many more. Sometime she wished that Rena was the first daughter.

“Like it would be happen, Yuki,” she talk to herself.

“Of course you can,” Someone’s voice echoed from the dark.

“W-Who is that?” She trying to accumulate her power, just in case that something bad will happen.

“Wow wow, I mean no harm, see,”  as someone finally came out behind the tree, while raising his hands in the air.

“Now speak! Who are you?” Yuki was not planning to drop her guard.

“T-The name’s Sae…! I was just here… I mean no harm!”

“Sae, come out into the light so I may see you.”

Sae came out from hiding, until the moonlight illuminate clearly the young werewolve. He is the tallest among his brothers, his tanned skin come from his mother, while Airin and Jurina is more white. The first thing Yuki do is smell the fragrance, she could tell if the boy is from werewolves, the nemesis of her family. Thanks to Sae ability, he could easily disguise his smell to Human one.

“So, what are you doing here?” The heiress started to interrogate the latter

“I would like to ask the same then.”

“Do you realized that you are in vampire territory now?”

“Y-yeah.. Kinda..”

“Do you know who I am?”

“If I’m not mishearing anything, you are a vampire”

Little did they knew, Sae didn’t know about real identity of Yuki, vice versa. Sae knew if vampire throw a banquet there will be vampire family gathered, but he didn’t know that he is talking to the heiress of the Kashiwagi family. Whilst Yuki thought Sae was merely human, so she just amazed how humans could trespass in her territory.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Are you gonna bite me?”

Yuki finally let her guard down, by letting out soft giggles. Of course vampire drink human blood, but not anymore. The Kashiwagi relieve their thirst by drinking animal’s blood. Of course they are different like human, so does the effect. When you drink human blood, your power is tripled. But still as the royals from Kashiwagi family, she had enough power to destroy a whole village with just one hand.

“You’re cute,” Sae said, smirking.

“If you think that flattery will get you out of this, you’re wrong.”

“No, I’m not. You are cute, period.” Sae still smiling

Yuki didn’t expect his answer, Sae saw a shade of crimson gradually appeared in the vampire girl’s cheeks

“See, how could you think, you’re not cute?”

Sae isn’t the type who lies, he was just honest, sometimes too much. The heiress’s face couldn’t be more redder anymore, since she could sense from Sae’s heartbeat, she knew the boy isn’t lying. That’s what made her, blush even more.

“S-Stop it. Y-You should see my sisters….”

“Your sisters?” Sae tilted his head, didn’t understand

“Y-Yeah, you might change your mind if you see them….”

“Do you wish for me to change my mind?”

“NO!, Ah I mean I don’t know. Aaah what am I saying…?” She covered her face with her hands, she didn’t want to see the boy’s face

“He must be laughing at me.”

Then nothing came from his mouth. So slowly she removed her hands, just want to see the boy face, yes he still smiling, like a fool.

“Hey, you said you have sisters, right?”

Yuki nodded, “But what does it have to do with anything?”

Sae smiled, looking Yuki in the eyes, “I have two brothers, who they could get along with.”

“I’m bit lost here..”

“My point is….” As Sae closing their gap, by walking step by step towards the heiress. When their face just by inches “While my brothers get along with your sisters…”

“A-and?” Realizing their face are so close, her body began to fidget uncomfortably with the distance

“You and I…”


Sae didn’t continue, but leaning forward to her pink flesh. Yuki panic, as she shut her eyes immediately.

Sae had no intention to kiss her, but he felt that this was the key moment. When he was about to pressed his lips against hers, Then the sound of broken glass came from the mansion behind them, there were two figures that came out. Yuki’s eyes widened, still figuring what’s going on inside mansion

“SAE! Let’s go!” As Sae looked behind him one of them yelled, it was Jurina..

“Come on, Sae!” Airi said, panicking.

“I guess I have to go now,” Sae said, “But, tell me what is your name?”


“Yuki... What a beautiful name, it means snow… Am I correct?”

“Yes, Yuki as in snow.”

“Sae! Hurry up!” The youngest wolf shouted, searching for his brother.

Sae took Yuki’s hand, his eyes were fixed on hers; planted a kiss on it.

“I guess this is farewell, for now,” Sae said, as he started standing up and running to his brothers.

She looked at Sae’s back until he disappeared in the woods. The back of her hand was still warm, the feeling of his lips was still there.

“Be safe out there… Sae…”

To Be Continue
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Awwwwww, that so cute *doki2* update soon chick  :bow:

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  • i'm just a trash !
Aw.. Wmatsui's so cute ~

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Awwwwww, that so cute *doki2* update soon chick  :bow:
un, we made this also doki doki suru yo :3

Aw.. Wmatsui's so cute ~
Wmatsui part actually will getting better :3

Thank you for kind enough to leave comment here ,  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
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Chapter 3

As he caught up to his brothers, Sae noticed that there was a concerned look on Airi’s face. Not only that, but Jurina also had a very pleased look and a wide grin on his face.

“What happened with you two?” He asked.

“N-Nothing…” Airi responded, “Besides… I wanna know what happened with you…”


“Yeah. Did you meet a girl, nii-san~?” Jurina asked while still smiling like an idiot.

“I can ask the same for you, Jurina,” Sae pointed out, “You look like a total idiot.”

Since earlier a smile was plastered onto Jurina’s face, like Sae said he look like an idiot


“So? What happened while we were inside?” Airi said in a curious tone.

“Well… There was a girl…”

“I knew it!” Jurina got excited. “Tell me everything about her!”

“H-her name is Yuki, like snow.. She’s very beautiful… But...”


“She is a vampire.. And she thinks I’m human…”

“Ah~ star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet, huh?” Airi shrugged his shoulder, a bit teasing his brother

“Well, that may as well be the case for me, too~” Jurina said before chuckling. “I also met a pretty vampire. And she was one feisty lady.”

Sae then glared. “Jurina, what did you do?”

“Nothing… much...” Jurina threw his eyes on something else, afraid of Sae’s menacing glare.

“Am I the only one who did not partake in such… Interactive activities?” Airi asked.

“You too met a girl, Airi! Don’t lie to me!” The youngest of three retorted on his brother’s line.

“I didn’t do anything to her, you idiot!”

“But I saw you touching her..!”

“She passed out, dammit!”

“Hah? What did you do to her, Airi?” Finally the taller one butted in to the topic.

“I just looked her in the eyes and she collapsed…! I didn’t do anything else but to try and wake her up!” Airi desperately told the story to his brothers, in the shortest way he could.

“You’re lucky, Airi, I seem to trust you slightly more than I do with Jurina,” Sae pointed out.

“I saw you kissing that vampire, Jurina. For God’s sake, I thought we were just having a feast not getting into mating season.” Airi pointed out, rolling his eyes.

This time Jurina was offended, “H-Hey…! I did eat the food there… She was also standing there… I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

“Opportunity for what? Mating?” Airi kept pushing Jurina.

“Y-You..!” Jurina raised his hand, wanting to punch Airi in the face.

“O-Oi! You two! Stop!” Sae swiftly move in between those two “”We better go home now, I’m afraid, father already knew about what you two did.”


Once they arrived home, a figure stood in front of them. They panted as they looked up, to see their father.

“Sae, leave. Jurina, Airi, come with me,” he said.

“Y-Yes, father,” the three of them said, with Sae walking away from the other two.

Once Sae seemed like he was out of earshot, he ran to the office where he saw the door closed.


“You two should know what to do and what not to do..! Especially you, Airi…! You’re the one who’s going to lead, when I’m no longer here, yet you.....!”

Their father massage his temple, he just can’t believe it. Out of all of his sons, Airi, his eldest son, would do something reckless like that.

“And you Jurina! How many times do I have to remind you, stop act like a barbarian..?!”


Sae understood what his father was telling them. Since Airi was the oldest, he was the heir to the kingdom when their father died; Jurina was always reckless and careless.

Since their mother already passed away when Jurina was little, so Airi and Sae just let him do whatever he wanted. Maybe Sae now knew that Jurina was a bit out of control, he was always causing trouble and their father is began losing his patience.

“That is why people always look down on us werewolves, because of what you two do…! Do you know what your reckless actions could cost us?!”


“Answer me!”

“T-There w-will be war between the clans...”
The eldest one spoke, stuttering.

That was what Sae, and his father, were afraid of. War was inevitable, but, the werewolves were being cautious about the true power of the vampires. The ancestors from both the werewolves and vampires did make a pact. They aren’t allowed to cross the borders to each other’s kingdoms, if not… bad consequences will occur. If those things happen, there will be so much bloodshed either from both sides.

“I’m afraid, I have to punish you two.”

“I’ll take full responsibility, father.”
Airi said as took one step ahead, kneeling in front of their father.

“No! Punish me father, it was me the one who had the idea…!” Jurina abruptly knelt down, lowering his head as low as he could.

Sae, who was listening into the conversation, was confused. It was the first time, he heard his father yelling in a cold-hearted tone. Perhaps his brothers were going too far this time.

“Good Airi, that is how you should behave.. When your people are making mistakes, you will take the blame as well.”

“Right… I’ll take any punishment, Father..”

Jurina knew their father isn’t changing his mind after making his decision. He’s somewhat feeling so guilty, he’s refrained himself from talking. Because the more he talks back at his father, the heavier punishment Airi will take. He clenched his fist, just looking down.

“Now, Airi. As you’re the eldest and the next in line for the throne, your punishment is to, go back to the vampire kingdom and apologise.”


Both of them immediately turned their eyes to their father’s. There is no way Airi could go alone to the vampire’s territory, not after what they did. Airi knew as well about that, but if he refused this punishment,  the werewolves clan were in danger… a lot of danger…

“Right… I’ll be off, father.”

“You two are dismissed.”

Sae heard everything, just waiting in front of the door. He had an idea to persuade his father, but threw it away because he knew his father was right. The sound of the door opening from the office, brought him back from deep thought. He rushed to his brothers side, wondering what would Airi do next.

“What are you gonna do, Airi?”

“The best thing I could do is to obey father.”

Airi started to walked away, but a tugging from his shirt stopped him. The youngest clenched the tip of Airi’s shirt, looking down, his face was covered with the shoulder-length hair of his.

“I-I’m s-sorry, nii-chan...”


“I-It was… my fault….” He burst into tears, started sobbing, his shoulders began move up and down.

Airi should have known that, the youngest is still a child on the inside. He forgot the time when Jurina start to call him “nii-chan” was when Jurina always in trouble. Although Sae never call him “nii-chan” because they were only a year apart, but Sae always showed how much he respects him as an elder.

“Awww Jurina…” Airi start to pat the youngest’s head, trying to calm him down “You know that, I’m never going to get mad at you, no matter what.”


“Now, I better go, you two take care while I go.”

When Jurina wanted talk even more, there is someone coming from hallway.

“Nao!!  Right here!!”

Sae began waving his hands furiously to the person named Nao. He is Furuhata Nao, one of hybrids within the two kingdoms, but he’s one of the ones who have taken sides. He looks much younger on the outside, but his real age was unknown even to the three princes.

“Don’t tell me you got into trouble again??” As Nao said this, he pointed out to Sae.

“Not me, but the other two...yeah… It’s complicated but not complicated at the same time…”

“Not with complex words please,” Nao said, standing beside Sae.

“Basically, it’s a long story but not a long story at the same time.”

“What’s the story then?” Nao crossed his arms, waiting for the answer.

“We basically bombarded a vampire banquet and then yeah… We kinda met three girls too…” Jurina said.

“Just two!! I met the other outside banquet..” Sae retorted at youngest’s line.

“I have nothing to do with that girl, I just help her” This time the eldest spoke up

Nao shook his head in disbelieve, “So basically, you and Jurina hooked up with two girls whilst Airi helped a girl?”

“N-No..! I’m didn’t join them  with barging into the banquet. I stayed outside, then some girl named Yuki was screaming about her life…!” Sae tried to convince the hybrid.

“Yuki..? As in…?” Nao tried to see if he knew anyone named Yuki, until, “Wait… Did you know which family she is?”

“I dunno, but I think she must be from a high-class clan of vampires, since as we know only prestigious families who go to banquets are invited to them...”

“The only clan I know with a member named Yuki are the Kashiwagi family…”

“So, what’s the fuss about that?” Sae shrugged his shoulders.

“The Kashiwagi family are the highest ranking vampire clan. They have three daughters…! You do realise, you could get killed if you ever trespass their territory, or, if you ever get them angry!”

Now the princes’ gasped how bad the situation is, Nao will never get angry no matter what the situation was. Seeing him become so mad, no wonder their father was that mad about it.

“Three daughters… C-Crap…!”

“What is it, Sae?”

“Yuki said she has sisters… Now I know… it’s the Kashiwagi Family we’re talking about…”

“W-What if…” Jurina was stunned, “W-When, Airi-nii goes there…”

“He’ll be hung for sure!”

“No, he might not be,” Nao said, “One of them is known to be against the rivalry.”

“Do you know the other two’s names, Nao?”

“If I’m not mistaken, the eldest is Yuki, her twin and the middle daughter’s name is Rena… and the youngest daughter’s name is Akane… Her birthday was not that long ago.. So...”


“She’s still like Jurina… She’s still in the phases… but… her emotional instability is quite high…”

“So.. the one I helped was the youngest..”

“That means…..” As three of them turned their eyes to Jurina.

“I’m SO dead….” Jurina dropped, his body turned into jelly.

“Oh, my God… Jurina…” Nao’s face turned pale “Don’t tell me….”

“I-I stole the middle d-daughter’s… first kiss… I think…”

“Jesus Christ!!!” Sae facepalmed.

“You what??” Now Airi knew, he had to go quick, “You ****ed up big time, Jurina! I-I’m gonna go before anything escalates…!”

Airi walked away, before he could hear anything else.

“Nao, go out into the town, see if you can scout out anyone suspicious.”

“Roger that, Sae.”

To Be Continue
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OMG ! that drama and their father.........  :cry:

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And the werewolf always fall for vampire :on cigar:
:hiakhiakhiak: That's what you get for stealing rena's first kiss :on lol:
They're in a big trouble, really BIG trouble
Oh.. Yuki already like sae, love at the first sight do exist huh?
Can i have an update for brave enough? :hee:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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OMG ! that drama and their father.........  :cry:
drama has not begin yet   :kekeke:
And the werewolf always fall for vampire :on cigar:
:hiakhiakhiak: That's what you get for stealing rena's first kiss :on lol:
They're in a big trouble, really BIG trouble
Oh.. Yuki already like sae, love at the first sight do exist huh?
Can i have an update for brave enough? :hee:
Yap, Jurina will find out later about Rena~ :3
Maybe its not love yet, but attraction maybe the right word to describe SaeYuki :3 who's not gonna fall with our ikemen  :shifty:

Yap! I did update brave enough, have you check it out?
maybe i'll update in the next day~ thank you for reminding me as you're waiting for that  :hee:
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Chapter 4

“God… God… What’s going on…” Rena was walking back and forth, panicking.

Yuki and Akane were no-where in sight. She was confused and really raging on the inside.


Yuki finally showed up, running towards her twin.

“Yuki-chan! Where have you been?!”

“I was just outside. Then I heard, glass breaking and some intruders came out from our mansion...Where’s Churi?”

“... help…! I-It… hurts…”

Yuki and Rena heard someone from the corner of the main room. They looked behind them, and saw Akane laying on the ground in pain.

“Churi!!!” The twins rushed over.



Akane writhed in pain, she had constant visions, but nothing this bad.

Strange, when the moment she locked her eyes with that werewolf’s, she had this unknown feeling, and then straight up pain kicked up from her head. That’s why she passed out. But after waking up, she still felt the pain but not that much.

Although she always had her medicine when she was meant to, it seemed that her ‘phases’ had gotten worse.

“Churi, are you okay?” The young heiress began to ask her youngest sister questions.

“Y-Yeah...but still dizzy..”

“What did they do to you, Chu-chan?” Concern was all written on Rena’s face

“I don’t know..Rena-nee, but I think he wasn’t doing anything…”

“What about you Rena-chan? Are you hurt anywhere?” Yuki forgot that Rena is one of the
ones in there at the time.

“Y-Yeah.. What about yourself, Rena-nee? I kinda remember that you were being held by the other one.”

This conversation made her remember again.. About the rude and barbaric werewolf..Then the kiss came into her mind, she remember clearly about how the kiss made her feel weird on the inside.

“Rena-chan? Are you okay? You look red?”

“I-I’m f-fine, Yuki-chan… seriously.”

Yuki knew there is something, they aren’t twins for no reason. But the main priority is her youngest one. Yuki always had a soft spot for the youngest, because her body is kinda weak from their childhood. When she was tired with learning all of her duties, Churi was the one who would cheer her up. Yuki loved her smile, her bright personality, just everything about Akane made Yuki love her dearly.

“If you say so, let’s bring Churi back to her room.”

Yuki and Rena tried to support Akane as the three of them made their way to her room. Akane lied on her bed, while the other two stay on the side of the bed.

“Try to sleep, Churi...You need it..”

“No…” Akane said, shaking her head, “I need to figure something out…”

“Yuki-chan is right, Chu-chan, especially after that episode.”

Akane knew that she’ll never find out with her older sisters watching her. So she had to come up with something. Then their moment interrupted by the sound of a knock on the door

“Forgive my rudeness, Yuki-sama, Rena-sama, Akane-sama…” Rion said, peeking through the door.

“It’s okay, Rion, what’s the matter?” Yuki motion her to come closer

“Oh my! What happened to you, Akane-sama?” Rion realized that the youngest looked weak.

“I’m fine.. Rion..” Akane tried to talk.

“She just tired, Rion. What brought you here?” The middle daughter said

“Ah! Kashiwagi-sama asked me to summon you to the royal chamber.”

“Tell him Akane can’t make it, me and Rena will be there.”

“We are going to meet father, you better rest Churi,” Yuki said, as she emitted black Aura.

“Yes, Yuki-chan is right. Just call Rion if you need help, Chu-chan.”


Akane’s prayers have been answered, as she saw them leave. She got up trying to sit comfortably, Rion hurried towards her.

“W-What are you doing, Akane-sama?”

“I’m trying to.. Get some answers…”

“What answer?” Rion was now sitting at the end of the bed.

“I-I don’t know yet, but I’m sure I’m gonna find it.”

“I hope you’ll find it.” As Rion smiled, she leaving the youngest princess behind.

“We are here, Father…” They bowed towards the man, who looked in the distance.

“My daughters.. Wait, where is your little sister?”

“Akane is resting in her chamber..” Yuki said in a weak tone

“Is she sick?” Their father look concerned about the youngest.

“No, Father. She just needs sleep..” Rena tried to assure their father.

“Rion said that you need to see us, is there any problem, Father?”

Yuki trying to change topic, because if they keep the conversation about Akane, their father will make a fuss over it, Yuki believes that it will make Akane’s condition become worse and worse.

“Yes, I forgot about that. As you may have realised, the werewolves have rampaged our banquet…”

“How dare they trespass our land, Father?” Rena said in dissatisfaction intonation

“.....That’s why…”

“It means WAR toward us, especially the Kashiwagi’s. It was an embarrassment for us, moreover we were the hosts!!.” Rena clenched her teeth

Rena wanted to say more, but a pinch from Yuki made her aware about her rude behavior toward their father.

“I-I’m sorry...Father...I-I just…”

“Please forgive Rena, Father. She just shocked after what happened, she is one of the witnesses.”

“It’s alright Rena, Yuki,” a warm smile drew on his face, then continued, “As I was saying, I was sent a message by the leader of the Furukawa family that he has sent his eldest son to give a formal apology.”


“W-What does that have to w-with us…?”

“Well… This is why I was expecting Akane to be with you two.”

“Akane?” Yuki furrowed her eyebrows

“Yes. You two know how I wanted her to become a messenger.”

“B-But… What does that have to do…?” Rena refrained herself from talking more.

“It’s just to see how she copes with other people.”

Now Yuki got what their father meant. Akane isn’t a sociable person, not because of arrogance. But over-shyness toward the new person, while Rena is outspoken person, who is too friendly with other people. Not forget to mention about what she did to their father, bluntly or angrily.

“Shall I tell her of what you want to do, father?”

“It’s alright Yuki. Let her rest for now..”


“About Furukawa’s son... What are we going to do with him…? I mean… I have a faint feeling he was involved somehow…”

“I know.. But we have to stay least for now..”

“Father is right, Rena. If we do something impulsive, it could start a war.”

Hearing about the word war, brings chill down her spine. Rena knew a bit about the last war between the werewolves and vampires, it was such tragedy. There was no winner, not after a lot of bloodshed, so many lost their family, many children lost parents, wives lost their husbands, etc. If the Kashiwagi family had rejected the Furukawa family’s apology, then there would be controversy behind the reason.

“So, what is our plan?”

“I think it best for us to accept his visit, then we could learn about his motives..”

“As expected the heiress of the Kashiwagi family, I know that I could count on you, Yuki..” he said, smiling at his daugher intelligence.

Again their moment was interrupted by Rion.

“Forgive me, Master. The Furukawa’s son has arrived. He requests to see Akane-sama.”


“Where is he? Let me meet him,” as Rena said this, she walked out of the room and dragged Rion along with her.

“R-Rena! Wait! Geez. that girl..” Yuki sighed as she followed, “Please excuse me, Father.”

“R-Rena-chan! Wait for me!”

“Yuki-chan? You should stay with father.”

“No, I’m staying with you. I don’t want you to add this problem.”

“Mou, I won’t!” Rena crossed her arms, puffing her cheeks “Say, Rion. I need you do something for me..”

“What is it, Rena-sama?”   

“I need you to go disguise and go to the Furukawa’s land. I need to know their real intention..”

“As you wish, Rena-sama..”

“Remember stay low, Rion. I don’t want you to..” Yuki put her hand on Rion’s shoulder

Actually she hated the idea about sending Rion to go far away, moreover it was their nemesis’ territory. But she can’t help it, Rena is known as stubborn one. If she forbade her to do this, perhaps Rena will assign someone in secret. It’s better for her to know the one that they sending over is someone capable.

“Thank you, Yuki-sama,” Their movement stopped when about to reach the entrance of mansion, “There he is..”

Rion pointed at the young man, known to be Furukawa Airi, the eldest of the three sons.

“That’s him!”

“Where is she?!”


“Your little sister..”

“How dare you to ask for my sister?” Rena’s blood boiled, hearing a bold statement a from young werewolf.

“Please, I was there when she collapsed last night…! I need to see and to tend to her!”

“You--” She was about to strangle Airi, if it wasn’t for a familiar voice.

“R-Rena… S-Stop… I need… to speak… to him…”

“Churi!” The twins eyes widened.

Akane who was still in a weak state, dropped to the ground.

“Chu-chan!!” Rena rushed over.

“Furukawa-san, isn’t it? I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. The eldest--”

“Yes, I know. The girl on the floor is the youngest, Akane, isn’t it? And that fiery tempered girl is Rena, am I right?”

“H-How did you know?”

“Forgive my rudeness, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Furukawa Airi, the eldest son from the Furukawa family,” He bowed in front of the heiress.

“Why do you need to see my youngest sister?”

“Because she needs me.. and I want to help her... Help her rid of her pain...”

After meeting a lot of people due to her duties, she could easily read someone’s body language. But what she saw from Airi was genuine concern, deep inside Yuki was curious about how Airi could find out their names, especially about Akane’s condition. The royal’s health issue is limited for only them and the doctors.

“Alright then..”

“Yuki-chan!” Rena heard and yes she’s not happy about that

Yuki just gave a ‘it-is-okay-just-trust-me-this-time’ look to Rena, she really hope that Rena would understand.

Then Airi made his way towards the youngest princess.

“You better not do something funny.”

If glares could make people die, he was obviously dead for an uncountable number of times.

“How much pain was she in before I came?” He asked.

“I don’t know, but she was slightly better not like the last time”

“I see..”

Airi was torn, because the next thing he do is without a doubt will make the middle princess angry. But if he didn’t do it, he believed that the youngest will suffer even more. So he close his eyes, preparing his neck if the princess tried to strangle him.

He pulled Akane towards him, their lips centimeters away.. Rena, upon seeing the scene was about to burst. He didn’t care, leaned forward toward the warm flesh of Akane.

To Be Continue
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Not a fan of fantasy type fanfic but this got my attention...

Hmmm...well because its saeyuki and vampire stories suites the pairing.... :cool1:

Be waiting for next happenings!!!!

Update soon!!!

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Not a fan of fantasy type fanfic but this got my attention...

Hmmm...well because its saeyuki and vampire stories suites the pairing.... :cool1:

Be waiting for next happenings!!!!

Update soon!!!
I made Yuki as vampire on this fic, since its waaayy to mainstream to make our Sae as Ruka XD

Thank you for nice encouraging comment~ :kekeke:
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Chapter 5

“S-Stop!!” Rena knew what he was going to do, and tried to stop him, but he ignored her plea.

Airi placed his lips onto of her’s, feeling all of her pain, her suffering.

Akane didn’t have any thought of what had just happened, but she had woken up, confused and unknowing of anything.

“Don’t tell her anything, Rena,” Airi warned her.

“Y-You!!” Rena grabbed his collar, “You’d better have a great explanation about this…! Or else…!”

“Rena-nee? What is going on?”

Akane looked confused with the current situation. She knew there is something wrong, Rena isn’t going to be this mad if nothing was wrong.

“Nothing… Chu-chan.. I thought there was something on Furukawa’s shirt..”

“Furukawa?” She looked towards the young man.

“Yes, Churi. This is Furukawa Airi from the Furukawa family.” Yuki introduced him to her.

His face seemed awfully familiar to her, “Wait… I-I recognise you…” Akane closed her mouth with her left hand in disbelief, “Y-You!” She abruptly changed her view to Rena.

Rena understood what Akane was trying to say.

“Can I strangle him now?”

“No,” Yuki said, straightforwardly.

“But, Yuki-chan! He is….”

“I hear you’ve got an apology, Furukawa-san.”

“Yes, but I have to meet Kashiwagi-sama, the head of your family.”

“He sent for us to see to you.”

“If so…” Airi needed to think fast, about how he should begin to apologize, trying to choose the right words before saying anything, “Umm… Y-Yeah…”

“I’m waiting…..” Rena sent her death glare his way.

He began to kneel down in front of the princesses and put his right hand across his chest, “I, Furukawa Airi as the heir of my family, apologise on behalf of my clan, and my brothers for anything we have done to your banquet.”

“Why would you do that? Don’t you know that it’s a sacred banquet for us?” The youngest retort at his apology.

“It genuinely was not my idea… I may be the oldest but my youngest brother had just dragged us along to ransack this banquet, he just wanted the food.”

Rena gritted her teeth, “Y-You…”

Her foot was hovered above his head, angrily, “You dare do that again… I swear… The next time I see you.. This is going to be ten times as hard!”

“Rena!” Yuki quickly pulled Rena away.

“L-Let me go.. Yuki!”

“Remember, our main object is to prevent war, and what you did isn’t helping at all!” Yuki still held her twin’s body.

“Let her do whatever she wants,” Airi said, “I deserve this for agreeing with my brother to do what we’ve done to you last night.”

“Don’t you dare… act passive in front of me!”

“And… Rena-sama, I would like to apologise on behalf my brother since he stole a kiss from you… Was it your first?”

Airi was dumb to remind her about the last thing that she didn’t even want to remember for the rest of her life. On the other hand, the eldest and youngest, who stared in awe, didn’t believe about what they just heard.

“That’s it!” Rena forcefully pulled herself away, before walking up to Airi.

“Rena! DON’T!”

Yuki tried to plead with her, but it was too late, when she gave Airi a drop kick to the head.

“Oh my God… Rena!”

Airi dropped to the side, as Rena’s forceful kick gave him complete unconsciousness and a pretty a bad nose bleed.

“Oh my God, Rena-nee! H-He was the oldest member of the Furukawa f-family…! And he wasn’t the one who kissed you!” Akane shook her head furiously.

“N-Now, what are going to do with him?” Yuki couldn’t maintain her calm composure, this is beyond of her imagination.

“I don’t give a damn care about him, like he said he deserves it!” Rena brushed off dust from her dress

“I’ll look after him, someone go and apologise,” Akane suggested.

“I’ll go to see Father, we need to report about this. And I don’t want somebody else telling him.” Yuki turned her eyes looking at her twin’s, all of sudden the room was filled with black aura, her signature ability “Y-You’d better come with me, Rena..”

Yuki didn’t use suffix -chan anymore, The black atmosphere between them didn’t fail to give goosebumps.


“You did what, Rena?!” Their father’s voice echoed in the royal chamber.

The twins closed their eyes in sync, afraid of their father.

“I-I was j-just….”

“Do YOU have any idea what this could lead to?!”

Yuki tried hard to pick the right words to help her sister, as much as Yuki hated Rena’s reckless, she had to stand up for her twin sister.

“She was only doing what she thought was right, Father,” She said, “He was acting arrogant towards her..”

“Y-Yes, Father. I was trying to save Akane..” Rena tried to explain.

“What is it that he did to her?”

Yuki knew she’ll say something that probably would make her Father madder.

“H-He kissed Akane…”

“He WHAT??” Their Father raised from the throne, clenched his fist tightly.

“But, the strange thing is.. Akane seemed to have gotten better after that…”

Yuki hope this would be relevant enough, to help reduce her father’s anger.

“I see…” He said, “Tend to his wounds, he should get better in 2 or 3 days, also, send a messenger to tell the head of the Furukawa family himself about this.”

“Are you saying he’ll be staying in here, Father? Our Mansion?” Rena said, speechless.

“He didn’t have to stay actually, if not because of your unnecessary actions, Rena.”

“A-Akane’s tending to him now, Father…” Yuki said tried to change topic as she nudged her elbow to Rena’s body.

“Yuki, prepare the guest room, tell our servant to serve our guest.”  He turned to the source of the commotion, “And you Rena.. you have to apologize to him, when he regains consciousness.” Their father voice changed drastically when he talked to Rena.

“Yes, Father, as you wish.”


“You know what, Rena…? I won’t take no for an answer.. Now both of you are dismissed.”

The two bowed and silently left. Rena remained silent as she started pacing.

“Why did you do that, Rena?” Yuki asked.

“Because, that ****** was annoying me.”

“There was still no reason to act out like that.”

“Geez.. I’m sorry, okay?”

“Rena, you can’t act like this,” Yuki said in a serious tone. “This isn’t like you. Besides…”

The girl looked around to find the two alone and pulled her close.

“It would ruin the image everyone has of you. If they see you acting this way, they won’t see you as the goody two shoes princess they think of you as now.”

“Y-You’re right, Yuki-chan..” Rena’s eyes were roaming around as she said this.

Rena’s odd behavior is a secret, only Yuki, Akane and their parents knew about this. It’s not that Rena was strange in a weird way, Rena has an issue relating to anger management. Beside that, she is a perfect princess like Yuki, or even better.

It was better if she hid her anger issue in front of the public. But after the Furukawa duo intruded their banquet, it was as if like Rena’s seal has been torn away. Yuki knew, it was related with the kiss, that Airi had talked about.

“Rena-chan, is it true?”


“You know, the thing that Furukawa said..” Yuki was careful not to directly say it in front of Rena.

“Ummm….” Rena was back to herself, the shy, polite princess.

“I see.. How did it happen?”

Yuki’s been wondering, why didn’t Rena trust her with the true reason. The biggest mystery is why didn’t Rena resist, like she always did. Like what happened to Airi, and what she did to him.

“It just happened.. No other reason.”

“You’re not angry? Like at all?”

“The thing is.. I couldn’t move my body as if i was hypnotized.. Can we stop talking about the kiss? I barely kept calm in front of Furukawa’ oldest son, and he didn’t do anything to me… I don’t know what the hell I’ll do to his youngest son, but since he kissed me, I’m going all out.”

“On the note of Furukawa, is he okay?”

“I don’t know… I’ll see Chu-chan and find out, do as father says, Yuki.”

“I will. You just try to calm yourself down, okay?”

Rena nodded.

As the two twins parted, Rena recomposed herself before entering Akane’s room.


“Rena-nee, is that you?”

“Yes, it is, why?”

“A-Are you going to hit him again?”

“N-No, Yuki-chan told to me to check up on him… Is he alright?”

“No, he isn’t. He gained a concussion and a partially broken nose because of you.”

“I’m sorry. It was just instinct…” Rena wanted take it all back about not regretting to hit Airi, because right now, guilty was written all over her face.

“He should be awake in an hour or two. I hear werewolves are able to heal quickly, just like us.”

“Alright… I want to apologize when he wakes up, not only that, but Father told me to as well...”

“Oh, then that’s good that you want to, you kinda overreacted by doing that to him.”

“I know…”

“It surprised me, honestly. It was like you weren’t even the same person.”

Rena silently clenched her fist. “Y-yeah.. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“No, it’s fine. You were probably just shocked because of that one wolf, having harassed you and all.”

“Perhaps,” Rena leaned against the wall. “I’m not even sure what happened myself. I couldn’t do anything, it felt like I was under a spell…”


“Chu-chan?” Rena opened the door for a moment and peeked inside. “What’s the matter?”

“I-I… my head.. Again.. it’s…”

“I’m coming in,” Rena walked in and saw Akane holding her head. She got closer and saw that the younger vampire’s eyes were dimly glowing red, a sign that she was in one of her phases.


“Have you taken your medicine?” Rena asked.

“Ngh.. I-I.. did.. But I…”

“Hold on. I’ll get you something.”

Rena left as Akane stumbled to the nearest chair in the room. She clutched her head once more and when she opened her eyes once more, she saw something, she never wanted to see.

She saw Yuki and Rena getting killed in front of her, by masked figures. Then, she saw their father being tortured relentlessly by the same figures.


“Don’t worry, Chu-chan, I’m coming!” Rena said.

But from a distance, Akane couldn’t hear her. She screamed in horror and fell down, crying.

“Don’t die, Rena-nee! Please!”

Rena came back, with an unknown drink. She rushed to Akane and supported her, offering her the drink.

Right when Akane was able to drink it, her body started to calm down. Her breathing slowed as the light slowly faded from her eyes before passing out.

“Thank god…”

Then at the same time, the eldest Furukawa son stirred in his slumber. Rena became concerned, as this seemed to be connected to her somehow.

“... What..?” He slowly sat up, as he held his head in pain. “Urgh.. what is going on..?”

“I’m sorry… Airi, was it?”

“Y-Yeah… W-Why are you apologising?”

“Well, the fact that I.. kicked you on reflex.”

“Oh, right,” Airi said, remembering. “Well, we heal pretty fast, like vampires, so I wouldn’t worry.”

“Oh… My Father said for you to stay, until you feel well enough to go back.”

“T-That won’t be necessary,” the boy slowly got up. “I already caused enough trouble as it is, I’m sure. I’ll take it upon myself to leave.”

“No..! I genuinely caused more trouble than you have… You only came here to apologise and to help my sister, and yet… I did this to you… Letting you rest here, is the least I could do..”

“But, my brothers.. And father…”

“Don’t worry, one of our messengers has sent a message about your late return.”

“If that’s the case.. Then where am I?”

“You’re in our mansion.”

“I see…” Then his eyes were fixed at familiar figure beside him “E-Eh? What happened to Akane?”

“I was about to ask you the same question.. Why did you kiss her?”

“Because… My gift.. Is dream manipulation, you see… and the catch is… If the person in question, is a girl… I have to kiss her…”

“Manipulation? Are you saying there is something wrong with my sister?”

“Yeah.. Since she still in her phases, her visions will get more and more dangerous.”


“It’s difficult to explain… but, if you don’t help her soon…”

“What can I do to help her?”

“Do you trust me, Rena-sama?”


“If so.. Let me help you… I’ll make Akane get over this… But you need to promise me one thing…”

“What is it?”

“Don’t let Akane know..”

“You have my word.”

To Be Continue
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