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Author Topic: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (23/23) - COMPLETED  (Read 57685 times)

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 10! 12/7 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #60 on: December 07, 2014, 01:49:17 PM »
OMG Dem SayaMilky feeeeelllls dough!
Mayu pls don't do that to Yuki...
ChuriParu spazzing at WMatsui XD Welp I can expect that from Churi tbh~

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 10! 12/7 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #61 on: December 09, 2014, 03:57:16 PM »
Yeah I admit the antagonist Rena is cool but...I prefer the innoncent Rena  :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah:
It's harder for Jurio to make decision after Mayu said that I guess :dizzy:
Milky was naughty :hehehe:
Next please! Thanks for the update :D

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 10! 12/7 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #62 on: December 10, 2014, 12:34:29 AM »
Fighting Mayu Chan!!

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 10! 12/7 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #63 on: December 21, 2014, 08:22:56 AM »
GO MAYU!!! FIGHT TO GET JURIO'S LOVE!!!!!! I'M SUPPORT YOU!!1 :scolding: :scolding:
Please update soon! I really like this part :twothumbs
Good job! :ding:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 10! 12/7 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #64 on: December 29, 2014, 06:13:19 AM »
I somehow lost motivation to continue this story. I'm sorry if this become mess up like this. But I do like complicated story.

But somehow, I managed to finish this part. I'm thinking of giving a reeeeaaaallyyyy little change of their heart.

Gyuchan: Yeah, since Milky involved in this story, I decided to give a little part for SayaMilky. Hehee XD Will you keep supporting JuriMayu after reading this? XD

Minami-chan: She's fighting! XD

Koyumichan~: She's the antagonist for Mayu. But you'll see the real Rena in this part (I hope).

MaYukiIsLife: You know that feel! XD Mayu's not mean to Yuki actually (I guess).

Gek Geki: I know right. Betraying your own happiness for the sake of your best friend. :lol: it's up to me XD

Anyway, thanks for the reply. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Douzo :)


It had been weeks since the incidence happened practically between Mayu, Jurio and Rena. Also unexpectedly to Yuki as well.

Mayu really did what her heart said. She came back to Jurio and declared her wish to rebuild their long-gone relationship. Mayu really confronted him and even hugged him and kissed him that night. She learned that she couldn't just stood still with Rena indirectly bully her with the relationship between Rena and Jurio. She even thought that Rena couldn't be her friend anymore, rather enemy.

"So it means... You already moved on from Jurio-kun, right?"

Hearing those words from Rena made her heart twitching, boiling, stinging by the fact that actually she never thought that those one-day relationship was serious but then when she re-think about that, she couldn't moved on from that short story. It really left a deep mark in her heart.

She knew it, she wanted to get back the day when it was only about her and Jurio, no one interfere. Not it was Yuki and moreover Rena. Not at all.

"Because you are Yuki's girlfriend now, and I'm Rena's boyfriend. We can't be together."

But then again, Jurio stated something that was hurtfully right. The both of them already had someone by their own sides. She had Yuki while Jurio had Rena. It was one of the thing she wished never happened between them. They got two interferee where both of them were quite eager about their love.

If only I could be more selfish and didn't listen to Jurio to accept Yuki-kun...

That was what Mayu always thought all these weeks. She hoped she could rewind everything to the very first day she stepped her foot to this new school.

"You're spacing out again today. You're okay?" Yuki asked. An obvious concern showed on his face.

They were walking around on the Friday night. It was their routine, Yuki would ask her to went out every Friday night. Refreshing their mind.

"I'm okay, just think about unimportant things," she lied and put up a smile.

Yuki laughed a little,"If it's not important, then don't think about it too much, okay?" He said.

They continued to walk, hand in hand on the cold windy night.

Mayu erased the thought for a while and gave attention to the guy beside her. Going out with Yuki would never be a silent trip, he was quite talkative compared to Mayu.

To think that Yuki went all strange the night of their so-called party weeks ago, now Yuki had changed. He got his old self back. He said it was just him who overly thinking that Mayu didn't actually love him. He just didn't know the thing...

But it never stopped Mayu to keep on believing that someday she and Jurio would make up again. She thought that she just need times, let the destiny flowing.

"Let's go to your favorite cafe. It's really cold, we can have something warm to drink," he smiled genuinely.

"Un," she nodded.

Really, since that day, Yuki became way more gentle than before. Not like he was a jerk before, but his gentleness just got higher. And why does he look even more sparkling these days?

Maybe Mayu just realized it after a long time.


"Why do I have to stuck to you..." Rena sighed in defeat. Drinking the hot cappuchino in a cafe. Surely with Jurio. Lately she just hang around Jurio rather with the girls.

"You know what, sometimes I don't get you. One day you desperately said that you want to do it, then one day you would complain about it," Jurio said in a flat tone.

Rena went panic,"I-it's not it! I just..."

"Easy, Rena. I never thought before that you're a tsundere after all this time, but it's cute," he smiled, teasing the girl in front of him.

Rena's face was burning. She looked at her feet. Maybe she WAS a tsundere,"Nee, Jurio-kun."

The boy averted his gaze to the girl and met her eyes. The girl looked really nervous.

"Have you forgotten... her?" She asked in a low but audible tone. She was unsure of why did she bring up this topic again. She was afraid but she didn't know what make her feel that way. Afraid of losing him? Who knows.

Jurio didn't answer. He brought up the cup near his mouth and took a sip of the coffee. He smiled,"I don't know how can I forget her if almost everytime we go out you always bring this up. So what do you say?" He asked her back.

"You're stupid," she said. "Don't you know that you made the three of us hurt?" Rena asked.

Jurio stunned. Was he hurting the three of them? Yes, he felt hurt.

"You love her, don't you?"


"She loves you back, don't you know that?" Rena's eyes were tearing up.


"But I also have feelings for you and you know that, do you care?" And finally she cried.

"I'm sorry," he took the tissue and wiped her tears. "I know I'm stupid and you know that as well. That's why I asked you since the beginning,"

"Th-that is-"

"It's okay, we can stop it if-"

"No," she cut the words half way. Really, she didn't want it to stop. If they stopped, so there would be no more "hang-out" with Jurio. And also, she didn't want to lose to Mayu. Her love to Jurio was mutual, at least that was what she thought. She already said she would fight for her love.

"See, you really are a tsundere," Jurio poked her nose. He gave another tissue to the girl in front of him. "Please stop crying, I feel horrible if I see a girl cry," he begged.

"Ugh, stop to play gentleman role, Jurio-kun. I'm sick of it," she said with her red eyes and red cheeks if she had to admitted.

"But you like it," he said. The both of them suddenly stopped talking about hurt things and picked up another issues like the crowd, the wheather and another unimportant things. They laughed together.

Weird, I never know that she could smile this bright...

"Let's go home," Rena said.

Jurio and Rena stood up from the chair after Jurio paid the bill. The both of them went out from the cafe and welcomed by the cold wind. They shivered by the gush of the wind that night. Rena clasped her hands together to keep her warm.

Jurio saw this and grabbed her left hand and held it inside his pocket of the jacket. Rena was a bit shocked but happy inside her heart. She smiled unknowingly and her right hand held onto Jurio's right arm. Leaning her body closer to Jurio.

"Let's go," Jurio said.

Usually they would go somewhere with Jurio's car or bike, but that night they just took a bus.

Both of them sat side by side, of course since it was night, not many people filled the seats. It was quite a long ride, took them about 15 minutes to the bus stop near Rena's house. Rena was yawning a few times and noticed by Jurio.

"You can sleep, I'll wake you up when we reach our destination," Jurio said.

Rena was really tired maybe because Friday was time for PE and everyone knew how bad she was at sport. She was really tired every Friday, yet Jurio kept on asking her somewhere every Friday night. Like a present for her hard work on PE that day.

Jurio startled by Rena's head which was fell onto his shoulder. She really fell asleep, like usual. He smiled at the sight of a girl beside him. He patted her head when the soundly-asleep girl hugging onto his arm like a pillow and continued to sleep.

I know I'm a horrible person, Rena. I know you love me, but I can't love you the way I do to Mayuyu. I'm selfish, I'm sorry Rena, I use you. But I know you're a good person. I hope someone will come and save you from me...

Jurio smiled and kissed the top of her head.


"Uwaa... Hot choco in the cold wheather is the best, right?" Yuki complimented the hot drink.

Mayu just smiled at the boy's antic. He would always become over reacted to such a simple thing. But that was what made him adorable. He always brought smiles to Mayu's face even just his funny reaction was enough.

"Mou, don't stare at me, come on drink your choco," Yuki said.

"Okay," Mayu took a sip and smiled at the warm sensation of the drink.

"How is it? How is it?"He eagerly asked.

"It's warm," Mayu smiled.

"I know right~" Yuki felt happy at the girl's answer. "Mayuyu, lately, I don't see you hang out with Rena-chan. What's up? Are you two fighting?" Yuki asked.

Mayu's heart tightened at the mention of the girl's name. Right, Yuki didn't know anything about the things that happened between the two of them. Or rather, it was really between the two of them.

"Rena-chan is busy studying, you know we're almost reach the final exam," Mayu said. Lame, in fact they were fighting over Jurio's love.

"Oh, is that so? Okay then, I guess we have to study as well. What about group study with the others?" Yuki suggested. His spirit was fired up.

Mayu didn't want it. She had to find a good reason to avoid this group gathering or whatever it was. "I'm sorry Yuki-kun, I can't concentrate if there are too many people," Mayu lied again. She just wanted to get rid of Rena.

"Oh, I see," Yuki lost his spirit all of a sudden.

"But we can study together, just the two of us," Mayu suggested. She knew Yuki wasn't that bright student. So she would help him to study.

"Eh? Really? Can we? Yatta!" Yuki trailed between happy and unbelievable.

"Okay, let's start from next week," Mayu said.

"Roger! And let's study in my house, I will introduce you to my mom," Yuki said.

"Is it okay?" Mayu asked hesitant.

"Of course, why not? She will surely like you,"

"Okay, if you insist," Mayu finally agreed to Yuki's suggestion. And it was decided that every after school, Mayu would study with Yuki.

"I'm so happy," Yuki muttered his feeling before the two of them went home together.

Yuki held Mayu's hand along the way back home. The walk wasn't too long until finally Mayu reached her apartment.

"Okay, I'll see you on Monday. Have a good rest, Princess," he said to Mayu.

"I'll see you too, Yuki-kun," Mayu smiled.

Yuki kissed her forehead,"Oyasumi."

"Oyasumi," she kissed his cheek. Enough to made Yuki jump in happiness before he went home and sleep that night.


"Rena, wake up, we're almost reach," Jurio tried to wake her up. But she didn't move an inch. She was really tired maybe. After some times waking her up to no avail, Jurio decided to piggy back her to her house.

"Oh, you're so light," he chuckled. Being the first time to piggy-backed her, he was quite relieve of her light weight.

When it was half way to reach her house, Rena woke up and was a bit shock.

"J-Jurio-kun, let me down," she said.

"Oh, you're awake. It's okay, just stay still, it's not far anymore," Jurio stated.

"Aren't you tired?" She asked.

"No, I'm not. Beside, you're not too heavy so I can bear it. Just relax," Jurio said.

Rena smiled, blushing crazily to know that she was riding on Jurio's back. She circled her arms around Jurio's neck and laid her head beside Jurio's face. She could see the boy's feature from there. Watching him amusingly from his back, she enjoyed it so much that she didn't realize they were already in front of her house.

Jurio turned his head and found the girl was staring at him with a wide smile on her face, "When will you stop staring at me and go inside?" He asked. 

Rena was startled and quickly averted her gaze to another direction and got down from Jurio's back.

"Th-thank you for piggy back me home," Rena said shyly at the thought that Jurio caught her staring at him like a pervert.

"It's okay, have a nice sleep," Jurio said and patted her head.

"Okay, good sleep to you, too," Rena said. She leaned closer and kissed Jurio's cheek before running inside the house.

Jurio held his cheek and smiled sadly. I'm such a jerk... He put both of his hands to his pocket and went home.

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 11! 12/29 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #65 on: December 29, 2014, 08:58:39 AM »
Wow somehow this chapter is sweet and hurt at the same time ..  :farofflook:
good job author-san .. keep going .. i'm always follow your fanfic   :on GJ:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 11! 12/29 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #66 on: January 02, 2015, 04:01:25 AM »
Of course,i'm always support JuriMayu :nya:
But please author-san,make Jurio back to Mayu please? :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks:
And Mayu,don't give up! Fight for Jurio's love!!!
Please update soon,i'm curious with the next chapt :twothumbs :)

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 11! 12/29 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #67 on: January 02, 2015, 06:07:52 AM »
Ah.. I don't know :panic:

I want to root for JuriMayu...

but looks like MaYuki still had a chance

Hmmm.... update soon~ :)

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 11! 12/29 (JuriRenaMaYuki GB-Fic)
« Reply #68 on: February 09, 2015, 06:58:09 AM »
Finally, I got the mood to continue this fic. LOL.
It’s the continuation of the previous chapter (Of course XD), and this time is Mayuki special, and a bit of JuriMayu :lol:
I’m sorry to disappoint you and for the super late update :bow:
I hope you’ll continue to read this until the very end. But I guess there’s still a long way to an end. Please kindly wait for it. :)
Thank you for the replies, your replies are the best courage. I hope this one won’t disappoint you. Sorry if it’s lame, lame is my middle name :lol:
Then, douzo…


Jurio took another bus to head home. Not long after he sat down on one of the available seats, his phone rang. He read the screen, he got a mail. He swapped the screen and found that it was from Yuki.

-Tonight’s date went well. I hope yours, too. Good news, Mayuyu will teach me for the upcoming exam, just the two of us. How romantic! I’m sure I won’t lose from you this time! I’ll get a higher rank, remember that Jurio!-

“Full of spirit as always, eh?” Jurio chuckled at his best friend’s mail. He typed something to reply the mail.

+Well, if you can get good mark in all subjects, I’ll grant your wishes. But remember, you’ll never beat me on anything.+

Jurio imagined how annoying Yuki was when he received his mail. He smiled bitterly on his ownself.

-Yoshaaa!!! I'll keep your words!-

Jurio laughed at his reply, short but it showed him the most.

“But you beat me on one thing that I cherish the most,” he let out a sigh.


“A-are you sure, Mayuyu?” Yuki asked uncertainly.

“Yes, Yuki-kun. Please do it, I’m perfectly sure about it,” Mayu looked at him and reassuring about the things they were going to do. “Don’t tell me you’ve never done it before?” Mayu asked.

“N-no, I have done it a few times, but-“

“Then show me,” Mayu smiled.


After a few minutes they started, Yuki started to tremble. All of his body felt all wet, he was sweating a lot. It was hard for him to breathe normally in this situation. Until the very last second…

“Mou! Math is the most irritating thing I have met! Why do I have to do these things! They are useless in reality!” Yuki yelled.

Mayu just laughed at his behavior, “You said that you have ever done it before.”

“I have done it, but everything is wrong. I can’t do math,” he whined.

“Here, let me help you,” Mayu started to explain what Yuki thought was hard.

Yuki was stunned at the girl beside him. He couldn’t believe that this smart-goddess is her girlfriend right now. He always thought that he wasn’t an interesting person and thought that no girls would date him. But here he was with his so-called girlfriend.

“…and you have to multiple this-“

“You know, Mayu, I’m still worried about you and Jurio.” Yuki started his words, cutting Mayu’s long explanation about math. “I… I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I have a feeling that you don’t really love me.” He closed his eyes and smiled bitterly.

Mayu looked at him then let out a sigh. She shook h er head and continued the explanation,”After multiple this and this, you have to-“

“Mayu, listen to me,” Yuki grabbed her hand to catch her attention.

“No, you have to listen to me. We’re studying, Yuki-kun. You have to study, please don’t mind such a trivial things like that. Just mind about study for some times, will you?” Mayu said.

Yuki sighed, maybe he was just childish he thought. “Right,” Yuki looked at Mayu with his one thousand megawatt smile of his. “Let’s get back to study!”

Mayu felt relieved, she replied him with a smile and continued to teach him. A few hours of studying wasn’t a strange thing for Mayu. She loved study so much, that’s why she could get good marks on every subject.

"And there, finish! Mayuyu, please have a check," Yuki held the excercise book to Mayu.

Mayu checked on Yuki's work. Although he took a long time to did it also with the mistakes here and there, finally he did it perfectly. "That's great, you're getting smarter already," Mayu teased him.

"Is that so? I'm happy!" Yuki yelled happily.

"Yosha! I'll make you eat your words, Jurio," he said on his mind.

“Wait here, Mayuyu. I’ll get some refreshments for us,” Yuki stood up and went to the kitchen.

That was close for Mayu! She thought today would be just the two of them so her heart would be a bit easy without that certain someone’s presence. But Yuki himself brought up that issue. She let out a sigh and clutched onto her heart. She hate the fact that she still had those feelings for Jurio when Yuki was always be there for her and being the kind person he was. But it couldn’t be helped that Yuki couldn’t make her heart race, only Jurio could, and it made her frustrated.

Mayu breathed deeply and suggested her brain to stop thinking about other things, she had to be focused. Not long after, Yuki came back and met Mayu.

“Sorry for the long wait! Here, come and eat. My mom made it for us, or rather special for you,” Yuki laughed and put the refreshments on the table.

“Itadakimasu,” Mayu drank the water first then the cakes and cookies. Everything are sweet, Mayu prayed in her head to not get fat after eating those bunch of sweets.

“My mom is eager to meet you, Mayuyu,” Yuki said while munching the cookies.

“Is that so? But, since I’m coming here, I haven’t met her. Where is she?”

“She has been-“

Yuki’s word were cut by the sudden invasion of a loud mid-thirty woman, “Ara, is this Mayu-chan?” the adult woman suddenly hug the girl beside her son. “Are, what’s with this cute smile?”

“Mom!” Yuki yelled but was ignored by his mother.

The woman continued her assault and hugging the poor little girl tighter to her chest.

Oppai…” Mayu dreamily said in her head. “So soft… So big… Aaah, oppai…” Mayu’s head spinning, whether it was because of the tight hug or her broken brain, she almost lost her consciousness.

“Mom, stop it, you choked her,” Yuki pulled his mother from his beloved girlfriend.

“Iyaada, Yuki-kun~ Mamarin just want to hug her~” his mom squaled.

“Look what you have done to her!” Yuki pointed at Mayu.

Yuki and her mother witnessed in front of their eyes, Mayu’s face was all red and she got a nosebleed.

“Kyaaa~ Mayu-chan, are you okay. Please forgive Mamarin, nee~” the adult woman went panicked.

“Mayuyu, hang on there!” Yuki yelled.

This woman is dangerous,” Mayu thought. “Y-yes, Kashiwagi-san, I’m okay, don’t worry,” Mayu sat up with her own left power.

“It’s not Kashiwagi-san, call me Mamarin, nee~” the adult woman winked at her.

“A-ah, y-yes, Mama…rin,” Mayu answered.

Yuki's mother turned to meet Yuki's eyes and talked sweetly, “Ano,Yuki-kun, we ran out of syrup, would you help Mamarin to buy it?” the so-called Mamarin then pulled something out from her bra, it was money. “Here,” she handed the money to Yuki.

He rolled his eyes and took the money, ”Huh, it’s annoying. Mayuyu, I’ll go out for a bit, take care of yourself okay,” Mayu nodded at Yuki’s words. “Mom, don’t even try to do anything weird to my girlfriend,” Yuki’s piercing looked didn’t move his mother’s wide smile.

“Of course~”

With that, Yuki left the house to buy the syrup. He knew it was just his mother’s motive to have a private time with her girlfriend. He hoped it wouldn’t be bad.


[Mayu POV]

Ah, Yuki-kun had left. I was all alone with his mother. Mamarin, right? She was so much dangerous. She made me get a nosebleed by her hug. After a long time, I still have that oppai and oshiri fetish, it was bad!

“So, your name is Watanabe Mayu, right?” somehow the way of her speaking to me changed.

“Yes, Mamarin, I’m Watanabe Mayu,” I bowed my head to her. When I looked up, the image of her had changed. This time, I felt an aura of a really good mother from her unlike before. That was… I couldn’t say it!

“I see, Yuki-kun is a good boy, isn’t he?” she asked me without looking at me. She turned her gaze to me and smiling widely, her expression resembled to Yuki-kun so much, “Maybe this is his first time to have a girlfriend, not to mention that you’re really beautiful and kind too. But I’m really thankful that it’s you,”

I heard that and my heart tightened. Even her mother expecting much from me when I couldn’t love him with all my heart. Yuki-kun was kind and so was his mother, was I the antagonist here? Why do I had to be in a bind like this? I was afraid to hurt both of their feelings, when I knew I already did.

“I’ve never seen him so happy and full of spirit lately, I’m sure that it is because of you, Mayu-chan. Please stay by his side, okay?” Mamarin asked me. It sounded simple, yet very complicated to me.

“I’ll try my best,” was the only answer I could give to her. I was quite sure that she would get angry at me and cursed me to death if she knew what actually I felt toward her beloved son.


Yuki reached his house and got inside instantly. He dropped the syrup in the kitchen and proceeded to checked on Mayu and his mother. A vague laughter could be heard and it was getting clearer to Yuki’s ear and found that Mayu and his mother laughed together.

I’m happy if they get along well,” Yuki smiled behind the door. He walked in and his curious mind brought his head walking closer. “What are you two looking at?” Yuki smiled then looked at the two who laughed really hard.

“Look, Mayu-chan, this is Yuki-kun who lost his first front teeth. It’s so funny!” his mother yelled.

“Wh- NOOOOOO!!!” Yuki snatched the album and looked at the photo his mother had shown to Mayu. “MOM!!!”

“Look at this one, Mayu-chan. His naked photo with a diaper! Isn’t he cute?”

“NOOOO!!!” Yuki snatched the next album as well. “Mom, why are you so cruel?” Yuki cried. “You made me embarrass myself in front of Mayuyu…”

“You were cute, you know, as a baby,” Mayu teased him.

“Mou, Mayuyu,” he cried.


“Enough for today, remember what I have taught to you. The exam is in next 2 weeks. Please study well, okay?” Mayu told him.

“I understand, sensei!” Yuki said.

“I’ll be waiting for you with a bunch of sweets next time, Mayu-chan,” Mamarin said.

Mayu laughed, “Very well, Mamarin,”

“Are you sure to go home alone? I can send you home, you know,” Yuki asked.

“No, I’ll be fine, Yuki-kun. See you tomorrow,” Mayu waved her hand and left Kashiwagi’s house.

On the way home, Mayu kept on thinking about what Mamarin said to her. “Stay by his side, eh? I wonder if I could,” Mayu clenched her fist. The favor she would never fulfill, she thought.

While walking down the road, Mayu realized that it was too quiet. She looked at her watch, it was just 8 p.m. She got a bad feeling about it. She should have said yes to Yuki’s offer to send her home. She felt someone’s walking behind her but when she turned around there wasn’t anyone. She inhaled deeply then continued to walk, the sound of someone’s step behind her could be heard once again. She was afraid, she quicken her pace and turned out that she was running.

But as the un-athletic girl she was, she lost her breathe and fell down. Now the sound of the step coming closer and she could see one of the things she thought would never happened to her.

“Nee, ojou-chan. Why running away? Look, your knee is bleeding. Let onii-san helped you,” the sound of a heavy voice made her mind went panicked.

“No! Go away! Don’t touch me!” Mayu yelled.

“Wow, you have a foul mouth don’t you, ojou-chan?” the guy now caught Mayu’s left arm and gripped on it tightly.

“Let me go! You hurt me!” Mayu tried to snatched the guy’s hand but to no avail, the gripped even getting stronger. “What do you want? Money? I’ll give you! Just let me go!” Mayu yelled.

“I’ll let you go if you help me and my buddy down here,” The guy pointed at his groin.

Mayu’s eyes grew wide,“Never!” She yelled at the guy. “Someone, help! Please, help me!” Mayu yelled and cried, begged the guy to let her go.

“Nobody can hear you, ojou-chan. Come-“


His word was cut by a sudden action from behind him. The guy instantly fell down after got a hard blow on his head. Someone hit him with a surely hard wood.

“When a girl ask you to let her go, then let her go,” the cold but calm voice said.

It was dark, Mayu couldn’t comprehend who the guy was, but this voice sounded familiar. She didn’t move, she just stunned there like a stone. She couldn’t believe what had happened to her earlier.

“You’re okay… Mayuyu?” the figure came closer and finally Mayu could see who saved her earlier.

Without any thought, she launched her body to her hero. She cried hard and didn’t say any word, even actually she was aiming to thank him that he saved her, nothing but a loud cry from her mouth could be heard.

“It’s okay, I’ll send you home,” the boy caressed her back to calm her down.

“J-Jurio-kun…” Mayu tightened the hug while her tears kept on flowing. She was so thankful that Jurio saved her. Fortunately, Mayu was safe at that time.

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 12! Update XD
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Why why? Why? Why it must jurio kun?

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 12! Update XD
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Luckily Jurio was there to save her!

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 12! Update XD
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Why why? Why? Why it must jurio kun?

yeah why it musty Jurio?? T^T i want Yuki meani
But i'll be wait on what will happen next..

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 12! Update XD
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I'm waiting so long for your updateeeee :gyaaah:
Lol Mayu got nosebleed because Mamarin hugged her :lol: :lol:
You're playing with readers' heart :on speedy: on the last chapter you made mayuki and wmatsui scene but now argh jurimayu again... :mon waterworks:
Wmatsui and mayuki on the next chapter please? :mon cute: :mon cute: :mon cute:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump Chapter 12! Update XD
« Reply #73 on: February 10, 2015, 07:09:56 PM »
Ano... I'm continuing the fic   :nervous
I hope you're not going to stop reading it before the end because it's boring and all  :doh:

Gek geki: why it must be Jurio? Saa...  :dunno:

Minami-chan : yeah, glad to meet him  :onioncheer:

Crosteks : What have I done?  :dunno: right, keep waiting  :grin:

Koyumichan~ : playing with reader's heart makes me sound cool :cool1: yeah, mamarin made her got a nosebleed. for wMatsui and Mayuki... I'm afraid I can't promise you. if you wanna see more wMatsui then check on my oneshots  :ptam-glow:

Thank you for the replies, you makes me happy. Love you readers  :ptam-kiss:
So here you go, douzo!


“Can you walk?” his calm voice asked me.

I nodded then tried to stand up on my feet. I managed to stand up even there was a little pain came from my bleeding knees. “Let’s g- Ouch!” unfortunately, when I tried to walk, I failed in constant. Maybe I sprankled my leg. Good that Jurio-kun could caught me on time, if he wasn’t there maybe I would had fallen for the second time.

“Seems you can’t go home by yourself, eh?” he sighed. With one fast movement, he already bent down and showed his back in front of me. “Come, hope on, I’ll carry you home,” he said.

“No, there’s no need- Whoaa!” he didn’t wait for me to finish my words as he already grabbed my legs and carried me on his back. I was afraid so I closed my eyes and clutched tightly on his neck. “Kyaaa!!!” I yelled.

“N-no... D-don’t... y-you ch-choked me, Ma-Mayuyu!” I felt a light hit on my leg when I realized my position, I released my tight grip on his neck and pushed his back away from my chest.

“I’m sorry!” God, that was embarassing. I choked him and I almost let his back touched my chest! What if he could my fast-beated heart? That’s too embarassing. His mere presence only could make me feel like this. And it made me frustrated that I didn’t feel the same when Yuki-kun was around, even when he kissed me, I didn’t feel anything. I wonder what was the thing about him that made me couldn’t stop thinking of him. It was an incredible feeling that I didn’t understand even a bit.

“Hey, can’t you take a better position, it’s hard to walk like this,” he said.

“No, this is the best position,” I retorted. I just could hear his little sighed at my answer. Maybe the distance was too far, so I decided to close the gap just a little, but still couldn’t let my chest touched his back. Man, that was frustrating! I kept my composure to not melt on his back. I could feel his hand on my... my... my oshiri! It made me more nervous! Well, he didn’t squeezed my oshiri or anyhting, but it was still weird that it was him.

“What are you doing alone at night time like this?” he asked.

“Actually, I was on my way back home from Yuki-kun’s house,” I answered.

“Yuki’s house? Then why did he let you go home by yourself? It’s dangerous,” he sounded a little concern this time, but his calmness never left behind.

“I declined his offer to walk me home. I was thinking that it was still early and never thought that kind of thing would happen to me,” I answered.

“You mustn’t decline him. He’s your... boyfriend, right? At least, let him protect you,” he said, why did I feel there was a hesitant in his words? Oh, maybe I was just exaggerating.

“Un. And, anyway thanks for helping me, and sorry for the mess,” I bowed my head a little even if he couldn’t see me.

“No problem, you’re my friend and my best friend’s girlfriend,” he said. Right, even after I told him that I still love him, to heard that I was his best friend’s girlfriend still irritate me.

“Please don’t say that,” I begged. I didn’t understand why, but that’s what my heart wanted to say.

He kept on walking, but then reality hit me. “Wait, where are you gonna take me?” I asked him.

He turned his head a bit at me and smiled weirdly, “I don’t know.” Oh my God! I forgot that he didn’t know my address. And why did he never ask about it in the first place? I smacked my own head. I forgot that this guy could be clumsy sometimes.

With that, I told him the direction to my appartment. He almost brought me to the train station, and it was quite far from my appartment. It needed at least 10 minutes by foot to went back to my appartment. It wasn’t a problem if he walked alone, but I was on his back. It must be tiring for him and it was a freaking long ride for me to keep my composure behind his back. His nice fragrance made my head dizzy, but I had to prevent from falling on his back or from his back.

Finally, we reached my appartment front gate. I was asked him to just let me walk upstairs by myself, but he didn’t let me to do so and even he brought me to the front of my appartment room.

“Once again thank you for your help, Jurio-kun. I don’t know what would happen if you didn’t come,” I bowed at him.

He smiled, “It’s nothing. Are you okay with that knees?” he pointed at my bleeding knees.

“I guess I am, I’ll handle it myself,” I said.

Then, he left my appartment. I looked at his back and couldn’t believe that I was on that back a while ago. I shrugged my stupid thoughts and walked inside my room. The scars and my leg hurt like hell. I had to take care of it before sleep. And then I just realized, “Right, I didn’t ask him why he was there.” Maybe just passing by? His house wasn’t around that area, right? Well, who knows?


“Ah, I forgot my groceries,” Jurio said to himself. He just remembered it after left Mayu’s appartment that he threw his groceries when he helped the poor girl before. “I’ll just buy it tomorrow again,” he decided while keep on walking to his house direction. But then his stomach growled and made his foot turned to another direction.

He kept on walking until he reached his destination. The cafe he always visited to meet one of his friend.

The chime of the bell when he opened the cafe’s door made the waitress turned her head and greeted him kindly, “Welcome... Ah, it’s Jurio-kun.”

The waitress then showed him the available seat and took his order, “What do you order tonight?”

“Please just give me some food to eat, anything will do,” he said.

“Alright, please wait,” with that, the waitress told the chef about his order and in a few minutes she came back to Jurio’s seat and served the food. “Okay, here you go,” the waitress then turned around to go back to the counter but Jurio asked her to stay.

“Nana, please stay,” he said.

Nana, the waitress, couldn’t deny it. If he asked her to stay, it meant he wanted to discussed or shared something with her. She kept on waiting for him finished the food. She looked at his calm face while eating and it satisfy her. Well, she didn’t have that sort of feeling to this young guy, it’s just amusing for her to watch him eating. He looked like he enjoy the food so much.

“Thanks for the food,” Jurio mumbled.

“What is it this time? Have you decided?” Nana asked him.

Jurio grabbed the glass of water then drank it while shook his head slowly.

“Mou, you’re so lame,” Nana whined. “I told you to just follow your heart, choose only one of them,” she suggested.

Well, Nana is one of his friend since he moved to the town. Jurio always came to the cafe so that Nana would recognize him. Once they talked to each other, they were interested in each other. He always came alone to this cafe, except for that one time when he brought Rena to the cafe. This one problem, he also consulted it to Nana because he found that talking to Milky was useless. Moreover, she just disappeared from his house when she said that she already have a hot bartender as her new boyfriend.

“You made me sounded like I dated the two of them,” Jurio sighed.

“You might not, but it seems like it. The both of them make your heart restless, don’t they?” Nana wiggled her eyebrows teasing the guy in front of her.

“I don’t know. The two of them are complicated. Rena might looked uninterested in me, but then she could be selfish about me. While Mayuyu...” he chuckled and took a deep breathe before continue it. “She stole my heart already,” he said.

“Then you have to choose this Mayuyu girl!” she stated.

“But she’s my best friend’s girlfriend,” he said.

“And whose fault is that?” Nana asked him and he pointed at himself with his thumb. “See, you’re making it hard on you by yourself,” she crossed her arms. “Then choose the Rena girl!” she stated again.

“But I don’t love her like she does, I would never make her happy,” Jurio said.

“You’ll never know because you didn’t try to love her. And why did you date her when you don’t love her?” she asked. Well, Jurio didn’t tell her that it was just their fake relationship which turned out to be a serious one for Rena.

“Th-that is...”

“Then choose Mayuyu girl! Steal her from your best friend!” Nana stated again.

“Stealing someone precious from your best friend is the worst, you know,” Jurio answered.

“Mou, you’re just too complicated! Just decide it already or you will regret that you don’t get any of them,” Nana said a bit angr to Jurio.

It hit him. Decide one of them, or didn’t get any of them.

”I’ll find the right time, but not this near time,” he thought.

“Nana, thanks for your help,” Jurio stood up and smiled at the waitress.

“Eh? Already? So you’ve made up your mind eh?” she asked.

Jurio nodded and bowed at her. He walked to the door and was about to left the cafe when Nana grabbed his hand and pull him back, “You haven’t pay the bill,” Nana said to him.

Jurio just scratched the back of his head and smiled stupidly at the waitress. He pulled out his wallet from his pocket and paid the bill then left the cafe.

“What an amazing gap, a handsome but a bit stupid guy,” Nana shook her head and laughed at Jurio’s clumsiness.


[Next day at school]

Mayuyu, what happen to your knees?” Yuki asked as he bent down to checked on his girlfriend’s knees because he noticed the ban aid on her knees.

Mayu smiled at him, “Well, something happened,” she took a glance at Jurio and smiled at him which he replied with a smile.

When Mayu turned her gaze a bit on his side, there was a death glare which was adressed to her and the dark aura couldn’t be from anyone but Jurio’s current ‘girlfriend’, Rena. She folded her arms and kept on looking at Mayu as if she smell something between the two of them.

Mayu turned back and back to Yuki and continued their conversation. Mayu didn’t tell Yuki about the previous night incident, she just didn’t want to made him worry to much. She told him that she fell on the way back home the night before because the place was dark and there was quite slippery.

“Please be careful next time, okay?” Yuki patted his girlfriend’s head lovingly.

Mayu just smiled at him and nodded, “Un, I will.”

“Guys, we’ll soon have an exam and then we’ll have a holiday. What if we spend on our holiday together? It must be fun!” Yuki suddenly suggested.

“Yuki, the exam even has not started yet, but you already think about the holiday, sheesh,” said Yuiji while fixing his eyeglasses.

“But that sounds good,” Churi said.

“Isn’t it better if you mind about your exam more than the holiday, Yuki? Your marks were bad last time,” Airio sneered at him.

“Don’t worry,” Yuki put his right arm around Mayu’s shoulder and pulled her closer. “My smart girlfriend will help me do it well, nee?” he turned to Mayu and smiled. Mayu nodded and smiled at him.

“You’re in the different class from Mayu-chan, how can she help you?” Yuiji asked. “Aren’t you supposed to ask Jurio instead?”

“It’s not like I want to cheating! Sheesh, she help me to study, and I guess my brain work well. And I’ll beat Jurio’s mark!” Yuki laughed in devilish way.

“No way,” all of them said in unison, except Mayu.


“Well, if you can finish the exam well, we’ll join you to spend our holiday together. But if you fail,” Airio clenched his fist. “You’ll take this,” he showed his fist to Yuki.

“Eeeek!” Yuki gulped. “Well, I’ll show you guys!” Yuki said in high spirit.

“Hai hai,” the other responded weakly then left him because the bell for homeroom rang.

“Oi! Don’t leave me!” he yelled at them and caught Jurio to go to their class.

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 13) February 11th, 2015
« Reply #74 on: February 10, 2015, 11:52:10 PM »
Very nice chapter!
And you upload it very quickly!

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 13) February 11th, 2015
« Reply #75 on: February 11, 2015, 12:21:40 AM »
Detta ! Detta ! Detta !! Always makes me smiling-happily while reading your fic.. Renshu-senpai is the real number 1 !! The goosebump is surely ranked on 1st place in my list of favorit fic..  XD

next chapt !! hurry please !!

*And thats my Jurimayu moment  :cry:  :inlove:  :wub: Thank you renshu-chan !!!

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 13) February 11th, 2015
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No  :nervous You didn't anything Renshu-chan, I just want Mayuki But also like JuriMayu But I always Prefer Mayuki in the end..

 :banghead: :banghead: your making me confused XD :lol: :lol: But anyway I like your story  :twothumbs  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 13) February 11th, 2015
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Yatta!! JuriMayu scene is very cute!! :ptam-glow:
I like Mayuki,but in this story i love JuriMayu the most :luvluv1: and i hate JuriRena in this story :frustrated: :frustrated:
KEEP SUPPORT JURIMAYU :snsdsun: :snsdsun:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 13) February 11th, 2015
« Reply #78 on: February 12, 2015, 02:24:11 AM »
Chapter 14 is here!!!
I'm in my holiday, so I guess writing this fic or the thought that I could finish it before my new class started is possible (just maybe) :lol:


Gyuchan: Really? You like it? I'm glad :) please don't hate JuriRena, they are my most favorite couple XD

Crosteks: You make me more confuse XD Decide which couple you would like more to see :lol:

Mayura48: You make me blush XD :lol: I guess there are many other great fic rather than mine, but anyway thanks a lot :inlove:

Minami-chan: Thank you for keep reading on it :) I'm in holiday, that's why XD

As always, thank you for your patient and keep reading on my lame fic! I love you guys!!! XD

Here it is...


On the few weeks, Mayu kept on coming to Yuki's house to taught him about all subjects he wasn't good at. Day by day, Yuki had improved from his weakness. Mayu, as his personal tutor, felt happy because she could help her 'boyfriend'. At least, this what she could do to make him happy.

She also told by him about his bet with Jurio. Mayu just laughed at it because it sounded a bit childish. And also, he was so full of spirit when he told her about the holiday he had been planning and telling to the others. He would do this, he would do that, everything. It made Mayu smiled but she kept on reminding him to study well for the exam.

Two weeks later

"Uwaa, I'm so nervous!" Yuki closed his eyes tightly at the tension he was feeling. It was the exam weeks, of course he would feel all nervous. Everything he had learned with Mayu's helps would be proved today.

Mayu tapped his back to redeem his nerve, "Calm down, Yuki-kun. I believe you'll get good marks. Seeing your spirit while studying, I believe it would be easy for you," Mayu said to him.

Mayu's words made Yuki gained his self confidence to do the best for the exam.

"Mayuyu!!!" Yuki turned and hugged Mayu in front of the others. "Please pray for me," he said.

Mayu laughed at his action. She returned the hug and caressed his back, "Hai hai, I wish for your success."

"Stop that already, Yuki. Don't exaggerated it, it's just an exam. You made me sick," Airio said.

Churi slapped his shoulder and smirked at him in teasing manner, "Oh, said the one who cried on the phone last night because today is the exam day," the others bursted out laughing.

"Mou, Churi..." Airio whined.

"I'll do my best," Yuki said. He turned to Jurio's direction who looked like he didn't care about anything in the world and just stood there with Rena beside him. "Oi, Jurio. You'll see the result of my study this last weeks with Mayuyu. You'll grant my wishes! Huehehe..." Yuki pointed at Jurio and laughed in the most devilish way.

Jurio turned to see him for a second, then turned his head away from him with his infamous flat expression.

"Oi, don't ignore me!" Yuki yelled in annoyance.

The bell rang and the time for the exam had started, the first day for the whole week. Yuki seemed to pour all his effort to this exam. He was quite a fool before in some subject so this time he didn't want to fail Mayu with his fail exam. Also he wanted to enjoy the holiday with his friends and specially his girlfriend. This would be their first vacation together.

Mayu, well, she never found a problem in study so she certainly and perfectly sure, she would pass the exam well. She might entering the school in the middle of the semester, but as the genius, she knew she would success no matter what.

About Jurio, people in their whole school had knowned about his 'good brain' as he always topped almost every subjects. Together Jurio and Yuiji never failed to reach the first position in every subject. But he was a bit curious what would happen when Mayu was around, maybe she would take the top, he thought.

As for Airio, Churi, Paru and Rena, they were the average type of students, so they wouldn't really mind if they passed the exam with average scores as long as they had done their best effort.

On the last day of exam

The bell rang through the whole school as the sign of the time to did the last subject had done. Finally after the whole week full of exam, they could be relax for some times in holiday before the next year started.

The certain group was hang around at the canteen to refresh their mind.

"Finally! The tiring days had passed! I can't wait for the next event!" Yuki said with his usual full-of-spirit manner.

"But we have to wait for the announcement, right? That's how we know what to do about the vacation you told us," Airio said.

"But I want to join the vacation, it sounds fun with all of us, right Paru?" Churi excitedly responded.

"Right, our first time," Paru's face blushed as she shifting in her seat beside Yuiji, suddenly she leaned her head on Yuiji's shoulder with a wide grin on her face.

"P-paru, do you think about another 'first time' there? Your face are all red," Churi asked.

Paru just shook her head immediately at Churi's statement. She looked at Yuiji's direction, and Yuiji just responded her with a red face as well.

"Eew, why am I thinking about the lewd thing between you two, now?" Airio sounded.

"That's just your pervert brain, Airio," Jurio stated.

"Well, let's talk about the holiday, shall we?" Yuki asked as he stood up suddenly from his seat.

"What a spirit you got there, eh? You don't even know your scores," Airio sneered at him.

"I have done my best, so I guess I'll be alright," Yuki said proudly. "Leaving that aside. I already decided that we're going to have a wonderful holiday this time. All of us, and with our own couple. Kyaaa!!!" Yuki squealed.

"Are you an elementary student, oi?!" Yuiji butted in.

"Said the one who blushed about the first time they would spend a holiday together," Airio rolled his eyes and hit Yuiji right in his heart.

"So, where would it be?" Jurio asked.

"Beach! Yay!" Yuki yelled.

"Yay!" Churi and Paru yelled happily, but there's no respond from the others.

Yuiji and Airio's face turned red. They didn't move. At the moment, they were in their own private dream land, in their mind.

Yuki whispered to Mayu, "Look, they seems excited about the beach, I suppose." Mayu and Yuki giggling at them. Well, it wasn't surprising if it was Airio, but they never know that Yuiji was as pervert as Airio.

Yuki faked a cough, "*Ahem* So, what do you say?" Yuki wiggled his eyebrow.

"When would it be?" Paru asked.

"The day after the announcement," Yuki said.

"Sansei!!!" Churi, Paru, Airio and Yuji responded in high pitched tone.

"Sansei..." Jurio responded flatly.

"Well, what about you Rena-chan?" Yuki asked.

Rena, who was all silent since the very beginning, looked at Jurio and found that Jurio nodded at her, so she just nodded her head agreed to the vacation offer.

"Yosh, then it's decided, we'll go to the beach! Oh!" Yuki threw his fist to the air.

"Oh!" Said the others.

"Girls, we have to find some pair of new bikini, don't we?" Churi suggested.

"B-bikini?!" Yuiji and Airio asked, then suddenly they collapsed on their respective girlfriend's shoulder. Their girlfriend smacked their head.

"I-is that a must?" Rena suddenly spoke and asked shyly.

"When it comes to the beach, then bikini is a must!" Churi grinning widely.

"Isn't that a little..." Mayu trailed.

"Yosh! Let's go to the store!" Churi and Paru then dragged Mayu and Rena with them.

"Ah, they just go," Jurio stated flatly as he kept on munching a melon bread.

"Good thing, everyone is in a good mood," Yuki nodded like an old man.

"Aren't you going with them?" Jurio asked.

"No, I'll leave Mayuyu with them,"

"I mean, aren't you going with them to buy a new bikini for you?" Jurio teased.

"Oi!" Yuki smacked Jurio's head.


The girls dashed out from school and stopped by the store. More like Rena and Mayu suddenly being dragged along by the exciting Churi and Paru.

"Here we are!" Churi posed with two hands in her waist in front of the store. She looked at her companions then looked back at the store. "Let's go," she said with a cool manner.

"Un!" Paru nodded in excitement and joined Churi to go inside the store.

But the other two certain person was just stood in front of the store. It wasn't like they didn't interested since their face was all red when they saw all kind of the bikini on the show case.

Churi and Paru turned back to dragged the two stiffen persons inside the store. "Come on, get inside," Churi said.

All the things (of course they were bikini) seemed sparkling and made the girls' eyes sparkling by the sight.

"This is paradise..." Churi said dreamily.

"My favorite!" Paru squaled.

Both of them quickly squirmed around the store, choosing many kind of bikini before they decide which one they would buy.

Churi and Paru's voice were all around the store, squealing over the cute bikini they were looking at. Posing in front of the wide mirror with some bikini wondering which one is better than the other one.

While the other two, well...

"Hey, why are you guys just stand there? Just try one already," Churi commanded.

"U-uh, I-I guess we're okay. We'll just accompany you here. Right, Mayu-chan?" Rena turned to Mayu.

"Uh, un, that's right," Mayu answered with a dry laugh.

"Mou, even it's been a long time since we hang out with each other," Paru whined while kept on choosing the bikini she would buy.

"And you two seems rather distant lately," Churi stated.

That was it. Mayu and Rena themselves didn't realize that they just had a super short conversation with each other, while usually they didn't speak.

"I wonder what happen with you guys," Churi added.

They fell in silence. No way in hell they would tell Churi and Paru that they were actually fighting over Jurio's love with each other. That was a big no for them.

"Th-that's just your thought. Right, Rena-chan?" Mayu eyed Rena, gave a sign to just go along with the flow.

"R-right, just... don't mind it," Rena said.

"Is that so? Well, then," Churi looked at some more bikini before and turned her head to Rena and Mayu. "Try this!" Churi showed them two pieces of bikini which looked so erotic, it could barely cover their breast.

The two of them covered their chest with both their hands and shook their head furiously.

"Eh? Why not? Yuki-kun and Jurio-kun must be like it," Churi whined.

"Even they like it, we'll pass," Rena said.

"..." Mayu lost her words. Her face suddenly redden. Churi came to her and waved her hand in front of Mayu's face.

"Hello~ Earth to Mayu~" Churi tried to wake her up from her daydream.

"..." Mayu just grinning widely and lost in her mind.

"I don't know that Mayu-chan has this side," Churi laughed at the thought of Mayu's probability pervert side.

"H-he will like it... He will like it..."

A/N: Something will happen on the next chapter. And it might be more lame than usual. Keep on reading and don't forget to leave reply. See you later :grin:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 14) Feb. 13th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #79 on: February 12, 2015, 11:55:45 AM »
oh you blushed ?  XD kawaii !! ahaha..

No.. nope. You are Ichiban !!! your fic is number 1 !! :twothumbs

I like your fic the most cause it felt so real and natural. it depends on your story going on.. and i think your story is well-writen. its good, and the content is.. easy-going and it was like my daily life  :oops:

next chapt !! Hurry please !!  :twothumbs

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