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Author Topic: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (23/23) - COMPLETED  (Read 57571 times)

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 14) Feb. 13th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #80 on: February 12, 2015, 02:36:45 PM »
Whoaaa :D you updated faster than i thought :lol:
I'm not hate JuriRena actually :),but in this story i hate that pairing :dizzy:
What will happen on the next chapt? I'm curious now :ding:
I hope it will be JuriMayu scene not JuriRena :hee:
Please update soon~ :inlove:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 14) Feb. 13th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
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wooow you are soooooo faster!!
I start to feel bad that it seems I'm the only one that supports the couple Jurio and Mayu ...  :depressed: :depressed: :farofflook: :farofflook:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 14) Feb. 13th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #82 on: February 13, 2015, 10:34:55 AM »
I'm sorry RenshuChan :lol: for making you confuse me too  :grin: :panic: :panic:
its just that I like JuriMayu :D
But i always Love MaYuki  :lol: :lol:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 14) Feb. 13th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
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wooow you are soooooo faster!!
I start to feel bad that it seems I'm the only one that supports the couple Jurio and Mayu ...  :depressed: :depressed: :farofflook: :farofflook:
Nooo,i support Jurio and Mayu too :hee: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 14) Feb. 13th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #84 on: February 13, 2015, 02:10:05 PM »
wooow you are soooooo faster!!
I start to feel bad that it seems I'm the only one that supports the couple Jurio and Mayu ...  :depressed: :depressed: :farofflook: :farofflook:
Nooo,i support Jurio and Mayu too :hee: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Oh, me too. I support Jurimayu!

Poor Jurio, you got dilemma, who's the one that you must choose. Well, I sugest you to pick Mayu, so both of you won't get hurt. Oh no, not just Mayu, seems like you'll hurting Rena and Yuki more if you aren't being honest with your SELF.
Mayu's already tried to be honest with her feelings, now it's your turn, Jurio!
(Btw, I sounds like a gramma who give her grandchild an advice =_=" I'm not even a woman)
Yes holiday!! I hope you can update it in the near future, RenshuChan.

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 14) Feb. 13th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #85 on: February 14, 2015, 02:36:13 PM »
Ya-ho~! It's me XD
The 15th chapter is unexpectedly long, so I divide it into 2 part. I'll post the first part today, because the second part isn't finished yet :lol:


Mayura48: K-kawaii? Mou!!! >_< Anyway, thanks for the reply and the kind words. Don't praise me too much :lol:

Gyuchan, Minami-chan, Crosteks : JuriMayu shipper! High five!!! XD

Weird panda : Yes, yes, grandma *oops* XD. Let's see what will he do about his heart issue.

Anyway... Here's the first part of chapter 15, douzo!


Announcement day

"Can't you just look at it for me, Mayuyu? It's scary!" Yuki whined like a kid when they were on their way to see the announcement about the result of their test last week.

"You have to see it yourself, Yuki-kun. It's your result after all," Mayu smilingly said to him.

"Mou... I'm afraid Mayuyu," Yuki whined again while clinging on Mayu's arm.

It would be normal for Yuki if it was like the old days because he was sure that he would find his name near the most bottom place of the long list. But this time was different, Mayu had helped him. He concerned about the outcome, would it be good enough? Well, he wasn't targeting for the top 3, top 5 or top 10, he was just simply hoped his name would appear around the middle, it was enough for him.

"Aah, you're afraid if your name was on the most bottom of the list, aren't you?" Airio teased him. "Uwaa, Mayu-chan wouldn't like that. She will ask for a break up if you fail!" Airio continued.

Churi made him turned his gaze to her, "Airio-kun, don't scare Yuki-kun!" She said with a full of anger.

Airio turned to Yuki and tapped his shoulder, "I'm sorry Yuki? I was just- Whoaaa!!!" Airio startled to see Yuki's white face, he didn't even move an inch and just stood there like a statue.

"Yuki! Wake up! Yuki!" Airio shook his stiffened body and finally he moved.

Yuki turned to Mayu and shook her body furiously,"Th-that's a lie, right? Y-you won't leave me, right Mayuyu?"

Mayu answered while kept on shaking by Yuki's furious act, "Ca-lm do-wn Yu-ki-kun."

"Let jer go, baka," Yuiji gave a hard chop on Yuki's head to stop him.

"That's hurt, Yuiji!" Yuki's eyes teary because of the hard chop.

"Easy, Yuki-kun. Airio-kun was just joking, don't take it seriously," Mayu said and rubbed his head.

"Really?" Yuki asked.

"Yes, really," Mayu answered with a smile.

"You won't ask for a break up?"

"Of course, not."

"Whatever happen?"

Mayu paused, "Un," she nodded.

Yuki sighed in relief and smiled widely at Mayu. Mayu was somehow felt uneasy by his question before, saying whatever happen she wouldn't leave him was hard. When actually...

"Okay, okay, stop the drama already! Let's go!" Airio said.

All of them reached on the announcement board. All students' name who did the test were all there and listed by rank according to their scores. But there were so many students who also wanted to know about their scores and found their name. They were at the back of surrounding students.

The certain someone was feeling all nervous again, "Mayuyu..." He called.

Suddenly a hand dragged Yuki by his neck to go closer to the announcement board, "Come here,"

"W-wait! Jurio! Mayuyu, help me..." Yuki yelled and closed his eyes when they were walking closer.

Jurio dragged him until they stood right in front of the large board. "Yuki, open your eyes," he said.

"W-wait! I'm not ready yet!" He yelled while kept on closing his eyes with both of his palm.

"Come on, just open it," Jurio insisted. He tried to pull Yuki's palm from his eyes.

"N-no! W-wait!" Yuki struggled a few times but then defeated by Jurio's strength.

"Look, your name is here!" Jurio said.

Yuki really saw his name on the board. When he turned to the left to see the rank... "Uso... This is the biggest lie I've ever seen!" Yuki said.

"Baka, that's really your name. Rank 20 from hundreds of student is really something," Jurio said, chuckling at his best friend stupid comment.

Yuki turned to see his best friend then hugged him, "Yatta! I'm happy!" He yelled out his happiness.

"I know it, I know it. Now let me go, people are staring at us like we're a couple," Jurio whispered at Yuki's ear.

Yuki immediately let him go and pushed him aside. He faked a cough before ran to Mayu, "Mayuyu... I did it!!!" He said then hugged his beloved girlfriend.

"Yes, you did it very good, Yuki-kun. I'm proud," Mayu said between their hug.

Yuki pulled away from the hug, "Hey, what about you?" Yuki asked.

"Mayu-chan surprisingly ranked 2 and I ranked 3," Yuiji said while fixing his glasses. He turned again to the board and continued, "Churi ranked 32, Rena on 38 and Paru ranked 48. *Sigh, you did it well guys," Yuiji smiled.

"Eh? What about Jurio and Airio?" Yuki asked curiously.

"Jurio is on the first rank, as expected," Yuiji said. He chuckled before continued, "Airio is..."

"Airio is?" The rest of the group asked.

"He ranked 149 from 150 students," Yuiji held his laugh.

On the corner, the black aura Airio was scratching the wall with his nails in the most creepy manner. Churi herself, as his girlfriend, failed to cheer him up.

"I.. Fail... I... Lost to Yuki... I... I..." He mumbled while scratching the wall.

"That's why you have to study properly. Come on," Churi said as she was trying to pull him with her.

Airio turned his head backward slowly like what you see in the horror movie. His eyes were white with dark aura spreading around his body.

"Kyaaaa!!!" Churi yelled at the sight and went back to the group. Yuki came and tapped Churi's shoulder, gave a sign for her to leave this matter to him. Churi nodded and saw Yuki came to Airio.

Yuki tapped his shoulder and made him turned his head, "Hora, Airio. Don't be so sad," Yuki said in his most angelic voice.


"Come on,"


"It's okay, moreover..." Yuki's voice suddenly changed. "Buaaaka! Ranked 149 from 150 students is so shameful!" Yuki suddenly laughed in his most devilish manner.

"I in the old days even never reached that position, buaaaka!" Yuki continued.

"But ranked 147 in your old days didn't made so much difference from Airio though," Yuiji said on their back. Which made the others had to held his laugh.

"That's why you shouldn't underestimate me from the beginning," Yuki then put an arm around his shoulder. "Come on, just forget it," Yuki said. Finally he succeed on bringing him back to the group.

"Yosh, since I win the bet, let's go to the beach! Oh!!!" Yuki yelled.

"Oh..." The other replied weakly.

"Oi oi oi! Where's the spirit? Come on, we're going to the beach for 3 days ! Don't you feel excited?" Yuki asked.

Well, they weren't unexcited, they were actually had a lot of things running in their mind which Yuki didn't know what it was actually. It was their 'private' area that Yuki would never reach.

"We'll go at 7 p.m from the train station. Don't forget to bring your needs!" Yuki excitedly said.

But among those people who thought about how they would spend their time on the beach, two persons were selfishly thought about their heart matters.



"Beach....!!!" Yuki yelled while running to the beach side.

"Wait, isn't it too quiet for a beach? Why there's nobody's here?" Churi asked.

"Have you ever heard about private beach? This is a private beach," Yuki grinned widely at Churi.

"Wow, I don't know that Yuki-kun is this rich to have a private beach," Paru said.

"No, no, no," Yuki shook his head. "You know, Jurio and I had a bet and he would grant my wishes if I win. Because I win, this is my wish," Yuki explained.

"Jurio-kun's private beach?!" All of them shocked at the fact, except for Mayu, Yuki and Jurio himself.

"Yes! Come on, let's go!" Yuki lead the way and showed the other surprise.

"How big!" They shouted at the big resort where they would rest. Yuki just nodded, while Jurio was just being Jurio with his flat expression and didn't care of everything.

When they went inside, they were also surpirsed that the atmosphere suddenly changed. It wasn't like a usual resort, there were so many things had prepared for them. Foods, games, tv... They never imagined that Jurio had this kind of facility, and they never imagined that Yuki really used him for this holiday.

Airio dragged Yuki away from the others, "Yuki, isn't it too much? Aren't you just using him?" Airio asked.

"Well, I actually surprised that he did this much. I only told him to rent a resort for us to sleep. But he offered his family's private beach and resort. I'm surprised tou know!" Yuki explained.

"I thought, you..."

"I'm not that sly," Yuki rolled his eyes.

Because the beach was quite far and took a lot time to reach, they decided that on the first day they would just rest in the resort.


On the night time, when they were lazying around while watching television suddenly Jurio's phone rang. He stood up and walked away to answered his phone. The others didn't bother to ask since it was his privacy.

"Come to the beach side," Jurio commanded his friends.

All of them followed Jurio. When they reached the destination, Jurio showed them all they need for a barbeque party.

"Come on, don't just stand there," Jurio said.

"Yosha!" Yuki with full of spirit pushed his friends to come and enjoyed the barbeque party.

All of them enjoyed the barbeque party with their heart content. It was delicious and everyone already fulled by the meats.


After the barbeque party, they came back to the resort and rested to prepare their energy for the next day's event. They decided that boys and girls would sleep in two separated rooms.

Boys' room...

"Jurio, thanks for everything. And sorry if I cause a fuse for you," Yuki scratched his neck.

"No, it's okay. I'm just celebrating my bestfriend's success," Jurio smiled at him.

"Though one of us really had a success fail," Yuki eyed Airio. They chuckled together, "Once again, thank you," Yuki said.

"Aah, why can't we just sleep with the girls?" Airio protested at the decision of sleeping separately from the girls.

"Because it would cause us in trouble, especially you Airio. Your pervert mind is just too great," Yuiji said while closing his eyes and finding his best position to sleep under the warm blanket and futon.

"You're no fun!" Airio yelled.

"Let's sleep, it's late already," said Yuki before turning off the lamp.

Girls' room...

"Jurio-kun is really rich, isn't he? I'm surprised," Churi declared her amazement of Jurio.

"Right, he's handsome, smart, rich and kind. Rena-chan is really lucky," Paru trailed.

"Not really," Rena said while laying down on her futon.

Churi and Paru chuckled at Rena's plain respond. "What's with the cold respond, Rena-chan? He's your boyfriend, be happy!" Churi said.

"Nee, Mayu-chan. Yuki-kun really success on his test. He even surpassed us. You really great as a teacher," Paru said.

Mayu shook her head, "No, it was because of his great effort in studying. I was just helping him," Mayu smiled.

"I can't wait for tomorrow, though. Showing off my bikini to my boyfriend for the first time," Paru said.

The other two blushed at the mention of bikini. They brought one, but they didn't sure to wear it on the next day. They were just too shy to wear it.

"Well, even it's not the first time for me and Airio-kun go to the beach together, I'm still excited for tomorrow," Churi said.

After the short conversation, all of them drifted off to their deep slumber.


A/N : Please kindly wait for the second part of Chapter 15. The big event would reveal there.

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.1) Feb. 14th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
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Mayuki... :farofflook: 
Somehow I feel something bad will happen to them  :mon dunno:
Hopefully ... I'm wrong  :mon sweat:
Update soon  :onioncheer:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 14) Feb. 13th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
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That Yuki.. I'm speechless @_@"
Oh, yes, Jurio! Why do you separate the boys and girls? ( -,-)/
Zaki-san, you can't wait for showing ur bikini in tomorrow's event? Owh.. Same here~ cannot wait to read the next chapter *drooling*

Weird panda : Yes, yes, grandma *oops* XD
Do you trying to pick a fight with me? :on slopkiss: (the emoticon here doesn't really fit and doesn't really matter, so ignore it)

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.1) Feb. 14th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
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I feel you Rena, you aren't excited to reply Churi because even though your boyfriend is perfect, he doesn't love you :farofflook:
Next please! Can't wait to read the girls showing their bikini :shakeit: XD

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.1) Feb. 14th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #89 on: February 15, 2015, 12:44:35 PM »
This is the second part of chapter 15. I don’t know if it’s okay to post this :lol:
I thought I divide it into 2 part will make this chapter less longer, but actually it still quite long (for me) XD
I’m sorry for the awful description and for the not so interesting, long chapter.
I hope you won’t puke in the middle of reading it.


Yhuiii: Yes, something bad like my writing skill :lol:

Weird Panda: What makes you speechless? XD Zaki-san is really happy, it’s rare! :lol: I won’t pick a fight with you!!! Sumimasen! :bow:

Koyumichan~: You know that feel, I know that feel too! :farofflook:

Here’s the next chapter, douzo…


Beach Special

"Yay! Off to the beach!!!" Churi yelled, leading the girls and jumped to the beach.

It was the second day of their holiday. After resting for a day, they decided they would go to the beach to swim and maybe just played there. It would be just a waste if they came all along to this private beach if they didn’t enjoy it to the last.

And as they had prepared last week, the girls wore their bikini for this special holiday.

Churi wore a two-piece of a matching bikini for her. It showed quite a lot part of her body. Her chest were barely covered by the bikini top, as well as the bottom, and the tiny bikini strap which ended and tied behind her neck made it looked like the bikini would fall anytime soon.

Paru wore a two-piece of baby pink colored bikini that looked like two triangles covering her chest. The bikini bottom had a design like net around the waist with a tight-thin fabric covering 'that certain part'.

Mayu was kinda shy, so she wore an oversized white t-shirt to cover her body. Being in the same state as Mayu, Rena wore a hot pants and a plain t-shirt to cover her body, while actually they wore the bikini under those outfit.

"Take off that shirt, Mayu-chan! Rena-chan, you too!" Paru yelled.

"N-no! It's embarassing," Rena snapped at them.

"Come on, people in this whole area is just us, don't worry," Churi said.

"What about the boys?" Mayu asked.

"They won't do anything stupid, I'll protect you," Churi added.

After  being persuaded by Churi and Paru, they finally revealed their bikini under the outside garments they used before. They opened it and put their outfit around the beach.

Mayu wore a black colored bikini. It was a plain bikini with some lace around the upper and the bikini bottom. The bikini covered her breast quite well unlike Churi and Paru's one while the bikini bottom looked like a super tiny skirt that covered her bottom area. 

As for Rena, she wore a two-piece bikini with tiny flowers pattern and there was a tiny strap around the upper and on the two sides of the bikini bottom part around her waist.

"What a nice bikini you got there Rena-chan! I wonder what will happen if I pull the strap," Churi teased her.

"You're the one to say," Rena rolled her eyes.

Finally, they played around the beach and took some photos of them in bikini with many poses.

"I wonder where the boys are? Anyone of you know? " Churi asked. The others just shook their head.

Suddenly, a voice from their back was heard, "Sorry for the wait!" Yuki yelled as he waving his hand to the girls.

"Hey... Come here!" Churi and Paru called the boys to come to their direction.

The boys just simply wore trunks that ended right above their knees. They didn't wear any shirt, so their upper body was exposed under the bright sun.

It was their first time to see the boys’ shirtless body, well except for Churi who had ever seen Airio’s body since they came to the beach often. Yuki's body was quite built because he did some easy exercise on the weekend while Yuiji and Airio didn't have that well-built body. Both of them were just a nerd, Yuiji and his study and the god-knows-what book he read everyday, and Airio with his otaku life, only Churi who could break his heart from minding about 2Ds character.

And there the famous Jurio that almost every girls at school always squealing at. He had such a nice and fabulous body to drooled at with his toned abs. Somehow his dark short hair made him more glistening. As expected from the famous boy. The girls were slightly blushing while looking at him.

They came closer and talked to the girls. Airio and Yuiji quickly stood beside their girlfriends. While Yuki who realized that something strange asking, "Mayuyu, Rena-chan? What happen?" Yuki asked as he saw Mayu and Rena's head popped up from the water.

"A-eh, it's nothing, Yuki-kun," Mayu answered shyly.

"R-right..." Rena answered.

"Then stand up," Yuki asked her.

"A-ah, we'll just stay here. You can play with the others," Mayu said.

Yuki didn't buy the reason and pulled Mayu's arm so that she stood up immediately from the water. Unexpectedly, Rena also stood up because previously Mayu unconsciously grabbed Rena's hand to prevent Yuki's act and stayed on the water.

Both of them yelled a 'Kyaaa' after their body was exposed in front of the boys.

"Hmpf!" Airio muffled his breath and closed his mouth. He turned to Churi whispered to Churi, "I got a nosebleed." That made Churi furious and slapped Airio's shoulder.

"How come you got a nosebleed by seeing other girl's body?! Mou! I thought you only see me!" Churi whined.

"Ah, Mayuyu, you're so cute! Your bikini is cute as well!" Yuki squealed over her girlfriend's cuteness. Mayu just fell silent as she was still embarrassed by the fact that people's eyes were set on her at that time.

As for Jurio, he didn't say anything about Rena and Mayu's bikini. He looked like he didn't care about it. Or... Maybe he was just too good to hide his actual feeling? Who knows...

Put it aside, the group then played on the water. Yuki was having fun with his beloved girlfriend, splashing the salty water at the other and running here and there while playing with the boys.

“Nee, Jurio-kun, how can you have such a nice body?” Churi asked all of the sudden. Airio protested at his girlfriend, among all questions she could ask, why would she ask that? Airio’s feeling was hurt, he thought that maybe Churi didn’t love him anymore and shifted her heart to Jurio just because of his body.

“You know, Churi, this Jurio always go to the gym every Sunday to train,” Yuki said as his right arm encircled around Jurio’s neck.

“If you don’t mind, would you take this piece of fatty guy over here with you? He seems to gain more weight lately,” Churi sneered at Airio. Airio couldn’t say anything, he saw at his body. Right, his arms, thighs and also his stomach seems bigger in size compared to the other guys, including Yuiji, his hate-sport buddy.

“Well, I don’t mind it. Just don’t complain if it takes quite a lot time, his time for the 2D world will decrease a few hours,” Jurio answered.

“No, Churi, nooo… Please mercy me… Ask me anything but that, please…” Airio bent down to beg Churi and hugged her legs while crying.

All of them just laughed at Churi and Airio.

After some times of playing, Mayu, as the un-athletic person, suddenly felt tired and decided to rest by the beach side. She sat there while watching them play and fooled around.

Not long after, Jurio walked out from the water. He passed by Mayu's side and stole a short glance at Mayu while running to the other direction. Mayu smiled shyly at him and turned her gaze to the group who played on the beach. Yuki waved at her and she waved back. Mayu’s chest suddenly tightened when seeing Yuki’s smile. She was feeling guilty to the kind boy for not loving him the same way as he did.

"Drink?" A voice from beside her made her jumped in surprise. It was Jurio handling her a bottle of sports drink. "It's better than just a plain water," he added.

Mayu accept the bottle and mumbled a small thanks to him. The view of him from where she sat was wonderful. She could see the drip of sea water rolling down his fabulous body. He brought some more drinks and put it beside him as he sat down beside Mayu.

"Not coming back to them?" Mayu asked.

"I guess I'll just sit here. I'm pretty much tired as well," he answered while drinking up the sport drink from the bottle.

Mayu saw him drinking and couldn't take her eyes off of him. He looked at the others as he smiling, it wasn't like he never smiled though, but seeing him smile so up-close like this made her heart flutter. She shook her mind and drank the water slowly.

It was surprising for Mayu to find that Jurio came to her. They talked about the test, pretty much nonsense things as the atmosphere were strange enough if they would talk about another things.

"Thank you for helping Yuki," Jurio said.

"Oh, it's nothing, he did his best on studying though," Mayu responded.

"N-no, not that one. You know, the very first time I begged you to do something for Yuki," Jurio said. If that was about dating him, Mayu would prefer change the topic immediately.

"..." But nothing came out from her mouth.

Suddenly they both were shadowed by someone whom ended up as Rena.

"Excuse me, but if you don't mind, can I have a minute with my boyfriend over here?" She asked with the awfully unhappy tone.

"O-oh, well, take your time," Mayu answered with a rolling-eyes from Rena as the reply.

Rena grabbed Jurio's hand and pulled him with her, quite far from the others so they couldn't peek or hear what they were into.

When it was finally only the two of them, Rena stopped and looked at Jurio with her piercing eyes. "Explain," Rena commanded him softly.

"What?" Jurio asked in confuse.

"It's rare to see you came to her and talked casually like that. What's that inside your head?" Rena asked.

"It's nothing, I just feel like to," Jurio answered.

Rena wasn't happy and satisfied by his answer. She was sure that something would happen right after this, sooner or later. She folded her hands in front of her chest.

She looked up at Jurio and said boldly, "Kiss me."


"I said kiss me!" Rena said half yelling.

"I-I can't," he said.

"Why? You think about that girl, right? Jurio-kun, do you get that I love you?" She asked while her eyes become teary.

"I know that," Jurio answered. "But you know it much from the beginning that we're just faking," Jurio looked at her eyes.

"Damn it!" Rena snapped at him.

Jurio pulled Rena's shoulder and gave her a kiss on her forehead, "I'm sorry, Rena. We have to end everything here. I'm sorry for everything, and thanks for your help all this while. But I have made up my mind." Jurio said.


A hard slap landed on Jurio's cheek, Rena's hand was stinging because of it as well. Jurio saw Rena's tears flowing down her cheeks so much. Jurio gave her a hug to calm her down.

"I told you I hate to see girls crying, stop crying, please," Jurio begged. It was like their first encounter when Jurio hugged her and asked her to stop crying. Not long after, he left Rena and back to the beach side and saw his friends.

"You jerk, I hate you," Rena said between her sobs. Rena clenched her fist, she couldn't accept this. She just couldn't.

"I won't leave it just like this, Jurio. Let’s see what will happen,” Rena said after seeing Jurio’s back lost from her sight.


"Barbeque again?" The rest of the group surprised after hearing from Jurio that they would hold a barbeque party again at the second night.

They went to the beach side again and had the super delicious barbeque together. There was no way they would leave it like that if they got an offer of a barbeque party. They pretty much loved to eat.

"Jurio, you try to make us fat, don't you?" Airio said with his mouth full.

Jurio snatched all the barbeque from Airio's hand, "Then, stop eating, fatty," he teased.

"My barbeque!!!" Airio cried.

When the rest were focused on the barbeque, Jurio came to Mayu who sat alone on the bench.

"Ano, can we talk?" Jurio asked. Mayu just nodded and followed Jurio. Luckily nobody noticed their disappearance from the group because they were still enjoying the food and fooling around with each other, at least that's what they thought.

Jurio and Mayu walked along the beach, just the two of them.

--- Mayu's POV ---

It was surprising that suddenly Jurio-kun talked to me, first on the beach earlier and this was the second time. I was so sure he made my heart race in full speed just by his sight. We kept on walking side by side and getting far from the others as their voices were fading.

"Um, what is it that you want to talk to me?" I asked him because the silence wasn't comfortable for the two of us.

Jurio-kun stopped on his track, he turned to me and looked into my eyes, "Mayuyu…" he suddenly apologized to me and also leaned closer to my face and kissed me.

W-wait, am I dreaming?


"Yuki-kun," Rena called Yuki while he was roasting the barbeque. "Can I talk to you?" Rena asked.

"Oh, Rena-chan. What's up? Just talk," Yuki said while continuing his previous business.

"No, it's serious, come with me," Rena signaled him to come with her.

Rena brought him along with her. She was going to have a serious talk with him, "Look," Rena pointed her index finger to a direction.

"Isn't that Mayuyu and..." Yuki was about to run to the direction but he was held by Rena who grabbed his arms.

"Not now, let's just follow them," Rena commanded him. “He dumped me today,” Rena said while walking with Yuki.

“Eh? You and Jurio?” Yuki jumped in surprise. “Wh-why? How?”

“I know the exact reason of why he left me. And here I am, I’ll show you the reason,” Rena’s cold and dark aura was exposed and Yuki realized it was hatred.

They saw Mayu and Jurio stopped their track so they decided to stop as well and hide behind a tree. The sight was awful, Yuki witnessed before his own eyes, his best friend kissed his girlfriend there at the beachside under the moonlight.

“JURIO!!!” Yuki ran with all his might. Anger took his mind away and everything he saw was only Jurio.

“Good, Yuki-kun, let your anger take you and finish him,” Rena smirked behind the tree as the sight of a furious Yuki made her satisfy.

Mayu who was there on the scene only yelled hysterically because Yuki pushed Jurio on the sand and punched him like crazy.

“Help!!! Please help!!!” Mayu yelled with tears flowing on her cheek while Rena watching the sight in amusement.

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.1) Feb. 14th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #90 on: February 15, 2015, 12:55:11 PM »
I felt wht rena feel!
Oh a revenge!! I like it!!

You deserved that jurio!!

Ah my wmatsui and mayuki is gone now T.T

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.2) Feb. 15th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #91 on: February 15, 2015, 02:35:22 PM »
Goddamn Shit !!  :shocked this chapt really break my nerves !! Renshu-chan !! you really make a good scene in there !!

but... oh wait !! why you stopped at those part !! am i need to wait again ..?  :OMG:  oooh..i hate to wait for this chapter !!

And hey !! Rena being so cruel this time ? why !! are you really gonna make rena to become the antagonist ?

Next chapt !! hurry please !!! cant wait !!

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.2) Feb. 15th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #92 on: February 15, 2015, 02:39:46 PM »
Ah, don't worry be happy (?) I'm just act like a cool ass

I bet Jurio won't reply Yuki's punch. And I got a feeling that Jurio had planned this whole things. You're such a tricky person, Jurio. Yes~ keep that sly brain of yours. I like it.:kekeke:
You know, I'm still waiting for more Jurimayu scenes here, RenshuChan..

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.2) Feb. 15th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #93 on: February 15, 2015, 04:08:41 PM »
huaaahhhh  :cry: finally Jurio made up his mind.

you know, I was still hoping this story would end up as Mayuki and WMatsui. but then, I saw this chapt title and there written JuriMayuRenaYuki.

I guess.... you had made up your mind too Renshu-chan.

well, I'm not a fan of RenaYuki. what about you make Yuki end up with some other girl??? hehehehe *kidding*

Yuki-kun is just soooo kind to you Mayuyu!!! why you just cant love him back??!!  :bleed eyes:

and Jurio!!! stealing your bestfriend's girlfriend is a crime you know!!! :angry:

I'm sorry if I take this fic too emotianally. I just kinda frustated becoz Yuki wont end up with mayu T.T

but, author-san I'll still waiting for your updates (and also still believing in Mayuki ^_^)

good chapter by the way ^_^

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.2) Feb. 15th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
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oh noooo!!!

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.2) Feb. 15th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
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Am I JuriMayu shipper  :grr: so  :ding: :ding:
Rena what have you done  :scared: you Freaking Witch  :temper:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.2) Feb. 15th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #96 on: February 16, 2015, 03:26:48 PM »
Hello!!! Here's chapter 16!
Thank you for the replies and thank you for keep reading my lame fic :farofflook:

Gek geki: Yes, a revenge. Good that she didn't turn into Gekikara mode :lol: Sorry for disappointing you :bow:

Mayura48: I told you, I like the antagonist Rena, it's cute XD Sorry for cutting it at the crucial moment :bow: Thank you for the compliment :)

Weird Panda: Cool ass? Your ass got inside an ice? Wow, that's freezing cold! XD Well, you'll know what will happen at this chapter. He's sly and tricky? I don't think so :dunno:

Amachan48: Lot of wMatsui and Mayuki shipper here :lol: I wrote that because they are the main characters XD We'll see it later, okay? XD Thanks for the comment.

Minami-chan : Oh yeeeees!!! XD

Crosteks: :lol: Are you? Don't call Rena a witch! She's my favorite character :grr: LOL


The furious Yuki punched Jurio with all his power. All he saw there wasn't his best friend anymore, Jurio was his opponent who needed to be destroyed by his own hand.

"You bastard! God damn you Matsui! Aaargh!!!" Yuki yelled, let out his anger out from his system and punched him.

While he punch Jurio, all the memories they had were ran through his mind. All the laughed they shared, tears, fun, sad times, when Jurio first came to the school and Yuki came to him and started to be friends along with Yuiji and Airio. All those memories gave Yuki more power to beat him up.


Yuki was disappointed at his 'ex' best friend. "I trust you... I trust you all this time!" He cried.

Mayu kept on yelling, she hoped that her friends would come right away and separated Yuki and Jurio.

"Yuki-kun, please stop it!" Mayu begged. It was the first time Mayu witnessed an angry Yuki in front of her eyes.

Yuki didn't respond Mayu but kept punching Jurio crazily. "Why don't you punch me back, huh?" Yuki asked him while aiming for more punches on Jurio's face.

"I... Deserve it," Jurio answered while he was beating up by his best friend. His face was stinging in pain, but he knew sooner or later Yuki would find out and this couldn't be hold anymore.

While sitting on Jurio's stomach, Yuki pulled him by his colar, "I thought we're best friend... What kind of friend who steal his best friend's girlfriend?! God damn it! Aaargh!!!" Yuki aimied for the next punch when Airio and the others yelled at Yuki to stop.

"Yuki! Stop it!" Airio yelled.

But it couldn't be helped, that hardest punch had landed on Jurio's face no matter what happened. Yuki continued to punch him when suddenly Airio and Yuiji grabbed his arms and pulled him away from Jurio. But even so, Yuki's feet was still free and he stole the chance to kick him on his stomach.

"Oh my god, Yuki, stop it!" Yuiji and Airio pulled him.

Jurio was curling up on the sand holding his stomach and his bloody face which was in pain. He cought for a few times and spitted out blood from his mouth. But that wasn't as hurt as what Yuki felt, right? He knew it exactly, thus he didn't fight him back.

"J-Jurio-kun!" Mayu bent down and looked how Jurio was beaten up by Yuki.

"You sly, dirty mind. From now on, you're no longer my best friend, nor friend, nor that I know you, bastard!" Yuki spat out his left power.

Jurio only heard it because he was still curling up on the sand. He felt horrible toward his own best friend. Yuki kicked him with his feet one last time before left the scene immediately, he didn't even mind about Mayu anymore. Yuiji and Paru followed Yuki and went back to the resort while Mayu, Churi and Airio helped Jurio.

"Come, get up big guy," Airio said while he bent down and helped Jurio to stand up.

Churi helped Mayu and calmed her down, she was crying because she witnessed the earlier scene. Moreover, they fought because of her. She was feeling bad at Yuki. The three of them then went back to the resort and tend Jurio's wound.

While the certain someone was laughing behind the tree, "Well, I don't have to lay my hands down, Yuki-kun had done everything for me." She came back to the resort as well.


"What's actually happen between both of you?" Airio asked. Jurio's wound was being treated by Airio.

"I kissed Mayu, he saw us, and things happened," Jurio said while hissing in pain everytime Airio touched the wound to sterylized it and closed the wound with band aid.

"You deserve it," Airio sneered.

"I know," Jurio sighed.

"Oh, well. Things like that happen a lot to people around the world," Airio stated as the matter of fact.

Jurio was a bit surprised with Airio's respond. He didn't judge him wrong, but he didn't say that Jurio was right either.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault," Mayu said.

"No, it's mine since the very beginning," Jurio said while laying his body down on the couch. "You better meet Yuki," Jurio stated. He was still thinking about Yuki after all the things happenned.

While they were talking in the living room, Rena passed them without even took a single glance at them.

"Rena-chan, where have you.... Eh, she ignored me?" Churi said. "Jurio-kun, something happen?" Churi turned her gaze to Jurio.

"We broke up," Jurio answered shortly.

"What?!" Churi and Airio shocked about what Jurio had said.

"So that's why..." Mayu closed her mouth in shock.


"You're strong, you beat him so much, and you hurt yourself so much," Yuiji chuckled at him.

"He stole my girlfriend and kissed her right in front of my eyes. What would you do if you're in my shoes?" Yuki coldly asked at him.

"Maybe I'd do the same, Yuki," Yuiji said and tapped his shoulder. "But what if you hear their reason?" He suggested.

"Are you in their side?!" Yuki glared at Yuiji.

"No, it's not like I stand for you or them, maybe you'll understand something," Yuiji answered.

"Whatever it is, the fact that he stole my girlfriend couldn't be ignored. It's unforgivable," Yuki clenched his fist.

"Okay, I'll leave you. You can consider my suggestion," Yuiji said then left the room.

When Yuiji and Paru opened the door, they were a bit surprised to find Mayu behind the door.

"Oh, Mayu-chan," Paru greeted her.

"Hi, um, is Yuki-kun inside?" She asked.

"Yes, come in, we're about to leave," Yuiji answered and made a way for Mayu. They left the room and closed the door. Now there were only Yuki and Mayu in the room.

"Yuki-kun," she greeted Yuki. She was stepping closer to Yuki but with a hesitant step. She was afraid and hesitant if Yuki didn't want to talk to her and would ask her leave the room.

"..." Yuki didn't answer, he averted his gaze to the wall, not even a slight bit he wanted to face Mayu at that time. Eventhough she was his beloved girlfriend.

"W-we need to talk. I mean, the three of us," Mayu hesitantly told Yuki. Maybe it sounded like the most stupid idea to have a talk after the frightening incident, but Mayu thought it would clear things up.

"For what?" He asked without turning his gaze to Mayu.

"Let's clear up the mess," Mayu said.

"I don't want to," Yuki coldly answered. Then Yuki suddenly stood up, he walked and stopped in front of Mayu, "If Rena didn't bring me there, I don't know what will happen after he kissed you," Yuki stated.

"Rena-chan?" Mayu was surprised that Yuki wasn't following them alone, he was with Rena. Now Mayu felt more than horrible. Eventhough Rena and Jurio had broken up, it seemed like Rena wouldn't just let it be.

"Right. If it's not because of her, maybe that bastard would fvck you behind my back, am I right?" Yuki asked in a soft but piercing tone.

"Yuki-kun, please don't say that," Mayu begged and listened to it from Yuki's mouth was the worst.

"I won't say that if I didn't see him kiss you, Mayu!" Yuki's anger went to the edge.

"I'm sorry, Yuki-kun," Mayu looked up at him while her tears started to flowing on her cheeks.

"Let's just end it," Yuki said.

"What?!" Mayu surprised at it. She didn't know that Yuki would give up so fast when she was about to tell him to break up a while ago before entering the room.

"Maybe I was just stupid to believe at the goosebump thing. It lead me into nothing. Even when we were dating, you didn't look very happy. It's different when you talk to him and when you talk to me," Yuki told her.

Mayu listened to him carefully and her tears came out more when she heared the next.

"There was the time when I thought that you never loved me even a bit. But I shrugged that thought out of my mind, thinking that maybe I was just dreaming and it was stupid. But tonight, I realize that it wasn't just my crazy thought, it was real after all," Yuki smiled bitterly while telling his story.

"After this vacation and we go back to school, please don't ever contact me, don't ever call me and come to me," Yuki continued.

"Wh-what do you mean, Yuki-kun?" Mayu gasped.

"We're nothing after this, I don't know you, and you don't know me. As simple as that," Yuki said.

"I... I can't. It's impossible! We can be friend, Yuki-kun," Mayu begged. She too, agreed about the broke up, but she couldn't just forget him and acted like nothing ever happened between them just like that! It was hard for her to believe.

"What? Friend? Don't imagine things, Mayu. Being friends with your ex is impossible. I don't want to, it's hurt Mayu," Yuki clutched on his heart.

Mayu who heard this cried as well. She never knew that Yuki would say things like that. Saying it was impossible for them to be friend, he even didn't want to know her anymore. But Mayu could understand how hurt Yuki was. It was her fault and Jurio's fault since the very beginning. They made things more complicated and destroyed their friendship. Too many failures they had done and caused things ended up in a completed mess. If only they could turned back the time, but they knew it was impossible. Nothing could be turning back, they just had to take the conscequences.

Yuki took a deep breathe and let it out. With his cold face he bowed his head, "Thank you for everything, Watanabe-san. Now if you don't mind, please leave the room. I need to take a rest," Yuki turned around and laid down on the futon.

Listened that Yuki called her by her family name wasn't pleasurable for her. She decided to leave the room, "Good night, Yuki-kun." She closed the door.

She left Yuki alone in the room who was crying silently on his futon. "It's hurt that I love you, Mayu," he curled up his body and tried to forget everything and drifted off to sleep.


The next day

It was awkward, an awkward rode on the train. It wasn't a pleasurable ride after the night before a big quarrel between Yuki and Jurio strike.

They sat separately. Well, it was just Yuki and Rena who sat further from the others. Yuki sat in the most front seat, while Rena in the most back seat and the rest were right in the middle between both Yuki and Rena in a row, Churi and Airio, Yuiji and Paru, and Jurio, there wasn't any other choice so he sat with Mayu.

Churi and Airio stood from their seat. Churi looked at Rena's seat while Airio looked at Yuki's seat. Yuki wore his headphone and surely listen to some songs as his head bunching up and down while he closed his eyes. While Rena, she just sat there with a cold eyes and had no interest around her.

"Uwaa, this is terrible, isn't it?" Airio commented.

"Like we never know any of them," Churi added. They sat back after commented on them.

"Well, it couldn't be helped because the culprit is here," Yuiji commented while reading his book.

"I'm sorry," Jurio who heard that bowed his head a little.

Paru nudged Yuiji on his ribs, "Tsk, sorry Jurio," Yuiji from behind Jurio's seat said, he rolled his eyes and continued to read.

The conversation ended between them, more like they were busy with their own respective couple.

Jurio faced Mayu who sat beside him, "I'm sorry for causing the trouble."

"No, it's okay, I'm sorry too because Yuki-kun made you like this," Mayu said when she could see bruises all over Jurio's face, he was well beaten up by Yuki.

"He has the right to do so anyway, no need to sorry," Jurio chuckled.

The silence fell between the both of them. Mayu who sat near the window just looking outside. She didn't know what she saw anyway. Many things took her mind, she didn't even remember what were the things she was thinking about. Some which clear was the fact that she broke up with Yuki and her chance to be with Jurio finally opened. But there was an unease feeling that lingered on her heart.

"Last night," Jurio started and gained Mayu's attention as she turned her gaze to Jurio. "Last night, what did you and Yuki talk about?" He asked.

Right, she hadn't told Jurio because last night she came to the room to rest. The sight of Rena's body laid there still remembered by her clearly.

"I was thinking that the three of us need to talk, but Yuki-kun ignored it and..." Mayu hesitant for a little while before continued, "He... He decided to break up with me," Mayu finished her sentence with a bitter smile on her face.

Jurio let out a long sigh and laid his head on the train seat, "And then?" He asked again.

"He asked me to act like there is nothing between us after this, he doesn't want to be my friend anymore," Mayu's eyes went teary all of a sudden.

"I don't know that he'll go that far," Jurio closed his eyes.

The sniffing and sobbing sound could be heard coming from beside him. Mayu cried. Jurio's hand came up to her cheeks, he wiped the tears.

"If I didn't ask you to date him that day, maybe it will never happen," Jurio said.

"No, if only I didn't do as you said, maybe it will never happen," Mayu said.

"Both of us are stupid after all," Jurio jokingly said. Mayu laughed, it was irronically right.

"I wonder what will happen after this," Mayu trailed.

Jurio grabbed Mayu's right hand with his left hand. He grabbed it tightly and turned to face Mayu, "Who knows, but we'll face it together," Jurio smiled at Mayu.

Mayu smiled. Slowly but surely, Jurio's face coming closer to her face as she leaned closer too. Jurio's hand cupped Mayu's cheek as they shared a soft and sweet kiss. It wasn't long since they were in public place.

They pulled out and smiled at each other, "I can't believe we did it in public place," Jurio whispered at Mayu.

"Me too," Mayu said.

Both of them releaxing their body on the seat. While keep holding hands, they drifted off to sleep.


A/N : Nante nee XD Well, it's not over yet! See you in the next chapter :D And did you realize something? I just realized that I mistaking the character name. Yuji's name had turned into Yuiji :lol: :lol: :lol: XD XD XD
Well, from now on he's Yokoyama Yuiji. Please take care of his new name XD XD XD

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 16) Feb. 16th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #97 on: February 16, 2015, 04:09:11 PM »
you know what Reshuchan, I cried a lot when I read this chapt. poor Yuki-kun :cry: .

Jurio, Mayu!!! look what have you two done to our lively Yuki-kun!!! :angry:

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.2) Feb. 15th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #98 on: February 16, 2015, 04:28:27 PM »
Hahh~ so sweet. Great RenshuChan! I really want to kiss your brilliant brain right now.

Weird Panda: Cool ass? Your ass got inside an ice? Wow, that's freezing cold! XD
I.. well.. umm.. *sighed* okay, you caught me. It's not that cold, you should try it yourself

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Re: Ren's Weird Fic : The Goosebump (Ch. 15.2) Feb. 15th. (JuriMayuRenaYuki)
« Reply #99 on: February 16, 2015, 11:52:12 PM »

Jurio grabbed Mayu's right hand with his left hand. He grabbed it tightly and turned to face Mayu, "Who knows, but we'll face it together," Jurio smiled at Mayu.

Mayu smiled. Slowly but surely, Jurio's face coming closer to her face as she leaned closer too. Jurio's hand cupped Mayu's cheek as they shared a soft and sweet kiss. It wasn't long since they were in public place.

They pulled out and smiled at each other, "I can't believe we did it in public place," Jurio whispered at Mayu.

YES!!  :wub: :wub:

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