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Title: Yellow's Dramas - [24-Nov-2012] Love Fools (TakaGaki) Part 2+OMAKE
Post by: weird on December 03, 2012, 02:50:07 AM
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Title: Yellow's Dramas - Love Fools (TakaGaki)
Post by: weird on December 03, 2012, 02:51:31 AM
Love Fools
 Prologue (
 Part 1 (
 Part 2 (
 OMAKE: The origin of Derito… (
Title: Yellow's Dramas - [23-Nov-2012] Love Fools (TakaGaki) Prologue
Post by: weird on December 03, 2012, 02:55:45 AM
Love Fools

A misunderstanding leading the two in love to be separated…

An attempt to face things up in exchange for the eternal devotion…

The ones whom are truly in love are love fools…

hope you guys like it. :kneelbow:
Title: Yellow's Dramas - [23-Nov-2012] Love Fools (TakaGaki) Part 1
Post by: weird on December 03, 2012, 02:57:57 AM
Love Fools
Part 1




“Wake up!”

A bucket of cold waters comes splashing onto the face of the person who by the name of Risa.


“My bed is wet again!” that trademarked eyebrows of Risa went downwards as he sighed.

“Aichan, why has to always use this way to wake me up.” Risa frowned as he said.

But when he opened his eyes, that person he called was no longer in sight.
“Ha… I dreamt about her again.” Risa, feeling a sense of helplessness towards his dream, scratched his messy short hairs and got off his bed.

Risa's OS:

"If that day I haven’t been so impulsive, our relationship would not have concluded.

 Ai, I really have regretted over my acts...

I miss you, really miss you…”


2 years ago…



Outside the room came the waking calls of somebody to wake someone up.

Like usual, without any knock, that somebody opened the door of room belonging to that someone by the name of Risa.
In front of her was the unsightly scene that she has never wished to see.

On the bed, there were two naked bodies lying motionless under the sheets. Around the bed were the scatters of dumped clothes.

Seeing this, Ai (i.e. that somebody) could not comprehend the situation and felt very upset and angry. Then she went off and closed the door of the room with a soundly huge bang. Subsequently, she left the apartment belonging to her lover.


When the door was forcefully closed, the two persons on the bed woke up due to the vibrations from the loud bang. At the same time, that someone sleeping next door also awoke from a shock due to that big bang that happened.
The trios coincidentally cursed, “DAMN YOU, wanna tore the (my) house apart so early in the morning?!!”

Then the two naked persons on bed, with their eyes met, they continued where they have left last night…


At the same time, that someone next door entered a conversation of his own…

“Ee! It’s nine.”  looking at the alarm on the night stand besides the bed.

“How come Aichan still yet to appear to wake me up?!” He puzzled.
After the mini conversation to himself, he then realized he has lent his bedroom to his half-blooded brother, Tanaka Reina. The little brat has brought her girlfriend, Sayumi, along to party in his house, leading him to lend out his room for the couple and had to spend his night in the guest room.

And the most unforgiving thing is… he has forgotten to tell his beloved girlfriend about it in their night call.

“If she has been here, and entered that room,and saw… ” Risa was totally taken aback at his thoughts.

Thinking that what his girlfriend might have seen and misunderstood, he quickly got off the bed and changed to his outing wear. Using that speed that can nearly break the Guinness World records, he rushed his way to look for her beloved girlfriend for explanation.


When he reached his girlfriend’s place, her angry girlfriend saw him and entered her bedroom and locked her boyfriend out of her territory.

 “Aichan! Open the door!”

“Please open the door and give me the chance to explain myself, please?”

“Aichan, take it that I am begging you, please?”

“Aichan, please open the door and listen to me.”

Risa trying his best to explained himself while he hit the door of the room with his bare hand.
2 hours later...

It is noon.

Risa was still outside the room, trying his best to get into the room to explain himself, has reached his limit. So he got fused up and started to threaten his girlfriend.
When Risa was readied to break the door and get in, the door of the room opened.

Because of this, Risa clumsily fell onto her beloved girlfriend where they came falling onto the ground with Risa on top of the girl.

In fear that his girlfriend will get away from him, he has no intention to get off her and held her firmly onto the ground despite of her struggles to explain that misunderstanding.

Supposedly, the outcome should be so.

However Risa, seeing her beautiful girlfriend below him and recalled about that thrilling live broadcast in his apartment last night and morning just before he rushed to find the girl below him and in thinking that they haven’t have such game of their own for a long time.

Without much thought, he has his urge over him and forced himself onto the struggling and unwilling girl below him.

After that session…

Risa was totally drained and laid motionlessly on top the girl who was at the same state as him.

When he slightly regained his strength, he got off the girl and sat beside her, letting her to sit up from her lying position.

Unexpectedly, subsequently that followed was a tight slap to his face.
“You are a total jerk!”

“In the morning, on your bed, you are making love to someone else. Now, no, I mean just no long ago, you are forcing yourself on me!” as she said, she broke down into desperation.
Originally, Risa seeing so, hugged his lover close to him intended to let her vent her frustrations on him through hitting him hard, so to lessen his sins towards her.

However, when she got near him, she went to his shoulder and gave him a painful bite. That terrible pain agitated the man and without controlling his strength, he slapped the girl and caused her to fall into unconsciousness.
Seeing so, feeling mad, he carried the girl to her bed and took her off once more, leaving his marks of dominance on her.


After that sinful act upon the girl…

Risa once again, feeling exhausted and laid lifelessly on her to regain his strength while the girl was still in her unconsciousness.
While he was regaining his strength, he subconsciously toyed the body under him, totally care less about that crimson red stain below her.


Finally he regained his strength and felt a bit refreshed and realized what he has done to the girl again. He regretted.
Unfortunately, in this world, there is some remedy for regrets. Moreover, there is some power where one could time travel back to erase the aftermath that caused. 


Putting their clothes back, Risa kneeled down on the ground besides the bed where the unconscious girl was after planting his devoted kiss on her forehead. And carefully laid the cover over her, awaiting for his beloved princess to regain her consciousness.

At the same time, he was thinking how he could explain that misunderstanding and to seek for her forgiveness for his sinful acts.
Not knowing how long the time has passed, Ai finally awoke. As the result of her hell like pain coming from her body, she was unable to make her move.

So she stayed motionless but turned her head to investigate the surrounding and saw that sinful man. Feeling helpless, she once again broke down into desperation and cried, crying her heart out.

Seeing so, Risa went to hug his girlfriend in hoping he could calmed her down. Knowing that this is a possibility for her to bite him again, he was totally care less as he knew he was in the wrong, totally in a great mistake to do that sinful act to her.
As expected, Ai went to his other shoulder and gave him a good bite to vent out her hatred for him to land her in such a nightmare.

After a long time of endure to the pain from the merciless bite from his beloved girlfriend, Risa collapsed out to the loss of blood.

Upon discovering of her lover’s unconsciousness, Ai released her bite and reached for his cellphone in his pocket to call for the ambulance.
Soon, the attendants came and sent both of them to the hospital.

Ai, because of her weak body condition and believed to suffer from some trauma had to admit to the hospital for a night. In addition to her pregnancy, she has to extend her admission for another day for further examination while Risa was admitted for a night due to his unconsciousness.

After a night of unconsciousness, Risa finally awoke.

Immediately after he awoke, he went through the procedures and got himself discharged and rushed to his girlfriend’s place for explanation for the unresolved misunderstanding.

But the owner of the place did not come home. Hence fore, Risa spent a night there.

The next day, Ai was finally got back home.

But when she saw Risa, she was once again agitated, intending not to hear any words from him, she chased him out of her place.
And so, day after day, Ai still not able to bring herself to forgive her sinful boyfriend ignored him totally despite of his visits.

With intention to break up with him, she changed the pin for access to her place.
All these whiles, Risa has really felt remorseful over his acts so he had tried his best to find that chance to explain himself to her. But, always being rejected and got locked outside her place.

So after three months, he finally gave up, totally accepting the fact that his lover was leaving him because of the total disappointment she has on him.

From then on, the life without her, to him was totally meaningless so he could only lived his life like a living dead.


Risa’s OS:

“I has once promised you that I will never be that person to do anything that hurt your heart and you, but be the one to give you happiness.

However, I have eaten up my own words. I hurt you by doing something so unforgiving.

I have regretted and you have left me.
My love, be it what has happened, I really love you.

Goodbye my love…”

to be continued…
hope you guys like it. :kneelbow:
Title: Yellow's Dramas - [24-Nov-2012] Love Fools (TakaGaki) Part 2
Post by: weird on December 03, 2012, 03:02:18 AM
Love Fools
Part 2

Ai’s OS:

“My beloved…
You have broken that promise that you have given me.
What am I really to you?
How could you possibly treat me as to your own liking, at your own mercy?
Niigaki Risa, I hate you!
I hate you!!
Hate you to CORE!!!”


Before leaving Risa, Ai already has knowledge of her pregnancy but she did not know how to break the news to her boyfriend.

However before she could tell him anything about it, that incident happened.

After that incident, Ai just knew that she hated that man to core and once has thought to abort his child after she set her mind to leave him. But that time, she was diagnosed that if she would to abort that child, she might lose her chance to a mother again. So, in the end she made her choice and let the child be born.

Moreover, she has also suffered psychologically from a very bad trauma until she ended up in deep insomnia as whenever she closed her eyes to rest she will start to have nightmares with that scene will repeat over and over again on itself.

Hence fore, she has deepened her hatred for him, where he has been so merciless and ruthlessness to land her into such a miserable and pathetic state, and for his broken promise to her.

However, when she saw their son growing up every single day, and starting to resemble like that man, her heart has softened.

Especially, when she got knowledge of what really have happened 2 years ago, from his brother, Reina and knew that she have mistaken him for being heartless.

After the misunderstanding has cleared, she then realized that all these whiles, all her hates she has for Risa were actually affections.

So, that night, she has made up her mind to bring their son to meet him.

However, when she appeared outside the doorway, she lost her faith and courage to go further. Hence, she watched him from outside.
Seeing him, like how Reina has described to her of his well-being after their breakup, where Risa has grew thinner and looked fragile than before, her heart aches.

Just like that, Ai stood outside his apartment unit and just watched over that man she has loved so deeply for a long time.

Finally, Risa noticed her. Immediately, he acted upon his thoughts and rushed out to where she was and hugged her tightly in his arms. However, in doing so has somehow made the little boy in her arms to wail as the result of sudden suffocation he was experiencing.

Upon hearing to the toddler’s wails, Risa released Ai from his embrace and got startled at what he has seen – the woman whom he loved is a mother now?!

“She’s married?!!”

Despite of his incomprehension, he still let them into his place.

After Ai has entered the place, she examined the surrounding and realized that there isn’t any change to the setting; it was exactly like 2 years ago when she left him.

 With the toddler still wailing away, Ai went back and forth in the living room, trying my best to appease this little guy in her arms while Risa quietly came settle down at a side on the couch near her to watch her appeasing the little one in her arms.

Finally, the little one was appeased and went to his sleep, soundly in his mother’s arms.

Realizing the toddler has fallen asleep, Ai carefully left him at one side of the couch while she came settled down beside the sleeping toddler, opposite Risa and at the same time, watching over the little one in his sleep, in hoping the man she still love to break the silence and asked her something.

After a long silence, her wait seemed avail so she decided to break the dead air and she looked up at him.


“Ahm, he is…” she also has no idea how she is going to introduce this little one to his father.

Looking at the soundly sleeping boy again, she told him his name, in hoping that you could understand my motive.


But, somehow like Risa have always been, a totally blockhead totally could not catch her hint to him.

“Derito ?! It’s an interesting name.”

“He looks like you.”

“He’s cute.”

Risa got up from where he was and walked over to the sleeping boy and caressed his little face.

“Your husband is fortunate to marry such a beautiful wife like you and being a father to such a cute boy like Derito.” he frowned as he said but soon his facial expression recovered immediately, in hoping that Ai would not catch it.

“Mmm… congrats… I congrats you for having such a blissful marriage life” where he frowned further as he said his blessing to the woman he love.

Seeing Risa totally saying something opposite of his true means, Ai could no longer stand it anymore. So, she got up and in front of the man she love, holding up his cheek to look at her.

“Risa is an idiot!”

After listening to her “scolding”, he felt ridiculous and stunned.

Seeing Risa reacted so, Ai continued.

“Silly you, I’m still available” raising up her left hand to his eye level to show him.

Subsequently, before to wait for him to react further, she went straight to his embrace and started hitting on his chest and vent out her frustrations on him.

“Risa is an idiot!”

“It was entirely your fault.”

“It was you to have land me into such a state, causing me to be still on shelf.”

“It’s entirely your fault!”

“You are an idiot!”

Like always, whenever she was throwing her tantrum on him, she hit him hard on his chest.

“How could you be so dishonest?”

“Keep telling me all the opposite you have meant!”

 “Give me you’re the sincerest blessing than you think it is when you do not mean it at all.”

“You big fat liar!”

Unconsciously, as she vented her frustration, her tears came rolling down her face as she continued her abuse on his chest.
“Idiot! Idiot!! Niigaki Risa, you are a big idiot !!!” as Ai was venting her frustrations on him, Risa could only held her tight in his embrace in hoping she could feel appeased soon after in doing so.


After long hours of venture, Ai finally calmed down and collapsed into her lover’s embrace and she closed her eyes to rest.

Seeing Ai so, Risa, acting upon his own will, carried her to his room and laid him on his bed to rest. Subsequently, he went out to carry the soundly sleeping boy in and place him besides his mother.

Soon after, instead of staying with them, he decided to make his leave. Upon seeing his intention, Ai got up and went to hug him from his back to stop him from leaving.

“Risa, please don’t leave.”

Upon hearing this, he turned and hugged her back.

“Why can’t I leave?”

Upon hearing his question, Ai went up to one of his ears and whispered.

 “Risa is a big idiot!”

Upon hearing this, he felt a bit ridiculous and looked at his lover while she looked down and blushed shyly.

Seeing her like his, he somehow has caught her hint and instantly he ran his arms under her knees and carried her in his arms and went to the next door and laid her flat onto the bed in the middle of the room.

Instead of joining his lover on the bed, he made his leave to the next door after telling his lover that he was worried about his son having bad sleeping postures and wanted to secure him in his sleep with cushions to prevent him from falling off the bed in the middle of the night.

After hearing to what he has told her, she was totally amazed over his knowledge for that bad habit of the little boy as the fact the father is meeting the son for the first time tonight.

After settling the little one, he entered the room and made love to his lover.


After that session…

“Wow, it feels so great! It has been a long while I have such a release.” This is the first pronouncement from him after their loving session.

“My love, I miss you” He brought her closed to him and laid his peck on her forehead.

“Risa, I miss you too” Ai went straight to his lips and laid her faithful peck on his.

Then she laid herself on him where he comforted her with his gentle caresses on her to soothe her into her sleep.

That night, in his embrace, Ai finally entered the sweet dreamland that she has have missed for the past two years.

 i have never vent frustrations on people before so be understanding for the venting part if not logical and flowing.
anyway, hope you guys like it. :kneelbow:
Title: Yellow's Dramas - [24-Nov-2012] OMAKE: The origin of Derito…
Post by: weird on December 03, 2012, 03:06:05 AM

this OMAKE is to explain the origin of the name of their child...
Gaki is a blur king  :smh
the story is presented in Ai's POV...

Love Fools
The origin of Derito…
“If we have a son in future, let name him as Derito.”


This name was given by you after one of our loving sessions when we were still together…

That time, you hugged me and jokingly said: 

“Hee... Aichan”  :D

“I am so hungry for you, every day, every moment” :D

“I have a feeling one of these days we will sure have shotgun marriage” :P

“If we ever have a son in future, let name him Derito.” :P

That time, after saying this, without waiting for my reply, you sealed me with your kisses and make love to me once again.


*: The meaning of the name is longing, desire.

hope you guys like it. :kneelbow:
Title: Yellow's Dramas - [24-Nov-2012] Love Fools (TakaGaki) COMMENTS+FEEDBACKS
Post by: yellow on December 03, 2012, 05:55:36 AM
Comments and Feedback for Love Fools (Prologue + Part 1)

what's this?  :O

Risa and Reina are guys!!!  :lol:

Aichan is pregnant?!?  :shocked

what are u thinking? but this is interesting!!

Interesting start


 :thumbup but it is ending soon :)

Comments and Feedback for Love Fools (Part 2 + OMAKE)

Deritoooooo!  :inlove:

Finally is cleared!!  :wub:

they're going to live happily not ever after but happily!!  :wub:

Thanks writting this it was interesting seeing Risa as a guy!  :thumbsup

yup so  :?
let take it is happily ever after with all those abuses of love from his wife on him  :peace: along with cockblocked periods to get by XD

importing the relevant...
Title: Re: Yellow's Dramas - [24-Nov-2012] Love Fools (TakaGaki) Part 2+OMAKE
Post by: yellow on January 05, 2013, 03:12:37 PM

I will be MIA until end of May due to my personal engagement in my busy schedules between work and school. I am quite tied up with my own time due to travelling from place to place everyday. For this time being, I will temporarily paused my updates on fictions.