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Author Topic: Maachan the Great : Chapter 6 (10.30.13)  (Read 10643 times)

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Maachan the Great : Chapter 6 (10.30.13)
« on: May 07, 2013, 12:46:12 PM »
I'm kinda new here so....  :nervous
you can call me anything you like ..... :nervous
And I made a fanfic a tribute to maachan since it's her birthday   :D
hope you like it  :nervous

Chapter 1 (05.07.13)

Once there was a young girl who had mystical powers, she knows the answer to everything when someone asks a question.
When she reached the age of  14 her power became a wonderful thing to the people that needs anwers.
She made "the booth of  all answers" and called herself with Maachan the great together with her assistant Harunan the sweet honey.
If Maachan goes for adventure outside or going to school, sometimes Harunan will take her place and change the sign to "Sweet Sweet Honey Time" and teaches people english. And when Harunan is out Maachan will do this herself and always says "Good that yellow girl is gone" and Harunan will sned telepathy messages saying "It's honey not yellow" Maachan has good earnings for her job. If someone tries to rob them harunan will wipe them out using maigc or using weapons.
This might be some boring Story but don't worry i'll make it more interesting.


Name: Sato Masaki
Nickname: Maachan , Maachan the great
Origin: Somewhere American
Occupation: Student, Booth of all answers
Likes: Duu, Tanasatan
Hates: Bears, Tanasatan's Graduation

Name: Iikubo Haruna
Nickname: Ms. Honey, Harunan
Origin: Somewhere french
Occupation: Booth of all Answers, Sweet Sweet Honey Time
Likes: Everything
Hates: Calling Honey Yellow


Chapter 1 - The First Customer

One beautiful day at the Booth of all answers Maachan is getting ready for action at her first day at the booth.
"YOSHI! TIME TO MAKE HISTORY ! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO" Maachan Shouted will full tension and harunan laughed with her
One hour later
No customers
After an 3 Hour
Still no customers
Another Hour Passes
Still no signs of human life that is interested on her booth
"Harunan! use your magic to attract customers!" The Impatient Maachan said half shouting while looking at the girl wile eating a honey treat
"Ehhh? isnbmp dabpt cheatinbg ?"
"Don't talk while your mouth is full Honey and do it..." Maachan said with low tension almost losing her hope...
"I think i'll Close this booth....hope we have customers tomo-" Before maachan can turn the sign to closed a young pretty handsome looking boy around her age stopped her
Maachan suddenly changed her mood and regained her tension she has this morning "he's cute hihi" Maachan thought with hearts popping out from both of her eyes like on shoujo mangas. "Excuse me? May I ask the letters of the girl that loves me?" The guy asks her
"But first tell me your name (cute guy)" maachan giggle through her mind
"This girl..." Harunan mumbled while reading Maachan's Mind
"Kudo Haruka is my name miss"
"okay duu the letters are in different orders"
"okay....please tell me"
"The letters are...."I" "A" "S" "M"..." Maachan told the letters of her name and still fangirling over her mind
"I,A,S,M ? it should be daishi right ? Ishida Ayumi ^o^ "Haruka said to Maachan in Relief while Maachan looked with a sad face and Harunan looking interested.
"She's crying alot inside XD "Harunan said while loling on her mind
"Yes. It should be Daishi I'm going to confess to her tomorrow" Haruka looked at his phone while smiling "She texted me" Haruka's Smile grew wider as she recieved a text from a girl named Ishida Ayumi.
"Thank btw Maachan :D " he ran off while waving
After Haruka was gone Harunan felt some negative energy around Maachan and tapped her shoulder "Atleast he waved to you and he knows your name" Haruna cheered her up
"YEAH HE KNOWS MY NAME ! but..... it was on the sign board outside....."
"Come'on Let's go home i'll treat you dinner"
 "but harunan......."

-End of Chapter-

Character(s) Added:

Name: Kudo Haruka
Nickname: Duu, Haruchan
Origin: Somewhere Wild
Occupation: Student
Likes: Daishi, Harunan's powers, Insects
Hates: Maachan's SUPER ULTRA EXTREME HIGH Tension


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Re: Maachan the Great (05.07.13)
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2013, 01:32:33 PM »
Haaha so funny ~ i thought it was a one shot story :D
Are you going to add daishi also ?

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Re: Maachan the Great (05.07.13)
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2013, 04:37:34 AM »
Haaha so funny ~ i thought it was a one shot story :D
Are you going to add daishi also ?

soon she will  :D
Even if you give me 8793217407857 Dawas, I Still Love Yuuka

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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 2 THE ARRIVAL OF THE RIVAL (05.09.13)
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Warning: this chapter is really random, if you like random things please proceed. if you don't, please proceed


After 1 month of Maachan's succcessful buisness, 
She needs to go to school since summer is over.
Maachan and Harunan are living together...(i meant roommates just like jake and finn, they're homies)
From monday to friday the Great maachan will be just a normal Student at a normal school with normal classmates and teachers
Of course the sign board outside her booth changes from "The booth of all answers" to "Sweet Sweet Honey Time" And Harunan is incharge of everything


Using  Maachan sends harunan a message telepathically saying "The tanasatan said we're going to have a new classmate, i can't wait to see her",
"isn't that a little rude to call your teacher tanasatan ? btw i'm going to work there's a customer" Haruna Replied using the same way maachan send a message
After Receiving the message Maachan took a nap.
 while Maachan wa 'taking a nap' the teacher went infront of the class and announced "your new classmate has arrive kids, better be good to her or i'll beat the crap out of you." the

teacher threatened
"Come in kid" she ordered and a girl with beautiful eyes and a angelic smile went inside  some the boys fell inlove including some girls
"Hello my name is Ishida Ayumi you can call me daishi" the new student introduced gaining more fanboys
"okay daishi-chan you can sit next to the sloth right there" Reina pointed ,  maachan flinched at the point of the finger that woke her up
"Who are you?" maachan asked curiosly
"I'm Ishida Ayumi i'm your new classmate and you can call me daishi" Daishi Smiled
"Ishida Ayumi?" Maachan feels something familiar, thinking where she heard that name before

*flashback one month before*

"I,A,S,M ? it should be daishi right ? Ishida Ayumi ^o^ "Haruka said to Maachan in Relief while Maachan looked with a sad face
"Yes. It should be Daishi I'm going to confess to her tomorrow" Haruka looked at his phone while smiling "She texted me" Haruka's Smile grew wider as she recieved a text from a girl

named Ishida Ayumi.

*end of flashback*

"So you're that girl that bewitched my one and only love" Maachan looked at Daishi with Red fiery eyes
"wat?" daishi looked at her with a confused face not knowing who is that 'one and only love'


"okay guys say 'how up' " Haruna is teaching english to the needy
"HOW UP" the crowd followed
"good, before you get your treats....what is the meaning of 'how up'?"
"it is when you meet an old friend" the crowd said in unison allowing the treat pantry to open
harunan looked at the people with a smile as they eat their honey treats then she felt a chill down to her spin
"i hope maachan is okay" She thought


"class this president is all about sel- RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG~ f*cking bell" before the teacher could finish of her sentence the bell rang, sound of freedom for

"yes lunch !" Maachan said to herself
Maachan saw a lot of girls going to her but instead to her, they all went to daishi  ( :nervous )
"Daishi let's eat lunch together !" one of the girls said
"no thank you i need to go with maachan, Right masaki" daishi winked, seeing that, maachan flinched...
she didn't even told her name to daishi  yet "maybe she's like harunan" maachan thought
"come on masaki let's go to the cafeteria" Daishi winked more and Maachan find it too creepy thus following her orders


"why me...." Maachan said while taking a bite to her food "I should be with tanasatan now..." she added
"Tanasatan ? you mean tanaka sensei ? it's forbidden to date teachers and vice versa you know and i heard she's going out with Michishige-sensei"
Maachan just looked at daishi with a  'meh' face except for the last one
"WAT" Maachan was shocked of what she has heard she felt so broken thinking that the teacher is serious to her
then suddenly
"MAACHAN !!!" some kid shouted
"wat" maachan replied
"remember me ?"
"the boy with the handsome face from before" maachan said to herself
"nee, maachan i gotta go see ya~!" the 'ikemen' ran while waving
"Daishi?" Maachan looked at the frozen daishi looking so sad that she is about to cry
"He didn't even looked at me....He hates me....."

*1 month before*

Daishi is walking under the bridge and she felt her phone vibrated and someone send her a message

From: ?
Subject: -

hey the girl with a blue shirt Run or I'll kill you.


walking faster being nervous of what was send to her....
she was grabbed by a guy with a knife to a dark alley and tied up her wrists and feet with ease..
she looked of helpless like a baby alligator on it's mother's back
"Help!" the alley was filled by daishi's voice
"No one is going to help you kid, Imma Murder you" The man said pointing the knife to her
"RAPE RAPE RAPE !!!" Daishi screamed to the top of the lungs
"Rape ? this is murder kid" The man said in confusion
"is it bad if i suggest?" Daishi said earning the creeped out face of the man
"ew dude. i'll just let you go." The man said while looking at daishi's troll face
the man remove the rope from daishi's wrists and feet
"Thanks mr murderer  i hope you won't murder anymore" Daishi said while walking away the dark alley

The black belter in Karate and Taekwondo Ishida Ayumi didn't even use what she learned at fighting but she got away from the criminal
Now that's a true Warrior

*End of flashback*

"Dafuq did i just heard...." Maachan said to herself
"That's why i never walk alone at home" Daishi sighed
"I thought you were going to tell what happened to you and duu..." Maachan facepalmed
"oohh....i got the wrong flashback i guess :nervous " Daishi said
"hey girls from my class it's homeroom time" A boy drinking mitsuya cider caught their attention

while looking at him Maachan can sense the same chi and aura that harunan has.
"it might be a coincidence..." Maachan thought while walking down the hallway

*End of chapter*

Character(s) Added:

Name: Ishida Ayumi
Nickname: Daishi
Origin: Somewhere Fighters grew up
Occupation: Student 
Likes: Dancing, Fighting, Duu
Hates: Rivals

Name: Sayashi Riho
Nickname: Some guy from Maa and Daa 's Class that drinks cider all the time
Origin: Somewhere Cider
Occupation: Student
Likes: CIDER, Some Princess that lives outside of town
Hates: None

Name: Tanaka Reina
Nickname: Tanasatan, Reina
Origin: Somewhere yankeeish
Occupation: Teacher
Likes: Cats
Hates: Everything getting on her way

Name: Mishige Sayumi
Nickname: Sayu
Origin: Somewhere Cute
Occupation: School Doctor
Likes: Herself, Reina
Hates: Everything that isn't cute
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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 2 THE ARRIVAL OF THE RIVAL (05.09.13)
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2013, 01:12:24 PM »
Omg!!! This made me laugh so hard! The character profiles are the best. When will fukuhime and sayashi love come into the picture? I can't wait! Great job!!!

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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 2 THE ARRIVAL OF THE RIVAL (05.09.13)
« Reply #5 on: May 12, 2013, 08:39:17 AM »
@H!PShipper: Soon hime and riho will rabu rabu, btw thanks for reading   XD
Chapter 3

"Outside of town there is the Dark woods, Outside the dark woods there is a beautiful big lake and past that big lake a Castle is built." Ayumi Explained the poorly drawn map to Maachan and Maachan just nodded

"You know, I like the dark woods it gives me unknown excitement." Daishi stared at Maachan with a worried look
"You know i like the Castle over there" someone pointed at the castle on the poorly drawn map. Both girls looked up and saw the Guy from their class that always drinks cider.
"I like that lake" The guy standing next to Riho pointed the darkwoods
"that's the dark woods." Masaki said
"Maybe we should go there and explore, Eripon can guide us" Riho said proudly
"Eripon? I don't think that's a good she will use her 'magic' so the monsters at dark woods won't attack us" Kanon sighed
"There's a magic like that, actually...It's called Shoothesis...." Maachan informed
"Please apply cold water to the burnt area" Daishi said
Kanon became teary eyed and ran away
"Nee, Riho are you sure he's not gay?" Daishi whispered to Riho
Hearing those words Ri- "Are you kidding me?! REAL MEN DO CRY"
[GNU: riho you should say that after my narration] [Riho: Kanon not ghei narrator >:O ] [GNU: *facepalm*]

*Fast Forward*

The students are gossiping about the figure standing outside their room
"uwaah~ he's so handsome~" some of the girls just fangirled instead of listening to the teacher (not maachan though)
"You need to connect the midpoints of every segements to the vertex of every angle....are you even listening...." Reina sighed
She looked at her students and threw a chalk to one of the girls....
the girl fainted
the whole class laughed (not maachan though)
"Oi class's your name again?" Reina asked the student
"MOMOCHIIIIIIIIII~" the student replied with high tension
"i thought she graduated  3 years ago from this school" reina thought
"Lead the class, I'm going out" The yankeee teacher just walked away... and looked at her students
(not maachan though, because she's not inside the room)

- - - - - -

Thump Thump Thump

Maachan is stalking

Thump Thump Thump

Sensei doesn't know

Thump Thump.....TUG

Maachan's head hit Sensei's back

Sensei didn't notice

Phew....close catch...  :sweatdrop:

Thump Thump Thump

Reached the infirmary

Thump Thump Thump

Entered the infirmary

Thump Thump Thump

Sensei Sits down on the couch, Maachan hides to the rooms

But Bad luck strikes ! Maachan saw Michishige Sensei !

"Are you not feeling well maachan?" Michishige sensei asked
"Yes sensei...."  when maachan replied Sayumi took out her phone and dialled some number

ring ring ring.....ring ring ring

"Ahh~ hello haruna? Maachan is not feeling well, please pick her up" Sayumi Put her phone back to her pocket and went to the couch

Maachan saw this scene:

Reina: wow you're more handsome than yesterday
Sayu: *cuter, i hate it when you call me handsome when i'm actually cute
Reina: are you gay?
Sayu: What? No.
Reina: Then why do you hate being called handsome?
Sayu: Because I'm cute?
Reina: This guy.....

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Finally....I'm gonna go home..." Riho said while walking down the hallway then he remembers something this morning

"Oi Cider boy meet me the infirmary this afternoon"

"oh yeah michishige sensei insisted me to help him carry the new beds" Riho went to the infirmary hoping that the teacher is still there
"Sensei, where is Michishige sensei?" He asked the nearby teacher with a yankee-ish look on her face
"He's inside" The teacher smiled and walked away
Then He saw something strange..... Maachan is following her XD
Maachan's head turned to Him and said "Don't forget about your Basketball game" and walked away following the yankee teacher

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Hours flew by Riho is still playing Basketball while his cider sweat is dripping, this caused kanon to look at riho more.
Kanon just giggled. (KANON'S NOT GAY)
But it's getting late.....Kanon needs to go home so he walked alone by himself without his c̶r̶u̶s̶h̶  bestfriend (KANON's NOT GAY)
after a few minutes of Kanon take off, Riho decided for a final shot, when riho shot the ball instead of shooting it inside the hoop, it hit the backboard and and hit riho's head...


?: well played backboard *clap clap* *gets riho's body*

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Are you awake?" A girl asked riho
"where am i?"
"why does every people that fainted usually asks where they are, don't they have new questions?" the girl giggled
"My name is mizuki and welcome to my crib, this is erina she is the master of shoothesis" eripon bowed
"ERIPON ?! no wonder you're always absent, we thought you were sick or something"
"Lord Ai and Lady Sakura saw you on the dark woods being kidnap by a bandit" Eripon explained what happened
"oh god...what is this place" Riho hid his face under the pillows
"What's the commotion here? and....... Riho, what are you doing here?" Maachan entered the room with her school uniform still on
"Some bandit kidnapped me they said...." riho replied at maachan
"Great Masaki, why he no respect to you, he be punished !" one of the servants said
"Learn correct grammar first then i'm going to tell you, I'm gonna bring him to my booth seeya guys" Maachan ran off while holding riho's hand they travelled through the oceans and the seas, the highest mountain and the volcanoes....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Haruna just finished making dinner for maachan and her
but maachan went home with a guest, Haruna knows he's not a normal guest since she can sense the same aura and chi that she has.
"Hi there" riho said
Haruna approached the boy and put her paml to his forehead.....
"Wow......" Haruna was amazed
"What?" Riho said shocked
"Your Forehead is smaller than mine" Haruna said
Maachan just stared at the two looking amused
"I'm confused why am i here?" Riho asked
"To know what kind of magic you have" Masaki replied

- - - - - - - - - - - -

What kind of magic does Riho have ? Find out on the next chapter!


Character(s) Added:

Name: Kanon Suzuki
Nickname: Kanon
Occupation: student
Likes: Cider Sweat
Hates: Being called gay (KANON's NOT GAY)

Name: Ikuta Erina
Nickname: Eripon
Origin: Land of Shoothesis
Occupation: Assistant of Fukuhime
Likes: Lady Risa
Hates: Lord Ai

Name: Mizuki Fukumura
Nickname: Mizupon
Origin: Castle ?
Occupation: Princess
Likes: Cider Sweat
Hates: Nothing

Name: Bandit
Nickname: Bandit
Origin: ?
Occupation: Bandit
Likes: Money
Hates: Lord takahashi
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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 3
« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2013, 10:27:43 AM »
This is so crazy and random!!! I love it!!! Lmao!
...Cider sweat...

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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 4
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@H!Shipper-san thank you for reading this even if it's too random  :twothumbs i hope you tune to the next chapter  :thumbsup

this one is out the plot but MAACHAN IS STILL GREAT !
wait...what plot ?

I can't believe some people read this despise my writing skillz XD

Chapter 4

Maachan and haruna tried various test to determine Riho's hidden power like jumping off a fence, making a dog go away, running on a treadmill for 1 hour in max speed,
staring at Haruna if he can hear the messages haruna is sending him and taking care of Berubo for 3 hours [berubo is the demon king]
but riho failed in every tests making him sweat really bad
"Gimme a break *pant* you guys...." riho took off his shirt and began wiping his sweat using his shirt
"Wait!" Maachan stopped riho from wiping his shirt, she moved closer touched riho's sweat using her finger and tasted it
"what?" haruna tasted riho's sweat too
"oishii....." both of the girls said
"so that's my magical power? produce sweat that tastes like cider ?!"

Gnu: what a crazy power indeed
Riho: shut up. just because you're the narrator you can make fun of people
Gnu: no narrator no story okay.
Riho: tch.

"of cousre no, and, who the heck are you talking to?" maachan looked at the guy getting creeped out
"the guy from above" riho answered
"Kami-sama?" Haruna said
"no, the narrator" riho replied
" . . . " Maachan and Haruna looked at each other with widened eyes
"now we know what your power is, it's communication"
"that means you can communicate to almost everything except for telepathic messages" haruna proudly said
"no wonder that cat talked when i was walking at school with kanon..."

Cat: hey handsome guy
Riho: dafuq?
Kanon: huh? what is it?
Riho: nothing...

Riho chuckled to the memory
"so why can't maachan hear the narrator? i thought she has all kinds of  magic powers"  riho asked curiosly while maachan just glared at him
"maachan can't learn that because it's occuring naturally, and if maachan learned that, her head will be messed up"
"what do you mean ? look at her she's already messed up" riho joked
maachan punched riho earning her  1998 - 0 winning streak

- - - Castle - - -

Lord Ai the king of the palace went home with her dear daugther Sakura after hunting more bandits and beating the hell out of them
"Ai! look at sakura she's all messed up!" Lady Risa the King's wife looked at their daugther with a worried look
"but the guy that we saved is more messed up mommy, he was half naked" sakura told her adventures to her mother
"oh speaking of which....where is that guy that sweats cider"  Lord ai looked around finding the guy they found earlier
"Ai, Tidy sakura first before finding that guy, i think he's safe here, unless one of the guards pierced him with their spears" Risa jokingly said
"blah blah blah nya nya nya" Lord Ai mimics the queen having a kick on his face and leaving the kid confused
"uggghhh....let's go sakura" said carrying his daugther and leaving the room

- - - Mizuki's Room - - -

"Erina what do you think about that riho guy?" Mizuki asked epiron about her thoughts of the guy
"He's the guy that can talk to the narrator and he always called cider boy" Eripon replied
"what's a cider?" Mizuki is so curious about the cider thingy
"i don't know, it's rare for me to go to a school full of humans" Eripon calmly said "maybe i'll earn some of it when i get back mizuki-sama" she added
"Erina don't be so formal"
"but mizuki-sama...."
"that wasn't funny mizupon...."
"i will call you that from now on"
"Okay Eripon"

The girls laughed at their conversation

- - - Booth - - -

"I'm so tired maachan.....Let me sleep...." The pale riho looked at maachan with a cute face that can sell 639494238160 copies when published
"okay you can sleep but you need to sleep with some girl that's not your relative and not honey and maa"
"is that a punishment ? i only know 6 girls and it became 3...."
"So you can familliarize your power"
"who are those 3?" haruna added
"The princess, Daishi and Eripon" riho replied with a grin
"let's pick the nearest ! Let's get going to the castle!" Maachan pointed a finger upwards and laughed
"waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat......" 'no way i'm going to sleep with eripon' riho thought

GNU: but it's just sleep sleep, not like what those teachers are doing back there
Riho: what are they doing ?

"Riho what are you saying?" maachan looked at riho's confused face
"it's the narrator....JUST BECOME HUMAN NARRATOR SO THEY CAN INTERACT WITH YOU" Riho shouted at the sky
"I'm not going, i need to guard the booth, so have a nice trip"
"haruna come with us we have cereals" maachan said
"no thanks maachan, i really can't go" Maachan whined at the reply
"Maachan i really want to sleep......"
"Dammit Riho okay. let's go"

- - - Dark Woods - - -

A Scary atmosphere is expected on the dark woods since it's dark duh.
scary looking trees are surronding the path
"are you scared? don't worry it's safe here" maachan laughed at the boy who is trembling
then the bush moved, riho saw a figure running fast
"MAACHAN WHMHKDKHXISHMKHXKSHMAK" he grabbed Maachan fast and got out of the dark woods in lighting speed

- - - Lek Lake - - -

The lake is so pretty in this hour because it's almost midnight and the water is reflecting the moon,
showing a full red moon
Maachan looked at the lake and saw the red moon, she got alarmed and got closer to the unalarmed person
"Wow this place is beautiful..... oh What is it?" He looked at the girl that's been holding his sleeve for already 5 minutes
"Let's get out of and quietly...." the alarmed girl gave the boy goosebumps because of her tone
Riho peeked at the lake and saw a red moon and looked again at the sky and saw a white moon
"eehh?" the boy noticed the moon and the girl's hand is not on his sleeve anymore 
in a quick move The alarmed girl hit the boy on his back using her palm and the boy fainted, she set aside the boy near the lake,
The girl looked Everywhere trying to catch up with the fast figure that startled the boy at the dark woods. The figure stopped
"Eh?" "a bandit" maachan thought
"NYAN !" The figure attacked the girl but the girl made the bandit trip [such an easy win]
"MOMOCHI?!" Maachan was shocked seeing her class president being a bandit
"Banditz Kobo will not forgive you *sniff* Yurina..*sniff* " The class president whined following is a swift movement of an unknown person then the president was gone
"Well that's kinda weird....." maachan mumbled she looked at the lake showing a reflection of the moon in white, the boy gained consiousness
" back hurts...." riho tried to touch his back but he failed reaching at the spot maachan hit before
"come one let's get going it's almost midnight, when it's midnight the gates will close" "it's just 10:30...." riho said earning a smack to his head and
they hurriedly went to the castle

- - - Castle - - -

when they enetered  the gate the guards let maachan through while they pointed their spears to riho
"Who are you young man?" one of the guards said
"He's a friend, if you touch him you'll die...." maachan warned the guards leaving the guards scared at maachan's eyes
"come in young boy" the guard nervously lets riho in

when they entered the hallway
the little sakura running while Lord Ai is chasing her
They kept on running around until sakura hits Riho's back and he falls down
Maachan picked up sakura and gave sakura to her father carrying her with her left arm
"Finally got you" with his other hand he tickled the little sakura and she notices the fallen riho that didn't even get up
"papa it's the cider boy" sakura pointed at the boy
Riho got up and greeted the king formally and thanked him from the last time they met
so they went to mizuki's room and saw Erina and Mizuki arm wrestling....
"YATTA ! I won !" Mizuki shouted at the girl who lost
"Lord Ai can't beat" Erina just looked down
"Mizuki, Riho will sleep here in your room Don't worry I know you like him so you can rape him."
"Rape? Don't worry I'll do that when no one is awake"
"Eripon, I'll sleep, go to room now"
"Okay Mizupon" Erina and Mizuki Giggled
"I'm outta here dudes" And maachan flew away to the window

"Maachan don't leave...." riho almost cried while looking at the window
"You're gonna cry? we're just gonna sleep sleep...." Mizuki cheered the guy up
Riho just looked at the princess with a teary eye
"If you want to sleep, just sleep okay" Mizuki just went to sleep and left a space for riho on the bed


The breeze is warm and it's a nice day to play
The people of the castle are still sleeping soundly and peacefully

The guards are guarding the castle
The Queen is Sleeping beside her daugther
Eripon is dreaming of gaki-san
The Maids are hugging each other
The king is doing excercises
Riho is using Mizuki's chest as a pillow..

Ai: WHAT ?!
Ai: where the heck is the narrator....
GNU: I'm here and i'll be human soon so i'll kick you in the butt if you do that oi thing to me
Ai: I'm a king and you shall respect me
GNU: Yeah yeah.... Just excercise then your body won't be stiff, so at nights when sakura is at karin's house you won't disappoint Gaki-san *Evil Grin*
Ai: I'm not that old you know *glare*

- - - - - - - - - - -

The sunlight was shining to the window spotlighting mizuki's face (sorry i'm bad at describing XD)
"Riho wake up..." Mizuki poked the boy's cheek while still resting on her chest

--End of chapter--


*Front View of Michishige Recidenses

Voices inside the house

reina: that's right sayu more!!!
sayu: eh? is this really okay?
reina: yes you're doing great so far!!!
sayu: no need to shout.....
reina: you're so cute....
sayu: you're just saying that because you want more of me.

GNU: . . .
i hope no one walks on this street....and let's pretend nothing happened

Meanwhile at Ishida Recidenses

Daishi: *looking at her email* huh? Tanaka-san send me pictures?
Reina's mail: I had fun with Sayu today ! wwwwwwwwwwwww
here's the link to the pictures guys! www

@Eri: Oi eri you forgot your pen here
@Ai: srsly do you even have internet connection there?

Daishi: Who are Eri and Ai? I think She got the wrong email...but heck those photos are funny better send it to duu :twisted:

Gnu: ohh...they were taking photos...i thought it was something else....

-End of Chapter-

Character(s) Added:

Name: Takahashi Ai
Nickname: Aichan
Origin: Castle
Occupation: King ?
Likes: Family, Friends
Hates: A kiss from michishige sensei XD

Name: Takahashi Risa
Nickname: Gaki
Origin: Somewhere down the road
Occupation: Queen?
Likes: Every Good thing
Hates: Every Bad thing

Name: Takahashi Sakura
Nickname: Sakura
Origin: Castle?
Occupation: Wat
Likes: Strawberries
Hates: Karin's cat jasmine

Name: Tsugunaga momoko
Nickname: Momochi, Bandit #1
Origin: Dark woods
Occupation: Bandit
Likes: Money, Yurushite
Hates: King Ai and the girl that beat her

Name: GNU
Nickname: *Now Printing
Origin: *Now Printing
Occupation: *Now Printing
Likes: *Now Printing
Hates: *Now Printing
Even if you give me 8793217407857 Dawas, I Still Love Yuuka

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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 4 (05.21.13)
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lmao, like i wont lie to you, your grammer really sucks but you've got hilarious ideas and its fun to read all the randomness so great job in that aspect. I wont tell you to change anything you don't want to change but maybe better grammer and flow would be nice. thats really the only thing that could be a lot better. keep all the randomness and funny ideas just make it easier to read/understand (#^^#)

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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 4 (05.21.13)
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lmao, like i wont lie to you, your grammer really sucks but you've got hilarious ideas and its fun to read all the randomness so great job in that aspect. I wont tell you to change anything you don't want to change but maybe better grammer and flow would be nice. thats really the only thing that could be a lot better. keep all the randomness and funny ideas just make it easier to read/understand (#^^#)

My language teacher said the same thing XD
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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 4 (05.21.13)
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lmao awesome, anyway keep up the good work, i cant wait for your next update (*´∀`)

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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 5 (05.31.13)
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@H!PShipper-san: Don't worry I'll do my best! Fighting! *clenches fist*

Chapter 5: ºK-appa and Banditz Kobo's Past

Riho is resting next to the lake feeling the afternoon wind going past him
Then suddenly "Anata! your drink!" Mizuki came giving riho a cup filled with green matcha tea "Ai-nii said it's good for your health" and then she went skipping and giggling back to the castle
Riho was about to sip from the cup but he suddenly remembers something, "Did she just called me anata?! We're not even Married yet?! she's not even my girlfriend!!" Riho blushed ignoring it and went back

on his resting position and let the tea cool down a little bit.
He felt a more gentle breeze and closed his eyes after a few minutes he fell asleep.

"UWAH! it's a human!" a tall kappa pointed at the sleeping person
"UWAH! you're right!" a shorter kappa followed the taller kappa to the human
"let's bring him to the lake!" the tall kappa suggested "okay! mommy will be happy to see a person!" And they both dragged Riho to the lake
The two kappas carried the human and dived down the lake and swam hard until they reached an underwater island with cucumber plants.

At the center of the island there is a house that looks like a normal house with green paint on it
The two kappas went inside the house
"Mommy! we brought a human!" the short kappa handed the wet and still sleeping riho to the mother kappa
"Didn't i tell you to say Tadaima whenever you go inside"
"Oh yeah...Tadaima?"
"Is he dead?" The mother kappa Asked the two kappas worriedly, but they just ran away after that give and run, The mother kappa let riho sleep on a couch
"It might be rude to do this but...whatever" With a swift move of a bucket the mother kappa splashed water to riho's face thus making him do the harlem shake (what)
"BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" "WHAT THE HECK! I'M STILL SLEEPING DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DO-" riho was shocked to see a kappa infornt of him and it's holding a bucket!
"oh you're awake!I'm truly sorry for my actions, My name is Suzuki Airi" The mother Kappa asked for forgiveness before greeting politely and bowed
"A kappa"
"No, I'm actually a human that wears a kappa costume, oh if you're wondering how you got here...."
"yeah how did i get here? and where am i"
"My friends brought you here"
"WHAT?! really?! but how?"
A loud bang at the door startled riho following by antagonist laugh
"Airi we brought some Matcha and Cucumbers for our party today!" A high pitched voice entered the room
"And honey!" Another voice
"Don't you people ever say tadaima..." Airi sighed
"MAACHAN?! HARUNA?!" Riho was shocked again to see his friends wearing a kappa costume that's a little brigther than Airi's Costume
 "Oh hi there riho have you seen your Gayfriend? She's always with Erina you see" Maachan teased the cider boy  making the boy grunt
"He is not gay...She? what do you mean she? he is a real man like me" Riho knocked his chest showing how proud he is
"Are you kidding? Kanon is a girl, she's just crossdressing so she came be close to you" Maachan just tapped the boy's shoulder
"nuu" Riho looked the ground
"Maachan the effect of that Sleep thingy, It's actually a Spell that makes the one who slept with him fall inlove with him and vice versa, That actually happened to the King and Gaki-san, But they actually loved

each other since the beginning" Haruna Explained
"What? You mean Mizuki and Riho is loving each other? Ooohhh An otp imma ship this." maachan said showing a troll face
"Sooo Riho~ what does it feels like when you see mizuki?" Maachan ativated her troll mode
"Well...." Riho imagined a Smiling Mizuki, a Sleeping Mizuki, a Cooking Mizuki, a Mizuki in a Mizuki (huehueue mizuki in a mizuki XD)
"Holy Cream Macaroni....." Haruna saw Riho's thoughts making her kick riho from his back

Meanwhile at the Booth..
"There's too many customers" Haruka sighed while still looking at the long line of people waiting for their questions to be answered
but His job was just to write down their Name,Contact number and Question, so maachan could text the answers to them when she returns
"Sorry Everyone It's our closing time now!!!" Haruka shouted at the people making them disappointed and left
"Phew...Maachan will kill me because this...." he said while walking down to Maachan's house
When he got inside he turned on the lights and then....
"Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes him, that was said by benjamin franklin" Daishi said to haruka from behind making him jumped from suprise
"D-d-daishi....Hi there...." 's*** i should have went to yamaguchi with those two teachers....' haruka regretfully thought
"Don't you move, It's going to hurt a little..." Daishi smiled like a pyscho and lifted up a  razor sharp knife
"Oh dear kami-sama....make her stop I still have plans for the future..." Haruka was about to cry when he saw the knife
A girlish scream was heard at the whole house making daishi point the knife to the shivering haruka
"Why are you screaming ? we're going to cook dinner" Daishi put the knife down
"Why would i?" Daishi chuckled
"I already made some katsudon" She added
"YOU MADE KATSUDON?! THAT's AMAZING! Naichau Kamo..." Haruka looked at Daishi with sparkling eyes
And then they made and ate dinner at masaki and haruna's house

Back to the Kappa house

"Huh? Duu?" Maachan sensed something unsual and not right "Haruna what is duu doing now?" asked angrily making haruna look at her nervously
"he's happy sleeping.." Haruna said while crossing her fingers behind her
"Tadaima!" a loud childish voice was heard from the entrance, "Oh you brought your friends, nee sakura?" The Mother Kappa was happy to see a soaking wet friend sakura brought for their party
"Airi-san do you have a spare costume? Karin is like a wet puppy" They all looked at karin and thought 'does she ever speak' while Mommy Kappa searches for a spare costume
" HAHAHAHA  OF COURSE I CAN SPEAK HAHAHA" Karin suddenly bursted out from laughter making sakura laugh too
"But she's on caps lock mode..." Riho whispered to Haruna
"Yeah i just saw a UFO this morning and Yesterday i saw a shadow with two horns on it's head" Haruna randomly said, Everyone look at Haruna with a blank and confused face
"I just hope you don't end up making some occult magazine...haha" Airi joked making everyone turn their head to Airi with the same expression and seriousness as before

The awkward atmosphere made all the hot food cold, and i thought Airi is searching for some costume....
"Ah! I'm sorry karin! Let me search again" The Kappa searched for the costume, I hope she gets the costume soon...
10 minutes have passed
"Here! I got two, you lucky bastards" The Mommy kappa threw the two costumes to Karin and Riho, Karin and Riho catched the flying Kappa Costume
"If you don't mind ladies I'm gonna change to this costume." Riho went inside a room and locked it "ME TOO!" Karin calmly said (It's calm to Karin's perspective)
After 3 minutes
The two went out wearing the Kappa Costume.
"SO HOW DO I LOOK?" Karin said cutely (It's cute to Karin and The narrator's perspective)
"Kawaii...." Everyone praised how cute karin is with that costume on
"What about me? how do i look?" Riho was excited for the answer but...
"Come on guys Let's start the party!" Maachan Announced making everyone scream in excitement
"It's time for the 1st Session! Maachan's Corner!"
"For those who doesn't have any questions you can eat now" Airi and Karin went to the kitchen and ate some food but Sakura and Riho remained at the living room
"how come you guys aren't wet when you got here?" Riho pointed at Haruna Maachan and Sakura
"That didn't sound right...." Maachan mumbled and poked Haruna's arm "Explained it to him" Maachan Ordered
"Hey you're the one that should answer it!" Riho proclaimed
Haruna put a projector and a laptop to the nearest table, she turned the projector on and the white wall show a 3D figure of the kappa costume they're wearing
"This costume is made of a unknown material that is Invurnerable to Water, When you put it on water it is like the reaction of two posivite charged magnets when combined and it makes us breath on water,

We wore the costume before going here, and we got here dry" Haruna Explained
" that what happened...." Maachan looked so amused even though it's not the first time she heard of that explanation. (she probably had forgotten)
"Oh is that so...I'm gonna eat now" the hingry Riho ran to the kitchen for some food
"What about you Sakura?" Maachan asked the girl
"Where is Erina and Kanon?"
"oh shoot, we forgot them!"

Meanwhile at DW

Erina and Kanon are lost not knowing which is the way to the lake they tried their best in finding the way out but their best wasn't good enough
they rested at the most decent looking tree around them, They lost their tension, Making them depressed and hungry, They're weak...They're about give up but they saw a tall woman that is walking away,
they don't have enough energy to call the woman so they let her go, "Erina sees black things...." The pale Erina said to Kanon "Me too...." Kanon Replied, They Reached their limit and they fainted
....and then a midget walks to them...
"YURINA! I FOUND SOMEONE" The midget called someone the tall woman from before and walked to them "I actually found them earlier..."
"Come one Goliath! carry those poor girls to the camp"
"We're helping them?"
"Of course Midget"
"Momo, That's my line"

Back to the Kappa House

Maachan was looking at the pictures at the wall at the Bedroom with the name Yaji on it, She saw Pictures of Airi and another Girl Scattered around the wall, Then she noticed a picture of a Grape that has a

spell on it,
She tried to break the spell "ko la pa bi cha ba a!" Maachan successfully broke the spell without damaging the photo, The grape changed
She saw 12 people at a class picture looking photo Airi was in middle and she also saw their class president Momoko at the side,All the 12 girls on the photo are smiling and they look like all of them have an

unbreakable bond to each other.. but the girl next to Airi looked like she had an intimate relationship with Airi, She is the girl on the rest of the photos on the wall, She tried to know her name by looking at her

but she remembered she didn't bought those Shinigami eyes  from the black market,
"Damn that Ryuk who would buy those lame eyes for the price of half of their lifespan" Maachan punched the wall making the frame fall, the glass was broken
"SH*(*( SH*&*( SHI+*^(* " Maachan hanged the frame again but it failed "Okay let's just pretend it didn't happen....Okay Maachan Let's use a spell...." Maachan talked to herself being tensed
"a ba cha bi pa la kko!" Jajan! The Frame is back to it's original look 'That will work....' Maachan thought in relief then she just laid on the bed and put the frame next to her
Airi went inside the room where maachan is in, Seeing Maachan in shock made Airi shocked too (XD)
"What are you doing here? I already put a Do not Enter sign outside"  Airi sighed
Maachan picked up the frame of the class picture and showed it to airi
"Who are these people?" Maachan asked Airi calmly and expected an easy answer, Hearing those words made Airi looked at the photo,"They are...." second by second Airi started to frown then she is

holding back tears until she cried and sobbed as if she doesn't want to live anymore.
"Airi?" Maachan tried to calm Airi by patting her
"my friends...but..." Airi replied still sobering
"I kiled them all...It was an accident..I didn't mean to" Airi cried harder, her tears fell to the bed sheet making it damp
"Eh? how? " Maachan's Question won't stop 'but our class president is still alive....' Maachan thought but she didn't bother to ask another question bcecuase she'll know it will stress out Airi more
"It happened 3 years ago...."

* Insert Flashback Effect Here *


At Ikematsu! All Girls' School Tokyo
There are two groups named ºK-appa and Banditz Kobo, They are Mortal friends, Mortal enemies and Friends.
The two groups their own perspective leaders Yajima Maimi for ºK-appa and Shimizu Saki for Banditz Kobo
 ºK-appa has 5 members
Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi, Nakajima Saki, Hagiwara Mai and Okai Chisato. The group is made up of the Smartest students of Highschool from Freshmen year to Senior year, They always participate to Battles

of Intelligence to other schools sometimes even overseas (wow)
Meanwhile Banditz Kobo has 7 members,
Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko, Kumai Yurina, Tokunaga Chinami, Sugaya Risako, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Sudo Maasa. The group is made up of the most atlethic students of highschool from Freshmen year

to Senior Year. They represented Japan in the world atlethic championship and won the silver medal.
Both groups are popular, Both have a wide range of male and female fans and their fans are mortal friends too, Their fans always brag to each other but never fight each other.
Both groups are also a great handler of Magic Spells that only a few knew
But all of those 12, Yajima Maimi and Suzuki Airi have an unbreakable bond that even a terrorist attack can't destroy it.

Until one day Yajima Maimi was gone missing
"It's my parents the~-~__~~_" she left a unfinished note at their club room, when the other members of ºK-appa saw the note they went to BK's club room and asked for help, Everyday they try to find her

even if it's already late, they will search in pairs, wSaki, Momo and Yurina, Mai and Chiisa, Chinami and Risako, Miya nad Maasa, and Airi searched alone
Airi shouted  at the park calling Maimi's name, Again and again, She started crying and sat down to one of the elephants
"Hey there...looking for something?" a man wearing a black cloak approached Airi, He is holding a white box with a gold and red ribbon wrapping on it
"This will help you look for her" The man handed airi the box and the man disappeared
Airi opened the box and she saw a pair scarlet red contacts, she put it on and she started to feel strong and it feels like she wanted to kill Everyone...
The Contacts that were give to her was the copy and pirated version of the Scarlet eyes from HunterXHunter, no wonder it feels so itchy at first.

Airi texted all the members of ºK-appa and Banditz Kobo to go to the park because she saw maimi, They all went except for Momo and Yurina because they are lost.
When Momo and Yurina got to the meeting place they saw their friends lying on the ground, soaked with blood, out of breath, and they saw the unconscious Airi with blood on her hands.and her eyes open
"Did airi do this?" Momo looked at all their dead friends ready to burst out of tears any minute
"It looks like it..." Yurina noticed the red color of Airi's eyes, she went to where Airi is lying and tried to touch one of Airi's eye, "Contacts..." She took off Airi's contacts and threw it to the trash bin
"Airi is such a fool..." When she looked back, Yurina saw Momo hugging Maasa's body "I will miss your eating abilities big girl" Momo cried more and it looks like she doesn't want to leave her.
"Momo let's go" Yurina tried to carry Momo but Momo struggled  not wanting to leave Maasa, "Come on Momo...let's go"
After that night, Airi woke up at a hospital bed Searching for her friends but she failed, She didn't know that they are dead until the doctor said,

*End of FlashBack*


"omg...i'm crying kanon..." Eripon wiped her tears and saw that Kanon is crying harder than Eripon..
"I hate story time..." Yurina looked at her soup with a sad face
"Cheer up you three" Momo looked the three with a smile  "Now do Yurushite Nyan while crying" Momo teased the two crying girls
" *sniff* .shite.. Nyan... *sniff*"
"OMG YOUR SNIFFING ARE IN SYNC!" Momo looked at them amused

The BK camp is  a normal campsite with a Bonfire at the center, Momoko and Yurina started living at this campsite to avoid danger after what happened to their friends, Yurina's  parents are dead because of

the same Scarlet Contacts that was given to her by a random guy, Momo's parents abadoned her when she was still a little kid, they left her to an orphanage , when Momo was on middleschool she ran away

from the orphanage because other kids are bullying her.

Up until now they still haven't found Maimi yet, And Airi thought they're already dead.

"Time to sleep Momo." Yurina's rare smile was formed when Momo smiled at her
"You two Kappas sleep at that tent, It's bad if you go home at night, We'll lead you out tomorrow" Yurina calmly said to the girls
"Yes Ma'am!"

Meanwhile Somewhere Elswhere

"I need to get out of here..."
She started kicking her heart out of the steel door, She kicked really hard that one of things inside of her pocket fell off, It was a picture....

*End of Chapter*

I wonder if Maachan will save that Kicking woman



@Yamaguchi Night Market

The sensei couple shopped at the market for a while and then the idiotic health teacher asked something

Sayu: REINA! what's that? *points at the thing at a crab* Is that panko so it will be fried?

But the Sadist  Math Teacher replied


And the Sensei Couple Had a Happy Vacation at Yamaguchi

Character(s) Added:

Name: Suzuki Airi
Nickname: Airi, Mommy Kappa
Origin: Ikematsu! All Girls' School Tokyo
Occupation: Housewife (?)
Likes: Kappa
Hates: Contacts

Name: Miyamoto Karin
Nickname: Karin
Origin: Ikematsu! Elementary School Tokyo
Occupation: Student
Likes: Strawberry, Cats
Hates: None

Name: ºK-appa
Shortname: ºK
Origin: Ikematsu! All Girls' School Tokyo
Yajima Maimi
Suzuki Airi
Nakajima Saki
Hagiwara Mai
Okai Chisato

Name: Banditz Kobo
Shortname: BK
Origin: Ikematsu! All Girl's School Tokyo
Shimizu Saki
Tsugunaga Momoko
Kumai Yurina
Tokunaga Chinami
Sugaya Risako
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Sudo Maasa.
Even if you give me 8793217407857 Dawas, I Still Love Yuuka

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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 5 (05.31.13)
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"I wonder if Maachan will save that Kicking woman"

LMAFO!!! Can't wait for the next one, that was some serious plot development!!

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Re: Maachan the Great : Chapter 6 (10.30.13)
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Maachan good luck on that kicking woman



Maachan the great Chapter 6 - Find the Lost Yajima! (07.14.13)

Maachan and Friends went on a mission to find that Yaji woman that has been missing for a year or two.
Maachan is with Haruna,Kanon,Mizuki,Haruka,Daishi and the Riho (that was forced)
They left the town with their bags full of clothes, food and tent.
They travelled to the hills and the lakes They reached a riverbank with a clear water and planned to stay there for tonight.

Haruna, Haruka and Daishi are in charge of setting up the tent, Maachan, Kanon and Riho are incharge of the food supplies (WHY THEM?!) and Mizuki is checking the map.
"Why did we plan to stay on this riverside?" Mizuki asked at haruna with a worried look
"why? do you expect a cabin right here in the woods?" haruna replied
"Yes actually we're infront of it....."
Haruna looked at the other side of the river and saw a outline of a house being cover by the fog
then she saw Maachan and Kanon running to her looking very scared
"what's wrong with you two? where's cider?"
"he's gone... he was taken away by a woman!!!!" maachan almost confused and kanon confused
"WHAT?!" Mizuki was shocked that her 'husband' was taken away by a woman.
"hey guys let's just go to that cabin...i'm sure he'll come back..." haruka (the girly faced) looked really bored by just sitting
"True" Daishi (the psycho) agreed

'That chick magnet' Haruka and Mizuki thought at the same time


The poor riho who always gets dragged by someone, He is lying on the floor being inspected by a very beautiful girl wearing an all-white dress
"saki?" the girl was confused while looking at him
"Wait...i'm not dead yet and my name is not saki..." Riho sat formally on the ground and looked at the confused girl
'oh god she's so pretty' riho thought
"So what's you name? I'm Sayashi Riho, a Normal highschool Student, oh yeah i'm human by the way and they say my power is communication." Riho introduced himself with a nervous tone while thinking she

might be goblin bcuz she's too pretty
"No wonder you're so noisy, I'm Wada Ayaka, member of Magic Council, I'm a Fairy" Ayaka giggled at her introduction

After minutes of chit-chat
A loud voice was heard

"oh i need to go bye ce- , I mean Riho!" Ayaka ran away while looking back, after a few meters she stopped looking back (she might trip you know.)

And the Chick magnet went back


Haruka was Patrolling for Riho since he's really missing, Haruka saw a figure of a messed up guy and started being scared,
'oh might be a goblin,but i must be brave!'
He pointed the flashlight at the figure and it's riho looking really high.
"GOD RIHO YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME" Haruka started punching the messed up guy but riho didn't even pucnh back, he just kept on walking until he went upstairs and went to a random room.

Haruka followed him and thought 'Mizuki's room? pppffttt...'


"MIZUKI! STOP!!" Riho shouted early in the morning bcuz of the princess hugging her from his sleep
"What's wrong? we're married right?" Mizuki looked at riho with puppy eyes
"wat?" Riho looked at mizuki with a derp face
"and this is my room anyways.." Mizuki pouted

"GUYS BREAKFAST!" Maachan and Kanon Shouted at the same time making the gang go downstairs to the kitchen
"Hawu...I want walk..." The sleep half asleep cider boy said
Haruna checked the attendance and reminded riho not to go too far when walking outside
"oh yeah we're kinda short about plates but you guys can bear it"
then they ate breakfast
Haruna is happily eating her pancakes with honey
Daishi and Haruka eating on the same plate, Tsunderely
the same as Mizuki and Riho, Mizuki is offering some food to riho's mouth (erotically XD) and not letting him use his own hands (just like a baby)
Maachan looked at the D H couple while eating
Kanon stared at the M R couple while eating

"What's wrong with you two?" Haruna noticed the two girls staring at the couples
"oohh...JI-YE-LOOZ?" Haruna teased the two girls and the girls just pouted
"I'm gonna go outside..." Maachan walked outside leaving her stack of  pancakes
"I'm gonna excercise near the river" And Kanon is Gone too
"I was just joking...." Harun regreted teasing the two

*Omake CM !*

Kanon: Maybe you're GNU's Oshimen and made a story about you...but the plot changed and it became riho's story

*end of cm*


When Everyone are finished eating, Riho quickly went outside and went to the woods
Good thing Mizuki didn't notice when she went upstairs
Haruna washed the dishes then went fishing
Maachan throwing rocks at the riverbank while thinking 'seriously is this a mission or a camping trip?'
Kanon Jogging around the woods
Haruka was practicing throwing daggers at the apple on daishi's head, outside, ofcourse.

and Riho to the woods.


"Ayaka!" Riho waved at the friend she met yesterday
"saki!" Ayaka waved back
"oh yeah..why saki? my name is Riho not saki."
"You just look like an  friend of mine" Ayaka giggled
"really? i'm pretty sure i'm more handsome" Riho joked earning no response from the Fairy
"Do you want a trip to our town?" Ayaka asked the Human and Riho nodded

When they reached the Town it was really looked like someone ambushed it

"What happened here?" Riho asked
"a demon attacked this place" Fairy-san replied
"What happened to everyone?"
"they're all dead"

After the conversation Something rang the ringtone is Please Miniskirt postwoman
Riho looked at his pocket but he realized he forgot his phone at the cabin
so he looked at Ayaka with a suspicious face
ayaka just looked at her phone with a confused look not knowing what's happening
Riho grabbed the phone and pressed the green button
"Hello? Ayacho? When's the meeting? Ayacho?" the girl on the phone is speaking
"uhh....almost time..." Ayacho replied
"wat?" Riho looked with a confused look got grabbed by the fairy by seconds and after a few minutes they are infront of a large gate with a big mansion after the gate.
"whoa...." riho was surprised to see a very big mansion ifront of him
"let's go inside"

When they got inside the guards greeted ayaka with a 90º bow
Riho saw the pictures on the wall, It's made up of 5 people with labels on them
The first picture was a persona named : ogawa saki (elf)
the 2nd one was: Sato Masaki (human)
the 3rd one was: Takahashi Ai (human)
the 4th one was: Wada Ayaka (fairy)
and the last one was: Maeda Yuuka (fairy)

and on there were big letters on them saying "Magic Council of the Earth"

'Magic council of the what? why is maachan and ai-san there?' riho's thoughts are full of questions right now but he didn't bother to ask

Ayaka left riho at the lobby for some important tasks

"yo!" a guy with snow-white hair looked at riho with a smile

'wow, he's actually handsome....' riho thought

"SAKI! wtf i've been looking all-over for you yuuka needs he-" a girl wearing the same clothes as maachan ran down the hallway to a guy named saki

saki ran away upon hearing the worn Yuuka that needs help

"Is that the saki guy? he's handsome...."




lord ai suddenly shows up

"waddup guys!"

". . . "

-le awkward silence-

*meanwhile somewhere*


chants of magic are being whispered to a demon possesed human or maybe she's the demon.

" can't handle her, she's too strong, Don't force yourself" saki said to the fairy that tries to remove the curse to the woman
"No, I must do this...Po-tay-toe-la-ba-tcha!" Yuuka used the chants again
"just lock her up to her cell again!" saki tried to break the chant but he failed
"leave" yuuka tried pushed saki away using her psychic power but saki just deflected it using his hand and in 0.01 seconds he got yuuka's arm
"Yuuka,Lock her up" saki looked at yuuka with a worried face
"If she don't return normal when the sun goes down i'm gonna kill myself" yuuka warned the guy
"just get dawa to heal her..."
"dawa can't heal her, the demon inside yajima-san's body destroyed our town, so if dawa sees her, dawa's blood will boil.."
" that bad? i never saw dawa angry before..."

The elf took out somthing from his pocket, it is a pouch with fairy dust on it, he sprinkled some on yuuka's back while holding his laughter
after some seconds yuuka felt drowsy and fell asleep

The elf made the demon possesed girl go back to her cell "good, she calmed down a bit" he said with relief
he also carried yuuka and left the dungeon with a smirk

*after 3 hours*

The kicking woman yajima was sleeping on her cell and then she felt a weird presence inside of her and started to change her figure from a irropoi human to an ugly demon

*end of Chapter*

Character Introduction! Yaaay!

Let's start with Dawa


Ayaka: Hi! I'm Wada Ayaka a Fairy call me dawa or ayacho, i really like humans they're very interesting creatures they even thought once that i'm a goblin.
Goblins are nice too....
i really hate vampires....
and uhh.... I'm a member of the Magic council here on earth, I can heal people easily if i'm near a fairy but when i'm surrounded by humans, healing fast is a no-no.

saki: I-im... O-ogawa S-saki.... i'm not shy I SWEAR! -blush-
Maachan: so he's saki he's the most powerful of the magic council, he's an elemtalist he controls every element!
saki: A-and.... I-i L-like da-
Maachan: Yes he likes dawa very much
saki: -blush-
Maachan: Playboy what about Yuukarin
saki: HEY!
Ai: good thing it's not Mizuki or i'll kill you even before you get to college

Yuuka: I'm Maeda Yuuka, I'm the last heir of the Maeda family, I used to be a vampire but Ayacho healed me.
Maachan: *whisper* (yeah, when she did that Dawa almost died)
Yuuka: HUH?!
Macchan: -runs away-


Late night at the Cabin

Riho deided to Sleep in Duu's room but it seems like Duu is not having a good night's rest since There's another person inside his room.
but riho is sleeping like's it's the end of the world the day after tomorrow
"Ugh...Did he got drunk from all of these ciders" Duu mumbled while picking up bottle of ciders at the floor
Then he heard something from downstairs, it's the sound of searching
Since he's a coward... (Duu: I"M NOT A COWARD!)
He suddenly woke cider boy up and let him check where the sound was coming from

Holding their flashlights on their hand and a weapon on the other (Duu: Baseball Bat, Riho: Bottle of Cider)
They Courageously went downstairs

"Riho, It's from the kitchen....Here's the plan....Go first and when it's a hostile mob attack it i'll go with you" Duu explained some effective tactic
"You know what...It's better If I stay Upstairs!" Riho went back upstairs with a Yaoming Bitch Please Face

"RIHO!" Duu Tried calling the troll back but it's no use that guy won't come back

But Duu ain't no loser and he won't lose!

Duu tightened his grip  to the bat he's holding and went to the kitchen looking hungry for blood

When he came to the kitchen

He saw someone

It was..





"HUH?! I HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED!! *le mimics a butterfly and ran upstairs*"

Duu was shocked, disappointed, sad, happy,angry, and 'WAT' at the same time XD


Damn that was my favorite omake XD
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