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Author Topic: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Ikuta's Question- 6/30}  (Read 13636 times)

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Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Ikuta's Question- 6/30}
« on: March 12, 2012, 05:43:39 AM »
[1.1]Love Me Ai (this post)
[1.2]Fairy Tale

[2]Anything for Niigaki-san!!

[3]Another Word

[4]Ikuta's Question


Huh?  A onesie?  Why yes, yes it is!~ :D  I've had this halfway written out for about half a year now...but I got writers block/brainfart and stopped.  And then I continued one day so I could post it!~ \(^ _ ^)/  I blame my friend for this one.  She showed me the song "Love Me" by Yiruma and I fell in love love with it~ 

Here's the link to the song if anyone is interested :D  Piano music ftw~

And yes, it is TakaGaki cause TakaGaki is AWESOME!

and off we go~ v(' 3 ')v


How could such a simple and elegant instrument like the piano cause so much distress?  There was no doubt that she loved playing the piano.  Every song she learned to play was specifically chosen because of how she felt.  Yet, the piano also caused her to be sheltered away from a normal life.  Being the daughter of a famous company owner had its upsides and its downsides.  One of the downsides was excelling.  Though she did get average grades, thanks to the multiple tutors hired by the girl’s parents, it was not enough for the daughter of a wealthy family; thus, her parents enrolled the girl to take piano lessons.  At first, it was exciting.  For the ten year old girl, all she wanted to do was play along with her favorite songs while singing at the same time.  Being the big Abe Natsumi fan that she was, it was practically essential for her to learn how to play her favorite songs, but at the same time, she began to learn to appreciate classical music as well. 

However, the moment her parents realized their daughter had a niche for playing the piano, they began to push her harder.  At the age of thirteen, she had played in over thirty piano recitals and played during those extravagant dinner parties that her parents enjoyed hosting practically every other week.  When she finally became old enough to enter in local talent shows and other competitions, there was no doubt that her parents would be the first ones to sign up their daughter, eager to spread word of their family’s merit.  Yet, by the fifth dinner party, all she wanted to do was to live the life of a normal girl.  She wanted to go to birthday parties and have sleepovers with other girls her age, but instead, she was forced to practice during whatever free time she had.   When adolescence arrived, most of her friends and classmates developed new interests, such as fashion and boys, while she remained with her preset routine. 

Still, her older best friend, despite coming from a different social status, understood why things were the way they were.  Her best friend came as support for every recital, party, and competition and attended most of the practices.  Perhaps the reason they had such a strong bond was due to the fact that the older girl was passionate about singing and often sang or hummed along to the songs that were played on the piano.  Yes, music was the main source that created their strong bond, but at the same time, the pianist couldn’t help but hope for more.


“Choir club?  Our school has a choir club?”  the younger girl questioned aloud whilst her best friend bounced in front of her with a flyer announcing the auditions. 

The older girl nodded her head enthusiastically, a toothy grin evident of her excitement to join her first extracurricular club.  “They practice every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and even go to compete against the other schools!”

“And…you’re joining?”  the younger girl asked, a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Risa, if you really don’t want me to, I won’t…” the older girl had a tight smile, but her eyes showed the truth of how much she hoped to join the club.  “Maybe you could convince your parents to let you join with me?  You could even continue practicing by volunteering to play accompaniment with the choir?  That way, Mano-chan and Jun Jun can have a chance to sing too!”

“I don’t think my parents would allow me to.  You know how strict they are...”  “I can just hear them now.  ‘Rii-chan, why would you want to willingly allow yourself to be controlled by those inferior hoodlums of the working class?  You do realize how this could affect your father’s reputation?  Isn’t going to public school bad enough? Where have I gone wrong in raising my daughter?  What went wrong that caused you to become so selfish?’”

“It’s fine Ai-chan.  I want to be able to support you like what you’ve done for me.”

Before she knew it, Risa was pulled into a choking hug.  “Arigatou Risa!  I swear I’ll still support you like before even though I’ll be in the choir!” and without another word, the older girl dashed off to find a sign in sheet of sorts.

Smiling halfheartedly, the bean waved at her friend’s disappearing form before sighing miserably.  “As long as she’s happy.”


After another hard day of intense practicing, Risa fell onto her bed stomach first.  “This piano stuff is getting old really fast.” She muttered into her Mickey Mouse shaped pillow.  After two hours straight of only piano, the bean was quickly met with her regular tutors, where she studied and did homework for two more hours before returning to another two hour piano practice session with her mentor. 

Shaking her head at the thought of her day, Risa peaked up from the comfort of her pillow to see the time on her iPhone.  It was almost midnight.  “Still no word from Ai-chan...” the bean mused, rolling over onto her back as she clutched her pillow to her chest.  It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours and it seemed like the older girl already broke her promise of continuing to attend the tedious piano practices.  “It’s fine Risa.  Club activities usually run three hours after school has actually ended.  Ai-chan must have been so tired that she went home and fell asleep.” 

Regardless, the thought of not having her best friend at her practice made her cringe.  “She didn’t even send a text or anything…” 

Not wanting to think negatively of the older girl, the bean turned her attention to the soreness of her fingers.  It had been a while since it last happened, but halfway into piano practice, Risa’s fingers began to cramp.  Not only did the piano teacher show no sympathy whatsoever, the bean was also scolded for improper playing techniques and self-care. Even after hearing the angry rants from her sensei, she was sent home to her awaiting parents, who were always informed of Risa's progress after each and every piano lesson, and would be lectured. The teacher is always right. Then again, that's what the elder Niigaki's wholeheartedly reminded Risa during the rare times when they were around their eldest daughter.  "At least Ai-chan gets it…”

 “Mou Ai-chan…why does sensei have to be so mean?” the twelve year old girl pouted as a few tears began to stream down her puffy marshmallow cheeks.

Her thirteen year old friend chuckled in response as she ruffled the bean’s hair.  “She’s just jealous that you’re a better piano player then she is.  Just shoot her with one of your “mayuge beams” and she’ll be quiet for good!”

Only hearing part of the statement, the younger girl’s eyes widened.  “SHOOT her?!  Ai-chan, have you gone mad?  I can’t shoot sensei with anything!” the reaction queen shrilled, though the thought of using a mayuge beam on her teacher was quite tempting. “Mama and Papa might get mad at me for not finishing my piano lessons…”

The older girl only laughed louder.  “Your expressions are priceless!  Man, I love having the reaction queen as my best friend!  I don’t think anybody could replace you in that category!”

As the thirteen year old continued laughing and teasing, Risa wiped away the remnants of her tears with the handkerchief lent to her by her best friend. “W-We’ll always be best friends…right Ai-chan?”
Despite how serious the atmosphere had turned, Ai-chan simply smiled at the girl.  “Would you think otherwise? AiGaki will always be AiGaki.”

Smiling at the memory, Risa curled into her bed, her lips slowly curving upwards into a small smile as she shook off all the worried thoughts.  “AiGaki will always be AiGaki.”


“This is Lin Lin!  She’s my very first friend from choir club!  She came all the way from Hangzhou, China!  Isn’t that cool?  She knows how to speak Chinese AND Japanese fluently AND she’s a year younger than us!  Oh, and she…”

As Ai continued gushing about the other girl’s traits, hobbies, and anything else that could be used to write a biography, the disheartened bean could only stare at the newest addition to her and Ai’s outdoor lunch time spot.  This was the first time anyone else had sat with them underneath the large tree, especially after some of their closest friends had moved once they made other friends.  “She’s just an acquaintance from choir club.  Yeah…that’s it.  I bet they don’t know that much about each other.  Besides, Ai-chan’s easily excited about a lot of things…that’s all.”

“Oh! OH! OH!  Did I mention that Linko likes to play Final Fantasy too!?  She’s the only other girl in our school that I know plays the series!  Oh, and she also-“

“Maybe we should let Niigaki-senpai have a chance to talk too?”  the shortest girl suggested shyly, careful not to let her accent overwhelm her Japanese.

Seeing that both of the girls were now peering at her, each with a 100 watt smile plastered, Risa quickly shook her head.  “I’m fine.  Go ahead with what you were going say Ai-chan.”  “Rather, I have nothing to say except ‘Stop trying to steal Ai-chan from me!’  And how does this ‘Linko’ get a nickname so quickly while I’m still just ‘Risa’?” 

“Actually, I was just gonna say that Linko even has a strategy book for every Final Fantasy game!  Isn’t that awesome?  We even traded tips at the ice cream store after the club finished for the day!”

“You guys went to get ice cream after choir club?”  By now, the bean could feel her eyebrows twitching in annoyance.

“Did you want some too Niigaki-senpai?”  Lin Lin questioned innocently.  “We can all go together today after school since Ai-chan and I don’t have choir club-“

“No!”  Risa cried out slamming her tightened fists on the grass like an unsatisfied toddler.  After seeing the puzzled expressions from both girls and nearby bystanders, the bean immediately retracted her fists and flashed an crooked grin, though she was still internally fuming.  “I mean…I’m sorry, but I can’t go.  I have piano practice.  And Ai-chan is comi-“

“I guess it’ll just be me and Lin then!” The older girl declared before the bean could even finish her sentence.

“Right…you and Lin.  I guess…I’ll text you after practice..?”

The older girl merely flashed the bean a quick thumbs up before resuming her conversation with Lin Lin regarding battle strategies for Final Fantasy.  With a loud huff, Risa leaned back against the tree, her knuckles turning white from her tight grasp on her bento box.  “They’re just acquaintances Risa.  No need to feel clingy and needy.  Envy is for the weak hearted.”


“Niigaki!  You have a recital this weekend! Why are you still making mistakes after weeks of practice?  You do realize that your parents spent a substantial amount of money in order for you to be able to continue your lessons?  What do you have to say for yourself!?”

In the blink of an eye, the aging woman’s face was less than a foot away from Risa’s.  Her eyes not only showed disappointment, but also a bit of annoyance at the younger girl.  “Well?”  She snarled.

“…Sumimasen sensei.” “Please redirect your face from mine.  I’m afraid my mood has been spoiled for the day”

“No wonder your nickname is ‘Gaki.’  You know what they say- if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  Keep practicing for the rest of the night and maybe you’ll do well this weekend.”

The moment her piano teacher left, slamming the door shut in her wake, tears began to uncontrollably slide down Risa’s cheeks.  She hadn’t been scolded this badly since she was thirteen.  “Why does sensei have to be so mean?” the bean questioned aloud, glancing once more at the screen of her iPhone.  The words of encouragement that she loved were absent.



Hearing her name being called, the bean turned around and was greeted by a bone crushing hug.  As a lips curved into a smile, the pianist returned the favor with an equally powerful hug.  When the two released one other, Risa, still flashing her 100 watt grin, playfully nudged her best friend’s shoulder.  "Didn't think you'd make it!"

"You know I wouldn't miss your recital for the world!"

With a silent nod, Risa stepped back to take in her friend's appearance.  As usual, the older girl was as prepared as anyone could be, from the extravagant hairstyle and equally extravagant knee length dress to the sparkling strappy high heels.  "You look great."

"Hey, you look even better!  So wha-"

"Ni hao!~" 

Unexpectedly, a shorter girl appeared from out of know where and suddenly, dangling off of Ai's right arm was a joyful looking LinLin.  "Niigaki-senpai!  Ganbatte ne!  I can't wait to hear you play the piano!  Ai-chan says you're really good!"

Still surprised, Risa struggled to keep her mouth shut or else her jaw would be planted on the past the floor, into the center of the planet.  Though Ai and Risa had many mutual acquaintances at their high school, none of them ever had the idea of going to one of the recitals as a supportive friend. Yet, for Risa, there wasn't really a need for anymore moral support.  As long as Ai was there, sitting in the front row watching her play, that's all that truly mattered.

"LinLin...what a surprise."  the pianist gritted her two, eyeing the Chinese girl with a dark glare.  "Let me guess, Ai-chan invited you?"

"Uh huh!  One friend is good, but two is even better right?  What song are you playing senpai?  Something speedy like "Flight of the Bumblebee"?  Or maybe something old fashion like Beethoven’s "Moonlight Sonata"?  Oooh!  Or maybe you could play a piece from Final Fantasy?  I bet you could take on "One Winged Angel" like a-"

"Actually," Risa interrupted with a small smile.  Tightly grasping onto the bounded book of sheet music, the bean shyly gazed at her oblivious best friend.  "I'm playing a piece that I wrote myself."

"Let me see!"  LinLin released her hold on Ai's arm and like a true ninja, snatched the music book out of Risa's grasp.  Not even noticing the now-fuming bean, the shortest girl, together with the Ai, took a peak at the first page.  “’Love Me’? Hold on, you marked out a kanji-"

"And that's enough!"  flushing red, Risa grabbed the book and held it tightly against her chest.  The feeling of embarrassment had overcome her anger towards the small girl's unintentional, though still very disrespectful, action.  "The show's about to start..."

"We better go if we want to get good seats then.  Good luck Risa!"  Ai leaned in for another hug, which Risa gladly accepted.  The bean let out the breathe she had been holding for god knows how long and buried her face into Ai's shoulder, not wanting to let go.  Perhaps she was getting too use to these warn and strawberry scented hugs. 

With a small chuckle, Ai pulled back and waved farewell before walking off, with a bouncy LinLin following closely behind.  Once the two were out of site, the pianist slowly opened her book to the first page, her eyes glued to the wildly scribbled out square next to the title.  Although the title of the piece clearly read "Love Me", deep within her heart, she knew what the title meant.  She knew what the true title was. 

"Love Me Ai."


After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Risa finally heard her name being called onto the stage and with as much confidence as she could gather, she strutted onto stage, her heel precisely clicking step by step as she took her place by the piano bench.  Taking the microphone handed to her, the bean smiled as she introduced herself in her usual fashion.  Still speaking, the pianist scanned the first few rows to find her best friend.  A loud giggle grabbed her attention, as well as the attention of many others in the room, and at that instant, the bean's grin fell sullen. Sitting in the seats closest to the exit were the pair she had been looking for, but instead of seeing the supportive smiles she was expecting, what she was really there came as a flat out disappointment.  The two were intently staring at the small screen of Ai's worn out PSP as they continued to play, what Risa assumed, a game of Final Fantasy.

Letting out a sigh of displeasure, Risa quickly bowed to the audience before taking a seat onto the bench, readying herself to play.  With a final glance at the still gaming duo, the pianist introduced her song with a half-hearted smile.  "I'll be playing an original piece of mine.  ‘Love Me’."


Yes.  These are the thoughts that roam in my mind on a day to day basis lol :lol:  Thanks for reading~  I hope you enjoyed!  I shall try to update Just Around the Corner at some point in time XD  Though I haven’t even started the next chapter hehe~ Bye Bye for now~ (^ 3 ^)/

P.S TakaGaki > AiLin.  El Fin ;)
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Love Me Ai- 3/11}
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2012, 08:40:39 AM »
USO!!!! USOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ai was so oblivious to everything. **Fumes** Ai, you'd better wake up and love Risa!! You didn't read her hurt expressions!!  HOW COULD YOU?! WHAT'S SO GOOD ABOUT LINLIN WHEN A PIECE OF GOLD IS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU??!!! You better see how hurt she is, and make up to her! Or else.... I'll be back! **Snarls menacingly** :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: Are you continuing this, author-san??
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Love Me Ai- 3/11}
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2012, 12:30:18 PM »
...Not really Takagaki, more like Kataomoi Takagaki. This so needs a continuation! Like maybe a certain turtle making Ai-chan very jealous.

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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Love Me Ai- 3/11}
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2012, 03:24:31 AM »
Thanks for the comments and thank you ^_^  They seriously cheered me up today :)

risa_ai: Mmmmm not everyone goes for the gold ne? :)  Your comment...epic and crazy! :D  Thank you~  :deco:

rndmnwierd: true.  claiming this as a TakaGaki is a bit misleading huh? XD Thanks again~  :deco:

I actually intended on leaving the rest for the readers to interpret/finish off in this minds...then again, I'm never the one to stick with my original ideas :D  Who knows what thoughts may appear in my mind in the near future?  ;)  Besides...I have a short story in progress too....except it's starting to become not short XD
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Love Me Ai- 3/11}
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2012, 05:40:26 AM »
IT'S A MUST WRITE! Or i'll give you burn cookies! XD or maybe another epic, crazy comment? :p
*pouts and whines* ME WANT CONTINUATION! ME WAAANT!! *goes to make burn chocolate cookies for you*
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Love Me Ai- 3/11}
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What!? You got me glued to my tiny phone screen throughout the whole story & you just left us hanging there. Evil, I tell ya. Pure evil. This warrant a 'tbc'! Not 'El Fin' :angry:

I kinda wanted to read a TakaGaki breakup story. But a onesided love is better lol. More stories from you k :twothumbs

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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Love Me Ai- 3/11}
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badsaints: a tbc is possible...I've thought of it, but I'm a tad lazy honestly hehe  :lol:  Thanks for the comment!

Anyways...for those who have heard about the situation that occurred, this is my take on it ;)  Weirdly's not TakaGaki o.O 



After the usual hour long practice, Satou Masaki plopped onto the corner of the room, hugging her knees closer to her body as she attempted to control the tears that threatened to fall.  The beginning of the Ultra Smart tour was tomorrow, and still, dancing backup during the Egao ni Namida performance was difficult.  Cautiously peeking up, she could see the dance instructer, Yoko-sensei, angrily jabbing her index finger towards the moping girl.  Things had to be serious…it wasn’t everyday that Tsunku himself showed up to practice.  What made it worse was that Niigaki Risa herself, the soon to be graduating leader, with her arms across her chest, attentively stood as she too listened to the angry dance instructor’s report.

Five minutes of pure hair stroking and comfort, courtesy of the smaller, yet twice as mature, Kudo Haruka, had passed before Masaki heard her name being called.  “Hai!”  the twelve year old girl exclaimed, jogging towards the remaining duo of Risa and the dance instructor.  At the same time, the Morning Musume leader gently ushered Ikuta Erina, who held a puzzled expression, to join the group. 

“You have made no process,” Blunt.  Clearly, the dance instructor was referring to Masaki.  Despite the sympathetic grip from Erina, the tears were once again threatening to fall.

“S-suimasen sensei.  I’ll do better tomorrow.  I swear.”

“I’m afraid there will be no tomorrow Satou-san,”  Her pitiful expression was quickly replaced with wide eyes shocked look as the twelve year old girl glanced up at the instructor.  “You’re being pulled from the performance.”

Erina’s grip tightened as she kindly wrapped her other arm around the smaller girl’s shoulders, comforting the girl that was in near tears.
“That’s not all.”  The dance instructor added, her glance not tilted back to a frowning Risa.  The bean cringed as she suddenly became the center of attention between the four.  “Go ahead.  Tell them what else has been decided Niigaki-san.”

“I-“ Sighing, Risa miserably stared at her two kouhais long and hard before continuing.  “After much delegation between Tsunku-san, Yoko-sensei, and myself, it’s been decided that because Satou’s moves and positions reflect those of Ikuta’s, the both of you are being pulled.”

“What!?” The KY shrilled, pulling herself away from the depressed Masaki.  “You can’t do that!  I’ve practiced so much for this concert!  I’ve practiced so much for this specific performance!”

“I’m sorry.” the leader muttered sullenly.  “It’s honestly out of my hands.”

An explosion of tears rolled down the fourteen year old’s cheeks as she slammed her sweat infused towel onto the ground.  “This isn’t fair!”  she screamed, angrily stomping her feet on the tainted towel.  “Why me!?  I hate this!  This is all your fault!”  Erina, with eyes puffy and red, lightly shoved Masaki onto the ground before running, passing curious looks of the other members, into the dressing rooms.

Her work being done, the dance instructor bid farewell to the remaining two as Risa sympathetically crouched down to comfort the younger girl.  “It’s not your fault Satou-chan.  Don’t worry about Ikuta.  She’ll be fine.  Go get yourself cleaned up nee?  Practice is over anyways.”

Using her own towel, Masaki wiped away the stream of tears as she miserably nodded her head to her senpai before retreating back to the dressing rooms as well.  The twelve year old girl began to dejectedly gather her personal belongings when all of a sudden, the door was slammed shut. 

“You…” was all she heard.  Frightened, the small girl glanced up to see a fuming Ikuta Erina.  “You just single-handedly ruined my special performance with Niigaki-san!”

“I’m sorry!”  Masaki squeaked, dropping her things to the ground with a small clatter as she raised both hands up in defense.  “I’ll try harder next time I swear!”

“No!”  the fourteen year old girl stomped up to Masaki, her hardened glare never changing.  “There’s not gonna be a next time!”

“What am I suppose to do then?  You heard Niigaki-san!”

Surprisingly, Erina’s scowl slowly curved into a dangerous smirk.  “I hope you don’t have important plans tonight Maa-chan.”


A few hours after everyone had left, the two girls swiftly returned to the dance studio.  Standing in the middle of the abandoned practice room, Masaki lifted her arms up, attempting do the dance moves that she was taught months ago. 

“Wrong!” Erina scolded, crossing her arms across her chest as she impatiently tapped her foot against the cold surface of the dance floor.  “What did I tell you earlier?”

“M-my right-“

“What?!  I can’t hear you!”

“My right arm should be crossed in the front!”

“Then DO it! Do it now!”

Quickly nodding, Masaki re-positioned herself into the right pose.  With a silent nod of approval, Erina clicked the play button on the remote control as the instrumental track for Egao ni Namida began to flow in.  As the twelve year old girl began to move her hips to the beat of the music, her senpai quickly pushed the pause button. 

“Wrong!” she once again reprimanded.  “Do it again!” With the click of a button, the music began to start over as Masaki attempted the moves once again.  Yet, once again, she was scolded by Erina. 

Losing her patience, Erina angrily approached the shaky girl, grabbing her by the collar of her sweat covered shirt.  “What did I say earlier Satou Masaki?” The words seemed even harsher as they were slowly pronounced.

“A-anything for Niigaki-san!”

With a satisfied smirk, the older senpai shoved Masaki back.  “Do it again.” She commanded, replaying the intro of the song for a third time.  Wordlessly nodding, the twelve year old girl scrambled into position as her mind repeated.

“Anything for Niigaki-san!”


As the other members sat off in the corners of the rehearsal area, Erina dragged a flimsy Masaki to the older adults of the room.  “Excuse me sensei?  Niigaki-san?”  the KY innocently interrupted the conversation as she not-so-gently pushed the smaller girl forward.  “Please let her do it one more time?”

“Of course.” Risa smiled, cutting off whatever Yoko-sensei's retort was going to be.

Silently positioning herself, Masaki took one final glance at Erina, hoping for an smile or any type of encouragement for that matter.  Instead, she was met with a cold and threatening stare.  Brushing off the sudden chill, the twelve year old girl nearly came in late as she began to do the dance she had practiced all night long for. 

“Anything for Niigaki-san!” she internally cheered as she danced on.

As the song came to an end, Masaki felt an accomplished smile creep onto her lips as the leader herself began to clap, in which the other members soon followed.  With an uninterested stare, the dance instructor huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.  “I see some slight improvement.  You obviously practiced harder, am I correct?  Very well.  You two may appear in the performance then.”

With a gleeful cheer, Erina ran towards Masaki, throwing her arms around the sweat covered girl.  Still feeling a bit fearful over the Ikuta Erina she had witnessed alone, the twelve year old girl simply patted her senpai’s arm in response.

“But…” the dance instructor started.

Suddenly, Masaki felt the breath being sucked out of her as Erina, who once again held her empty gaze, held a death grip, rather than a friendly hug.

“If either of you begin to worsen, I’ll pull the both of you out again, even if it’s the final live at Budokan.  Understand?”

“Hai!” the two girls shouted in response, their tones laced with determination. 

As everyone began to shuffle towards the middle of the dance floor for a final dress rehearsal, Erina dangerously leaned towards Masaki, their eyes locking.  The cold gaze from a distance was hard enough to handle, but with Erina’s face own a few centimeters away, Masaki held her breathe out of fear.  “Remember Maa-chan,” the fourteen year old her lectured dangerously, her eyes still retaining the threatening glare.  “Anything for Niigaki-san.”

A moment of silence passed.  With a squeaky giggle, Erina pulled back as she hopped towards an unsuspecting Risa, once again asking to take a pre-rehearsal two-shot picture for blogging (and personal) purposes.  Shaking away the frightened thoughts, Masaki stumbled towards her fellow Juukies, all who happily congratulated her.  Mindlessly thanking her co-workers/friends, the twelve year old girl continued repeating the sacred words in her mind. 

“Anything for Niigaki-san!”


Yeah :D  Eripon is full of coolness ;)
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Anything for Niigaki-san!!- 3/29}
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Lol, jeez, don't let anything get in the way of Erina and her love of the bean. I thought it was kind of unfair, too, when I heard the story, especially since Erina's such a big Gaki groupie, but I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Anything for Niigaki-san!!- 3/29}
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rndmnwierd: I know right?  I mean, even if Masaki did completely screw up, all they had to do was either fix the dance so it would be a three person thing, or toss in Riho XD  Thanks for the reviews~

Yo yo yo! :D  No, this is not a onesie, nor is it a full fledged story.  Rather, it's a short story.  Maybe I should call it a "short" to go along with the clothing naming?  Though I DO have the urge to call them "booty shorts" since I seem to see those everywhere on campus these days :lol: Gross~ 

Anyways, this one came to me all of a sudden after watching a documentary in my psychology class about the "Wild Child" Genie and hearing this one specific line, as well as looking up "My Sister's Keeper."

Character death by the way, if you couldn't tell by the banner (though I should write this after the close enough XD

Mmmm, en~nnnnnjoy!~  v(' 3 ')v


”How long were you working as her nurse?”

“A little over 3 months.”

“Tell me, what was it like?”


With her long and wavy brunette hair tied back in a high ponytail, the twenty-five year old nurse stood by the information counter, pretending to pay attention to the superfluous words of the chatty secretary.  Rather, she was curiously observing her sleeping patient through the open blinds of the hospital room window.  Today was her first day working with said patient as the previous nurse could no longer handle the emotional distress that came along with caring for patients with cancer.  ”Cancer…”  Ever since her own sister diagnosed of cancer before eventually succumbing to the disease, she knew where her future was headed. 

Wordlessly waving good-bye to the talkative receptionist, the nurse slowly approached the door.  As she wrapped her small hand around the stainless steel doorknob, her dark brown eyes drifted to the bulk clipboard in her other hand as she read the name once more.  “Niigaki Risa.”  She whispered, thinking back to the conversation she had with her supervisor not even an hour ago.

”You’ll be in charge of Niigaki Risa.  Nineteen years old.  Diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia two years ago.  Her condition as of now is pending to be classified as terminal.  She’s stopped responding to chemotherapy and other treatments.”

“Nakazawa-senpai, I’m a little confused.” The nurse interrupted, bringing the formal explanation to a halt.  “Why is Niigaki-san still in the hospital if she’s no longer responding to any treatments?  Wouldn’t it be best to send her home under the supervision of a homecare specialist and just let her be comfortable?”

A moment of silence passed as the supervisor kept a still gaze on the brunette.  With a loud sigh, the woman gently set down the clipboard as she rubbed her always aching temples.  “You see Takahashi, Niigaki-san here is a special case.  She is the eldest daughter of Niigaki Shouta and Miyu.  Ever heard of them?”

“They’re on TV a lot aren’t they?  They’re both actors I think.”

“Correct.  That's not the main point.  The point is that each month, the hospital is sent money to keep Niigaki-san in the oncology ward as neither Niigaki-sans have the time to take care of her themselves.”

“That’s a shame.  At least they come to visit her, right?”

Silence was her answer as a grim Nakazawa Yuko stood from her office seat and wandered to the one sided glass window.  From her standpoint, she had a clear view of the sleeping form of Niigaki Risa.  “If you count the day she was diagnosed and admitted to the hospital, then yes.  Yes, they have visited her.”

“They’ve basically abandoned her,” the younger nurse spat out, surprising herself with her her disgusted tone, especially towards these people she had never met in her life.  Silently, the twenty-five year old nurse could only stare at her sneakers though there was a clear form of hatred growing inside of her.  She wasn’t the type of person to easily dislike someone, but the way these so called “parents” were treating their daughter…it wasn’t fair.  “She’s all alone isn’t she?”

“No.  Thankfully not.  She still has a few friends who come in for daily visits,”  Yuko turned around to glance at the nurse, who continued staring at her feet.  With a knowing look, the older supervisor walked over to her junior and clamped a hand onto the nurse’s shoulder.  “Hey…I know what you’re thinking.  We all want to make the patients as happy as we can, but don’t forget, you can’t connect your emotional side with work when it’s in these situations.”

“I know…”

“Remember, you’re getting paid to take care of this girl, just like you’re getting paid to take care of the other patients.”

Tightening her hold on the door, the nurse turned the knob to the right and slowly pushed the door open.  Before she could even enter the room, another hand grabbed a hold of the handle, closing the door as quietly as possible.  Confused, the brunette turned around, only to be greeted with three female adolescents.  As she nurse opened her mouth to question their actions, a voice filled with slight rudeness cut her off.

“You Gaki-san’s new nurse?” the extravagantly dressed girl with a cat eyes asked, suspiciously observing the older woman.  “You’ve been standing in front of the door for an awfully long time now.”

“Yes I am.  Takahashi Ai,” the woman held her hand out to shake the girl’s hand, but when she scoffed and looked away, another one of the girls warmly accepted the handshake with both hands. 

“I’m Kamei Eri.”  The girl grinned cheekily, a small fang peeking out between her lips.  “The one with the big bow and glittery bangs is Tanaka Reina.  She’s always like that, so please don’t be too offended.”

As Eri released Ai’s hand, the girl with the long black hair also gratefully shook the nurse’s hand, her lips graced with a princess-like smile.  “My name is Michishige Sayumi.”

“You three are the friends that Nakazawa-senpai was referring to?”

The girl named Eri nodded as her eyes drifted to Risa’s sleeping form.  “We’ve been visiting her since she was diagnosed.  There were several others first.  Classmates and peers who wanted to help Gaki-san…but over time, they just stopped.  I guess they decided it wasn’t worth their time anymore.”

Nodding in understanding, Ai smiled at the three.  “You three are very good friends then.  She’s lucky to still have you guys in her life after everyone else has abandoned her.”

The three girls, rather than doing the expected “thank yous” with a proud smile, shifted uncomfortably.   The uneasy feeling was apparent, especially when it came to Sayumi and Eri as the small smiles they held quickly faded away.  Instead, their expressions were guilt stricken while Reina on the other hand simply seemed even angrier at the world.  Despite how curious Ai was, she held the urge to question the three.

“What’s her current condition like Takahashi-san?” Sayumi eventually questioned in a quiet voice.

“I’m sorry, but that information is classified.  This type of information is restricted to family members only.”

Reina scoffed as she rolled her eyes at the formality.  “Who do you think we are?  We are her family.  You think those pathetic excuses for parents are gonna come visit?!  They haven’t even contacted her after the doctors diagnosed Gaki-san, let only physically come check on their 'precious' daughter.  Their damn careers are more important than their own daughter!”

“Please tell us Takahashi-san,” the nurse was taken aback at the pleading tone of Eri’s voice as the girl's now shaky hands re-connected to Ai’s hands.  There was no doubt that they were worried sick.

“She…” Ai paused, glancing at the window of Nakazawa-san’s office where the supervisor herself was observing from afar.  Locking eyes, there was a barely noticeable nod from Yuko and Ai knew it was the signal of permission.  “Her condition is terminal.  She’s no longer responding any treatments.”

“Meaning?” Kamei looked up, the corner of her eyes nearly overflowing with the salty tears. 

“Please make Niigaki-san as comfortable as possible.  And…I’m sorry.”

“Whatever,” an angry Reina shoved Ai from the entrance as she silently let herself into the room, soon followed by Sayumi and Eri who both at least had the decency to thank the nurse.  Still standing at outside the door, Ai could only watch as the three friends gather around the sleeping form of Risa.


“There are three other girls?  What happened to them?”

Silently shaking her head, Ai feebly smiled at the interviewer.  “They just couldn’t handle it.”


“Reina, are you sure about this?  We can’t just do that to Gaki-san…”

“Seriously Eri?  You were dead set on this a while back too.  You’re really gonna back out now?"  Seeing the turtle's lack of eye contact, the yankii imitator slammed her fists on the end of the hospital bed, before silencing herself.  The heavily accessorized girl quietly observed her resting friend and noted that she was indeed still sleeping before continuing on, only this time, in a hushed tone.  "God Eri, can you be anymore of bleeding heart?!  I thought we all agreed to this once it came to this very point!”

“I-I know…but-“

“Sayu, talk some sense into your girlfriend! Please! She obviously needs to face the facts.”


On the otherside of the door, Ai nosily peeked between the crack of the door, completely oblivious of curious glances and whispers from her co-workers.  "Are they...?"

“We told her we’d stick with her didn’t we?  Until the very end?  That’s what real friends do isn’t it?!  We should be there for Gaki-san!  She deserves that much after everything she’s suffered through!”

“I’m not having this conversation with you Eri,” an annoyed Reina pushed herself out of the seat, the chair legs quietly scratching against the tiled floors.  Quietly, the wonky eyed girl stumbled to the sleeping girl, where she silently watched for a short moment.  Slowly leaning down, the girl pressed a soft kiss on Risa’s forehead while muttering a few words that Ai couldn’t hear from her standpoint. 

Silently gasping, all Ai could do was watch as one by one, Eri and Sayumi followed Reina’s actions, though the two were much more obvious about their guilt and emotions as their sniffles could be probably heard from the opposite side of the hospital. 

“I-I’m sorry Gaki-san.” Eri whispered, probably louder then she had intended to, as she stroked Risa’s yellow-green beanie once more before the three began to gather their belongings.

The nurse continued absent-mindedly watching when all of a sudden, the door swung wide open and she was faced with the three tear stricken girls.  As she parted her lips to make some sort of comment, Reina was the first to stomp past Ai, once again pushing her to the side as the other two girls quickly followed their youngest friend.

“Wait!”  Ai managed to call out, an arm outreached as she began to chase after the girls.

“I…no we can’t stick around anymore,” Eri explained, wiping away her continuously falling tears with her long sleeves.  “Please take care of her Takahashi-san.”  And without another word, the three ran.  As the retreating figures of the girls disappeared from sight, the only family members that remained in Risa’s life were gone.


“Just like that?  They left without a proper good-bye?  What about Niigaki-san?  How did she react?”

“Better then I imagined.”


With a defeated sigh, the brunette let herself into Risa’s room as she silently crept over to the bed as she began to tidy up the room.  As she twisted close the window blinds for the night, Ai glanced towards the supposedly sleeping patient, only to be greeted with a pair of warm honey brown eyes.

“They’re not coming back, are they?” the patient’s hoarse voice questioned, though it was a clear fact to the girl as small tears slid down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Niigaki-san.”

“Don’t be.  You’re not to blame,” with a small smile, the short haired girl slowly sat up in her bed.  “I had a feeling this day might come.  They’re all very sensitive, especially Tanakacchi.”

Awkwardly shifting from foot to foot, Ai slowly glanced at the girl, who, despite the slow flowing tears, held a beautiful smile.  “I-I’ll go get your dinner now.”

“Takahashi-san…” the bean started as she wiped away her tears with own bare hands.  “Please, just call me Risa.”

Silently nodding, Ai allowed herself to subconsciously be taken to the entrance.  Glancing back once more, her lips curved into a small smile.  “Of course Risa.”


“Why did she ask you to call her by her first name?  You guys had just met that day, right?”

“Yes, but I think she just wanted a friend.”


“Ohayo Takahashi-san!” a bright and cheery Risa greeted from the hospital bed.  Scattered on the try in front of her were various bottles of nail polish and small gems that were used to decorate the bean’s inch long nails.  “What’s for breakfast?”

“Uhh…tamagoyaki and white rice with some natto.”

The look on the girl’s face was priceless.  The cheery Niigaki grin quickly fell into a half disappointed, as well as half disgusted, grimace.  “Seriously?  Mama use to buy some of the yummiest chocopan from the bakery!”

“The chef could probably-“

“Daijoubu!” Risa grinned once more as she began to put away her nail art supplies.  Using her dried hand, the bean motioned for the nurse to come over.  “It’s fine.  Really.  Tamagoyaki, rice, and natto aren’t completely terrible.”  She joked as the tray of food was placed onto her lap, thanking the nurse as usual.

“Well, enjoy your meal then,” As Ai shuffled to the door to continue her rounds, she felt a hand grab onto her scrubs.

“Takahashi-san…stop being so awkward.  Please?”

“Sorry, I’ll try my best-“

“Tell me about yourself then! Where’d you go to school?  How old are you?  Do you have a boyfriend?  Maybe you’re married?”



“Risa, I don’t want to be rude, but I have other patients that are waiting for their breakfast.  I really must go.”  Looking back at the bean, she felt the grasp being released, but the saddened expression on the nineteen year olds face filled her with remorse. 

Silently, the patient nodded in understanding as she picked up her pair of chopsticks.  With a quiet “itadakimasu”, Risa began to eat her breakfast, blankly keeping her eyes on the food as her motions continued on as if she were a robot on a set schedule.  Feeling guilty, Ai ran her fingers through bangs, trying to come up with a way to cheer up the girl. 


“Will you come chat after you’re done delivering breakfast?”

Ai responded with a hushed “yeah” before hurrying out the door, allowing the bean to continue eating in peace.  It wasn’t until about an hour later when she finally returned to the room.  In her mind, she expected the girl to fall back to sleep immediately after eating, but the moment she stepped into the room, she felt herself being dragged towards one of the open seats.

“You’re not supposed to be out of bed,” the nurse pointed out, though she was completely ignored by the patient.

“You know, you’re pretty slow at this.  If I were Nakazawa-san, you’d be fired by now.”


Laughing, Risa crept back into her bed, where she sat on top of the sheets cross legged, curiously observing Ai from head to toe.  “So, tell me about yourself.”

“There isn’t anything interesting to say really.  I’m a nurse.  That’s as about interesting as life gets for me.”

With a light chuckle, Risa bent over and stuck her hand into the small handbag that hung off the edge of the hospital bed.  Pulling out a small pack of Jagarico, the bean offered some to the nurse, who politely declined the biscuit treat.  “I’m sure there’s at least something interesting that’s happened in your life Takahashi-san.  Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Have you had one?”


“Are you a virgin?”

“N-What!?” Taken aback, the nurse quickly glanced at the girl, who happily munched on her snack as her interested eyes remained focused on Ai.  “What kind of question is that?”

“I don’t know.  I’m just trying to get to know you since we’ll be hanging out a lot. Like friends...right?”



“By the sounds of it, you didn’t seem to be enthusiastic.”

“I’m a nurse in the oncology ward.  It’s rarely a happy environment there.  Besides, it’s not every day that I meet a patient who’s so happy and curious about my personal life.  Anyways, she continued with the questions for a pretty long time, but eventually, she started opening up and told me about herself.”


“What was high school like for you Takahashi-san?”  Today, Risa seemed much livelier as she dug through a box filled personal belonging.  After much begging, the bean finally convinced the nurse to bring in a DVD player into the room, which was paid for by the Niigaki parents, so Risa could at least have the pleasure on enjoying the Disney DVDs that she had with her.

“Well, I was in choir club-“

“Me too!  I’m Alto.  What about you?”

“Mezzo-sophrano.  Anyways-“

“I hope you're a fan of Stitch!”

Feeling upset that she was interrupted for the third time that day, a pouty Ai leaned back against the wall with her arms across her chest.  “It's fine.  Whatever you want to watch.”

Finally satisfied with a film to watch, Risa opened the case to Lilo and Stitch, the cancer patient handed the worn out disc to the brunette nurse to place into the player before hitting the play button.  With a smile, the patient reached under the pile of pillows at the head of the bed, digging and patting all around until she pulled out another container of Jagarico, once again offering the first taste to her new friend. 

“You sure seem to like that stuff a lot,”

“It's the best!  Especially the Caesar Salad flavor.  Did you know they discontinued it few weeks ago?  I want it to come back!"

Chuckling at the girl's enthusiasm, Ai leaned back into her not-so-comfortable chair.  It had only been a week or two, and it seemed like she had already grown a bond with the girl.  Despite how she enjoyed the newly growing friendship, the words of her supervisor continued to haunt her.  Was this a true friendship?  Or was this just a friendship created out of pity for the girl?  Brushing off the negative thought, the nurse turned her attention to the decorated picture frame hanging above where Risa slept for the past two years.  Every few seconds, the digital picture frame showed different pictures throughout the short lifespan that Risa had endured.

"I like your picture frame."

Perking up at the comment, Risa scrambled, despite Ai's worried protest, to remove the decoration from the wall.  Signaling for the nurse to come closer, the bean reset the picture frame to its beginning phase of picture of baby Risa.  As the Disney film continued to play, Risa enthusiastically told a condensed version of her life, such as how she begged her mom to allow her to have a similar haircut to her favorite singer Abe Natsumi.  Silently nodding while watching the images of Risa's life passed by, Ai couldn't help but frown sullenly at a grinning, but also balding, image of Risa flashing a peace sign with Reina and Eri doing the same on the sides.

"That was taken after my first day of chemo sessions.  I think I threw up on Tanakacchi after Sayusuke took that picture."

Clicking the right arrow button, the image changed slightly.  Though a balding Risa remained in the picture, she was being smothered in hugs by four other girls, all which were of elementary school age.  Just as Ai began to question, the girl cut her off once again.

"Four girls that me, Tanakacchi, and KameShige looked after.  They were all raised in the foster home only a few blocks away from the hospital.  Strangely enough, I really did enjoy their company."

"They don't come anymore?"

Shaking her head grimly, the patient's heavily manicured fingers traced circles around the heads of the four girls.  "Not anymore.  All four of them were eventually adopted by four different families that came from different parts of Japan.  Pretty lucky huh?  Anyways, it’d be too hard and expensive for them to be able to keep contact, so we just said our good-byes on their last night at Tokyo.  I'd rather lose contact with these four so they could be with good families then have them be stuck in Tokyo without a family."

Despite the tears that began to slowly stream down her cheeks, Risa grinned at her nurse.  "I hope they do really well in life you know?  Yasushi...she's gonna be a great performer when she grows up.  Best dancer in the world- guaranteed!"

"Fuku-chan's gonna get married to a good looking guy and start a family with the cutest babies in the entire world while working full-time as a cute house wife and mommy." 

"Even though Suzuki isn't necessarily the best at school or anything else for that matter, she's gonna keep living a life where she makes people happy with her goofy smile and bug imitations." 

"And Ikuta...damn that Ikuta.  She's so weird and crazy! Did I ever tell you how she collects pictures of me and sticks them in photo albums?  Pictures of me sleeping and pictures of my childhood that even I have never seen!  None of us even knows where she gets the pictures from.  She was so damn attached.  The day she was set to leave for Fukuoka, she cried like a baby and begged me not to let her new foster parents to take her away and just wouldn't let go of me, even though four or five people were trying to pry her off me.  But in the end, all I could really do was pat her on the head and encourage her to move on.  The shirt I wore that's permanently covered in all the tears and snot that came out of her.  And she's such a KY!  Just like how Kameha used to be!  Probably even worse...but I have faith in Ikuta.  She'll make it..."

Taking in a heavy breathe, Risa accepted the handful of tissues that Ai offered her as she wiped away the spilled tears running down her cheeks, though it didn't stop the actions from continuing.

"Tanakacchi's not a completely emotionless rock.  She just likes to keep things to herself.  But when she really opens up to you, she can be one of the biggest crybabies you'll ever meet in life.  I remember the day KameShige finally happened.  Tanakacchi isolated herself in my house for a few days and moped around the whole time while eating yakiniku and chugging Red Bulls.  God, I hope her diet improves.  Sometimes I'm surprised that she’s not the one dying in the hospital.  I've never really told her, but Tanakacchi's tough demeanor is so funny, especially since she’s such a wussy.  And her smile...her real smile is just so refreshing."

"I remember when I first met Sayusuke as a kid.  I walked up to her to say good morning and her poison tongue just slipped out.  'Your pigtails look like disgusting elephant ears.  You need to get them chopped off!  You’ll never be as cute as Sayumi!' she shouted before stomping off.  When Kame finally did make her apologize, she offered to share some of her tips to become the 'ichiban kawaii'.  Honestly though, that's all just a cover up.  When she finally warms up to you, Sayu's honestly one of the nicest people in this entire world.  I'm glad she finally got the guts to ask Kame to be her girlfriend.  They fit each other."

"Kameha...she's such an aho.  I don't even know how she's managed through life.  She falls asleep in the most random place like a narcoleptic .  She can't even tell the difference between a mango and a papaya!  But...even though she's a complete aho, Kame is one of a kind.  She's always there for you and is willing to do whatever she needs to.  She'll put other peoples needs before herself any day.  If there was ever only one person in life I could meet, that person would be Kame."

Before the girl could even finish, another wave of fresh tears hit as the smaller girl suddenly clung onto Ai's, burying herself into the older woman's arms.  Loud sobs echoed off the walls as Ai did the only thing she could- gently stroke Risa's cropped hair.  "It's okay Risa.  You don't have to play strong anymore.  You're not alone."

The two girls sat in silence, except for the quieting sobs from the bean.  Slowly the cries turned into slight sniffles, though the younger girl cuddled into Ai's arms, happily welcoming the comforting warmth.

"Takahashi-san?" Risa eventually asked softly.


"Do you have any wishes in life?"

Pausing for a moment, the nurse pondered over the bean's question.  Of course she had wishes!  Despite her age and height, she still had the hopes of joining the Takarazuka troupes and performing as a male lead.  At the same time, she wanted to meet a wonderful man, get married, and have a happy family together.  Yet, most of all, she had one remaining selfless wish- Ai wished, more than anything else, for Risa to be free of her leukemia.  "A couple.  Do you?"

"Yeah," slowly, Risa sat up from her slumped over position and grabbed the fallen picture frame.  Shuffling through the pictures, the girl finally paused at an image of herself, happily smiling with a theme park in the background.  "I wanna go to DisneySea one more time..."


"It must have been heartbreaking to see her break down like that."

"It was.  But watching her illness was awful."


A sleepy Takahashi Ai strolled in to the oncology ward's lobby, greeting her co-workers as she checked herself in for work.  Slowly, the nurse made her way to Risa's room, doing her usual greetings for the morning before fully indulging in work.  Yet, just as she opened the door, another nurse pushed Ai out of the way, her arms filled with who knows what.  Curiously, the brunette nurse peeked in the room and a sudden disgust settled in her stomach.  "Risa..."

The hospital patient sat in her usual spot, yet this time, many other workers surrounded her, including Nakazawa Yuko herself, who was whispering comforting words to the girl, as well as rubbing circles on her back.  It wasn’t  long before a gagging noise rang throughout the room, and from Ai's spot, she could see the younger girl regurgitate into a bucket.  Not once, not twice, but three times in a row, followed by a raspy cough.  The young girl finally glanced up after some time, finally realizing Ai's presence.  "What!?"  came her muffled hiss as she held an enlarged wad of tissue paper as an attempt to stop her gushing nosebleed.  Before the nurse could make a response, the bean dropped the tissues into the nearly overflowing bucket as another wave of nausea overcame her.  This time, the vomit matched the color of her falling tears and nosebleed. Crimson red was everywhere.

Nearly half an hour later, the room returned to its original state of pristine white cleanliness with the tunes of Abe Natsumi rummaging in the background.  Using one hand to push open the door, Ai shuffled into the room, her other arm being occupied by a tray of food.  Seeing the bean's unenthusiastic demeanor, the nurse sighed as she set down the tray before gently shaking the girl.  "Come on Risa.  You can't just lay there in bed all day."

"Go away." the patient muttered, tightening her clutch on the sheets that were pulled over her head.

"Risa..." Ai started, now stroking the girl's droopy cropped hair.

A hand slowly rose from under the sheets and as a weak attempt, swatted at Ai's hand.  Nonetheless, the nurse continued her action until Risa's hand weakly took a hold on her wrist.  As if in a slow motion film, the bean crept from underneath her sheets, shooting her only friend a nasty glare.  "Don't you get it?!"  she croaked, her throat hoarse from the excessive sobbing.  "I'm sick! I'm sick and I'm dying and I just want to sleep!  Can't you just take a hint and go away!?  You have other patients too you know!"

Without another word, the nurse quickly scrambled out of the room, allowing the girl a moment to herself.  It wasn’t until an hour later that the woman returned to the room.  The moment she opened the door, Ai felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist as the patient buried herself into Ai’s shoulders.  With a gentle smile, the nurse stroked the smaller girl’s hair, whispering comforting words to the girl as she led her back into her bed.

“P-Please don’t leave Takahashi-san!  I’m sorry for being rude.  P-please! P-please don’t leave me like everyone else…” the girl continued crying, refusing to release the older woman from her tightened grasp.  Ai chuckled lightly as she continued her actions.

“I’m not going anywhere Risa.”  She whispered reassuringly.

Eventually, the younger girl released her grasp, though she had half the mind to hug the older woman once more. 

“You promise?”

The woman simply nodded.  Feeling much more relieved the patient let out the large breathe she had been holding in for who knows how long, as she leaned back down on the hospital bed.

“Thank you Takahashi-san.”



Ai grabbed the younger girl’s hand, intertwining their fingers together into a tight hold.  “We’re friends aren’t we? “

For the first time in days, the patient felt her lips curve upward into a familiar grin.  “Arigatou…Ai-chan.”


“Even by the way you talk about Niigaki-san, I feel as if I can feel the connection the two of you had.”

“I’ve never cared about a patient as much as I cared about Risa, so this was a new experience for me.  Every day, I’d continue my daily routines, but even after my shift was over, I stayed a lot longer then I needed to.  As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I felt like her time was coming, so I had to do something.”


"Isn't there anyway I could do this?  The hospital doesn't even need to know Nakazawa-san!  Just give me this one day.  That's all I need."

The supervisor sighed, learning forward on her desk as she massaged circles into her temples.  "I've tried talking to the higher up, but I can't even get contact with him because he’s so busy.  Does it have to be today Takahashi?  Can't it wait another month or so"

"NO!" the nurse exclaimed, slamming her fists onto her lap.  "There might not be another month and you of all people should know that!"

"Discharge her."  A familiar, though quite rare, voice called out.  Surprised, both women turned to the entrance of the office where a well-groomed man stood, his arms lazily folded across his chest.  "If my approval is all that’s needed, then I say go for it.  Have her discharged for the day. Niigaki-san's condition isn't going to get worse than it already is if she goes to DisneySea for a few hours. "


Said man leisurely strolled to Ai's side, clamping a caring hand over her shoulder.  "You have the next few days off too, so you can take Niigaki-san out for some fun.  She's been cramped up in this hospital far long."

The nurse grabbed Tsunku’s hands into her own, repeatedly shaking them as she thanked him. 

Sprinting back into the patient’s room, Ai could see the bean’s fragile form daintly resting in the bed.  With a small chuckle, the nurse softly crept towards her patients, gently shaking her on the shoulder in order to grab the young girl’s attention.  No answer.

“Risa.  Get up.” Ai commanded.

The nurse scrambled to the plastic drawer, digging through the contents to find a suitable outing outfit for the bean.  Once satisfied with her coordination, the older woman glanced at the girl once more, only to discover she had not moved a single centimeter.

“Ri~isa,”  Ai sang, creeping onto the side of the bean’s bed as she ran her fingers through the short limp hair.  “Get up.  We’re going to Disney Sea.”

A moment of silence passed.  Yet, slowly, the bean weakly rolled over, her drowsy eyes locking with those of the nurse. 

“Really?”  the patient croaked, her eye lighting up as they regained the lost cheeriness they once held.  “Are we really going?”

A nod of confirmation was all she needed as a happier Risa weakly pulled herself up, using as much energy as she could to get dressed.


"Niigaki-san must've enjoyed the trip to DisneySea."

"Even if we had gone elsewhere, it was better than the days where she laid in the hopsital doing absolutely nothing."

"According to my documents, the trip to DisneySea was her last. Do you think she knew Takahashi-san?  Do you think she..."

"Do I think she knew it was her last day?  Of course she did."

"Donald was definitely my favorite.  He actually gave me a hug while Mickey and Minnie just stood there!  They were giving me funny looks!"

As the night came to an end, the two returned to the hospital, where a casually dressed Ai was wheeling Risa back into her room.

"Nee Ai-chan?" Risa called out, just as Ai began closing the door.


"Thank you."

"No problem.  I know how much you've been wanting to go to DisneySea."

"No..I mean...thank you.  For everything you've done for me."

"Oh...well you're welcome!"

As Ai quietly shut the door, the room became its quiet self once more.  Deep in thought, Risa's mind wandered.  Would it be a good idea?  Shaking her head at her hesitance, Risa grabbed her brand new Stitch themed stationary set, staring at the colorful alien filled pages in front of her.  Finally, after much thought, she brought the tip of the pen to the top line, and with a broken smile graced upon her lips, she began to write.

Dear Ai-chan

If you're reading this, then...


"And then..."

"Everything was over."


"Ohayo gozaimasu!" Ai greeted as she shuffled into her workplace.  The time read 7:45 A.M.  The nurse would have arrived at a sooner time, but the events from DisneyLand had completely worn her out and thus, sleeping in a little bit longer felt necessary.  However, instead of the usually greetings from everyone, her responses were different.  This time, all the coworkers could do was stare at her with sympathetic expressions.  Between the other doctors and nurses in the ward, quite a few knew of the fondness for Risa that Ai held.  Swllowing the large lump in her throat, the saddened eyes of Nakazawa Yuko were what grabbed finally grabbed Ai's attention to the tense atmosphere.

" everything all right?"

Despite the older woman's attempt to keep back the tears, they continued flowing down her cheeks as she slowly shook her head "no".  With a longing look at room 1023, the supervisor herself slid down into one of the seats in the waiting area.  "I'm so sorry Takahashi...We-"

Fearing the worse, Ai pushed through the crowd of her sympathetic co-workers.  " can't be.  Yesterday...everything was fine yesterday!  When she arrived to room 1023, everything was the same as the day before.  The window blinds, as well as the door, were still completely closed to allow Risa to sleep properly.  Taking in a deep breathe, Ai grabbed a tight hold of the door knob and turned, letting the door slowly creak open itself.


It was the only emotion that came to the nurse as Risa came into sight.  Taking one step closer, the brunette reached her hand out to wake up the girl.  Yet, something was missing.  The breathe of life had been sucked out of the room.  "Wake up Risa..." Ai muttered as she slowly shook the girl's arm, as if she were a child prying for attention.  "Risa...wake up.  It's time for breakfast.  I-I brought you some chocopan a-and I found some Caesar salad Jagarico."

Tears began to streak down her cheeks at the lack of response.  Finally gaining the courage, Ai looked directly at the girls' face and at that instant, she felt a pang in her chest.  The girl's welcoming smile and honey brown eyes were no longer there.  Instead, she was face to face with a pale and eyes closed Risa.  Or rather, Risa's body.  "Risa..."

The nurse's legs shook as she slowly collapsed to the ground, dropping the bag of goodies as well.  A sense of panic began to over whelm her as she grasped onto the younger girl's body, frantically shaking her.  "Wake up Risa! This isn't funny!  Please Risa!  Wake up!"

Hearing the sudden screaming, other workers rushed into the room.  It took at least three people to restrain the thrashing older woman as she was led out of the room and into Yuko's office, where the supervisor was already waiting, her hands gently resting in her lap.  "She was holding this when we found her this morning.  It's addressed to you."

Despite the frantic sobs and gasps, Ai slowly directed her hands to accept the sealed envelope in front of her.  The supervisor quietly excused herself from the room, closing the door behind her to give the nurse some space.  It wasn't until a few minutes of complete silence that the woman finally unsealed the letter, letting her tear drops stain the envelope.  Taking a deep breath, Ai opened her eyes, taking in the familiar, yet messy handwriting.

Dear Ai-chan,

If you're reading this, then I'm probably gone.  It's kind of weird...I'm writing this to you alive, but as you're reading this, I'm no longer alive.

As you're reading this, you're probably thinking, what now.  At least, that's what I'm hoping you're thinking.  Maybe...maybe I'm being full of myself.

But still, you must have some type of shock.  After these past three months together...I'm thankful.  Thank you for staying by my side Ai-chan.  Thank you for staying with me until the very end.  You have no idea how happy you've made me over these last months of my life.  I've never felt so open and happy with anyone in my life.  If I could spend one final day, knowing that I would be gone the next, I'd spend it with you.  And I'm glad I did.  You are a wonderful person Ai-chan.  Wonderful, beautiful, and amazing.  You're everything a person would ever want.  If anything, the only thing I regret in life is only having met you three months ago.  Thank you Ai-chan, for everything.

Although I could never say this to you...I love you.

Yet, I sincerely hope that you don't have the same feelings.  I want you to live on.  I want you to become successful and start a wonderful life with the person of your dreams.  Please...please forget about me Ai-chan.  If anything, don't think of me.  Continue focusing on the future, and maybe, we'll meet again in time.  Until then, live your life to the fullest.

Please take care of yourself.  I hope to see you one day.

Niigaki Risa

A fresh set of tears began to drop onto the colorful paper, mixing in with the already dried stains from the night before.  "Risa..."


"I'm sorry for your loss."

"No.  There's nothing for you to be sorry about.  You did nothing wrong.  I just wish...I just wish the ones who should be sorry actually felt that way."


Because they were not able to get in contact with neither Niigaki parents, the hospital itself decided to take care of the situation.  After all, the funds were still being paid by Risa's parents.  Despite how stereotypical ideas came in mind, the funeral itself was nothing grand.  Her body, after much debate, was finally cremated a few days after Risa's death.  Not only did the girl leave a letter for Ai, but a more formal letter was also left behind with preferred instructions by Niigaki Risa herself.  There was no big ceremony with hundreds of grieving people.  Instead, there was Nakazawa Yuko and Takahashi Ai standing on a small shore that sat opposite of DisneySea.   Despite the simplicity, it was a funeral nonetheless.

With the comfort of the gentle breeze, both women whispered their final good-byes to the girl.  Ai, who held a tight hold of the yellow-green cremation urn, removed of the lid and gently poured the ashes, silently sobbing as they were spread free into the sea.  Silence filled the air once more as the two watched the remains disappear into the roaring waters.

The walk back to the road was a pain.  Just as the two approached the small sports car, Ai froze in her spot as the figure of three familiar girls caught her attention.  Feeling her anger swell up from deep inside, the nurse stomped towards them, despite the protests from her supervisor.  "Hey!"  she shouted, grabbing the attention of the three. 

The girls held surprised expressions.  Not only was it shocking to come across the nurse as the three were going to spend a day at the lake, but seeing her tear stricken face, there was a sense of confusion.  "Takahashi-san..." Eri mumbled as she reached out to take the woman by the hand.  The fang toothed girl jumped back when her hand was slapped away.  "Is everything okay?!"

"You three..." the nurse started as she shook uncontrollably.  "You three gave up on something so wonderful.  Something so precious.  And yet, I'll never understand why she never resented you."

"What the hell-"

"She's dead."  Sayumi stated flatly, being the first to notice the colored urn that Ai was clutching ever-so tightly to.  Silently confirming to herself, the narcissist's eyes beginning to water up.  "Gaki-san’s dead isn't she?"

"Tell us where you spread her ashes.  Now!  We want to pay our respects to Gaki-san."


No longer being able to withhold the bubbling anger within, Reina released her hold on the items in her arms, letting them clatter onto the sandy shore of the lake.  The smaller girl lunged towards the surprised nurse, her arms outreached to grab the ceramic jar.  Quickly, her two older friends grabbed the extravagant girl, attempting to hold her back as she continued to claw at the nurse.  Despite her usual angered and cold manner, a mixture of guilt and sadness became evident as salty tears streamed down Reina's cheeks. "We were her friends too!  We deserve that much!" the kitten screamed, continuously thrashing around as an attempt to break from the duo's strong hold.

"You honestly think that?  If anything, you all deserve nothing."

Without another word, Takahashi Ai turned her back on the group, stomping her way up the mounds of sand.  Despite her anger, she could hear the hushed sobs of Kamei Eri, the low cries of Michishige Sayumi, and the heart wrenching wails of Tanaka Reina.  As she approached Yuko’s car, the nurse slowly spun around, watching the calm waves of the sea once more.  “Good-bye Risa,” and with that, she climbed into the sports car before speeding off.


"You two ended up becoming very close.  Am I right?”

“She was very special to me.”

“Did you feel that you loved her?”

Ai let out a heavy sigh as her mind shuffled through the various memories she had with the girl.  Even though they had only met and interacted for three months, losing the girl was still hard, let alone sharing her experiences.  “Well, nurses aren’t supposed to love patients,"  Another pause.  Despite the amount of professionalism that she was hoping to keep, there was no doubt that Niigaki Risa held a special place in Takahashi Ai's heart.  Those three months, despite the grief filled ending, were some of the happiest moments for the nurse.  The thought of Risa's habits made her closer and closer to letting the tears fall.  Each question asked, every container of Jagarico eaten, and every Disney filled moment that the two shared.  It was irreplaceable.  It was quite simple. 

As a single tear slid down her cheek, Ai gave the counselor light chuckle. "If you could find another word that meant the same thing, then yes, I did feel that way towards Risa.”

Yeah…angsty feelings equal angsty stories (. _ \)  I hope you enjoyed it though hehehe. I shall now be working on a continuation for Love Me Ai.  YEAH, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT RNDY, RISA_AI, AND BADSAINTS! :lol:  Okay...bye now~  Rini is sleepy~ :D (^ - ^)/

P.S.  I have bad titles...I fail Dx
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Another Word- 5/13}
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I HEARD IT RIGHT!! I. FREAGIN. HEARD. IT. RIGHT. xD i'll be looking forward to it~
Longest one-shot ever!!! So touching. D: part of me went T^T when I read it. Oh why... Those emotions of... *starts to cry*
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Another Word- 5/13}
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 :cry: :cry: :cry:





But I love it

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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Fairy Tale- 6/2}
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risa_ai: Heard what right?  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT  XD  I actually intended "Another Word" to be short...but it got big.   So I was gonna cut it up...but then I finished it in one chunk....yeah lol  Thanks for the comment!~ :D

rndmwierd: :) I thank you for the wonderful comment, as well as  the tear stricken emoticons :3

Man...I feel like I haven't written much recently :O  Too busy reading everyone else's works of art aka a Rock Stars Guide to Growing Up  But yeah, since you want it, you can have it! XD  I'll add on some extra tidbits to "Love Me Ai".  This chapter is named after another Yiruma song.  Listen to it while you read, don't listen to it while you read.  It doesn't matter :3



A sullen Niigaki Risa sighed once more from her seat by the shining window, her eyes dully focusing on the bottle of black oolong tea on her desk.  How many times had it been this week?  That’s right, everyday.  This AiLin friendship had been going on for nearly three weeks now and Risa was not a happy bean, especially due to the lack of alone time she spent with the older girl now.  Most of the school days, Ai would wordlessly rush to the second year classroom B- also known as LinLin’s homeroom- and eat lunch there, while playing yet another hour long video game spree. 

”Why do I always let you go?" the bean pondered, lazily rocking the bottle of tea back and forth as the dark liquid inside swirled along with the movement.  "I should just approach you like a normal person...tell you how I feel..."

Another saddened sigh escaped between her lips as the pianist groaned, lying her head down and burying herself into the safety of her arms.  Due to the fact that the older girl was now eating lunch with LinLin, Risa herself chose to stay within the limitation of her homeroom.  Rather than sitting alone outside under the large blossoming sakura tree, the presence of other students, though they might as well be complete strangers to the pianist, was much more comforting.  As long as she ignored the rumors and questions that there was a complicated and dramatic fight between the two best friends, there was a slight bit of comfort

As the pianist began to drift towards slumberland, a pair of twin pigtails, decorated with fuzzy pink bonbons, peeked into the chattering classroom as the owner’s charcoal eyes scanned the room for her target.  The girl’s curious expression slowly curved upwards into an impish grin as she sauntered past the other students, happily waving back as they greeted her as usual.  Ahh yes, the wonders of being such a cute girl.

“Konnichiwa Gaki-san~” the girl’s voiced hummed, waking said pianist from her near slumber.

Risa drowsily tilted her head towards the voice, locking eyes with the girl before her.  Blankly, the pianist cocked her infamous eyebrows upward as she observed the grinning girl.

“Eh…Sayumin? What do you want?”

“Now Gaki-san, is that how you treat a pal?”  the bunny chuckled, pulling up a chair (more specifically Ai’s chair) to the individual's desk, shortening the distance between herself and her senpai.  “I heard that you had one of your piano recitals this past Saturday.  Why wasn’t I invited?”

“I’ve invited you to plenty of them.  Who’s the one that always says ‘ew…pianos are for boring obaa-sans like Yasuda-sensei’?” Seeing the semi-guilty expression on the bunny’s face, the bean couldn’t help but smirk.  “Thought so.”

“You’re so silly.  I’ve obviously changed my ways~” Sayumi snorted, flipping her gawk worthy black hair over her shoulder.  “And I see Ai-chan has too.  By the way, who's her cute new friend?  They’re awfully close don’t you think Gaki-san?”

Though she was rarely the type to bite back when attacked, Risa had to force her usual smile.  “Her name is LinLin and they’re just acquaintances.  From choir club, not that it really matters.”

“Ah~hhh yes, the ever popular term ‘acquaintances’,” Sayumi giggled, curling her fingers into mock quotation marks.  “According to my extensive research, I don’t think you’re considered as ‘just acquaintances’  if you go out to eat six times in the first two weeks of ‘acquaintanceship’ while ditching your so called ‘best friend’.”

“And by ‘extensive research’ I assume you mean flatout stalking?  By the way, how’s Riho doing?  Last time I heard, her mother had to file a restraining order in order to get you to back off the girl.  You know, those types of laws were created to protect sweet and innocent children from disgusting sexual predators…oh darn, I’ve said too much.”

“Different terms, same meaning.” the bunny brushed off the comment, though she was visibly agitated by the tightness of her smile.  The topic of Sayashi Riho, if anything, was a sore one. “ And Rihoriho is doing wonderful, though I’m sure my presence would make her much much happier.  Although I can no longer embrace her kawaii body against myself, I can still watch from afar~”

The pianist rolled her eyes as the younger girl began to gush on about Riho.  Honestly, it was a surprised that Sayumi was still a free woman, especially with all the stalking she had done in the past and present.

"And then yesterday, I convinced that snot nosed Mogi girl to 'borrow' of RihoRiho's sweaters~"

Risa groaned as she buried herself deeper into the depths of her arms.  As usual, the bunny's "convincing" was more or less along the lines of "bribing" or "paying off" someone as a  part of her now daily routine of keeping herself up to date with the young life of Sayashi Riho. 

Sayumi was in the middle of reporting the most recent information in regards of Riho when Risa held her hand up, attempting to silence the bunny before her growing migraine could worsen.

"Honestly Sayu, I've had a rough week.  Are you here just to gush about your lust for Riho?"

A slight pause came from the black haired beauty before she, somewhat shockingly, grabbed a hold of the older girl's arm and pressed herself against Risa, nuzzling her chubby cheeks against the pianst's arm.  "Of course not Gaki-san~  I've just noticed that you've been alone lately, which Ai-chan ditching you and whatnot.  I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out, that's all.  We could go get some ice cream, watch a movie, and have a little 'fun' at-"

Shivering at the word "fun", the pianist, keeping her face buried under her arms, pulled her arm away from the younger girl.


"Why not?!"

"Because I know you.  Besides, don't you usually do your little dates with either Kame or Tanakacchi?  Or maybe even both at the same time?"

The bunny sat up straight, crossing her arms across her chest with a small pout.  "They're both busy today.  Eririn has some stuff with track club and Reina has to take her little brother to the doctor.  Besides, it's not like you're doing anything today!  According to my research, your piano teacher has a case of food poisoning and cancelled practice today.  Oh, and your tutor had a family emergency he needed to attend to."

Risa glanced up at the girl, her expression mixed with confusion and disgust.  "How did you even know that? I only got the texts half an hour ago."

"Like I said, research," Sayumi responded, her lips graced with a simple smile.  "I was thinking we could go-"

"No." Risa muttered, burying herself back into the safety of her arms.  "Since I have free time, I wanted to have some time for myself."

"Right.  While Ai-chan and this LinLin are having fun at choir practice, you'll be at home all alone, moping and sulking in your Mickey Mouse pajammas while trying to distract yourself with a Disney film because you have no one to hang out with since you refuse to hang out with me.  You know, maybe it's a good thing that you go mope by yourself since-"

"Okay I'll go!" Risa exclaimed, slamming her hands against the hard wood of the flat desk. The once happily chatting students all directed their attention towards the pianist, though she did not notice their confused, as well as amused, expressions. "If I go, will you just shut up?!"

Sayumi hopped up from her seat, running her fingers along the pianist's smooth cheeks.  "Meet me at the water fountain.  Right after school."  was all she said before prancing out of the class room, once again waving to her fellow classmates. 

The moment the bunny disappeared from sight, Risa released a loud sigh of frustration, once again burying herself in her arms whilst ignoring the stares and whispers of her classmates.


"I want ice cream!  Let's go get some ice cream!" Sayumi squealed, dangling off Risa's arm as if she were a piece of fine jewelry. 

"Whatever." Risa muttered, watching the enthusiastic girl skip away towards the closest ice cream shop. 

The two, after meeting up as promised, made their way towards the heart of the town, where Sayumi insisted to be the destination of their "hanging out".  Instead, of going out to eat or watch a movie as promised, the two went shopping.  Rather, the bunny went shopping while Risa was forced to make empty compliments of the outfits that Sayumi eventually bought, whilst single-handedly carrying all the heavy bags.  Making her way into the ice cream shop, an annoyed Risa shuffled up to the bunny, with the intent to scold the younger girl for "disprespecting her senpai."  Instead, she was met with a confused Takahashi Ai with a smirking Sayumi at her side.

"Ai-chan," Risa breathed, focusing only on the older girl.  "What...what are you doing here?"

"Uhh...choir club finished early today so I thought I'd...are you guys on a date or something?"  Ai questioned, awkwardly fumbling with the bright red baseball cap that sat on top of her head.

Before Risa could even part her lips to protest, the ever lovable bunny somehow materialized at her side, once again dangling off the bean's arm.  "What else?  Risa's been such a wonderful date!  She even offered to buy us some ice cream!  Isn't that sweet?"

Ai wordlessly nodded, still staring straight at the pianist.  "I guess I better go?  I don't wanna interrupt your..."

"Date!" Sayumi perked in, tightening her grip on Risa's arm.

"" the oldest girl muttered, finally breaking eye contact with her pianist friend.  "See you around guys."  she muttered, carrying her own bags and cup of ice cream as she quickly stumbled out the shop.

Risa turned around, watching Ai's somewhat sulking figure through the enlarged glass windows.  "Ai-chan..." she whispered, contemplating whether or not to run after the girl.  Instead, she felt herself pulled towards the shop counter as the bunny forced the bean to pay for the desert.


"Wasn't that fun?" Sayumi mused, walking ahead of Risa as she cheerfully alternated between licking the strawberry and vanilla ice cream.  "We should do this again sometime!"

The pianist said nothing as she dragged herself in order to keep up.  Although she was offered the vanilla cone (in which she paid for), her appetite no longer held it's craving for the sweet treat.  Instead, all she wanted to do was go home, take a long warm bath, and think of ways of explaining the situation to Ai-chan.

"Hey!"  the bunny shouted, facing the girl as her ice cream holding hands were positioned on her hips.  "You seriously need to quit moping."


"Just forget about Ai-chan!  Can't you see?  She's rejected you for her new prince charming."

Hearing these words from the bunny, Risa was finally fed up.  With a single pulse of strength, she lifted her arms and slammed down the multiple shopping bags onto the concrete ground.  "You know what??  You need to keep your mouth shut before I-"

"Before you what?  Hit me?  I dare you.  You hit me and bam!  You have one less friend.  You think Ai-chan's your friend?  Or a person that cares for you in the same way you care for her?  What a joke.  You seriously have your head up in the clouds don't you Gaki-san?"

"Michishige," Risa warned, her temper nearly reaching it's limit.

"Do you realize how pathetic you are?  You have no friends whatsoever.  Even Ai-chan sees that but you know what?  The only reason she sticks around is because she pities you.  You may think that you two have such a great friendship and strong bond, but in reality, the only thing that keeps you two together is pit.  She feels sorry for you since you have no friends.  But you know what?  She's finally realized that she has a life of her own and she doesn't want to include you in it."

Despite the pulsating urge hit, kick, and even choke the girl, Risa refused.  Instead, she bent down into the pile of wrinkled clothes and pulled out her book bag before marching off, intentionally bumping shoulders against the bunny.  However, before she could go any further, the black haired girl forcefully grabbed her arm.

"You have no friends Gaki-san.  Aichan doesn't need you.  You're just living one big fat lie.  Just one big fairy tale.  There's no happily ever after for you and Ai-chan.  Don't you get it?  She. Doesn't. Need. Yo-"

Before the girl could finish, Risa, finally fed up with the verbal abuse, swung around and threw her clenched fist at the unsuspecting bunny.  The impact resulted in an echoing smack as Sayumi stumbled back, mouth wide open in shock.  Without another word, the pianist pulled her arm from the girl's loosened grip and stomped off, ignoring the screeching profanities from the bunny.

"She's wrong.  She doesn't know anything.  Me and Ai-chan..we've been friends forever.  She's not just going to dump me like that.  No, we have a strong bond...right?"

------------------------------------------------------------------ that I think about it...that banner is awfully cheery lol.  Still uber proud of it though~

Kind of a crappy ending I know...but there's more :3 Actually, I have the next part already written, but I dunno when it'll be posted ^_^  I'm sadistic, so maybe I'll wait a few months? :twisted: Bye bye for now~  This girl has a messy room that needs some cleaning~
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Fairy Tale- 6/2}
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I died! I'm dead! You killed me! Am I dead? Or are we both dead? xD will edit later~!
EDIT: NOOO! Ai and risa's bond. Michishige you brat! xD seriously, i'm gonna die without fluff! Rini~nn... T.T
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Fairy Tale- 6/2}
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What the hell Sayu! You, you stupid- [insert profanities here] Why would you take Gaki out just to insult her? Did she just intend to make Ai jealous?

Ahh~! I want the next paAaAaAaRrRTtT~!~! :banghead: :banghead: :panic: :panic:

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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Hope- 6/3}
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risa_ai: Me thinks you're dreaming :3  Or you're drugged up? :P  I have no idea what this "fluff" is.  Maybe it's the same thing as "hatred" and "angst"? ^_^  heh, thanks for the comment~

rndmwierd: Ask, and ye shall receive ~  As for Sayumi...that's up to your interpretation whether or not she's a helpful bunny, or a complete turd  :cathappy:  Thank you for commenting~

Also, thank you all for the thanks (^ 3 ^)/ Y U ALL SO GOOD AT MAKING RINI HAPPY? :3

And here's part three of the still-and-probably-forever untitled "series"  Maybe I should call these kind of "series" a pack of undies?  :cathappy: :3 Funny...I finished this one in a day, while while it took me forever to do "Fairy Tale."  In fact...I finished this way before I finished "Fairy Tale" :lol:

Yes, there is another Yiruma song to go along with this onesie called "Hope."  Hmmm...I wonder what it's called? XD  Yea, it's pretty obvious if you ask me~ 

Yay~ :D


The sun began to fade as the sky gradually blended into a fiery mix.  Along with the majority of the growing crowd, Risa was aiming to board the six o’clock train in order to get home in time before her usually non-existing curfew.  Today was a lucky, but also unlucky day.  Firstly, the girl’s piano teacher had a sudden case of food poisoning, though in Risa’s mind, it was due to the fact that the wrinkly woman had absorbed too much of her student’s happiness that it became overwhelming, thus having to cancel all piano practices for the day.  At the same time, her personal tutor had to cancel their regular meeting as well due to a family emergency.  Yet, despite the girl’s plans (of doing absolutely nothing) to celebrate her few rare hours of sweet freedom, she was somehow manipulated by a certain bunny to go on a “date”.  Perhaps, the worst out of all the dates she had ever gone on, though that was quite a small number.

‘Never again.  There’s a reason she has a restraining order against her.  Crazy woman...’ Risa reminded herself, cringing at the thought of an unsuspecting Sayashi Riho being smothered by Sayumi, though the pianist began to smirk as a mental image of the tear stricken bunny permanently locked behind bars.

The near deafening whistle of the approaching train broke Risa out of her thoughts as the large car came to a halt.  As hundreds of people began to file off the train to retire for the day, an equally large amount, if not bigger, of citizens began to board the train.  The pianist soon found herself caught in the wave of chattering people.  Within the already tiny compartment,  people began to shift around in attempt to let others squish in.  Risa was slowly pushed towards the middle, despite her attempts to stand her ground by holding onto the railing.  Just as she felt her grasp loosen from its hold on the pole, another hand clamped itself onto Risa’s, causing the girl to look up at its owner.  Her eyes locked with those filled with joy.

“Ahh Niigaki-senpai!”  a familiar accented voice radiated.  “Fancy meeting you here!”

“LinLin,” Risa plainly stated, gazing at the grinning girl before her.  “I didn’t know you took the train home.”

The shorter girl chuckled at her senpai’s obvious statement, shuffling around in order to accommodate others, as well as make it easier for her to have a more pleasant conversation.  “I’ve been taking this train since the beginning of the semester when I transferred.  But you…I’ve never seen you on this train before!  We should ride together more often if that’s the case.”

Risa cracked a small smile as she shook her head, politely rejecting the panda’s offer.  “As much as I’d like that, I usually take the train that runs right when classes are over.”

“Ahh, that’s right.  Ai-chan said you have piano lessons and tutoring right after school.”

A cringe overcame the older girl as she scoffed at the younger girl, muttering, though louder then she anticipated, “Of course Ai-chan would tell you everything.”

The two were met with a mutual silence as the train jolted back to life, slowly continuing its journey.  As the surrounding people began to loudly converse with one another, the awkward atmosphere between the two increased.  Nervously, Risa would every so often glance down at her watch, counting the minutes until her designated stop, while LinLin, on the other hand, silently stared down at her polished shoes, shifting from side to side once in a while.

“Niigaki-senpai…”  the Chinese girl started hesitantly, daring not to make eye contact with the older girl.  “…could I ask you a bit of a personal question?”

Confused at the sudden change in tone, the pianist couldn’t help but mutter a hushed ‘sure’ as her curiosity got the best of her.

“Do you…dislike me?”

Slowly, the pianist turned towards the Chinese girl once more, her expression filled with surprise.  “LinLin…”

“Because…whenever I’m around, you don’t seem to convey the wonderful spirit Ai-chan describes you in.  And I don’t think Ai-chan has the capability of lying…so it must be my fault right?”

Still overwhelmed with shock from LinLin’s brave, yet meek, statement, Risa gently clamped her free hand on the younger girl’s shoulder; while using her other hand to keep herself balanced while at the same time hold her bookbag.  The pianist parted her lips as an attempt to deny these accusations, but slowly, memories of her animosity towards the innocent girl filled her mind.  All the glares, snorts, and nasty thoughts that she had potrayed the younger girl returned to her mind, filling the pianist over the edge with guilt.

“I-I didn’t realize I was acting that way…” Risa stuttered, tightening her shaky grip on the younger girl.  “I’m so sorry LinLin.  I apologize for treating you in such a disrespecting manner.  I’m sorry if I came off as such an unlikable person.  I swear to you, I’m not usual like that.  It’s just…”

“Are you in love Niigaki-senpai?” 

Risa found herself locking eyes with the shorter girl.  Her light brown orbs no longer conveyed the sadness it previously held, but instead, there was a spark of curiosity.  “The way you look at Ai-chan…I’ve seen loving couples give each other the same look.”

Feeling ashamed that her crush was so obvious, Risa rectracted her hand from LinLin’s shoulder as it was her turn to solemly gaze at her shoes.  She didn’t know what emotion was more overcoming- the fact that her one-sided love was so easily spotted by someone she barely knew (as well as by a certain bunny), or the co called taboo belief that she was clearly in love with another woman, who just so happened to be her best friend since the beginning of time. 

“You don’t have to be embarrassed Niigaki-senpai.  If anything, you have my full support.”

This time, the smaller girl clamped her hand on Risa’s back, rubbing comforting circles as a way to show her support.  The pianist, though she kept her gaze down in order to hide her reddened cheeks, whispered a hushed “thank you.”

The rest of the ride was silence between the two.  The girls repositioned themselves to simply standing side by side, as if they were complete strangers to each other.  When the train came to a halt, Risa quickly rushed past the wave of people, nearly trampling over a petite woman in the process.

"Why the hell is she crouched over?  This is a packed train!  Geez..." With the regards of apologizing, the bean turned around, but in a blink of an eye, all she could see was a flash of red as the woman was ran off, blending into the crowd of people.  Before she could react, a LinLin, once again grinning, took her place.

“I have faith in you Niigaki-senpai.  You and Ai-chan are destined to be more than just friends, and I’ll support the both of you in any way possible.”

For the first time, Risa’s smile towards the younger girl was genuine.  Taking in the Chinese girl’s hands into her own, the pianist shook them wildly as she repeatedly thanked the girl, as well as apologize for the one-sided dispute.  As the two parted ways, LinLin waved good-bye to the sprinting form of the older girl, who despite her worries, was filled with a new found sense of hope. 

As the short girl strolled through the neighborhood, her ears were filled with sounds of happy chirping from the small birds that flew around.  A small smile graced her lips as she let out the heavy sigh she had been holding for who knows how long.  Shakingly, LinLin reached into the pocket of her skirt, pulling out a small envelope with the words ‘To Ai-chan’ written on it.  Glancing at the envelope once more, the girl began tearing the folded sheets into halves until the small pieces of parchments that remained were blown into the distance by the wind.

”I have no regrets.  Rather, I have faith in you Niigaki-senpai.  I know you’ll make Ai-chan happier than I ever hoped to.’


Not done yet~ -insert epic eyebrow wiggling- :3  Man, I originally planned to type out all these onesies before posting...but I have the patience of a newborn puppy >.<  But hopefully, you won't have to wait until 50 years to get the rest of the ficlet~ (^ _ \)

I shall now fade away to finish cleaning my room cause my parents are coming any second to visit and it's still messy! :panic:

P.S: Short hair Risa + hats =  :drool:  Seriously, I love her look in that banner~  Pretty much the only reason why I chose that picture..oh look LinLin's in the pic too? :O  huh :3  Bye~
Hi~iiya!~  (>^_^)>
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Hope- 6/3}
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ahhh... i was about to sleep because its already 12:00 am here when i saw you updated your fic...
can't resist.. have to read it first...

i don't know how to feel now.. Linlin!

couldn't comment any better.. sorry sleepy already
i think it's my first comment here..
and yeah i love your fics...  :wub:

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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Hope- 6/3}
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I can't see the banner! I'm using mah phone. Ohgawdcry. I so badly wanna see it. T.T I WANT A RABURABU UPDATE!

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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Hope- 6/3}
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EriKan: Huh, I now realize how flattering it is when someone stays up instead of sleeps when it comes to someone's fic.  You're so sweet :)  Thank you for the comment and compliment ^_^
risa_ai: is the banner still not working on your end?  I see it fine :O  I dunno about raburabu....I'm all for angeranger XD  Thanks for the comment~

And thank you all for the thank yous~  Update coming~
Hi~iiya!~  (>^_^)>
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Hope- 6/3}
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Man…I haven’t updated in forever :o  Well…this is what happens when Rini wastes half a day watching video game cutscenes ^_^;  I wonder if any of you immediately recognized it?  I’ll love you forever if you do/did!

Yeah...random rushed onesie :)  I'll post the clip at the end since having it at the beginning is starting to annoy me XD  Enjoy~ (> u <)/


There was only one word that could describe Ikuta Erina's current state of mind- scattered.  Thoughts were flying everywhere and none of the questions in her mind could be answered.  Wordlessly, she fumbled with the edge of the plaid skirt that she and the rest of the new members of Morning Musume wore on Black Variety.  It was strange.  Risa, Sayumi, and Reina were kicked off the show because they “lacked the feelings of a high school girl.” Yet Nakazawa Yuko was permitted to remain seated. 

“Aren't they all around the same age?"

Although she should’ve been grateful to have any opportunity to spend with her senpai, it was still quite frightening for her and the other girls, including those from Fairies, to be under Nakazawa’s scrutinizing eyes.  During the entire filming, things went well.  Morning Musume defended the honor of Hello! Project (despite Erina’s not-so-secret fandom of AKB48), tried to increase Nakai Masahiro’s heart rate (an unrecognized success), and played yet another round of song guessing (another victory for Morning Musume!).

“That lemon...was disgusting."

Yet, everything was fine.  That is, it was fine until she was headed backstage after filming.  It was there that she caught a part of the adult's conversation- one that she shouldn't have even heard.

”Amazing isn't it?  Having all these kids really makes you feel old,” one of the older talento’s muttered, watching the girls of Fairies giggle amongst themselves as they hurried towards the dressing rooms, mostly likely in a rush to head out for another round of promotions.

The host of the show, Nakai Masahiro, chuckled, stretching his aged limbs after sitting around for longer then necessary.  “Some of them are surprisingly young.”

“Like Kudou,” the first leader of Morning Musume noted, tilting her head towards the stoic member.  “With an attitude and personality like that, it’s hard to believe she’s only twelve years old.”

“To think, she’s young enough to be your child.  Too bad you’re still lonely and unmarried.”

Before Erina could hear the rest of the conversation, she felt her arm being tugged.  “Nee Eripon.  We need to get changed,” her fellow generation mate, as well as best friend, nagged, repeatedly pulling on said girl’s arm until she began to follow.  The last thing she saw, before stumbling behind the thick white curtains, was Nakai Masahiro being pushed off his seat, followed by a string of what appeared to be threats from her senpai.

A loud clap broke the fourteen year old out of her thoughts, making her jump at the sudden sharp sound.  Another clap, equally powerful and frightening, followed and Erina quickly looked up, catching a glance of her senpai’s powerful demeanor as she gathered the other members of Morning Musume, all who were already dressed in their personal attire.

“The vans will be here in a few minutes to take us out to lunch.  Make sure you have all your personal items with you, or else Nakai-kun may or may not keep them for his personal use,” Ignoring the annoyed “hey!” from said man, Nakazawa glanced each of her kouhais, checking their facial expressions for any confusion of sorts.  “Any questions?”

“Nakazawa-san, I have one,” Erina quickly answered, raising her hand to grab the woman's attention, though she was quite unaware that suddenly, she became the center of everyone's attention, including the backstage workers.  The young girl paused, hesitant to continue on, but seeing the encouraging, as well as impatient, expression from her senpai, she did.  “I was wondering…what Nakai-san said. About…”

Her voice was shaky and the curious glances from everyone, that she finally noticed, weren’t helping her any better.  “About Kuduu being so young?”

“Your point?”

A sudden surge of confidence ran through her blood as Erina didn’t even hesitate.  Instead, she continued on, her hands neatly folded on her lap, her lips pursed and nose wrinkled with a curious expression.  “How old are you again?”

Her response was silence.  Never in her life, was the silence more awkward then it was at that moment, yet, her KY subconscious persisted.  She, though quite uneasily, stared into her senpai’s blazing eyes, hoping to hear the response that had left her mind wondering.  In the corner of her eye, Erina caught a glance of Nakai, his lips curved into an amused grin as he attempted to hold in his laugh.  The staring contest could’ve gone on for who knows how long if it wasn’t for the impatient honking of the vans, indicating their presence, that finally pulled Nakazawa Yuko from her deathly glare on the KY.  With a loud huff, the older woman spun around and marched, almost stomping, towards the backstage exit, her hands clenched tightly in a fist.  Quickly, the members of the ninth and tenth generation soon followed, though as they passed Erina, the KY could hear a string of mutters that seemed to be in directed towards herself.

“Surprisingly rude.”  “Ehh? I thought we were friends Mizuki!”

“Nice one Ikuta.” “Zukki can be sarcastic!?”

“Try to grow up please.” “...Is it possible to be scolded by the youngest member of the group?”

As for the others, half of them kept silent while the others scoffed at her.

Erina remained seated, slightly tilting her head to the side as she watched the others pass her by.  “Was it something I said?”

“Ikuta-san?” one of the older girls from Fairies (“Inoue Rikako-chan was it?”) bravely stepped forward, lightly shaking the girl’s shoulder to break her out of her thoughts.  “Perhaps you should go change before the others leave you.”

“You’re right,” the KY stated firmly, pounding her fist into her open palm.  Silently, the girl proudly stood on her two feet as she marched towards the abandoned dressing room, oblivious to the confused glances shared between the other girls.   “I’ll just Google Nakazawa-san’s age tonight.”

This is why I need a job or something XD  Or else my mind wanders off into the deep pits of awkwardness~  Anyways, here's the clip for you peoples.

I have something else halfway maybe that'll be up soon?  Maybe...

Bye bye for now~ (^ u ^)
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Re: Rini's Box of Onesies~ (> w <) {Ikuta's Question- 6/30}
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OH my LOLS XD The KY strikes again.

Hey wait, wasn't there a certain series of one shots still on going here?...?

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