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Author Topic: (One shot) Loves a fools game  (Read 5582 times)

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(One shot) Loves a fools game
« on: February 04, 2013, 03:51:01 PM »
(One shot) Love is only a fools game
By XxRoByNxX

Love something that I will never be able to understand.


Because it has so many meanings.

Sisterly love.

Brotherly love.

Family love.

Friendly love.

Boyfriend love.

Girlfriend love.

None of which I have ever experienced.

Simply because no one ever bothered with me.

They picked on me. They bullied me. They called me names. Shouted at me. Thrown my desk out of the window. Writ harsh things in my note book that would pierce my fragile heart.

But now that has all stopped.


Well they are gone so to speak. Meeting the big guy up in the sky. They can never harm me again. My revenge was short but sweet the greatest thing I have ever experienced in my life.

Of course there is more to my story of why I have done this.

It was all because of a girl that said she would be my friend. My friend my first ever ......... friend. I was cautious but she said to me that I was safe with her that she would ..... protect me.

I believed her.

Which I shouldn't have.

We spent days with each other laughing joking going out having fun. Then weeks. Then months. She would often tell me how pretty I was how much she wished she had talked to me sooner. I was confused of course this girl that was in front of me was the most popular girl in school yet she hung around me the most hated and bullied girl in the schools history.

If you think I'm over reacting your wrong.

Even the teachers hated me.

They would often send me outside just for tapping a pencil or my feet. Very annoying considering others were either asleep or bopping their head up and down as they listened to their horrible taste of music.

Anyway back to my 'friend'.

Oh and before I forget no I'm not reviling my identity after all I don't want the police after me right?

You never know who will rat you out.

Or who you can trust.

Anyway .........

The beautiful specimen that was always before me eventually started to make me feel things.

Things I didn't like.

Things I didn't understand.

My stomach felt funny when she was around. Her smile her scent became a drug everything about her a drug. I asked what it felt like to be in love and everything I felt she said then smiled at me like an angel sent from God. This girl was amazing she was special .... unique.

And no I don't miss her before you ask. She like everyone else deserved to die by my hand.

What did she do you ask.

She used me.

I confessed to her then she thrown my love back into my face and said "Love is a fools game and who would love a pathetic creature like you I only talked to you so my friends and I could have more amusing ways to hurt you did you not notice the things happaning to you after you befriended me! You filthy creature loving another girl this will spread round the school like wild fire just you wait!"

Then before she could walk out of the schools food tech room I took the knife that was near my hand and stabbed her over ...... and over ....... and over again.

And it felt good.

All my anger all my frustration all gone with something as simple as that.

I wanted more freedom more separation from my anger hated self.

So I continued.

I got them all every single one that bullied me. That hurt me. That said one bad thing against me. All of them gone ... dead.

Especially that fool Takahashi Ai the girl who betrayed me.

Ahhh now if you excuse me I have got to go it seems the students and teachers that have survived my mascara have called the police.

See what I mean you cant trust anyone.

Bye bye.


A/N: Sup people I know its not the best lol

Dont kill me for killing Ai-chan I love her so much I swear please I beg cause I love this girl I swear I do I Just wanted to write a horror sorry.

I just posted this on the Akb part of the web aswell btw.

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Re: (One shot) Loves a fools game
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2013, 04:03:16 PM »
Ah Ai-Chan was mean using her so tht they can get stuff to bully her with an yah im not looking forward to ft

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Re: (One shot) Loves a fools game
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2013, 05:15:46 AM »
sad.. But good!  :nervous

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Re: (One shot) Loves a fools game
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2013, 12:03:13 PM »
good dear  :thumbsup ... even that you have killed aichan  :catglare:
:mon fyeah::mon fyeah::mon fyeah:

but who is the protagonist in this story?

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