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 :ph43r: Someone still reading this? Oh well, I'm going to continue this anyway, whether you guys read this story of a sunk, sailing submarine pairing xD

I don't have much to say, though I would like to thank you for your interest once again (yes, I have noticed the thank yous and how many times this topic has been viewed, mhahahaha). Ahem, to the next chapter then.

Here we go~

Chapter 48 - One's happiness is another's misery

“You think I'm fine?”

A very nervous Risa asked as she was preparing to walk down the shrine and meet her lover and soon to be spouse at the end of it. She was in a room that was separated from the big hall where the ceremony was about to take place and there was just a door between her and the audience.

“You're going to be just fine! Really, you're gorgeous and i'm sure Ai is going to faint when she will see you.”

Eri encouraged her friend as she made some last arrangements to Risa's dress, which had gotten some new stains and such. The turtle had questioned her friend about them, but  Risa had only explained that she had fallen a few times in a rush when she had headed back to Eri. And to her luck, Eri hadn't noticed her blush as she had explained and accepted her little white lie.

“It's time to go soon...”

The turtle said as she peeked through the door. There were a lot of people, almost the whole village. Ai was quite a famous person in here and since it was a marriage, everyone just wanted to come watch it of course.

Smiling, Eri turned to look at Risa who was still on the edge of a nervous breakdown. The turtle walked closer and patted her friend's shoulders and causing her to look up.

“Nee, you're doing just fine.”

She said and smiled at the older girl. As Risa looked in Eri's eyes she couldn't help but feel the familiar feeling she had gotten when they had first met. It was the magic that Eri did with her smile, making everyone around her happy. Though she still missed Sayu and would probably never get over her death, Eri was back to herself. She was once again the angle on the earth who would look after the others and spread the happiness inside of her to everyone. And that made Risa more than happy.

Smiling, the bean opened her arms and hugged Eri tightly, the turtle doing the same.

“Thank you, Eri.”

“You're welcome.”

Suddenly, there was a loud voice of drums, which caused the two friends to pull away.

“It's time to go.”

Eri chirped happily and after giving a small pat on the bean's head and checking that everything was okay, she walked to the door and opened it for Risa. As her friend passed by, Eri bowed a bit and stayed behind as they walked on the aisle.

There were a lot of people and the bean could feel that she got nervous minute by minute and step by step. Everyone was looking at her with a bright smile, which made the bean blush. She was the main attention now and it made her a bit uneasy. But at the aisle's end was someone whose presence immediately calmed her down. Ai was standing there very vigorously and proudly, but then something caught Risa's attention. The uniform she was wearing was different. It had more armor plates and it was pitch black. There were few more swords on the leader's waist than in normal uniform and Ai was holding a gorgeous helmet in her arms.

And as Risa came closer, she could see the deep golden stains in the armor making a dragon figure. And then, she saw the badges in the dress sleeve Ai had under the armor.

'An officer's suit and armor?'

Risa almost stopped walking as she realized what her lover was wearing but somehow she managed to keep on going. She even heard Eri gasp behind her, meaning that the turtle was as surprised as the bean was of Ai's appearance.
Soon, the bean reached her lover, whom she noticed to be very nervous and uneasy looking. As Risa got beside her, the leader offered her free arm to her and tried to smile to the bean. Risa took the arm, but made sure to draw herself closer in order to whisper in Ai's ear.

“What on earth are you wearing?”

She asked confused, causing the older woman to blush. Memories of the past half hour came back into her mind, making the young leader very nervous again.



“General, captain. What are you doing here?”

A very surprised and suspicious Ai asked, as she saw her trainers in the dressing room with Tanaka. Closing the door behind her, the young leader made her way further inside the room, but was soon stopped as the general and captain stepped forwards.

“To give you a little gift.”

Miki said smirking, while Goto made her way to the young warrior. She examined Ai from head to toes and when the monkey tried to follow with her gaze, the general only slapped her shoulders quite harshly and told her to keep her gaze ahead.

Ai did as ordered, though Goto pushed her chin a bit upwards and made her stance as vigorous as possible. Then, the general circled the younger woman and Ai could feel something touch her hair.

“Captain, scissors.”


Ai panicked, but as soon as she moved she was once again punched harshly by the general, causing her to took her previous position. The squad leader only grumbled, which caused another hit, this time a kick in her knees, from the general.

“Stand still, look up and be quiet.”

The general ordered. By now, Miki had brought her some scissors and soon, Goto was cutting Ai's hair, which had grown quite wild lately. The young leader hadn't bothered to take care of it too much and no one had never mentioned about it, but now these two made a huge fuss about it.

“Ano, General, just what is this...”


And once again, the general slapped her student, this time in her shoulder. Ai groaned a bit but decided to keep her mouth shut. After a good five minutes of hair cutting, the general finally came in front of Ai and examined her appearance again, nodding her head in approval.

“Well now you look suitable... Captain.”

And in no time, the captain disappeared behind the wall and soon came out with a one kind of clothes hanger. As Ai turned to see what the captain was doing, she had to take a double look for what she was seeing. It was a beautiful armor, pitch black, with deep golden figures. There was also a beautiful helmet, as black as the armor was. It had golden decorations on it's side and in front of the helmet were tall, golden horns. The armor itself had golden figures, which Ai soon recognized to be some kind of dragon. Compared to a normal armor, this one had more protectors and decoration. But what caught the young leader's eyes the most were the badges on the armor's underclothes.

'An officer armor?'

And indeed it was an officer's armor. The non commissioned officers weren't allowed to wear these ones untill they went to military academy, studied some years in there and got promoted. But why were the general and captain showing this to her?
Soon, Goto walked to the armor and took the underclothes from below it. They were black and had the same deep green figures as Miki and Maki had. The general tossed the clothes to Ai, catching the young leader off guard.

“Dress it.” She stated bluntly, causing Ai to gasp.

“What?” That was all she could say. Why would she wear an officer's clothes and armor? She wasn't allowed to!! What were those two planning?

“You heard me. Now put those clothes on, that's an order.”

And that left no objections for the young leader. Without saying a word, Ai started to undress her own clothes and changed them to the ones Goto had tossed to her. It didn't help that all the three persons in the room were staring at her while she changed, but Ai really had no choice. Though, she didn't know why Reina was watching her too and grinning like a maniac at the same time. She was probably so enjoying how the young leader was teased by her teachers. When Ai had finished dressing and was now wearing the officer suit, she couldn't help but wonder how good it felt. It was like she was wearing nothing at all! The dress was so light and nonetheless, the material felt good! The military clothes tended to be quite uncomfortable sometimes, but this felt very good against her skin.

Goto and Miki watched the younger girl with a small smirk on their lips. Or Miki was, for the general was once again only showing her stern face. But deep inside, she was quite amused by this. When Ai had finished dressing up, the general signaled the captain with a nod and Miki took the armor off the dresser and went yo Ai with it. She handed the armor to her and once again, the young leader was surprised how light it felt. Usually she had to use some force when lifting an armor, but this one was light as a feather.

“Put it on.”

Miki stated and to Ai's surprise, gave a small wink to the younger female. Now, Ai was even more confused and she had no idea what the two were planning for her. But without complaining, she put on the armor, the trio once again watching her actions and making her very nervous. When she was done, The general once again approached her. Goto examined her from head to toe and if Ai moved, she received a punch from the older female. The general straightened the dress under the armor, moved some protectors in right place and looked, that the young leader looked suitable. There shouldn't be any kind of mistakes when wearing this clothing and the general made sure that her student looked good. When everything was done, Goto walked in front of Ai and looked her in the eye.

Ai didn't dare to move. She just stared right ahead and tried to keep her position. The general stared her for a good while and just when Ai was sure that her wedding would be spend here with her and Goto having a staring competition, the older female finally let her go.

“You should go.”

She said sternly and now Reina appeared on her side. The kitten took a hold of the leader's arm and guided her to a door, which led to the ceremony hall. But before Ai went out of the room, the general and captain walked pass her, entering the door first. Goto went first, giving only a stern nod to Ai. Miki stopped for a moment and leaned her head so that she could whisper in the squad leader's ear.

“This is a present from us, and,” The captain kept a small pause and soon, Ai could feel a firm pat on her shoulder. ”Your father would be proud of you.”

Ai was left alone with Reina as the two higher ups walked out of the door and went to take their places in the hall. It was silent, till Ai could hear some music behind the door, which told her that she should go soon. She looked at the kitten beside her, who was only smiling warmly at her. Not smirking, like she had done a while ago, but smiling like a supporting friend would do. But something was showing behind that smile and just when Ai noticed it, she found the kitten on her neck, clutching her like there was no tomorrow.


the leader said confused and when the kitten pulled away, Ai could swear she saw tears in her friend's eyes. But she was smiling at the same time. Finally, Reina pulled away and only gave a pat on her friend's shoulder.

“We are so proud of you....”

The kitten said, sniffing a bit at the same time. Ai didn't quite understand why her friend was so moved but in the end, Reina was always the one who got emotional when something like this happened. The squad leader smiled warmly at her friend and nodded her head once. Then, she heard how the music ended and it was her sign to go. Looking each other one more time, the two friends hit their fists together, before going through the door and entering the hall. And as soon as they did so, Ai noticed how many people were out there watching this ceremony.

'The whole village is in here!!'

And indeed, it seemed like the whole village was in here. But to Ai's surprise, the whole audience gasped as she came in view. At first, she didn't quite catch it, but then she remembered what she was wearing. Just when the leader was about to freeze Reina guided her to her place, giving one more smirk and pat to her before taking her place beside the aisle, where she soon should be joined by Eri. Ai was now standing alone in front of the shrine and she indeed hoped that Risa would walk damn quickly to her. She had never been as bothered as she was now and it didn't help that the young leader could feel how the audiences curious and surprised looks were drilling holes in her. Well this was going to be one unforgettable wedding indeed....'

---End of the flashback---

“What is it?”

Risa voice brought Ai back down on earth from her memories. The young leader only cleared her throat nervously, before she leaned closer to her soon to be wife.

“I'll tell you later...”

Suddenly a loud music started to play and the whole church stood up. At the same time, the couple in front of the altar got very nervous. They were going to get married and live the rest of their lives with the person they loved. They both felt how the other one squeezed their arm, causing them both to glance each other at the same time. The surprised looks on their faces soon turned into a warm smile. They would be okay, as long as they had each others. Next, the couples attention was turned in front of them, when the priest walked to the shrine. He was wearing a pure white hakama shirt and black pants. In his head, he had a square like black hat and a holy book in his arms.

At first, they did all kind of religious rituals and the priest blessed the whole group and the soon to be wedded couple. As it was time for the part of the ceremony that everyone had waited for the most, Ai and Risa got up and faced each others. They held each others hands as they looked deep in each others eyes. Though Ai was quite proud that she was able to wear an officer uniform, right now, she indeed wanted to throw this helmet away and just hold Risa in her arms. But no. She had to hold this stupid helmet...

But as she felt how Risa squeezed her hands gently, the helmet was soon washed away from Ai's thoughts and she concentrated on the beautiful woman in front of her. As the priest kept on talking, the two fell deeper and deeper in each others eyes. They were like there were no others in this room, there were just the two of them.

“Will you, Takahashi Ai....”

The priest's speech went almost to deaf ears as Ai and Risa tried to keep their turmoil of feelings in control. The leader even got so lost in the bean's eyes that she almost forgot to say her ”I do”, when the priest asked her about it. Risa couldn't help but laugh, but she made sure to listen when the priest got on her part so, she wouldn't miss her own I do.

“Will you, Niigaki Risa....”

In the audience, Reina couldn't help but smile like an idiot and Eri wasn't far behind. She however controlled herself a bit better than her kitten friend and even at one point, she had to offer a tissue to Reina, who had started crying. Goto and Miki were their usual stern selves as they watched their best student perform one of the most important ceremony in her life. But if someone who knew them would take a look, they would see that something was different. The two higher ups were very proud of their brat, who finally had found her way in the life and was chasing after her dreams.

“Is there anyone, who will refuse this union? Speak now, or keep silent forever.”

Instead of hearing anyone refuse the union, a sound of metal was heard. As Ai and Risa broke out of their trance and turned to look, they found how Reina had taken her sword out with Eri and was now glaring at the audience and even the priest like saying ”You even dare to ask something like that!”
Ai couldn't help but laugh out loud and even Risa let out few giggles. The whole situation was soon ended however, when Goto marched to the duo and hit both hard in their heads, saying something like that wasn't how a warrior acted. Miki only smiled and shook her head, before giving the priest a signal that it was okay to continue.

A bit nervously, the priest continued. It wasn't everyday that someone did something like that in a wedding...

“If no one refuses,” Ai's gaze was back on Risa and she felt how her pulse sped up. This was it. She was going to seal her life with Risa forever.

“I now announce you,” Risa wasn't far behind from Ai. She was so nervous right now, that she couldn't even breath or smile. She just stared at the leader in front of her, not being able to break the intense eye contact they had now. They missed the next words completely as Ai started to suddenly lean in closer. The bean had however heard where the priest was, but she couldn't refuse when her lover's lips came closer.

“You may now...” The priests words died out as Ai suddenly sealed her lips with Risa and sneaked her free arm around her waist, pulling her closer at the same time. When their lips connected, the whole church, expect Miki and Maki, burst out in cheers. Everyone was clapping their hands and cheering, as the new couple kept on kissing on the altar, totally forgetting the world around them. By now, Risa had circled her arms around Ai's neck and was answering the kiss with same amount of passion as the leader was. When they finally had to part because of the lack of oxygen, they pulled away only a little bit, still keeping the eye contact with each others. Ai smiled down at Risa and gave her a quick peck, before she realized to watch around. The whole room was still cheering and as Ai turned to look at the priest, she found very displeased man there. Smiling sheepishly, Ai mouthed ”Sumimasen”, which the priest answered only by rising his eyebrows and mumbling the rest of his sentence.

Then, the music started to play again. Ai pulled a bit away from Risa, so she could place the helmet in her arms to her head. After that was done, she held her arm out for her wife and smiled warmly. Risa took her arm and made sure to walk as close as possible to Ai. As they started to walk down the aisle, everyone kept on clapping their hands and some shouted congrats. The couple shined as they kept on walking, but most of the time, they were glancing at each other. It was just so unbelievable that they were married now. But then, something stopped the happy cheering. Suddenly, the candles that were lit on either side of the shrine were blown shut and the church became a bit darker. The outside light still kept it light, but without the candles, the hall was rather dark.

Immediately, everyone got prepared, but faster than anyone else, Ai had scooped Risa protectively in her arms while holding a sword a the same time. Everyone looked around so they could see the intruder, but no one was in sight. Then they heard something. As if a gentle wind was moving above them. When Ai looked up she could see how some wall clothes moved up in the ceiling.

“What the...”

'Sorry to interrupt your wedding with this dramatic entry...'

A familiar voice spoke, making everyone freeze totally. At first, Ai and Risa weren't sure who was speaking, when realization hit them like a ton of bricks.


They said at the same time with Eri and Reina, who were still nearby the altar.

'Haha, yeah it's me...'

They heard a bit sheepish voice. By now, everyone had lowered their weapons and were looking around as if they could see the ghost.

'Once again, sorry for the interruption. But I just couldn't refuse to come watch how one of my best friends is getting married. Really guys, congratulations!'

Sayu's voice boomed in the church and everyone could feel all the time how a gentle wind was moving around the room.

'I'm sorry I can't take part in physically, but maybe it's the best for you. But I'm here and I will be here through the whole ceremony.' Sayu said, making everyone in the room smile sadly. 'One more time before I silence, Risa, Ai, Congratulations. You're one of the greatest couples I have ever seen and I wish all good for you for the rest of your lives.

“...Yeah, I bet she's going to peek them at the wedding night...”

Reina whispered to Eri, only to gain quite harsh punch from her. The light breeze kept on moving in the church and the fire in the candles stayed down. Just when everyone was about to continue the ceremony, they heard Sayu again.

'Ano, everyone, could you please close your eyes? I have one thing to do before I go.'

Frowning, Risa looked at her spouse beside her but when Ai smiled to her and closed her own eyes, she too did as asked. So did everyone else in the church. Everyone, except Reina. The kitten had been so occupied whining over the punch Eri had given to her that she hadn't heard Sayu's voice very well. And when she realized that what everyone else were doing it was too late.

“Guys? Why have you all closed you eyes AAAARRGGGGHHHH!!!”

A blood curling scream was heard and after that everyone burst out laughing. As Ai and Risa opened their eyes and turned to look, they found Reina in Eri's arms shaking like a maniac and eyes wide open. She looked just like she had seen a ghost.

“Damn that woman...”

She mumbled as she was calmed down by Eri.

“You shouldn't have teased her....” She scolded. Confused, Risa turned to look at Ai, who in turn leaned closer and whispered in her ear.

“Sayu showed up to Reina.”


Though Risa knew how horrible joke Sayu had done, she couldn't help but chuckle. By now, the bean had learnt how much Reina hated seeing corpses and ghosts and obviously, Sayu had known that for a bit longer time. And finally, the tactician had been able to pay her kitten friend back. Soon, the candles lit up again, but the gentle wind stayed in the room, indicating that Sayu was still with them.

“Shall we continue?”

Ai asked as she put her sword away and offered her arm to Risa once again. The bean only smiled at her and took the arm. They started to walk to the door, which was opened to them by two warriors. To Ai's surprise, the two non-commissioned officers saluted her, causing the young leader to frown. She was the same rank as they were! No, she was actually lower ranking than they... What was going on?
Then, before opening the door, the other warrior winked at her once, before pulling the heavy door open with his friend. As the couple stepped outside, their eyes widened in surprise. There were warriors on either side of the path they were about to walk, forming and alley. And Ai had seen this alley many times before, but never walked it. And she knew very well what was that but she wasn't sure who it was for.

“What the...”


Suddenly, the whole ”alley” turned very formally towards Ai and Risa. When the leader turned to look back, she found their general and captain walk outisde. And after them, Yoshizawa came out. The young couple was very confused of this situation and they only stared at the trio with wide eyes.

“Order arms!” Goto commanded and in no time, the alley took their swords and pointed them towards the ground beside their legs, all happening simultaneously. After this, the general turned to her king, saluting by nodding her head and bowing a bit at the same time. Behind her, Miki took attention and stood straight towards Yoshizawa.

“My king Yoshizawa. Men are now in the places you ordered and ready for the ceremony.”

The king nodded to the general, showing that she was dismissed. Then, she turned to Ai and Risa, who were still very confused of what was happening. The king beckoned Ai to come closer, smiling warmly at her as she did so. The young leader looked at her wife and after changing nods she let go of her arm and walked to her king, saluting her immediately as she got closer. Yoshizawa only motioned her to move to go down on one knee, which the squad leader obeyed immediately. There was a dead silence as the king gave a signal to her higher ups. In no time, Miki walked beside her with Goto. The captain had something in her hands, which the general took and handed to Yoshizawa, bowing deeply as she did so. The king took the object, which Risa soon recognized as a sword.

The king then looked down at the young leader, who was very nervous and confused at the moment. She had no clue what was going to happen next.

“Look down.”

Goto ordered Ai silently as she backed away with Miki, staying in attention as they stopped. Yoshizawa looked at the young female in front of her on one knee and head bent down. She smiled once more, before she started speaking.

“First of all, congratulations on your wedding. And before this little ceremony, I just want to inform you that this gift is from all the three of us. The general, the captain and me.” The king held the sword on Ais shoulder and as she spoke, she moved it to her other shoulder and on top of her head.

“By the power of this nation I have been given to, on this date, I promote you, staff sergeant Takahashi Ai to second lieutenant.” The whole courtyard gasped, but stayed quiet for a bit longer. Soon, the king spoke again ”Rise your head and stand up.”

Ai did as oredered, but when she faced the gently smiling king, the young leader couldn't hide her happiness. She then was offered the sword which she took with her both hands and bowed deeply to the king. After that she tied the weapon on her belt and saluted the king briefly. After that Yoshizawa backed away and gave a signal to her general. Goto stepped forwards after a quick salute and walked beside Ai.

“Shoulder arms!” She boomed and soon, the whole alley took their swords and put them in the holsters. ”Form the alley of honor!” The warriors turned at the same time, so that they formed the alley again. After this, Goto turned to Ai and the young leader saluted the general who answered. ”Officer on the deck.” The general said, before she nodded to Ai and backed away. The new officer couldn't resist smiling, but her smile grew even bigger, when she turned to look back and found her wife standing there. Taking a proud and good stance, the leader offered her arm. The bean smiled and walked closer, taking the arm and together they started to walk down the alley. When they reached the first men, they drew their swords out and pointed them up to the air, forming a triangle above the passing by couple. As they walked people kept on cheering on them and the two smiled brightly as they walked on. But once again, their focus was mostly on the person walking beside them. And every time their eyes met, the smile on their face would grow only bigger and warmer.

When they finally reached the end of the allye, they turned around and everyone bursted out in one big cheer. Soon, they heard fireworks and as the petals of flowers which people were throwing around fell down, Ai turned to Risa and smiled down to her. She then took a gentle hold of her face with one hand and guided her lips on Risa's, sharing her very first kiss with her as an officer. As they kissed, everyone cheered even more. When the ceremony part was finally over, everyone chattered around the yard which had several tables and seats around. In no time, some cooks started to serve food on the tables and when the permission was given from Yoshizawa everyone started to eat and drink happily. Ai and Risa had their very own special seat where they had some privacy. It was under a big sakura tree and they also had a very own table with food. Being a very well mannered officer now, Ai took Risa's chair out for her and when the bean sad down, the new second lieutenant placed the chair back. But before she sat down herself, Ai made sure to take one quick peck on Risa's cheek.

“Aww, come on, save that for the night....”

They suddenly heard their friend's voice and as they turned to look, no one else than Reina and Eri were approaching them. As they reached them, both younger females saluted Ai, smiling broadly at the same time.

“Guys, come one. You don't have to do that...”

Ai said embarrassed when her friends saluted her. It was kind of weird that they were saluting her, though they had done it many times. But now, the situation was a bit different as Ai knew why they were saluting her.

“We wouldn't salute an officer? Goto would kill us!” Eri exclaimed followed by Reina's nods ”Yeah, she would.”

“Ano, Reina is everything okay?” Risa asked concerned, as she noticed how the kitten was shivering and all the time looking nervously around.

“Am I all right? Oh yes of course! After seeing that walking zombie I will never be more fine....” The kitten grumbled and when she felt the gentle breeze again, she automatically closed her eyes and even slashed a bit around with her arms.

'I can do it again, you know~'

They heard Sayu speak, and everyone expect Reina started laughing.

“Ha ha, very funny....” Reina grumbled. But her face soon turned serious as they saw who was approaching the table. They all got up and saluted as the three females got closer.

“At ease.” Yoshizawa said warmly, making everyone to relax. ”We would like to borrow you for a moment, if that's okay?” The king said, smiling broadly at the same time.

“Of course.” Ai said immediately and Risa nodded soon after her.

“Great. Now, come over here.” Miki said as she beckoned Ai and Risa to follow her. They walked few meters, where was another sakura tree, a bit smaller this time. The captain motioned the two to walk under the tree and stay still.  As they did so, both only stared at the captain like she was crazy.

“Okay now, hug or something.” Miki commanded. Very confused, Ai and Risa only looked at each others and then the captain. What the heck?

“Come on now. I promise you want to do that.” A bit hesitantly, Ai moved her arm on Risa's waist, while the bean didn't quite know where to place her hands. They were still both very tense and it didn't help at all, that their king and general were staring at them and the captain was asking weird things.

“ I know you can do so much better.” The captain smirked as she looked at the two younger females struggle in front of her. ”Come on now. Try to be as natural as possible.”

Biting her lip, Ai decided to be bolt now. She scoobed Risa in her arms, causing the bean to gasp in surprise. Ai then pressed her head closer to Risa's and made sure, that the younger one was as close as possible to her. The captains grin widened, but she wasn't still very satisfied. She had the pose, now she needed some emotions.

“Look at each others.” She commanded, which Ai and Risa obeyed. Immediately their eyes met, the two couldn't help but smile at each others. Meanwhile, Miki was looking at them very intensively. It was like she was memorizing the moment the two were sharing right now.

“Good. Now keep that and look here. Make sure you wont lose that smile.” Doing as asked, Ai and Risa turned to Miki, who was still staring at them. They almost frowned, but somehow the smile stayed on the twos lips. At some point, Risa also circled her arms around Ai's waist and pressed her head against the leaders. At this point, Miki smiled and clapped her hands together once.

“Excellent. I think that's enough.”

“Eh?” Ai and Risa said in unison as they pulled a bit apart from each other. But the captain only smiled at them mysteriously and didn't say a word.

“With all due respect captain, may I ask why did you do this?”

“No.” Miki answered happily. ”That would ruin the surprise.” Before Ai could say anything, Goto walked beside the captain and looked at the young leader. She scanned her from head to toe again and when she found nothing to fix she just nodded her head and made Ai relax. As fun as it was to be under Gotos eyes, it made Ai very nervous that she was all the time checking if her clothes or armor were flawless. Miki of course noticed this and couldn't help but smirk at the younger female.

“Glad that we made you wear that suit? It would have been a pity if you hadn't had an officer armor and suit on during the promotion.”

Ai could only nod as an answer, for she felt how blush crept on her face. But after a moment, she collected herself and faced the two higher ups.

“I haven't thanked you yet. As Yoshizawa-san said, it was a gift from all of you. So, thank you.”

Performing a perfect 30 degrees bow, Ai thanked her teachers. Once again, Goto watched that the young officer did all perfectly correct and Miki was sure that if she had had a measure, she would have made sure that the degree indeed was 30, no less, no more.

“You're very welcome. But that brings to my mind one thing....” Miki  said as she winked quickly to Goto. The general looked at her sternly, but soon turned back to Ai, who looked at the two with a questioning look.

“What is it?”

“Say, you're 21-years-old now?”

“That's right captain.”

“And you got promoted from the staff sergeant to second lieutenant.”

“Again, that's correct.”

Miki couldn't help but smirk as she folded her arms in front of her.

“I was just remembering another officer who was promoted to second lieutenant without applying for the cadet school.”

Ai straightened her whole upper body as she heard Miki's words, looking at the older one with a huge question mark flowing above her head.

“May I ask who was that person?”

Noticing how Goto was still staring at her and checking the mistakes, Ai made sure not to do anything rude or otherwise inappropriate.

“Lets just say, that if he was alive, it would be hard to tell you two apart.”

Miki's answer caused cold shivers to run down Ai's spine. She had taken the hint in her words and realized what the captain had meant. The only person Ai would have been hard to tell apart and who had been promoted to officer without cadet school, couldn't be no one else than her father.

“Well, I think we have kept you here long enough.” Miki suddenly said and backed away a bit. ”Go enjoy your wedding.”

Ai bowed quickly and made sure to take Risa with her. The bean took the offered arm and together they walked pass the two officers. But when they were beside them, Miki spoke again.

“Just for you to know.” Ai turned to look at her questioningly. ”Your father was 25 when he was promoted.” The captain said and winked once. Ai couldn't help but blush a bit.

“Sou ka....” She mumbled, before continued walking on with Risa. As the walked, the bean drew herself a bit closer and snuggled up to her lover.

“You're quite good you know.”

Ai couldn't help but smirk at her wife and sneaked one arm around her waist.

”Of course I am.” She sayd playfully and kissed the bean on her cheek. Risa only chuckled a bit, but soon her chuckles turned into a surprised yelp when she felt something on her lower back. She soon realized that it was Ai's hand, which was dangerously low at the moment. But as soon as her arm went way too low of the proper limit a sharp pain traveled through the young leader's neck. Turning to look back, the young leader noticed Goto about 10 meter away holding a small rock in her hands. Though the general had only one arm in use and that one was her left one, she was still damn accurate. Also, the officer's helmet Ai was wearing had very little places were it let the skin show. The young officer rubbed her neck a bit and frowned at the general.

“That's not where you keep your hand when with a lady.”

The general growled and glared at the young leader. Ai couldn't help but blush and Risa wasn't far behind. But at the same time, she couldn't hide her amusement for the situation. Now that Ai was an officer and especially and officer, who was under Goto's teaching, she as always under a hawk's eye. Soon, the general walked pass them with Miki and when she reached Ai, the general glared at the younger one. Ai bowed her head and showed some respect to the general. Goto didn't say a word but instead hit the young leader quite harshly in her head. The monkey thanked her luck that she was wearing a helmet or that punch would have hurt like hell. Goto started to walk away with Yoshizawa who had silently followed the scene in front of her. Soon, Miki walked to Ai and gently patted her shoulder.

“She's just fussing about how you are now an officer. In the end, you're her first student who has reached this rank plus, you're the youngest one in the whole history to get a promotion like this.” The captain explained as she started to walk away and after her two friends.

“And she will probably keeps this up for as long as you stay in the military, so better get used to it. But remember, that it's only her way to show how much she cares about you.”

The last sentence caused Ai to furrow her eyebrows but before she could say anything, Miki had already joined her two friends who were now walking among the quests.

“You know...” Ai grumbled as she straightened herself and made sure that her uniform was in place. ”I think I will retire from the military quite quickly...”

This caused Risa to chuckle and she only hugged the older one tightly, making her smile immediately.

“No you wont. And I think it's quite cute how Goto is looking after you. She just cares about you.”

“Well it's easy for you to say! You don't feel the punches and kicks she gives...” The leader grumbled. But very soon, she felt how her head was turned and small petite hands pulled her face closer. Her lips were pressed against Risa's and for some reason the leader got very surprised by this. Risa wasn't usually the one to initiate the kiss and nonetheless they were in public. It might have been their wedding, but this was somehow quite bolt from the bean. As they pulled away, the younger female played a bit with Ai's now shorter hair.

“Hmm, I think you will get used to it and in no time your behavior is like an officer should behave.” Ai listened carefully how Risa talked to her in low whisper, but before she could say anything, the bean kissed her again. The kiss was a bit shorter, but not any less intensive than the first one. When they separated again, Ai was surprised to find herself breathing a bit quicker. Gosh, what was the younger one doing to her?! Noticing how her spouse reacted, the bean was satisfied. This was going very well. Drawing herself a bit closer, Risa made sure to press her body as close to Ai's as possible. The leader's eyes widened and she nervously looked around if someone was looking.

“And tonight,” The bean leaned in to whisper in Ai's ear, causing shivers run through her body. ”I'm very eager to see some of your skills. The second lieutenant.” The way Risa said her rank in her ear and adding a quick bite on it, almost made Ai fall down. She had to take hold of the bean's waist so she wouldn't lose control over her own body. Risa took all the victory of this as she smirked against the leader's neck.

“But before that, we have to get through this wedding.” She said and pulled away. Ai was once again left speechless when Risa only poked her nose, before turning around and starting to walk towards the mass of guests. Ai stared after her and when she was sure that she had calmed down, ran after her lover. But she didn't get to take many steps, when she suddenly stopped. Looking behind she saw the village's wall, which had some shadows illuminated on it by the evening sun. Had she heard something? Ai looked around a few more times, before she decided the she indeed had heard things.

Soon, her attention was back in the beautiful woman in front of her, who was now her wife. Yes, wife. How good it felt to say it out loud. Smiling brighter than the sun, Ai straightened her posture and walked to Risa, who was now chatting with someone. As she reached her, Ai gently placed her hand on her lower back, gaining her attention. The guests smiled gently at them and soon they were chatting around. So the evening went on an eventually turned into a night. And that night, Ai was waiting very eagerly. And no wonder, because this was going to be a night she would surely never forget.


Outside the village's walls was quiet. Only a gentle breeze moved through the open land. But soon, someone appeared. Out of nowhere a young woman's figure came into view. She folded something in her hands and just stayed still. She had a hood over her face, but if someone came to look closer, they could see how she was biting her lower lip and clenching her fists tightly. The woman was so damn angry right now and she couldn't handle her anger.

straightening her posture and looking once more back at the village in front of her she growled and turned fully towards the place. She had just seen something she never wanted to see. Or she wanted, but not like this. Cursing out loud and screaming something to the empty open in front of her, the woman finally turned around and started to wildly run away from the Castle. She would make her pay, she would.

'You will pay from this Takahashi... I wont forgive your betrayal, which you have now done twice.'


Tadaa! It's horrible I know, but at the moment I'm way too lazy to care xD Just wanted to update today, lol. So sorry for the mistakes and hopefully you enjoyed. Till nexr time.
Oh, and the military terms/commands: I just took them from dictionaries and movies I have watched. I have no idea if they are said like that xD

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Re: The mask of soul//chapter 48/ 10/31
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ahhhh im still glad you're writing! im sorry I haven't been replying but I have been reading!!!!!! this whole chapter was great as usual and im also curious about how their wedding night's going to commence? :inlove: (will there be a chapter for this perhaps? if not already???) also that ending makes me wonder what happened why ai has betrayed this person twice!!!!!! I cant wait for the next one~~~!!! keep it up please!!! :deco:
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