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Author Topic: Forest of Transylvania [ Note 4: 23rd August 2013 ]  (Read 7708 times)

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Forest of Transylvania [ Note 4: 23rd August 2013 ]
« on: May 07, 2013, 07:45:38 PM »
Forest of Transylvania


The night was dark and the moon was clear. The leaves rustled as soft wind breezed pass. Sitting within a forest in Transylvania was an old broken castle. Darkness gloom around the presence. There were no lights around the castle nor the pathway leading up to the castle. The only light source was the waning moon, whose light was faint through the leaves of the forest.


There at the door of the castle stood a pale petite woman, dressed in all black, a black v-neck shirt, black leather pants, and a knee length leather boots. The darkness of her attire intensified the contrast of her paleness, making her face as white as a plain sheet of white paper. She had a brown locks which ends slightly after her shoulders. Her hands were crossed before her chest, revealing the blood red nails. She titled her head up and glanced at the moon as she felt the breeze of wind on her face.


It's gonna be a long night tonight. . .


Turning her head and body backwards, she diverted her attention to another figure, who was seated at the edge of the broken rooftop, legs crossed. The figure was of a similar stature and was dressed similarly as what she was. The difference between them was that instead of a v-neck and a cape, the figure on the roof top wore a turtle neck and leather coat. She had one wavy long brown hair, with red highlights, making her hair to shine red under the faint moonlight. Held on her right hand was a wine glass, with a deep red fluid filling half of the glass. She swirled the glass a couple of times, before bringing it to her pale lips.


Turning her head away from the figure, the petite woman raised her cape, and disappeared at a single flip. Seeing the fact that the petite woman was now gone, the figure seated on the rooftop pulled the wine glass away from her lips. At the next moment, she released her grip on the wine glass, allowing it to fall with the pull of the gravity. The glass tumbled and fall into pieces, and the fluid splattered, staining the dirt with a maroon red.


Why am I still here, after all these years. . .



"It's all your fault, Momo!" Miyabi grumbled in unsatisfaction. She was linking arms with a purple haired girl, who was sticking herself really close to Miyabi.


"What do you mean by it's my fault." The shortest among the crowd of four refuted, unable to swallow the accusation, or what it had seemed to be as an accusation towards her, Momoko.


"You had insisted to take this way and had led us into this forest and got us lost in it." Miyabi explained herself, making Momoko to grow silence due to the fact what was made known to her was a fact.

"And had made us to get separated away from Mama and the rest..." Risako, the purple haired girl beside Miyabi added on to the fuel.

"That's right! We are supposed to be visiting the Bran Castle, not to be stuck here in the forest, with now the sun had set and another half of our friends' Whereabout unknown." Miyabi continued off where Risako had ended off, crossed her arms as the group of 4 began to stop moving. "So what are we going to do now?" Miyabi demanded.

"I - I . . . "Momoko stuttered, unable to give a reply to the question Miyabi had raised. Both Miyabi and Risako began to fold their arms and glance at Momoko with displeasure.

Sensing the serious tension growing, the fourth person within the group, being the oldest among them as well, stood out and tried to facilitate the atmosphere, and began to spoke up. "This is not the time to point fingers and start blaming one another. I'm sure Momoko had never expected that that road we are taking is going to bring us here, lost in the - "

Before the eldest could finish her sentence, a loud howling echoed through the tall trees, sending all four, especially Momoko and Risako who were the most timid ones among them, to screech into screams, interrupting with the eldest's sentence.

"What was that ?" Risako asked in a trembling voice as she buried herself into Miyabi's embrace. Momoko, on the other hand, was absolutely petrified by the howling that her body kept shiver out of her control. Miyabi, witnessing that, began to walk over and pulled the shorter girl into her embrace. "Since we are in Transylvania, could that be . . . A vampire ?" Risako continued asking in her shaking voice.

"We are in the 21st century my dear."The eldest girl walked over to the 3 of them and commented. "And I don't think vampires do exist in the first place."

"That's right. . . And I don't think vampires howl, if they even exist. . . It should be just some wild animals like dogs or even wolves. . . " Miyabi added on to the mediation.

"Wolves ?!" That woke Momoko out of her scare. "Then all the more we should get out of this freaky place!" With that, Momoko slipped out of Miyabi's embrace and began to charge forward, rather aimlessly, towards an unknown destination.

"Wait a minute, Momoko!"

"Wait a minute, Momo!"

The trio shouted and began to chase after Momoko. Just as they did, they realised as they tracked further along into the forest, instead of getting a less obvious pathway, they were actually getting onto a distinct pathway. 'Maybe we are getting nearer to the village' was what ran across their mind.

And eventually, their feet had brought them before an old decrepit castle.

"Where is this place?" The eldest mumbled quietly under her breath. She took a few steps forward, over taking Momoko and looked up to the rooftop. There she saw a figure disappearing into the shadows. "What was that ?" She continued mumbling. She placed that waning thought at the back of her mind. Knowing that they were all tired and hungry after the whole day track in the forest, she turned around and suggested "Maybe we can take shelter in this place for the night ? At least it's safer than spending the night in the forest."

With that, the eldest lead the younger three towards the old castle gate and pushed it. The gate creaked open at the push. Almost all carefully, the eldest began to lead Momoko, Miyabi, and Risako into all old and broken castle . . .

Hello everybody, this is actually not my first time writing a fan fiction, but it's my first time writing such genre and BK.
Feel free to read and response, and of course, to guess the 3 mystery characters I had yet to name in this short prologue. :)
I'll try to update this story as regularly as I can. :)
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Re: Forest of Transylvania
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omg yesssss a new BK fanfic KOOL!!! XD

ima guess the mystery it saki, yurina, and chi or maasa?

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Re: Forest of Transylvania
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This is nice! So it's only BK members?
Then one with the other three is definitely Captain. As for the vampires, I don't know but it's got to be two out of Kumai, maasa and Chinami.

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Re: Forest of Transylvania
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<-- Note 1 -->

"Don't you think that this feels a little scary, Momo?" Miyabi whispered into Momoko's ears as they were all lined up one after another, taking little baby steps when trying to enter the castle after opening the old creaky door. Miyabi was in situated third in the line, with Momoko at her front and Risako at her back.

Momoko nodded her head in response. She leaned forward towards the head, the eldest, who was leading them carefully, and whispered into her ears. "Risa, do we really have to take shelter in this place? It emits an really eerie aura to me . . . "

Just as Momoko finished her sentence, Risa halted. That had made Momoko to knocked into the back of Risa's head, and also resulting in a Domino effect with the subsequent people at the back.

"What's wrong?" The question relayed from Risako to Risa via Miyabi and Momoko.

Risa shook her head reluctantly, giving an unconvinced affirmation. 'This is weird. . . I'm pretty sure that I had saw someone standing at the top of the stairs just as I had saw someone at the rooftop previously on . . . I was just about to ask if this is her place, and yet once again, she's gone within seconds. . . ' Risa thought in her mind. A nudge on her right shoulder woke her up from her thoughts. Risa looked up and turned backwards, only to see the three of them looking at her with their pair of concerning eyes.

"Are you alright?" The three of them asked in unison.

Risa nodded her head in response. 'I guess it's my eyes that were playing with me. . . I guess I'm just too tired, especially after the long flight and the day worth of walking and running. . . ' Risa reassured herself. She patted her cheeks lightly and took a deep breath. "Of course we are taking our shelter here. . ." That statement resulted in 6 wide eyes staring at her. "At least for tonight. . . I would rather to stay here rather than to stay in the forest with the unknown beasts that might be wandering in the forest. . . " Risa continued.

The last sentence sent the younger girls into fear and they nodded their head in agreement without giving a second thought about the suggest. With that, they placed their luggage - which were just mere large camping backpacks - at the corner of the room before allowing their eyes to wander and explore the old run-down castle. To the surprise, with the impression of the outer view, the castle was not as worn out as what they thought it would have been.

The interior was adequately furnished, though old, but still usable. The floor is clean and clear of dust. "Seems like someone's living in this house. . . " Risa mumbled audibly to the rest as she walked around the hall, analysing the surrounding.

"Are we considered a trespasser if that is true?" Miyabi asked as she followed behind Risa.

"Are we?" Momoko asked.

"Are we?" Risako asked.

"I don't think so. . . " Risa answered with uncertainty and an ackward silence began to grow in the atmosphere until a fifth, unknown, yet rather gentle voice began to speak behind them.

"May I ask what are the four of you doing in my castle?"

"I wonder where's the location of the rest right now. . ." Maasa wondered out loud, worriedly, as her hands worked on the two stones, striking them together as she attempted to start a fire.

"I wonder where are they too. This is getting so worrying. . . " Chinami commented to Maasa sentence as she sat beside the brunch of firewood, waiting for the fire to be set up. "It's all that midget's fault! What kind of competition had she come up with? Resulting with us being lost in the forest and lost their whereabouts as well." Chinami continued complaining. As she finished, silence sank in. After moments of silence, Chinami began to speak up again. "I wonder if everything is going on right for them . . . Hopefully they are all safe and sound and had found a place of shelter like we did. . . "

"I'm sure they will. . . Risa is there with them. . . Nothing can go wrong with her around. That's why we have agreed with our groupings, Miya, Risako and Momo with Risa and the three of us being together . . " Maasa consoled as she understood her friend's anxiety about the whereabout of their other friends. Just as she did so, the friction between the two stones produced the spark Maasa was looking for and had finally got the fire started.

"I hope so . . . " Chinami rested her chin on her knees as she leaned her body forward, trying to get close to the warmth.

Yet another silence moment grew. There were no other sound except for the constant shuffling of belongings by the last person in the cave whethere they took shelter at. Both Chinami and Maasa turned their attention towards the tallest girl amongst them and watched her actions.

"Yuri, what are you doing?" Chinami lifted her head up, tilted her head slightly as she asked.

"I'm looking for my GPS." Yurina replied without looking up from her belongings. "I'm pretty sure I had brought it along with me. With it in hand, I'm sure we can get our way out of this forest." Yurina continued, leaving the other two behind the conversation, looking puzzled.

"Why did you have a GPS in the first place, Yuri?" Maasa asked this time round. "I never knew you do know how to operate such technologies. . . "

Yurina remained silent at the question. After a short moment of pause, she began to reply the question raised. "I had never told you guys the job I got after I graduated, didn't I?" Chinami and Maasa shook their in response to the question. She waited for another moment of pause before continuing again. "Do you know what Transylvania is famous for?"

"Castles? Isn't that what we are here for?" Chinami innocently replied, earning a nudge at her waist from Maasa. "Isn't that so?"

"The folktales of vampires. . . " Maasa corrected.

"But it's just tales, isn't that so?" Chinami puzzled again.

"I've joined the Vampire Slayer Organisation after graduation. . . and we have been sent here by the headquarters for a mission."

"That's why you had chosen Bran as a get away place for 3 months." Maasa mumbled quietly under her breath.

"WAIT A MINUTE!" Chinami blurt out loudly, in a sudden outburst, breaking the silence that sat for a moment. "Are you saying that vampires existence is not merely a tale but a fact, A TRUTH?!" Chinami exclaimed in exaggeration. "Then what about the rest?! They are all alone in the forest right now and there are vampires running around in the town! That's absolutely dangerous! I'm going out there to find them!" Chinami impulsively decided.

Before she could get up onto her feet, she was held in her position by Yurina. "Chii, you don't have to worry about a single thing. I have a partner in that group. She was the one who brought me into the organisation. . . "

"Who?" Both Chinami and Maasa asked in unison.

"Its Ri- "


"WUAH!" The four of them screamed in unison at the sudden intruder in their presence. "We didn't meant to trespass your living quarters." Timidly, Risa continued. She turned around, with her eyes closed, and tried to explain the reason for their intrusion. "We had gotten our way lost in the forest and had just wanted to take shelter for the night before journeying out when the dawn breaks tomorrow. If we had intruded your privacy in anyway, we are willing to leave here right at the moment." Risa rattered without breathing, with the three of them trying to hide behind her back.

"You don't have to be so afraid. . . Just open your eyes. . . " The gentle voice ordered.

And they did as told. As they slowly opened their eyes, they eyes registered a petite woman, clad in black v-neck shirt and black leather jeans and a green tinted wine bottle held in her right hand.

"Gorgeous. . ." Risa mumbled under her breath.

"Charming. . ." Miyabi muttered.

"She's so cute . . . " Momoko squealed.

"Stunning. . . " Risako added on.

The lady smiled gently at the compliments the four had subconsciously muttered out. Holding the bottle behind her back, she continued. "I wasn't going to get you all out for trespassing. I mean, it has been ages ever since someone has visited us." She continued. "In fact, you are free to stay as long as you wish to."

'Us?' The same question was raised within the mind of all four.

"My name is Ai." The lady continued.

"I'm Risa, and these are my juniors from my high school. We are here in Transylvania for our get away for 3 months." Risa continued. "Who would have known that we would actually got our way lost just within the first day of the trip." Risa ended with a bashful smile. "Thanks for your offer. . . "

Momoko smirked over to Miyabi after seeing Risa's final reaction. Miyabi winked back at Momoko, absolutely understood what Momoko was trying to tell her.

"I'm Momoko, the cutest one out if them. " Momoko raised and waved her hands at Ai, whilst trying to show her cuteness appeal. That earned her a nudge at the back of her head from Miyabi.

Pulling her hands away from Momoko, Miyabi began to introduce herself. "I'm Miyabi, but feel free to call me my Miya. That's how everyone know me by. " As she finished, she reached her other hand for Risako's and pulled her closer to herself. "This is my girlfriend."

"I'm Risako." Risako shyly introduced before hiding herself behind Miyabi's shoulder.

Out of a sudden, Ai shouted, 'Saki, no!' and that had sent the four, yet once again, into a state of shock. They turned around immediately, only to catch the ends of a leather jacket disappearing into the shadows and into the hallways right behind them.

"I'm sorry about that. That's my younger sister, Saki." Ai explained. "She is a really naughty girl, always pulling pranks on others and trying to scare on people. She was about to do it again just now. That's why I told her no moments ago." Ai continued. "Let me bring all of you to the guest rooms where you can spend your night in warmth."

And for sure, Risa was stuck with Momoko to share her room with as Miyabi and Risako are definite partners in room sharing. After washing up in the bath, which was a surprise to all the facilities the castle has despite the worn out appearance on the outside, Momoko and Risa was laid on the bed, one on each side.

"So what are we going to do after tonight? Are we going to leave straight or to stay for a couple more days before moving on ?" Momoko asked.

"I don't know... Let's decide about that after we have rested for the night. . . "

"Risa, are you interested in that Ai ?" Momoko raised the question abruptly, after moment of silence which made Risa to assume that Momoko was already asleep. "You were exceptionally shy today in her presence. I had never seen that side of you before. " Momoko continued.

Risa spend a moment of quiet time reflecting on the question raised. "Indeed, she is interesting. There's something about her that interest me. . . " Risa muttered in response. When she received no response from Momoko, she turned around and found her, already fast asleep. " And to think you are the one who started the conversation." Risa grumbled to the fast alseep Momoko. 'She emits a rather special wave of aura. . . Maybe I should stay for longer and get to know her better, then maybe I will be able to understand what's this little nudge that I am sensing right now. . . '

On the other hand, in the room right across to the one Risa and Momoko was slept in, was where Miyabi and Risako were allocated to. The two of them were snuggled closely to each other on the bed, though eyes were still widely open.

"Rii, are you alright ?" Miyabi asked in concern, after sensing the uneasiness from Risako.

"Miya, I'm afraid. . ." Risako cried out silently. "I have a really bad foreboding about this place. . "

"There's nothing to be afraid of, I will be there for you, always." Miyabi reassured as she tightened her grip around Risako.


"For real."

"What did you allow them to stay?" Saki demanded monotonously the moment she heard Ai entered into the secret basement of the castle.

"They are lost and it's gonna be dangerous outside. You and me both know about that fact." Ai argued back as soft spoken as she could.

"They are humans. They are here to harm and kill us." Saki stubbornly refuted.

"Not all humans are like that, Saki. You know that better than I do, don't you?" Ai tried again.

"No. I don't anymore. Not after what had happened to her!" Saki agitatedly stood up from where she was sitting and stomped towards an ice bed and pointed her finger at a figure, clad in a fluffy white dress, lying on the top of the ice bed. "I will never forgive for what had they done!" Saki slammed her fist beside the figure, before slipping down onto the ground, out of her own control.

"Saki, are you alright ?" Ai rushed forward immediately towards Saki's side and held her wrist. Realisation hit her. "Have you not eaten today?" Ai inquired, pulling Saki's wrist close to her and look straight into her eyes. "But I saw -" Ai was about to continue, but halted as she realised that what Saki did before she went off was just an act for her. "Why did you not drink?" Ai sighed softly, before pouring out her concern and sadness to the latter.

"You knew the reason why. . . " The faint voice of Saki answered.

"You are going to collapse if you don't eat. . ." Ai reasoned.

"I will get my own food if I feel that I need it. . . " Saki weakly, yet subbornly, replied.

"But that would be different. The nutrients level -" Before Ai could finish her sentence, she felt a faint push at her chest.

"Go out for now. I want to be alone. . . " Saki muttered, after interrupting Ai with the familiar lecture she had heard upteem times.

"But - "

"I won't die of weakness. . . " Saki weakly bite on. "We both don't die so easily. So don't be worried." In a rather hoarse voice, Saki continued.

The dawn broke and the sun rose. But at where the castle were, it did not seem so at all. The surrounding remained as gloomy as it was, due to the fact that the tall trees had kept almost all light out of the surrounding.

Risako was the first one of them to be awake. She slipped out of the bed, out of Miyabi's hold quietly, put on her shoes and went out of the castle and to the courtyard without changing out of her sleeping attire. Once she was outside, she took a deep breath in, before letting out a deep breath of satisfaction. "The air here is sweet." Risako said to herself. "It feels good to be up early in the morning and take in such fresh air. I guess being in the wild makes everything different. At least the air is not polluted by the things of urbanisation."

With that, she began to take short walks around the surroundings. Not long later, her attention was attracted by a little brown ball of fur, who was hopping up and down the grasslands. "Rabbit!" Risako exclaimed inwardly, and began to walk towards the location where the little bunny was at. "Such a cute little one." Swirly, she kneeled down onto the ground and reached her hand out for the rabbit, pulling the little bunny into her embrace. "Hello little one. . . "

Just then from the corner of her eyes, she saw a figure, clad in black leather coat and pants, was standing at a distance away from her, watching her. Out of politeness, she stood up and began to walk towards Saki's direction. "You are Saki, Ai's sister, isn't that so?" Risako tried to reconfirmed. "Your sister had introduced us to last night. . . I'm Risako."

Silence stood still. Risako was expecting some response from Saki but none of that came. "Or are you not Saki?" Risako asked again and she had not gotten a single response from Saki. Coming into conclusion that she was a weird person, Risako turned away from Saki and began to make her way back into the castle, only to be stopped by the cold, spine-shivering voice from her back.

"I'm Saki and I'm a blood sucking beast. I demand to you that if you and your friends would still want to walk out of Transylvania alive and breathing, all of you better get out of this castle and out of my sight right at this moment."

Risako turned back and titled her head at Saki. Her body shivered for a moment before remembering something Ai mentioned last night. "Ah, you are pulling a prank on me, aren't you? Your sister had told us that you love pulling pranks on people. I get it now." Risako tried to push away the sense of fear that had built up after hearing Saki's voice and smiled, rather stiffly, hoping that would liven up the atmosphere. But she was wrong.

Saki was right before Risako the moment the turned around. After hearing Risako's sentence, she began to growl deeply. Her eyes began to turn red and fangs grew out of her teeths. Risako swallowed her saliva as she felt her legs turning jelly at that moment. They were shaking uncontrollably. Her hands lost grip of the rabbit and the rabbit escaped, leaving the hands trembling in the middle of the air. "Believe me now?" Saki growled. "If you and your friends do not leave right at this moment, I promise you, you will be the first person I'm am going to bite and suck your blood." Saki warned.

Ending with a final loud hiss, Saki began to speed away from the ground, disappearing into the shadows of the forest within moments of seconds. Risako's knees gave in, causing the youngest within the group of friends to fall onto the ground, on her knees, with her body shaking uncontrollably. "Vampire. . . " Risako stuttered. "They existed. . . It's not a tale. . . They . . . they really exist. . . "

Chapter 1 is up and it's rather choppy I realised :X
I think I have misled everyone that there will only be BK members in the story. . . :X
It's really my first time writing about BK, but I can never write a story without my ultimate pairing in the story :X and here i present to you, AiGaki :) But of course, BKs are going to have the major role in this story, that's for sure :) 
Thanks for the thank you hit and the comments made. I really appreciated it! :)

And once again, feel free to continue reading and commenting. :)
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Re: Forest of Transylvania [ Note 1: 9th May 2013 ]
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Yay~ Vampires! :inlove:

This place NEEDS more vampire fics! Thank you!

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Re: Forest of Transylvania [ Note 1: 9th May 2013 ]
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Oh hay a vampire story, haven't seen that in a while here xD

Miss Captain seems to hold a grudge against humans for the situation of the girl in the ice bed HMMMMMMM....!!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to how this will turn out :B


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Re: Forest of Transylvania [ Note 1: 9th May 2013 ]
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<-- Note 2 -->

"Ah, Good morning." Risa greeted politely when she explored her way into the dining hall, and saw Ai seated alone at the host chair, holding onto a wine glass half filled with a crimson red fluid. ??

"Ah, Good morning." Ai returned.

"Having wine so early in the morning?" Risa continued asking as she made her way beside Ai.

"Ah." Ai raised her glass a little and look at it before replying Risa. "Yeah, i guess it's just an habit of mine." Ai placed the wine glass on the table as she finished her sentence. "So why are you up so early ? I supposed all of you should be sleeping till noon seeing the fact that all of you were absolutely exhausted after the long flight and getting lost in the forest. Didn't have a good night sleep ?" Ai asked in concern.

"Kind of. . ." Risa ambiguously replied. She pulled the chair adjacent of Ai out and settled into it, leaning her elbow onto the table top as she continued. "Momoko kept me up all night."

Ai turned all her attention to Risa and stared at Risa straight into her hazel orbs.

"It's not what you had thought!" Risa interpreted that reaction from Ai as misunderstanding. "It's just that Momoko is a really rough sleeper. She kept pulling my portion of the blanket to herself that I have to eventually sleep without it. That's the reason why I had not really slept well last night. . . " Risa continued explaining, helping that would put a stop to Ai's misunderstanding.

Ai vaguely smiled at Risa's reaction. "Do you need me to put you in another room, such that you will be able to sleep well at night ?" Ai asked. "Or maybe. . . "

Ai was interrupted before she could finish her sentence. "You don't have to do that. I don't wish to create more troubles for you. . . It's already troubling for us to have you to prepare 2 rooms for us. . . "

"It's none of that." Ai reassured.

"It is." Risa insisted.

"It isn't." Ai argued back. "We have so many rooms. It's not any trouble for us." Ai explained. "Unless you are going to leave right now, I don't see any reason for you to reject my offer for you to have your own room. . . " Ai continued in a softer voice. "Unless you are all leaving today. . ." Ai ended with a slight sadness obvious in her tone.

"That's not the case!" Risa, rather flustered, quickily replied to Ai's latter statement. "I meant, we are not leaving today. . . " Risa explained. "I was just contemplating about how to inform you that I've decided that, no, I meant we've decided to stay for longer, perhaps, a month or so out of our 3 months getaway from city, here, if you don't mind . . . " Risa continued.

"Of course I wouldn't mind that. . ." Ai immediately reassured, before looking down shyly at her glass of wine. "It's been ages since we had visitors like that. . ." Ai continued mumbling, leaving her last sentence unheard to Risa. "Then all the more you should have your own room, Risa. You would not want to leave here with a serious pair of panda eyes in a month's time, isn't that so?" Ai vocal out loud, looking up from her glass. "I have nothing much with me here. . . But I do have plenty number of rooms. . . "

"If you insist, I guess I shall have it then. . ." Risa gave in, after giving much thoughts to Ai's consideration to her. "Do you have a kitchen here? I would like to make some breakfast for the rest. . . " Risa changed the topic.

"We do have a kitchen, but we do not have any food supplies. . . " Ai placed her glass back onto the table, before hesitatedly replied Risa.

"No food supplies?" Risa puzzled. "Don't you and your sister eat?"

Ai bit her lips lightly. "We don't really eat, we just survived all these years with this. . ." Ai honestly replied, with nervousness.

"How can you do that?!" Risa exclaimed. "You are going to hurt your liver and organs by just surviving on wine alone. . " Risa nagged like a mother to her child. Ai remained silent at Risa's nagging. Receiving no response from Ai, Risa decided to continue. "If you dont mind, I can cook for you and your sister as well. . . " Risa suggested.

"Sure I don't mind. . . " Ai stood up from her seat with the intention to flee the situation, knowing that the longer she stayed with Risa right at that moment, she was going to reveal more of the secrets she would have wanted to be remained unknown to the visitors. "About the food supplies, I will get them for you as I get back in the night. I have to leave now. . ." Ai continued as she retreated from the dining table, together with the wine bottle and her wine glass.

"Alright, meanwhile I will make dinner with the food supplies we had in our camping bag." Risa informed, only to realised Ai was already out of sight. "Ah. . . She's gone. . ." Risa felt her heart sank. But the moment of sadness did not last. At the very next moment, she felt someone behind her side. "Ai?" Risa turned around and found herself to be disappointed. "Miyabi? Momoko? What are you doing behind me?" Risa dejectedly asked.

"Ai? Miya, since when had we become Ai the beauty?" Momoko turned around to Miyabi and asked, teasing Risa as the two continued.

"I don't know. . . But I knew that the two of us were just two pieces of glasses in the dining hall moments ago. . . Even Ai hadn't took notice of our presence in the room when she hurriedly left moments ago. . ." Miyabi replied.

"So what are the two of you doing behind me?" Risa asked again, as she had not gotten any response from the latter.

"We are hungry." Momoko took representative of Miyabi and replied.


"Breakfast." The two replied in unison, and that earned them a slap on the forehead from Risa.

"Who am I to you? Mother?" Risa scolded playfully.

"But you are our Mother, aren't you?" Momoko continued teasing, which had earned her yet another slap from Risa.

"You little midget. . ." Risa tried to threatened, but was interrupted before she could even continue with her sentence.

"You are the least qualified person in the group to call me midget, Risa." Momoko stuck her tongue out at Risa. "So. . .Breakfast?"

"I was about to prepare it for you. . . I just need to know where the kitchen is. . . " Risa replied.

"Hadn't you heard it from Ai just now?" Miyabi puzzled.

"I'd asked, but had not gotten my answer about it's whereabouts." Risa replied.

"So what now? I am really really hungry~~~" Momoko starting whining.

"I guess we have to do our cooking here then . . "


"Haa. . . That was close . . ." Ai deeply sighed and mumbled to herself as she made her way down to the secret basement hall. "Saki? I've brought some food for you. Saki?" Ai called out as she entered into the hall, only to be surprised by the fact that Saki was not around. "That girl. . . " Ai sighed again. 'When will she stop rebelling . . . When will she stop abusing her vampire self? Ai continued her thoughts in her mind.

Placing the bottle and the glass on the table across the hall, Ai made her way to the ice bed, sat on it, and began to gently run her fingers along the long black strands of hair belonging to the figure lying on the bed. "It's been 500 years, hasn't it been so?" Ai mumbled. "Saki had just celebrated the day where she will remain forever 18 when we first met. . . and I guess it was just fate . . . I never knew how she felt . . . until now, I finally understood. . . " Ai continued mumbling to the figure who is lying lifelessly on the ice bed. 'That girl. . . Risa . . . '

"I know why Saki was so against to having them with us. . . She has not step out of that shadow since that day. . . I know . . . She was trying to protect me as well. . . But why. . . Why can't she be more honest to me? She has shut herself up since that day. . . She hasn't move on at all. . . Not at all. . . " Ai sighed deeply again.

'So is that what it meant when human says, falling in love? But can we really fall in love? Who are we, actually? After all these years, I'm still trying to search for this answer. . . Why am I living, yet not living; alive yet not alive; having a flesh yet no a human. . . So are we suppose to have those what the humans defined as, emotions? Sentimental; Emotional; Compassion; Love.'

"Mi, you are definitely a huge part of her life. . ." Ai continued out loud as she pat the forehead of the figure. "And I know. . . Even though she says she hates all human being, she doesn't mean that at all. . . I guess . . . That's the way she protects herself from being hurt again. . . "


"Miyabi, where's Risako?"

After rummaging through their camping bags, the three girls found a few loaves of bread and bottles of fruit jams and brought them to the dining hall, where they spread the toast and consumed them. Just as they were in the mist of enjoying them, Risa raised the question that lead to the sudden realisation in the younger girls.

"Oh yah! Risako!" Both Miyabi and Momoko exclaimed at the same time, leaving Risa looking lost in the situation.

"I woke up this morning with Risako missing from my side and I was looking for you to see if you have seen her, only to be pulled by Momoko to the corner of the dining hall to spy on you and Ai. . . .And I had actually forgotten to ask you about her!" Miyabi continued in a loud and worried tone.

"What kind of girlfriend are you, Miya, to have actually forgotten about Risako. . . " Momoko, taking chance, teased Miyabi.

"It's all your fault, midget." Miyabi hissed back, getting irritated by Momoko's teasings. "You are the one who caused my digression."

"Well, in any other way, even with distraction, one should never forget about their love ones. So Miya, it's your own fault, mean girl!" Momoko rebutted.

"I'm sure its none of your fault. If someone has to blame for this, it's me." Risa spoke again without giving Miyabi another chance to refute back. And this had sent the latter two into silence. "I'm sure Risako is just exploring her ways around . . . "

Just as Risa was about to finish her sentence, a fourth person came running into hall, sweaty and flustered, and dived straight into Miyabi's embrace. "Risako, where have you been to? I've looking for you since I got up from bed in the morning." Miyabi asked with great concern as she stroke her fingers through Risako's messy hair.

"Why are you in such great sweats? What have you been doing ?" Risa continued to ask in care.

Risako, on the other hand, was still trembling in Miyabi's embrace. Questions that were raised to her remained unanswered.

"Are you alright ?" Miyabi whispered gently into Risako's ears. Risako nodded her head lightly in response. "Have some bread first. You can tell us what happened just now later. . ." Miyabi lovingly coaxed as she tried to settle down Risako onto the chair beside her before returning back to her own seat.

Risako did not touch her food. Instead, she sat still and stared at the plate. "Are we going to leave after breakfast?" After staying quiet for a long time, Risako had finally decided to speak up.

"No, Risako. We are going to stay here for about a month . . ." Risa looked up from her food and replied.

Risako turned almost hysterical after hearing the reply from Risa. She shot up from her seat and slammed her hands on the table, echoing a loud bang down the dining hall. "No, we must leave. Right now right at this moment." Risako insisted. Seeing Risako in such state, Miyabi dropped her food back onto the plate and began to rush her way back to Risako and held the younger girl by her hands.

"Why is that so?" Risa, too, stood up from her seat and walked to Risako's side, and patted gently on the latter's shoulder.

"We have to leave." Risako repeated her stand without answering the question raised. "We really have to leave." Risako cried out in desperation as she tugged Miyabi's hands tightly.

"What's wrong, Risako? What had happened?" Miyabi cajoled.

"There's vampire. . . " Risako muttered under her breath with her eyes wide open, only audible to Miyabi.

"There's no vampire. . . Hadn't we come into conclusion for that yesterday? Those are just folktales. They don't exist. . . " Miyabi explained, loud and audible for Risa and Momoko to know what was their conversation about.

Risako shook her head stubbornly. "No, they really exist, Miya. They really exist!" Risako repeatedly muttered.

"Risako . . "

"I've seen one. . . " Risako continued mumbling. "She told us to get out of here immediately. . . "

"Risako. . . Did you had a nightmare last night?" Miyabi decided to ignore what Risako had said and tired to change the topic while trying to wipe away the cold sweats that had formed on the latter forehead. "Risako, you're having a fever? Why didn't you tell me?" Miyabi come into realisation from her previous actions.

Risako shook her head in response, still not answering Miyabi's question properly. "Ai's sister, Saki, is a vampire. . . "

"That girl. . . Didn't Ai mentioned that she like to play pranks on people?" Risa interrupted.

"Yupps, she did mentioned about that. . . " Momoko assured with Miyabi nodding her head in agreement.

"No, she really is a vampire! Her eyes turned red and fangs grew out of teeth . . ." Risako retailiated as she tried to push Miyabi away from her, but has failed.

"Since she likes to pull pranks on people, I'm not surprised that she has all these props with her. I don't think they are real. . . " Miyabi tried to explain as she fought with the struggling Risako. "Vampires are not real, Risako. They are just fictional, just tales."

"No. She -" Before Risako could finish her sentence, she had felt a wave of heat over her head, and at the very next moment, blackness washed before her eyes.

"Risako!" Miyabi shouted in surprise as she felt Risako's weight over her arms. "Risako?" Miyabi called out again.

"I think she has fainted from her fever. . ." Risa came into the conclusion. "Let's bring her back to your room . . ." Risa continued as she told Miyabi."Momoko, assist Miyabi in bringing Risako back up to the room. I will clear up the leftovers and do the gardening stuffs myself. "

Together with the help of Momoko, Miyabi brought Risako back into their shared room and laid her onto their bed. Momoko covered Risako up with the blanket before settling down beside Miyabi on the floor by the bedside.

"It's just the fever. . .She will wake up when the fever subsides." Momoko tried to console, hoping that would lessen Miyabi's worries.

"Hopefully. . ." Miyabi responded quietly. "Let me get her a wet towel. . . " With that, Miyabi disappeared into the toilet and reappeared with a wet face towel where she placed onto Risako's forehead before returning back to where Momoko was seated, where the two sat together in silence.

After the moments of silence, Momoko decided to speak out her concerns, something that has bugged her since the conversation between Miyabi, Risako and Risa earlier on in the dining hall. "Miya?"


"Have you given the thought that . . . what Risako had said is true?" Momoko asked.

"No." Miyabi gave a definite answer. "Plus, vampires don't appear in the morning, as the folktales had mentioned. Risako said that she saw Saki, who claimed that she is a vampire, in the morning. How can that be possible then? Furthermore, Ai has warned us that her sister is a big prankster." Miyabi reasoned as she rested her chin on the bed. "Which makes me wonder. . . How does this Saki looks like . . . I wonder if she is a beauty like her sister is. . .." Miyabi continued with a playful smile on her face.

Her last sentence had earned her a smack on the back of the head from Momoko. "You have a girlfriend, Miya." Momoko grunted in disagreement.

"I mean, if she's a beauty, you can get her for yourself, Momo, not for me." Miyabi corrected Momoko her intention of her sentence.

"Who wants her!" Momoko pushed Miyabi violently, causing the latter to fall back and hit the back of her head.

"Ouch!" Miyabi cried out in pain.

"Serve you right." Momoko stuck her tongue at Miyabi. "It's not like I have no one of my own interest." Momoko continued before she could realised what she had just said. When she realised what she had said, she quickly reached her hands for her mouth, covering them up.

"I knew it!" Miyabi sat up back and sneak her way back to Momoko's side. "It's Chii, isn't that so?" It was Miyabi's turn to tease the shorter girl.

"Shut up!"

"Yuri, where are we?" Chinami asked as she dragged her legs with Maasa by her side as they followed Yurina, who was looking at her GPS, map and compass, and getting them out of the forest. Before they knew it, it was sun set again.

"Just a few more kilometers and we will reach the borders of Bran town." Yurina replied without looking up from the device.

"Do you have any idea where are the rest?" Maasa continued asking.

"Hmm. No." Came the reply. "The device on the other side is not switched on, so I have no other possible way to get where are they. There are no reception in the forest as well, so there's no way we could contact them by phone. . . "

"I'm getting worried about them . . " Chinami muttered under her breath.

"Me too."

"They will be fine. I'm positive." Yurina turned around and reassured the older two before turning back and navigate her way out of the forest.

It took them another hour before they finally reached their destination. "We are finally here." The three of them muttered in unison as they stood beside each other. The sky was pitched dark and there were little street lightls around. "Let's get a place for the night before deciding what we should do next." Yurina concluded. 'I will need to report to the organisation the first thing tomorrow morning. . . ' Yurina thought in her mind. 'Hopefully they had not met something scary on their side. . .'

Just then a figure, clad in black, holding onto a tinted green wine bottle and shopping bag, swift passed them. And she had absolutely caught Yurina's attention. 'She's - '

"Maa, have you seen that lady over there?" Chinami chirped out loud, interrupting Yurina's chain of thoughts. "She's really cute don't you think so ?"

"Yeah! I thought she's really charming too." Maasa answered Chinami.

"But why is she heading towards where we came from ?" Chinami innocently asked. "Isn't the forest dangerous at night ?"

"Hmmm." Risako winced slightly as she felt her head drooping from inside. She had gradually regained her conscious. Her eyes struggled to open. And when she did, she found herself being sandwiched, tightly, between two people. "Ah-" Risako winced again when she felt someone kneeing her back. "Momo." Risako hissed softly under her breath. "You are such a rough sleeper, Momo." Risako continued scolding in an inaudible voice.

'Why is she sleeping here in the first place?' Risako wondered in her mind. 'How long have I been out ?' Risako continued as she tried to fidget around, only to realised it was fruitless.

After the knockout, Risako had calmed down, calmed down from the fact that she had met a vampire. The thought of the encounter did not bring as much fear as it did earlier to her earlier in the day. At least she did not tremble uncontrollably this time round. 'It seems like the night is here. . . wait. . . Sa . . . saki.' Risako was still bothered by what she had encountered earlier in the day. 'I have to keep her away from them . . . ' Risako came into a conclusion as she glazed into Miyabi's sleeping self. ' Even if they don't believe in me, I have to protect my love ones. . . 'Risako thought in determination. Though seem impossible, she smiggled her way out of the two bread sandwiching her and got off the bed, before sneaking out of the room.

It was pitched dark everywhere outside the room, so dark that one could not see her own fingers. Reaching her hands out for the railing, Risako walked down the spiral stairways, holding onto them as a guide while waiting for her eyes to get use to the sudden darkness. 'Thank goodness she nowhere around. . . ' Risako thought in relieve. As she advance forward, she heard soft footsteps behind her. But as she turned around, there were no one there. 'That's weird. . . '

Eventually, Risako had made her way to the courtyard from the main entrance of the castle. "She's really not around? Well, then at least we are safe for the night. . . " Risako mumbled to herself. Just as she allow herself to let off her guard, a sudden familiar voice came echoing from her back, catching her off guarded yet once again.

"Are you looking for me?" Risako turned around immediately and found no one standing behind her. "Up here." Came the next command. Risako directed her attention upwards and saw Saki, sitting at the edge of the rooftop, legs crossed, and smirking at herself. "Remember what I had said in the morning?" Saki continued, with her eyes gradually becoming red. Risako gulped saliva down her throat nervously. "What did I say that I will do if you and your friends do not leave at that moment?" Saki continued as she uncross her legs, allowing them to dangle at the force of gravity, and leaned forward.

Sensing that it was a sign of danger, Risako turned around and headed towards the forest, where her legs brought her fleeing away from Saki. 'I can't do much. . . but at least, get her away from the rest. . . ' was what Risako had in her mind as she ran.

"Wait a minute!" Saki blurted out unexpectedly, so soft that only she could hear herself. Her eyes turned back to normal as she did so. But it was too late. Risako was already out of sight. Without having a second thought, she jumped off the roof and began to chase after the empty shadow.

On the other, Risako was just running aimlessly forward, looking back occasionally to see if Saki had caught up with her before continuing forward again.

"She runs fast." Saki muttered as she struggled to keep up her speed, only to fall back due to a sudden wave of faintness. "Not at this time." Saki hissed.

"ARGH!!!" Just as Saki thought she was going to black out at the next moment, she heard a familiar, loud screaming voice echoing from the inner realms of the forest. Upon hearing the scream, her eyes began to glow red and fangs began to grow. With that, she began to sprint forward and towards where the scream originated.

When she had reached, she saw Risako, fallen onto the ground, facing a pack of wolves, eyes glittering at the sight of Risako. "Ah!" Risako screeched again as one from the pack began its advance towards her. "Stay!" Risako shouted out again, but the wolf did nothing as ordered. Instead, it picked up its speed and began to charge towards Risako, leaving the latter having had no other reactions but to close her eyes and wait for her ending.

However what she had expected did not come. Instead, she heard a loud thump of tumbling followed by the a loud rattling of fleeing wolves. She peeked her eyes open and saw the figure she was running away from back facing her, fist clenched tightly. In front of Saki was a wolf, the one who was initiating the attack, lying lifelessly on the puddle of dead leaves. Dark coloured blood were flowing down the clenched fist.

"Tha-" Risako stuttered to thank Saki who had saved her, but was interrupted before she could even do so.

"You are the most stupid fool I have ever seen." Came the scorn from Saki. Saki turned around and come into face to face with Risako. Her eyes were back to normal and her fangs are gone. Traces of red crimson blood from the wolf remains dripping down from the corners of her lips. "If you want to leave, please leave in the morning. There are many other beast who hasn't eaten for years in the forest." Saki continued.

With that, Saki wrapped her uninjured hand around Risako's wrist, and without giving her any advances, began to drag her back to where the castle was located.

"Your hands are cold. . . " Risako mumbled almost inaudibly under her breath. The thought of hands reminded Risako of the bleeding arm Saki had acquired from fighting the wolf. Deep gush of scratches and a bite mark was what Risako had seen on the injured hand. "Are - are you alright? Your hands are bleeding. . . " Risako tried to concern, only to receive sarcastic responses from Saki.

"What, surprise that I have red blood as well?" Saki replied without looking Risako.

"That's not what I meant. . ." Risako tried to argue in a soft voice, still in fear of Saki. "You looked really pale too. . . Are you alright?" Risako cared again, only to receive the same response from Saki again.

"I always look pale, if you realised."

And that sentence made Risako gave up talking to Saki, at least at that point of time. Before she knew it, they had began to walk into an unfamiliar premise that Risako had yet explored earlier in the day.

"Where is this place?" Risako timidly asked.

"The castle." Came the cold reply. Letting go of Risako's wrist, Saki made her way to the gates and open it. Blood were still flowing out from her injured arm and Risako had took notice of that.

"You are still bleeding. . . " Risako rushed forward back to Saki's side. "Shouldn't your injuries heal by itself the moment it's inflicted since. . . you are a vampire?" Risako tried to go the hard way of concern, hoping that would yield a different response from Saki.

"It's none of your business." It seems like Risako's attempt was fultile. "Now go in. Leave when the dawn breaks again." Came the command from Saki. Without waiting for Risako, Saki entered the gate and back into the castle.

There are many things that you should not just see the surface and should go deeper into it, before coming into an conclusion.

This common saying began to dawn Risako's mind. 'She saved me, didn't she? When I thought she was all after my blood. . .

"Risako?" A voice interrupted her thoughts. Looking up from the ground, Risako saw Ai, standing at a distance away from the gate she was standing, calling out to her. "What are you doing here?" Ai continued to ask as she made her way to where Risako was at.

'If Saki is a vampire. . . could that meant that. . . Ai is one too?' Realisation overwhelmed within the youngest. 'But she has been absolutely kind to us. . .' Risako continued mentally. 'Come think of it, she does look as pale as how Saki looks like. . . and they dressed similarly too. All in black. . .

"Risako, are you alright?" Ai asked again as she patted lightly on Risako's shoulder. interrupting Risako's chain of thought.

Risako did not reply Ai. Instead, she looked seriously into Ai's eye. "I have a question for you. . . and I hope you will answer the question honestly." Ai nodded her head lightly at Risako's seriousness. "Are - are you a vampire?"

And this is chapter 2, all done!
I kept on writing and had not knew where to stop . . .
Which leads me to the next question I would like to ask. . .

Would you, readers, prefer shorter, faster updates or longer, slower updates? hehehe

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Anyway, feel free to guess who's the girl on the ice bed. . . I think I have reveal enough clues for the identity to be know. . .hehehe, and maybe I will reveal it either the next or couples later. Hehehe :)

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<-- Note 3 -->

"How do you-" Ai stuttered as words stuck at her throat. Her brain could not function any proper respond to Risako's question. But for Risako, Ai's reaction had gave her the answer. She immediately, instinctively, took a step backwards away from Ai.

"I won't hurt you, nor your friends." Reading Risako's body language, Ai began to reassure, hoping that would not cause unwanted anxiety in the girls taking shelter in the castle. "I swear." Ai continued.

Silence continued to sit in the atmosphere as both Ai and Risako began to look away from each other, unsure what would continue after next. It was about 5 minutes later before Risako began to speak again. "I believe in that."

"Hmmm?" A sound of uncertainty came from Ai as she did not understood where that sentence had came about from.

"When you said you won't hurt my friends and I." explained before sinking into another moment of silence.

"How did you discovered the fact that . . ." It was Ai's turn to break the silence. She started asking the question she had in mind earlier on, only to sink into quietness as she was about to reach the keyword. After being on earth for so many years, it is the first time in such many years that Ai had actually confessed the fact that she is a vampire, not that she had always had the intention to hide, but for the fact that she had not interacted with many humans in all of her life till now.

"I'd a few encounter with your sister. . ." Risako, seemingly to understand Ai's question, vaguely replied.


Risako nodded her head in acknowledgement. "Earlier this morning. . . She had threatened me to leave the castle immediately. . ."

'That's what she always do when we have wanderers walking into here . . .' Ai thought quietly in her mind. 'That's the reason why I had told them that Saki likes to pull pranks on people. . . At least that would help to keep our cover from being exposed. . . But it seems like it had not work for this young girl over here. . . '

"She had threatened to take my blood if we refuse to leave . . . And . . . " Risako continued as Ai was deep in her thoughts.

"Saki won't do that ! She won't hurt you!" Ai immediately defended, interrupting with Risako's sentence as she heard what the latter had said. Risako was surpised by Ai's sudden intervention. She blinked her eyes at Ai as Ai continued. "She's not who she had brought herself to you. . .  I promised that she won't hurt any of you physically. . . "

"I know that . . . " Risako silently came to an agreement with Ai as she reflected on what had happened earlier on. 'She could have left me dead in the forest after I had ran out as per her request. . . But she didn't. . . She . . . She saved me, knowing that there were hungry animals out in the forest, and got herself injured. . . ' Reflecing on what had happened had reminded something that caught Risako's attention since earlier on. Mustering the courage she needed, Risako raised her voice and began to voice her doubt. "Vampires. . . aren't suppose to bleed, isn't that so? I mean, the wound will heal by itself, isn't that so?"

Ai hesitatedly nodded her head in response, not understanding where the question had came from. "How did you know about that?" Returned the question from Ai to Risako.

"That-" Risako felt her tongue tied, not knowing how to answer the question raised by Ai. She had not expect that question from Ai.

"I guess. . . The world are still very interested in us, isn't that so?" It seems like Ai was not expecting any answer from Risako. It was just a moment of ponder for Ai herself. "Since everything is accessible by what's called technology, I'm not surprised that you knew all such things. . . " Ai trailed off.

"I guessed so . . ." Risako, sheepishly, rubbed the back of her head as she responded to Ai's small moment of interest.

"So why did you ask that question?" Ai asked, knowing that there was reason for Risako to ask such a question.

"Your sister was injured by a wolf while trying to save me from becoming its dinner earlier on . . . and her hand was injured during the process and it had never stopped bleeding since then. . . " Risako muttered almost inaudibly to Ai.

"Saki is injured?" Upon hearing what Risako had said, Ai had her eyes wide open, and was ready to leave Risako for Saki, only to be halted by Risako's continuing question.

"Why is that so?" Risako finished her question.

"That . . . " Ai pondered for a moment before answering Risako. "Is because, Saki is an undernourished being. . . " And she has decided to go with the true reason. Thinking that that was enough an answer to Risako, Ai began to make a step backward, only to be stop yet once again by Risako's question.

"Undernourished?" Risako puzzled.

"Saki doesn't drink human blood." Came the short and sweet answer. "That's the reason why I'd said, she won't hurt any of you in anyway." Ai added on.

"But - Why?" Risako stuttered.

"That's . . . That's a long story to say, and its not my story to say too." Ai vaguely replied to Risako's question. "I have to go to Saki now. . . Excuse me." With that, Ai began to take a few steps away from Risako, before turning around and sprint down the hallway she had came along previously.

"A long story?" Risako muttered under her breath as she was left all alone at the gates.

"Saki?" Ai called out as hurriedly ran into the basement, only to find Saki seated by the side of the ice bed on the floor, clutching in a fetal position. She had her leather jacket removed, and revealing her sleeveless turtle neck that she had always been wearing under the jacket. Ai rushed towards where Saki was seated and tried to drag her hand out from the hiding position, only to be stopped by Saki.

"What are you doing?" Saki uttered rather weakly.

"You're injured, aren't you?" Ai reasoned as she tried to pull Saki's hand back with one hand, while her other hand pulled the knife that she hid within the side of her boots out and bite the handle. Without further saying anything, she slit her palm and wrapped her palm around Saki's bleeding cut.

"How did you know that I was injured?" Saki asked quietly as she relaxed her arm, allowing Ai to do whatever she wanted to do towards her injury.

"Risako told me so." Ai replied as she sat down beside Saki, palm still holding onto Saki's arm.

"Who?" Saki asked again.

"Risako. That girl whom you had saved." Came the explained reply.

"What a nosy human she is." Saki grumbled in a low voice and that remained unheard to Ai. With that, the two sat in silence beside each other until Ai cleared her throat and began to speak up.

"Are you feeling better already?" Ai asked in concern, in a quiet voice. Saki did not answer Ai verbally. She just nodded her head in response to Ai and Ai removed her palm from Saki's injured armed and saw the broken skin is once again flawless. "That's great. . . "

"Sis. . . "Saki quietly mumbled as she raised her right hand up and rested at her own left shoulder and gave it a tight clutch.

"Hmmm?" Ai hummed in response.

"Thanks." Saki continued as she look down on her free hand.

Ai gently smiles at Saki's action. Without saying anything much, she reached her hand for Saki's head and ruffled the younger's hair. "You're my younger sister. I will do anything for you."

"Stop doing that. You are messing up my hair. . ." Saki whined as she moved around, trying to escape from Ai's stroking arm. "I'm no longer a baby. . . " Saki continued, allowing her cool deposition she had built all along to be dropped.

"You are and will always be my baby sister, Saki." Ai, seeing that Saki had dropped the mask she had wore on her face all along, genuinely smiled and began a game of tickling, knowing that that was her younger sister's weakest link.

"That's not true. . . I'm not a baby. Physically, we are both of the same age, 21 years old!" Saki argued as she tried to get back on Ai.

"That's physically! Mentally and vampire-ly, I'm 5 years older than you and that makes you my forever baby sister." Ai retaliated. "And do you remember how old are you?" Ai challenged, making Saki to stop her advances on Ai and sink back into her original position.

"521." I was 21 when I met Maimi." Saki replied with a quiet voice as she set her eyes on the lifeless body lying on the ice bed. "The time where I turned forever 21." Saki continued as sadness graced he eyes.

Ai made no comments to Saki's comments. She knew what was going through the younger's mind at the mention of Maimi and it was inevitable that the younger had sunk back into her previous deposition - quiet and cool. So she had made no comments to Saki's statement. Instead, she wrapped her arms around Saki's shoulder, and held her in her embrace. Ai knew no words can help to cheer Saki up right at the moment.

"Sis." Saki suddenly spoke, catching Ai off-guarded. She had not expected Saki to be the one breaking the silence. “Don’t get too close with the group of humans, especially that girl.” Saki continued almost quietly. Ai continued to remain in silence. She knew what Saki was getting into. “I don’t want you to get hurt in any way. . . “Saki finished as the grip around her shoulder loosen up.

“I know. . . “Ai responded in an even quiet voice. ‘But it seems like I can’t stop myself from growing a liking towards that girl. . .’ Ai thought in her mind. ’ That’s how you felt about Maimi, isn’t that so?’ Ai looked over at Saki and thought in her mind. “I will try. . .” Ai continued her response to Saki.

Saki on the other hand began to rest her head on Ai’s shoulder. “Don’t let what had happened to me before happens to you, sis. . . “Saki whispered. “I should have listened to you back then . . . Then, we wouldn't have been in such a state right now. . . “

“Saki, where have you been?” A voice came echoing behind door, brought surprise to Saki, who was sneaking her way back through the door.

“Sis. . .  I . . . “Saki stuttered, eyes shuffling around as she tried to search for an answer to the question.

Ai had gotten her answer from Saki’s action. Ai got her way from the back of the door and came to face with Saki. “How many times have I told you, Saki, stay away from that girl.”

“But I . . . “ Saki mumbled.

Ai grabbed hold onto Saki’s wrist and looked straight into her eyes. “We are vampires. Maimi is a human. In terms of food hierarchy, she’s considered our food. . . No right minded being gets into a relationship with their food, Saki.” Ai tried to drill into Saki’s mind. “Father will kill her if he gets to know about her.” Ai continued.

“But I. . . .” Saki tried to explain for herself, but was interrupted by Ai yet once again.

“Saki, stop being stubborn. . . “

“I’m not. . . Sis, you . . . You just don’t understand how I feel.” Saki mumbled in desperation.


“Saki, take this moment and leave right now! The Royal uncles are going to get you. Take Mi with you and leave this town forever.” Ai came rushing into the Maimi’s house and shouted in panic, pulling her towards the door where she had just came in.

“Sis. . . “

“Just leave, Saki. I will handle the situation over here.” Ai reassured as she gave a strong pat on Saki’s shoulder.

“Thanks, sis.” With that, Saki pulled Maimi with her and began to flee out of the house. After running for a distance, Maimi dropped the Saki’s grip, causing the two to come to a stop.

“What’s wrong, Maimi?  Let’s go. . . “Saki slipped her hands back into Maimi’s and tugged her along. But Maimi remained still in her position, causing Saki to turn around and come face to face with Maimi. Without giving her any second to react, she felt a sharp dagger piercing into her left chest. “Mai-mi?” Saki uttered in shock.

“Saki, I’m sorry. . .”

“Where am I again?” Risako mumbled to herself as she wandered along the wide hallway of the castle. “How do I get back to my room?” Risako talked to herself again. “Every corner around here looks like the one around mine. How am I going to get my way back to my room?” Risako mumbled again as she looked around her surroundings. ’Is this the one?’ Risako wondered to herself as she pushed one of the doors open. The creaking sound from the old door sent shiver down her spine. She took a step in and peeked into the room and saw no one in it. That came into the conclusion that that was not her room. Just as she was about to leave the room, a painting, half covered with a white cloth, which sat on the floor at one corner of the room caught her attention.

She made her way back into the room, with careful steps, towards where the painting sat. The white cloth covered half of the painting. ’She looked so familiar to me. . . Where have I seen her before?’ Risako thought silently in her mind. Risako reached her hand for the white cloth and pulled it off, revealing Saki as the other person in the painting. ’It’s her. . . ‘

“What are you doing in my room?”

Before she could make any proper revelations to what the painting could have meant in anyway, a foreign, yet familiar voice came echoing into her ears, startling the youngest of the group. She turned around to the door, only to find no one standing there.

“I’m over here.”

Risako turned her head around to the source of the voice, and saw Saki sitting at the window sill. “I – “Risako did not know why she had began to stutter at the sight of Saki. ‘How did she even manage to get in here without having to go through the door?’ Risako pondered to herself.

“So, what are you doing in my room?”Saki uncrossed her leg, jumped down from the sill and back on the ground. As she made her way towards Risako, she saw the white cloth the latter held and began to rush forward towards the latter, snatching the cloth from her and exclaimed, “Why did you touch my stuffs?” Without giving Risako any chance to explain for herself, Saki pushed the Risako away from her spot and covered the white cloth back onto the painting. When she was done with that, she turned around and gave an angry stare at Risako.

“I – “Risako want to explain for herself, but could not find any words to do so, thus ending up with a stutter. She looked down on the floor, breaking the eye contact with Saki, and let off a sigh. She took a few steps back, away from where Saki was. “I lost my way around the castle.  I didn’t mean to intrude your room and your possessions in anyway. . . “Risako trailed off into silence as she made her way towards the door, ready to make her way out of Saki’s room. Before she could even do so, a loud thud echoing before caught her attention, bringing her back to where Saki stood. “Oi!” Risako slapped Saki’s cheek lightly. ‘Fainted? But she’s a vampire, how will she even faint?’ Risako tried to analyse the situation in her mind.

Then she remembered what Ai had told her earlier on. ’That’s right, she’s an undernourished vampire.’ Risako reminded herself. Carefully, she carried Saki up from the floor and tried to transfer her across the room and onto the bed. ‘She’s light. . . ‘ Risako thought as she dropped Saki onto the bed. What came after that was unexpected. Dust began to fly around, causing the younger girl to choke while trying to breath. “How long have this bed been left unused?” Risako asked herself. “What am I supposed to do now? Get Ai over? Or?” Risako continued her self-questions. ‘But where am I going to get her?’ Risako continued in her mind.

Risako found herself coming into a dead end yet once again. She let off a deep sigh as her lips came into a pout. Then, an idea came to her. ‘Since she’s undernourishing, maybe I can try to feed her some blood to see if that helps. .  . With that, Risako began to make her way around the room, rummaging the drawers to see if she could find any sharps for her plan. And indeed, she did. She had found an anciently crafted dagger in one of the drawers. She brought the dagger back to the bedside, sat on her knees on the floor, and pulled the dagger out of the casing. “Wao. . .” Risako was dazzled by the crafting on the casing and the handle of the dagger. ‘The crafting, they are so exquisite. . . ‘

Placing the casing on the top of the bed, Risako pulled the dagger closer to her left hand, before stopping in hesitation. ‘Are you crazy, Risako? What have you been thinking? Why are you giving your blood to this vampire?’ Realisation struck Risako. ‘It’s going to hurt like crazy, cutting yourself like that. . . ‘ Risako continued in her mind. ‘But. . . she had saved me from before. . .  Maybe that’s the reason why she had fainted now. . . It’s just going to be a slight slice on the skin, it wouldn’t hurt as much, I guess.  . . “ Risako negotiated within her mind.

No longer in hesitation, Risako brought the dagger down into her left palm and sliced a line across it, causing deep red blood to seep out of her skin. “Ouch.” Risako winced in pain for a short moment, before clutching her hand into fist and brought it to Saki’s mouth, allowing the flowing blood to drip into the latter’s mouth. ’How much longer do I have to give before she wakes?’ Risako pondered in her mind after holding her arm in position for 5 minutes. ’Does this means that giving her blood doesn’t work at all?’ Risako reflected.

She began to pull her hand away from Saki. She tore one of her sleeves off and wrapped it across the cut before shuffling herself into a more comfortable position on the floor. “Why aren’t you waking up?” Risako pouted towards the unconscious Saki. She glanced over to the covered painting and remembered the face she had saw on it. ’That girl in white. . . she looked really familiar to me. Why have I seen her? Or her picture?’ Risako sank into her moment of thoughts. ‘And her. . . ‘ Risako turned her attention to the unconscious Saki. ‘The smile she had on her face on the painting. . . It’s something I have not seen before . . . All she showed to me, was just plain mean and emotionless ones.’ Risako continued in her mind. ’I wonder how long ago was that painting painted. . . ‘ Just as she was focusing her attention on Saki, a splitting headache hit her. It was then she had realised that she was still having her fever. “Ah, it hurts. . .” Risako whined.  Without thinking much, she laid her head on the bed beside the lying Saki, closed her eyes, and fell asleep moments after.

“Mai-mi?” Saki uttered in shock.

“Saki, I’m sorry. . . “Maimi hand slipped out of Saki’s hands as she apologised, tears filling her eyes. Her other hand, the one holding onto the dagger, remained firm on the Saki’s chest. Though firm, but not pressing further in. “I – “

“Maimi, why?” Saki muttered, with her own tears staining the whole of her face.

“I’m sorry, Saki. . . I’m really sorry. . . I didn’t want to do this, but I can’t. . . This is my mission, my life mission to complete. . . “

“You are. . . “

“I’m sorry. . . I knew who you were even before you confessed to me your real identity. . . I’m . . . I’m from the slayer family. . . “ Maimi bit her lips as she looked away from Saki, finishing the sentence Saki was about to say. “I’m sorry. . . “Just as Maimi finished her sentence, her grip around the dagger loosened. “But . . . I can’t do it. . . I just can’t!” Maimi cried out.

“Saki?” Saki heard the familiar voice of her sister calling out for her.  “AH! What had happened?” The call was followed by a loud surprise scream, which was expected. Ai had chased after the two after realising there were a group of slayer disciples after them, and was here to inform them about it, but had not expected to see the situation right then.

Upon hearing Ai’s presence, Maimi returned her hand to the handle of the dagger.

“Mi, what are you doing?” Ai demanded as her eyes turned red, turning offensive from Maimi’s action. She sped forward and was about to attack Maimi, only to be stopped by a strong grip by her wrist. Ai turned her attention to her wrist and saw Saki’s small hand grabbing over her wrist. She turned her attention to Saki and the latter shaking her head, slowly, firmly. “Saki. . . “

“Go. . . “ Maimi pulled the dagger out of Saki’s chest and cried out loud. “I will cover over here. . . Go. . . “Maimi continued muttering as her eyes met with Saki’s once again. “Just go. . .”

“Maimi. . . “ Saki mumbled as she began to regain her conscious. As she woke, she felt a weird sense of refreshment, something she had not felt for the past 500 years. She sat on from her bed and realised Risako was leaning on the bed, with the dagger lying not far away from Risako. ‘Why is this out here?’ Saki reflected in her mind as she reached her hand for the dagger. Upon studying the dagger, she found traces of dried blood on it. ‘Blood?’ A hungry of thirst growled within Saki. ’No, Saki.’ Saki ordered herself.

She turned her attention towards the sleeping Risako and took attention of the bandaged hand. She used her hand to wipe her lips and found stains of blood on the back of her hand. ’Did she?’ Seeing the fact that Risako was still sleeping, Saki got off the bed swiftly and transferred Risako up onto the bed.

“Kyaa!” Momoko screamed in her sleep.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, Risako, I’m here with you. . . “ Miyabi, still in her dreamland, turned over and hugged Momoko, thinking it was Risako who had just screamed.

“Chinami, it was so scary! I was so afraid that you and the rest had met up with some misfortunate events.” Momoko continued in her dreams as she hugged Miyabi back.

“It’s nothing, I’ll always be with you, Risako. . .” Miyabi continued mumbling in her dreams as she patted the back of Momoko’s bed. It took a moment before Miyabi was able to register what had echoed into her years moments ago. “Chinami?” Her eyes went wide open and saw that, instead of Risako, Momoko was the one in her embrace. Instinctively, she gave the shorter a rough push, causing the latter to fall off the bed. “What are you doing in our room, Momoko? Where’s Risako?”

“Ouch!” Momoko was awake in a rude manner. Holding the back of her head, which was sore in pain from the fall, Momoko sat on her knee and stared at Miyabi from her position. “That was redundant. . . “ Momoko complained. “Instead of throwing me down the bed, you could have waked me up in a proper way. . . “ Momoko continued whining as she crawled her way back onto the bed.

“That is not my concern!” Miyabi argued. “My concerns are, why are you in our room, and where is Risako?” Miyabi repeated her previous questions while trying to push Momoko off the bed again.

“I didn’t want to interrupt the two of you. . . It’s just that Risa had left me to be alone by myself for the night. . . She had gotten herself a single room from Ai. . . And it just feels too scary to sleep by myself. . .That’s why I had came over in the middle of the night. . . “ Momoko replied while trying to wrestle with Miyabi.

“But that doesn’t give you the right to sleep in our room without our permission. . . “ Miyabi uttered while hitting on Momoko’s head. “And where’s Risako?”

“I don’t know. She was sleeping between us when I came in to sleep. . .”Momoko answered while rubbing on her head.

“She was still having her fever last night. . . Where could she been to. . .” Miyabi mumbled to herself. “You should have been more alert, Momoko!” Miyabi blamed as she gave Momoko another push, causing Momoko to fall off the bed again.

“Ouch! I’m going to tell Mama and Chinami that you have been bullying me all these while when we meet them!”

“Ah. .  .”Risako whined as she woke up with a splitting headache. “My head. . . “ Risako continued humming as she closed her eyes, hoping her action will lighten the headache. It was only when she reopened eyes that she realised that she was sitting on the bed. ’How did I managed to get up here on the bed?’ Risako wondered in her mind. She looked around her surroundings. ’Where has she been?’ Risako thought in her mind as her eyes searched for Saki’s presence in the room, but was futile.  She looked out of the window and realised the sun had rose. ’Has she went into hiding due to the sun? Risako wondered. ’But it was early in the morning where I had met her in the gardens. . . ‘

Risako got off the bed and wanted to study the painting she saw last night. When she approached the corner, she was surprised that it was no longer there. ’Seems like she had picked that off with her. . .I wonder why she didn’t want me to touch the painting. . . Risako continued in her mind. ’And. . . Both Ai and she don’t seem to be a normal vampire after all . . . For a vampire to have the ability to bleed; they must have a blood source within them. . .  And only vampires of the Royal bloodline have them . . .’

“Maa, Chii, I’d left for meeting at the organisation headquarters.” Yurina wrote a note and placed it onto the table, using one of the water bottle as paper weights, before leaving the inn they were staying in. When she was outside, she took out her mobile phone and GPS device and typed a message.

[R, where are you? I’m on my way to the headquarters for meeting. Reply me if all of you are safe and sound.]

And the message was sent within seconds.

It took her about an hour to reach the headquarters. When she reached the entrance, she saw a short girl, in blond short hair, standing with arms crossed outside the entrance. When she saw Yurina approaching towards the direction of the headquarters’ building, she took a few steps forward and approached Yurina instead.

“Are you Y?” The question was asked. Yurina nodded her head in response. “I’m Chisato, code name C.” Chisato introduced herself. “Where’s your partner R?” She continued asking.

“I’ve lost her. . . “ Yurina answered honestly.

“Lost her?” Chisato’s eyebrow furrowed at the statement made by Yurina.

“We came as a group of friends and we had broken up into two groups as we travelled through the forest. In the process, we lost contact of each other. . .” Yurina explained.

“Forest?” Yurina’s explanation caught Chisato’s interest. “Which one?”

Yurina looked down on her GPS device for her answer. “If I’m not wrong, it’s the west forest. . .”

“West forest. . .” Chisato echoed after Yurina before sinking into a deep thought, falling into silence.

“Is there anything wrong about it?” Yurina asked with uncertainty obvious in her tone.

“Let’s get in first before we talk anything more.” Chisato left the question open as she guided Yurina into the building. Once into the building, Yurina saw two other girls sitting by the computer table. “A, M, I’m back.” Chisato greeted. “This is Y.” She continued introducing. 

“Hi, I’m Airi, code name A.” Airi introduced herself, eyes not leaving the computer she’s working on.

“I’m Mai, code name M.” Mai took her eyes off the computer and turned towards where Yurina stood and gave her a wink and a playful salute as she greeted. “I’m C’s partner. A is the acting leader of our team for this mission.” Mai continued.

“Y, where’s your partner?” Airi asked, looking up from her computer for a moment before returning to it.

“About that, A, I have something to update you.” Chisato intercepted as she got over to Airi’s side. “R is in west forest right now. . .”

“West forest?”That caught Airi’s full attention.

“Is there anything wrong about the west forest?” Yurina asked as her voice trembled. She was beginning to get worried about her companions in the forest now.

“Didn’t intelligence indicate that our targets reside in the west forest?”Mai added on. The other nodded their head in agreement.

“Targets?” Yurina tilted her head slightly.

“Our intelligence had sent information and images about this individual loitering around the biohazard wastes of hospital and comparison with painting images left behind by our fore seniors, it’s one of the vampires our organisation has been looking for the past half millennium. Eye witnesses had testify her appearance at the borders of west forest.“Airi further explained as she put the image of the individual on the projector. “Apparently, she is one of the vampires belonging to the Royal bloodline who was involved in the kidnap of the only direct bloodline descendant of our organisation.”

“It’s her?” Yurina muttered under her breath upon seeing the image.

“Do you know her?” Chisato asked in interest.

“I saw her last night, as I was exiting the west forest.” Yurina updated. “She entered the west forest as the clock struck midnight.” Yurina continued as her voice continued to tremble.

“So the intelligence was indeed right. . . They are living in the west forest.” Airi mumbled under her breath.

“They?” Yurina parroted.

“She has a sister who is always with her.” Mai explained.

“I’m leaving now.” Yurina announced. Without giving much explanation, she turned around and was about to make her way out of the door, only to held back by Mai.

“What’s wrong?” Mai concerned.

“My friends are in the forest. I’m going to get them out safe.” Yurina muttered. Without giving the rest of the members a chance to say anything, Yurina shook Mai’s grip away from her wrist, and with her long slender legs, began to make huge steps out and sprint away from the headquarters and towards where the inn was situated.

Chapter 3 is up :)
And it ended to be way too long again, i guess. . .=X

Hopefully you all will like it. . .
Until the next time then ^.^
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I hope you update soon... I love this. :heart: It gets better and better each chapter.

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<-- Note 4 -->

“Risa~” Momoko came whining down the staircase as she got to the side of Risa, who was seated alone at the dining hall, breakfast all prepared. Miyabi followed behind the shorter girl down the stairways as well. “Miya has been bullying me!” Momoko continued whining as she linked her arms with Risa and rested her head on the latter’s shoulder, just like how a sweet spoiled baby would do to her mother.

Risa, on the other hand, pushed Momoko away from her, and chided jokingly at Momoko. “Momoko, what are you doing? It’s disgusting!”

Momoko, upon hearing the comment from Risa, gave the latter an overreacted reaction on her face. “That’s so mean!!” Momoko whined in a high tone. “You are all bullying me. . . “Momoko continued with a pout on her face. “I miss Chinami and the rest. . .” Momoko continued pouting as she slumped herself onto one of the free chairs near Risa. “I wonder where they are now. . .” Momoko finished.

“I’d tried to get them by the mobile, but it seems like there’s no any network reception in this area. . . “Risa responded to Momoko. “I wonder where they are too. . . “

“I’m sure they will are alive and living. They have the Mama, the mother, Yuri, the Papa of our group. Mama is strong enough to fight off any threats and Papa is tall enough to scare threats off. . . I’m sure they will be fine. “Miyabi tried to liven up the atmosphere by making a few jokes, and indeed, smiles crept upon the faces of the two. “I have a feeling. . . We will get to see them really soon. . . “Miyabi tried to liven up the sudden dampened atmosphere by making a few jokes about the characteristics of their friends, and indeed, smiles crept upon the faces of the two as they heard Miyabi. “I have a feeling that . . . we will get to see them really soon. . . “Miyabi reassured as she settled down on the seat right opposite where Momoko sat. “Anyway, Risa, have you seen Risako? She was not in our room again when I woke up this morning. . .  ”Miyabi continued asking.

“No. . . I haven’t seen her since yesterday morning. . . “Risa responded to Miyabi as she helped food onto the plates of the two girls.

“Ah. . . it smells delicious! I’m so hungry. . . “A fourth familiar voice came echoing into the dining, catching the attentions of all at the table. They turned their head around towards the direction where the voice came from and saw Risako dragging her leg across the hall and towards them, with one of her sleeves ragged off.

“Risako, are you alright?” Miyabi jumped back onto her feed and rushed towards Risako. “Where have you been and what had happened to your clothes?” Miyabi continued with concern as she pulled the younger girl into her embrace.

“I’m alright. . .  I got up last night and realised I was sandwiched between you and Momo. So I had decided to get out of the room for some space and air. . . I didn’t thought I would have not been able to get my way back to the room by myself. . . So I spent my night at one of the empty rooms instead. . .” Risako replied partially to Miyabi’s questions. “About my clothes . . .” As she touched the topic about what had happened to her clothes, she began to fidget around with uncertainty, unsure about how to answer the question.

As Risako fidgeted around, Miyabi discovered the ragged sleeve from Risako’s outfit was wrapped around the owner’s palm. “What had happened to your hand?” Miyabi asked in worried.

“That. . . “Risako stuttered. “I – I – I had accidentally cut myself yesterday night. . . I couldn’t find any cloth or bandage around, so I tore my sleeve and had it covered instead.” Risako lied.

“Let me see. . . “Miyabi took Risako’s hand to herself. “We have to get it sanitised. Let’s go. . .”Without waiting for a response from Risako, Miyabi began to lead Risako towards the stairways, only to be stop by a growling stomach.

“Sorry, excuse me. . . “Risako smiled sheepishly. “I’m just too hungry. . . “Risako continued as she looked down onto the ground.

“Of course you are hungry. You have not eaten a single thing since the night before. . .” Risa’s voice came echoing into the hall from the dining hall, interrupting the moments before the two moments ago. “Miyabi let Risako to come over here and have her breakfast first before you do anything to her hand.”Risako shouted over to the two.

Risako tugged onto Miyabi’s arm as she pouted. “Alright, we shall eat first then.” Miyabi gave in. With that, she led Risako over to dining table.

Risako was left awed at the amount and type of food that was placed on the table as the both of them entered in the dining room. “Risa, how did you manage to get so much food?” Risako asked as she settled down on the seat Miyabi sat previously.

“A little of it came from our food supplies. Most of it came from Ai. She brought them back to us last night. . . “Risa responded to Risako’s question as Risako reached out for the food on the table. When she heard that it was Ai who had supplied the food, she froze.

“Ai – ?”Risako stuttered.

“Yupps. She said she had gotten them from the market on the way back from her work last night.” Risa further explained.

“Ah . . .” Risako did not responded much back to Risa. Instead, she took the food onto her plate and started to dig into them, with her face seeming to be buried in the plate. As she did, Momoko got off her seat and sneaked towards where Risako was seated, linking her arm with the latter’s.

“Risako. . . “Momoko hummed before continuing with her baby-like voice. “The two of them have been bullying me since the morning. . .” Momoko complained.

“Well, that’s because you have irritated them, didn’t you, Momo?” Risako answered with looking at Momoko in any way. 

“You are so mean as well!” Momoko pouted as she unlinked her arm from Risako’s. Seeing the reaction from Momoko, the other three in the dining room broke into laughter.

“Momo, I thought you have gotten use to it already?” Miyabi teased, leading to more laughter rising.

"A, what's your view about the situation right now ?"Mai stopped her work on her computer, made her way towards Airi and asked.

"There's nothing much we can do now. There's no way we could stop Y from charging her way back into the forest to get her friends. All we could do is just to pray that everything will be fine."Airi replied. "And hopefully, she will be able to get some clues about the two vampires we had on our wanted list for 500 years.

"Do you know why the organisation had held them wanted?”Mai asked curiously as she looked at Airi who had returned her attention back to her computer.

"What do you mean?" Airi asked, not truly understanding the question raised by Mai.

"I meant-"Mai paused for a while before rephrasing her sentence. "I mean, as vampire slayers, aren't our missions are just to kill the vampires? Why would there be even a wanted list for them. I mean, if that's the case, all vampires are supposed to be on that list, not just the two of them. . ."Mai tried her best to explain her point.

Airi remained silent for a moment before responding to Mai. "From what I understood, these two vampires had kidnapped the only heir of the royal slayer bloodline, like you had known all these while, and therefore had earned their spot on the wanted list."

"But why? What's so special about her?"Mai asked.

Airi hesitated for a moment before answering Mai. "The only person, who has the ability to destroy the whole Royal Vampire bloodline, is her. Therefore, we have to get her back."Airi replied briefly.

"But- it has been 500 years. . . She could have been dead."Mai continued, still not understanding the wide picture.

"Alive or dead, we have to get her back. Though I won't be pleased to see her in a alive state."Airi stated bluntly. "Once the Royal Slayer bloodline descendant is bitten by a vampire, she turns into a most invincible vampire on the planet earth. No one can ever stop her. Not even a fellow royal bloodline."Airi continued explaining.

While Mai was still in the state of intriguing the information presented to, Chisato, who had went after the running Yurina previously, had returned back to the base. "How was it?"Airi diverted her attention towards Chisato.

"Couldn't manage to stop her from going back to the forest by herself. She's really a stubborn one."Chisato reported. "But I had managed to give her the tracking device. I had told her to turn on the tracking device when she discover any traces of our target and when they are in trouble. Now, the only thing we can do, is only to wait."Chisato continued.

"I guess so too."

“Yuri?” Maasa called out as she walked out of the room, after realising the tallest girl was not in the room they shared together with Chinami. “Yuri?” Maasa called out again, only to come into the conclusion that Yurina was not in. Her eyes caught attention of the piece of paper lying below the paperweight on the table. “What’s that?” She made her way towards the table and picked the piece of paper up and read it. ’Oh, Yuri is off to her work. . . ‘ Maasa mentally noted in her mind.

Just as she placed the paper back onto the table, the door flunk open, revealing a flustered Yurina rushing into the room, sweat all over her face. “Yuri??”Maasa called out in surprise. “Why are you back so early?”Maasa continued asking.

“I have something important to do . . .”Yurina vaguely replied as she headed towards where their bags were placed. Packing the loose clothing back into her bag, Yurina pulled the straps over her two shoulders and prepared to return to the forest they came from previously.

“Why are you packing your bags, Yuri?” Maasa asked in concern.

“Maa, be sure that you take good care of Chii. I’m going back to the forest.” Yurina hazily explained. With that, Yurina gave Maasa a firm pat on the latter’s shoulder before making her way back to the door, only to be stop by a third figure who was leaning against the bedroom door, eyes closed.

“Maa? Yuri? What’s happening? Why is it so noisy?” Chinami mumbled with her sleepy voice. Taking chance of this opportunity, Maasa grabbed Yurina on her elbow, stopping the taller girl from advancing anymore forward. Chinami, on the other hand, made her way from the support of the door and towards where Maasa and Yurina stood, before slumping her weights now on Maasa’s shoulder. “I’m so sleepy and you all are just so noisy.”Chinami continued complaining in her sleeping voice.

“Yuri, why are you in such a rush? And why back into the forest? Part of your mission? Alone? Or do you have a partner with you?” Maasa continued asking in concern while trying to keep Chinami’s head firm on her shoulder.

“I don’t have much time to explain it to you, Maa. I need to get out of here and back into the forest as soon as I can.” Yurina refused to explain anything to her friends, and insisted to leave right at the moment.

“Why in such a rush?” Maasa asked again.

“The rest are in danger!”Yurina blurted out in desperation. “I’m gonna get them out before anything happens to them.” Yurina continued.

That sentence woke Chinami up completely. “Danger? What danger?” Chinami quickly asked in a complete alert state.

“There no way I can tell you. . . .” Yurina tried to peel away the grip Maasa had on her elbow.

“Yuri?” Chinami got away from Maasa and went over to the other side of Yurina and held the taller girl by her wrist. “Please, tell us.”

Yurina swung her arms, and had successfully swung the hands on her away. “There’re vampires in the forest. I’ve to get them out of the forest right now.” Yurina finally explained, with tears of desperation lingering at the corners of her eyelids.

“Vam-pire?” Chinami and Maasa muttered in unison, in shock, at the same time. They froze right at the spot, loosening their grip they had on Yurina.

“That’s why I’m leaving right at this moment.” Yurina finished quietly. Without saying anything, Yurina began to take a step forward towards the door, only to be quickly stopped by Maasa.

“I’m not going to let you to go back to the forest alone, Yuri.” Maasa uttered out in a rather low voice.

“We are going with you. . .”Chinami had woke up to her senses as well and added on.

“It’s too dangerous. I’m not letting the two of you with me. . . “Yurina insisted stubbornly.

“Neither are we going to let you alone into the forest you have deemed to be dangerous, Yuri.”Maasa retaliated with the same stubbornness. "We came here to this town together as one group. Together we will leave this town as the same group as well. There's no way we are going to let you alone into that forest."

As Maasa talked to Yurina about it, Chinami had went back deeper into the room, swiftly packed Maasa and her own baggage, and brought them to the door. "We are ready to leave."Chinami declared as she threw Maasa's bag to the strongest girl.

Seeing the determination her friends had in them, Yurina had no choice but to give in. "Fine. But promise me, stay behind me at all times."

Maasa looked over at Chinami and conversed to the latter through their eyes, before turning her attention back to Yurina. Without much word, the two girls gave Yurina their thumbs up as their response to her request.

"Risa, what are you doing?" Momoko hopped into the kitchen and hugged the older girl by her waist from her back.

"I'd found some flour in the cabinet, so I thought I could make some cakes for all of us. . ."Risa replied as she worked her fingers through the cake batter.

"Oh. . . But how are you going to bake it? There's no oven in this kitchen."Momoko curiously pointed out.

"Well, Momoko, you don't need to have an oven to bake a cake."Risa educated. "We can make use of the stones and firewood outside to create a heat enclosure, and we can bake the cake within it."Risa continued. “And Momoko, can you please get your arms off me?” Risa finished off as she wriggled around, trying her best to get Momoko off her.

“No.”Momoko stubbornly insisted as she tightened her grip around Risa’s waist. “I’m hungry.” Momoko continued “I’m not letting go unless you give me some food.”

“How am I supposed to give you food if you continue to hug me like this way? I can’t even walk around the kitchen, how am I supposed to prepare the dinner then?” Risa reasoned, hoping that would make Momoko to back away. Though it seems like that was futile.

“Ah-“A third party interrupted the argument between Risa and Momoko, causing Momoko to let go out Risa immediately. They both turned around and saw Ai standing awkwardly at the entrance of the kitchen. “I didn’t mean to interrupt the moment between you. Excuse me please.”Ai cleared her throat as she continued. Focusing her attention on the floor, Ai began to make her way out of the kitchen, only to be stopped by Momoko.

“Ai, don’t misunderstood us.”Momoko tried to explain. “I was just pestering Risa for dinner.” Momoko continued as she made her way to where Ai had stopped. “I will make myself disappear for now.” Momoko continued, winking her eyes and ended off with a mischievous smile. With that, Momoko skipped away from the kitchen, leaving the time to be alone for Ai and Risa.

“Don’t mind her, Ai. She’s always like that, enjoying to tease and embarrass people.”Risa further explained as she subconsciously touched her face, forgetting the fact that her hands were filled with loose traces of flour. And indeed, they were transferred to her face from her previous action. A smile escaped from Ai’s lips for a split second, before Ai began to suppress that smile of hers. “Is there anything wrong with my face?”Risa questioned as she noticed the expression on Ai’s face. She ran her hand on her face yet once again, only to catch a glimpse of flour on her hand. That was when she had realised what she had done. “Ah, my face.”Risa uttered as she tried to dust flour off her face using the back of her hand.

“Do you need some help?”Ai politely asked.

“Ah, it’s alright. . .”Risa could felt her cheeks growing hot as Ai offered her help.

Silence grew within the atmosphere. Risa began to move away from her cake batter to the groceries Ai had gotten her the night before. She cut the piece of meat into smaller pieces as Ai leaned her back against the entrance of the kitchen, watching Risa working the knife on the piece of meat. The moment of peace did not last. The quiet silence was interrupted by a sharp scream.

“What happened?”Ai rushed forward immediately when she heard the scream from Risa. Risa dropped the she was holding and withdrew her hands back close to her chest. Before Ai had reached Risa, she could already tell what had happened. The scent of blood intensified within her nose cavity, causing her to have an urge to let her fangs grow.

“Nothing much. It’s just that I had accidentally cut my finger.” Risa quickly respond as she turned around, wishing to reassure Ai that she was alright. When she turned around, she saw Ai was clenching her fist tight, eyes closed, and lips were pale white. “Are you alright?”Risa, grabbing on her cut finger, took a few small steps forward to be closer to Ai, and concerned.

“I’m alright.”Ai immediately responded to Risa when she felt the latter closing up to her. “I will get you some bandits for your cut.”Ai added on quickly, turning around swiftly and made her way out of the kitchen.

“You don’t have to. I have some in my . . . “Risa chased after Ai, but by the time she reached the door, she realised she had lost sight of Ai. The hallway was deadly empty and there were no sights of Ai at all.  ’She’s fast. . . ‘’Risa thought silently in her mind as she returned to the sink to wash her hands and her wound. When she was done with it, she made her way out of the kitchen, down the hallway that led to the dining hall. “Ai?”Risa called out again, only to have her echoes as her response. She allowed her eyes to wander around the dining hall, and found a stack of bandits sitting on the table top. She pouted slightly upon seeing them on the table top. ’Am I thinking a little too much? To think that I had actually thought she would put it on for when she had offered to get me some bandits.’ Risa felt her heart sank as she sank onto one of the seat.

Ai sat alone at the corner of the secret basement compartment, staring into space. She was so out of the world that she had failed to notice Saki’s entry into the basement. “It’s unusual to see you around here at this time, sis.”Saki spoke, waking Ai from her own world. “You are always out in the town looking for food at this time, isn’t that so?”Saki continued as she got to Ai’s side and sat beside her. “What’s wrong? You look like you are out of this world.”Saki asked.

Ai shook her head lightly in response. “I was just remembering the answer you gave me back then, about Mi.”Ai continued with her response. “The reason why you had stopped drinking human blood.”

“Why are you mentioning about that again.”Saki looked away from Ai as she tried to twig the topic away.

“I wasn’t going to force you to take human blood again.”Ai reassured. “I was just going to say, I understood why you felt the need to.”Ai continued.

“Something happened?”Saki noticed the sudden change in her sister attitude.

“Nothing.”Ai shook her head in response. “I’m going out now.”Without giving Saki much other response, Ai stood up from her position and made her way towards the exit. “Like what you had told me to, I will keep my distance with Risa.”Ai spoke emptily before she exited the basement.

“Saki, the will to resist biting her is not going to change the fact that human blood is our food.”Ai stood before Saki as she tried to stop the latter from leaving her bedroom. That was the day Saki had decided to leave the Royal palace to live with Maimi in the town. “You are going bite her once there’s a trigger from a drop of human blood, Saki.” Ai continued.

“I know, Sis. I know.”Saki looked straight into Ai’s eyes as she replied. “That’s why, I had decided to not make human blood as my food. I will take substitute. I know, I won’t drink her blood. I won’t drink the blood of my love.”Saki continued with determination in her eyes.


“Sis! You won’t understand. You won’t understand. Once you have met and know Maimi, then you understand why I had felt this way, and why I wanna to leave this home.” Saki gave no chance to Ai to refute back as she retaliated. “I’ve grown up. I’m 18 this year. I can choose what and where I wanna to go, Sis.”Saki finished off in a softer tone and the tone she used made Ai softened her heart. “Please, Sis, let me go. . . “Saki pleaded.

Ai broke the eye contact with Saki. She looked around her surroundings before returning her attention back onto Saki. “Fine, I’ll let you go. But in one condition.”Ai finally gave in as she glazed into Saki’s eyes. “I’ll go with you.”

“Yuri, it’s getting really dark. . . Shall we find a place where we can get rested for the night?”Maasa asked as the trio tracked through the forest, all equipped with a torch light that acted as their source of light through the pitched dark pathways.

“I don’t wish to stop now. . . I wanna to find the rest as soon as we can.”Yurina stubbornly replied as she continued her steps forward. “The earlier we can find them, the earlier we can get out of here.”Yurina mumbled inaudibly under her breath.

“But, it feels so eerie. . . “Chinami whined as she hid behind Maasa’s back. “And I’m so sleepy. . . “

“Get Maa to carry you if you are tried, Chii. . .”Yurina jokingly commented, and that had earned her a slap on her back from Maasa.

“There’s no way I’m gonna carry Chii throughout the whole journey. She’s heavy!”Maasa stated bluntly before turning around to Chinami. “You better don’t sleep, Chii. Walk by yourself.” Maasa continued.

Chinami was about to fight back to the other two’s teasing when they heard a loud growling sound, which caused Chinami to hide behind Maasa yet once again. “What was that?”Chinami asked in a trembling voice.

“I don’t know. . .”Maasa answered Chinami as she grabbed onto Yurina’s elbow, pulling the taller girl closer to herself. “Yuri, I think it’s better that we get a place to hide for now than to stay in the wild.”Maasa urged the younger girl.

Yurina herself was too surprised by the sudden growling voice. Though her body languages had not showed her fear, she knew, she was trembling deep within inside. “I –“Before Yurina could say anything, she sensed a foreign being behind them, and thus, halted her sentence and turned around swiftly, giving both Maasa and Chinami a shock.

“What’s wrong?” Maasa and Chinami asked in unison.

“Are you all lost in the forest? Do you need some help?”A fourth voice, sending Chinami to her knees while clinging onto Maasa.

Upon seeing who the stranger was, Yurina slipped her right hand into her right pocket of her sweater and began to search for the tracking device Chisato had gave her earlier this morning. ’It’s her. . . The wanted vampire they showed me this morning. . .’ Yurina thought in revelation. “Ge-“Yurina was about to expose the identity of the stranger but had halted. ’I should not impose any unwanted fear to the rest.’ And she had finally found the tracking device, without taking another moment, she pressed the button down and allowed her hand to remain in her pocket.

“It’s not advisable to stay in the wild at this time. There are a lot of hungry animals in the wild who like to hunt in the night.”The stranger continued in concern.

“Thank you for that. We know about that and will be finding a place for shelter as soon as we can.”Yurina answered as she took a few steps forward, standing in front both Maasa and Chinami.

“I’m glad to hear that. .  .”The stranger responded. Without saying much, the stranger walked pasted the trio politely and began to head towards the direction the trio were about to head towards.

Yurina, on the other hand, allowed her vision to track the stranger’s whereabouts.  The stranger took a couple steps forward before turning back again, causing Yurina to tense up again.

“Are you all by any chances, are friends of Risa, Momoko, Miyabi, and Risako?”The stranger asked. That sentence made Chinami perked up in attention and got back up onto her feet immediately.

“Do you know that midget?”Chinami asked. She was about to race towards the stranger, through her excitement, only to be stopped by Yurina, who had pulled out her right hand from her pocket and grabbed her by her wrist. That action had caused the tracking device to drop out of Yurina’s pocket.

“They had come over to my place a few nights ago and have been taking shelter over there since then. They did mentioned to me about have lost from the rest of their friends, and I thought they might have been you guys.”The stranger explained. “I supposed that you all have been searching for them, isn’t that so?”The stranger continued asking. “If you don’t mind, I can bring all of you over to meet up with them again.”

“Of course we don’t!”Chinami answered immediately and was ready to follow the stranger. Maasa on the other hand, looked over to Yurina to see the latter’s reaction. “I can’t wait to meet the rest.”Chinami continued as she tried to break free from Yurina’s grip. When she did, she made her way to the stranger’s side. “My name is Chinami. What is your name?”


“Ah, it’s my turn to need the toilet.” Miyabi declared as she watched Momoko got out of the toilet in attached to their room. With that, she raced into the toilet while Momoko slumped onto the ground.

“My legs are giving me in.”Momoko tiredly mumbled as she buried her face into the carpeted floor.

“Come on, Momo, get up.” Risako got over to Momoko’s side, pulled the shorter girl up, and helped her onto the bed.

“Why is it that Risako you are the only one who is not having diarrhoea?”Momoko grumbled in a low voice, being upset by the fact that she was having diarrhoea.

“I don’t know?” Risako sat down on the bed as she responded to the older girl. “We basically ate the same thing for dinner.”Risako continued suggesting. Then she remembered, “The cake! I didn’t eat the cake!”

“Oh, the cake. Risa ate the most. I wonder if she’s alright. . . “Momoko responded in a quiet voice. “Ah. . . I think it’s coming again. . .”Momoko dejectedly mumbled. “Miya.”Momoko called out in a whiny voice. “Are you done?”

“No~ A little while more. . .”Came the response from the toilet.


Risako gently smiled at the short interaction between the two. “I’m going over to check it out on Risa.”Risako informed Momoko. She stood up from the bed and paced over to the toilet door and knocked on it on a couple of times. “Miya, don’t take too long. Momo can’t hold it for long.”Risako teased. Without giving a chance for the latter two to get back on her, she had slipped out of the bedroom.

“Wao!” Risako was surprised by the fact that Saki was sitting on the railing outside her room door, arms crossed, seemingly waiting for Risako. “Is there anything wrong?” Risako asked shakily.

“This.”Saki tossed a bunch of herbs out to Risako. “Can help to stop the diarrhoea.” And thankfully, Risako had managed to catch it perfectly.

“Ah. Thanks.  . . “Risako thanked quietly. She peeked at Saki from time to time, and realised the latter was still staring at her. “Are you better already?”Risako tried to concern, hoping that would ease the tense atmosphere.

Saki ignored the question raised by Risako. Instead she shifted her legs on to the other side of the railings and jumped down to the ground floor.

“Wait a minute.” Risako tried to call out, but Saki was already fast gone from her sight. She quietly sighed and hung her arms over the railings, leaning her body weight on the railing until the opening of the front gate caught her attention again. “Yuri?” The tallest girl caught her attention. With the herbs still in her arm, Risako raced down the stairs and ran straight into the tallest girl. “Yuri!”

“Risako!”Yurina hugged the youngest girl back. “I’m glad you are all safe. Where’s the rest?”

“They are in the toilet.”Risako replied as they broke the hug.

“Toilet?”The trio echoed in unison.

“Are they having diarrhoea?”Ai asked after seeing the herbs Risako held in her hands. Risako nodded her head in response. “What did they eat?”Came the next question from Ai.

“Risa bake a cake for desert. . . I’m guessing it’s that, since I hadn’t eaten the cake. Risa ate most of it though. I was about to check her up to see how she is doing. . . “Risako continued explaining.

“She ate the most?”Ai sounded really worried as she reconfirmed the situation.  “I’m –“

Before Ai could continue with what she was about to say, Yurina had interrupted her. “I will go take a look at Risa. Risako, you will come with me. Maasa and Chinami can take Miya and Momo for now.”

Ai, sensing Yurina’s hostility towards her, gave in. She swallowed the words down her throat and backed away a few steps. “I will go prepare rooms for the rest of you instead.”

“I will share a room with Momo!” Chinami chided in immediately.

“Ah, Okay. Then I shall prepare the room next to Risako for you two then.” Ai faced Yurina and Maasa as she replied. Without waiting a response from latter two, Ai began to make her way up the stairways and disappeared into the shadows.

“So how do we get to where Momo is?” Chinami asked impatiently. A slight smile escaped from Risako upon witnessing Chinami’s impatience. The two had always acted as if they were the biggest enemy of each other on earth, yet it was only at this kind of situation, where the real concern and emotion for one and other will surface.

“Follow me. I’ll bring you and Maasa to my room first before heading off to Risa’s room.” Risako responded. Without any further words, she made her way towards where Ai had just went, with Yurina following closely behind her and Maasa and Chinami tagging behind Yurina.

The trip up the stairs to the room was in absolute silence. Risako stopped before the door she had came out from earlier on and turned to Chinami. “Mama, Chii, this room belongs to Miya and me.” Risako informed. As the latter two was about to open the door and enter the room, Yurina stopped them.

“Maa, is it possible for you to go over to where Risa is instead? I have something important to settle out with Risako. I’m sure Chii can handle Momo and Miya by herself.” Yurina suggested as she looked into Maasa’s eyes with a serious stare.

“Sure . . . “Maasa took a second of silence before responding to Yurina. She understood that the reason why Yurina and raised such a suggestion.

“I’m getting in first then.” Chinami continued after Maasa’s response. Without waiting for any response from the rest, she twisted the knob of the door and made her way into the bedroom.

“I’ll bring you to Risa’s room then.” Risako heaved as she moved her legs forward, bringing her and the duo down to the deeper ends of the hallway where Risa’s given room was situated. When Maasa had entered into the said room, Yurina began to drag Risako deeper into the hallway, to a quiet corner where she felt no one could have heard or get to them.

“There’s something I need to inform you, Ri.” Yurina did not waste any single moment and dived straight into her point. “I had received the gist of our very first mission, and it has something related to the person whom had allowed our stay here.” Yurina continued.

“Ai?” Risako responded and Yurina nodded her head in response to Risako. “What about her?” Risako asked before continuing “She’s a kind person. . . ”

“She’s a wanted vampire by the organisation.” Yurina hastily responded to Risako’s question. Risako bitted her lower lips as she heard the response from Yurina, seemingly to be in a deep of thoughts. Yurina on the other hand, was surprised to see a rather no reaction from Risako upon her information. “Ri, you don’t seem surprised at all. Did you know that she is a vampire before I had even told you?”

“That – I –“Risako was left speechless by the sudden confrontation from Yurina.

“How did you realise that? Did she bit or harm any of you? What happened to that bandaged hand of yours?”Without giving a chance for Risako to give a proper response, Yurina began to bombard a series of concern questions for the former.

“No th- She did not harm me in anyway.”Risako defended immediately as she gripped onto Yurina’s moving hands. “My palm . . . that. . . I had accidentally cut myself with the broken pieces of glass earlier in the morning. . .” Risako lied.

“Really?”Yurina raised an octave higher as she doubted Risako’s answered.

“That’s the truth.” Risako responded to Yurina’s doubt with strong determination relevant in her eyes.

“And when did you know that she is a vampire. . . “Came the inevitable question.

“I . . . “ Risako felt like as if her brain were spurring around as she search for a perfect lie for Yurina’s question. “I didn’t know that she is one. . . I guessed that she maybe one. . . That’s why I was not surprised when you told me that she is one. . . “

Yurina looked at Risako with doubt again. Deciding to let that slide, Yurina slipped her hand into her pocket for the device the Chisato had gave her earlier in the day. To her dismay, the device was no longer in her pocket. “Where is it?”Yurina panicked as she continued to rummage the contents of her pocket.

“What are you looking for, Yuri?”Risako asked curiously.

“The device C gave me this morning.” Yurina responded briefly. “I was told to switch the device on if I were to meet this wanted vampire. Where is it?” Yurina explained. “Don’t tell me that I had dropped it. . . “Yurina mumbled to herself.

“Yuri, your pocket is just that deep. . . If it’s not in there, it’s not there.” Risako rationed.

“What should I do now then?”Yurina pondered as she furrowed her eyebrows. “I will track back the way we came to see if I had dropped it somewhere. . . “Yurina decided before turning her attention to Risako.

“I will go with you then.”Risako responded, thinking the glance Yurina gave her was a stance to ask her, the partner, to accompany on the journey.

“No.” Yurina quickly responded, catching Risako in surprise. “You will stay back. . . in case anything happens, you are the only person other than myself will know what we will need to do.” Yurina continued. “I will get Maa to go with me instead.”

Risako nodded her head in agreement. Just as she did so, she noticed she was still holding onto the herbs given by Saki to her, as an aid to the girls who were having the diarrhoea right now. “Ah, this.” Risako stuttered as she held the herbs out to Yurina. “Can help to ease diarrhoea.” Risako continued.

“Really?” Yurina was amused by Risako. “How did you get to know it?” Yurina continued questioning.

Risako tilted her head slightly as she made up a lie for the answer. “I read it somewhere on some books.”

“Really?” This time round, Yurina was half amused and half believing. “How do you take it then?”

“Chew it and swallow it?” Risako replied in a questioning tone. “I guess?” And she ended with her embarrass laughter.

“I guess that will work then. There’s no harm trying in that for the sick ones.”Yurina decided. She took a bunch out from what Risako was holding. “I will get to Maa. You will handle Momo and Miya with Chii.”

Ai was seated alone at one fo Saki's favourite hideout place - the rooftop, leg crossed as she allow her mind to wonder off at the thoughts that have been bothering her for the night. 'I wonder if she's alright. . . Hopefully the herbs is gonna help her . . . Wait a minute, Ai. Haven't you told Saki that you are gonna to keep your distance away from her. . .Why are you still thinking about her issues?' Ai scolded herself inwardly. 'But. . . I just can't help it. . .I guess. . . '

With that, she leaned back and rested her heard on her arms, and back on the tiles. 'There's something else that's worries me the most now. . . Their friend. . . Yurina. . . She gives me a really bad vibes . . . could it be that. . . she's a . . . ' Just as Ai was deep in her thoughts, Saki appeared right beside her and sat next to her.

"It's rare to see you here, Sis." Saki started off. "Something's bothering you?" Saki continued.

Ai sat up back and shook her head. "Nope. . . I just wanted to enjoy the scenery of the night. That's all."

@ TTLuver497 : Sorry for the long wait, I hope you will enjoy this chapter as well. . .  :)

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