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Author Topic: Samurai Sentai Idolgers - Chapter 5 - Omake - 2015.05.22  (Read 7573 times)

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Samurai Sentai Idolgers - Chapter 5 - Omake - 2015.05.22
« on: February 22, 2015, 02:59:43 AM »
New story!

Sorry, I have not written 10 chapters ahead as usual, so there no guarantee that I will update this frequently.

The story is obviously inspired by Samurai Sentai Shinkengers, as well as the Ramengers, Berryz Kamen, and Kanpai Sentai After Five.

A background note:

In this universe most of the H!P groups exist, but they are not under the same talent agency.  Also, many of the groups might get alternative histories.

As for pairings, I honestly haven't thought of any yet, so suggestions will be considered.  Because this is an alternate universe story, I can always make up a reason why other girls get inserted into the story.
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Samurai Sentai Idolgers - Chapter 1 - The Gathering - Part 1 - 2015.02.21
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Samurai Sentai Idolgers 1 - The Gathering - Part 1

The evening news is being broadcast on dozens of televisions in a store window.  "Yesterday the idol singer world was thrown into chaos.  On this day five of the most successful idols of our age announced that they were quitting the entertainment industry and going back to being normal girls: Sayashi Riho (Morning Musume), Takeuchi Akari (ANGERME), Kanazawa Tomoko (Juice ni Juice), Shimamura Uta (County Girls), and Ikuta Erina (Morning Musume).  There were no graduation concerts and no farewell speeches.  One day they were there, the next day they were gone.  Even their hyper-observent fans have no clue to where they disappeared to.  Many theories were proposed as to why five girls would quit being idols on the same day but none of the theories have gained any popularity.  It has become one of the great mysteries of this age."

Yoshizawa Hitomi turns away from the television sets and shrugs.  She is dressed in period costume as a feudal lord and is flanked by two "kuroko" (the black clad stagehands from Kabuki plays who are not supposed to noticed by the audience).  She walks into a store.

"Yoshizawa-domo.  It is wonderful to see you."

Hitomi smiles and bows to the shop owner.  "It has been too long."

"How is the bed and breakfast business?"

"I won't be doing that this year."

"Oh, has the period drama business picked up?"

Hitomi chuckles.  "I guess you could say that.  One of the studios wants some of their actresses to train at the house for six months or so.  That way they will be more convincing in an upcoming period drama."

"I always love seeing your house used in those dramas.  Every detail always looks authentic."

"It should.  The house was used as a lord's manor two hundred years ago and has been carefully maintained ever since."

"I remember a legend that two hundred years ago samurai from your manor saved this town from evil spirits and monsters."

Hitomi laughs.  "I was not around back then, but if evil spirits or monsters come back to Bakemachi and samurai rose to oppose them, I'm sure they would feel comfortable in my manor."

"Oh, I see your servants have finished shopping for you."

Hitomi nods and pays the man.  She whispers to her servants.  "We should be getting back.  They should be arriving soon."


Ikuta Erina walks up the steps to a manor on top of the hill.  She looks at a charm in the shape of a blue pentagon with the kanji for water on it and nods with determination.

When she gets to the top of the stairs she sees that she is still a short way to the gate of the manor.  There is little light except for the light of the moon.

Suddenly, the wind picks up and Erina hears a loud racket.  To her surprise, she sees a dark figure descending from the skies.  When the figure gets closer Erina can see that it is holding on to a ladder being lowered from a helicopter.

The figure reaches the ground and lets go of the ladder.  "Thank you!  Later!"  The girl yells at the helicopter operator in English.

"Who's there?"

The girl steps out of the shadows.  "Who am I?  You would think after eight singles I would be recognizable."

Erina smiles.  "Oh, you're Kanazawa Tomoko.  Our groups where at the same summer festival last year.  Ikuta Erina, formally of Morning Musume."

"And, we all know which group was better received.  Juice ni Juice, of course."  Tomoko hurts Erina's ears with a high pitched laugh.

"So, why are you here?"

Tomoko pulls out a pink colored charm with the Kanji for "heaven" on it.  "The same reason as you."  Tomoko points to Erina's green charm that Erina had forgotten to hide when Tomoko showed up.

"Well.  I guess your right.  But you?  An Idolger?  A spoiled rich girl who like to bully people?"

Tomoko blushes.  "If I did not bully my former group mates then they would have been depressed.  Please do not worry yourself.  The only problem you will have with me is trying to keep up."

Two Kuroko run up carrying an old fashioned wheel-less hand carriage.  They set the carriage down.

A small young woman steps out.  "Thank you so much for you kindness."

The Kuroko's bow and make their exit.

The girl turns, trips and falls on her face.  "Itai!"

Tomoko runs over.  "Are you okay?"

"Sorry, I guess I fall down a lot."

Tomoko notices the yellow charm with the kanji of "earth" in the girl's hand.  "So, you're Idolger yellow?"

The girl blushes.  "I guess so.  Idolger Yellow was supposed to be my older sister but she got hurt so I was chosen to take her place."

I look of recognition comes over Erina's face.  "Hey, I recognize you.  I saw your debut single just yesterday.  You're Shimamura Uta."

"That's me.  At least I wasn't there for too long.  Managers-san will be able to replace me without Country Girls losing too much momentum."

Tomoko squishes Uta's cheeks.  "Hey, a samurai who falls down a lot is not needed, you know?  Can you really fight?"

"I don't fall down in a fight because my mind is focused.  It is just hard to stay focused in non-fight situations."

"Well, you're kanji is earth, so I guess that makes falling down okay."

"Yo ho!!"  A girl wearing roller skates approaches on the same path that the Kuroko used to transport Uta.  She stops to join the group.  "What's going on guys?"

Tomoko stands up the the girl.  "Hey, listen up boy.  None of us girls need a boy friend.  So keep on skating."

Erina looks at the girl in shock.  "Oh, no.  It's you!"

Tomoko looks at Erina funny.  "You know this guy?"

The girl laughs.  "Hey, cut it out with the guy stuff, unless you want to call me an ikemen."

Tomoko laughs.  "A pretty boy?  Serious?"

Erina cuts in.  "She is serious.  This is Takeuchi Akari of ANGERME."

"Formally a member.  I'm willing to bet that you three also quit your groups yesterday for the same reason that I did."  Akari pulls out a green charm with the kanji for wood.

The three nod.

Erina turns up her nose.  "Oh great.  I get to be an idolger with my rival."

Akari looks at Erina funny.  "Are you serious?  You remember a throw-away answer on some variety show that I was on two years ago?"

"You mentioned my name.  Of course I would remember."

"I wasn't serious.  They just wanted a name, any name, and since I saw you on TV the previous day I told them that you were my ikemen rival.  I haven't given it a thought since."

"What?  I worked hard to be a good ikemen for two years for nothing?"

"Whatever.  I just want to get this idolger thing over with so I can get back to hanging out with pretty girls."

Tomoko frowns.  "What kind of an attitude is that for a samurai?"

"Who knows?  This whole samurai thing sounds like a hassle.  I was living such a carefree life before."

Uta's eyes grow wide.  "Carefree?  I watched you a lot growing up.   You always looked so precise and well prepared."

"Some things come easy for me."

Tomoko looks at Akari's face closely.  "I guess applying makeup isn't one of those things?"

"Hey, I hit a couple low hanging branches on the way up.  It was dark.  And, my kanji is wood, after all."  Akari pulls out a lighted mirror.  She licks her finger and strokes several places on her face.  "There.  Good as new."

Erina makes a disgusted face.  "Aren't your parents ashamed?"

"With the money I make they wouldn't make a peep even if they were.  Beda!"  Akari sticks out her tongue.

Tomoko's ears prick up.  "Hey, some people are coming."

Hitomi and Sayashi Riho step out of the shadows.

Hitomi looks at them funny.  "Hey, there's no need waiting out here for an invitation to come in.  I already invited you all."

Erina looks shocked.  "Riho?  You're an Idolger?"

Riho holds up a red charm with the kanji of fire on it.  "Sorry, Erina.  I wanted to tell you while we were in Morning Musume together, but I didn't want it to be a burden for you."

Akari notices that Uta, Erina, and Tomoko are now bowing to Riho.  "Hey, what's going on here?  Is this some samurai thing?"

Hitomi hits Akari in the head with her paper fan.

Akari doesn't even acknowledge it.

Uta grabs Akari and with surprising strength makes her bow.  "Riho is our master.  I am surprised your parents never told you that our job is to serve Idolger Red."

"Whatever.  Let's kick some butt and get it over with?  These formalities are a hassle."

Riho offers her hand and pulls Akari up.  "I am sorry we all have a difficult destiny.  You will have to learn to be a proper samurai, but for tonight, I don't mind if you are yourself."


Hitomi smiles.  "So, shall we go to the manor?"

To be continued
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Re: Samurai Sentai Idolgers - Chapter 1 - The Gathering - Part 1 - 2015.02.21
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Oh, this is gonna be interesting. XD

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Samurai Sentai Idolgers - Chapter 2 - The Gathering - Part 2 - 2015.02.26
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Samurai Sentai Idolgers 2 - The Gathering - Part 2

Author's notes: Both Akari and Uta have significant things going on with their speech that doesn't translate well.  Akari, being an ikemen type, will often use "ore" for "I" and "teme" for "you" when she is irritated.  These are terms typically used by macho males.  Uta will often use "boku" for "I".  This is term normally used by boys but is often used by girls who are shy or feel like misfits.

The Idolgers sit in an old fashioned small dining room.  Riho sits above the rest on a slightly raised platform, the other four sit on the floor.  The Kuroko serve them food.

Hitomi nudges Riho.  "I think you should begin, Lord."

Riho nods.  "Let me re-introduce myself to Erina and introduce myself to the rest of you.  My name is Sayashi Riho.  I am the 18th head of the House of Uta.  Two hundred years ago my ancestor led a group of samurai who rid the town of Bakemachi of monsters called the Yume Kaitou.  The samurai she led were the ancestors of each one of you."

Uta looks on in awe, but Akari is less than impressed.

"I assume that each one of you has been brought up in the way of the samurai, as well as the way of the idol?"

"Well,"  Uta looks down, "in my case, it was supposed to be my older sister, but she became sickly.  I have been training, but only for a year or so.  I hope I will not bring down the team!"  Uta looks like she is going to cry.

Hitomi nudges Uta with her fan.  "There, there.  I have talked with your parents and they have told me that you easily mastered using song-magic.  Please do not sell yourself short."

Akari shrugs.  "Well, I'm sure that I will need a refresher course.  Recently, I've been too busy with important things, like video games, baseball, and roller skating."

Erina looks at Akari sullenly.  "If you know you are lacking, why don't you assume a more humble attitude?"

Akari does a head snap and slide to invade Erina's personal space.  "Because it's a hassle, okay?  I was doing just fine before this stupid call came in.  What does a struggle that happened 200 years ago have to do with me?  I probably broke the hearts of thousands of girls by quitting."

Riho gives Akari a stern look.  "Akari, please compose yourself.  The reason why all of us were called is because the Yume Kaitou have returned.  If the Yume Kaitou have their way all of Japan will be absorbed into the nightmare dimension and your one thousand fans will have more to worry about than their favorite ikemen retiring."

"Oh."  This thought seems to sober Akari.

"Don't worry, Akari."  Tomoko smiles sweetly.  "I might not be a natural at it, but my parents trained me very well.  Well, at least they paid teachers to teach me well."  Tomoko does a grating laugh.  "I will be happy to help get you up to speed."

Erina smirks.  "And, maybe once you've come up to speed you might get good enough for me to train you."

Riho slams her hand on the floor.  "Erina!  Don't put on airs.  You four will be trained by Hitomi-jiya and myself.  We will train you in calligraphy, singing, and sword fighting.  Tomorrow morning we start training.  Beware!  The Yume Kaitou can strike at any time.  We may have to start fighting before you all are formally trained."

Uta nods.  "So, how do we fight them?"

The Kuroko bring each one of them a cell phone with a brush attached to it.

"I will demonstrate."  Riho uses her cell phone brush and draws the kanji for fire in the air.  She reaches forward and turns the "air kanji" around.  Suddenly she is covered in a bright light and a fanfare is heard from out of nowhere.

Riho is now dressed in a sleek body armor from the waist up with a matching helmet.  The helmet has the kanji for fire on it and the armor is colored red.  Her cell phone brush is now a sword.  "Using song-magic activated by our kanji brushes, we will transform into more powerful forms.  This is the form of Idolger Red."

Tomoko squeals.  "What a cool style!  Am I able to transform?"

Riho transforms back.  "If you have studied hard and have song-magic inside of you, then you should be able to transform."

Tomoko draws the kanji for heaven in the air and turns it around.  She too is covered with light while a fanfare plays.  When the light dies down she has similar armor colored pink with the kanji for heaven on the faceplate of the armor.

"Oh my god.  Oh my god.  Takeuchi?  May I borrow your mirror?"

"Why not?"

Tomoko admires herself.  "Yes!  This is so worth it!"  Tomoko untransforms and gives the mirror back.

Erina stands up.  "Lord, please allow me to try next."

Takeuchi makes a sour face.  "Erina, correct me if I am wrong, but when you two were in Morning Musume together, didn't Riho use keigo when talking to you?"

Erina shrugs.  "Sure.  I joined the group a year before she did so it was only natural that she used keigo.  But, that was that, and this is this."

Riho gives Akari a curious glance.  "Akari, will this be a problem?"

Akari smiles.  "Hey, I know how to use keigo.  It's just that I have never had to use it before."

Riho chuckles.  "I hope it will not be a hassle."

"Speaking it won't.  Meaning it might."

"Do your best.  Now, Erina, please go ahead."

Erina draws the kanji for water in the air and turns it around.  She transforms in a similar fashion into blue armor.

Uta claps.  "Erina, you look so cool."

Erina bows.  "Thank you."  Erina untransforms.  "Now you."

"Is it really okay?"

"Go for it."

Uta draws the kanji for earth in the air and turns it around.  She transforms in a similar fashion into yellow armor.

"So cute!"  Tomoko goes over to Uta and tries to pinch her cheek only to not make any progress due to the solid nature of the armor.

Uta untransforms.  "Takeuchi, I would like to see your form as well."

"Okay, I guess."  Takeuchi draws the kanji for tree in the air and turns it around.

Nothing happens.

"Oops!  Well, I guess there was a mistake.  I'm obviously not Idolger Green.  I guess I will be going."

Riho stomps her foot.  "Akari!  That's pretty funny.  But, the reason you didn't transform is that you screwed up the stroke order."

"I did?  Moe!  I usually use my regular cell phone to create characters."

Uta demonstrates to Takeuchi the stroke order.

"Okay.  Here I go."  Takeuchi again draws the character and turns it around.  She transforms in the same way into green color armor.

"Woah!  Did I do that?"

Riho nods.  "Of course you did, Idolger Green.  Now, let's leave it until tomorrow morning.  There are also really cool battle boasts that you guys will get to use."



Inside of a dark spooky looking castle a pipe organ is being played by a monster.  The monster is vaguely female looking and has common objects attached to her body that look like they are melting.

A second monster, who has books melting into his body, looks up from a book he is reading.  "Queen, you sound quite disturbing today as expected."

"Thank you, Jack.  So, Jack, is it true that King has authorized representatives to invade earth?"

"Yes, yes.  And, it is a lot of trouble as well trying to coordinate such a thing.  Actually, the first representative should be here shortly."

The door to the room opens to show a monster who has knives melting on him.  "Ho, ho, ho!  It is I, Chayume!"

"Chayume, the scales that balance the nightmare world and the waking world show that the waking world has all of the power.  How will you increase the nightmare power so that the nightmare world can absorb the waking world?"

"Just you watch.  It will be great!"

To be continued
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I will Watch it Read it for sure   XD :lol: :lol:
and It will be great for sure  :) :)
Good luck for the next chapter  :yossi: :yossi:

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Samurai Sentai Idolgers 3 - The Gathering - Part 3

Author's note: The special attacks and special slices that the Idolgers use are shouted in English.  The singing activations are in Japanese.

A Bamboo practice sword flies through the air.

"Itai!"  Akari holds her hand.

Uta bows contritely.  "I'm sorry!  Is there something I can do?"

Riho stamps her practice sword down.  "Uta!  Do not apologize to Akari.  Akari should apologize for her clumsiness."

Akari runs to pick up her practice sword.  "She just got lucky.  It won't happen again!"  Akari runs back and faces Uta in a start position.  Akari lunges and again Uta counters and sends Akari's sword flying.

"I'm ..."  Uta is cut off by Riho staring daggers at her.

"Akari, you have trained in sword fighting before, right?"

"When I was small."

Suddenly Riho scowl is replaced by a smile.  "Oh, I get it.  When you were shorter you had to reach farther to hit your opponent.  But now, your muscles remember the strike and since you are taller you are now reaching too far.  Try hitting Uta with the very tip of your practice sword and nothing else."

"Okay ..."  Akari looks dubious.  "Here I go."  Akari and Uta spar for thirty seconds.  Akari does not hit Uta but Akari does not have her practice sword stripped.

"Much better.  Keep at it."

"Sure, sure, Lord-kun."

Erina and Tomoko spar and reach a stalemate with both of them pushing against each other's practice swords at close range.

"Will Akari be okay?"

Erina grimaces in effort.  "I don't know.  She's the type of person who is her own worst enemy."

The two disengage.

Tomoko looks at Uta and Akari sparring.  "I hope we will be okay in combat."


A group of elementary school kids wearing bucket hats and backpacks walk home from school.

Chayume oozes up from a shadowed area of a street.  "Ha, ha, ha, it's time to give some kids some bad dreams."

Chayume pulls out a huge sword and charges the kids.  After some sword action that is too fast to follow the kids are unharmed but their clothes have small to medium size cuts in them.

One kid points at another and laughs.  "Your pants leg has a rip!"

"Oh yeah?  Your sleeve is ripped."


All five of the Idolgers feel their cell phone brushes vibrate.

Riho pulls out her phone and looks at the screen.  "Okay, no more practice.  This is the real thing.  Let's go!"



Chayume stalks another group of kids.  But, before it can attack some Kuroko appear carrying a white sheet held between two platforms.  (This allows some of the other Kuroko to escort the kids to safety.)  The Kuroko then circle the platforms around to reveal the Idolgers behind the sheet, still wearing their martial arts practice outfits.

Riho stares at the monster.  "Yume Kaitou, your ambition to give kids bad dreams ends here and now.  We are the Idolgers and we will stop you from doing whatever you want!"

"What?  The Idolgers exist in this age as well?  This is not fair."

The Idolgers use their brushes to write their special kanji's in the air.  They turn the kanji's around and transform.

"A Samurai of song and grace, Sayashi Riho, Idolger Red!"

"A Samurai of song and strength, Ikuta Erina, Idolger Blue!"

"A Samurai of song and beauty, Kanazawa Tomoko, Idolger Pink!"

"A Samurai of song and coolness, Takeuchi Akari, Idolger Green!"

"A Samurai of song and innocence, Shimamura Uta, Idolger Yellow!"

"By order of the emperor, we go forth!"

Chayume smirks.  "Samurai?  Sounds scary.  I should allow my minions to fight in my place."  Chayume makes some gestures and a bunch of minions (who look like guys wearing rubber monster suits and carrying swords) appear from the shadows.  "Attack!"

The minions charge but the Idolgers are not intimidated.  The Idolgers split up and take on the minions three at a time using acrobatics and sword play to keep the minions off guard.

Riho sees that Erina has her opponents at a disadvantage.  "Blue!  Use song-magic to power up now."

Erina holds up her sword and sings.  "Love!"  The sword starts shining.  "Ice shower storm!"  Erina swings around and ace shards spray from her sword.  The minions around her who are struck by the ice freeze in place.  "Love justice strike!"  Idolger Blue slices the air shooting out slashes of song-magic.  The frozen Minions turn into dust and blow away.

Riho shouts at Uta.  "Yellow, now you!"

Idolger Yellow nods.  She holds up her sword and sings.  "Truth!"  The sword starts shining.  "World shaking!"  Uta dramatically jabs the tip of the sword straight down into the ground.  Holes open up underneath the minions around Uta and swallow them halfway.  "Truth Imagination Strike!"  Uta slashes the air sending out slices of song-magic.  The trapped Minions also turn to dust and blow way.

Riho shouts at Akari.  "Green, now you!"

A hash tag appears on Akari's forehead.  Hey, I'm getting bullied here.  It's not like I can just drop my guard now.  But, I don't want to bring the team down.  I need a plan.  Akari, who up until now has been on the defensive, just blocking attacks, tries to focus.  Okay, they are slower than me, they have just been getting by because they outnumber me.  I have it!  Akari retreats to an alley.  The minions, because of the narrowness of the alley are forced to attack one at a time.  This allows Akari's offense to spring to life and in no time has knocked all three of the minions down.

Akari holds up her sword and sings: "Good Style!"  The sword starts shining.  Akari spins around with her sword behind her neck.  "Majestic Spreading!"  Trees grow from the ground and trap the minions with their branches.  "Good Style High Score Strike!"  Akari slashes the air sending out slices of song-magic.  The Minions trapped by the tree branches also turn to dust and blow way.

"Pink, now you!"

Tomoko nods.  She runs up a flight of stairs to create space.  She holds her sword up and sings: "Elegance!"  The sword starts shining.  Tomoko waves her sword back and forth in a fanning motion.  "Heaven's Whirlwind!"  A group of mini tornadoes appear and lift the Minions off the ground.  "Elegance Destruction Strike!"  Tomoko slashes the air sending out slices of song-magic.  The Minions trapped by the tornadoes also turn to dust and blow way.

Idolger Red confronts Chayume.  "Your tricks are over.  It is time you faced justice."

Chayume turns transparent.  "Sorry.  I would love to destroy all of you but dream time is over for me.  See you tomorrow!"  Chayume disappears.

The rest of the Idolger gather around Idolger Red.  They all untransform.

Tomoko looks puzzled.  "Why did it leave?"

Riho strikes a serious pose.  "The Yume Kaitou can only maintain their form in the waking world for so long.  It has gone back to the nightmare dimension to recharge."

Akari smiles.  "So, we get to relax until tomorrow?"

Riho stamps her foot.  "No!  This is where the real battle begins!  We now must complete an important task or the Yume Kaitou will become too powerful to defeat tomorrow!"

To be continued

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Before I post part 4, I should announce that all paring requests must be in by part 5.  The pairing requests can be for anything because part five will be focused on the Kuroko.  Since we haven't seen who any of the Kuroko are yet, any pairing can be accommodated.  But, after part 5 it will be harder to accept requests.

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Samurai Sentai Idolgers 4 - The Gathering - Part 4

Akari smiles.  "So, we get to relax until tomorrow?"

Riho stamps her foot.  "No!  This is where the real battle begins!  We now must complete an important task or the Yume Kaitou will become too powerful to defeat tomorrow!"

Erina bows down on one knee.  "My lord, what should we do?"

"We must help the victims of the Yume Kaitou.  Our reports say that many children had their clothing ripped.  We must comfort them.  If they are not comforted, then they may have nightmares and then the Yume Kaitou will be nearly unstoppable."

Akira face plants.  "What?  We have to cheer up a bunch of snot-nosed brats?"

Riho fidgets.  "Well, actually, I was hoping that you guys would take lead on this task.  I'm not really that comfortable around little kids."

Tomoko raises an eyebrow.  "Wait, aren't you supposed to be our leader?"

"Yes, but we're a team, right?"

Uta stamps her foot.  "Guys!  What is your problem?  Do you want to fight a super powered up monster or do you want to help some kids and then fight a weak monster?"

Akari turns up her nose.  "What's so hard about those monsters?  We kicked their butts."

Tomoko rolls her eyes.  "For you, wasn't it just barely getting by?  I agree with Uta.  If comforting kids makes our job easier, then we should do it."

Riho nods.  "Good.  The Kuroko will lead us to the victims."


The Idolgers, now back in their practice outfits, are lead by the Kuroko to a school gym where the kids who had their clothes ripped are crying.

Suddenly the children start crying harder.

Riho sees that their parents are also there.  "Are they okay?"

One kid whispers to her mother.

"She's afraid of the guys in black clothes."

The Kuroko face plant.

The mother comforts the child.  "There, there.  Everyone in town knows the Kuroko.  They are good people."

The kid looks less than convinced.

One of the Kuroko gestures that he has an idea.  He goes one of the backpacks that the Kuroko use to transport the platforms and sheets and pulls out a boom box.  The Kuroko line up and then start dancing to "Men in Black".

The children start laughing.

Riho huddles the Idolgers.  "Now, who is good with children?"

Uta raises her hand.  "I think I am."

"Good here's the plan. ..."

The music ends.  The Kuroko and the kids slap high fives.

Uta walks up to the kids in a lion outfit.  She holds the costume's head instead of putting it on.  "Hey, who wants to play dress up?"

The kids enthusiastically indicate that they want to.

"Great!  We have brought a lot of costumes.  Follow me."  Uta takes one step and then takes a pratfall.

The kids howl with laughter.

"You don't have to fall like that to play."


The Idolgers eat dinner back at the manor.

Akari stretches.  "Hey, that looked like a lot of fun and the kids seemed to enjoy it, but was there really a point to what we did?"

Hitomi-jiya slams her fan on the ground.  "The Yume Kaitou thrive off of the energy created by nightmares.  One of the most common nightmares is being naked in public.  The Yume Kaitou you fought today was trying to cause those kids to have that particular nightmare by ripping their clothes.  By having them put costumes on over their ripped clothes I think that we probably prevented them from having that nightmare."

Akari ponders this and then gets a devilish look.  "But, what if we did more harm than good?  Maybe they will have nightmares about guys in black outfits and lions that take pratfalls."

Hitomi-jiya nods.  "That is indeed possible.  But, such nightmares, although they aid the nightmare dimension in general, will not help that Yume Kaitou in particular.  The nightmare dimension will always get energy from humans, that cannot be helped.  But, we can prevent a particular monster from powering up off a particular type of energy."

"What if they did power up?"

"You would feel ten times as futile fighting a powered up Yume Kaitou as opposed to the futility you felt today against three minions."

"Moe.  So, I got off to a slow start."

Riho clears her throat.  "Akari, let's have less excuses and more seriousness in practice?"

"Yeah, yeah, lord-kun."

Hitomi-jiya smacks Akari with her fan.


The Idolgers and the Kuroko gather at the place where the Yume Kaitou first appeared.

Riho takes on a serious look.  "Be careful.  They are pretty punctual and will appear the today at the same time that they appeared yesterday."

The Yume Kaitou raises up from a shadow.  "What happened to my energy?  I feel weak!"

The Idolgers transform.

Idolger Red points her sword at the Chayume.  "Sorry, we made sure that none of your induced nightmares happened.  Now, prepare to face justice!"

"This isn't fair."

Idolger Red holds her sword up and sings: "Dedication!"  Riho's sword glows red.  "Inferno Ring!"  A ring of fire encircles Chayume preventing it from moving.  "Dedication Concentration Strike!"  Idolger Red slashes the air sending strikes of song-magic at Chayume.  Chayume freezes in place.

Riho huddles the Idolgers.  "Okay.  The clock is now ticking.  We have two minutes to find the correct chord to stop this Yume Kaitou for good."

Idolger Blue nods.  "All of the chords are in 'C', right?"


Idolger Pink thinks for a second.  "And, the name of the chord is supposed to be associated with the appearance of the Yume Kaitou?"


Idolger Green strikes a superior pose.  "I have it.  Look at all the blades melting on the Yume Kaitou's body.  His chord is C-sharp."

Idol Yellow cocks her head.  "Is that allowed?"

Idolger Red nods.  "Yes.  'C' chords typically have three to four notes and the different styles of chords depend on the flatting or sharping of the notes.  We can flat or sharp the first note as well."

The Idolgers nod.

"Yellow - C-sharp.  Blue and Pink - E-sharp.  Green - G-sharp.  I will take C-sharp up an octave.  Got it?"


They sing the chord and Chayume explodes.

Idolger Red turn away dramatically and puts her sword back in its sheath.  "And thus, another chapter comes to a close."


The Idolgers practice sword fighting under they eye of Riho and Hitomo-Jiya.

"Lord, I do not know how you tolerate Green calling you 'Lord-kun'.  If I was in your position she would be getting the thrashing of a lifetime.  I'm sure your ancestors do not approve."

"Jiya, my ancestors want us to protect the city.  The members of the Idolgers are not the same and should not be expected to all act the same.  Let's wait and see if Akari can find her own path to becoming a Samurai."
"As you wish, lord."

To be continued

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Samurai Sentai Idolgers - Chapter 5 - Omake - 2015.05.22
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Samurai Sentai Idolgers 5 - The Gathering - Part 5 - Omake - The Kanpai Kuroko After Five!

On the door of a booth in a karaoke pub are several wards with the kanji for "evil spirits begone".

A waiter opens the door.  "You orders have arrived!"

On the wall of the booth hang five matching black Kuroko outfits.  The Kuroko, in street clothes, greet the waiter enthusiastically.

"Please enjoy."  The waiter leaves.


Fukumura Mizuki puts down her glass of beer.  "A successful mission everyone.  I am so proud of your all!"

The group taps their glasses together.

"So, Sayuki, how are you enjoying being a Kuroko?"

Taguki Sayuki blushes.  "It was amazing!  When I was training to be a Kuroko I had to do many things that I didn't understand the importance of, like doing that dance.  But, now it all makes sense!"

Mizuki nods.  "Great.  Now, please tell everyone how you were picked to be a Kuroko and then we will tell you how we were picked."

"I'm not sure it is an interesting story.  The invitation just came one day, I really don't know why I was picked."

"Did you ever audition to be an idol?"

"Yes.  I made the semi-finals for the Juice ni Juice first generation audition."

Suzuki's Kanon's eye's light up.  "Oh my god!  Were you in the same group as Kanazawa-san?"

Sayuki looks sad.  "No.  Now, I thought that I did okay on the audition but the producers were really looking for tall girls."

Kanon nods.  "Yeah, Kanazawa-san, Miyazuki-san and Uemura-chan were all tall.  That's why they were chosen for first gen."

"I got to hang out with Miyazuki-san, but that is a close as I got to the idol world before now."

Mizuki nods.  "Just to let you in on the secret, Hitomi-jiya has many contacts in the idol world through her period home business.  Many popular idols do period dramas here so the producers all try to stay on her good side.  They even show her audition footage so that Hitomi-jiya can give them tips on which girls to pick for the dramas."


"Most of us here are people who failed auditions."

Iikubo Haruna butts in.  "Don't let Mizuki-san's modesty fool you.  She was an idol."

"Haruna-kun, did what I did really count?"

"Sayuki, Mizuki was in a group called the Amulets.  They did an anime opening for a kids show."

"She did?"

"Sure.  Falling down, hole in one, take me to wonderland."

"Haruna!  There's no way that Sayuki could have heard that song.  It was so long ago."

Sayuki lights up.  "I remember it."

Mizuki blushes.  "How embarrassing."

Haruna waves her hand.  "It's okay.  The song was good for a bunch of sixth graders."

Sayuki nudges Mizuki.  "So, what happened after that?"

"Nothing.  The agency was pretty zero budget.  They didn't want to build stars or train girls.  Several years later I tried out for Morning Musume.  I made the finals with Idolger Blue, Ikuta Erina.  But the competition was too strong that year."

"Kanon nods.  Yeah, There was no way you were going to get through Kikkawa Yuu, Ikuta-san, and Mori Saki.  That was just bad luck."

Sayuki fidgets.  "So, are you happy now that you get to look over Blue?"

Mizuki blushes.  "Actually, I am a Takeuchi wota.  Before she was in ANGERME she was in the same agency I was in.  She did the opening theme for the Oden anime.   Unfortunately, it was two years after I left, so I doubt if she would realize the connection.  In a way, it is better that I watch over Blue.  If I watched over Green I think I would be too nervous and I could not concentrate."

Sauki turns to Kanon.  "So, what about you Kanon?"

Kanon frowns.  "It was a pretty tough experience.  I tried out for second generation Juice ni Juice.  I thought I had a really good chance but I lost out in the end to Miyamoto Karin.  Now, whenever I see one of their videos I imagine myself in Karin's part."

Sayuki gets embarrassed and changes the subject.  "What about you, Yuki?  You've been kind of quiet."

"Me?  I was just trying to get my share of kushiyaki before Mizuki and Kanon got started."

"Did you audition to be an idol?"

Uozumi Yuki giggles.  "Me?  Naw.  I never wanted to have to stay that slim."

Kanon and Mizuki give Yuki the evil eye.  "Are you trying to imply something?"

"I just think that it's odd that you two thought you could have won an audition without dieting ahead of time."

Mizuki turns up her nose.  "I'll have you know that Kikkawa Yuu was way bigger than me at the audition."

"And, that lasted all of six months.  After that she was standard idol size."

Kanon sticks her tongue out.  "Meanie!"

Sayuki butts in.  "So, how did you wind up here?"

"I am from this town.  I've known Hitomi-jiya for a long time.  She is a friend of my family."

Sayuki notices out of the corner of her eye that Kanon and Mizuki are discreetly stuffing their mouths with the grilled meat and vegetable skewers.

"We also used to play guitar together, so it just seemed natural that I would work for her when I grew up."

"Awesome!"  Sayuki turns to Haruna.  "What about you?"

"I was a model before coming here.  I was an extra on one the period dramas shot here so Hitomi-jiya knew of me because of that."

"And, you never tried out to be an idol?"

Haruna looks down at her chest.  "I think I am missing something.  My body is more suited for being a model, honestly."

"How sad.  Well, at least I am glad that I wasn't missing something."

Yuki starts giggling.

"What?"  Sayuki points to her chest.  I'm not missing anything."

"Maybe so, but, really, you don't look like an idol at all."


"You look like a little kid in an adult's body.  You look like a baby monkey."

"Yuki!"  Mizuki throws a napkin at her.  "You'll have to forgive her.  Once she takes one sip of sake she turns into a poisoned tongued tyrant."

Yuki looks ashamed.  "Sorry."

Sayuki laughs.  "It's okay.  Plenty of my classmates would give me bananas."


"So, do you have a favorite Idolger, Yuki?"

"No.  They're alright, I guess.  And, I will strive to help them the best I can.  But, I don't fangirl any of them like these wota."  Yuki gestures to the other three girls.

Sayuki nods.  "Well, Mizuki, you said that you liked Green.  Kanon, what about you?"

"I tried out for Juice ni Juice because of Kanazawa-san, so Pink."

"And, Haruna?"

"Blue and I were in the same modeling agency before she joined Morning Musume, so I am loyal to my girl.  Now, Sayuki, you seem satisfied with our answers.  Are we not conflicting with your favorite?"

Sayuki smiles.  "Correct.  I really like Yellow.  She was so cute in her only single.  I feel I should support her since she lost so much."

Yuki giggles.  "Well, on the other hand, she didn't stay around long enough to screw up."

"Meanie!"  Sayuki slaps Yuki on the shoulder.

Mizuki smiles and whispers to Kanon.  "I think we have a lively group."

To be continued
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Re: Samurai Sentai Idolgers - Chapter 5 - Omake - 2015.05.22
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An "eyecatch"?  Idolger Green, hard at work(?)

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