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Author Topic: The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)  (Read 5117 times)

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The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)
« on: February 25, 2018, 03:05:44 PM »
Hello, H!P Fanfic Section! I haven't been around in a very long time. It's almost been 10 years since I joined this community. In commemoration, I thought I would write again and post it in the section of this awesome forum where I first posted first. It's a shame I never finished the fics I started here. All of them were ambitious works that I had hoped would make me worthy of writing in the presence of the fic-writing greats whose works I read and enjoyed here during the early years of my fandom in H!P. I might finish them but it is more likely that I would leave their continuations and endings to your imagination.

Thanks to this section, I became part of :hipheart: . For that I am eternally grateful.

Here is a MaaDuu fic I wrote to cope with the fact that it's kind of over. I hope you guys enjoy this less ambitious, more grounded piece. It still has all the tropes and trappings of a traditional rabu-rabu ship fic.


The Long Walk Home

She looked up. The girl standing before her was unflinching.

“I told you, I can go home alone. You didn’t have to wait for me.” She tried to speak sternly so as to emphasize her point but her voice inevitably cracked.

The girl, with hand still extended to her, replied. “I promised that I would see you home.”

“What good are promises now, anyway?” she muttered almost inaudibly but with some bitterness. She was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, hugging her own knees to her chest. She wanted to be left alone. She had always been left alone to her devices. Why wasn’t she being left alone now?

There was always someone else for the girl to pay attention to. It was never her. There was always someone else—someone this girl would look after. It used to be just the two of them, or four, depending on the circumstance. She used to be the only one but things changed—not just in general, but between them.

Now, everyone else had gone home. Was that why the girl could see her again? That there was no one else for her to give her attention to?

“Is that what this is about?” The girl replied. That was a futile question. The girl understood.

How many more of them would make promises to her only to break them? She had always believed them and they always failed. While it was understandable that
things were always changing, especially in their group, it had come to a point where promises to stay were pointless because they were all bound to leave sooner or later. She was innocent and pure in that way. However, she could only take so much before she learned to adapt to this system of change. She had grown up, somewhat, in that respect.

“You have to go home yourself. I won’t burden you further.” She said, wringing her hands.

“Let’s go?” The girl’s gentle tone surprisingly did not change.

She expected that the girl would be frustrated with her by now. If that was the case, the girl was very skilled in concealing it. Perhaps that was why the girl knew she could make a name for herself as an actress.

The girl knelt on one knee, the same hand still outstretched and offered to her. “Maachan.”

The deep timbre of the girl’s voice was the one thing that could break her resolve. Besides, she really did have to go home. She finally took the hand, looking away to stop the tears that were about to fall.


The two stood silently in the subway, Masaki’s hand still in Haruka’s. There were few people on the train given that the rush hour had passed. Neither of them took a seat even though empty seats were abundant. It was uncomfortable. It felt somewhat imposed but Haruka knew it was the only way that they could be alone. They had to be alone so they could talk. However, neither of them was talking.

Haruka had not let go of her hand since holding it at the studio except when they entered the gates at the train station and when they transferred to the subway. She would not let go and even when she did, she managed to catch Masaki’s hand right away.

This felt both familiar and alien to Masaki all at once. She knew how Haruka’s hand felt. Six years of constant companionship did that but there was something about her grasp that felt different. Besides, that constant companionship has come to an end. Perhaps it felt different because they were now, in fact, different.

For all the fights they had especially in the earlier part of their time together, Masaki felt that Haruka was the only one who really understood her. Everyone else merely accepted that she was strange without trying to comprehend her thoughts. Haruka understood her. Haruka understood enough to explain what she said to other people in words they could understand.

Masaki’s thoughts were only broken by a sudden tug. They were almost at her stop.

“You didn’t have to come with me.” She said. Finally breaking their hour-long silence.

“I told you I would.” Haruka answered firmly. She didn’t look at Masaki as she pulled her by the hand and off the train.

They fell into silence again as they got out of the train station. Haruka only let go of her hand again to pass the gate and immediately held it again after.

Just a few meters away from the station, Masaki blurted out in confused frustration or frustrated confusion or both. “What are you trying to do here? I told you Masa can go home alone. Masa is okay. Duu doesn’t have to pretend to be nice to Masa anymore!”

“Why do you think I’m pretending?” Haruka calmly replied.

“Because,” Masaki paused. “Because you did! Because you do! When we were in Morning, when camera-san comes—“

“Were you pretending?” Haruka interjected, still calm and composed.

“Duu should know.” Masaki replied, deflated.

“If Maachan wasn’t pretending, why would you think I was?” Haruka pulled Masaki in the direction of her house. She knew the way as she had gone there several times. Six years of constant companionship did that. “It’s getting late and it’s pretty cold out here. Best we get you home soon.” Haruka shifted her hand so that their fingers were entwined.

They walked along the streets to Masaki’s block.

Masaki tried to pull her hand away but Haruka tightened her grip.

“There are so many things I’ve wanted to tell you.” Haruka said with a sigh, keeping her eyes on the road.

“Then just tell me.” Masaki snappily and sharply answered, suddenly stopping in her stride.

Haruka turned to look at her.

Masaki’s heart skipped a beat.

Haruka pulled her by the shoulder with her free hand. “I think I’m in love with you.”

Masaki shrugged hard to free her shoulder from Haruka’s hold. “Why are you telling me this now? Now when I can’t see you anymore? Now when—“

“Now when camera-san can’t catch me.” Haruka cut her off. “Now when the others can’t see us. Now when they can’t tell me that I can’t love you—that we can’t love each other.” Haruka paused for a quick second, breaking the rhythm of her speech. “You do, don’t you?”

“Does it even matter now?” Masaki fought to not cry. She was losing the battle hard.

“It matters now more than ever.” Haruka said, her resolve getting stronger. “It matters to me.”

Masaki bowed her head fell into Haruka’s chest. She really couldn’t stop crying. She could only try to keep Haruka from seeing her face. She had no words and even if she did her brain could not cooperate.

Haruka pulled her in closer in an embrace as Masaki sobbed on her shoulder.

Haruka kissed her on the head to comfort her. “Don’t be afraid. I am here.”

She felt Masaki’s arm wrap around her waist, seeking support as she felt her knees getting weak, reciprocating to her embrace. She was shaking.

Haruka was relieved. “Let’s get you home now, okay?” she softly whispered.

Masaki would not budge. “Can’t we stay like this a little longer?”

“Okay.” Haruka patted her on the head and gently planted a kiss on her forehead. As cars cautiously passed them by on the narrow street, their headlights flashing as they drove away.

After a few minutes, the weight on Haruka’s chest and shoulder lightened as Masaki stepped back and released Haruka’s waist from her arm. Masaki started walking home again in silence and with Haruka’s hand still entwined with hers, pulled her along.

Haruka was not surprised, even though she was still bothered, that Masaki had not said a word since she broke the embrace. She was in limbo as to where this was all going to lead. She didn’t know exactly how Masaki felt. Normally, she would have just asked but she was afraid of what the answer could be.

After the last corner to turn, they found themselves outside Masaki’s house. As Masaki was feeling her pocket for her keys, Haruka asked “Can I have some water? It was a pretty long walk to your house.”

Masaki answered, “I told you, you didn’t have to take me home,” as she turned the key. “Come in.”

They entered the house quietly. Masaki’s parents were both in the living room, watching TV.

“I’m home.” She said. “Haha, Chichi, Duu is here with me but she is leaving soon.”

Masaki’s father looked behind to greet them. “I would stand up but my leg is cramping up.” He said with a hearty laugh. “Welcome home, Masaki. Welcome, Haruka-chan.”

“Ah, welcome home.” Her mother stood up from the couch. “Hello, Haruka-chan. Would you like something to eat? Masaki didn’t tell us you were coming.”

“Good evening,” she greeted with a bow, “a glass of water would be alright.”

“I said she was leaving soon.” Masaki protested, slightly glaring at Haruka.

Her mother went and made the table for them two. “Nonsense. She brought you all the way here. That’s not very polite.” She said gently. “Haruka-chan, please excuse the food. We really weren’t expecting anyone.”

“It’s alright. It was a sudden decision for us, too.” She answered politely.

Masaki crossed her arms but conceded to defeat as she led Haruka to the table. Haruka watched her for any change in her behavior but she was really hard to read. Perhaps harder to read now than before.

With a smile she thanked Masaki’s mother as she took her place at the dining table.

“How has it been since your graduation? Our Masaki here was crying so hard when she came home from the last concert.” Masaki’s mother asked while she was setting the food on the table. Curry rice and fried chicken.

“We started shooting two days ago. It’s somewhat similar but also very different from what we did in the group.” Haruka graciously replied.

Masaki’s face was a mix between happy and blank. Haruka really couldn’t tell what was going on in her head. Perhaps the happy face was for her mother and the blank face was for Haruka. It could be the other way around but that was unlikely after what had transpired between them earlier.

Masaki took her place across from Haruka as that was where her mother set the plate. She refused to look at Haruka, making small talk with her mother about work and the train ride home.

“There. Enjoy your meal. I’ll leave you and Masaki to yourselves. I can take care of the dishes later.” She said as she took off her apron and went back to watching TV on the couch.

Haruka watched her walk away. “Thank you so much.”

They didn’t speak as they ate. Masaki’s mother gave them a big helping. It was a simple but hearty meal. They were sitting right across from each other but their eyes just wouldn’t meet. It was mostly Masaki just looking down at her food while Haruka glanced at her while chewing.

As they were about to finish their meal, Haruka said softly, “We need to talk, you know?”

Masaki didn’t say a word but took her bowl right after Haruka laid her chopsticks across its mouth. She brought all the dishes to the sink and began washing them. She was clearly looking for a way out.

“Maachan.” Haruka called to her desperately. Walking over beside her at the sink.

“It’s really late, isn’t it?” Masaki went on, still not looking at her, not even in her general direction.

“About what I said.” Haruka pushed on.

“Are you going to take it back now?” Masaki said coldly.

“No.” Haruka said with a sigh. She was getting frustrated but she knew she had to remain level-headed. Her success depends on her alone. She wasn’t going to lose. “Talk to me please.”

Masaki walked away from the sink, back to the living area where her parents were still watching TV. “Duu and I will be in my room and Haha, I already washed the dishes so you won’t have to.”

“Thank you, Masaki.” Her mother turned to look at her and cheerfully replied. “You’ve really grown up now, haven’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes, Haha.” She answered matching her mother’s enthusiasm.

“But it’s getting really late. Why don’t we have Haruka-chan stay the night? Surely you can lend her some clothes to sleep in.” Her mother said, concerned for the younger girl’s safety.

Before Masaki could respond, Haruka replied “Is it alright, Okusan? I don’t want to bother you anymore.”

“Come now, Haruka-chan. It’s not the first time you’re sleeping over. Just don’t forget to tell your parents.” Masaki’s mother reminded her.

“Yes. Thank you so much, Kyo, Okusan. I’m very sorry to bother you.” Haruka bowed low in gratitude. From her peripheral view, she could tell that Masaki was not pleased.

Masaki’s father waved his hand in approval, still unable to move because of his cramped leg.

“Yes, we’ll go to my room now.” Masaki went on up the stairs to her room.

Haruka was relieved that Masaki didn’t protest any more. They had privacy and all night to talk.


This will probably go on for a few more. I just couldn't keep myself from writing and posting. I hope that was a satisfying, albeit brief, read.

Comments are still very much welcome.

Thank you.
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Re: The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2018, 03:35:26 PM »
This is quite interesting from you and since you haven't written in a while either  :nervous

It was bittersweet between the two although can't wait for the rest
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2018, 02:04:25 PM »
I made some corrections to the /chapter/ above. I'm sorry for the careless errors. I will do my best to avoid them. This fic is so much harder to write than I thought. MaaDuu is way more complex and ambiguous than IshiYoshi, I realized.

The Long Walk Home

“What more do we have to talk about?” Masaki curtly asked as she closed the door.

“I…” Haruka fell silent. “I don’t know.” She realized she hadn’t thought this through. She expected quite a different outcome from what actually happened. Honestly, though, was there any way to have predicted how her confession would have turned out? This was Maachan. 

Masaki’s façade quickly fell. “Me neither. Wait here.” Masaki went out to get a futon and pillows from her parents' room. Haruka took the chance to send mail to her parents that she was staying over at Masaki’s house. It’s not like anyone could do anything about it at this point.

“Mou, Duu.” She cried out in frustration. “What are we going to do now, Duu?” She put the pillows on her own bed as she laid out the futon on the floor. “Did you really have to tell me that? On the street? During the walk home? At all?” She grabbed the pillows from her bed and handed them to Haruka.

Haruka knelt by the futon to lay it evenly flat on the floor as she set the pillows in place. “Would you rather that I didn’t tell you?”

Masaki paused. “You should take a bath before you go to bed. I’ll take mine after.” Masaki evaded the question. She needed time to think. She began to open her wardrobe to get Haruka some sleeping clothes. “Is a T-shirt and sweatpants okay?” She pulled them out without waiting for a response.

“You really don’t want to talk, do you?” Haruka scratched her head as Masaki handed the clothes to her and rushed out of the room to get her a towel.

“Don’t take too long, okay?” Masaki said, ignoring the question, standing by the door, towel in hand, waving goodbye, and sending Haruka out of her room.

“Yes…” Haruka answered in defeat as she took the towel and walked off to the bathroom.

As soon as she closed the bathroom door, Masaki shut the door to her room and leaned her back and rested her head against it. It was hard to not cry since she stepped away from Haruka’s embrace.

She knew what she had always wanted to hear and after so many disappointments she finally heard it. However, that didn’t really change anything. It didn’t change how much it hurt her when Haruka always chose someone else, regardless of the reasons she said earlier. It didn’t change how Masaki herself might have hurt others in response to what she thought was Haruka’s rejection.

“Everyone was really very kind to me.” She whispered to herself. That thought made it impossible for her to not cry. She really did love Haruka. She loved her so much that it made everyone else invisible to her. “What should I do now? What should I do?” She shut her eyes to think deeply about the situation.

After agonizing over what she should do for what seemed to be forever, she heard Haruka’s steps from the bathroom. She scampered away from the door and sat at her desk under her bed, trying to act like she had been doing something else.

“Ah, you’re back.” She started as Haruka opened the door.

“Un.” Haruka responded as she was drying her hair with a towel.

“It’s my turn now.” She went to her wardrobe again to get sleeping clothes for herself. “You can turn the light off to sleep. I’ll find my way to the bed without stepping on you even with the lights off.” She said as she stepped out of her room. “Don’t wait for me, okay? I might take a while.”

“You are avoiding talking with me, right?” Haruka said flatly, still sounding defeated.

“What?” Masaki miserably tried to act startled. “No. It just can’t be helped. It’s been a long day, right? Good night.” She said cheerfully as she closed the door behind her and went to the bathroom.

“Mou. That girl is the end of me.” Haruka sighed to herself, although ending up with a smile. “Things like this need time, I guess.” As she sat down on the futon she started thinking about what really just happened and wondered what Masaki thought and felt.

Masaki was a very honest and expressive girl. So much so that it’s unbelievable how people could misunderstand her. Perhaps that was why they couldn’t get her.
People are so used to politeness that they thoughtlessly conceal the truth behind gestures of respect. Masaki’s honesty was unbridled except by fear of being scolded. Her upbringing was probably so unlike Haruka’s. However, Haruka did understand. At least she understood way more than others. Why was that? Or did she really?

Comments are welcome.

Thank you.
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Re: The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)
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The Long Walk Home

Haruka looked down at the futon on the floor and sighed deeply. What could she have done differently? When she told her generation-mates of her graduation, she waited for a violent response from Maachan but she didn’t get any. Was that a trick in her book? Haruka didn’t think Maachan would have thought of such a metaphor. She had always seemed to speak her mind albeit in an unorganized manner, but her mind, nonetheless. Besides, Maachan responded positively to her confession, didn’t she? Should Haruka have pushed for a response then and there so that Maachan wouldn’t have had the time to brew over what had been said?

“Well, it’s too late for that now.” Haruka knelt by the futon and set the two pillows provided her in place. She thought about what she really wanted to tell Maachan. Earlier, she said there were a lot of things. But thinking about it now, nothing really came to mind. She wanted to tell Maachan how she felt and she had done that. What else was there for her to say? That she would still be there for Maachan even if they weren’t working together anymore? That if Maachan didn’t feel the same way they could still be friends? If that happened, could they still really be friends? Then again, Haruka was still let in to Maachan’s house after that confession, so it might be alright to guess that they could.

Haruka got back on her feet and walked over to the switch to turn the lights off. She guessed that Maachan would never come back into the room until she thought that Haruka was already asleep. She might as well play along. She will get her the chance to talk to Maachan somehow.

Haruka took her place and sat in a comfortable position. She didn’t know how long Maachan would make her wait.

Maachan turned the light in the hallway off momentarily as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom. The lights in her room had been turned off, it appeared. She sighed, whether in relief or disappointment she wasn’t sure. She kind of hoped Duu would stay up and wait for her but she was also kind of glad that any form of confrontation could be avoided. Her mind had been all over the place. And taking a bath didn’t really help her much in organizing her thoughts and feelings.
Maachan, carefully pushed the door open to make as little noise as possible. She looked down at the form in the futon and as she predicted, Haruka seemed to be asleep. Maachan knew how quickly Haruka would doze off the moment she laid down.

She took the six steps between the door and the ladder to her bed when she was surprised to have kicked something by the foot of the ladder.

“Ouch.” Haruka’s voice said softly.

“Eh?!” Maachan exclaimed.

“I’m here.” Haruka said.

Maachan was about to run back to the switch to turn on the light when Haruka managed to hold her by the arm. “That is unnecessary. We’re just going to talk. If you can hear me, then that is okay.”

Maachan stopped resisting but remained standing. “I can hear you.”

“Are you okay?” Haruka asked.

Maachan was quiet for almost a whole minute. “I don’t know, Duu. How should I feel?”

With her hand still holding on to Maachan’s arm, Haruka stood up. She could hear the soft sniffles Maachan was making.

“Why did you tell me now, Duu?” Maachan couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. Nobody could see them anyway. “Isn’t this too late?” She tried to pull her arm out of Haruka’s grasp but she hung on. “I don’t know what to believe anymore.” Her knees weakened but Duu caught her just when she was about to collapse. “I don’t want to believe you anymore.” She cried into Duu’s chest.

“But you do, don’t you? You believed me when I told you I’m in love with you.” Haruka tried to sound confident as she shifted her arm to pull Maachan closer to her.

Maachan didn’t move. She didn’t pull away but she didn’t reciprocate either. “You said that you thought you were... That’s not the same, is it?”

“I’m not playing games.”

“Neither is Masa.” Her tone was serious but weak. “What do you want from me?”

“I want us. You and me. Together.” Haruka said desperately.

Maachan gathered all her strength, pulled her arm out of Duu's hand and took a step back. “You say it like it’s so easy when you’ve never said anything like it before. There were so many times I hoped it was going to be me. That the answer was going to be Maachan.” She crossed her arms, almost hugging herself. “How many times do you want to break my heart?” Maachan ultimately slumped on the floor, Haruka unable to help her. “My heart was crying out to you and you didn’t hear it. Now you want to have it? How is that fair, Duu? You always knew. And you always ran.”

“Maachan… I’m sorry.”

Comments are welcome.

Thank you.
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Re: The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2018, 08:25:38 AM »
I just wanted to say I love this pairing and the fic! :mon inluv:
I love how capture the complexity of MaaDuu's relationship. :mon thumb:
I shall keep reading and waiting for more! :mon cute:

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Re: The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)
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^Thank you for your kind words.

It is really difficult to imagine what those two would do (Duu!) and say.

The Long Walk Home

“After all of that, after everything…” Masaki sobbed on the floor, her legs folded to her sides, her hands by her knees. She cried in the darkness.

Haruka herself slowly fell to the floor, almost kneeling before Masaki. “What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know!” Masaki answered, frustrated and confused.

“You don’t want… to be with me…?” Haruka asked, cautious and somewhat afraid.

Masaki didn’t move. Not an inch. She didn’t say a word. All that Haruka could hear was her breathing.

Masaki knew Duu cared about her. Duu always watched out for her. Duu encouraged her when she was down. Duu forgave her when she acted selfishly. Duu understood her when no one else could. Duu loved her, she knew, just not in the way or degree that she wanted. Or so she thought. But she also recalled all those times that she held out her hands out to Duu. She remembered that last concert. She thought of all the times Duu accepted her embrace awkwardly. There were times it appeared that Haruka only accepted because the cameras were running and the other members were around, just to keep the peace. Of course, there were times Haruka accepted them sincerely and sometimes, Haruka even offered them herself. But it never felt like it had the level of affection she craved or needed.

“Maachan…” Haruka’s voice got weaker.

Time passed immeasurably between the two. Niether of them could tell how long they were again in silence.

Masaki’s tears had dried. She finally stood up, carefully, watching her back. “You need to rest. Masa, too. Excuse me.” She walked around Haruka and climbed up the ladder to her bed. “I’m sorry. Masa can’t give you… an answer… now. Please go to sleep. We both have work tomorrow. Good night, Duu.” Masaki laid down on her bed, facing the wall, and closed her eyes tight.

Haruka, feeling defeated, crawled to and into the futon. “I’m sorry, Maachan. I hurt you.” She rearranged the pillows to properly accommodate her. She laid flat on her back, staring at the ceiling. “Good night, Maachan. I really love you. Please believe me.”

No more words were spoken as they both struggled to fall asleep.

Maachan awoke to the buzzing of her phone. 4:00 a.m. It’s time to go for a walk.

It was difficult at first. The pain in her spine could end her walks within 15 minutes. It took a while for her to be able to keep at it for the prescribed period of two hours. But it was the only way she could stay in Morning Musume. It was the only way she could go back to Duu. Even when she just didn’t want to move because of the pain, she forced herself up, out and walking. She fought hard. To regularly meet with her physical therapist four times a week, she had to give up free time. It was time she used to spend on making her own music. She hasn’t completed a song in a long while. But she did what was necessary so she could be with Duu again. But after her struggle, Duu just decided to leave.

She looked down at the futon from her bed. She was surprised to find the futon folded neatly, with the pillows piled up on it and the clothes she lent Duu last night also folded, beside them.

“Duu… is gone.” She checked her phone for any messages from Duu but there was none. She rushed down the ladder and changed into her walking clothes. She hung her headphones around her neck and put her phone in her pocket.

She went to their kitchen right away to see if Duu was there.

“Ah, Masaki. Good morning.” Her mother greeted her.

“Good morning, Hahaue.” She approached her mother to kiss her good morning. She paused awkwardly before asking. “Hahaue… did Duu… leave?”

“Hm? She didn’t tell you she was leaving?” Her mother was quite perplexed. “She left about 15 minutes ago. She said she had to go to location very early. I thought you woke her up.” Her mother poured her a glass of water. “Are you two okay?”

“Yes, Hahaue. She mentioned she had to get up early today. I just overslept.” Masaki lied.

“Oh well. She probably didn’t want to disturb you in your sleep. You have rehearsals today, don’t you? You better get walking now. Watch your posture and pace, okay?”

Masaki drank the whole glass of water in one go. “Yes, Hahaue.” She wiped the corner of her mouth with a table napkin before getting on her feet and heading out the door. “See you later.” She put on her headphones and started up her walking playlist.

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Re: The Long Walk Home (MaaDuu)
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Final part!

The Long Walk Home

As soon as their front door shut behind her, Masaki began to think. She hated it. She hated thinking. She hated the sound of her own voice in her head. But she couldn’t stop it once it started. Especially when she thought about Duu. Everything else just became irrelevant or invisible.

She crossed the narrow streets without looking either way. She didn’t care how dangerous it could be given what time it was and the fact that she was wearing a black parka. It was just her, her Senheisers, Ariana Grande and Duu.

She didn’t want to admit it but she really had been feeling guilty about how she had treated Duu. She knew how much thought Duu puts into her actions. She was a really sensible girl. That’s probably why she could understand Masaki. As Masaki thought back on their times together, for all the times that they fought, it was more often that Duu apologized to her than the other way around. Even for the times when she was just being over-sensitive. Even through the times that Duu had been mean to their other generation-mates, Duu was always kinder, gentler and more understanding with her.

She also didn’t want to admit how happy she was when Duu confessed her love last night. Duu’s voice kept playing over and over in her mind, drowning out “Focus” by Ariana.

She thought that saying out loud that MaaDuu was over would prod Duu to protest and argue that it wasn’t over. She was really disappointed when Duu didn’t. She thought it meant nothing to Duu. Was being caught really that big of a deal to Duu? It wasn’t like Duu wasn’t affectionate to anyone else. They could have always said that it was just friendship between them. Like with everyone else. Was it because Masaki herself was bad at hiding her feelings? Heck, even Tsunku♂-san could see it and they barely ever saw him at all. Then again, they were an idol group. Dating wasn’t allowed. Their fans see everything. Was that the problem?

Masaki was so lost in her own thoughts but she went through her regular route by muscle memory or instinct or whatever. She didn’t notice that she was being followed since she passed by the local Family Mart.

Duu apologized to her again last night. Did Duu really hurt her? As far as Masaki was concerned, she knew she was hurt but was it really Duu who hurt her or was it because she was over-thinking everything. She already tried to keep her distance from Duu after the announcement of her graduation to lessen her attachment and to train herself for when Duu would leave her but at the first sign of affection from Duu, she would find herself running back and holding on tighter.

With her thoughts and Bruno Mars creating a cacophony between her Senheisers, she couldn’t hear that deep, husky voice calling out her name as she was about to cross the street.

Haruka ran to close the distance between them, grabbed Masaki by the shoulders and pulled her back to the sidewalk as a speeding motorcycle drove past Masaki, missing her by half a foot. A strong cold wind mixed with motorcycle exhaust blew past her face.

Masaki froze from shock. She was so used to safety on the streets, she forgot that random assholes could pop up and drive by anytime.

Haruka went in front of her, still gasping for air from that unexpected run.

Masaki hugged Duu tightly. She was crying again. Duu gently stroked her on the back to comfort her.

When Masaki had calmed down, they walked to a nearby park en route so they could sit down.

After Masaki sat down, Duu opened a bottle of water and handed it to her. “Are you okay?”

Masaki nodded, looking at Duu’s face. Duu looked so worried.

“You saved me again.” Masaki said with a soft smile. “What am I going to do now, Duu? How do I go on alone?”

“Maybe… you don’t have to.” Haruka sat beside her. “I am here, you know? Always.”

“I know you’re there.” Masaki answered with a giggle. “Wait a minute… You told my mother you had to go on location early. Did you lie to Haha?”

“Well, eight o’clock is early for some people, isn’t it?” Haruka sheepishly answered. “I had to step out. Think.”

“You too, huh?” Maasaki stood up and threw the empty bottle of water in a garbage can. “I think I should be getting back to the house. Haha would be worried if I stay out for too long.” She started a different route home.

Haruka had given up on getting an answer from Masaki. It was enough that they were more or less okay with each other for now. “I’ll walk with you.” Duu went to Masaki’s side and matched her pace.

“Suit yourself.” Masaki shut down her music player and put phone back in her pocket. “Duu…” She softly called as she took Haruka’s hand. “I’m sorry. I really am very selfish and childish.”

“You just really know what you want and take no prisoners.” Duu assured her. “I admire and envy that about you. You aren’t afraid of being yourself.”

“But I hurt you… a lot.” Masaki went on. “I haven’t really been fair to you, have I?”

“It’s okay, Maachan.”

“No. It’s not. I have to learn… to be good… to you… to everybody.” Masaki looked at the sky. “I don’t think I can do that when you’re always there to protect and defend me.”

Haruka didn’t know what to say. She didn’t really get what Masaki was trying to say either.

Masaki stopped walking. “Duu. I love you, too.” She looked Duu in the eye. “But I’m still an idol so, I can’t be with you.”

“I understand.” Duu replied, with some disappointment.

“… Please wait for me.” Masaki whispered as she cupped Duu’s cheek with her hand and pulled her in for a short, gentle kiss on the lips. “I love you. If you can wait... maybe we can be together.”

“I can still see you, can’t I?” Haruka cautiously asked. "With the others?... Just the two of us...?"

“Maybe.” Masaki answered with a wink. “You should go. Haha won’t let me date you if she finds out you’re a liar.”

“I’m going.” Haruka kissed Masaki’s hand before letting it go. “I love you. Take care.”

Masaki gave her one last hug. “I will. Duu, thanks for taking my long walk home with me."


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