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Title: The Dog Clan | WMatsui & MaYuki drabble - COMPLETED
Post by: Wmatsui22 on March 28, 2013, 06:34:12 AM

Wmatsui And MaYuki Drabble

Jurina, Rena, Mayu and Yukirin are watching InuYasha: The Movie

Mayu: Hey! Jurina, you look alike InuYasha. A demon dog!

Jurina: Hey! Shut up! I am way cuter than InuYasha

Mayu: Oh! Really? [Mayu went to Jurina’s side and touch both ears of Jurina]

Jurina: Hey! Mayu! Stop that! It’s annoying

Mayu: No, You’re so cute! [Still touching Jurina’s cute dog ear]

Rena And Yuki: Both laughing at their girlfriend

*Minutes passed...

Jurina and Mayu have a sword who look like a Tessaiga and Tenseiga

Mayu: [Mayu role is Sesshoumaru]

Jurina: [Jurina role is InuYasha]

Mayu: You! Half Demon, I will get the sword of that our Father gave to you!

Jurina: Bring it on! If you want, you will just fight me!

Mayu swing his sword to Jurina sword and the two ended up punching their cute pretty faces

Yuko: Hey, Mariko-san, it’s enjoying to watch a live action of InuYasha instead of watching it in DVD

Mariko: Yeah, you’re right Yuko-san...

Haruna: face palmed herself at Mariko and Yuko said smacked theirs head

Mariko And Yuko: Ouch! + Rubbing their soaring head [Haruna’s strength double]

Mayu: Arghh... You half demon!

Jurina: Arghh... Mayu....

Before the two clash again, Yuki and Rena interrupt them...

Rena: Jurina, stop that and surprisingly Jurina nodded like a real puppy and hug Rena by her waist and headed to their room

Yuki: Mayu, Let’s go! Mayu also nodded like a hamster and clinging to Yuki while touching her butt and go straight to their rooms

Haruna: We should leave them and went to our own room

Yuko: But Nyan-Nyan, this will be the climax!

Mariko: Smack Yuko’s head

Yuko: Ouch! Why You! + Pointing her index finger to Mariko

Mariko: If you want, just stay here. It will be great advantage of me. I will spent all night at Nyaro + Evil smirk and drag Haruna

Yuko: Angry + No! I will not let you touch my Nyan-Nyan + running

Title: Re: The Dog Clan: A Drabble
Post by: Hirasawaizumi on March 28, 2013, 06:45:58 AM
lol~~ Its funny  :P
Nice drabble! Keep it up.
I laughed....
Yuko! Grab your nyan-nyan back before its too late! GO~~  XD :thumbup
Title: Re: The Dog Clan: A Drabble
Post by: ryeangryu on March 28, 2013, 07:40:45 AM
ahaha, so funny xD

so cute~

i love your drabbles!

please continue c: