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HiP Radio / JPHiP Listening Website
« Last post by on June 07, 2023, 11:58:16 AM »
Hello everyone on the JPHiP forum!

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I was pleasantly surprised by this article's ability to blend subway surfers entertainment and informative content seamlessly. It's a testament to the author's skill and dedication.
The Official KPop Artist Threads / Re: (Group) DIA (다이아)
« Last post by andree23 on June 06, 2023, 10:34:45 AM »
Chaeyeon must bring something shell shockers special to the group that you connect with. Music has a way of touching our hearts and creating meaningful connections.
AKB48 News & Releases / Re: [2017.08.30] AKB48 - 49th Single "#Suki nanda"
« Last post by andree23 on June 06, 2023, 10:31:20 AM »
I listened to all the songs in this heardle album, it's really the best album ever.
General Discussion / Re: Side jobs and supplemental income, what do you do?
« Last post by Laydi1 on June 06, 2023, 07:00:51 AM »
It is not good in this time Word games
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Juice=Juice Thread
« Last post by bluewind78 on June 05, 2023, 07:55:59 AM »

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Our unordinary days (multiple pairing)
« Last post by Dinojino on June 04, 2023, 02:45:23 PM »
Chapter 7 : Me = You :heart:

Milky now is very lost at Sayaka's actions, with all the holding hands and answering questions with patience. She felt something is off regarding Sayaka. "Mayuyu! Did you tell Sayaka anything?" Everyone looked at Milky questionably. "What are you girls talking about?" Milky flopped onto the sofa leaving them more curious about what happened after Milky left the student council room. "To summarise for everyone, Milky like Sayaka in the romantic way but at the same time Sayaka was also the frined who gave her the friendship badge."

"Does that mean you came to Tokyo to find Sayaka?"

"That was my plan but I couldn't do it so abruptly so since Mayuyu wanted me to enroll to this school, so I thought why not do it since both the objectives can be done." Everyone understand the situation now. "What's the matter now you're worried about?" Rena and Yukirin thought things might not be as simple as the others think. "What did Sayaka done to make you think Mayuyu told her something?"

"She was not acting what she is doing usually."

"Milky.......I have not yet tell her anything, but needed I can do it." Milky shook her head as she heard about it. "Why don't you get some rest? Once dinner is ready we will call you." Sayaka saw Milky feeling down as she flopped onto her bed. "What's wrong with Milky?" Everyone shrugged their shoulders which got Sayaka very concerned, Sayaka took out her badge as she watches Milky sleeping. "We're getting close Milky, you're not alone."

The next day, the same thing again Jurina and Sayaka was doing a clothing test but this time they have a plan in mind. "Rather we getting attack why don't we get someone to help us to prevent the tragic from happening?" Jurina looked at Sayaka with tons of question. Let's go." Sayaka dragged Jurina to the student council room. "Looks like today is casual wear."

"Yup, We want to borrow Rena and Milky for a while."

"What do you need us for?" Jurina then understood the homework as she pulled Rena away. "Jurina what are you doing? Sayaka was about to explain to me."

"I can do the same thing too, let's took a walk around the school. So they won't pounce at me when they sees you." Rena then understood what They had in mind but Milky? Rena knew what Sayaka had in mind.

"What help you need me to do?"

"I.....err.....let's go." Once again Sayaka was holding Milky's hand but this time, shook her off. "If you don't tell me what's happening, I won't go with you." Sayaka looked at Milky unbelievable, the latter was getting angry at her. "Fine...... to prevent yesterday happenings to repeat, both of us thought having our girlfriends to walk with us around the school may resolve this issue."

"But we aren't dating and I'm not your girlfriend."

"Fine at least as a friend could you do me this favour?" Milky without any thought walkoff leaving Sayaka no idea what to do, she decides to walk behind her. "What do you want Yamamoto Sayaka!" Sayaka was startled by Milky's sudden shouting as she gulped. "Why are you getting at me for? I didn't do anything."

"Yes! Because you didn't do anything, leave me alone!" Holding the badge Sayaka made up her mind that no matter what, she will tell Milky today. "Let go of me!"

"I will but not until we reach where I want to bring you to." Sayaka took Milky to the avengers clubroom and locked it. "What's wrong? yesterday you were feeling down and today you're just scolding me." Milky refused to open her mouth even when Sayaka is babying her. "Watanabe Miyuki.......look....I'm sorry for whatever I did ok? Please......tell me what's wrong so I can change, you acting like that is killing me and making uncomfortable. After our last trip to the game center, our relationship has worsen. So what's wrong?"

"S-Sayaka-chan.......please do not hate me........" Seeing Milky tearing up was killing Sayaka, which she cupped Milky's face as she wiped off the tears off her face. "I would never hate you, not in a million years. You're important to me and most importantly, more important than the rest of them." Milky looked at Sayaka who had being looking at her softly since just now and didn't want to tell her anything that would change their relationship now.

"You cannot hate me if I tell you."

"I promise I'll not." Milky decided this was her last chance, if she gets rejected no way she will confess again. "I like you Sayaka-chan." Sayaka didn't stoned out as she predicted she would but was smiling at her. "That's what making you acting like that these few days? I like you too Milky." Upon hearing it, Milky feels her confession have been treated lightly as she pushed Sayaka away. "I'm being serious here and you're making fun of me."

"I'm serious too."

"W-What did you say?"

"I'm serious about you Watanabe Miyuki, there isn't a moment I wasn't. I like you not in a friendly way but someone who wants to develop this friendship into something romantically." Milky widen her eyes as she hears Sayaka's confession. "You mean you like me?" Sayaka nodded her head in agreement. "Then........"

"WIll you be my girlfriend Miyuki?"

"Yes! Of course I would! But....." Sayaka was speechless since Milky had more nonsense idea in her mind. "Miyuki you worry too much already, what else in your mind?"

"You know?" Milky pointed at Sayaka's lips without continuing. "You! I have to hand it over to you, if I ever kissed someone else will you not kiss me then?" Miyuki shook her head. "I didn't let them touch it understand right?" Milky springed up upon hearing it. "Then........let me have it!" Sayaka could get used to Milky acting this way, she then decided to kiss Milky but at that moment the door was opened. "O-oh! I just interrupted a good moment did I?"

"Not really Yuko, I got to return the outfit." With this Sayaka left the scene, Yuko and Jurina gulped seeing Milky glaring at them. "She was going to kiss me! You guys had to burst it!" Milky ran away and both of them didn't know what to do or say, but a thought came to them was if Milky told their girlfriends. They sprinted away but was still faced with their worst fears. "Why did you guys opened the door at the worst timing?"

"I didn't know Nyannyan/Rena-chan!"

"You shall sleep on the couch!" Jurina and Yuko was begging their girlfriends to not give such a harsh punishment, then Sayaka came back looking stunned at their kneeling but Milky's crying was the worst of all. "Miyuki! Why are you crying? Who did this to you?" With Sayaka anxiously looking at Miyuki plus her shouting all of them looked at each other and then at Sayaka.


"What's wrong? Takamina what's wrong?"

"Milky was crying because they bursted her receiving your kiss." Sayaka looked at Milky in disbelieve. "You......I will kiss you as much as you want just stop crying, if not yuko and Jurina would be the one crying at night." Milky then stopped crying which they became more stunned. "Are you girls by any chance dating?"

"Erm......Yes why?"

"Nothing! But a dream come true!" Yuko finally established Sayaka's dating life

"I think Haruna sleeping on the couch is not harsh enough, she should kneel onto something to make her learn the lesson." Yuko jumped up as she heard Sayaka being sadistic as she shook her head. "Please anticipate Yuu-chan~"
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Our unordinary days (multiple pairing)
« Last post by Dinojino on June 04, 2023, 01:07:04 PM »
Chapter 6: We are getting closer

"My name is Abe Maria the president of Fashion Club, I guess Takamina told you girls what help we wanted right?" Both of them nodded their heads afterwards they were shown a pair of suits plus leather shoes. "Please wear this and walk around the school premises, we want to gather some feedback from the rest of the school. Please come back in 2 hours time." Jurina and Sayaka changed up and unbelievable thinking what is this Fashion club up to. "Where should we go?"

"They wanted feedback why don't head to the canteen, since after school there should be lots of students there." For the heads up both of them headed to the canteen. "Without Jurina and Sayaka is so boring right Milky?" Milky who was in dazed was startled by yuko's question. "Y-Yeah......" Mayuyu and Yuko looked at each other upon seeing Milky in such a dazed state. "Milky.....why don't you head to student council since avengers club has nothing to do since we have missing of members and unable to function as usual." Mayuyu then pulled Milky away so they could talk. "I haven't seen you in this state like since forever, you seem to be liking Sayaka a lot more that you ever thought. But have you thought about it that she might not like you in this way?"

"Mayuyu! You don't have to say it so upfront right? How did you know about it?"

"Do you think I'm blind or you think the others are blind? You always teased Sayaka when you have any chance or get close to her. The only blind person is herself that doesn't see this is herself, what did you like about her?" Milky took out a smiley badge which Mayuyu thought it being silly. "This is not silly! Sayaka-chan made this for me! This is our friendship badge!"

"No wonder you are acting this way at the beginning, so do you intend to tell anything?"

"No, this is not love if I were to tell her anything and don't you dare to." Mayuyu couldn't understand what is Milky is trying to do but she could only watch every step she takes.

"Sayaka should we run?"

'Of course! These aren't people or humans, they're predators looking at us if we were fresh meat!" Before they can even make their first step, the girls running out of canteen were jumping onto them. "Wait!!! We are not even boys! Please calmed down!" When Jurina and Sayaka walked towards the canteen a wave of cold air run down their spine, that's when they knew they were in trouble. "Muah~" The girls were all trying to kiss them while they were pushing them away. 'I'm taken already!" Despite Jurina screaming the girls didn't care at all and was trying to kiss her, then she felt a force pulling her away. "Let's go!"

"Luckily you're strong Sayaka, but we really need to run. They are on our tail!"

"Head to the student council room, they wouldn't try anything when Takamina and Acchan is there." Both of them run as if their life was depending on it and locked the door when they reached there. "What's wrong did you girls seen ghost?" The moment they turned around Rena and Milky was in a state of shock to see Jurina and Sayaka's face full of kiss marks. "Didn't you two went to help Fashion club/"

"We did help but when we went to canteen in this look, they started to pounce on us. But this outfit really can withstand all the pulling, ouch! Rena-chan it hurts!"

"That's the purpose." Rena took wet tissue to try to wipe the marks of lipstick on Jurina's face but using intended strong force, which the latter screaming for help when she saw Rena deliberately doing it because of her anger. Milky wanted to help Sayaka wipe but she had no stand in it, she wasn't her girlfriend. "What's wrong? You don't want to help me? I need your help as I can't see the marks are at where."

"F-Fine...." Milky then started to help Sayaka to clean her face where Sayaka was smiling at her even ticking her. "What's so funny? You enjoy being kissed by them?"

"That's not what I'm smiling at, but seeing you being angry is funny to me. Cause I never see this side of you." Milky threw the tissue at Sayaka, not wanting to clean for her. "It's done already." Milky walked out mixed of jealousy and anger, which Sayaka smiled even brighter upon seeing her throwing her temper like that to her. "I'm going to find Milky." Before anyone can say a word Sayaka was leaving happily. "Is that a smile on Sayaka's face?"

"That's the first time she smiled so happily in front of us, even when Milky is angry at her."

"This time she cannot deny the fact that Milky lies somewhere important in her heart." Yukirin looked at Mayuyu, which the latter sighed and gave an assuring smile. "I'm fine, it's just being the older one would tend to worry for the younger one." Milky sat down at the bench near the football field as she held onto the badge, she knew she shouldn't feel jealous but she can't help when other girls kissed Sayaka when she hadn't done it herself. "This pair of shoes is slowing me down."

"Sayaka found Milky at one of the benches decided to sneak on her from the back, stopped when she saw a familiar badge she was holding. She took her own badge out and knew this was no coincidence that Milky has that, there was only two in this world. "Milky! are you still angry at me?" Upon hearing Sayaka's voice, she frantically shove the badge in her pocket. "Who am I to even be angry about?"

"Really? But you seem very upset to me."

"Of course I am! Being your friend seeing you wear so handsome and having other girls to assault you like that, should I act this way?" Milky tried to compose herself but her temper took over her. "I thought you were acting like my girlfriend." Milky was speechless upon hearing Sayaka's words. "You know........when we first met here, I really hate the fact that you were always clinging onto me but now I hate the fact you clinging onto others. Not even Mayuyu."

"W-What are you saying?"

"What are you thinking about? I need to return the suit let's go." Sayaka held onto Milky's hand as they went to return the suit. "I heard there were trouble when you were walking around." Sayaka returned the coat in one piece which then the president came to see Sayaka. "There was quite a commotion created." Then they saw Milky standing outside. "Sorry for making trouble for your girlfriend."

"Glad you knew that."

"Why didn't you correct her?" Milky couldn't suppressed herself from questioning. "Is there a need?"

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Our unordinary days (multiple pairing)
« Last post by Dinojino on June 04, 2023, 11:25:27 AM »
Chapter 5: Feelings?!

"Wait a minute! Where's Sayaka and Milky?" After some time, Yuko realised Sayaka and Milky had disappeared. "Leave them alone, will you?" Takamina chided Yuko for being busybody, reminded her about Mayuyu. Yuko then settle down and shut up. At the same time Sayaka and Milky was just wondering around the streets with no destination in their mind. "Sayaka-chan can I ask you a question?"


"How long did you intend to hold my hand?" Sayaka immediately let go and fake a cough to ease the awkwardness. "You could have tell me earlier, rather than being polite and asking me now." Milky giggled about Sayaka's reaction, but the latter wasn't angry. "We ran out of the house but we don't know where to go, do you have a place you want to visit Milky?"

"Let's go there!" Milky pointed at the entertainment centre and pulled Sayaka along without giving her time to think about, but she seems to not mind at all. Milky pulled Sayaka to each different games without stopping, both of them were having so much fun that they didn't even noticed there was numerous missed calls waiting for them. "Mayuyu just give up, since Milky is not picking up your call for the past one hour."

"It's almost dinner time already and they are not back, if she's gonna be late at least leave a message."

"Milky we need to go back already, Mayuyu is going to worry about you." After a quick glance at the clock reaching 6.30pm, Sayaka stopping Milky from playing. "Then let's go to the photo booth for memory." Yet another moment Milky didn't give Sayaka to reject as she was pulled into the photo booth, after the nth time Sayaka had to stop Milky from taking anymore photos. Which finally they were heading home at 7.

"Finally the both of you are back, have you girls have any idea how long have we waited for you girls for dinner and Acchan is starving already." Yuko's face was just inches from them, Sayaka motioned Milky to move away while she handled Yuko. "We lost tracked of time, we were just at the district entertainment centre playing. We didn't do anything what your mind is thinking."

" long as they are back safely, we should be thankful and Sayaka wouldn't let Milky to be in any danger. Sayaka you should wach up first, then come back down to join us for dinner." Takamina had to step in before Yuko take things to the extreme, Sayaka had assumed Milky still in the toilet as she enter the room. She saw how Milky was going to frame the photos they taken today onto the dressing table, a sense of happiness flew pass her when she saw it. This had caused Sayaka to wonder why is she feeling so happy about it, just as she was about to reach it to have a closer look. Milky came in and took the photos away. "S-Sayaka-chan! I'm done...y-you can use the washroom."

"Milky are you ok? Why are you clutching the photo so tightly and your cheeks are so red?"

"I'm ok! Sayaka-chan you stink, so you should faster go and bathe." After pushing Sayaka to wash up, Milky quickly frame the photos before Sayaka can see what did she wrote behind. After some time, Sayaka and Milky joined the rest for dinner. "Sayaka, Jurina there's something I need to tell you girls about. More like Yuko should have told you since she had agreed in doing this, but you girls know that she usually tells you last minute." Both of them nodded their heads upon hearing it, which Yuko unable to rebutt. "The thing is that due to our upcoming school festival, the fashion club is coming up a runway for their event and they needed short hair girls as models. They were hoping you girls would help them."

"Rena-chan do you think I should go?"

"As long as you don't create problems and if you wished to do it, I will support you." Rena being a good girlfriend of course knew Jurina is interested in trying different things, didn't stop Jurina at all. Sayaka upon hearing it without a single thought look towards Milky who was somehow looking at WMatsui bitterly, this however was seen by Mayuyu. "Do you think I should do?" Sayaka as if she could understand what Milky was feeling, softly asked her. After receiving the nod, Sayaka agreed in doing it too. "Great! Tomorrow after school they are expecting you two to show up." After dinner mayuyu had signaled Sayaka to follow her, the latter was puzzled how much longer are they going to walk. "Mayuyu...... how much further are we going to go?"

"Right here. I have a quick question to ask you, do you like Milky?"

"What?! Mayuyu are you sure of what are you asking me?" Mayuyu didn't answer but gave a blank stare. "I-......" For the first time in her life, Sayaka had ran out of words to answer a question. "You couldn't answer me this question because it never crossed your mind that you like Milky or you never liked Milky for the slightest moment." Sayaka stood there to let Mayuyu blast her anger at her because she was right, she never thought anything about Milky at all. "You're right Mayuyu, I never considered her feelings nor my own feelings regarding this. I will keep a distance between ourselves."

"She's my sister and the last thing I hope to not see her getting hurt." Sayaka didn't say anything but gave a second thought to all the happenings between them, there was no answer that she could think of. As she went back, Milky was already fast asleep and Sayaka this time took the photo frame with her as she exit the room. "What is so important that she held this photo as if her life was hanging onto it." The photo itself wasn't the problem but when she turned the photo around; "My first date with Sayaka-chan~". Sayaka unknowingly smile at those words until the photo was snatched away from her. "You know what problem you have Sayaka?"


"Being slow in realising things especially feelings." Rena handed Sayaka the photo after snatching out of Yuko's hands. "Yuko is right, Sayaka remember what I asked you previously?" Sayaka gave a thought before nodding her head. "At that point of time, she denied having feelings for Milky while your actions tell us so. With this photo, I guess both of you are both in sync. Give a nice thought to it." Rena and yuko left Sayaka to think about it, which the latter decided not to think about it as she still doesn't believe about Milky liking her.
Sports / Re: Official NBA Thread
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Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

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