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Author Topic: Saiks' Report on Utada Hikaru Concert - Paradise Rock Club in Boston  (Read 15797 times)

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Saiks here reporting from the East Coast! :glasses: Out of request from Daigong, I'm posting this here too. :twothumbs

I know I was supposed to do this when I got home at like... midnight, but I was fucking tired. XD; So here is my report of Utada Hikaru in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club February 5, 2010! :D

First, we got to Boston around 2:30, and got some food after finding a parking meter that didn't have a max time limit that it could be used on. The food was good, flat bread pizza, but enough about that, because obviously this isn't about food.

Got in line around 4, doors opened at 6. It was really cold! By the time we got into there, my legs felt like they were going to fall off, but it was so worth it. Brandie had to bring our cameras back to the car because they had a big "no camera" policy. Boo. (Yet, it doesn't surprise me to see that footage still got leaked on youtube.)

The opening act, DJ Mike something offense, he just didn't know what music to play for the crowd. Honestly, think about it, we were all there to see UTADA fucking HIKARU, and he was playing Brittney Spears. I mean, come on! I was hoping/expecting some jpop. The crowd was basically dead minus a couple groups and the boy in front of us. Now, I have a bone to pick with this boy, thank goodness I will never see him again, because he made me VERY uncomfortable. He was obviously gay, and his boyfriend was in front of him/beside him, both of them were probably the tallest people in the entire club, and they were in the front row, which was RIGHT in front of me. I was struggling to see around them, but it wasn't a bad view in general, but my issue was that the guy directly in front of me was basically humping his boyfriend while dancing and stuff. I have no issues with gay people (obviously, considering I'm a lesbian) but really!? Was that necessary? He was doing it basically throughout the entire concert and it was just really awkward for me. ^^; I was tempted to ask him to stop (nicely) but, yeah... I didn't.

The tech crew there was having issues after the DJ went off and we were all waiting for Utada to come on. Apparently they didn't learn to check everything before the concert (that's like, the first thing we learn in tech...)

ANYWAY! I feel bad because I'm making this seem like a negative experience, but it was probably one of the best days of my life!

So she ended up getting on a little late, but from that, it was AWESOME.

Opening (track from Exodus)
When she first walked on stage, the crowd went wild, even though there weren't very many of us there (the club was really small, but packed full!) I was expecting her to use this as her opening, because a friend I made in line was talking about it. I honestly don't remember much about this song because I was so excited to actually just see her. Seriously, I was waiting for this moment to happen for almost half my life, and I was just shocked about it all. ^^;

On & On
I really enjoyed this song! I love it on the album, but nothing compares to seeing her live! This is around the time I realized that this was all real. LOL. She got everyone to arm wave and whatnot. XD It was pretty awesome. She had the mic on the stand for this and she was doing that cool thing where she touched the mic stand during parts. ^^; And I'm not gonna lie, she was hot.

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
Now, this song was just fun! She really interacted with the crowd for this song, we were all her backup singers, haha. Instead of saying "NYC, NYC, NYC" she said "Boston, Boston, Boston!" (I imagine that she did this for every city she was in) and we echoed (along with all the other parts like, for like Tokyo and stuff.) And this is probably one of my favorite performances for this concert because of how much we were all just kinda going nuts, but also...!!! I locked eyes with her! :D I know, I sound like a crazy fan girl, but it really happened! She was scanning the crowd and, for some reason she just kinda paused on me, and our eyes locked for about three seconds before she looked away! I felt kinda dumb after I thought about it more, because I realized my jaw was left hanging open with a really dumb grin on my face.

This is one of my favorite songs on her new album, I'd have to say. I don't know why, I just really like the way it sounds. All the girls kinda went crazy for this song, because of the line "Girls, you know we have it better than the boys" we would all just go "YEAHHH!!!!" and get more pumped about it all! :D I was also pleasantly surprised to find that she added a swear. ^^; I dunno, it just made it more fun. For the line "We're fine~ Sooo fine~" Utada changed it to "We're fine, so damn fine!!" Haha.

After Poppin' she did a bit of talking, which was pretty wicked. She was excited that we finally made it to the East coast, to which we all cheered, probably because she totally should come back to Boston more often! She talked about how everyone seemed so young because most of us were students, and how she saw a lot of students when she was walking around and shopping in Boston. She also mentioned how this was the smallest concert on the tour, which just meant everything felt more intimate, and it was true, the smaller crowd just made us feel close to her. OH! And she talked about how there was a very inconvenient huge ass pillar right in front of center stage. XD She gave the guy who got the spot right in front of it kudos, and then was like "Oh...and kudos for you guys behind the pillar too! Someone has to do it!" XD She's cute. She also spoke Japanese to all the Japanese-speaking fans that were there (Boston has a Japanese college, so there was a group of Japanese girls who were just awesome and really cute!!)

This One (Crying Like A Child)
Obviously this is one of her sadder songs, and this is where I just really felt her emotion. I was shocked, because a lot of artists, it seems, don't put out the emotion for sadder songs. Hikki really looked like she was going to cry, which really just put this song up on a higher level. I don't know if this has anything to do with her recent break-up (which I'm sorry to hear about :/ I wish her all the happiness in the world!) or if she just remembers the feelings that she had when she wrote the song. Hell, she could've been acting for all I know, but I was impressed and moved.

For this song, she started out in Japanese and did a really smooth transition into English about half way through. The crowd was crazy for it because it's from Kingdom Hearts, and that's probably how most of the fans found out about her. She did an awesome job, as expected. <3

Sakura Drops (on keyboard)
Before she started playing this song, she brought up how she was actually kind of embarrassed because the crowd was so small and close! It was really cute, because she seemed excited about it but actually kind of scared, like we would judge her differently because we were a smaller group. XD These songs she had a keyboard set up for her and she actually thanked the techie who was setting it up for her (I think he was the stage manager or maybe TD). So this is my little thank you for giving the techies credit! THANK YOU, NOBODY ELSE DOES IT!! ^_^ This is one of my favorite songs by her, so I was really happy to hear her play and sing it. I liked that she did the two songs on the keyboard, it was nice to watch her play! She did an amazing job at it, too!

Stay Gold (keyboard)
For some reason, I don't remember too much about this song. o__O; I think I was really trying to pay attention to her facial expressions and her playing keyboard. I wish I remembered more, but I do remember thinking it was good.

While they were putting away the keyboard and stuff, she started talking to us again~ She brought up how most of us were students again and how it was good that we were all going to school, because of all the creative tension and sexual tension it brings. (Yes, she really said sexual tension.) She explained how she dropped out of Uni, and how that was a bad example of her, but she had already had a career, but she wanted to know if it was what she really wanted, so she went to Uni. Clearly, she liked being a music artist instead, haha. Which I'm happy to hear (but lesson of the day: don't drop out of Uni, it's bad!) She said that she did miss Uni though, because she really likes learning, and how she's a bit of a geek. We all cheered for that one. XD Then she had us all chant "Books! Books! Books!" ext. XD Then Utada went on to tell us her future life plans LOL. She said how when she can't make it as a music artist anymore, she'll just be old and go back to Uni so she can study and graduate. XD

Devil Inside
I knew it was going to be this song as soon as the lighting changed red. She did a shortened version of it, but it was still pretty badass. This is the song that got us all bouncing and fist pumping/arm waving again because it was more upbeat that the last few songs she did. I think this song was prefect to bring the audience back into a hyper mood. :) I think she did some headbanging, which was wicked. <3

Kremlin Dusk
I knew that she had to be playing this song sometime, because it's really popular for her English songs, and I'm glad it did get played because it's my favorite English song of hers. <3 As soon as the band started the song, everyone went wild. Seriously, who doesn't like this song? Haha. We were all basically going nuts and stuff. For some reason, she looked extra-beautiful while singing this, especially some of the slower parts. I think it had to do with the part of the fact that this is a really meaningful song, and she really put her emotions into it, and I felt like I understood almost? I dunno, haha.

You Make Me Want To Be A Man
I think everyone was more amused than anything about this song. Of course, we all know it, but that doesn't stop it from being a bit funny. She seemed to have a lot of fun with this, pointing at people in the crowd during the "you make me want to be a man!" lines, haha. Also, she paid a lot more attention the the people in the way back on the side, which I was glad for, because although I was in the front, it was only fair.

The Bitter End - Placebo Cover
I had actually never heard this song before, and had to look up a set list to figure out what it was called, haha. But, Utada did an awesome job at it, it actually got me to download the song! Although, I personally like Hikki's cover better, but I think I'm a wee bit biased.

Apple & Cinnamon
This song was another one of those sad songs where she put a LOT of emotion into, it looked like she was going to cry again, and just...I can't explain her facial expressions or anything well, but the look in her eyes just showed the pain...It was almost hard to watch, but I couldn't tear my eyes away. It was just...I don't know...intense? Not to mention beautiful.

Come Back To Me
Having Come Back To Me after Apple and Cinnamon was Way to rip my heart out LOL. At least, that's what I thought at the time, she really ripped my heart out in First Love. Nonetheless, once again, she just was flooding with emotion. I think I figured out a way to describe it, but it doesn't really do it much justice. It seemed like she was admitting everything/singing it for the first time, like she never admitted it before, and it seemed so real.

First Love
Now as soon as this song started playing, I was in a bit of a shock. I actually didn't expect it, because I didn't read any past set lists because I wanted to be surprised. And my god, I really was surprised to hear this song. This song has so much history with me, I was just overwhelmed. I actually got teary eyed (I can't believe I'm admitting this, heh) and started to cry, just a little bit. Now, I have a little boring story for you all so I can at least explain why I cried. When I was 9/10ish, my parents were getting a divorce, and I had a hard time with it, as would any other kid, but I also found out that I was moving back to Maine with my mom, which was 3,000 miles from my home in Hillsboro, Oregon. I really was having issues with the idea of leaving basically my entire life behind to move to Maine. But then a friend of mine gave me a CD of music on my last day of school in Oregon for me to listen to to try and make me feel better. I didn't know most the songs, but one of them was Utada's First Love. I didn't understand the lyrics or anything, but her voice really just made me feel better. I listened to it everyday, and I honestly think it helped me get through my parent's divorce. I didn't know it was Utada until I was probably 14. By then, I had misplaced the CD, or it got damaged, I can't remember, but I just stumbled upon her music by chance. So when I found it again, I was thrilled. So when I heard it in concert live, watching her sing it, it just kind of brought back all the memories (both good and bad), and I was just touched. Yeah, so that's my story explaining why I cried. This was my favorite performance of the night, because I can honestly say I have been wanting to hear this song live for half my life.

Can You Keep A Secret?
Everyone was excited that she was playing older Japanese music, and when Can You Keep a Secret? came on, everyone cheered. This had me bounce back from my little trip down memory lane, and back into my cheering, bouncy mood. A lot of people (including me) were worried that she wouldn't play any Japanese stuff, so everyone was excited for this. Even though this song is old, I still love it, and she did an amazing job at it! <3

Automatic is probably one of the best old school Hikki songs ever. XD During the "It's automatic" line, we always yelled out the lines with her, and she seemed actually really happy that we were doing that, because for most the songs we didn't sing along or anything because we wanted to hear her sing (duh, that's why we all went.)

Boku Wa Kuma (Out of audience request)
I think she was a bit shocked that we wanted her to do this song LOL. But she did say "Well, you know I'm having a good time if I sing this!" Haha. Everyone sang along with it because well... it's Boku Wa Kuma. XD We all had our hands in the air like a bunch of hippies and it was just a good time. Utada was actually worried that the band didn't know the song well enough to play it, but they did fine and she messed up on the lyrics in a part! XD She apologized for that, but we all forgave her anyway.

Dirty Desire
When she announced that she was about to sing her last song, we all kind of "boo"ed XD; None of us wanted it to end. Hell, my feet were killing me and was hot and sweaty, but I would've been there all night. She asked us all to request the song on the radio if we liked it and "if you don't like it, then just don't bother." XD But this is the one song that is actually doing somewhat well in America. I think I read somewhere it made it on the top 100 list. YAY! Although, I'm always a bit shocked whenever I hear this song because I's dirty and I still picture Utada as that cute little geek. ^^; But, hey, we all have that perverted side, including her. She did an awesome job with it, I think I like the live better than the original, actually. She did a really good job at making it look hot, not gonna lie there, haha. She also started headbanging!! THAT was awesome, haha. She also did a lot of headbanging in another song, but I can't remember which song it was for the life of me. T_T But Hikki, please, keep up the headbanging, it was wicked! :D Oh, and did I mention, I was a little bit jealous of the microphone stand in this song?

We were all shouting for an encore like crazy, it was to the point where I actually was having trouble breathing while keeping up with it. We started stomping and clapping and everything, and when she came back on she said she was afraid that her dressing room ceiling was going to come down on her because we were so loud and stomping so hard XD

Simple & Clean
Of course she had to play this song, I mean, it's the original Kingdom Hearts theme. I still like the song a lot, even after all these years from when it first came out. <3 I think it was a good choice for it to be an encore song. ^_^ Awesome beat, not to crazy to get us all hyper and dying for more, but also not too slow.

After this, she introduced all the band members and techies by name and stuff. <3 Once again, thanks for giving the techies credit! She almost tripped over a wire during the intro of the drummer, and, she turned to the guitarist (because she tripped over his wires XD) and said "If I fell, it would've been your fault and my fans would've killed you!!" in a joking sort of way. Of course, we all cheered like crazy for that line. XD

Me Muero
I was curious if she was going to play this song or not, because it was on her new album. She said before she started it that it was probably her favorite song on the new album. Kinda cool that she saved her favorite of the new album for last, what a good way to go, amiright? Like Simple and Clean, it had the perfect beat for it to be not too hyper but not too slow, awesome choice for the last song, I'd have to say. Once again, the live is much better than the original song for this. <3 (actually, I think all the lives were better!)

She then threw out some balls that had a little bear drawing on them and her signature into the audience, I ALMOST caught one! The tall guy in front of me totally snatched it just as my fingertips touched it, he also accidently elbowed me in the chest really hard, but I don't think he did it on purpose. I was tempted to offer him all the money in my wallet for that ball, but I doubted he would've given it to me anyway, so I'll just have to deal with the memory of the concert. ^_^ That's more important than a signature anyway (even if I wanted one really bad XD)

Overall, the concert was awesome! If she's ever in Boston again, I am totally going again, and making sure I get front row this time in case any more tall people feel like waiting in line before I get there. ^^; I'm excited to say that Utada Hikaru was my first real concert, and I'll definitely keep the memories with me forever. <3

This has been a review brought to you by Saikami. Over and out! :jphip:
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Re: Saiks' Report on Utada Hikaru Concert - Paradise Rock Club in Boston
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Thanks for the report, Saiks  :thumbsup sounds like you had a blast, and really confirms Utada as a true artist. I'd love to see her live...

I've been a Hikki fan for as long as I've been immersed in this world of Japanese entertainment... it just sucks that this land down under gets noone =___=

I remember when her English album came out, I was in hysterics for weeks xD
On & On, Apple & Cinnamon & FYI were my favs... but the no.1 album for me has always been Deep River. It would've been soooo cool if she had done some more songs off that.

Awwww, too bad you didn't get a signed ball. But hey, you're still better off than any other fan in this stinkin' isolated land mass. Lol.


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Re: Saiks' Report on Utada Hikaru Concert - Paradise Rock Club in Boston
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Man, that's awesome. If I had known about the concert I might have tried to get up there from DC, although I doubt it would have been possible. Anyway, to see one of your favorites live is just one of the greatest things in the world...
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Re: Saiks' Report on Utada Hikaru Concert - Paradise Rock Club in Boston
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wew it's so detail
i really want to see it

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