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Title: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 3
Post by: kazutoryu on August 05, 2014, 11:37:22 AM

Thirteen years ago, I met a boy. At that time I come to his house with my father. His house was so beautiful. It surrounded by Sakura threes.
At that time the tree just bloomed and there was a bird that sang so beautifully. I come closer and climbed the tree to hear the bird.
But suddenly someone call me, making me fall down. That was him, that is the first time we meet. He help me climb the three and tell me about the bird history.
The bird is call blackbird. And it only come when the tree blooms. But it had a sad history. There was a lover that so in love with each other. They were separated but before that they promise each other to reunited again one day. But one day the girl died because of illness. The man found out and grieving her everyday. Until one day a sakura tree grow beside her grave. The man consider the tree as the girl spirit, and took care of it everyday. As the tree grow taller the man go older and he start to grow worried, who will took care of the tree when he die. Suddenly one day the man disappear. Where do he go? Everyone worried about him and went looking for him. But the old man was no where, but they found a vase under the tree. When they open the vase a blackbird flew out. It flew to the sakura tree.
The old man pass away and turn into a bird. Even after the death he couldn't leave the tree. It was his fate.
The story was so sad. It is a curse of Blackbird, and yet it is my fate. The fate that separate me with my first love. Because a few days after that, I heard a news that he and his father were death.
But I believe he isn't, and one day we will meet again.

Sorry for my bad grammar.  :bow:
Should I continue?
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief
Post by: MYJR on August 05, 2014, 12:24:42 PM
i'm a bit confuse with three.... :?
it is tree right? a typo? :sweatdrop:

btw..the story look interesting :thumbsup
continue please... :bow:
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief
Post by: Kairi65 on August 05, 2014, 12:29:57 PM
please, do continue!

i'm curious on the outcome! :w00t:
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief
Post by: kazutoryu on August 05, 2014, 01:30:30 PM
i'm a bit confuse with three.... :?
it is tree right? a typo? :sweatdrop:

btw..the story look interesting :thumbsup
continue please... :bow:

Im so sorry wrong typo.  :bow: I already change it.

I will update today or tomorrow for chapter 1
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief
Post by: Eclis on August 05, 2014, 01:40:33 PM
A short prologue, but it leaves a good impression!

I'd love it if you decide to continue writing this fic, and the fact that you haven't revealed the pairings is making me curious!

Please update soon!
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief
Post by: kazutoryu on August 05, 2014, 07:48:29 PM
History of Watanabe Mayu

Every hero and villain has their story. I’m not a hero or a villain. I am merely a thief looking for my father murderer. And this is my story.
My real name is Watanabe Mayu son of Watanabe Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki. I was born as a noble. My father Watanabe Sayaka known as the king right hand. I have an older sister name Watanabe Rina. I live in a beautiful house and loved by my parents and sister. I am a very skillful artist. I can draw a very beautiful painting. I love to draw my house scenery with the sakura trees blooms. My father always told me to be a noble and how to use swords. He told me to use sword to protect other not to kill other. My father is a great man, he help the king to take his throne from rebelling the previous king which is evil. My mother is a great chef. I love how she cooks my yakiniku beef. My sister is a loving sister, she always cheer me up and help me around. Yes my life was perfect. Until that event appear. It took everything away from me. It starts when I follow my father downtown for his business trip. I was looking around the town when a small girl come to me and begs to me. She looks so dirty and I accidently push her away making her cry. Her big brother come and scold me. Saying I being mean just because I’m a noble. But some guard come and chase them away from me. I walk around again and saw some circus performance with my father. But suddenly some noble kid scream and said there is a thief. The guard come and ask my father if he lost his wallet. My father checks his pocket and said yes. The noble boy point at some poor boy, so the guards come and check him. And my father wallet is in his bag. The boy dragged by the guards but he keep saying he is innocent. I look at his wallet and found some white sugar in it. I stop the guards and check the boy hands but there was no sugar in it. I said to the guard that I saw the other noble boy eat some sugar candy before and there must be the same white sugar in his hand. So they release the poor boy and chase the noble boy. The poor boy keeps thanking me and my father for our kindness. He said his name is Matsui Jun. He ask my name and my father name. And said that one day he will return our kindness. My father was smiling at him until suddenly his mother come and check on him. When my father sees his mother my father expression change it’s like he know her. His mother was shocked too, to see my father. My father asks her if it is her son. She said yes and rushing away from us. The noble son from before come and angrily ask my father why he help the poor boy. He keeps bad mouthing my father till I lost my temper and hit him. So he run back home to his father. He complains to his father but when his father knows my father name he is terrified. So he ask his son to come with him to my house to apologize. But he was too proud to apologize, so his father ask his younger sister to come with him. The younger sister is more mature and smart so she obediently come with his father. So they come and apologize to my father. The girl is playing in my house yard when she see a blackbird sing. She come closer to one of my sakura tree near the fence and try to climb it till I saw her and call her. She was shock and fall down. I help her up and help her to climb the tree. We talk about the bird. I tell her about the bird story until his father call her. Ah I didn't ask for her name! Silly me, I hope I can meet her again someday. But is the first and the last time I saw her as Watanabe Mayu. Because few days after that my perfect life is gone. The day when my father is accuse for rebelling and murder in front of my eyes.
February 13, 1333
A group of men come to my house at night. My father know it and hid me in a closet. He confront the men himself. There are seven men all armed with swords. My father is a skilled sword man. But he is try to hid me. I could see everything clearly from the key hole. I saw my father slashed in his arm but he keep on fighting. Until a sword slash my father in his chest. I could see a symbol craft in the sword. I watch my father being murder and yet I couldn’t do anything. I hold my mouth so they couldn’t hear my sobbing. After checking the house around and try to find me, after a while they finally leave the house. I run to my father and saw his death body. I craft the symbol I saw earlier on one of the tree in my yard. Until I hear more footsteps so I run and hide in the woods. The next day I heard that my father is accuse for rebelling and under my house they found a blood letter telling about that my father kill himself since some of the noble know his rebel plan. My sister and mother force to be a slave and now I’m a wanted. They are searching for me. I keep running away when soldiers see me. I bump with the poor boy and his sister and they help me out when I give him one of my family treasure. They bring me to the beggar shelter. But I felt sick eating their food. So the big brother went out to buy me a medicine leaving me with her sister. But the doctor sold him out by telling the soldier from my family treasure and end up killing the boy. I run away again with his little sister till the edge of the hill. I asked her to jump down to the river, but she is too scare. I said hold my hand and I will protect you. But in the end the little girl was capture by the private soldier. I manage to run away from the soldier and wander around the town when I saw my mother being drag by the soldier. The soldiers suspect me and drag me closer to her. My mother act to safe me by saying to the soldier that her son is death and keep shaking my body telling me that I kill her son. The soldiers drag her away and asked me to throw her with a stone. My body couldn’t move. Everyone is watching me. My mother just gives me a strong look telling me to do it. Reluctantly I throw her with a stone right to her head, leaving her bleed. But she smile to me telling how proud she is to me. The soldier go away with my mother. As I walk wondering the city again try to hold my cry until a hand hold my shoulder, I look at the owner. And it is the Matsui Jun boy mother. I pass out from too much pressure and bad food. And that is the end of Watanabe Mayu.

Eclis: Thank you for your comment! and I will revealed the pairing and the characters one by one as the story go on.

PS: the story cause of more characters that will die in the future story.  :nervous
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 1
Post by: MYJR on August 05, 2014, 08:54:16 PM
:mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: :ptam-cry: :ptam-cry: :ptam-cry: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah:
Sayaka dead and Miyuki and Rina was force to be a slave... should find your father murderer  :mon geek: and revenge.... :mon mad:
and safe your mother and sister

Really great story Kazutoryu-san... :farofflook:
waiting for next chapter... :thumbsup :bow:

PS: the story cause of more characters that will die in the future story.  :nervous
looking forward for more dead character in future~ lol :lol:
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 1
Post by: Kirozoro on August 05, 2014, 09:30:01 PM
Omg Mayu :sad:

Update soon
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 1
Post by: kazutoryu on August 06, 2014, 02:01:24 PM
Who am I really?

Thirteen years had pass since the Watanabe incident.  Now I live with my father, Furukawa Airi and my mother Furukawa Akane. Thirteen years ago I woke up from my long sleep. I lost all my memory. My father told me that I got some high fever making me not able to remember anything. And all I know I’m their son, Furukawa Yuma. My father was a great thief before I was born, but now he work so hard to put me into school. My mother is a great tailor. My life is happy even thou I’m not a rich or noble kid.
“WAKE UP YOU LAZY BUMP!!” My father rolls me out from my bed.
“gezze let me sleep for a while!” I hide in my blanket.
“You suppose to go to school now!” my father drags me out and starts hitting my back with a pillow.
“Ouch dad! Mom I don’t want to go to school. They won’t bother a poor kid like me to take any test.” I run toward my mother and hide behind her.
“Move out! How could you say something discouraging in the morning.” My mom said as she walks away from me.
“Mom! For those who don’t know the truth, they might think that I’m and adopted child.” I whine as I stomp away. Yes my mom always acts cold toward me. I don’t know why.
I walk to school when a monk stops me and over me with some new books. The monk and his daughter is a merchant. His name is Yokoyama Yui and his daughter Yokoyama Rena. They pass to my town once in a while.
I buy a new book from them. Rena said it full picture of girls in, you know what. Fufufu. I bring it to my best friend Takahasi Juri.
“Juri look I brought some new book. Fufufu” I said with a smirk
“but when I open it. Damn it’s all about natural scenery. That stupid monk and daughter lie to me!”
I track them down and manage to catch Rena but suddenly a hand squash my ear. Damn my father found me and drag me to school.
School for me is a hell. I am the only poor boy there. The entire noble boys always bully me. And their boss is Miyazawa Kai. His father is one of the 6 generals. Yesterday they threaten me not to come back to school. I’m gonna through hell again today.
My guess is right, after school they drag me into the forest near our school. And tie me up in a well and start torturing me. After they are satisfied. They dig a hole in deep of the forest and throw me there, leaving me to death. On the other hand my father is looking for me and meets with the bullies. They try not to be suspicious when my father asks about me. I try to free myself and climb the hole but failed. Using the rope they tie me, I throw it and hung it to the nearest branch I saw and manage to climb up the hole. But suddenly someone hit me making me lost my conscious. When I woke up, I’m tied up and in the middle of the frozen lake. A man with a sword come to me.
“Are you son of Watanabe Sayaka?”
“What?? You mistook me with someone else.”
The man didn’t seems to believe me and start to make a whole in the ice
“Oi oi stop it! It is really fragile!” I scream to him, but he just smirk back at me and making a circle around me with his sword.
He ask me again “Are you Watanabe Mayu?”
“What?? My name is Furukawa Yuma! Please save me.”
“If you are Mayu, at lease I won’t kill you.” He said again
“Alright I’m Mayu then!” I said with a hopeful eyes
“Yes!” You said you won’t kill Mayu right??”
“Regardless you are Mayu or not, I don’t care.” He said as he breaks the ice making me fall down into the frozen water.
He then leave me dying in the water. I manage to free myself from the tie and swim back to the surface. But I lost my strength and drown back until a hand reach me and pull me out.
At the same time Furukawa Airi and Juri is looking for Yuma. Airi figure it out that the noble kid had something to do with Yuma disappearance. So they kidnap Miyazawa Kai and force him to tell where they held Yuma. Airi punch Kai face but suddenly a hand grab Airi hand and punch him back.
“Jun kun..” Airi said as he looks at the other person who is leaving with his step brother, Kai.
At the palace one of the general, Kiryu check the old evidence and found Watanabe blood letter and the treasure they found in a boy body they said was Mayu body.
“I think someone had frame Watanabe.” Kiryu said
“Master!” one of his servant come
“What is it?”
“We found a boy. We think he is the lost son of Watanabe.”
“Bring me to him.”
Kiryu and his servant come to where Yuma is resting. He been save by a wondered.
When Yuma woke up and saw them, “What are you up to again? You want to kill me again?”
“No, I just want to know the truth. Whether you are Mayu or not. I will definitely not kill you. So just relax.” Said Kiryu
“Yes my lord. I’m Furukawa Yuma.” I said to him
“Yes!” I said without any hesitation
“I didn’t come here to harm you. Your father and I are best friends. So don’t need to be afraid.” He said again
“What? My father?” I’m so confuse right now.
“I want to tell you how unjustly your father died.”
“Really! My father is still alive and well.”
The doctor next to him whisper “He doesn’t seems to be lying.” The hell I’m not lying
“I also know where your mother and sister are. Don’t you want to meet them?”
“Really. I’m going crazy! My mother is still at home, and I’m the only son.”
“Really? Then I must be mistaken you for someone else. You may go now.”

“Why are you letting him go just like that my Lord??” said the man who found me
“Bastard, how could you given me false information?” said Kiryu
“I swear to God last night he himself said that he is Mayu.”
“If you dare to speak rashly again, I would cut off your tongue!” said one of the soldier
The man just run off.
“You should keep an eye on that boy.” Said kiryu to his man
“I believe the boy we found death was not Mayu. He is still alive.”
“But why suddenly you want to find him?”
“Because recently I found out that Watanabe Sayaka rebellious plan was made up by someone else. If Mayu is still alive and at the time, saw something.”
“Chi I’m wounded and that is how they treat me.” I complain while holding my back
“Watanabe Mayu!” The man who save me shout at me, the hunter.
“What trick are you up to now? You can play trick on anyone but not me. Wait and see. I will expose your true identity. The son of a rebel has a very high price, don’t you know?”
“Man I don’t even understand what he’s talking about.” As I walk back to my house.
My best palls, Oota Ai and Juri is waiting for me. Asking what happen. I just tell them the truth.
My father is walking around town dragging a stick when he found me at my room and start hitting my butt.
“Bastard!! Where have you been! I had no idea that you were here, spending the whole night looking everywhere! Damn you! I will bury you right here!”
I try to protect myself with my pillow. He had no idea what I had been through last night. But I won’t tell him. I don’t want to make him worry.
I walk around town again. Since I got expel from school. I found that fake monk and daughter. Rena is selling some brand new Viagra.
“Oi don’t believe what she said. It is fake!” I said as I approached them. And take one of it.
“Oh yea?? Let me show you!” She said as she drink the whole of it.”
“Oh I feel so hot right now!” said Rena with a sexy tone. And start to unbuttoning her shirt.
“I WILL BUY ONE!!” Some random man said.
After all of them gone. “You really know how to act! You owe me! That fake book! Give me back my money.”
“No can do but you can have that Viagra.” She said as she walks away from me
“Hei! I call her back but she ignores me so I throw away all her merchandise. Until a hand grab me and pull me up really high. Damn the monk come and throws me away. Why he is so strong! Yea I saw him fight some bandits yesterday. He is really something.
“Please just give me back my money! My mom is dying and I need the money back!” I lied to him fufufu
He throw me back the money. And I run back home. “Yo dad I got something for you. This is a very powerful Viagra!”
“Really? Where do you get it?”
“Don’t mind! Just enjoy it with your beautiful chuuriii”
My dad didn’t took a while to drank it all and run to my mother.
He keep flirting with my mother until..
He run to the bathroom from his stomach pain.
Hahahaha I know it is fake! I bet that stupid Rena is in the same state as my father.
After that my father was so angry and chases me around the house.
Suddenly a bunch of soldiers come and arrested my father for kidnaping and harming the noble.
“Your crime is big. You might be headed!”
“What you can’t do that to my father!” I said as I try to help him but the soldier throw me back.
“It is okay Yuma, I will be fine.” Dad said as he being drag away.

Next chapter is Jun story
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 1
Post by: kazutoryu on August 06, 2014, 02:08:29 PM
:mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: :ptam-cry: :ptam-cry: :ptam-cry: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah:
Sayaka dead and Miyuki and Rina was force to be a slave... should find your father murderer  :mon geek: and revenge.... :mon mad:
and safe your mother and sister

Really great story Kazutoryu-san... :farofflook:
waiting for next chapter... :thumbsup :bow:

PS: the story cause of more characters that will die in the future story.  :nervous
looking forward for more dead character in future~ lol :lol:

Next story is up
I hope I will not kill too much character.
And yea this story is about mayu revenge.  :D
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 2
Post by: MYJR on August 06, 2014, 06:24:36 PM
Rena just win this chapter :lol:

so Mayu lost his memory...hope he recover soon :mon cute:
and Airi will die next?! :mon chilly:

looking forward for next chapter.. :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 2
Post by: Kairi65 on August 07, 2014, 05:20:11 AM
Update soon, i 'm dying to know the outcome!

Still it was weird to see yui with rena??

I still cant guess the pairing. Next chapter please!
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 2
Post by: kazutoryu on August 07, 2014, 03:00:22 PM
Miyazawa Jun story

My name is Furukawa Jun. My mother name is Takayanagi Akane, my father name is Furukawa Airi. I’m a peasant, my father is a thief and always cause trouble for my mom and I. But he loves me more than anything. I always got bullied by the noble kids around town. All I can do is stay quiet. One day one I accidently bump into one of my bullies. Miyazawa Kai, son of General Miyazawa. I apologize to him but somehow he want revenge. I been accuse for stealing a wallet from some noble man. I almost got jail until the noble son help me. His name is Watanabe Mayu. I never thought there is a noble how is so kind like him and his father. I swear to him that I will return his favor one day later. Suddenly my mother comes to me. When she saw the noble man, Watanabe Sayaka. She seems shock and seems to know him. But she drags me away from there. That night my father sneaks out, I think he might do some stealing again. I will stop him this time. I follow him. He is going to some noble house. Yes my father sometimes got job from nobles to do their dirty job. A hide and take a peek at them. The noble man is Miyazawa Sae. He asked my father to buried a letter under someone house. At first my father agree and he went to the target house. But when he saw what is written there. He come back to Miyazawa house and hand it back saying that he wouldn’t do it. But since my father saw what is written in there they decided to kill him. Seeing that, I go out from my hiding spot and begged them to let me do it. I run to the target house and buried the letter but before that I took a peek at the letter. I ran back to Miyazawa house and begged them to let us go. But the general change his mind and wanted to kill us both until suddenly my mom come and begged to him.
“My Lord! Have you forgotten me??”
“Of course no. I will never forget you.”
“Then my Lord do you want to kill your own son?”
“Huh?? He is mine?”
“Don’t you remember 10 years ago when you come to my chamber?”
With that my mom said that I’m Miyazawa son. Miyazawa took me and my mom disowns me. She said never to call her mother whenever she saw her. I try to come back home several time but she keep chase me away.
“Mother let me come back home! I don’t need all this good cloth and fortune! I just want you back and father.” I cried to her
“Young Lord, please go out from here.” She said
With that now people know me as Miyazawa Jun. My stepmother hate me, my stepbrother despise me. The only one that cares for me is my stepsister. Miyazawa Yuki. A week after the incident. Watanabe Sayaka accuse for being a rebel, his son is a fugitive. They had been looking for them. I over hear my father and decided to help him identify them because I just saw them week ago. With that I saw the young Lord not far from where the soldier asks him to throw a stone at a woman. I know it is him, Watanbe Mayu.
“Young Lord is it him?” the soldier beside me ask me
I look at him again for one last time.
“No, he is not Watanabe Mayu.”
“Are you sure my Lord?”
“Yes, I remember his face vividly.” I said.
With that, the soldier signaling his friend to release him.
Young master, I said in the past that I will pay you back for your generosity.
Thirteen year had pass since I been a noble.
Countless time my brother bullied me. My mother badmouthing me. My father hit me with his shoes. I can bare all of it because my sister always help me and cheer me up. Yes within these thirteen years I have fallen in love with my sister. She is different from other girl. She is smart, caring and gentle. She always thinks about other priority. My father loves her the most. She handle all of my father business. My father decided to open a new hotel. She always check on the work even thou it is really cold at night. She even ask her personal maid, Kojima Haruna to take her place inside the carriage. Yea every day and night I always watch over her from far. Ah she notices me when we arrive home.
“Brother, even in this stormy weather, you are still standing outside? Why didn’t you come out and pick me up? I have to go home at night, aren’t you worried at all?” She said with a smile on her face
“Then you shouldn’t have come out at midnight again.” I said as I’m ready to leave until my mother call me.
“Where is your brother? Go out and look for him.” She order me
“Yes mam” I said as I take my leave
I walk around town asking about my brother until a beggar tell me that my brother was taken by a group of man into the woods.
I chase them and found my brother beaten by them. Trust me I love to see his ass beaten but if I didn’t help me. Mother and father will hit me. So I decided to help him. They all are strong but when one of them ready to hit me in my face, when he saw me he stop and I hit him in his stomach leaving him fall down and help my brother to escape.
The next day all I know the soldier around there manage to identify them and put them in jail. My brother come to me. “I will kill the one that hit my face! Ah what his name. Furukawa bastard!”
I was shock when I heard his name. My former father name. So he is the one who stop when he saw my face, he must recognize me even we didn’t meet for thirteen years.
“You have plotted to kill his son! It’s you who were wrong first!”
“Me? When? Are you dreaming now?”
“That person is the one who used to nurture me!” I said as I hold my first
“Oh, that is really an interesting fate. Fighting. I will make him not only lost his hand but his head as well. He is not even your blood father and you still love him that deeply. How about this? Your mother will have to take care of this handicap old man forever. It is very pitiful isn’t it?” He said that as he leave me
Not far from there my sister hears it all. She then begged my father to forgive him. Saying that he used to raise me.
At night my brother comes to me.
“You want to save that man? Come and fight at fighting club downtown. I will arrange your opponent. If you lost, he will lose his hand or his head.”
“I will go.”
“Good.” He said with a smirk
“I love to see brothers to fight each other.”


Kairi65: Yui is Rena stepfather. Their past will be revel later. I haven't decided the pairing yet.  XD
MaYuki x JuRena: Mayu will regain his memory in the next chapter. And don't worry Airi won't die yet..  :P
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 3
Post by: MYJR on August 07, 2014, 03:44:45 PM
I sense triangle love between Mayu, Yuki and Jun in future chapter lol~ :lol:
maybe i'm wrong :nervous

thanks for great update kazutoryu-san :thumbsup
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 3
Post by: kazutoryu on November 26, 2014, 07:03:31 PM
Its been a long time since the last update!

So here it is some characters that will appear constantly in this story.

yuma/watanabe mayu: born a noble until something happen to his family, forcing him to live like a commoner. His father was killed in front of his eyes. he swore to revenge his father and will someday find his mother and sister. currently lost his past memory and been addopted by Furukawa Airi and Akane

Watanabe Sayaka: One of the 5 Great general. Mayu father.

Watanabe Miyuki: Mayu mother, current location still unknown.

Yokoyama Yui: A merchant, single father, sword master.

Yokoyama Rena: A merchant,  together with his father they fool many peoples.

Miyazawa Jun: Born from his father affair (Miyazawa Sae) with his mother (Furukawa Akane). A commoner until one day his live change. fallen in love with his stepsister.

Miyazawa Yuki: a noble, really smart and caring. Jun stepsister and Kai sister.

Miyazawa Kai: spoiled kid, always bullied yuma but soon they will be friend.

Oshima Yuko: A gang boss. soon will be one of yuma partner in crime

Takahashi Juri: one of yuma friend that works in palace. Good at making armor.

Sasshihara Rino: one of yuma friend. Love mask and good at making one.

Furukawa Airi: Was a thief but since he adopt yuma he been clean. Love Akane.

Furukawa Akane: Jun biological mother. actually were never married with Airin since she love someone else.

Miyazawa Sae: A high well known governor since he capture watanabe sayaka the traitor.
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 3
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on November 26, 2014, 07:29:37 PM
OMG!! FuruYanagi :heart: But sadly Churi had to cheat on Airin and Airin's handicap now..... My god pls let there be a happy ending for these two!
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 3
Post by: Kairi65 on November 27, 2014, 03:35:46 AM
Finally, an update!! :cathappy:

need the next one~! :banghead: :deco:
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 3
Post by: Kirozoro on November 27, 2014, 01:08:15 PM
Uwahh Mayu/Yuma and Jun live is so sad and tourtune

Update soon
Title: Re: The Legend of Nezumi the Thief Chapter 3
Post by: qweakb on November 29, 2014, 02:40:28 AM
After reading the chapters.. I feel that it is similar to a korean drama show.. Is it based on that korean drama?