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Title: Eclis' OS Corner ; Behind Every Photobook [ KojiYuu ] (29/9/14)
Post by: Eclis on August 08, 2014, 04:06:59 AM
Hey readers! I have a one shot done and I decided to post it here this morning!

This will be my OS corner too! So if there's more, they will be posted here, and a big thanks (more like a hug) to my squirrel Rine-chan, you made my day. not gonna tell you all what she did! Teeheheehe


OS # 1 ; The Oshima Family

In year 20XX, AKB48's Kojima Haruna announced her graduation which shocked millions of people, as the reason why was; Kojima Haruna, the eternal idol of AKB48, and the survivor from first generation, was pregnant with an ex-member's child. They have a grand wedding that received millions of support from fans and people from all around Japan.

At first, nobody knew, not even her partner. It was in the 20XX senbatsu election and Haruna got the 7th place, but the shocking part was her speech. Her partner was there as the MC.

- - - - -


"I, Kojima Haruna, will graduate from AKB48." The loud stadium went dead silent... waiting for her to continue. The MC widened her eyes, this wasn't what Nyannyan told her she would say at the election. "The reason of my graduation is... I'm carrying a baby". The crowd went ballistic and they created an uproar upon hearing that, some thought they're cheated on, since idols have a rule against love. All the members are shocked and the look on the MC's face is the worst.

Haruna raised her hand and the crowd quited down, though faint noises could still be heard. "I am carrying...", she turns her head to look at the MC and continued, "...Oshima Yuko's baby."

The MC is indeed the said Oshima Yuko. Her mouth went agape as she heard that she and Haruna has a baby. With that, Haruna stormed off the stage and outside the stadium, Yuko did the same, good thing Takamina saves the day by giving fail jokes and the election resumes.

Yuko is in front of Haruna's flat, she take a deep breath and knocks the door. Not long after that, Haruna opens the door and Yuko let herself in.

Inside, they both sat together on the couch awkwardly. Yuko scratches the back of her head, looking away from Haruna, "Uhh... when did you..?"

Haruna sighs, she avoids looking into Yuko's eyes, turning away too, "This morning..."

Hint of disbelief could be noticed from Yuko's voice, "How?"

Haruna fiddles with her finger, "You know I felt sick a few days ago and I kept on vomiting, and my period didn't come... so a funny idea came to me and I bought a test and it shows fucking positive, Yuko."

Haruna cussed, that's bad... she must be serious. Yuko gulps, "I'm... but... we are both girls?"

Haruna felt her blood rising to her head and she turn to Yuko, raising her volume, "I know, Yuko! But I don't get it on and copulate like animals with anyone else besides you!!"

Yuko jumped a little from Haruna's loud voice, she turn to face the girl too but is still avoiding her eyes. "A-aa... I... what do we do now?"

Haruna groans an rest her head on the couch, "I don't know... my career is dead now. Maybe its a punishment from above for letting you screw me anytime anywhere."

Yuko sighs, she pinch the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. "This is bad..."


Yuko rubs her temple, feeling dizzy, "I'll... we... Let's get married, Haruna"


Yuko place a hand on Nyannyan's tummy and smiles softly, "It's the right thing to do, isn't it? Since you decide to keep the baby, I can't let you raise him/her alone, I'll be the father..."

Haruna holds her lover's hand, replying her smile, "Are you sure? It'll cost you your career, and we will be discriminated by society, Yuuchan..."

Yuko looks hesitant, but soon enough, she shook her head and all of it fades away, "I prefer to be with you, Nyannyan... I don't care about those people..."

Haruna is touched, "Yuuchan...", to her, Oshima Yuko is the girl who worked really hard to be what she is now, and she knew how painful and how gruesome she had fought for her career, and she would cast away all of that just to be with her.

"Nyannyan...", Yuko leaned in and gave Haruna a sweet kiss on her lips. Both of them had one track mind; Let's get married.

(End of flashback)

- - - - -

"Tadaima~", Yuko came in and smiles at the sight of her wife greeting her politely, revealing her killer dimples.

"Okaeri, Yuuchan~", Haruna smiles her sweetest smile it could give you diabetes right away, she then helps Yuko to take off her coat and put it away, then both of them walks inside hand in hand.

As they entered the livingroom, a cheerful 3 year old kid ran to Yuko and gave her a hug, "Papaa! Okaeri!"

Yuko returned the kid's hug and kissed her cheek, "Kojiyuu! How was school today?"

The child's eyes shines and she energetically responded, "It was fuuun! Kojiyuu made friends!"

Oshima Kojiyuu is their child, with round, large brown orbs, pointy ears, and two sweet dimples would show when she smiles. She has both of her parent's features, though her hair is made to look like Haruna's since Yuko insists, it's like seeing mini kojiharu, she said.

Haruna called out to her, "Yuuchan!"

Yuko let go of Kojiyuu and stand straight, turning to face her wife, "Yes, baby?"

"Do you want to shower first? Or do you want to eat first? Or... me?", Haruna grinned seductively at Yuko and made a sexy pose.

"You", Yuko walks towards the taller girl, encircling her arm around Haruna's neck, and the said girl pulled Yuko closer by wrapping her arms around the squirrel's waist. After that, they shared a hot, passionate kiss, with tongues. Praise the lord cause Kojiyuu seems to not notice her parent's sizzling hot make out scene, her eyes fixated on the TV.

"Yuko. Bed. Now.", Haruna managed to squeak her demand in between the kisses.

"Yes, dear", both of them disappeared to their room and naughty noises followed soon after. Kojiyuu is still watching the TV, AKB48's UZA is on air and her eyes glittered as she saw her two parents in their younger years inside the clip, and she hummed the tone, little do they know that this 3 year old girl will be a world class celebrity in the future.

The end.


See you all soon! Thankyou for reading!
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; #1 The Oshima Family [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: Eclis on August 08, 2014, 09:04:02 AM
I remembered the first time that I read this fic, and I can't stop laughing :on gay:

What did I - Ohhhhh~ I should be the one thanking you~

I'm going to create an OS corner too~

Just you wait my cat

:mon bye:

Aaah, I see now, this is what you meant earlier... mouu, Rine-chan is such a tease... :shy1:

And I can't wait for your OS!
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; #1 The Oshima Family
Post by: Kirozoro on August 08, 2014, 01:53:53 PM
Oh my gahh!! Yes Kojiyuu is married and even have a kid and it was their combination name

Update soon
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; #1 The Oshima Family [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: noel nguyen on August 08, 2014, 06:34:51 PM
I don't ship Kojyuu, but this is the frist time I read it  :lol:

When I read your fic I couldn't stop to laugh =)))))))))

I hope you'll write many fic same like this :D

By the way, can I trans your fic  :)
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; #1 The Oshima Family [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: kahem on August 09, 2014, 12:17:55 AM
Loool! The shockest announce ever xD
Kojiyuu seems so cute~
Title: Eclis' OS Corner ; #2 Pajama Couple [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: Eclis on September 15, 2014, 03:29:22 PM
Sooooooo, this was inspired by three KojiYuu pictures that was on the net not long ago, in which they are wearing matching pajamas, oh and remember Yuko's unbuttoned top? I can't get it out of my head and thus this fic came into play. Muahahahahahhaa.


well anyways... enjoy!


OS # 2 ; Pajama Couple

A girl was sitting on her bed sighing and looking down. She is none other than the Kojima Haruna of AKB48, the tsundere queen famous for her airheaded-ness. Haruna is playing with her phone, as if waiting for something. Indeed, she is missing a certain squirrel. They haven't had much time together since Haruna is busy with AKB and the squirrel is busy filming for her new movie. They didn't even have the time to phone each other.

She was looking in her phone's gallery when she saw one of their 'KojiYuu' moment where Yuko is hugging her, with her usual attempt to kiss the taller girl. She giggled and brushed her fingers on the screen, smiling softly, " long has it been? A month?", Haruna is missing her really badly. She got gloomy during rehearsals and her performance dropped, her focus is not there too. She would remember the times when Yuko would go to her place and have a sleepover for days, she miss those nights where they would sleep together and cuddle in bed, she miss waking up to a sight of her squirrel smiling, she miss those morning kisses Yuko would give her as soon as her eyes open. She wants to see Yuko...

Sighing, she pressed the call button, speed dialling Yuko's number. The line kept on going and no answer, again, she sighed. Haruna threw her phone across the bed and tries to forget everything and just sleep. Was is that easy? No. Her mind keeps on thinking about that squirrel. 'How long have I been having these sleepless nights thinking about you, Yuko...'

After 5 minutes of tossing and turning in bed, she decided to give up on sleeping. She got up and opened her wardrobe, scanning through it, then she picked a sleepwear that Yuko once had bought for her, it was a pair, with the squirrel having the other match. Everything seems to be reminding her of Yuko, there's so much memories surfaced in the wrong time. It just makes her miss Yuko more.

While putting on the pajama, Haruna heard her phone rang. She quickly rushed to it and she smile at the caller's name; Oshima Yuko.

She sat on her bed and picked it up, "Yuuuchaaaann!"

Yuko's cheerfull voice could be heard on the line, "Nyannyaaaaannn~"



Both of them giggles and Haruna felt relieved, she finally got to hear from her squirrel.

"Nee, Nyannyan..."

Haruna is now laying on her back and smiling sheepishly, "Hmm?"

The voice was soft but the words hold millions of meaning, "I miss you so much..."

Haruna felt tears forming upon hearing those words, she knew she missed the little squirrel, but not THIS much, it was unbearable and she starts sobbing, "Yuuchan... I miss you too..."

"Aaah! Nyannyan don't cry! Nyannyann!"

Haruna is now crying, but she grabbed a pillow and covered her face, the phone still sticking to her ear, "I want to see Yuuchan..."

Yuko sighs, "I know, I know... I want to see you too..."

An awkward pause happened, both of them stayed quiet and no one is talking. Faint sobs could still be heard from Haruna's side.

"I see you're wearing the pajamas I bought, Nyannyan"

Haruna, being the usual airhead, is confused, she got up and the pillow fell, "How did- oh", Haruna's phone fell.

In front of her, stands Oshima Yuko, wearing the other pair of pajamas. Haruna blinks several times in shock while Yuko is... well she's enjoying her cat's reaction, wearing her best smile to show her killer dimples.

Yuko walks closer and poked Nyannyan's cheek, "Surprise?"

Not wasting any more time, Haruna hugged the smaller girl and pulled her, both falling onto the bed, she kissed Yuko's cheek and held her tight, "Yuuchaaan!"

Yuko giggles, Nyannyan rarely get all touchy feely like this, she must have been missing her so much. She snaked her arm around Haruna's waist and brought her other hand up to caress her partner's face, "Sorry I made you cry..."

Haruna pouts cutely and rubbed her cheeks into Yuko's hand, like how a cat would, "I missed you like crazy, you know..."

Yuko gave Haruna a quick peck on her lips and continues to caress the big cat below her, "I know, I'm here now..."

"Un!", Haruna smiles and tightens her hug, squeezing the poor squirrel breathless.

Yuko gasps, "Nyannyan...can't... breathe..."

Haruna loosened her grip, "Ah, sorry~"

Yuko rolled to her side so now they're laying side by side, with hands running all over each other, waist, arm, legs, you name it, they touch it. After a few good 'skin-ship', Haruna grabbed her phone and took a picture of their legs, uploading it right away to her IG.

Yuko grabbed her own phone and unlocks it, "Why our legs, Nyannyan?"

"Cause your naughty hand is on my breast and mine is cuddling you romantically, and we are wearing matching pajamas in the same bed? Do you think that would be a good shot?"

"Aah, you're right. More like a scandal shot.", Yuko nods in understanding. She pressed the camera and put her hand up, "Come on, Nyannyan!"

Haruna slaps Yuko's hand, "Yuuchan! You're the one who said it's a scandal shot! Why are you taking one!"

Yuko laughs, "Itaai! Ahahaha, I'm kidding!", she removed her hand from Nyannyan's body and the taller girl undid her cuddle, now they're only laying side by side, "Okay, now it's not a scandal shot, it's a normal Kojiyuu shot!", and they both posed for a shot, "Send it to me, Nyannyan"

Haruna nods, sending the picture to Yuko and setting her phone on the table after, "Done"

Yuko applied filters and edited the picture while Haruna took the chance to circle both her arms on Yuko's waist as she snuggled closer, leaning in to kiss the squirrel's cheek before burying her face in Yuko's neck, "Yuuchan smells so nice~"

Yuko put the picture up and scrolled down on her instagram newsfeed, her other arm cuddles the clingy cat beside her, gently stroking her hair.

They remained that way, enjoying their time together and each other's company. For Haruna, this is what she yearns for the most, this is the times that she would feel best, where she feel loved, Yuko is her serenity. She brought her head up, looking at the squirrel who is busy with her phone, "Ne, Yuuchan..."

Yuko didn't take her eyes off the screen, "Hmm?"

"I love you."

Yuko's eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she turns to face her partner. Is this for real? The usual cat is weird enough being clingy and all despite her habitual tsun and rejecting attitude, and now she's expressing herself boldly.

Haruna smiles, it's rare to see Yuko shocked, usually it's the other way around. She quickly got on top of Yuko and sat on her hips, then she took her phone away, throwing it to the other side of the bed. Yuko is still wearing the shocked expression and Haruna grins, "What, Yuuchan? Cat got your tongue?"

Yuko blinks a few times, "I ... -mmmph!", before she could respond, Haruna shut her up by crashing their lips together, again, again, and again. Soon their bodies start to heat up and Haruna is already demanding entrance, which the little squirrel gave almost immediately. Their tongues danced in harmony as the two of them made out passionately.

Haruna's hands got to work quickly, unbuttoning the squirrel's top in between their kisses, sliding them off her shoulders and once again running her hands back and forth on Yuko's body. The squirrel could only reply by giving soft moans into their kiss.

They parted and Yuko gasps for air while Haruna scooted downwards, both her hand pulling down Yuko's pants along with the panty, after doing so, she ran her hands on Yuko's smooth legs, then upwards, bringing their body into contact once again, and locked their lips for god knows how many times it has been.

Yuko starts to squirm under Haruna and the taller girl knew what had to be done. She slides Yuko's bra strap down her shoulders, but not without touching her skin gently, making the said girl's sexual desire rise up a notch. Then in one swift manner, she unhooked it and the garment fell off, revealing two small but perky breasts of the squirrel.

"Nyannyan...", Yuko moaned as she felt Haruna's breath trailing down her neck, the taller girl is now planting loads of visible love bites on Yuko's body. Not forgetting her hands, she grabbed both of Yuko's breast and starts to massage them gently before proceeding to flick the tip. Yuko gasps and her nipples harden as Haruna flicked and pulled on them some more.

Their legs are intertwined and Haruna lifts her knee, pushing the said part to come into contact with Yuko's damp core, making her jolt her hips and they moved both parts sensually. The little squirrel grunts, "hnnng... Nyannyan, don't tease me..."

Haruna finished making a huge hickey on Yuko's cleavage and kissed the girl below her briefly, "I'm not~", then she shifts downwards, her hands gave the two mountains a final squeeze and trailed down Yuko's body, on to her legs, and separates them, exposing her prized core.

Haruna giggles, still keeping her hands on Yuko's legs, "Wow Yuuchan... you're flooding"

Yuko blushed, "Mouuu Nyannyannn... don't stare... it's embarrassing..."

"It's beautiful..."

Yuko clenched her thighs together, blushing even deeper, "Mouuu! Nyannyaaan!! Hidoiii!"

"Ahahaha, okay, okay... no more playing around, now be a good girl and spread your legs~", Haruna grins, she is clearly taking advantage of the helpless squirrel, and she is loving every second of it.

The current view that Haruna is having is more than just breath taking. An Oshima Yuko, buck naked, on the bed, horny, wearing a flushed face with a lusty expression filled with sexual desires, is slowly opening her legs just for Haruna. The sight of her squirrel shyly granting her permission is just too sexy, oh and does she need to mention how hot and inviting Yuko looks now if you're looking up from between her legs? Heh, there are millions of people who are willing to die to be in her shoes. 'Too bad, nee~ Yuuchan's body and soul belongs to me, and only me~' , Haruna licked her lips, getting impatient.

"Itadakimasu~", and the cat leaned in to give the squirrel heavenly pleasures that will take the her beyond cloud nine.



must... not... write... smut...
have... to... save... readers... from... dying...
cause of suppermassivebloodloss*cough*scene.
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; #2 Pajama Couple [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: atsukojiyuu_C on September 15, 2014, 07:16:40 PM
I'm thanking you, Eclis-san!!! That 'couple pajama' shots by Haruna and Yuko nearly kill me when I saw it, and now you made an OS of it. Awesome!!

The first half part successfully made me cry.. Seriously..
What Haruna felt.. I.. I.. Gahh! (●̮̮﹏●̮̮)

Omg I dunno.. I just love KojiYuu so damn very much (╥﹏╥)

Well, are you really didn't want to continue this to the 'further' part? You REALLY want to hang it there???? Oh please!!! XD :lol:

Once again, thankyou Eclis-san!! Hope to see more OS from you, and the continuation of your ongoing stories :D
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; #2 Pajama Couple [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: kahem on September 16, 2014, 01:44:31 AM
Great one, I like when kojiharu is agressive xD
Title: Eclis' OS Corner ; Drabble ( Cat + Squirrel = ? ) [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: Eclis on September 19, 2014, 02:43:45 AM
Drabble time! Forgive me for being a bit lazy to write as I use different writing method in this one...

More cases coming soon! Stay tuned~


Drabble #1 ; Cat + Squirrel = ?

So, in this case, our lovely cat and cute squirrel got married and Haruna gave birth to three wonderful children. DO NOT ask me how the hell they can have babies.

1. Oshima Yuna ( Yuko Haruna )
2. Oshima Haruko ( Haruna Yuko )
3. Oshima Kojiyuu ( I don't need to explain this one )

Putting away their laziness in giving names, let's take a peek on their life now, shall we?


"Tadaima!!", Yuko came home from work, but she's still filled with energy and vigor.

"Okaeri, papayuu!", one of their child came to greet her.

"Ah, Yuna!", Yuko crouched to hug her 6 year old Yuna, she kissed the little kid's cheek and asked, "Where's nyanmama and your little sisters?"

Yuna held Yuko's hand and pulls her, "In mama's room! We are playing! Papayuu should come too!"

Upon entering the room, she was greeted by her two daughters who are running around holding Haruna's... skirt and shirt? And their mother is helplessly chasing them, in her lingerie.

Haruko (5 y.o):  *running around while waving Nyannyan's skirt* "Papayuu! Okaeri!"

Kojiyuu (4 y.o): *running around waving Nyannyan's shirt* "Okaeri!"

Haruna: *tries to catch both of them* "Haruko! Kojiyuu! Give back mama's clothes! Ah, Yuuchan, okaeri..."

Yuna: *goes behind Haruna and unclasped her bra, pulling it off her. Then starts running like her sisters* "Yaaay I got one too!"

Haruna: *covers her breasts with her palms* "Yuna!! Not you too!!"

Three dimpled children who looks just like mini Yuko is running around, holding a part of Haruna's clothing.

Yuna/Haruko/Kojiyuu: "Ehehehehehe"

Haruna: "Yuuchan! Don't just stand there! Help me!"

Yuko: *looks at all her perverted children, then looks at her half naked waifu* 'These children really takes after me, huh...'

Haruna: "YUUCHAN!"

Yuko: *snapped back to reality* "Ah, yes, dear" *goes to Haruna and pulled her panty down, stealing the garment immediately, then joins her kids in running around the room with proud, wide smiles* "PAPA GOT ONE TOO! WOOHOO!"

Yuna/Haruko/Kojiyuu: "Yaaaaayyy!"

Haruna: *now naked, sighs, facepalms* 'Why did I marry this idiot...and why the hell do all of our children took after her...'

Yuko/Yuna/Haruko/Kojiyuu: *still running around* "Nyanmama is naked! Mama is pretty!"

Haruna: *takes deep breath* "Oshima Yuko! Give it back to me or no sex for a week! Yuna, Haruko, Kojiyuu! Mommy won't hug you and let you rub your cheeks on my breasts if you don't give the clothes back!"

Yuko/Yuna/Haruko/Kojiyuu: *stopped running, face filled with horror*

Haruna: "I'm counting to three! One...!"

Yuko/Yuna/Haruko/Kojiyuu: *gives all the clothes back* "We're sorry, mom....."


(19/9) Here's case 2! Yaaaaayyy! More KojiYuu! Please note that each case is COMPLETELY UNRELATED to each other, the things that remain are that they're married and their children's names.


The Oshima family is in their car, with Yuko driving and Haruna beside her. Their three kids are sitting quietly at the back row. They're going to school.

When they've arrived at their eldest daughter Yuna's school, Yuko stopped her car right at the front gate. Yuna wears her hair just like her mother, with straight bangs and pointy ears. She looks just like Haruna. Well, all three of them looks like a very young Kojiharu.

Yuna (10 y.o): "See you later mom!" *kisses Haruna*

Haruna: "See you later, darling! Have fun in class!"

Yuko: *looks at Yuna* "Hey hey, Yuna! Where's my kiss?"

Yuna: *looks away, blushing. Pushes the door and steps out* "No kiss for daddy!"

Yuko: *disappointed, pouts* "Whaaaat?"

Haruna: "Yuuchan, we should go, there's a lot of cars waiting in line"

Yuko: "Fine"

And they continued driving until they reached their second daughter Haruko's school. Yuko stopped the car in the front gate to drop her beloved daughter.

Haruna: *looks at Haruko* "Haruko, remember to bring your lunchbox home, okay? Don't forget about it again~"

Haruko (9 y.o): "Yes, mom... byebye!" *kisses Haruna and got off the car*

Yuko: "Harukoooo! Where's my kiss?"

Haruko: *walks away*

Yuko: *sad face* "Why....."

HONK!! , The sound of the car behind them. Yuko hissed and left with no choice but to go forward.

Not long after that, they arrived at their youngest daughter Kojiyuu's school. This time, Yuko parked her car in the car park, since Kojiyuu is quite the clingy one, wanting to be accompanied by her two parents until the classroom door.

Haruna/Kojiyuu/Yuko: *got off the car and held hands with Kojiyuu in the middle, walks into the school building and drops Kojiyuu on her classroom door*

Kojiyuu: *tiptoes and kisses Haruna* "I love you mom!"

Haruna: *bows slightly and kisses Kojiyuu* "Mom loves you too, Kojiyuu!"

Yuko: "What about me?"

Kojiyuu: *fidgets* "Umm... I love daddy too..."

Yuko: "Where's my kiss then?"

Kojiyuu: "But no kiss for daddy." *runs into the classroom*

Yuko: *sad face* "E-eeeehhh?!"

Haruna: *chuckles* "Come on Yuuchan, we need to go home"

Yuko: *pouts* "Fine...."

- In The Car -

They're on their way home and it's still Yuko driving. Yuko has one hand on the steer and the other one holding Haruna's hand above her wife's lap.

Yuko: *sighs*

Haruna: *looks at her 'husband'* "What's wrong, Yuuchan?"

Yuko: "I wonder what I did wrong... they seem to not like me..."

Haruna: "They love you more than they love me, you know..."

Yuko: *scoffs* "Yeah, right, Nyannyan..."

Haruna: "I'm serious here, Yuuchan! They're really like me when I'm younger..."

Yuko: "Oh really?"

Haruna: *tightens the hold of their hands* "Un! You remember years ago when we just started dating?"

Yuko: *chuckles* "'re really shy, and not to mention tsun tsun"

Haruna: "I'm not tsun tsun anymore...but yeah, our daughters, they're all like me, they might be cold to you, but we all love you the most, Yuuchan~"

The car stopped cause they got red lights.

Yuko: *looks at Haruna and smiles* "You're right... but still, I'm sad they didn't kiss me..."

Haruna: *kisses Yuko's cheeks* "There, happy?"

Yuko: *giggles* "More?"

Haruna: "Baka Yuuchan~" *leans in to kiss again-*




Haruna: *facepalms* "Yuuchan...the lights turned green already..."

Yuko: "Oh, right..." *gets back into driving mode*

Haruna: "BakaYuu~"

Haruna holds Yuko's free hand with both of hers, and Yuko smiles at her.

Haruna: You're the best husband in the world, Yuuchan... I'm really glad you are willing to spend so much time trying to break the walls to my heart...

Yuko: You're the best wife in the world, Nyannyan... I'm really glad you never push me away, even when I'm being really annoying...

Haruna: *smiles gently* "Nee, Yuuchan?"

Yuko: *killer dimples smile* "Yes, baby?"

Haruna: "I love you"

Yuko: "I love you too"

Haruna: "Let's grow old together, and be together forever..."

Yuko: "We will, Nyannyan, we will... until death do us part..."

Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; Drabble Update [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: Haruko on September 19, 2014, 05:51:40 AM
Yey! Im a Oshima Now! :3..

Jajaj poor haruna with three pervert..
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; Drabble Update [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: mgxx on September 19, 2014, 06:31:06 AM
Omg oshima family is really funny~
Lol that kids  :banghead:
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; Drabble Update [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: atsukojiyuu_C on September 19, 2014, 09:26:39 AM
CHAOS XD :lol: :lol:

But Haruna know for sure how to tame her squirrel and their child XD
So funny! Nyahahahaha
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; Drabble Update [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: Eclis on September 19, 2014, 10:15:31 AM
Aaah I just realized that Haruko's name got auto corrected by my phone into Haruna. Sorry it might have confused you all, I'm sorry :kneelbow:

Oh, case 2 shall be up soon, mehehehehehe :kekeke:

(Further cases will be added in the original post)
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; Drabble Update CASE 2 ! [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: fluorescentCat on September 20, 2014, 07:10:09 AM
Waaah! Too sweet, Kojiyuu! Too sweet!

I like your OS and drabbles! I have always been a silent reader, but not anymore! :wahaha:
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; Drabble Update CASE 2 ! [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: Haruko on September 20, 2014, 07:28:31 AM
Im there again! yeah!!.. Aww but I want kiss yuu papa...
Title: Re: Eclis' OS Corner ; Drabble Update CASE 2 ! [ KojiYuu ]
Post by: MYJR on September 20, 2014, 10:06:52 AM
Haha.. Case 1 was so funny :tama-laff:
while Case 2 was too sweet :tama-heart:
I like their kids :tama-lotsaluv:

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Oh my god !!! They are so cute!!!
Title: Eclis' OS Corner ; #3 Behind Every Photobook [ KojiYuu ] (29/9/14)
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Hello hello hello!

More OS for all of you! This one is thanks to A CERTAIN SOMEONE who got me worked up so early in the morning by sending me pictures of KojiYuu's fanservices.

Without further ado, let's start reading!


OS # 3 ; Behind Every Photobook

"Nee, Nyannyan... You look so sexy...", Yuko whispers softly on the sensitive ears of the cat like girl beneath her.

They're on a sofa, wearing matching white blouse but without pants, just panties and blouse, and the bra of course, because the shirt is kinda see through.

Haruna just smiles awkwardly as she knows Yuko said those words just to tease her, she hugs the squirrel that lays on top and whispered, "Yuko we're in a middle of a photoshoot... focus please..."

Indeed, they're taking pictures for Haruna's new photobook. The concept they're taking is 'lovers on the couch', and Yuko fits the bill to the T as Haruna's lover.

Yuko hugged her Nyannyan's neck and turned to the camera, making it look like they're so innocent, hiding the real fact that they're not.

"Oshima-san, please look into Kojima-san's eyes, we need more feelings, more chemistry!", the cameraman sure is demanding a lot.

Yuko sets her hands on both sides of Haruna's head, and she raised her body level, making it as if she's a lioness ready to devour her prey beneath her. She looks at Haruna with a gaze full of lust.

"Excellent! Excellent! Hold it!", the cameraman remarks excitedly.

Haruna gulps, Yuko looks so sexy... and her gaze... Haruna could feel the squirrel's lust from those brown orbs. She heard some of the staffs saying that Yuko is making this whole photoshoot concept looks real. Well, IT IS REAL. Haruna knew all too well that Yuko wants her really badly.

Yuko smiles, a devilish smirk that only Haruna could see, since her hair flows down and covers her face from the side. She then said with a seductive voice, "I want you, Nyannyan...", and she kissed Haruna's lips briefly.

Haruna blushed, this is so unfair. Yuko would always tease her regardless of the place and situation, one of the example is right now. But she have to endure it, she brought out her tsundere act, "Yuuchan what are you doing!"

An act, yes. Kojima Haruna being tsundere is all an act. An act to cover for all of Yuko's advances towards her. If only the public knows how she would really react if teased by the squirrel.

"Oshima-san, you can change position now", the cameraman directed.

"Hai~", Yuko laid herself on top of Haruna, resting her head on the taller girl's chest. One of her hand playfully grabbed Nyannyan's breast, squeezing them slowly.

"Alright now I want both of you to face the camera", the cameraman instructed.

Both of them obliged, showing the staff what they want to see, but what they didn't hear was Yuko's words of love, affection, and seduction whispered into Haruna's ears. They are containing the urge to hold each other and do what they usually do.

"Alright! Photo session over! Oshima-san, Kojima-san, please sit up straight for the interview...", then the cameraman left and the interviewer came.

Along the interview session, Yuko didn't stop expressing her desire to touch Haruna. Taking her hand, small perverted gestures, seductive glances, and what not. Haruna has no choice but to keep her tsundere act on all throughout the interview, but she was shooting Yuko gazes of utter hunger, gazes of lust. Their gestures was perceived by the staffs as 'strong friendship', but they are wrong. They don't know what is really going on between the two.

"Okay that's it! Thankyou for your cooperation, Oshima-san, Kojima-san.", and the interviewer left.

Haruna and Yuko knew what to do, both got up, thanked all the staffs and went into the changing room, locking the door.

"You always make it so hard to focus, Yuuchan...", Haruna said as she sits herself on the table.

"Oh, you didn't like it?", Yuko smirks, and she slowly approached Haruna, swaying her hips sensually.

"Shut up and come here", Haruna demanded.

When Yuko is in range of her arms, Haruna quickly circles her arms on Yuko neck and pulled her in for a kiss, Yuko replied the gesture by wrapping her arms around Haruna's waist. They kissed hungrily, both gasping for air but too stubborn to let go to take a breather. Yuko's tongue demanded entrance and was given without a second of delay. Still kissing vigorously, Yuko's hands starts to work on removing Haruna's blouse, unbuttoning the piece of cloth quickly. She then ran her hands all over the taller girl's body, and Haruna moaned into their kiss. Yuko has given this all a thought, she kept on kissing Haruna to surpress her moaning sounds, they don't want to be heard by the staffs outside.

In a quick gesture, Yuko removed Haruna's bra, exposing her marvellous breasts which she loved so much. She pushed Haruna down on the table and climbed on top of her. They're still not breaking their hot kiss, Yuko's hands grabs both breasts and starts to squeeze them, giving pleasures to the girl beneath her. Moans are trying to escape Haruna's lips but Yuko silenced her by kissing and intertwining their tongues together. Her hands are doing their job, pinching and flicking Haruna's nipples. Yuko broke away and bites Haruna's neck, making the said girl moan loudly.

Yuko giggled, "You can never contain your moans, do you? Do you want everyone outside to hear your sexual cries?", she's still playing with both of Haruna's breasts and nipples, making them hard rock.

Haruna blushed, but she couldn't keep her voice down, not when her squirrel is making her feel this good, "Yuuchan... how many times I have to say that your hands are very magical... you make me feel higher with every touch..."

"That's because I love you, Nyannyan... and I'm good at sex...", Yuko giggles.

Haruna smiles, "Baka Yuuchan..."

"No more chit chat!", with that, Yuko dives back in, leaving marks of love along Haruna's neck, down to her shoulders, and finally her breasts. She bites one of the tip while her hand pleasures the other side. Her bites didn't hurt, it never does, she always do it so gently, like her love for Haruna, gentle, and never did she hurt the taller girl.

"Yuuchan....aaahh", Haruna sets her hand on Yuko's head, now that no one is shutting her up, her moans are let loose and with each cry of Yuko's name, the smaller girl felt more aroused, more daring, and this pumps her to give more satisfying, pleasuring sensations to her lover.

"Nyannyan... tone it down...", Yuko moves down to her belly. She then removes Haruna's panty, revealing her wet core.

"Yuu... Onegai... Yuuchan...", Haruna is begging her lover to give her the real thing, the real pleasure that she's seeking.

"Impatient as always, nee~", Yuko smirks, she saw how Haruna is squirming, how she is yearning for a release, and decides to give her just exactly what she wants. She bent her lover's knees and spreads her legs apart, this is for ease of access, or whatever Yuko said it was.


(You all know what part this is right? Sorry guys, gotta censor this part, but I'm guessing you know where this part went to.)


Yuko smiles, "Was I good?"

Haruna blushed, "Yuuchan is the best..."

Yuko giggles, "Ehehehe, that's cause I love you... and I'm good at sex!"

Haruna swipes Yuko's hair away, so that she could see her face that she loves so much, "Yes, Yuuchan... you don't have to say it twice..."

"I love you, Nyannyan...", and Yuko kissed Haruna's forehead.

Haruna smiles dearly, "I love you too, Yuuchan..."

And the couple embraced each other, snuggling, pressing their bodies together for warmth. And for a few minutes, they forgot where they were. Until reality knocks back in.

KNOCKNOCKNOCKNOCK!! , a rapid, impatient knocking could be heard.

"Oshima-san, Kojima-san!! Are you guys alright?"

Yuko hurriedly got up, "Oh shit, oh shit, I forgot we're in the dressing room!"

Haruna panicks, she got up as well and searches for her missing pieces of clothing, "Yuuchan where did you throw my bra to? Yuuchan I can't find my panty!!"

"Here, here! It's under the table!", Yuko crouched and grabbed the clothes, and threw them to Haruna.

Haruna catches them and puts them on, then she took a glance at the table and her eyes widened, "Yuuchan!! There's my fluids on the tableeeee!!"

"Oh god I almost forgot", Yuko immediately grabbed tissues and wiped traces of their sweet guilty love session.

Haruna put everything back on and takes a deep breath, "Okay I'm done"

Yuko offers her hand to her lover, "Let's go?"

Haruna smiles and took her hand in, "Yup!"

Just as they were about to exit the room, Haruna leans close to Yuko's ear and whispers seductively, "Sorry for the scratches I gave you on your back, I'll make it up to you when we're on our REAL bed... tonight."

Yuko, surprised by the sudden tease, blushed hard. She knew all too well that Haruna loves to touch her small body, plant lovebites, and make her scream from too much pleasure, and once she gets into her sex animal mode, she can last all night long and even Yuko would succumb to her power of sensuality. 'I guess I won't be sleeping tonight...'


Muahahahahahahahahha, satisfied, KojiYuu shippers? :wahaha:
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Muahahahahahahahahha, satisfied, KojiYuu shippers? :wahaha:
Maybe~ but I bet they not satisfied at censor part XD

I'm not a big KojiYuu shipper but I really want to scream at that damn censor part lol~ :lol:

but still that KojiYuu moment :on bleed:
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I think I know who is that certain someone :kekeke:

But nevermind, on with the story....


*after reading the censored part*

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thank you thank you!!! for the kojiyuu OS, LOve it!!! :3 I need my diary kojiyuu fic :P
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Dressing room... On the table... Geez super hawt KojiYuu.............
Btw I love the KojiYuu 'lovers on the couch' photoshoot moment you're talking about, with white loose shirt and all :yep:

Thankyou for this smexy OS!!! XD XD
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can i have the link for the censored parts please  :P :bow: :)