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Author Topic: Don't be ashamed when you love me (WMatsui fanfic) - COMPLETED  (Read 88075 times)

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Re: [ mo-chan's Fanfics ] She ran away from me | Chapter 2 | End |
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Love  :heart: will find a way, definitely. Or if there's a will, there's a way.  :cow:
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[ mo-chan's Fanfics ] Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 14 part 5|
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A/N: Hi mo-chaaaaan deeesu!  :on woohoo: again I’m back and I'm with the final part of the Chapter 14. I'm really sorry to make you all waiting so much. I tried my hard to make a chapter for those who wanted reading this fic even I had problems at home and I'm not in the mood cause my granny die 9 days ago.  What I talking about sorry don't read it. Thanks to nori he was here to help me   :shy2: . It's short but I hope you will enjoy it.  :byebye:

Chpater 14 : Holiday Part 5

The darkness invaded the whole room. We couldn’t do anything. It was a very small room for employees. The door was locked shut and without

 a key we couldn’t get out. Calling for help wasn’t a good idea too. How could we call someone? We were trying to hide from them. I didn’t want to go back to

them. I want some space. I wanted to relax and sit with her. But is it that we can be calm after what we had just overheard. I mean about Mayu and Yuki. I raised

my head and looked at her. I wasn’t exactly sure about what she was doing but it looked like she was searching for something so I asked.

“What’s wrong Rena-chan?”

“I can’t find my phone; I want to call Kanon since she might be able to help us” She answered me and continued to search her bag.

“You can have mine if you don’t find yours.”  After putting my hand inside the pocket of my jacket I rolled my eyes. Rena looked to me with confusion.

“I can’t find mine too. I think I lost it while we were in the amusement park”

Rena’s eyes opened wide when she heard what I said.


“It doesn’t matter” I said trying to calm her down.

“What did you say!? Your phone is an android. Do you realise how much they cost!?”

“No I don’t. I never asked about something like that”

She was staring at me her mouth wide open in the form of an ‘o’. Then she faceplamed and sighed at the same time.

“It's too late now and what’s done is done. I don’t think if we went to search for it we’ll find it. No one will let go of a phone like that if they find it.” She shook her head.

“I’m sorry…” I didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t say it to me it’s your phone.”

“You lost yours too.” I frowned when I remembered about that. She was scolding me yet she lost her phone too!She really is a bit too mean sometimes.

“I remembered that I left it in the room. And look at me.” She continued to scold me.

“I said I’m sorry.” Why should I say I’m sorry to her! I never said sorry to anyone even if it is me who was in the wrong. Why am I apologising to this girl?

“It’s not my fault that you left me alone.” I could tell from her eyes that my mumbled words had caused her to feel a little down. To try and cheer her up I took

her hand and I smiled.

“I think we should wait till somebody gets here.” She smiled back and made me sit next her.

“Let’s wait then.


I went wandering out onto the terraceto take in some fresh airand take my mind off of things. The others were having fun: playing games and telling each other

stories which frightened all of them. I couldn’t have fun with them; I had other matters circulating in my head. It bothers me so much that I can’t make any sense

of everything. Just Knowing that she knew secrets very important to Jun is killing me. Maybe it’s because she is working for him. But it doesn’t mean that she can

hug him like that and touch him like someone important. She is nothing but just a maid. She can’t lay her hand on him. I won’t tolerate it. I won’t let anything

happen between them. Hearing the sound of footsteps I turned my gaze to see that it was Airin.

“So you were here.” Her hand was holding two cans of iced coffee. She walked to me and she offered to me one of them.

“Ah, thanks.” I accepted the beverage with a smile. Airin walked over to the wall and leant against it. She opened her own can and took a sip.

“You don’t want to go inside Churi?.”

“No...” I took a sip and continued. “What about you?”


“I see...” Then silence draped itself over us. We were looking at the stars. The weather was nice. It was calm. No movement no noise. Just Airin and me. Alone.

“It’s been a long time since it’s been just the two of us.”I was surprised by what she said. I didn’t know why but all I could feel was regret for what I had done, but

I had no right to be sad because I’m the one at fault.


“I know you have new friends now. New friends who fit with your social status.”

“I...” She turned to me and smiled.

“It’s ok I understand. I’m used to it now. It started from middle school you remember. So I’m ok.”

“I’m sorry Airin.”  I know I’m the cruel person who left her friend to be popular. I know it’s selfish that I want her to forgive me. Why did it take me so long to just

apologise to her? Why I’m like this. I can’t understand myself. What do I want to do?

“You’re Sorry?” Airin let a loud laugh, her voice clearly echoing out. Then she stopped and continued.“How can you say sorry now? How can you be so cruel? Back

when I needed you,you chose to leave me.You didn’t bother to help me. When I was abused by the other students you ignored it. You didn’t bother to look at me!!

I’m only here thanks to Rena-san, she was by my side all the time. I tried so hard to be correct with you but you wouldn’t let me do so and about what we saw

that day in the amusement park don’t worry I won’t tell nobody about it.” Then she left me. Airin’s words hurt me so much. I couldn’t bear it. My knees buckledand

I fell back to lean against the wall before I slowly slid to the floor.

Airin is right I’m horrible. I don’t have the right to be forgiven.  Me and Airin used to friend from elementary school to middle School. I don’t know why but we

always end up in the same class. Is it fate? I don’t know. But I ended our friendship with my own hands like she said.


Thinking about it we are alone in the same room near each other. It’s what I wanted. Then why am I so nervous when I end up in this kind of situation?

Did my  love for Churi ever make my heart beat this fast? Did I really ever love Churi to begin with? I want to be with Rena all the time.

 I don’t want that girl Airi to approach her. I want to hug her. I want to feel her lips on top of mine. I was flooded by my thoughtswhen

I felt a heavy weight on my shoulder. It was Rena-chan. She was sleeping peacefully with her head resting on my shoulder.

 She must be tired from such a long day. Many things happened today. I can understand. I leant my head on hers and tried to sleep myself.

The next day I wake upunder the effect of the sun's ray bursting through. I tried to turn my head but I was stopped by the pain in my neck due to my position

when I was sleeping.

To my surprise Mayu and Yuki were standing in front of us. I don’t know why but Yuki had a weird look not only her face but her entire body had reacted when

they saw us,while Mayu had the same emotionless stare. As Rena woke up she extended her arms and rubbed her eyes cutely.

“D-don’t t-tell m-me that you were here for all night?” Yuki turned purple.

“It’s not the right question Yuki.”  Mayu was shaking her head to the side as she said it.

Me and Rena were so embarrassed. No one said a word.

“Eeeeeh!!! They know!What are we going to do!?” Yuki was panicking.

“I’m sorry we didn’t want to sneakin to watch the two of you it was an accident!!” Rena justified.

I can understand Yuki’s reaction. I think if I was in her position I would want to ran away and hide myself somewhere no one knew about.

But what made me really surprised was Mayu’s expression. She didn’t look worried at all. Or should I say that she didn’t show emotion.

 She sounds indifferent. Like she doesn’t care at all.Like it was nothing. I think she is thinking of something that could help her.

Then she wouldn’t be concerned.

“Calm down Yuki. Panicking won’t solve anything.” Mayu quietly reassured her.

“But…” Mayu turned to me and Rena and smirked. Her gaze gave me goosebumps. I don’t know what is for Rena’s case but it made me a bit scared and I began

to distrust her. I looked to Rena who was next to me; her breathing hitched. She suddenly looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Mayu couldn’t help but

chuckle at our reaction.

“If only you could see your faces now.”  She started laughing again before continuing.

"Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you for anything horrible. Like we did please just keep it a secret. I think now done.”She said as she put her hands on the two

sides of her waistline.

“Aaah if that was all you wanted to say then you didn’t need to scare me like that.”  Rena sighed as she said it.

“Mou Mayu you scared me too.”  Yuki started laughing then we ended up all laughing.


After finishing talking with Yuki and Mayu we went back to the room we reserved. The room was turned upside down. There was waste

and drinks everywhere and it smelled of alcohol too.  There were so many pupils sleeping here and there.

“It looks like they had a party here.”  Rena said as she was searching for her sister.

“That’s why I didn’t stay with them. We will be in trouble if one of the teachers find out about it Rena-chan. Let’s pack our things and go back home. I’m really


 She nodded to me in response and she started shaking Kanon to wake her up from Kumi’s arms. Then we went back to our home to begin a new school year.

@Chanaline: haha Don't say it or she ll ge angry at you. Rena can be scary sometimes :P
@DC2805: Yeah Love will find a way :D
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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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yeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!! new chapter!
Thanks a lot!! It´s great!

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Yeeeey! Update!

Jurina is realizing she have feelings for Rena *.* I hope after this chapter Churi realizes that she is being a bad person ><

My feelings for your loss U.U My granny also died this week...

Thank you for the update o/
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Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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OMG it's so cute!
I'm really feeling bad for Airin. Her friend rejected her and tbe person she loves doesn't love back

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yey! an update :D

such a cute couple, hope jurina will start to know that she truly love rena, not churi.

poor airin, churi left her. hope they will be friend again

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mo-chan what Mayuki did? I want to know!!!

Ahah! :lol: Mayu scared them!

thank! Update tomorrow! XD
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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@Minami-chan: not at all  :hee:
@BbSis: about Jurina's feeling it's complicated  :err: I wonder if Churi will relize or not  :hehehe: you too I'm sorry for your granny T.T
@kahem: I feel bad for Airin too I can't let her alone  :fainted:
@gekiragakuen: I wonder if it's going to happen~ :whistle:
@Chanaline: Sorry Chana-chan  :on speedy: Mayuki won't appear till next season  :err:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15|
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Heeeey! mo-chan deeeesu!!  :on woohoo:
sorry I took so long to update.  :err: I'm always busy study exams and with my music band and all  :err:
I feel very lazy lately  :badluck:
I hope you will like the chapter and comment  :on cloudeye:

Chapter 15: New school year

“Jun-onii-chan give me back my puppet!!” A Chibi Rena was running outside in the garden after a 7 years old boy trying to get back her toy. On the other hand
Mr Matsui was spirited to put on order boxes and coolers in the car.

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! I won’t give it back to you Rena. If you want it catch me!” He stuck his tongue out and he escaped again from her.
Ms Matsui came from inside carrying a basket. She went to her husband’s direction and she handed him it.

“Do not run risk of falling” But the children didn’t really listen to what she was saying and Rena ending falling like Ms Matsui said.

“Hora! I told you so!” When blood was shown on her kneed, Rena started crying louder and louder.  Hearing the little girl’s cry, a tall pale man showed. He took Rena in his embrace to comfort her.

“There, there don’t cry Rena-chan it’s a small injury. You’re a big girl now”Rena cried more

 “But Papa it hurts so much” The young man laughed at Rena’s reaction. Jun felt bad for Rena. He walked toward the man and Rena. He gave Rena’s puppet.

“Jun-kun you don’t think you forget something?”  The young man put Rena, knelt and smiled to the little Jun.

“Um... Sorry Papa”

“Not to me boy to Rena” Papa said laughing
Jun looked down. “I’m sorry Rena...”

“Good boy”





“Please wake up, we can’t be late for school.” Jurina slowly opened her eyes. Rena was shaking her trying to wake her. She put her palm on her eye and sighed.

“aaah this dream again...”

“What’s wrong?” Jurina looked to her. Rena’s face was really close that Jurina got all read and fall from her bed.

“Euheh It’s nothing. I’m up now” She got up and rushed to the bathroom. She wanted to tell her but Jurina herself can’t understand her dream. The thing she was sure about it is it a part of her childhood memory that she can’t remember clearly. Rena wondered if something was up. However Jurina wouldn't say anything so she decided to let it go.

It is April now. A new season,  A new year, many things happened in that holiday. I was really hard to hide Jurina’s secret from our classmates. But after that Jurina seemed more distant to me. I don’t know why but somehow she is avoiding me lately. At first, I thought it was only my imagination but she always avoids talking too much to me. She even doesn’t look to me when she is talking to me. I began to be worried about this problem. Did I do something wrong to her?  Our relationship is more far away now than the first time I joined working in the Matsui family. I know that I’m only her servant and I can’t be closer than the master and maid relationship. Although, I thought that we were getting along well. Maybe I was wrong.
Kanon seemed to be happy that she could be studying in the same high school as Kumin. It made me a bite sad knowing it because I was the reason of her joining this school but now she is glad about being with Kumin. Maaa ika.
But I feel a little lonely now, I only know Churi in my class. Jurina, Kumin and Airin are in the 3-B.
I’m Matsui Rena, I’m 17 and I study in the 3-A now.


It’s lunch time now. I forget my bento at home. I was really nervous today too. I didn’t expect that Rena-chan will be so close to early in the morning. Lately I can look at her eyes my heart start betting so fast when I feel her presence. I know that she is not stupid and she feels that I’m avoiding her. But it’s not right how can my love fade for Churi this fast. Maybe it is because Akane doesn’t know my secret. Maybe because I can be myself in front of Rena-chan that’s whyBut I know it’s not a reason for me to love Rena. No no no it is not truth. I’m Matsui Jun and not Jurina I’m Matsui Jun.

“Jurina” A voice said, when I looked where the voice coming from, I saw Rena smiling to me and holding a bento in her hands.

“Here! You went before Kanon and me so you forgot your lunch”

“Euhm.. Thanks” Again I couldn’t look into her eyes what’s wrong with me!!

“By the way Rena-chan..”

“Euum” She kept smiling and listened to me

“Can you stop calling me Jurina”

“Eh?” It really broke my heart seeing Rena-chan hurt expression. It made me want to hug her tightly

“Oooh! Ok I’ll be careful to not say it at school.”

“N-no I mean stop calling me that name. I can’t use it anymore. It’s not my name. I’m Matsui Jun.”I can feel that Rena’s look from sad to mad one.

“Why...?” She took a breath and continued

“It’s my duty... I have to do it...”

“ Wasn’t you the one who told me that you liked being called by your real name?” I was silent. I couldn’t say anything. I just kept looking down. She put her hand on my shoulder and shack it asking me why.

“I thought it was a special thing you gave me calling you by your real name. But...”

 She septet a back step “... I think you never wanted to be close to me at the right place...” Rena-chan’s voice was shaking more and more. But after hearing what she said at the end. I couldn’t help looking at her. I was shocked. She was crying. I made Rena-chan crying.


“-I have to go” Then she run away.


Airin is right. I’m the worst person in the world. I was acting as a stupid. I’m a selfish person. Now I’m not with my friends or should I say that they are not my friends anymore. Maybe Kumin yes but I don’t think that Jun-kun doesn’t want to talk with me at all. But still I have to figure out why Rena called Jun Jurina. Jurina is a name of a... I shook my head. No no it can’t be it. But making fun of him wasn’t the time of it. Jun responded to her when she called him by that name. Maybe I should get along with Rena maybe I’ll find out something.


I wonder what is doing Rena-san. Maybe Churi told me to be silent about it. But still I want to know it. I want to be certain about what I’m thinking. If I’m right then it won’t be a problem. It will be clear that Rena-san didn’t accept my feelings for her because I’m a girl. Besides Matsui Jun doesn’t really have the same feeling for as she has for him. She is his maid and he seems ignoring her lately. Walking in the hall I turned to the window. Outside I saw Rena-san running and she had her arm on her eyes. She was crying. I rushed to her with all my will being to her. She was sitting on a bench. Tears was falling on her cheeks. When she saw me, she got up and she started running again. I followed her very fast. I called for her but she didn’t stop. Rena-san wasn’t really good in sports thing so I couldn’t get to her. I took her by her arm and turn her to looks to my side. She looked in my eyes for a second and she hugged me and cried. I know it’s his fault or should I say her fault. I still have to prove it. Wait for me Matsui Jun.


I’m really happy knowing that Kanon is attending the same high school as me. It made me laugh when she told me that Rena-chan was jealous of me. She must be maybe Rena was really close to her sister. The problem is Jun. He is acting really weird these days. I’m really worried about him. I thought he got in a fight with Rena-chan. When I asked him he told me that they didn’t and it was nothing. I don’t think it’d nothing it’d really obvious that something is up with him...
I was on my way to the bathroom and heard a loud noise.

“You’re really stupid! It’s disgusting! You don’t even get angry when we say it to you!!” A girl took a bucket of dirty water and poured it on the head of the bullied girl and the other three girls laughing. Things were happening really fast. I didn’t know what to do. I just shouted.

“What are you doing!?”

“Tsk you’re really lucky that Kumi-sempai come in here. Let’s go girls!” Then the other girls exited the bathroom.I walked to the girl. I knelt and gave her a handkerchief.

“Are ok heuh...” She took the handkerchief from my hand and she began to her face.

“Yuria I’m Kizaki Yuria. Thank you... ” I can see clearly that she is trembling. She had a really bad time with those girls. I should’ve been here earlier.

“It’s everything ok now. Don’t worry.” I sneezed her hand trying to comfort her but she suddenly hugged me and started crying. I didn’t know what do so I returned the hug and patted her head. Yet when I felt someone’s presence I turned to look for who is it. For my surprise, it was my cute girlfriend. Her expression looks kind of shocked. I looked at the girl in my arms then looked back to Kanon but she was no longer there.


The teacher came and class began. I looked next to me was kumi spacing she looked worried of something. She wasn’t like herself. Then I turned my in front of me I saw Furukawa Airi glaring at me with a hate look. She must know what happened between me and Rena-chan. Why I said those horrible things? Why I did all of this? Why things can be this complicated? I have to apologise. I want to apologise.

“Good morning! We have a new transferred girl who will study with us. Fujita-san come in...”When I saw the girl got in my class I was shocked.

“Fujita Nana. Please take care of me” She looked at my direction and waved to me.

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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Caracters|
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Name: Matsui Jun

Real name: Matsui Jurina

Age: ???

Jurina is a rich lonely girl living as a boy’s personality by using the Jun name. Only her family new about her secret but after Rena will find out about it.  She is living as a boy due to some problems related to her family. At school, Jurina is known as a boy who is the famous Jun-kun who everybody admires and like.  Jurina in outside looks as the cool and the prince of her school but inside she is the opposite. Jurina is in love with Churi who is Takayanagi Akane but after the rejection she got after confessing her feelings and meeting Rena many things changed…

Name: Matsui Rena

Age: 17

Rena is an orphanin girl she doesn’t know who are her real parents. But for some unkown reasons the Kimoto family raised her as their real daughter. But Then she lost them in an accident.  She has always admired secretly The Handsome Prince Of the School “Jun-kun” . Rena wanted to let her little sister attend the same high school as her. But she could not offer it so her friend helped her too get a job. At the end she ended up in the Prince’s house.

Name: Takayanagi Akane

Nicname: Churi

Age: 17

Akane is a rich girl. She is one of Jun's best friends. After loosing Jun's attention, Churi is getting really jealous when ever Jun is close to Rena. She wants to discouver why Rena called her best friend by the name "Jurina" . Akane's attention are vague and we can't figure it. She is trying to get close to Airi again because they used to be childhood friend.

Name: Furukawa  Airi

Nicname : Airin


Airi is Rena’s best friend. She has been in love with Rena from the first time they met. Airi wants to protect Rena from Jun who she think he is creepy.

Name: Yagami Kumi

Nicname: Kumin

Age: 16

Kumi is Jun’s best friend. She is the stupid of the group. Kumin is Kanon’s girlfriend. Things about their relationship got complicated when Kizaki Yuria appeared.

Name: Kimoto Kanon

Nicname: Non-chan

Age: 14

Kanon lost her parent’s in a car accident. She is still living with her sister Rena. After moving to Matsui family’s house she was able to meet Kumi who she will fell in love after. Their relationship got complicated when Kizaki Yuria appeared.

Name: Kashiwagi Yuki

Nicname: Yukirin

Age: 17

Yuki is the daughter’s owner of the hotel onsen in Kagoshima where Rena and the others spent their holiday. She is studing at Tokyo.

Name: Watanabe Mayu

Nicname: Mayuyu

Age: 15

Mayu is a a lazy cyborg cold hearted girl. She met the Rena and the others in the hotel onsen. She was helping her friend Yuki there. She is living in Tokyo.

Name: Known as Kyoka-san

Age: 67

Kyoka-san is the one who took care of Jurina in the sad moment. She knows all Jurina’s secrets and she is always by Jurina’s side and helps her.

Name: Matsui xxxxx

Age: 38

She is Jurina’s mother she always treat her daughter as her son.

Name: Matsui xxxxx

Age: 46

He is Jurina’s father he never has been at home for some hiden reasons.

New Characters

Name: Fujita Nana

Age: 17

Nana is Jurina’s friend.

Name: Kizaki Yuria

Age: 15

Yuria is a student who has been all the time builed unitil Kumi helped her. She will eventually feel in love with her.

Name: Matsui xxxx

Age: 26

He is known as papa in the fanfic. He is dead How? I won’t tell you hihi  :P
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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Caracters
« Reply #170 on: June 15, 2013, 03:12:44 AM »
It's my first time reading this fanfic and i really like it :D.

It took me about 3h to finish it but yeah it was worth it hahaha

Can't wait for the next updeate :D
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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Caracters
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Omg you bring nana here... More person to cause trouble for wmatsui

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Caracters
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finally!!!! an update!!
Jun be honest with ur self
just tell Rena ur feeling will u
or else i will steal her from u :twisted:

nice update anyway
 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Characters
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I didn't notice the updates at all...
yay for update, nod nod...
this is getting complicated...
yuria... kumi.... non-chan... ah...
fujita nana?

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Characters
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wooooo i need more chapter soon!!
it´s so interesting!!

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Characters
« Reply #175 on: June 26, 2013, 11:54:56 PM »
yey! after a long hiatus, you comeback with an update.

i guess thinks become more complicated, and a new drama will begin.

anyway, i will wait for the next update!  :)

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Characters
« Reply #176 on: August 10, 2013, 04:31:40 AM »
WHEN THE NEXT CHAPTER?!! T_______________________________________________T
 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
I can't wait more   :cry: :(

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Characters
« Reply #177 on: August 14, 2013, 01:12:25 PM »
I'm wait for the next chapter...!!!
I'm very Like your fanfic.........
 :jphip: :jphip:
 :) :)

Onegaishimaasu.......  :bow: :bow:

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Characters
« Reply #178 on: August 28, 2013, 02:11:57 AM »
And then I remembered I hadn't read the update you made long ago><

But wow we have a twist here! Jurina was worried about something and ended up hurting Rena, she should have talked to her about her reasons. Well let's see where this will go.

Time to get the drama for kuminon XD I hope everything goes well in the end o/

Churi still didn't learnt... And I hope Airin don't do anything stupid....

And finally, what Nana will bring to WMatsui lives? =o ><

I'll await the update anxiously o/ Thank you!!!

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me | Chapter 15| + Characters
« Reply #179 on: September 03, 2013, 05:14:44 PM »
author-san about poll i think let them be a couple for AiriChuri..
please update for next chapter ASAP

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