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Author Topic: The Curse of Lovebirds [Part 1] (Mayuki, Wmatsui, Saeyuki] 17/6/2014  (Read 29502 times)

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OK, I'll first start my OS collection! I accept any pairings' OS request from anyone so feel free to give me your wants~ I hope I'll be able to fulfill all of your requests in the shortest time.

Note: * is the new release

- Mayuki -

30 days [Series of OS] - [Part 1] (below) -
Destined Meeting[Part 1] | [Part 2] | [Final Part]
Love fortune
Bitter Dream [Part 1] | [Part 2]
The Curse of Lovebirds [Part 1]

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2012, 04:06:33 PM »
This series of OS, I dedicate to two of my friends, Yuuki and Miyu. I will update this continuously in 3 days, 3 parts of the OS. I hope you two can understand my message from this story.

30 days - The series of Mayuki - [Part 1]

30 days

It’s a long time for a family vacation or a pinic.

It’s a long time for a summer school or a school trip together with your friends.

But to me, 30 days are too short... It’s just too short... for a life time.

This is my first and last diary. A diary about my life in the last 30 days living in this world.

You may want to ask me why I waited until now, after 18 years of living, to write this?

Simply, it’s just because I have an udge to write this. I want to say to whoever keeps this diary after I’ve gone to the other side of the world, that there is always a meaning for your existence.

There will be always a reason for you to keep moving on.

And there will be always a person, who needs you, cares about you and loves you for their whole life.

To whoever is reading my diary, read my story and think about yourself.


Day 1

It was my first day of the short period of staying in the hospital. Since the time I was born, I already knew that my body was weak, or should I say, my heart was always weak. I carried a new kind of heart disease, a new disease with such a long name that I couldn’t and didn’t want to remember it. I’d been living with the pain in my chest. I’d gotten used to the disinfectant smell of hospital.

And I’d gotten used to this cold and cruel loneliness.

It wasn’t because of my condition that I was lonely. It was my own wish to be lonely.

I didn’t want anyone to know about my health condition beside from my family. I didn’t want anyone, especially you, to worry about me. And most of all, I didn’t want to see anyone crying for me.

I just hated tears so much that I rarely cried or saw someone cry in front of me. That was why I received my nickname, Cyborg Girl.

Since the time I was young, I didn’t have many friends. I wasn’t a social girl and definitely, no one wanted to play with someone as sick as I was. I was a loner until my first year of high school started.

When I was writing these words, someone came to visit me and to my surprise, it was you.

You, the most beautiful and kind girl that I’d ever met in this world, were standing at the door and smiled to me. Maybe you are thinking that I would like to meet you. But little did you know, seeing your sweet and innocent smile right now, it’s my least wanting thing to see.

“Good morning Mayuyu.” You greeted me and sat down ont he chair placed next to my bed. I just gave you a light nod and focused back on writing this diary. Not even need to raise my head, I knew for sure that you were pouting at my coldness.

“Mou, Mayuyu, you should stop being such a cold cyborg like that.”

“Because I am a cyborg so I don’t talk much.”

I shortly replied you. If it was someone else, I bet they would leave me for good. But it was you who were talking to me, I knew you would know I was playing around and pat my head. And indeed you did. You giggled at my reply and caressed my messy hair.

“Well, since this is your first day of leaving in this hospital, I think you need to look good. Let me do your hair.”

You said cheerfully and I just let her fix my hair. You would always have your smile on your face like nothing bad was happening.

“Hey Mayuyu, after you’ve been released from here, can we go to the hill you have told me?”

I heard your voice saying softly behind my back. Silence then took over the whole room. I couldn’t answer it. And I was so sure that you knew the answer already. Even I didn’t tell you but I knew, as being such a sensitive and smart girl as you, you have found out the truth about me. You knew that I would never leave this bed... until my time was ended.

“OK, done!” Suddenly, you exclaimed cheerfully, breaking the awkward silence between us. I felt you moved away from my back. Then you raise a mirror in front of me, asking my while your smile was blooming on your pinky lips.

“Mayuyu, what do you think about your hair now?”

I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered, Who is that in the mirror? Is it really me? Most of the time, I let my hair down and combined with my emotionless face, I looked colder than ice. But after what you have done, I just saw a cute doll with a twin pig-tail and a confusing face.

“Mayuyu, say something...” Your face became worried.

“Eh... Well... I don’t know what to say... It’s not me... I mean... I haven’t seen me like this before...”

“Yes and you look so cute. Just like a doll.” Once again, you gave me your sweetest smile.

Even everyone said that friends and companies will bring you joy and strength to go through your sorrow. But in my case, it’s the opposite. Seeing your smiles only hurts me more. Seeing you so carefree and optimistic even though you knew everything just makes my heart ache more.

“I’ll visit you anytime I can so I want to see your new hair style everytime I come here.”

“Why?” Consufed by your words, I asked you and received back an answer that made my face burn in embarrassment.

“Because, you look like a doll that I want to cuddle forever.”


Day 2

Today, you visit me again. While I’m writing this, you’re sitting beside me and cutting apples for me. You tried to look at what I read before, even used your unusual puppy eyes to beg me. But how can I let you read this when I’m about to write about you?

Your name is Kashiwagi Yuki, or most people call you as Yukirin. I first met you in my first year of high school. You were a new transfered student who received a lot of attention from other students when I was just a loner sitting in the corner with no friends. Just on the first day you came to this school, you have become popular among the students because of your beauty, charm and kindness. Compare to you, I’m nobody. I bet no one would ever regconise if one day, I suddenly disappeared and never came back.

I’m nobody... but a lone shadow...

But in the extraordinary fact, such an angel like you would ever notice someone lives in the darkness like me. When everyone avoids me, doesn’t care about my existence, you came and dragged me out of my dark corner. You neglect all the negative comments that people give you, or even bad rumours about us, you just keep talking to me and be my first and only friend.

Both of my nickname, Mayuyu and Cyborg, are given by you. You call me Cyborg because of my usual emotionless face and my cold attitude towards others. But you rarely call me by this name. Instead, you really enjoy calling the name of Mayuyu. I don’t know why you like that name so much. Whenever I asked you, you just smiled and said that because it fits me well and you like it. I guessed I would never receive a proper answer from you so I just gave up on asking you. It would be one of my questioning mysteries about you.

But do you know, my biggest question for you isn’t about the nicknames you give me? I’ve been wondering, maybe I’ll be always wondering, that why you would ever choose me over someone else, especially... someone is more special than me.


Day 3

Finally, I've improved my writing speed! Now I can write my diary as the same with talking to someone. Yahoo!

Today is Thursday and you’re late. Well, I don’t blame you for coming late when you have a test. I would be  even happier if you didn’t come today. It’s not like that I don’t want to see you. It’s just I don’t want to see your tiring face and I don’t want to become your burden. I know you have to do chores at home, finish your homework and many things else to do. So why should you bother yourself to come here everyday?

“Mayuyu! Gome ne! I had to talk to my teacher after school so I’m late.” There you are, panting at the door but yet your smile never fades away.

“Don’t mind about that, Yukirin. I can wait forever since I can’t go anywhere else, you know. And you don’t have to come here when it’s too late in the evening.” I say to you softly.

“I’m not allowed to see my favorite cyborg, am I?” You pout again. Mou~ How can I ever resist your cute pout like that? Wait... Did I just wrote cute? Oh my god, I did... And please don’t be surprised about how I can write my diary while having a full conversation with Yukirin. Well, I’m a cyborg and basically a cyborg can do anything, right? So don’t ask me why.

“N-no... I mean... Y-yes! You’re allowed anytime...” See what you have done to me. I stutter! That never happened to me before.

“You know...” Suddenly, you say with a smirk on your face, which scares me a lot. How can I put it? Your smirk is just... too evil... “You’re very cute when you stutter, Mayuyu~”

“Mou! Y-Yukirin!” I can feel my face is burning again when you’re laughing at my reaction. Such a black person, indeed.

“Ahaha. Sorry but I couldn’t help it. Anyways, how are you today, Mayuyu?”

“Well, as usual. Nothing changes much.”

You sit down next to me and start our normal conversation. You know, I’ll never get bored of talking with you. I don’t know since when I have been addicted to your smiles and your sweet voice.

If I could only choose one thing to do, I would choose to protect your smiles. Even it would cost my own life, I would still choose your happiness over myself.

It’s just because... I’m no one... and you’re... someone... exists in this world.

You’re... someone... that deserves happiness more and I do.

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2012, 07:04:33 PM »
This story is a perfect match for my present life and my current mood. My already broken heart you break again. But it's okay, because I really love your stories.

I'm sorry if I'm too serious, just this fic reminds me something...

Anyway... thanks for this! I'm waiting for the update!

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2012, 07:06:33 PM »
Thank you for this update  :bow: :bow:

It was an amazing read  :twothumbs

I'll be waiting for your update  ;)

(I know, I should leave longer comment, but I'm in the middle of writing my inspirational story, so... I just remembered I read it on phone while on the bus, and well, forgot to comment, so here I am now  :nervous :nervous)
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2012, 07:08:17 PM »
I cried when reading this.  .   .

  :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2012, 07:21:24 PM »
Waaaah! Mayu... Mayu... :cry:

It is a sad OS... We have 30 days... Are you going to write 30 days????

I love it really Really... REally, REAlly, REALly, REALLy, REALLY!!!! <--it's ugly  XD
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2012, 07:22:03 PM » really beautiful.Thank you very much Sayuyu......

I don't really get the message.....but it made me want to start a diary too.Maybe.Ill think about it......

Lovely like always.
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #7 on: October 19, 2012, 02:32:07 AM »
Its still day-3...

Thank sayuki-san...congratulation for your OS its capture my heart too...


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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #8 on: October 19, 2012, 03:38:51 AM »
So cute~

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #9 on: October 19, 2012, 07:44:05 PM »
 :on speedy: *danger danger I sense a really sad fic

Mayu I'll give you my  :ptam-wub: so you can be with Yukirin~

Can't wait for next update!
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #10 on: October 20, 2012, 01:58:45 PM »
It's really a great story  :fainted:
but is going to live for only 30 days only a month  :gyaaah:
I can't tolerate it why Mayu is so so so unlucky in this fic why!!  :mon waterworks:
first she was alone when someone interested in her (I mean Yuki) she will die or I'm wrong!!  :gmon tears:
Sayuki-saaaaan  :pleeease:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #11 on: November 18, 2012, 10:16:08 AM »
Omg i almost forget that you write this one this case you already have four fic,and all oe that its awesome,

Fighting sayuki-san!


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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #12 on: November 18, 2012, 10:19:58 AM »
wahhhhh! My birthday present~ I almost forgot how amazing it was~

well, you do have a lot to I wont bother you~
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [30 days (Mayuki) - part 1] 18/10/2012
« Reply #13 on: November 23, 2012, 10:00:27 AM »
Here is a new one-shot for Mayuki. I'm just being bored and didn't have inspiration to write my other stories so I made one one-shot to refresh my mind.

Destined Meeting [Part 1]

“Ne mama.”


“Why do I not have a father?”


This was what my daughter usually asked me. Everytime the question escaped her pinky lips, I found myself frozen and dumbfounded. To me, it was the hardest question in my life.

How could she have a father when I’m single and she’s my adopted daughter?

I, Doctor Watanabe Mayu, am specialised in cardiovascular diseases and one of the youngest and best doctor in Tokyo National Hospital. I’m only 24 and I’m already the head doctor of cardiovascular emergency room. Yes, I’m some kind of genius that graduated from medical school when I was 18 and become a successful doctor. I have been receiving many compliments, having many admirers and not a small number of jealous people. But I really don’t care about that matter. Although most people told me that I have a cute face and nice voice, I have never dated or liked anyone in my life.

I have never loved anyone beside myself and my lovely adopted daughter.

I first met her when I was 18 and I just got my job in Tokyo National Hospital. I was doing my job as usual when suddenly, a group of nursed were chatting outside my office. They were talking loud enough for me to hear the whole story. Recently, there was a car accident happened near the hospital, a newlywed couple was involved in the accident. The husband had died when the wife was still conscious. However, she was badly hurt and she could die soon. The worst thing was that she was pregnant, 9th month already. The doctor could only save one, either the mother or the baby.

In her very last moment in this world, using her last energy, she begged the doctor to save her baby.

Right after being born, the baby had became an orphan.

The nurses were discussing who would adopt the baby or they would just send it to the orphanage. When I heard the story, for the first time, my heart was shaken by the tragic destiny of the baby.

For the first time, I cared about my surroundings.

For the first time, I loved someone more than myself.

Without hesitation, I became a mother at the age that most people usually just start to think about their romantic life.

I named my daughter, Watanabe Jurina. The name isn’t my idea. It was the last wish from her biological mother. But in any case, I really love Jurina, with all my heart.

I will never make her sad. I will never let anyone or anything hurt her.

So currently, Jurina is 6 years old. She has grown up to be an energetic and handsome girl.

Why handsome? Well, she likes to have her hair short and with her pretty face, she looks like a chibi prince. She also gets herself lots of friends, mostly girls. Somehow, I’m afraid that she would become a player in the future when she starts developing a new habit, kissing. You have no idea how many times she has stolen my kisses.

If you ask me what is the most embarrassing thing happened in my life then I will answer that my daughter stole my first kiss.

So, I have a 6-year-old daughter; I’m 24 and I’m still single. I have no boyfriend, or girlfriend, and currently don’t have any crush. Being a famous person in the workplace but don’t have any experience of love before. Therefore, my relationship status has always been the most popular topic in the hospital. One of the bigges mouth among the chatter is my friend, as known as Oshiriko in our Oshiri Sisters group, Oshima Yuko. She is 5 years older than me and currently the head doctor of childcare room. She has a lovely wife, Kojima Haruna, who is also her nurse and assistance, and a 6-year-old daughter, Oshima Sae, who is best friend of Jurina. Yes, Sae is their biological daughter, thank to the new technology that allows a same gender couple to make babies. Even though Yuko’s married, she can’t get rid of her oshiri addiction. When I have Jurina, I hold back my love for oshiri but in Yuko’s case, I don’t think she has changed anything.

But do you know, thank to her and another person, my life has completely changed in a positive way?

One day, I was writing my reports in my office. But a few minutes later, I yelped out loud and jumped from my chair when I felt a hand squeezing my hips. I turned around and found a mischievous smile.


“Yuko-san! Stop squeezing my oshiri and stop calling me that! We’re not young anymore!” I said when my cyborg face didn’t change at all. I’m called Cyborg Girl for many reasons, you know.

“Mou~ Mayuyu is not funny anymore.” I watched the girl pouted.

“I’ve never been funny and stop pouting already. You’re almost 30, for God’s sake.” I calmly fixed my hair and cloth then sat back down on my chair.

“Please don’t remind me about my age.”

“Yeah whatever. Why do you intrude my office without knocking anyway?”

“Oh right, I almost forgot. Takamina just assigned for you a new assistance so you may want to come to her office now.”

“Assistance? I don’t remember that i asked her for one.” I turned my chair around to look at Yuko.

“You didn’t but Takamina want to since she knows you’re quite lonely.” She smirked.

“She should know that I prefer to work alone.” I raised an eyebrow, showing my annoyance towards the news.

“Well... Everything has been done already... You should go see Takamina and complain, not me. I know nothing.”

“Fine...” I let out a sigh then dragged myself to the highest floor.

Takamina, or Takahashi Minami, is the director of our hospital. She takes care of everything in the hospital along with the vice director, also her wife, Maeda Atsuko. And this new assignment for me was also her idea. So, I went to their office, where I found the vice director sitting on the table, acting like she didn’t do anything while the midget director was blushing hard on her chair. Their cloth were all messy.

“Did I interrupt something?” I asked innocently.

“N-No.” Takamina coughed then quickly fixed her hair and cloth. “Mayuyu, what brings you here?”

“Your squirrel friend told me that you have assigned a new assistance for me, is it true?”

“Ah that. Yes it’s true. And aren’t you comfortable about that?”

“You know me.” I sighed. “Even though I prefer to work alone but if it’s done then I don’t want to bother you to change it again. But just make sure that person won’t become a burden to me.”

“Don’t worry. She’s one of the best student in medical school. She’ll become a great nurse and assistance of yours.”

“I hope so. Where si she?”

“Etou...” Takamina scratched her cheek. “She’s on her way.”

“Late on the first day of work. What a nice impression.” I said sarcastically.

“Sorry I’m late!!!”

Right after I finished my words, a voice cut me off and the door behind me was opened violently, making a loud thud on the wall. I turned around and saw a figure of a girl with her hands on her knees and panting for air.

“Oh good morning Kashiwagi-san.” The vice director greeted.

“Since we pardon the first time late of new employees so you don’t have to worry about that, Kashiwagi-san.” Takamina calmly continued. “But I hope it won’t happen again.”

“H-Hai. I’m sorry.” She breathlessly said. I bet she just ran all the way to here.

“Good. Now this is Doctor Watanabe Mayu. You’ll assist her from now on. And Mayuyu, meet your new assistance, Kashiwagi Yuki.”

In a moment, I thought my heart had forgotten how to beat.

When she finally looked up, I felt like my whole body had shut down. She has a smooth milky white skin, long black silky hair and a beautiful angelic face. Not to mention that she has a perfect model-like body and she is a head taller than me. Honestly, her beauty is breathtaking.

“Hello, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki. It’s my pleasure to work with you, Watanabe-san. Please take a good care of me.”

She smiled to me. The most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Once again, I felt my heart beating rapidly as if it was going to jump out of my chest. Somehow, I managed to keep calm.

I reached out to shake her hand, ignoring how soft and warm her hand is. I gave her a small smile before greeting back.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kashiwagi-san.”

“OK. You two can move your introduction section to your office. We have work to do here.” Suddenly Atsuko interrupted with annoyed voice.

No need to tell me, I had already known what work she was talking about. And I definitely didn’t want to see it. So I excused myself and left their office as fast as I could along with Kashiwagi. I led her to my office, which soon became ours, and showed her everything.

“So, this is my office and from now on, it will be ours.”

She looked around in awe then turned to me.

“Your office is very cleaned and tidy, Watanabe-san.”

“Thank you. Doctors should stay neat and cleaned, shouldn’t they?”

“Indeed they should.”

I pointed to the table opposite mine, across the room.

“It’s your table. You can place your bag and other stuff there. And go change into your uniform. We have to work in any minutes.”

“OK.” I heard her footsteps on the floor but then it stopped, following by her sweet voice ringing in my ears. “Etou, can I ask you something, Watanabe-san?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 24.”

“Wow!” I watched her eyes and mouth opening widely in a shocking way. “You’re so young. And you’re already the head doctor in your course. I’m sorry if I offend you...” She bowed at me.

“No it’s fine. I got that a lot. Don’t worry. You looks young too. Do you mind if I ask you about your age?”

“Anou... I’m 27...”

“You sure looks a lot younger than your age, Kashiwagi-san.” I smiled.

“T-Thank you.” In a moment, I thought her cheek turned red. I must have mistaken it.

I smiled again then went to take my white coat. We were going to have a busy day together since it was Monday and hospital was always crowded on Monday.

“But being successful at such a young age... I’m very impressed. I think I start to admire you already, Watanabe-san.”

I didn’t reply her. In fact, I was trying my best to hide my crimson cheeks by acting like I was busy fixing my cloth and changed the topic into work.

Gosh my heart was beating so fast at that time.


It was two days after I met my new assistance. I and Kashiwagi were resting in our office after the last patient had left. It was a long day of work. I wondered why there were so many patients on Wednesday. At that time, I was sitting on my chair with Kashiwagi right next to me before the door was opened and a small figure jumped on my lap.


Jurina exclaimed happily and rubbed her cheek on mine. I was surprised when I saw her here.

“Jurina? Aren’t you supposed to be at school now?”

“Our teacher was absent today so my class ended early.”

“How did you get here?”

“Auntie Yuko picked me up.”

I facepalmed mentally. I totally forgot that I was supposed to pick Jurina up early today but I got carried away by work.

“Gomen ne, jurina. I forgot to pick you up.”

“It’s fine. I know you’re busy so I don’t want to bother you.”

Jurina gave out her cute cat-like smile. I couldn’t help but giggled at the view. I rubbed our noses together and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“You’re such a good girl, Jurina. I’ll buy some ice cream for you on our way home, OK?”

“Yay~ Ice cream~”

Jurina exclaimed cheerfully then jumped off my laps. She noticed a third person in the room so she stared at that person and tugged my coat lightly.

“Mama, who is this?”

I looked up and caught Kashiwagi’s smile. I was about to answer her but unexpectedly, Kashiwagi leaned down. With a gentle smile on her face, she slowly took Jurina’s hand and patted her head.

“Hey there cutie, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki, your mama’s new friend. You can call me Yuki. Can I know your name?”

“Watanabe Jurina desu~” Jurina smiled again.

“What a pretty name! Nice to meet you, Jurina-chan.”

Even though she was smiling to Jurina, my heart was still losing its control when I saw that beautiful smile. I could say, my frozen heart for 24 years had finally melted.

“Hey Jurina! Let’s play hide and seek with me!!”

Sae popped her head into the room and called Jurina.

“OK! See you later, Auntie Yuki, Mayu-mama.”

“See you Jurina. Have fun.” Yuki replied gently when I just smiled and nodded at the little girl.

I watched the little girl disappeared behind the wooden door and heard a small thud from the closed rectangular object. I let out a sigh then turned back to finish my reports. But before I could pick up my pen, a voice ran in my ears again.

“She’s such a cute girl, isn’t she?”

I giggled at how naive Kashiwagi was. “You just haven’t seen her other side. Trust me, she is worse than her look.”

I heard her chuckling at my statement then she said something that really shocked me.

“You know, you look cuter and more beautiful when you smile, Watanabe-san.”

This definitely gave me a heart-attack. I didn’t expect her to say something like that. I swear I almost lost my self-control at that time if I didn’t act cold and ignore her words to hide my extremely red cheeks.

“Even though you’re young, you’re a good mother.” She continued.

“T-Thank you.” I said to her while hiding my face away from her gaze. I bet I could win the highest price for the reddest tomato in the world.


Three months had passed. I started to think that having an assistance wasn’t so bad at all, especially when I had such a good one like Yuki. We started to call each other by our first names two months ago and of course Yuki suggested that. I didn’t mind about that. Instead, I loved to call her name. Somehow, it made me happy when I called her. At the same time, Yuki had been developing a good relationship with Jurina and others. My daughter would always talk about how nice and beautiful she was and so on. Sometimes, Jurina came to hospital not to visit me but Yuki. I thought Jurina didn’t see me as her mother anymore.

Nante ne~

But it’s true that Yuki is very nice and kind. The patients and co-workers in the hospital really like her. Not to mention that many male doctors had fallen for her beauty and kindness. They had even tried asking her out but it was odd that she rejected all of them.

“Ne Yuki, why didn’t you go out with the ones that asked you?”

“Because I don’t want to go out with someone beside my favorite doctor.”

This was what I always received along with a smile from her when I asked her why she didn’t find a boyfriend. When I asked her who was her favorite doctor, she just laughed then left the conversation unfinished by changing the topic or staying silent, which only made me more curious. This would mean she already had her love and that person might also be a doctor. I was happy and at the same time, disappointed. Happy because a nice girl like her was deserved to have her true love. Disappointed that, I wasn’t the one she chose.

I found out about my feeling for her about a month ago. At first, I thought it was just a crush. But then when I spent more time together with her, the feeling just kept growing bigger. From crush, it grew to “like” and later, I admitted that I was in love with her.

Yes, I love her, a romantic love. Even both I and her are girls, I still do love her. I didn’t think that her kindness and charm would one day warm my frozen heart. I knew my heart had belonged to her for a long time. But what about her? She already had her favorite doctor. So how could I have a chance to win her heart?

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 1] 23/11/2012
« Reply #14 on: November 23, 2012, 11:59:49 AM »
omfg that was so GOOD. but the cliffhanger is killing me  :bleed eyes:
i literally squealed when i imagined chibi jurina running around being cute stealing kisses from everyone XD
i really like your storyline. i thought about writing something like this too but you beat me too it :P
pls update this soon!! >< or write another cool ass mayuki oneshot like this :thumbsup

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 1] 23/11/2012
« Reply #15 on: November 23, 2012, 01:15:56 PM »

I like it no no no no no I LOVE IT!!!!!! :heart:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 1] 23/11/2012
« Reply #16 on: November 24, 2012, 12:51:24 AM »
cute! cute! cute!
I'm melting because of tbis cuteness

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 1] 23/11/2012
« Reply #17 on: November 24, 2012, 03:31:01 AM »
Both of the fics are so good >< hope you have a good mood to continue, of course both of them ;]

They're so beautiful, i meant the fics, the way you write it making the character's POV sound so lovely ^^

Thank you, I really enjoy them

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 1] 23/11/2012
« Reply #18 on: November 30, 2012, 11:59:31 AM »
I just have a feeling to write this xP Hahaha! I definitely will receive a lot of bricks from my readers after this update 8DDD

Destined Meeting [Part 2]

On one day, I was working alone in my office. Yes, alone since Yuki didn’t come to work. When I asked Takamina about her, she just said that the girl had some family issues so she couldn’t come. I didn’t have any comment about that so I just did my regular job, returning to my previous days before I met her. But to my surprise, I didn’t enjoy it like I used to be. I missed her presence in my office. I missed her gentle smiles. I missed her excessive reactions for everything. And most of all, I missed all the time we had spent together in this room. How could a girl affect me so much like that?

But to think of her, my heart ached when I remembered her words about her favorite doctor and her sweet smile whenever she talked about him. Didn’t she come today because of him?

Suddenly, I looked out of the window to calm myself. But what I saw only broke my heart more. There she was, the girl I was looking for, standing at the hospital’s gate and laughing. But she was not alone. There was another man, tall and handsome, standing next to her and also laughing with her. They were happy together and I bet everyone would see them as a couple. What hurt me the most was when Yuki was about to leave, that guy pulled her into a hug then kissed her on the cheek.

They were so lovey dovey. He must be her favorite doctor when I saw the guy was wearing a doctor white coat with a namecard attached on it.

Unconsciously, a crystal drop fell down on my palm and broke intosparling pieces. I looked at my palm in surprise, more of it fell down. I felt wet on my cheeks, the unfamiliar things just kept falling down like they were teasing me.

It was the first time I felt so weak.

It was the first time I knew what is a real heartache.

It was the first time I knew what is called “tear”.

“Mama, are you OK?”

I felt a warmth on my cheek and a cute voice echoed in my mind, dragging me out of my misery thoughts. I quickly looked beside me, an unusual concerned face of my adored daughter welcomed me. It was very rare to see Jurina not smiling like that. And yet it was because of me.

“Mama, why are you crying?” She asked again. I slowly wiped my tears away then shook my head.

“Mama is just tired. Don’t worry, OK Jurina?”

Jurina pouted. She seemed not to believe my words. She is a smart girl even though she is just a 6 year-old girl. She should know her mother better than anyone does.

“Mama is lying. But I’ll be with mama all the time so don’t be sad, ne?” She smiled. And that that time, I felt so relaxed. At least I still have Jurina with me. Whenever I see her smiles, I’ll be also happy for her. I hugged her tightly then patted her head, a smile formed on my lips.

“Arigatou, Jurina. I love you so much that I can’t leave without you.”

A pair of small arms wrapped around my neck and a small giggling occured.

“I love mama too~ I love mama the most in this world!” Hearing her cheerful and sincere words only made me want to cry more. But I decided to hold it back when I didn’t want to worry Jurina again. She was still too young to understand the complication of this world.

*Knock Knock*

A knock on the door followed by a head peeked out from the opening door. The most unwanted person I wanted to see right now was standing at the doorway with her usual smile on her face. Did she not know how I hate her carefree personality right now? Or was it just my broken heart that hated her so much?

“Am I interrupting something?” The smile on my face immediately disappeared when that girl spoke up. Hearing the voice, Jurina broke away from our hug then ran to the person with a big smile and jumped on her.

“Auntie Yuki!!!”

“Jurina-chan~” She hugged the little girl.

I looked away. I didn’t want to see her smiles again. It only hurt me more and I couldn’t bear with this pain.

“Ne Jurina-chan, you don’t have school on weekend right?” I heard their conversation. It wasn’t like I wanted to hear it but they were right behind me so I couldn’t help.

“Hai~ I’m free~”

“So do you want to go to Disney land with me?”

“Disney Land??? Yay!! I want to go! I want to go!” I heard Jurina’s cheerful exclaim and Yuki’s giggling and that only spoiled my blood. I didn’t know why I felt so angry. “Demou... Auntie Yuki...”

“What is it, Jurina-chan?”

“Can Mayu-mama come with us too?” Suddenly, I heard my name. My hand immediately stopped writting on the report.

“Sure. Why not? I was about to ask her. Why don’t you invite her for me, Jurina-chan?”

“Leave it to me!”

Later, my chair was turned around with a force then I felt a new weight on my laps, following by a mischievous smile in front of my eyes.

“Mayu-mama~” Jurina’s flabby voice was ringing in my ears, giving me goosebumps even though she was just a little kid. “Mama will go with Jurina and Auntie Yuki to Disney Land, right?~”

“Etou... Jurina... I’m sorry but...” Oh gosh... That pout and... duck lips... Stop that Jurina or I would fall into your trap again! Need to control myself.

“Please mama~ I want to go with you. Please~” I could see her puppy ears and eyes! Oh gosh! Why did she look like a lost puppy so much?!?

“B-But... I’ll be busy at that day and I...” Her puppy eyes were now more sparkling. I even saw the ready-to-fall tears at the corner of her eyes.

“Mayu-mama, you don’t love me so you don’t want to go with me?” That! That was her secret weapon! Cute puppy attack! Gosh I would never get away of it!

“I love you Jurina.” I sighed. “OK, I’ll go with you.”

“Yay!” Oh Geez... Those fake tears were now replaced by a mischievous smile. Maybe I should sign her up for an acting class when she was older.

I mentally facepalmed and watched Jurina jumped on Yuki again.

“Finally! My dream came true!” Her dream? I thought her dream was to become an idol.

“Oh really? Congratulation, Jurina-chan. What is your dream?” Yuki smiled.

“It’s to go out together with Mayu-mama and Auntie Yuki!”

My heart ached again. I could never imagine that Jurina innocent dream was about me and Yuki. I was so surprised that she even had such a dream like that. And my heart just hurt more when Yuki looked at me and smiled to me. I started to hate that smile of hers so much.

“I’ll see you two at Disney Land on Saturday, 3pm OK?” She said to me. I just nodded with a cold look then turned around. If I didn’t do that, tears would come out again.

What did I expect more?

What did I hope more?

What did I want more?

She had her love already.

She had someone she cared about.

She already had someone that her heart beated for that person.

So... Why should I concern about her more?

I’m no one to her.

No one.


But I’m not a person that breaks promises so here I was, at Disney Land with Jurina. Just for today, I tied my hair into twin-piggy tails and curled the tip a little. I wore a white t-shirt with a blue sleeveless hoodie, a blue jean shorts and white and blue sandals. Looking beside me, Jurina was wearing a black and white T-shirt and a black jeans with a black cap on her head. She really did look like a boy. So cute and handsome.

We were waiting for Yuki at the gate with Jurina holding my hand. She was very excited because it had been a long time since our last visit here together. And also, her favortire auntie was coming with her so how couldn’t she be excited about it? I let out a sigh at that thought.

“AH! Mama!” Jurina tugged my shirt then pointed at a direction. “Look! It’s Auntie Yuki!”

I looked at the direction that she pointed at. And once again, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a girl, no, an angel running towards us. Her black long hair and her white dress really made her an angel. She was breathtaking, I was not kidding at all. She was really beautiful. I stood there like a statue until Jurina’s grip on my hand disappeared and the girl jumped on the person in front of me with a big smile.

“Auntie Yuki! You came!”

“Gomen ne, Jurina-chan. I’m late.” Yuki gave the little girl an apologetic smile.

“No you’re not!”

“Jurina is right. It’s only us that come too early. Jurina is so excited so we came here 30 minutes earlier.”

I finally said to her but of course in a cold tone. I just decided that I should stop being too closed to her, for her sake and my own sake. It was not good if her boyfriend found out about us.

“Soka. But I made you wait for me so it was my fault anyway. I’m sorry, Jurina-chan, Mayu-chan.”

She smiled to me again. I quickly turned away to hide my flushed cheeks then coughed to clean away my embarrassment. Not knowing what to reply, I just said something out in random that I regretted so much.

“You look... beautiful today, Yuki.”

Nani kore? Did I just see her blush? Or was it just my imagination?

“A-Arigatou. You look cute too, Mayu-chan.”

It was my turn to blush. If it wasn’t Jurina who was too eager to try all the games in Disney Land and dragged us in, the awkwardness would haunt both of us during the whole time here. We played all the games in the place, including the haunted house. I hated it so much! I really hated it so I didn’t remember how many times I had screamed when I went inside with Jurina and Yuki. Jurina seemed to be braver than me when she just ran off, not even wanting for me and Yuki. Me? I was curling up like a cat when a ghost appeared above our head. I was so scared that tears started forming in my eyes. And to boil my blood, Yuki just stood there and giggled. I turned to look at her in anger, with my hands covering my head.

“What’s so funny about, Yuki?!?”

She just laughed more.

“Mou! Stop it! It’s not funny! This place is scary!” I pouted. I thought I was crying too when I felt my cheeks wet.

Seeing my tears, Yuki immediately stopped laughing and approached me. She gently took off my hands and patted my hair firmly when her other hand held mine tight.

“There is nothing to be scared of. These are all fake. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you, OK?”

Unconsciously, my heart was warmed by her words. I was so happy to hear that. Even though I wasn’t the one she chose to love but I was satisfied with her concern. I had been too childish. I should be more grateful about this. I was cared by the most wonderful person in the world.

I just nodded at her and received back a smile. She still held my hand while pulling both of us up.

“We still need to catch up with Jurina and get out of here before you faint so let’s hurry OK?”

“Hey! I’m not gonna faint...” I said in a small voice.

“Haha. You’re too cute, Mayu-chan. I love this side of you more than your serious and cold doctor side.” She smiled. My cheeks were burnt in embarrassment and happiness. Geez this girl really knew how to kill me slowly.

Suddenly, the hand in my grip disappeared. Later, it was replaced by a protective arm around my waist, pulling me closer to the owner. I blushed hard when I felt her warmth and her... *cough* oppai *cough*


“This way will keep you safe, Mayu-chan. Trust me.”

She smiled again then led us forward. I said no more and then closed my eyes on the whole way out. Everytime I heard a creepy sound, my grip on her dress would be tightened and a giggling would be heard from her. She would be the only one who saw this weak side of me. But I didn’t regret it. In fact, I’m happy that she is the first and only one who knows it.

After awhile, we managed to get out of the haunted house, where Jurina was standing and waiting for us with a pout that soon turned into a mischievous smile when she saw Yuki hugging me.

“What took you so long, Mayu-mama? Too scared that Auntie Yuki had to protect you?”

Geez, this little devil...

“Quiet Jurina or no ice cream for you.” I glared at her in anger and embarrassment when I got myself off Yuki’s protective hug.

“I don’t need you. I’ll ask Auntie Yuki for it later. She’s nicer and more generous than you, Cyborg-mama!” She sticked her tongue at me then ran away.

“Oh you devil! Come back here!” I chased her, leaving a laughing Yuki behind.

After a few rounds of running and chasing, I caught the little devil and earned ourselves cheerful laughter. It had been a long time that I had so much fun like this. I had to thank Yuki later.

“OK Jurina. Let’s go back. We don’t want to make Yuki wait for us, do we?”


I took her small hand then walked together back to the haunted house, where I thought Yuki was there.

It was already 7pm so it was dark and I didn’t want to lose Jurina. Disney Land is a big place so I couldn’t when this energetic girl would ran off on her own again.

When we arrived at our destination, once again, the last injury of my heart ache. There she was, sitting on a bench, properly waiting for us. But she wasn’t alone. Even though it was dark and that eprson was dressed in casual costume, I still noticed that it was the doctor I saw with her few days ago. They were chatting happily together. I felt like I was the third person who watching them from the distance. It was so painful that I couldn’t cry anymore.

“Ah! Mickey mouse!”

Suddenly, Jurina yelled then let go of my hand, following a man in Mickey costume. She ran away too fast and sport was my weakness. Soon later, I lost her track.

“Jurina! Jurina! Where are you?!?” I shouted her name, trying to find the little figure in the jungle of people.

“Jurina! Jurina!” I ran around until my energy was drained out but still I saw nothing.

“JURINA!” I shouted once last time before placing both of my hands on my knees to support my weak body. I panted for air, worry and fear took over my mind.

Jurina was my only hope, my only belief in this world. If I lost her, I really couldn't live anymore.


Suddenly, a voice called out my name. Seriously, I didn’t want to see her in this time. I had taken enough. And yet she was running towards me with that guy.

“Mayu-chan! What’s wrong? Where is Jurina-chan?” She placed her hand on my back and patted it but I wiped it away then looked at her in anger.

“None of your business OK? Just go back to your friend and have fun.”

“What are you talking about Mayu? What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? You and everything! Why don’t you just leave me alone already? I’m tired of this! Just leave me alone! If I hadn’t met you then we would never come here and I would never lose Jurina!”

Couldn’t hold back anymore, I said to her heartless words. I knew for sure she was hurt by what I said. I knew it when I saw her hurtful expression on her face but at that time, anger and hatred was what I realised. I ran off to find Jurina again, or rather be ran away from her hurtful look. The more I looked at it, the more my heart broke because of it.

I ran and ran like there was no specific destination for me until...


In the noisy place, a voice screaming my name caught my attention. It was too familiar that I couldn’t ignore it. I knew it was Jurina. But her frightening voice was the one I least wanted to hear.

“Jurina! Where are you?!?”

“Mama! Help m-uhmhmth”

“Jurina!!!” Her voice was cut off in the middle. I was so scared of the thought she had been kidnapped.

I ran to the direction that I last heard her voice at fast at I could. In the jungle of people, I saw a black figure held a small figure and walked out of the main gate. By the cloth and hair, I knew that it was Jurina and she was kidnapped. I quickly followed them and got out of Disney Land. The guy who took Jurina ran to a dark and empty valley near the place and disappeared. I ran to the valley. Luckily it was a dead-end and there were only three of us.

“OI! You there!” I shouted at the guy, earning myself his attention. “Give me back my daughter!”

The man turned around. With the help of the street light, I could see his nasty and desired look. A big hand covered Jurina’s mouth and a cold knife was on her neck. Her eyes were full of fear and tears.

“Well well... I thought I would have a nice meal for tonight. But I guess I just got myself a much delicious meal.” The guy licked his lips. “You look tasty there, cutie.”

So this ugly bastard was planning to harm my daughter. I could feel my blood was boiled in anger. My hands curled up into fists that were ready to land on that ugly face.

“Leave my daughter alone.” I said in a cold tone.

“You’re tough, girl. I like it. It would be more fun with you.”

“Just shut up and give me my daughter you BASTARD!!!”

“I don’t usually give something for free you know.” He smirked.

“What do you want?”

“I. Want. You.”

I was so furious. I knew this guy only had lust in his mind right now. I definitely didn’t want something like this happen to my daughter, as same as myself. But seeing the cold knife was still on her neck, I had no choice but to follow his order, in my way.

“OK. But you have to let me daughter go first!”

“Until you have done something for me first. Now come closer or I’ll kill this girl.” He pressed the knife harder, leaving a small drop of blood coming out from her neck. I bit my lower lips to calm myself not to become wild or my plan would be ruined. I slowly walked forward until the guy told me to stop. I was only 3 meters away from him. He must be more careful than I thought.

“OK, now take off your jacket!”

I hesitated for a moment then took off my blue hoodie and threw it on the ground. Because of the hot weather and the long session of running with Jurina, my white shirt was soaked in sweat and it became transparent. It revealed my white bra and most of my naked body inside. I knew the guy had seen it when I could see he was drooling. Geez... Are every guys in this world pervert??? But thank to that, I had a new plan.

His knife was lowered down when he was distracted by the view. Pfft, such a pervert.

“Now take off your shirt. Do it!”

This time, I did it in a slow and secuding way. I grabbed the edge of my shirt and in slow motion, I pulled it up. In turn, my flatted white belly and my white bra came into the sight. When the shirt was completely off, I noticed his lusty eyes were on my body and both of his hands were relaxed, leaving an opening for Jurina.

Taking the chance, I said to Jurina.

“Do it Jurina!”

She immediately bit the guy hand, which was holding the knife, making him to drop his weapon. Then the little girl gave a painful kick on his pants, where his treasure was and ran to me. Good girl! I knew that karate lesson was good for her!

“Mama!” She hugged me tight and cried in my arms.

“Don’t worry Jurina. I’m here to protect you.”


We were all startled by the gunshot. Jurina snuggled into my arms in fear. I looked at the guy, a cold black gun was pointing at me.

“You... You b**ch. I swear I’ll kill both of you tonight or I’m not a man!”

He was furious, and maybe crazy because of his own lust and disgracefulness. I immediately turned ourselves around so now my back was facing him with Jurina in my arms. I pushed Jurina down on the ground when my body was still straightened so if the bullet went through me, Jurina would still be safe. If tonight, one of us had to die then it should be me. Jurina was still young and she still has her bright future forward, not like me. I had nothing to hold me back now. If I died, Yuko or even Yuki would take care of her for me.

That was what I thought at that very moment. I was satisfied.


It was enough to me.


It was more than enough.


“Mayu-chan! NO!”

To see Jurina living happy.

“Mayu-chan! Hold on! Don’t die on me please! PLEASE! I BEG YOU!”

To see you smiling and having your own family.

“Please Mayu! Don’t die! I love you!”

Yuki... I love you... Please be happy with him...



Continue to have a happier ending or just leave it sad like that, I'll let the readers decide then :P Until our next meeting, Ja ne~

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #19 on: November 30, 2012, 12:33:27 PM »
NOOOOOOO!!!! Don't let Mayu die please!!!!!!!  :cry: I know I'm being selfish here but please write the last part with a happy ending.
Anyway, thanks for the part 2 Sayuki-san. And please update your other fics, too, I kinda miss them.  XD

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