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Author Topic: The Curse of Lovebirds [Part 1] (Mayuki, Wmatsui, Saeyuki] 17/6/2014  (Read 34111 times)

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #40 on: June 23, 2013, 05:42:10 PM »
the ending made me go "Aww...." :ptam-wub: :ptam-wub:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #41 on: June 24, 2013, 09:11:38 PM »
omg, I couldn't believe you wrote these one-shots/multiple part one-shots... Whatever they're called! :shocked Anyway, I remember reading this before I joined the forum and really loved them! Guess it's both surprising and not surprising that these came from you, Sayuki-san. :cathappy:

Really hope to see more of your one-shots in the near future and continue the other one-shot that you have yet to finish. :deco:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #42 on: October 07, 2013, 03:36:19 PM »
Just cleaning my laptop while studying for my final exams and I found this old OS that was written around Feb :v I don't remember why I haven't posted it though. But anyway, as my apology for the waiting ^^; I post this OS then. it's quite crappy so please excuse me for that. I'll finish up all of my fics after my graduation then.

Please enjoy~

Love fortune

It was another day of AKB48, the national idol group of Japan. They were having their stage performance. After “So Long!” single is released, AKB48’s members are getting busier than ever.

At 5pm, all the members were in the changing room and preparing for their upcoming performance. In the corner, in front of a mirror, the center of team A and also AKB48’s ace, Watanabe Mayu, was fixing her bang and at the same time, rehearsal their stage songs silently. She is called “The Ace of the new generation” for many reasons. And her hard working is one of the main reasons. Anyone can find her singing to herself in the changing room during beautifying or changing her cloth. She can even skip her meal just to practice more. She is the promising next center of AKB48 so she will work hard to prove everyone’s trust on her is right.

But that also made other members worry about her health. In a lately interview of AKB48’s General Manager, Takahashi Minami, she was asked about AKB48’s current career and members of Team A. Takamina, Minami’s nickname, answered that they were still doing good after Maeda Atsuko’s graduation. The new generation was doing their best to replace the big empty place that Atsuko had left for them. Seeing their effort, Takamina had no worry about AKB48’s future career. But when she talked about team A’s members, she confessed that she was worried about some members’ health, especially their center. She saw Mayu had skipped many meals just to practice. And with her solo career, she is now bearing with a large amount of work. Takamina was afraid that the girl would break down in any moment like the center of SKE48, Matsui Jurina. Because she didn’t want another Jurina’s case to happen again, she tried to talk to Mayu about that but seemed that the young ace didn’t take her words seriously. Takamina said in the last moment of the interview that she would be glad if someone could convince Watanabe Mayu to take care of her health more.


In team B’s changing room, a girl let out a sigh and put the magazine she just read down on the table. She rubbed her temples gently, thinking about what was written in the magazine.

“Ne Yukirin, what are you thinking about?”

Kojima Haruna approached the raven hair girl and asked in concern. Kashiwagi Yuki, former captain of team B and currently ace of new team B, gave Haruna a fainted smile then sighed again. Haruna tilted her head. She was confused by her friend’s action but then she understood everything when she saw the magazine on the table. Coming closer, Haruna patted Yuki’s shoulder lightly and comforted the girl.

“Are you worried about Mayu-chan again?”

“Yes...” Yuki answered quietly. “After our new single has been released, I barely meet her. I asked Takamina-san to have an eye on her but seem that the cyborg doesn’t listen to her at all.”

“Well... You can’t blame Mayu-chan about that. You know she’s promising to be the next center to replace Acchan right? So there are lots of works for her to do.”

“True but... She’s getting more stubborn and careless at the same time.” Yuki sighed again. “Like Takamina said, I think she’s becoming another Jurina... She would break down any moment if she didn’t slow down...”

“Hmm...” Haruna put a finger on her cheek, thinking silently. “Maybe it’s because Takamina or Mari-chan isn’t closed enough to Mayuyu to convince her. I think you should be the one who takes care of her since you are the closest person to Mayu-chan.”

“I wish I could but we’re in different team now. And our schedule is different so I don’t have much time to look over her like I used to do when we were still in team B.”

“Didn’t you say in an interview that you visit team A’s changing room to meet her?” Haruna raised an eyebrow.

“Yes but that’s before both of us got busier with our solo work.”

“No excuse, Yukirin. You can always meet her and take care of her whenever you want by visiting her house. That is just an excuse for your neglect to Mayu-chan. You have been putting your career on top of your relationship with Mayu-chan so much lately.”

Yuki was silent by Haruna’s words. She wanted to defend herself but no words escaped her dried throat. Haruna had stabbed her weakness. It was true that she had been focusing on her career so much since it was her dream, her biggest dream. Ever since her place in AKB48 was noticed, she has spent more and more time on her idol career and became distant to Mayu. Even though they are still close friends, their time together outside of stage is getting less and less. And that got worse when they were separated into different team. Except for the time they spent together during work, they barely had anytime with each other. She didn’t even notice that she had been neglecting Mayu all the time.

“I think Mayu-chan’s fortune telling in GachiGase on 15th Feb is somehow true. She’s the top idol in our group now.” Haruna continued. “But it also said that her health would affect her career a lot. So she’s only the top when she’s healthy. Apparently, she’s not doing what the fortune telling said.”

Yuki bit her lower lip. Seeing that, Haruna just sighed then motioned Yuki to the door.

“Go and find her. I heard from Mari-chan that Mayu is performing in today stage. She must be in team A’s changing room now.”

Hearing that, Yuki immediately stood up and walked to the door. On the way, she grabbed her box of rice balls she just bought from a convenient shop before she came here. She knew like the back of her hand that Mayu had skipped her dinner again.

Passing some members in the hallway, she finally reached her destination, team A’s changing room. She knocked on the door and waited for a few seconds before someone opened it. And the one welcomed her was no one else but the new captain of team A, Shinoda Mariko.

“Oh Yukirin. What brings you here?” The tall woman greeted her with a smile.

“Sorry for my intrusion but I’m looking for Mayuyu. Is she here?”

“Yes she’s here, in the corner. Come inside.” Mariko smiled then opened the door wider, leaving a space for Yuki to walk in. “She’s over there, just back from her solo concert in Nagoya.” Said Mariko while pointing at the lone figure in a corner, who was sitting on a chair with her face facing the wall like a student was taking punishment.

“Thank you. Sorry again for bothering you.” Yuki bowed and walked to the direction that Mariko showed her.

When she passed by Mariko, the captain whispered to her ear, which later on startled her.

“I’m really glad to see you here, Yukirin. She would collapse soon if you didn’t come.”

She looked at Mariko in shock but the woman just smiled to her then joined Takamina’s conversation in the other side of the room. She just sighed then walked to the corner. The girl was sitting still on the chair and with her back turned to Yuki’s direction. I seemed that Mayu didn’t notice there was someone behind her.

“Mayu~” Yuki called her quietly, not wanting to startle the girl.

But seconds passed. Nothing happened. She decided to call again.

“Mayuyu~ Mayuyu~ Ne, okotteru?”

Yuki immitated Gekikara in Majisuka Gakuen drama but still, the young didn’t move an inch. Yuki started to feel scared. It wasn’t normal for Mayu to ignore her call, even when the young girl was angry at her. A bad feeling chilled her spine. She quickly approached the girl and shook her shoulder gently.

“Mayuyu. Do you hear me? May-“


Reacting to her shakes, the small body made a contact with the cold floor. The loud thud silenced the whole room. Every members present turned to look at the source of the noise.

In horror, they found a lifeless Mayu lying on the floor.


“Mayuyu! Mayuyu!”

Yuki immediately kneeled down next to the girl and placed her into her arms while calling her name.

“Someone call the manager! Now! And everyone calm down!”

The loud voice of Takamina drowned the chaotic screams of other members. Mariko rushed to Yuki and checked on Mayu. But the girl, with both of her eyes closed, lay in Yuki’s arms motionlessly. Her breaths were fainting and slow. Sweats were running down on her forehead and cheeks.

“Mayuyu is burning...” Yuki worriedly said. She could feel the heat coming from the girl in her arms. It was like she was holding a flame.

“She has reached her limit. Yukirin, you go with Mayu’s manager and bring her to the hospital. I’ll inform the stage manager about your absence.”

Mariko hastily said to her then dismissed the surrounding people to get more space. At that time, Yuki picked Mayu up in her arms easily then went with Mayu’s manager to a car, heading toward to the hospital. Even though the situation was a real chaos but Yuki noticed how light the younger girl was. Yuki wasn’t good at sport and she definitely knew her own strength. She couldn’t pick any member up but at that moment, she could carry Mayu around without problems. She was shocked, by how many weights that Mayu had lost.

“Please be fine, Mayuyu.”

Yuki mumbled, looking at the immobilized girl in her arms while the manager got them to the nearest hospital.



Sitting next to the white hospital bed, Yuki tiringly looked at the girl sleeping soundly on the bed. Different wires connected to the pale skin. The small chest rose up and down rhythm with weak breaths. Looking at the motionless body, Yuki let out a sigh.

She just heard about Mayu’s condition from the doctor. Apparently, the girl had overworked herself and skipped too many meals that her body shut down due to exhaustion. Luckily, she just needed to rest and eat more to recover.

“Mayuyu...” She quietly called, not wanting to wake the girl up. “Why was I so irresponsible to you? ... I didn’t even notice how thin you are now until I felt your ribs so clearly when I picked you up.”

Yuki slowly brushed away a strain of wet hair away from the peaceful pale face. Then the hand trailed down, caressing the burning cheek gently in care.

“Mayuyu... I’m sorry...”

Yuki whispered. A crystal drop was at the corner of her eye, waiting to run down.

“Mmmm... Yu-... kirin?”

A fainted voice broke the silence and at the same time, startled the raven hair girl. Yuki’s eyes opened widely as she couldn’t believe what she heard.



The voice said again. Yuki looked at the girl on the bed. Her eyes slowly and weakly opened, looking back at her. Like a signal, the tear in her eyes finally fell down.

“Yukirin... Are you... crying?” asked Mayu weakly.

“I... I’m really worried about you...” Yuki wiped away the tears on her cheek then held on Mayu’s skinny hand.

“I’m... sorry...” The girl gave Yuki a fainted smile and gripped their holding hands tighter. “I’m sorry... for making you worry.”

“It’s OK, Mayuyu... I’m sorry too...”

“For... what?”

“For neglecting you...” Yuki lowered her head in guilt. “I have been focusing in my solo career too much that I almost forgot about you. I’m your former teammate, former captain, your best friend and mother but I couldn’t take care of you properly.”

“Don’t blame yourself... please...” Mayu said. She removed her hand away from Yuki’s and caressed the Reaction Queen’s cheek, wiping tears from her wet cheek. “It’s not your fault… I know… that you’ve been busy with your solo career… So have I…”


Yuki called the name of her daughter softly. A weak smile bloomed on Mayu’s pale face. “You know… why did I push myself too much?...” Yuki shook her head slowly. “It is because… I’m afraid of you…”

“What…?” Yuki’s eyes opened in shock. She did not expect that from Mayu. She never did. “Why… are you afraid of me?”

“We’ve always been rivals… since the time team B first debuted, right?” Mayu said in a soft voice. “We’re friends, teammates, mother and daughter, and also rivals... I always want to catch up with you, to be like you… or better than you… You’re so talented… that I’m afraid of you, of falling behind… Since the time you debuted as a solo singer, I’m even more scared than ever… So I pushed myself to catch up with you… do as best as I can…” At this stage, Mayu broke down in tears. “I’m scared of losing you… Yukirin… I’m scared that you won’t look at me anymore…”

Seeing the well-known cyborg girl in tears, Yuki could not hold herself back anymore. She held Mayu’s hand and leaned on the girl so that their foreheads touched each other. Tears mixed together with pain and sorrow.

“Baka Mayuyu… Why did you do that when you’re already ahead of me? I’m the one who should say that… You’re the ace, the promising center of AKB. How can I be better than you in any way? Ever since we joined AKB, you have been always ahead of me… I’m just someone that supports you from behind. I thought it could be better if I could stand beside you and walk together, not behind you and push you like I did when we were still in team B… And I thought you didn’t need me anymore… But I guess I was wrong…”

Yuki pulled Mayu into an embrace, which shock the younger girl. “I’m sorry Mayu, for not understanding you enough. I’m a bad mother, a bad friend, and a bad captain that can’t take care of her teammate. Forgive me, Mayuyu…”

“Bakarin…” Mayu chuckled softly while tears kept running down her cheek. “I won’t forgive you… since it’s not your fault… It’s ours so… we’re even.”

Yuki smiled and then released Mayu to stand straight up. “Promise me, Mayuyu. Don’t repeat Jurina’s mistake. I don’t want to see you in hospital anymore. Once in the past is enough already. Take a good care of yourself, ok?”

“Ok, okaa-san. I promise.”

“Good girl. In exchange of that, I’ll pay for attention on you. You are still my little daughter that always seeks for my care.”

“I guess I do always want your care, Yukirin.” Mayu smiled warmly to her friend. Their hands never let go of each other since the time they met. Their mother-daughter bond was strong enough to be impossible to break.

“OK. I guess I’ll take my leave now. The doctor said you’ll be released from here soon if you rest well so… Go to sleep.”

“Ok. Geez you’re acting my mother.” Mayu giggled.

“I am your Mamarin so sleep.”

“Hai hai~ Oyasumi, Mamarin.”

“Oyasumi, Mayuyu.” Yuki smiled and kissed Mayu on her forehead. “Don’t overwork yourself.”

“You too, Yukirin.”

They exchange their smiles for the last time before Yuki walked away to the door. “Ne, Yukirin.” However, Yuki was stopped by Mayu’s call right at the door.

“Yes? What is it, Mayuyu?” Yuki turned around and asked in confusion.

“Remember about what the fortune teller told me on GachiGase show?”

“What about it?”

“The part that I’ll find my love this year, remember it?”

“Yes. So?”

“I think I found it.” With a brief answer, Mayu smiled cheerfully to Yuki. Yuki was dumbfounded at first. But then she understood everything. A little blush could be seen on her cheeks following by a small chuckle.

“I’m glad to hear that, Mayuyu. See you tomorrow.”

After that, Yuki left with a smile on her face. The happiest one that she had ever had.

A/N: Please read and review ^^;

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Love fortune (Mayuki)] 10/7/2013
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I'm feeling down Sayuki.....
can you feel my sadness, I know I know your fanfics are awesome.... but why am I seeing DIE in every comment  :OMG:?
should I read the stories or i'll....  :grr: :badluck: :fainted:

gimme happy MaYuki for the next update please....  :frustrated: I haven't recently commented like this but....I needed the emoticons....


my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Love fortune (Mayuki)] 10/7/2013
« Reply #44 on: October 07, 2013, 04:09:39 PM »
LONG TIME NO SEE YOUR UPDATE, SAYU~ :twisted:  :twisted:
nothing much to comment, a good and fair oneshot, though it's old now and Yuki definitely thinks different from what you wrote in your oneshot now :P
whatever, just REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR FANFIC after your exam :P
Thanks  XD

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Love fortune (Mayuki)] 10/7/2013
« Reply #45 on: October 07, 2013, 05:35:44 PM »
It was too cute... Why too much cuteness!!!! :inlove:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Love fortune (Mayuki)] 10/7/2013
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Another OS from one of my favorite authors! Pertaining to Mayuki too, haha~ Girl, you should've posted this up when you had the chance. XD But oh well, I'm glad to read your work once more!

Yikes! Mayuyu! You're overworking yourself! If Yukirin didn't come, I don't want to even imagine what would happen to the poor girl. :shocked: Please take care of yourself both here in the fiction and out in the real world! :doh: And I see that the two girls haven't been spending much time together... But it's understandable since they're very busy with their solo and considering that they're in separated team now, it's hard to get together. At least Yuki used this chance to find the girl.... Only to of course come to such predicament. :sweatdrop:

Aiya, this reminds me so much about people who keep pushing themselves pass their limits and overworking themselves. As much as working hard is good, some rest wouldn't hurt every now of then. :nervous (Oops. Look who's the hypocrite here, haha... :nervous ) When Mayu stated that she was scared to lose to Yukirin, I couldn't help but feel my heart go 'doki doki'! Dawwww~ The competitive cyborg girl is scared to lose to Mamarin~ She shouldn't worry though since at this point, the two will stand by each others' sides. :wub: Just like Yukirin said, she now has the chance to stand by her side rather than push her forward to her dream from behind. And at the very last part, Mayu had indirectly stated that she found her love, which is Yuki! :inlove:

This one shot surely does have lots of cute moments and a little tension when Yuki stumbled upon a sick, overworked girl. Love it! :thumbsup Been looking for some nice fluffy fiction to raise up my mood for the day. (Not sure if you categorize this under the fluff section, but in my book it does.) :cathappy:

Thank you for posting this one shot up and looking forward to more of your work, especially in regard to your on-going series. :deco:

(P.S. Let's continue to work hard on our collaboration fiction! I just noticed I haven't said this before, but thank you for giving me a chance to work with you since you're one of my favorite authors that I admire ever since last year when I joined in the fandom. Even if we're making slow progress, I personally look forward to our result. :bow:)

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Love fortune (Mayuki)] 10/7/2013
« Reply #47 on: February 02, 2014, 01:23:37 PM »
A/N: OK I just had this idea after one night. I thought what if those scandals of AKB48 members sleeping with other men at night were actually true (probably you remember these scandals right?). So yeah I wrote a fic based on that idea. Of course the scandal aren't true in real life. It is in my fic though. Here it's the first half of the OS. The other half isn't finished yet so it may take me a little more to finish ^^; After this I'll work on a SayaMilky OS (requested by Amakuchi) and probably update PJ48 Gakuen.

Thank you for supporting me ^^ I love you all~

Bitter Dream [Part 1]

21st Century, the music industry of Japan was reaching its peak. Many musical groups, bands and singers made their debut. A ferocious competition occurred between musical company in order to have their groups or singers to be at the top of Japan. Everyone wanted to be the top idol. Therefore, the managers had to do everything to have their idols get as many shows as they could, getting their fame as fast as possible. Everything was done, including the dirtiest way to get something.

2009, AKB48, a girl musical group in Tokyo, was on their way to be the top idol group of Japan. Since the year of their first debut, 2005, the girls had always been working so hard to reach their goal, becoming the top idols. More and more members joined and left every year because of different reasons. However, there was something that never changed; the dream of becoming number one in the musical industry. Unfortunately, dreams weren’t so sweet like they had thought. Members of older generations knew the bitterness better than others in the group, especially the ones who were 18 and older.

That day was the birthday of a member in AKB48, an Ace and a promising member among the group. Kashiwagi Yuki, member of the 3rd generation and team B, had her 18th birthday. It was supposed to be one of the most important times in her life. She should cheer for it. However, it seemed that the girl didn’t enjoy her birthday at all. The younger members in team B cheered for her; congratulated her in many ways when the older ones just gave her a supportive smile. Among the under 18 members, no one would notice the sign of sadness on Yuki’s face, except for one. Watanabe Mayu, one of Yuki’s best friends, knew something was wrong with the girl, especially when it was on her birthday. Mayu is also member of 3rd generation and team B. She had been with Yuki from the time when they joined AKB48. They shared everything, from little daily stories to secrets. They were so close to each other that they even had their couple’s name, Mayuki. It became a big topic among shippers and that even gave them more fame. Some fans even bought singles and concert DVDs just to look for few Mayuki moments. However, whether Mayuki was real or not, only the couple knew.

Back to the topic, Mayu had been looking at Yuki during the practicing period. They were preparing for the stage show in the evening so everyone worked as hard as they could. Even though she knew the choreography was tough and tiring, the cyborg couldn’t explain why Yuki’s smile looked so sad; something that was so unusual to come from a strong and generous girl. For a 15-year-old girl, Mayu knew many things more than other girls in her age, even though her look didn’t show that. She knew young members didn’t know anything about Yuki’s problem. However, the senpais seemed to know it very well. By seeing how they encourage Yuki during the practice, Mayu knew they knew something about Yuki’s sadness and what was bothering her. But Mayu couldn’t get herself to ask about it since she was quite sure no one would tell her. Therefore, she decided to ask Yuki about it, when they were alone. She didn’t hope that Yuki would tell her everything, but at least she could tell Yuki that she was always there to support the older girl.

“Thank you everyone for coming here and supporting us! We’ll always do your best to bring you happiness! And also thank you for cheering my 18th birthday with me. I really appreciate it. I love you all!”

Finally, Yuki had ended her speech for her birthday stage. In front of the sea of people, all the members of team B made a line, bid their farewell to their audiences and bowed in unions while holding each other hands. Being the center of team B, Mayu was standing in the middle of the line. Right next to her was the ace of team B, Yuki, who was holding her right hand when they bowed. It would be normal when their positions were always next to each other. But Mayu noticed something odd. She felt her right hand was shaking. To be exact, Yuki’s hand was shaking in her hand. They were trembling so hard that it made the cyborg concern about Yuki’s health. Trying to calm herself down, Mayu recalled their stage performance. The choreography wasn’t too hard or tiring. She knew Yuki didn’t have a good physical health but she was much stronger to bear with even more difficult choreography. There was no reason for her to be this tired. This made Mayu feel anxious.

When they went to the changing room, the members split up and changed their clothes, while chatting happily with each other. However, Yuki excused herself and walked to the WC silently. Mayu took a moment to realize Yuki’s absence. Seeing the girl leaving the room, Mayu decided to follow the ace. Few minutes later, as she was expected, Mayu ended up standing outside the female toilet. She saw Yuki walking into it but she didn’t want to go with her. Not yet. Why? She heard sob. She heard it clearly. Yuki was crying inside the toilet. No one was in this area except the cyborg. Therefore, she was the only one who witnessed this. Mayu stood there in silence, knowing nothing about Yuki’s problem. She felt like she had already failed at being Yuki’s best friend. However, the cyborg girl didn’t care about her feeling. She concerned about her best friend’s more than ever. She would never forgive herself if she knew her friend was in trouble and yet she didn’t help at all.

“Yukirin…” Mayu softly called, not wanting to surprise the other girl. After her call, the sob stopped immediately. “It’s me, Mayu… Can I come in?”

There was a long pause coming from the older girl. Silence lasting just for few seconds but Mayu felt like forever. Finally, Yuki answered with a shaky voice.

“Yes you can… Come in.”

Hesitantly, Mayu moved away from her current position, slowly walking to the toilet door. Looking inside, she met the brown eyes that were filled with sorrow. However, the smile that bloomed on the girl’s lips ache the cold heart of Mayu. Even though Yuki wiped all of her tears, Mayu still could see her cheek was still wet. Her nose and eyes were painted with the color of bright red.

“Hey, Mayuyu. What brings you here?” Again, Yuki put on that kind of smile Mayu really hated.

“Well, I realized that I haven’t given you an appropriate congratulation today. So… Happy birthday, Yukirin.”

As she had expected, Yuki’s smiled vanished for a moment before it reappeared again. But still, Mayu could tell that the problem was something about her birthday.

“Thank you, Mayuyu. I really appreciate that.”

“… Is something bothering you, Yukirin?” Slowly, Mayu got into the topic.

“What? No. I’m totally fine. Why do you ask something like that?”

“… Your smiles may work on the others. But it will never fool me. I can tell you’re not happy about your birthday. Are you hiding something?”

Yuki was startled by Mayu’s words. Her smile completely disappeared. She knew she couldn’t fool someone as smart as Mayu. However, she couldn’t bring herself up to tell Mayu about her problem. The girl was too young to know something about this. Being the cyborg’s best friend, she knew how passionate the girl felt about being a top idol. She was no different. That was why she was doing this. But she couldn’t afford to lose her friendship with Mayu either. Her feeling towards the young cyborg girl was something so passionate that she could sacrifice anything in order to protect it, something more than just friendship.

“Despite of your childishness and coldness, you’re sharper than I thought.” The older girl chuckled.

“Oi! Is that supposed to be a compliment or a scold?”

Instead of answering, Yuki just gave Mayu a sad smile then looked to her side. This made Mayu even more curious and somehow painful. She felt like she was not worth to share Yuki’s burden.

“Ne… Yukirin…” Mayu said softly when looking down at her feet. “We’re friends, aren’t we?”

“No… We’re friends. Why do you ask?” Yuki answered, still not bothering to look at the younger girl.

“If we really are, then why don’t you tell me your problem? I can help you. I’ll try to do anything to help you.” Mayu approached Yuki and took a hold of her arms, trying to show Yuki how sincere she was. She really wanted to help her friend, her mother. “Please, Yukirin-mama. I don’t want to see you like this. It’s your birthday and yet you don’t feel happy about it.”

“Mayuyu…” Yuki was shocked by the words coming from Mayu’s heart. She didn’t know the young girl cared so much about her. It was painfully sweet. For the first time on that day, Yuki smiled. She was happy to hear those words from her friend, her teammate, and her daughter. Suddenly, she pulled the young girl into a hug, trying to hide those tear that flowing on her cheeks. This caused Mayu to startle as Yuki’s bold action since it was rare for Yuki to take the action before her. During their mother-daughter roleplaying, Mayu would always be the first one who hugged or clung on the older girl first. This sure surprised the cyborg a lot. “Thank you Mayuyu… I know how much you want to help me… But this time, it’s out of your range… I’m sorry, you can’t help me…”

The cyborg’s forehead furrowed. Her heart ached when she heard she was useless. Tightening her fists to force herself not to cry, she had to stay strong for Yuki. At least that was what she could do.

“However… there is something else that you can do for me, Mayuyu…” As Yuki continued, Mayu felt like she was just saved by God.

“What is it Yukirin? I’ll do anything for you, even kidnapping someone.”

Yuki giggled then released Mayu in order to face the girl. “Silly. Why would I want you to kidnap someone for me? I just want you to promise me something. Consider it as your present for me.”

“Sure. Just tell me what you want and I’ll fulfill it.” Mayu lifted up the corner of her lips, forming a smile to confront the other girl.

“… I want you to trust me… no matter what happened… And please, don’t leave me… even I’m not myself anymore…” After taking a deep breath, Yuki slowly said to Mayu what she wanted the young girl to promise her, in a low sad voice.

“Wait… What do you mean by not yourself anymore?” Mayu lifted an eyebrow up in confusion.

“You don’t have to know what it means since I can’t tell you right now. You’re still too young to know and I don’t want that to affect your mind, feeling and dream. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to promise that.”

“OK, I didn’t say anything. If you said so, then I’ll wait. I’ll wait for the time that you will tell me everything. I trust you. I’ve always trusted you and I will forever. Although I don’t understand much but I promise that I’ll never leave you no matter what happened to you. Crossed my heart.”

Mayu drew an X on her left chest to demonstrate her words. Hearing this made Yuki smile again. She leaned forward, closing the gap between her and the younger girl. Mayu startled yet again. She could feel her face was burning when she realized how close Yuki’s face was to hers. Yuki smirked in amusement when seeing the shocking face of her friend. Holding both of Mayu’s shoulder, Yuki moved her head forward and placed a soft kiss on the girl’s forehead, causing the young girl to blushed deeply. When pulling away, Yuki noticed how red the girl was and giggled, making the young girl even more embarrassed.

“You’re so cute, Mayuyu.”

“Mou! Shut up! Why did you kiss me?!?!” Mayu looked away to hide her crimson face.

“That’s my thankfulness for your promise. You don’t know how much you have cheered me up.”

Mayu swore that her heart just skipped a beat because of what Yuki said. Her face became even hotter than before. Awkwardly, she didn’t know why she reacted like that but she couldn’t help it. Her body didn’t obey her anymore.

“Kashiwagi-san, it’s time already.” Suddenly, Yuki’s manager called her from outside of the toilet. Hearing that, Yuki’s smiled immediately disappeared. Her face turned back into its sad expression. On the other hand, Mayu was confused. It was already late at night but it seemed that Yuki was going to go somewhere else with her manager.

“Ne, Yukirin. Are you going somewhere now?”

“… Yes. I have an appointment with some business men. They offer me some works that would be good for my career.” Yuki gave the young girl a weak smile and patted the girl on her head. “Don’t worry. I’m going with my manager so I’ll be fine.”

Once again, Mayu knew the girl didn’t really mean it. By looking how sad her face was, she knew what the girl’s problem was but she didn’t understand much about it. In the end, Mayu gave up and force herself to trust Yuki that one day, she would tell her.

“OK, Yukirin… Please take care of yourself.”

“I will. You too. Go home safely, OK?” Yuki increased the distance between her and Mayu. Then she slowly went to the door. However, before her hand twisted the doorknob, she was stopped by Mayu’s voice.

“Believe in me Yukirin. I’ll never leave you no matter what. So just come to me when you need my help. Or else, I’ll come to you.”

Since Yuki’s back was still facing the cyborg, Mayu would never see the relieved smiled on the older girl’s pink lips. Yuki didn’t know what to say anymore. She felt so happy and relaxed. Suddenly, her fear of facing what was going to happen to her later disappeared, thanks to a certain cyborg. Yuki turned around, nodded at Mayu and then walked away. Even though it was just a small movement but Mayu could tell that she had succeeded on cheering Yuki up. Looking herself in the mirror, Mayu rewarded herself with a smile and then she walked back to the changing room to grab her stuff.

That night, a life was changed forever. Like it had been predicted, two months later, AKB48 had their first team shuffle. Mayu and Yuki were still in team B, except that Yuki was now the team captain, in replacement of Urano Kazumi, who was shuffled to SDN48, a new sister group of AKB48. Since Mayu’s best friend, Oota Aika, had been transferred to team A, Mayu and Yuki got along with each other better than before, especially when they were the aces of team B. Mayuki had their name mentioned in every fandom over Japan. They were even famous in China. Mayu debuted her solo single while Yuki was having a good time with her unit, French Kiss. Both of them were reaching their peak of their career. Every one believed that it was the time for both Mayu and Yuki to bloom in their age.



“Otanjoubi omedetou, Mayu!” The union sound of cheer coming from all the members of team B shook the changing room. They all cheered for the center and also one of the aces of the whole group. After the birthday stage performance of Mayu, the whole team B gathered in the changing room and celebrated the center’s birthday together. Mayu was overjoyed, seeing her teammates and fans care for her so much.

“Arigatou, minna-san! I’m really touched. You guys are the best!”

“You’re already 18, girl. An adult already. Get ready to go to jail.” Myao teased.

“Oi! I’m not doing anything wrong here! Why would I want to go to jail?”

The room was filled with laughter because of Myao’s joke. Everyone was chatting with each other happily while enjoying their drinks and cake. However, Mayu’s manager slowly approached her from behind and whispered to her ear.

“Watanabe-san, you still have an appointment later. So you should be hurry or we’re going to be late.”

“Hai. I know. Give me a minute.” Mayu whispered back.

“OK. I’ll wait for you outside.” After saying that, the manager went outside. Since everyone was too busy with their celebration, no one paid attention to Mayu’s conversation, except one. The captain of team B, Yuki, saw Mayu talking to her manager. Even though she didn’t hear anything due to the noisy crowd but she was pretty sure what they were talking about. That explained why she wore a cold and serious face for a whole day. Seeing Mayu was going to take her leave, Yuki put down her drink onto a nearby table and then approached the girl before she could leave.

“Ne, Mayuyu. Where are you going?” Taking a hold of Mayu’s hand, Yuki asked softly.

“I have an appointment later so I have to go. Gomen ne, Yukirin. I can’t go home with you tonight.” Mayu answered and gave the taller girl an apologetic look.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about that. But do you know where the appointment is held?”

“I think it’s at a restaurant, VIP room.  I’m not sure since manager-san arranged everything.”

“And who are young going to meet?”

“Some businessmen I think. They said they will offer some good works that help my career.”

Mayu’s answer startled the captain. It was painfully familiar to Yuki. Her face turned pale immediately and her hand got weaker that she released Mayu’s hand. She knew this situation since she had gotten into the same thing on her 18th birthday. She knew exactly what was going to happen to Mayu next like the back of her hand.

“Ne, Yukirin. What’s wrong? You looked pale. Are you tired?” Mayu asked worriedly, pulling Yuki back to her sense.

“N-No… I’m fine… Mayuyu… Do you know what will happen next?”

“The appointment you mean? Well I think either I’ll get the job or not. Nothing special will happen.” The cyborg shrugged.

“… You don’t know anything, right? No one told you about it?” This time, Yuki was shocked.

“Know what? What are you talking about, Yukirin?” Mayu dumbfounded. She understood nothing. At that time, Yuki held both of her shoulder and looked at her in the eyes seriously, which startled her a bit.

“Listen to me, Mayu. Tell your manager to cancel that appointment. Don’t go there.”

“Why? Why do I have to?”

“Trust me, Mayuyu. It’s not that good like you thought. Nothing is given for free. It’s a nightmare, not a dream.”

“OK, you’re being non-sense, Yukirin. Just tell me the reason then I’ll listen to you.”

“… I can’t. Not here Mayuyu.”

“Why can’t you?”

“I just can’t. OK? Please, trust me. I want to tell you but I can’t.”

“Why? Not even after 5 years being best friends? What the hell, Yukirin?” Mercilessly, Mayu brushed the hands on her shoulders off and shouted angrily at the captain. “We’re best friends, aces, mother and daughter, but yet you never tell me your problems. 3 years ago, I told you that I want to help you. But you told me to wait. So yeah, I have been waiting for 3 years. Until now, you still can’t tell me. And you’re acting like you care for me while kissing, hugging and hanging out with Sae? Seriously, what do you want from me?”

“Mayu… I…” Yuki was stuck with her words. She couldn’t find a good excuse for herself. So she just decided to stay silent, avoiding Mayu’s gaze. This action just drove the cyborg to her edge of crying.

“That’s it. If you’re not going to tell me, I will never listen to you. You don’t even trust me so how can I trust you?”

With that, Mayu ran out of the room, ignoring Yuki who was calling for her not to go. Quickly wiping her tears, Mayu ran to where her manager was waiting and got into a taxi. When the taxi started moving, through the car window, she could see Yuki running towards her, calling her name. But it was too late. The taxi moved further and further from AKB48 theater. Mayu forced herself not to turn around to look at Yuki.

“Are you alright, Watanabe-san?” The manager sitting next to her asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Mayu automatically replied in mono tone.

“Did you have a fight with Kashiwagi-san?”

“… No… Just a misunderstanding.”

“You look pale. Tired?”

“A little bit. My head hurts.” To demonstrate her words, Mayu rubbed her temples gently.

“Maybe you should take some pain killers. You still have some works to do tomorrow morning.”

“Sure… Please give me two pills.”

“Two? You may fall asleep if you take too much.”

“That’s what I need. Don’t worry. I won’t sleep until the meeting is over.”


After 15 minutes, the taxi stopped in front of a hotel. Mayu got out of the car and stared at the name board of the hotel.

“What the… I thought it was a restaurant, not a love hotel.”

“Well the owner of the restaurant where I reserved said that they were under maintenance so I switched.” The manager answered while standing next to her.

“You could have chosen another restaurant! Why is it a love hotel?”

“Our business associates suggested this place. It doesn’t affect the job so don’t worry about it, Watanabe-san.”

Her manager was being suspicious. The location of the meeting was already full of guilt. Mayu felt her heart was jumping now as she was scared of this place. As an otaku, she had read many mangas and watched many animes that at least have this location. And she knew none of them had a good ending if she didn’t go here with her lover. Somehow, she regretted when she didn’t listen to Yuki and got her anger control herself. It was too late to turn back already.

“Shall we go now, Watanabe-san? The associates are waiting for us.”

“… Hai…” Mayu spoke with reluctance. Her legs followed her manager automatically when her mind was occupied with ideas of how she could get away of this. She thought she could call for help. But right away, she erased that thought. The problem was who she would call? Yuki? Or her family? Yuki was a girl like her, and even weaker than her. That was proved in several sport competition that AKB48 members had participated in. Therefore in this case of dealing with several fat old men, she would call for someone like Jurina, Yuko or Rena, the one who was stronger than her look. However, Yuko was busy with her own schedule while Jurina and Rena were in Nagoya. So this plan wouldn’t work. About her family, they were on a trip to Hokkaido. They wouldn’t be back until two days later. Therefore she was all alone in this situation. How about calling the police? Well, Mayu didn’t believe in police. To her, they were useless. They would either arrive late or never. So she never thought about calling police. Acting like she was sick and canceling this meeting? Her manager would never allow that for sure since that man knew her health pretty well.

“We’re here, Watanabe-san.”

Before she realized it, she already found herself standing in front of a VIP room with her manager. She screamed inside her head as she hadn’t thought of anything to rescue herself but yet she was facing her nightmare already. Silently crying inside, Mayu put on a fake smile to hide her fear and sorrow. Her hands turned cold and shook rapidly as her manager knocked the door three times, informing that they had arrived.

“Come in.” After the knock, an old low voice shouted from the other side of the door, instructing them to open the door. And the manager did so. When the door was opened, it gave Mayu a better look of the room. It was just like a normal hotel’s room with big-side bed, a television located in front of the bed, some bed lamps and closed curtain. However, since a meeting was held in here, a long black L-shaped couch was placed beside the bed, with 2 middle-aged men sitting on it and one younger man sat on an armchair beside the couch. When they stepped into the room, the men quickly stood up and bowed at them.

“I thank you for coming here. Our apologies for the inconvenience, Watanabe-san.” The middle-aged man with a white beard said.

“No, it’s fine. My apology for coming late.” Mayu quickly bowed at them. Seeing the men were very polite to her, her fear was lessened. They all dressed in suited, making them look like wealthy business men.

“Please, sit down. You must have been tired from performance already so I would like to make our meeting quick. And we can finally relax.” The white-beard man pointed at the short couch, which was perpendicular to his seat.


Mayu did what she was told. She ended up sitting between her manager and the white-beard man, facing the young man. The other middle-aged man poured two cups of tea for her and her manager. Later then he started the meeting.

“Good evening, Watanabe-san. Thanks for coming to see us.  I’m Yoshiro, the biggest shareholder of Niji Production. This is Furokawa-san, our CEO. And the young man here is Senji-san, our talented director. We invite you here to discuss our future co-operation.” As the man was talking, Mayu just kept nodding her head to show that she was listening to him politely. However, the young man, called Senji, was staring at her with a weird gaze, making her feel uncomfortable. She tried to avoid his gaze whenever she could.

“This guy must be a pervert. His gaze makes me sick. Urg… this is why I like 2D guys more than 3D.” Mayu thought. As she turned to look at her manager, she saw him adding some white powder from his pocket into her tea cup, which somehow made her worried.

“OK, here is the deal. As you may know, our most popular show is “Golden Talk show”, which has the annual viewing rate of 20%. Senji-san is the director of that show. We’re planning to increase that rate even higher, may 25% or 30%. And we see that Watanabe-san is the promising star. You’re one of the youngest aces in AKB48 and promised to replace Maeda Atsuko-san when she is graduated. So let me get to the point here. We would like to invite you to be our regular guest on Golden Talk show.”

“Woah… You’re asking me to be on your show?” Mayu didn’t believe in her ears anymore. The men were inviting her to film in their most popular TV show, probably one of the most viewed television show in the whole country. This was a big opportunity for her to get nearer to the title of “The top idol”.

“Yes. You’re in the line of top idols now, Watanabe-san.” This time, the white-beard man got to talk. “With your presence, our show definitely has no competitors. Also, this will give you more fans. Our career will reach its peak that no one could imagine.”

“That sounds really great. It is one of my dreams to be able to participate in your show. But… I think Akimoto-sensei is the one who has the last decision in this situation, not me.”

“We’ve already talked to Akimoto-san about this. And of course, he agreed. He wouldn’t ask you to meet us if he did not.” Furokawa laughed.

This time, Mayu was confused. She sensed something was wrong here. If Akimoto-sensei did talk to these men and already agreed with the offer, why would he tell her to meet them? The contract was already signed so what was her task to do with these men? Suddenly, her fear took over her body once again as a chill ran through her spinal cord. Her hands were shaking rapidly; her throat got dried.

“Watanabe-san, are you OK?” Her manager noticed her condition so he asked in concern.

“Y-Yes. I’m fine. I’m a little bit tired and thirsty after the performance.” Trying to remain calm, Mayu replied.

With a quick movement, the manager took a cup of tea placing on the table and gave it to the cyborg girl. “Here. Drink it. Don’t worry. It’s not bitter. I already add some sugar into your cup.”

Mayu hesitated at first. She didn’t want to drink it but she couldn’t be rude to the associates. She had been having this bad feeling from the time she stood in front of the entrance of this love hotel. That fear had just increased when she saw that pervert look of the young director, and the unidentified white powder that her manager added to her cup. But thinking again, her manager had been with her for 5 years. He had always taken a good care of her career and her health, organizing her schedule that didn’t wear her out too much. She still had some trust on him.

“Arigatou…” Hesitantly, she took a cup from her manager. Brought it to her lips, she gulped down the liquid, tasting the sweetness from the tea. This made her relax a bit, knowing that her manager did add sugar, for real. At that time, a ringing tone came from the manager’s pocket. He quickly took out his phone, taking a quick glance at the screen and bowed at the associates.

“I’m sorry. I have a call from my company so I’ll take a leave now. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Oh don’t worry. Take your time. We’ll just discuss the show in more details with Watanabe-san.”

Mayu watched her manager got out of the room and shut the door behind her, leaving her alone with three older men, twice as big as her. She placed the cup down on the table and looked on her laps nervously. She felt uneasy when the young man moved his chair neared to her and the other two also shortened the distance between her and them. Her sweats wetted her forehead as she knew something was definitely wrong with these guys.

“So, Watanabe-san.” Suddenly, Furokawa spoke, startling Mayu a little. “Have you heard anything from Akimoto-san or your manager about the contract?”

“N-No. I haven’t heard anything from them.” Mayu tried her best to make her sound normal, even though she was freak out.

“Not even about the news that you’ll join our show?”


“Interesting…” The men stroked his beard in amusement.

“She’s sure different. Watanabe-san is sure the rarest of the rare.” Suddenly, for the first time from the beginning of the meeting, Senji had some words to say. However, his words just made Mayu even more frightened.

“W-What are you talking about, Senji-san? I don’t really understand what you mean…”

“Well, seems that you’re still innocent, in many ways. Is today your 18th birthday by any chance?” Yoshiro asked.

“Yes… How did you know that?”

“Oh good. We’ve gotten ourselves a nice fresh chick. An innocent and cute one too. No wonder why Akimoto told us to keep silent to her. Delicious.” The man then laughed like a maniac.

Now Mayu knew for sure what they were talking about. She cursed herself for being so dense and stupid. There was no business meeting from the beginning. She was told to come here to be these nasty men’s meal, in exchange of a good opportunity for her career. Her manager was the accomplice. She hated herself for being so stupid. She understood what Yuki told her before coming here. Yuki knew exactly what would happen to her and she was trying to warn her. She should have listened to Yuki.

But it was too late to regret. She had to rescue herself. Quickly, Mayu stood up and ran to the door, trying to escape from this nightmare, not caring about her dreams, or her career anymore. However, on her half way to the door, she felt her legs get weaker and weaker. Her speed slowed down, until she collapsed in front of the bed. She tried to stand back up but failed no matter how hard she tried. She didn’t feel her body anymore. It was completely numb.

“Oh look, trying to save herself. Hahaha, but it’s too late, girl. The drug is already absorbed into your body. You can’t move for at least 3 hours.” Furokawa laughed while slowly walking to Mayu. He sat down beside her, stroked her hair gently. “Too bad that you’ve chosen to be an idol. If you haven’t, your first time wouldn’t have been like this. Maybe it would have been your boyfriend’s, on a romantic bed filled with roses. Hahahaha.”

“Get your dirty hand off me, you old hag.” Mayu shouted angrily at him, trying to hide her tears with her little braveness.

“Oh. Tough girl you are. But you won’t be for long. Just a few minutes later, I’ll make sure to get myself some nice cute moans from those tasty lips of yours. Your voice really turned us on when we heard you singing, you know. We’re lucky to have you and your virginity tonight.”

“Damned you disgusting pervert!” Mayu cursed as her tears were already rolling on her cheeks, soaking the red-carpet floor.

“That’s business, girl. Nothing is free. In showbiz, idols are just high-class prostitutes for entertainment companies like us. You still have many things to learn more about the world.” Furokawa smirked. Then he gestured the young man to come. “Senji, get her onto the bed. Let’s have our meal already. I can’t hold back anymore.”

The young man approached Mayu and carried her onto the bed beside. When her back touched the soft bed, she saw the man upon her was drooling. His hands roamed on her skin, mostly her arms and chest. And those hands continued their ways down to her lower body. Furokawa and Yoshiro were doing the same. However, Yoshiro seemed to be interested in her ears more. The man touched her right ear, kissed it, licked it and then bit it. She felt so disgusting. She was touched by those men who were as old as her father. She was their meal. Her first time, her virginity would be taken by these men. She felt so dirty and hopeless. Her tears wouldn’t stop flowing from her reddened eyes.

The men already took off her vest coats and ties. Furokawa and Yoshiro were unbuttoning their shirts while Senji was doing the same with Mayu shirt. Feeling dirty hand touched her bare skin of her chest, Mayu wished she could just die already. She didn’t want to know that her body would be disgraced tonight. Suddenly, Mayu felt tired and sleepy. The pain killers she took earlier were working. Her eyes got tired and heavy. She couldn’t control her sense anymore. Therefore, she gave up and allowed herself to fall into a deep sleep. It would be better for her not to know what the perverts would do to her body.

“I’m sorry… Yukirin… Please… save me…”

She said so quietly that the men, who were too horny, couldn’t hear it. Then, everything to Mayu was just an eternal darkness.

To be Continued

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #48 on: February 02, 2014, 01:42:08 PM »
*Took a chainsaw and started it*

*starting to cut those men while laughing like Gekikara*



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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #49 on: February 02, 2014, 01:54:11 PM »

*Took a chainsaw and joined Olive in killing those bastards*

YOU UGLY BASTARDS!!!! DIEEEE!!!!!!!! :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
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:shock: :scolding: I have 2 words...

JUST DIE!!!!! :on voodoo: :on voodoo: :on kimbo: :on kimbo: :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon woo: :mon woo: :mon headbang: :mon headbang: :mon worklate: :mon worklate: :mon slapself: :mon slapself:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
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So many messages in regard to the wants of chainsawing and beating up the assaulter. Oh my. :nervous

I can't say much since I want to join in that fray of slaughtering the dirty men that dare touch Mayu in such fashion! Hang on, fellow readers! I will be grabbing my shotgun and join the frontline! :angry:

Anyway, glad to see another 2-3... I don't know, multi-part shot from the great Sayuki! (And yes miss, Great Sayuki I do say.) You never fail to impress me with your work and as soon as you told me that you've updated it, I came ASAP to this thread and read your work. And true enough, another great diamond has been found in the wonderful treasure box full of fan fictions. :cathappy:

Let's start on the story. And I promise not to make this extremely long. (I think.)

On Yuki's birthday, she doesn't seem to be happy. At first, I didn't understand why. But after reading it over twice (yes, twice so I can have it settle into my brain properly), this quote:

“… Yes. I have an appointment with some business men. They offer me some works that would be good for my career.” Yuki gave the young girl a weak smile and patted the girl on her head. “Don’t worry. I’m going with my manager so I’ll be fine.”

It raised many red flags from this statement alone. Since it ties directly with Mayu's:

“Some businessmen I think. They said they will offer some good works that help my career.”

Oh God, don't tell me Yuki had received the same treatment as Mayu here. Such disgust! Those men seriously think they can taint the idols just because they've turned 18 and aren't allowed to have boyfriends. That angers me so much! And I'm sure Yukirin here won't be too pleased either to know what they've been doing to Mayu. Man... You left us with a real good cliffhanger. I can't predict the outcome of this ordeal. :doh:

In regard to that, there's a flash of thought in regard to making such sacrifices to reap the benefits. Is it really something that we want to do in order to gain the fame? And is the sacrifice really worth it in the end? Though I know for a fact that both Mayu and Yuki didn't want to do it, they were forced into it. And Mayu did attempt to leave, only to have failed due to the drug...

“That’s business, girl. Nothing is free. In showbiz, idols are just high-class prostitutes for entertainment companies like us. You still have many things to learn more about the world.” Furokawa smirked.

Sometimes that's the harsh reality I suppose. Though obviously I'm not an idol and have no right to say this, I'm sure there are situations where this could've occur. It doesn't come out to the public and behind closed doors. And of course... This doesn't just pertain to idols but normal individuals too. Again, is such sacrifice worth all of this trouble and pain? :doh:

Really love the flow of the exchanges between Mayu and Yuki. Not only that but the other characters too. You could tell that their personality aren't so, how can I say it... Cliche? No, that isn't the right word to say it. A unique personality input into the characters is what I wanted to say. Something stuck out to me about this point, but that might just be me. :sweatdrop: And an interesting topic to touch upon. It would be terrifying if such scandals are true with such scenario like this, LOL.

Looking forward to the next update of your fiction whatever it may be! :deco:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #52 on: February 02, 2014, 05:28:14 PM »
...I'm joining everyone in the killing of those bastards!!!
Drags along torture devices...
Pointy things...
Lotsa knives...
And ten machineguns
Now, let's go kill'em.

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #53 on: February 02, 2014, 07:09:32 PM »
Omg!! I hope Yuki came in to rescuse Yuki

What the heck wrong with the manager

Please update soon

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #54 on: February 03, 2014, 01:09:56 AM »
Finally had the chance to read this..

I must say, this is one interesting topic and if it happens in reality... Oh boy...

So I am sure that all those older than Mayu already been there... Wow... Not a nice price for a shiny life of an idol...

I agree with Ly the man, it's really not worth it... But they were forced and knowing the drug took effect..

We now can only hope for Yuki to come and save Mayu or... She will be very tainted like her fellow older members... Which might result in Yuki going on POWER BLACK mode and making sure those men regret what they've done to Mayu...

Looking forward to read the next part~
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream [Part 1] (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #55 on: February 03, 2014, 03:02:40 PM »
That b******s  :angry: :angry: :angry:
Kill them all  :twisted:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Love fortune (Mayuki)] 10/7/2013
« Reply #56 on: February 04, 2014, 09:06:19 PM »
Hold on.
But Mayu noticed something odd. She felt her right hand was shaking. To be exact, Yuki’s hand was shaking in her hand. They were trembling so hard that it made the cyborg concern about Yuki’s health.
Wait a second.
She heard a sob. She heard it clearly. Yuki was crying inside the toilet.
Yuki knows quite a lot of what to expect from the "appointment"...
“Well, I realized that I haven’t given you an appropriate congratulation today. So… Happy birthday, Yukirin.”

As she had expected, Yuki’s smiled vanished for a moment before it reappeared again. But still, Mayu could tell that the problem was something about her birthday.
Did other members warn her about what happens on your 18th birthday...
“Thank you Mayuyu… I know how much you want to help me… But this time, it’s out of your range… I’m sorry, you can’t help me…”
Or maybe...
“Kashiwagi-san, it’s time already.” Suddenly, Yuki’s manager called her from outside of the toilet. Hearing that, Yuki’s smiled immediately disappeared. Her face turned back into its sad expression.
This isn't the first time this happened to Yukirin...

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream [Part 1] (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #57 on: February 05, 2014, 09:26:15 AM »
To all readers and anyone that has question, the next (last) part of this OS will answer every question :3 So stay tune and wait for your answers

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream [Part 1] (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #58 on: February 05, 2014, 06:19:15 PM »
you bastard!!! :scolding: :scolding: :scolding: :temper: :temper: :on voodoo: :on voodoo: :mon zoom:

yukirin has only the right to take mayu's virginity :scolding: :scolding: :on voodoo: :on voodoo: :on voodoo: :on voodoo: :temper: :temper: :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon cweepy: :mon cweepy: :mon cweepy:
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mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Bitter Dream [Part 1] (Mayuki ft Wmatsui)] 2/2/2014
« Reply #59 on: February 07, 2014, 03:55:25 PM »
Oh my fucking god


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