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Author Topic: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina! - COMPLETED  (Read 15551 times)

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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@Mari07 - LOL wow... sorry I stopped posting because... well I didn't get much comments from people here so I didn't think they liked it buch except for bou-j525 lol sorry... I already finished this fanfic so i'll see how they like it from here on out lol hope you enjoy it... and i'm happy you like it! You're fanfics actually made me squeal! Especially WMatsui and MaYuki! :yep:

so here you are guys... lol chapter 7... sorry its been so long... thought you guys didnt ; like it much except for bou-j525 and some others (^ - ^") so sorry lol

When Jurina woke up the next morning, she first noticed that the source of her warmth was no longer there. The second thing she noticed was that it was still dark out. She looked at the ihome next to the bed and saw that it was only 4:30 in the morning. She got up and once her foot touched the ground, waves of coldness swept through her body. She looked around for a bath robe or something but found none so she took his jacket which was hanging on one of the hooks. She stepped outside the room and looked around. She noticed that the kitchen lights were on and there was a slight clinking coming from there. She tip-toed down to the 1st floor and peeked into the kitchen. She saw Ren standing over the sink with a glass of water in hand looking through a book. It seemed like a photo book of some sort.


Her voice startled Ren as he quickly closed the book and stood up. He looked at her surprised then at the clock.

"Jurina-san… why are you up so early? You should sleep a little more."

"Well same goes for you Ren-senpai. How long were you up?

"Not that long. Maybe since around four?"

"Come back to bed with me…? It's cold."

"Oh I'm a heater now? Is that it?"

Even as he said that, he allowed her to lead him back to the bedroom and lay down with her. She snuggled up to him and he hugged her. As he watched her fall asleep again, he began to feel sad. He liked her… and he wants to tell her the truth… but that would risk their friendship and her life. He hugged her closer and buried his face in her hair.

"Jurina-san… I want to tell you… so bad… but I don't want to hurt you nor endanger you… so I'm sorry."

He too fell into a restless sleep, still debating whether or not to tell her the truth about him… or her. Kosuke and Anna woke up before Ren and Jurina did after their second round of sleep. As Kosuke was making them breakfast and Anna sat at the table, she noticed a book sitting opposite. She was about to pick It up when Kosuke reached it first.

"Ne Kosuke-kun! Let me see it!"


"Why not?"

He looked nervous all of a sudden. Biting his lips and not looking at her. There seemed to be a war raging within him as he thought about what he should do… what he should say.

"It's… private. Sorry Anna-chan… maybe next time."


He smiled softly at her as she pouted and walked up to her and hugged her from behind. Her pout disappeared and she leaned back into the touch. She could smell his scent… the smell of the ocean.

"I think… I'm falling for Kosuke-kun…"

He smiled and tickled her neck before resuming his cooking. She sat there and watched him work. Yesterday night, she took Jurina back to her house to talk to her about what they found odd about the boys. As they talked, they noticed they both noticed the same things out of two different boys.

"It seems they both act feminine… like they're not like those regular boys at school."

"Yea… and Ren-senpai has some girly perks about him. Or it could just be my imagination."

"Hm… I wonder what is up with those two… we should ask them… shouldn't we?"

"Yea… we should… how about tomorrow night?"

"Yea let's do that."

She smiled at Kosuke's back. She thought about what she would do if she found out whatever it was they were hiding. One thing she was sure of though. She would stay his friend. As she sat there, she heard footsteps pad down the stairs and when she looked up, she found Jurina and Ren standing there greeting them with a smile.

"Morning Anna-san… Kosuke."

"Morning guys!"

"Morning Onii-chan! Morning Jurina-chan!"

"Morning Ren-senpai, Jurina-chan."

Shortly after their arrival, Kosuke's cooking was finished and everyone sat down to eat. As they ate, Anna noticed how Kosuke's and Ren's table manners were prim and proper as opposed how usual boys would scarf down their food… or she was just being paranoid. Once done and dishes washed, Anna grabbed Kosuke by the hand and asked him to go shopping with her. He opposed. Opting to go to the arcade but after some convincing and puppy dog eyes, he relented and followed her out the door. For the whole time, Jurina and Ren watched them with an amused smile. After the two left, Ren and Jurina sat around watching TV for a while before Ren got up and offered his hand to Jurina.

"Since they went out… how about we go out for a picnic? I know a very beautiful and calming place… not much people either."

She gladly accepted and took his hand. They walked to the store and bought some snacks. Then they took the bus to a part of the semi country and semi city parts. He then led her past some trees and after about a five minute walk, they reached a clearing. The sight took Jurina's breathe away. It was a meadow like are with bright green grass and wild flowers growing everywhere. In front of them was a crystal clear lake that shone in the sun. The trees made something like a half circle surrounding this clearing as if to protect the people resting there from prying eyes.

"Do you like it Jurina-san? It's a place I found as a kid…"

"I… I just… its gorgeous Ren-senpai!"

Ren smiled at her and led her to sit in the middle of the clearing. He sat down next to her and she leaned against him. They sat there, neither of them knowing how long it was since they were there nor did they really care. They knew that once they were in the presence of each other, the world around them doesn't matter. As they sat in silence, Jurina summer up the courage to tell Ren how she felt. She was sure that if she was to be rejected, nothing between them would change… she just had a feeling.

"Ne… Ren-senpai... I… I want to tell you something."

"What is it? You can tell me anything you know."

Jurina moved off of his shoulder and stood up in front of him. By this time, the full moon was high in the sky and from Ren's view; it looked as if she were a goddess descending down onto earth in front of him. He caught sight of a bright pink blush and got worried that she might be sick.

"I… I… I… I l-like y-you Ren-senpai!"

When she said it, he stared at her as if she were from another planet. She had her eyes closed but from the silence, she knew that she would be rejected. Until she felt arms wrap around her body and she was pulled into a warm hug.

"Jurina-san… thank you… for these feelings… and I would love to say I reciprocate these feelings… but something blocks my way…"

Jurina looked up at him with teary eyes and holding him close. He rested his forehead against hers and wiped the tears away.

"Ren-senpai… what is it that blocks your way…? Maybe I can help."

"You can't…"

"I want to try! At least let me know!"

He couldn't stand the sight of her crying. Her tear stained face… her strained voice… it all broke his heart. His sighed and stepped away so she could see him fully.

"It's not something you can help with… or change for that matter. Jurina-san… I like you… I truly do… but the thing that blocks this from happening is…"

He reaches his hands up to his hair and pulled out the pins. He then pulled off the wig. Jurina watched as the medium shaded brown hair came off as a wig and black hair came tumbling down. Jurina then saw why Ren was so feminine… it was because HE was actually a SHE. When he spoke once more, his voice wasn't that of a calm young boy but that of a timid girl.

"Do you see now, Jurina-san? Why I can't say I like you? My name isn't really Ren… its Rena. I'm sorry I kept this from you… but I needed to make sure you were safe."

"Wh—what… why Ren-se—Rena-senpai… why?"

"My father… he was chased by a gang. They found him last year and killed him. Now they're after us. In order for us to stay here, we have to hide who we truly are. So me and Kumi took up identities as boys. Kumi chose the name Kosuke while I chose Ren. We both never intended to make much friends, opting to keep to ourselves. We didn't want anyone else getting involved but you and Anna… you two attracted us. We became close to you without us realizing until it was too late. We both fell for you girls…"

Jurina didn't say a single word but walked up to Rena. Rena watched her, her face full of regret. She saw tears leaking down Jurina's face and once she got closer, Rena felt a stinging pain in her cheek. She was stunned. Jurina had slapped her right across the face. But her surprise only lasted a while. She knew she deserved this. She knew that even if Jurina were to beat her and leave her for dead, she would accept it. But instead of feeling more pain, she felt a body press up against hers.

"I don't care if you're a girl, Rena-senpai… I still like you. Can we… be together? Or can we at least stay friends?"

Rena looked down at the girl and wrapped her arms around Jurina. She nuzzled her face in Jurina's hair, inhaling Jurina's scent. She felt Jurina arms tighten around her and she did the same.

"Sure… I did tell you I like you right? Haha… Jurina-san… be my girlfriend."

"I will gladly be your girlfriend… will you be my boyfriend?"


Jurina moved away from Rena slightly, taking in the look of the true person her Ren is. She could see the difference in looks but she knew that it was the very same person she fell for. She walked up to Rena and this time, instead of the cheek, she kissed Rena right on the lips, igniting sparks within and around them.

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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Ummm.... actually, I'm still reading this one, ShibuyaDokiDoki san (even if I'd already finished reading this one on another site...  :nervous ehehehehe  :nervous :nervous )

I'm still wondering if you'll post here your chapter ummm..... 11 (The  :mon bleed2: chapter) ehehehe I want to surprise them about it :] hehehehe  :lol: :lol: :lol: :rofl:

But really, I wanna see their, the readers ( especially bou-j525 san  :mon thumb: and Mari chan :mon scare:  Oh no!!! Not Mari chan!!!  :panic: :panic:) reactions..... That would be epic.... ehehehe  :mon mischief:

ShibuyaDokiDoki san, pls. do continue updating your fic since some readers here haven't read your fic. pls... :mon pray2:  :mon pray2:

Pls. do not be disappointed if people here aren't replying that much. (To tell you honestly, I also dunno the reason why..  :mon huh2:  :sweatdrop: )

I'm just starting to write here but I've been here for awhile, as a commenter  :)  :mon innocent: (Ah, so that's the reason why I'm soo loved here  :mon inluv: ) but even if some doesn't well, reply at first, (but it's different from my situation.. ehehe  :nervous :nervous) it wouldn't stop me to write since I think someday some would read it and I might also inspire them to write their own fic, someday...  :hee: (but in my case, I wouldn't inspire people to write since my stories are kinda lousy...  :fainted:)

Anyway, still want you to pls update this as soon as you can! ehehe  :on gay: Oh, I'm alexiel by the way :]  :mon sweat: hehe

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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@Mari07 - LOL wow... sorry I stopped posting because... well I didn't get much comments from people here so I didn't think they liked it buch except for bou-j525 lol sorry... I already finished this fanfic so i'll see how they like it from here on out lol hope you enjoy it... and i'm happy you like it! You're fanfics actually made me squeal! Especially WMatsui and MaYuki! :yep:

so here you are guys... lol chapter 7... sorry its been so long... thought you guys didnt ; like it much except for bou-j525 and some others (^ - ^") so sorry lol
Kyaaa!!! That was awesome!!!!
Bcuz that thread that Masa posted up, i was going to reply xD "Who's your favourite fanfic writer?" and i was scrolling down to see your name when suddenly i realized you updated!!! Im really happy becuz your fanfic was the FIRST ever fanfic ive ever read in my life xDDD and it inspired me to write!!
Im glad my fics had the same effect on you as yours did to me LOL
your comment means alot since your like my senpai that i admire  :bow:
Please continue writing!!! and I totally didnt understand what Alexiel-chan said xDD LOL is there an ecchi chapter i need to read :fap ?
I would gladly~
I can't wait to see how Kumi-sama told Anna XD !!!
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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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But really, I wanna see their, the readers ( especially bou-j525 san   :mon thumb: and Mari chan :mon scare:  Oh no!!! Not Mari chan!!!  :panic: :panic:) reactions..... That would be epic.... ehehehe  :mon mischief:


Well, I know Nihongogo. I go there like once a month only though XD
So yeah, I've read the rest of your story ShibuyaDokiDoki! Really great  :theking
But... I don't know how I did but... hehe I completely missed the chapter 11  :lol: XD I was looking everywhere, but though that you have just finished your fic. And I've never seen Chapter 11 anywhere  :? So I've just been looking for it just a minute ago  :grin: And found it... and went :imdead: at the HUGE paragraph of... well you know what.  :nervous
But hey, you're a great author! Just post your chapters here for some who don't go on nihongogo.

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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what? WHAT? WHATS THE 'you-know-what' ?!?
Please tell Mari too!!!!!!
Maaaaan i feel like im missing out on something good XD

She's right, ShibuyaDokiDoki!!! Mari i mean ... We need more of your work!!
and can i call you Shibu? Im kinda lazy to type the rest LOL
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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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LOL you guys crack me up AND make me blush  :heart: *sigh* a girl can only take so much! No just kidding~!Anyways... have fun... chpt 11 will come soon... ill space my new chpts after like... every 1 or 2 comments so im not spamming. But here... i'll combine 8 and 9 together. :D
Be My Boyfriend Chapter 8

The summer vacation ended and the group was back at school. Jurina's parents were back but so far, they haven't touched her. They're keeping their relationship a secret except to Kosuke and Anna. After Kosuke found out that Ren had told Jurina who he really was, so he took a chance and told Anna. She was, of course, shocked at first but then got used to the idea and stayed with him. They, too, are now a couple. As the school year progressed, Ren and Kosuke grew ever more popular. Ren joined the archery club while Kosuke joined band, opting to play the Saxophone instead of shoot an arrow. Both club's members grew with each passing day, all of them hoping to sneak a glance or impress the handsome boys. Throughout the school, they were called the "Mysterious Princes" because of their tendency to not associate themselves with anyone unless necessary… except for Jurina and Anna. Many of the girls… and some of the boys were beyond jealous of them. Some went as far as to send hate mail to the girls but every time, the boys would be there and whenever they see a hate mail in the girl's locker or sent to their phone, you can see the anger radiating from them. So instead of sending it, the other girls decided to confront Anna and Jurina… face to face. Jurina was walking down the hallway after changing for gym. As she walked, a group of girls came out from the other intersecting corridors and blocked her way.

"Um… please excuse me."

"Heh. Someone as shy and useless as her… how can she be so close to Ren-sama?"

"I know right? I mean… look at her. She's nothing. You're way better than her Nana."

"U-um… c-can you please excuse me? I have to get to class."

They cornered her and slammed her into the wall glaring at her with a sick smirk on their faces. She shook under their glare, remembering that look her parents would give her when they wanted her to… pleasure them… mostly her father.

"Here's the deal little Jurina. You get Ren to like one of us and we'll leave you alone. Until then, we'll make your life miserable."


"No buts… do you understand me?"


"I said do you understand me you little bitch."

After Jurina's silence once more, the girl raised her hand, ready to slap Jurina right across the face. As it was coming down, a pale hand caught her arm and stopped the process. She turned around and found herself face to face with the two princes of the school. Both looking incredibly angry. Kosuke looked murderous while Ren had a calm but icy look but you could feel the anger seething off him.

"A—ah… Ren-sama… Kosuke-sama… I was just…"

She was cut short by Kosuke's growl and glare. This was the first time this group of girls saw these two so angry… it was probably the first time the whole school saw them like this. Ren immediately ignored the girls and ran to Jurina who had slid down to sit on the floor, burying her face in her knees. Ren heard sniffling and immediately knelt down and placed an arm on her shoulder.

"Jurina-san… Jurina-san… it's me… Ren… don't cry… I'm here."

He sat on the floor and hugged her as she cried into his shirt. As he tried to calm her, he looked up and glared at the girls. The girls backed away, ready to run, until they heard Kosuke's voice ring out behind them. His voice was full of anger and disdain.

"You girls. Tell me the truth of what you were doing to Jurina-chan."

"W-we… we thought she was being a burden to you two. She was never really what you can call 'normal'. The only friend she ever had was that Anna girl… we were going to tell her to back off too… we are so much better than those two."

There was silence for a moment and the girls wondered why. They looked at Kosuke and Ren, who had stood up already with Jurina in his arms, and nearly screamed. Earlier, they were already radiating anger and murderous intent. Now, they seem capable of turning into demons and slaughtering everyone. Kosuke spoke first, his voice scaring all the girls to nearly bolt.

"You and anyone else shall NEVER hurt or insult Anna-chan OR Jurina-chan. If you do, I will make sure there is hell to pay."

"Yes. If you are to hurt Jurina-san and Anna-san in any way, you will wish you hadn't. No one here has the right to tell us or decide for us who we should be friends with and who is fitting. We decide that on our own."

They then turned and walked out, Ren still carrying Jurina to the infirmary while Kosuke went to find Anna to inform her of what has happened. The girls watch the boy's back disappear. They were scared of Kosuke's tone of voice but what scared them the most was Ren's. It was deathly calm. It showed no anger but it didn't show any other emotion. The look however, was all it took. One icy glance and they were depleted to nothing but puddles of fear. Even after this encounter, they still couldn't stop to think how cool they were and they couldn't stop chasing the boy's figure with their eyes. As Ren carried Jurina to the infirmary, he felt her shake in his arms. Each sob wracking her lithe body. As he heard each sob, his heart broke some more. By the time they were halfway, he was sure his heart had shattered into a million pieces. He endured each sob she let out until he reached the infirmary. Once inside, he noticed that the nurse was gone. She was never here really… He set her down gently on the bed in the farthest corner, away from prying eyes if they were to look in. He slipped her under the blankets and pulled up and chair and sat down next to her. Her hands covered her face as she cried. He reached over and caressed her hair.

"Shhh… don't cry Jurina-san… it's going to be alright. I promise."

She stopped crying after a while. He kept his hand there, petting her hair softly. She left her hands on her face and Ren thought it odd. He reached over and tried to take her hands away.

"No! Don't… I look ugly after I cry."

Ren only chuckled and drew her hands away. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying and there were tear streaks on her face. He offered her a small smile and she smiled back. But he noticed it was a strained smile. He frowned a bit, got up, and sat on the bed next to her. She looked up at him and he noticed tears start to well up again. He quickly leaned down and placed gentle kisses on her eye lids. Once the tears fell, he kissed them away and rubbed away the tear streaks.

"What's wrong Jurina-san? Something's troubling you… I can see it. Tell me about it."

Jurina hid under the covers for a minute before peaking out. He smiled at her and encouraged her to tell him what was wrong by gently squeezing her hand.

"Its… w-well I was thinking about w-what those girls said. About us… me…. Being a burden and not normal... I mean… you have to pay for my parent's food… and you have to walk me home… and you have to cook for me and everything… I feel like I'm depending too much on you. I want to do something for you too… I mean… I'm taking everything from you and Kosuke! Anna gives back… she cooks sometimes and she gives gifts… I can't cook, I can hardly clean. I'm also not normal! Look at my parents… I have no friends except for Anna who has known me since childhood. I'm freak and I know it… It's just… I feel that they are right…"

Ren was silent for a minute before he moved down and placed both his arms on either side of Jurina's head. He looked into her eyes, searching for the truth and he found it. What she said was truly what she was feeling. He slowly bent down, allowing her time to turn away but she didn't so he captured her lips in a sweet and tender kiss. He then pressed a little harder, trying to convey his emotions in that one kiss. Before he parted, he summed up his courage and licked her lips lightly before pulling away. He heard her gasp but he quickly touched their foreheads together and stared into her eyes.

"You… are NOT a burden to me nor are you a burden to Kosuke. You are normal despite what your parents have done to you. You are not freaky… they just never tried to know you. We both love you dearly and we both also love Anna. Rest assured however, that I do love you more. I would have rejected you but instead, you are now my girlfriend. I like you just as you are. What those girls say are entirely untrue. Everything I do… everything we do… we don't do it out of pity… we do it because we want to. Do not worry about being a burden. You are not. Don't listen to those girls. Alright?"

Jurina watched him for a bit before nodding her head. He felt her arms encircle his neck and pull him down into a hug. He felt her breath against his ear and he shivered slightly.

"Thank you… Rena-senpai… for always being there for me. I don't care whether you're a girl or a boy… my feelings remain the same… it may be too early to say this… and you don't have to return this but… I love you… Rena-senpai."

"And I love you too Jurina-san…"

Ren pulled away slightly from the hug and looked at Jurina. Jurina looked back with her kitty smile and Ren stuck out his tongue a little. He leaned down once again and this time, she met him halfway. The kiss started out sweet and tender once more until Ren licked her bottom lip. She gasped a little and he took this opportunity to explore the new area. As he explored, he came in contact with something wet, warm, and velvety. He then found out it was her tongue and her taste was overwhelming. They began a duel for dominance until Jurina gave up and let Ren's tongue coax her into his mouth. Once there, he began to slightly suck on it making Jurina give out a moan since she hasn't felt anything like this before. He pulled away and smiled at her. She smiled back and he gave her a quick peck and she pulled him down into a hug again. He felt her smile and nuzzled his neck as he held onto her.

"I love you Jurina-san…"

"I love you too… Rena-senpai."

Be My Boyfriend Chapter 9

For the rest of the day, they stayed in the nurse's office. The nurse dropped in from time to time but never tried to kick them out. That evening, Ren walked Jurina home again, buying her parents something to eat and helping her carry her bag.

"Ne… Ren-senpai… you don't have to carry it you know…"

"I know… I just want to."

Jurina looked at him with a "yea right" look and he stuck his tongue out at her. She lightly punched him on the arm as they both started laughing. As they sat on the train, Ren held onto Jurina's hand and played with her fingers while making her laugh at the littlest things. The people around them couldn't help but smile at how cute this couple is. The boy attempting to make his girlfriend laugh and acting silly just for her. Once their stop came, he carried her things out again until she forced him to hand over the food packages. As they walked, they slowed down just a bit to admire the stars in the sky above, Ren telling her little snippets of information about the constellations and she was entranced by his voice and fascination. As they reached the door to her apartment, he returned all her things and smiled his shining smile. She walked up and hugged him, burying her face into his chest and sighing, taking in his scent.

"Thank you… Ren-senpai… for today. I have been scared I was a burden to you guys for a while now…"

He hugged her back and buried his face in her hair. He nuzzled her head gently, making her giggle and he smiled into her soft hair.

"You're welcome… and remember… you're not a hassle. You never were and never will be."

She pulled away and smiled at him. He smiled back and winked at her. She leaned up a bit and kissed him lightly on the lips before grabbing her things and walking inside. He stood there and made sure she was inside with the door closed before pulling out his phone and texting Kosuke. As he was texting, he heard something like scraping and bangs coming from the apartments. He didn't mind it since it didn't seem to come from Jurina's until he heard a blood curdling scream. He recognized that voice immediately and turned and ran for her door. He continued to hear the screams until they were stopped abruptly. He knew something was wrong. He kept banging on the door but no one answered so he opted to open it the rude way. He banged his shoulder against the door over and over again, bruising his shoulder and scraping his hands and arms on the rough wood. When it wouldn't break, he lifted his foot and in a burst of strength, kicked it. The already weak hinges relented and opened up and he ran into the hallway. As he ran down the hallway to the living room, a lady appeared and swiped at him with a kitchen knife. He dodged it thanks to his years of Kendo but it still nicked his arm, making him bleed. He wrestled the knife out of her hands but she made a cut on his cheek before letting it go. He threw the knife to the side and watched her. He still heard sniffling and pained sounds coming from the living room but he had to deal with her first… or else they both might die. She ran towards him and he side stepped her and hit her on the neck, effectively knocking her out. He looked surprise since that was the first time he did it and it worked. It didn't last long when he heard a yelp of pain and he ran into the living room and to a sight which made him want to puke and at the same time, made his blood boil so bad, he was sure he would die from this anger. A middle aged, slightly over-weight man stood in front of Jurina who was kneeling and was bruised and battered, a cut running down her leg and tearing through her socks. Ren could see the blood that soaked them. She had a few other cuts on her arms and legs. Her shirt was partially ripped from the stomach and down. The man had his pants around his ankles and had a death grip on Jurina's hair. She looked over at Ren with wide eyes, tears streaming down her face and some blood trickling out the side of her mouth. Ren's rage was over the top now, seeing Jurina's blood droplets on the floor and staining her clothes.

"You! You fucked up son of a bitch! How DARE you do this to your daughter! How DARE you taint this pure flower!"

"Haha… a little boy who knows nothing. You dare tell me what to do? As you said, she is MY daughter. MY property. I do as I wish with her."

"Well I won't allow it. A man like you deserves to go to prison."

The man only smirked at him before pulling up his pants and charging directly at Ren. Ren tried to block but he was slugged in the stomach. Ren felt all the air knocked out of him but stayed up. He punched the man in the face over and over until he was kneed in the stomach. Ren dropped to his knee and he was kicked in the head. He covered his mouth and coughed, feeling something wet on his hands, he looked and saw his blood staining his fingers. He looked over and saw the man sneering at him. The man walked over to Jurina, grabbed her hair, and threw her down on the ground and kicked her. Ren heard the yelp of pain and his newfound rage gave him more energy. He got up, walked over to the man and glared at him. The man ran forward again but this time, Ren successfully side stepped him and hit the man on the neck. The man stood still for a second before finally keeling over and landing face first. Ren then took the liberty to kick the man where it hurts most a few times and making sure he was down for good. He then called the police and rushed over to Jurina who was curled up in a fetal position on the ground, still bleeding. He takes off his jacket and shirt to reveal a black wife beater that covered up the bindings on his body. He covered her with his jacket and tied up her bleeding wound with the shirt. He then sat down with her between his legs and held her as she shook in his arms. He kept telling her it's ok and kept kissing her where ever he could. When the officers arrived, they took them to the hospital to get patched up. While there, Ren met a friend of his father's who is a police officer. He arranged with the officer for Jurina to stay with him and called his aunt to tell her what has happened. She agreed to allow her to stay and live with Ren and Kosuke. Since the decision was settled, he went back to the house with a few officers to pack her things while she did a few scans. Her possessions were scarce so it didn't take long. A police officer drove her belonging to Ren's house as he texted Kosuke what had happened. He went back to the hospital with his friend to pick up Jurina and he sat in the back with her, hugging her tight. She buried her face in his neck and held on to him. When they got back, he told her that she would be living with him from now on and it seemed to lighten her up just a little bit. When she walked into the house, Kosuke and Anna immediately ran up to her and held her tight. She held them back just as tight and began to cry. Anna started crying and Kosuke was trying to hold back tears. Ren grabbed Kumi and dragged him into the restroom to tell him the whole story… or what he saw at least. He would let Jurina tell Anna since it wasn't his place. As he told Kosuke, they both took off their wigs and changed their clothes. As Rena took off the wig and her boy clothes, she looked at them and saw the blood stains. She felt her blood boil again but when she felt her sister's hands on her shoulder, she calmed down a bit.

"Onee-chan… you did all you can. They're in prison now so calm down."

Rena nodded her head and they both stepped out. They found the girls crying on the couch. It seems Jurina told Anna what had happened and she was devastated that this happened to her friend. Kumi walked over, hugged Jurina tight and whispered some words to her. She nodded and Kumi smiled at her before placing a kiss on her forehead. She then took Anna's hand and took her upstairs to her room. Rena then walked up to Jurina and knelt down in front of her. Rena now wore a cream colored shirt that says "I LOVE YOU LOTS" on the front and a giant red heart on the back with black short shorts. She lifted Jurina's head to look at her before smiling at the girl slightly.

"jurina-san… don't worry. I'll protect you from them and anything else that harms you. As both Ren and Rena. So don't worry. Come to bed… you'll feel better if you sleep it off."

Jurina nodded and followed Rena to the bathroom to wash up. She had already did so when she was telling Kumi about what had happened so as Jurina washed up, Rena held her from the behind, kissing her neck and cheek every now and then. Then she led her upstairs to the bedroom and led her in. Jurina's belongings were downstairs, waiting for her to unpack tomorrow so for tonight, Rena walked over to her closet and took out some clothes and gave it to Jurina.

"Here… wear these… they should fit you."

Rena went about fixing the bed as Jurina changed and when she turned around, she saw Jurina checking her bruises. Rena walked up from behind her and put her hands around Jurina's waist and held her stomach which had a bruise on it. Jurina placed her hand over Rena's warm on and hung her head. Rena nuzzled the back of Jurina's neck and made her raise her head. Rena kissed Jurina on the neck, going down her back and kissing the bruises that sprouted there. She then turned Jurina around and looked Jurina in the eye and kissed her stomach. She did so a few times and slowly kissed upward, kissing all the bruises on her body, then her arms. She then moved up and slowly, very slowly, kissed her way up Jurina's neck, her lips ghosting over Jurina jugular and she felt Jurina shiver. Then when their lips almost meet, she stops. Jurina, who had her eyes closed open her eyes to look at Rena's brown ones.

LOL well its almost chpt 11! ALMOST!!!! :grin:

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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Oh damn i sooo love chapter 8 xDD especially the last few paragraphs hehehe XD
it made my heart beat so fast!!
I was listening to a song while reading and was thinking "This song is terrible! The singers are off beat!" and then i finally realized that it was just my heart beating faster xDD

Chapter 9 was just sad D: i was thinking "Nooo!! Rena's a girl! How could you try to beat her up!?"
LOL but i love her!! i especially love your writing, you make the reader imagine the scene before placing the words xD
for the part that goes:
Ren pulled away slightly from the hug and looked at Jurina. Jurina looked back with her kitty smile and Ren stuck out his tongue a little.
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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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You know what Mari? I'll just finish this right now for you. LOL I can't have you dying on me... i need more of your fanfics!  :P LOL Oh yea sure... go ahead and call me Shibu... or Shi-chan. Whatever you want. :cow: lol but heres CHapters 10, 11, and 12! ITS NOW FINISHED~!  :D

Chapter 10
Rena stared back into Jurina's eyes before giving her a hungry kiss. The hungry kiss gradually lessened and it became a soft kiss. When they parted, their lips breezed over each others, not truly leaving one another's warmth. As they stayed like that, Rena reached for the shirt and put it on Jurina. She then led Jurina over to the bed, sat down against the wall and pillows, and pulled Jurina down to sit between her legs. She then turned on her stereo and put on some piano music. As they sat there enjoying the music, Rena started to play with Jurina's fingers again. Jurina started to giggle when she tickled her palm and laughed when she blew into her ear.

"What's wrong Jurina-san? Why are you laughing?"

"Haha because! You're hahaha tickling haha me! And stop calling me Jurina-san! It's too formal!"

"Well then you stop calling me senpai! Jurina-chan is acting too formal to me too!"

"Well how about Rena-san and Ren-san?"

"No… still wayyy too formal."

"Rena…-chan and… Ren-kun?"

"That's better!"

Rena smiled at her before poking her in the side making Jurina squirm. Jurina then tried to tickle Rena while Rena tried her best to block. They tussled on the bed for a few minutes before settling down, Rena laying on her back while Jurina laid partially on top of her while avoiding the injured arm. As Jurina lay there, she saw the bandages that covered the deep cut on Rena's arm and the small gauze that covered the small cut on Rena's face. As she listened to the soothing piano music, she unconsciously began to stroke the covered wound. Rena looked down at Jurina curiously.

"It's… all my fault. It's my fault that you got hurt… my fault that I have caused so much trouble… my fa—"

She was cut short but Rena grabbing her hand lightly and giving her a silencing kiss. As Rena parted, she felt something warm on her cheek and noticed that Jurina was once again crying. She wiped the tears away and kissed her on the cheek.

"Shhh… don't cry… it's not your fault. I did what I had to and none of it was your fault. It was their fault that they did such a thing to you… stop saying it is your fault. I'll do anything for you just to keep you safe and happy."

Jurina only nodded and buried her face into Rena's chest. Rena used a controller and turned off the stereo and lights while pulling the blankets up around them. For a few weeks, they continued with their regular lives. Both of their bruises slowly healed and the cut on Rena's arm healed and turned into a faint scar. When they saw Rena with a bandaged arm, many of the girls all screamed and cried while asking him how he was hurt and who did it but he just ignored them and held onto Jurina's hand. Both Kosuke and Ren made it official to the school that they were with Anna and Jurina respectively by asking the girls out to a dance in front of the whole school during an assembly. Jurina stuttered and turned bright red when handsome gentleman Ren walked up and handed her a huge bouquet of roses with sakura petals falling around them and asked her to the dance. When she said yes, he picked her up, twirled her around, and placed a quick kiss on her cheek. Anna was beyond happy as she was nearly crying when pretty boy Kosuke walked up with a bouquet of carnations and had rose petals falling around them, got on one knee, winked at her, and asked her to the dance. She jumped with joy and hugged him while he was still on one knee making it look like he proposed. He then got up and kissed her right in front of everyone. Ren and Jurina were breaking ribs laughing while watching the girls dying in the audience, knowing that their chances with the two princes were basically zero. After the extravagant assembly, the whole school was in an uproar. The boys kept pestering Kosuke and Ren about why they would choose such lowly girls while the girls pestered the boys to change their minds and choose one of them. The boys both ignored them and continued walking with their respective girlfriends. After a while, the people settled down and left them alone but they still did googly eyes at the boys and sent hate messages and such to the girls. The boys, however, made sure that all the messages sent were always intercepted or if not, they would always be there to confirm that it was not true. The night of the dance came along and the boys both dressed up nicely. Ren had a black tux with a tie while Kosuke had a black tux with a bow tie. They sat in the living room, waiting for their girlfriends to come down from their rooms. Anna was the first to come down. As she came down, Kosuke stood up and stared at her in awe. She wore a light pink dress that fell down to just above her knees. Her hair was tied up in a simple French braid. As she reached the end the stairs, he walked over and tied dark pink rose corsage with glitter on it around her wrist. She smiled at him and thanked him with a kiss. They stood to the side as Jurina walked down the stairs. As she walked, Ren was sure he forgot how to breathe. She wore a silk red dress that reached her ankles but had a slit on the left side that went up to her mid thigh. Her hair was pinned up with a pin that Ren had given to her when she told him she liked it while they were shopping. She had let a few strands loose so they framed her face perfectly. He walked up and gave her a crimson colored rose corsage that had fake water drops on it that glittered in the light.

"It's beautiful… Ren-kun. Thank you."

"You're very welcome Jurina-chan… always for you."

The boys both held out their arms and led the girls outside where a limo was waiting to take them to the place the dance was held. The night went on with plenty of dancing and chatting mixed with jealous girls trying to get in the way. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't separate the little four person group. The dance ended at midnight and the group got into their limo. The boys were all smiles while the girls were giggling and laughing at everything. All the fun that they had recently had gotten to their head and they were on a sugar rush. However, once they stepped into the house, the girls both collapsed and the boys had to catch them. Anna was practically living with them now that her parents either go on business trips or go out on vacation but when they are home, she stays with them for a while. They wholly approve of her relationship with Kosuke but they don't know his secret. Both Anna and Kosuke had decided to tell them later on about it. Kosuke carried Anna up to his room and disappeared for a few minutes. He came back down later as Kumi and got Anna a glass of water.

"I think she's had too much fun. She's all tired and sleepy right now."

"Is Anna-chan still giggling like earlier about how Ren-kun's hair looked funny?"


"No she stopped."

Kumi quickly ran back to her lover with the glass of water and closed the door. Ren took off the wig and turned to Jurina. She gave Jurina a questioning look and Jurina merely shrugged looked sheepish.

"That's what she said… I had no part in it I swear Rena-chan!"

"Mhmmm sureee…"

"It's trueeee!"

As they bantered, they suddenly heard a loud thump from Kumi's room so they ran up and Rena knocked on the door hard.

"Kumi… Anna-san! Are you two alright?"

At first, there was no reply until they heard a seemingly breathless Kumi's voice and a stifled giggle… most likely Anna's.

"Y-yea… we're f-fine."

Rena and Jurina looked at each other and shrugged. Who knows what's going on in there… they didn't… that's for sure. They went back to the bedroom for a goodnight sleep since tomorrow would be a day off which will head into a long weekend.

*Chapter 11 has been removed due to the new rules. Thank you very much.*

Chapter 12 (Last Chapter)
The next morning, neither one of the two questioned Jurina and Rena's actions the night before because they knew already what had happened. The days at school didn't change at all as everyone still tried to get the attention of the two princes but they paid no heed. All they cared about was their girlfriends and their well-beings. Jurina's parent's court hearing day drew near and Jurina got nervous just thinking about seeing them. She would have to go to testify but it was sure they would go to prison. As the day drew ever nearer, Jurina's confidence left her more and more. But each time a kiss was given by her dear Ren or Rena, a little bit of the confidence was restored until the day came. Ren sat in the front row next of the audiences seat, right behind Jurina. As they all stood there waiting for the judges and suspects to enter, Ren squeezed Jurina's hand for comfort.

"You can do it Jurina-chan… don't let their looks scare you."

Jurina nodded but stiffened once the two demons walked in. The judge also walked in and seated them. For the whole session, Jurina was a nervous wreck and once up there, the only thing that gave her confidence was her boyfriend/girlfriend in the audience watching her and silently encouraging her. The case ended shortly after her speech and as everyone was allowed out of the court room, Ren hurried up to Jurina and gave her a hug.

"You did great love… don't worry. They're locked up for good now…"

All Jurina could do was nod into Ren chest and she followed him out of the court room and outside to where Ren's aunt was waiting for them.

"You two ready to go home? Is everything taken care of and okay? Are they behind bars for good?"

"Yes auntie… everything is finished."

"Yes ma'am."

"Ah come now… call me auntie! There's no need to be so formal now that we're practically family!"

"Ah… y-yes… auntie."

For the rest of the car ride, Ren's aunt told them about what had happened to the gang that was previously chasing Rena and Kumi. It seems that whatever the reason they were chasing them for was now gone since the former leader was killed and the new leader didn't care about them or whatever it was that happened to them. By the time she finished telling them that, they were already seated around the coffee table in the Matsui's living room. Kumi and Rena looked at each other while the rest of the girls looked at them.

"Onee-chan… does that mean… we don't have to be boys anymore?"

"I don't know… auntie… is that what it means…?"

"Basically yes… but then you would have to be re-introduced to the school if you were to change your gender… well you guys figure it out… I'm meeting some friends for lunch."

Kumi and Rena watched their aunt walk out and then turned to each other. Their looks told the other that they were thinking the same thing.

"Let's just stay as boys until our graduation… it would be a hassle to change everything…"

"You're right Kumi… we'll change after everything is done."

Then both of their looks became troubled and they turned to their girlfriends. Kumi walked up to Anna and caressed her face.

"You know… Anna-chan… after we're done… you can leave me…"

"What? Why would I do that?"

"What would your parents say if they found out who I was? What would they say about you being in a relationship with a girl who was once affiliated with a gang? Wha—"

"Stop it! I don't care what they say! They can try to take me away or keep you away but I don't care! All I care is that I stay with you forever… or until we can truly say we have no other feelings besides friendship for each other… I love you Kumi-chan… and I don't care what they say. I may be young… but I want to live my life with you… for now… forever…"

Anna started crying at the end of her outburst and Kumi immediately ran to comfort her in a hug. Rena and Jurina looked on for a bit before Rena taking Jurina's hand and taking her up to the room. She sat Jurina down on the bed and sat down next to her.

"Jurina-chan… after all this… are you sure you still want to stay with me? You know danger could come back at anytime… right?"

"Yes I know and yes I am sure I want to stay with you… I want to stay with you for life… or for as long as you'll have me. I love you and I love you more day by day…"

Rena watched Jurina for a minute before smiling and walking over to her desk and opening the top drawer and pulling out a black box. She opened it and walked over to Jurina. She sat back down next to Jurina and showed her the contents of the box. Inside was a silver chained necklace that had a crystal amethyst necklace. Carved on the outside was simple heart while carved on the inside was one word… forever. Jurina looked at the necklace, then at Rena, then back to the necklace. She then tackled Rena onto the bed and kept repeating her thanks. Rena put the necklace around Jurina's neck and watched it shine against Jurina's pale skin. As they stayed like that for a moment, they heard a scream and ran out to see what was wrong. Kumi stood outside in the living room, holding a similar black box and smiling wide while Anna had her hands covering her mouth. Within the box Kumi was holding was a sapphire bracelet. Carved into the stones were the words "Forever and Always" and both their initials. Jurina and Rena stood on the stairs and smiled as Kumi put it on Anna and Anna lunging forward to hug and kiss her girlfriend. From then on, at school, everyone knew that the relationship between these four friends could only get deeper as the years past. And they were right. Days past like the wind, week past in a blink of the eye, months pass by like birds flying north, and the years fly by like the Cherry Blossom petals being carried by the wind. Years later, when all of them were in their mid 30's, their friendship still grows ever stronger and their relationships with their significant other, all the more powerful. Rena and Jurina were officially married in Canada and Kumi and Anna followed a year later. Jurina and Rena have two daughters and Kumi and Anna have a little boy and girl... Rena is now a music teacher at a college along with Anna while Kumi plays the Saxophone at a top restaurant and Jurina is a dance instructor. And in this life, they lived in blissful contentment.

LOL there you go... xD well I have other fanfics... might post them later... just posted Captain where the last chpt is still in progress!   :yep:

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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I almost cried!!!
Hell yeah i want more!! I really like Captain, it makes me go like this --> :wigglypanda:
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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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I never knew you made this fanfics. Had I not scrolling down, maybe I never knew this fics. Please update if you have the time.  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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Thanks for posting it here! Already finished it on the other forum. It really is a beautiful story. Best WMatsui fic I've read so far.

I hope to see more WMatsui fics from you!  :D

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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I was reading this fanfic in one sit. The 1-10 chapters was ah-mazing!!!! Some parts made me cry (of course the background song I am listening to made it even worst) then chapter 11 - HELL I DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING!!! I keep biting my lips on each scene, lucky it didn't bleed. :]]

I am so going to kill Jurina's dad and mom! grr.  :angry:

Wow, this fanfic is just amazing.

(Now, I am going to watch Danso when Captain Ren was on it.)

Good job ShibuyaDokiDoki!
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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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ShibuyaDokiDoki-san please make a new Fanfic of Wmatsui please  :kneelbow: I'm a fan of your fics  :shy2:
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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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Amazing! FanFic I love it so much~  :hee: :nya:  please continue making new Fanfic Of Wmatsui ~  :on gay:

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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hello there! :hand:

i love your fanfic very much :fap, eventhough i was leave behind with your fanfic.

i know that many people would love to read your fanfic and will definitely enjoy it. :D

i will feel very happy if you could write more fanfic about wmatsui. i definitely on it :wub:



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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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I'm not really a big fan of the WMatsui pairing but you change my perception! haha! you're one heck of a writer :D please write more :))))

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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The way Rena was always there for Jurina even through hard times was so sweet of her! :luvluv1:
Such a well done fic! :onioncheer:
I Love It!! :mon XD: :mon thumb: :on GJ:

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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ii know it's late, but i just found and read this shibuya-san hehehe
it's great! great work! :twothumbs
rena & kumi danso is.... kyaaaaa!!!!
kakoiii ne... i'm melting...
i'm glad this story endinh with happiness :)
umm, i haven't read chap 11 :( where i can find chap 11? :?
but overall, i love love it!
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every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: Be My Boyfriend! Rena (Ren) and Jurina!
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ii know it's late, but i just found and read this shibuya-san hehehe
it's great! great work! :twothumbs
rena & kumi danso is.... kyaaaaa!!!!
kakoiii ne... i'm melting...
i'm glad this story endinh with happiness :)
umm, i haven't read chap 11 :( where i can find chap 11? :?
but overall, i love love it!
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every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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