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Author Topic: NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY Ch 2 #Mermaid and Vice President#  (Read 5539 times)

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NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY Ch 2 #Mermaid and Vice President#
« on: April 26, 2014, 02:23:54 PM »
 :heart: :heart: :heart:
I am back with NMB48 story  :grin: I managed to finish this fic though I always feel desperate and hopeless  :nervous

okay... maybe part 1 is boring but I am happy if everyone can enjoy my story  :bow:


The short haired guy walked in the corridor in hurry. After receiving an email from one of colleague, this person was told to show up immediately in a room they called, “mystery room”. Finally arriving in front of red door and this person opened the door with full power.

“What is it? What is it?!” with excitement, this guy came in and approached a girl who sat on the nearest sofa.

“Sayanee, can you open the door without making any of us surprised?” one of this guy’s friend complained.

“But, Maachun I normally did it right? And anyway, could you please stop referring me as ‘guy’? Please write me with my name, oi you stupid writer!”  *cough..cough* I beg your mercy, Sayanee.

“Good. Ah by the way, what is it? Why did you tell me to show up as soon as possible? Any mission?” she said with enthusiasm.

“Why did you look so happy? Every mission we took before was quite dangerous you know? We might be killed!” the girl called Maachun continued.

“Well, we haven’t got any mission since long time ago right? I miss my youth~”

“Are you that old now?” Maachun chuckled.

“I received an email from a girl this morning. She really needs our helps.” The long haired girl who had been sitting in front of computer since I don’t know, started speaking.

“Eh~ who who who?!” Sayanee again with excitement approached this computer girl.

“She hasn’t told us her name, but she is coming from the same high school as us.”

“What is her request?”

“Ah~ her reply..” she started clicking the upcoming email. “…she would like to meet us this afternoon after school. Who will meet her?”

“Me! Me!!” Sayanee raised both of her hands.

“Sayanee you look so excited!” Maachun said.

“Sayanee remember to make sure that she won’t tell anything about us to anyone. Should tell her to keep it as a secret.”

“Yosh… I understand, Keicchi. Don’t worry…” spoke Sayanee to that computer girl, Keicchi.

Let this stupid writer tells you about what these girls are actually doing. They’re from Namba High School, a famous high school with various clubs and being known as a high school with a lot of beautiful girls. Let me make it clear, EVERYONE IS PRETTY and yes this is all girls high school with dorm available inside. Sayanee and team are doing different kind of works compared to other clubs exist. Let’s say, Karate club, Boxing club, Cooking club, and many other normal clubs. Sayanee and team named their club, “Mystery Club”. Quite horror? No. The club is like stealing things. Err in good way. Wait a sec… how can stealing be nice thing? Well, they have their own reasons which I might reveal soon, but not that soon, or maybe not?? The school wants no-harm clubs formed, no stealing, no killing, so that’s why they disguise the club as sewing club. During school festival, their club usually sells various costumes which are all designed by themselves. This club has 5 recent members, Sayanee, Maachun, Keicchi, Fuuko, and Ripopo.

But lately, their activities got the President of Student Council’s attention. They don’t know why she knows and that is why they start to act more careful.

“Why did you come with me?” Sayanee asked the girl who walked behind her, Maachun.

“I just want to see the girl who needs our help.”

“You should keep sewing in the club! You are the best at it though.”

“Well, Fuuko is my underlings so she has all my skills. Don’t worry…”

Finally they arrived at the promised place, in a laboratory. It looked so peaceful, there was no any sign of life.

“We are late for 10 minutes but no one here? Is she seriously joking with us?”

“Hmm… Probably she is late. Let’s wait for another 5 minutes.”

GREEEK~ The door opened.

“I’m sorry I’m late~ eh?” she looked a bit surprised when she saw Maachun and Sayanee standing there glaring at the girl who just came in.

“…mystery club?” she asked.

“Yep.” Maachun answered.

“I think I mistook you guys. Byee~” she was about to leave the room.

“Cho~tto matteee~” Maachun grabbed the girl’s arm. “…what do you mean by mistook us?”

“Well, you could not be one of that awesome club, could you?”

“WE ARE ONE OF THAT AWESOME CLUB so what’s wrong?!” the girl was shivering because of Maachun’s scary glare.

“Ma~ma~ Maachun, let her go..” Maachun followed Sayanee’s order. “I’m Yamamoto Sayaka…She is Ogasawara Mayu and we are from Mystery club. I heard from my partner that you urgently need our help.”

“Oh so you guys are from that club? Unbelievable. I think they would dress like heroes or something. You guys actually look ‘dasai’.”

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!  I’LL KILL YAA~” Sayanee grab the girl’s collar with anger.

“Sayanee, chill!!” Maachun pulled Sayanee’s body. She looked pretty angry.

“Stop messing around with us, ok? We don’t have much time so you still need our help or not?” Maachun continued.

“Well, I heard a lot about you guys. You did pretty well on the request and made the costumers satisfied, so there’s nothing I have to doubt you, although you all look-”

“STOP TELLING STORY AND GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT!” both Sayanee and Maachun shouted.

“You guys RUDE!”

“Okay.. breathe Sayanee, BREATHE!!” Maachun tapped on Sayanee’s back.

“My name is Yoshida Akari, I’m 2nd year student and known as beautiful lady. I am the president of Cooking club. Recently there is a thief after we finished doing the club activity! Some of our foods have been stolen, we didn’t even pack them (T__T) So could you please help to find the culprit?”

“…..” Sayanee and Maachun remained quiet.

“Sayanee, we wasted our time for something like this.” Said Maachun. Sayanee nodded.

“SO rude! This is lady’s request! You can’t say no to me! You should solve this case!”

“We decline.” Said both of them.

“Oh.. okay then. After this I will go to the headmaster and tell him that actually there is club that do very very risky activities, like stealing stuff and harming. Oh~ I hope you guys are not expelled afterwards~”

“You tricky girl!” Maachun shouted.

“Well, I think we don’t have any choice. Okay, we’ll help you.” Sayanee gave up.

“Humpf… deal?”



“We should tell Keicchi to be more detail about people’s order. I don’t want this thingy happens again.” Said Sayanee.

BUMP~ Coincidentally Sayanee bumped to one of girl who are passing.


“Oh, Yamamoto…” said this girl who just got bumped to Sayanee.

“What?” suddenly her face turned unfriendly.

“Is your club doing good?”


“Good to hear. Just be careful cos I am always watching you guys. If I found that actually you did that stealing stuff, I would dismiss your club for good.” After that she walked passing Sayanee with a small smile formed on her face.

“That Yokoyama bastard. What should we do to her?” Maachun asked Sayanee.

“Well… Don’t bother to. She is just a small piece of paper.” Sayanee then started walking.

“Pi-piece of paper? I don’t understand…” Maachun felt confused and followed Sayanee’s from behind.

“I can’t believe it we are going to catch a food thief!” said Fuuko across. *They are communicating with a HT*

“Well, it can’t be helped.. Ripopo, tell me your position.” Asked Sayanee through a HT.

“My position is….clear, captain.” Ripopo copied.

“Copy. Yosh…everyone’s position is all set. In the name of The Legend of Mystery Club, we should win!” Sayanee formed a fist in the air with her right hand which actually hit Maachun’s forehead since she was next to her.

“What the heck!” Maachun pushed Sayanee’s body.

“Ah~ gomen gomen…”

“Minna, this is Keicchi. Please listen… I think the culprit will be there in short time. I could see a shadow through camera which we put in some point in the corridor before. You should be fast because this person is as fast as kangaroo too.” Keicchi explained through HT and she was actually monitoring the situation inside Mystery Room. There is plenty monitors which display the image from the cameras they set before.

“Wait, Keicchi-san. Is this person actually a kangaroo? It seems that I got confused here.” Ripopo asked.

“No. It is a person and he’s as fast as kangaroo.” She explained.

“Have you ever seen one?” asked Maachun.


“So how can you tell?!” Maachun asked again.

“I read it on a book. And…who cares? BE FOCUSED!” Keicchi shouted.

“Keicchi~ kakkkooiiii~~~” Fuuchan’s eyes are sparkling.

PRANG~ A plate just fell down.

“KITA!!” Maachun whispered.

“Okay, you heard my order. When I said 3, we attacked it! Okay?” said Sayanee.

Maachun nodded.

“Yosh…… 3!!!!!” Sayanee got out from her hiding place behind the cupboard and started catching this culprit.

“Eh????? She didn’t even start from 1…” Maachun then soon helped Sayanee to catch the thief.

“Omg….so easy!” Sayanee complained.

“I didn’t even do anything, yet…” Maachun sighed. “…I wanted to look COOL!!!” she shouted.

“Urusai!!” Sayanee shouted at her.

“Eh, you guys caught it already? So boring…” Ripopo appeared. Followed by Fuuko.

“Yea… I never think that it would be that easy.” Said Sayanee.

“Uwah~ it is not a human…it is…it is… A MUTAN!!” Ripopo was scared and hid behind Fuuko’s back.

“It is not a mutan. This person just wore a…ehm…what is it…what costume is it actually? Ehm….” Sayanee observed.

“Cat..” the thief answered.

“Ah~ ya ya… A cat costume. Thanks.” The thief inside the cat costume gave a thumb up to Sayanee (replying her thanks).

“Its not a cat. Its more like a rabbit? You actually make the ears longer than cat should have.” Maachun LOL.

“Well that’s not important. Who is this person? Let’s check.” Said Sayanee.

“Put off the mask first.” Fuuko continued.

Maachun pulled the mask and finally the face was revealed. It’s a cute short haired girl, with a tenshi’s smile.

“Ohh~ so cuuuuuteee~” all of them were bewitched of the kids cuteness.

“Why are you stealing, kid?” asked Maachun.

“If you run out of foods during lunch, I could share mine for you.” Sayanee added.

“I can treat you vanilla ice cream.” Fuuko winked.

“I have nothing, so don’t expect anything from me.” Ripopo bothered to give statement.

“She is Jo Eriko…” Keicchi started speaking through HT. She had the school database so it’s easy for her to trace one by one student’s profile. “…she was the former member of Hello Kitty Lover’s club. Since the members left day by day, it lacked of members so the student council dismissed the club. Recently, she doesn’t join any club yet.”

“I hate cooking club.” She started speaking.

“Why?” Ripopo asked.

“They stole my friends and senpais. They couldn’t stop asking them to come and join the club. That was when I started making a terror to the club and make them leaving it slowly.”

“She even called it a terror.” Sayanee spoke to herself.

“I really love Kittens!” she started crying. “Huaaa….huaaa~”

“Geezz!! Just now she has sparkling smile and now she is crying so hard!” Maachun sweat.

“We should do something to this poor little girl.” Flames could be seen now on Sayanee’s eyes.

~Tomorrow morning~

“Minna, ohayou! We are from Sewing club and actually we would like to invite you to join Hello Kitty Lovers’ club! It is new club and it still doesn’t have any member yet, so please if you do love kittens, come and join us! You! You over there! I have seen you playing with cats before! Join this club!” Sayanee with excitement helped Eriko to promote the club. She couldn’t stop shouting and inviting people to come and join the club with Eriko as president. Hopefully we could get 5 members at first so that the club could be formed.

“Nyaa~nyaaa~” Fuuko did cosplay of kittens. So cute nyanchan!

“Kawaaaiii~” some students did approach Fuuko and took pictures with her.

“Doing this kind of thing is fun! I love kittens, nyaaa~” Fuuko did see Keicchi beside her wearing cat costume as well and it did look good on her. She blushed.

“Keicchii~ you look cute and pretty with that costume~ I want to hug and spoil you~” Fuuko gave Keicchi a hug. But it seems that she didn’t even get bothered by Fuuko since she was busy browsing internet.

“Keicchi T__T Fuuko is sad! Nee, Fuuko is sad!!” There Fuuko is hopeless.

“Why only Sayanee doesn’t wear cat costumes?!” Maachun complained.

“She is da boss.” Ripopo answered calmly.

“…and why do we even help Eriko?! We are not paid for this!” still complaining.

“Yeah…just follow Sayanee’s instruction. I actually don’t like wearing this stuff but I should wear it. I was told like that.”

“Ah~ kawaii~~” a student approached Maachun.

“Grawwwllll~~~” she rawr’ed.

“Ko—kowaaaiii~~” the girl ran, frightened.

“Why did she run! So rude!”

“Are you a lion? You’re a cat so act like one.” Ripopo said.

“I did already!” she sighed.

“You look at them…” Ripopo pointed to Keicchi and Fuuko. They were actually surrounded by many girls.

“Aa~~ I want to be surrounded like thaaaaat!!! I am cuuute!!” Maachun sobbed.

After few hours, student council called Mystery Club + Eriko to their office.

“Ah, you guys again…” Shiroma Miru aka Mirurun, one of Student Council’s member approached them. “…well, the president has been waiting. Hopefully the punishment won’t be that scary.” She smirked and lead them to where Yuihan was waiting.

“Hello, Yamamoto…” greeted by Yuihan. “…it seems that you always have some troubles.”

“Now what is the trouble, Yokoyama?” Sayanee asked.

“What are you guys actually doing there? At school yard? Cosplaying a kitten? So funny, so cute..”

“We are gathering people to join Hello Kitty Lovers’ club. Is there something wrong with that?”

“As I remembered, that club has been dismissed. And I think there is no point to form the group anymore. So why bother to do so?”

“There is a hope. We don’t know what will happen.” Sayanee added.

“Ah, Yamamoto. You don’t change. You always act cool, like you would definitely overcome what you are doing though we all know that is only waste of your precious time.”

There was a silence between them. “…alright. I have a question. Do you get any student to join the club?” asked Yuihan. Mystery Club couldn’t answer. “Eriko?” Yuihan switched to ask Eriko.

Eriko just looked down. “…see? You just wasted your time and you got nothing. Alright, now I need 10 minutes to decide what punishment should be given to you. Let me think first…”

While Yuihan is thinking about the punishment, there were few foot steps heard coming closer.

“Eriko, we are from 1st year student we’d like to join the club!” some girls appeared from the door. Eriko couldn’t help but feeling happy. She nodded while shedding her tears.

There were 6 people who’d like to join the club.

“Ah~ yokatta na, Eriko.” Said Sayanee.

“Thank you, Sayaka-san!”

“You see, Yokoyama? We didn’t know what would happen.” Sayanee smiled.

Yuihan seemed unhappy with this situation. “…so could you please make the club official now?”asked Sayanee.


“Yattaa!! Did you see, Yokoyama’s face?!” Maachun asked everyone in the room.

“I did! I did!” Fuuko answered.

“Such a loser face! Gyahaha~ omg today is the happiest day I’ve ever had!” Maachun gave her best dances in front of everyone.

“I feel happy for Eriko. Hopefully she can do her best with her club now.” Sayanee added.

3 months later~

“Keicchi~~ is there any mission?” Sayanee asked desperately.

“Nothing came out.”

“Aarrghhh~~ natsu yasumi will come soon and yet we haven’t received any mission. So boring time…” Sayanee added.

“Wuaahh, talking about natsu, there would be many oppais out there~” Maachun started imagining big big oppais.

“Maachun, stop thinking pervert!” Sayanee slapped Maachun’s cheeks.

“Let’s spend the day in the beach!” Fuuko added and everyone answered with full of excitement.

Lets meet again on the next part sometime in the future  :rofl:
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Ah! This reminds me of Sket Dance somehow.

Waiting for next chapters ! Thanks!

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It's fun, it's nice. You did take time to write this :D please don't drop it. ; v ;

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moechan   ;)

I hope you will write about KeiMiru, KeiNatsu, KeiAkari, KeiChiho, Keibla bla bla..  go Gaycchi :lol:
KeiFuu? I must not ask this one, your OTP :lol:

plz  dont drop it, ok  :(

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Yatta! A Namba fanfiction~~
Can you make Mirurun appearance more? Pleeeeease........ *teary eyed* QAQ MORE MIRURUN! Hehe *grins*
Eriko is kawaii!

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moe senpaiiii~~~
fuukei rockz! o/
eh. I mean, fuu chan too cuteeeeeeee~ can I request three angle love between sayanee fuu and kei before miruki appear? we wanna see kei GET jealous!! nyahahaha XD
cant wait for the next chappy~~ thanks :bow: :bow:

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Re: NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY #Mermaid and Vice President#
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I am not dead  :panic: yet  :rofl: :rofl:

As I dont want my friends hate because I drop this fic, here the promised ch 2  :nervous

Njoy  :grin:

#Mermaid and Vice President#

   Finally summer break has come. Mystery club which lately did not get any proper mission decided to spend their holiday at beach. Sayanee, Maachun, Ripopo, Fuuko, and Keicchi, 5 of them stayed at villa near beach which was owned by Keicchi’s grandpa. She is so damn rich. Fuuko which was complete with her bikini set, Keicchi with her beloved laptop, Sayanee, Maachun, and Ripopo with…their bodies (?).

   “Beaaaachhhh~~~” Maachun ran to the seashore and played with water.

   “Aahh I don’t like beach.” Ripopo sighed.

   “Why?” Sayanee asked.

   “I don’t know why but I just don’t like it. I am going to get watermelon juice.” Ripopo left.

   “Keicchiii~~~ how do I look????” Fuuko shows her new bikini set to Keicchi after folding her jakcet. She bought that long before summer break comes. She just wanted to show her sexy body to her beloved Keicchi.

   “Nice.” Keicchi answered, with straight face. She didn’t even see Fuuko, just concentrate to her laptop.

   “Keicchi you rude! I bought this for you!” Fuuko felt a bit upset. She definitely needed a compliment from Keicchi.

   “I did say nice, didn’t I?”

   “How can you say ‘nice’ you didn’t even look at me! Keicchi baka! Idiot! I hate you!” Fuuko ran away.

   “Why I am always wrong??” she murmured.

“Nee… why Fuuko ran away like that? With….that sexy bikini??” Sayanee approached Keicchi who sat near a beach shop.

   “I don’t know. I said nice when she asked me how she looked. She got angry and ran away..”

   “Fuuko wants you to notice her, you know. Don’t you know she is in love with you?” Sayanee chuckled.

   “Who is in love with who?” Ripopo appeared from inside (the shop) with a bowl of watermelon juice.

   “Is that a new version of watermelon juice in here??” Sayanee asked.

   “I told the grandma over there to make it in a bowl, not in a glass. This looked a bit much though.” She slowly drank it.

   “Huhuh enjoy your drink.”

   “Who is in love with who??” she bothered to ask again.

   “Nah… old story. Its about Fuuko, you know it.” Sayanee answered.

   “Ah… Fuuko… speaking of her, she is so famous.” Ripopo said.

   “Quite famous though.” Sayanee smiled.

   “Too famous so she got boys surrounded her… played with her bikini.” Ripopo drank her watermelon juice like nothing happen.

   “Hum… ya ya playing with her biki—HUH? With what??!” Sayanee looked at Ripopo with big question mark eyes.

   “There…”Ripopo pointed out the position where Fuuko got flirted with many beach boys, Sayanee followed the direction. “…so famous.” Ripopo nodded.

   “Oh shit! We have to help her! Hey, Kei---” Keicchi isn’t there. Sayanee got panicked.

   “Looking for KEicchi? She is there with Fuuko…” Sayanee looked back to the position where Fuuko got surrounded by the boys.

   There they saw a scene where Keicchi beat one by one of those guys with a baseball bat. She had Fuuko hid behind her back and Keicchi was completely taking down those beach boys for good.

   “When did….when did she get there???”

   “Just now…” Ripopo took another sip on her drink.

   “Where the hell she got that base ball bat??”

   “I gave it to her just now. My grandson plays base ball at school.” Suddenly a grandma, the shop keeper appeared beside Sayanee. Sayanee just nodded. “…naruhodo…”

   “Keicchi~~~ thank you for saving me! I was scared….” Fuuko cried when they came back to the shop. Keicchi returned the base ball bat and back to sit in front of her laptop.

   “Keicchi so cold…” Sayanee felt bad to Fuuko. There Fuuko kept sobbing.

   “It’s alright, Fuuko. You are safe now… want to come back to villa? I will accompany you..” Sayanee asked then Fuuko nodded.

   When they were about to leave, Keicchi stood up and took her jacket off. She gave it to Fuuko.

   “Next time don’t reveal your body like that. You don’t know people in here.” Fuuko took Keicchi’s jacket and said “…thanks.” to her and left immediately.

~~at Villa~~

   “YOU GUYS SO MEAN! I HATE YOU ALL!! I HATE Y—HACHUUU!!!” Maachun looked covered by triple blanket. Her body got shaken up, Ripopo tried to feed her a chicken porridge.

   “We are sorry, Maachun… You are still here though, it’s a blessing!” Sayanee added.

   “What if I died?! And you! Why didn’t you come and save me?!” Maachun pointed to Ripopo who was next to her.

   “I did. I screamed so that people came and saved you.”

   “What the hell! Why didn’t you do it yourself? If its late, you are gonna lose me, bakayaro!”

   “Maachun…you know Ripopo could not swim?” Sayanee added. “…you are too excited so that you got drifted away by the wave.”

   “Guyyssss….please don’t make me the one who needed to be blamed! I am the victim! I got drowned!” she still shouted.

   “Okay…okay I am sorry. I needed to take Fuuko back to villa.. I didn’t notice you, gomen!”

   “By the way, who did help you?” Fuuko asked.

   “A mermaid.” Ripopo anwered.

   “Mermaid?! Do they exist in this world?!” Sayaka asked in shock.

   “I did see it with my own eyes. She helped Maachun and took her back to the sand.”

   “Maachun, is that right??” Sayanee asked Maachun.

   “How could I know I lost half of my consciousness.”

   “Eee….. I think mermaids want to help their princes. You are not even prince.”

   “SAYANEE!!” Maachun slapped Sayanee’s jaw.

   “Don’t touch my jaw!”

   “Stop talking about stupid thing, Ripopo. Mermaid is just a kid story.” Keicchi started talking while typing on her laptop.

   “Hmm yea… but still she is so pretty. I will always call her mermaid though.” Ripopo fed Maachun one spoon of the porridge.

   “This porridge tastes great! I am glad I am alive!” Maachun cried.

   “I will go get some foods at conbini.” Sayaka stood up and got ready to leave.

   “Sayanee, I want ice cream.” Fuuko made Sayanee stopped for while just for a nod then continued walking.

   “Can you stop eating ice cream? Is ice cream that important??” Keicchi bothered to give a comment.

   “I like ice cream! At least ice cream could make me feel a bit relax.” Fuuko pouted.

   Sayanee just bought her stuff + ice cream for Fuuko. The road was a bit quiet, only breeze she could hear. Then not far away, she barely saw someone. There are maybe more than 2 people and she could hear a girl voice saying, “Go away… don’t get close to me.” As long as she realized that this girl definitely needed a help, Sayanee started searching her surrounding, trying to get something to help the girl. There she found a wood stick and she grabbed it. She ran toward that bunch of people, started attacking wildly. She managed to make them run away.

   “Who are they? Are you alright??” Sayanee then turned to the girl who was just saved by her. The girl’s body got shaken.

   “You are safe now. They wont come again. Where do you live? Let me take you there…” Sayanee said something gentle. She is so gentle <3

   “Thank you for saving me… but... I cant go home.” She said.

   “Why? I will take you there and I am gonna make sure they wont come back again.” Sayanee tried to convince the girl.

   “That’s not it. I am hungry and need to get something to eat before going home.”

   “Ah…” Sayanee grabbed something into her plastic bag. She was getting her noodle which she was planning to eat when get back to villa. “…for you.”

   The mysterious girl took the noodle from Sayanee. “We just met and you have done a lot for me. Thank you so much.”

   “Nah… its nice to help each other though.” She laughed.

   Suddenly the moon appeared, it gave shines to the couple who were standing just right beneath it. It gave a slightly brightness and made Sayanee could see the face of the girl clearly. Her short hair, her small and thin lips, her perfect smile when she said thanks just now, got Sayanee carried away.

   “A…mer-mermaid.” She murmured.

   “Sorry?” the girl got closer to Sayanee just to have her repeat once again for what she just said.

   “No-nothing.” Sayanee laughed nerveously.

   “Alright I will take this noodle and go back home. Once again, thanks a lot. Hoping to see you again, my savior.” She smiled and without any words, the girl kissed Sayanee on lips, then left her alone in the street.

   “What just now….” A question without answer.

   “Sayanee what took you so long?!” Maachun shouted at clueless Sayanee who just arrived at villa.

   “I am sleepy and I need to wait for you as I cant lock the door with you still outside!” kept shouting but Sayanee didn’t answer.

   “This brat…. Oi! Listen to people who speak to you!” Maachun touched the most restricted area on Sayanee, her jaw. But still Sayanee didn’t give a damn respond.

   “Hee…. Sayanee acts weird. What happened?” Maachun talked to herself looking for a good answer.

   “Maachun you’re too noisy…Ah Sayanee! Finally~~ My ice cream…” Fuuko grabbed her ice cream as fast as McQueen, then she went back to her room. Maachun also took Sayanee’s plastic bag and it was actually empty.

   “The hell…I thought she was going out to buy some foods but she only bought one ice cream for Fuuko. There must be something wrong.” Maachun waved in front of Sayanee but Sayanee just looked straight, no respond.

   “ Oi Ripopo…Ripopo come here!” Maachun called Ripopo. She was coming in 2 secs. “…Sayanee acts weird. Try to talk to her.”

   “Oi, Sayanee. You saw mermaid?” asked Ripopo.

   “What a silly question to start with!”

   “I think I did.” Sayanee finally answered.

   “What an unexpected answer!” Maachun said in disbelief.

   “See Maachun I wasn’t lying! Mermaid does exist! How does she look?” Ripopo asked.

   “She is so damn pretty…cute….perfect….skinny…but has quiet big boobs.”

   “That is so eroi… I never think Sayanee has interest into someone’s boobs. I mean hers are already big!” Maachun pointed at those boobs. Suddenly Sayanee chuckled, laughed in small voice. Maachun and Ripopo stepped backward, feeling a bit scared.

   “I am going to sleep. I hope I could have a dream with her…” she straight away went to her room.

   “Sayanee is weird indeed.” Both of Maachun and Ripopo said in a union.


   “Huaa…. Summer breaks end too fast! Can we repeaaaaat~~” Maachun said in such a lazy gesture.

   “Naa Maachun… Sayanee still acts weird since that time. Did she meet her again?” Fuuko whispered to Maachun who sat next to her.

   “I think they didn’t meet for second time. Sayanee kept saying that she really wants to meet her again.” Maachun sighed.

   “GUYS!” Ripopo suddenly came to the Mystery Club office full of sweat.

   “What happened??” Maachun and Fuuko asked.

   “We are all called by that Yokoyama!” Ripopo said.

   Somehow when Sayanee heard the name of Yokoyama, only fire could be seen on her eyes. She stood up and walked to Ripopo.

   “What does she want this time?” Sayanee asked.

   “I don’t know. She just wants us to come to her office.”

   “That Yokoyama…” Sayanee then left to Student Council room, followed by Ripopo.

   “Fuuko…you go get Keicchi. We will  meet there…” Maachun said then left Fuuko alone in the room.

   Keicchi sat on the bench at school yard, playing with her laptop. Well this is not normal as she gets a lot of girls surrounded her. It has started happening like that since Mystery Club helped Jo Eriko to gather member for her club. Keicchi got a lot of fangirls at once because she cutely dress in cat costume.

   “Kei-chan…I cooked bento this morning only for you. Take it please~” a girl gave her home made bento. Keicchi was happily accepting the bento.

   “Kei-chan~~ here my handmade chocolate!”

   “Kei-chan~~ my handmade cake!”

“Kei-chan~~ my heart, please take it!”

   All girls scream could be heard in the yard at this time.

   “Ehh!! She is back?? Wah…its been a long since last time I saw her.”

   Keicchi heard girls gossip right at her back when these girls walk passing her bench.

   “The vice president maybe miss this school. Or…she is too tired to play around with her rich old man.”

   “Ya…yaa… I also heard the girls over there said the abortion seemed accomplished. So returning to school will not break the rules.”

   “That is so disgusting. I would rather die than returning back to school if I were her.”

   “They must be talking about vice president.” Keicchi said to herself.

   “Ehhh….Kei-chan are you interested with that vice president?? Yadaa`~~ Airi jelly jelly jelly~~~”

   “No…not at all. Is she really coming back??” Keicchi asked.

   “I saw her this morning passing the entrance gate though. But…who cares? As long as I am with Kei-chan, I am happy~~” one of the girls, Natsumi said. She then clung into Keicchi’s arm.

   “KEICCHI!!!” Fuuko’s voice could be heard from a far. She came running toward bunch of girls who surrounded Keicchi. Fuuko busily separated them from her.

   “You! Don’t get close to Keicchi!” said Fuuko in a loud voice.

   “What the heck is your problem?? Is Kei-chan yours??” Aika, one of girls pushed Fuuko’s body.

   “Don’t touch me!” Fuuko slapped Aika’s face.

   “How dare you slapping her like that!” Moka, another girl then pushed Fuuko’s body until she fell on to the ground.

   “Kei-chan is ours! Don’t make her yours!” said Natsumin.

   Fuuko then stood up. “What ever! I will deal with you later, now excuse us because we are called by Student Council!” Fuuko grabbed Keicchi’s hand and running away.


   “I don’t like you being surrounded like that.”

   “We are friends.” Keicchi answered.

   “But they don’t see you as one!”

   “By the way…what happened this time? What Yokoyama wants from us?”

“I don’t know. Sayanee and others have made their own way to her office. I think we will make it on time too. We need to hurry.”


   “Hello Yamamoto… welcome back. How was your holiday??”

   “I don’t need your talk. Just get to the point what you want from us?”

   “hey…your members are not complete yet…let’s wait until they come.”

   Doors opened, Keicchi and Fuuko arrived.

   “Oh…there they are. So fast… Aright, let me say this once.” Said Yuihan.

   Everyone got nervous.

   “It has been decided that we are going to close your club.”

   “What?? For what reason? There are 5 of us, as per condition each club should have!” Sayanee tried to defend.

   “Yes… you are right. Have I told you that student council is monitoring your club activities?? We might not get enough evidence about your illegal club activities but we know last time Yamamoto Sayaka fought with some dudes near beach during summer breaks.”

   “Hah?? Are you kidding me? We were on holiday! Sayanee never fought with some guys though. She could not fight actually~” Maachun said…..lied.

   “I have the pictures…” then Mirurun walked closer, spread the photos to Mystery Club. Everyone took one and they were in surprised since that is the real Sayanee, no mistakes.

“Sayanee, is this right? I thought you were going to conbini that time?!” Maachun asked in a panic.

   Sayanee didn’t answer. “Sayanee….” Maachun somehow got everything right at once. During that time, when she came back she acted so weird and suddenly talked about mermaid. That might be something to do with these things.

   Yuihan smirked. “As our school’s rule, Namba High School, for those who broke the rules which are already set in the first place, should be punished or expelled, depends on council’s votes.”

   “We never heard that!” Fuuko shouted in protest.

   “Silence!” Mirurun shouted to Fuuko.

   “Its actually written on books we got when our first time entered this school.” Keicchi told Fuuko.

   “I will not let you do what you are pleased. Because I know I wasn’t wrong doing that. I had my reason and you will not understand that.” Sayanee said.

   “I don’t need to understand what your reason is. The only fact I care is you broke the rules which might affect school’s image.”

   There were long pause between the two. “You have no choice. Just give up, Yamamoto.”

   “Wait….” A voice came from the doors behind Mystery club members.

   Ripopo and Sayanee shocked when they saw her face.

   A short haired girl with wide smile, a hime face which is very similar to both Ripopo and Sayanee.

   “The…the mermaid!!” Ripopo shouted in shock. Sayanee blinked.

   “Miyuki? You’re back.” Yuihan smiled.

“Long time no see, Yuihan. But I need to clear things up.”

“There is nothing else to be cleared as its already clear.” Said Yuihan.

   “No its not. Yamamoto Sayaka saved my life at that time. I was the victim. I got surrounded by those guys and she came for my rescue.” Milky explained.

   “Is that true??” Yuihan asked.

   “That is true.” Sayanee answered. “…I had my reason to do that.”

   “Even…..that is for saving your friends, rule is rule. You fight and you break the rule. You might have called people nearby to have them helped you, right? You don’t need to take it yourself.”

   “But…Yuihan!” Milky kept begging.

   “Miyuki are you on these guys side now? You just came back and you made me disappointed!”

   “I am not on anyone’s side. As a vice president of this school, I will stand on someone who is right. I will always defend them until the last.” Milky explained.

   “Miyuki….rule is rule.. The punishment would be announced after council meeting tomorrow. You have to be there too and you are welcome to defend them as we know that is going to waste your energy.” Said Yuihan as she took her leaving.

   “Are you the vice president, Watanabe Miyuki?” asked Keicchi.

   “I am.”

   “She is mermaid.” Ripopo responded.

   “Where have you been this time? So many rumors spreading about you at entire school.” Keicchi added.

   “I got other business at home.” She smiled

   “Mermaid…” Ripopo kept calling her mermaid.

   “She aint mermaid!” Fuuko shouted at Ripopo.

   “So it means you were the one who saved me? Thank you, Watanabe-san!” Maachun bowed.

   “Call me, Milky from now.” She smiled.

   “Angel has come!” Ripopo blushed.

   “Isnt she a mermaid??” Maachun pinched Ripopo’s cheek.

   Milky took a look at Sayanee. She just looked down, with words.

   “Yamamoto-san, we meet again…” she started speaking. Sayanee head up and looked at Milky full of hate.

   “Do not ever get closed to me again.” She said.

   “Eh?” Milky was surprised.

   “That time when I saved you, just forget it. Let us assume it never happened.” Sayanee left the room still in anger.

   “Sayanee!!” Ripopo and Fuuko chased her.

   Milky was looked in shock.

   “Sorry, Milky…” Keicchi added, then she followed Fuuko and Ripopo to go after Sayanee.

   “Sayanee….that girl hate Student Council so much. Not only Yokoyama, but entire councils. I think that is why she acted like that toward you as you are one of them.” Maachun then left the room to go after Sayanee too.

   Everyone might understand that Milky just met Sayanee, but she was really hurt when she was treated like that by her. She dropped little tears alone in the room, thinking about her special person will always act like that to her, might be forever, it felt like being stabbed and it tore her heart apart. That is too damn hurt.

Oki... see you in next update soon! hopefully  :bleed eyes:

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Re: NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY Ch 2 #Mermaid and Vice President#
« Reply #7 on: July 02, 2014, 03:08:13 PM »
senpaiiiiiiiiii~~~ yeay!! you are back! x)
thanks for your super cute+hilarious update >< ><
ah, keicchi so tsundere... so cold~ but at least she was so kakkoi for saving up fuu chan >/w\<
sayamiruki so doki doki~ mermaid part so LOL :lol:
thankyou for your update :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY Ch 2 #Mermaid and Vice President#
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aww... moechan is back

and, what is this? catfight over gaycchi :lol:
I want more  :w00t:

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Re: NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY Ch 2 #Mermaid and Vice President#
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Why is your fic really good??? Щ(ºДºщ)
It get NMB's image, omoshiro-kawaii (´⌣`ʃƪ)
Well.... UPDATE SOON !!! (•̀﹏•́)ง 

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Re: NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY Ch 2 #Mermaid and Vice President#
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hi, just began rreading this fic. its great :thumbsup

but i have one question in mind... :dunno:

does yui's character stays like that for the whole fic..? with that....attitude?

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Re: NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY #Mermaid and Vice President#
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so the mermaid is milky?
oh my god!~ what the hell is wrong with ya sayanee?
why you act like that to milky? *pat milky*
and what's wrong between sayanee and yuihan? :?
i want more! please more update soon! teehee :hip smile:
arigatou! :bow:
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Re: NMB48 SCHOOL LIFE STORY Ch 2 #Mermaid and Vice President#
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I kinda not understand what milky was doing  :? lol
Mirurun~ yeayy~ at least she is appearing again~ can you make her more?   :D
This fic totally got namba's feeling~ \m/
Well done~
Keep going~
Please update as soon as you can~

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