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Author Topic: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui Reply and Sorry  (Read 40816 times)

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch6- UPDATE 04/01
« Reply #40 on: January 06, 2013, 03:47:11 PM »
Ren and Jurina seems to have an abnormal relationship...and Jurina's parents are really too much  :angry:

I am still a bit confused of why Yuki needs to get married so soon ... any details?  :?
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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch6- UPDATE 04/01
« Reply #41 on: January 07, 2013, 03:11:51 AM »
TUB SCENE  :w00t:


YUKI AND MAYU :wub: :wub:

THIS IS SO CUTEE!!  :rofl: :rofl:


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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch6- UPDATE 04/01
« Reply #42 on: January 07, 2013, 05:45:36 AM »
LOL sure!

They need a time to be the real married couple do!

Yes that stuff!

Its fun chapter LOL

Ren and jurina wow

Thank for the update


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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch6- UPDATE 04/01
« Reply #43 on: May 09, 2013, 01:28:14 AM »

I want to know what happens next. Such a great story

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch6- UPDATE 04/01
« Reply #44 on: May 19, 2013, 05:47:10 PM »
Like this new update :deco:
Pls update soon

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Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
« Reply #45 on: May 25, 2013, 11:01:32 PM »
Hello!! :D

Well sorry if you don't understand what I said. The debut was made a long ago so I don't really know what I was thinking at this time. For why Yuki wanted to marry Mayu even me I don't know (lol) no just kidding I know but it is not on the debut that I will tell you why!! It will destroy my story!!! Well I wanted to make efforts but it take a lot of time since I'm not English! Please forgive for my laziness... Don't be scared I'm on-going this story but you know I make 1 phrase per day... It is not good...


 Mayu was at the exact opposite of Yuki in the comfy bathtub. She didn't looked at him and wondered why she was here. It have a simple answer, she was married with the man in front of her.
The man, who was now in the tub, was trying to get Mayu's attention playing with plastic duck he had previously put in. He sighed, seeing that it didn't work. The little one didn't wanted to see him because of something he didn't know.

She wasn't able to do that because she knew if she did it she will have a nosebleed or even worse she will be so disappointed. She imagined a lot of things. Then suddenly she struck her forehead.

   Why I think about it? Why I imagine it? Am I a pervert one? No! It is impossible!

--------------Inner Mayu------- Chibi's reunion -----------
Evil Mayuyu: Nyahaha! You are pervert! :D We all know this!
Gentle Mayuyu: **Slap Evil** What are you saying! We are all innocent here! :angry:
Evil Mayuyu: **Whispering**Said the one who have a lot of butt magazine :smhid
Oshiri Mayuyu: Oshiri! **Agree with Evil**
Gentle Mayuyu: Did you say something? :wth
Evil Mayuyu: Eh! No no no no!
Oshiri Mayuyu: Oshiri! **nodded**
Gentle Mayuyu: Ah I see!
Evil Mayuyu: Whew... I was scared
Oshiri Mayuyu: Oshiri...
Mayu: Oshiri huh?

   I want to see his butt now! NOW! It was the words that Mayu's mind said.

   Yuki saws the blow that Mayu was herself inflicted and wondered why she did it. But he soon returned to his first occupation: to draw the attention of the girl. He took a bottle that was in right of him and he poured the contents into his hand. He rubbed the shampoo into his fingers and smiled at what he planned.

    Mayu was looked at her distorted reflection in the water trying to not think about what she was thinking but she raised her head when she felt a great hand on her head. Her vision was captured without her request by Yuki's T-Shirt, it had become transparent due to the water. It was a really good looking. Yuki started to move his hand, the shampoo began to foam and cover the long black hair of the girl.

   Mayu did not protest, she was too embarrassed that she did not even looked to Yuki. She would sometimes looked to the man although she always ended by turn aside. Yuki noticed the discomfort and then he cast a glance at his soaked T-shirt. Seeing it he giggled and grasped Mayu's red head.

“Why are you so embarrassed?”

“...” Mayu did not answer because it was more embarrassing that Yuki find the problem. She tried to looked away but she couldn't do because Yuki grabbed her head.

“Nothing...” she said with an inaudible voice as she looked down. He only smiled.

“Okay...Then...Turn around.” He said. Mayu looked up with a questioning look. “To wash your hair, it is complicated in this position.” She understood and then did what he wanted.

The silence settled between them while Yuki rubbed Mayu's long, silky black hair. This was very relaxing for Mayu.

“Yuki” called Mayu. He made a sound that he listened to. “Why do you need a wife? It is the weirdest thing I never heard.”

The man chortled gently “It have a lot of reason, you'll discover it but the principal is that I like you”

“Eh!? You don't even know me! How can you?”

“I don't know, it is just like that” he smiled widely. “I finished cleaning your hair and it's not for nothing that I wanted to kiss you when we were in the park. You can call that a crush.”


An idea popped in Yuki's head. He grabbed Mayu by her waist and pulled her to him.

“It, it is the position of a married couple” The young man said happy. “Even if the couple do naked.” He whispered in Mayu ear which it made Mayu unconsciously shivered.

“Mayu can you...”

Ding Dong

“...Wash my hair?” Yuki finished his question in his head. Yes. It was his “dream”.

--------------Inner Yuki----- Chibi's reunion -----------
Black Yukirin: Wahahahah! What is it with that dream!? :smhid
White Yukirin: Oh no! It is your only dream! :nervous You're not a real man!
Yuki: What!? **Grab Black and White**
Singer Yukirin: Lalalalalala~!   Lalaaaaaaaaa~!
Black & White Yukirin: Ohoh!
Yuki: You, both of yours are just idiot!
Black Yukirin:  He don't have any insult! LOL  :lol:
Singer Yukirin: Lalalalaaaalaa! :thumbsup


   The door rang for the great displeasure of Yuki. He wanted to spend more time with Mayu because he needed it to create a real connection between them. It was for his goal. What is his purpose? Something really gigantic or not? Only him knew that.

   He went out of the bath and began to take off his wet clothing. Mayu watched the man and when noticed what he was doing she immediately looked at an other way. Yuki for the fun approached Mayu he knew that she was watching him. She had her back in front of Yuki.

“Don't you want to see?” He said near Mayu's face.

   Mayu gave a start and because of that a lot of water flowed the bath. Yuki chortled while she turned around to scold him. But what she saw made her mute. Her mouth opened in surprise. Yuki had an athletic body, you know what had athletic body so you know what Yuki had. He had neither too much nor too little, it was what woman wanted to have when the subject is man. In addition, he was shirtless with only a towel around his waist and then her eyes could see a toned, strapping and muscular body with a four-pack stomach.

Yuki grinned and left the room after patted Mayu's head.

Mayu was froze by what she had saw. Her heartbeat being faster she knew that if he wasn't left now he could see the tomato that was now in the tub.

---------Inner Mayu-------------Chibi's Reunion---------------
Oshiri Mayuyu: Oshiriiii **Eyes sparkled** :inlove:
Gentle Mayuyu: **Nosebleed* :bleed eyes:*
Evil Mayuyu: Ooooooh! :love:

Then she realized that it was her chance to wash her alone. She get out the bath and locked the door then she took off her clothing and wash herself.


   Ren couldn't sleep because it was early and because Jurina had a weird position when she slept. It was like she took all the place on the bed thus Ren was uncomfortably against the wall so Jurina did not touch him more because he didn't know what he will did. One of her leg and arm were on Ren and the other limb were out of the bed, imagine the position. Ren wondered how can she slept like this and sighed when he remembered that she used to sleep like this.

----------Inner Ren------------Chibi's reunion---- --------------
Gekikara: Push her off the bed!! :smhid She take all the place!!
Amakuchi: Bit her arm!! :w00t:
Ren: What?! :shocked
Melonpan: **yawn** Melopannnn
Gekikara: We want to sleep. :yawn:
Amakuchi: Yees!

   His thought wandered while he kept his eyes on the wall. He remembered the first time that Jurina's parents did something like that. It was when they were sued because supposedly they have committed a fraud. He understood at that time but why did they continued it now.

   He curled up still with Jurina's limb on him. He pulled the blanket trying to not take everything and to leave enough for the girl beside him. He tried to sleep. But to no avail. While he was about to sleep Jurina grabbed him into her arms.

“Why?” He said desperate.


Having finished washing, Mayu, all dressed, joined Yuki in the living room. He was sit in the couch watching a paper, still with only a towel for his cloth. He didn't notice Mayu's presence as she stood in front of him.

“Are you okay?” Mayu asked intrigued by Yuki's behavior but he didn't answer.

As she didn't have an answer Mayu leant to see what Yuki glared. It was an invitation to a party in two days. While Mayu read the invitation Yuki started to whisper “no” several time. Her wife became worried. She put one hand on top of his hand.

“Hey, are you okay?” Yuki only raised his head. He looked at Mayu and a smile took shape on his face.

“That's right!” He said suddenly as he took her hand. “You're here so it will be okay.”

He got up and wrapped Mayu in his arms.

“Mayu, I need your help. This party have an event that I don't like at all. You're not going to do something complicate you are just going to...”

He stopped when he saw that he spoke with an unconscious Mayu. Then he realized that he might had hugged her too tight.

“I am such an idiot!” He struck his forehead.

He noticed, after having placed the woman in bed, that Mayu was red and wondered why. He finished wash himself and went to sleep.

The next day, Mayu woke up and she wondered how she landed on the bed. Then she remembered the night before.

Yuki wrapped her in his arms.

Mayu became directly out of service. The man seemed to have forgotten that he was shirtless and it was very embarrassing for Mayu. She was all red and because of this, too much blood went to her face moved her into another world. The world of unhealthy dreams. For her, at this moment.

As she remembered that, she remembered the soft skin, the muscles dancing so sexy whenever Yuki spoke, his abs against his own belly, the...

“STOP!” Mayu shouted to herself. “I'm not a pervert like this. Right?”

---------Inner Mayu-------------Chibi's Reunion---------------
Angel Mayuyu: Yes you are! :)
Evil Mayuyu: Definitely yes! :yep:
Oshiri Mayuyu: Oshiri! **nodded like crazy** :drool:
Evil Mayuyu: We saw where you go in internet.
Angel Mayuyu: Ahah! You're right!!

Yuki rushed in the room and seemed really worried.

“Are you okay, Mayu? Why did you shouted?” He said with a concerned tone as he approached.

“It is nothing...” She smiled awkwardly.

“Really? Then okay. Mayu I needed your help for in two day...”

“For the party?”

“Yes, it have an event that I hate. If you're here it must be okay...”

“What kind of event?”

“... But we must to buy you a dress because they are really pay attention to that sort of thing,” he said without answer at Mayu's question, “then I must teach you a few things to know, when you are in this world. And it have that and that...”

Yuki continued his monologue when he pulled out a box from under the bed. He stopped speak and pulled out the object that was in. It was a cell phone. He handed it to Mayu.

“It is your new cellphone,” he said, “you should put your numbers in there.”

“Ehhh... Okay.”

Mayu looked confused at the object but did what Yuki said.


Ren woke up and nobody was beside him since he was on the ground. It seems that Jurina pushed him of the bed. He got up searching for Jurina and found her in the kitchen cooking. She wore an apron which encircled the waist and could see the slim waist she had. Her hair was tied in a ponytail revealing her beautiful neck.

-------Inner Ren------Chibi's reunion-----------------------------
Amakuchi: **Blush** :wub:
Gekikara: Woaaaaaah!
Melonpan: Melonpan!!
Ren: **Smack all the Chibis** Why are you so perv?! :angry:
All the chibis: because we are you! :D
Ren: All of you shut up ** Real Gekikara appear**

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Don't you see? I make a breakfast,” she said sardonic.

“Are you in a bad mood to speak to me like that?”

“Yes, when I woke up, I found you in your corner against the wall leaving me all the place in the bed!” She said mad while keeping cooking.

“Ehh.. But what I needed to do? Throw you out of the bed?”

“No, but say something!”

“Okay! Next time I will try.” He turned is head, “I tried but you didn't woke up...” he mumbled.

“Did you said something?”


After eating the breakfast Ren took Jurina to the school.

“Have a nice day!” He said to the young girl she answered with a smile.

Ren went at home and opened his letter box and found a letter that he didn't want to see at all. His heart beat more quickly. He could not breathe properly. The view of the piece of paper prevented proper operation of his body.  An invitation.


Around the night, the bell of the Yuki's or should I say Kashiwagi family's apartment rang. It was a friend of the man that live there. He was totally panicking behind the door and waiting for his friend to open. When the door opened a little he was about to jump on the one who had the handle of the door because he was totally terrorized by the letter that he received but when he saw that it was a girl he stopped himself.

“Is Yuki here?” He asked to the girl with overhasty.

“Yes, why?” Mayu asked a little bit curious by the actions of Ren. She wasn't lest him entered for the time being. She was embarrassed.

“I need to talk to him, can you let me enter?”

“No...” She said quietly.

Behind her a sound of a human voice arrived to their ear “Mayu, who is it?” the voice asked.

“It is me! Ren!” Ren answered shooting.

“Then come” the voice answered.

Mayu was forced to open the door wider and then Ren could see the beautiful red dress that she wear. It was really suited for her.

Yuki was lied on the couch. “Yo, Ren!”

“Yo! Yuki. Did you saw the letter of the party?” he said desperate.

“Yes but I don't have any problem with that!”

“What? Why? It is the most, the biggest problem of our life!!”

“It was! Now I have Mayu” Yuki smiled widely and gave a wink to Mayu who just flushed at the action.

“You! Traitor! Wait... But the organization don't know that you're married so you will participate too!” Ren said and made Yuki changed his happy face.

“Yes you're right but then I will tell Mayu what she have to do” Yuki replied with a big smile.

   In the other sight Mayu was all lost by what they said. She wondered what they talk about and wanted to understand because it seemed that they really disliked it. She was about to ask but then Ren sat up and left the couple with no word and an expression that said that he was desperate. At this time Mayu thought that it was weird that he want for just said that.

“What was that?” Mayu asked Yuki.

“Nothing... Really” he answered with a grin.


   It was the day of the party Mayu and Yuki were in front of the building. When they entered it was almost night but the interior of the building was illuminated as if it were day.

“Did you remember what I said? Mayu?” Yuki asked a little away from her.

---------Inner Yuki-------------Chibi's Reunion---------------
Black Yukirin:  Why are you so away from her!? :smhid
White Yukirin: It is because of the plan! Are you idiot? XD
Black Yukirin: What? :(
Singer Yukirin: Lalalala~!
White Yukirin: Hehehe!
Black Yukirin: You!

She only nodded and then girl near started to scream impressed by the building in front of her.

“Mayu look at this building! It is amazing!” Miichan said shaking Mayu.

Yuki smiled to Mayu before disappeared in the building accompanied by Ren. When the two girls entered in the building they saw the big room that have a lot of sumptuous table.

“What's your name” said a man.

“Watanabe Mayu and Minegishi Minami” the man was searching their name when another man came and bumped into him.

“Ah sorry” it was a man that seems kindly cute because of his small dimple under his eyes making him look like a little squirrel. “Oshima Yuu, well you already saw me” he smiled and went inside.

“I previously saw this guy, he was in a lingerie shop” Miichan said and walked in the room.

Mayu wondered why she said that but let it down and walked with her friend. A lot of people with elegant tuxedo and dress were there. Then she saw her husband with an old woman. Not really old but compared to Mayu she was. It seemed that they were talking about something important but suddenly she saw the old woman passed her hand over her husband chest and all she could thought that it was disgusting.

   Why is she touching him like this? Mayu wondered and then when the woman went away Yuki she saw his face became a weird mix of disgusting and anger.


At the other sight was Ren. He was surrounded by a lot of woman. Like Yuki but more younger. It wasn't because they didn't like him but mostly because of that woman who were with him. She scared all the woman that approached Yuki. Ren was there without his mind but he still spoke with the people around him. After that he saw his friend's wife and went toward her to speak a little.

“Mayu-san are you okay? You seems really worry.” He asked as he let his hand on the girl's shoulder. But no answer came and he became more worry about her. “Mayu-san are you okay?” he asked again.

“Eh! Ah yeah it's okay I just wondered why Yuki had has the weird face that I saw before”

“What are you talking about?”

Mayu then told all she saw and then Ren understood what she was speaking about.

“You should ask him.”

“But he told me to don't go near him because of his plan”

“Don't care! I'm going to introduce you like you don't know him.”

Mayu was not really convinced but even so she followed him and went toward Yuki. At the same time Miichan was around the sideboard to taste all the food they offered.

“Yuki my friend! I want you to know her. She is... hm....”

“Watanabe Mayu” she handed her hand and smiled widely.

“Nice to meet you, Kashiwagi Yuki” He grabbed her hand then he smiled.

Then they talked for a long time and was making funny with Ren before stop because of an old man that went to speak with Yuki. Yuki told Mayu that he was an important person so he should not refused him. Mayu wasn't able to ask Yuki about the woman ans then she felt a little bit annoyed by this. She wanted to rest her so she took a chair and sat on it. Then a woman with a really good dress went towards her and spoke to her.


Ren after speaking with Mayu and Yuki sat on a chair thinking about something. To be exact about someone. This someone was none other than this young girl named Jurina. He was totally submerged in his head by the young face and he couldn't think about anything else since he know now that he might love Jurina. He knew that he couldn't but he couldn't fight against his own feeling.

   “What am I doing here? I love her? Really?” Ren asked himself but no answer came. “Why? Why? Why? Why?” He shouted in his head and messed up his hair.

“I need to calm myself” he whispered and then sat up and wandered in the big room.

He went to the sideboard where the drinks were situated. He took a glass of something and stated to drink a hard liquor yet he could calm himself for few minutes and spoke to the peoples that were engaged a talk with him. Although after this few minutes his brain went again to the girl he like or we should say love. He remembered the guy that was with Jurina when she took her at school and became angry for a reason that he didn't know.

Then he looked to some girl in the reception and some of them were really good looking. He then thought of forget hid problem by make fun with some of them but at the second after he thought it wasn't good to do something like that to innocent girl.


“You know Kashiwagi-san?” The woman asked Mayu with a lot of interest.

“Not really”

“Then I must tell you that. This guy seems really don't like woman since he never went to me.” Mayu looked at the woman with a disgusting eyes because she showed that she was imbued by herself. “I mean is really don't like woman since I never saw him with his girlfriend or something near that. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Not at all.” A simply response with a not interested tone.

“He is gay”

When Mayu heard that three words she widened her eyes and thought that the woman was a little tab crazy. But then two other woman came and confirmed the woman's words. They were totally sure that Yuki was on that way but for Mayu it wasn't the truth at all since she had been kissed by him and other things.

Then a man came and sat next to Mayu, she recognized him he was the man who bumped into the entrance of the building.

   “If I'm right his name is O... something... Yuu” Mayu tried to composed the named she heard before.

“Hey girls are you okay” he said and all girls was now with a big grin on their face.

“Oshima-san!” The all said with an almost harmony. “Are you going to participate to the main event?” One of the woman said while her eyes sparkled.

   “Ah! Right! It was Oshima Yuu then” Mayu smiled, “Is he popular?”

“Of course girls! Will you support me?” He said and flashed a grin to all woman that were around him.

“Yes absolutely!” They said it in a harmony one more time.

   “Absolutely popular,” Mayu started to laugh in her corner.

“Well girls can you leave me and this girl for a moment” he said and pointed his finger on me.

“Eeeeeh Ok!” They said it still in harmony. It was frantically boring.

“So miss what's you name?”

“Watanabe Mayu”

“Aaah Watanabe Mayu! Do you like Yuki?” He asked with a smile plastered on his face. Mayu was surprised by this sudden question and flushed.


“Can you ask him to go out with you?” He continued without waiting for a reply, “you see this guy, I never heard him speak about him to have a girlfriend and I become worry so please.” He said serious.

Mayu didn't what to answer but she choose to answer by what she will do if someone ask her something like that. It was obvious that someone who heard that will be shocked. Mayu didn't know what answer after all she was already his girlfriend well more than this. She was his wife. Yuu was a little tab weird to to ask something like this to a stranger. For a long time an awkward silence was installed between them before Yuu started to giggle.

“I was joking!” He said mocking, “It will be bizarre that someone ask something like this.” He added and then sat up. “Oh! It is already the time, I go to prepare myself. If you want to know more about me go to my forum Oshiri Wonderland!”

Mayu didn't believed what she just heard.

“Your forum? About Oshiri?” Mayu asked curiously.

Yuu was about to left but when someone asked him something about his forum he couldn't ignore it. “Yes, I'm the ultimate moderator, the creator of it” he said proudly.

“Wait! So you're Oshiriko-sama!?” Mayu suddenly shouted.

---------Inner Mayu-------------Chibi's Reunion---------------
Angel Mayuyu: O-Oshiriko_sama!? :w00t:
Evil Mayuyu: Wooooaaah!! I can't believe that we met her- I mean him! :twothumbs
Oshiri Mayuyu: Oshiri! **nodded like crazy**
Evil Mayuyu: Touch his butt now :twisted:
Mayu: What!?
Angel Mayuyu: She is more perv than Oshiri-chan!!

“What?! You know me”

“I thought you were a girl...”

“Eheh... I don't know what to answer”

“Yes I know you're Oshiriko-san after all I'm Shiriri!”

“What?! You're Shiriri my right-hand?”

“Yes!! Wait... You're Oshiriko-san... So you saw my!”

“Yes they are terribly nice as I told you before.” He said with his hand in a w-position. “Ah! It almost the time! I need to go!” Then he started to run to a big wooden door and disappeared behind it.

After some minutes the room became dark and then a lots of spotlights illuminated a scene that was at the back of the room. A man appeared and then he said.

“Let's start the main event! Yeahh!!!”

@clubhappy: So Sooooooory for the long time!! It take a lot of time! Hope you like it even if it is boring....
@mayuki_daisuki: Thank you so much! I thought it was not good at all
@DC2805: Maybe soon  XD Sorry. What is complicated between Ren and Jurina? I don't understand...
@cmze: Tank you for reading! I wanted to post it before that!!! Mayu jealous? When I have an idea for that!
@kurogumi: Why did you say "Ren and jurina wow" Is it a good things or not?
@nik11:Thank you!! I update :lol:
@Haruto Lee: Ok Here the update!!

The writer is dead... It is complicated to write a fanfic.... :P Please tell me if it was boring or not!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
« Reply #46 on: May 26, 2013, 12:03:47 AM »
oho evil mayuyu is more of a perv than oshiri mayu :P
aww ren loves jurina :deco:
oshiriko-sama :lol: mayu met oshiriko-sama and shes the right hand lol
thanx for the update  :cow: :bow:
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
« Reply #47 on: May 26, 2013, 12:29:58 AM »
I think i kinda know what kind of event is this
(but it's just a guess, so i keep it a secret)
just hope that Yuki and Ren didn't get any problem
nice update finally
 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
« Reply #48 on: May 26, 2013, 03:54:07 AM »
Yay!!!  XD An update finally!!!
I already told you that it won't be boring for me  :P
I love Mayuki interaction in this chapter. So cute.
Oshiriko-sama and Shiriri lol so funny
I'm waiting for the next one.

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
« Reply #49 on: May 26, 2013, 04:12:23 AM »
definitely not boring!!  :rofl:

This is cute and Mayu is a pervert!  :grin:

Ren is really charming somehow it gives me that vibe!  :wub:  me weird huh?  :rofl:

This was really fun!  :D

And heartwarming  :peace:

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
« Reply #50 on: May 26, 2013, 09:56:24 AM »
The main event!! Please update soon LOL



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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
« Reply #51 on: May 26, 2013, 05:42:12 PM »
Even when working I couldn't stop reading this xD

Update soon I can't wait ;')

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
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SKE's Spanish halfie has gotten my heart without even trying

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch8- 02/01/14
« Reply #54 on: January 02, 2014, 11:13:59 PM »
Hello! Yes it is an update!!!!!! After more than one year ahahah!  :sweatdrop:
We're now 2014!!!!! Happy new year even if i'm late!!!! :D

But I know people will not read what I wrote! Well I already wrote it then why I don't post it!  :banghead: It is really hard to write something! I really respect other writer! I only can say "Wow! Your amazing! AMAZING!" How can you keep writing!!!!!  :panic:
Well well the chapter. Sorry to  atsuminaFTW, K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS, kurogumi, cmze, clubhappy, Rena-chan Daisuki, and mayuki_daisuki for having comment my lame story! And thank you to all who thank you-ed my story....

Chapter 8:

“Let's start the event!! Yeah” The man said as all the people had clapped for the long-awaited arrival of the event.

“Now you can sit around the stage, Misses!” He said and then a lots of woman ran toward their seat. They all had an etiquette to their assigned seat so it hadn't have any fight to the best seats. But it seemed that they were in a hurry to begin. And when all the woman were sat at their own seat the spotlights were extinguished. The multitude of women started to speak about something that Mayu didn't understand. Mayu cursed around and found Miichan sitting a few chairs away. It had couple but they all were behind all the woman.

“What's going on?” Mayu asked no one especially.

Then suddenly the light returned and lighted the stage.

“Misses! We are here for this event and only this event! We need to start it now!” The man said with some excitement that Mayu didn't understand. “Let's start with the parade”

The audience applauded with great joy after the announcement that has been made​​. Then Mayu heard some name being called in the crowd. She wondered what was that event. Something that excite woman like that couldn't be only a parade. While she was in her thought some man appeared on the stage. They were all with a placard that had number and their name and have different outfit that they had before it started. In fact some of them were wearing something you would wear when you go to the beach. One of them stumble on the scene. Mayu laughed so hard but what she didn't know at the beginning was... She was the only one, with Miichan, who laughed.

She tried to hide herself after that embarrassing exposure. By chance it was the time when a guy entered. He was really popular according to the women who shout his name.

“Ren-sama look at here” a woman said and then Ren turned at her and smiled. A forced smile, Mayu could tell that since she was an expert on it.

Ren stopped at the end of the stage and then with a magic trick he took out a rose. Then he throw it. Women were fighting for that rose and it scared Mayu how they could be that violent.

After that Yuu appeared and he was well welcomed. It seems he was popular amongst the girls. Suddenly he took off his shirt. And all the woman became crazy. You could hear shout and other things. It was really a mess.

“Why is he always doing that?” a woman with a long brown hair seemed ask it to none. She looked really angry. She was near Mayu and Mayu could tell that she was fuming.

It was when Yuki entered in the room. Suddenly the crowd became silent and only the old woman who touched Yuki in a weird manner started to shout his name.

“What the hell? Why is it only her the shout his name? Yuki is way better than the other before.” Mayu said not too loud but the woman beside her heard it.

“It is because she is the witch that have money to have him. If you go against her she will do something bad to you. I already saw something like a woman wanted to go against her and t wasn't something you want to live.” The woman explain.

   What? She is a witch? Whatever... I think it will be okay for me... at last I hope. Mayu thought while she thanked the woman.

When Yuki went ahead Mayu he winked at her with a big smile. The girls around shouted when she that but Mayu got embarrassed and just looked away. While women where crying with joy the “witch” was glaring at all the women but when Yuki was in front of her she couldn't resist to smile and wave at him. Mayu found it totally disgusting. It was when she saw how Yuki was dressed. He was dressed with a shirt that have no buttons.... (Well I don't know how to say it... locked...No weird.....). And then we can see his torso.

--------------Inner Mayu------- Chibi's reunion -----------
Evil Mayuyu: Aaaaaah so sexy~! :bleed eyes:
Angel Mayuyu: Yeah! :inlove:
Oshiri Mayuyu: Oshiri Oshiri! :shakeit:
Angel Mayuyu: Wait other woman can see that too! :huhuh
Mayu: Yeah :tama-mad:

   Why is he wearing something that provocative? Does he forgot that he is married? Mayu asked herself a bit pissed. Wait, why do I care anyway?

He did his own show and went out of the scene.

“Now that we saw all the men we can start the main event”, he animator said, “we can start with the bid”, he smiled.

   Ah now I see why he told me that I need to have the higher number when it will be his turn.

“Before that, let me tell the rules, one per one please! You all have under your chair a number so please when you want to place a bid raise your number. You all know what you can do with them after. You can do whatever you want. Physical relationship are authorized if the man agrees.”

   What with that precision, Mayu thought

“The limit is one week after you should let him go or if he want you can be together.”

   Okay, it's a weird thing to do to them.

“So now that you know all you need to know. Let's start! The first one is....”

And then one by one the men were going with their “owner for one week”. It was Ren's turn. The room were suddenly silence.

   No one want him? Mayu thought, Then what was before?

Feeling pity Mayu raised her number.

“How much do you offer?”


   Wait, here is where rich people is so

“10 000 yen?” Then she could sense the woman look at her.

After that offer the amount of money increased. It end with two more zero. People were surprised that it could go that high. Ren was the first shocked but he kept his smile. Then it came to Yuu, the brown hair woman near Mayu was trying her best to have him but unfortunately she didn't have more money so she gave up.

Mayu pov

Finally Yuki's bid. At that moment only the witch were excited. It pissed me off. You didn't know how! She was only disgusting.

“10 Yen!” She said.

--------------Inner Mayu------- Chibi's reunion -----------
Oshiri Mayuyu: Oshiri O-O  :angry:
Angel Mayuyu: Eh! Is she joking? :catglare:
Evil Mayuyu: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead:
Angel Mayuyu: That witch I will kill her!
Evil Mayuyu: Yuki deserve more than that! Look at his body! Sexy~!
Mayu: Stop it *Embarrassed*

I couldn't afford that. I raise my hand and then:

“100 000 Yen!” Yes I directly said a high number so she couldn't follow.

As I said that I could hear woman around me whispered.

“Is she insane?”, “Going against the witch?”, “I don't want to be at her place”....

And a lot of this things. Then Mayu could felt someone stared at her and we all know who it was. That old woman who else?

“Then I go with 500 000 Yen” The old disgusting woman said.

“700 000 Yen”

“800 000 Yen”

“900 000 Yen”

“950 000 Yen”

“Okay 1 000 000 Yen” I said and glared at the witch which was doing the same.

But then she didn't say anything. It seemed that she couldn't follow me Bwahahahaha!!! I won Yuki.

“Oh! So it is end up with the same amount as Ren! Well with that we end up with the bid. Girls you can have your price at that big wooden door!” The host said while he pointed at a big wooden door.


“Hey Yuki”, it was Yuu, “that girl spent a lot of money for you. Isn't she cute?”

Yuki turned to see Yuu and gave him an angry look.

“Don't even dare to look at her with your perverted eye”

“Wow! Wow! Why are you that angry?”

“Eh!? Why! F-For nothing!

"Ahah! You're stutter!"

No! I'm not!"

“Maybe because he is interested by her” Ren said and became embedded in the conversation.

“Tch! Why are you here?” Yuki complaint because he didn't like that Mayu offer something for that man.

“Hey! Why are you like that to me?... Wait is it because she offered something for having me?”

Yuki directly blushed and wanted to punch that face before him but then the host called them to rejoin their “partner”.

“Yuki... I know your relation did you forgot. I wont have interest in her.” Ren whispered to Yuki.

“Yeah! You're right. I know that since you already have someone in your heart”

“Yea-Wait! What?” Ren said but Yuki was already gone.


“That young girl! She will pay for what she did tonight!”

How was it? Boring right? Alalala....

@atsuminaFTW: I update but not as soon as you want :cry: Sorry for that!
@Gek Geki! Sorry you wait a long long time :cry:
@K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS: Wow I'm so happy that you told me that :D
@kurogumi: Sorry~! :cry:
@czme: :cry: :cry: :cry: You're not here anymore :cry:
@clubhappy: It will (maybe if I continue this fic) have more interaction between them
@Rena-chan Daisuki: Have you got the right idea????
@mayuki_daisuki: yeah I was thinking that it was a funny way to intriduce Yuu.

Boring!!!!!! Maybe I don't need to update anymore because no one need this story!!!! Someone help me!!!!!
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Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch7- Finally
« Reply #55 on: January 03, 2014, 12:19:00 AM »
It's not lame!!
I missed this fic~ :heart: :yep:
aww poor ren~ mayuyu so kind~ :lol:
the wich shall die!! mayuyu get her!! :angry:  :twisted:
i hope mayuyu will be all right :(
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch8- 02/01/14
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Mayuki and wmatsui so cute

I wonder there will be Kojiyuu

That witch sure is disgusting...she too old for Yuki

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch8- 02/01/14
« Reply #57 on: January 03, 2014, 11:43:33 AM »
Finally you updated!  :mon star: Stop comparing yourself to other writers. Your story is interesting in your own way. ;)

That disgusting old woman. :smhid and 10 yen?! Yuki definitely deserves more. But now that Mayu won the bid, I wonder what sweet bonding moments they will do? :inlove:

Yuki is too possessive toward Mayu and got jealous easily. :wub:

Too bad for Kojiharu, she didn't won Yuu. :(

You better update the next chapter sooner.  :shifty: 

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch8- 02/01/14
« Reply #58 on: January 03, 2014, 11:45:37 AM »
Finally some update !
I really wanna know how Mayu is gonna pay the 1 000 000 Yen she is supposed to :)
And also who is the witch ( Ohori ??? ), and if she was the one who was making his followed in previous chapters.
Please don't stop writing this fic !

P.S : I need more chibi reunions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Chanaline's Fanfic | Married!?| Mayuki, WMatsui -Ch8- 02/01/14
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I've been your silent reader for a long time :mon ignore:
Finally an update :mon hanky: Such a long time that I almost forget the plot :mon scare:
I must tell you that your fic and the other are very interesting and great :mon thumb:
So don't be so pessimistic and worry about that or whether no one needed this fic :mon determined:
I sure everyone all need it very much :mon innocent: And so, please continue to update :mon runcry:
Anyway, back to the fic, a jealous Yuki, nee :mon evillaff:
Why I so hate that old woman :mon uggh: Wonder what'll she do to Mayu :mon dunno:
However, Mayu won the bid :wahaha: In your face, old woman :mon noprob:
I'm looking forward to seeing your new update, so update ASAP, please :mon pray2:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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