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Author Topic: One and the Same (WMatsui) - COMPLETED  (Read 30701 times)

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 8 [LAST]
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There's going to be an epilogue  :D

 :cow: :cow: :cow:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 8 [LAST]
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It's over.......
I like this story!! I will wait for an epilogue and for your another wmatsui!!
Thank you very much! :D

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 8 [LAST]
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I cant wait an epilogue

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 8 [LAST]
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I spend more time to read this fanfic from chapter 1,
and finally it finished  :lol:q :lol: :yossi:

Good job author san.  :twothumbs :otomerika:
You depict Rena so agresive anw  :drool: :drool:
but it's very fineeeee, because it's rare to imagine the scene that Rena want jurina so bad  :twothumbs :twothumbs

Can't wait for epilogue  :cow:
i'm sorry for my poor english~
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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Alright guys, back with an epilogue~
I didn't plan this, since the last two chapters were kinda extra anyways...BUT, when I saw that people still wanted more, I wrote this for ya. So take this as a 'thank you' for reading and commenting! It always makes me smile when I get replies~

It was supposed to be short. I tried to make it short. But it's as long or maybe longer than some of the chapters lol XD :P

@Genkikid: Same thing happened with me too. I'm pretty new too, only known about AKB for about a year or more.
@RenshuChan: Haha I didn't mean that you 'hate' it, I just didn't want you to get put off by the somewhat 'hot?' scene near the end lol
@yocelin: Thank you~
@vickystar: Haha thank you too~
@kuro_black29: Ya sad it's over but I'll definitely write more.
@takagil: Wow I changed your mind? Amazing lol. Oh and the reason there's an epilogue is partially bc of you haha. Gave me some ideas there~
@purnamazaki: Thanks!
@asryulianti08: Lol that was a total accident but it kinda works haha
@nezukara: Oh it's far from perfect but I do enjoy your comments! You comment on all of them (from beginning to end lol) and that's a lot of encouragement in itself. I'll be waiting for your future updates as well!
@junchan48: Haha I do remember you saying something about a 'smut' version lol. Close but no cigar haha. Glad you love it!
@faanpal: Thanks for waiting~
@junchan48: Lol again? Haha just kidding, thanks for liking my fic so much~
@kuro_black29: I take it you're happy? LOL
@nezukara: Wow best news of the day. That makes my day as well haha
@sasshirie: Lol thanks~
@key17: Ah thanks for waiting! And next is going to be a Mayuki OS actually, but I will most likely write a lot more WMatsui in the future, promise~
@purnamazaki: I know you guys are kind of repeating by now but if you comment then I just have to return your enthusiasm so thank you for waiting still!
@culjurio: I'm glad you took the time to read it all! Haha ya aggressive Rena~ A bit of a change from the usual shy one.

I ended up using a lot of ideas in just this epilogue, so I wouldn't be surprised if they show up again in my other fics haha oh well~
Okay so once again (for real this time haha) this is the end and thank you all for reading this all the way! I appreciate it! And I hope to see you guys again on my future stories~

I'll probably be posting a Mayuki OS a day or two from now, so do check it out if you're interested!

One and the Same


I rummaged through my drawers, looking for something, anything suitable to wear. I had already turned over my entire wardrobe (which was currently spilled all over my bed and floor) but I still couldn’t find anything! I had never put clothes high up there as a necessity, but now I cursed myself for never buying anything whenever I went shopping with Yuki. Maybe I’d borrow something from her seeing as I’m all out of options...but she already went over to Mayu’s...   

I sighed and just resolved to upturn all my clothes over again (for the 4th time). There had to be something remotely decent.

Jurina and I were going on a date later and even though we’ve already been together for a year, I still treated each date like our first. I’m that meticulous.

But being with Jurina just never seemed to get old.

The thought of that made me smile, and I sat back on my heels, taking a break from searching and just reminisced about all that we’d been through. We had started off in a horribly, but after a really long journey, we found each other – the real us.

Suddenly, the corner of some piece of clothing stuck out among the others and caught my attention. It was hidden underneath the entire pile and I pulled out of the bottom of the drawer.

A wave of nostalgia hit me immediately, a feeling of sad happiness that was hard to explain. It was my old yankee jacket.

Gekikara’s jacket.

It was an ancient thing. The bomber jacket had twin dragon heads on the chest and a large white dragon design on the back. I ran my hand over it, feeling the silky texture of the fabric, a green metallic sheen to the nylon. It had been so long since I saw the thing, having stuffed it into the very bottom of my drawer when I stopped fighting. It brought back too many memories - most of them filled with Airi - so I didn’t want it anymore. But I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. So it’d been sitting there all these years, until I even forgot about it...until now.

I stared at it for a moment before putting it on. I don’t know what possessed me to do that, but I wanted to try it on one last time. To finally let go of the past.

Facing the mirror, I looked at my reflection. Coincidentally, I had chosen to wear a navy colored T-shirt and jeans for the morning – almost the exact same colors as my old school uniform. My appearance had changed a bit over the years, but I could still see the old me from the past. Then the image somehow morphed and I saw me, I saw her, I saw Gekikara.

That same stance, hands stuck in the jacket pockets. The same hair, a little dishelved but straight as a stick. The same malicious grin, like she was about to do something horribly fun.

I started backing up, a little shocked and scared, until the back of my knees bumped into the edge of my bed and I fell on it. But when I looked in the glass again, I only saw myself sitting on my bed - the present me.

Ding Dong~

The ring of the doorbell startled me. Man I’m so jumpy today. Must be my nervousness getting to me. I left to open the door, not even bothering to check who it was first. It could only be one person.


“You’re early.” I stated as soon as I saw her.

“Mou Rena-chan~ Can’t you at least say ‘hi’ first?” Jurina pouted. “Or an ‘I love you’ would work too~”

“Yeah yeah, just come inside.” I rolled my eyes and stepped out of the way for her to enter. I should’ve expected her to show up way earlier than scheduled. It was Jurina after all, and she always said that she would be too excited to see me to wait any longer, like a cute little puppy.

Jurina headed straight for my bedroom, bypassing Yuki’s without a second glance since she had the layout memorized by heart after she spent most of her time here anyways. Honestly, maybe she stayed in a dorm with Mayu, but she never slept there, never ate there, never spent any time there, so she might as well live here. Now I didn’t say that I don’t like it though.

“Yuki’s probably going to stay over with Mayu tonight, so can I sleep here?” She asked.

“You know you don’t have to ask right? This is your place as much as mine.”

“I know~ My place is always right next to you.” Jurina winked. “But I thought I’d ask anyways~”

“F-Flirt...” I looked away shyly. I still hadn’t gotten used to her teasing flirts and gestures yet, Jurina always surprised me by doing something sweet or cheesy and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of it. It’s a part of her personality after all.

Once inside my room, I immediately turned bright red and started stuttering. “A-Ah this”

The place was a mess. Clothes strewn everywhere until you couldn’t even see the carpet. Desk covered in spilled contents from when I accidently bumped into it while trying something on. I hadn’t even made my bed yet.

Jurina started laughing really hard and flopped on my bed, rolling over the clothes pile until she was facing me, still laughing by the way. “Hahaha! Haha—”

“H-Hey! Quit laughing at me!”

“S-Sorry Rena-chan...” Jurina wiped her eyes because tears had started forming from her hysterical giggling fit, still lying on her stomach. “But it’s just too funny haha...”

I blushed even harder and smacked her on the shoulder. “It’s not funny!”

“But you’re just too cute ~” Jurina smiled, ignoring my slap on her arm. She was probably used to me reacting that way since she liked to tease me ALL THE TIME. So that meant I smacked her arm a lot. Oh well, it’s her fault.

“Okay I’m sorry Rena-chan.” Jurina apologized sincerely. “I didn’t mean to laugh at you.”

I sighed and took seat next to her. “It’s okay. I know you weren’t really laughing at me. I don’t know...I’m just in a weird mood today.”

“Must be ‘cause of that sukajan jacket.”


Jurina nodded at me, “You know, that bomber jacket you’re wearing...It’s your old fighting one isn’t it?”

She said the last part kind of hesitantly, like she didn’t want to bring anything up that I didn’t want to talk about. Sometimes (actually a lot of times) Jurina could be really thoughtful and I loved her for it.

“Actually I’m wearing my old fighting gear too~” Jurina grinned. “See?”

I hadn’t really paid attention to what she was wearing until now, but she was dressed in shorts and black blouse, with a tan cardigan over it. “You mean that cardigan?”

“Yep. I used to wear this all the time, as part of my uniform.” She confirmed. “Actually I don’t know why, but I felt like putting it on today. Unfortunately my sailor uniform doesn’t fit anymore...”

“Because you got bigger. Or fatter.” I joked a bit, a small smile making its way onto my face. I don’t know how, maybe just because it was Jurina, but talking with her or just being with her made me feel better, pulling me out of that weird gloom I was feeling earlier when I found the jacket.

“I did not get fatter, Rena-chan. It’s all muscle.” Jurina stated proudly.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. You should know well enough, you’ve seen me naked plenty of times before~”

“Wh-What do you mean?” My attempt at playing it off as ignorance didn’t work and Jurina caught on right away.

“Aw you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed~ Kawaii~” She hugged me around the waist from her position and buried her face in my side, snuggling under my jacket.


“Just let me snuggle here for a bit.”

“...O-Okay.” I just let her do as she pleased. At least if she was hugging me then she couldn’t see how red my cheeks were.

Jurina wiggled for a bit as she got comfortable, her head moving onto my lap and it kind of tickled my side, in a good way. I had a feeling that she wasn’t going to move any time soon (seeing as she loves to cuddle), so I started stroking her head and playing with the strands of her hair.

I always liked her hair. It was a really dark black, even darker than mine, and it always felt silky to the touch.

We stayed like that for a bit until I realized that she would fall asleep soon if I didn’t make her get up. “Hey Jurina.”

“...Hmm?” She already sounded half asleep.

“Time to get up~ We still have a date today.”

That last bit did the trick as she bolted right up and jumped off the bed. “You’re right! Ah I almost forgot! We’re going to the amusement park today!”

A new theme park had opened up recently, but it was a little ways out of town so we’d have to ride the train for a while to get there. And it wouldn’t do if we missed the train.

I chuckled at her enthusiasm and got up myself. “Alright then puppy, calm yourself~”

I called her that a lot, both in my head and out loud, but she seemed to like it and took it in the way I meant it to sound – an endearing way.

Jurina nodded obediently but her eyes still shown with barely contained excitement and I figured I’d better hurry up or she might explode. Then I realized that we were both wearing our uniforms and that I still hadn’t changed yet, due to the fact that Jurina showed up an hour early. It sure was an odd coincidence though...

“Ah I’m just so excited!” She practically bounced off the walls. “And we’re both wearing our old uniforms today too! What a coincidence!” Jurina exclaimed happily.

Did she just read my mind or something?

“I know what you’re thinking Rena-chan, and I can’t read minds but I do know you very well now~” She winked playfully, and I looked away blushing.

Darn it all, that’s what I get for opening up to her...but...well you know.

“Well give me a second and I’ll change. It’d be bad if I went out in this jacket.” I had to cut her off before she started teasing again, or else I’d never hear the end of it.

“Why can’t you wear that jacket? I like it on you, it looks cool.”

“Th-Thanks...But I can’t wear it because it might cause trouble. Those yankees always used to recognize me by the jacket and I’d rather not get into a fight on the way to the train station.” I frowned. It seemed like I’d never be able to get away from my past. It’ll keep haunting me forever.

“Then I’ll wear it!”


Jurina smiled and took my hand. “I’ll wear the jacket. If anyone attacks then I’ll just take care of them quickly, so you don’t have to fight. I’ll do it for you.”


“Relax, Rena-chan~ I’ll take care of it~ I’m pretty strong after all, so you won’t have anything to worry about.” She patted her own chest. “Just leave it to me. I got your back.”

She was serious. Whenever Jurina’s serious, you can see it in her eyes. Like her eyes were a window into her own heart, and right now, I could see a fire burning in them.


“See? Nothing’s going to happen~” Jurina skipped along the sidewalk, hand intertwined with mine and pulling me along after her.

“Don’t knock on wood.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I sighed and let a little smile break through. Maybe she was right. We haven’t had any problems yet and it didn’t seem like any trouble was on the way. We weren’t even passing through an area that yankees tended to hang out, at least not any place I fought before.

Jurina did exactly as she said and wore the bomber jacket proudly, and I have to admit it did suit her really well. She was always the boyish-cool type so it fit her. And I, on the other hand, was wearing her cardigan.

I could’ve just put on anything I had, but Jurina had insisted that I wear her cardigan and I couldn’t refuse when she flashed those damn puppy dog eyes at me. It’s my one weakness. Well okay no, all of Jurina is my one weakness but you know what I mean.

“Okay train station’s just a few blocks away. Almost there!” Jurina did a fist pump and some passersby looked at her weirdly, but I didn’t mind. I’d stopped caring what other people thought about us anymore. Jurina was the only one that mattered. And honestly I quite adored her childish side. Even though we were already in college and helping run my family’s businesses, Jurina still acted like she always did, never changing in the least bit, and I was glad for it.

Two more blocks and we’d be home safe. I started feeling nervous. I always had this bad feeling whenever something was going to happen. Like some kind of instinct or something. And it was never wrong.

It wasn’t wrong this time either.

“Hey! You girls!” A gruff voice called out rudely and Jurina glanced over at the guy.

I had a REALLY bad feeling about this now.

“What do you want?” Jurina’s tone turned cold. A tone of voice I had only heard a few times and it was always directed at any guys that were targeting us, either flirting or starting a fight. Some people still knew who I was, or her. Guess it was hard to let old grudges die. And being ‘manly guys’, they sure didn’t like being beat by some high school girls.

The guy came up, his gang of lackeys following behind him. He must’ve been the leader or something.

“You’re that bitch ain’t ya? Gekikara.”

“No. I’m not.” Jurina’s grip tightened a bit on my hand at the insult. She always got really angry when people insulted me, but didn’t care if they insulted her. She was like my personal little guard puppy.

“Tch. Quit lying. You’re even wearing the same clothes as the last time I fought ya, Gekikara.” He stepped forward, closing in on Jurina who stood in front of me protectively, her hand never letting go of mine. The thug then squinted at me next. “And you’re Center! Damn what a good day! I get to have my revenge on the both of you.” He laughed.

“Okay, so what if we are? What are you going to do about it?” Jurina taunted. “Are you sure you want to fight both of us? I seem to remember kicking your sorry ass last time.”

I could’ve sworn she was grinning too. Why was she provoking them? I specifically said that I didn’t want to get into a fight, and that included her fighting as well. Yet now she was the one instigating it...

“Damn brat. Watch your mouth.” His chuckling cut off and he towered over her, having the advantage in size and height.

But Jurina wasn’t backing down.

“Jurina...Let’s get out of here...” I tugged on her hand, but she wasn’t budging.

Then she turned and smiled at me, putting a hand on my shoulder. “Listen Rena. I want you to stand back and away from the fight. I’ll handle this.”


“Nope, no buts this time Rena-chan. Let me protect you.” Jurina just kept smiling and it somehow convinced me to believe her.

I had once said that I would never fight again. That I would never trust anyone to watch my back again. Not after Airi passed away. And I guess Jurina took those words to heart. And now she was going to show me – that she could watch my back, and fight for me. So I could only trust in her after that.

At least the yankee brute was polite enough to wait until I backed away to throw the first punch.

Jurina leaned to the side and dodged with ease, putting her fists up and sending a roundhouse right to the back of his knee. He crumpled right to the ground. Apparently he was all talk.

“Fucking bitch!” He got up and swung at her again, but it was dodged. However, his gang had started surrounding her and some of them even had weapons.

One guy with a crowbar stepped forward and jabbed at her, I remembered getting hit with that last time and it was not a good feeling, but Jurina just kicked it away also barely missing a punch from his gang mate at the same time. There must’ve been at least 20 of them coming at her – too many for her to handle alone.

But what could I do? What should I do? I could jump in, but that would risk releasing her again. And I’d break my promise to Airi one more time. And who knows if I’d be able to control myself when it was all said and done? I also said that I’d let Jurina take care of it. So would she blame me if I jumped in? No, this was her fight. I can’t interrupt.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from wringing the hem of my shirt in frustration. I knew Jurina was strong, I’d never seen her fight before but the rumors about her strength were most likely true. I had heard that she was like me – possessing a lot of stamina and endurance – meaning that she could take several hits like it was nothing. But that didn’t mean that she should do that, that didn’t mean that she still didn’t take damage and would fall eventually. She wasn’t crazy like I was.

Right as I thought this, I saw Jurina collapse on one knee because she got hit from behind. Those damn brutes... How dare they use weapons anyway?! What kind of yankees were they?! Didn’t they have any respect for their opponents?!

No. They weren’t even yankees so I should stop calling them that. Even yankees had their own pride and code. These were mere thugs and nothing more.


“Don’t worry I’m fine!” Jurina stood back up and wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth. “An insignificant hit like that won’t do anything.”

“What was that?! Say that again you little brat!”

“I said your hits are weak and so are you!” Jurina leaped at him and threw a jab straight at his jaw, connecting with a solid thwack. The leader stumbled backwards, the hit having dazed him a bit but that only meant that his buddies got angrier.

“Come on! Is that all you got?!” Jurina taunted them again, hands up and ready to defend herself.

“And what about you?! I heard that Gekikara was strong, able to beat at least 30 yankees at once without breaking a sweat!” One of them in the circle called out. “Yet you’re struggling against the 20 of us! The rumors must’ve been a lie then! If you’re so WEAK!!”


A fist connected with his nose in a sickening crunch and he toppled over immediately, clutching at his face.

“ not...WEAK.” I glared at the guy writhing on the ground mercilessly, the familiar feeling of my knuckles throbbing from the punch and blood boiling in anger. No one insults Jurina and gets away from it.

I won’t let my fear of Gekikara from holding me back and defending my girlfriend. And sorry Airi, but Jurina is more important right now. There’s no way I’m just going to stand here and watch anymore. Time to let go.

“Shit it’s Center...We can’t take both of them on at once!” A hushed whisper of desperation to his comrades that were still in a ring around us. I had managed to slip in without any of them noticing.

“Should we bail? It’s not too late...”

So that’s why they let me stay out of the fight without attacking. Cowards. And they still thought that I was Center, and that Jurina was Gekikara. If that’s the case then...they’re in for a surprise. And not a pleasant one.

“Jurina.” I faced towards the guys surrounding us and backed towards the center of the ring.

“Yeah. I get it.” Her shoulder met mine as we stood back to back. “I guess I don’t mind if you wanna have some of the fun too.” Her tone was joking, halfway serious in fighting but somewhat playful too. Just like how I always was when I fought.

Unfortunately, the leader was getting back up so the rest of the gang couldn’t make a break for it since they’d lose face.

“Then I’m counting on you to watch my back. It’s about to get ugly.”

The thugs circled us, but not a single one brave enough to go in for the first hit.

“Sure thing. Go ahead and let loose if you want.”

I grinned, “Maybe I will.”

The air seemed to grow thicker as my hands dropped to my sides. I never really fought with my fists up anyways. Taking heavy steps forward, I put a hand to my mouth, biting my nail as it was a bad habit I never got rid of. “Ne...”

The thugs seemed to shudder at the sudden change in atmosphere, finally realizing that the one they were dealing with earlier was not the real maniac.


“ can’t be...”

“Hehe...Hahaha...HAHAHAHAHA~ OH IT CAN.” The nearest guy went down in a mere millisecond then I grabbed the next slamming my knee into his stomach, once, twice, three times and he dropped to the pavement. I heard a loud groan to my left and whipped my head over in case someone was there, but he was already taken care of.

“Told ya I’d watch your back~” Jurina grinned my way.

“Hehe thanks~” At first I think I started to lose myself again, but that smile made me feel too warm inside to get lost. Yep, I think I can fight without Gekikara now, as long as I have Jurina with me.


I stroked her hair lightly as she used my shoulder as a pillow. I didn’t think that my bony shoulder could even be remotely comfortable but apparently I was mistaken because Jurina was out like a light, snuggling into my side and her whole body leaning against me. Her sleeping face was so cute too, it kind of reminded me of a baby that you just couldn’t help but find adorable and smile at.

We were on the train, having had no issues after that little street brawl. Those thugs were nothing against the two of us, and I smirked just thinking about how easily we beat them after teaming up. And we were a good team. You’d think we wouldn’t be, but I don’t know, I guess we just knew each other too well and understood the other without words. We never got in each other’s way and weaved around the other’s attacks without a hitch. Jurina definitely watched my back like she said she would and it was a good feeling. It had been a while since I trusted someone wholeheartedly, and I’m glad it’s her.

Unfortunately though, we couldn’t very well get on the train with our knuckles all covered in blood (from the thugs not our own) and had to go find a public restroom to clean up in. During which, I had offered to switch clothes back with Jurina but she denied it, saying that her cardigan suited me a lot more than her, and then complimenting me that I looked nice. As if that wasn’t enough to make me turn tomato red, then she’d said that it made her happy that I was wearing her clothes, not to mention her traditional fighting attire, and that meant a lot.

I mean, everybody had clothes that they loved most, and my jacket actually meant a lot to me as it held a lot of memories, so I could understand what it meant for her to entrust her cardigan to me. And then it made me ridiculously happy too.

“Hmm Rena-chan...”

“Jurina? I thought you were asleep.”

Jurina started shifting and then lifted her head off its resting place, rubbing her eyes sleepily like a little kid. “Are we there yet?”

I smiled, “No, not yet.”

“Hmm...” She still looked sleepy though so I offered to wake her up when we got there, but she said she had rested enough already. “Thanks Rena-chan~ But I think I’m good to go.”

“You sure? You did kinda pass out as soon as we boarded.”

Jurina pouted at me. “I did not~ I was just a little sleepy, that’s all~”

She looked too cute pouting and I almost pinched her cheek, but restrained myself, just patting her on the head instead. “Hai hai~ Whatever you say.”

“What about you? Aren’t you tired know?” Jurina seemed to be cautious in bringing up Gekikara, but I guess I did make it kind of obvious by now that I didn’t like talking about it.

But I smiled at her, not so worried about that anymore and happy that she cared so much. “I’m fine. Don’t worry, Jurina.”

“Okay...” She still looked a little down though.

“I wasn’t really fighting for real anyways, I mean, that wasn’t full on Gekikara mode.” I tried to explain.

“What do you mean?”

“It was just Chuukara.” I told her, before blushing a bit and adding the last part. “...Because you fought with me, so I didn’t have to lose myself.”

It took a minute for it to sink in, and then Jurina beamed so brightly I thought I’d go blind. “Thank you, Rena-chan! I love you~” She hugged me tightly and pressed her cheek against mine.

“H-Hey! Not in public...”

“Nope~ I’m not letting go this time. So you’ll just have to deal with it ~” Jurina hugged me harder and it was so tight I was having trouble breathing, but it was kind of nice. All I could do was smile at her words.

“Oh but I have a question...”

“What is it?” She looked at me quizzically.

“...Why did you insist on wearing my jacket so much? I told you people would recognize it.”

“Oh that...hehe...”


“Okay okay! I give!” Jurina actually blushed a little and avoided my gaze. So cute! But I wasn’t going to let go of this just because she was being adorable. “...It’s because I wanted to fight with you. Just this once.”


“I wanted to see what it was like to fight by your side, also because I wanted to prove to you that I could watch your back and that you could trust me.”

She didn’t say this part out loud, but I had a feeling that she also wanted to help me move on. Move on from Gekikara, from fighting, and from Airi. And once in a while, like now, when Jurina looks at me with those intense eyes of hers, I really can’t think of anything to say. It’s like my entire mind goes blank. But I had to at least do this much.

I leaned in and pressed our lips together lightly. “...Thank you.”

Jurina immediately burst out grinning so happily she was glowing. “I’ll take that as an ‘I love you’.”

“Wha-What?! That’s not what I was trying to say!” I protested. She always teases me like this!

Jurina just laughed merrily at my embarrassment, before adding on one last bit. “I’m glad though, that you trust me.”

“Of course I do.” I said, leaning my head on her shoulder this time. She scooted over a bit so I could lie against her comfortably, making me smile at her thoughtfulness. “...Because I love you.”

I couldn’t see her face, but I’m sure she’s smiling like an idiot. That’s okay though (and I’ll be honest just this once!) because she’s my idiot. So I’ll endure all her teasing and more because I love her, and because I never want her to leave my side.

Also I’m pretty sure she feels the same way, since she keeps reminding me, so I guess I’m stuck with her for life!

Great, now I’m the one smiling like an idiot.

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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Finally! The epilogue>w<
Well. This epilogue just too cute and too cool for me~
That fight moment, I don't know why, but it felt so romantic XD
Jurina being soooooo cheeeeesy and Rena shyness, great combination!
I can't stop grinning XD And my mom keep look at me like I'm a weird person XD
I love this. Really~

Thanks for the epilogue, Keiyuu-san^o^/
Gonna wait your next work~
Newbie. Yoroshiku Oneigashimasu ^^

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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*Re edit later..xD

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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Great! After reading this, it's my turn to grin like an idiot.
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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Yeeyyyy!!! Epiligue with gekicenter!!! Fluff everywhere!!! :twothumbs :twothumbs

This story daisuki :inlove: !! I dont want it to end   :cry:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
« Reply #89 on: February 09, 2016, 04:54:00 PM »
Before starting my (probably) legnthy review, I really wanna apologise again for the review that had taken 5ever to get up here. You know about my initial excuse... stupid internet aargh whyyyy  :bow: :bow: :bow:

Alright. I really hope it wouldn't look too messy and pardon if I don't even make sense throughout this (sadly rewritten) review. But I'm sure I'm able to get 90% of what I had initially written back down here! Anyways, enough with my lame excuses since you probably don't bother about this part anyways  :lol:

P.S. You may notice that my reviews sound like I don't know what's happening the next chapter because firstly, I reread with a partially fresh mindset that I didn't know what happened the next chapter while reviewing (since that was what I had done initially ><) so yeah. Just a heads up??  :nervous

Chapter 1

Some notable scenes I enjoyed~:

On the street there were all kinds of people walking around. A mom with a stroller that was towing another kid along behind her, some businessman talking on his phone hurriedly, and a punk-looking girl in a hoodie leaning against the wall across the street. The girl had her headphones on and seemed to be ignoring the world. How I wish I could do that sometimes. Headphones weren’t allowed in my school and the only reason I had a pair was because I snuck out to buy some, since my parents forbade me from listening to music unless it was classical. They didn’t approve of the ‘rubbish’ kids listen to today. How old fashioned.

But that girl kind of piqued my interest. Was she waiting for someone? Her boyfriend maybe? But she seemed too relaxed...maybe she just felt like standing on the sidewalk and listening to music. I couldn’t really tell.

Suddenly she looked up and somehow, STRAIGHT AT ME. I avoided her gaze quickly and attempted to not seem embarrassed. I didn’t need Yuki harassing me for staring at a stranger.

That foreshadowing. I'm sure all of us, or at least me, went "J, IS THAT YOU?! *sparkly eyes*" when we read this part. A cool and punk Juju is always appreciated~

“Don’t call me that. It makes me sound like a lost puppy.”

“And what’s wrong with that? Puppies are cute~” Yuki argued back and leaned forward insistently. I had no idea why she chose to start fixating on this all of a sudden. “Don’t you like puppies?”

“I suppose...”

“Don’t give me a half-assed answer~”

“Yes yes, puppies are cute. Happy now?” I gave in and just let her have it.

Another foreshadowing! I find it adorable how Rena would rather just give in rather than continue the 'meaningless' bicker with Yuki. Such a good friend  :lol:

I had tears in my eyes as I turned my whole upper body to look at her slowly, not daring to move my head even an inch. “Yuki...”

She looked at me, still expecting an answer.

“...My hair got caught in the zip.”

Uwaaaaa~~~ I can totally imagine a chibi Rena crying scene and Yuki looking on with a "=v=" face xD Or a contented, relaxed expression? x'D


And here's where I give you my overall thoughts of the chapter ;)

I REALLY loved the interaction between Yuki and Rena!!! They were really cute and I can actually imagine my best friend and I bickering like that. Then we have Rena, who seems to have an issue with her loneliness and the negligence of her parents. I know it's due to her social status of sorts that creates a distance between her and her fellow student body but it's not like she gets much love at home too. And then finally~ we have Jurina!  :cow: Sarcastic Jurina and Rena-who-does-not-like-her! Gosh this kind of sweet, sweet plot... it only makes me want to read more to see how their relationship changes from 'rivals'(?) to eventual lovers (yes I spoiled myself and I regret it) x3 Looking good for the first chapter~ and bruh? I really love the way you write. Seriously.  :thumbsup Learning so much from ya x'D


Chapter 2

I say this because I’ve known Yuki long enough to see plenty and am used to it, not because I dated her before or anything. Come on get your head out of the gutter.

RenaYuki fans: Aww Author-san, why you do dis </3
Me: Nicely put? :v *SHOT'D*

It was surprisingly nice talking with other people. Mayu and Yuki kept up their little lover’s banter with Jurina butting in with her remarks every once in a while. I joined in the conversation too and had fun for the first time in a long while interacting with people. I’m glad Mayu’s not one of those people that irritate me. That’d make everything unnecessarily complicated.

Oh ho~ Rena's awkward social life is slowly being improved thanks to Mayu and Yuki and possibly Jurina? It's nice to see her attempt to break out of her shell here :)

Without answering, Jurina started moving closer to me and I unconsciously backed up until my back hit the wall. Her hand smacked the wall next to my head with a resounding DON, causing me to drop my book. My eyes were as wide as saucers because I did not see that coming AT ALL.

Jurina’s face was inches from mine and I was too afraid to breathe. Her gaze was so intense... Where had I seen those eyes before?

But then she backed up a bit and I gasped for air, because I really did stop breathing for a second there.

*swoons~* If I could art, I would totally draw this scene and send it to you~ ;v; And the dialogue after this... dang. Rena was acting fake all along? But her thoughts... it was like she was genuinely having fun thoughts wise but... dang :/ There goes the strain on JR's relationship. 

It’d already been a month since I met Jurina and I didn’t even know anything besides her name and class. The curiosity was beginning to gnaw away at me until I couldn’t take it anymore."

FINALLY! Thank you for becoming curious about your counterpart at long last, Rena-chan. Goodness gracious...

Now Yuko...was a mess. Her hands were gripping the table until her knuckles turned white and her eyes were all dialated. Can she be any more obvious?

Haruna leaned over nonchalantly and did as she was told while Yuko bit her lip to stifle a moan. Damn... Either Haruna was a real airhead or she was a secret seductress. I’m going to have to be careful with that one. The airheaded ones always turned out to be the most dangerous."

Yuu-chan oh Yuu-chan. Thanks Keiyuu for the complimentary KojiYuu :3


More developments! And Rena not sticking to her facade too :3 I'm glad she's breaking out of her shell bit by bit (eventhough it's probably thanks to Jurina in more ways than one). One of the best scenes was definitely the supposedly random game of Truth or Dare! Yuki using reverse psychology on Rena and the short spat that came after x'D I really wonder how Jurina was really feeling when Rena was sitting on her lap. Like, probably "gawd this woman is heavy" or "she smells nice" or idk xD I guess I can only imagine since this is a story from Rena's point of view.  Seriously though Keiyuu. You shouldn't have stayed as just a silent reader previously! Your fics are amazing, and they should've been shown to the world even before this~ :lol:


Chapter 3

There's a lot I could quote in this whole chapter but like, it'll be a crazy quoting spree, so I'd rather give you my overall thoughts x'D

We're officially introduced to Acchan in the story! Gosh. I honestly thought she wouldn't be in this story but then I remember you saying this having slight Atsumina, so she was bound to appear some time soon x'D Yuko's like a koala towards.......basically anyone she likes huh? xD I can imagine. And the scene at the restaurant where Takamina wanted to announce something regarding the position of the student council president? PRICELESS. Like omg Yuko, naisu~  :thumbsup And then the subtle Atsumina moment right after x) I swear. Takamidget would always be 'uke' as far as her relationship with Acchan is concerned.  :lol:

The next development would be JR's relationship with each other!!! The glove part was soooo adorable that I remember squealing to myself (thank goodness I'm alone in my room :P). TsunJ is a thing I adore too *shot'd* These two... they're so interchangable in their roles! And it's nice to see them trying to outwit each other too. I wonder what J's past is??? I'm really excited I can't-- *faints due to amount of OTP feels*

I told you (or didn't I?) that I haven't been in the mood for 48G or WMatsui right? Well this just snapped me back into the fandom. I have to thank you for that!  :rofl:


Chapter 4

Dang. You meant it when you said a lot of things were gonna go down this chapter.  :shocked

This chapter, it's safe to say that JR are really good friends now and that makes a shipper like me, happy  XD And then this scene happened,

“Hey, Jurina?”

“Hmm? What’s up?” Her tone was light and she seemed to have a skip in her step as we walked down the street.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I thought you hated people like me...”

She halted, turning to face me so suddenly that I almost backed up out of reflex. “I think you misheard what I said the other day. I said I LIKE you, not the other way around.”

“But you said you didn’t like people that put on a façade...” I stared at the sidewalk, purposely avoiding her gaze.

I heard her sigh before saying, “I’m only going to say this one more time so listen carefully. It’s true I don’t like it when you’re being all fake and stuff, but that doesn’t mean I hate YOU. I said I LIKE you dammit, haven’t you been listening?”

RENA. GET. A. FREAKIN'. CLUE. ALREADY. XD Jurina meant what she meant~~~ What a tsundere "re-confession" though. This puppy, I just feel like pinching her cheeks just because-- *shot'd*

Of COURSE Rena wouldn't get a chance to respond because poor ol' Acchan is in trouble! And the trouble totally explains why she got a bruise she was trying to play it off. JR fighting back to back is such a precious thing to behold~ *^* Then at the verge of fainting I presume, GekiRena happened:

“Hehe...” I wrenched the pipe out of his hands and licked my lips. The blood flowed freely down my face and I could taste the coppery substance on my tongue.

“Using weapons...” I tossed the pipe aside with a clang and cracked my knuckles, they were already covered in blood from the guys I beat earlier. “ foul play.”

KYAAAAAA!!! I NEVER expected GekiRena to be in such a sweet fanfic. The thought never occurred. So reading this just made me swoon left and right! XD And at the very end,

"Not even when my best friend died."

Holy macaroni and cheese... This is suspense at its finest... omg....


Plot developments were flying around the place in a really good and orderly fashion that I... omg! It's just... breathtakingly good. Jurina reconfirming her feelings towards Rena who was SUPPOSED to reciprocate but that'll have to wait for another time huh. Le fight scenes were really well written too and it's so imaginable that I thought I was watching it being played out in front of me instead of 'reading' it. *^* I am learning so much from you since I fail at writing actions scenes... I seriously do. =v=; I looked at my lame attempts at 'proper' action scenes and I really cringed. Anyways! GekiRena... and the death of her best friend... something tells me that angsty feels are in the next chapter... Gawd it's getting so exciting! Bruh, you've done well so far!


Chapter 5

This whole chapter... oh gawd the feels were strong in this one... Rena's backstory of hers is so tragic TT^TT

Rena's apparent bloodlust. But like, I'm surprised she managed to suppress how she was before in the present. Airi's existence to Rena felt like how Minami was for Atsuko in Majisuka Gakuen, so this fact really pulled my heartstrings. >< When Akane was thrown into the mix, it really felt like Rena was unconsciously jealous of Akane for being loved by her best friend. It seemed like she would rather be in that position but for the happiness of Airi, she decided not to pursue it... Then the car crash happened, and Airi just went cuckoo and died due to a fight.

The scene at Airi's deathbed can be described in one word. FEELS. My gosh, the way you put it as Rena's 'monologue' made it feel like we were in Rena's shoes. And everything that unfolded was directly affecting us, so kudos to that ;v;

At the very least Yuki is still living on in the mortal world with Rena. This is really the most emotional chapter of a fanfic I've read in a long while and dang it was good. Maybe you should write a full blown angst fic one day. With this sort of caliber, I can tell it's gonna be goooood.  ;)


Chapter 6

I was rudely awoken by having the covers torn off of my body and I shivered at the sudden loss of warmth. I slowly sat up, slightly groggy and ready to bite anyone that came too close, but instantly changed my mind when I saw who it was.

Yuki. No wait... MAD Yuki. So in other words......Black.

Shit I am so dead.

The scowl Yuki had on her face sent shivers down my spine. Yep, dead. So dead. I knew I forgot about something!...

“Umm Yuki...I can explain...”

“Explain what?”

I gulped, oh god please help me...

Mad Yukirin is mad. But it's actually nice to see Black here. I thought you'd just made Rena mention Black and that's it, well, before the whole Acchan-getting-surrounded-by-gangsters-and-JR-save-her scenario popped up. Heck, Yukirin literally slapped some sense into Rena for worrying the heck out of her. The bond between these two best friends is really sweet ;v; 

Skipping ahead a bit to the part where she talks with Jurina... ERMERGERD. Jurina is Akane's sister?!  :shocked That was a revelation I didn't expect. But then again I thought about it and you have never mentioned Akane as a 'Takayanagi' but as just Akane/Churi. I had assumed she was a Takayanagi until this reveal. Nice work~  :lol: Then Jurina's rather sad past too... gosh these two.... I want to hug JR so badly  :cry:

And then THAT KISS SCENE~ I've been waiting for this!!!  :inlove: Finally, Jurina's "are you still in love with Airi?" question that she was about to shrug off had been remarkably answered by Rena.  :twothumbs

Of course, I won't forget the sentence I mentioned to ya in our private messaging in which you said it was embarrassing for me to mention just like that :P,

“...Just so you know...I did love Airi, I still do. But the one I’m in love you.”

Cheesy, but effective.  :lol:

Overall, a really heartwarming chapter after the angst-filled one. It's like you're snapping your fingers while you're writing man. One snap you get angst and the other time you snap it'll be a light, heart-warming chapter. And that's cool  :thumbsup Loved the fluff a lot!!  :heart: It also shows how coincidence works in funny ways. Such is a red string of fate that JR have been entangled with :3 And no, I'm not trying to sound poetic  :lol:


Chapter 7

I hope you're still reading my long-as-heck review, Keiyuu  :nervous

Takamina was nice about it though, probably because she understood what it was like to be teased, so she just gave me a thumbs up. Which did not make me feel any better.

Takaboss approves the WMatsui ship (y) xD Heck, the whole student council approves. I find it funny that they just called them in to tease the heck out of the new couple  :D

I didn’t care how I looked to them anyways, I was too happy to consider how people viewed me at that point. Like all of a sudden, it was like why did it even matter? I shouldn’t care what they think, their opinions don’t affect me in the slightest. There was only one person that did matter.

Ngaaaaw no more faker Rena  :thumbup #characterdevelopment #onpoint

Anyways they were unhappy because apparently YukiRena was a thing? It’s ridiculous. Sure I loved Yuki and all but just like a sister. But those crazy fangirls wanted me to get together with their idol, seeing as I’m also one of the popular girls that was even remotely possibly good enough to be their goddess’ girlfriend. I’ll never understand, but seriously that’s just one more fun aspect of society – mob mentality.

You, my friend, had shattered the hearts of many YukiRena fans in the best way possible ROFL  :lol: #theshipthatwasnevermeanttobe Just joking *shot'd*

I’d also found out that the first time I met her wasn’t that time in the classroom. I never figured it out that she was the girl I saw with the headphones. Remember that girl that had piqued my interest? The one I saw from the window of the café when I went dress shopping with Yuki? Yep, that was Jurina. God I felt dense. I’d even seen her wear the same exact outfit and headphones before!

Rena. You really ARE dense. Or at least, slow? C'mon. We readers ALL know it was a foreshadowing of Juri-bae since the first moment we read that part in the very first chapter XD

We finished eating in a comfortable silence, the atmosphere was completely different than when I hung out with her before. It used to be so awkward to be around her but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Love sure changes people.

And I was no exception.

I'm getting diabetes for sure...... KEIYUU YOUR WORK OF ART IS GIVING ME DIABETES!  :inlove:


SWEET DIABETES. That's all. Period. JK. XD Seriously, I would've thought of this as a brilliant epilogue filled with fluff goodness of our favourite couple. But since you continued on with Chapter 8 (and just recently, 9 which is the actual epilogue), I seriously salute to you for having an abundance of ideas to please us fans. I wished I had your imaginative mind.  :sweatdrop: Not even complaining for an overdose of sugar to my already-suffering-from-diabetes mind :v


Chapter 8

Oooooh it's the prom! Gosh, it had been 5ever since it was brought up. Makes sense how Chapter 7 couldn't have been the epilogue since the happenings at the prom hasn't even been written  :nervous If I could art (again), I would've attempted to draw Jurina, Takamina and Yuko in their danso prom suits  :inlove: The way you describe them, they must've been dashing as heck, especially Jurina, who seriously can pull off the danso look like a boss.  :heart: And gosh, halfway through... that semi-steamy scene :v Mayu JUST had to ruin the moment eh?  :lol: Then more steamy moments. Nice way to dodge writing smut btw by making Rena say she wouldn't tell us readers what happens next since we have our dirty imaginative minds to work with  :lol:

Plus you ended this chapter on a fluffy note~ aaaah~ that was truly a satisfying read~ and now to move on to the true epilogue!  XD Really happy that you came up with one! If it were me, I'd be trying to pull ideas from thin air gosh... *looks at my a certain fic of mine's unpublished epilogue*... I totally need your brains gawd... help me? *cringes* Hahahahaa! Now let's see what else you've got for us!  :cathappy:



I'll be honest here. I've just~ finished reading it XD So yes, these are my present thoughts unlike the previous few chapters' thoughts XD

Ahem. So let's see... what do I think?


I had sort of shipping Center and Gekikara too so thinking of them as CenGeki at the same time it's like... double the pleasure in reading this chapter!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Your action scenes were... so... gooooooooooooooood....  :drool: Jurina's really sly to wear Rena's Gekikara outfit so she could fight alongside her for once and at the same time, helping her precious girlfriend get over her past. The fluff is real. And not just fluff, but the fight in this chapter wasn't even a meaningless one just to showcase their coolness. IT WAS SO PLOT RELATED.


Dang. Keiyuu. I  :heart: you for writing such a great WMatsui fic and I applaud you for writing so gosh darn well if this was actually your first time writing a chaptered fic. Made me grin and squeal and feel feelings I haven't felt in ages  :thumbsup Mine falls in comparison to yours, like really. I've learned a lot from reading your fics too. This is like, an ideal fanfiction I would recommend people reading if they wanted to jump into the WMatsui fandom but don't want to read something too long at first.   :twothumbs (I apologise to any authors who think this comment is offensive to them :shocked )

Like I said to you in my private message, this is the first time I've made such a long review (eventhough there's lots of quotes and what not *shot'd*) but like, you deserve it bruh. I'm definitely looking forward to your next work. Eventhough I'm not much of a MaYuki fan but like, if it's you writing, you can count on me reading no matter what ;) Thanks again for rekindling my dying WMatsui flame and writing spirit. I really needed someone to give me a kick so I would think of writing.  :)

If I forget to comment bout anything, I'll private message you  :lol: Till then~ Otsukaresama on this brilliant fanfiction of yours! Loved it lots!  :twothumbs
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
« Reply #90 on: February 09, 2016, 05:10:07 PM »
What a great epilogue   :jerk: :jerk: :twothumbs :twothumbs
I just imagine, how cool jurina wear gekikara's jacket.  :panic: :panic: :panic:
They are really amazing team..I hope I can see they are fought together  :lol: :lol:

Thank you for update author san, and looking forward to new wmatsui fanfic  :shakeit: :shakeit:
i'm sorry for my poor english~
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
« Reply #91 on: February 09, 2016, 09:15:59 PM »
So cute! Gekikara and Center are epic! Beating up some ass together, huh? It's great! Thanks so much for an epilogue! You didn't need to, but you did anyways! So thanks so much!

Anyway, so you've got some MaYuki coming up, huh? I'm down for that! Looking forwards to any future works of yours!

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
« Reply #92 on: February 10, 2016, 01:23:12 AM »
Yesss!!! I love it! Finally they fight together!! *\(^o^)/*
I'm not really read other pairing, but i will read it... maybe... I don't know
But i will wait for WMatsuii!!!
Thanks for this epilogue :byebye:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
« Reply #93 on: February 12, 2016, 03:34:51 PM »
thank you so much for this whole story  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
« Reply #94 on: June 09, 2016, 03:26:46 PM »
i might just make you my favourite author. this is one hella great stpry and everything about this is just super good! keep up the good work!
i'm stuck in yukirin's world.
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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I so good WMatsui <3 :) :)

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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Truthfully, I hope they fight it out more as Center/Gekikara but the fluff is sooooooo cuuuuuuute.

I think I can live on the fluff like seriously.

But as always Happy writing once more!

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - COMPLETED
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First Fic ive read from you and I already love you! HAHAHA Man those were some good extra chapters and Epilogue! Maa.. welp now its time to check out yout other fics! Keep it up :heart:
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - COMPLETED
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Wow.. this fix makes me couldn’t stop smiling. Their cuteness and sweetness... :heart: :heart: :heart:
Keep up the good work author and I can’t wait for your new fic

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