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Author Topic: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)  (Read 89482 times)

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Re: Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Happy Birthday (2014.07.15) [MaYuki] (22/07/14)
« Reply #240 on: July 23, 2014, 12:53:53 AM »
can't get rid of the fluffines!! :wub:

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Re: Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Happy Birthday (2014.07.15) [MaYuki] (22/07/14)
« Reply #241 on: July 23, 2014, 09:53:40 AM »
aww kate :wub: thankyou for the epilogue & special yukirin's birthday... :twothumbs:
epilogue, i glad they're reunion and still close each other :) and miyuki have sayanee now. even mayu so overprotective with her twin sister, but there's yuki who know how to handle mayu so well
 :hip smile:
special for yuki birthday, fluffy & sweet! fluffy fluffy fluffy hehehe finally mayu said "i love you" to yuki
and about mayu's gift for yuki's bd... i love it  :hip smile:
kate, thanks for your update,
I LOVE YOU! :love:
thank you
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

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Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Happy Birthday (2014.07.15) [MaYuki] (22/07/14)
« Reply #242 on: July 23, 2014, 11:21:52 AM »
Wow gosh Mayu is so sweeeeeeetttttt when she's only with Yuki. I WANT TO HAVE HERRRRRR :wub: :oops:
This chapter is so sweet.. LOVE IS IN THE AIRR :w00t:
it would be good if you write some explicit scene there lol :P

I'm looking forward to your next fics, whatever it is cause you're amazingg!! :thumbsup XD

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Re: Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Happy Birthday (2014.07.15) [MaYuki] (22/07/14)
« Reply #243 on: July 23, 2014, 01:50:22 PM »
:hehehe: :shy1: :shy2: :nya: :luvluv2: :luvluv1: :ding: :on bleed: :on gay: Kyaaha!!! 

:on GJ: You're the best Kate-sama!

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Sorry for being silent reader for a while...  :depressed:




CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT FF! :mon lovelaff:

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Thank you for this fanfic, I loved it! You're great! Still sad it ended.
Looking forward to your next fics and Amnesia. ^^

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Thanks for this AWESOME fic Kate-san....... :twothumbs

Right now I'm waiting for your other AWESOME fic update AMNESIA and WHO IS MY PRINCE?  :D

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Yuki always know how to tease mayu.. and mayu will accept her tease with blush haha  :D
Awww mayu~ you are a sweet talker  :wub:

I'm so happy when you post this  :)
You're the best writer kate-san  :bow:

Hope you can post another sweet momment between mayu and yuki
Maybe next is mayu birthday  :D *request*
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aww so sweet  :lol:

keep up the good the work author  :twothumbs

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wow that great
I read it for 2 days. It's too long. lol
Thanks a lot for this awersome fiction Kate-san

My twitter: @kmkpc22

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 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG This's awesome!!!!
I just read the whole fic in one sitting!
Definitely a great story! Thank you for sharing it to us  :heart:

P/s: just wondering, do you take fanfic request???

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Yay!!!!! I loved it!!!!
A happy ending !!!! Yay I like happy ends!!!!
I really thank you for this fic!
You know some chapter made me cry xD

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:bow: :bow: it's sooo nice!! :bow: :bow: (n/) I will read this over and over again!! I really love the Akb48 fans... Well hahaha I'm a fan too. I really love Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Atsumina, and WMatsui!!! Forever and always :deco: :heart: :heart: :)

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Love this fanfic!!! Really like the story line!!  XD :)

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Omg the best fanfic $_$ the story so good i think i'll read it again and again they should made movie of this or drama like rly :heart:
MAYUKI are real !!!


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Finally finally finally....😢she said those 3 words...xD
Tsundere mayu is cute but this one is the best~
Thanks for writingthis awesome fic!! 😊
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I already read it for 3 times and i still squeal everytimes, i really love your story and hope that you continue to make story like this
Usually a silent reader.

Sorry for my broken english, english is not my first language.

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You're really scary!
This story is juste so good that whenever I read it, it feels like it is the first time.
I always have this feeling of anxiety even if I already read it. Yahhhhh very very good story!!!!!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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This fic was great! Almost everything was spot on. The fight scenes were very graphic as well, making it easier to imagine.
I'm regretting to why I just stumbled upon this forum and this coolness of a fic just now. first time finishing a fic in one sitting I'm
Tsundere Mayu is always great, right? ^^ And Yuki's selfless character here is great as well.
Thank you for sharing this with us!

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