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Author Topic: ~Black Prince~ 1.5/2 (MaYuki & WMatsui)  (Read 4197 times)

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~Black Prince~ 1.5/2 (MaYuki & WMatsui)
« on: September 21, 2013, 11:32:07 PM »
Feeling tragic.. I had this saved for a while so decided to post it even if not finished, I'll finish it between this week or the other :)
                                                   ~Black Prince~

~Waiting at the airport~

A girl smiled in the crowd when she saw her best friend smiling at her. She walked fast to him.

"Look at you Watanabe Mayu.. You look great!" A handsome guy said with a smile before grabbing her suitcase.

"Oh Jun... you don't have to."  Mayu said kinda embarrassed.

Jun smiled "C'mon you're my guest of honor, it's my pleasure besides I haven't see you in years so I have to be nice, next time you'll carry this!" He said joking.

Outside the airport there was a car waiting already.

Mayu sighed "I forgot about that." She said with a little smile.

"What? It's not my fault I'm rich besides in high school you didn't seem to get annoyed by it" Jun said as he puts the suitcase in the back.

"High school.." Mayu whispered as she entered in the car.

(Once inside of the car)

"Now tell me.. how does it feel being a successful writer?" Jun asked.

Mayu was expressionless "I guess it's cool." She said not caring so much.

"I honestly thought you would turn out different.. I mean you were always so quiet and boring in high school!" Jun said

Mayu slapped him on his arm "And you're my best friend!" She said as he shouted in pain.

"Oh c'mon Mayu chan if I didn't consider you my best friend I wouldn't be inviting you to my wedding and also to stay at my place!" He said carelessly.

Mayu looked at him "What? I'm not going to stay at your place.. that's weird!" She said then started slapping him on his arm.

"Damn I live in a mansion!" Jun let out.

"I don't care!" Mayu replied.

Jun sighed "C'mon Mayu chan.. You're only staying here for a few days, why you don't want to spend it with me." He said pouting like a child.

Mayu stopped slapping him "This sudden love.. could it be? You're nervous!" She said pointing at him.

"Okay don't get me wrong I love Rena but what if she decides to back out that I'm not worth it!" Jun says worried.

Mayu laughed like crazy "You been dating since forever and for her was always a dream to marry you, why would she back out? Oh maybe because you're an airhead and not that smart and also..."

"I GET IT ALREADY!" Jun shouts irritated and worried.

Mayu was still with a smile on her face then pinched his cheek lightly "That's part of your charm" she said before the car stop.

Jun smiled and soon the two best friends were entering to the mansion.

The butler greet the two and grabbed Mayu's suitcase.

Suddenly some laughs could be heard Mayu and Jun looked at the stairs and watched how another good looking guy comes with two hot girls on the side of his arms.

"Yuki kun" Jun said not so pleased.

Mayu only looked other way as the come closer.

"What do we have here?" The handsome guy said letting go his two friends then drank from his glass in front of Mayu.

"Don't you think it's a little early for drinking?" Jun asked trying to get in the middle of the two.

Mayu was intimidated by him, he was really handsome and had a cold expression on his face.

"You're pretty! Does Rena about you?" Yuki asked with a smirk.

"It's not what you think!" Jun said fast.

"Don't worry I won't tell her, have fun as long as you can soon you'll be doing celibate!" He said before leaving with his two girlfriends.

Jun sighed embarrassed "Sorry about that, do you remember my cousin Yuki? Well he's pretty disturbed so ignore him!" He said before grabbing Mayu's hand and lead her to her room.

~In the room~

"I'll give you some privacy!" Jun said before leaving.

Mayu took a deep breath then sat on bed "Of course I remember him.." she whispered.



Mayu could do nothing but stare at the clock hypnotized in the first row since she was unfairly punished for something she didn't do.

Suddenly someone hit her desk the Palm of his hand waking her up from her thoughts.

"Well you're new so you have to pay for safety!" An unappealing guy says trying intimidate Mayu with his friends.

"You should pay!" Another girl in the back said, Mayu looked at her and saw her swollen cheek.

Mayu returned to look at the guy in front of her "No!" She said coldly.

"What did you say?" He shouted loosing his senses and rising his hand, Mayu closed her eyes and waited to the slap.

When he was about to slap Mayu someone grabbed his hand.

Mayu opened her eyes and saw a handsome boy grabbing the bully' s wrist.

"What are you doing?" The bully asked forcing with him.

"You're on my way.. MOVE!!!" He said then hit him with his knee on his stomach and walked to an empty seat.

The bully was on the floor while his friends were shocked looking at the handsome guy who say and looked through the window carelessly.

~End of the flashback~

Without noticing Mayu fell sleep.

~ At an illegal casino~

Kashiwagi Yuki was playing and having a good time with a glass of good champagne on his hand.

"C'mon it's lucky night" He shouted as he watched the ball spin.

Suddenly a big man grabbed him by his neck and pull the handsome with him.Yuki was forcing with him.

"He wants to see you!" The big man says serious

Yuki gulped then stopped resisting.

The two walked to an office apart from the noise.

Once inside the guard left and Yuki was standing there looking at the old man on the chair,who was looking at some papers on his desk.

"What are you doing there?" The man asked then looked at him and made a sign for Yuki to sit.

Yuki took a deep breath then got closer and sat in front of him.

"How are you son?" The old man asked.

Yuki pouted a little then looked other way "I'm not your son!" He let out kinda irritated.

The man sighed "I like you kid but lately you been kinda.. bitchy" he said with a little smirk.

"Bitchy?" Yuki asked irritated.

"You know I understand you feel so bad cause your dad's death, I mean nobody dies cause 7 shots. Your dad was murdered and nobody did anything about because he was SH%#" The man says with a laugh.

Yuki was completely mad clenching her fists but controlling his anger.

"I treat you like a son and you pay me with all this but I won't take it anymore actually you'll pay for all"  The evil man says serious and hitting the desk with the Palm of his hand scaring Yuki.

Yuki was confused "Pay you what?" He asked

"Money.. Son!" The man says showing a gun and pointing at him.

Yuki was scared "How.. how... I'll pay you.. I'll pay you don't kill me! He said nervous.

The man laughed "I believe you kid.. I believe you!" He said making a sign for him to go.

Yuki gulped but still got up and walked to the door feeling how his hands are sweating and the fear he's feeling.

As he was about to open the door "How much do you want?" He asked nervous not turning around around.

"Much" He said then laughed.

Yuki was completely shocked "Much? What's that supposed to mean?" He thought before leaving.

Once outside of the gambling mansion, he was about to open the door of his car when suddenly appeared three man dressing in black and started punching him.

~From a window of the mansion~

The same old man was watching the scene with a paper on his hand

"Sir do you want them to stop punching Yuki kun?" An assistant asked.

The old man squeezed the paper then threw it to trash bin "I want him pretty bad hurt" he said serious then left the room slamming the doors.

The assistant was curious and grabbed the paper from the trash bin then read it.

"Paternity test blah blah blah.. NEGATIVE!" He shouted then fast looked around and saved the paper.

The man stopped hitting Yuki but he was on the floor bleeding a lot, he got up slowly and got in the car then drove home.

~At the mansion~

Mayu woke up and realized how late it was, she looked for Jun but the butler told her that he went out with his fiance.

Mayu sighed as she boringly  walked around the mansion, she entered to many rooms but she couldn't hold her curiosity so she looked for certain room.

Once inside that room she couldn't help to observe everything.

"Books.. do you read?" Mayu wondered as she looks the name on the books on the desk then sees his headphones, she touched them slightly.

Suddenly someone opened the door hard.

Mayu was shocked "Yuki kun.. What happened to you?" She asked as she gets closer afraid of all the blood on his face and his damaged clothes.

He  looked at her for a second before collapsing on her arms.

Mayu got him on bed then cleaned his wounds carefully "What happened to you?" She asked as her tears were already on the corner of her eyes.


High school days

~Basket ball practice~

"You pick Watanabe!" An irritated girl says.

"No you have it!" Another one says in front of Mayu.

Another girl gets between the two "I wanna play already so decide!" She said mad

The first girl pouts "She's terrible at basketball I don't want her" she said carelessly.

"Me neither!" The second girl says looking at Mayu.
Mayu looked down feeling hurt by their words.

Suddenly an irritated boy appeared "I'm tired of you.. You also terrible at basketball!" He said mad.

Mayu looked up.

The first girl throws the basketball on his face.

"Shut up! Nobody asked you!" The second girl shouts.

"Jun!" Mayu says and tries to help his friend to get up.

"MY FACE IS BURNING!!!" He shouted in pain and not accepting Mayu's hand.

"Will be alright!" A good looking girl says with a smile and offering her hand.

Jun grabbed hers fast and his eyes were shinning "Rena chan" he said hypnotized.

The girl only smiled.

The coach stopped looking at the boys practice and walked to the problem then put Mayu in the first girl team fixing the problem and dragging Jun against his will with him to boys practice.

The match started and everyone except Rena started picking on Mayu, making her fall and pushing her.

Jun notice but couldn't do nothing about it.

Soon the classes ended and it was detention time.

Mayu didn't mind on cleaning her wounds so she just walks the hall to her detention then a familiar girl grabs her arm "Mr.Ishikawa is not coming, they couldn't find replacement.."

Mayu couldn't care less about that so she just kept walking and ignored the girl.

The girl was completely confused but then just walked away.

Mayu still went to that classroom and sat in first row watching the clock wondering why her life has to be this way? What's the lesson?

After some time the door slide open revealing someone else.

Mayu looked at him for a second then looked other way embarrased.

"Your face... looks ugly!" He said as he enters and sat on his spot next to the window.

Mayu looked down sad ready to cry.

"You don't get nothing by crying.. You should fight when you're fighting your face looks better and you can smile cause you haven't given up." He said still looking through the window.

Mayu looked up thinking about those words as her tears roll her cheeks.

Yuki sense it then got up to give her a handkerchief "Fight!" He said before leaving.

[After that Yuki left to Paris and finished his studies there while the old Mayu didn't exist anymore, this one became ambitious and fearless ready to fight but never forgetting about him or how she called him the Black Prince cause his unconventional personality]

~Present~ next day~

Yuki opened his eyes seeing the ceiling, his body hurts so much as he tries to move then remembered everything about last night "You.." he said as he sees Mayu sleeping on a chair next to the bed holding his hand with her head on bed.

Yuki moved his hand slowly and as soon he moved it Mayu started to wake up, she yawned and sat properly on the chair as she brushes her eyes with her fists.

He was confused and only stared Mayu.

Mayu removed her hands from his eyes and noticed Yuki watching her "oh.. You're up" she said kinda embarrased.

"What are you doing here?" Yuki asked serious.

Mayu got up fast "I'll leave you now!" She said nervous.

"Wait.." Yuki said but it was useless she already left.

The handsome boy got up grabbed a bottle of whiskey and started to drink till her noticed the bands on his hands.

"I need money.." He said mad then threw the glass against the wall.

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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2013, 11:55:50 PM »
wmatsui cute! :cathappy: rena so kind :yep:
but poor mayu, those girls who bully mayu should be the ones punished :angry:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
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Yooo cmze! You're back! :)

This is something! I usually don't read gender bender but as it is yours I decided to give a try ;)

Poor Mayu! I hope those bullies haven't had a successful life as Mayu as a punishment ><
Yuki was cool. What happened to him that turned him into this crappy loser?
WMatsui kawaii *.*

Thank you for this o/

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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! cmza-san you comeback!!! hoorrray!!

and it's good! wow cool yuki...plase don't hurt yuki~ LOL

thank for this comeback!! really happy


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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
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cmze, do you still remember me? I'm your fan!  XD Well, I think you don't remember me anymore  XD
I'm glad to see you back finally, I always loved your cheesy MaYuki (laughs) no, seriously. I'm glad you're alive and kickin' yet again  :) cheers to your full recovery then, welcome back  :)

Well, I don't really like gender-bender in most cases, I'm considering special cases though, specially if Mayu's in it  :lol: too bad it's only a 2-part story. I miss your lengthy fanfics like those which goes for 40 chapters already. Very well then...

More powers cmze!

imteedee :deco:
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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
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cmzeeee!!! welcome baaaack :D I miss youuu T.T
 how are you ? you're ok now :)
I'm glad to see your update again!
Sounds a good fic this one too drama drama!! XD

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
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Mmm of I remember u imteedee  :lol:

I'm not fully recovered but I missed posting something  here  :cry: :banghead:


Call me childish but  I just don't  really know what to say... Don't know if I get back completely like before  :/

But anyways I would like if you read what  I post :)

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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
« Reply #7 on: September 22, 2013, 10:01:14 PM »
of course my pleasure to read your fanfics!  :bow:
at least It's good knowing you're still alive!  XD I still wish for your full recovery and I would like you to know I'll still wait for your updates  :)

I'm happy you remember your crazy fan outta here  XD

good health for you cmze,

imteedee :deco:
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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
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Wow... U are back. I hope u can fully recovered as fast as possible. As I miss your story already.

Haha..... Just kidding. Take your time to recover. But I really miss your story.

Anyway I really like this story.

Hope you can up adapt soon and recovered soon.

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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
« Reply #9 on: September 24, 2013, 01:14:51 AM »
Hope you get better soon...

Do take lots if rest...

Be waiting for your update...

Eh... Yuki had a very bad attitude here...

Can't wait to see how the Mayuki is going to develop

Thank you for the start of an interesting story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1/2
« Reply #10 on: October 08, 2013, 09:38:38 PM »
Wanna know next  :catglare:

Yuki is so cool  :D what happened to him  :smhid

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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1.5/2
« Reply #11 on: April 04, 2015, 05:55:39 AM »
So i never said in which week xD
                                                                           Black prince 1.5/2

-Having breakfast-

"Jun stop it... stop it not know!" A laughing Rena says as her fiance is tickling her. "Sorry i don't want to stop" Jun replied smiling as he tickles her Mayu smiled also. ' This makes me happy" she says and as soon she finished her words Jun and Rena looked at her.

"We're glad you're here!" Rena sadi with a smile.

Suddenly someone else interrupted their morning breakfast “Good morning!” he said with his glasses on and smoking then he sat next to Mayu.

“Yuki  do you mind? We’re having breakfast thing that you already don’t know!” Jun said serious.

Yuki looked at Mayu sad expression then sighed “Fine..” he said then turned  off his cigarette “So what’s up when the baby is born?” he asked.

Rena and Jun looked at him while Mayu looked other way.  “First there’s no baby but what’s more important what happened to you face?” he asked.

“Some idiot made me mad!” He replied with a charming smile.

Jun laughed “Some idiot made you mad? I think you made mad some idiot, what you got there seems like he used you like a punching bag cousin!” he say mocking him.

Yuki got irritated so he got up “You are so annoying today!” he said before walking away lighting up his cigarette.

Mayu sighed “What’s wrong with him?” she asked concerned seeing this different Yuki makes her sad.

Jun moved his head to side “He’s not in a good place” he answered.

Rena got up “I’ll talk to him, I really want him to be in our wedding!” she said while Jun sighed “Besides he is a good singer!” she replied and went after him.

Mayu had a sad expression on her face again. “There is! Again…” Jun said.

“What” Mayu asked feeling confused.

Jun laughed “That look on your face… oh  now I get it whenever Yuki was with us you had that expression even when we were in highschool… No way! You like Yuki??”  he ased shocked .

Mayu blushed “Shut up! It’s not like that I respect him!” she even redder.

Jun started laughing like crazy while Mayu only pouted.


“I can’t give you money Yuki kun!” Rena let out.

Yuki walked in circles in the room “ Then you can not help me!” he said irritated.

“I don’t understand what’s going on and why do you need that much money?’ Rena  asked while Yuki takes a zip of his whiskey.

“ Jun won’t give me more money… I’m totally screwed !” Yuki thought “ Rena leave..” he said serious but not before Rena gave him a hug.

Yuki started drinking by himself  and soon it was nighttime he looked at his empty bottle “Dam.. it..” he said then got with trouble and leaning against the wall he started to walk.

He opened the first door he felt.

“What are you doing here?” A freaking out Mayu in towel asked. 

“Pretty!” He said then got closer and kissed her roughly on her lips.

Mayu couldn’t believe it at first her long time crush is kissing but the smell of alcohol ruins everything so so she got back to her senses and slapped him.

Yuki smiled then fell on the floor  “NO… no.. no idiot kun!” Mayu says the tried to wake him up but it was useless.

“What do I do?” She thought looking at him sleeping on the floor.

Mayu fast changed clothes  “hmmm you’re too heavy but I can’t leave you sleeping there” she thought looking at his face “Even with that black eye you look handsome” she thought then laid on the floor next to him watching him sleep.

“Maybe a few minutes won’t hurt” She thought with a smile as she watches him sleep since it’s the first time he’s been so close to her so she was cherishing this moment.
-Next day-

Kashiwagi Yuki tried to move his arm but somehow he was unable to move it then he opened his yes and saw the ceiling “What happened?”  then looked at the weight on his arm.

“What the heck? It’s Jun’s lover… hmmm   I need to pay that bastard.” Yuki the spoke looking at Mayu who opened her eyes slowly.

Mayu freaked out and sat fast “I’m sorry you… well I’m not sorry you ~remember kiss~”  she blushes fast.

Yuki  looked at her with a boring expression on his face “I don’t really get what are you talking about!” he said then got up “By the way do you know how do I get money from  trashy Jun?” he asked.

“Trashy Jun?” Mayu repeated .

“Maybe I should black mail him about you and him” Yuki said out of the blue.

Mayu got up “What? How can you talk about him like him like that?  He takes cares of you?” she asked irritated.

“Second time I don’t really get what are you talking about besides it’s  not your business you’re the other so limit yourself to only please him!” he said coldly.

Mayu was really mad and somehow memories of his words came back to her head so she got closer and slapped him really hard on his cheek.

“Why are you like this? Why you give good advices to others but you can’t follow yourself!” Mayu said mad.
Yuki  looked at her with furious eyes then raised his hand  ready to slap her but stopped “ You’re so not important!” he said’

“ You’re the one who’s not important anymore, you’re only drinking and selfishness don’t let you see properly, I’m so disappointed of you!” Mayu let out but Yuki only left the room

Mayu started crying but then just cleaned her face.

“What was all that?” Yuki thought  as he leaves mansion only walking “ I’m not always drinking! Idiot!” he thought then as he walks he couldn’t help to look around then saw a picture of a familiar girl.

Yuki entered to the bookstore  then grabbed the book “ This son of a…” he was about to continue his sentences but fell everyone stares at him, he smiled then read the back of the book.

“Struggling with myself” He read “ what the hell is wrong with her?” he thought then bought the book.

As soon he was going back home a car stopped next to him and two man got out and got in the car.

“So when you’ll get me my money?” A man smoking  asked.

“Soon” Yuki replied.


‘’ He’s not what I thought” Mayu said sad.

Jun looked down “ He’s been through a lot..don’t you think?” he asked.
“He’s sad and lonely…” Mayu thought.

“His father was murdered and the same day he was murdered too” Jun said sad.


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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1.5/2
« Reply #12 on: April 04, 2015, 07:20:51 AM »
this is unexpected lol xD
in a good way~ :3
so Yuki is Jun's cousin..
who is that old man??
and the last sentence... @.@

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Re: ~Black Prince~ 1.5/2
« Reply #13 on: June 08, 2015, 05:20:11 PM »
Where are you author-san ..

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