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Author Topic: Look at Me, My Love (Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Mayuki, WMatsui etc)-Ch.34 (13/02/2017)  (Read 85256 times)

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Been a while since the last time I read and visited here. Will edit this comment later, kouhai. I miss you!  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :wub: :wub: :wub:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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UPDATE !!!  :angry1: :angry1:

What a cliffhanger :farofflook: :frustrated: :grr: :fainted: :err:
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Eh... Haruna got accidently stabbed by Mariko

Will Haruna be okay?

How about Mariko?

Will she go to jail for it?

what's going to happen next?

Continue please

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates so far

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Hello, I'm back!!  :otomerika:
Sorry to make you wait too long ... hihi
I'm busy lately ...
here my update, hope you will like it ...
sorry for my bad grammar ...

Chapter 34

"Yu ... Yuuchan?" I feel my body is getting weak and all that I see is black.
"Harunaaaaa ..." That was the last word I heard from someone who is being held me.

--- ## ---

"Do you see Yuko?" I asked everyone I met. I panicked, my feet like do not want to walk, but I must ran and ran to find Yuko.
"Thank God." I saw Yuko from a distance, she was practicing on the basketball court with her team.
I ran onto the field, and they stopped the game immediately. I pulled Yuko's shoulder. I want to say it, but a sense of worry and exhaustion made me difficult to speak. "Yuko ..."
"What is wrong? Calm down." Yuko rubbed my shoulder to make me calm. Her team is also coming toward us, including Milky.
"Haruna ... hospitals ... blood ..." I began to see the panic on Yuko's faces.
"What happened?"
I have not had time to answer because my phone rang. Miichan. She called again. I picked it up and gave it to Yuko.
"Moshi-Moshi, it's me, Yuko."
"Yuko!! You have to go to the hospital now, Haruna need you!" I could hear Miichan screaming.
"What happened?" Yuko's voice trembling slightly.
"Haruna got stab!"
"Nyannyan ..." Yuko's body look weak, Sayaka swiftly to sustain her.
Her hands shaking. "I have to meet Nyannyan, I got to meet Nyannyan!" Yuko got up and started running.
"Yuko, wait!"
I and Milky pursue Yuko who ran to the gate.
"Takahashi-san, you chase Yuko, and I'll take the car in the parking lot, I will follow you."
I just nodded my head. Ah, wait, since when these schools allow students to use the car?

--- ## ---

I ran to the back of the school to pick up my car. When I told Takahashi-san that I took the car in the parking lot, I lied. Yes, because the school does not allow the students to bring a car to school. I parked my car behind the school in a building that has been unused. There is a direct road to the highway. I pay a caretaker to borrow it and keep this secret. I was a dissident? Yes, that's me. I need this if at any time my parents decided unilaterally again as before. I need a car to escape.
Seeing Korisu like that, for some reason I also panicked, my hands were shaking too. I'm not sure that I would be able to drive the car well with my predicament like this.
"Ah, I know!" I ran over someone who seemed familiar. "Yamamoto-san?"
"Watanabe-san, what are you doing here?" She smiled pleasantly as usual.
"I need your help!" I pulled her wrist to follow me.
"Eh? Where are you taking me?"
I opened the door of the warehouse, "Heeehhh?? Why is there a car in a place like this?"
"It's my car. I need your help to drive."
"What? I can not drive a car."
I sighed, I think I took the wrong person.
"All right, you sit next to me and keep talking so I do not panic."
"What happened?"
"I'll tell you later, we should soon follow Korisu to the hospital."
"What happened with Yuko?"
"You ask too many questions." I pushed Yamamoto-san into the car.

--- ## ---

"Yuko! Wait! Yuko! "I continued to pursue Yuko who ran to the hospital. We can drive a taxi, but she was too panicked and forget about everything, except Haruna. Her Nyannyan.
I was relieved when Milky come with the car. I pulled Yuko to get into the car. There is also Sayaka Yamamoto.
"Takahashi-san, do you already know where Haruna-san's room?" Milky asked behind the wheel.
"Miichan said that Haruna was still in the emergency room."
"I hope does not happen anything against Haruna-san."
Although Milky know that Yuko loves Haruna, she keep doing this. Although sometimes a bit annoying because she continues to clingy to Yuko. But to see her doing something like this, it shows that she really is a good girl, she still wants to help even though it is her rival. Perhaps because of this, Yuko loves her so much, at that time. A long time ago.

--- ## ---

I ran toward Miichan, she was sitting alone on a bench. "Miichan, where's Nyannyan? How is her condition? Is she okay?" I kept shaking Miichan's shoulders.
"Yuko, calm down." Takamina trying to stop me who began to lose control.
Miichan still crying. Takamina approached and hugged her. "I'm scared." Miichan said softly. "It all happened suddenly, I could not stop it." She buried her face in Takamina's chest. "Mariko suddenly grabbed a knife and wanted to hurt herself, Haruna tried to stop her, but ... but ... the knife stab Haruna's stomach."
"Damn! What's wrong with her!!" I was angry to hear  Miichan's explanation. That girl, what actually exists in her mind. "Where’s Mariko room!" When I was about to leave them, Miichan holding my hand tightly. "This is not the time for revenge, Yuko. Haruna is need you, she keeps calling your name before she passed out."
"Nyannyan ..."
"She was out of the emergency room, Haruna was in room number 22 now."
"And you, Bakamina, go to that room. A person may also need you."
"Eh?" Miichan push me and Takamina to leave immediately.

--- ## ---

We take fresh air outside the hospital. While waiting Minegishi-san, we sat on a bench near the car park. She asked me to out with her after listening the conversation between Yuko and Kojima-san in the room earlier.
"Nee, Watanabe-san ..."
"Milky. Call me Milky, like my friends." She turned and smiled at me, though I could clearly see the sadness in her eyes.
"Are you alright?"
"Hm? What do you mean?"
"Mmm ... I mean ... mmm ..." aaaaahhh .... how do I explain it? I'm scared if I continue this conversation, it would hurt her.
"About me and Korisu?"
It seems she knew what I wanted to ask.

She smiled. The same smile as always. "I do not deny that I was so sad to lose Korisu. I against my parents to get back to Korisu, but it turns out everything is not the same anymore. She has filled her hearts with others, and I'm just a piece of the story of her past. I really love her. But love does not have to have, right? True love is when we happy to see our loved ones happy, though happiness is not coming from us. Because the happiness of our loved ones is the most important thing." Her voice was a bit shaky when she uttered the last sentence. I think she was holding back her tears. "After hearing what Korisu said to Haruna-san, I feel that it looks like I should give up. Korisu love Haruna-san, and vice versa. I would not have the heart to separate them. Everything changed. People can change, the feeling can also be changed, but memories, will never change. I and Korisu is a memory that will never be changed, but all that is around us has changed. I am happy. I am happy that I ever shared memories with Korisu, and I'm also happy because Korisu now happy, though not with me. Haruna-san will get better soon, I'm sure of it. And they can continue their relationship again, with honesty and trust each other."
The girl sitting next to me was incredible, unlike the girl I saw at school before. Who always clingy to Yuko.
Does she really have given up on Yuko? Does that mean I have a chance to be with her? I feel like the bad girl now, she is sad and I just thought of a way to take advantage of this opportunity.
"Umm ... nee Milky, if you are sad, you can lean on my shoulder for a moment. I know you're tired. I know, I'm not as strong as Yuko, but if you need to a place to lean on, I still can."
And a moment later she sobbed. Not on my shoulders, but at my chest.
"I was told that you may cry on my shoulder, not in my chest."
"But you have big breasts, I need this to keep me calm." She rubbed her face in my chest. Hhh ... she perverted like Yuko. I do not know whether Yuko who infected her, or her that infect Yuko.

--- ## ---

When I opened the door, I saw Haruna lying in bed. Her eyes were closed. Her bangs partially covering her eyes. Still beautiful as ever even though she is now sick.
I walked slowly approached the bed and stood beside her to see her wound.
"Yuuchan?" She woke up when I tried to open the blanket covering her stomach.
"Hi." I hung back the blanket. "Wait!" I prevent Haruna were trying to sit. "You're still sick." I laid her back gently. "You need a rest." I said softly, even though I wanted to scream.
"Yuuchan? Do you really Yuuchan? I'm not hallucinating? I'm not dreaming?"
"You're not hallucinating and you're not dreaming. It's me, your Yuuchan. "I kissed her forehead.
"Yuuchan ..." She was crying and stroke my cheeks. "Forgive me."
"I'm the only one who should apologize." I clutched her palms then kissed it. "If it were not for my selfishness, ignorance, all this would not have happened. You will not hurt like this."
"I'm not sick, Yuuchan. I am fine."
"How can you say okay after a knife stabbing your stomach."
"You know?"
"Of course. Miichan already told me. Do you intend to keep this from me? Do you intend to do the same thing as when suddenly you broke up our relationship to cover up what happened between you and Mariko? You promised not to do it again, Haruna!" Suddenly my anger resurfaced. It still hurts when remembering that day.
"Yuuchan, please do not be angry. Forgive me. I just do not want to make you worry."
"The same reason!" I let go her hand and stepped to the door, until I heard the moans of pain from Haruna.
"Ah, ittai." I saw Haruna sat on the bed, holding her stomach. She tried to get out of bed.
"Haruna! What are you doing?" I held Haruna's body to remain in bed.
"I do not want Yuuchan to leave me again. If Yuuchan out of this room, I get out too!"
"But you're still sick!"
"I do not care!" She was screaming and crying. "I will do anything to make Yuuchan forgive me. I love you, Yuuchan. I'm ... I'm really ... love you."
"Haruna ..."
"Nyannyan ... please call me Nyannyan."
I really do not bear to see Haruna like this. I know she loves me, but her nature of the closed-sometimes pisses me off, especially when it comes to our relationship.
"Nyannyan, you should rest. Okay?"
"Yuuchan will not go?"
I shook my head. "No. I will still be here to accompany Nyannyan." I laid her back on the bed. "Do not ever do this again. So that you get better soon."
"Yuuchan ..."
"This is just one stab. I'm willing to get a thousand stab if it could keep you stay beside me."
"Baka. Do not say that. One stab already making me like can not breathe, moreover a thousand."
Haruna smiled, "I'm teasing you."
"I know. It sounds cheesy." We both chuckled.
I saw Haruna closed her eyes again, she's like being withstand the pain. "Nyannyan, are you okay? Hey?" I kissed her closed eyes.
She opened her eyes. "I'm fine, Yuuchan. Just a little sore when I've been laughing."
"Can I see your wound?"
"What for? It's not severe, there is nothing to worry about, Yuuchan."
"But Yuuchan want to see Nyannyan wound." I pouted. I knew she would not be able to resist with this thing.
Haruna sighed. "Okay, but do not do anything weird." I nodded my head.
Slowly I opened the blanket. Then I lifted Haruna shirt slowly. Gaaaaahhhhh .... Haruna's stomach ... so sexy. Shit! Yuko hold of yourself! You promised not to do strange. Haruna was ill, how could you think such a pervert! Yuko stupid.
"See? Okay, right?"
I gently touched the bandage that covered the wound. Though she repeatedly said was not hurt, but I knew she was lying so I'm not too worried and guilty for all this.
"Yuuchan ..."
"Is it done? Can you go back to close it? My stomach felt cold."
"Ah, sorry." I came back to close it slowly.
"Yuuchan, can you hug me?"
I put my hands on the side of Haruna's head, and slowly my body closer to her so as not to touch the wound. "If I inadvertently touched the wound, please tell me. Okay?"
"Un." Haruna put her arm around my neck, then stroked my hair. "I really miss you, Yuuchan."
"I missed you too, Hime." I drown my face in her neck. Gaaahhh ... Haruna's scent, sweet-scented as usual. Yuko hold of yourself! Control yourself!
"Aah~" I heard Haruna moan softly in my ear. "I'm asking you to hug me and not to make love mark in my neck!" Haruna smacked my head softly.
I chuckled and lifted my head. I saw Haruna red face. Ah, kawaiiiiiii ...
"I miss you so much, Nyannyan. I could not control myself."
She pouted. Gahd, it's soooo cuuuteeee ... I really wanted to kiss her.
"You do not want it?" I bite my lip in sexy way.
And now it was her turn bite her lower lips. Haruna grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. Ah~ how much I miss this sensation. I really miss her. Her kiss, her touch, her scent, hier voice, everything about Haruna. My Nyannyan.
"Nee, Yuuchan. Does that mean we are dating again?" Haruna rubbed my wet lips.
"Mmm ..." I pretended to think.
"Yuuchan~." She started to spoiled.
"If you promise not to conceal anything from me. If you are sad, angry, happy, jealous, sick, just say it. I'm not a psychic who can easily read your mind."
Haruna nodded. "Un. I promise." Haruna smoothed my bangs a bit messy.
"Nee, Nyannyan?"
"There seems to be envious?"
"Eh? Who?" Haruna look around the room. "There's nobody here."
I pointed love mark on her right neck with my eyes. Haruna tilted her head and tried to think.
"Mouuu Yuuchan ... Ah~ ... stop it ... Yuuchaaaann~ .... Ah~.” Haruna moan when I buried my head in her left neck and gave her a gift of love. "Yuuchan, we were in the hospital."
"But I missed you so much, Nyannyaaaaaannn."
"You can do more than this later after I was discharged from the hospital."
"Un." Haruna turned her red face.
"I love you, Nyannyan. Get well soon." I kissed her head and she smiled.

--- ## ---

"A ... Atsuko ... what are you doing here? What happened?" I saw Atsuko lying weakly on the bed hospital. Suddenly Miichan come from behind.
"This stupid actually came here alone when I called her to find Yuko."
"I'm very worried about Haruna, so I just came here. I'm afraid that Haruna lost a lot of blood. "
I smile. She cares for Haruna, even though she often do rude thing towards Haruna, but see her today, I was relieved. Perhaps she had really changed.
I sat next to her bed. She still looks limp and pale. I held her hand and stroked it gently.
"Okay, you can be here for a while, after Acchan feel better, you can get out of this room. I want to go back to the dorm. Milky and Sayaka is already waiting in the parking lot. Bye." She headed for the door. "Do not do anything forbidden here, you are still in the hospital. Okay kids?"
"You should have said something like that to Yuko." Atsuko smiled sarcastically.
"Yuko? It was not possible, Haruna was lying ill. Maybe now she was crying at the Haruna bedside."
"I'm hope like that." Finally Miichan out of the room.
"Are you sure you are okay?"
"Un. I'm fine, Minami. " She smiled.
"Forgive me."
"What for?"
"For everything." I bowed my head and cried.
"Minami ...” Acchan touched my cheek and make me looked up. "I know, you're doing all this for my good, because you really love me, right? I know it. So, you do not need to apologize. Instead I'm the one who should apologize, I was too childish. I am stupid. I've often make you disappointed." And now she was crying, too.
"But now I really realized that what I'd been doing too rough to you. When in fact you are also very concerned about Haruna. You're just too care to Yuko."
"She's my nephew. And I'm very fond of her."
"I know. Forgive me."
"Minami ..." I closer my face to Atsuko.
"By the way ..." Suddenly the door opened. Miichan. "If you think that Atsuko pale from donating blood to Haruna, you're wrong. She fainted when she saw the blood. So that information from me, thank you and please continue your activities. Ja ne ~”
Damn! It reminds me of when Atsuko fell down from the stairs at the time, suddenly Yuko come break down the door and ruin our moment. And now Miichan, Gahd, why does this always happen?
"Minami ..."
"Are you mad?"
"No. For what I'm angry. But .... hahaha." I could not help but laugh.
"Mou ... Minami, do not laugh at me. At least I've been trying." She pouted.
"I know, sorry." I kissed her forehead.

--- ## ---

"Why do you do things like this?"
"I don't know."
"Love has blinded your eyes." My uncle sat on the edge of my bed.
"I don't know." Actually, I do not want to talk to anyone today.
"It's ok if you still do not know about your feelings. It takes time." He stood up and took an apple on the table.
"Do you want to eat an apple? I've tried it, it was sweet." I shook my head.
"That girl who brought this apple yesterday." He smiled.
"I don't know." He chuckled.
"Are you teasing me to repeat what I said."
"Hey, do not show face like that, you're scaring me." She was still laughing. "I really do not know her."
"Is she from the same school with me?"
"I don't know."
"How her face?"
"I don't know."
"Uncle, I'm serious!"
"I'm serious, Mariko."
"Is she a ghost, so you do not know what she looked like?"
"She was a girl, but I could not see her face. I could only hear her voice. She always came up with a strange costume. Chicken costume."
"Chicken?" He nodded. Is she the same girl who always cheer me with silly dance when I'm sad?
"She brought you here."
"In fact, she donated her blood for you. You lost a lot of blood at the time, she volunteered to give her blood. She's really a good girl, but she's really stubborn, just like you. When the doctor was about to take her blood, she just took off the costume on her body, not with the chicken head. We laughed at that time."
Who is that girl? Why is she so concerned about me? Do I know her?

--- ## ---

Thanks for reading my fic ...
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ehh iam not dreaming right.?? its like iam in unknown land.! oh god this is what i want for long time.!! i thought you will not continue this fic.??

and kojiyuu momment are so cute.!!

yuko is pervert, always do pervert thing even haruna still sick-__-!
OII YUKO you should control yourself.!! we all know haruna is sexy, but you should remember that she still sick.
you can get what you want when haruna get well.!

i know that acchan is care about haruna, althought "ACCHAN HITLER" is really rude. but she have sweetheart. yeahh we SUPPORT ACCHAN HITLER 0.0

thank you for the update author-san

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  • My Gayness belong to YUU.....

Yessss you update this ficccc  :ding:

you dont know how long i wait for this.. thank you Author-san... and i love the drama hereeeee....

please i need my kojiyuuuu  :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease:

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  • Aigoo! Hwaiting!
Mariko's such a bad girl here.
I love the couples scenes in this chapter.
I do hope SayaMilky would prevail.
Thank you for the update author san!
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Will Mariko know who is the one that help her?

What will Haruna do about Mariko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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