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Author Topic: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "It's a Love-Hate Business! pt 3" (WMatsui & Mayuki)  (Read 85487 times)

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "KitKat no Dorei" (WMatsui)
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uwahh !!! *gonna die because of happiness* :mon inluv:

THIS IS REALLY GREATT !!!  :mon beam: :mon beam:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "KitKat no Dorei" (WMatsui)
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Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :shy1: :shy2: :wriggly: :nya:
Embee-chan this is so sweet..u know i can kiss u right now..but someone might be jealous(right naby) XD
Thank u for the os..cant wait to read more of your update :on gay:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "KitKat no Dorei" (WMatsui)
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Holy!! This is really good!  :otomerika: :yossi: :thumbup

A fluffy story + KitKats + school life = awesomeness

Can't wait for more cute and good stories from you!  :cow:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "KitKat no Dorei" (WMatsui)
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SOOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!  :luvluv1: :wriggly:

Was blushing too much when reading this! My hole face was bright pink when checking in the mirror! :nya: :shy2: :shy1: :luvluv2:

Author-san you never fail to surprise me with fluffy and amazing stories!  :on GJ: :on drink: :mon XD: :mon inluv:  :mon angel:

Arigatou!!!  :gmon love2: :mon loveflower:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "KitKat no Dorei" (WMatsui)
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lemme explain my reaction in emoticons (because of cavities from such sugary fluff cannot really speak properly)

 :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :shy1: :shy2: :wriggly: :nya: :on woohoo: :on slopkiss: :on ksweat: :on GJ: :on gay: :k-inlove:

@sakura_drop_: You comment here~!!!! WEEEEE~~~  :panic:

eeh...what's with the reaction....? is my comment wrong or something?  :nervous
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "KitKat no Dorei" (WMatsui)
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Wow it is really long time since I last ate a kitkat  :grin:
Next please :thumbsup

:luvluv1:  It is so sweet.

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Re:Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Bluffing Watch Story:Part 2" (Kitarie)
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Part 1


A team of girl’s handball players practice in the open field for their upcoming friendly match next week. Some of them were playing with high spirits while some were just lazing around beside the bleachers. The girls will always be there exactly at 5 in the evening, at the same soccer field of their school, with the same faces of friends and also the same topic to talk about. The scene repeats itself automatically every day for almost every students in the school.

Kitahara Rie, the ace player of their handball team. She had been practicing the game since she was in elementary school. Her father, who was once a state player himself, had taught her with vigorous trainings since she was a child. Rie remembers what her father always told her…

“One lucky throw won’t make you a good player, but a hundred accurate successful throws would make you the best of the best.”

That’s how Rie could become the best player in her school. She trains every day just throwing the ball into a small make-shift basket she made herself. Once she had managed to goal, she keeps on repeating the same throw trying to familiarize her hand with the right way of throwing the ball.

“Nice shot!”

The girls cheered once again as Rie managed to break through the defense and throws the ball straight into the goal. She wears a proud smile with her smooth streak of consecutive scores.

“Ah... Kitarie! The ball!”

“I’ll get it!”

Rie runs after the ball that had rolled away from the field. She crouch low to grab the ball into her hand while playing with it. However, as she raises her head, she caught a devastating scene… A girl and a guy were walking by the field when the guy unashamedly reached for the girl’s hand, grabbing it in a loving way a couple would. Rie was watching the affectionate scene with fury and disappointment. Tears were welling up in her eyes but she tried to hold them down from falling freely. She won’t waste her tears on something pathetic such as this. She can do better than that… like what she is about to do next.


Just as Rie yelled at the guy, she throws the ball she had just picked up on the ground with all of her still 80% remaining strength towards her target. The guy turns his head to Rie’s familiar voice but he was just a tad seconds late from the fast flying ball of doom coming straight to his head.


“Oh no!”

The girl quickly crouches down beside the fallen guy who had a small bump rising slowly, forming an egg shape bulge on his forehead. She heard stomps of gorilla footsteps nearing her.

“Just what do you think you’re doing, Sasshii?!”

The girl blinks her eyes in confusion and shock.

“Wha… me?! Excuse me! You’re the one that coincidentally throws that ball without warning!”

“Of course! He’s a bastard, Sasshii!”

“Oh, care to tell me why he is one, Rie?”

“You don’t know? What world are you living in, Sasshii? I thought you’re wota enough to know everything that’s happening in this school…”

“Hey I got other things to do too!”

“Yeah right… He just dumped Rena! And suddenly he goes out with you… that’s why he’s a bastard!”

“But that doesn’t give you the right to knock him out cold!”

“Oh god… I should just aim that ball on you…”

“Oh you didn’t just said that, do you shrimp?!”

“No, I don’t… Look, Sasshii I care for you. I don’t want you to end up heartbroken like all the girls he had played with before…”

Sasshii kept mum as she stares at Rie who had just let out an exasperated sigh.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you just now. I was just… annoyed that you accepted him instead of… me.”

“Eh? What are you talking about…?”

“I… was the one who gave the confession letter…”

“Masaka… Rie?”

Both of them were silent from the sudden revelation. One was too surprised to say a word while the other is trying to calm her heart from beating too fast. But Rie knows soon her heart will stop beating for a while as it breaks from Sasshii’s rejection. There’s no way Sasshii would accept a girl like her… right?

“But that’s fine… I’m not actually expecting anything. I know you like lolis more than me… But, that guy! He’ll get a piece of me for trying to play with my friend’s heart! GRRRR!”

“No… you’re not my friend.”

Rie blinks her eyes as she gulps her spit that felt like coarse sand running through her orifice. Her eyes were gazing on the ground, not wanting to look at Sasshii’s eyes for the clear rejection. She could feel her heart cracking piece by piece. But what happens next was nothing like she ever expected…

Sasshii had pulled her closer by the shoulder before a pair of lips smashed with her own. They just stayed like that, just savoring the feeling of each other’s lips as their hearts flutters in rainbows and unicorns from each other's acceptance of love. Rie was the first to pull away from the kiss while Sasshii kept her head low.

“You taste like dirt.”

“What do you expect from a handball ace? Flowery lavender taste?”

“No. I expect a date to the AKB theater this weekend, whether you like it or not.”

“Whatever you say, wota…”

Rie puts a smirk on her face before she turns around to brag the player guy with her love affair… but the spot was free from any human being that was lying unconscious earlier. She grits her teeth as she caught sight of the guy limping away from them. She still has to beat the crap out of him for ditching Rena and trying to woo Sasshii. Revenge has never been so sweet for Rie…


Ahhh... I don't know what I just wrote. Blame the emptiness in my head :banghead: Just want you guys to know I'm still alive and breathing... but not writing...  :sweatdrop:


p/s: I should get some sleep before more nonsense spurts out of my dumb head ahahaha :bleed eyes:
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That morning, the sun shines brightly with birds chirping a welcome song to everyone walking the road towards school. Mayu had arrived quite early today. She is dazing out the class window, enjoying the wonderful morning with a cool breeze flowing her black hair. A smile etched on her face as she inhales the fresh morning air… but a deafening, forced laugh turned her smile upside down.

“Ahahaha!!! HAHAHA!”

Jurina is standing by her seat as she puts out all her unnatural laugh into her acting.


“Hey! Watch your words! Sheesh… it’s still early morning.”

“Tell that to the one who ruined my wonderful morning with her awkward hideous laugh…”

Mayu glares at Jurina who had an innocent face all the time.

“Ummm… there’s only the two of us here?”

The cyborg girl rolled her eyes...

“Of course! Why do I bother talking with a dumbass…”

“At least my DUMB ASS is cute…”

Mayu smacked her forehead hard enough to ignore her so-called bestfriend of overflowing naivety as Jurina sways her butt annoyingly in front of her bestfriend.

“Hey, Mayu… aren’t you going to join this?”


Jurina literally slap a colorful flyer straight on Mayu’s face. With a grumble, Mayu peeled off the piece of paper before shooting a glare towards the all smiling and energetic Jurina.

“It’s a school play! Terrific, isn’t it?”

“Terrific? I would be terrified if you’re in it…”

“Heeey!!! I’m a good actor,FYI~”

“Yeah, right…” Mayu snorts as she remembered the dreadful laugh just a few minutes ago… “But I’ll root and support my bestfriend, for sure.”

“I knew it! And that’s why… you’re coming with me this evening to audition! YAAAY!”

Jurina acts all cheery and bright with both hands up on air like those AKB girls always do during introductions as Mayu had a shocked face…

“Wait, what? But I never agree to any of this!”

"But you’re my bestfriend... Bestfriend do things together, right?”

And right there, right now, Mayu had for a second actually regretted being buddies with the puppy girl.

- - - - - - - - - -

All of Mayu's regrets flew out of her being as there, at the second row of seats inside the huge auditorium, is her crush-about-to-be-lover senior, Yuki. Mayu for once had been thankful that Jurina had actually put her name in the audition. Jurina too had seen her bestfriend’s long time crush but as usual, if there’s Yuki, there would also be… her. With zero shame and a proud smug face, Jurina pushed through the students sitting a row behind the two tall girls.

“Excuse me! Passing through… Hey! You just stepped on my feet!”

With prideful face, Jurina shoo the girls sitting directly behind Yuki and Rena as she welcomes the expressionless Mayu in a gentleman-like manner before sitting on chased-girl-seat-turned-hers like a boss.

The ruckus had caused both girls turned to their back, only with different expressions shown. Yuki smiles brightly as she sees Mayu and Jurina at her back while Rena… is being the usual straight face Rena especially with the most unwanted person sitting right behind her.

“Mayuyu! Jurina! What are you doing here?”

“Ah! Yuki-san! What a coincidence… I didn’t see you sitting here.”

“A dog with poor eyesight… of course she can’t see us.”

“Oh! No wonder I can smell moyashi around here… fancy meeting you here, Moyashi-taichou.”

“Tch… you’re a sore to my beautiful eyes.”

“No one asks you to turn back… or did my great and awesome presence is so irresistible for you to turn your pretty eyes away from me?”

Jurina said with a wiggle of her eyebrows to tease the already fuming girl. Rena lets out a humph sound before turning to the front for good. Mayu and Yuki however shake their heads in unison as Jurina grins with a silly triumph stance on her seat.

“Mayuyu, are you joining the audition too?”

“Yeah… Jurina here had decided on her own to put both our names for the school play.”

“But you are thankful for it now that you can see Yuki performs on stage~”

Mayu turns pink from Jurina’s teasing but the auditorium is so dark, no one can see her blushing cheek. She gave a strong nudge on Jurina’s ribs to shut the girl.

“That’s great! I hope you’ll get the roles, Mayu… it would be fun if we can act together on stage.”

Mayu’s heart melts as she sees the bright and hopeful eyes of Yuki.

“Of course! Let’s do our best, Yukirin!”

“Un! You too, Mayuyu and Jurina!”

“Yosh! Good luck, Moyashi!”

“I don’t need your bad luck… but yeah, whatever. Good luck to you too…”

- - - - - - - - - -

The audition had ended and the roles had been announced by the drama club president aka Kaotan, the director.

“Hear me, O lowly peasants! Everyone involved with the play must be present every evening for practice. If not, then you’re free to go… I don’t give a damn with your excuses and all. Don’t make me turn all hate on you, lads and gents. I may look silly, but I can be hellishly feisty.”

Mayu shrugs her shoulders, uninterested with the threat at the moment. Of course she is if the role she is getting would be one of the… godmothers. Well, at least she could be one of the important main casts to play beside Yuki.

“Hey, Jurina… are you alright with your role?”

Mayu turns at her buddy only to find out that the girl is unresponsive with a solemn face. No… actually, Mayu couldn’t make out what expression her friend is showing right now. For the first time, Jurina showed no emotion on her face. It was like all the light and brightness had gone in a blink. Mayu shakes her shoulder slightly to awaken Jurina from her trance.

“Jurina? Oy! What’s wrong?”

Nothing. Jurina remained silent on her spot.

“Ah… I get it. You’re too disappointed to be Bruno, right? Well, who told you to bark when they want you to speak? Geez, Jurina… you should get some work with your-“

“Oh My Kami-sama…”

“-stage fright… eh? What?”

Jurina turned to Mayu with her trance-like expression as a small smile and a blush appeared on Jurina’s face…

“I think… I just got stupefied by Rena’s acting…”

A silly smile forms on Jurina’s face like a puppy just got struck with a cupid’s arrow. Mayu grins as she pats Jurina’s back a few times. She knows Jurina had a small crush on the student council president for a long time now. But the way Jurina and Rena interact had made everyone in the school to believe they are actually sworn enemies since birth. However, Mayu can see through their oblivious act… and right now she is raking her mind for some brilliant idea of a cupid’s game for the sake of her bestfriend.

- - - - - - - - - -


“Look at me! Look at me!!!”

“Oh my… she’s the prince? Ikemen~”

The girls all cheered and whistled like some crazy women as the prince walks in the auditorium.

“Hey, girls… and guys too. If you can be called as one…” the prince said proudly with a sarcastic snicker directed to the already glaring and leering boys as she passed through everyone towards the stage. Yes, the prince is a she, also known as the schools douchebag that had flirted with almost every girl available. Even the most handsome guy is shunned away with the presence of Miyazawa Sae, the boy-look-alike girl.

“Good day, Kaotan!”

“Don’t good day me, Miyazawa. You’re late.”

“Aww, come on… You don’t want to go through another hassle of looking for another prince out there, do you? Besides, I don’t think there’s another person more suitable for that role than… well... Me, of course!”

The director wants to throw a chair at the conceited person here but since whatever words came out from Sae is partially true, Kaotan let it slide… for now.

“Sure…” Kaotan grumbles.

“That’s more like it! So… where’s my partner?”

“Waiting on the stage for you, obviously…”

Just as Sae turns her head to the stage, her eyes and mouth widen in astonishment. Never had she seen a magnificent view as these two girls. There, up on the stage, stood two beautiful tall girls with a script on each hands while the spotlight on the ceiling glows on them like some light from the heaven gleaming on the two goddesses.

“Those two will be the main casts. Matsui Rena will play Cinderella while Kashiwagi Yuki is the evil stepmother.”

“Whoaa… Is this a harem fairy tale?”

“God damn it, Miyazawa! Who would want to make a harem play out of Cinderella?! Put some sense into your perverted brain, will you?”

Kaotan released a frustrated sigh before walking away from the spot. Meanwhile, the conceited prince walks up the stage to make a warm conversation before she could woo either of the two pure maiden hearts for some coffee after practice. However, on the dark corner of the stage, a certain girl with a grey doggy suit is growling loudly as she watches the scene of the prince having a nice chit chat with one of the pale girl.

“Grrrr… Pat my head, Mayu. Just pat my head…”

Mayu rolled her eyes as she pats Jurina’s head to calm the puppy from any unwanted fury right now.

“Calm down, Jurina. I don’t think Rena would swoon over a boyish girl like her.”


“Oh right… I don’t know what to make of that girly giggle except she’s HEAD OVER HEELS on that douchebag!”

“She’s just being friendly, Jurina… That’s what we call manners.”

“Then why does the manner never appears when Rena’s with me?”

“That’s what makes both of you special, I guess…”

Jurina was about to ask Mayu what does she mean by that when a clapping sound was heard.

“Alright, enough introductions! Let’s get down to business!”

Groans and grumbles sounded from every person inside the auditorium. Mayu drags Jurina to her place for the first scene but it looks like Jurina’s eyes are focused at the side of the stage. A pale girl with egg-shaped face that is still giggling and talking with the one person she really loathes at the moment… Her face had a slight pain with a small frown as she follows the duo with eyes full of emotions she couldn’t describe.

- - - - - - - - - -

The practice ended without any trouble or cat fight as they go through the first scene. But the puppy girl still had a frown on her face as the scene of Rena and Miyazawa rewinds in her mind like a slow motion movie. She swears she would gnaw that guy-looking girl if she had ever lay a hand on her Moyashi-taichou…

Wait a minute… My Moyashi-taichou? Where did that come from, Jurina? Damn it… But it does sound lovely… My Moyashi, my Rena… My only Rena. Ehehehehe~

Jurina silently giggles with a hand on her mouth like a girly girl as she drowns in her thought. But all her reveries were thrown to the trash bin as the person she doesn’t want to meet right now walks to her direction.

“Hey, Jurina!”

WTH?! Since when did she have the privilege to call me by first name? Jurina could feel her hand about to swing at the smirking face of Miyazawa but she grabs her hand to stay at her back before it could move without her orders… not that she mind though.

“Hey back to you, Miyazawa-san!”

Jurina forced a smile as she greets the girl back in a laid back manner to show her cool façade in front of her enemy.

“Geez, drop the formalities will you? Besides, I think we’re both in the same line of popularity… you know, with the girls.”

Miyazawa sent a wink that could make Jurina throws up her lunch. Knowing what the douchebag is intending, Jurina nods her head slowly with a fake grin.

“Aahh… but my style is different from yours.” Not like some jerk asshole!

Miyazawa lets out a laugh as she puts a hand on Jurina’s shoulder.

“I like you already… Say, I don’t suppose you have Rena’s number, do you?”

“What? Psssh… why whould I have that Moyashi’s number...”

“Oh, come on… You are friends with Rena and- what was her name… Ah! Yuki… right?”

She even has the nerve to forget Yuki’s name? Dude, you're an idiot…

“Look, I don’t play things like this. If you want her number, you should ask her directly… I suppose you could do that with your eyes closed, oh so awesome Prince Sae of Akiba High?”

“Hmm… I guess you’re right. Well, doesn’t matter though… I just want to have some fun with her first before I get on with Yuki. I think she’s more of my type than Rena… I mean, not to said bad things or anything but the prez is all strict and gutsy. Not to mention she had that weird creepy laugh. No one wants a girl like that, I tell ya…”

Jurina could feel her blood boils as Miyazawa said those words about Rena. She admits Rena is definitely what Miyazawa said but that what makes Rena… is Rena. The only beautiful and bold Rena that she had a crush on. Rena is different from all the girls she had went out with and Jurina is for sure Rena’s quality of beauty and manners is at par with any princess or goddesses available out there.

“I better get going now. Got a date with some girls… Gosh, I wish they don’t waste my time with their girls’ talk again. Gotta go, Jurina! Oh, don’t forget to say hi to Rena if you meet her!”

Miyazawa flashes another wink with a sloppy salute as she walks away from Jurina like some diva while girls crowded behind her like chicks following a mother hen. Jurina grits her teeth as soon as realization hits her.

Damn that Miyazawa… she’s just playing with the girls’ hearts. Well yeah, I do flirt with the girls but I don’t dump them like some trash after you’ve done with her. Seriously, this girl never played the same game as I do… there's no way she could be compared with me.

Jurina nibbles her lower lips with worry and fury but a hand on her shoulder made the puppy shriek.


“WHOAA! Hold it! It’s just me, Jurina… Sheesh, what had gotten into you?”

Mayu raised a brow as Jurina suddenly grabbed her shoulders with an amazing force and a serious with grave expression.

“Listen, Mayu... We’ve got two hearts to save right now!"


"It’s... SuperJyuri and BrilliantNezumi showtime!”

“EEEH???! Why my name is so LAAAAME?!”


To Be Continued...

A/N: Aaaaaa lame title... Sorry~ :doh: Well this is going to be a multiple shots but I don't know how long will it turn out so please bear with me :bow:

I really like putting these two couples in one story if you had read my previous MaYuki OSs. And yeaaaah this is another sequeal XD :P

Now the problem is... Which category should I put this one? :? MaYuki? WMatsui?? But it looks like both... Hmmm let's think of that later.  :cow:

Another thing, I don't hold any grudges with Sae!!! She's one of my Oshi but I can't help to think she suits this chara so much hahaha! It's just for the sake of fun fiction~ :D So, enjoy everyone!

P/S: Updates will be in a month. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  :wigglypanda: :mikilaugh: :mon hobo:
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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
Abahhah cant wait to see both of them saving the two heart

Update soon

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Oh this is going to be such fun. :grin:
I look forward to it. :)

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“So… what’s the plan?”


“Yeah, plan…”

“Oh… none.”

Mayu face palm for the second time in the story. No wonder everything is hopeless when it comes to the great Jurina.

“It’s fine… we’ll just go with the flow~”

“No! That won’t do! We’re dealing with a douchebag here… The flow is always running with her doucheness.”

Jurina blinks her eyes a few times trying to find out the meaning behind Mayu’s scholar words.

“But for now, we’ve got a practice to attend.”

Jurina and Mayu walk straight to the stage for some briefing by Kaotan. Everyone is crowding the stage when Mayu caught the sight of Miyazawa walking leisurely from the door. It’s like this girl owns the place even when Kaotan is shooting death glares from her eyes.

“Late again, Miyazawa?”

“Sorry! Traffic congestion…”

“I don’t recall a need for transportation on the way to this place.”

“Oh! Did I say traffic? I meant, girls congestion…”

Miyazawa sent a playful wink towards Kaotan who responds it with a scorn. She then walks to the bunch of girls already waiting for their prince but what she did next had made Mayu turned green. Miyazawa casually stands beside Yuki with a hand on her shoulder. She didn’t even greet or ask permission from Yuki. It seems like the asshole’s hand had a private landing pad on every girl’s body. Mayu could see the uneasiness on Yuki’s face from Miyazawa’s action. Yuki showed an uncomfortable smile as Miyazawa glance at her but the jerk only respond with her sickening smile as if she did nothing wrong. Yuki could only let out a defeated sigh as she lets Miyazawa put her arm on her stiff shoulder.

“That does it…”

“Huh? What? What does it?”

Jurina timidly turns her head around when Mayu quickly zooms past the swarm of people towards her crush. She purposely bumps a little too hard on Miyazawa’s shoulder like it was an accident…

“OOOFF! What the…”

“Oh no! I’m sooo sorry! I thought this was a pole or a wall or something…”

The boyish girl raised a brow from Mayu’s somewhat of a sarcastic statement but she pays no heed. Besides, she needs to show her cool in front of Yuki if she wants her to fall for her ikemen and charms.

“No big deal, kid… I know how it feels to be so small and short. Just be careful not to get crushed or something.”

Miyazawa said with a smirk on her face. Mayu was about to turn into the green guy if not for Yuki who excused herself from the douchebag to stand beside Mayu. The cyborg girl could feel her heart swelling in bliss with butterflies swarming in her gut as Yuki pulls her away from the jerk that had a slight disappointment on her face as they walk away.

“Are you okay, Mayuyu? Miyazawa didn’t do anything to you, right?”

Yuki asked worriedly as she holds Mayu’s hand in a caring manner.

“Naaah… I’m fine. I’m just worried about you… Is it okay to leave her side? Since, you know... the prince doesn’t like it when people stood her up. It’s rude too…”

Mayu put on a serious face to reprimand the girl but just with a simple, small squeeze of Yuki’s hand on hers made all the anger blown away. Yuki bow low enough to whisper on Mayu’s ear as she sees Miyazawa’s eyes on them…

“There are plenty more girls for her to talk with… Besides, I’d rather talk to you than anyone else…”

A smile formed on Mayu’s face with a slight tinge of pink on her cheeks. She turns to Yuki who also had a warm smile on her face. Mayu couldn’t describe what she’s feeling right now. You know, when you thought your crush had a thing for someone else but decided to pay attention only on you… What happiness can you describe from this moment? None, because it’s indescribable.

Mayu caught sight of Jurina who’s making a victory gesture and thumbs up from her success. It seems like the plan is certainly going with the flow, just like what Jurina said. Of course they need to sort out some kind of plan to prevent anymore attacks from the douchebag but for now, she could only say… Cupid better do his work in a right way.

JuriMayu – 1, Miyazawa – 0

- - - - - - - - - -

The laughing sound of Rena and Miyazawa made Jurina’s brain about to explode from anger. They don’t have a scene to practice today but that sucker just had to suck Rena into her bubbly conversation…or flirting, as others call it.

“Hey, doggy! We need you in the next scene! Come up here!”

“For Kami-sama’s sake… I have a name! It’s Jurina!” Jurina grumbles as the crews had been calling her doggy for the nth time today.

“Yeah, yeah… there are too many names here and doggy suits you well.”

Jurina can be a vicious wild dog if she wants to just so she can gnaw some sense on these lazy bums but she knows better than to cause a commotion. She quickly runs up the stage and stand beside Rena who look lovely even in the worn out dress with colorful patches here and there of poor Cinderella.

“You look stunning…”

“Is that a praise or some sort of reverse mockery I heard from you?”

“Can’t a girl be honest for once in her life?”

Rena gives a judging stare at the huge dog whose standing straight with two feet beside her.

“But I think you’ll look better as the stepmother. Too much evil is present inside you, president…”

I knew it… there’s no way this player could say something good to me like ever. I’m just the girl she likes to mess around with. But I have to admit its kinda fun to have Jurina around…

Rena unconsciously smiled with her thoughts but Jurina misinterpret her action. She thought Rena was giving a smile at Miyazawa who’s flirting with another girl at the audience seats. A growl sounded from the dog…

“Alright! Position, everyone! Make sure you don’t forget your lines!”

“There’s no way someone could forget a line full of barking…” Jurina comments a little too loud for everyone to snorts and the director to glare at her.

“I heard that, Matsui…”

Jurina’s mood was not so good today but hearing the giggling voice of her crush had made her day. Seeing Rena making that cute and adorable laugh made Jurina’s heart skip a beat. Jurina had always made every girl falls for her but never had she ever been in their state. And right now, Jurina had finally knows what it feels like to really fall in love with someone…

- - - - - -

“It was… not normal.”


“It’s like… I’m not me.”


“I feel like… she’s everything I ever need for me to be my true self.”

“Is that so…”

“Yeah… that’s what I’m feeling right now.”

“Well… it’s positive then!”

“It is?”

“Yup! Congratulations, my friend! Your long time and subtle crush had finally become your first ever love~”

“Really?! YATTAA!!!”

The two buddies share a heart-warming bromance hug from the out-of-the-world revelation of Jurina’s crush-turned-into-love.

“So… what should I do now?”

“Well… the things you told me, of course! We’ll go with the flow~”

“And how is to go with the flow, O wise one?”

“Easy… be the most damn annoying cockblocker you can ever be.”

- - - - - - - - - -

It was supposed to be a two person date but Rena had agreed that if Miyazawa wants to have lunch with her, Yuki must be follow them. Okay, she can live eating with two gorgeous and beautiful goddesses. It’s like killing two birds with one stone so why not? At least she can have two girls to entertain her that weekend. Alright, Yuki agreed to accompany them for lunch but the girl also has one condition. She would bring together her friends whom Yuki had already promised to have lunch with. And again, for the sake of getting along with her target at the moment, Miyazawa comply with the terms. It’s not that bad hanging with a bunch of cute and pretty girls… right?

Oh, how wrong was the ikemen girl…

“Oh gosh… just look at the silverware, Mayu!”

Mayu grabs the nearest fork she could reach with her short hand as she bit on it shamelessly.


“Is it? Hey, do you think they’ll realize if I took one back home? You know… for some memoir…”

“Oh, oh! Good idea! Maybe I should frame it and post it in instagram…”


“Excuse me… This is a restaurant, not some shop selling kitchenware!”

Miyazawa said in a calm way with gritted teeth. Never, ever Miyazawa had in her mind that this “friends” of Yuki is actually this bunch of idiots. In some ways she could feel the hidden purpose Jurina and Mayu had decided to drag their ass along in this should-have-been-loveable-and-romantic lunch with Rena and Yuki.

“Excuse me, sir…”

“It’s MISS!”


“Didn’t think he will miss the MISS in her…”

Mayu and Jurina tried to contain their snickers as the waiter had mistaken Miyazawa as a guy… but the guy-liking girl dismissed the mistake calmly, trying to play it cool.

“It’s fine… I’m already used to it. Can’t help it when my ikemenness beats the most handsome guy in the place…”

Miyazawa laughs in a proud way with her own joke. Trying to be polite, Rena and Yuki smiled along with her dry sense of humor while the other two were hunched on the table, trying to muffle their laughs from Miyazawa's failure in humor…

“May I take you order, miss?”

“What’s the special for lunch today?”

“We have the special Lamb Merguez sandwich, miss.”

Jurina nods her head with a serious face before turning her head towards Miyazawa, “What’s that?”

Miyazawa lets out a sigh, “It’s a type of sausage…”

Suddenly, Jurina slams her hand on the table with a scowl.

“I don’t understand these people… what’s with the complicated name? Can’t they just call it sausage like normal? Make it English-friendly, damn it…”

“Jurina, it is a French restaurant.”

Rena said with a hint of ‘if you don’t shut up now I swear I’ll burn your list of 1001 girls’ numbers’ in her face. Jurina just raise her brow, trying to intimidate the girl…

Try me, moyashi. I’ll make sure you can’t eat melonpan for a year…

Don’t you dare, sick dog!

“So, what do you want to eat Rena?”

“A barbequed puppy.” Rena murmurs as she glares at the smirking puppy.


Rena swiftly turns her head to Miyazawa with a sweet smile… “I mean… anything you pick would be lovely, Sae.”

The nerve… they are already calling each other by first names? Oh, a tad bit late there, Miyazawa… FYI, we already have our own pet names!

“Then, we’ll have the specials for today…”

“Wait! Hold on a minute!”

“What is it, Mayuyu?” Yuki asks worriedly…

“Who eats sandwich in a grand restaurant like this?”

“True. I think Miyazawa here is a cheapskate.”

“W-what? But that is the specials!”

“Ever heard of special price?”

“Well, yeah?”

“That’s what they do. They cut the price and make it a special meal for the day…”

“In other words… you are a cheapskate, cheapass!”

Knowing where this is going, Yuki quickly intervenes before any fight could begin with the glaring girls…

“A-alright there… no need to quarrel for the prices. Let’s just order and eat, okay? I’m starving already…”

“U-Ummm… so, may I take the order?”

The waiter standing by their table is already trembling in fright with the way the table’s occupants are interacting with each other.

“We’ll have the specials AND NO OBJECTIONS!”

“Wait!” Jurina decided to interrupts…


“I’ll have the Miso Ramen, please.”

“Same with me.” Mayu joins her friend with the other.

Miyazawa wipes the wrinkle about to form on her forehead resulted from these two goons. She never knew that they can be as cockblock as they are right now. She just wants to have a nice and calm lunch with the girls to get to know each other better… and perhaps prolong their date until night afterwards if she's lucky. Is that wrong?

- - - - - - - - - -




Mayu and Jurina purposely slurp their ramen in a noisy way while they talk and comments with a full mouth. Being fond of the adorable cyborg girl, Yuki just smile at them while wiping the remains of soup on Mayu’s face. A blush appears on Mayu’s face as she gulps the remaining ramen in her mouth…

“Thank you, Yukirin.”

A giggle sounded from Yuki, “You look hungry. Eat slowly, okay? I don’t want you to choke or something…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll have you to save me, Yukirin.”

Indeed, Mayu doesn’t need to worry a thing because the one getting choke from their cheesy talk is the puppy sitting beside her…


Jurina coughed out as she pumps her chest to help her throat swallow the stuck up food.

“Oh God! I think a strand got inside my nose…”

“What? Ewww… don’t mention that!” Rena gave a disgusting face from Jurina’s unwanted information.

“Hey, you’re supposed to pass me water or something!”

“You have a hand. Fetch it yourself…”

“I could have died, you know!”

“Oh my! I’ve been expecting that… I’ll have a peaceful, happy life then.”

The puppy and the president shoot lasers and daggers from their eyes before Miyazawa decided to take matters into her hand…

“Rena, how’s the food?”

Turning her attention to Miyazawa after giving a I’ll deal with you later message to her enemy, Rena puts a smile on her face as she responds to the question.

“It’s really good!”

“Is that so?”

Miyazawa nods her head, glad she had made the right choice in ordering their lunch. But Jurina just stare at Rena with a brow raised.

She didn’t even touch the sausage…

Suddenly, her eyes turn wide as she remembered something. Jurina nudge Mayu before whispering to her… nodding in understanding, Mayu look at Rena’s plate before pushing her bowl to the girl.

“Nee, Rena-chan… you want to try this? It’s really good!”

“Eh? It’s okay, Mayu… You shoud finish it since you’re hungry.”

“Yeah, Mayu… you should finish your ramen.”



“Ooops… excuse me.”

Jurina sheepishly smiled as she lets out a loud burp for everyone to hear. Rena shakes her head with the obnoxious act but the puppy decided it’s time to save her crush from hunger…

“Aaah… this is such a waste. There’s still plenty of ramen left…”

Being the person who hates to waste things, especially food, Rena stares at the bowl still full with its contents.

Is this puppy even eating? How can she be filled with only eating a little portion of the ramen…?

“Hey, prez… want my ramen?”

“Why would I want a puppy’s leftovers? It’s gross…”

“But there’s still plenty of it, it can’t be called a leftover… Besides, I don’t want to waste the money Miyazawa spent on this cheap, small bowl of ramen.”

Hearing her name being called, Miyazawa turns her head at the girl she truly hates right now.

“I don’t mind… It’s cheap after all. Not worth it.”

But Rena wasn’t. She is contemplating whether she should eat the ramen or let it wash out in the drainage. Seeing the uncertainty in Rena’s face, Jurina push her bowl towards Rena’s plate.

“How about we exchange our lunch?”


“I’d love to try those scrumptious looking sausage with weird name on your plate.”

Rena looked at Jurina’s face as they watch each other in silence.

What are you trying to do here, pervert?

Come on! Just accept it, damn it!

But you said that you’re full?

Okay I admit it I’m hungry… now give me those damn sandwich! You don't even like meat, right?

Having enough of their inner argument, Jurina exchange their lunch before Rena could say anything. Taking a bite of the sandwich, Jurina lets out a moan as she chew the piece of meat and bread in a delighted way…

“Oh my you called this a sausage? This is dog food, I tell you!”

Everyone just look at Jurina that looks ridiculous with that smile and a full mouth. They wondered if this girl is actually being honest or just plain sarcastic… but the sound of giggle from Mayu broke their thoughts.

“Oh! You’re playing with a pun!

“Glad you caught it, buddy…”

“It suits you then, puppy!”

“I know! That’s why I’m munching this thing happily.”

The whole table laugh from Jurina’s lame and unexpected joke of a pun. Even Miyazawa was smiling in amuse from the girl’s spontaneous act. Mayu and Jurina shared knowing looks with each other, glad that they can save each other’s butt in the most unpredicted time. All of them continue eating their lunch with smiles on their faces. Unbeknownst by them, a girl is still smiling brightly as she enjoys the ramen she received from a puppy but it’s not the ramen that had made her all smiles. In fact, it was the subtle, hidden act of care she had gotten from Jurina… She never knew the jerk could be as caring and considerate like this.

Perhaps, this is one of the charms everyone fall for the player…

It is unfortunate that Rena didn’t know the actual truth behind Jurina’s act. The girl never did these crazy things on other girls she had gone out with. She only goes crazy for Rena…

- - - - - -

A frown appears on Miyazawa’s face as her date and her friends talk with each other animatedly, forgetting the one inviting them to the restaurant in the first place. It’s not like they had forgotten her but their conversations doesn’t suit Miyazawa’s style so she just stay silent at her chair, sipping her grape juice as she subsequently took a glance between Rena and Jurina.

These two… people have been saying they are enemies. But I don’t see anything showing the likes of it. They are comfortable with each other… well, of course they like to bicker and shout at each other all the time but that just show how much they understand with each other… All the more I want to crush this Matsui girl. Tch. She thinks she can get Rena right before my eyes? Dream on!

As if someone is hearing Miyazawa’s inner conversation, a slutty looking girl stepped near their table.



“OMG! It is really you! Long time no see, honey!”

The girl leans a bit too close with the startled girl as she gave a chaste kiss on Jurina’s redden cheek. The Yukko girl leans her fine looking body on Jurina’s as she puts an arm around her shoulder. Jurina scratched her face timidly as she feels a glare from a certain egg-faced girl.

“W-what are you doing here, Yukko-chan?”

“I was just accompanying my “friend” for lunch but then I see my hot and cute honey bunny sitting with her friends here, so I decided to say hi…”

“Ah… is that so? Well, better go back to your “friend” then. Don’t want him to miss you too much, Yukko-chan.”

“I like they way you think, honey. Makes me go all feisty… Grrr~” Yukko purrs before sending a wink at the squirming girl.

“See you later, Jyuri-honey! Send my regards to your parents, okay?”

“Of course, Yukko-chan. Take care!”

The Yukko girl gave another wet kiss on Jurina’s other cheek before swaying her hips away to her own table. Jurina keeps her stare at the good looking hip as she wipes her cheeks before she yelps in pain.

“OWW! What was that for?!”

"I didn't know you'd be as degrading as this..."

"What are you saying?"

“I’m fine with you dating girls in our school. But I can’t believe this… You even go out with a slut?!”

“Hey! She’s not a slut!”

“Yeah, right… with the way she looks at you, I don’t think there’s any other word to call her than SLUT!”

“Hold it, President! What is wrong with you? Don’t judge others just by looks… Besides, she’s just my-“

“ENOUGH! I don’t need to hear any explanation from you, player!”

Rena picks her things before storming off the restaurant door. Everyone just watch in horror at the scene unfolding before them. Mayu duck her face down as she heard murmurs and whispers all around them but a hand on her shoulder caught her attention.

“I should be going, Mayuyu… Rena needs me, just as much as Jurina needs you right now.”

Mayu followed Yuki’s eyes as they look at the devastated face of Jurina. Being her best buddy, Mayu had never seen her bestfriend like this. Looking so hopeless and fragile...

“I’m sorry with the way things turn out, Miyazawa-san.”

“No, no… I understand it VERY WELL.” Jurina clenches her fists as she heard the asshole deliberately emphasize on those two last words directed purposely on her.

“It was a great lunch, by the way.”

Yuki quickly rushes off the door to look for her bestfriend. Meanwhile, Jurina gets up from her seat, startling the remaining occupant of the table.

“Excuse me, I need to go the restroom.” 

- - - - - -

Jurina stare at her reflection on the mirror of the restaurants restroom. There’s something wrong with her. She had never felt this way. So vulnerable and at a lost…

I’m a fool…

Indeed, she is… Jurina is a fool falling hopelessly in love with Rena. She doesn’t know what it feels like to fall in love and have a heart break. But now that she had a glimpse of it, she feels like she should back away. There’s no use in fighting a losing war…

“You’re not giving up, aren’t you?”

Jurina looked at Mayu’s reflection from the mirror as her buddy stand by the door frame. She didn’t realize the girl had been watching her for the past few minutes she entered the restroom. Jurina turns the water on to wash her already clean hands.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Tch. It has been my business since the beginning, Jurina… we’re buddies, remember?”

Jurina exhales a tired sigh… “I don’t know. I’m just… I don’t know…”

“It’s okay buddy…” Mayu walks closer to her friend as she puts a hand on the taller girl’s shoulder.

“You’ll know soon when the time comes… but for now, don’t ever let your crush walk away from you. You’ll never know when you will ever have the chance to fall in love again…”

Jurina had never regretted having a best buddy like Mayu. This girl can really do wonders with her talking and smart brain.

“Besides, I don’t think you’re gonna let that douchebag wins Rena… don’t you?”

“Hell no! Rena is destined to be with me! Only me!”

They shared a laugh from Jurina’s sudden change and sudden declaration. But then, the door of the restroom opens by none other than the douchebag…

“So… this is what has been going on behind my back.”

Miyazawa scowls at them as she took some intimidating step towards Mayu and Jurina.

“Tch… what are you doing sneaking on others, Miyazawa?”

“Now, now… how many times do I have to tell you, Jurina? Drop the formalities… After all, we are of the same kind, aren’t we… PLAYER?”

A smirk forms on Miyazawa’s face as she emphasized the last word directly towards Jurina. Mayu quickly grabs Jurina by her shoulder before she could do any damage the conceited jerk.

“What do you want, Miyazawa?”

The tall girl laughs at the pathetic looking short girl before she sends a glare at their direction.

“Oh, nothing… Just want to deepen our friendship, if there is any in the first place…”

She rounds them to a corner before standing behind Mayu and Jurina as she acted out a pondering stance with a glint of mischief…

“Let’s play a game… shall we?”

She puts a hand on both Jurina’s and Mayu’s shoulder as she stood between them before tightening her holds on the girls with a strong grip.

“I’ve wanted to play a game for such a long time... Oh, it’s not gonna be a chase and run game. Pssh… forget those childish play things. What we’re gonna do… is…”

Jurina and Mayu exchange glances with each other as Miyazawa grins at them.

“Whoever gets their girls first, wins. Easy peasy, huh?”

“No… we’re not-” but Miyazawa already cut Jurina’s words before she could finish.

“Hmmm… scratch that. Make it... the first getting the girls’ kiss. Now that’s more fun! The losers, however… will do anything the winner wants. Brilliant, isn’t it?”

Jurina for sure wants to give a punch on this crazy dude.

A kiss? Who does she think she is…? The girls are not some prizes they could just win...

Jurina steps forward with flaring eyes and nose, her right arm already lifted in the air but Mayu halted the girl as she steps in between them. Having the brain among the duo, Mayu dares herself to ask a question…

“Wait… what are the rules?”

“Ahhh… good question. The rules are… NOTHING! You can do whatever you want!”

Miyazawa clapped her hand after she said the nonexistent rules. A devilish smile appears on her face, making Jurina and Mayu gulps in intimidation.

“This is not fair!”

“You think so? Well… just wait until I tell Rena what little games you’re playing behind her, PLAYER. I think with the way things are going on between both of you, it’s obvious that I have the upper hand in this matter.”

“Why you…”

“Oh! But on second thought, I think I should have revealed everything in the first place… That will make Rena hate you more and crush all your stupid puppy love. Oh man, I love dramas!”

Jurina could feel the demon inside her seething with hate and anger. The being is just waiting to come out to lash at the arrogant face of the prince but a hold on her arm brought her senses back.

“Fine. It’s a deal.”

“Heh, no wonder they call you the smartass between those second years… Well, see you later.”

As Miyazawa walked away from them, Jurina harshly turn Mayu around to face her.

“THE HELL ARE YOU DOING MAYU? WE’RE NOT PLAYING HER GAME FOR KAMI-SAMA’S SAKE! You don’t know how sly she is with games… God! What should I do now…?”

Jurina could feel her head about to explode from frustration but the girl in front of her had no emotions whatsoever on her face.

“Chill, dude… We’re not getting into her game. We’re the one who’s going to play this game… With our OWN ways. “

“What do you mean…?”

A sinister grin forms on Mayu’s cyborg face as she rubs her chin…

“You should remember what that asshole said, Jurina… I am, after all, the SMART ASS of the group.”

To be Continued...

A/N: Did I say updates will be in a month? Meh... screw that. Reader's hopes are my utmost priority than my laziness :P Hope you guys enjoy this! :grin:



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Now let me get this straight first. This is not some steps taken from the greatest guide in some websites or any professional advices of so called professional love experts in Oprah Winfrey show. Nope. This is pure experience alone truly by me, Matsui Jurina. So don’t come complain, crying or bawling your eyes out when these steps only managed to gain a slap straight to your face by your girl in front of everyone in school. Ooooh now that’s gotta hurt… But don’t fret my dear readers. All you ever need is the sheer, high level of confidence and a dash of your own unique charm. But none can beat mine, I tell ya… HAHAHA! Ehem ehem…Ummm… Well, let’s get down to business, shall we?

It started when there’s a rumor of the straightest girl in school that had previously broken every little boy’s heart that tried to woo for a piece of her heart. She is the devil of all devils… She is Matsui Rena, also known as, the HeartBreaker. I made that up myself, you know… hehehe. Okaaay… This Matsui Rena is a normal everyday school girl. Cheerful, loveable, out-going, have this cool laidback attitude and most of all, she’s pretty. Yeah… the prettiest girl I had ever laid my eyes on. I’m not gonna explain how pretty she is because I don’t think this page could fill everything that is considered pretty from the greatest being God ever made. That should wait for another story entitled “How Pretty is My Girl”… If I'm not lazy to write one.

“You know, they said Rena had never had any experience with relationship…” Kumi said with those big slanted eyes of hers.

“Eh? You mean…The Rena? Now that you mention it, I did remember someone said she’s not up for some love nonsense in high school. Everything is just some waste puppy love she said...”

Yuria comes in between with her round face. It makes me wonder when will her face lose the roundness when Kanon decided to brought up the most sensitive topic that got me included in the mess.

“I don’t think anyone can make her fall in love… even with the great Jurina-sama here who likes to play with girls’ hearts wherever she can.”

This girl surely knows how to mess with me…

“Wait… what does that got to do with me?” But they ignore me as they talk with each other as if I wasn’t even there in the first place.

“Jurina? Psshh… she’s damn straight, not even Jurina-sama could bend her.”

“Not to mention quite religious too. Always going for the religious study circles on the weekend with her groups of nerdy friends.”

“Yeah… Jurina is a no no for her.”

“Yup. The first time our Jurina couldn’t stand a chance with a pretty girl…”

Now that’s just rubbing salt on my already wounded pride…

“But Jurina wouldn’t give a damn about Rena. I mean there are plenty of girls out there for you… right, Jurina?”

A devilish smirk appeared on my face… After getting ignored and talked like some trash, I devised a plan to woo this steel heart of Rena with my own ultimate way of making a girl fall hard for me.

1. Do Your Homework

What I mean by homework is the girl’s history, background and all. Get along with her nerdy friends and groups of religious study circle and try to get them talk about your girl. Geek people always stalk their target through the internet but it is okay if you are a noob on technologies like me. Ask her friend about her facebook, instagram, twitter… every single social network you could think of. The more, the better! Stalk them every day, every night until you got all dizzy and sick you felt like throwing up right away. Now that just show what a great job you did there and you deserve a self patting at the back. But if your girl is a secretive person who likes to put weird profile name like Rena here who puts her facebook name with MahouMelonheartDaisuki (whatever that means) or perhaps put her profile in private, don’t worry… There are many other ways to get to know your girl. As for me, I asked a senpai who is a good friend with Rena (not without a bribe or two… :sweatdrop:).

2. “Ummm hi…?”

Now this is where you got to muster up all the confidence! If you are a shy person, that’s okay… maybe your girl actually likes you being all scaredy cat, blushing and stuttering or sputtering nonsense in front of her. Well not me, though… I’m born with confidence, people. Walk up straight to your girl and greet her in a normal way.

“Hey… you’re Rena, right?”

If she gave you a smile and a nod, it means you had just gotten by the first phrase of this step. Now this is crucial. Don’t start by telling your name like you own the school. That won’t do. No one likes a braggy, bratty girl. Instead, play it cool and let your words fly out of your mouth in a smooth way. Make some excuses just to speak with her… like I did. If possible, let her do all the work to find out for your name.

“Excuse me for interrupting but Aki-sensei had asked me to give this book to you.”

“Eh? Ah… sure, but-"

“Have a good day, Rena-san. See you later!”

Then just turn around and leave like it’s no big deal for you. But make sure to turn around the corner and stop to take a peek on her reaction. If she’s all confuse and ended up shrugging her shoulders while checking out the book in her hand, put your hand into a fist and make that “YOSH!” gesture. Now is the time you get to the next step.

3. Wink and Smile

Make sure you had learned her schedule and the route she would usually use every day by now. Try to accidently stumble upon her at least once or twice a day. Try to do this alone instead of walking with a group of friends. It’s even better if the hallway is vacant or not too crowded like during peak hours. It’s okay if there’s no eye contact involve. By now, just let her feeeeel your lone but enigmatic presence just by walking down the hallway in a cool way. If you don’t feel like having this kind of atmosphere around you, try to trip upon something or perhaps greet a random person even if you don’t know him or her. You can always do the old way of stopping in the middle of the hallway to tie your shoelace that you got undone beforehand after seeing her walking from afar. You’ll get used to this after days of doing the same, repeated way. However, don’t let this routine last longer than 3 days or else she’ll just think that you are not interested with her at all.

Feeling confident enough? Take a deep breath, brush your teeth, clears your throat and put some sparkles on your eyelids cause the game is just about to begin. Do the same routine again but instead of not paying heed on your girl, this time make sure to look straight at her eyes even from afar. Let your eyes linger on her until she caught yours. If she did, don’t forget to muster a small but cunning smile directed only to her. Keep the eye contact for as long as you can without tripping over someone’s feet or bumping into a lone pillar or wall. That would be an epic fail I don’t want to know… If you feel brave enough, do leave her a dashing wink as you got nearer to her. That way she would definitely smile back after seeing you the next time.

Precaution: Make sure to practice your winks beforehand in front of a mirror or a friend. Don’t let your girl see a failed wink like you got some dust getting inside your eyes or you are fluttering your eyelids too fast like some retarded girls always do in front of a guy they like. Remember to check your teeth too. Brush them every time you’re going to meet her in the hallway, if possible. Chewing a gum is good to. Makes you look all badass and cool. Don’t want her to see a food stuck on your teeth now, do you? Just like I did…*facepalm*

4. Can we be friends?

“Hey, Non-chan! Come on… Introduce me to her, will you?” I bat my eyelashes annoyingly at Kanon.

“Why should I?” Non-chan just gave a glare to me… tch.

“Cause we’re friends? And it’s good to be friends with everyone in this school!”

“You just want to be friends with Rena…”

“I don’t see any harm with that~”

“Geez… fine!”

“Oh, oh! Here she comes!”

“*sigh* Rena-chan!”

“Ah, Non-chan! It’s unusual to see you here this early… even so with a friend.”

“You mean-" But I cut Non-chan... I need to this my way!

“Eh? Wait… Oh my! I think I’ve seen you before… you are… Rena-san!”

“*giggles* Yes, I am. Fancy meeting you again… ummm…”

“Jurina… Matsui Jurina! It’s a pleasure for me~”I said with my most charming smile added with a cute wink that had been practiced millions of times before in front of a mirror like a weirdo...

“Ano, Rena-chan… Jurina here have been talking to me about something veeery personal regarding us.”

“Oh, she did?”

“Eh, I did?” When…?

“Uh-huh… Well, the thing is… she wants to join our club!”


“Seriously? I mean… ahahaha! I think Non-chan had-“ I scratched my head with a forced laugh but Kanon dare cut me halfway…

“Awww Jurina is all shy~ She’s a very timid person, Rena-chan.”

I shoot daggers at Kanon but change my face to a sweet one when Rena looked at me.

“It’s okay, Jurina-san… I’ll be taking care of you.”


“E-eeh? Then… yoroshiku onegaishimasu~”

I bid her farewell as she walks to her class but not before posing like a cool girl, leaning on one hand on the hallway windows and giving her a nod as she turns around. I was about to grab the collar of my bestfriend who had just made the most random, unrealistic story of me wanting to join the 2D club but I could only grab the air. Turning to my side, Kanon had already left with trails of smokes…

Damn you, Kanon!

Well, to the next step, I guess…

5. I’m a Bully… not!

This time you need to play your trump card. Unleash your inner gift that had been buried deep down inside your heart. Well, in my case I like to make the situation funny and interesting. Crack up some jokes with your friends including hers during conversations. Even if the joke is not funny, just laugh it out loud with funny gesture and grimace just to make them laugh from your failed jokes. No good? Why not choose one of your circles of friends and imitate her. Make some embarrassing gesture or anything just to tease her but make sure don’t get too excited over making fun of your friend or she’ll get pissed. Just to lighten up the air, you know what I mean? Once in a while, make your girl your target and tease her to no ends. Make her laugh with your imitations and received a couple of slaps form her. Now that is what I call a great achievement (skinship! :w00t:). Still can’t do? Think of any interesting story you could think of but if you have none (your life sucks), just use Mr. Google. He’s just a click away from your hand! Try to make the atmosphere cheery and fun with you in their circles. But once a while, step away from the group just to make them feel at loss or bored just because you are not there. I know this is hard and needs a lot of guts and well-gifted appeal so let’s do something else…

Now this is my secret weapon. I know from my keen and frequent observations that Rena is always alone and prefer to do things like studying all on her own. This is where I turn myself into the most annoying person she had ever met. Keep pestering her to no ends even after you got chased away from her. Sit beside her with funny faces, sing like a deaf person, talk to yourself with Rena (insert your own girl name) as the main topic, make some mess of papers on her side of table… just anything to get her attention. And when she does, make the most innocent face you could make of like that orange cat with a sword and huge boots. Pout if you want to. That will definitely make her go “Awww” on you. Once she fully pays attention to you, start talking with her. Just any random topic like…

“What are you doing?”

“Studying, obviously…”

“But you’re talking to me.”

“Cause you’ve been bothering me…”

“You don’t want me to?”



“Let me finish this question first…”

“What are you studying?”

“Ummm… maths?”

“Well I don’t like maths…”

“What do you like then?”

“I like studying you.”

Ends it with a wink and a smirk then we’re good to go~

6. Trick or Treat

For starters, start buying her food like lunches or breakfast (if you’re an early bird). Don’t buy her favorite food yet or else she’ll start to think that you are a creeper. Take some lunches together whether it be in the cafeteria, rooftop, school garden… anywhere is good but ask her first. If she’s okay then you can proceed. Make sure to observe her lunch and make out the food she enjoys the most and least. Try to make a conversation of it but don’t directly ask for her favorite! Buy her drinks or perhaps some sweets or chocolates when you see her staying late studying or having a club activity. It’s quite a hassle but trust me… it’s worth it!

Thankfully Rena is pretty obvious with her choice of food. Her bento has never had any meat in them so that means she doesn’t eat meat but that doesn’t mean she’s a vegetarian. Don’t assume things so fast! Just observe slowly every details of your girl. If Rena doesn’t bring her bento, she will go to the cafeteria just to buy a packet of melon pan and a bottle of milk. That’s it. Well, I’m quite troubled with Rena eating melon pan for lunch… and that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. Start buying her a healthier and fulfilling lunch like a box of spaghetti you bought from a conbini. A homemade one is better and more self-rewarding as you see her slurps the content with a blissful face. Nothing can be more rewarding than seeing your girl having the best meal of the day… By the end of the day, that’s when I will hand Rena a packet of melon-pan just so she can remember my face as she gets home. Make sure you give the favorite food lastly cause the last is always the best.

Warning: Steps 7-10 are more of flashbacks of events instead of description. They are not recommended for everyone but anyone can follow them if they want to… Do it at your own risk! :P

7. Don’t Look Under Your Table!

I have a habit of bringing some sweets to school and share them with my friends but there’s this one candy that is my most favorite and I’ve never shared them with anyone. I don’t know if you guys ever heard of it but it’s called Fox. A crystal clear hard candy with different colors and flavors to chose from. These are sooo good I can never live without one! Well, one day Rena caught me popping one inside my mouth. She asked me one and since she’s my girl and all I gave her the blackcurrant flavor. Yeah, you know what happens next… She totally loves it! I can’t stop the swelling in my heart! So the next days she saw me again eating the same candy but with a different color. I told her of the many flavors the candy has and perhaps one day I’ll give them all to her. Oh my lord the excitement she shows is sooo cute and adorable, I decided to buy the full flavors (including mint) after school.

The next morning, being an early bird, I put the handmade origami box under her table with a small ribbon tied around it and a simple note attached. Then I got to my seat and do my things, waiting for her arrival with anxiousness and excitement.

“Ah, Rena-chan! Good morning~”

“Good morning, Tani…”

I didn’t know when I fell asleep but hearing her name woke me up so wiping my mouth from any drools, I act cool and oblivious of her presence. I just sat there and watched Rena’s every single action, once again waiting for the time she would found out about the poor box lying alone in the dark hole of her table. Just as she was about to put her books under the table, the box caught her attention. She looked around to find out who was the person that left it there. I can see the way she carefully opens the lid.


Just by hearing her cute squeal and seeing a glance of her smile, I avert my eyes to the window. I don’t need to see what happens next. I just need to hide this happy smile from turning into a blissful grin and ease the heat filling on my face and ears… Ah, just remembering this scene is making me blush. I don’t think I need to explain this one, right?

8. Post-it Note (Love Letters)

We started exchanging notes and small letters just for the fun of writing one. I know it’s old school and all but it’s romantic and cheesy… hehehe. Sometimes I made some shapes out of them. I like origamis~ I’ll be leaving one early in the morning under her table and she will reply when we need to change classes or meet in the hallway. Sometimes during lab session or in the library we’ll sit opposite of each other and talk by writing without getting caught by our friends or teachers. It’s all about stealth, people. No one knows about us exchanging small notes and letters. We just want to find out more about each other and this is the most effective way for us to talk, share or ask anything in secrecy… and we still keep the letters in this small treasure box full with worn out papers and notes.

I don’t know how we managed to exchange notes like this but I sure like this… - Rena

You do? Then I’ll be sure to send one every day just for the sake of seeing you smile… - Jurina

LOL what’s with the cheesy lines? – Rena

Let’s just say… I want to see your cute, silent laugh. Wait… I think it looks weird now. – Jurina

Hahaha! Stop that! I’ll let out that creepy laugh I told you about once we’re out of this place. – Rena

*gasp* I’ll make sure to record this once in a lifetime experience, Hyon-chan. Oh, Ikuma-sensei walking our way. DERP FACE! – Jurina


“Something’s wrong, Matsui?”

“A-aah… nothing, sensei! A random animal just bit me…”

The teacher walks away after I sent an apologizing look at him. Turning to the girl in front of me who’s currently hunching with a hand covering her mouth to muffle the laugh coming out, I sent a glare with a gesture of a thumb slicing across my throat towards Rena. The girl had just kicked my shin when the teacher walk passed us because of the derp face I made but seeing the red face of Rena just made me join her in laughing silently like some crazy people. Indeed, things can get pretty hectic when we are together and we love every bit of it.

9. Jealousy is…

I know there are other people who like Rena but I never knew one of them would be one of my friends. Furukawa Airi has been courting Rena since the day she got transferred into our school. Airin is cool and funny (a little bit of a pervert), almost everyone is comfortable with her presence even is she’s a new student here. She’s one of my closest friends once upon a time but things don’t work that well between us. Moreover, she transferred to another school because of her dad’s work. And now the girl is back, she just had to mess with my life once again…

“Jurina, I see you are close with Rena…”

“Yeah I am. Why?”

“Well, she’s cute and pretty… can you help introduce her to me?”

“What? Just talk to her… what’s so hard about that?” Said the one who uses Kanon to get to talk with Rena-chan.

“But she’s out of my reach…”

“Well, just do it the same way you always do…”

“You mean… giving her things?”

“Wha-… dude! You’re not trying to woo her or anything. You’re trying to be friends… FRIENDS!”

“That’s why I’m asking you this!”

“Tch… fine, fine! I’ll told her about you… just make sure you don’t do any funny business with Rena-chan.”

“Yeah, yeah… whatever. I’ll catch you later, Juritan. Thanks anyway!”

I didn’t realize just how much I regretted helping this dude in trying to befriend Rena. She acts all shy and bashful in front of Rena, my girl can’t resist the overflowing cuteness gushing from this hentai girl. Not enough with that, she always gave expensive presents and chocolates to her. I know mine is cheap because of the tight budget of my monthly allowance but it’s the thoughts that count… right?

I started distancing myself from Rena as Airi asked me to give some space for them to get to know each other. I know I should have fight for my girl but how can I when she’s all smiles and happy with Airi by her side. They even started hanging out during lunches, eating together in the school garden. Oh, how boring… but at least I still get to see Rena after school. Everything is the same as before. We talk, laugh, tease each other, exchanging notes and stories… except that I had shut myself a little bit from Rena. It’s like there’s this small feeling of pain in my chest as I remembered the way Rena would laugh and joke with Airin. It’s killing me slowly from the inside. It feels like I’m not wanted anymore…

“Hey, what’s wrong?”


“You don’t talk too much today…”

“Ah… I guess I’m just tired since exam is just around the corner…”

“I see…” Rena nodded before she grabbed my hand, “but if there’s anything, don’t hesitate to tell me… okay?”

I could only manage to nod as a response before pulling my hand away slowly. Yeah… it feels nice having our skin touching but I can’t help to feel my hand doesn’t deserve to be in hers … I can’t push away this pain I’m feeling when I’m with you, Hyon-chan.

10. I’m sorry but I Love You!


“Rena-chan! There you are! I’ve been looking for you…”

I surely heard Rena calling my name just now… perhaps it’s just my imagination. Besides, Airin is more fun to be with. I resumed walking my way to the rooftop to get some alone time. I had been having my lunch alone since the past few days, even I have lost count. My friends had been nagging me with the gloom they always seen on my face when they saw me but as usual, I put up a fake happy mask to prevent them from worrying about me. It’s nothing to be concerned after all… I just need to sort out my feelings for Rena and everything will turn back to normal soon. Well, easy to say…

Just as I was lying on the floor with closed eyes, a figure looms over me, hiding the blaring sun from shining on my figure. I know this scent… this subtle sweet scent. I pretended to be sleeping but the girl kept poking me on the cheek. I know she knows I’m just faking it but I continued to play dead. She heaves a deep sigh…

“Jurina, what are you doing here? Why are you avoiding me? I feel lonely when you’re not with me…”


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry if you’re like this because of me…”

Suddenly, something wet dropped on my face… It’s not raining because the sky is clear of any clouds earlier so what’s this? Don’t tell me…

“I’ve been thinking what did I do wrong for you to keep avoiding me but I can’t… I don’t know what’s wrong. I can’t even concentrate on my studies, Jurina… I hate this… I hate it when your presence affected me this much.”

I could hear the sobbing sound from her. My heart twitched with the way she tried to choke back her tears… it’s like the pain I felt before increased with the way she cry. It’s breaking my heart into pieces knowing I was the cause she’s becoming this fragile...

“I don’t know what to do… but if this is what you want, then I have no other choice. I’ll stay away from you, Jurina. You don’t have to keep avoiding your friends or me. Just be the normal Jurina like before we know each other… I’m sorry again.”

From my closed eyes I could feel she stood up to leave the place. What are you doing, Jurina? You know that’s not what you want! You want to be by Rena’s side, be the one who makes her happy instead of crying like right now… You know you want Rena so get your lazy bum up and go make Rena your girl!


I grabbed hold of Rena’s arm before wrapping her frail body in a backhug. I can feel her body jerking from crying and sobbing… what have I done?

“It’s not your fault, Rena-chan… it was never your fault in the beginning. I was the one who decided to get you involved in my life. I’ve planned this all along… I’m the one who should be apologizing to you. For making you cry, for making you sad, for making you forget studying… for making my presence affecting you so much…”

I land my chin on her shoulder, pulling her closer into my outline. Her sobbing had lessened a little but I can still felt her tears dropping on my hand that was wrapped around her waist. With a deep breath, I gather up all my courage to confess to her.

“I’m sorry, Rena-chan… but I can’t help to fall madly, deeply in love with you…”

As Rena turns her head to face me, I quickly gave a peck on her wet cheek. She was startled with the action but there’s no resistance from her. I let my lips lingered on her cheek for a few seconds before pulling away from the hug.

“I’m sorry if I make you feel confused with your feelings, Rena-chan.”

As I said that, I ducked my head low enough to prevent her from seeing the tears about to flow out of my eyes. The sheer feeling of having an unrequited love overwhelmed my whole body at the moment… I was about to walk away from the scene but Rena caught my hand before pulling me closer. My eyes widen as I felt a pair of soft lips met mine. We stayed like that for a few seconds before pulling away. A shy smile appeared on Rena’s face…

“Idiot… I’ve been in love with you since the day you gave me that notebook from Aki-sensei.”


Instead of answering, Rena pulls me closer, once again meshing our lips together. This time, the kiss felt so sweet and surreal, fireworks appeared behind my eyelids as I closed my eyes. I pulled her into a hug, embracing her warm figure before my attention falls into the deep kiss. I can’t stop the frenzy beating of my heart as it swells with butterflies swarming in my gut. You know… all the things movies always told us… We pulled away from the kiss hesitantly to catch some breaths.


“Yeah… wow…”

We both shared a laugh before I pulled Rena’s chin closer.

“I love you…”

I pecked her red, swollen lips.

“I love you too…”

And once again, we kissed like there wasn’t even a care of the world. Even when the school bell rings…

And that’s how I get the straightest girl of the school to fall for me. I got bruised up pretty badly after she found out the real truth of why I was courting for her in the beginning. It hurts like hell, but it’s worth every kiss and hug she gave me afterwards. It’s been five years and we’re still good like the first time we met. Of course there will be quarrels and misunderstanding all the time but when you’re destined to be together, nothing can tear you apart. But one thing is for sure… there are always notes and letters to help us get back on our track if we actually drifted away from each other one day. Oh! And a Fox’s candy to get us back together like old times~

P/S: Rena was actually the first one to fall for me… You know I actually wrote something inside the notebook before I gave it to her. I can't believe I've forgotten about it. But the note inside was the reason Rena falls head over heels for me. Oh I'm not gonna tell you guys what's in it~ :P Yeaaaah it seems like I was just wasting my time with the steps above but hey, you can try this out! Who knows if it works for you guys… Love can come in many different way. It’s just whether you realized it or not! But one can’t expect to achieve something without some pain in the ass first, right?

A/N: Ahahaha how was it? Leave a comment and thanks for reading~ :thumbsup
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