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Author Topic: Breathe (Yuko x Torigoya OS) - COMPLETED  (Read 4124 times)

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Breathe (Yuko x Torigoya OS) - COMPLETED
« on: April 26, 2015, 09:52:47 AM »
Um... Drama Warning? Thanks for reading... :3

"What?!" Yuko exclaimed. She stared at Sado with disbelief after what she had said. She reprocessed the words she had been told. "Torigoya's taking care of Maeda." Knowing her abilities, she couldn't defeat a single yankee without the help of one of the other Rappapa members. She obviously can't beat Maeda without extra help. It's not like she was doubting her, it was the truth. But she wasn't in the Four Heaveny Queens for nothing. "You released the monster, didn't you?" she asked Sado. "We don't have any other choice." Yuko gritted her teeth. "Did you know what you just did? She can't control herself in that state. Meaning, she can hurt one of us in the process without her knowledge!" Sado bowed and apologized, "I'm sorry, but it's all too late now." She sat on the hospital bed and rested her palms on her temples. With a sigh, she regained her composure. "Where is she?"

With Sado's help, Yuko hurried to where Torigoya was said to be last spotted at, trying her best not to be burdened by her sickness. For now, she didn't care how bad her state was. She wanted to find that idiot bird of hers. And quick. "Haruna!" she shouted, desperate to find that straight brown hair and stupid carefree face she makes whenever she stares at her. They looked for her for a while, until they came across a set of benches. There she was, lying cold, bruised, beaten up and unconscious on one of them. "Haruna!" Yuko cried, rushing over to the fallen warrior's side. "Sado..." Torigoya mumbled, eyes closed, breath shallow, "...I failed you..." Yuko brushed stray strands of hair from her bruised face. "It's okay," she whispered. Sado stood close by, staring at the other figure standing a few meters away. Dazed and forlorn, hands drenched with blood, one of them holding a pair of silver-rimmed glasses, was Atsuko Maeda.

Torigoya was hospitalized in the same hospital as Yuko's. The latter was a frequent visitor of hers, and she was more than happy to accept her company. "So, boss. How are you doing?" she asked one day. "I told you to stop calling me boss whenever we're alone," she laughed, "But anyway, I'm feeling good." Torigoya smiled. She didn't want her to know that she remembered what she saw in Sado's mind. She knew about her limited life, and she didn't want her to be reminded of it. Instead, she decided to continue with the livened conversation. "Hey boss—" she was cut off by a stare from Yuko. "Sorry. I mean, Yuko. After I get discharged, will you treat me ramen as a celebration gift?" Yuko laughed and gave her a toothy grin. "Why not?"

Yuko's lively visits to her continued, until that day.

Torigoya watched in horror as Yuko was charged to the ER. Difficulty of breathing. She looked miserable. Sado was nowhere to be found for she was fighting with Maeda. For the whole day, Torigoya spent her time alone in her hospital bed. Her eyes were completely glued to the chair that Yuko used to occupy as she relived every moment with her.

She was just a regular MajiJo high schooler. She was never able to remember how she was able to join Rappapa. She was pathetic. No idea on how to fight at all. All she can remember was the faint sound of chickens, and the next thing she knew, she was lying on the cold grassy floor, with pain rushing through her whole system. Yuko towered over her, hair all messed up and a couple of bruises on her arms. She was done for. Or so she thought. Yuko grinned and offered her hand and helped her up to her feet. "Want to join me?" she asked, "Together, we'll be at the top of MajiJo." Her eyebrows knitted in confusion, "Me? But why?" Yuko smiled. "I can sense the yankee soul inside of you. Now, will you join me, or not?" Yuko drew her hand and offered it as a sign of companionship. "But I'm useless..." she muttered, her hands trembling. Yuko approached her and placed both of her hands on the others' arms, "Well, I am too. All I do is fight, and get into all kinds of trouble. Because that's what I love doing. Isn't that pretty useless?" She nodded. "What's your name?" Yuko asked. "Haruna... Haruna Kojima." She made another toothy grin, "Well, Haruna. I expect you to be inside the Wind Instruments club room by tomorrow." And with that, she walked away.

When she walked over to the club room she was told to be in, there, she found six people, and among them was Yuko. "Haruna~!" she grinned, running to her with outstretched arms and pulling her into a hug. "Everyone," she shouted, pulling away from the hug she initiated, "Introduce yourselves." "Tomomi Itano," a short girl sipping strawberry milk spoke, "Call me Shibuya." She then turned to another girl beside her. She was a bit taller than her, and was busy dancing with her eyes closed and a pair of headphones blasting in her ears. With a quick hit on the forehead by Shibuya, the girl opened her eyes and took off the headphones. Shibuya sighed. "This is my servant, Dance." The girl shifted, turned to Haruna and bowed, "My name's Kumi Yagami. Pleased to meet you!" There was a manic laugh. Haruna turned to the source and found herself face to face with another girl. She was biting her nails in an insane manner. "Are you the stray cat boss took in?" she giggled. "My name's Gekikara." She took something from her pocket and showed it to Haruna. "Care for a chili cracker?" "Stop it, Rena," the girl seated in the corner, holding a  book, said. In a flash, as if she used inhumane speed, she went from the corner to right beside Gekikara in less than two milliseconds. "Excuse her. She's Rena Matsui. My name's Yuki Kashiwagi. Call me Black." All who was left who wasn't introduced yet, was the tallest of them all. She was playing with a kendama for the whole time. "Sado?" Yuko uttered, staring at the tall girl. Her eyes turned from her kendama to Haruna. "Mariko Shinoda. Sado, if you please." Haruna bowed to all of them and introduced herself. "From now on," Yuko smiled, "You'll be called Torigoya." With no questions asked, Haruna nodded and assumed her position as one of the Wind Instruments club's members. From that day forth, she started opening up to the other members, along with the  new ones who joined in, who were worthy of Yuko's approval. Eventually, Haruna and the others became the four pillars of Rappapa; the Four Heaveny Queens.

Before she knew it, tears were falling from Haruna's eyes. Yuko has harassed her a lot in the past, and she was even asked if she loved her a few times. Her answer was always silence. She always convinced herself that whatever she felt towards the short boss wasn't love, since she knew herself that she doesn't swing that way. But now, she didn't care. She was sure that, the harassment  and everyday flirting had worked. She was, no doubt about it, in love.

Time Skip

It was a week after the graduation ceremony in MajiJo. Yuko was weaker than ever and was bedridden. Beside her was Torigoya, who has been by her side ever since. "Haruna... What do you plan, now that you've graduated?" Yuko asked, staring at the ceiling. "I'm thinking of becoming an erotic massager." Yuko gave her a weary laugh. "That would be perfect. Haruna's sexy, after all." They both laughed, until all was silent once more. "I'm ready to die..." Yuko smiled, sadly, "I've lived an amazing life as a yankee. And I lived it with amazing idiots as friends like all of you." The atmosphere turned depressing all of a sudden. Haruna knew that this was her last chance to tell her her feelings. "Yuko, I..." she managed to utter, "I never had a chance to reply to any of your 'I love you's." Yuko's head turned over to her direction, indicating that she was listening. "I just wanted to say that..." She looked into Yuko's eyes, "I love you too." She received yet another weary laugh from Yuko. "Haruna, if you say that, you'll make me rethink my decisions of accepting death." Her voice cracked after a few words. And so, they went from laughing together, to crying in unison. "Haruna... Can you hold my hand... Until I fall asleep?" Haruna nodded and offered her hand. Yuko gripped it tightly and smiled. After a few minutes, she fell asleep, Haruna following not soon after.

When Haruna woke up, she didn't feel the tightened and reassuring grip on her hand from Yuko anymore. She looked at the girl. Eyes closed, as if she was sleeping. In fact, she could have been asleep if it weren't for the only problem that she... wasn't breathing.
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Re: Breathe ( Yuko x Torigoya OS )
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2015, 10:26:17 AM »
THIS IS MY SPOT :mon zoom:

OHMYGOSH DUDE :depressed:

THIS IS TOO GOOD BUT IT'S too sad :frustrated:

Well, I admire your skils. Not to mention you're younger than me. :ding:

More KojiYuu onegai~ ; ~ ; :on gay:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Breathe ( Yuko x Torigoya OS )
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Kidding aside, I like your fic! Update more please!

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Re: Breathe ( Yuko x Torigoya OS )
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Nicely written!!
The ending is sad but at least Haruna confessed her feelings to Yuko before she past on..
Hoping to see more Kojiyuu fics! :glasses:
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Re: Breathe ( Yuko x Torigoya OS )
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omg U.U so sad

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Re: Breathe ( Yuko x Torigoya OS )
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 :gyaaah: sad

More fic
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Re: Breathe ( Yuko x Torigoya OS )
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sad ...  :mon cry:

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Re: Breathe ( Yuko x Torigoya OS )
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pls write it more

i like your fic :)

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