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Author Topic: unexpected meeting (main:mayuki + sayamilky and kojiyuu) CHAPTER 1  (Read 3386 times)

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Kashiwagi yuki was currently walking at the busy streets of shibuya when someone snatched her bag which made her yelp and shouted.

"kya!! a thief!! dareka tasukete!!!" then a boy tries to retrieve the bag and runs over the thief and punch him in the face. the hit eventually made the thief knocked out, so the boy took the bag and returned it to the owner.

"here" the boy handed the bag to yukirin, " be careful next time okay?" the boy shot a smile at yuki

"arigatou gozaimasu!!" yukirin bowed and ask a question "anooo... i'm kashiwagi yuki etooo.. may i ask what's your name? ..... ah! so i could repay you next time~" the lass immediately added a reason so the boy wouldn't notice yukirin's interest in him

"oi!!! shiriri-kun!! come here! there's some nice ass here~!" someone calls  the boy which made the lad turned over who called him and saw his companion peeking at girl's skirt which made his sigh.

"you don't need to repay me~ gotta go before a police can arrest my friend for being a pervert" the boy runs out the scene

"wait your name!!..." before the boy can hear her, the boy has already disappeared from the scene. 'too bad i couldn't ask his name~ he was pretty handsome and cute at the same time--- what are you thinking yuki?!? uggh....'


so yeah that's the prologue....

if you want to add some pairings you can suggest some  :thumbsup

if i can handle it i'll add it or if i can't i'll just add that pairing at another story if possible....

feel free to criticize it~
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credits to papi for my DP XD

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2014, 10:55:00 PM »
Its a genderbend story!! I like mayu being hero in here :3 awww yukirin i hope you will meet him again *grinned
Please update soon author-san

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2014, 02:51:06 AM »
Yuko no hentai.

Waiting for update.

My twitter: @kmkpc22

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2014, 07:19:10 AM »
nice can't  :mon star: :mon star:
 :mon geek: ganbatte ne! :mon yeah:

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2014, 03:30:40 PM »
Please update soon! And thanks for the update! :thumbsup

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #5 on: December 28, 2014, 06:24:51 PM »
Lol Yuko is being Yuko..always pervert

Aww yukirin i hoped u can meet him again~~

Please update

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #6 on: December 29, 2014, 06:16:22 AM »
I just love the mayuki couple. But could you please renaxmayu? Maybe add sayamilky, kojiyuu and other couple?

Anyway its a great prologue. Waiting for your update. :thumbsup

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #7 on: December 29, 2014, 07:37:02 AM »

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #8 on: April 27, 2015, 08:21:01 PM »
i'm back XD i need to stop writing for a while since i was busy with school but i'm back now XD i can now continue thhis fic

@Mayukishipper : yes a genderbend  :heart: i love a ikemen mayu >////< they'll eventually meet let's just wait for 9999 years--//slapped XD . well here's the update~ enjoy  :shifty:

@kmkpc22 : everyone loves hentai yuko :nya: here' the update~ enjoy :shifty:

crosteks : gambarimasu :on gay: enjoy~  :shifty:

@KojiMa MaYuki : here's the update~ enjoy~ :shifty:

@Kirozoro : as i said everyone loves a pervert yuko  :nya: even haruna gets benifits from it in real life--//slapped XD . here's the update~ enjoy~ :shifty:

@kazutoryu : the story also involves mayuxrena i forgot to say XD  sure i can add sayamilky and kojiyuu  :glasses: but it's my first time that i'll be writing sayamilky so i'm not really sure if it will go well but gambarimasu! :mon determined:

@geki geki : here is it~ enjoy~ :shifty:


so as requested i'll be adding sayamilky and kojiyuu~ so here's the chapter 1!

Chapter 1

kashiwagi yuki just came at tokyo yesterday,she was originally from kagoshima but her father received a greater job at tokyo so they accepted it. just as she came at tokyo she suddenly experience something worst yesterday, thank god someone saved her bag yesterday.

after that incident that boy won't escape from her mind and would always wonder what was his name. her mother realized she was spacing out so she ask her daughter in concern.

"yuki-honey are you okay?? since you came home yesterday you were spacing out from time to time" her mother ask as she place a plate at the table. they were at the dining table having their breakfast. yuki shared her experience yesterday which made her mom raised her hands at her mouth and shock

"araa why didn't you say i yesterday?? thank god someone catched the thief and you're safe~"

"un." that was her reply. after she finished eating she took her bag and starts walking.

today's her first day at her new school akihabara private high school and she's really nervous because it will be her first time to transfer school at the middle of the term.

as she was walking someone bump her which made her fall, as she look up he saw a handsome boy with a concern face.

"hey are you okay? sorry for bumping into you" then he reached his hand which yuki accepted

"i'm fine" yuki smiled at him to show she's totally fine

"i'm sorry again by the way i'm miyazawa sae" he's offering his hand for a handshake

"i'm kashiwagi yuki" she took the handshake

"seems like you're also from akiba high~ a new student? i haven't seen your beautiful face around~" sae shot a wink at her which made the lass slightly blush

"ahh yes~"

"oi sae hurry up!!!" someone called the lad which made him look at his side to see his friends waiting for him

"then i gotta go see you later~" the lad shot another wink before walking out



wah~ i wonder if i can have friends in here~ i'm totally nervous!! , i'm now in front of the door then a teacher called me signaling me to come in at the classroom

"she's your new classmate~ introduce yourself"

wah everyone's looking at me, i'm not really comfortable at attentions like this. i'll make a short introduction so i can already seat

"kashiwagi yuki desu~ i came from kagoshima yoroshiku negaishimasu" and i bow, as i raise my head i notice a guy at the corner of the room napping. he's the only one who's not looking at me

"then kashiwagi-san can seat at the back beside watanabe mayu who's taking a nap"

"ahh hai"

then i sat at my chair i see several guys looking at me but i just ignored it.

"attendance check~" the teacher said. she mentioned the names of my classmates and my classmates raised their hands and shouted "present"

"Watanabe mayu~" the teacher said, then all of my classmates look at the guy beside me who's still taking a nap. then the guy in front of him slapped the back of his head which made him groan.

"ouch!! that hurts yuu!!!"

 :yuki: "ahh!!!" i shouted which made everyone stare at me

"something wrong kashiwagi-san?" the teacher ask in confusion

"ahh nothing...." i immediately took a seat from embarassment. he's the guy that saved me yesterday!!!!!!!.

so watanabe mayu was his name huh~ he's really handsome :shy1:

"present~" he said as he raise his hand and he took a nap again then the guy in front of him slap his head again

"hey that's the second time!" he said as he massage the back of his head

"and that's the second time you're also taking a nap"

"i didn't get some decent sleep last night so let me take a nap~ , besides it's not like you're also gonna listen at the lesson"


"it's not a compliment yuu"

then he took a nap again which made the guy in front of him sigh, not bothering to slap him again the guy just took his cellphone and played with it.

POV end

meanwhile at yuki, she didn't listened at the lesson and just stare at her seatmate who's taking a nap. still in shock she slap herself to confirm

"ouch that hurts" she mutter to herself

when she looks at mayu she can see mayu is now awake, mayu was rubbing his eyes with his poker face.then mayu noticed yukirin and ask her "dare?"

"ah i transferred today kashiwagi yuki desu" then yuki bow slightly

"kashiwagi yuki??" mayu rubbed again his eyes still feeling sleepy, "wait... kashiwagi..... kashiwagi yuki!" mayu was now fully awake as he remember who's the girl beside him, "you're the girl yesterday!" mayu said as he points his finger at yuki

"ahh hai... thank you again for yesterday~" yuki blush a little

"ohh... then seems like you're my new seatmate yoroshiku nee~" mayu said still with his cyborg face

"ahh yoroshiku negaishimasu~"

"watanabe!! seems like you're already friends with kashiwaga-san there! how about you answer number 4 here at the board" the math teacher said

mayu didn't say anything and he lazily stand up from his seat and goes in front,after a few seconds the board was already occupied by his answers because he answered all of the numbers even though the teacher said just number 4

the teacher sigh "i said just number 4, why did you answer it all?"

"ahh i didn't heard what you said earlier sensei~" even though he knows it, he answered all the numbers to annoy the teacher

"tch... just take your seat"

mayu goes back to his seat and took a nap again since he's confident that the teacher will not call him again.

yuu can't help but to sigh at mayu's attitude,a lot change in mayu since last year he can't help but to worry everyday at his bestfriend


as lunch time came a cute girl talk to yuki

"nee nee kashiwagi-chan would you like to have lunch with us??" the cute girl smile at her

"sure~" yukirin exchanged smile with the girl

"my name's miyuki just call me milky ok~"

"then just call me yuki~"

after that introduction they went at the rooftop to have lunch,as they arrive at the rooftop,somebody is already there which seems like it's milky's group of friends

"nee~ lemme introduce you kashiwagi yuki-chan, she's the new tranfer student at our class" as milky introduce yuki, yuki just bow in front of them

"then yuki-chan this is yamamoto sai" milky pointed at the boy who bow as his name was said "he's my childhood friend while this is kojima haruna she's my cousin~ they're both from class 2-C"

the door opened and a hyper yuu can be heard "heeeeyooo~! i'm hungry!!!!!!!!" mayu was also at his back just tailing him

"lower down your voice yuu" haruna hissed at yuu

"hai~" yuu pouts like a little kid who was scolded by their parents

"ohh kashiwagi-san's here" yuu said as he notice the new girl at their group

"ohh yeah you're also the same class with her" sai said

"i invited her over~ and seems like..." milky jump at mayu and hug him "mayu here is close with her,since i saw them talking at math class earlier. it's rare for mayu to talk with somebody~" milky said as she tease mayu

"shut up miyuki,it's just pure coincedence that i met her yesterday so we just talked about it"mayu said with cyborg face and he sit down also at the floor and opens her bento

"hey mayu no fair you didn't cook me some bento~!!" milky said as she slaps mayu's shoulder repeatedly

mayu holds miyuki's hands to stop her "i'll exchange my bento to your yakisoba pan is that okay??"

'wait are they dating??milky and mayu seems close.mayu also just call her by her first name' yukirin thought

"yey you're the best twin ever!!! thank you mayu~!" milky said as she hug mayu and gets mayu's bento

' ohh so they are twins, that explains why both of them are so attractive..what are you thinking yuki?!? you just find milky attracting right?? just milky.. it does not include mayu .. yes just milky yuki okay ...... mou!! what's happening to me!?!' yuki thought to her self

"wait a minute...ah!!!! mayu cooked!!" yuu shouted

"now that you mentioned it, mayu it's been while since you cooked, a year i guess?" sai said

"i love mayu's cooking in the whole world!! that's why i was upset when you stopped cooking bentos everyday" miyuki said while she opened the bento in her hands

"why the sudden change mayu?" yuu asking worringly "something happened? but i'm happy this means you're finally over with 'her'" as yuu mentioned that 'her' everyone except for yuki since she's clueless, goes near mayu

"soooooooo what's the reason~? have you found another girl~?" sai said teasingly

"nothing. i just didn't have decent sleep, moreover i woke up at 3 am so i thought that it's been i long time since i made some bento" mayu said while munching his yakisaoba pan with his cyborg face

"mou~ then why didn't you made my portion~ even when you where still with rena-chan, you won't make me some~!!" as miyuki said that the atmosphere changed, seems like the word 'rena' was a taboo for them

"ooooops....." miyuki said

"i'll just buy some drinks,i'll buy you guys too, the usual right?" mayu said as he stood up from his sit.everyone nods quietly because they don't know how to comfort mayu,it's been a year but he seems still affected by 'it'

"then what about you kashiwagi-san?" mayu ask

"theeen an orange juice" as yuki said that mayu didn't utter another word and went down, the others from the roof top has still the awkward atmosphere until miyuki said

"mou!! i thought he's over it when yuu said that, i thought he will not be affected by it" miyuki said

"well.... i thought so too~ before he would cook bentos everyday for rena until they broke up,he stopped cooking so i thought he's now over because he started it again"yuu said

"ummmm... sorry to butt in but what really happened?" yuki asked "aahh but if you don't wanna tell it,, it's okay" yuki said

"*sigh* it's okay, rena-chan was mayu's childhood friend and also her girlfriend before,they started dating when they were still 2nd year middle shoolers,they were like a perfect couple,they're always together even at school or at weekends. mayu being the ace of the basketball club and being the 1st in academics,rena being the next candidate for the student council president,having busy schedule with their clubs,everyday mayu would cook and bring a bento for the two of them and will always eat it togerther whilst having a busy time.but everything changed last year when we were 1st years.rena's father were against them,at first rena can still fight gainst her father, but rena's a type of person who have a big respect to her parents so she chose family over mayu.she broke up with mayu last year since then mayu would not even smile for a bit,he quited the basketball club his rank went down to 3rd" yuu explained

"we would sometimes comfort him but we can't even reach his closed heart,i think what he needs now is to find the next person that would love him and would fight for him" sai continued

credits to papi for my DP XD

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Re: unexpected meeting [mayuki + other pairings (if you like) ]
« Reply #9 on: May 03, 2015, 09:45:17 AM »
so it was renamayu, and will be mayuki! hohoho :twisted:
are there any flashback about renamayu? I like them hahaha
they cant reach his heart, but yuki will, and yes the next person already come!  :hip smile:
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every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: unexpected meeting (main:mayuki + sayamilky and kojiyuu) CHAPTER 1
« Reply #10 on: May 03, 2015, 11:50:22 AM »
I really love it when someone make a fanfic about renamayuki ><
There is a flashback moment when mayu and rena still together right ? Can't wait for that lol
Btw thanks for update author san

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