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Author Topic: My Short Fanfictions || LIPS TASTER [WMatsui] Epilogue! 04.24.16  (Read 79684 times)

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Hey minna-san I posted this OS in my Tumblr and I decided to post it here too.
Sorry for grammar mistakes and typos. Douzo! ;)

Love Expert

        A girl peeking inside a classroom, not her classroom but “her” classroom. She gulped hardly trying to kill her fearness. The girl she wanted to meet is so popular among students, charming, and the king of flirt. All girls fall in love with the girl, for short the girl is a love expert. She thought that girl can help her, well,probably. She went inside approaching the girl who was surrounded by girls like usual. One of the girls looked at her curiously and stop doing flirt with the girl. The girl looked at her too, though she is confused she still showed her cool face.

“ name is Matsui Rena. Please help me with my body, Matsui Jurina-san!” Rena bowed in front of her, Matsui Jurina. Jurina walked closer to Rena.

“Ah~ so you want me to do “it” huh?” Jurina grabbed Rena’s chin. “How easy you- EH?!”

       Suddenly Rena fainted after touched by Jurina makes Jurina mad and confused at the same time, so did with the girls. Jurina have no choice unless brought Rena to the school hospital.

          Rena slowly opened her eyes and looking around.She found Jurina beside her, frowning. “Where were we Matsui-san?” She asked.

“Baka, of course in the school hospital! Where do you think a room in school have beds unless school hospital?!”

Rena did not reply just lowered her head. She didn’t know Matsui Jurina is this scary. While Rena was thinking what should she do Jurina stood up and facing Rena, Rena looked at her.

“You said you want me to help you with your body? What did you mean?”

“Uhh...I have a phobia wherever I touched and blush I will faint immediately. My problem is I want you to help me recover this phobia because...I...I...,”

“I what?”

“I...I’ve someone that I like. I wanted to confess my feeling to her but...but...,”

“Sigh just say it,” Jurina facepalmed herself.

“But I am afraid I faint in front of her and she will think I’m weird!” Rena covered her face felt embarassing.

       Jurina just sighed in her place. She thinking for a way to make this problem solved quick and after this she will never help people again. She promised herself. As she walking toward Rena she grabbed Rena’s chin (again) made Rena’s face close to her.
“Well then, let’s start it tomo-- Maji?! Ugh I didn’t even finish my word,”
Rena, once again, fainted because she could not handle Jurina’s charm.

          The next day after school time Jurina went to Rena’s classroom to tell her the plan. When she went there she sees Rena packing her books, immedietely Jurina sat on a chair in front of Rena’s desk. Rena surprised of Jurina’s sudden action. Jurina lifted her head demanding rena to sit. Without opening the conversation Jurina tell her plan. First plan is she asked Rena to  go date with her into a park. They went to the nearest park from school.
Second plan is Jurina started the main part of her plan. The main part were divided into three parts and she hope it will worked. First part of Jurina’s main plan is ‘45° smile technic with soft wind blows her hair and sparkling’. Her hand offered Rena to hold it. 3 seconds, Rena fainted. The second part of Jurina’s main plan is ‘Puppy eyes attack to make girls fall to her within a second’. Jurina took Rena’s hand and did the trick. 2 seconds, Rena fainted.
Before do the third part Jurina was already mad. Her tricks she did to Rena are her best tricks to make girls fall in love with her but these are failed for Rena. Jurina tried to keep her anger and do the last trick. The third part of Jurina’s main plan is ‘Sexy Jurina will make you fall to her’. She unbuttoned 2 buttons from the top of her shirt and pulled Rena close to her until Rena’s body touched her body. Jurina looked deeply into Rena’s eyes. 0 second, Rena fainted.


Jurina feels exhausted. “It’s impossible to recover your phobia,”

“P..Pl..Please don’t give up Matsui-san! Only you who can help me!”

“We change the plan,” Jurina said suddenly.

“I’ll do all what you said, Matsui-san!”

“Fine. We change the plan to the “soft” mode. We do it calmly, not so serious and we should enjoy it. Understand?”

“Hai! Matsui-san!” Rena excited.

Jurina smirked. “First of our new plan is you must call me with my nickname, so do I to you,”

        Rena felt her heart beats faster than usually but not make her fainted, it’s a miracle Jurina gave to her. In Rena’s mind she thanked Go and Jurina, and now she have to call Jurina with her nickname. She gulped.

“Ju..Juri..Jurina..” Rena said it with her eyes are closed.

“Ha..That was good. Let’s start the second plan, shall we Rena?” Jurina took Rena’s hand and pulled it makes her stood up from the bench they sat on. Jurina did not forget to give Rena her cool smirk.

“Um...What is the second plan, Jurina?”

“You be my girlfriend, we dating, and we always go home together from now like a couple,”
        Rena widened her eyes because she shocked to hear the plans also doubt herself could not do it. But Jurina’s smile gave her strength and undoubtness made her nods to Jurina. Jurina smiles relieved. They started walking and do their first date.


Two days later
In Jurina’s classroom

Rena peeking inside and found Jurina surrounded by girls as usual. “Jurina, I brought the dictionary you wanted to borrow,” Rena waved her hand.
“Ah Rena-chan! Thank you so much~” Jurina leaves the girls and approached Rena to get the book.

Suddenly one of the girls with an angry face walked closer to them. “Hey Jurina! This whole time you were hanging with that brat, leaving us. You aren’t like we know, you change!”

       The girls yelled agree with the girl’s statement. They cornered Rena and Jurina, but Jurina could not keep her anger anymore grabs a chair and throw it to scared the girls. It worked, they shocked.
“She is my girlfriend,” Jurina took Rena’s hand. “I don’t care about everybody except her!”

       Jurina pulled Rena’s hand to follow her leaves the class. The girls dropped their jaw did not believe of what they see and hear. Jurina decided to skip classes and have a date with Rena. Well, this time Rena’s innocent struggle which only could bring back her mood. They kept walking until something caught Jurina’s attention which was her favorite band released their new single. Jurina stopped in front of casette shop looking to the poster while Rena just follow what she did. When Rena turned her head to the back saw bunch of boys walking toward her and Jurina, they whistling to both of them and one of the boys stroked Rena’s hair flirting her. They gone after that, laughing.

       Rena freezed in her place confused. She did not faint whereas she blush. Was this mean her phobia has gone? But Rena didn’t want her time with Jurina end so fast. She then acted faint  to make Jurina still believe her phobia does not recover yet. Jurina catched and hugged her. She panicked where should she lay Rena on. For minutes they kept like that, feeling their warm each other. On Rena’s mind, she said, she does not know Jurina’s embrace and heat were so comfortable for her. Her heart skipped a beat. Strange feeling.


“Jurina, sorry for making you cause a fuss,” Rena lying on Jurina’s lap in a park they had go a date at first.
“Meh, I am doing this to you because I will get my compensation back from you later~” Jurina smirked. “Now hold my hand,”
Rena dazed. “Jurina you are so kind...,”
“What?! Listen I help you because I will get my compensation back from you after this finished! Now hold my hand, do it fast,” Jurina diverted her head to the opposite and it seems she blushed. Rena giggled because Jurina looks so cute. All time Jurina always being called cool by girls and Rena called her kind. That was Jurina’s first time being called like that. Rena then holds Jurina’s hand. They just looking each other, no talk.


      The next day, Rena walked to her classroom after break time. Bad luck had come to Rena makes her not walk carefully causes her slipped off, luckily Jurina came from nowhere and catches her but she fell too. Jurina was on the under, Rena was on the top. Rena’s cheeks reddened and her heart beats so fast. They didn’t move, just starring each other like what they did last time but suddenly Jurina grabbed Rena’s sleeve.

“Your phobia has recovered. Confess your feeling to the senior you like, I’ll watch behind you without noticed. Now go,”
Rena stood up. Her heart and mind were blank immedietely, her eyes are not show light. She didn’t know why does her heart hurt but still she walked to the senior’s class and stopped in front of the door. There the senior and her friend talking. Rena lowered her head, started to cry. The senior noticed her and poked her shoulder while ask “Are you okay?” stared at her eyes. Rena felt her conscious faded causes her her could not stand anymore and fell. The senior and her friend panicked.


      Rena fell on Jurina’s arm. “I am sorry senpai. Wherever this girl touched and blush she will faint immedietely. Just me who can touch her,”
The senior and her friend confused but Jurina does not want to stay any longer so she leaves. Jurina brought Rena to the school hospital, no one there.
“Jurina you said my phobia has recovered,” Rena who was actually half fainted suddenly said.

“Well, phobia won’t recover that fast, it takes time. Seems we have to try again,”

“Honestly I don’t want my phobia recover, Jurina...,” Rena shyly looked at Jurina.

“ you want me to be the only person who can touch you?” Jurina smirked.

“Un...”Rena nodded.

       Jurina didn’t reply but for change she grabs Rena’s neck and kissed her. Rena closed her eyes enjoying their kiss. Jurina bite Rena’s lower lip makes Rena gasped and gave Jurina access to infiltrate Rena’s mouth. Their tounges met exchanging saliva each other. Jurina sucked Rena’s tounge and she heard Rena let out a soft moan. Rena gripped Jurina’s shirt signed that she lost of oxygens, Jurina ended the kiss to gives Rena chance for filled up her lungs.

“I love you Rena” Jurina said hardbreathing.

“I love you too, Jurina”

“Of course you are. Because Jurina the love expert could make all girls fall in love to her. But remember her heart has stolen by one girl, you,”

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Re: Koyumi-chan's short fanfictions|Love Expert (WMatsui)
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d'awwwwww, so sweet~ reading this while having lunch at work~!! gave to read this to a few of my coworkers who know nothing of 48 Family and they were like this:  :twothumbs so um yeah, a good read~  :wub:

on another note, if there are times like this, when you feel like the text has too many mistakes, feel free to go seek help from other writers. It's not bad to ask someone to proofread a text for you, if it means you will give your readers a cleaner text AND you will learn from your mistakes. You will improve in no time, so don't be afraid to seek help :)
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Re: Koyumi-chan's short fanfictions|Love Expert (WMatsui)
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Nicee :twothumbs
There's nothing Jurina-sama can't do :wub:

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Hello minna-san this is my second oneshot. I got the idea from my dream :lol: :onioncheer:
This OS contains genderbending. So if you don't like this type of fanfic, just imagine he as she hehehehe :mon lol: Enjoy and sorry for grammar mistakes and typos :gmon bye:

@sakura_drop_ san: OMG I DIDN'T EXPECT YOU LIKE MY STORY! :gmon tears: you are one of my favorite authors XD thank you for your comment, thank you, and advice.
@gilangfajri:Yes she does :hehehe:
The Puppy Which Grown Up To A Big Dog

   In Sakae, Nagoya prefecture lived the daughter of Matsui family, the foremost family in Japan. An honored lady of smart, beauty, and kind ethnic heritage. Matsui Rena seventeen years old. There was one thing that disturbed her mind which is....


   Rena opened her eyes after hear that voice. She saw the light from the window is trying to get in but covered by the curtain. “Rena-sama....Rena-sama, please wake up,” Her eyes immediately widened as she sees a handsome guy bowing at the edge of her bed. He is Matsui Jun that became her bodyguard since yersterday. Rena furrowed her eyebrows while blushed.

“Ju..Jun?!” She got up from the bed with fast action. “Why you entered my room arbitrarily?! I never remember give you permission for that! How rude,”

“I am sorry. I have waited for you while called your name many times for thirty minutes. You must go now or you will late,”

   Rena took a small clock beside her bed. Once more she widened her eyes and the next thing happened is the whole residence hear a loud scream from Rena’s room. Jun just stared at her with no expression and Rena’s uniform on his hand. Don’t know why Rena thinks Jun is creepy but still it’s not erase his handsome looks from his face. Rena did not realize she just staring at Jun and forget she must prepare for school.

“Are you feeling not well, Rena-sama?”

   Rena turned back to reality as Jun said so. Apparently her face heated up she felt embarassed because caughted by him staring at his face. “I..I am fine! I am healthy!” She grabbed her uniform from his hand. “I wanna change,so...”

Jun bowed to her. “I am waiting outside,”

   He walked towards the door and get out. Rena looked at his back with disappointed expression. ‘He really act like a bodyguard. Whereas formerly...’ Rena throwbacked her mind at the time she was still a young lady. Jun was younger than her for two years. He was the son of her uncle, the head of the residence after her father. Rena’s body was weak since kid. Jun took there by his father to be her friend. At first Jun acted so shy and when he introduced by his father, he just hid behind his father’s legs. His father ordered him to give the present he brings after that. Slowly Jun sticked out his head and looked at Rena shyly. Rena just waited on her wheelchair, so curious. After few minutes, Jun ran out from his hide, gave Rena the present with closed eyes, and finally got back to his hide place.
Rena looked at the present. It was a big puppy doll. At that time Rena considered rather than the doll she got, Jun is more looks like a puppy with that expression waiting for Rena’s reaction. Rena’s cheeks flushed, Jun was so cute! “Th...thank you..” Rena buried her mouth onto the doll. Jun smiled happily with pinkish cheeks.

   Since that day, almost everyday Jun followed Rena everywhere like a puppy. It feels like Rena has a troublesome little brother. But...suddenly someday Jun told Rena he will attend school at a far place. Eight years had left and they never seen each other again. Last night Jun came back so sudden like his passing in the past. Rena was surprised when he suddenly bowing in front of her while said, “Long time no see, Rena-sama...” ‘He is Jun who was that annoying and cheerful kid? He looks so mature  and his height was taller than me now’ Rena thought.

“You are really Jun?” Rena asked. Not trust her sight.


Rena was mad because Jun answered it while diverted his view. In Rena’s mind she kept asking why Jun changes so drastically like this.
“Rena-sama we had arrived,” Jun opened the car door. “Rena-sama?”

Rena gasped when she realized she spacing out all time the way to school. ‘Oh man because I thinking about his alteration too much I cloudn’t sleep overnight. Ended up woke up late’ Rena sighed. Jun looked at her worriedly. “Rena-sama are you okay?”

Rena POV
   It’s hard to believe...Jun had grown as a big dog who was calm and overprotective now. I looked straight into his eyes. “I am fine!” He directed his view as I did so. I am getting curious about this strange manner of him.

“I guess your condition is not good Rena-sama. No need to force yourself,”

I frowned. “I told you myself is better than previous. That’s why I can go to school now. Don’t worry,”

   I walked first. He made me confuse of his coming, passing, and his alteration. I knew my habit is annoying but I must hold on. I passed the school hall, like usual students praise me. Not just male students but female student too. My white pale skin, long silky hair, and princess like attitude successfully amused them. Though I was not that perfect like they thought. I noticed some boys approached and greeted me with shy expression. But suddenly Jun came blocking the way between them and me. They seems angry.

“If you want to appproach Rena-sama, you must show your student card and pass me first!”

They started mad when female students whisper and ask whom the person with me. I gripped his sleeve so he turns his head. “Stop it Jun! Every morning they greet me here. They are not a foreign. Most of all we are schoolmates,”

He didn’t reply. Why he looks not happy? I shook his arm. ”Jun!”

“I understand,” He sighed. “Forgive me Rena-sama. As your bodyguard I am afraid something happen with you,” He then bowed. Female students screaming excitedly when they know Jun was my bodyguard.

Two months later
   Jun who had grown genuinely changed. Because he is smart principal allowed him to skip classes so he was in the same grade as me. He became the number one who get the highest score at the final exam results when me in the second place. I dropped my jaw in disbelief. I found he was great at sports too especially Judo. I have saw him knocked out his opponent so fast. He made me astonnished of it. Today I went to library, bad luck comes to me. The book that I wanted to take fell followed by other nearby books. I screamed while closed my eyes ready to taste the pain being hitted by these books. But Jun came from nowhere protected me while hugged me. Female students around us amazed by Jun’s coolness when male students jealous of it. Jun was too perfect! As my bodyguard he acted cool like his old self never exist. I stared at him.

“Be careful Rena-sama,” Jun nearing his face to me. Our faces are adjacent, I could feel his breath upon my cheek. It tickled my cheek makes my heart thumping fast. He stroked some of my hair which messy a bit.

“Ju..n?” As I called him he directed his view, again. “Done,”

“Thank you...”

“My duty,”

   I was like a stupid person. Our eyes are not even meet. He was just my bodyguard but why it looks like only me who feel the sensation of heart pounding?! I walked back to my class. I felt so weird today, I also couldn’t consentrate at the lesson. Luckily time passed so fast like a blink of eyes. Now I was laying on my bed while hugged the big puppy doll. I’m rolling over my bed when thinking about Jun. He made me have insomnia all night, tonight he does too. Am I too puzzlement by his old self? If I think about it, the alteration of Jun was not just from now.

I remember one day not long after Jun came to my life, I lay in serious condition on my bed. My private doctor told him we could not play today. Somehow I felt our friendship at the beginning is gratifying nevertheless it would change soon to be a burden. His pale face and trembling clenched hands when saw me at that condition....He went out not long after that day. Now Jun acting cold, it must be started from that day. Suddenly I heard a knock voice followed by Jun’s voice which calling me. I sat up on my bed immediately. What a coincidence!

“Excuse me Rena-sama. Because I see your room is still bright, I thought you can’t sleep. So, I made this warm milk for you,” He carried the foodcart towards me and setting up a small table. “I put it here, okay?”

“Thank you. I will drink it,” Ugh. Why my voice always trembling when we talk?!

“Do you want me to add alcohol?”

   I shook my head as reply. Here comes the awkward silent after that. He did not move just staring me, so did I to him. “That..doll...” Out of sudden Jun broke the silence. I pointed my view to my hand. Much to my surprise I still hugging that doll! I blushed terribly and immediately hide it in my back, though it useless. He had saw it.

“The doll from me, isn’t it?”

“ just coincidentally I play with it. Doesn’t mean I always keep it!”

I walked to behind and unfortunately I hit the foodcart makes the teapot fell and broken. Its broken pieces spread of. Jun quickly carry me up. ”What are you doing? Didn’t you get hitted?!”

He puts me back to the floor. “Don’t worry Rena-sama. It just hitted my shoes and pants. Besides it’s my duty to protect you,”


“Duty you said?”


So my asumption was right. “Because it’s your duty, you can’t refuse what you don’t like right?”

“What I don’t like?” He confused.

“At that time...eight years ago you left me because you hate me right? You left me but why you came back? You divert your view because you don’t want to see me right?” That pale face and trembling clenched hands  could not get off my mind. I couldn’t ask his reason and prevent him.

“I am used to be alone, Jun. I don’t want you to be forced beside me. You better stop this job and leave again. I can clean this, get out,” My eyes seemed teary. I tried my best for my tears to not falling.
“Ah Rena-sama, ohayou!”

“Today you came so early. As for us we have morning practice,” My two classmates shyly started a conversation.

“Ohayou,” I replied.

“Eh? Your face is little bit flushed Rena-sama,”


“It’s rare. Today you don’t with Jun?”

I turned my head to the opposite. “Maybe...he won’t come with me again,” Actually I came early because feel guilty to him. And last night I didn’t even sleep because thinking of it.
“Ah! Look over there! Jun surrounded by our seniors. They look scary...”

I immediately stood up from my seat and ran out from class. I was like a stupid person, why I running? What would I say to him after arrived there? But if I don’t go....Jun, eight years ago I could not catch you.

Normal POV
“Everytime we keep Rena-sama’s happiness but after you came Rena-sama looks sad everyday! We trying to calm, but you, you don’t even deserve to be in her side!” The seniors scolded Jun. However he is still acted cool.

“You are right. I am always think of it too, that’s why...”

Suddenly one of the seniors grabbed his collar and yelled right in front of Jun’s face. “What are you talking about huh?! We would not forgive everyone who made Rena-sama sad!”

Jun gripped his hand. “That’s what come particularly in my mind!”

“Stop! Get off your hand from him!” Rena blocked their way. They shocked of Rena’s sudden arrival.

“I am not sad. Because I was different from eight years ago,”

Rena POV
   I could not stop him caused by my weak condition. I was out of breath after run fifty steps. From that time I wanted to be strong, even Jun leaves me again I could catch him. I am strong now. “Despite of that, if you want to resign from your job do it fast! I am fine-“


   I fell into his embrace, out of breath. He hurriedly carry me and ordered the seniors to call my home person while he took me along to the infirmary. Arrived there he laid me gently on the bed and took off his blazer. The nurse panicked. “We must give her sip medicine and infusion for bronchitis disease. Can’t wait for her home person to come. Must do it now,” Jun murmured.

“These things cannot do it here. Importantly there is no doctor and medicines for it...”

Jun suddenly showed a card to the nurse. “The doctor, I am,”

“This?! Chicago University Hospital, Doctor Matsui Jun?! And this is license for Japan doctor?!” The nurse so shocked.

I am really confused. Jun opened a small trunk. “I bring the medicines and equipments. This time let me protect you Rena-sama,” He assured me.

I didn’t know what happened next. My vision became blur then dark.
“Gradueated from Doctor Faculty beyond the country you said? Why can you joking like that?!” I literally did not believe what have I heard a while ago. In this young age he already a doctor?!

“I am not joking. Actually since I born my intelligence level was high. They said I am a gifted child. Nine years old I had entered university. Twelve years old I continued the Doctor program in Chicago University. After graduated I got Doctor Academic Title and license of Japan Doctor for practice. Honestly I got invitation to attend school beyond the country from the university. I don’t go because I am still hesitate about it. But the day, eight years ago when I saw Rena-sama in serious condition, I couldn’t be with you if this happen particularly I thought. Despite of that to be with you I decided to be a Doctor,”

He succeded explain me the reason of why he became a Doctor in this still young age. But I have one more question for him to answer. “So that pale face, trembling clenched hands, and your passing are not because you hate me?”

“Of course,” He answered it with serious expression, lol.

“If so why your attitude changed drastically? You act cold, divert your view, and excuse all of that are your job or duty!”

Jun lowered his head. ”That are because this eight years Rena-sama has changed into beautiful lady. I think I should indicate my mature side to you too. And...I do so hard to act cool. Sorry,”

   What?! What have I Seen? I saw a pair of dog ears and heard a pleading voice of dog. I must be halucinating. I rubbed my eyes. “I am nervous to act like an adult. Rena-sama is pretty, famous, and nice. If I look into your eyes my heart races, couldn’t act cool, and clumsy. Or you can say I covered my nervousness,” I knew my cheeks are terribly red now. My heart also pounding so fast. Arrrgghh this puppy caused many strange feelings!

Some days later
   After that Jun was still a troublesome puppy. Finally he turned to my personal doctor. Nevertheless actually Jun was a little different now. Like tonight he checked my temperature, etc. His hand when touched my forehead...I felt some butterflies in my stomach.

“Again you acted cool, nee?” I stared at him. It made him blushed and his clumsiness showed.

“I...just want to be suitable for you,”

   It was natural for people to change but the sincerity of heart won’t change. Hope I could catch, chase, and meet him in the future as my husband. Well I forgot to tell, Jun and I had engaged. Our parents planned this since we kids. “Jun promise me, you’ll always beside me right?” I looked to the ring then to him with flushed cheeks.

He smiled cheerfully. “I promise!” Out of sudden he hugged me tight. I widened my eyes. “What...are you doing?”

“Eh!? Gommennasai Rena!” He released the hug.

   Somehow it makes me sad. He was still shy! I grabbed his coat and pulled it to me. I captured his lips. We kissed for a few minutes started with simple one continued to passionate. I spread my arms around his neck while pull him closer to my bed. Finally I lay on the bed with him on my top. “Shall we do it tonight, Rena?” He smirked and breathlessly asked as we parted for air. I gulped. It was a mistake to kiss him. Look now his naughty like dog side appeared. I only could hope tonight he will be gentle. “Su..Sure..”

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*saves spot*
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Doctor Jun? Are you kidding me? I WANNA MEET HIM!

I bet he's a friend of Watanabe XD

Nice one ^_^

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET(Wmatsui)||Prologue + Chapter 1
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2014, 05:09:30 PM »
Hello minna-san I am back! This is my first fantasy genre fanfic. :roll: Hope you like it and enyoy! XD
@sakura_drop_ san: Hello again sakura-san! XD
@RenshuChan san: I am not thinking about that before. But yeah he seems so XD



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Someone has called me...


‘Quick, wake up!’

   I immediately opened my eyes while gasped. What have I dreamt about? I felt loathing. In the front door of my room my mom had knock the door orders me to wake up, otherwise I will late to school. Quickly I took a bath, changed my pajama to uniform, wore my shoes, and finally I took a slice of bread as I ran out from my house to school. Oh crap! I never late to school, never be absent! Suddenly I heard a bicycle gets closer to me and stopped next to me. Unexpectedly the person who rode it  is Jurina. She greets me warmly with a cat like smile curved on her lips. Confuse, she asked me why I go to school at this time. It’s rare for her huh? I coldly replied that I just did it once so it’s alright and walk fast. But then she said that I, the person who wants to get the best student of the year trophy shouldn’t come late. Oh really she striked me.
she patted her bicycle back seat. “You know Rena? This is enough for one more people~”

   I couldn’t refuse it so I get on it. Jurina didn’t forget to tell me that I must hold on her waist strongly so that I would not fall. While hugging her back I hope my heartbeat does not hear by her. I love Jurina, that’s the reason. “Hey Rena, I don’t know your boobs are big,”

I blushed and punched her back. “Pervert! Take me off!”

“Stop punch me Rena! Or we will fall!”
I, Matsui Rena, seventeen years old. Who did not even know that start from today my normal life would broken to pieces.

   The bell rang informs us the break time has come. I dashed to the cafeteria and bought many foods especially melonpan. Finished of it I go straight return to my class. I put all the foods on my desk. Two of my friends sat in front of me. “Eh? Rena you eat this many?!” Masana my close friend asked in surprise. I nodded to her as a sign that it’s true.

“I don’t know why my appetite grow big,” I sighed and ate my melonpan.

“You changed Rena,” Said Yukko.

I stopped eating. “Am I growing fat?” rather shocked and anxious.

“No, no. I think you growing prettier,”

   Yukko’s answer surprised me. I guess I just an ordinary girl with speciality just smart and well, big boobs like Jurina said. Getting curious, I took a mirror from my bag and stared my reflection on it. Yukko was right. My face seems kinda whiten, my lips became pink whereas I don’t use lipbalm or lipgloss, and my eyelashes grew long. I disoriented. Yukko suddenly stood up from the chair and yelled. “Look! Jurina is playing basketball with the others. Kakkoii!” She cupped her own cheeks while blushed. I following looked out of the window to see her. My heart beats so fast when I saw her smile or laugh. Masana poked my shoulder.

“You are so lucky Rena. You lived nearby with Jurina,”

Yukko then added. “I know you two will go to the autumn festival together,” She sighed.

I blushed and lowered my head. “Who knows...”
   As the school ended I walking to my house. I couldn’t see Jurina everywhere, maybe she got home early to do her part time job. Matsui Jurina moved to the apartment beside my house two years ago. First time I met Jurina I thought she is a player and pervert. But I was wrong. She was a serious person, I knew it when I asked her why she just flirting girls but don’t have one of them as girlfriend. She replied because she didn’t have time to instead she must do part time job. She was so kind and nice to me too, sometimes she took me home. That’s why my heart chose her. I liked her kindness.
Suddenly I felt loathing. This often happened to me this few days. I stopped walking for a while and resumed after I feel good. Arrived in my house I was about to open the gate but stop when I see a bunch of giirls in front of Jurina’s apartment. They a took photo of Jurina’s apartment number and I also heard they wanted to tell it to Jurina’s fans. Immediately I approached and stopped them. I grabbed the girl’s phone harshly. She shouted at me. “Who are you?! What  are you doing?!” She pushed me till I fell to the ground. They cornered me, keep asking who I am. I stood up but later I feel someting. One of the girl held her hand and said it bleeding. Her friend panicked. I sniffed something sweet....


The girl gripped my collar. “This is because of you!”

   I didn’t reply but grip her hand while looking to her eyes. I touched her scar. It made her frightened and immediately she releases her hand from mine. “Who are you? Jurina won’t steal a glance to a weird girl like you!”
She wanted to slap me but someone from her behind get her hand faster before she do it. They looked to the person. “Than  you I like her more,” The person was Jurina. They scattered from there quickly. Jurina took my hand to enter her apartment. This is my first time I entered her apartment. She orders me to sit down because she wanna cure the bruise on my hand. When she doing it my mind thinking about her. I always wondering why Jurina has to do part time job? I didn’t know anything about her either. When I glanced at her, she was staring at me with our faces are so close! I blushed and panicked.


“Rena, from the morning you looked pale. Are you sick?” She caressed my cheek gently.

“I..I am fine! I..just starving,”

She chuckled. “Pfft so that was the reason. I starving too, let’s find some foods in the festival. Shall we?”

“Go to the festival? I wanna!”

“Okay five minutes then we depart,”

   I was so happy! Could go to the festival with Jurina is like a date. Luckily we were neighborhood. Arrived at the festival first we search snacks. Jurina ate it at the stand while me at the same time took it while walking. I saw a shoot game and challenged her to play it. “Don’t ever lose, Jurina. If you do you are in bad taste,” I grinned.

“Just see,”

   Jurina get ready with the sniper on her hand, focus at the target she started shooting. She hitted the target greatly and smoothly. People around us amazed by her action especially girls. I searched for a good prize and saw a beautiful neckalce which the hanger of it is rose. My eyes were sparkled of the beautiness the necklace has. I wanted to get it from Jurina but when I turned my head she was surrounded by girls. I felt jealous so I walk away from her. She flirtatious with girls again! Jurina seems noticed and chased me afterwards.

“Hey Rena, where are you going?”

“None of your business. Just go flirt with them!”

“Are you jealous?”

I faced away her. “Why should I--“

   My word cutted by her sudden action which placed something around my neck. It was the necklace that I wanted! “You want this right? My present for you. It’s just a cheap good though”

I speechless. “Do you forget your own birthday? Baka,” She laughed while patted my head. know I was so happy!

“Sorry Rena I must do my part time job now. Is it okay if you go home alone?”

I nodded. “Un..thank you!” I left her but before she shouted. “Don’t be late again tomorrow!”

Normal POV
   Rena showed Jurina her thumbs while smiled. As the time passed with her going home, Rena thought for entire of her life maybe this time she feel very happy. The necklace Jurina gave to her is the reason. She stared at it, so pretty.


It comes again! Rena felt loathing, she couldn’t breath!

“Miss are you okay?” A guy poked her shoulder from behind as she squat at the edge of the quiet street. Rena looked at him. What happened next were she feel blank, the guy screams loudly, Rena sucked his blood. A woman sees them and she told the police who patrolling what had happened. The police warned Rena to stop. It was no used after all because she already stopped after sucking almost all his blood. The police got closer wants to catch her but she jump to a rooftop and run away. The police shocked and confused.

Rena POV
   The next morning I woke up lazily. I didn’t realize the morning comes so fast. The loathing had gone. I sighed. But...when I arrived at home? Strangely the window opened. I closed it but then realized something that my right shoe missing. I swept away my puzzled mind and started to get ready to school. Finished, I went to the dining room to get my breakfast. There my mom watching television. It reported a news that last night there was a strange incident, someone has suck a guy’s blood. The police found a girl shoe at the place of the incident. It seems the culprit was girl. I dazed. It was my shoe which missing.

Someone POV raise, Rose Queen.

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Prologue + Chapter 1
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Rena will turn to Gekikara when she looks blood, right?

Ah, i'm scared ;A;

And... rose queen?

Seems interesting~

I will wait for the next chapter ><)/

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Prologue + Chapter 1
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Wah~ Amazing!!! :twothumbs :thumbsup
Ah~ Jurina kakkoi ! :w00t:
Aw ~ Rena already in love with Jurina :inlove: :wub:
Eh~ is Rena a vampire?! Is this Gekikara? :? :nervous
I'm wondering if Jurina holds any power or something supernatural ? :O :sweatdrop:
Update soon ~ :theking :heart:

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Prologue + Chapter 1
« Reply #9 on: May 23, 2014, 01:05:20 AM »
Eeeeh, Rena is a vampire or something? Wow ... !
Jurina's part time job is still a mystery here. But oh well, she loves Jurina since the beginning (´⌣`ʃƪ)
Continue please (∩_∩)

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Prologue + Chapter 1
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Rena is a vampire queen all hail her

I wonder what Jurina part time job is

Update soon

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Prologue + Chapter 1
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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Prologue + Chapter 1
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Nice :twothumbs
Next please :grin: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 2 UPDATE!
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Hello minna-san I am back with chapter 2! XD This time let me apologize to you because I didn't reply of your comments cuz if I did it will be spoiler :bow:
Nah then enjoy! :D



What happened to me?

“Did you watch  this morning news?”
“I watched! That guy’s blood has been sucked!”
“Eh?! You mean he attacked by vampire?”
I heard their talk, it was make me more puzzled than before. The shoe that founded at the place of the incident...was my shoe. Am I related with the incident? “Rena!” I got back my conscious because someone has called me. The person was Yukko whom walks approaching me with Masana.
“Rena, are you okay?”
I could not tell anybody about this.
Normal POV

   Rena continued talking with Yukko and Masana. She did not notice Jurina is behind her, looking at her.
The class started the next lesson which is Phsyical Education. This time the class got basketball to do. Rena doesn’t get her attention at the game, She felt dizzy and stopped the activity while touches her head. “Watch out, Rena!” As her friend told her so the ball flying towards her was about to hit her, luckily Jurina came protecting Rena. She used her hand to covering herself from the ball. Finally the ball just hitted her hand, Rena hard breathingly looked at Jurina before she suddenly collapse, but Jurina quickly catched her.

Rena POV

There was something strange with me.
I felt my condition is getting worse, like my true self would disappear.
I’m scared....

“Phew, finally you awake Rena,” I turned my head find Jurina beside the bed.

“What happened to me?”

“The nurse said you get anemia,”

I rubbed my forehead. “Ohh..anemia...”

   Silence. I felt the heavy air makes us quiet, our moment becomes awkward.  I giggled to her so the awkward moment get off of us. Jurina stared at me. “Today you’re weird, Rena. You spacing out all the time. Is there any problem? If you want to share I will listen,”
I gripped the blanket that covered half of my body. Hardly I gulped. “Th..there is no problem! Don’t care to me too much Jurina, It’s annoying you know,” I showed her a fake laugh while patted her shoulder to hide my lie. She seems mad of my answer. “You are not cute anymore acted that way Rena! I am worry to you to be honest,” Jurina pinched my cheek and then stood up. “But thank God you’re fine. Let’s go home!”

Actually...I was afraid!

I pulled her shirt to stop her. “Jurina..will you always beside me?”

   She didn’t reply instead look at me with surprised and shocked expression at the same time. I finally realized what had I say to her, She would think I am truly weird! “So..sorry. Just forget what I said!”
“Of course,” Jurina held my hand. “I will always beside you,”
I widened my eyes. My face redden caused by my heart which pounding so fast. “Don’t ask me that lame question. Baka,” Jurina laughed at me makes me want to cry. Probabbly I could share my problem to her. I looked to my necklace to give me some spirit. Once again I stopped her, she turns her head. “Ano.. Jurina. What I say now maybe weird for you. The incident last night I—“ Suddenly my word cutted by the speaker which informs that I have been waited in audio-visual room. I confusedly ask Jurina what was going on but she replied maybe I’ll be scolded because skipped classes. She ordered me to go there fast. I nodded to her hesitantly as reply. When I arrived nobody was there but somebody come from my behind suddenly gag my mouth and hold my hand tight.

“Are you Rena? You’re cute~”

“Pity, You’ve been jealoused at,” One of the two boys grinned. Two girls came after them. “Shut up! Just make this girl doesn’t get close to Jurina again. Understand?”

The boys smirked. “Heh, easy~”

These girls who were at Jurina’s apartment before! Jurina...Help me!

Meanwhile with Jurina

   Jurina started to worry of Rena because she doesn’t come back whereas the time turning from the afternoon to evening. She went to the audio-visual room but find nobody there. Fear filled up her mind makes her runs from there and searchs Rena.

Rena POV
   These boys brought me to the back of old buildings which is so quiet. They pushed me to the ground furthermore unbuttoning my shirt. When they wanted to unbutton the third button, I kick them so one of them fall. The other boy gripped my hands tightly and started kissing my neck. I’m screaming while struggled to get loose but stop as something get rule of my body. He smirked. “Wah...finally you tired of stuggling,” I pushed him hard that change our position, I was on the top and he was on the under. “Wow you rejected me a while ago but now—!“ He could not resume his word as I suck his blood. The other boy scared and ran out of there. Finished sucking his blood I realized this wasn’t myself. I licked the blood on my lips...the boy’s blood. It makes me reminisce my classmates talk about the incident las night. I cried. My God...what should I do?! I must search for help...what came on my mind just Jurina so I call her. Unfortunately her number was out of signal. Once more I call her, my body started stuttering. This time the phone could call her number and not longer she answers my call. She asked me where I am with worried tone.

“ was something strange with me...!”

“What do you mean?! Please be calm! I am going there now!” I sobbed. “Thank you...Jurina,”

“Dont worry, I will calm you down,”

   She ended the call immediately after said that. I am confused about the meaning of her word. Suddenly there was something which hit my left shoulder, it makes my hand accidentally released the phone and it fall to the ground with me. My shoulder felt so hurt and bleeding. The thing that hitted is a silver bullet. Spontaneously I turned my head but there I see Jurina with black suit and coat, her hand holds a gun. “It seems my shot missed,” She said walks toward me. What happened with her? She then strangled my neck causes me lack of breath. “Rose queen, I’ve been waiting a long time for the rise of you,”

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 2 UPDATE!
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Jurina's part time job is a vampire hunter?!!! :pig huh: :k-sad:
Did Jurina just try to kill Rena!? :mon spit: Or is it something else?! :on freeze:
Did Jurina know about Rena's condition before? :shock:
Mou~ too much questions lingering in my head! :on lol:
Yabai! Will Rena be able to control her urge for blood? :stoned:
Jurina better not try and kill Rena! :scolding:
At least Jurina saved Rena from falling and from that ball :mon determined: :mon sweat:
Update soon ~ :onioncheer:

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 2 UPDATE!
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While i read the last part...
I scream in my heart ;A;

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 2 UPDATE!
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Ehh? Did Jurina just transform?!?

Omg im so confuse

Update soon

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Re: 5 SHOTS||ROSE AND BULLET (Wmatsui)||Chapter 2 UPDATE!
« Reply #17 on: May 25, 2014, 03:20:06 PM »
Noooo!!! don't!! what are you doing jurina!!! ya!!

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Minna-san my mind create this new brand fanfic :lol: if you don't mind I skip the rose and bullet for a while :oops: I'll continue it later minna-san~

Chapter 1

   A phone vibrated on a small cabin beside a bed where a body laying on it. The person slowly moved to reach the phone. It showed a message received.

Get up you lazy girl! You've been late for our meeting!
The head said you will get a new prey so better going fast here!
The prey looks like hard for you this time.
Heh I wonder you can do it greatly like you did to your previous prey.
Nah The head had waiting for you. Come here fast!

   The person only made a click sound of mouth. 'Like usual you are annoying, Churi. You also told me what The Head should be,' She thought while looking up to the white ceiling. The white color of the ceiling makes her grinned. 'White color is beautiful, that's why I love it. But white added with red is more beautiful,' She sat up from the bed after that, spinned her head to make a crack sound of neck also spinned her shoulders to make it relax. 'No matter how hard my preys are, I could kill them easily. Because I, Matsui Jurina is the greatest silent killer in the world,' She smirked before head towards bathroom to prepare herself for today. After all done she wore her shoes and took her bag, glanced at behind for a while. She lived alone because of that incident, the incident that changed everything from happy to sad.

   Her family, Matsui family was an enough-rich family. Her dad worked as a manager in a famous company. She overheard the company is her grandfather's and the chairman was her grandfather's brother from other mother same father. Her grandfather has died because sick. Her mom was a housewife with two maids always help her with the house. Her house was a medium sized but for her who still a kid, it's big enough for five people to live. One day her family was on pinch caused by some people terroring them nonstop. The night of that day, Jurina couldn't sleep. Something had bother her inside her heart though she closing her eyes to sleep but it doesn't work. Then at 00.00 a.m something happened...

   From the bottom of the door she saw a bright light cross over her bedroom. She get curious and opened the door slowly while peeking. She widened her eyes because half of her house are burning, big fire could be seen red bright around. Some strange masked men were bring her parents to the family room. Her parents were cried begging to let them free. A gun adjusted on her father's forehead so did to her mother. Without warning they shoot them, made Jurina cry. One of the men noticed Jurina and he shouted at others to get her. Immediately Jurina closed the door, opened her bedroom window, and escape from there while run with all her might. While running she couldn't think about anything just the scene of her parents die keep rewind. She didn't even know where her grandfather's house or where should she get help. Tired of running Jurina stopped in a bridge, the sky makes a grumble sound as a sign it will rain. The rain drowning as Jurina get inside the under of the bridge, crying there.

   Three days later her favorite pajama became dirty and her face too. It was because this past few days she searches for food in the trash. Her stomach also feeling not well as she keep ate leftovers.  God seems not stop makes her suffer yet. The third night of living by her own Jurina was searching food in a quiet alley but some tough men realized she is there and approach her. Jurina becomes scared and she couldn't ran away as a wall block her back side and these men block her front side. She closed her eyes wants to give up living but something has fall to her head then to the ground. A gun. The scene of her parents died rewind on her head again. These men finally just a few centimetres from her, grinned. Jurina took a deep breath before opens her eyes. Anger, hate, and sadness are on her eyes which the gaze are changed. These men thought the gun Jurina pointed at them just a toy, they laughing and mock her that scary gaze and serious expression aren't frightening. Jurina walked closer to them while shout. "I'm serious! If you don't leave one of you will die!"

   The statement made them laugh again. One of them who stand in the front approached Jurina wants to steal the gun. But a loud sound echoed as the man doesn't move then fall. He died, Jurina had shoot him. The left men became angry and they started approach Jurina. One of them succeded grab her collar. Jurina remained silent as she shocked of what she did. A loud sound echoed again from up followed by other loud voices. Shockingly all of the men fell not move. Bloods flowing from their body which were hitted by bullets from nowhere. Jurina heard a click voice from her back makes her turned her head. A woman squated at the top of the wall inserts amos for her gun. Her body covered the moon light, she looks like assasin in Jurina's eyes. Jurina stunned.

"Wanna join with me kid? If you do you won't be alone again," The woman offered her hand. Jurina only stared at her but as the time pass she takes the hand. The woman smiled at her, a warm smile. It was the beginning why Jurina becomes a silent killer. Shinoda Mariko, her savior was the head of a secret killer organization. She wanted to thank Shinoda for saved her as being a killer so she can makes Shinoda proud of her also find and get revenge to the killer of her parents. After she brought by Shinoda to the organization, Shinoda showed her a newspaper with a main article about Jurina's parents death and their daughter who missing. "You're the daughter aren't you? If so do you want me to bring you to the police?"

"No! Please...let me be with you!"

As Jurina said that Shinoda nodded and let her be. Since that day Jurina's life changed drastically.

===Flashback end===
Jurina's phone vibrated again, this time is a call from Shinoda. Jurina picked it up. "What is it, Shinoda?"

"Come here fast. This is really important,"

"I know. I'm on my way,"

   Finished wearing her shoes Jurina opened the door, lock it, then walking away. She headed to the base near there. No need a lot of time Jurina arrived there and greeted by some members. Shinoda could not seen anywhere so Jurina asked Churi who busy giving food to her beloved bird, Churi. "Churi, where is Shinoda?" Churi didn't reply only pointed her head to a room. Jurina made a click sound of mouth once more, she going there and knock the door. "Come in"

   Jurina opened the door with an annoying looks. She sat on the only seat which remain on the room, crossed her arms. "To the point. I almost late to school if you take too many times to talk," Shinoda sighed. She placed some papers on her deskwork, her expression becomes serious. "Your new target-"

"Prey," Jurina interrupted.

Shinoda sighed again. "Your new prey is a girl, the daughter of the richest family in this country. Luckily her school is same as yours, I'm right schooling you there," she smirked. "She is popular in your school, maybe you already know the person?"

"Like I said, TO THE TOPIC. There are many popular students there and I don't even care about them,"

"Oh no no. She is the most popular. Make sure you kill her fast because her parents are annoying me,"

Jurina thinking for a while. "The most popular....oh that princess girl, Matsui Rena?"

"Yeah you're smart as usual, Jurina," Shinoda's smirk became wider.

"I will make a new record as the fastest kill of all the preys I killed, you won't anxious long, Shinoda," As a close of her words Jurina grabbed a small gun and get it in to her bag. 'This would be fun,' Jurina thought.
Jurina POV
   Finally I arrived at school without late and there are a lot of students still hanging around. I evaporate because slept late last night but my activity bothered by a student bump on my shoulder but she doesn't apologize instead keep running followed by a bunch of students. If I could I will kill her right away so she knows her fault messing up with a killer. I was about continue walking but someone grabbed my shoulder. I turned my head, a lot of students were there and the person who grabbed my shoulder shows me an irritating look. I stared at her. I felt my anger increase this morning, first because of Shinoda almost made me late, second because of that girl bumped on me but not apologize, and third this girl stopped me suddenly while shows me her irritating look. Does she think her irritating look is good to see? I clenched my fists. "Get away from here, Rena-sama wants to pass!" She yelled in front of my face. How dare! I looked to her back where that princess girl get out from her expensive car with these students cheer at her. I smirked knowing this girl will die in my hand and these students' beloved princess will not exist in the near future. The girl pushed my shoulder harshly but I hold on. She unsucces pushed me to get out of there so when that princess pass through us she acted nice and bowed to her while shows fake smile. I raised an eyebrow, this girl is a liar type. The girl glanced at me with mad expression while still bowing. I lifted my chin, gave her my arrogant look makes her gritted her teeth. Heh she is angry just because I didn't show any respect to her princess, what an annoying. I wanted to continue walking but that princess girl is on my front blocking my way. She looked at me sympathicly and that look what most I hate. I hate being pity by someone! Her action ended me push her shoulder so she doesn't block my way anymore. Her fans, these students could be seen hate me now but they can't do anything as they know their princess doesn't like fight. I looked at her before continue.

"Don't block the way baka," I said but what I saw is she hissed while touch her shoulder. Am I pushed her too hard? This girl is so weak! The girl who bowing immediately approached her while asks if she is okay. These students also did it and without take long time she surrounded. I just shrugged and continue walking but someone again grabbed my shoulder to stop me. I turned my head, the same girl who stopped me before. My mouth made a click sound as I'm getting mad. "If you don't mind please take me to the infirmary, Matsui-san," that princess girl begged to me with hurt expression. Well, pity her so without thinking twice I bring her there while carry her. Her fans looked at us in awe, must be because they don't think I'm strong. Arrived there I put her on the bed then started to leave but she stops me.

"Where are you going? You must take the responsibility Matsui-san," Where did she know my name?

"Why must I? You just want me to take you to the infirmary and I have did it. No more reason I must stay,"

She bite her lip. "At least...check the shoulder if there is a wound or not..." I sighed, this girl is a troublesome.

"Take off your shirt and blazer then," She widened her eyes as she shocked, her cheeks flushed a bit. One by one she took off her shirt until only her bra left. I stared at it makes her immediately covered her breasts with the blanket. Her skin was pale, I bet it smooth if I touch. Heh what I was thinking?! Quickly I checked her shoulder while lowered my head. Of course she hissed as being hurt, there was a dark-reddish wound. I pressed it with my thumb finger slowly but she hissed. Seems the wound is worse than I thought. I took a bandage and cover the wound so the pain isn't too hurt also I suggest her to see doctor later. Finished, I wait for her to wears her clothes again. Like I thought her skin is smooth like cotton. Why my mind thinking like that again?! Rather than that I should apologize but I feel unsure. I pushed her is right because she blocked my way but...I shouldn't harsh to her. So I decided to apologize. Wait why my heart thumping fast just because I want to apologize?!

"I have done. There is still something you want to do, Matsui-san?"

   I cleared my throat before speak. "Well, I'm.....sorry.." Not looking to her. She giggled with a 'what-a-soft-voice-I-heard' tone. My mind is a bit tired maybe that's why I think like that. Silent after that, none of us wants to leave like we enjoy the silence between us. Suddenly I remembered my task, this is my chance as she looking away through the window beside the bed. I took my gun and set it without any sound be heard. As I promised Shinoda this girl will be the fastest prey I kill, 10 minutes walking to school from the base, 5 minutes took her here that means 15 minutes after Shinoda gave the task she'll die. I smirked. When I wanted to adjust it to her stomach....

"Rena-san are you okay?!" A girl get inside arbitrarily. Luckily she didn't see my gun as I return it to my bag quickly. The girl approached her with worried expression and tone. Tch, this girl is a disturber!

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Re: 4 SHOTS|| TARGET (Wmatsui)|| CHAPTER 1
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The Rose and bullet story,  did you base on a manga ? 'cause it's just the same

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