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Author Topic: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 4 [150316]  (Read 24213 times)

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 2 [140521]
« Reply #20 on: May 22, 2014, 11:00:18 AM »
The flashback... It's Jurina isn't it???? :shocked Please tell me it's her!!!
I'm spoiling the mood here hahaha :P (Sorry YukiRena shippers!! :bow:)
But seriously I think the scaredy girl suits Jurina than Yuki :huhuh Ignore me hahaha
Waaa I feel bad for Mayu here... Be strong, Mayu! :cry:

Please, update soon~!!! :twothumbs

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 2 [140521]
« Reply #21 on: May 22, 2014, 12:45:31 PM »
It's interesting  :thumbup

Finally they're meet again  :D

Why don't you change something??? I mean you can write triangle love between Rena - Yuki - Mayu or Yuki - Rena - Jurina. ( It's my idea  :roll:)

Please let get RenaYuki together  :love: :love: :love:

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 2 [140521]
« Reply #22 on: May 22, 2014, 01:11:10 PM »
Aww poor Mayu...
The unrecruited love D:
But but.. I want this fic to become YukiRena.. lol XD

Hmm.. curious about the person in flashback... Hope it's Yuki tho :D

You should make YukiRena and JuriMayu! ahahahah XD

Thanks for the update! cant wait to read next update =D

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 2 [140521]
« Reply #23 on: May 23, 2014, 08:14:12 PM »
I wonder who is in rena dream ...
rena said she dream about yuki, but is that so?

mayu is a good girl, help yuki love yuki
I really sorry for her T^T)
Yuki love Rena too much.

but I have feeling that YukiRena Shipper like me ,might dies soon too . (Haa)

I know that our(or my) request might be hard for you decision for this story ,please don't care my request... think it just like a wind.

but let this wind pass your ears againnnnn
Yukirena till end please!

Haaaa XD

ps. as you reply , I really thank you for Yukirena moment XD too.

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 2 [140521]
« Reply #24 on: May 25, 2014, 02:21:23 AM »
I dont think whos rena dream is yuki,is it jurina?
It seems she has promise with jurina before those scene happen the comatose

And why the title is wait for me?

Who's wait?

Mayu? Jurina? Rena? Yuki?

Mayuyu fighting!

Wonder what happen with yuki life without mayu by her side

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki MaYuki WMatsui) - Chapter 2 [140521]
« Reply #25 on: May 25, 2014, 03:09:41 PM »



mayu waiting yuki,wait yuki loved her back

uh but when?

from what i see this is long term fic maybe?

and who's is jurina here?

rena friend? lovers? or sister?

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #26 on: May 28, 2014, 08:07:17 PM »

Rena was sleeping soundly inside her room. It was nearly 8 in the morning and she’s late. The sun had already shone its light through the small slit of the curtains. She was supposed to wake up at 7 but her alarm clock was already broken to pieces on the floor after being thrown mercilessly by its owner. Another girl had crept inside the room, tiptoeing along the floor to cease any sound of her presence. She slowly approached the snoring girl, observing and admiring her face for a few minutes like a creep before a light bulb dings inside her head.

With a mischievous smirk, the girl mentally counted to three before diving on top of the sleeping girl.




“OOF!! What the…”

“Good morning, Rena-chaaaan~”

“Mmmhh… that hurts…” Rena whined, pushing the girl on top of her.

“My point, exactly… Now wake up, lazy bum!”

“Hmmm… five more minutes…” Rena trashed around in protest before rolling around to bury her face in the soft fluffy pillow but not before a hand grabbed her arm.

“Nooooo...” The girl pulled Rena to lay on her back. “Come on… We’re going to be late!”

She was about to stood up from the bed but Rena had caught the girl into her arms. She opened an eye to take a peek at the person disturbing her sleep. The sight in front had made Rena’s breath hitched for a second. Like before, the face is blurry and hazy, only the outline is visible. The red blemish covering the girl’s fair cheeks was too cute and adorable for her; her drowsiness had washed away completely. Instead, she felt completely and fully energized from seeing the blushing girl biting her lips cutely. They stare into each other’s eyes, basking in the gentle and warm gaze before the girl’s eyes fall on Rena’s lips. 

“Nee…” She looked deeply into Rena’s eyes for permission, her head slowly leaning in closer “…May I?”

Rena gulped in anticipation, her face resembling the girl on top. She nods her head shyly, her eyes too falling on the latter’s enticing lips. However, before their lips could meet, a sudden shaking of her body had the world around her vanished into swirls of darkness along with the girl…

Rena blinks her eyes a couple of times to adjust her sight with the bright surrounding. She rubs her eyes cutely before an image of a girl appeared in front of her. She thought it was another dream, but the feeling of someone’s breathing on her neck made Rena scrunched her face. She squints her eyes to get a better view of the perpetrator, only to find a red crimson face of Yuki dangerously close to her. Once again, the scene from her dream earlier played once more. They stare into each other’s eyes without blinking, each of them deep in thoughts about the other. Well, actually it was the opposite. There’s nothing going on in their brain right now. Slowly, Yuki’s face leans closer; her heated breath can be felt on Rena’s mouth. Rena can see the hesitation shown on Yuki’s eyes, the latter contemplating with the action that might result Yuki drowning in regret for the rest of her lives. But she couldn’t help it; Rena’s lips is too inviting for her to reject. Closing her eyes, Rena pulls Yuki closer, preparing herself for the kiss…


…Only to felt an abrupt push from the latter. Yuki’s calm eyes immediately turns to a worrying one once the familiar ringing tone reverberates from the living room. Releasing a sigh, she tried to pull herself away from Rena… only to felt a pair of hand wrapped tightly around her waist. She coughed out timidly, trying to wake the still dazed Rena from her half sleeping state.

“Ummm… Rena-chan?”


“Your arms… please?”


“Ummm… I need to answer that call. It’s… important?”

Yuki tried to control her stutter and racing heart from their awkward position. After a few seconds, Rena’s hazy mind finally turns its clogs, making the girl fully awake and startled with their embarrassing situation.

“Ah!” Rena quickly releases the flustered Yuki. “Sorry! I’m really, really sorry!”

Yuki just shook her head with an awkward smile, still feeling embarrassed with everything.

“It’s f-fine… Why are you apologizing anyway…?”

Rena sit there dumbfounded, the question had made her confused as Yuki dashed out of her room while cursing something about her ringing phone. Indeed, a thought came to her mind. Yuki’s her girlfriend… why would she apologize for something like that? On the other hand, Yuki’s mind is a mess, her face still red from the scene earlier. If only Rena knew it was the first time they had ever gotten as close as that...

- - - - - - - - - -

“Do you think she’ll be alright?”

“Okay… Got it.”

Rena was watching the television while folding their laundry together with Yuki when her phone rang… again. It was the nth time already that day. She had been observing Yuki for the past few days and the latter always had this worried face every time her phone rings, not that Yuki bothered to answer, though. Rena wanted to ask the latter about her problems but seeing that the girl is silent about it, Rena decided to mind her own business. It was probably some important calls from work, she thought. Well, not a surprise after Yuki had decided to ditch her work just for the sake of wanting to watch over her at home. After the call ended, Yuki sat beside Rena on the couch. She keeps silent, thinking of the possibilities of leaving Rena alone here for a week after her father had asked her to come back home for a dinner together. She lets out a sigh, not realizing the pair of concerned eyes watching her every movement from the side.

“Who was that?”

“Mayu…” Yuki blurts out unconsciously, her forehead still scrunched in deep thoughts. It’s like she’s still in her own world, not even realizing she had unconsciously answered Rena’s question. It makes Rena worried of her…

“Yukirin…” Rena holds the girl’s hand, “Are you okay?”

Snapping her head to Rena’s direction, she musters a small nod and a smile after looking at Rena’s worried face. “I’m fine, Rena-chan…”

“Really? You look like you have a problem…”

“I’m fine… really…” Yuki grips Rena’s hand that was holding hers to assure the girl that she is fine, although her mind is preoccupied with so many problems… even more being troubled with the sole reason her father suddenly wants her to return back home. She can’t help the nagging feeling of something bad about to happen. Not wanting the girl to ask her anymore question, Yuki decided to change the topic. She turns to Rena with a bright face.

“Nee, Rena-chan…”

“Hm?” Rena raised her brows from seeing the sad Yuki a minute ago turns into this giddy girl.

“Let’s go to the convenience store!”


- - - - - - - - - -

Rena wanders around the store like a child, her face has this astonish and amazement like it was the first time she had step foot into the place.

“Wow… it’s been ages since I last came to a store.” Rena expressed with those adorable wide eyes. Yuki pushes the girl lightly with a snort.

“Don’t be so dramatic, Rena-chan…” Yuki teased as Rena act all shocked seeing the things; her eyes scanning everywhere like crazy while her hands touch everything she could reach, like she hadn’t seen the entire place for years. Well, of course she did but she didn’t even remember anything so she doesn’t have to actually act like that. Rena laughed from Yuki’s gesture, putting her acting to a stop. Actually, Rena was so excited after Yuki asked her to go to the store. She had been staying in the house for the past few days; probably weeks already, Rena had lost count, it’s getting boring and dull. She feels like a trapped girl in that house although Yuki means no harm of keeping her away from the outside world. She knows her body still needs a lot of rest but having some fresh air while walking outside the house is good for fast recovery too.

“Rena-chan, can you go get me some eggs?”


Rena walked down the aisles, searching for the shelf of eggs cartons at the dairy section. Noticing the stacks of eggs cartons piled at the back, she rushed to the location only to bump into someone.

“Ack! S-sorry…” Rena bows her head a few times at the person.

“Ah… it’s alright. You didn’t get hurt, right?” the person asked. Rena lifts her head, only to get awestruck with the pair of black eyes in front of her. Rena just stood there like an idiot, her mouth hanging open as she gazed at the person’s eyes feeling somewhat nostalgic with them.


Hearing no response from the girl, the person waves her hand in front of Rena’s face, waking her up from her hypnotic state. “Miss? Are you okay?”

Getting back to her senses, Rena timidly shook her head with a smile and a faint blush on her face. “N-no… I’m fine.”

“Really?” That’s when Rena got to study the person’s feature despite the worry expression she shown. Her face is really pretty... No, beautiful is the exact word. But there’s also a certain vibe coming from her, of coolness and chic with the way she dressed added with the short, shoulder length hair covered under a hat.

“Y-yeah!” Once again, Rena nods her head but this time a bit too eagerly.

“That’s good! Be careful next time, okay? Oh, and the eggs are over there.” The person pointed at the shelf situated at the back. Rena blinked her eyes in confusion.

How did she know I was looking for the eggs?

Before Rena could voice out her inquiry, the girl had walked away from Rena but not before giving her a cute, chesire-like smile… Just like a puppy, Rena thought. Somehow, her mind kept telling her that she had seen this person before, the familiar mystifying eyes that had caused a tug inside her heart and mind.

Who is she?

A hand on her shoulder had startled Rena from her thoughts.

“Rena-chan? What are you doing here? Did you found the eggs?” Yuki asked before walking to the dairy section with a basket in her hand.

“Un! It’s over there!” Rena happily pointed to the same direction the person earlier had shown her, catching up to Yuki’s side with a skip. She got into some conversation with Yuki but her eyes can’t help to wander for the girl’s whereabouts. There’s something strange about the stranger that had sparked Rena’s interest for the first time. The owner’s eyes are so pretty and mysterious; she wants to meet her again… if it’s possible.

- - - - - - - - - -

Yuki had told Rena about her absence for a week due to a visit to her home and Rena wasn’t even concerned about Yuki leaving her. In fact, it was the opposite. It took a lot of persuasion and nagging from Rena (with the help of Mayu) to make Yuki convinced that she is really, definitely, certainly fine living alone for a week. Yuki had been so protective of Rena; it had made the latter feeling a bit suffocated to say the least. She loves Yuki’s way of care and concern for her well being but sometimes it gets a little bit overboard and Rena hates that. It makes her loathe the freedom. She is not a child; only a young adult who unfortunately had lost some bits of memories here and there. And now there’s no one holding her back, she can finally do whatever she wants!

“Now… what to do?”

Rena makes a pondering face with a finger tapping her chin, thinking of every possible ways to fill her days out of boredom. She had done all the chores for today and it’s still early to be doing lunch. Her eyes fall on the stacks of DVDs Yuki had rented for her.

“Hmmm… I guess some animes would be great!”

With a large bowl of popcorn, a can of soda and the remote control on her hold, Rena lay splayed on the couch lazily while enjoying the animes like an otaku. She had been lazing on the couch for a few hours, she hadn’t realized the clock had already showed 2 in the evening.

“Ah! It’s 2 already? I didn’t make lunch yet!”

However, all her worries flew away as she remembered that there’s no occupant except her in the house so why need to deal with the hassle of preparing lunch? With a mischievous smile on her face, Rena grabs her wallet and walked out of the door to the convenience store nearby. Indeed, their trip to the store the other day was actually Yuki’s way of teaching Rena how to get groceries and supplies from the store. It made Rena laughed for a good few hours with Yuki’s over-motherly way. Rena giggled as she remembers Yuki’s explanations behind her intentions with puff cheeks.

“I don’t want you to get lost or something…”

Rena is truly grateful to have a caring and loving girlfriend like Yuki. Stepping into the store, Rena wanders around the snacks shelf to find something she can munch to replace the ones she had finished earlier. Then, her eyes caught the lone packet of bread she had loved so much. She was about to reach for the melon pan but another hand had reach for the same thing. She directed her eyes to the hand’s owner, only to have the same expression with the person.

“Ah!” Rena pointed her finger at the familiar person.

“Pretty eyes person!”

“Egg girl!”

They both said at the same time, resulted with giggles coming from each of them.

“Pretty eyes person?” The girl asked with a hint of tease and proud in her voice with the nickname. Rena scratches her head timidly, trying to find an excuse from accidentally blurting the name out loud.

“Well… cause you have pretty eyes…?” The answer had made the girl laughs gleefully but Rena decided to taunt the girl back with a frown. “What about you? What’s with the egg girl?”

Again, the girl laughed with her teeth showing. Rena can feel her heart once again thumping that same pace from seeing the girl’s beautiful feature.

“Somehow, there’s a resemblance between your face and an egg.” The girl answered still with giggles in between her words. Rena puffed her cheeks, feeling offended with the name.

“That’s mean.”

“I was just kidding.” The girl calms herself after seeing the adorable pout on Rena’s face. “It was because you were looking for the eggs the other day…”

Rena still had that judging look as she raised a brow at the girl’s explanation.

“Your face is adorable, if that helps…” The person said with a grin, trying to pacify the pouting girl which managed to earn a smile from the latter. A tinge of red appeared on Rena’s cheeks as they stare at each other in silence.

“Here, take this.”


“You want this, right?”

“It’s okay. You can have it… I’ll just look for another-“

But before Rena could finish her sentence, the girl had already shoved the packet of melon pan into Rena’s hand. The friction from their skin contact had cause a jolt inside Rena. She blinks her eyes a few times to erase the electrifying feeling underneath her skin.

“Just think of it as a compensation for calling you egg girl.” The girl gave her a smile and a small wave before walking away from the spot. Realizing something she had been wanting to ask since that day they bumped into each other, Rena ran to catch up with the girl. She came to a stop as the girl’s back came to her view. Inhaling her breath for some strength, Rena voiced out her request.


The girl turns to her back, meeting eyes with Rena’s hazel ones. “Yes?”

“Your name…”


“C-can I know your name…?”

The corner of her lips curled upwards, showing that cute Cheshire smile with a set of perfectly aligned teeth that Rena seemed to be so fond of… she can feel her heart skips a beat from the girl’s smile.

“It's Jurina…” the girl said in a cool way before walking out of the door with a hand waving at Rena without turning around. Meanwhile, Rena clasped her hands on her chest to calm the abnormal beat of her heart, not realizing the shy smile that had involuntarily etched on her face without her own awareness.

Jurina… what a nice name.

The thought unconsciously came to her mind as she stares at the girl’s back slowly disappearing from her view… not bearing in mind that she had forgotten to introduce herself back to the person with a pair of pretty eyes and a cute Cheshire-like smile.

A/N: Ummmm... here comes Jurina? Ahahaha okay don't kill me, YukiRena shippers!!!  :on freeze: :mon hanky: :mon runcry:



@kenjoy12: Lol it's ok~ I'm still making my mind for the pairings :grin: So dont be surprise at the end Nyahaha! Thanks for reading :cathappy:

@kazutoryu: Yeaah I'm so bad for making Mayu suffer :banghead:

@Chichay12: Ahaha thanks! I wanna make WMatsui but... oh well~ :roll:

@affiber: Hey wait for next chapters then XD

@RenshuChan: Oh master here is President, which is Yuki's dad. Hope u get that :grin: Jurina is bad or not u have to wait~ :cathappy:

@musy: I can't answer ur questions or it will ruin the story!!! :P Just wait~ XD

@noel nguyen: That's what I'm doing here hahaha! Aah love triangle~ Let's just see who loves who in the end :P

@White Hawk: Lol thanks for the suggestion~ :grin: the flashback will be reveal in another chp which is still a long way to go :cathappy:

@kcard: Mou why are you acting like this??? Making me feel guilty :cry: I'm still making up my mind for the ending~ :roll: so do have some hope XD

@gek geki: Aaaah~ u got good thinking there :grin: They wait for each other of course! (but not gonna tell the names :P)

@Terragen: I don't know perhaps in incoming chapters to come??? XD Yes this is a long fic sorry if i made u confused :bow: Your questions will be answered....soon! :grin:
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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #27 on: May 29, 2014, 01:56:58 AM »
But i want to be surprise! :nervous Lol. Looking forward to it! :fap

Ah! Pretty eyes person and egg girl met! :nervous I mean WMatsui met! :lol:

Oooooh! Can't wait to witness more! :twothumbs

Thanks for the update and hardwork. :kneelbow:

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #28 on: May 29, 2014, 07:35:37 AM »
Oh my, WMatsui met!! And Rena is already falling for Jurina...
*my YukiRena heart is shattered :cry:*

Thanks for your update~
Can't wait to read the next chapter XD

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #29 on: May 29, 2014, 08:43:39 AM »
Yeeeey, finally! Jurina's in the fic yo ~ B-)

That pretty eyes girl strucked the egg girl's eyes XD

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #30 on: May 29, 2014, 09:54:05 AM »
Rena! Don't do a thing to yuki like someone on you dream  :cry:
don't replece someone with yuki
make her real one  :cry:

Jurina come... with a pretty eyes that stun Rena..

Like white hawk-san
my yukirena is shattered too. :cry:

OK embee-san  I'll not lose my hope till the end.

demo , demo ne, if the end is not YukiRena... you really broke my heart.
cuz from the last reply, I prepare myself to resistant that damages already.
you tell me I still have a hope so I believe you.
( ; A ; '')

looking forward to the next chapter.

again don't mind my force pairing comment  :lol:
i'm with you till the end not matter what ending pairing is.   :'>

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #31 on: May 29, 2014, 11:20:40 AM »
Ah.... Goodbye my YukiRena :banghead:  :cry:

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #32 on: May 29, 2014, 11:46:38 AM »
Ah souka ne~ it's jurina that rena dream about

They dating on the past right and beside rena lost her memory her heart still remember the person she dearly love

Poor yuki,she had a feeling for rena,but im pity mayu more to have loved yuki who love rena


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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #33 on: June 01, 2014, 05:21:15 PM »
I googled it, and Cheshire-like smiles are actually pretty scary XD
I have my preferences for the pairings but as long as no one end forever alone, it doesn't matter X)
Looking forward for next chapters!  Thanks for the update!

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #34 on: June 29, 2014, 04:39:55 AM »
Please continue this

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #35 on: June 29, 2014, 06:15:14 PM »
Nooooo my yukirena  :frustrated:

please UPDATE..... :tantrum:

\(-,-)/ ARE U MAD??? O.o

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3A [140529]
« Reply #36 on: July 01, 2014, 02:22:00 AM »
Juina and Rena meet

And lol the name ghey calling each other at first

Update soon

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Re: Wait For Me (RenaYuki/MaYuki/WMatsui) - Chapter 3B [140915]
« Reply #37 on: September 14, 2014, 06:53:50 PM »

Mayu was supposed to pay a late visit that evening to do the usual regular check up on Rena. And of course... to give daily reports of Rena to Yuki. She was expecting to see a bored and disheveled looking Rena but instead, it was the opposite. The moment Rena opened the door, the sight had literally blinded Mayu’s view for a second there. Rena was shining… well, more like gleaming brightly with a giddy smile on her face. It was like the light from heaven had shine on Rena’s being, making her presence on par with a goddess.

“Ah, Mayuyu!”

“Whoa! My eyesight!” Mayu put a hand on her eyes to cover her sight from the blinding view in a playful way.

“What are you doing…” A pout appeared from seeing Mayu’s exaggerated gesture.

“Hahaha! Your smile is blinding, Rena-chan.” Mayu stated as she steps inside the house with Rena following closely with a smile. “How are you feeling today?”

“As good as ever!”

“That’s weird…” Mayu raised her eyebrow with a teasing smirk, “You’re not missing your Yukirin?”

“Mou…” Rena slapped the cyborg girl lightly on her arm with red cheeks. “She only left yesterday.”

“Is that so?” Mayu nod her head, shrugging her shoulders before placing her suitcase on the table.

“Are you staying for dinner?”

“If I’m not being a bother to you…”

“Alright!” Rena made a yossha gesture before skipping down to the kitchen, “Let me see what we have in the fridge.”

“Hold it!” Mayu stops her giddy skipping by pulling the girl’s arms to her side. She pushed the confused Rena into her room. “We need to do your routine check-up, Rena.”

“Can’t it wait?” Rena pouted to the doctor but the latter shook her head with an evil smile. She opens the briefcase, laying out the equipments needed for the check up. Slowly turning around to Rena, she wears the latex gloves while stretching it with a pop.

“This is going to hurt a bit, Rena-chaan~”

- - - - - - - - - - - -

After the excruciating and torturing session of her medical check-up, Rena was forcefully asked to take a rest while Mayu take care of their dinner. She’s a great cook, that emotionless doctor. Even if she looked like she had never done any house chores before, she is indeed pretty skillful with cooking since she’s been living alone for a few years already. She had cooked a decent meal tonight for the both of them. However, in her heart she had wished Yuki was there to taste her cooking as this is the first time she had cook for someone else.

“This looks really good!” Rena chimed, scooping a big mouthful of the meal into her mouth. “And it actually taste good!”

Mayu laugh at the childish-like Rena speaking with her mouth full, shaking her head as she too tastes her own cooking. Not bad considering all the ingredients are mostly leftovers in the fridge. Maybe she should have actually brought some groceries for Rena to survive in the next remaining days…

“Hey, Mayuyu…”


“Do you have someone you like?”

“Haa?!” Mayu could swear her ears had actually turned red from Rena’s unexpected question. “W-what’s with the q-question?”

“Eeeeh? You’re blushing!” Rena exclaimed like a little girl before poking the bashful Mayu on her cheek repeatedly.

“Who is it? Tell me tell me!!!”

Mayu slapped away the annoying finger poking her cheek, lowering her head down to hide her flushed face. “No, I won’t… Besides, that person already like someone else.”

Rena can see Mayu’s expression falling. It was a sad one and it made Rena guilty for asking the question rashly without thinking of the other’s feelings.

“S-sorry! I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s okay. I don’t mind at all.” Mayu wears a convincing smile, not wanting the latter to feel distraught with it. “What’s with the sudden question?”

“I just want to know you better… That’s all.”

Mayu nods her head slowly. She had never been too open or friendly with anyone. What she is and who she is, is her own business and no one is permitted to dig her personal life without her consent. They can say she is a loner, a mysterious person or a selfish girl. As long as no one interferes with her life, then so be it. That’s the only way for her to protect herself from being harm or hurt by others.

“You’re a kind person, Mayuyu.” The sudden words had caught Mayu startled. Thankfully she wasn’t chewing any food or else she might had choked on it. It was the first time someone had ever said she’s kind. Not even Yuki had told her that…

“W-what are you talking about?”

“You’ve been taking care of me and Yuki all this while…”

“Ahahaha… It’s part of my job, anyway.” Mayu tried to shake off the awkward feeling in her heart as she laughs it out.

“You’re a weird one, Mayuyu…” Mayu turned to Rena, raising a brow at her statement. But what she said after had made her heart beating wildly.

“But I’m really glad Yuki met a kind person like you.”

They eat their dinner in silence after that; Rena enjoying her meal happily since she’s quite hungry for skipping lunch and Mayu having a sudden weird feeling in her heart. The tasty dinner she had cooked suddenly tasted bland to her tongue. She had lost her appetite as she thought back of what she had done in the past. She stole a glance at Rena, guilt and regret came surging through her being as if eating her soul for the dark past that had almost ruined her life and those around her.

You are wrong, Rena… You don’t know there’s a merciless devil that had been hiding inside me.

- - - - - - - - - -

Rena had once again gone out by herself, only this time she’s going to the grocery store. Well, it’s not like she deliberately went there to see someone after not seeing her the day before…


She had just realized the fridge was void of any food and this time she’s determined to stock up their kitchen with food supplies instead of snacks and melon pan...

“Perhaps I might encounter her again…” She thought loudly, only to slap her mouth close. She cursed mentally for the slip of her mouth, slapping her cheek a couple of times for thinking about that Jurina person once again.

“Well… I don’t think she goes to the store every day.”

“Unlike that someone.”

“Yeah… Unlike that someone who is obviously me.” Rena once again said animatedly, unaware of the familiar presence walking beside her that had been replying her inner thoughts that were spoken aloud.

“You mean, the egg girl?”

“Why, of course! The egg girl is indeed m-…”

Rena halts her steps. She stood there like an idiot, her mouth opening and closing like a fish as she finally realized that certain someone had actually been walking and replying to her thoughts. She can feel her face slowly heating up to her ears, her eyes glancing to her side to look at the person. After confirming her doubts, she quickly snapped her head to face the ground to hide her reddening face.

J-J-Jurina… ? S-SERIOUSLY??!! What is she doing here?!

“Are you okay?” Jurina tried to act like she is concerned while biting her lips to refrain herself from giggling. She doesn’t want to give more embarrassment to the adorable girl.

“Y-yes!” Rena answered a bit too fast before running her way to the grocery store, leaving the dumbfounded Jurina. She shook her head with a grin before following the timid girl to the store.

Inside the store, Rena has been keeping her eyes to avoid Jurina at all cost after embarrassing herself to death like a stupid person in front of the latter. She’s been ducking her head low, hiding around the corners while looking right and left for the person like a commando. After making sure the line is clear, Rena let out a relieved sigh…

“Thank goodness! I think I’ve lost her.”

“Not really… You got to do better than that.”

“Eh… EEHHH?!!!” Rena turn around, finding a grinning Jurina standing behind her with a peace sign. “Wh… How? When? Where? How…?!”

“You just asked me how two times.”

“N-nevermind that! How did you…”

“I just followed you here.” Jurina shrugs her shoulders as if it was a simple matter. “As easy as that.”

“B-b-but… Eeeh?!!”

“You should stop that. We don’t want a crowd circling us like we’re an exhibition, do we?” Jurina bows to the several people standing and watching them, pulling Rena to another isle to run away from those people’s weird stares.

“T-thanks… and sorry.” Rena timidly said, her eyes falling on her shoe.

“No… I should be the one apologizing for scaring you like that.” Jurina once again bowed to Rena, making her blush from the gentleman-like manner.

“If you don’t mind, may I help you with your shopping?” Jurina offered with her dazzling smile, the one Rena had fallen helplessly in love with. “You know… for compensation of what happened earlier?”

As if there’s a string attached to her body, Rena immediately nods her head. She didn’t know why she agreed to it, but she knows she won’t regret it later. Besides, she really wants to know this Jurina girl better, wanting to know why this person picked her interest so much.

“I’d love to!” She chirped out with a bright smile, both hands clasped in front of her chest.

- - - - - - - - - -



Mayu shouted a bit louder this time after not getting any reply from inside. She had been standing in front of the door for the past 10 minutes but no answer came. She exhaled deeply, cracking her neck side to side as her body starts to succumb to exhaustion.

“Maybe she’s gone to the store…”

Mayu walks back to her car with a yawn, deciding to take a short nap as she waits for Rena to come back. She has been going to and fro Rena’s house from her workplace every day; it’s slowly taking a toll on her worn out body. She hadn’t had any sleep these days since she needs to finish the maintenance of her personal laboratory, as well as other things concerning Rena and Yuki.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, she find Rena walking by the road side. She was about to get out of the car to greet her when the presence of someone else walking just behind Rena made her shock. She watches intently, her eyes not blinking even once at the way they interact with each other. Even after Rena had gone into her house, Mayu is still keeping her eyes on the short-haired girl. Then, the person disappeared as she walks further into the building. Must be one of the neighbors here, she thought. However, she can’t help feeling worried over Rena mingling with a stranger. Her head suddenly filled with many possibilities that might harm both Rena and Yuki if this person is associated with those group of people...

“This is bad.”

She quickly rushed her way to the front door, knocking a bit too hard on the surface.


She can hear Rena’s muffled shout from inside. She takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself from making any sudden decision. She’s not one to prevent or decide on anything, it’s Yuki. For now, she just needs to find out who’s that girl and what is Rena doing with her. However, seeing Rena’s happy face once she opened the door had actually made the emotionless doctor stunned.

“Mayuyu! Come in!” Rena steps to the side, making way for the stoned Mayu to walk inside. “You’re a bit late today.”

“Ah…” Mayu could only nod her head slowly, still trying to pull herself together. She pinched her thigh, trying to get her head back to reality. She can’t be distracted with Rena’s innocent and happy face. Not right now… She took another breath before pulling Rena to her side.

“Rena…” Mayu turn around with a serious face. “Where have you been?”

“Huh? I went to the grocery store… Why? Did you wait long, Mayuyu? I’m sorr-…”

“Did you meet anyone there?”

“W-what do you mean?” Rena replied in a stutter, knowing full well she's caught red-handedly. Nonetheless, she tried to act like she didn't know what Mayu is implying.

“Do you remember what Yuki warned you before?” Mayu glared at the confused girl, making her cowered from fear. “You didn’t talk to any stranger, do you Rena…?”

“N-no… Of course not!” Rena replied timidly, her eyes lowering to the ground to avoid Mayu’s deep, scrutinizing stare.

“That’s good then.”

She knows it’s a lie, but she’ll let it slide. Either way, she needs to warn Yuki… but not now. Yuki is more than troubled about everything, there's no way to expect what the girl would resort to if she knows about this. She must keep this to herself first, finding out about that person's background before she can inform Yuki. Not wanting to scare Rena anymore, Mayu turned around with a deep sigh. She shakes her head a couple of times to shake off the tension rising to her head.

“Just make sure…” She took a sit on the couch, smiling wearily at the frightened Rena standing in front of her. She didn’t know why she’s doing this, but she can’t do anything about it. Not when Rena is the one holding her beloved Yuki’s heart right now…

“Don’t let Yuki sad and worry about you anymore, okay?”

- - - - - - - - - - -

Rena thrashed around for the nth time, trying to find a comfortable spot to get some sleep. But it seemed like her eyes are not closing… Not when the thunders are booming loudly outside with the heavy rain falling and hitting the window of her bedroom. Rena faced the white ceiling, trying to count the imaginary playful Pichus jumping over a snoring Snorlax in the woods. But her eyes are still wide open. After countless times of sighing and grumbling, Rena decided to get a warm cup of milk, hoping it will make her sleep for good.   

She walks to the kitchen, opening the fridge for the milk. Turning on the stove, she pours the milk into a small pot before placing it over the fire. She leans back on the counter top behind her, thinking back on the incident that had happened today with Mayu, the cause of her insomnia. She knows she’s at fault for breaking the rules. In fact, the main cause Yuki had forbidden her to go outside at first was because of not wanting her to meet anyone or any stranger. She didn’t dare to ask why since Yuki had promised she will explain everything to her one day when the time is right.

“But… Jurina is not a stranger.” Rena pouted. Her mind wanders back to the times they had in the grocery store, a smile replacing the frown. It’s fun to do things with a friend instead of being alone in this house every day, she thought. She giggles to herself when out of nowhere, a loud knocking sounded from the door.


She jumped on the spot, not expecting anyone to come this late in the middle of the night.

Mayu didn't say anything about visiting...

Her heart starts to beat wildly, afraid this was one of the people Yuki had been trying to warn her about. Again, the banging of the door reverberates around the house together with the pouring of heavy rain. Her mind unconsciously takes control as she rushed to the kitchen to grab for a knife in the drawer. Gripping the knife expertly in front of her like a professional, Rena slowly steps towards the door. She wanted to run away and hide in her room, but her conscious mind is telling her to act like this instead. To defend herself rather than running away…

It’s useless to run and hide since you’ll be found and killed either way. The best way to survive is to defend yourself and face the enemy!

Those words keep repeating in her head like a broken record player. She didn’t know where she had heard them but they sure play a big role in her life. She takes cautious steps to the door, hearing a muffled scream of her name from the other side.

“That voice…”

She neared the door, making out the familiar voice outside. Her eyes widened as she recognized the voice. Rena quickly opens the door as she dropped the knife on the ground, only to feel a sudden weight falling on her body. She lowers her head, making out the drenched and sobbing figure in her embrace.


The figure tightens her hold, affirming Rena that it is indeed her lover. She wants to pull away to ask her what’s wrong and why she’s back but the crying voice of her girlfriend had Rena push away the questions for later. She doesn’t need any answer right now…

To have her Yuki back and safe into her arms tonight is more than enough.

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