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Author Topic: KOJIHARU GRADUATION (KOJIYUU)  (Read 1867 times)

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Yuko pov
Tomorrow is nyannyan graduation concert.. I don’t know if I manage to come since I start a new drama last 3month and need to shooting everyday but tomorrow is the last scene.. So I need to be there.. And I also have a photoshoot tomorrow at 9:30 pm and nyannyan concert end at 10pm.. Omg.. What should I do.. If I don’t come nyannyan will mad at me.. But I cant escape shooting and photo shoot.. I need to talk to my manager..
Yuko : ano..manager san
Managersan : oh.. Hi yuko san.. What can I help you?
Yuko : tomorrow is nyannyan graduation concert right?  And I also need to shooting and photoshoot right? What can I do manager san?  Can you help me?
Managersan: humm.. *thinking.. I have an Idea.. But It will make u a bit tired.. But I think it will be ok coz day after tomorrow you have one week off..
Yuko : what is your idea managersan?
Managersan : how about after you finish your shooting you come to kojima san concert and sing a few song ..ehh will perform Kinjirareta Futari with kojima  San right?  And after that song end you go to your photoshoot..
Yuko : good idea manager san.. I own you.. But can you do me a few favor? *yuko whisper to managersan ear
Managersan : sure yuko san and ganbate neii
Yuko :arigatou managersan

Wednesday 22/02/2017 kojiharu graduationday (3 hour before concert)

Nyannyan pov

I hope yuko will come. I know she busy.. But can I be a selfish person as long as she will come?
I miss my pervert squirrel.. Both of us a so busy and she cant even call or text me. But I really hope she will be here at my graduation day. .
yuu-chan what r’u doing?  Will you come?  I miss you so much yuuchan… I miss you and your pervert mind..

Every member of akb48 and ex member akb48 has come but only yuko didn’t come. .should I call you yuuchan?
Takamina : Ano.. Nyannyan what r’u thinking about?
Nyann: nothing
Takamina : r’u thinking about yuko?  She will come.. Don’t worry.. 😊
Acchan : minamiii
Takamina : I need to go .*takamina left bcause acchan call her..she don’t want her girlfriend to get angry.
Nyann : I know  she will come *she answer after takamina go..

5 minute before the show
Where r’u yuko?  I call you like a thousand time but u didn’t pickup.. R’u that busy?
Concert staf: 5 more minute and if yuko didn’t showup just perform okaY?
Everyone :haii

Yuko pov
Oh shit.. I late nyannyan will sad.. I need to go faster..
She arrived and change her customes.. And ran to stage… and luck coz the other kami 7 still there. She go to them n smile to her girlfriend.. Im here nyannyan
Mariko sama: ehemm… where r here too remember?
Yuko : hehehe… hello minnaaa…yoshhhh let starT..

When they song end.. Kojima must continue to sing and yuko wait for they duet.. At the backstage she see her nyannyan.. You must be tired nyan…
It time for they duet song.. Kinjirareta Futari (Oshima Yuko & Kojima Haruna)
At the end of the song I say I was waiting for 11 years to kiss you.. Maybe it time to(kiss)..then she point at her cheek but nyannyan didn’t answer then she said oh.. You want to kiss here?  (point to he mouth) then nyannyan come close to kiss her but other song play. ..shit.. Can you wait till she kiss me? Nyanyan just smile and whisper I will make it up later neii. .thankyou yuuchan
Oh my god.. I need to go to my photoshoot place and finish it as soon as possible…
Nyannyan pov
My flight will be at 1am and I alone at airport to go to milan.. I wish you r here yuuchan.. Then someone cover her eye.. And ask who is she…eh… it cant be.. YUUCHANNN???WHAT RU DOING HERE??
Yuko : shhh nyannyan… everyone see us..
Nyannyan : gomen yuuchan.. What r’u doing here?
Yuko : to be with my girlfriend..
Nyannyan : eh… who your girlfriend?  Im not.. Nyanyan in her tsun2 mood
Yuko : im not talking about you.. I talk about my girlfriend
Nyannyan : oshima yuko… Who the hell is your girlfrind… ????
Yuko : I don’t know.. coz my nyannyan said im not her girlfriend.. So should I find someone right Now?
Nyannyan : oshima yuko.. Don’t u dare *nyannyan mad
Yuko : im just kidding nyan.. I just love you.. My heart r already full with your love… Idont need someone else.. I only need you kojima haruna..
Nyannyan : yuko *cry
Yuko : shhh.. Don’t cry… it make me sad to see you crying… *she hug kojima
Nyannyan : baka… im not cry.. Im happy.. I love you too yuuchan.. N I miss you
Yuko : I miss you to nyannyan let me kiss you.. And kiss kojima haruna..
Nyan2 ur only mine

#sorry for my fail my first fic...

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I LOVE IT!! Thank you for this!!

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