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Author Topic: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: JuriSaku OS (11/7/18)  (Read 37389 times)

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Hello everyone! MisakiShishido here.  :welcome

I have finally~ decided to create a page to post my OS and random drabbles that I have thought of and penned down.

Hope you will all like 'em!  :nervous

Still working hard on my ongoing fanfic, Indestructible Fire. Please do support me by reading and leaving a comment!

Thanks for reading everyone!  XD




Happy Birthday, Rena-chan




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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :)
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First WMATSUI OS~ YAY~~~  :cow:

Guess where I got the idea from pfft. It'll be evident as you readers read on.  :P

Sorry if it is sorta lame though. Didn't really plan it through and penned down my thoughts immediately (with the support of my best friend *coughs*).  :nervous

Anyways, hope you all like this!  :thumbsup

After the Show


Everyone greeted each other in unison after the airing of the last episode of SKE48 EbiCalcio. Some members were frolicking around Okubo-san, their producer, trying to get a commemoration 2-shot with her before leaving the studio while some were already relaxing around, greeting their fellow peers and staff members.

That being said, a certain dark-brown, long-haired girl was sitting on a chair near the set with crossed legs and arms, her fingers tapping on top of the arm she crossed over. She was sulking horribly until a member who was known to be annoying and loud tapped her on the shoulder rapidly, causing her to tilt her head backwards to see who had bothered her while she was not in the mood.

“Rena-san, Rena-san! There’s a mini Team E gathering for the end of EbiCalcio! Akari-san wants to know if you’re interested in joining!” She said in a helium-like voice, though Rena did not mind at all, as she is someone who she supports in HKT48.

“Tani…” She relaxed the tension in her muscles and stood up, forcing a smile at her favourite Team E kouhai who transferred from HKT48, seemingly looking like she was wagging an invisible tail with both hands in front of her, and acting like a puppy. She knew someone with similar traits albeit the high pitched voice.

“You all can go on ahead. I don’t feel so good so I’m returning home earlier today.”

“Ehhhhh~~~” The latter pouted in disappointment after letting out a disappointed groan loudly, “But a Team E gathering wouldn’t be complete without Rena-san~~~”

Rena, in response, had just patted her head, “Sorry Tani. Please do have fun with Akarin and the others, okay?”

Tani shrugged, “… Okay…” And left Rena, moping as she walked away from her beloved Senpai.

She did feel bad for turning down a meeting with Team E but right now. She knew her priorities. She really needed to blow off the steam she had been holding in since the beginning of ‘that’ segment of the programme started. Yes. The segment where two Kenkyuusei were asked to confess to her ‘former’ center counterpart, Jurina, and once she had accepted, she would have to trick the Kenkyuusei by already having a lover.

The fact she was not chosen to play the part made her blood boil, but knowing Nakanishi Yuka and Satou Mieko were the ones chosen to play as Jurina’s on-screen prank lover due to the fact they would be graduating, she would have to let the whole ordeal slide this time. Rena, on the other hand, being in the studio watching the VTR while Jurina was also there, she could not help but feel like lashing out at her and even more, pouncing onto Jurina to refresh her stress-filled mind.

Jurina had told her in advance about the contents of the VTR, knowing Rena would be furious if she had gotten a surprise on the spot without knowing in advance. Sure, she knew. But she just could not stand how one of the Kenkyuusei confessed to her sweetly with Jurina replying in a lax manner while the other actually ‘attacking’ her straight off the bat, even pushing her onto the bed to make the confession more believable. She was not happy at how Nakanishi, to make things intense, had pinned Jurina onto the bed, and had she had kissed her, she would be both heartbroken and angry, and would have easily punched Nakanishi in the face after the broadcast.

But no.

Rena had to act professionally. She has been in this industry for years now. She knew that personal emotions cannot get in the way of her work, otherwise it would be bad for her career.

Still holding in her frustrations, she went around looking for Jurina and when she found her in the dressing room, the latter was chatting away with the members who were there while packing her things to leave. Rena had then remembered. The girl with parted hair was actually going to stay with her for the night as the both of them had more work to do in Tokyo the next day and as Rena had an apartment, she definitely could not turn her down when she asked Rena for permission as cutely as possible.

Jurina had caught on to her infatuations with younger kids, especially those like Tani and members of HKT48, so she had been bugging her recently by acting cute in her own way. But Rena, not wanting to show her ‘love’ just like that, had always acted tsundere towards Jurina.


Rena called out to her and the person in question immediately stopped and turned to Rena, rubbing her neck awkwardly with her bad already on her shoulder.

“A-Ah! Rena-chan…” She grinned awkwardly, “… R-Ready to leave?”

Rena went pass her and the other members who ended up talking amongst themselves once Jurina dropped out of the circle for a moment and took her already-prepared handbag. Finally unable to hold back her frustrations, she stomped towards Jurina and dragged her out of the dressing room and to the studio’s car park. She had been gripping quite hardly onto Jurina’s wrist, which made the latter yelp in pain but it seemed like her blind rage silenced everything around her, even the voice of the person she loves.

Entering the car, all was quiet. As the car began to head to its destination, Jurina quickly rubbed her wrist and shook it around to ease the pain before glancing at Rena who was at the other corner of the car, leaning on the window side with her arm to support her head. Jurina knew she was in trouble once they had gotten home, seeing how the older Matsui was acting now.

“R-Rena… chan…?”

No response.

“… Rena-chan…”

“… What?”

“Are you mad...?”

“Does it look like I’m happy?”

“S-Stupid question huh… haha…”

Jurina tensed up in nervousness as she placed two of her hands on her knees, balled up into fists, hoping to stop herself from shaking in fear. The older Matsui had a terrible killer’s aura right now, saying anything stupid once again would get herself killed. Literally.

“Hey uh… if it’s about the VTR just now… I thought we promised that it won’t affect us in private…?” The younger Matsui kept shooting glances with her head facing downwards at Rena who was still looking out the window.

There was only silence in response. Jurina let out a sigh. Fortunately, the silence was broken shortly after when the driver had told them they had arrived at their destination. Rena forced a smile and thanked him while Jurina followed suit before following the older Matsui to her apartment. She was walking at an abnormally fast speed. Usually she would be walking at a slower pace when she’s with Jurina but just today, it was as if she had to rush to her room and hide whatever she needed to hide from Jurina.

Thankfully she did not lock the door on the younger Matsui.

“Please don’t mind the intrusion…” Jurina said in a low, shaky voice.

It was pure darkness in Rena’s apartment when Rena’s door had closed itself on its own accord. Jurina, who was never good with the dark despite already being a 17-year-old, couldn’t help but feel scared when the door behind her closed. Looking back at it shakily, she suddenly felt a pressure on her shoulders and due to her legs giving in vulnerably to fear, she was forced to fall to the floor beneath her.

She felt the weight on top of her, knowing it was obviously a human body thanks to the warmth she felt but with a scary aura. Her mind registered immediately that it was Rena’s hands that slowly found its ways to encircle itself around Jurina’s neck. She suddenly felt the weight move upwards and felt warm breaths of air on her ear, which made her feel ticklish.

That was when a whisper came into her ear.

“…You like being pinned down in the dark like this don’t you? Ju-ri-na…”

The way Rena made pauses while saying her name made her heart pound like crazy, and blood rushed to her face, causing her to blush at the older Matsui’s low, but somehow seductive voice. Jurina started to struggle in hopes of breaking free from Rena’s unusually strong grip on her.

“R-Rena…chan… n-not here… please…!” She cried out in a panicky voice, eyes tightly shut.

The younger girl shivered even more when she felt a hand on her chest, with the other placed near her head as support. She could feel the older girl smirk when she suddenly tugged Jurina’s clothes and another whisper came into her ear.

“… You really thought we would be doing something, Jurina?”

Suddenly, Jurina felt the weight that was on her a moment ago that drove her crazy disappear within an instant and the lights were switched on, causing Jurina to bury her face with her hands to block the sudden light source right above her. Rena seemingly was not affected by the lights being turned on and instead, did a few stretches with a smile on her face.

“Ah~ that was refreshing. If I continued to keep my anger in me, it wouldn’t be a nice sight tomorrow~”

Jurina, who was still sitting helplessly on the floor with her face buried in her hands while still flustered about the event that had just taken place was suddenly patted on the head by Rena.

“R-Rena… chan…?” She peeped through a gap that she made with her fingers by moving her fingers apart from each other slightly. Jurina was relieved to see that it was a sincere-smiling Rena that was hovering above her, tucking her hair that was pulling some weight in front of her behind her ears. It was a sight that Jurina could get accustomed to any day and not the whole scary, angry Matsui Rena.

Rena then reached out her hand, gesturing to pull Jurina up and the latter did accordingly. The next thing she knew, Jurina had embraced her, gripping onto the back of her clothes tightly and sobbing quietly onto Rena’s chest.

Rena in return, slowly caressed her head, feeling a bit of remorse for scaring Jurina with her attitude a while ago.

“Hey Jurina… I’m sorry… I guess I ended up being a bit too jealous… and threw a fit.”

“T-That wasn’t a bit you know, you jerk!” Jurina looked upwards straight into Rena’s eyes, “… I-I thought we were really done…!”

“You idiot... Our relationship would not be broken by something like this…” Rena’s hand moved from Jurina’s head to her face to wipe away her tears with a finger, “… Even I do have a chance of getting jealous when you flirt around with other members you know? I know how you feel the same when I hang out with Tani or around younger members.”

“L-Lolicon…” Jurina made a pout.

Rena pinched Jurina’s cheek slightly which made the latter grimace in pain before she dived in for a short, brief kiss. Feeling Rena’s lips onto hers always made her heart flutter, and it had never failed in making her feel better whenever she’s depressed or even when she’s already in a good mood.


“I love you Jurina. And I won’t allow anyone to take you, even on-screen, from now on.”

Jurina nodded with a grin, “I love you too Rena!” She suddenly made a funny kissing face and inched closer to Rena, “I want more as apology now~”

“Hai~ hai.”

Thus their night together begins.

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: WMatsui OS (5/1/15)
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 :tama-mad: :tama-mad: :tama-mad: 

Not bad. Lol. Copyright given?  :jerk: :jerk: :smhid


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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: WMatsui OS (5/1/15)
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:tama-mad: :tama-mad: :tama-mad: 

Not bad. Lol. Copyright given?  :jerk: :jerk: :smhid


Hey I did say you supported me man. AS MY BEST FRIEND.  :sweatdrop:

LOL.  :catglare:

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: WMatsui OS (5/1/15)
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That was a very sweet insight of what happened after they record that episode hahahah

I really liked it :3

Scary Rena :heart:

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: WMatsui OS (5/1/15)
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Nice OS!
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :)
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Scary + jealous rena is really cute to me hahaha  :cathappy:

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: WMatsui OS (5/1/15)
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Didn't know that Rena can be THAT scary :stoned:

Micchan~ can I request a KojiYuu~? :on gay:

Hehehe~ :mon sweat:

Looking forward for more OS~! :mon bye:

Scary + jealous rena is really cute to me hahaha  :cathappy:

^SO TRUE~! :mon inluv:
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: WMatsui OS (5/1/15)
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First KOJIYUU + ATSUMINA two-shot(?)~ YAY~~~  :cow:

This is the first time I'll be using a disclaimer wow. I do not own any of the setting or materials or sooner or later, mascots and what not... the anime series itself in this fic!  :nervous

Hope y'all will enjoy this! Though it may be an overused plot by now  :lol:  :thumbsup

Replies to peeps who commented~: 

@BbSis: Thanks for reading my first WMatsui OS~~~ I'm so touched! ;w;~
@sophcaro: Thank you for reading!
@menamarco96: She's cute right? XD Thanks for reading!
@ChibiRine: Your wish has been granted~ kind of.  :nervous Please do wait for the 2nd, and FINAL chapter for more actual KojiYuu~  :cathappy:


Chapter 1

One day, after the performance by Team A at the AKB48 theatre in Akihabara...

“Yo NyanNyan.”

Takahashi Minami, leader, captain of Team A and soul of AKB48 called out to her fellow sub-unit member. She had a worried look on her face as she approached the tall woman in front of her, fiddling with her fingers in the process.

“Ah~ Takamina~,” the airheaded Kojima Haruna responded and when she noticed Minami’s expression, she bent her body down slightly, tilting her head to a side in a cute way, “What’s wrong?”

“Err… this is kind of awkward to ask but…” She took out a small piece of paper resembling a ticket from her pocket, “… Mind joining me this weekend to an amusement park plus movie date day event?” She scratched her cheek shyly while reaching out the other to Haruna with the other hand.

“Eh~?” Haruna took the ticket and examined it, “… AmaBuri Park…? That’s the amusement park that just got renovated and beautified recently right?”

Minami nodded and started fidgeting at where she stood, looking nervous, “I got these tickets from… umm… a staff member you see. So I was thinking of inviting someone I’m close to... in uh, the 48 group.”

Haruna became suspicious at Minami’s actions. Usually she would just put on a straight face and invited whoever she wanted to with a stern, ‘Soukantoku’-like character, which would often result into the younger members taking her the wrong way and end up rejecting her in fear. However, it seems like she was different with Haruna.

“What about Mii-chan?”

“She said she’s busy.”


“Has work to do that day.”

“Hmm… Sayanee?”

“She’s got work in Namba.”


Haruna was rendered speechless. It seemed like it was all too convenient for everyone to be busy. She was close with Minami and really, she did not mind going out with Minami, plus the fact that she actually should whilst the chibi leader was still present in AKB48. That being said, she just could not shrug off the feeling that something was… off.

“So?” Minami suddenly gave a cute frown, something she would get laughed at for if she were on-screen now, “… You can’t join me?”

“N-No it’s not that,” Haruna flashed a smile, “I’ll go with you Takamina~”

“Thanks NyanNyan!!! I love you!!!” Minami immediately hugged Haruna in gratitude that made the latter take a step back to gain balance. However, she was still suspicious of Minami’s sudden invitation. Normally she would not pay things like this to mind but just this time, she felt like something was going on.

- - - - - -

On the other side of the ‘world’, a certain squirrel was hanging out with a predominant actress who was once her counterpart and rival during her time in AKB48. They were now walking along a strip of shops, doing some window shopping while chattering side by side. As they had their disguise on, which comprised a face mask and a cap, no one noticed their presence on the streets.

“Thanks for accompanying me today, Acchan! Really lucky to have met you on the way out of the studio building!” The slightly curly-haired brunette grinned energetically towards the mature-lookng Maeda Atsuko.

“Likewise Yuko,” she smiled in return, “You’re returning home now right?”

“Yup! Why?”

“Here,” She forced a piece of paper, again, resembling a ticket into Yuko’s hands, “Take this.”

Yuko briefly examined the ticket before turning to Atsuko with a confused look on her face, “Huh? ‘Amaburi Park’?” She noted that the date written on it was the coming Saturday, “Atsuko, what’s with this?”

“Accompany me there. And then we’ll watch a movie after we spent enough time in ‘Amaburi’,” Atsuko put on a poker face, which made Yuko return a face of surprise.

“H-Huh?!” She choked, “W-Wait, why me?!”

“Just because Yuko,” She then pleaded with puppy dog eyes, “… You can’t make it?”

“O-Of course I can, I’m seriously free that day but…” She put a hand in her pocket and grasped onto her phone briefly with closed eyes, “… I was actually thinking of meeting NyanNyan this weekend.”

Atsuko’s expression turned into one that looked like she was holding a laughter, “… D-Don’t worry. It’s just a day with me.”

Yuko became suspicious, “… What’s with that face Acchan?”

“N-Nothing,” Atsuko regained her poise within a second after she saw Yuko’s suspecting eyes, “… Anyways, you’re coming with me alright? Meet you at the entrance.”

“Hey hey, I don’t know how to get there Acchan.”

“Have you forgotten?” Atsuko winked at Yuko before turning her back at her, seemingly walking away slowly, “We have drivers right? They should know. See you soon.”

“A-A... cchan…” She shrugged as she saw Atsuko walk off at an abnormally fast pace. Letting out a sigh, she took her phone out of her pocket and stared blankly at the screen before calling her beloved Haruna.

KojiYuu were still close even after Yuko’s graduation from the group and their relationship remained strong, not for fanservice sake but for their own sake. That was something Yuko was always thankful for, having such a strong relationship with someone she really loved being with till today.

“Yuu-chan, hello~”

“Hey Kojipa,” Yuko acted coolly, “Missed me~?”

“Of course~” Haruna paused for a moment before continuing, “There was something I wanted to tell you actually, so good timing as always!”

“What is it?” Yuko was curious, though she herself had something to inform Haruna.

“Umm… this Saturday, I won’t be free so… in case you were thinking of coming over to my place...”

“What a coincidence Kojipa. I wanted to tell you that I won’t be able to pay you a visit that day too,” Yuko’s suspicion intensified.

“Oh? That’s really a coincidence huh~?”

As expected of the airheaded Haruna, she shrugged off all suspicions into the drain like a boss.

“Umm… Kojipa, I think you’re missing the point here…” Yuko facepalmed.

“Ah, Yuu-chan! Catch up with you soon kay? Something came up,” Haruna said in a rushed tone of voice.

Yuko let out a sigh, “S-Sure. Take care, Kojipa.”

Shoving her phone back into her pocket, the squirrel-like actress slowly walked away from where she was pacing herself when she was enjoying her phone call with Haruna and went straight home, having mixed feelings stirring within her.

- - - - - -

 “Thanks for picking me up, Atsuko.”

“Anything’s fine for my Takamina~”

“O-Oi! Not in public, you idiot…!”

Atsuko had a driver pick her up from where she was doing her window shopping with Yuko and had him make a detour to the AKB48 theatre to pick Minami up. As the car was actually a normal-looking taxi, no one knew that the famous center and ex-Ace of AKB48 was in the car, nor did they know that it was a sunglasses-wearing, hoodie-cladded Minami dashing into the back of the car.

Atsuko was lying lazily on top of Minami with her arms around her small build as she was pushed to the corner of the car. Minami, on the other hand, was struggling to get Atsuko off her as she did not like skinship in public. Typical of her.

“So? Did you manage to convince NyanNyan to accompany you to the ‘AmaBuri’ this Saturday?” Atsuko tilted her head upwards with a smile as she continued to cling onto Minami.

“Before I get into more details,” Minami was still struggling with a flustered expression, “G-Get off me!”

“Stingy~” Atsuko moved herself off Minami, and sat properly beside her while the latter looked like she was out of breath.

“… Y-Yeah. Managed to convince her as planned,” Minami gestured a peace sign and shifted her body to sit properly, “But you sure about this? I mean, are you absolutely positively sure?”

“Takamina…” Atsuko waved her index finger in front of Minami’s face with a pout, “… Even a baby would have realized it. If the leader and soul of AKB48 never realized it, she must be a dense idiot.”

“O-Oi!” She flung away Atsuko’s intimidating finger away from near her face and gave an unimpressed look, “Look, I never knew okay? That Yuko really liked… NyanNyan that way…”

“It’s just like how I like you, Takamina~” Atsuko began to cling unto Minami’s arm once again, with a giddy smile.

“D-Don’t compare us to them of all people!” Minami attempted to shake Atsuko off but gave up after a while as her expression softened, “… She likes NyanNyan the way I like you huh…” Minami said in a low, but still audible voice.

Atsuko pretended not to hear and continued to tease and annoy Minami, “Hmm~? Did you say something, my adorable Takamina~?”

“N-Nothing! Geez!” Minami turned away from Atsuko’s line of sight and faced the window, “A-Anyways… you’re sure you’ve got everything planned this Saturday right?”

“Of course,” Atsuko sat up properly once again, looking through a plastic frame that divided the driver and the backseat and seeing the night lights of the traffic in front of her, “Trust me.”

“Alright…” Minami sneakily put a hand onto Atsuko’s lap, still looking out the window with a blush slowly forming on her face, “… I hope everything succeeds… for their sake.”

Atsuko could not help but felt her heart jolt for a moment and blushed slightly when Minami’s hand was on her thigh. As much as Minami hated public affections, she would always do small little gestures when people are not able to see. That was one of the points that made her cute, and what Atsuko always liked. She enjoyed subtle moments with Minami like this, albeit having thoughts of how Minami would be if she were the type to publicly display affection like a certain kissing monster that she knew for example.

“Yes,” She overlapped her hand onto the hand which was on her lap, caressing it with her thumb tenderly, “… I hope we’ll be able to make NyanNyan return Yuko’s one-sided love.”
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You should continue this as soon as possible~! :luvluv1:

I skipped school because my chest is aching but, your MS healed it~! :nya:

Your concept is good, not like the cliché ones. :mon thumb:

Probably ONE of the BEST, KojiYuu and AtsuMina MS I've read. :gmon bang:

Will be waiting for more OS from you, Micchan~! :mon bye:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: KojiYuu+AtsuMina OS (5/1/15)
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OH OH.... nice date set up...

When I read the scene where Minami was asking for a date to Haruna... I thought she was nervous like a girl trying to confess her love to the target.

I nearly misunderstood as to why Minami was acting like a shy girl to Haruna.

EH... Haruna is really really that airhead that she could easily chuck all her confusions like that, all those coincidences... that were supposed to be pretty suspicious.

What's going to happen on the Saturday date?

Would Yuko be able to confess and made Haruna to fall for her?

What's going to happen next?

Can' t wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: KojiYuu+AtsuMina MS (5/1/15)
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I wonder how the date would end up. Too curious.

Atsumina plus Kojiyuu is too sweet to ignore.

Hoping for an update.  :thumbsup
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: KojiYuu+AtsuMina MS (5/1/15)
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I hope so too Acchan...

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: KojiYuu+AtsuMina MS (5/1/15)
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Second, and last, chapter's finally here!  :cow:

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Chapter 2 - END

And so, the day has finally come.

Atsuko had arranged a driver for Minami to pick up Haruna while she herself had her own driver. She had asked Yuko the day before if she required any assistance in which the latter turned down politely, saying she had a transport ready.

Boy was she worried.

It was already 10 minutes after the meetup time, and still all three of them were not in sight. She kept pacing herself at a space near the entrance, worrying that something went wrong. That was until she was alarmed by a pat on the back.

“Yo. Sorry to have kept ya waiting.”


Atsuko turned back to see the midget after recognizing her voice, alongside a taller figure. Minami had worn a plain, grey sweatshirt accompanied by a pair of black-coloured jeans and a pair of white sneakers which was pretty much the epitome of ‘not standing out’. Haruna, on the other hand, wore a loose and casual, elegant white dress which had laces and a pair of brown, fashionable knee-high boots, her eyes being covered by a pair of sunglasses. As expected of one of the beauty queens of AKB48—Kojima Haruna. Atsuko herself noted that she was not wearing anything too extravagant; being a casual yellow, sleeveless dress with a decorative belt and a black mini blazer jacket that had her sleeves rolled up slightly to cover her exposed arms.

“I didn’t expect Acchan to be here~ long time no see~!” Haruna gave a brief wave and flashed a bright, excited smile.

“Long time no see, NyanNyan,” Atsuko smiled back, “Thanks for taking care of Takamina when you both are working in Team A.”

“Aww don’t mention it~” Haruna giggled, “Takamina’s the one who always takes care of me actually.”

“Hehh~ really,” Atsuko gave a brief glare to Minami who shivered in fear in return.

“O-Oh come on…! You can’t be jealous over that, Atsuko!”

“I never said I was~” Atsuko replied nonchalantly.

“With that glare? Seriously?” Minami crossed her arms and sighed.


The trio turned back to the source of the loud voice coming towards them, only to see a certain squirrel with disheveled hair, panting when she arrived right in front of them. She gestured a peace sign while she was still panting, facing the floor with a hand on her knee to catch her breath before looking towards them with a shocked face as her eyes locked onto the tallest member of the small group.



“You’re finally here, Oshima Yuko!” Minami grinned.

Yuko had worn a white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to her arms and a pair of short jeans, exposing a majority of her slender legs and a pair of brown, feminine sandals.

“Takamina?! … Wait,” Yuko smirked, “… you’re awfully ‘fashionable’ as always.”

“Oh shut up!” Minami retaliated, “Who the heck wants to get caught by the media on a fine day here?!”

“NyanNyan… why are you here?” Yuko turned to Haruna, obviously ignoring Minami with a straight face.

“O-Oi! Don’t ignore me just like that!”

Haruna tilted her head, with her index finger to her chin, “Well Takamina asked me out… so I agreed. And she picked me up today too~.”

“Why you…!” Yuko jumped behind Minami aggressively and started ruffling her hair while holding her in a playful arm lock, “You asked NyanNyan out behind my back?!”

“I-I had to!” Minami struggled to break free of Yuko’s hold.

“Hmm… now that you mentioned it,” Atsuko voiced out, “Yuko,” Yuko shifted her gaze to Atsuko, “Why are you in such a mess? Plus, you practically ran towards us from somewhere else.”

“Ahh…” She let go of Minami who was trying to breathe properly after all the struggling, “… Well, the driver dropped me at where the buses would drop the passengers—Amagi Brilliant Park bus stop, but it turned out being a love hotel.”




The trio were shocked and blushed.

“Don’t look at me like I actually went in to pay a visit or something,” Yuko gave an unimpressed look to them, “… Anyways, I asked the guard outside of the hotel about the whereabouts of the amusement park and then I came running all the way here. That’s pretty much my explanation, since I got here late.”

“Fine that’s understandable,” Atsuko turned to Minami, “But what about you two? You both were late as well.”

“NyanNyan was taking her time with choosing her attire for today apparently…” Minami said while tidying her messed up hair.

“Yup! And Minami had to wait for quite a while in the car~”

“Wow NyanNyan… don’t you feel apologetic…?” Atsuko smiled wryly.

“I did apologise~” Haruna pouted, “Right Takamina?”

“Yeah she did,” Minami gave a nod, “Well, let’s get on with the programme. We haven’t got all day.”

“Looks like Leader Minami’s taking charge eh~?” Yuko made a sarcastic remark.

“Shut it Yuko.”

- - - - - -

Off they went, through the barrier where they had their tickets checked by security and into the park. They were welcomed by a cheerful atmosphere bustling with people; parents bringing their excited children to explore the amusement park, mascots being surrounded by a group of children wanting to play with them and a whole row of booths to visit which had indoor games and an adorning Ferris wheel and roller-coaster ride that can be seen on the outer grounds. Screams coming from the roller-coaster ride resounded throughout the amusement park, accompanied by notices being broadcasted and an amusement park-like background music to fully captivate the hearts of the visitors.

“Uwaaaaa!!! This place is amazing!” Yuko shouted out, bursting with excitement as she spun around happily with her arms out.

“Yuu-chan, be careful~ you might hit someone…!” Haruna warned Yuko with a soft, but stern voice.

“Sure sure I’ll be—“ That was when she really bumped into someone without looking at where she was going and just continued spinning, “O-Oh crap… s-sorry!” She apologized immediately, only to find out it was someone she knew out of coincidence.

“Oww… that hurts…” The person rubbed her arm before looking at Yuko, “Ah! Yuko!”

“M-Mariko?! What?! Why the heck are you here?!”

Mariko looked around her surroundings, only to see the other trio she had already knew, “Oh, you guys too eh~? Wow wow~ on a double date now? Woohoo~”

“Don’t disregard me!” Yuko exclaimed before continuing her sentence in a softer voice, “A-And we’re… n-not on a date…!”

“Karma Yuko, karma,” Minami put out her tongue at Yuko who did the same in return before turning to Mariko, “I’m surprised to see you here, Mariko-sama. It’s been awhile.”

“Likewise, Minami,” Mariko gave her a wink and greeted back when the other two greeted her, “Anyways, I’m off to look for a lost sheep named Mii-chan, so see ya around~”

The four were utterly speechless at how Mariko came and went off just like that. She was definitely the ‘Master of Trolling’ for a reason.

“So… she’s with Mii-chan huh. That’s unexpected,” Yuko cupped her chin in a pondering manner.

“Yuu-chan are you okay?” Haruna approached Yuko tugging her by the arm in concern.

The latter blushed at the touch of the person she liked, “U-Umm… yeah. Of course.”

“Let’s get a move on,” Atsuko urged, winking at Minami at how Yuko and Haruna were progressing, slowly but steadily.

- - - - - -

The four of them had decided to follow the main attractions route on the guide map they received when they entered the amusement park. Hence, their first destination was a peculiar shoot-out range. The goal was to exterminate as many mice as possible with a water gun provided and the one who shot the most targets in that match, wins. Yuko had challenged Minami to compete who could shoot the most mice in which the latter agreed energetically. Haruna and Atsuko could only smile wryly at their respective partners before stepping into the shooting range.

It felt like a physical shooting game, with the mice coming out of holes on the colourfully decorated wall that had a scene from a picture book for children, and it was split into two separate rooms to give it more realism. The four of them had hectically tried to aim at their target but the mice was appearing and disappearing at rapid speed that they ended up shooting each other in the process. Yuko had sprayed Haruna by accident a few times, leading to the latter spraying back at her with a playful look on her face as if she had forgotten about the main aim of the attraction. Atsuko and Minami had distanced themselves from the pair they were planning to match-maker and continued trying their best to spray at the mice, though shooting at each other was inevitable as well.

By the time they got out, the upper part of their bodies were considerably drenched, after all the accidents of spraying at each other. When Yuko and Minami checked the score, it was disappointingly a tie, with just three mice each while their respective pairs did not score at all. The Chibies shrugged, admitting the game was a bit too hard, and decided to settle the score some other time.

An attendant greeted them at the exit after they went through the final room “Hello there. I hope you had fun.”

“Yeah totally. We totally had fun,” Yuko commented sarcastically, drying parts of her hair that was wet.

“Please come along with me for a commemoration photo with our theme park’s main mascot—Moffle-san~”

The four of them nodded and followed the attendant. Suddenly, a mascot with the form of a mouse with a hat appeared from the back door and slowly approached the four girls while gesturing for them to come to it.

“Woah, Bonta-kun?!” Minami exclaimed in a happy tone.

Bonta-kun was a character in an anime she liked in the past. But after she had stated that, the mascot seemed to have been slightly irritated.

“Ahh excuse me,” the attendant patted Minami on the shoulder before whispering into her ear, which made Atsuko shoot glances at the female attendant, “… our mascot is quite sensitive when someone calls him a rip-off or something similar…”

“O-Oh really?” Minami gasped momentarily, “S-Sorry… I’ll take note of that.”

“What’s Bonta-kun, Minami?” Atsuko asked innocently, which made the mascot look even more ticked off than before.

“W-We can keep that conversation till later or something!” Minami quickly stood near the mascot despite feeling a strange, dangerous aura emitting from it.

She gestured for everyone to hurry up before the attendant helped them with the photo-taking with a polaroid camera. Since there were four of them, they had four shots and before leaving, the prize that Yuko and Minami both won were an autograph each on their photo with Moffle’s stamp on it.

Boy they were disappointed with what they had gone through. Plus, they were kind of drenched. The attendant had advised them to visit the washroom as it fortunately has a hair dryer for the visitors to use, that also gave them a chance to relieve themselves before moving on.

Yuko and Haruna were the first to head out from the washroom. They had quite the awkward atmosphere going around them, in which Yuko decided to break.

“U-Umm so… why didn’t you tell me it was because Takamina asked you out?”

“I thought Yuu-chan didn’t need to know…” Haruna fiddled with her fingers glumly.

“Kojipa,” Yuko gave Haruna a stern look, “… If you don’t tell me the details, I’d be worry sick about you!”

“Y-Yuu-chan too!” Haruna returned the same look, “You didn’t mention anything at all as well! I don’t have to tell you everything now should I?”

“Of course you should!”

“And why is that?”


“Because what?”

Yuko looked away, clenching her fists hard and was rendered speechless.

“Yuu-chan is so selfish at times!” Haruna crossed her arms in frustration, and looked away from Yuko too.

They both had their backs turned against each other. Yuko looked like she was on the verge of tearing up while Haruna felt guilty for acting that meanly towards Yuko. When Atsuko and Minami got out from the washroom, they were immediately made worried by the KojiYuu pair and gave each other worried glances before approaching them.

“O-Oi Yuko, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Yuko walked on ahead, “Next attraction. Let’s go.”

“NyanNyan…?” Atsuko put a hand on Haruna’s tensed up shoulders.

The taller figure forced a smile, “… L-Let’s get going Acchan, Minami.”

- - - - - -

There was an awkward and tense atmosphere among the girls as they proceeded to their next destination, which was the infamous Haunted House. When they arrived, they were utterly surprised by a familiar trio who shot out of the entrance, with incoherent screams.

“Those three are…” Atsuko voiced out softly.

“Sayanee!” Minami greeted, “Yuihan and Miyuki-san too!”

“T-Takamina… san…” Sayaka shakily greeted her 48 Group senior while panting, “… H-Hey.”

“H-Hello…” Yui greeted shakily as well.

“Ya~ ho~” Miyuki, on the other hand, greeted everyone with a bright smile, “I’m really surprised to see a familiar gang of people today~”

“What the heck Miyuki…” Sayaka looked towards the other three seniors she had yet to properly greet, “E-Eh?! Ah… Kojiharu-san… it’s been quite some time, Atsuko-san and Yuko-san.”

“Wow~ it’s surprising to see you all rattled up,” Yuko flashed a grin as if everything was back to normal, in which Haruna pouted, “Was it that scary?”

“Nope~” Miyuki answered before pointing at Sayaka and Yui with a mischievous smirk, “These two are just chickens.”

“A-As if!” Yui protested.

“I-If you yourself are brave enough then why the heck did you follow us out darn it?!” Sayaka protested too.

Miyuki pouted and crossed her arms cutely, “That’s because Chin Woman here literally dragged me out~.”

Sayaka blushed, “S-Shut up Gum Face!”

“U-Umm well, you guys continue bickering amongst yourselves then~…” Minami said softly before gesturing her gang to follow her into the Haunted House.

Upon entering the Haunted House, an attendant was there to brief them about the layout of the Haunted House before letting them go. It was surprisingly just a straight hallway that was refurbished with the idea of making visitors feel like they have been walking for ages with all the scares and mirror tricks ahead of them.

Minami decided that they move in a pair, with one pair guarding the back and one pair leading the front. Of course, she made Haruna and Yuko a pair despite the awkward air around them and she went with Atsuko. And so, as they went through the curtain a few steps ahead, they were enveloped in darkness, with slightly eerie coloured lights dimly lit on the floor and a horribly, creepy sounding background music playing in the background.

The KojiYuu pair were asked to walk behind the AtsuMina pair as directed by Minami despite Minami herself being considerably hopeless when it comes to scary things, Atsuko as well, but they had no choice but to deal with it. Haruna and Yuko, on the other hand, with each step they took, slowly closed the gap that was between them and the both of them had instinctively grabbed onto each other for their dear lives as they proceeded through the dark, and seemingly endless, hallway.

That was when, an eerie laughter resounded from behind them.

“O-Oi, Yuko! What the heck was that?!” Minami asked while panicking.

“Y-You think I know?!” Yuko squinted her eyes bravely to find the source behind her with Haruna clinging tightly onto her arm.

“Y-Yuu-chan… I’m scared…”

“D-Don’t worry NyanNyan… I-I’ll protect you!” Yuko forced a grin and that was when a figure quickly crept up in front of the KojiYuu pair that made them shriek and dash off ahead of the AtsuMina pair.

“Y-Yuko?!” Atsuko yelled out before she got tugged on the sleeve by Minami who was pointing at the slimy,looking, black shadow that scared off both Yuko and Haruna, “W-WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!”

Atsuko ended up pulling Minami all the way to the exit, disregarding all the other scares along the way as they were blinded by fear. Literally bursting through the exit, they both fell onto the ground, hand in hand, panting like crazy. Yuko and Haruna were already there, huffing and puffing while still shaking in fear as well.

“S-Screw this!” Yuko exclaimed, “I ain’t afraid…!”

Minami slowly got up, pulling Atsuko to her feet, “W-Wanna go back to prove your courage, Yuko?!”

Yuko immediately hid behind Haruna and put out her tongue at Minami once again while clinging onto Haruna’s arm unconsciously.

“A-At least… Haruna and Yuko are okay now… huh?” Atsuko flashed a drained smile at KojiYuu, who then blushed at each other and Yuko leapt away from Haruna in embarrassment.

“We’re going to the roller coaster next yes…?” Haruna smiled wryly, “Let’s not waste any more time and get going~”

“I agree!” Yuko grinned, “I need another thrill to get rid of a… distasteful… thrill.”

“I knew you were afraid, Yuko!” Minami smirked.

“Say what you have just said when you’re courageous enough, Bakamina!” Yuko gritted her teeth at Minami in which both their respective partners pulled the two midgets away from each other to prevent a physical fight from beginning and dragged them towards the roller coaster ride.

- - - - - -

They rode the ride as a pair once again. Once the ride had started moving, Haruna’s legs had started to shake nervously, in which Yuko noticed and decided to renew the ‘coolness’ she had lost back at the Haunted House.

“Hey, Kojipa.”

“Y-Yes… Yuu-chan?”

Yuko winked, “It’ll be alright okay? Roller coasters are fun~ trust me.”

“B-But I’m scared I will fly out of the seat…” Haruna grabbed onto the protective handle in front of her tightly, “… if I do fly out…” she looked at Yuko with a miserable, but cute face, “… will Yuu-chan catch me?”

“Of course I will!” Yuko grinned before overlapping her hand onto Haruna’s, “There! If I’m grabbing onto you, you won’t fly out that easily!”

Haruna could not help but blush at the little actions of the midget, “Y-Yuu-chan…”

Minami glanced at the KojiYuu pair seated behind her and gave Atsuko a reassuring wink in which the latter nodded happily before the ride approached its peak and the craziness begun. All four of them were shouting both in fear and in enjoyment. Yuko had grabbed onto Haruna’s hand really hard throughout but instead of hurting her, Haruna was glad that Yuko’s presence was able to diminish most of the fear factor of riding the roller coaster. She had also noticed how happy Yuko looked as the ride went on, making her want to enjoy the ride till the end.

The four got off the ride in a wobbly but energetic state. The roller coaster ride seemed to have worked in bringing back colours to their faces after being terrified in the Haunted House. As they walked past the next line of people, they had ran into two more familiar faces.

“J-Jurina… maybe we can ride another time…?”

“Oh come on, Rena-chan! It’s going to be fun!”

“Hey~ Kiddo~!” Yuko greeted in an energetic voice.

“Y-Yuko-san?! And Kojiharu-san… Atsuko-san and Takamina-san too?!” Jurina widened her eyes at the sight of all her respected Senpai together, “You guys came to have fun too?!”

Minami and the other two greeted them in return, and vice versa.

“Yeah why not~” Yuko swung her arm over Jurina’s shoulder and gave a playful smirk to Rena, “Hey Rena, if this Kiddo tries to pull something funny when you guys are on the ride lemme know kay?”

“W-Why the heck would I be doing funny things to—"

“Alright,” Rena smiled in response.

“E-Eh?! R-Rena-chan?!”

“Yuu-chan~ last ride~” Haruna had gestured Yuko to leave.

“Enjoy your ride then~” The midget Ace gave Jurina a hard pat on the back before leaving with an energized laugh.

“… Geez… she ruined my plans to flirt with you before the ride really starts…” Jurina mumbled in a soft voice with a frown.

“Jurina? What’s wrong? Want to call it quits?” Rena gave Jurina an innocent look.

“It’s nothing,” she pouted, “And there’s no way we’re calling it quits after queuing up here for quite some time.”

“Mou……” Rena shrugged.

- - - - - -

Back to the KojiYuu and AtsuMina team, Atsuko advised them to sit in a different cabin instead to enjoy the scenery and also, because she wanted personal space with Minami, which she bluntly said, causing Yuko and Minami to blush with Haruna acting innocently dense as always. Atsuko had then nudged Yuko’s arm and gave her a thumbs-up gesture. Knowing that she had indirectly consulted Atsuko privately with regards to her true feelings towards Haruna, she became flustered by that gesture alone, realizing that Atsuko created a chance for her and finally realizing the point of this whole ‘date’ today.
Atsuko had planned this gathering, most likely with the intention of making Yuko confess her feelings for Haruna.

They entered their cabins and short after, the Ferris wheel had started to move, slowly but steadily. The view overlooking the whole amusement park with the city at the backdrop, covered by a wide, orange sky was breathtaking, as the wheel rotated and stopped at the perfect point to enjoy the view of the sunset.

- - - - - -

On AtsuMina's side…

“I really hope everything’s fine… if Yuko blows this chance, at least she’ll have one last go at the movies later,” Minami held her hands together, as if she was praying for Yuko’s success.

“About the movie Takamina…” Atsuko frowned.


“I uh… bought tickets for next Saturday instead…”

“W-WHAT?!” Minami was flabbergasted by her best friend’s mistake, “You have GOT to be kidding me!”

“I-It’s true…” She searched her purse and handed the tickets to Minami to reconfirm, “… I just noticed this morning when I was checking if I had forgotten anything for today…”

“Gosh… this is a predicament… and I told NyanNyan that we were going to watch a movie later too…” Minami facepalmed.

“I told Yuko the same thing…” Atsuko shrugged, “Sorry Minami…”

Minami gave Atsuko a pat on the head to comfort her, “Hey, even an ex-Ace makes mistakes. No worries.”

“Minami…” Atsuko smiled despite being on the verge of tears out of guilt.

“But…” The Chibi Leader suddenly had a darkened expression, “… That would mean this is the only chance Yuko’s got to confess…”

Atsuko gasped, “… Oh no…” She looked downwards, “… I really hope Yuko gets the message we’ve been trying to send today…”

Minami clasped Atsuko’s hands within hers, “Yeah… but knowing Yuko, I’m sure she’s smart enough to realise.”

Atsuko lifted her head upwards and gazed into Minami’s eyes with a smile forming on her lips, “… For now, let’s just enjoy this peaceful time together yes?”

Minami blushed at how the light of the sunset made Atsuko look so beautiful, “… Mmhmm.”

- - - - - -

On KojiYuu's side…

It was quiet. Yuko was sitting right opposite Haruna who was enjoying the view with sparkling eyes. The squirrel was fiddling with her fingers nervously, with a lot of thoughts going on through her mind until she was cut short by Haruna, who finally broke the silence.

“Yuu-chan, you’re still mad about just now?”

“H-Huh?” Yuko stopped playing with her fingers and both eyes focused straight into her partner’s beautiful orbs which made her feel like she would enter a trance if she continued to stare without a word, “N… No. I’m not. Sorry about that though…”

“I’m sorry as well…” Haruna smiled wryly, “I didn’t mean to hide anything from you really… It just slipped my mind that I should tell you…”

“I know… likewise…”

“So… we’re back to being friends again?”

“We have never stopped being friends, Kojipa,” Yuko laughed nervously which made Haruna laugh as well. They were glad that the small misunderstanding was finally out of the way, and all is back to normal.

“Say… Kojipa…”

Haruna returned a puzzled look.

“I umm… I have something to tell you.”

Yuko could feel her heart pound faster and faster, blood quickly rushing to her face, making her blush uncontrollably. She put both hands on her chest, in hopes of calming her rapidly beating heart.

“… Kojipa… I…”

Haruna quickly silenced Yuko from continuing her sentence by getting out of her seat and placing an index finger on her precious friend’s soft lips.
“I think I know what Yuu-chan wants to say.”

Yuko looked blankly at Haruna who slowly took a seat beside Yuko, taking Yuko’s balled up hands into hers, filling her nervous hands with Haruna’s own warmth.

“Yuu-chan,” Haruna blushed, “I like Yuu-chan too~”

The squirrel could not believe what she had just heard from the lips of someone she had been secretly admiring despite all the fanservices they had to perform in front of fans while she was still in AKB48. She had been trying to find ways to convey her true feelings to the dense airhead but now her target of interest actually beat her to it?


“S-Since when…?!” Yuko exclaimed nervously in disbelief.

“Since… since…” Haruna looked like she was deep in thought, “… I wonder when~…”

“O-Oi…” Yuko could imagine a big, animated sweat drop hanging on the side of her head.

“B-But! I really do like Yuu-chan a lot!”

“I have doubts that your definition of ‘like’ is the same as mine now…” Yuko looked away in disappointment.



When Yuko shifted her head back to face Haruna after she had called out to her rather loudly, Haruna had placed both her hands on Yuko’s cheeks and closed the gap between their faces, kissing her. Feeling Haruna’s soft, plump lips unto her own, Yuko unconsciously wrapped her arms around Haruna’s waist, wanting to feel more of Haruna’s warmth, alongside the kiss.

Breaking away from the kiss for fresh air, the two looked dreamily into each other’s eyes despite the close distance they had in between their faces at the moment and smiled shyly at each other.

“Will you marry me, Kojipa?”

Haruna pinched Yuko’s cheeks lightly and giggled, “You’re rushing things Yuu-chan~”

The lovey-dovey cabin for KojiYuu was then filled with laughter as they enjoyed their remaining time together as the Ferris wheel slowly begun to spin once again.

- - - - - -

Returning back to the ground, Atsuko and Minami felt a sense of accomplishment as they saw Yuko and Haruna, hands intertwined with each other’s as they got out of their cabin. They knew that the plan was a complete success.

“Hello you two. Had a great ride I presumed?” Atsuko directed a wink at Yuko who gave a giddy smile in return.

“Yup~ it was really beautiful~” Haruna responded with an airheaded tone of voice.

“Looks like all’s well, ends well huh. I’m relieved,” Minami let out a sigh of relief.

“So~” Yuko grinned, “Movie time yes?”

Minami and Atsuko looked briefly at each other before turning to Yuko, “Umm…” Minami started, rubbing her neck fretfully, “You see… Atsuko kinda booked the wrong date for the movie… so we might have to postpone the second part of this day event to next Saturday…”

“That’s great!” Haruna smiled.

“Sorry—huh?” Atsuko stopped her apology when she heard words with the tone she did not expect out of Haruna’s mouth.

“That means I can hang out with Haruna and you guys for one more weekend! It was fun after all!” Yuko grinned.

“Yup~ I’d love to hang out with Yuko and Acchan and Minami once again~” Haruna continued her smile of excitement.

“W-Wow. Talk about development… even using your actual first names instead of nicknames with each other in public now?” Minami’s eyes widened in surprise.

Haruna and Yuko smiled at each other shyly, hugging closer to each other more than ever. Atsuko and Minami could certainly ‘feel the love’ with their innocent gestures.

“I actually expected you both would want to hang out alone, just you two together…” Atsuko placed her index finger to her chin in thought.

“Well~” Haruna nudged Yuko’s shoulder lightly in which the latter nodded.

“I’ll be living with Haruna from tomorrow onwards!” Yuko grinned, gesturing a peace sign.

“E-EH?!” Atsuko and Minami gasped.

Yuko chuckled nervously, “… I’ll probably have to inform my family though but they don’t mind, since they know Haruna. Plus, they’ll think it’s for work~ but don’t worry, I’ll return home from time to time! Hehe~”

“What a lax household you have, Yuko…” Minami deadpanned.

“Well, mission accomplished at least, right? Minami~” Atsuko smiled at her best friend.

Minami smiled and crossed her arms relaxingly, “Yup. Mission accomplished.”

Even though they did not watch a movie as planned due to Atsuko’s mistake, at least, Yuko’s feelings towards Haruna had been successfully returned by the one she loves herself. Atsuko and Minami were happy for the newly established, happy couple that is not just for fanservice—KojiYuu. The day ended on a high note with a beautiful fireworks display at the center of the amusement park, with both couples holding onto their respective partner’s hands, enjoying their company and the moment together.

As they say…

“All’s well, ends well.”
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Interesting day of amusement park there...

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Great way to end the story.

Hope to read your future stories.  :cow:
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Talk about coincidence with Yuko and Haruna? :hehehe:

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But dayum, Haruna PUSHED it. :glasses:

I think reading your MS after reading that big ass Social Studies book helped me. :gmon bang:

Thank you so much for this one Micchan~ :mon bye:

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: WMatsui Valentine's OS (25/1)
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Another WMATSUI OS for peepo who love the pair~  :cow:

This fic was actually planned for Christmas. And then it was supposed to be for New Years' but heck, I stopped halfway after losing the heart to continue it, not knowing how everything should be structured. But today, I had the feeling of continuing something I had left to rot in my draft and here is the finished product of the draft. And yes, this is an early Valentine's OS!!! I'm being a boss for writing this early, I know~ *getting shot for not writing an OS for New Years' + Christmas (doesn't Illumination count? ;w;)*

I would like to make a shoutout to Zhen! This is the draft I had left to die but I revived it after remembering your personal message yo!  :P

Anyways, hope y'all enjoy it, though it may seem kinda draggy. I mean, even I say so.  :sweatdrop:

Replies to peeps who commented~: 

@cisda83: Thanks for reading my KojiYuu/AtsuMina fic, I hope you check this out too ><
@Haruko: Sorry but I umm... have no interest in YuiParu at this moment? Thanks for reading though  :nervous
@phoenix0i: Thanks! Hope you check this out!  ;)
@ChibiRine: Rine-chan~~~ really glad you liked it till this day XD I'll write another KojiYuu one when the feeling comes~ and AtsuMina too!  :thumbsup
@arawche079: When I do think of a plot, sure!  :thumbsup Thank you!

Realising Our Distance

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Matsui Jurina who was in her final year of high school continued to fiddle with her phone, randomly scrolling through her album of photos she had taken, mostly with her teammates in both AKB48 and SKE48.

Being a famous high school idol was tough for her, at least, until the principal of her school was kind enough to set some kind of protection ban that strictly penalizes any student who harasses her with her status as a nationwide-known idol, which includes taking photos of her in secret, bothering her about personal information on other members or even herself, and even getting her autograph. She even received a few love letters from people who were daring enough to challenge this strict rule but heck, she had no choice but to ignore them, and take them as if they were fan letters, never to be replied.

This caused the young, energetic center of SKE48 to unintentionally build up a solitary wall around her, despite being an energetic ball of fun on screen.
Sure, she had friends in high school and her classmates were nice to her but she could still feel herself being alienated from the majority of the class. Her parents, teachers and even the principal had recommended her to take up home tutoring instead at the beginning of her high school year as she was an idol who tends to be unable to make it to class when her schedule gets a bit too tight, but she was a stubborn kid since young and had continue to insist studying like a normal high school student, making it up by trying to balance both her idol life and school life at the same time.

Life was a bit too hectic for a coming to 18-year-old girl.

“Nngh……” Jurina groaned under her breath as she continued fiddling with her phone with her head tilted to one side on her desk, as if she was trying to block out the voices of students who were happily chit-chatting around her. Her other hand acted as support as her head rested on top of it.

She noticed that the photos she had taken recently were with the current remaining 1st Generation members like Satou Mieko—the older sister of SKE48 who will be graduating soon, Nakanishi Yuka, Team S’ beloved captain and one of the pioneers of SKE48 as a whole who will also be following Satou to graduate and Oya Masana, a member she really loved hanging out with. She loved Team S, and thought of them as family. Members like Takayanagi Akane also appear as she was close with her as well, till the point that she once said that she would choose Akane as her girlfriend if given a choice. Another realization struck her then after going back further and further in time through her albums.

“Ah… finally found one.”

She stopped and enlarged a photo. It was a photo taken by a staff member for her during the 2-shot a month or two ago that had her center counterpart, Matsui Rena, with her. They had both their hands on the table, supporting their chins and gazed dreamily into each other’s eyes in which Jurina had later posted on a social media website, knowingly exciting WMatsui fans around the world. There were a few other 2-shot photos with the both of them in it and as she looked through them, she could not help but smile, at the same time, feeling a bit lonely.

The photos of both Rena and her were getting lesser and lesser as time moved on.

Rena had been a concurrent member with Nogisaka46 since the last “AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri”. That was an event that all members of the 48 group got depressed about every time it was held as it would mean that you may or may not be in the team your friends are in or being transferred to another team in another region of Japan. It was a painful procedure for members who were just starting to get used to their current team while members who were already used to the process tried to face it as calmly as possible, trying to not get anyhow emotional to be a good role model to learn from.

When Rena was announced to be a concurrent member with Nogisaka46, the 48 group’s official rival, Jurina had mentally cursed that fact, at the same time, was forced to put up a happy face for her partner’s sake to congratulate her on her opportunity to broaden her horizons and possibly giving her the chance to learn a few things from Nogisaka46 that would help SKE48 to develop even further and vice versa. However, the price was that she would be even busier than before. They were already having difficulties keeping in touch whilst being in different teams within SKE48 and now with her having a concurrency with their rival team, it will definitely get worse.

Eventually, Jurina realized how bad it had gotten with evidence showing from her phone. Photos being taken with her gradually became lesser and lesser with one or two popping up once in a while after a batch of photos with members of Team S and Team K, which Jurina had been a proud concurrent member of.

She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, as she rested the hand that was holding her phone on her lap. She now knew how Rena felt when Jurina was made a concurrent member with AKB48’s prestigious Team K. Despite not showing it often to her in public, she did make underlying statements about their friendship in private before Rena herself got a concurrent position, which Jurina faked not to understand. She kept hinting how lonely it was without her actively in SKE48, she kept hinting it felt different without her there all the time.

But Jurina had feigned ignorance.

They still do talk from time to time, but they slowly just felt like strangers to each other in their private life, despite still looking like the same old WMatsui on screen. It did not feel as sincere as before now, and it had slowly turned into what Jurina had claimed before as a ‘professional relationship’ with her.

“Can’t believe it’s Valentine's today!”

“Have you decided on who to give your Valentine's Chocolate to?”

“Definitely the hot guy next door! Kyaa~ I can’t wait to go during lunch later!”

She sighed again after overhearing excited statements from a group of students that were discussing at the table right beside hers.
Valentine's was already upon her, without realizing it.

Adolescents her age were always pumped up for this time of the season. The event had completely crossed her mind that morning. All she knew she had had a bunch of variety shows, dance practice and probably even photoshoots to attend right after class. Though she considers herself as a workaholic, but for once, she just did not have the mood to go to work.

She did have the urge to see Rena, her beloved sister-figure since she was a kid. At least, she would want to meet her for Valentine's despite not having any chocolates prepared for the person she cares about since young.

“Shoot… I don’t have any chocolates but still… Maybe I should text her…”

As she was about to tap on the mail icon of her phone, her homeroom teacher had entered the classroom, looking suspiciously chipper unlike other days. He would usually be storming in with an angry look on his face which made the students either fear him or just disregard him. She swiftly put her phone away into her bag and stood up after her class representative ordered a routinely bow. After he had greeted the students, she took a seat, crossing her arms in deep thought as she felt something was off with how the teacher acted like at the moment.

“Today, you will not be having any of your usual subject teachers as a special ‘teacher’ will be here to teach you all today. Please be nice to her, understood?” He looked to the door and called the mysterious ‘teacher’ into the class.

At that moment, the rear doors of the classroom were opened and a group of cameramen stormed in quickly which caught everyone’s attention as gasps could be heard from parts of the classroom and when the front door opened, with a pale-skinned, brownish-black long hair girl stepping into the classroom elegantly, clad in a formal coat and skirt, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses over her eyes, and a classy brown hand-held suitcase, all the students’ mouth were agape.

That included Jurina herself, as she shot up from her seat, shakily pointing at the familiar figure registered into her head.



- - - - - -

“Good morning, everyone!”

“Morning, Rena-san!” A girl with a slightly boyish-cut hair smiled warmly at her with a wave, followed by a pat to the empty seat beside her, gesturing for Rena to sit beside her.

Rena sat comfortably beside the girl, returning a smile, “Morning Ikoma-san. I’m glad we’re paired up for today’s visitation event.”

Ikoma Rina, a fellow member in Nogisaka46 who had been assigned as a concurrent member in AKB48, is considerably one and if not, the closest member to Rena when she does happen to have work as part of Nogisaka46 and as they are both in the Senbatsu, their friendship has steadily been growing. Without her, Rena would have felt awfully out of place.

As the van started to move, the cameras started rolling, capturing live footage of the interaction between a staff member and Rena and Rina, while showing footage of only the two Nogisaka46 members.

“So today you will be visiting Chuo High School at Shinsakae,” the camera then focused on Rena, “as this is Nagoya, does it feel nice to be home for this visitation event?”

Rena nodded, “Of course. It feels really nice to be working on home grounds after being busy going to and fro from Tokyo. Plus,” she clinged onto Rina’s arms lightly in which the latter waved to the camera awkwardly with a slight chuckle, “it’s going to be a fresh experience working with a Nogisaka46 member like Ikoma-san over here rather than SKE48.”

“Not only will you both be visiting, but you both will be their teachers for the day!”

The two girls gasped in shock. The staff member then handed out a piece of paper, depicting the itinerary of the day and a booklet that he explained was the studying materials that they will be teaching for the day. Flipping through the booklet itself, Rena was confident in her teaching skills in the subjects that were noted in the booklet until she noticed Physical Education was the last lesson of the day and rolled her eyes in frustration. Rina, on the other hand, was already groaning in frustration and commented she was unable to take part, freaking out that she will be unable to teach and so on. Rena comforted her while the staff member continued his briefing on the ‘visitation programme’. Throughout their ride to the school, the both of them had tried to get the materials in their head so their teaching would not feel unnatural that it would make them look like fools.

When they arrived, they were asked to change into a teacher’s outfit that was prepared by the staff beforehand and so they did in the van while the staff got ready outside of the van for the ‘infiltration’. Fully prepared, the two Nogisaka46 members got out of the van, feeling their stomachs churning in nervousness. Quietly, they followed an informed school staff member from the back door of the school into the building, avoiding the hallways where the students may spot them. A final meeting was then held in the teachers’ lounge with the teachers who were supposed to let their classes being handled by the two members meeting the idols face to face and asking them to follow them to their respective classes in the disguise they were in. Rena and Rina both bid farewell and good luck to each other before leaving, feeling anxious with every step they took.

On Rena’s side, the teacher was an older-looking man who seems like the type to easily snap. But he gave her a meek smile, telling her that she will be fine and that she may know a certain someone in his class. Rena’s interest was piqued and on the way to the class, she had consistently asked what the teacher had meant but all he did was give her a pat on her shoulder before he entered his class to do his routinely greetings.

When Rena was finally called upon, she entered the classroom after clearing her throat and walked with as much poise as possible, trying to not show any signs of nervousness but of professionalism as a nationwide idol until...



All went blank in her mind as both eyes met each other’s, in deep shock.

- - - - - -

Jurina’s POV

“U-Umm… I’m Matsui Rena, a member of Nogisaka46 and today, I will be your temporary teacher of the day as part of the visitation programme we have as Nogisaka46,” Rena slowly regained composure as heard in her speech and bowed briefly, “I’m delighted to be in everyone’s care.”

Ah. So that’s why she’s here. It’s a Nogisaka46 programme thing… but… the preciseness of choosing this school is surreal! Did they know I was here or anything?! But wait… I can’t interfere now can I… this is a Nogisaka46 programme, not a 48 group-related one.

“Oh my gosh, WMatsui!” I heard a girl blurting it aloud from a few seats away from me and shrugged before sitting down calmly. I buried my face in both my hands, and moving it around as it I was washing my face to clear my head a bit. Looking back towards the front, I could notice Rena giving me glances from time to time as she did the roll call. I gave her a reassuring wink that, I swore, made her blush ever so slightly. Cute old Rena-chan. I haven’t seen her in a while but looks like she’s still the same.

I really am glad. We haven’t been meeting each other in private yet… Nothing much has changed between us…

… Right?

“M-Matsui… Jurina.”

“Here~” I responded casually, raising my hand to comply to her that finally pasted a smile on her awkward-looking face.
Our actual homeroom teacher left the classroom shortly after Rena-chan finished the roll call, reminding all of us to be on our best behavior. Everyone had miraculously held in the urge to ‘attack’ Rena-chan which was to my relief as they realized they were on camera, something common people would not feel comfortable with were they to act absolutely stupid right now. To my advantage, since I have been in front of thousands of cameras since I was young, this felt like home to me. Plus, Rena is right there in front of me, teaching us what we were supposed to be learning today, which made me impressed. Sure, they were just minor revision stuff for people wanting to take entrance exams for university, but she’s handling it pretty well.

As she wrote notes on the whiteboard like a real teacher, I noticed a few of the boys starting to look at her in a perverted way which ticked me off for some reasons and I threw scrunched up pieces of scrap paper I had in my desk’s drawer at them which they did not notice. Some of the girls were whispering about us, seeing how they were throwing glances at both me and Rena. I tried to pay attention to Rena-chan as she taught but it sure was hard, with all the hype that was disturbing the learning atmosphere of the class.

I could see even Rena-chan tensing up as she taught until suddenly she let out a deep sigh and turned back to face us with a warm smile.

“Hmm… I guess all this is boring huh?” Her smile remained, “Let’s see… why don’t we play a little game? Studying on a weekend is stressful plus today is Valentine’s Day after all. Since you all are just studying for half a day, let’s just take it easy, yes?”

Everyone in class cheered, ‘cept for me who was just amazed at how Rena-chan quickly adapted to the whole school setting just like that. Sure it’s on cam but this is seriously realistic, the fact I’m not working right now and actually feeling the whole thing going on like an ordinary viewer.

“Let’s see… I have just about enough blank papers here…” Rena-chan took out a stack of papers from her classy suitcase and then looked around the classroom, as if she was about to call out to someone, “Umm… Ju—Matsui-san?”

“Y-Yes?” Wait what? She called me?!

“Mind helping me pass these papers out to everyone please?”

Ah. That’s it huh. I expected she’d make me work with her or something, to spice up a Nogisaka46 programme. Guess I was wrong huh.

“Sure,” I responded nonchalantly before going to the teacher’s desk and taking the stack of paper off Rena’s pale but smooth hands. Looks like they still feel the same.

Just that gesture alone made the whole class enter a frenzy, they could not resist but make WMatsui calls and what not. That was when I decided to wing it, knowing I might get into trouble but what the heck, the directors should have checked the schools they were supposed to ‘invade’ more clearly in case things like these happen!

I quickly stood beside Rena-chan, with the stack of papers in my hand and flashed a bright smile to all of my classmates, my head slightly tilting towards Rena’s shoulder, “I’m Matsui Jurina and she’s Matsui Rena. We’re both from SKE48 and together, we’re WMatsui~! Please take good care of us!”

I could see the cameramen gasping and looking slightly panicky at the back as applauses and cheers from everyone else in the classroom roared. Rena-chan nudged my shoulder, adjusting her glasses and giving me a surprised look.

“W-What are you trying to pull, Jurina…?!” She spoke in a soft, but audible voice.

“Nothing much, Rena-sensei~” I grinned cheekily, “I’m gonna go hand these out before the whole class continues going haywire.”


Haha! She wants to call me by my first name yet she just can’t so casually since she’s a ‘teacher’ for the day! This is hilarious! As I passed through every row to hand down the papers, everyone smiled at me, which I smiled back as good mannerism. It has been so long since I’ve seen anyone smile towards me like this besides my teammates in the 48 group.

Once I was done, I got back to my seat, gesturing a thumbs up to Rena-chan who just shook her head and massaged her temple briefly to calm down. Guess I overdid it by throwing the whole situation into chaos for the sake of it huh.

“A-Anyways… everyone?” The chattering in the classroom slowly turned quiet with Rena voicing out, “Well… umm… please write down in the pieces of paper, largely, which Nogisaka46 member you would want to date this Valentine’s!”

Darn. I’m pretty sure there are lots of people who would write Rena-chan since she’s freaking here. Oh well… I’m sticking with Rena-chan, since I know her personally and definitely much longer than the rest despite knowing them.

Everyone was asked to raise their answers where the cameramen started zooming in on everyone’s answers, including mine, of course. Notable members like Nogisaka46’s Captain, Sakurai Reika, the face of the group—Shiraishi Mai and even Ikoma-san, who is also a concurrent member like Rena-chan popped up. Rena-chan had then chose at random who she wanted to hear feedbacks on why they chose that member until suddenly a cue card went near the front, and I definitely had no idea what was written.

“W-Wha…” She clears her throat before shifting her gaze directly at me, “… Matsui-san? Why did you choose… me?”


“W-Well…” I rubbed the back of my neck unconsciously due to suddenly feeling a bit nervous, “… Because I know you the most in Nogisaka46 obviously.”

That’s not… 100% true though…

And~ the whole class started the whole “WMatsui” chant again.

At a split second, I noticed a frown that had crept to her lips before she shifted gears and smiled at everyone else, thanking them for the participation of a small Nogisaka46 survey for Valentine’s. That was when, the bell rang and we had a short break before we had P.E.—our last class for the day. There are times where I think why we have such an annoying education system, having school on a Saturday… sheesh.

The cameramen and staff members escorted Rena-chan out of the classroom as fast as they could so they wouldn’t be caught in a crazy rampage of students who already had their cellphones out to snap photos and chase after them. I let out a sigh before following the staff members into the teacher’s meeting room, where students were not allowed access to. However, seeing my face, they had allowed me in on a whim. Being the Ace of SKE48 finally shows that it has its perks!

“J-Jurina?! Why are you in here?!”

I gestured a peace sign, followed by a wide grin, “Why not? I wanted to see Nogisaka46’s Matsui Rena at work~”

“Mou… we’re going to get into huge trouble if Akimoto-sensei hears about this…” Rena-chan shook her head, displeased with crossed arms.

“Nahh,” I reassured her, “It’ll probably make the whole programme more interesting, seeing how Matsui Jurina was actually studying here,” I shrugged, “… But I might have to opt for home schooling now since I’ve been found out… dang it.”

“W-What?! This programme will impact you that much?!” Rena’s mouth was agape.

“Duh,” I rolled my eyes, “… Everyone watching this will know where I am and all. And that will lead to crazy paparazzi stalking me from now on if I don’t change schools.”

“Ah… sorry…” She looked downwards but I rested both my hands on her shoulders, gripping them firmly as a reassuring gesture.

“Don’t worry about it,” She looked at me and I winked, “It’s not your fault after all. I’m fine with home schooling anyways.”



A voice called out from behind us, following another group of cameramen. It was Ikoma Rina-san. Looks like she’s part of this school visitation programme huh.

“J-Jurina-san?!” She exclaimed.

“Yo!” I greeted back, “Otsukaresama~”

“W-Why are you here? SKE48 has something to do here as well?” She certainly looked surprised.

“Wrong,” I winked, “I study here. Legit high school student, Matsui Jurina of Chuo High.”


I laughed, “Yeah yeah. Surprising huh?”

“But won’t the director be mad…?” Ikoma-san looked at Rena-chan, worried.

A staff member approached us all of a sudden with a smile plastered on his face, “Please do not be worried, Matsui Rena-san and Ikoma-san. We got informed by the head director that it was okay to have Matsui Jurina-san on the programme as a guest. She is a student after all, it would be wrong to cut her out when she is a part of the class you’re handling for the day, Rena-san,” he explained gently.

Great. Looks like I’m a cameo character in a Nogisaka46 programme.

“I’ll be in your care then,” I bowed to the staff member and he did the same before leaving us be.

“How long does the break last though, Jurina?” Rena-chan asks blankly.

“Hmm…” I checked my watch, “Oh I suppose about 15 minutes more before the last class of the day starts?”

“Dang… must be tough to be students,” Ikoma-san shook her head in sympathy, “Anyways~ I won’t disturb you two. I need to go over my lecture plus programme for class later. Laters~”

Ikoma-san left us and went towards a group of staff members who were seeming like that were having a meeting.

Now, it was just the two of us once again.

“Guess today’s Valentine’s huh?” I blurted out.

“Y-Yeah. Have you prepared any chocolates for anyone today Jurina?”

I looked away and ruffled my hair lightly, “Err… well… I sort of… forgot that today’s Valentine’s… been to busy that it slipped off my mind…”

“Eh? Weren’t you talking about it with Masanyan just yesterday?”

Which in fact, I did, but had completely forgotten, “… Oh. You’re right,” I deadpanned.

“Geez… Your memory’s supposed to be good isn’t it? You’re still young and all,” Rena-chan sighed.

“Hey, I have loads of stuff in my mind too you know!” I snapped back.

“And just what were they?”


“… What?”


“N-Nothing~” I faked a whistle.

“Geez… you’re always like this…”

“Don’t act like we’re still close to each other like before, Rena!”

… W-Wait… What am I saying…?


“W-We haven’t been hanging out… we haven’t even held each other in each other’s arms in so long…”

O-Oi… stop it…!


“Can’t you see that I miss you, Rena?!”

Brilliant. I just went on an emotional trip to hell after shouting at Rena-chan all of a sudden. What the heck is wrong with me?! On Valentines of all days!
People who were currently in the room started staring at us…

Ugh… darn it.

“… Sorry,” I said softly as I dashed out of the meeting room, noting Rena-chan’s dumbfounded face before I left.

- - - - - -

During P.E., it was definitely awkward between both Matsui. They were practically avoiding each other, leaving only disappointment to the classmates who were waiting for something to happen. Both had the same expression though—the expression of frustration. Rena was wondering what happened to the young Jurina when she was not observing her as closely as before while the latter was actually just fuming up at herself for spouting emotionally at her precious partner.

They had warm-up exercises before playing with ball games and what not in groups. As expected, Jurina had been left alone and could only play basketball on her own, throwing ball by ball accurately into the hoop as if she was a professional.

That was when…


She continued bouncing the ball without emotions before turning towards the voice that had just called out to her.

“Why aren’t you playing with your friends?”

“It’s a rule. If they get too involved with me they’ll get penalized,” Jurina shrugged, “It’s lonely being me huh?”

Rena suddenly snatched the ball off Jurina’s hands as she was bouncing it with a smirk, “Then… let me play with you. That’s okay right?”

The younger Matsui was honestly taken back by the older Matsui’s actions. She never thought that Rena would be the one to break the ice between them, nor would she have done it so soon.

Jurina smirked back, thinking of it as a challenge at the same time, she could not shake off the thoughts that perhaps it’s part of the programme with the cameramen closing up on them and the crowd of classmates beginning to gather around the court, hyped to see WMatsui in action.

“You’re really asking for it, Rena-chan!” She cunningly grabbed the ball off Rena’s hands and zoomed towards the hoop, jumping high enough to perform a slam dunk. As expected of the athletic, Matsui Jurina. Everyone was cheering energetically at the cool sight.

She twisted the ball on a finger walking calmly towards Rena with a smirk, “Try beating that.”

Rena, knowing her limits, but decided to try anyways, snatched the rotating ball off Jurina’s fingers and jumped, shooting the ball into the hoop, only for it to hit off the rim, landing straight into her face the next moment.

The next thing that can be heard were gasps.

“O-Oi Rena-chan?!” Jurina quickly attended the injured Rena.

“D-Don’t… call me Rena-chan… I’m your teacher today aren’t I…?” She rubbed her face lightly, “… Oww…”

Jurina helped her sit up slowly, “Can you stand?”

Rena nodded, “Yeah, I’m okay now. My nose still hurts though…”

“You’re too reckless, Rena-chan-sensei…” Jurina let out a sigh before they stood up together and Rena gestured a peace sign towards the camera which garnered applause from the rest of the class.

"That name sounds weird, you know?" Rena pouted in which Jurina subtly responded with a light-hearted chuckle.

- - - - - -

Shortly after Rena had a short interview about her basketball session with Jurina chirping in her thoughts, they had a chance to talk about the past and reminiscence about it. The younger Matsui noted how much of an athletic Rena was not while the latter praised how active Jurina was. They shared thoughts about each other and that had completely dispersed the tension that was on a while ago.

Finally, before P.E. class ended, they had a 100m run practice which Rena had split into 6 teams consisting of 5 people, separating boys and girls, however, the fifth person had to be Jurina, and Rena had to join one of the practices. Lap by lap, Jurina had completely owned it to no surprise, beating all the girls and losing to two guys. Rena was dead last in one of the laps which gave her a chance to make a commentary about herself being horrible in running and referring to a previous programme called Mechaike.

At the end of the day, Rena had thanked all the students for their contribution and support and wished them good luck for their examinations and studies before they called it a day and the staff members had escorted Rena directly to the trailer hidden behind the school grounds, with some of the staff members staying back to block students from following them. Rena had gestured for Jurina to follow her and so she did.

- - - - - -

Rena had her hand held onto Jurina’s as she made her follow her to the very back of the trailer. There, she took out her bag that she had securely hidden under the seat in front of her, rummaging it for something.


“Ah. Here it is…” Rena had taken out a heart-shaped box of chocolates out of her bag and handed it to Jurina with a smile, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jurina.”
The younger Matsui’s heart skipped a beat seeing her partner’s precious warm smile and also, giving her a box of chocolate. But how was she so prepared?

“H-How… why…”

“I actually wanted to drop by your place after the shooting. I didn’t expect you to be at the school itself, so at least I can give it to you earlier yes?” Rena smiled.

“R-Rena-chan…” Jurina was on the verge of crying before Rena had pulled her in for a hug, softly caressing her head that was slightly damped with sweat from P.E. class.

“H-Hey… I’m dirty…” Jurina hugged the box of chocolate tightly on her chest as she rested her head onto Rena’s shoulder.

“You know I don’t bother about that if it’s you, Jurina…”


“I realized how distant we have been as well you know? As much as I don’t want to admit it straight in your face, I… honestly miss you.”

“I missed you too… I really do,” Jurina felt tears beginning to fall onto the fabric that her eyes were directly on.

“I guess we should find time to hang out with each other huh? I know you’ve been hanging out with Masanyan.”

Jurina sat up with puffy cheeks as tears rolled down her eyes, “Y-Yeah well, you were always busy busy busy!”

Rena was momentarily stunned seeing Jurina’s crying face as she touched the shoulder she was just crying on, “Jurina…”

“Everyone in the first gen is graduating Rena-chan… Mieko-san… Nishishi… sooner or later even Masanyan might graduate soon…” She felt tears bursting out even more as she looked into Rena’s warm eyes, “… Even you Rena-chan… if you leave I—"

Rena placed her index finger on Jurina’s lips, silencing her, “Shh… calm down. I won’t leave until I’m sure you have a good head on your shoulders.”
Jurina had a confused face.

“… Right now, you’re still too emotional off screen. You put too much stress on yourself. You take the burden for others way too much,” Rena sighed and stared into Jurina’s eyes sternly, “… I won’t leave such a kid alone just yet,” as she removed her finger off Jurina’s lips, the older Matsui felt a soft sensation immediately on hers.

Jurina had just planted a kiss on her lips.

“Thanks, Rena-chan,” Jurina grinned wiping her tears as Rena could not help but blush after the younger Matsui’s sudden gesture.

“Your lips really taste good… the strawberry lip balm that you really love I’m guessing?” Jurina asked with a smirk.

“M-Mou!” Rena started to chase Jurina out of the trailer, “G-Get out!”

Rina was about to enter the trailer until suddenly Jurina dashed out of it, with Rena right behind her, trying to push her away.

“Rena-chan~ I’ll call you out for dinner later okay? Valentines dinner! Love ya~”

“D-Don’t blurt out things like that in public, you dolt!” Rena responded the running Jurina who was running backwards, with her tongue playfully stuck out before leaving Rena’s sight.

Everyone else who were near the trailer were astonished at what had just construed.

“Wow. So that’s how you both really are huh,” Rina said, flabbergasted.

“N-No that—“Rena facepalmed, “… Forget it.”

- - - - - -

Knowing that they would have a chance to meet each other that night once again in personal, both of them could not help but smile in unison.

They may have been distant recently but WMatsui will always be WMatsui after all.

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