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Author Topic: REBORN 2016 Reboot - Chapter 5 (042517)  (Read 85388 times)

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Re: REBORN - Chapter 12 (MaYuki) 7/22/15
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Woooo there's finally some MaYuki!

I hope that Mayu will confess soon

Please continue to update the story with such awesome chapters!

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Re: REBORN - Chapter 12 (MaYuki) 7/22/15
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😭😭😭😭 mayuki what a nice fanfic thank u mayuyu go and get yukirin 😭
MAYUKI are real !!!


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Re: REBORN - Chapter 12 (MaYuki) 7/22/15
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:otomerika: It's my birthday! So here's a new chapter!  :peace: :heart:



Chapter 13 - Friend or Foe

Yuko’s POV

“Nyan-nyan~~~” I ran across the fields in slow motion, chasing after my beloved girlfriend as she ran in slow motion, too.

“Yuu-chan~~~” That perfect smile, mixed with the spring fragrance and summer sunshine, made her like a goddess. Well, more than ever.

I tackled her and we rolled down the hill, hugging each other and giggling. She gave me her sweet smile and kissed my cheek. All I could do is smile as she softly kissed my cheek, over and over, the flowers swaying in the breeze and carrying the peace bringing scent into my nose.

“I love you, Nyan-nyan~”


I heard a ringing in my ears that was keeping me away from my dream. I blindly pounded my fist around to shut it off and when I found the alarm, I punched it hard, breaking it. I sighed with relief as I drifted back into peaceful sleep…


I shot up from the bed and looked at the clock.

“It’s past 8:30?!?!?! Holy crap, I’m late!!! Oh, god, why didn’t I wake up? I was dreaming about Nyan-nyan and overslept!!! Nyan-nyan, why are you so perfect?! Yuko, you baka!!!” I screamed to myself as I hurriedly got dressed. I don’t even care if I don’t have makeup. I gotta go!

I bet Haruna’s already left.

I grabbed my bag and ran down the halls, bursting through the front door.



“Hm?” I turned behind me and saw Haruna standing at the door in just a plain T-shirt and frilly pink shorts.

“What are you doing?”

“Nyan-nyan, c’mon, we need to go! We overslept, and we’re late to school!”

“No, we’re not.”


“It’s summer vacation. We just started today, remember?”

“Summer… vacation?”

“We have three months off of school for the whole summer.”

“You didn’t tell me that?”

“Technically, the teacher told us last week, but you were asleep in class, so I guess you didn’t here. Even if I did tell you, I bet you’d be spacing out on how beautiful I am and forget it.”

I felt my cheeks get hot, scratching the back of my head as a sweat-dropped. Or maybe that’s just because it’s hot. The sun is so bright today.

It’s hot… It feels like….

“Summer… So, no school for three months?”


No school, huh?

“Woo-hoo!” I ripped of my uniform and changed into some more comfortable clothes for the heat, then plopped down on the couch. “Summer~!”

“It’s hot, isn’t it?”


Then, I thought of an idea… A fun idea.

“Hey, let’s get the others and we’ll all go to the beach!” I said to Haruna as she fanned herself with a sheet of paper.


“It’ll be fun! Think of it. The ocean, the food, the public community onsens!”

“Hm… I guess that’d be fun. It’ll be a good way to cool off.”


Haruna giggled and patted my head. “Okay, I’ll call the others and we’ll go to the beach.”


Tomochin’s POV

I open the window and let all the fresh air in. The feel of summer. Warmth, and the smell of the sea. It’s so nice…

I couldn’t say the same about the heat, though. I had fans going on throughout the whole apartment. It’s so hot~. I fan myself as I go to open the door in mine and Tomomi’s room.

Ever since the incident with John, and me finding out she was my childhood friend, I’ve been living with her now. Things have been so much more peaceful. I’ve been able to continue my career without any fears or regrets.

And the best part… I’ve got my best friend with me.

Right now, I’m looking at her, so peacefully asleep in her bed. Curled up in the covers like a caterpillar in its cocoon, hugging the pillow with the cutest sleeping face in the world. I actually sneaked a peek of her napping at work once, and I took a picture of her.

I took out my phone and pointed it at her.

This one’s gonna be my wallpaper. Ufufu…


“Hm?” I quickly shut my phone and hid it behind my back as I heard her wake up from her sleep. Rubbing her eyes, she stretched herself out as she looked up at me with her just-woke-up face. I squealed a bit inside. “Mm… What Tomo doing…?”


Oops… that was close.

“Chiyuu...” She pulled the blankets off her and scratched her head as she sleepily yawned. “What time is it?”

“Almost ten, miss sleepyhead...” I ruffled her already messy hair as she just giggled.

“Ah~ I’m hot, Tomo...”

“Summer’s starting off strong this year.”

“Un...” She opened the window and smiled at the beautiful sea view. “Nee, Tomo… Chiyuu wants to go to the beach.”

“Eh?” I saw her pointing outside to the beautiful clear beach, the sun just over the horizon. It looked so sparkly and clear, probably nice and cool, too. I couldn’t help but feel my heart skip as I saw Tomomi smile.

“Can we go?”

I smiled and patted the girl’s head. “Okay, we’ll go. But, first, we gotta make you look beach ready. Come with me.”


Yuko’s POV

“KITAAAA!!!” I yelled out happily as we all stepped out of the bus. The beautiful beach was in front of us right now. The shimmering, blue ocean, the perfectly clean, white sand, and the smell, the feel, the heat of summer was all around us. The bus driver told us he would take our luggage to the house we were staying in, which meant it was time for us to play. “Woo-hoo~ Beach, here we come!!!”

“Yuuchan, slow down!”

I smiled back at my girlfriend, wearing a cute pink and white striped jacket and white short-shorts under her bikini. I, however, already had my bikini topped exposed, showing the green silky material donning a bright yellow star pattern, and my jacket tied around my waist, over my ripped-jean shorts.

“Mou~ wait for us, we all can’t run like you, Yuuchan,” Acchan giggled, patting my head. She was wearing an all white bikini under her cover up, and Takamina was wearing a similar red jacket as mine over a yellow bikini top.

“Yeah, no one can outrun me!”

“Maybe Sae-chan can,” Yukirin looked over at Sae, who just came out and was adjusting her Hawaiian style shirt over her white swimming shorts, decorated in brown polka-dots.


Yukirin giggled as she played with her jacket, loosely hanging over her light blue bikini.

“Is that a challenge?” I said jokingly as I poked the side of Sae’s waist.

“Woah, woah, woah! I-I didn’t challenge you to anything, Yuko!”

“C’mon, Sae-chan. I bet you could bullet down that beach and swim to the ends of the Earth and back.”

“Yukirin, I’m not that good a swimmer.”

“But, I still wanna race you.”

“Yukirin, Yuko-chan, stop teasing Sae.” Mayu walked out, carrying a bunny rabbit towel with a hat and shades on. She was wearing a pink bikini with red hearts on it and had tints of brown in it, including a brown ribbon. “Leave the poor girl be.”

“Thank you, Mayuyu.”

“I’ll deal with you later, Sae.” I said as I gave her the, “I’m watching you”, look.

Haruna sighed and took my hand, which instantly took me. She dragged me along as we headed towards the beach, and I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot as she dragged me along like I was her pet dog. We finally reached the sparkling beachside and set up everything before we went swimming.

I saw Mayu open up the umbrella, then sit under it and pull out a manga to read while she waited. Then, Haruna grabbed my attention once more as she removed her jacket and revealed her beautiful, lavender bikini. In my mind, so many thoughts were racing. God, I can’t contain my perverted fantasies when she does that. It’s too perfect.

“Hey, Yuuchan, do I look alright?”

“Oppai….” I purr in a low voice as I can’t take my eyes off her gorgeous figure.


“Ah..” I slapped myself in the face mentally as I was brought back into reality. “Uh, yeah, you look nice. Perfect.”

“I hope I can get a good tan line.”

“Here, I’ll put some sunscreen on you.” I squirted the cold white substance into my hands and rubbed it in my palms before applying it to Haruna’s smooth back. I lathered it on her shoulders and arms good, while she took some and got her legs. I wanna touch those legs, but right now, I’m at the base of her neck.

“Everything okay, Yuuchan? You slowed down.”



“Kyaa!” I heard a small squeal wake me from my trance. When I looked over, Haruna and I saw Takamina trying to fix her bikini top, which seemed to be falling off a bit. Acchan was able to clip it back, laughing as she saw her girlfriend was still covering her chest and her face turned completely red as a tomato.

“Haha, Takamina, kawaii~!”

“Nee, Sae-chan, show me the top you chose.”

“Oh, right.” Sae unbuttoned her shirt and threw it behind her. We were all surprised to see, not a matching white bikini top with brown polka dots like her shorts, but an orange spaghetti strap bikini top. Some of us snickered as we saw Sae had chosen a mismatching swimsuit combination.

“Sae… your top doesn’t match your shorts.”

“Could you not decide what to wear, or put the wrong one on by mistake?”

“Eh? What do you mean? I bought it like this.”

All of us burst out into laughter, while Sae just stood there clueless. Mayu told me she actually went to Yukirin’s for dinner once, and when she saw her, she was wearing a very colorful, but also strange clothing coordinations. I also remembered when Sae emailed me a picture of a new outfit she bought.

Guess Sae just has a different sense of style than us…

“Remind me the next time we all go shopping together, we make sure Sae doesn’t choose anything on her own,” Yukirin whispered to us in between her chuckles.


Tomomi’s POV

“Yay~ The beach~!” My voice sounded as excited as I was. I raised my right arm and approached my left hand to my cheek. I fixed my clean white sweatjacket as it laid over my bikini with pink flowers.

Tomo giggled beside me, picking my attention. She was wearing jean shorts and a matching ripped jean jacket over her green striped bikini top. Her gaze at me was nearing amusement.


“Nothing.” Her smile was pretty and her eyes were shining brightly. I knew she was happy, especially since it’s me.

“C’mon.” I took hold of her hand, causing her blush cutely. “Let’s go.”

She didn’t say a word and let me guide her to the shore. The hot sand gave place to a cool moist one as we got near the water. A chill ran up my spine every time my toes touch the cold ocean water. Apparently, so does it seem to happen with Tomo, as her hold on my hand tightens a bit whenever she stepped into the tide as it pulled in.

“Kyaa! It’s so cold~!”

“Beats the heat, huh?”

“Un!” I swing her hand around as I kicked some of the waves, creating ripples as it splashed the water.he laughed and started to kick the waves as well.

“Reminds me of when we used to play in the river.”

“Yup, those were the days~.”

I looked at the water as she played with it using her feet. A sly grin stretched across my face as I planned something sneaky. I let go of her hand, running up in front of her, and splashed the cold water onto her skin.

“Ah! Chiyuu!”

“Hahahaha!” I couldn’t help but laugh seeing her shocked expression. Then, she started laughing with me, and the next thing I knew, she started splashing me. “Hey! No fair!”

“I’m not fair?! You splashed me first!”

We continued splashing in the water and laughing, just like we did in old times. It was like there was no one there besides us. We had fun and got refreshingly wet. It totally eased the hotness from earlier. Actually, we were drawing a lot of attention with our little childish play. But we only stopped when we heard a loud growl coming from my tummy. While I blushed hard, Tomo kept laughing.

“Sorry. I guess I was too excited to come that I forgot to eat.” My helpless tone made her smile again.

“It’s okay. Let’s find you something to eat.”


To my surprise, it was Tomo who held my hand this time. I couldn’t help but blush a little. Then we began to walk towards the beach hut.

Halfway through, we were stopped by a small group of people squeaking “Tomochin~”. They were obviously fans. I let go of her hand and gestured I’d be going ahead.

“Take your time,” she said before going to talk to her fans. I smiled.

As I resumed the walk, my mind travelled to the wonders the beach hut hid in their menu.

“Mm… Hamburger steak, with smoothie.”

“What flavor would you like?” The cashier said to me.

“Ah, eto~... Strawberry. Oh, and put in one of those cute little umbrellas.”

I saw the man blush. I must’ve fished him in unknowingly. “Of course. Any sides with your steak?”

“Medium fries please. That’s it.”

“Okay, ma’am. Right away.” He took my menu and I patiently waited for him to return with my food.

With my food in hands, I started to search for a place to sit and eat peacefully. Medium fries may seem too much, but I want to share them with Tomo.

We used to be like that, sharing each others food. Tomo would always complain I was a messy eater, then wipe away the food that was on my face.

She’s like a big sister…

“Nee, isn’t that her?”

“Hm?” I looked over and saw two girls staring at Tomochin, pointing. But, by the looks on their faces, they didn’t seem that much like fans.

“Is that really… Itano Tomomi?”

“I think it is...”

“Of all places, just what is she doing here?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to be in the same place as that whore is.”


“Me neither. I don’t even know how she have courage to show her face in public after everything.”

They… They are really talking about Tomo…

“Yeah. Such a whore as Itano Tomomi shouldn’t be walking among normal people.”

They are talking about Tomo… My Tomo!

I couldn’t bear it anymore. I gathered my bravery and walked towards them.

“Nee, what are you two talking about?”


“You were talking about someone. Itano Tomomi, right?”

“Oh, God. Don’t tell me you actually like that bitch.”

“Why are you saying such mean things about her? Calling her things like ‘whore’ and bitch. I know Itano Tomomi. She’s my best friend!”

“This girl must be clueless.”

“Yeah. Who could ever be friends with someone like her? What a joke.”

What? How can they say this about Tomochin?

Yuko’s POV

“WATER FIGHT!!!” I suddenly shouted as I pulled the trigger of my water gun towards NyanNyan. She seemed very shocked as I grinned cheekily.

“Why you..!” She ran up and tackled me into the water. Yukirin slyly picked my spare gun as she ran up to Mayuyu. I’m surprised she was able to drag her out of her manga world to play.

Although, then again…

“Black Magician, I shall not be defeated by you! With my Holy Seraphim powers, I shall purify your dark soul and send you back to the Abyss!”

“Hehe… Speak for yourself, Priestess...”

I wonder what kind of compromise they made to lead up to that.

“Minami~” I looked and saw Atsuko swimming away in her innertube, Takamina rushing up behind her with a shark fin on her head. “Kyaa! Help me~”

“They look like they’re having fun.” Sae giggled as she popped up from the water.

“You sure?”


We all stopped our fooling around and looked to see someone in the distance, flailing around in the water. I was afraid she was gonna drown, so me and Sae quickly swam over to the girl and helped her up to the shore. She was coughing a lot, so Haruna hurried and got her some fresh water to drink.

“Th-thank you...” She gulped the water down and caught her breath. I looked at her ankle and saw seaweed wrapped around it.

“Looks like you really got in a bind.”

“Yeah, before I knew it, my foot got stuck. I tried to break out of it, but it only got tighter...”

I started untangling some of the seaweed and saw her raw skin, some of it scraped and bleeding.

“Mayuyu, get the first aid kit.”

“On it.”

When she came back, I started disinfecting the wound, feeling her twitch every now and then. Mayu and Sae had to practically hold the girl down until I finally got all the medicine on and had Takamina wrap it in gauze.

“So, what’s your name?” she asked as she tied a good knot into the cloth.

“Mi-Minami… Minegishi Minami. I came here for summer vacation.”

“Eh? My name’s Minami, too. Takahashi Minami. Just call me Takamina, so we don’t get confused.”

“Un! Nice to meet you, Takamina. And, thanks for saving me, uh...” She looked at me as she straightened her long black hair. Her smile reminded me of a Gachapin.

“Yuko. And the others here are Acchan, Sae-chan, Yukirin, Mayuyu, and my girlfriend, Nyan-nyan.”

“Just Haruna is fine.” She said blushing.

“Hahaha. Alright. Well, thanks again, everyone. I thought I was gonna die if I stayed there longer.”

“Well, since you’re here, why don’t you hang out with us until your friends and family come back for you.”

“Actually, I came here alone.”

“Ah, alright.”

“Well, c’mon, let’s play. We’ve got some water guns you can use.”

Mayu came up from behind her. “Make your choice, will you join the Black Organization, or will you come with me to the Holy Senate?”


“It’s a game she likes to play. Basically, are you on Mayu’s team, or mine?” Yuki said as she refilled her gun. “Mayu’s team is her, Yuko, Acchan, and Sae, and the other team is me, Haruna, and Takamina.”

“Hm… I’d better join your team to even things out.”

“Kuso!” Mayu pushed the other Minami away and pointed the gun at her. “You traitor. You act innocent and kind, pure of heart, but you belong on the dark side! Unforgivable!”

“Okay, maybe that’s taking it too far...”

“No...” I looked and saw the girl was grinning and her eyes seemed darker from normal. She chuckled lowly. “I’ll show you, just how strong the darkness truly is… I’ll swallow up every last one of your precious light.”

She’s WAY too good an actress!

“Hey, guys! Guess what I found~” We all heard Sae screaming, but when we turned to look…



“Sae, where the HECK did you find that hose?!?!?!”

“It was in the shed not too far from here,” she grinned as she started running and spraying all of us like crazy.

I hid behind a tree with Minami and smiled at how she got everyone soaked.

“I guess Sae’s the one true winner.”

“Haha, this is fun, Yuko-chan!”

Tomomi’s POV

Laying on top of the large bed, I sighed happily as I held my stomach. I was so full with food, and this room was so nice. Outside, there was a great view of the beach from the hotel balcony. I heard the bathroom door open as Tomochin stepped out.

“Today was a good day, huh?”


“Nee, Chiyuu, I heard that there was an onsen downstairs. You wanna go.”

“Eh~, sure. It’d be nice to just sit and relax together. Are you okay with going, Tomochin? You not embarrassed that we’ll both be...”

“We’re both girls. It’s no big deal.”

I giggled and slowly got up, stretching my arms.

“You’re right. Let’s go.” As she grabbed my right arm, we made our way to the onsen’s change room.

We chatted throughout the way there happy and absentmindedly. When we arrived at the changing room, we could see the other guests busy with changing. We found two empty baskets one beside another and we choose them to place our clothes. The thought of seeing Tomochin in how she came to the world for the first time made me feel weird. I was also embarrassed in exposing my whole body in front of her.

I started to strip myself without looking to my sides. But the curiosity was stronger than me. Unconsciously, I glanced out of the corner of my eye slowly. The first thing that caught my attention was her chest. Compared to my own, hers was slightly bigger. Her waist was smaller and her stomach looked so cute, and as I looked down farther, I could actually see some finely toned abs. Her slightly tanned skin looked sexy, and her underwear definitely suited her personality, cute and stylish.

When I looked back up, my eyes met Tomochin’s and I turned my head to look away. I blushed for sure. I heard her shy giggle and saw her looking at me. I quickly covered up my chest, shyly covering my eyes with my bangs.

“Mou~ you’re so cute, Chiyuu.”

“Stop it, Tomo~ it’s embarrassing…” The last part was more of a whisper. I heard Tomochin giggle once more.

“Don’t worry, Chiyuu. You have nothing to be ashamed about.” Tomochin said reassuringly. She patted my head a bit, making me blush more.

I heard a group of girls whispering behind me, but when I turned to look at them, and they saw me watching and listening to them, they start leaving. It intrigued me a lot. Were they talking about us? I lightly shook my head to let this thought go away.

“Chiyuu.” Tomochin’s voice broke my daze as she held my hand. She now had a towel wrapped around her figure. “Let’s go. Hurry and get changed.”

“Uh… right.”

In a certain hurry, I finished to strip myself and wrapped a towel around my body. Then we headed to the bath area. There was a few women washing themselves and sometimes having cheerful chats. We then walked to a discreet corner to proceed with the washing thing.

“Chiyuu. Can you wash my back for me?” Tomo asked me with a ducky smile.

Eh? Tomo wants me to wash her back…

“Honto ni?” I was so insecure about it.


Still nervous, I slowly took the sponge in my hand and started scrubbing her back. I was really focused on scrubbing, but my ears caught whispering again. I turned my face to it’s direction, and this time the ones responsible for it didn’t notice my stare. And once more, it was that nonsense talk where they call Tomo a whore….

“To think, Tomochin would go this far, especially for a girl.”

“I didn’t think she was like that.”

“Maybe that girl paid her or something. Who would be so desperate as to beg such a bitch to go to an onsen with her?”

“One word; lesbian.”

That’s so mean… How can they say that? That’s Tomo they’re talking about! MY Tomo!!!

“Chiyuu?” I heard Tomochin’s voice and turned back to look at her. “Is everything okay?”

“Uh… y-yeah.”

“You sure?”

“Un. I’m just a little tired, I guess...”

“Hey, don’t force yourself, kay?” she said with a smile as she turned to pat my head. “I care about you.”

“Ah… arigatou.”

Tomochin rinsed herself off and went to one of the tubs to rest in. I did the same and sat down beside her.

“This is nice.”


“Sometimes, I just want to be free...”


“I really don’t like being a celebrity sometimes, Chiyuu. Having to work day and night, dealing with paparazzi, all sorts of rumors and scandals arising...”

“I feel sympathetic…. Sometimes I would want to be in your position, just so you know how it feels to have that freedom.”

“Yeah… If only we could turn back time.”

“And go back to the way things were...”


After a while, we both got out and dried off. We went back into the changing rooms and put on the bathrobes we were provided.

“Nee, what will we do now?”

“Hm… I am kinda hungry.”

“OK. Let’s get dinner.”

Yuko’s POV

“Yuuchan~” Haruna hugged me from behind as I stared out the window. “Aren’t you happy we get to share a room?”

“Ah, yeah, I am.”

“Plus, Acchan and Takamina are sharing a room, and so are Mayuyu, Yukirin, and Sae-chan.”

“All three of them in one room?”

“I know, right?”

Hm, those three are quite a love triangle…

“Oh, yeah, what about that girl? Miichan?”

“She’s probably got her own room.”

“Yeah, but...”

I don’t really know much about this Miichan person. She gave off this aura. Maybe, she’s an ANGEL. There was something suspicious about her behaviour when she was with us. What if she’s under that Queen I keep hearing about… If she is, then she’s most likely a traitor to the ANGELs.

“Yuuchan?” I looked back and saw Haruna looking with a worried expression on her face. “I’ve never seen you so deep in thought. Are you okay?”

“Ah, yeah, I’m fine...”

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I just keep though about that new girl, Miichan… I don’t know, but who do you think she is?”

“You think she’s an enemy?”

“If she is, then what do we do?”

“Keep guard and don’t tell her the important things… Then we can track her and kill her, if she’s our foe.”

I saw smile on the Haruna’s face. “You’re too cute when you’re thinking so seriously.”

“Nyan-nyan, daisuki~~~” I hugged her, tickling her waist.

Even sometimes, I need to be serious…

“Guys! Yuko, Haruna!!!” Just then, Sae, Yuki, and Mayu all walked in, in a panic.

“What’s wrong?”

“Acchan and Takamina!”

“They’re both missing!!!”


Tomomi’s POV

“Dinner was good, wasn’t it?”

“Un. It was delicious.” I said, holding my stomach. I’ve never eaten so much good food in my life. I guess that’s one good thing about being a celebrity. I stretched out my arms. “I’m so full! Nee, let’s go to the walk on the beach!”

Tomochin stared at me. “Why?”

I pouted. “I just want to see how stars look at the beachside~ ”

“Wakatta. Let’s go.”

It was dawn when I and Tomochin go out of the hotel. There were no one at the streets and we walked and enjoyed the silence. It was so good and I’ve wanted to stay like that forever.

“The sunset is so nice.”

“Sou ne...”

Suddenly I felt that Tomochin touch my hand firstly, then stopped.

“Eh? Tomochin, what happened?”

She just stood there and stared at me. “Sorry, Chiyuu...”

I was a bit shocked. What was she apologizing for all of the sudden?

“I heard that girls earlier… They spoke bad things about you because of me. They hated me. And they’ll hate you if you stay with me. So...”

“What are you saying?!” I were angry. “Don’t even plead me to leave you! Because I’ll never do that! I will always, ALWAYS be by your side! Okay?”


“I… I love Tomo!”

Tomochin cried. Hardly and unstoppable. Because of my confession…

“Tomo~!” I rushed to her and hugged her.

She hugged me back. “Arigatou, Chiyuu~ You’re the only person who didn’t leave me”.

After some time she stopped crying and we just stood and hugged each other.

“Nee, Chiyuu..” She muttered.

“What?” I stroked her head.

“I… l-love...”

“Eh? I didn’t heard you~”


Suddenly she kissed me. It was a passionate kiss and I felt the salt on her lips even now because of her tears. But, it was sweet. We turn apart when our air in lungs had ended. We both were blushed and panted.

“Chiyuu, I LOVE YOU!!!” Then she hold my hand and we start going to the beach.

“Me too.”

Then, I heard it again. People talking.

“Bleeeeccch~~~ They just kissed! That’s so disgusting!”

“How can that girl going out with that bitch?”

“Two girls? Isn’t is against rules? This girl is immoral, nee~?”

My patience has a crack and then burst. “SHUT UP, IDIOTS!!! You’ll never understand anything with such a attitude!”

Tomochin glared at me with shock on her face. “Chiyuu, you’re...”

I’ve said when smiling, “I had to shut their mouths. They’re so annoying! My head is aching because of them~”

Then I laughed and Tomochin joined me.

“Chiyuu, I couldn’t ever think that my girl is so testy~ But… Thank you.”

I smiled to her and hugged her again. “See, see! First star appeared! It’s so bright~~~”

“Yeah, like you, Chiyuu~” She placed a gentle kiss on my right cheek and patted my head. “I’m glad that I meet you.”

“Me too...”

Just then, two police officers came over to us.

“Itano Tomomi?”

“Y-yes. Why do you--?”

“You’re under arrest for the murder of John Kurozawa.”



To Be Continued

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Re: REBORN - Chapter 12 (MaYuki) 8/22/15
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Kojiyuu!!!!!kojiyuu!!! Kojiyuuu!!! Yeah...
sae yuki :?
Yuuchan.... :w00t:

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Re: REBORN - Chapter 12 (MaYuki) 8/22/15
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Where are u plz continue  :w00t: :heart:
MAYUKI are real !!!


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Re: REBORN - Chapter 12 (MaYuki) 8/22/15
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yes pls updaaaaaaaaate

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Re: REBORN - Chapter 12 (MaYuki) 8/22/15
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another saeyuki ongoing... T.T why???
MAYUKI not real, they're cute together like mum and child.

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Re: REBORN *Reboot in development*
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So, I've looked back on this, and honestly, I think I can do better with this with some polishing up. I'm going to see what I can do to change things up and make this reboot work, so everyone, I hope you'll stick around to see what's in store. :)

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Re: REBORN *Reboot in development*
« Reply #108 on: December 10, 2016, 06:54:41 PM »
I've made a poll!

Please tell me who you want as the new main pairing! :D

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Re: REBORN *Reboot in development* [Poll added!]
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SayaAnnin! SayaAnnin!
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: REBORN *Reboot in development* [Poll added!]
« Reply #110 on: December 10, 2016, 09:53:50 PM »
I'mma go with my instinct and say ChuriNao, cuz... I never really saw a fic with those two as a pair... so yeah...

(You thought I was gonna say Furuyanagi :P Well...)

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Re: REBORN *Reboot in development* [Poll closed!]
« Reply #111 on: December 13, 2016, 03:43:05 PM »
Looks like we have a winner! :D

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REBORN 2016 Reboot Trailer!
« Reply #112 on: December 27, 2016, 02:10:41 PM »
Credits to akbdaisuki48 for a cool trailer and an equally awesome poster (which will be unveiled later. ;) )


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Re: REBORN 2016 Reboot Trailer! (122716)
« Reply #113 on: December 28, 2016, 02:08:41 PM »

(Again, thanks to akbdaisuki48 for the poster! ^_^)

Chapter 1 - Awake


Year 2018. A devastating blizzard froze most of the Eastern hemisphere, sending Japan, Korea, and the majority of Asia into what was considered the “Cold Age”. Everyone was kept in safe houses and were sheltered from the cold wasteland the world had become. With scarce food, no money for resources, and toxins released in the air due to the power plants failing from the bitter cold, the economy and population suffered greatly.

However, two years later, a scientist came across a blue, blood-like substance. The origin of this substance was unknown, but the scientist found that it was able to clear the toxins filling the air. He shot the substance into the sky, and sure enough, the air cleared and restored warmth and life.

Over the next decade, technology advanced rapidly, and the scientist used the blue blood to create medicine, new alternative power sources, and his greatest technological achievement; the ANGELs. ANGELs were humanoid robots who could coexist alongside humans, each linked to the vast cyberspace of the Internet, and capable of doing all sorts of things.

And now, in the year 2076, Japan is now one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, with New Tokyo being the heart of it. Everyone has easy access to the newest technology, and ANGELs have integrated into being an everyday part of society.


“Sakura-tan~” Sakura heard the familiar call of her best friend, Haruka. The girl hugged her friend as the two walked out of the train station. “You heading home?”

“Yup. What about you?”

“I got a little bit. I thought I’d come hang at your place for awhile.”

“Alright.” The two held hands as they started walking.

“Hey, did you get SJK48’s new single?”

“I did! I already downloaded it on my phone!”

“It’s so catchy~ I haven’t been able to get it out of my head!”

Sakura giggled as her friend sung the song, mimicking some of the dance moves. As they were chatting, they passed by a bakery where an ANGEL was helping a human employee carry in fresh baked loaves of bread.

Sakura got a bit hungry seeing the round loaves, so she and Haruka stopped and bought a few loaves of melon bread and curry bread.


“Karai~ But, oishii~. Hehehe.”

“Hey, you’ve got curry on your face,” Sakura chuckled as she pointed out her friend’s messy eating.

“Hey, did you see that ANGEL who was working at the bakery? She was so cute!”

“Yeah. I wonder if she’s a new model. Y’know, the ones that can actually eat food and turn it into biofuel!”

“Ahh, ANGELs are so cool~ If I could, I would love to have my own.”

“What for?”

“Hmm… I guess to be a friend. There are people who do that, right? They get their own ANGEL just to have as a companion. Plus, if I move out, maybe she can help me cook or clean my room!”

“Oi, that’s more like a servant than a friend!”

The two laughed until they reached the front door of Sakura’s apartment. The two stopped and stared confused as a huge package was propped up against the door. Sakura looked and saw her name addressed on the box.

“What the heck is this?” she asked. “Haruppi, help me carry this in.”

The two girls carried the heavy object in, placing the package in the middle of Sakura’s living room. Sakura noticed a note attached to the package, which was signed by her uncle.

“This is from my uncle?” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“What could he have sent you that’s so big?”

“I’m not sure…”

She opened the envelope and unfolded the letter, reading it.

“Sakura-chan, I know it’s been some time since I’ve contacted you, but I have a good reason for it. I’ve been working on this for quite some time, just for you. It’s your very own ANGEL.”

Sakura’s eyes widened at the word. “Eh? An ANGEL?!”

“What?! There’s an ANGEL in here?!”

She continued to read it, ignoring Haruka’s questioning.

“I know this may be bad timing, as you are focused on school and your personal life, but I can’t help but feel something bad is going to happen. So, I sent you this ANGEL to protect you in my place.”

“What..?” Sakura became more confused as she read on. “Protect me..?”

“I also included a guidebook so you can understand how she functions and learn how to use her properly. Please, be safe, and be happy.”

“That’s so weird…” Haruka said as she sat beside Sakura.

“This is so sudden. Why would my uncle have been programming an ANGEL just for me?”

“Maybe he’s right. There’s something going to happen that would have a need for you to have protection.”

“Yeah, but what?”

Haruka shrugged. “He might just be worried.”


Sakura then got a boxcutter and opened on the package. The two saw the ANGEL curled up inside the box, shut off and appearing to be asleep. Her body was wrapped in plastic wrap, and she was dressed in a white two piece outfit.

“Woah! She looks so pretty!”

The two girls gently lifted the ANGEL out of the box, unwrapping the plastic wrap off her.

“She looks so real…” Haruka commented as she and Sakura stared at the humanoid robot. She then touched her hand. “Uwa!”


“Her hand is so soft! It feels like real skin!”

Sakura touched her hand and her eyes widened. “You’re right. She’s like a real person.”

“Hey, how do you turn her on? Does she have a switch or something?” Haruka asked, searching for a button or switch to turn the robot on.

Sakura looked inside the box and saw a book titled “How to get to know your ANGEL: For beginners”, and a brand new Holo-pad. She looked at the rest of the letter.

“I downloaded the app that directly links to her. Just enter the authorization code and you will have control of her.”

Sakura turned on the Holo-pad and saw an app with an angel wing symbol. She tapped it and saw a blue screen, with a text box under the words “Enter code”.

She typed in the code written on the letter, and saw the screen change.

“Would you like your ANGEL to access your Holo devices?”

Sakura tapped the word “Yes” and saw a loading screen appear. After it disappeared, the words “Access confirmed” appeared.

“So, what did that do?”

“I think it hooked up to my phone. Maybe it works like a computer; she’ll be able to access my contact information now and inform me when I have a call.”


Sakura then saw a new phrase appear.

“Jurina: Sleep Mode”

“Jurina..?” Sakura blinked at the name.

“Hm?” Her friend looked over to her side. “What’d you say, Sakura-tan?”

“Her name’s Jurina.”

Haruka opened the book, finding the section on how to turn the ANGEL on.

“When the ANGEL is in Sleep Mode, activate Speak-Command and say ‘Awake’.”

Sakura saw a microphone symbol at the bottom of the screen. She tapped it, turning on the Speak-Command with the words “Please speak” appearing on the screen.


Automatically, the two heard a beep and watched as Jurina’s eyes snapped open. She sat up and stared at the two before eying Sakura.

“State your name.”

“M-Miyawaki Sakura.”

They saw the ANGELs eyes glow blue before returning to pitch black.

“Miyawaki Sakura: Authorized.” Jurina’s stoic face soon changed to a soft smile. “Hello, Sakura.”


“J-Jurina-san, was it?” Haruka spoke. “I’m Haruppi, Sakura-tan’s friend.”

Jurina looked over to Haruka. “I know. Sakura’s contacts from her Holo-phone have been added to my database.”

“Eh? They have?”

“Yes. You’re Kodama Haruka. You're in her Friends list.”


“She really is like a super-computer.”

Jurina turned back to Sakura. “Sakura, would you like me to do anything?”

“Uh… Not right now, thanks. I’m still figuring everything out.”

“Hey, Jurina-san, you want some?” Haruppi offered the android a loaf of melon bread.

Jurina’s eyes glowed again, as if examining the loaf.

“I apologize. I appreciate the offer, but I cannot consume food.”

“Eh?! You can’t eat?” 

It was then that Sakura noticed a number on Jurina’s left arm.


“‘002’..? So… you’re a Type 2 model?”

“That is correct.”

“Ehh~ I thought she’d be the new model that could eat…”

“Let’s see…” Sakura took the book and started reading through it. “What can this ANGEL do?”

Sakura already knew how amazing ANGELs were. They had a memory chip installed in them that could connect with the Internet and obtain loads of information. As she just learned, they were also able to connect with her Holo-phone and memorize all her contacts and schedules she had.

Since Sakura was taking her time to learn about how the android functions, Haruppi decided to head home, leaving the girl alone with her new ANGEL. Sakura sighed. She took a break from the manual and decided to focus on her homework.

“Sakura, would you like me to assist you?” Jurina asked again, breaking the silence.

“Um, I guess.. I could use some help with this math problem. It’s not my best subject.”

Sakura showed Jurina the problem, letting her analyze it.

“The answer to this equation is 22.5. And x=9.”

“Eh?! That was amazing,” Sakura said in awe as she wrote down the answer.

“Just let me know if you need any more help.”

Sakura turned and gave a smile to the android. “Thank you, Jurina.”


Kojima Mako was humming to the tune that played loudly from her speaker. She was relaxing in her room, reading a manga while snacking on sweets, when a girl with short brown hair came in.

“Makotii, Haruppi is calling you.”

“Oh, cool. Bring her up.”

Nana tapped a button on her wristwatch and created a hologram of Haruka in front of the girl.

“Kojimako! You won’t believe what just happened!”


“Sakura-tan got an ANGEL! From her uncle!”

“Eh?!” Mako sprung up from her lying position and looked at Haruka’s hologram. “She did?!”

“Yeah! She can talk and look up stuff from the Internet! She’s also super pretty!”

“That’s so cool,” Nana joined in. “What’s she like? Is she cheerful? Funny?”

“Ooh, or maybe a bit mischievous.”

“Actually, she’s a Type 2 model. She doesn’t really have a personality… but she’s nice.”

“Eh? A Type 2?”

“That’s pretty old nowadays. Her uncle must’ve had it for a while.”

“What’s her name?”

“It’s Jurina. You should see her; maybe I’ll ask Sakura to take a photo of her to show you and Yuria-chan.”

“I’d love to meet her,” Nana said. “It’d be nice.”

“Okay. I’ll text her later.”

“Alright, talk to you later~”

After the hologram shut off, Kojimako became curious.

“Nana-chan, do they still make Type 2 models? Type 3 have become pretty popular lately.”

“I’m sure they still do. Though, it’s probably very few since the models got new upgrades.”

“Type 2’s will probably go out of date, like those Type 1 models.”

“More importantly,” the girl gave Mako a stern look. “You have homework to do.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to work…” Mako lazily said as she got out her pencil and worksheets. It was then that she looked over to the number that was printed on Nana’s arm.


“So she’s older than Nana…” She mumbled before starting her work.


After having done her homework, Sakura became hungry. She looked through her fridge and couldn’t find anything, until she felt a presence behind her, making her turn around sharply.


“Are you about to prepare dinner?”

“Ah… well, maybe,” Sakura scratched her head. “I can’t really cook.”

“If you’d like, I could prepare dinner for you.”

“Eh? You can cook?”

“The data to do so has been recorded into my mainframe. I can find a recipe that satisfies you.”

Sakura smiled. “That would be great. I’ll leave it to you!”

Sakura left the kitchen so the android could do her work. She flipped through channels on her TV, from variety shows, to drama, to news. Her nose twitched as a delicious aroma filled the room.

“Smells good…”

Then, she heard something odd. She heard a voice… singing.

“Hashiri dasu~ BASU oikakete~ Boku wa kimi ni tsutaetakatta~”

“Eh?” Sakura muted the TV and continued to listen.

“Kokoro no moya-moya ga kiete~ Taisetsu na mono ga mietanda~”

“Is Jurina singing?”

Sakura slowly got up from the couch and tiptoed back to the kitchen, seeing that her new ANGEL was indeed singing while she was cooking.

“Konna kantan na kotae ga deteru no ni~ Nani ni tameratte miokutta no darou~ Boku wa boku de aru tame ni~ Shoudou ni sunao ni narou~”

“Jurina?” Sakura finally spoke.

Jurina stopped her singing and looked at Sakura.

“Yes, Sakura? Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just… You were singing.”


“What song was that? I’ve never heard of it.”

“Oogoe Diamond. It’s an AKB48 song from 2008.”

“AKB… Wow, that’s a really long time ago. How did you have a record of that?”

“I have several records of data from 70 to 80 years prior to today.”

“Eh? Why would my uncle have such information..?” Sakura pondered. “What exactly did my uncle program you with?”

Jurina suddenly stopped moving. She stared blankly for a few seconds, her eyes glowing blue as if she was processing something.


After a few seconds, Jurina’s eyes returned to normal.

“I apologize. Memory of everything before today is unavailable.”

Sakura’s eyebrows scrunched.

“You mean… you don’t remember anything from before you woke up here.”

“No. Perhaps it was erased or deleted by accident.” She looked and saw Sakura had a very sad expression. “I’m very sorry.”

The girl then shook her head. “It’s okay. Maybe I’ll send a letter back to him. Ask him personally. Thanks, anyways.”

She was about to head back to the living room, but was stopped when Jurina called out to her.

“Wait,” she said with some sort of urgency. Sakura turned around confused, looking at Jurina’s eyes. She must’ve imagined it, since Jurina’s expression was still stoic. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

“Oh. Okay,” Sakura sat down as the ANGEL did final preparations on the food. She then said, “You can keep singing if you want. It was nice.”

Jurina nodded before continuing.

“Daisuki da, kimi ga daisuki da, boku wa zenryoku de hashiru~ Daisuki da, zutto daisuki da, koe no kagiri sakebou~”

Sakura found the melody enjoyable. She tapped her fingers unconsciously to the beat, her nose filling with the growingly delicious scent of the food the android was cooking up.

“Daisuki da, kimi ga daisuki da, iki ga kurushiku nattemo~ Shimatte okenai Oogoe DAIYAMONDO~”

Before Sakura even realized, Jurina had plated the food and set her dinner in front of her.

“Here you are,” Jurina handed her a fork as Sakura eyed the plate of spaghetti.

She twirled some of the noodles onto the fork and ate them. Her eyes widened at the surprising flavor bursting in her mouth.


She ate the spaghetti more and more, with Jurina watching over her. Sakura couldn’t help but notice her stares and her smile slowly faded.

“Y’know, Jurina… you kind of remind me of my sister.”

“How so?”

“Mm…” Sakura put the fork down. “I dunno. I don’t really remember my sister too much. I just remember that I had one… and she died a long time ago when I was young.”

“I see.”

Sakura slurped some of the noodles. Jurina noticed some sauce on her lips, so she took a napkin and handed it to her.

“You got tomato sauce on you.”

“Oh.” Sakura chuckled as she wiped her lips before continuing to eat.

She slurped up the rest of the noodles, cleaning off the plate. After having finished, Jurina started cleaning the dishes as Sakura returned to watch more TV. As the hours passed, Sakura grew tired and unknowingly fell asleep on the couch.

Jurina happened to come in and saw Sakura snoozing as the TV was left on. Jurina looked at the TV and as if by some psychic power, the TV turned off. She then looked over to Sakura again, seeing her still peacefully dozing off. She knelt down and gently stroked the girl’s head.

“Mm… Mama… Papa…” Sakura murmured in her slumber. “Onee...chan…”

Jurina’s eyes suddenly turned blue. Her lips curved into a smile before whispering to Sakura.

“It’s okay. I’m here, Sakura. I’ll always be here.”

She then laid her down on the couch and covered her with a blanket, keeping her warm. Her eyes returned to normal as she stood back up.

“Good night, Sakura.”


To Be Continued

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Re: REBORN 2016 Reboot - Chapter 1 (122816)
« Reply #114 on: December 30, 2016, 02:06:22 PM »
ohohoho since I just been around recently i havent read the first version yet, so i just jump to this reboot one
Gosh imagening Little sakura protected by little Jurina (like Jurina already very matured even when she is 11 she looks 18 lol) ITS SO HARD TO STAY ALIVE

 :jphip: :jphip:

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Re: REBORN 2016 Reboot - Chapter 1 (122816)
« Reply #115 on: January 01, 2017, 05:36:46 PM »
Chapter 2 - Contract


Sakura woke up the next morning and saw she had fallen asleep on the couch. She jolted up and saw Jurina at the kitchen making breakfast. The ANGEL sensed she was awake and turned to her.

“Good morning, Sakura.”

“Jurina..?” Sakura walked up to the kitchen, sitting down. “I forgot to turn you off. Do you need to recharge?”

“Don’t worry. I shut myself off manually.”

“Eh? You can do that?”

“Yes. If I’m not being used, after an hour, my system shuts off on its own.”

“Oh.” The girl’s eyes darted as she saw some eggs and slices of bacon cooking on the pan. The appetizing scent and sight of the food made her lick her lips.

Jurina looked over, noticing her eying the food. “You look hungry.”

“Ah,” Sakura noticed her actions and looked away. “Sorry.”

“Here,” Jurina handed her a glass with a pink drink inside. “Strawberry banana smoothie. I just made it.”

“Oh, thanks,” Sakura took the drink, placing a straw in before sipping it. “Umai!”

Jurina smiled seeing the girl’s pleased reaction. She flipped the eggs and bacon as Sakura enjoyed her smoothie.

“Oh, also, you received a text from Haruppi.”

“Cool. Read it.”

Jurina’s eyes glowed blue as she read off the message sent from Haruppi.

“Sakura-tan, Nana-chan says she really wants to meet Jurina-san. Do you think you can bring her to the train station so she and Kojimako can see her?”

Sakura nodded. “Send her a message back. Tell her that I’ll be there in about 10 to 15 minutes.”


Jurina then set the eggs and bacon down on a plate, soon followed by a surprising pop sound from the toaster. Two perfectly golden toasted slices of bread popped out and the ANGEL sat them beside the eggs and bacon before handing the plate to Sakura.

“Thanks!” Sakura excitedly grabbed her fork and started eating. She squealed excitedly at the yummy food, hurriedly eating.

“Not so fast,” the android advised.

“Hai.” She nodded her head before continuing to eat more slowly.

After finishing breakfast, Sakura grabbed her bag and school supplies, hurried to change back into her uniform, and approached the door.

“Let’s go!” she said to Jurina as the two headed out of the apartment. “You’re gonna like Nana-chan. She’s really cool.”

The two started walking to the train station, eventually meeting up with Haruppi, who was waiting for her friend.

“Sakura-tan~ Jurina-san~”

The two friends hugged as the trio then started walking to the station.

“So, how did you do on your homework?” Haruppi asked.

“Good, I guess. Jurina helped me out a bit.”

“Ehh~? Now I’m jealous! Maybe I should get Jurina-san to help me the next time I hang out with you.”

“I told you, Jurina isn’t a servant. Treat her like a person.”

Haruppi chuckled before looking back at Jurina. The ANGEL remained silent, watching the two with a stoic expression.

“Jurina-san, you can join in the conversation if you want.”

“What would you like me to talk about?”

“Hmm… Why don’t you tell us about yourself? Like, what was Sakura-tan’s uncle like?”

“Uh, actually, Haruppi, Jurina’s memory was wiped out. She doesn’t remember anything about what happened before she arrived to me.”

“Oh…” Haruppi pouted. “Alright then… How about telling us something about being an ANGEL?”

“Like what?”

“Like, what’s it like being hooked up to the entire Internet?” Haruppi turned around, walking backwards. “And when you do look something up, what happens then?”

“The circuits wired to my data chip send me codes and I’m able to read the data given to me.”

“Ooh~ So, does it, like, appear in your eye or something? Like those eye contacts that allow you to see what’s on your computer?”

“Yes, something similar to that.”

“That so cool~!”

It was just then that Jurina suddenly grabbed Haruka’s wrist and pulled her close, making her squeak.


Jurina looked down at something. When Sakura and Haruka looked where she was staring, they saw a little stray cat eating some food left out for it. It mewed before walking away.

“Oh…” Haruka chuckled. “Thanks.”

“That’s why you need to look where you’re going when you walk backwards!”

“Sorry, sorry,” the two chuckled as Jurina stared at the little stray.

The cat stared back curiously, just staring back with wide eyes. It tilted its head, making the android tilt hers as well. It was then that Sakura noticed the android hadn’t been with them.

“Jurina!” she called out, grabbing her attention. “Let’s go.”

Jurina caught up with them and the two continued chatting until they arrived at the train station, with Mako and Nana both waiting for them. She waved to Mako, the latter waving back as they approached the two.

“Yappo, Sakura!”

“Yappo!” They said their usual greeting, the three giggling. “Nana-chan, yappo!”

“Yappo,” she greeted them before looking to Jurina. “Is this Jurina?”


Nana approached the ANGEL with a smile.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jurina. I’ve heard quite a bit about you.”

Jurina just stared at the other ANGEL for a while. The two locked gazes silently, with Nana’s smile slowly fading. A confused expression formed on her face.

“Nana-chan, everything okay?” Mako asked, tapping her ANGEL’s shoulder.

“Uh, y-yeah,” Nana slowly backed away, continuing to glance at Jurina every now and again.

“I heard from Sakura that you’re a good cook. Is that true?” Mako asked.

“That’s what she’s told me. I simply followed the recipes.”

“Well, you must be REALLY good then.”

Sakura couldn’t help but notice Nana’s expression. She seemed a bit tense after first talking to Jurina. She approached the android worriedly.

“Hey, Nana, you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, but… Something’s different about her.”


“Jurina… I don’t know what’s different, but she seems.. off.”

“Yo, guys~” The two stopped as Yuria arrived at the station.


“Sorry I was late. It’s actually a funny story, I--” The girl stopped when she saw Jurina. “Woah… Who’s that?”

“That’s Jurina,” Sakura explained. “My uncle sent her to me. She’s my new ANGEL.”

“Dude, awesome!” Yuria ran up to the android. “She’s super fancy! Where’d your uncle get the money to buy this one?”

“Actually, Sakura-tan’s uncle made her.”

“Woah, seriously?! That’s so cool! So, what kind of stuff can she do? Can she fire rockets out of her wrists?! Ooh, or does she have laser vision?!”

Haruka laughed. “Yuria, she can’t do that. She’s not a superhero.”

“She can do all sorts of stuff, like cooking and cleaning.”

“Meh.” Yuria shrugged it off. “What about flying? Can she fly?!”

“Yuria,” Nana flicked the girl’s head a bit. “She’s not Astroboy.”

“Yeah. You watch way too much tokusatsu and anime. Jurina’s just a regular android like Nana-chan.”

“Fine~” Yuria pouted a bit. “Here comes the train.”

As the train came up, Mako and Yuria boarded on, Nana waving bye to the girl.

“See you when I get back, Jurina,” Sakura said, bowing to the ANGEL before she and Haruka boarded with them.

“Have a good day, Sakura.”

“Bye, Jurina-san~” Haruka waved goodbye one last time before the train door closed and left the two androids.

Nana looked over to Jurina, seeing her stoic expression.

“What are you going to do now?” she suddenly asked Nana.

“Hmm… usually, until Makotii comes back, I just relax at the house. Watching TV or reading manga. If I need to, I go grocery shopping. And then…”

“Would you like me to accompany you?”

“Eh?” Nana looked over and saw a soft smile curve her lips.

“May I accompany you? In grocery shopping.”

“Accompany..? Well, I don’t mind.”


Once at school, the four entered the classroom and began their regular routine. In-between classes, they’d chat with their other classmates. Sakura had become quite the hot topic when news of her new ANGEL companion spread.

Her classmates asked her several questions about the android, curious for answers. But since Sakura still didn’t know much, she could only tell them what she had already pieced together from the previous day. Most of the class just thought she was bluffing, but it was the truth. Sakura knew very little about the ANGEL.

During lunch, she sent a message to Jurina, to see if she was okay by herself. She got a message saying that she was with Nana. After seeing that, she couldn’t help but think of Nana’s words.

“I don’t know what’s different, but she seems.. off.”

“What did she mean by that?” she murmured.

“Sakura~ Oi, Earth to Sakura~”

“Eh?!” Sakura looked up and saw Mako in front of her. “Oh, sorry. Were you saying something, Kojimako?”

“I was wondering about Jurina. Does she ever smile?”

“Um, yes, sometimes.”

“How about laughing? Has she ever laughed at a joke or a funny scene in a drama?”

“Actually, no, I don’t believe so. She’s very stoic. Which makes sense, since she’s a robot.”

“Yeah, but Nana’s a robot, too, and she can feel real emotion.”

“Well, remember, Jurina’s a Type 2 ANGEL,” Sakura reasoned. “Type 2 androids don’t have the advanced AI that allows them to express emotion.”

“Still, I feel like she’d at least smile or something when we met her this morning.”

“She’s really pretty, though,” Yuria said, joining the conversation. “If you guys hadn’t told me she was an ANGEL, I would’ve suspected she was a famous idol!”

“Oh, I just remembered. She can sing, too!”

“Really?!” The two’s eyes widened.

“That’s awesome!”

“What can she sing? Anything from SJK?”

“No, actually, it was an older song. Apparently she has data from several decades ago.” Sakura placed her chin on her hand. “My uncle always loved old things. I wonder why he saved all that old data into Jurina’s database...”

“Sakura-tan~ Here, I bought an extra melonpan for you,” Haruka said as she approached her friend.


As she ate the loaf and heard her three friends chatting, all she could think about was the mystery behind Jurina. She wished she could ask her uncle personally about the ANGEL and why he gave her to her. But by the content in his letter, that seemed impossible.

“Uncle… what are you up to?”


Meanwhile, Nana and Jurina were shopping for food at the local supermarket. The latter was scanning several food items, checking their freshness. Her eyes glowed as she scanned some potatoes before deciding which ones to buy and which ones to leave.

Nana had two steaks in her hand, unsure of which to choose.

“Hey, Jurina, what kind of steak do you think I should get?” Nana asked. “Kojimako really likes tender steak. But, this one is cheaper…”

Jurina walked over and held the two steaks and examined them. She handed one back to Nana.

“This one,” she said. “That’s the kind she likes, isn’t it? I’ll take this one and make it for Sakura.”

“Okay,” Nana put her steak in her basket. She looked over to Jurina’s grocery cart, which was filled with all sorts of food. “How much food are you planning to make her?”

“I have several recipes saved into my database. I would like to try some of them.”

“From the Internet?”

“Yes. I found them after cooking for her the first night.”

Nana looked at Jurina’s stoic face. When the ANGEL turned to her, she gave Jurina a smile.

“Could it be you enjoy cooking?”

Jurina responded with a soft smile. “Yes, I do.”

“That’s great! Ah, she told me you were singing, too. Do you enjoy that?”

“Yes. I enjoy music. Especially music from years past.”

“That’s amazing. So Sakura’s uncle must have programmed you to be like that. She did say he always liked old stuff,” Nana chuckled. “Now it makes sense. Of course he’d do that! He’s into vintage!”

“What do you mean?”

Nana looked and saw Jurina staring at her in a strange way.

“I was not programmed to enjoy cooking or enjoy singing. I simply just enjoy it; they are my own thoughts.”

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean--”

“Nana-san…” She came closer, staring deeply in her eyes. “I am alive. And so are you.”


After that, Jurina simply walked away, continuing with her shopping. Nana just grew more confused.

“Alive? What does she mean by that?”


Once school ended, Sakura returned to her apartment, only to find several packages of food being delivered into her apartment. She looked inside and saw Jurina unpacking each of the boxes, getting out all the food.

“Jurina.. Where did all this food come from?!”

“I went grocery shopping with Nana-san. I plan on testing out several dishes to prepare for you.”

Sakura looked at the receipt and her jaw dropped.

“5,000,000 yen?! How on EARTH did you get this money?!”

“The money was saved into my system by your uncle.”

“How did my uncle get so much money?” she said, overwhelmed. She sat down as Jurina continued unpacking.

“How was school?” Jurina then asked.

“Oh, it was good. A lot of people were talking about you.”


“Yeah. My classmates were curious about what you were like. They all really wanna meet you.”

“Perhaps we should throw a party.”

“Eh?” Sakura’s ears perked up. “A party? Like a slumber party?”

“Yes. If your classmates are curious, you should let them get to know me. I can begin making preparations.”

“Hmm… I guess that’d be cool. Alright, let’s schedule it for…” The girl looked at her calender. “This Sunday.”

“Understood.” Jurina’s eyes glowed blue before returning to normal. “The schedule has been set.”


After packing up all the food, Sakura started doing her homework. Since she didn’t have as much as yesterday, she found herself quickly getting bored. There wasn’t much on TV, so for a while, she just laid on her couch, playing games on her phone.

Jurina noticed that she was bored, so when it came time to make dinner, she voiced out, “Sakura, would you like to help me prepare dinner?”

Sakura looked up and put away her phone. “Okay.”

She walked up to the kitchen and saw Jurina set up ingredients already.

“Eggs… rice… ketchup…” Sakura’s eyes widened. “Are we making omelet rice?!”

“That’s right.”

“Yay! I love omelet rice!” she cheered excitedly.

“I’ll start cooking the rice. Why don’t you manage the eggs?”

“Alright.” Sakura took the eggs, cracking it open at the same time.

She looked over and saw Jurina had already started up a frying pan and put in the cooked rice and other ingredients in.

“Looking good~” Sakura commented.

She began mixing as the aroma filled the room. After Jurina finished the rice, Sakura poured the eggs into the pan and started letting them cook.

Once the egg was cooked, she carefully guided the pan to the plate where the rice was set and placed the layer of eggs on top. For the finishing touch, Sakura grabbed the ketchup bottle and drew a heart on top, along with the letters “J” and “S” on both sides.


Sakura then sat down, grabbing the spoon before beginning to dig into the food. She squealed at the delicious flavor spreading through her taste buds.

“Mm~ this is so good!”

She quickly ate the whole omelet, but still felt hungry. She looked in the freezer and saw that there wasn’t much aside from a few frozen foods and ice.

She grabbed her Holo-phone and head towards the door.

“Jurina, I’m going to the convenience store to get some ice cream,” she said to the android, who had started cleaning the pan.

“Understood. Be careful.”

Sakura chuckled. “I will. Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

With that, Sakura left the apartment and hurried to the convenience store. Once she stepped in, she was greeted by an ANGEL who was working one of the registers.

She grabbed two cups of ice cream, a few cups of pudding, and a loaf of her favorite melonpan, and went to the cashier. After scanning the items, she took out her Holo-phone and transferred the digital money from her phone into the reader, paying for her items.

“Thank you,” she said kindly to the ANGEL as she took the bag with her things and left the convenience store.

As she was walking back to her apartment, she heard a crash and saw someone collapsed at the side of the road. Her eyes widened as she rushed to the person.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“R-run…” The girl grasped her arm as she was bleeding blue blood.

“An ANGEL..?”

Just then, Sakura felt a sharp pain at her side. She looked and saw someone stabbing a knife into her. A person with glowing red eyes.

“No…” She dropped the bag and grabbed her side, trying to stop the bleeding. She fell weak at her knees as she saw the two figures were fighting.

She saw a few bright flashes from the blue-eyed ANGELs hand.


She grabbed the red eyed figure and lightning shocked her, making her collapse.

“That hacker must’ve gotten to you…” she muttered. “I’ll have to look into this.”

“H-h-help…” Sakura said as she grew weaker.

The ANGEL looked at her. “I’ll get someone. Wait here.”

After they left, Sakura tried to stay conscious as her vision started to fade. Her breath turned shaky as she heard footsteps coming toward her.

She felt a pair of arms pick her up, wrapping her in a warm embrace. She looked up and saw blue eyes staring down at her.



“You don’t want to die here, do you?” the ANGEL asked. Sakura weakly shook her head, tears filling her eyes. “Will you accept the contract?”


“Will you accept it?”

Sakura’s lips quivered, trying to speak. Finally, she spoke in a whisper.


She saw Jurina smile before her vision turned black. She then felt something press against her lips, followed by the sensation of a liquid entering her mouth.

“What is this..?” she gulped the liquid down before opening her eyes slightly.

She saw Jurina was kissing her. After parting, she weakly touched her lips and saw a blue substance on her fingertips.

“Blue… blood….” Sakura soon felt her consciousness slipping again. As she fainted in the ANGEL’s arms, she heard her say something.

“Contract complete.”


Sakura woke up from what felt like a long sleep. She opened her eyes, squinting as she found herself in a completely white room.

“Huh?” she slowly got up, seeing that she was in a hospital. “How did I get here..?”

She saw her Holo-phone on the table beside her bed. She looked at the current date and time, her eyebrows furrowing.

“Saturday..? Two days passed?”

The door then opened as Yuria entered.

“Ah, she’s up,” she said to Haruka and Yuria’s ANGEL, Anna as they entered.

“Hey, don’t just barge in,” Anna said. “She may still be tired.”

“Sorry, Annin.”

“Sakura-tan, you okay?” Haruka asked as she sat beside her friend.

“Haruppi… what am I doing in the hospital?”

“You don’t remember?”

Sakura just shook her head.

“Oh yeah, you were pretty out of it yesterday,” Yuria said.

“You were in an accident, involving a rogue ANGEL.”

“You were almost killed.”


“A rogue ANGEL stabbed you. We found you collapsed on the road toward the convenience store and called an ambulance as fast as we could.”

“Luckily, the doctors said you were in stable condition, so you’re okay.”

“But yesterday, you were all loopy ‘cause of the painkillers,” Yuria mentioned. “You were super sleepy all day and kept forgetting things.”

“Looks like you’re back to normal now.”

Annin’s eyes glowed blue. “Mako just texted. She and Nana are on her way.”

Sakura then remembered something. “Where’s Jurina?”


“Is Jurina coming?”

“Well…” Haruka looked at the other two. Yuria just shrugged her shoulders. “We don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“Jurina’s missing.”


To Be Continued

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Re: REBORN 2016 Reboot - Chapter 2 (010117)
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Chapter 3 - Hacker


“What? Missing?”

“Yeah. We tried looking for her yesterday, but she wasn’t at your apartment.”

Sakura sighed, laying down onto the bed. She felt the bandages under her shirt, covering what was most likely the stab wound.

She thought back to that time and remembered the other ANGEL she encountered.

“Who was that..?”

“What are you talking about?” Anna asked.

“There was another ANGEL there, fighting the rogue one. She stopped the rogue and said something about a hacker, I think.”

“A hacker?”

“I heard news about it,” Anna then mentioned, her eyes turning blue. “One week ago, an ANGEL suddenly turned rogue and turned on their master. After they were forcefully shut down and inspected, it was deduced that a hacker corrupted their mainframe and implanted a virus into their system.”

“A virus? Don’t most ANGELs have a firewall or security system that protects them from getting hacked?”

“Yes. He must’ve found a way to break through it.”

Just then, the door opened and Nana and Mako walked in.

“Sorry we’re late. There were some police investigating the rogue ANGEL incident around our street.”

“We were just talking about that.”

“You okay, Sakura?” Nana asked.

“I’m fine.”

“I freaked out when Yuria called and said she and Annin found you stabbed! Naanya was with us too, and she was panicking.”

“Anyways, I just talked to the doctor and she said you’ll be free to be discharged today. I already filled out everything, so you just need to gather all your things and get changed.”

“We’ll wait outside for you.”

“Okay,” Sakura said as her friends left the room.

She slowly got out of the bed and found her a change of clothes, probably left by Haruka or one of the others.

As she was changing, she then got a text from an unknown number. She opened up the text and read the contents.

“Miyawaki-san, I have your ANGEL safe and sound. Don’t worry, she’s unharmed. Come to this address to retrieve her. I’ll be waiting. -Yamamoto”


She texted back, “I’ll be there,” and closed her phone. After getting changed, she met her friends back in the lobby.

“Ready to go?”

“We’re going to relax and do some karaoke,” Yuria said.

“I’ll pass, guys. I got something to do.”

“Alright. We’ll see you later.”

Sakura separated from her friends, pulling up the map on her phone to find the location of where the person Yamamoto was waiting.

Eventually, she found the location, finding a flat with the name plate “Yamamoto” on the mailbox.

“This must be the place…” she muttered as she approached the door, knocking it. “Hello? Yamamoto-san?”

The door opened and an unknown person stared at Sakura.

“Oh, you must be that girl from the other night,” the person said in a Kansai accent.

“Are you Yamamoto-san?”

“No. The name’s Miru. Sayanee’s kinda busy at the moment, but you can come in.”

Sakura entered the room and saw another girl, apparently sleeping on a chair. Sakura then saw a plug hooked into the back of her neck.


“Don’t mind Fuuko. Sayanee’s just rebooting her ‘cause she got hacked. She’s installing a new anti-virus system into her.”

“Eh?” Sakura stopped, looking back at Fuuko. “‘Hacked’? ‘Anti-virus’? You mean..?”

“Yeah. I really am sorry for that,” Miru said. “Fuuchan really is a nice girl. Sayanee was the one to program her, after all. Well, both me and her.”

“You’re a programmer?”

“Yup. I love working with computers.”

“Yamamoto-san said Jurina was here. Is she okay?”

“Oh, you must mean that really pretty ANGEL. Yeah, she’s all good. Sayanee’s got her now, said she wanted to research her a bit.”


“Yeah. Your ANGEL must be a rare Type 2 model. Neither of us have seen anything like her before. Where’d you get her?”

“My uncle made her.”

“Woah! He must have some serious talent!”


Just then, one of the room doors opened. Sakura saw Jurina walk out, a woman following after her.

“Jurina!” she smiled widely.

Once the ANGEL saw her, she smiled and rushed to give Sakura a hug, surprising the latter.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” she said cheerfully.

“Eh? Jurina?”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come visit you at the hospital. Did your wound heal alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Sakura looked at the ANGEL as she broke the hug. Jurina just smiled, her eyes warm and full of joy. “How about you? Is.. everything okay?”

“Yup! I’ve never been better.”

“I see,” Sakura then looked at the woman giving her a smirk. “Uh, yes. You must be--”

“Yamamoto Sayaka. Just call me Sayanee.”

“Sayanee’s been looking after me the whole time you were in the hospital,” Jurina said.

“Let’s see…” Sayaka moved toward Sakura, lifting up her shirt to see the bandage. “Mind if I remove this?”

“Uh, sure…” Sakura said, slightly blushing.

Sayaka slowly peeled the bandage off, smiling.

“You healed quite nicely,” she said. Sakura looked down and saw only a scar remained.


“Hey, Sayanee, how is Fuuko-san?” Jurina then asked.

“Hmm, she should be alright now,” Sayanee walked over to the ANGEL. She pulled out her phone and opened up the same app Sakura had. “Awake.”

Fuuko’s eyes opened and she stretched as if waking up from a nap.

“Ooh, that was a good reboot,” she said, unplugging herself. “Thanks, Sayanee. I feel a lot better now.”

“No prob.”

“Uh, Sayanee, could you explain what exactly is going on? I only just recently heard of this hacker and I’m quite worried.”

“Alright. You two sit down.”

Sakura and Jurina took a seat on the couch, the ANGEL woman pulling up a news article on her TV.

“Recently, there’s been quite a bit of rogue ANGEL activity being caused by an anonymous hacker. I’ve been researching and creating an anti-virus system to protect more ANGELs so that they don’t go rogue.”

“So, no one knows where this hacker’s located?”

“No. This person’s good at covering their tracks.”

“If I ever find the person who hacked Fuuchan, I’ll punch ‘em square in the nose!” Miru said.

“Sakura,” Jurina tapped the girl’s shoulder. “You don’t worry about the hacker. And if any more rogue ANGELs try to attack, I’ll protect you.”


“Of course!” the ANGEL then hugged her again, snuggling against her. “If someone tries to hurt your cute face, I wouldn’t forgive them! I won’t allow that!”



“J-Jurina doesn’t normally act like this. Did you do something?”

“Not really. When I found her, she was shut off, and when I hooked her up, it said that she was re-uploading some backup data and rebooting.”


“Anyways, you two are free to go now. But if you ever need me, you just call,” Sayanee said, handing Sakura a slip of paper with her number on it.

“Thanks, Sayanee.”

The two then bowed and left, walking home.

“Nee, Sakura, can we stop at the convenience store?” Jurina suddenly asked.


“You never got your ice cream.”

“O-oh. Sure, I don’t mind.”

Jurina smiled and grabbed the girl’s hand. “Come on, let’s go!”

“Ah! Okay! Hold on!”



“Azuma-san, you have a delivery.”

Azuma Rion looked at the nurse calling for her from the door. She was surprised to hear that anything was being delivered to her at this time.

The doctor and two nurses came in carrying a large package, placing it up against the wall.

“I’ll open it for you,” she said as she opened up the package, revealing an ANGEL resting inside. “Oh my, this is a lovely model.”

“Wait, do you know who sent this?” Rion asked, curious of who would send her such a package.

“Let’s see…” The doctor looked at the tag on the box. “It’s from… Oh, that can’t be right.”

“Who is it?”

“It says it’s from your father, Azuma Masahito.”

“Eh? My dad? But he’s…”

“Perhaps he scheduled this to be sent at a certain time.”

“I guess so.”

As the nurse was taking a look at the ANGEL, she noticed an envelope placed beside her. She handed the envelope to Rion, letting her open it. She read it carefully, not missing a single detail.

“Rion, I know this might not be the best time to tell you this. However, I have created an advanced AI for the ANGELs that have been circulating the world. This is one of the earliest models I could make with this AI and I think will benefit you when I’m gone. Take good care of her for me.”

Rion folded the letter as the nurse proceeded to turn the ANGEL on. The ANGEL’s eyes opened and stepped out of the box.

“Are you Azuma Rion?” she asked the girl.

“Yes…” she said as the ANGEL’s glowing blue eyes turned a soft brown.

“My name is Nao. I was created to aid you.” Nao then bowed to Rion. “Please take care of me, as I will you.”

Rion looked at the ANGEL for a moment. She didn’t say anything and just laid there.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” the doctor said as he took out a Holo-pad from the box and handed it to Rion. “If you need assistance, just use the Nurse Call.”

Rion nodded as the doctor left the room. She looked back at Nao, who just smiled as she took a seat beside her bed, resting her chin on her hands.

“Anything you need me to do?”

“N-Nothing, really,” She replied, surprised by the behavior of the ANGEL.

“Are you hurting anywhere?”

“I don’t think so. Everything feels fine.”  Rion then grew a solemn expression as she touched her legs.

“What’s wrong?”

“My legs… They’re paralyzed. The accident I was in crushed the lower half of my spine…”

“I see. I’m very sorry for what happened to you.”

Rion gripped the blankets, looking away from the ANGEL. Nao could only sit and look on as Rion tried to fight her tears.

“Why…?” she heard her say. “Am I just this unlucky…?”


“Could you please leave me alone?”

Nao didn’t say anything, and slowly got up, leaving the room. Rion started to cry in the empty room. All the painful memories came flooding back to her, of the accident that left her paralyzed, and forced her father to leave her side.

“Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?”


That night, police continued investigating the scene of the incident to see if the rogue or hacker would appear again. While on the search, one of the officers spotted someone coming toward the scene.

“Don’t come any closer!” the officer said, until he saw the glowing red eyes. “Oh no. It’s a rogue!”

The officers held out their guns as the rogue started coming forward.

“Don’t move, or we’ll shoot!”

The rogue just gave a blank stare and kept moving forward, raising their arm. An energy orb formed from the android’s palm.

It threw the energy orb at the officer it saw first, creating a blast that blew them all back. The ANGEL created another energy orb, preparing to throw again.


The men shot their guns at the android, the bullets deflecting as soon as they hit.

“Crap! Our bullets can’t pierce it!”


They tried to run, but one of the guards was grabbed by the android, being pulled by his ankle. He screamed as he felt his ankle being twisted at an uncomfortable angle, the bones crushing as blood started to surface.

“Argh!” He tried to make the android let go, but his efforts were useless as he started losing feeling in his foot. “Get out the taser!”

Another officer got out the taser and shocked the android, short circuiting them and shutting them off. The officer held his injured foot as he clenched his teeth in pain.

“Damn it… Whoever’s doing this is no joke…”

It was then that a female officer noticed a strip of paper slipped inside the ANGEL’s outfit. She pulled it out and unraveled it, revealing a flash drive kept inside.

“Sir,” she handed it to the chief. His eyes widened as he saw the item, taking it from her.

“Thank you, Kitagawa. We’ll investigate this back at the station. For now, call an ambulance.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Hai! Tonight’s dinner is chicken broth ramen~” Jurina said as she placed the bowl in front of Sakura.

“Thanks! Itadakimasu~” Sakura slurped up the noodles and sighed as the flavor of the broth hit her tongue. “Ah~ that’s so much better than that hospital food.”

“Always nice to come back to home cooked meals, right?”

“Un!” Sakura chuckled as she ate more of the ramen. “Mm, by the way… what were you doing when you were with Sayanee?”

“Hmm, not much. I think I was shut down most of the time, though. I was recovering some of that lost data.”

“What data was it?”

“Oh, uncle Shinjiro!” Jurina’s smile lit up, making Sakura’s eyes widen.

“My uncle?”

“I remember he uploaded a bunch of his personal data into me. Like of you and your family.”


“Ah, that reminds me,” Jurina then handed her a cord. “Sayanee gave me this. She said you could plug it into your phone and transfer or access data with it.”

Sakura took the cord and placed it in her pocket. “I’ll try later.”

She finished eating her ramen and went to the living room, taking out her phone as she looked at the cord pulled out from her pocket.

Jurina looked over curiously and walked to her side.

“You still thinking about your uncle?”

“A little. I just wish I knew my uncle more. About why he did all of this.”

She felt the android place her head on her shoulder. She was met with puppy eyes she would’ve never expected her to make given how she previously acted.

It was then she remembered something the night of the incident. When Jurina came to her rescue, she was saying things that didn’t make a lot of sense to her. She clearly remembered something about a contract and wanted to know what she had meant by it.

“Hey, Jurina…”


“I remember, when you found me on the street, you were talking about a ‘contract’... What is that?”

She got no answer from her. She looked over and saw her staring blankly with glowing blue eyes.

“Jurina?” She lightly touched her shoulder, trying to wake her from her frozen state. “Jurina!”

Finally, Jurina blinked, her eyes returning to normal.

“Yeah?” she looked at Sakura as if nothing had happened.

“Uh, mind if I plug this in?” she said, changing the subject in her mind. “Maybe I should just wait to ask about that…”

“Okay,” Jurina pulled her hair back, revealing a USB port in her neck.

She plugged the cord into Jurina’s neck and hooked it up to her Holo-phone. On her screen appeared the words, “Would you like to access data from ANGEL model 002-310-J?”

She tapped “Yes” and Jurina suddenly started giggling.

“That tickles,” she said in between chuckles.

The first thing Sakura found were several pictures and videos from when she was a baby. She scrolled through them and saw many pictures from throughout the years. From when she started elementary school, to family summer vacations, to holidays like Christmas. Many precious memories from Sakura’s childhood were found.

What surprised Sakura, though, was that in several of the pictures, there was another girl with her and her family. A girl who looked exactly like Jurina. All Sakura could deduce was that she was her sister, but it rose curiosity in her again. Why did her sister and Jurina look so similar?

“Everything alright, Sakura?” Jurina asked, her eyes containing a tinge of curiosity.

“Yeah. I’ll just save these onto my phone,” she said as she tapped the “Save files” button. “It’s so funny, though. You really do look like my sister.”

After a confused tilt of the head, Jurina just giggled.


“Sakura, don’t be silly. I AM your sister.”

Sakura looked at her shocked, surprised by what she just said. “Eh..? B-but, Jurina… you’re a robot. An ANGEL. You--”

“I know that. But I’m still your sister!” Jurina then hugged the girl. “And you’re my cute lil sis~”


“I’m so happy. You grew up so much,” she said warmly. “I’m proud of you.”

Sakura said nothing and hugged her back. The only thing she could comprehend from all of this was that her uncle somehow programmed the ANGEL with her sister’s memories. In some way, it made sense. And for the first time in a long while, Sakura started to feel like she was with her sister again.

“Thank you… Onee-chan.”


To Be Continued

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Re: REBORN 2016 Reboot - Chapter 3 (010317)
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*insert Dramatic music*


Sisters really?

What next? The hacker is me because of 'Hack' in my name?

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Re: REBORN 2016 Reboot - Chapter 3 (010317)
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What next? The hacker is me because of 'Hack' in my name?

No, the hacker is not you. x3

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Re: REBORN 2016 Reboot - Chapter 3 (010317)
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okay this is not incest... right...coz she is a robot...right?
well...its ....i...probably okay even with incest theme too (wait wth I'm saying?? you despicable human being)  :banghead: :banghead:

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